Plant-quarantine import restrictions of New Zealand


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Plant-quarantine import restrictions of New Zealand
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United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine ( Washington, D.C )
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Agricultural Research Administration
Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine Washington, D. C.

B. E. P. Q. 581 August 2, 194.
(Superseding P.Q.C.A. 306)



This revision of the plant-quarantine import restrictions of the Dominion of New Zealand has been prepared for the information of nurserymen, plant quarantine officials, and others interested in the exportation of plants and plant products to that country.

The summary was compiled from information received from Dr. Lee Ling, of the Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations, and from the Orchard and Garden Diseases Act, 1928, and Orders in Council issued pursuant thereto. The summary has been reviewed by the Director of the Division of Horticulture, New Zealand Department of Agriculture.

The information contained in this circular is believed to be correct and complete up to the time ofpreparation, but it is not intended to be used independently of, nor as a substitute for, the original texts, and it is not to be interpreted as legally authoritative.

Acting Chief, Burea of Entomolog andPlant Quarantine

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in 2013




Orchard and Garden Disoases Act of 1908,1 as ameM.ed November '5., 1914 November 9, 1920, and the Orchard and Ga.rden Diseases Act
* of 1,928, and Orchard and Garden Diseasos Amjen~dimnt Ac,194.


.'Dh-spase" moans any di!soase as defined in the Act. (See p. 4) "TFrui" neans the ed-lble product of~ any plant, and Incoudos t;ho
peel, skin, or shcull of such pr( uct, and tho seeds
of such plant, whe-her such fruit is or is not attached to
the plant.
"4ait" rx-ans Lany tree. -"owcr, shrub, vegetable, or other
vegotat ion.


Auckland, Wl Jington, Lyttelton, Dunedin, and Bluff.


All f-uits, plants and bulbs impca-te5. 'to New Zeelund are roquirud to be accompanied. by a certificate from ti-n, copctent authborities in thG country of orig~in to the effect that they have beer, examined aid found to be froe from disease,. ).nd in sorao) instances,7 additional certificates may be required. The nocv-,sary curtificatus must be obtained by shippers and the orig,],nal forw :rdod to the cci ignoo in New Zoaland u-, his agurt. A duplicate copy of th cortificato may bo attached to, or enclosed in, the package.


Upon arrival at any of the doclared ports of untry in 1Iew Zealaud, all Importations of fruit vogealocq, planlts, bulbs, and agricultural suods are subject to inspection by an ins-)u(;'or appo~ntcd under tho Orchard and G,,,.rdcn Disoascs Atct of 1928.



imp)ortat -Lon of fruit from, the PrLoif ic Islands is subject to theo fllowing conditiunn:


(a) Pinea-ilee, Passion fruit, 'lemxons and baiianas, mist be
acconrpani~d by -an Aditional- curtificata that the fr.ui-t was shipped in a thoroughly green and unripe condition in clean new packages not, previously used for any other

(b) In all other instances the usual certificate must certify
further that thu fruit is clean and free from fruit fly
and is in clea!!n new 1,&ck&ies.

~ ~mp~rtaIis prohibited of fruit fromany country where the l~ioierranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata) is own to exist.


G:2L.,pos from Canada and the United States of America must have a crt~ificate of freedom front. disease with a further certificate to the effect that no downy mildew or phylloxera Is known to exist
',or wi.thi-*n -Ive m1les cf' the vineyard where such grapes are cerltified by the shipper to have been grown, that no foliage or wrood is attached to the grapes, and -that they are packed in new ceau 7,cikases. The shipper must also supply a similar certificate.


Xtnyras (sweet potatoes) may be -imprted (except from Fiji and. Tonga.) 7)rovided the usual certificate of freedom from disease is endorsed to the effect that neither the sweet potato weevil
(Cya~i.Lormf-carius), nor the white-spotted kuna.ra weevil
(E1V'sceiocs postfasciatus' are 2nio;4n to exist in the country of on7 g-in.

1.oinatooo may be imported from the Pacific Islands provided thlat they are' accouipanied by 'the usual certificate of freedom I'ro-g r~isese.

