Plant-quarantine import restrictions of the Dominion of Canada


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Plant-quarantine import restrictions of the Dominion of Canada
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Hoyt, Avery S
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine ( Washington, D.C )
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The Destructive Insect and Post Act
Revised Statutes of 1927, Chapter 47, as amended., An Act to Prevent the
Introduction or Spreading of Insecots, Pests and Diseases Destructive to
Vegetpt ton.

The General Poguito provide that no peat or disease, or plant
infested with .4 pest or disease, shall be admitted into Canada. All
plants are subjodt to inspeotionlbn arrival. Further provisions refer
tainly to domestic matters relating to inspector's authority, certifi-
cation of nursery- stock and other Rlant products, methods of onforoing
control measures1 promulgation of Orders-in-Council, etc.
a- a *


ASed by Order-In-Council P.. 2057, April 26, 1949
... Effeotive Apria.1.- 1949


S... PART I Ge- iAL


2. Thee eat:ions,
S(f), .aR"rs stock" includes every kind and species of plant
.. ma o*n used- for orna 0atal purposes, propagation or cropping,
Mteept Ulower, vegetable anW field rop -seeds, onion sets, garlic
Sbulbs o:bulbIIts, nabhroom span, and. seed potatoes;
(g) "Peat" or "tdaisease" includes any living stage of the a=rous
smIall invertebrate animals, except honey bees, belonging to the
phylm fthropoda (as, foar example, insects, mites, ticks,
oentipedes), any or'm of elongated invertebrates lacking appendages,
ooaonly referred to a wms (as, for exalo, nematodes), ay
form of protozoa, any form of fungi, (as, for exasle, rusts,
Sanuta, Ilds, and ymeats), any form of bacteria, azw form of
virus, or any form of similar or allied rmniums, Uich my
ttdrebtly affect, Injure or cause disease In plants

Tii ii.. .. .."i: . : ........ i N:. :.: .i
(Sbot'iia'^ # |aln )svr 1een selectS. of Intterest to Unitied. States

... .... . .
**~.. .... .... .' ... p -


(h) "Plant" or "plants" includes all members of the vegetable
kingdom and. any part or product thereof.

3. The introduction or admission of plants into Canada is permitted.
only as provided in these Regulations.
h. No person shall, contrary to these Regulations, sell, offer.for sale,
receive or dispose of any plant infested or infected with any pest
or disease.

6. (1) The Minister may by special permit authorize the introduction
or admission into Canada, for scientific and/or educational
purposes, of any plant the introduction or admission of which
is prohibited by these Regulations. .
r Powers of Inspectors

8. An inspector may enter upon any premises, lands, nursery, train, ship,
aircraft, vehicle or other carrier where there is reason to believe
that any pest or disease is or may be present, or where there are
plants which prevent the successful control of any pest or disease.

11. An inspector may require any imported plants or any carrier thereof
referred to in section 8, or any ship or other carrier of cereal
exports, to be held for examination, and such holding shall be at the
risk and charges of the owner.

12. Where, on inspection, any imported plants are found to be infested or
Infected with any pest or disease, the plants and containers thereof
shall be destroyed in the presence of the inspector, returned to the
shipper or subjected to treatment, at the discretion of the inspector;
and where any carrier referred to in section 8 is found to be infested
with any pest or is suspected of being infested, it shall be treated
to the extent and in the umnner deemed necessary by an inspector.
When such action is necessary, due notice shall be given to the owner
or his agent where ascertained. Aiy charges or risk associated with
such treatment or other action shall be the responsibility of the



Permit Requirements

1. (1) Before any nursery stock my be imported., an application for a
permit shall be filed with the Chief, Division of Plant
Protection, Science Service, Department of ASioutlrWe, Ottawa.
Every such application shall be signed by the imwrter and
shall specify:

h .... .. .... ... M,

(b) III* moruntry and 100aity t6inein Of origin;
(a) TIw destimtion 'of the M2"Nery stook;
(d) Tho amd addre" ot the a and amaletwe;
(e) Wbether, the mWeery OWok vill boA4MWWA&IUAW%:: f"i
Air tz ftnspM ton vften ewAlaabloo.

