Plant-quarantine import restrictions of the French Regency of Tunisia


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Plant-quarantine import restrictions of the French Regency of Tunisia
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United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine ( Washington, D.C )
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UNIEDSTATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, Burau f Entomology and Plant Qaarantine
Washington, D. C.

3November 15, 193




Burauof Enoolg and Plant (urazitine

B. E.P. q-483November 15, 1938.



Thissumaryof th htosanitazy import restrictions
of te FenchRegncyof Tuni sia has been prepared for the
infrmaionofnureryne, plan-quratine officials, and others
interest intheexprtation of plants and plant products to that

Thesumarywasprepared. by Har B. Shaw, Foreign Service
Infomaton o th Division of Foreign. Plant Quarantines, from the
TaniianDeceesinvolved and reviewed by the Direction des Affaires

Theinfrmaioncotained in this circular is believed to be
corrct nd ompete up to the timo of its preparation, but it is
not ntededto e usd idepndetly of, nor as a substitute for,
theoriina tets f te dcres, ndit is not be Interpreted
as lgaly athortatve. Thedecrees themse yes should be cons u t e f o r t h e e x a c t e x t s i ii i i ii i ii ii i i ii i i i ii i ii i i i ii i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i ii i i iiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !ii ~iiiii iiiiiiiii iii i i i i iiii ii !ii ii i i ii iii~ iiiiiii ii

i I S i R O N GI ]
i l i i i ii iii i ii i i i i C i i i ih i e fii i i i i iiii iiii i iiii i i B i i ii i i i ii i i ii i ii i i ii iii iiiu iiiio f iii ii i ii i ii i ii i ii i ii i ii i ii i ii i ii iiii iiii iiii a ndi iiii ii i ii i ii i ii i ii i ii i iii i ii iiii ii ii iiii ii ii iiiiiiiii iiii iiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

"Dereeof ul 11'192, eglatng lan potectiyo". e preen inro-acib-'b pyloxea (Decree of Januai'y 29,

1892,~~ ~ ~ ~ asamndd at.1.Se .


LIIG motton eetUadtrni rhbtd
(Dce'o aur 2,19'Nsaeddat Sep .

PLANTS, ROOTED, 0F ALL KINDS (except grapevines), and parts thereof:
Shippers declaration of origin a nd ppylloxera certificate required. (Deoree of January-2S. 1892, as amended, art. 3.
See P. 3.)

PLANTS AND PARTS THERE07idatWI ANY CO0TRY: Phytosanitar certificate
affirming freedom from any of the parasites named in the dec 'ree of'sJulr 26, 1932; also inspection- on .,arri*val'." (See pp-.-6 and 7,)

POTATOES FROM FRANCE: Phytosanitary certificate indicating origin.
(Decree of January 29, 1892, a~s amended.)

cauliflower, creas, lamb's-lettuce, lettuce, parsley, etc.,
if rooted; asparagus, beets, carrots, turnips, leeks, radishes,
salsify, etc., also fresh traffles and mushroome:o Phyllozera certificate and-inspection'on arrive l. -(Decree of January 29,
1892, as amend ed, -art. 6,*p. .5.)

'Importation Unrestricted

AERIAL PARTS OF PLANTS (branches, leaves, flowers, fruits, etc.): Importation unrestricted, except as affected by the decree of
July 26, 1932, wich see. (Decree of January 29,-1892., as
amended by the'decree of Jnly 5, 1924, art. 6. -See p. 5.)

FERTILIZERS, COMMERDIAL with animal or mineral bases: Importation unrestricted. "(Decree of January 29, 1892, as amended by that of
December.-24, 1903, art. 2.- See p. 3.)

FRUITS, FRSH, FROM countries not infested with San Jose dale. (Decree
of July 26, 1932. See p. 8.)

POTATOES FROM ANY 00UNTRY EXCEPT France, sweetpotatoes, and Jerusalem
artichokes: Importation unrestricted if free from soil. (Decree
of January 29, 1892, as amended.)