.-'ce I:-otatoes are allowed Into FeTw Zealand provide( that:

(al They are in lots of not exceeding 12 pounds.
(b) They are addrucsod to the consignee in car-e of the
Director of Horticulture Division,, Department of
Agriculture, P.C. Box 3004, Wellington, New Zealand.
Wc The rot"-tocs are grown in quaratntine until released, by
th~ DIretor.,
(d) A si, ncd agreement to the q, '.iari-tine by t'-he consignee is
delivered to the Diroctor.

2otatoos for other than sood purposes must be accompanied by a ccrt'ficatu stat -n trjat txle; LrG entirely free from dlsoase,
aA rrown on prui.,ieoe not infected with &isuo-ae.



The importation into New Zealand is prohibited of any plant namedin any schedule to the Noxious Weed Act of 1908, and any other plant declared a prohibited plant by the Governor-General under the Introduction of Plants Act of 19427.

The prior permission in writing of the Minister of Agriculture is required before the introduction of any plant whi-ch, or any variety of which, is not commonly grown in or imported into
New Zealand.

The importation of Tourretia volubilis and water hyacinth (Eichhornia speciosa) is profit

Citrus trees and parts may be imported provided that they are accompanied by an additional certificate to the effect that the disease, citrus canker, is not known to exist in the country where the trees were grown and that citrus root rot (Phytophthora citrophthora) does not exist in the nursery in Whicht citrus trees were raised.

Apple, pear and quince trees from North America cannot be imported unless accompanied by an additional certificate to the effect that the country where such trees were grown is free from fire blight disease.

The Director of the Horticulture Division of the Department of Agriculture may, with the approval of the Minister of Agriculture, introduce or grant permission in writing to any person to introduce into New Zealand from any country or place grape vines of specJal varieties or portions thereof, hop sets of any variety of hop plants and raspberry plants or portions thereof, including the fruit, subject to such conditions as the Director with the like approval may impose. (The Fruit and Plants Importation Amending Regulations 1949).


Apart from the foregoing, bulbs and plants may be imported from any country provided they are accompanied by a certificate to the effect that they are either:

(a) Free from disease.

(b) Have been wholly raised in an officially inspected nursery
which for the time being has been declared by an inspector
to be clean and free from disease.

(c) Have been fumigated, sprayed or dipped with suitable
material as the case warrants.


Certificates are not required to accompany imports of flower and vegetable seeds.


Under the Seeds Importation Act, 1927, the following seeds =at have a percentage of each consignment stained with a red coloring matter and be accompanied by a declaration certifying that the consignment has been stained to conform with the above act. The coloring matter used shall be either an alcoholic solution of saffranus or a specially prepared and effective fluid seedstaining dye.

Cocksfoot 5 percent of seed in each package
Ryegrass 10 " "t
Alfalfa 10 t" " " "I
White clover 10 " "t

These regulations apply only to packages of seed which exceed 28 pounds in weight.

Oats, barley, maize, wheat and other grain may be imported without restrictions.


Fruit or plants found to be infected or infested with any of the following diseases or insects may be destroyed or shipped out of New Zealand, or fumigated or treated at owner's expense as deemed necessary.

Actinomyces scabies (Thax.) Gusa., potato scab
Allium virus I. Marmoer cepae, yellow dwarf disease
Alternaria solani (Ell. & Mart.) L.R. Jones and A. J. Grout,
early blight of potato
Armillaria mellea Vahl., honey agaric, stringy rot of mushroom
Bacillus app., potato wet rot ,
Bacillus amylovorus (Burr.) Trev., fire blight
Bacillus phytophthorus 0. Appel, potato blackleg
Bacterium citri (Hasse) Doidge, citrus canker Bacterium citriputeale C. O. Sin., citrus blast
Bacterium hyacinthi Wakker, yellow disease (bulbs) Bacterium phaseoli E. F. Sm., bean bacterial wilt
Bacterium pruni, bacterial spot
Bacterium solanacearum E. F. Sm., potato bacterial wilt
Bitter pit of apples
Cladosporium fulvum, tomato leaf blight
Colletotrichum circinans Berk., onion scab


