Summary of insular nursery-stock shipping requirements and plant quarantines and regulations affecting interstate shipments


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Summary of insular nursery-stock shipping requirements and plant quarantines and regulations affecting interstate shipments Puerto Rico
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Hoyt, Avery S
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine ( Washington, D.C )
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BUREAU OF MCM010GY AIM PLIM QgARAWMMY Wcishington25, D. CNovember 19, 1949

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The inforjr,- tion contained ia this summary -,tvas com-nilpd from material roeAver.1 from thp plant quar,_-.ntine official of Pi: erto ,ico -) nd has be-n P-oroved by him. It is issued for tho convenience of pla.-t quarantine' inspectors, shippers, transportation agents, and others concerned in the .interstate mov.emeftt of plants, plant products, aiid other materials slybject to Insular regulation on account of -lant pests.

The summary for Puorto Rico gives thi g(-;nerv.1 requirements for Shipping nursery f tock into Puerto Rico, au well as digests of the Insular plant Tiarantine3 and regulations affecting interstztp*shipments. An a-ppendix -furz-Ashes information on post-offic-e req -Lir,:;ments -for mailing plants as well as terminal- inspect. t ion procedure. Thic summary itc,_v r,,ot include di-cste of nii.rsery-stock ond plant-q:Llar t-ine requirements rcla4-- A
vin,; to tlv inovement of p1t.nts entirely w-ithir P _'erto Rico.

The information contv.ined in thiz. circ-_il ar if-, believed to be corr; ct and complete up tc he timE, of pre -j %ration, but it is riot intended to be usel independently of or aG a substitute 101 t1he original t,xts of thr, regulation and quarantin-.s, rnd it J9 not -' to b6 interpreted as locally
For det-,7,ilrd Informatio. a,3:trpss thc, Director, Plant Q iarznntne Service, Denartnent of _4g L L'u
4. ,r4cull rn an Commerce, San Juan,
Pu. rto Ricc.

rn addition to Instilar requirements, ship-pors will Yleed to take into consideration applicable plant quarantines of & he United States Departmsnt of Arriculturo. In most Inst'-ances th, se quarantines rt.;-ul* .tc the i-terstate movement of spec--*ficd plants, plant protects, "-.a othor ,,.rticlis fron desipnatc-3. i-egulated arens. However, some of t1i.f',se qu.rkrantines regulate the movement of certain v.rt5clos intc -'.1Esi,,,naAed protectr,,-'. arc-as. Copies of such qua-antines may bc. obttnin,-: C, t"ro.m tho BureiLiv. uf 2ntojnolog ,r ,,n-l Plant ( v rantino, Washington 25, 1D. 0.

Acting Chipf, lur of Entomo Py an I Plant Rgf rantine

.1-acrto Ricn nursery-stocl:
.,hir-ping requirements



of Nursery-Stock Shipping Pe(Lc.irements .--- 9
(Act cTo-35,1-'1a,7 11,193 as Pmended by Acts ITos.727 of A-or.15,1946,
*'71 of May 10,1947,,-nd 208 of L4,--.y 14 1949; i; iarantinp. Yo.1, July 'zO, 1948i

"No tr-e, c 'L-in:Lb, or se-crl thpreo'", nor an other p1pntos or vpgetative portion thercof, nr cotton fibre, either loose or in iales" may be moved into 1'uerto I'Aco witi-out State or Federal inspection certificate."
!)1.:,nt m,,LUe-ri-,j1s mus- be free from soil except snch material as is
pack,-,a in sterilize-1 soll, inspected upon rrriva! from forei-h Countties
Of V-1(7,, cor-tir. ntal Unitee, Statc;o, and moved directly to :Paerlto mnst be ac(-o,-r-nz-nit:,d by a notice of shipipont bv tn-: U. S. D,-,na-tmj.-nt of Agricult-.ire. Shipments which wore delivered in th UrAt, O tatos an.' ri:shipp,-d to Fuerto l;.icc- will be acceptcl When accom ,@-nLed "by an inspector certificr.te of the Statc froT11 which t' Iey were. r-s'h5.pPqd.