SEED OF ALL KINDS, except Trifolium alexandrinum and FRESH OR FORCED
FRUITS from countries not infested with ';Smi Jose scale (Aspidiotus
perniciosus). (Decree of July 26, 1932., See.p. 6.)

or fresh condition, such as artichokes, eggplants, string beans,
faba beans, peas, peppers, tomatoes, etc.: garlic,, 'onions, and


shallots whose stems are thoroughly dried; such vegettables
as cardoons, celery, cabbages, cauliflowers, cress, lettuce*,
ete .!, .kif., deprixed..,,, theIr ropts; &-ttroLl titl f lowers; aftd-, ioushrooff, sp?,kW*.;.:, Importation' unre189 ,,.Ais_,,amended., See art.
6t p. 5.)



(Decree of January 29, 1892, as amended by those of Dece a mber 24, 1903;
December 10, 1906; March 15, 1924; and July 5, 1924)

Importr.tion :Prohibited

1, The importation from ww.- source, is prohibited -of ef&Pe' O-tdAs"o .',plant 9, cuttings, layers, and -slip.p,,with or without,'-.'. ra6ts;. 'eveft-leaves used as- wrappers-,. covers,: or -packing', wine or, tab1'e'gr'apes,- grape marc,-.or refuse of t7ae grape vine, used props and., supports, vegetable manure, plant composts, manures,,yegetable mo ds, and pozzolanas (a base of Roman cement). (As modified by the decree of December 24, 1903.)

Importation Unrestricted

':Axt. 2. Commercial fertilizers such as guano Er, pho spha t e s ,
toril, salts bf sodium and potassium, sulphate of ammonia, Owftilik.thosphate of lime, guperph6spliatel woolen rggs, bohes, oilbsk6 '-gkj6ii'-4shes, lime, m xl, clried.& id'Lf're4h' blood,, and similar
-composed -are not included
of animal or mineral materials..
a rticle-1. -(.As amezided by-,the decree of December '244",l90&)
Frdedomfrom Earth,,:Shipper a Declaration,, and'Phylloxera Certificate Required

'3- Rooted plants of all kinds, subterranean stems, tubers, bulbs* offshoots, guckers, rhizomes, and in general, all subterranean Parts of Plants in a live condition, may not be imported unless free from earth and accompanied by a shipper's declaration of origin and attestation of the competent authority of the country of origin affirm-


(a) Thati thereihid yb n ...g
grundby rain en-ofat lpast20mtrorbanbtg* insu~e.rng eme-sficetb the complete doejwr

(b htta rudcnan ograpevinesret;

(c) Thtn Sepo ato es, f or a ln a enmd hr(dolahat iueo fm) twere poatoes (Jgoeatdgaeinsi h (i abrou, badif extipath on ar dbeenaffectedby

etrotoxi fperihavi ins asellanpetosfounerw ~a aranauheins the mprte iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie

Art. p4. ne plants.sedi

Pushbeac o era Certificate NoRqie foPta es
TunisiaSbeeseaoortland, or seactheys
ports of Bize te, Tun is S aertSfia, ni o eurefrptte (iathrze through t c f sthouey r o refo)erhte a.,. intese on aes hvineriiein se~ne madmesprvso i ore Riane is teffecteds oforh inptertmnddb hedce

thee lans s asoAuthorized PthrougEtr
und rte codtin M elnstalished by deil aarph1 hc must1be Applicationsbymusterbefmade ofoiimyb motdit Tu~inPnisi bysao at lyea theday b motdol hog h Ports ~ o shBzetin, namesp and' ad Gbs ylndl tt
inths tocaesvrii-4kind ae tTui and weightt ofr packagao

coTmprise at least 810 tre ofshpennae adadrsse fsipe adcosgne
kHHHNi ndadwihto akge n rgi. ahe}pn.n
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieiiiii iiii iiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

2. Acertficae isrequredattesting that the trees

or pant ar no attack b phllo e, 9 bls a o

phyosaitry erifiateinicain oerigin.~

15 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ # to Ily1,wihteeceto fflwrbls, the iporio o

f Ecnomi Affirs. (As menddbythe decre of thoar 5,~e 19f

22 caoul1355, ard tht ofFebrary 59 137.

