Summary of state nursery-stock shipping requirements and plant quarantines and regulations affecting interstate shipments


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Summary of state nursery-stock shipping requirements and plant quarantines and regulations affecting interstate shipments North Dakota
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Hoyt, Avery S
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine ( Washington, D.C )
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Summary of General i _~nRe~ieet
(Comp. L. i.Dakc. 1917, ch.38; art,35, sec;,s~.29229; Hou se 4,l26~Ar.l. 1.941).

Definition of 2Iursery Stock,-2rees, shruibs, vines, and ote plnshvigrk a persistent woody stem, and such hardy herbaceous perennials assrwer plants.,

-eeal Spping Recuirements.--ach shipment of' nursery stoc mvng it ,!Torth Dakota rmnst bear a valid inspection certificate of' the Stat foi gin. 'Carriers must report uncertified shipments o~f nursery'tc toth State Entomologist, stating the pol'nt of origin and the nameoftecn signee.

Anyone who employs agents or solicits for the sale of nurserstc .
the. State should, ,In the absence of reciprocal agreemxi4ts, obtaia iesp from the Director ofthe North Dakota Agricultural EperientSato UO.
paying a fee o.f.$10 and. filing with the Director a ,copy of is tt na inspoection certificate. The license is effective for 12 m tsf date of issue., Any person or his agent is required., at th~e timeofal of nursery stock, to give the purchaser a certified statement astth rect Mnglish name or trade name, as far as rossi'ble, of~ eacoh vreysl 4,

The, Dlirector mayr enter into reciprocal agreementswi th officil9f other States whereby nursery stock m~ay be shipped between th]e.Stae-ih out payment of a f'ee (con dtioned. on satisfactory inspecti-on stnar-) and without special pen!1it ta~zs, invoices, fumigation, special sttm s or special inspection other that required for the regular nrey Anrspection certificate,

North Dakota maintains no State plant quarantines affecting atr state shipment s.

Th~e foregoing ,summary was checked and approved o~n Auguist 1949 by J. 'A. Munro, State 2atomolgi st.