Title 7--Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Chapter III--Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Part...


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Title 7--Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Chapter III--Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Part 301--Domestic quarantine notices
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Annand, P. N ( Percy Nicol ), 1898-1950
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine ( Washington, D.C )
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B. E. P. Q. 529
(Supersedes B.E.P.Q
S various supplements



4. 99 and its

Effective September 10, 1914



The quarantine en account of the Japinese beet.l.e and rerulrntions sun-
plemental thereto provide that treatments which pive anpropriete saferguards
may be used as a basis of certifying products regulated under the quarsn-
tine. Many different materials and nrocedire-, my be used to remove or make
innocuous infestations of the Jananese beetle that may be in the orodlicts
offered for movement. The effectiveness of th--se various ir!terial.s 2nd uro-
cedures differs with the product, the season of the year, and climatic con-
ditions that may exist when they are anrlied. because of this wide varia-
tion, and in order to permit the freest possible use of the various treat-
ments and tn take advantage of new f-ct3 as promptly .a they are developnned,
it is desirable that modification be made in the sytcm followed in the nast
of delaying use of specific tre.-'tments until th.," h, ir-e ben formally
authorized. Inspectors will be currently instructed on the treatments th-at
ma.y be used as a basis of certificr.ticn. They will also be instruct.td on
their range of aoplicability, the exact details on th- dosac-e, rxrosur-
interval, temperature, and other reouirem-:nts needed to assur.c elimination
of infestation, as well as data on the reaction of comnoditis- to tratmrcnts
when these are available. The instructions h. re i.src .d rive frcneral infor-
mation about the treatments, the uses of which ar'. authorized.

All treatments must be made i undr-r t.he observation of n Dcpartmrnt in-
spector, rho will ascr.rtain tha-.t all tr atm'.nt rjquirrm nts ha-iv.-e h'n m,-t
and then issue certification for shioment, provided the nmatrri-ls arr pro-
tected from reinfestntion as may 'Ur rquir-d.

Treatments havc. been dete.;rnin.d on the basis of thuir effici-ncy in
destroying Japanese beetle infust-tions. The's ? treatments have had limit:d
tests with respect to injury to plants or products that m,.y b. thus treated,
and injury may occur to some plant materials. It is therefore unrhrstood
that no liability shall attach either to the UI. S. .'-partmcnt of Agricultur.
or to any of its employees in the ..vent of injury to ;ith-r pl-,nts or prod-
ucts. In the absjunce of availhbl,'- information aq to injur., th. owner
should ascertain information as to possible injury to a sn:'-ific lot of
plant products by making tcst trcatm.,nts of smrll lot.c in advance of apnly-
ing the treatment to lnrfpc lots.

The inspector's rclation to treatments thrt ra be_ apnlird -.-s I bsis
for certificn.tion of any material r- strict,-d by th.:. quarentin.. is to surly
full information conce-rninp th.m and to s,-.c th;tt th.. w'or" is c-rricd out as
required to assure rulimination of inf,-stnti'). Th ow."ner or shipnrr should
recognize this and undcrst.nd that hc is to furnish the ._'iipm.-nt and ma-
terials used for anplying th:. treatmernts Vih'ch -'r,. carried out under th'


observations of the inspector. The owner or shipner must. assume all risk
of injury to the equipment and ree-.onsibi' ity for personal injuries to all
individuals other than Pepartrn-nt employees. "

S301.48b Administrative instructions to inspetors on treatments
used as a basis of certification under the Japanese beetle nuarintine.
Pursuant to the authority conferred unon the Chief of the Rureau of
-ntomolopy and Plant (uarantine by f 301.48, and "I 301.18-5- 6-7, Chanter
III, Title 7, Code of federall 7efulx-tions [' uarantine Ilo. 48 and Rerula-
tions 5, 6, and 7 of the Rules and PRegulations suppler'ental thereto], in-
spectors are authorized to c:rti.fy rerulnted artjcl,:s when treated under
their observation in accordance with instructions issued to them. Treat-
ments are provided for four class-.s, as follows:

I1 Tre___tient of 3oil in Absince of Plants. Any surface soil or soil
in bulk may be treated, provided it is fr'able, P.nd provided the treating
material can be applied saflcy n, uind.r conditions which will assure that
various stages of the Jaranr-s, beet.e that p py b(; included in such soil will
be r-nd,-,red innocuous. Th.. followiri, kinds of mE.teri~as ,ay be usrd in
applying such trea-.trr.:nt: Carbon c;isulnhide; lend arsenat'-.; methyl bromide;
methyl bromide- solution: anr n~phthalene.

2. Treatment of Soil About Roots of Plants before Diplinp. Soil of
any typ may be trcj-t.:_, )rovid -d it is friable rnd provided thE treatment
can be applied so as to r.-nder st-rl s of the Japanese b.eetle on pnrts of
soil that may .dh'.-re to roots of the plant innocuo'ls. Thc following ma-
terials may be used in such trertm- nts: Cprbon dis'ilnhidc; load arsenrAte:
and methyl bromide.

3. Treatment of 3oil About, Foots of FPlnts After fiing. Soil of
any type may be treated, provVI.d it is fr'.bleo, and orovidrd thqt condi-
tions under wh'ch thc tr'.Pt"n:- m-t~ri,! is used w-.ll render shares of the
J-n'rnse beetle tvt mny b.. in th: soil innocuous. h:C usr or the follow-
ing materials for such tr:,'tmr.nts is xiuthoriz*.d: C-rbon disnlnhide: hot
water; paradichlorobcnz,-ne-; methyl bromid.: -nd -thyl-n. dichlorid:..

4. Trc-tment of "ruits rnd Vepetpb].s. rnuits and ,,o'r t-.bhles mny be
treated with fumigants und,;r conditions thit will essur': tha.t n:" stavprs of
the Jp: ns beetle tbhat mny bI. included in th-. product "r- rcnd.red? innocu-
ous. In auplyiny these trc;itmrnts it is important thwt th.. chnm.,er in which
the treatment is appli..d is constructe.d in a manner to Ps3urc th-t, thei fumi-
g-nt will be effective. Th., followinr matcrJ',is m-y be ns,,d for fumigation:
Carbon disulphide; ethyl-n.r oxid.e; mthvl brorid..; hvdrocr..nic acid pas; and
calciuwr; cyanid.;,

This revision of 3Cl.Ob [P.h.P,r. 499, as .amnd'd] supcrs, des all
previous instructions to inp-.ctors on the tr.-tm.nt of pL-Lnts, fruits,
vegetables, and soils undr the Jiprn. s. b
(S-c. 8, 39 Strit. 1165, 44 9t~t. 250; 7 T1I.3.C. 161; 7 CFR 301.48
rnd f 301.48-5-6-7)

:'! 3 -

2 1 Information in reference to rorroved tr,,? tmecnts vil1. be srnpl-ir-d to
pest control officials and intc-restedr parti-s by irinsrectors or may he ob-
!- tained by addressing innuiries to:

T. S. Departmcnt of AgriculturE
:R Rurovu of 0 ntomolo.y anH Plant Ouarantin:
503 Main Street
:.: East Oranfe, New Jersey

Ki Done. at Washington, D. C., this 4th d" ofr S:nt-rbc-r l')3.

p.T. 1PTA! ,


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