Title 7--Agriculture, Chapter III--Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Part 319--Foreign Quarantine Notices


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Title 7--Agriculture, Chapter III--Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Part 319--Foreign Quarantine Notices
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Nursery stock, plant, and seed quarantine list of approved packing materials and instructions for their use
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Hoyt, Avery S
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine ( Washington, D.C )
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71~ he feU~ivg anuair t,194

Puraar o t6-athri coferedupo te nhte, ond when Buheau ha
%e~tlto he ursry tok, lan, ad Sed uaanwth in plot. 37(7CF *y 'be employed in connection with any shipment ofretiedpln a
presribeinsructonsa tteraue, wit Indrica tck
aftution'uner wichlimied adifmin ay egawir ond(7ions

oswhr to~ peatriscpemar
319*7-1a Adinitratve nstrctindls ofe approvedpakn

tre frm snd, sols r erthunlss thr-e otsdrfande e soi,ihv A', 'Ap ben peviusl usd a pakin o oteie %rth o liviri lantsrer

1proed a pjoing~aterals or ue i conin ith acn himnto

restictd par matrias iporeo my accorne or utiser fosii

is ued*It houd b use honlee ts aticuhlar tr

and crtifid assuchandth Diecoil oAricuhlatutre


3 1262 093j~!11643 hl

the inspector determine that any unliste pakn aeilacma"
a specific shipmient of' is b4ctimbe#pV
shipment1 may be refiw.ed entr.

Regulations governing the entry of hay~a ta akn aei
are contained in-thisDep6artmeni B~teau of-r= nutyOdrW
(9 OFR 95,21 dzid 95.2)i Suchmbateial is esrtdenyfco'vtis where rinderpest or foot-and-Amouth diseaseeit.Ay uhmta~
offered for entry without having met the coniosofSe952 r"
quired by See. 95.22 to be 4isirifbcted or-bund Tepoiomofts Bureau of Animal -Industry Order are fi* :6pliabe ohyo ta aa
jackets, or casings* 4

All restricted material 'from Europe an'and mutbefee
pillow withes. Such material, when not fre fromv-lo ite8,4~i
refused entry until the~ withes are rembove' and destrydtSpMqax"a) when accompanied by willow wither, may be held ir cutm utd.
period not exceeding 40 days, during which perAith emts,
-agent, after making satisfactory arrangements, a eev~n'd o h
'wcithes -under the asipertvision ofan ina nirsajfcp7t,' spector, after. which'the shipment py be hand~ I heu-ur t,

(!Sees,. 1, 57 7,. 37 Stat. -315, 316, 317, as amende, I -8 C
1 54's -15 9, 160; Sees. 1, 3s 33 Stat. 1269, 1.270,1 7 U,- So& 1 11

The authorization to uise certain packing~ maei hc~,1
in the present administrative instructi.ons i.s being deeedte.,de to the fact that it has been determlined that the use ofsc a n.
volves pest risks. The public interest requires ththi cdn
sunmated at the earliest practicabl1e date-. Thenae o.cran ing materials have been~ added tvo those whose usee is evtdb administrative instruftions. It is of advantage tosipr bt
authorized as soon as possible to us~e the new matrl h
insofar as suchnew materials is-a~ncernod, consiutsls eaxtL
strictions. Therefore, good cause is found fo h~suneo
ministrative instructions effective less tha 30dy fe h

These administrative instructions shall supersee ZP
(7 CFR 319-37-7a), and B. E. P. Q, 369 (7QCM 319.3-b PTo effective January 1, 1949, and sha~ll3 remain in effectutlMdf revoked.

)or1 at~ higton, -'Do C., this 17tb4Qto eamir 98

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