Pink bollworm


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Pink bollworm
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Hoyt, Avery S
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine ( Washington, D.C. )
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Pti swnt to. the author.l.t conferred moon the Chief of the Bureau of Entoand Plixt Quarantine by the second proviso of Pink Boll,.%rorm. Quarantine
(7. CIPR 301*52)j under section 8 of the Plarit Quarantine Act, as aniendcd
3.61.), and haming detennined that facts e=13t as to the pest risk
which maketit safe to raodifyo, by making losa stringent,, the require6mtaiAned InI 301,52-3 and 301-52-4 (0 (1) and M of the regulations
h 9 mrantine,. the following revision of admiraistrative instructions
ag additional-methods of treating f ottonseed (7 GFR 3CI.r2-1 a- 14 F.R.
15 F oft a '840) is he reby dopte d

rl#52-4a. AftgjAgtrative instructions authorizi.M. me+.hods of treating
sad and mov2Ment of cottonseed from heavily infested area to _ay certain treatment.
-onseed origi ti
aottonmd frcm liphtly infested area.--For cot4 na np
oounties of hkndrewo, Baylor, EO'rd,,,n, 'Eric,. m, Callahan, Childress,
*C 'sworth' Concho, Cottl,:;, Crrar.6, Crosbyp Dawson,
oke, Coleman, Colling
Dor"y, Ect6r, Fiahor, Flo5ni, Foard, Gaines, Gnrza, GI-asscockp Gray,
Hall, Hardeman, Haskell-, 'tk), kley, Haviard, Irion, Jones, Kent, King Knox,
Lubbook, Lynn, Martin, Masono McCulloch, Menard, Midland, Mitchellt' y, Nolan, Reagan, Runnels, San Sabd, Schloicher, Scurry,,Shackelford,
WjiM Stonewall, Taylor, Terry, Throclanorton, Tam Green, Upton, Wheelery
hitiLt WUbarger' and Yoakum in Texast the counti,-s of De-ckham, Caddo, Grei ,r,
Jacksong Kiowat Tillman# and leiashita, in Oklahamaj and the counties of
106"71 Leas Quays and Roosevelt, in 1410'ew Me:uco, the rnquired heat tr-!:-atnent inaltdontal to certification may be acerrTlished at pl-P.nts do-si-r-ated b,,, the Chl,7,f
Phe Bureau as provided in 301*52,-5; ProvjLd(,dj, Tint in licu of the requi -_d
'A06WA treataeiitt methyl bromide fumigation andr;r the sup ,. vision of an insp-( ,ctor
# imW be adbatituted. undGr the f ollowing exacting c ,nditions:
# Mettv! bromide fmIgution of sacked cottomseod.--Tho seed shall be
-f*mtod in an approved fumigation chanher xith rint hyl bromide at a dosage of
pounds per 1000 cubic foet for-an ;;mposurn po.riod of 24 hours. The s, ed
smaked an4 stackcd oh a floor rack whichwill allow circulation beshall be ,
4, th the aced* The bulk tamparature of tho, se(id at t r., bc rinriinc, of tho
*4 -3 operated
mdption shAl bo 600 F, or Above. A circulating fan shall b,
vro period of 30 minutes after the introduction of th(- 'Lurrdr oartf,

An approved fumigation chamber shall b.; one linod with chco.t Mt-11, with
U openino. fitted tightly against a double row of moldQd sp.onge rubber
ingo Chambers with more than 100 cubic feet capanity shfill havc. a cr)n).on oiroulatim and venti ng syntom Chambera, of. le se t han 100 Oubic, T(, c t 30M, j& .. ldirV datft fane All chnn.boils nust pea& a preasuro te t -whereby
U;ft ismore 4ftn 22 socond-f,-)r an int6rnwl -pr"S'Ure 50 mme
wfilUd "a am manamatGr to recede to =e Pressures

raised at least 12" abov h oceebtwaefoae y1"hls4ice aar in eaoh direction. r ~o osss~ fsagrds htf"rr~*, lation of air beneath h lo a e band twl, ep r

.tUa Vi '

toovdetdt ta gatagh cloure.

fom eeat thele~ flo n runi t hcopothscabr ac,*h rihemr Peng boer onhe lul neroeo=Mfn r-n the tt~adtu the inireofthe al. I h lwradrtr utaeotieo h hWe the bl er s ad lldut must beein r: th.Tebmrina : e conce t twolerl ~~ cts n costecne fec afo h otto alon .thc engt~hd and adjustds st aei prxmtl la atos airog ate 40th uedee. ThAdc nay 1;a uidintecnreeforwihdy riesoeigacvTh efio he cnretur, uc it be ell Orcl n th.- onc v e srfce

Th o er haliav -,fcet apcttostl11sai idain

thog afl la fcotneo 60thn1 mnts.(hsfatwllb.e

Tim circulatory system shall be operateO at the begif.nnin-- frr a period t.0
i e designated by the inspector i, cl-ar-Eo.