Collototrichun lindemathianum (LSacc,. and-Magn.) Briosi & Cav.,
beLn ant-racnose
Cortizium vaVm (Berk. & Curt.) potato stem rot Cylindrosporium chrysanthemi Ell, & Dt:jarn., leaf blig it
Dibotryon morbosum ($0chw.) Tholse. & S I. =Plox ajglitia
mo:,.,bosa (Schw. ) Saco black Igiot
Diplocarpoa rosao Wolf, rose le f blotch Ditylenchus dipsaci 'Kuhn) Riliplev, bulb eelworm
Erysiphe eichor .tcearum D.C.,. powdery mildw (ho*.ns) T)Asarium limoni3 Briosi, foot rot, collar rolC. Fusa-rium lycoperaic! Saco., fusariim 'Wilt Fusarium ox-yoporum Schl,, potato dry rot, wilt Fusariun app-, dry rote Gloeusporium venetum, Speg; :Elsinoe venota (Burkh.) Jenkins,
raspberry anthracnose
Glonerella cingo-lata (Ston.) Spauld. & Shrenk., bitter rot
lletoroa.T.)orium echinulatum (Berk.) (,Ike,, carnation leaf spot Itrpholona foascioulare i'Huda.) raspberry root rot klyoosphaerolla brassic.Loola (Fr.) Lindau, ring spot Myco8phaerella grossulariae (Fr.) Lindau, leaf opot
Neotria Brea., European canker
J'eronoplasnopara schloideni =Fercnospora schleideni Ung.,
Downy mildew (onion)
Phoma betao (Oud.) Frank :.Mycosphaorella tabifioa (P. & D.)
Johns., dry heart rot, leafspot of beets
Phomopais c1tri Fawc,, r-elanoce, stem end rot Phragmidium disciflorum. (Todu) J. F. James, rose rust
Phrugmid.ium rubi-id.aoi (D.O.) K,-.a-st., raspberry rust Phyllosticta apii Hale., celery leaf spot
P!. /tophthora (Pythiacystia) citrophthora (D.n. & Sm.) Loonian',
brown rot
Phytophthora infostans (Mont.) DeBy., late blight 'Plasmopara vitioola (Berk. & Curt.) Berl. & De Toni, downy Mildew ,!:;o
dospl era leucotricha (Ell. & Ev.) Salm., powdery mildew ,X apple rolyporus cinnabarinu,3 (Jauq.) Fr., bark rot
Pueudomonas c--7.-v)c. atria (PaLncl) E. F. Sm.,, black rot Paeudo-peronosporu oubonsio 3. & C., downy mildew Prieudopuronosp7--ra huxull I jiyabe, downy mildew Puccinia aspraZiD. C... rust
uccinia c1lrysarithuni Rozo, rust Sclarotinia cinorea (Bon.) Soliroot., bloaso.., blight Sclerotinia sclorotiorum (Lib.) Mass.) -1 k w ,to-y soft rot of cabbage,
lettuce CU-0p, Utc,
Septoria ribic', Dosbi., currant leaf spot So, ,+Ioria rocao Des=.,, loaf acorcli,, leaf spot
Sl)haerotheca mrs-uvau (Schv.) Pork. & Curt., gooseberry mildew Sphaerotheca pontiosa (Walir.) L v.
-1 -WG powdery mildew Sporotrichum citri Butl., citrus scab
Cynchytrium oi)-dcblioticum Pere., potato wart
Taplxina (Exoaucua) do,.'Lorm-,nr, (Bork.) Tjll,, Dclach leaf curl Tranzachelia 1 runi-s-,)Iaosae (Pere.) Diat., rust on prunes
Uroc-ntis cepulae Prjvt
C ) onion Omut
Uromyces betae (Fers. ) Lev.. bect rust Uromyces car:rophyllimis (L)chxank.) Wint.., carmtion rust Uronyces fab:- e DeLy., beUn rust


