Plant quarantine import restrictions of the Ryukyu Islands


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Plant quarantine import restrictions of the Ryukyu Islands
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Hoyt, Avery S
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine ( Washington, D.C )
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Agricultural Research A~ministratlon
Bureau of Entomology and Plant utine Washin~gton 25, Do 0.

January.14$ 1953



bi s summ~ary of the plant quarantine import restrictions of the P~ukyu Islands has been prepared for the information of-exporters bf plants and plant products to those islands and for plant quarantine officials*

It was prepared by R. G. Oakley$ Division of Plant Quarantines# from the Plant Quarantine Law of the Frukyu Islands of Yebruary 1, 1952.aad associated notifications of 'the Department of Natur'al
Resorcesand was reviewed by an official of the Civil AdminietraThe information contained in this circular is believed to be correct
'nomsplete uzp to the time of preparation but it is not intended to be used independently Of, nor as a substitute for, the original texts, nor is it to be interpreted as legally authoritative. The ori .gizal law and notifications should b.d consulted. for the exact texts,





The Plant Quarantine Law of the Ryukyu Islands, O vil Administration Ordinance No. 62, effective February 20, 1952.

The Law provides that the Director, Department of Natural Resources, shall publish lists of infected or infested plants and materials that may not be transported from one area to another within the Ryukyus or exported from or imported into those islands. Its other provisions, together with Notification Nos* 1 and. 2 of the Department of Natural Resources of April 214, 1952, are summarized in the following para.graphs.

Summary of Regulations

The regulations of the Ryukyu Islands cover plants and parts thereof, including seeds, and also containers, tools, etc., capable of carrying infestation, and require inspections, including treatment if considered necessary, of importations prior to their release. No certification of shipments in country of origin is required.


1. The following articles are prohibited entry into the Ryukyu Islands from the countries and places cited on account of the melon fly (Dacus cucurbitae Coqo):

(a) Fresh green beans, French peas, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers,
melons, watermelons, and pumpkins, from

(b) Australia, Burma, Ceylon, China, Formosa, Guam, Hawaii,
India, Indonesia, Philippines, Siam, Saipan, and Tinian.


2. Definitions

(a) "Pest" means any infectious, transmissible, or contagious
disease of plants, any form of animal life, and any form
of plant life liable to be harmful to plants.

(b) "Plant" includes Thallophyta, Spermatophyta, Bryophyta,
and Pteridophyta plants, parts of plants, and their

(a) "Appliances" include plants, containers, conveyances, tools#
and other materials infected,-infested, or exposed to infeotion or infestation*

nspectton. nArrival Required

3. It shall be unlawful for any person to conceal or fail to present to a plant q'uaratine :gfie any. shipz t .of plants or appliances which are or may be infected or infested with posts*

Author~sd Ports of -j .14 (a) Marine ports AJa; Ishigaki; Itoman; Naha; Naze; Taira; Tomari,

(b) Airpqrt: -Q;rku (Niaha).*

* (e)Post Of floes: Central post offices of.:Miyako,- Naha, Nae, and
*++ + Yaeyama*Marking of Shipments

5. Bach shipment of plants brought into the Pqukyu Islands or moved between island groups shall bear the name and address of the shipper or owner, the name and address of the person to whom the same is forwarded or shipped, country of production, and a statement of the contents.

Disposition of Infested Shipments

6. Infected or infested plants shall not be imported into or transported within the Pyukyu Islands unless each shipment is authorized by a written permit of the Chief Plant Quarantine Officer*

When a shipment of plants, hosted or appliances against which quarantine has been established, is brought into the qTukyu Islands and is found infected or infested or there is reasonable cause that it may be infected or infested with any pest, the shipment shall be immediately destroyed by, or under the supervision of the Chief Plant Quarantine Officer, unless

(a) the nature of the pest is such that no damage can be
caused to plants through treatment of such plants or
appliances in the manner prescribed by the Chief Plant
Quarantine Officer. In such case, the shipment must
be treated before release can be effected.

(b) It is determined by the Plant Quarantine Officer that if
only a portion of said shiment is infected or infested
with a pest, then only such infected or infested portions of said shipment shall be treated, destroyed, or returned
to the origin of shipment.


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.. . 6thof Treakeent

T. Any treatment of infected or infested plants, or materials and appliances, which may be required to destroy peats shall be at the risk and at the expense; of the- Arar unles otherwise provided.

Experimental Shpmedth 6 A hi,~

8. Any plant, or form of vegetable or animal life, otherwise prohibited, or pathogens, virus, or disease, .or bacillus cultures ay be imported for experimental oi bslentificbees under written permit given by the Chief Plant Qparentine Offioer

Permit Required for Entry of lhips Store

9, It unlahrlul to remove 6od stores'aobtaining quarantnt plants or materials from any vessel or aircraft except under written permit issued by the Chief Plant Quarantine Officer.