Summary of state nursery-stock shipping requirements and plant quarantines and regulations affecting interstate shipments


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Summary of state nursery-stock shipping requirements and plant quarantines and regulations affecting interstate shipments
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Popham, W. L
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine ( Washington, D.C )
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October 21, 1952
D.E.*P.Q. 579-i43



The information contained in this summary was compiled from material received from the plant quarantine official of South Dakota and has been approved by him. It is issued for the convenience of plant quarantine inspectors, shippers, transportation agents, truckers, and others concerned in the interstate movement of plants, plant products, and other materials subject to State regulation on account of plant pests.

The summary for South Dakota gives the general requirements for shipping nursery stock into that State, as well as digests of the State plant quarantines and regulations affecting interstate shipments. An appendix furnishes information on post-office requirements for mailing plants, as well as terminal-inspection procedure. This sumuary does not include digests of nursery-stock or plant-quarantine requirements relating to the movement of plants entirely within the State.

The information contained in this circular was prepared by Juliet H. Carrington, Division of Plant Qxarantines, and is believed to be correct and complete up to the time of preparation, but it is not intended to be used independently of or as a substitute for the original texts of the
regulations and quarantines, and it is not to be interpreted as legally authoritative. For detailed information address the Director, Division of
Plant Industry, State Department of Agriculture, Pierre, South Dekota.

In addition to State requirements, shippers will need to take into
consideration applicable plant auarantines of the United States Department of Agriculture. In most instances these quarantines regulate the interstate movement of specified plants, plant products, and other articles from designated regulated areas. However, some of these quar~ntines regulate the interstate movement of certain articles into designated protected areas. Copies of such quarantines may be obtained from the Bureau of
Entomology and Plant quarantine, Washington 25, D. C.

(U) (Q. / J A4.A
Acting Chief, Bureau of Entomolo~y and/ Plant Qparantine

South Dakota nursery-stock
shipping requirements

Summary of General Nursery-Stock Shipping Requirements S Dak. Reve Code of 1939, ch. h,14, as amended 194,5)

Definition of Nursery Stock.--All florist stock not grown under glass; trees, shrubs, vines, cuttings, grafts, scions, buds, bulbs, fruit pits, and oth.r seeds of fruit and ornamental trees aid shrubs, and other plants and. plant products capable of propagation or growing when planted, except field, vegetable, and flower seeds, bedding plants and other herbaceous ;lants and roots, other than peony, strawberry, and asparagus.

General Shipoin Reouirements.--Any nonresident nurseryman may obtain a certificate to skil nursery stock in South Dakota by filing with the South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture a certified copy of his State inspection certificate, together with a fee of 1 The Secretary of Agriculture may waive the fee in case the applicant's State requires no fee from a South Dakota applicant for a like certificate in such other State,. An agents certificate will be issued upon request of his principal, for a fee of $1. A dealer's certificate will be issued only to an individual obtaining his stock from a certified nursery and upon -payment of a fee of $10 to the Secretary of Agriculture, All certificates and permits expire annually on September 15 following date of issue,

It is unlawful to move or ..sell nursejy stock which has not been officially inspected end for the sale of which a certificate or permit has not been ,ranted. Each carload lot or container of nursery stock moved into South Dakota must bear an inspection certificate of the State of origin. It is unlawful for carriers to accept uncertified nursery stock for shipment. Uncertified nursery stock moving into the State must be re-:orted to the Secretary of Agriculture by the carrier.

The foregoing summary was reviewed and approved on September 23, 1952 by Gerald U. Miller, State ITursory Inspector.


Requ-irement-s for _Iliail i n,- Plants and Plant Products

Under the postal laws- ancl re ulations, nursery stock, inclu(lin,.- all
-lor-tsl stock, trces., shrubs, vines, cuttings., ij-afts.
uds fru amn
-cions 't pits, nnC, ot .cr of fruit and orn tal trees
or shrultl )s, -aid otlier plants and plant prc,,,ducts for prcpaglt .on, including straiq,.erry plants (excce.f,t fieY., veyetaile., and -,Floacr See(is, G(,;6din, ', pl.-ints and otIer h( aceous plant.,-, Wlb.s., and, roots),, may be adi-,utted to the mail. only Whor accC,,qp,,)nied by a State inspc cti-on certificate -tk,) tI,(, effect 11hat the nursery or premises frcrti which such stock is shij. !-,ed has
inr,rectcd vithin a vear and "ound free from injurious insects aj ,d plant cUseases. Parcels containing such nursery stuck must be i)laJ.nJy m .-tr!,_od to shu,,, tli D natur(_ of th,--. contents and the nai- ie 1,nd address of sender. postall Laws anJ Regulatlon5 1948, sec. 35.27(b).) insl'.1ection an(. cert.-Lfic ,,.tion must be, done by a pL-nt quarantine official of the 3Uat(,of origiii. An inCLividu 11,1 mailing of sach plant.,; or plant products,, if Zrom uninspected prendses., will a.1so be accepted upc-li ex,- nationin and certification by a '_ t .. te plont quar-mtine ofCicial. The aC.druss of Ilie Alabama planlu- qu. rant]_nc official is Lvc n in U-1o pr,-I coding _--ulziary.