Uromyees appendiculatus (Pers.) Ik.. bean rust Venturi inaequalis (Cke.,) Wint., apple scab Venturi pyrina Aderh.., pear scabAnarsia lineatella Zell., peach twig borer Anthononus pomorum L.., apple blossom weevil Antonina cravi Ckll., cottony bamboo scale Anuraphis tulipae (Fonsc.) tulip or iris root aphid Aonidiella aurantii (Mask.), California red scale Aphis pomi DeG., kople aphid Lspidictus cameilliae Sign., greedy scale AsDidiotus hederae (Vall.), oleander scale Aspidiotus lataniae Sign., latania scale* Aspidiotus pernicious Comst., San Jose scale Asterolecanium variolosum (Ratz.). pit-naking oak scale Aulacaspis rosae (Bouche), rose scale Brachyrhinus picipes Fal., raspberry weevil Ceratitis capitata Wied., Mediterranean fruitfly Ceroplastes destructor,, Newst., white wax scale Chlonaspis citrl. Comst., snow scale Chionaspis furfura Fitch, scurfy scale Chionaspis quercus Comst., Oak scale ChrysobotlLris femorata Oliv., flat-headed apple tree borer Chrysobothris mali Horn, Pacific flatheaded borer Chrysomphalus aonidum L., Florida red scale Chrysomphalus rossi Mak., Ross' scale Coccus elongatus (Sign.), long soft scale Coccus hesperidum L., soft brown scale Contarinia pyrivora (Riley), pear midge Cylas formicarius Fab., sweetpotato weevil Epidiaspis piricola (Del Gwr.) Italian pear scale
Eriococcus araucariae Mask., araucaria scale Eriophyes pyri Pgat., pear leaf blister mite Eriophyes ribis Nal., currant gall mite Eriosoma lanigerum (Hausm.), woolly apple aphid Eumerue tuberoulatus Rond., lesser bulb fly Fiorinia fioriniae Targ., fiorinia scale Frankliniella fusca Hinds, thrips Grapholitha Saltitans (Watwd.) Mexican jumping-bean moth Heliothrips haemorrhiodales (Bouche), thrips Heliothis armigera (Hbn.). Oorn. earvorm., bollworm,. etc. Hoplocampa testudi-aea (Klua), apple sawfly Bylemya antique Ybig., onion maggot Icurya purchase Mask., Gottony-oushion scale Iridomyrmex humilis Mayr., ArgentIne ant Lampotia equestrian (F.), narcissus bulb fly Lecanium persicao Fab., European peach scale Lepidosaphoo beckii Newm., purple scale Lepidosaphee ulmi L., oyster-Oholl scale Leptinotursa decemlineata (Say), Colorado potato beetle LOnchoea oplendida Loew, tomato fruit fly hcrosiphum rosae L., rose aphid

1vjzus cerasi (F.), black cherry aphid i?{yzus persieae (F.), green peach aphid Myzus ribis L., currant aphis Neerobia rufipes (DeG.), red-legged ham beetle Oryzaephilus surinamensis (L), saw-toothed grain beetle Parleatoria zizyphus Lucas, cocoid Phorodon humuli Scbr., hop aphid Phtylloxera, vitifoliae Fitch, grdpe phylloxera
Plodia interpunctella Bbn., Indian meal moth Porthetria dispar (L.), gypsy moth Pseudaulacaspis pentagona (Targ.), white peach scale Pseudococcus adoniduni (L.), long-tailed mealybug Pseudococcus brevipes (Ckll.), pineapple mealybug Pseudococcus citri Rieso, citrus mealybug
Pteronidea ribesi Scop., imported currant worm Pulvinaria, vitis (L.), cottony maple scale Pbagoletis pomonella, Walsh, apple maggot Rhopalosiphum pruxdfoliae (Fitch), apple grain aphid
Rhyzoglyphus byac inthi Bdv., bulb mite Rhyzoperth. collaris Ericheon, apple tree borer Saissetia hemisphaerica (Targ.), hemispherical scale Saissetia nigra (Nietn.), black scale Saissetia oleae (Bern.), olive scale (Black scale in California) Saperda candida, F., round-headed apple tree borer
Scolytus rugulosus (RAtz.), shot-hole borer Taeniothrips inconsequens (Uzel), pear thrips Tribolium castaneun (Hbst.), red flour beetle

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