(2) The immoter ww a notify the shipper of tJw mnber of the Vemit&

(3) The powuft dwal be presented to"the dollootor of Custom at the
064tow pm- of outry befwe delivery of Us nursery stock am

SubJect to the Provisiona: of section 6 of Pwrt I hwoof,, no
permit wU1 be Umued for any nursary:etock the imputation of
vh1oh to problUlte& by these Regulations,

.Certificate of Inspection

XIW7 .......... Of stock originatingin a country mintain-
Ing an impeot ion service sWI be aoconpanied by a certificate
or JUSPOOtioa to&"I aoa Signed I;r = authorized official of the
Oowfty ix ftown, "".1*149 Uwt tJw nursor7 stock in respect
of Mhi*I6 tim Oortivicate Vag, issued Vag thorouoay e='ned, at
the tiaw of WkiiWly the said official or his authorized ageut
and vas: found, or bolleved,, to be ft4w. from any peat or disomm,

(2), ?he origIn%3 certificate of Inspectiomsba3l acconpany the way-
bill or bill of Winsand shall be furnished to the inspector
W400 POrt Of Isiolpcort"tw by: the toruaxpw4tion (s(xnq)aay,, In
eertifU4te aWl be
vluln, tote.

(3) buib *=wtlaw or . . . . . Ow.k'sh"l ha attachei tbaroto a
am Of the gertificate Of ingImtione

teohoartifi0a" -or inepwtion, and copy thwoof shaJI state, the
40watry; SWUS locality. thereiA. wbere tba. UUMM7 Ist4ok V"
g""'O a" tjw "to of the inspootiox"
Both the original certificate ot inspect.11M
ahall bear the otflaiea seal of the authorized iuqpwtIou soxviao
of tj* *-_____'4t. CC t
.A. Ift A0':: authorized

t4so sat& atw*tz*=W be e'ItJWr,"t=X Mo.:

t horain owl.
1;*6 asA, t1w sdn&I *ertl-
U41 q;


kingg of Containers

3. Each container of nursery stock, in addition to bearing a copy of the
certificate of inspection, shall be clearly maked with. the nae and
address of the consignor and of the consignee and the permit number,
and shall also bear a declaration showing the quantity and kind of
nursery stock contained therein, unless sd iu& frBmation is duly In-
cluded on the copy of the certificate of inspection.

Ports of IBportation

(1) Nursery stock originating in any country, Imported into Canada
other than by mail, shall be routed only through any one of the
following ports:

St. John's, Newfoundland Windsor, Qzt.
Halifax, N.S. Winnipeg, Man.
Saint John, N.B. Estevan, Sask.
btntreal, Que. LethUbrldge, Alta.
Ottawa, Ont. Vai3ouver, B.C.
Niagara Falls, Ont. -

(2) Nursery stock in mall quantities may be imported by mail or air
express or. air freight through the following ports, in addition
to those listed in subsection (I):

Toronto, Ont.
London, Ont.
Victoria, B.C.

(3) An importer intend ing to bring In nursery stock by mail shall
in.dicate the fact on the application for permit. A mailng label
will then be furnished to the importer with the permit. The
importer shall forward this label to the shipper, who shall
attach it to the outside of the package of nursery stock.

Import Inspection

5. (1) Nursery stock entering Canada inspected at one of the
ports of importation designated. in section 4 before being
allowed to proceed to destination, unless otherwise directed by
an inspector.

Treatment of Infested or Infeoted Nurny Stock.