Yo rlart matorir l be moved into Puerto Rico exlcept t-hrou,,,,h ports
of arrivr-l t-abl-.orize,11 b. the 1hierto Rico Commiso-icner of Agriculture and k-,07 ,mclcn. e..11 rr ;trictcd art'cl ,,s must be f-ally def cribel iin the mrcLrl.-fest,
nn bills of lading. Sach OescrirtL n r..ust specify kqers the
s- w -d3, from ifil-om ouch articles were ecciv -n l t:) vilom co,
Upon P.rri.v-,,.l of r- f trictcd articl-Es th, ) reason or carrier riu.zt
lifT, 1- ,e Comr is-ionor in writing of their arrival nn l, hold Vhem for ins-oc-cticn an,-' written notice of r -- lease.

All t ---)rovisionr C:f th act ply to Ir sul ar a-1 F-- Aeral 6xineriment s t 1 o r. s a-.-i olant whon nf.-.t in con-Ilict wit.", F-1-.der,11 laws applyLip to P,,i,, rt--- Rico, -o-nlt s-7 anspnnd -,d for a liri U-pl time under
special permit issued *6,-,, tl-o Conriis-ioner of Agriculture and Comr, -'rce.

Plant Subject to Terminal inspection

Pu.l,rt,: R.ico has arrnngei, the plan e.-:pl,,t.infd in the, ap, endix, fcr irspc.cti-on of th,, folloi,,,ing -nln-nts., ,.nd plr nt ratorials: All
'I j- o r -1 + s 1 4S'.C(!k, trocs, shrub,-,, cuttin.-E., grafts, scior.,-, buds,
_, its ind oth r sec.(Is of fr,, lit tand o3.-na:-.iental tr- (!s or shrqi1s, and othor ol"nt" and plruit i.)r+,) 'ILuc, -,s In the ravi or urr.,,-=f,,(,tared stpte, inw)- ,tab1t;, an,1 flower G60CL, ; allso cotton. iint.

Tc-rniinal Insnr,ction P ,i.nts in Puerto

San T-,,.ar.

Tj- ls. Vriat th,3 restrictions and requirements of thins Act
t6o lb-:, -on,-;tru( d -).s -ap-plying only to movement in domestic commerce
cir--o the regu! ..tio-a of foreign commerce is rt reco-nized Yederal
un-- -b i o n

Puer'to Rico plant

q'urran t ire s


Summanry of Pla-nt Quarantines !.ndP Rj'tiltions

Brggage Inzpection
(qu~arantine N~o. 1, issued Jul1y 30, 19~49)

The baggag~e of passengers arriving- from the IUnitc5. Stotes or-"I be, inspect~d to insure that- any p1~nts, nursery stocks, seeds, fruits, or vogetablos therein ~are moving into Puert'o Rico in compliance with Pu ert*
Rican requirements.

Mexican Frui Fy
(Q~arantine No. 2, issued July 30, 1943)

Tihe baggage of persons arriving from the Guilf States is cul.ject to
inspoction for fruits of grapefruit, sou."r orange, orrnnge, whito va-pote, coffee, quince, saaodill4, all varieties of rnamea, man-go, avocado, pe
All commercial shipments of host fruits of Mexlica,,n fruit fly front the %l If States will be inspected uuon arrival in Puerto Rico anif found. infested, returned to the State of ori.g7in or destroyed. Ships stores will be inspoected for such host fruits adsc,:7-lod ir~ case such fruits are. found.

Bacterial Ca@nker
(Quarantine N~o- 3, issu(,"' July 30, 194)

Tomato and pepper seeds -may not be moved into Puerto Rico from the continental Uaitc. States r~nless 6-isinfected, by immersion, for 5 rinut(cs in a solution of bichiorile of mercury, 1 to 3,000, or any other mercu:ric coypound, proven to be effective a.-gainst bacteria). cpanker. Such disinfJ.ectori seeds m*,ut be accompanied by an inspection ccrtificatc off the State of origin.

Coffee Insect Pests and Diseases
(Qqarantine No. 4, issued. JulY 30, 19148)

Coffee plants,, seeds, an, offee products (other than roasted coffe'F) are -prohibited from moving into Puerto Rico fromr. the iiitcod, Stat-es and its territories except ivnder permit for experiracntal purposes.

