Summary of state nursery-stock shipping requirements and plant quarantines and regulations affecting interstate shipments


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Summary of state nursery-stock shipping requirements and plant quarantines and regulations affecting interstate shipments
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Hoyt, Avery S
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine ( Washington, D.C )
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TJNIT:17D STA 27S A -- 10UL-7JR.3
lashi.n, ton 25, D. C.

579-27 !,TovPnbPr 2, 1T:1

s71 4,A.1r! 017 !7JRS-Z1U-S70CK SHIPPTLY,. -1-7S iND PT J71r
11 1,- T 0", 7 1 S
L V I :_ )
( ITAPANTINTEJS A 7D S A ''.F C 1 117' 17, H T P

017 TA

The information cont*v1nP.1 in this summxy was compiled from materin.1 received from the plant quav ntine official of I iontana. and hns been ,vo proved "by him. it is issueA for the convpnienc, of plant qu,,rnntinp inspectors, shippers, tr!,nsport, ition a-_,ents, truclcerr, )nI other,. concern l in the interstate movement of -)lants, rlant rrolucts, nnl other M, teri_,al -, subject to State re-ulation on account of rlant -Pestq.

The summon. for 11ontnna ,ijres the ,eneral r1Pq1,iireroents for chIppin,
nur ery stoic into that +State, a- well as f1i,,,es+s of Vie St, te plnnt (Jurrantines and re-ulption- af- ectin- interst-te ship.rlients. An rppenlix furnishes information on nost-o 'ice requiro-ents for mpilin,,: plprts, ass vrell as terminal-inspection T,)rocPlure. Th;ls does not include J -, e s t ;
of nurs ,ry-stock or pl,nt--, unrantine rpqui- -Pnts rel,4tin!-7, to the movement of -plants ont.:Lrely within th"

The information contaiapl in this circular is elievol to b,- correct and complete up to tlpi+ time of or-T)n.rntion, but it J.r, not int -nlel to I-,c used independ ,ntly of or as a sul- stitate t q, original t-xts of the re uln.tions an-1 quarantines, and it is not to f ,, intl-rnret- as 1E,,,-,-,llv aut.ho ri tat ive. detz7i4lel irfor-.ion the Ch. ef, Division of
Horticulture., State DP1T)crt.:n-nt of _t agriculture, Labor -J Inliistrr, Missoula, Mont na.

In ad-,ition to Stnt ,, shi-PT)Ors -Fill ne,-d to tnlce into
consideration applicable ulant qu--antines of the Urit-1 St,)t ,s Department of A-riculture, In ii-lost inst-nces th-e qu,)vantines rp t interstate movement of sppcifiel plants, pl,,)nt i)rrlucts, t 7(,r Prt!clts from dosi -nattld re u1,)+111-i revc-. HowF- ,--r, s,-,:ne of qut rantines re,-iYa _j the interstrt- of cert in articles into prot.Ect,-i
arecn+! *, Copies of such qu,:,rantines ma-r be. obtR-*.nel "'roi- t1l.p 71= lall of Entomolo.;y -.n(I Plnnt- 1; vqxantinp, W- z iinl,-,ton D. C.

Chief, -"J, _ez tu o-P "n t o,, qt and
lant uerantine-

N I ontana nursery-stock
shipping requirements


ST."'Alff 07 'U M S
(Ch. 30;-7_,_R'ev.'__Stat. 193-"' as amended by Ch. 112, L. 1939, Ch. 220, and Ch. '--', L.19
194 3, 45; Re-ulations Tuly 1941i)

Definition of Nursery Stock. --Yruits, shade and ornamental l trees (deciduous or evergreen), shrubs, vin-s, pl nts, roots, so-ions, cuttin-s, or other portions of -Dlpnts or shrubs or trees desi -,-nel to be replanted in Montana for home or com-r5ercial use.

I-Tenernl Shi-P-Di'1-7 :- eQuirements.--An.yone wishin- to Ie ?l in nursery stock in
Montana shoulI T:,aI7 a7D-,)licE;tic_ for q license to the Montana Commissioner of Agri cultu, re on form, 'rn- him u-Pon request, an,9 pay an annual
license -fee, as follows: Sl for a. general nurstnr ',; 610 for a nursery dealin, in smell fr-alts, crnam ntal shrubs, ulbs, n perentiAls; and nursery lin7 in -hulbs end perennials cnl--. A nurser:;.-Y-an should .-Also file a copy of ris State ins-oection cert4f cat- with -h Comr issionpr. All licenses ex7Qire on follo-in :iate of issue. --L ?ents of licens-I nurseries vill be -rant- s,-lesmer.'s certi-_17'-cates, fre of charge, upon requ, st o-f theIr orinc-*LT)-ls.

it is unlawful to misr 7rrezt-nt tn.F neme, -e, or class of
an77 narser- stock or -place w'-re th r arserllr stock w, z .-rown, or to sub-tituti- inferior varieties -f'cr thns-_- or ern Custo.,-rs orl,:! rin_; nursery stoclc must be -oro7.-ide,. with ;,, -lu-Pl'cate or, er statin- this inform, tion.