6. If, on inspection, any nursery stobk is found to be infested or In-
fected with any pest or disease, it shall be subjected .to trsatwnt or
destroyed, to the extent deemed necessary by the inspector. Any case,
package and. packing in which ch nursery stock has been ontatMA.
shall' aleo be treated or destroyed. At the d&iscretlon oa t. b tnIector
and where .no "apparent danger exists, condemned niwrser ,tok -. "be
returned to the shipper, but all etail s and costs oit rg"* tp the
return of such nursery stock shall be arranged between the IMart'ar
and the shipper.
-. ". i.*: .=.. ": ::
...': ,. ..., ..:i": : :" ." .;" .. ."- E

-5 -

AI PC* to h
B la . ... ". ......::

Mte Gh views vith thw DifrstoM'o1 Plat Ptoteotiao of the
.a.i.n .spartm.t o. Apgculture, regarding the. reshipOnt of foreign
armery .lock from Ute United States to Onada, that Division has
eqbstied. the requr1A ontof o:rtiftiation sunarized. In Cir6ular

s1o CaOatdan regulatl9a flipulatos b#at allt piant material for propaga-
tion purpoes ivorted tro ean ocuatry W s IaU. be eaoTaaied by a certi-
fioatb of inspetio# alasd by an authorized Inspector In that country.
The Diiaslon ofr- Po batootimn informs us that tiortatitos into the
United. States, cleared from customs and. released. ihto the doestio
Geia e.qg at t1i United: State ad. thou roahipped. to Canada, are regarded
. a States .port aM houl. be covered. by certifIcates of in-
qspeti4n macordig to IUPQ 51a. .
. . . .,. . .
We are also inform that utner the sm regulation shipmate' hMOh have
physically arrived In the U'ited StAtes but vhicoh vere refused entry on
account of pests oamnot be entered into Canada upon reehipmat there
fra the United. States because a oertificate of Inspection as to freedom
from pets obviously could not boe issued by an authorized office ial In
this comflvy.. ....,


9. (1) The iportatiton into Canada of .the followingg plants ts prohibited.:

(a) Potatoes (8 a4 Epp.) for seed. or other prpdses, from
S. *. rope., the Azores Islanld., the Canary Islands and the
Islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon.
..:. : :." , ... i. .,"... i. :* ; ,, ," +

t sD Plas, e=oept eets, of five-leaved-species of th genusm
P aid at tlhirhntioult-urao varieties, from all countries.
(o) Plants, including raftfs, cuttingu and seeds of Mibes
S minflctmt RibbOS bract.eosrnk Ribes had octam-mflbs
nam RTaoa-tsT horton1 i SrFietiteos,
ixjepV the S Es frlfl oerof, from all countries.
*: ". ...' *. *,*: .; ;' ++, .,- ,: '.:.. ... ..
(4) lantts, e=oept soods, of all species MA varieties of the
GO frNt oouatries othir than the UWited Stat. of

j Xe) weeds, at al. peoes A varieties. o the
:.f- :_- eteo U^Sa4 batfona Itncldn log, be)l. er toot 111th
... .. ... .. . .... ... ....
...... ..I. .. .
rr stb) f .
... ...
. . .... ..... 1 -0 2 N:
... .......... + : :' ,++ i ++ + + ': :, ..... i++ +: YT ...
4 di ... ..R
.... ...~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .. ............... I ...... ,.:, "'. .... .

.... .. .... .. .. .. ....... ......."....... + :l :.


(f) Plants, including the seeds of' all species, ,.: ids and.
horticultural varieties of barberry, in the genera Berberis
Mahonia and Mahoberberis, except such species, hybrilAs
horticulturalSvarieties which have been determined on the
authority of the Dominion Botanist to be 1=3me to black
stem-rust of wheat, Puccinia graminis,, from all !

(g) Plants, including the seeds of all buckthorns included in
the genus Rhamnus, except such species which have been
determined on authority of the Dominion Botanist to be -
immune to crown rust of oats, Pucointa coronata Cda., from
all countries.