Puerto Rico plant
quarantined s

(qui,.rantine No. 5, issued July 30, 194g)

Vegetables fromn California an&i the Gulf States will not be admitte.
into Puierto Rico unless (1) the shipment is accompanied by State-of-r~rif-In certification that such veg-etables were inspected anM found free of veqtable weevil or (2)' upoon inspoection after arrival in Puerto Rico th'y are31 found freoe of the weevil4- and, released (if found infested they will '):Ae i gatcd., destroyeft, or returned).

Blue 14old of ToI-,acco
(( aarantine No. 6, issued July 30, 19111-)

The movement of' tobacco secd into Puerto Rico from the continent,.a 1
United States will be mnale through the Plant quiarantino Service of --uirto Ri co~ The tobacco me;! so in-ported will bo disinf ectc-d upon arrival by im-~ mersion in a. formalir. solution unless certified. b~r the State of origin as hr.-rir.- boen so treated.

'The movement 4into Piierto Rico of shade cloth that has previously, been used. irn.tobacco fi(7ldi- i-z pr-ohibited.

Cotton Lint
(Q.uarantine No. 7, issued July 30, 1948~)

The movement of cotton lin-t from thu United StatZes, its Territoriea, or Island porsisions into Puerto Ri~o is prohibited unless fummignte '; upon arrival.

Puerto Rico plant



Fertili*zers -,:nd Stock Feeds~
(Quarantinc; No. 3, issued Jul,30, 1949)

1. Stock feels or fertilizers containing more tLe .n 25 Fret~
cottonseed meal will not be adm-itted into Puerto Rico if mixed in the following States:

Alabama ILoui s iana Okla.homa
Arizona M11ississippi South Carolinr.
Arkanlsas Misscuri Tonn,:,ssce
Florida New M.exico T-xas
Georgia North Carolina Virginia

2' Mixed fertilizers or stock focd containing up to 7 5 percen-,t of cottonseed. meal will be allowed to P;ove -Into Puerto Rico from ~x~Stnte other than those li-sted in Paragraph 1.

3. A.ll shipments of fertilizer or stock feed must be accomppartieC( 4;, an official certificatc or an affi:.avit signed by the shipper .'r,-n thi-, State of origin stating (a) the percentage~ fctose eii t~-c:x
tr;(b ).t the product 'has been saf rared Trcm contami nation to~
rawv cottonsecod after processing; (c)' that the mterials are packeiL in bapgs not previously ufed for cotton -prodtucts; and (d) the State or T2rrit:ory where the product was iaixod and packers o7 b ,zggod.

Boll Weevil and Other Cotton Pests
(Act 110.35, See.l1,a-pprove. May 11,19 4,a-s a,::-endeil by Acts lNos.327
of' Apr.15,l946; 231 of May 1O,191 7,and 209 of May 14,1',495'

Unginned cotton, ceed cotton, and cottonseed, hulls, cnkr,a, and
other cottcnseerd products (except oil) must be certified as havirji orig'!nated in a Idoacality free from the boll weevil or cth-it.r cotton pets or iseases not widely prevalent in ?uerto Rico. The use of such -products as packing material for other commodities ship2?ed to Puerto Rico, or Jin an,7 other iorm, is prohibited.

Coconut Diseases and Pests
(ActNo.3,Se~l~aproed My l,1934,as amended by Acts YIos.327
of Apr.,15,3946; 231 of May 1O,)47,a,:rA 209 of May 11-, .94')

Shipments of coconut tre-,es, nuts, and coconut products unmanufacturud. or unprepared for consumrntior, iiien moving into Puerto Rico, --iu-t to certifie-d. as originating in a clistrict free frori coconut bud rot or other cocnut diseases or pests not widely prevalent in- Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Plant
quarantine s

Pineaipple Yellow Spot
(Act N'o 35, Sec. approved. May 11,193U!,as ame~nded by Acts No. 527
of Apr.15,1946,231 of' May lO,l947,and 209 of' May 1,194;)

Vegetative parts of pir~eapplo plants for propagation may be shippe6into the island& of' Vieques sub-'ect to U. S. Department of' Agri cultuir e regulations governing the importation of such material from' foreign Conintries. Suchl propagativ-. material is subject to inspection upon arrival,
-nd. if it is from thu continezataI. United. States or its Territories or possessions it will be fiimigated a.nd any dA.6easerl parts destroyed before it may be used fi~r propagation.

