Title 7--Agriculture, Chapter III--Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Part 301--Domestic Quarantine Notices


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Title 7--Agriculture, Chapter III--Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Part 301--Domestic Quarantine Notices
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Japanese beetle administrative instructions modified
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Annand, P. N ( Percy Nicol ), 1898-1950
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine ( Washington, D.C )
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SupplmentNo. -Fift-RevsiEtfectiva April 23, 1942



intrducory ote Th fumgatonef'packaged plants to~fre, ,them frominfstaionbyJa~anee betl ha heetof ore been quthorilzed for' treamen byfupgat'on ithmet~l romde t 67' and 630 F. sch, du1es. Furherinvstiaton~i~s "sown''tha boedor trapped plants c.an bie Thmi?d o this JTh --ct at all seven of the 40oge nd empratresc~edues uthried f or the tr-,. tment of b- 11d and brlappd nurery sock. hese it ionis are~ a accordingly r %-v is ed te rovd~oauhorzaton ortheus f any of thesr, schedules for packaged

-30.48b dmiiitraiv-! nstT-ctlnsto insT actors onthe treatment
n~reU rodct', fuis, e-eibLs. ndsoil-2 for the~ Jap _-ncse beetle.
tmeyt oizeo, uruan t-o h-.- nthrity oonferr(:.d upon th, Chief
gy an PlrntQarintine by 013O.48-6, Ch !pt:.r III, Tite -, Cde f edeal egu&LtioS Lcgu,-tion 6 of the rifles i!nd regula-tins uppemnta toNotceof Caurntin1 No. 481, subseqtion (1) (5) of 30148b [o pae 1 ofthemimogrphed edition of circular B. E. P. Q6 499,is d Jne 1391is erey frthr mod fiedI effective April 23,

Foapen .-An pprvedfumgaton hamer equipped with vaporizing,
air-irclatngandventlatng ystms ustbe provided.

Aali~aton--Aftr te e~aibr i lo 4ed the mcthyl bromide must
b~e:va9#7edv~ihinit Th ai wthi th cambr* us be kept in circuUtio duingtheperid o fuigaion.At he om~letion of the treatment, thechabermus bewel vetiltedbefrett is entee a~nd the ants removd**Theve~tiatig ystm- hold lsobein continuous opera tion during-th -etir Peiodofremvalof he iupiaaedarticles.

thesol (wth arerot sock th rot pacos) and of the air for each t~p oftretmet mst em-in hroghot te ntie priod of treatment at

31262 09311 aa

Temperatare at leat; of : (methyl bramd e

i Hours I
le 730 I' 2 2 I /
2e 67F- -- 2 1/2 s2
3 6 Ps 2 1/2 s 2 1/2
4o. 60" F -------: 3 t 2 1/2
$*1 57" 3 1/2 : 2,1/2
6* 540F --- 4 .:2 1/2
7. 5O' F--- 4 1/2 it 1/2

Th-dsage shall be. for. each 1,000 cubic feet includlnthe:.
occupied by the load.

*PMraration of pl .e--The treatment is to be applied _--o
bare roots or in .14-inch pots or smaller, or in soil balls not. la 14 inches in diameter nor thicker than 14 inches when not a tericalv soil abould not be paddled or saturated and must be'in ,a ebndig in the judgment of the inspector is suitable for fumigation Th. should be stacked on racks or separated so that the gas cas- 4 ,, both top and bottom wurfacsa of pots or soil balls-# Td.1e no that the balls be completely separated from each other they -->214 Jammed tightly together.
Packaged plantay-Boxed or wrapped plants in packages It 1o0M 14 inches in diameter-ay be fumigated at any one of .the abo sven peratures, periods of-treatment, and schedules.. In order tht the gant ay have access to the roots and soil masses about ,the rota, the wrapping ahall not be tightly closed.
Varieties .of pl)ants.--The list of plants, including gre.. se
pere le' ;and nursery-shook types treated experimentally, is subject continual expansion and, moreover, is too great to include i

The schedule for the faunigation of strawberry plants -:ap'e subsection (1) (5) (i) of 01.148b (page 14 of the mimeog he& of circular B. E. P. ean h aea eretoforev (5
$301,148; see* 8. 39 State 1165, 4+4 State 250; 7 U.S.C. 16101

This supplement supersedes Supplement No* 1 -revisedt ated' August 6, 1941,

Done at WashingtonD C., this 21st day of April 414#

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