(2) The importation into the Province of British Columbia of plants, ":
except seeds, of all species, hybrids and. hdrticultural varieties
of the genus Corylus (hazel, cob and filbert) from the States of
Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico, and all States of the
United States east thereof, is prohibited.


10. The importation into Canada of the following plants and other matter
is prohibited except in accordance with the provisions and restrictions
set forth in this section:


(1) Potatoes (Solanum spp.), for seed or other purposes, from the
States of Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland, unless the
shipment is accompanied by a certificate signed y an authorized
State or Federal official establishing that the potatoes comprised
therein were grown outside of any area that has been quarantined
for the wart disease, Synchytrium endobioticum (Schilb) Perc.

(The requirement of fumigation for potatoes from the State of
California has been revoked and potatoes may now come, forward
from California without restriction,)

Plants, etc. from Gypsy and Brown-tail Moth Areas
(3) All nursery stock from Gypsy and/or Brown-tail moth areas, in-
cluding all plants for the purpose of propagation or further
growth; the foliage of conifers, holly and laurel, except when
used in floral funeral pieces; forest products, including logs,
tan bark, posts, poles, railway ties, cordvwood. lumbr, and. stone
and quarry products from. the Staters of Connacticut., Mine.,
Massachusetts, Now Hampshire, Rhode Island, an Yernmt, and from
such areas of the States of New York and Pennslvania as my boe
regulated from time to time under the Gypsy and BroWn-tail Moth
Quarantine maintained by the United States Departmnt of

- 7 -

Aprutin or by. a St kepertant of AnhlotUnr, ,m2e*3
aooomenled by a Vs rt6 vlOatr Vof lpoionU, iassed. aa sig ae by
..a.. author oTor of thg Talt mates Dopartnt of
""Ap'tnltwe wra Stat. qmrtafl of h"riculttn, ostablimhing
that the Sipmmnt vs. emazftod and found. frfl t Infeatat on
b ly tin Gypsy ait/or & itat1 woh.

Chestnut Plnts

(5) All sepets, gbrias sCa hortlioultural varietties, InoluAing the
seiof the gmsp i and'the United
Staes of Awroa, dfllessch i-ortation Isacoo aniedbya
Oertifiate laa 1 a"&:-A. aigne by an authored officer of the
ao.ntry U7 origin to the oeffecot that the plants or seeds covered
.,... by t.e ..etii.t ori g inated aIn a district believed to be free
hr: ... .. # tw.. bark disease, Ziothia parauitica (Mar) A.A.,
or that the speciesa .Kiybr ids -or Ea6oETutural Elettee include&
in the ahlpant are believed to be resistant to the said disease.
a:::: .. ":k :. .
S. : Tirns Diseases of Stone Fruits
::.. : m -j ". :.' :: .. . ..ll~lll~liI M l^ < *ll .- J *i r I. --

(6) species, hybrisMo and hrticultural varieties of cherry, cha-
oherry, peach and nectarine, including trees, cuttings, scions,
budtioks# seeds aod cherry pollen from the United States of
Amrioa, ales