Terminal Ln Sr(.ctJon of Shipmnts of Plants und. Pl,,jnt, Products
TAHt.iv-7- 4, 1915, as ame jded June 4., 1936; PoStal Laws niia ReCulations 1948, sec. Ya..2E)

Establish i,.ient o-i- Terminal Inspection.-"n-y State desirin- to opA:-ate un0er provi:7ions o-C the -terminal inspection law so as to rc .',Ulate the
movc,,fient of in, :Ll shipmc nts of rl--,nts and pl -bnt products into (or within) Vne Str,.te may, aftcr havin ,, provided ther( for at State expense aixi. having desir 'nated ono c,--,, more places vhrre .2-nspcetion will bo, maintained, irran ,,o to Lave sucil s iii),licMts turned. over to State plw t quaranti.,e ,'Lnsi_)ectors
ior examination at desicinate-1 points. Application ",,iill 1)(:, r,"LLC
to the .ccretary of ,'.gricul_'-uru by sub.,-ftittin,-. a list o plants and plant proCucts and the plant pests tra s-,,itteCt thereby., which arc, .,o ',,c exa ,iined,
wlien ,pproved in vholr- or in ,,art., will be I-ransmitted to, th:
Post,!I aster QCMrcJ. w1iereupon ))o_--'Um.-_stcrs 'will be 2-niormted anc instructc.d.

knyonc ri,,,iiling a parcel cozitainin--, any plants or plarit j-,,roducts addressed to any ,)lzico ijithin a Statc. riiaint.-dnin t -rrdn. ,Ll inspecta-on thg xeof _Lrod under the la-, L'o h,",ve t K,; I-i ark
pl nly i,i, ked on the
Outsic (.; to "-.--c-- 11r.tur(-; of the con'Clents. IIatefials s'Dip-cd uncier t federal
quar, ccrtLLicnt(Is issued by ttl,2 of ',,ntomolo-y and. Flatat ,,,uarantini: may bo cxc,,n.nte-. from tci --a- -7dispection at thu option of t rocu-1vin.,-, State.
,inclor the provic-7ons of he 1936 air,,,ndm(,Yi'- -' _L-o the "aw) a ny Statl may
._rr,-ul-c- tihrouglia chz ,nnels,, prov l by t1ie 0 ( crct.-iry of Agr.'.cultur as indicate, d above., to r,,..ulac or prohibit the i,iovement into (or wit Lin) LOtate of iaail sh4m,(,,nts of de6i,-nzited plants %,ld plant products the movement o ohich aoul constatut,-, a -violation of State plant quarantine laws or rcq,-Ulations.

Terminal insr)ection C"roc, dure. --Upon arriv._1 in ,,-,,Iv LAate maintaining terndnal inspection pizimts or plant products named on the approved -'Jst will be fonjarderl by the ix)stmaster at destimption to the, nearest inspection oiiit. If -the, plants or plant products are found, upon inspection, to be- free from injurioi, s pests ancl not in violation of ai-,y plant qu.- rantine or re Lilation of the State of destination or the ITnJted .7,tates Department of k.,r-iculture, or if' disin ested. -vihen they are foun( iiifested., sucl-i Plailt" Or plamt products will then be furwarde(d bil the post,-,-iaster at
-the point nr -' rtspection to th,: addressee al..)on payment of pGstage.

If plants or plant products,, upon, Inspect-Lon., Dxe found to be infested witii injurious pests and cannot be satisfactorily disiniested or are in violation of any p1nnt, qu ',rantine or oil of the .'Dtate of dest]-nation or tt-.c-- Hnited _tatcs Department of ACr-' -culture, the postmastor upon notLL-11cation by the -Aate inspector iTill inforfii the sender that th- P: rcel will-be ret-uriicd to hLii upon his request and at his expen se In 6o"ault of sacl-i request the p,,,rcel irill be tur.,,,ed over to the Sta-tu authorities for destruction.

Terrrinal inspection of and pl,-u0t- p::oduct.- is no-w maiRtained
by Arizona., Arkans, s., Cn.liforni, District- oj' Coludatip.,, Florida., Idaho, T iinnesot.,-7. Iississ ppi., ,lont.-,ma 1) J_ Puerto Rico., Utah, and Ivashington. Plants planlu products Subject to terminal inspection and
pl;ices where terming, l-inspection service, is mEdnt, _-'Lned are listed Lit the end of -the sui,,-21mry of the encral 1)_ursor --stoclc shipping, requirements for 1) striCL
each of the above-mentioned Statcs U
and Terri stories.

Procedure for P.-.,,'n,;' Fonmrding Postage. of p -fing fomarding
post,%ge proved to th( 0-1 pa-_-c.-_1 s subject to terinisp,_-ction., as 1oilo-vis: (1) Vic. addressec iiiay have the, j-'-rcels adcir ss(,,d to hi-self in c,'-Are of -Lh,:' -Ins )ictar at i dcs:-n.-.t(.,d tcridinl-linspt ction -f-)O:Lnt in tliu 6tate of dc -ti.iatloh "MC: ovide t1'_'C _L!-jS')0ctCr witi, io7,tn_'e for icrw, ,r(l n' "1,'7 inspected i I L's; 01- (2) Vic &'xessee m-V arraiigc., 'wit.1i th sl-A-id(_ r to pl.-cc on tuh(_ -_rccls a, -, led,(,,-, r 1'gv r,uarantued,"' thc additional pcsta c for
Cc coll cte(, froi-,i -'Llh,- -"dclress 'C'.

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