Title 7--Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Chapter III--Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Part...


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Title 7--Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Chapter III--Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Part 352--Treatment of restricted or prohibited plants or plant products temporarily in the United States
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Annand, P. N ( Percy Nicol ), 1898-1950
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine ( Washington, D.C
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B- E- P- Q- 532 R2 Or,,nges and (7-r,:pefruit
(Supersedes R. E# P4 Q- 5C7)

Fffectlvp October 11? 1943

T171,7 7--A(7RT C777TITT
J C7 T T TN"
PA T 7 T.) A"
ART 352--"'P_',A7-1rTT 0 7 RE")-"I0T7D OP, P-11- nIT- 1 0, PUNT P"TT73 T"ITMOP YMY T7 TLF IT-177,T) C)7ALT17t.9
()RA T'T(7
T-T- ("11jr 1., '77 WIT77) 9W."7 3

To rrr v, nt the entrv into tjjo TTnited stater, of Pn injumoi.is IrIsOct
known as the IrpAcan fruitfly (Annstrenh,- 1_tld_ Irin Loev), the i1rrort'-Iti'-n from fexico c-L' citru.,; fruit, exc-rt le.,nons, nd ovr 'Ir -7, for consumntion in the United States is not nuthori,ed. un 'Wir,--itine "o- 56
319.56), its ryoverninp quarantirc-,, unl(_,,3s so tr(,P.t--,,i as to ?lirinr te
T)est risk.

Hovr 7rT-r, in accordance with the Or'. r ')-.' ;- i-rdinr FI..--ints nd
Plant Products (6 352.1) and -unrlf! rientary P -i,1--tions (6( 352.2 to
'352.8) r.rdch T-rov-1do for tl-i -- -:ntr.,), of pi-6111hit 1A oprmo"*tlr's for immiedi--,,' trnnsmortntion nrid -z-or tion in bond or for 4. --nort
wh-_ n 5Uch mov r-nt cari rir dr; ,-;it iont risk to th, T)1,-.!,it C'uItur of
th,-I TTnit d Strt.'_--:31 it is or -!- r,.-I t-,-,t xj.: ;n -, nd pr,-p 'ru,.t may
entrr for either of these, pnr,)o ., 3

352.9. A( Iir-A -'t IV, I C' 3 r-r!"' n- nl -r- ruit from
in trprisit to 'o-,4 coun-lri --i- tl Urlt,.-I '3t-t- ';0 a LEnt ry
vi? pj on tjI_.
L '-Xic-!" Ord r T',._r-Ats: Permits s '-11 b procured
irl qrI-,ranC-_ ()f -visicri c-f Fcrti ,n PIrn' r,urtrt,ritines,
.Pr-_nt, frr)r, t' Di
t, of '7nt ;? nd, FII- rit 20') T)ivr.,r 9tr,
TIT. J, t by th- other t ie 7onsifmee
or consignor in th,, T"n' ',npIic,)t-.,-.,n f,-)r T)-rmits sh!,1.1 indlth- proT)os(,:;d rcutinv I-i --irm nt.

3.n,-.rnt- n ,rrrits -,h-ll )-.. nr,-r ijr-- rl -rrr ( acl-! r),-)rt -)1' entr. r -and for
e,ch c- ,.mtr.y of dc-stin,-it,_ but -s tssmA will h(, c, -ntinuing
for qhinr -,nt,3 o,,rcIr 0 --i-nn+I,-(I. th.-r(-in.

(2) rr;- -tn of or!-,n:-- ind r.,r-n, "rtilt: Or-n- r-!-,v nt,--r *It j!mpr-Dv ri T-)-rts fr(- m ,v in TT ;Yic 7ntr,, of 7r'--n fruit is lirrAtA
to thrt prl- uct in nmd shipper d fr,,-)rn th 17tnt(, r)j' 9-,n-ri.

Auth, rllz ,,d po-ts ntrv: Orrn-,- mny nt.,,r t 7n7alc-s Ind N!,c')v Arize) 71 T,),-Roj .,3, nnd Tfr(.r4-, T,-y f,,rnr. fruit mny enter
only fr )m -m- r -,..t No17-' -)nd Ari7.

Son-)r- is thr:,u-11 -it the Orrmr ,,q ( riFinntinv in
cth--r Mexic ,.n 9t ,t ma- tr from I t,-" Y-rc i 15, inclnsivc..


(5) Flotic,.- ,-)f arriv,-.1: Pr2'.,7r t7, ,ntr tj a n'ntlc 7 of arriv-1, in
shnll b-. submitt,-' d t3 the cr,,ll-Ict.-_r of ctist-)n's -t ti-, -r.)f
entr r, on 7 f Drm pr!widcd f- r th, ,.t num)osc crivinF, t v ini*ti' ls -nd numbc.r -f t,-- rf .ilrrn.d cnr nnd thc Puti-i-riz,- d rrutin'17 t-, 7,,:thcr with
-1 n f ) r ml ri t T. c,-.11,,1d .cr by f ,rip
r. 7ntnimrs: Tr, rt,
nspo tion and ,.f -rn.nf_,,7,s
,nd vr -n' 'ruit from !--ny p-,int in ""c xic is c,-nt-_n;T,, nt uD-n tl- f ru;.t b'- i n7 T in c c n t,, J n: r thc -ipprr-x.im-.t.t sizc custr)m!-tr_-1 v u s 4 by th,-, tmde.
f,)-r rr! Irk,'-ItinF, such fruit in th,--- T.nited Statcs.