(a) Bah shipwaan is aocpaed..;I by .a. ertificate Issue& and
+ sired by an authorized -officer of a State or the Federal
Depart of Agriculture establishing that the ateroal
ild in the shipment originated" in, and was shipped fro,
a marsery that had been inspected by an authorized officer,
a"t that the virus diseases Little Cherry and Albino- Cherry
are not kmun to occur, either in the .mrsery or within
twenty mllesn or its boundariesi nd
i- E.4* .i W e- * .
(b) A-h uiupmont of peach and/or nectarine. stock is accomaaaied
Sby a certificate issued an t .signed by an authorized officer
of. a. State or thw wedlJ NepYrtaemt aO AgriOulture establish-
i.g tst tb, ,atalal It edI a InA tae- Alpent originated in,
S. a v. Sipped 4e a -nursery atat 1ad been inspected by an
.. ... .. ... .E
:++. 12 ....
S.. .thw.d o er, and that the virus leos boEn Peach is
ot kmza mto osour either in the rsry within am Ullo
of its boundaries; and
::"" : /1 :E. ,
As 3"a ,g'h1.... *,^ 'c~Of pefcbh a/or neatarine atobik tb the .Provine
AD^a.flla is toccwp4M by. a oettfcate issued
~.^ ^by: a an thiqrls& qtfioer of A Stat. or the Federal
..- ...: ^"*i~fiStii'14<|flDgBhtftrw |lfclr' .4*h i,4MS that thef atoVfcal~l
Ia ~- t*, utasa Lptt in, t s4asSppdfrm
...... ....... ....... ptd6 ft oR s
... i ,. ""' i"",,t .... t "'. ....... b, ....o...L ". y a ua.thori ed" inspector,
+ ...... h.&k g i s. Peah eflaon l not mmwn to occur ,
..... ... ......... e . ... .. ,.
.S~~~~a9A os'* ?~~Utew p r w vttSak. Cc.atoo its boundaries,
+ i:+ +, +:',++.... ,+ +',; : ;, + ,',,,,'... .... .... , ,, .
.. L .. .. ... ... H.;. ..-

. . . .. ...., :: !!' .. .. .... .
...:;: .. .. . ,+ ll l ll .....! .: '+ i. + : : .. ... .. .. ..
. ....... .... .. .. .............


Hosts of Oriental Fruit Moth

(7) All species, hybrids and horticultural varieties, including the i
flowering forms of almond, apple, apricot, cherry, chokecherry, I
hawthorn (Orataegus spp.), nectarines, peach, pear, plum and |
quince trees, pants or parts thereof, including the fresh fruit
and seeds thereof, into the Province of British Columbia from the
United States of America, unless

(a) Each shipment is accompanied by a certificate issued and ..
signed by an authorized officer of a State or the Federal
Department of Agriculture establishing that the material in-
cluded in the shipment originated in, and was shipped from, .,
a nursery in a district which had been inspected by an auth- -
orized officer, and that the Oriental Fruit Moth, (Grapholitha
(Laspeyresia) molesta Busok, is not known to ocour, either SV
in the nursery or the district-; or

(b) Each shipment is accompanied by a certificate issued and
signed authorized officer of a State or the Federal
Department of Agriculture establishing that the material in-
cluded in the shipment was fumigated with methyl bromide as
prescribed hereunder:

Fresh Fruit:

At 80 F. 1 lb. methly bromide per 1,000 cu. ft. of space for 2 bra.
70 F. 1.5 lb. 2 hrs.
60 F. 2 b. 2 hre.
500 F. 2.5 lb. 2 hrea
"I 40 F. 3 lb. 2 hrs,

Trees, Plants or Parts thereof

At 70 F. 2 lb. methly bromide per 1,000 cu. ft. of space for 4 hra.
60 F. 3 b. hr

Corn and Corn Producta from the United States

(The restriction on clean shelled corn has been-removed from the Corn
Borer regulation, and shelled corn may now be shipped from the United
States to any part of Oanada without restriction;) .:

(8) (a) All corn stalks, including sorghums, broomcorn ant popomrn,
whether used for packing or other purposes, green sweet corn,
corn on the cob and ootni cobs, into :thel rovices of Manitoba,
Saskatchewan, Albertae Sad British Coluiia, from the States of
North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska,, Missouri,
Tennessee, North Carblina and. all States each and north there-
of in the United States of America, unless

(i) The corn and corn parts specif led herein have been -i
featured or processed in such a manner as to eliminate
all risk of carriage of the European Cox% Borer,
Pyrausta nubilalis, Hbn., or .ii:.
-- .AP.. ; s

- 9 -

(i3) ah alhpusnt to aooomnaled by a certificate issued.
and signed by an officer of a State or the Federal
Department of Agriculture, establishing that each such
shipment has been fumigated 'in 'a vacuam or air-tight
ralut as presoribedt in the schedules hereunder

