Administrative instructions : list of approved packing materials and instructions for their use


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Administrative instructions : list of approved packing materials and instructions for their use
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Popham, W. L
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine ( Washington, D.C. )
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Bo E. F- Qe, 571, 2d Revision H'f festive 1. 1953

'._A:1,:AU OF 11CLOGY A1 7 1 A -C
C1.T U LLITLE :*(j:l.,,-,Is
1EII-11 QUA?

'DM--ISTRA=E I"ST" ACTIONS: LIST (Z -A"' T:;1ATERIALZ A!'--') 1*1,',c,--' "'_.' '- 101'' 1 0,, ':3L

On Ame 26, 1953,, there was r)u )lisl-.ed i- t -ie Fe e r d
3664) a notice of proposed rule n7 conce_-nirif- an 01'
trative instructions listi n- apnrctvu ,_,ac in- a I nstl 3
t.) I 4fo their use effect-Ive Janua,.- 4 1 1, / -I L) -1) "
After due consideration of ali relevant 7atters .rcscnt,-Iy the authority conferred -u,--on h.L. Ly e
A 'ursey r T-11ant and, 'e-d Ql,,aran' -e
mentary to 3tock __C.
under section 5 of the Act oI 1 1211 as
159), the Chief of the -D ,ireau of r 1. 4, 1_42
319.37-16a. Ly the same a-,thor-ity tli(-,
after publication in '1:ie on st 2()"
and 319.3 7-13a rea,! as follows:

319437-16a Adainis-trat1-vo
,materials and instnic' 1 ons f of is_ i 7:72 f0i m
free fro!,, sand, soil, or ,urtinot been previously use- as ,,ac!=:- or 4- 1,
approved ao nackLrig material for use S -_C:.'L 0restricted T", ant materials i.-porteC accoi,,1an,_,._, to 31,)03,

Luc"zwheat hu.11s.
Charro,%! inspectionn is ,difl c L 1 t i..,! e t.' 13 La
sho,,iid be usu l only wheru its
(.Iesirable and other aplrovud racking ,
Coral sand fi om Demuda, aicri froi-. sl riac,_ -oill
as si, ch 1:,y the director r of c-.7 t-re of
11',xl'oliate(l ver,,-L _cu1i!'(_'*
Ground corl:.
T eat.

opliagmLm moos,

Co o

In add_ tio if t:,,... materi-il CorL

,,1A,,soil fram, Japan
of -Ill ait
Ca 5" 1 0'
to desti-0
in the caac of Ja,.aii,
tion "Jection, Ja;"nu: .:


-2- 11111111111111$ 11111111111111111111111111111111
3 1262 09313 6835
cas- cl -sjanlls, b-- w a7A iorfze, 04" c-'r-l" cf the
arai -ne as .,een ro- at eas t
4 "ted dried and stored so as to feet t7,ke sof- surface, s p
T )re .,ent cont-a-iinatio- iri _-h insectss and -,-)la:-.t diseases and t rea+ ed
:LrS eCT-_.C1_ -c as ).escl tlio of

In crises o-, ar. ins-,,ectuor -2-- arrro-.-O for use ---"or
paC!-,L-,,g -laterials otlcr t.-a! those-1*sted, after lie I soil or carth and tna, slx, i,--ator.als _,-ee froi- san ,
-2- -0t :-7,10171, a 0" -'a
a.- a a., a
0,1 0 -4- O_1 -a-,,,, --a-,er_,1 is o"- e c -oi tab-, c

U", t'- QAr-- ol' _a- aric! straw -ac'-Li7, .-ateriall
O,_ J_ If L3 T- ,
are __'Orar' a nd-st-- UrcL r 371
1 11-1 ?) 0
,u c .,_a-_ei es-.r:-,ct(-d ertz-, cowitries
wriere i- lr r?_Ost fo,)t-ar. !- _.ovt!, (,,-:is's. I'L:- h
r, C ,-, er t_-,, -7 V'- ,-, _,2-C, t. ; _, L, L 0
: lie co-i lft-lons of %, 05.21 '_;'-7F
(9 t j e 14 -4 'OCte-7 r
of I s -I_-'CT1'1 0- j____ al-o not w f Cab-, e L
or ;L-Vraw mats, sl or Caz,-,

(e) A-11 re_--1.-.-ictcd iaterfal .,-'roj, ar( C'a.lada be free frol-a
r lro*.- 1.,rl, 1C,11 vri2_1 Le
I the 'Ie S il ll an"
ac C Oct willow w- 1 a C liel"', -s custody.
ner _oc La 7 IcI, ci-4 o,' "ic or hi5
a 7 r.L the
s 1 ofp all- ji z3 a t s 'a,.: t o -v 'op
r pe J-LijCj",C(_j ;r ', ',e usual vray.

T!, oi' tlicsc r,.er._iments is to reautcor-ize the use of Japanese
,L soii as a ac I-inf, -a tcr. 11, !'IDV e-! i t .:as u#T fro:n a depth of
,(j 30i I -r'acc s t 0 01 r ed L, store(I so as to
0 r
C C 0 1 Lo-v 4-r. Z12 LL:,wl I- t2e; ,.ed t'-,(, C:d!c_' of t ic Pureau
o ,Ao to !OS1.rC_,, 4:,S, ,Ct 1,1feStatiollo
L;o cc', pLant quarantine
I- i L S 0 C. lu "'.3 two S", 'n" Id ave Leer-Ous (2_, 5 11L
UA -k2l
S'01 ill SI Cf' a
7 h.!!,t c-1 rov s o a I e or V v:!
C) ai
C I -aj!'Liie officials
C) I _e

4 3 t: it 10; 7 1!J., 1,".2,
01. 159
L3 :v., f (L 1,e ( I'Zco-v I .
', -LeJocr 1, and
J, t ka t' 1, -1 1 I ')

r) r,
D. 1.,s oi' ,u,7ist 1/,

Ac :I- c f .11, 0" Plant I'laralitille