Vieque's may be ciesignaterl by the Puerto Rico Conrission r of'
Agricuilture an. Commerce as a quar.zntine area for propagative material of pineapple, the movemecnt or propa-gation of iih*icY: hku may cont-Vier it adxisablEc t prohibit within the islan. of Puorto Rico.

~r C' an e
(A&ct NJ 35, Sec.1l,apjmrovcd a Il,1,934,as amended by Acts 17os.327
of' Apr.15,i946,231 of May 1Q,10947,and 'COS of' Mvay 14,1949 )

Sag,,ar -afe se diin-s and ciittings for Propag,-tion riay be airport. I into Puerto Ric-) only by Ir.slar and. 2cieral experiment stations and. plant nurs~r~3sin limitel amounts ndl under srvecir). nermit issued by the Puerto
Rico Comissioner of' gi~tr and Cominrca. Such plants will be under
the obCservation and su-o:.rvision of th-e Commissioner or his agents.

The foregein- summznary was checked an:d approved on July 1,19491 byrZ LuiF, A. Catoni, Director, Pla-,At ')ar'antina S~arvice.


Movement from Puerto Rico to the Continental Ulnited States aid territories

Federal qiuarartines prohibit or' regaulate tho move~ionrt 0.1 specified
plv..nts, plant protbucts, and other articles from Puerto Rico into or tinrou,7,h any State, Trj'rritury, or District ofc thle United States, as follows:

jarantine iio. 16. on. account cf certain 4njii~rious in:3ects 2ld diseases ('revised efL-Ective JTnu IrY 1, 1935) .--L-.ving cans of sugarcane or cuttigs or parts thereof, or sug'.rcane leaves, or bagasse.

GQumamtine 17,o.j30. on account o.-" the weotpotato stcm borer and. tho sweetI-uzt;to sc,,rabee (revised effective '%Qetober 10, in34). -swoetnotato s, reP- ardinss of the usc for which they are i~ntonied.

Qar!__tine Yo 2 on account of t.,ro inijurious weevils (efforctr .pril 1,
191) .-~a~naplants or parts, regardless of their use.

q~aFr.,. tinc Yio. L,9on account of thc p4.nk bollworm ani. th e cottoni blister
mite (ffectve Auust 15-, 192G).--Cotton, se--d cotton or urnzir~ccto cottonseed, an, cottornzeed products except oil.

,,aa~iiie "o. 59, on acco-unt of injurious insect pes ts incu2llC n tk-Ie
West inlian fruit fly and the bean, pod Ihorer (re visect rc,'f, ctive January 22,
19+1 --~t1fruits and vc>-'etL.ablfes in the raw or -.;inrocos- sod state.

Qiarantire Yo. 60, on account of wlhat- Frubs, the Japarese rose beetle, and tcrmn-ites (rev4.sed effective S0/~..r1 36) .-Sand (other tn2.n clean occan sand) sail, or earth with rolants.

-vor f'irther irforrnation concerning Foferal quarantin!3s reln-tive to Puerto Rico, address the Bureau of Flntoz.icIlcgv and. Plant Quarantine, Washinetonr 25, D. C.


Requirements for Mailing Plantsand Plant Products

UTnder the postal laws .nd regulations, nursery stock, including all fild-grown florists' stock, trees, shrubs, vines, cuttings, grafts, scions, bud,, fruit pits, and other seeds of fruit and ornamental trees or shrubs, .nd other plants and plant products for propagation, including str~wbrry plants (except field, vegetable, and flower seeds, bedding plTA.,ts anr other herbaceous plants, bulbs, and roots), may be admitted to the mils only when accompanied by a State inspection certificate to the effect that the nursery or premises from which such stock is shipped has be irnspectedi within a year and found free from injurious insects and pl-nt diseases. Parcels contairning such nursery stock must be plainly marked to show the nature of the contents and the name and address of the sender. ( Laws anI Regulations 1940, sec. 595.) Inspection and certification must be done by a plpnt quarantine official of the State of origin. -n individual mailing of such plants or plant products, if from uninsnected premises, will also be accepted upon examination and certification by a State plont quarantine official. The address of the Puerto Rico plant quarantine official is given in the preceding summary.