N11o one, ma,,7? or un nsnec -I n arspr T s-ock in. nntana.
Persons ht)vin-_:- unins-oect i nuroer-, stock ship-Ped to the,7 in "iontrna !)y unlicf- nsEd nurseries or -cersons must ha- ,-e such --took inq-pecte by a, Montana, ins--o(-ctor for a. fee of 10 percent of the invoice -or'_ce o--,-" such sh i rm r t The minimum loe is 1 0 c-nts, -ol-as tr-.-'-lin, ; xp: ns s oF th, inspector, c xcrl-nt t*' at a lictlns,.7-1 c-n-s-i-nee havt? such narser- stock ins-pect- at tlnc, r_ -ular

-rl persons or nurs -ries n,,ist notif r the Co.T-,.;ss;cncr of intent to n'zrqe-_-- s'nc,-! n,)t,-r;:!viousl-7 insr)ectel into '*'Icnt nz! at least R
befor- llpt o- 7 shiAll rravspr7- stock fraits, and moved into Yontan by ?ny
m e thod o-" 4--,-ns-nortaticn are sul-j-ct to insn; ,ction at P. desi-n-t, d station at a char -e fixe,! bv the Com-issioner.

T)* i n,,, r Q rr t s


PlaAt Mr4..terip-",s Subject to Ti rmlnal jLnspctipn

The St,,),tz, of .;-ontann arvP.r,7(,,r!, t'-- -ul -- -utlin I in ,:)pp f t,.c 4'ollowin rlnt : plr -t
-er-, ix, for terminal inFm,: ction
materi-, 1s: All florists' stock, tr= ,Fi, v irubs, --i n ',,,, rutting fts, scions, buis, fruit T)it!-, n-n-1, ot!,, !.r fruit nn, orr.--:-tol
or shi-ibs arI ot,- r T)l nntp ar-I plant or(7 ,-!,X7'-- ir tj, r,-W or state, excf-ct anI --flower -olc nts, rs
tomato, Depner, an-I cabba.-c.

Thr Stt(- of tontwina 17az- alor. I. t' rc--ent
quarantines on account of t'lle lt)l -cl- 1, ,ci3 ,t -n, c-?r- fz-,, t
f 1' .

Terminal Ins-occti")n Pcj,nt in

ill .n 's '3-la S, ow Havr r 1
n t t C, 'len v,- 1C S C' t-Culbertson .rrF-,at F ,lls 1 7r 11

Montana Plant

SUMT:iar- of Pl -,nt 1 u., rFntines

Bl,%Ok Locust 'orer
(,%unrantine Orloll 'Jo. 7_ 3 2;-;, 1C),- 2)

l locist plants or untr ,-te9 black locu.-t Prol.ucts or nn ot),er ,.v teri --l to erritiin or transport the bor:lr in nny of its life
tE -)re -orohibit, -.1 from i-,iovin,, into or thrqjj_ -h t.ontan,- from the inn "ested !rcas

ll 6tPt ,r, e -,.st of tq,- cr. ;t ,rn bc un(. r of Ut-,h, I,! ,ho,
and _,ontl: l

9L =T i "ru i t
(',,ur)rantine Order "'o. el :'?-rctive 'Uply 19, 1947)

Pr-sh chorri-s P.nA &-err:,,rs na not be shipped into
frc)-. th, areas n llaho, 0,-( :-on, anl 71-s'An,7ton infcnste.'! with chrr--y fruit flie.s.

Fresh c-h-rries ,.n-I cb.-rr cont,,,)Anors ,.rill "h :, -, ITqitt('A into ".
from th- noni-rft-st -l v--, s in 11,,,ho, Cre-Ton, nnA onl,,- lprh -n ),ccom-v,,nied, bv Stvt, -of-ori,:7in certification, sil-In-'. at point c--" ori--:,in only, st, .tin ,, that tl ,- in such shirm nt 1!r.,re --,:rown and nn-c cO. in and
fr,)Yi chrrry -r-ru*t liec, ?.' si)t ci-plin-, nurib :-r fro-i ,. cl.)i,,nt fro, -L
o f i n s1h i n t ori A,'i.-I should to theDi-i_ -,'_on o1i" Horticultur ,, IAlissoula, Hontanp, an th, f1rst copy should acarens

I 1a'f 0 C,,ntr,)l :-11 ,, -uthc.rn ld, ho

r : or,: Count i s o C C,:Irr;,, Dc;u,-l,-)s, Ho-'J Ri-%-r
Jpc' .zon, Jos,-p inc Lak,7, 111,11-hour, 'T,-!jatjll,,j, Wf-sco

n t- n: Co,,intics of AA,,,!n--, E -nton, Ch l-n, Columbi,,: Du ,l-s, ,.Tarficll, Xittitis, Lincrlln,
"I-ano -, n, Pol-A Or i ll St ,vc ns; tin 1. t,,rri tc ri( s in ti.,otin n.n-I Coui-).ti- -- adjacent to the
T-, i v c. r

Montana plant


(Quarantine Orlor TvTo. 8--nt effective Mar. 20, 1935)

Each shipment ofsee4 -peas movin.-I. Into Montana must b accompanied by (1) a certificate ., of the Stato of ori--in to the of- ct that the 7DPaS were ;,rown an packeft in a l.istrict fr e, Prom poa wee-,Til or that the

-r)cas were fur-i:, t-.i with vr r o_ AigulplAcle, as si)ecl.-oi 'd in the qu,,:).r,C)ntine, or (2) bil, a Kontnma certificate providin- for Nmip:,'tion at dc destination.

The fore.Tcin, surwin.ry r -viewrl, ancl f pT)rove,! on S, pt ,mber 13, lg')l
by R. 0. Young, Chief, Division of Horticulture.

UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA 3 1262 09314 8343