Article 1. The Director-GeneralofArclueCmec, and Colonization shall determine by Ordethlitopanad animal parasites that are a danger to arp n owihtemaue$
prescribed by the present degree shall apy

Art. 2. It is forbidden to introue rnpro odi
possession in a live state, and in any fr htvr r ftepm
sites named in such list.

(Deoree of Jy26

.Bacillus apploverne (Burr.) STev. ieompa lgt
Bacterium citri (Hasse) Doidge, ctu akr
Cuscuta aegyptiaca Trabut, dodder ed nbrem(rflu
alexandrinulm L.).
Deuterophoma tracheiphila Petri, "a e ec.
Endothia parasitica (Murr.) And.&An.chsutbrdiee
Synchytrium endobioticum (Schilt. eeptt at
11eyrodes) Dialeurodes citri Rily&Hwrctu hef.
Anthonomus grandis Boh., cotton bl evl
Anthonomus vestitus Boh.,*cottor qae evl
Aspidiotus perniciosus Comst., Sa oesae
Ceroplastes sineasis Del Guer.
OhlZEREphalus aonidum L.
Chsomphalus dictyospermi (Morg.
Diaspis AulJacaspis Pentagona Tagwiepahsae
(Dognyo) Leptinotarsa decemlinet-Syooaoptt ete

Margarodes vitium Iiard., coccid.
Pectinophora gosagiella Saund., pn olomo otn
L~thorimaea) Gnorimoschema opercuel elptt ue om
Pseudococcus f ilamentosus OklL. 9cid

Art_ 3 -(ecre o Juy 1, 132 oent!&.) The importation,

distribution,~ an rni r rhbte~e pof:

platsinP.liv staeifinfected byanyof

t~rnsorttin~o schplat or pataofplants;

Imprttion Restricted

Art.~~~~ 4. el ihpat r pats of plants proceeding from

*Ar. 5 Plntsandpats-of plants proceeding from a country
tha ha~n't ignd he aidInerntional Convention 'shall be:

1. Acompnie by phtosanitary certificate issued
by he omptet authoity or service of the counr
ofoiien endorsed by th French consular authorityof he outr affrming that the consignmet is
fre rm hepraitsnae in the decree of

2. Sbmitedto hytsentan inpecion The official
respnsile or te ispetio wil veifythevalid,ity of te certifi aeaiehecngmn nd

ifi efe rmprstsiseadlvriemtt


present no m gi iiiiii 7-reasbW of ti nature or mherir ....zzation.

'The remaihing article fthis decree deal-vith domestic restries. tions and with inspection and certification of lant m-terialifdr. export.

Importation Unrestricted

The decree 'of'Jly'26,-l93 upplendath that Of- ;ly 1,$
1932, by -prescribing tht -tt rther notice -Importation without phytosanitary certificate is allowed of the following plant products or parts:

1. Seeds of all kinds except those of berseen. (Trifolium
alexand~rinum L.);

2. Fresh and forced fruits, except those originating in
or proceeding -romthe fol-lowing' countries- ini which the presence of Bak J'se scale has been. -1roved: ArgentiNt,
Australia, Canada, Chile,. China, Hawaii,Ja ,Mio,
New Zealand, South Africa, United States of America;

4.Fresh Vegetables not prohibited by the phylloxera, re'atrie-d

4. Natural out flowers.


(Decree of February 12, 1925)

Article 1. The importation into Tunisia is prohibited of cotton seed from any county except Algeria.

Art. 2. To be admitted for importation, cottonseed of Algerian origin must be accompanied by a shipper's declaration indicating the'
quantity, variety, and property of origin of the se~ds.

Art. 3. The'Director-General of Agriculture, Commerce, n
Colonization, and of Finance, are charged, each in that which concerns him, with the execution of the present decree.

of lfafasee pocedig foma foreigncoutry is to be permitted
onlyon ondtio tht i be oloed ed n te poor in of 5tper1 ~ ~ ~o of the~i Frenc dereifthy,193

(a)'Prpartio oftheco oin solton:e8Dui

Prearea wrm ixtre f 2 gmfteri acid witfct

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