(3) MethLl bromie.e ftunigation of bulk cotton3ead in railway cars or
VRMSO-W Equirpient. All-rp Aa--L c:,,-s 7r :i1l-r-.tai trucking vr ns 1 11 b
llicce-pt- bI,- as fumigation charnbers The Ioor of !7c car cr van, jm7iy I-)c of w c c d r f tight construction. The dcors must bc sinvlc doorr and not ov,,r 7 f-et in width.
Sisal-kraft paper shall be us(---d to cover vroo( ,Ln floors of or vans. Docr7
and other pertures tu--t be c.ealed in r..--nncr and with nint .rials )s required by
the inspector.

Ech railin-y car or tinicking van r-frill be prepared so that, air can he withdrawn from beno-%th tli-i seed ,ind returned to the space above the Thi7 shT111
bu provided by a dispans,,1,L) du(-t vs+I(-,m nadc of 411 d,-wmspri,,t pcrf,,Dr!,.ted at 211 it intervals cn three sidoss ladid cn t?,e cer 'Ll.cor. L -crt%lil, blowc!r -v;j-t,-i cc-inectine, 'uhu1,.r duct slmll bc. f ttac d to th ., -h luct syst=i In thc cc.r lon r, -h
to pToride the reqLir- d cir, u'-L-atiix-. This hrc!e -3 C: pa: ity C,.f' not
leso than 625 CFM- ac Iainst 51' stritic rd r LU of P that
be made gastirht. Thc ii-ita'.Ke 31do cf thc crnn-ct: Ci vith thc
duct outlet extended thronCh a pap,,,r rr!iin -,.-P .rturc of
the req7ultir door) by mcrins of a 101 of 611 s-:.i I u ,ing. I" length
of 811 -:Tpi ,--tl tube s!-zU be conncct(A to the cxli: ust -ide cf blor-r tc r'l.turn the
air to thc snace abovc the loed.

(ii) Domse. Th-D dosa of to bc us .A in th, C- :c --f -111metal railway cars c- r trucki.r,, v- ns b,,-, ris f jU;-%Ys:

Avor, Sepd Te poritur-, p(.rj-r)d
P-. r J-,OC"--, (h,)ur.3)

60' Po or abave 7 24
B,-low 60* 1% 8 24

The usage sh-ill be introdaned as a intc th,-, r -t-rn I!i(,t !,.t f--mr. p.-)ir+.
1 o
bey-,-,nd the blmyer. Tht ac must. bc vo2-a'L.-i1,-7(, ns it is in rodu- irt t
chamber in mann r and irctficd rcqui-- :d 'by th- cr.

The r-J Iway car :-.r t r u c 1--i n,,-, vnn slr ll b,,, in to loav,
z I a tW(>-fGOt ai-A SprAC t IC 3CCA*

(b) Cottcn3ecd from A
0 -'-23P which hri: trt-nt,--d as
heavily infastod arois, ss d in. 3 52
s i p- rt )f tki, continuous
provider! in 301-52-4 W
and oubsequt;ntIl protcctol frcvi c .ntoni.-,Aic;n nd in ar ,41-1
within the h : avily --'nf,:-,qtu([ artn, nrly cn, cf t .c fo?-!, rrir +
-ments in ipprovcd eqn-iM.!nt under L-,hc f an- rXid in
manner approved by hir, may ino cr-frtifftc d 'r-,r 4.-,o any

(1) Additional hoat tre&tnu ,nt.-A s cond h --,at tr,-otP ..'14% sh-11 rivon
with. iteam as tho hunting medium in -n F.r--)-r,%tus s, rrtrntc rnrl prt fr,,n thu
gin or gins which applied fh-- initi-,kI tr atr,:,nt. Th,, mn, ;
of. .. tho seed must be rained to at loast 155* F. durin --n exposure; ,# rI (xi of 2 ximteso Tho exposure period is the 2.(:;ru-th oT tinc r,-iquirod for t ., sl. Icd

to travel f rm point of -- ntranc into the heater to the point z-here the tbr xqture readirg of th, s,;Pd 4-s taken beycjnd the exit of the hsat, !r. Tho ht.-mUng' apparatus must be o,-- c:_,ristructed as t,-,, apply an adeTwrite amount of livc steam

s +
to the ae(A promptly upon entrance into the app-r-ttusp and radiated horit f,-ir the
_g the
full length ,)f the he-ting unit. 'Iho PT)T rr,.;tus _zh -11 b- constri,c+ed so aa s t o
.r :L".
assure a constant and uni."c-m fia a cf cottorisced t!,xa,,7.!zh the r_- chira rhen ir operation crid equipped with drwicc_ !3 which wi.'-',.l stir th.o seed so an, tn oxpos' 3 each tc both tile, introduced stean -.nd radia-tod heat during tho entire

(2) brmi,*_de fumig-ition of bulk c.r Fac'].rsd cn- tonsc: d."As an alternative any t rpe f met .yl brorddr- furniig-itic-n authorized in subparagraphz
(1)p (2) c (3) of paragraph (a) of 'hIs section fc-r certain, county, s in 'the lightly inf lsted arc-i maY be employ, d as tho alditirnrl tre ,trm_-nt.