(b) 'Shipments from States other than those specified herein shall
be accoonuied. by a certificate issued and signed by an
authorilae State or Federal official, establishing that the
oam. or. corn pats specify ied herein vere grown in a State in
which the European Corn Borer, Pyrauuta nubilalis Nba., Is
not known to occur.
'' ... I C E


(i) Vau .. fumigat ion:

Vacuum fumigation under sustained reduced pressure
throughout the exposure period, following introduction
of the fum gant, of not more than two inches of absolute
mercurial pressure (28-inch vacuum at sea level) with
one or other of the following two fumigants:

4troyanio acid gas (OJN):
.."::.::: "':: : *: .:E".'"
!Lpetature of the vault and
O.g Wty to be not loss than. .

I......, i.M" ... ,.i "O "z*"
kbtlql Bromide (oEBrfl

Teerature of the vault
4 ccmod.ity:
rTo or 64%" a

0Pik. -49 .76

Pounds per
L,000 ou. ft. of space



* Not less
than 3

.2 l

* Pouwas per.,
1,000 ou. ft. of.inpaop

- -a -a -

* 5 ,

(I) Atmophwic litigation In an Air-tWIst Vault
;; t.;i ". :," -.. if -:-... .:" ; ^,. i; 7... ", --"-" -a -
t, i...B .."-l2l,. .. E-i.. .. "'u..:: W a ~ t "^l~m "*. i ..
-* .: ":i":-" '1.: 1.:t ::IJ ::t.fe '^ :. 1 ::l.. J T i!!|!. r iiii., :: ... --"... ; .. :;: ": "" "

Teifrtture, of the vault -. Pounma per
n Qc i .I..., .. 1000,, o. t. at f o pf
S 6007 or above :2" : -

t. .i6*
;.... ....... .. ......

.j ... . ...:


2.5 hrz's.
S2.5 hra.
... 2.5 hras.

.......... ....... t b rx au .

3L 13,*..
-.16 bra.
,' 16 h.'s.
..16 aawo:


- 10 -


(i) Vacuum fumigation:

The temperatures, dosages and. exposure period shall be
as for broom corn, corn stalks and. corn cobs. (See also
"Note" following).

(ii) Atmospheric Fumigation in an Air-tight Vault

Methyl Bromide (CH3Br):

Temperature of the vault Pounds per Exposure
and. commodity 1 2000 cu. ft. of space period

60 F. or above 1 12-18 hra.
60 F. or above 34 hrs.
50 F.-59 F. 4 4 hrs.


Atmospheric fumigation only with

Methyl Bromide (CH3Br):

Temperature of the vault Pounds per Exposure
and commodity 1,000 cu. ft. of space period
700 F. or above 2.5 2.5 hrs.
60 F.-69 F. 3 3 hrs.
50 F.-59 F. 3 4 hrs.
NOTE (1) Adequate ventilation of the fumigant from the products shall
be provided before the shipment is released for movement.

(2) A fan shall be used in atmospheric vaults to provide
adequate distribution of the fumigant.
(3) Methyl Bromide (CH3Br) should not be used to fumigate
seed corn at temperatures below 50 F., or when the moisture
content of the seed is over 12%.
(A copy of the certificate of fumigation issued by the U.S.D.A. is
required for each shipment originating in countries other than the
United States of America and transshipped from a port in the United
States, or for broomcorn from countries other than the United States
of America shipped from storage in the United States.)