Terminal Inspection of Mail Shipments of Plants and Plant Products
TAzt Mar. 4, 1915, as amended June 14, 1936; Postal Laws and Regulations 1940, sec. 596)

Establishment of Terminal Inspection.--4ny State desiring to operate under the provisions of the terminal inspection law so as to regulate the movement of meil shipments of plants and plant products into (or within) the State may, after having provided therefor at State expense and having designated one or more place,; where inspection will be maintained, arrange to have such mail shipments turned over to State plit quarantine insDectors for examination at designated inspection points. Application will be made to the Secretary of Agriculture by submitting a list of plants and plant products and the plant pests transmitted thereby, which are to be examined. The list, when approved in whole or in part, will be transmitted to the Postniaster General whereupon postmasters will be informed and instructed.

Anyone mailing a parcel containing any plants or plant products adBressed to any place within a State maintaining terminal inspection thereof is required, under the law, to hpve the parcel plainly marked on the
outside to show the nature of the contents. Materials shipped under Federal quarantine certificates issued by the Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine may be oxempted from terminal inspection at the option of the receiving State.

Under the provisions of the 1936 amendment to the law, any State may arrange through Federal channels, after approval by the Secretary of Agriculture as indicated above, to regulate or prohibit the movement into


(or within) the Stato of mail shipments of plants ar.1 0,,-rt
-Prcducts thr movement of which w, ul ccnstit-ite a -!iolr-,tio)- o-, plant quarantir,:: law:; or r, gulation.-.

Terminal Inspsqt on Pr,-)ce -lure. --U, Dr. arrival in -ny ma-*Lnt,-A-, .-,,-t(.rm*nal insps ction, plants or Aant prcluctfi nar,,ol on tho a--r.r,,%r, -:L ;t will be forwarded by t iq pnstntaster ,,t destination to the rett.-oz't :',rspection point. Tf the -nlr.nts or plont a-.,,:,. -r--,und, upon iln-p,,ction, to be free from injurious pests and not in viol-tion oi' qua.-antine or of the Sta-to, of Aestination or tlie TTni'--d St--'
Dr-,partinont of Agricultare, or if di-*,in-J:'eztcr1 iv.,la,: r, th, -,-T a.-(-, -L'c!u-v.,1
such plants or plant- products vill th,-- n be forwarderl, by the, the point of lnsp, -ction t3 the addressed. apon of -0 a
If plants or 17
plant prclixts, upon in section, f:-un-I to lo i--1festeI with injurious 7rxcsts 831d canl ot be plant qi-Larantinc, or ref7iul..
are in violation of an,,- -tiofi o-,,- the 0-1
destination or the TTni4l-cd States D,. pa.1,tme.nt of A riculturc ooztmaster upon notification 'by 'the State -*r-,,,-r-- ztor wi1l JAL-form that V-re narcul will be returrsl to him unon hi r, quest an,! at- hi, pcnse. In default of such re(.Pze-t the P,,rcel wili bc. tunnel cvcr to th--I State autAorities. '!')r Iestruction.

Terminal inspection of plants anl plant produ,: ts 'icz. ncw mt .nt,, by Arizona, Arkansa-, Cvliforria, District 0.. Vn-,Lribin, -T10-i ,, --, Ida!-,o, 'Minnesota, 1--ficsiosi-rpi, 1-11ontana, Oregon, Fu ,rto Rico, and Wus.ain -ton. Plants and -1-.,nt product. s,.il, ject n an-1.
placos where f,crninal-inspection service is: mLinttalred Ire iii tt l ,: t end of the, ourn-a: of' the -e:,-eral nur:- f-ry-zt.oc*.r eLch of t'Yi6 abovt,-mention(::.,d Stxat s, Di .-tri ct,,

Procedure for Pj, inp For-orar1ing of -pn.- r-M7
post ngo arn provJ-dF,-1. to c--pe -it. the '1an-lling o] parc-As subie& rmizal inspection, as follr ws: (1) the addr-, ss-ce may havc. thc or rc:- 1,,. dressed to himself in ca.r -.- of the State ins- rectortor at a d ins'nection point in tli, S; vte of destination an-1- prov,. ,71,e thii tor wi th po st,,.ge for f orurard ing tl-e insj-,ectea, or 2) tho i,!-; r+-,-7!: -le. %, y a r r a n g 5 w",- t h t h a s e P. d e r t o p la c e o n t 1 i c. -n ; r c v, r e.,.
g- -,,arurte-dtl vvher,- upon the adtiti+oral poFto.,gs for v, .1 %rj., be collected from the adares-ee.

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