The cf Entc.molo-y and PlaT.t Qun.rPnUin,_: h-.:7 mnd t, !7ts -7, Ihich shcrr- that
methyl br,- ride Anigation -f c-ttDnso,_:-d not %F'L,. Ct its F,, rrrd*n-tir.i cr procosci- It- h-%s --i'A, hr)-w-cv, -r. had xin :;plr.-rtunity to tnct --,' -cd writer
all C - n itions ur from ali "JIrC'af7* Th,-)st v441n tc us thi-3 mAhod Cf treatrien- 4
_;b.-,r n--)+Af_-cd t.rt nr, il-.ty sh' _"Ll bc att, .oh,;d to the Department of AFriculture c r of its -.mnloy'.( s for d=a: c to se ,d that might result fr,-A-. -application cf thr troritiv-3nt of wit'ji rctY yl brc-midee

(c) Anprovelo-40.1 equipment and -:'pp rLtu P- r t.r.'-,Ptwnts un er
ins-cru--.'li :r s sh-.2.1 ,e !- y the .,f ."-nd Pl,--nt QuaraD
tine. Insp.-ctorS will aprrovo :,nl-,,- such containers, rquipTnt and apparatus as are, suital,.1-3 %nd cf j.*co'Iivc f,.r tkr-, purpr oe. An, p(,r2,cn the erectiu cf cquiprnt or th- u,3r, A' r!Alway cnr ,- or trucki.n.-I varls ?-s fwmigntion
charbi-a-s und.,r theL;c; *ns'Iru.'_tJ,'-)ns shDuld -).pp1.-,-ti7n ?Lnd S&rit plans of fDr _-T)rnv,_,J_ tr, the Bureau uf Entcm-- lor,,'y nrl Quzarantine. Aftex cc-istruction cf fumi-ation ch,,:mh(_rs) +,he Diirc-au ,f FnII-n. A nd Pl, nt Quz r- ntir,: -vn.11 rcquir ; of t'i(- !Gr ,-I(A ch-,.rb-2-s ;,.,j .3 hall
fin-! -ippr6val is cr:,-ntr d- Th ;; tjz,,, :f P-13--motil railypay ilrom
(a) of his hut- utili-f-R -- Nl Of t- s
th, cotinti-_ s li.;ter! in
nd cc7mp(-tDnt, p(_-r-,rnnol av il )l
procc.fllir- ':Till 1), ;,,cv-.rn'_,rI 'by, t-he trri.rj (j :- % i- %j e that :,,f th-7, t pc c-f T,,,is provision
Cf Sjj_'p7j_n p,,) 4 it Will 1 U n OS 3 3-b I e 4* 0 JjRLits the niirrLcr _L nt t _Iv) t
dr.siCn-,t --e Each individv,-.1 car r txuakiig TPn Must bc' r,proved by an 0 rx' rtinc Incfore lcrn.ding with
)_CLc)r rf
n__ 4*.h,. Bur _, i of Ertt-rwi cy -nd Plpn' Qu,
cAtc-ns,_-,A to fDr nt of s-(A tr, -,ted with
MEAllyl will be rcfuz;Qd if :3-itisfactory fumirlatiX, han, not hcl r obttinad
jrL,-,r.1r,r,re Vith p,_-rfcrTI.,.nnce ucsts nad,7 ol- lundcd railyiny carp trucking van
',T)r',rrV-:d fumijyrAion chamb,. re

(3,-.c. 8P 37 S'nt- 3181 -is amended; 7 U. s. .. 161; 7 CFR 301*52)

Pi,,7. instructicno shall b cun,(. effective july 19, 1950, when they shall
P. E. P. Q. 558, effeCti"ItD 47tu'!'-, 1-Lo 1%ej au amended Soptcriber goo
194?l :-ind FcbrLlary 16t 1950 (7 CFR 301e52-4as as wrcridcd; 14 F.t, 57330, 13 FR, 840) 0

Th6sQ raviscd acbidniatrativu instructions aad thr. courtiea of Curry and Qwlys Nk ;w Y !xicc; to tho lightly infeotwd area in Wnich certain treatments W be applied '-s a MLSW Of securing certification for movement to ar v destina-
8 a 0 The.
tion. Such treatment are riot now authorized d for ure. in thwie county


-,4*revision %lso authorizes a now mthnd (-f bilk in
Cars or trucking vans i :3per-rid ti movement fro, the. hea ily inf, stcd samt-, tc -.ry dest-M.'?n. Thc fore relies restrictions herutafore irnpos,-,d. It th--+ 7'-dr- r, e
afforded this rcUef at the ;arllest w'ssib-Le (1, t c the provisions of aectim 4 of the Adm'inintrrtiv,- Pr ccdurr ?ct (5 U. S. C- Ir""3" it is f ound, upin good catis- th nt n,)tic(. and pi blic pr rn th5-3 -, -T ment arc, imprnmcticablo and cm'rarr t ) thc public int,(;rcstj and r-A is found fcr the is--wanco of the mvicion ef-'ective les3 t-ian r its
pul-lication in the Fudern.1- Rogistere

Done at Wa3hincton, D. Cj this 10th day of Jlilyj 1950*

CIdof 13ur-,-,-q of Frit in,

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