(7) Insrecti-_n: Sach sKip.mcnt sh-11 subjcllct t- insp ,Cti_'Dn at
ntr r to &t-=ine tiir5 nature. th :, c .nt,,nts.

Dizzin' .Ic-ti -. n: Fach car shrill b-- subjr-et t,,) such disinf-..ct.1_r)n
at port 3J" nt.-v.as -the plant au,7.r -Intin _-' insp .,ct-',r gh,,ll

Typl C'. cr,.r t,) be usr:.,' i.n transn-_,rtati-)n ncq cxD-)rt!- ti.-;n ,f
C, __ "p-7 I T t,
and 7ra-) ..fruit: R( fri.1 7cr -t r cn.rs )f Tjnit_-d 13t-.te s or ',-.n.adinn
-"nl:.;- shall us.--Id f-r tmnsp-)rtati M Tl.nd exp rt:-til-n t Canada
:--%f n.nd pr- T),-,,Jlruit f r m ITcxico.

All c!,rs tran3n3rtinr- c rrinfl,.,s 'r---m Stt s in 'I,' xicr)
--' .hcr th n S n: rr_ sh,-ll iccx! T)r4-,r t cr:-.ss-*Ln7 nt El rnsr") T-'JP,71 P SS
-.nd Lnr -(, T,_ x., -Ind shall 'he r -,-ic-d if neccss-rv s-uth -)f L--'.tt" Fock,
Ark., llml-. drawn east -nd wst NT tli -If this lin n
--cinr is r .,'quired. Teir.F,, insofar as T)cst risk is conc(. -nt may 'bEl orpitt-_ d -i' all op, -ninps frem thc car to the icc; bunki rs a r c,
ccv _--r_d i-ith P fly scr"- cn in m'.,In, r satisfa-tory to th,7 insn.: -ctor of the- 'Rur '_-)u of Entorclou anc], Plqnt cars to mov,-.-throwr'h t1ie 9+-at(,,s wit i all doors closed n,n ,

(10) Authariz d -maw,,m ,nt: All shLinmcnt.:; shall r,),oTe
in cars of TT-It d 9t, ,,tcs or Cann.dlan o-ncr3hir. 1-. T direct,
authori7r-.d rail routin'E- in bond un-l .,r cuFto!-,s s.-,Pl irft ,out (4iv.,-rsion from th nrort of' _ntr' ,, to th,.' port of --xit as f ol I o7.,,r s ,T I %Co' to dir,-7t
Fruit -'.nt, .r( d P.t 7,,o ,a or is limit"
r ,,il routi'-',- to F1 P so, -Y ;,ft-r vhic i it And all oth-r apnrcv .d fruit shall pass throlauh th,-, t,,rrito un n w,.. t y
lin,- dra,.,rn from 71 aqo, T:,x., to Salt T, -,kcI Citu, Utnh, and PortlanJ.,
and on th ast by a linc. drawn from 1-,1rt::rc tlirou;-h San Anton o,
to Dt. T_'Ouis' MO., and a lint.,; c rawn du,, ;ast th -- r .- ,fror,.
for r ttlrn to is limit _;d to rail r:-.)ut-inp for xrc,rt throu'-' -i .ordr ports P.nd ; ind E71 P ,so71,,=in7 of crirs nrior to return to 1'nit_d C. a r s
conveying Yl, :xic,-:n citrus uit through th( 73' 'o '.anr- dn si-inil
,nri Tr -' ol frult, s -s othc.r
ru!- ', is ,, 17 y th,.-' railro,-(l cc-. anlv ,)ricr to r- _ntry into tli.---


(b) Entry vi Toi:th, tlantic T)orts. (1) Proij sions ria(lc apDlicable: The provisions r* 1) Te r, i7t 3 of
arrival, (7) Insp.-ction, and (11) of cars nr-*; or to r-Aurn to
the United States shall apply to orpnlvr,--s and prapcfruit trangrorted, from I!cxico to forelrn countricq via North .tiantic -ports.

(2) Origin of oranges and praq-,fruit: Omnrc;s --.nd grrr pcfruit from any St!,ite in Moxico, m---y move by th,- authorized routine ,, in nnragrpph (b) (5) of this section.

(3) Authorized ports of entpv- Nei, York nd 7oston -)nd such oth,-,,r northern ports as m:-y 1,-,tc-r be. annrovctd.

(4) PGriod of c:n : 7,ntr y of or,-npcs Pni cr-rrl ruit oriqinrl.tinp, in the 9tn.tc o I ' 9onora is uthorized through )nt thi- but limit,-r3 1-'o the Peri-od OctWr 1 to I',-.rch 15, inclu,:. i,,rr., from. 11 oth r stn.t -s.

(5) Authori7 ,, routinZ: All s!hir-i-nts sh,-,ll mo7, b r wntrr d4IIr,-)Ct Yo suc -i otY!,,r north,-:rn port,, -S Mn
to Jcvr Vork or Poston or s C. "I !-,In- t,, r b
Rprrov,3d for immediate. ; dir,-.ct Ynort or for imm Ai!'tc trn.nsport7 tion ,nd export ,.tion in bond by dir,.xt -oprw-d rffl- route, to C,7w-d-,

Thesc administr!,ti-vo instructions s inl-l eff, ctiv on ,nd October 19, 1943.

(9oc. 5) 37 gtrt. 316- 7 U.S.,_I. 159; 7 CF7 'f 352.1 to 35P.8.)

Done ;,,t 7I:ishinFton, T). C., this 8th of Octob-r 1943.

nT fI
P. N.
TI ur Li of Tlmtomolorv -.nd Pl..-.nt nu,-.r,-mtine

UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA 3 1262 09312 2140

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