Plants from Hawaii and Puerto Rico

(10) All nursery stock and plants for ornamental purposes or propaga-
tion with sand, soil or earth about the roots from the Territories
of Hawaii and Puerto Rico, unless


bu:".i.tu. SM YS9I t igabefron, the Iwa iian Islands
: ..::, . *. :: ..*^** .-J IIII V .i,.j. l:,aiimit- ^ ^ .i .......i i iii.ii.~ r i iii i
':. .g~jslii'IS' _________*____________________________________________
All trrte atd t-etable, irl the natural or raw states; raw peel
*. of Mtt St all geara, species at varieties of the subfaliee
i~i ;ivB i,; gBaa utoidea and Toddalioideae, of the botanical family
Sut, eower rice straw; a tngo seed, froan the Territory
!:ia --^^^ rI iS, Aunlessn aocooanied by a certificate issued, and signed by
I!:. at iri.d oft ier of the United States Departzent of Agriculture,
..r.. Itateach such shipment is free from infestation by the
1. Mi: ltar.a fly ', eratitils capitata Henaii ., the melon fly,
:~;;:::. J^.'^ G ^ thWr Towri-etal R-tly, Deaus dorsalis Hendl].,
... .w ~ g ..- ._ _......_ 6,
I,,).'.... ... .,!......i. o.roeea R psets or diseases apeofie in Quarantine 13
t.nM .o. f0. ttomology at Plant Quarantine, United States
in! bf :' 7..: parltt

FJOC ai at of the United States

ij. and. varieties of wheat, including straw, bran and chaff
-lam Qaankariti'P ofs~ndn vh~sanaat ~ htT~hfwnnUv
ac'S 'Ut 4 S&tates orWa a.&-.1 a Ia,. *dho, Utah, Oregon, njWyoming.
SJ^ a rt York, unem permit for each iiqortation has been procured
j~.b tbp. iworter from the Chief, Division of Plant Protection, a
.. ... .{ ... .. ; : ; : .
1|S Ia.ertificate. Issued and signed by
a ur q ft sd Sja.t. ,...oFerP6 deral official establishing that the
WItf^i4W^.a by h o."tificate was harvested in a locality
*r t di,,,,,.. season o pa harBnt, (race of Tilletia oaries (D.C.) Tul.),
tot::st, "f le p flaa"ia7 nFjm rinLl give the
Zm bi oie toqrter tS. hexorter, the quantity and
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1. The importation into.Canada of living., insects,. pestsi and. diseases is
prohibited except in accordance with the provisions aad restrictions
set forth hereunder:

Any living stage of the numerous small invertebrate animals euept
honey bees. Apis melllfica L., belonging to the phylum Artbro3oa
(as for example, insects, mites, ticks, centipedes), -any form of
elongated invertebrates lacking appendages, commonly referred to as
worms, (as, for example, nematodess, any form of protozoa, aWy fai
of fungi, (as, for example, rusts, smuts, molds, and yeasts), any
form of bacteria, any form of viruses, or any form of similar or
allied organisms which may directly or indirectly affect, Injure
or cause disease in plants, from all countries, unless.

(a) The proposed importation is to be used for scientific .or educa-
tional purposes only;

(b) An application is submitted to the Chief, Division of flant
Protection, providing the names and addresses of the consignee
and consignor, and scientific names of the pest or disease,
the institution or place of origin, quantity, number of con-
tainers, the purpose of the importation and the name and
address of the institution where the material will be used;

(c) The application is approved by the Dominion Entomologist or
Dominion Botanist, or under the authority of either;

(d) A permit is issued -by the Chief, Division of Plant Protection,
or his duly authorized representative;

(e) The importation is routed through one of the ports specified
in section 4 of Part II, or through Belleville, Ontario, or
other port of importation as my be later established;

(f) The forwarding label issued with the permit, designating the
port through which the importation shall be reputed, has been
forwarded by the importer to the shipper and attached to the
outside of each container; and

(g) A release certificate issued by an authorized inspector at the
port of importation is presented by the importer with the
permit at the .Customs port of entry.

2. (1) Every importation authorized under section 1 Is subject to. Inspec-.
tion at the port of importation and my be hold for further examina-
tion if, in the opinion of the inspector, such Importation in-
cludes insects or other organisms not specifically covered by the

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