Sec. 301.72-5c administrative instructions


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Sec. 301.72-5c administrative instructions : modifying the restrictions of the white-fringed beetle quarantine by authorizing treatment by methyl bromide solution of balled nursery stock of specified thickness
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Hoyt, Avery S
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine ( Washington, D.C )
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Bureau of Entomology7 and P~lant (,Quarantine
Yjahington, D. C.

.... E. PQ50RevMarch 15, 1940

Sec 301-72-.5c Administrative Instructions_-
Modfyng the restrictions of' the white-
fringd beetle quarantine by authorizing
treamnt by iuetbyl bromide solJution of
balled nursery stocks of specified thickness

IntThe instructions in circular ....P.Q. 503
issed n Nvemer 1,1939, provided for treatment of nursery stock
by soutin o mehylbromde for larvae Qf the white-fringed beetle
andlimtedthetretmet to balled and burlapped rnursery~ stock with
soi bals otlarer ha 6 inches in diameter, and provided for an
expsue o 2 horsat emerature of 700 or above. As a result of
mor reen inesigaios, the isructions are nowv revised, to provide
tha silbals ichs in dimee may be so exposed for 8 hours at
a mnimm empraureof650. Temdfication is restricted, however,
oe co n species of the beetle,
Pantmors lucoomaBoh.. nd4oes not apply to suth treatment for
the news, ch,, known to exist at present at
Gulfortandcertain other pints in Mississippi. The former specifi-
catins emai in eect fo treatntL of larvae of that species~ and
are rouht orwad i th intructions which follow.

Undr te noviion ofReglat~ion 5(.2) (Se1c. 301.72-5) supple-
menal o Ntic ofQuaantne o.72 (Sec. 301.72), the Chief of the
.Burau f EtomoogyandPlan hereby authorizes as a pre-
reqisie t (-Prtfiatin, he ollwin mthod of treatment for
balled~~~~ ~ ~ ~ plns hncridotudrte supervision of an authorized

For~~~~ ~ ~ ~ th oecomnseceP-luoo The treatment shall
be~~~~~~ ~ ~ aple onyt lnsi olblsntgeater than seven (7)
inces n dameer or reaer hanseen (7) inhes in thickness when
not spherical

in dimee no getrtasi (6inhspei tidckness e o

spherical. toc

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i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~~iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~iii~iiiiii~~iiiiii! iT R E A T M E N T M E T H ODiiiiiiii~~iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~i iiiiii
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sol bals aloabv in eet hm

N NNN NNN NNM(c) Such so N!~iii~~~ii!i iiiii~iii i l balls shall'be treated with a solution of methyli~

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