Order modifying administrative instructions to inspectors on the treatment of nursery products, fruits, vegetables, and ...


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Order modifying administrative instructions to inspectors on the treatment of nursery products, fruits, vegetables, and soil, for the Japanese beetle
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Title 7--Agriculture, Chapter III--Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
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2 p. : 27 cm.
Hoyt, Avery S
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
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Washington, D.C
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2nd rev.


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Plant quarantine -- Law and legislation -- United States   ( lcsh )
Japanese beetle -- Control -- United States   ( lcsh )
federal government publication   ( marcgt )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )


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Caption title.
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"Done at the city of Washington, this 27th day of September 1940"--P. 2.
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"Avery S. Hoyt, Acting Chief, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine"--P. 2.

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University of Florida
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B. ,. q 49 (S~ppemet Nj Second Revision)T


Puruan t thathoit conferred upon the Chief of the Bureau
:of ntooloy an Plnt uaratin bySec. 3jO1,148s, Chapter Ill, Title 7,
'God ofFedralReglatonsCretiltion 6of the' rules and regulations

of he apaesebeeleas mened] susetion (1) (5) of Sec. 3o1l.49*
on Pge 1 of he nneogah d dtion of circular B. E. P. q. )499, issued
June~~ ~ ~ ~~ 9,13Zi eeymdfe o ra as follows:

Zguipment.--An ~ ~ apoe uictonhmber~ equipped with vaporiz-
ingaircirclatne, nd entiatig sstems must be provided.

Lplication.--Afte th Wme~sladed, the methyl bromide must
be vporied wthinit. he ar w thi te chamber must be kept in circu-.
laton urig te prio offumgaton.At the completion of the treat-
mant th chmbe mut bewel vetiltedbefore it is entered and the
plats emoedThevenilain sytem shoud also be in continuous op.-
eraiondurng he ntie prio of removal of the fumigated articles.

W ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 4 7 ,iaino patwt r without soil
Te -n.doaes --The temperature
of he oil(,,it bae rot toc, he root spacetsand of the atir for
eefteh~~~~~~type ~ ~ -o ramn~sreantruhu he entire period of treat~.
men et te ini= peifid n te oowing t.ble, or higher:

Ter~ertur atleat :Perod f (methyl bromide per
: tratmet : ,000cubic feet)
Hours Pclunds th& p """ipie
1+ i :, '. i F - - - - - - 2 2 " i i ,, i + " ,' ,
2 ,i + 6 3 0 i' + ii!,~i i i,,i ii . ',, + Y
- - - - - --i, A' 21 .. "'i ,ii
V ~ 2Ti, . ~%.' ,.i .i t . .

by the load,
*This secio wa orgnal isue asSe-30..a

i~ i~ ~ii~~~ii~i ii~ii~ ii Hi~i~i~iii~ i i !i~~iiiiiiiiiiiii~~iii~~iii'' _7iii
U N IV E R S IT Y O F...... iii F............... ........
.2 3 1262 09311 5193
iiiiiiiiPrepaiiiiratiiiiiiiiiiiiiiioifi iPlaiiiiiitis.--Theiiiliii iii trieatmentiiii -is iiiii iiiii to be appliiied i i toiii iili ==ila=iili=== ==
wihbr ot ri 1-nhpt rsalrto nsi al o
larger..... tha 1ihesi imtrnrtikrta 2ice hnw
iiiiiiiiiiiiiical. Th soil should not be iiiiiiiipi iiui iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieiaiiioiii saturatedi and. mustii biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiei iiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiai
cition ichiiiiidmnif ~eiseco ssutbefr ulg

iiiii inspector
Resul tsii of................................a ts.w th.Iethy
bromi~iid ib co~ ie ihtecrfia nrqieet fSc )
[oi ceiiiii of Quaranti inei.4iinictiha h ddtoalatoi~ ,
m e th odiiiiio fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i s e f f e c t ive...............................l e
Vaite* fpats-h is fpans nluiggeehue
peenaan usr-toktpstrae xeimnalissbatt
contii i n a expansio.and..m re..eris..oo.r.at...o...clue....th se.....
iiiiiiiiiii Suhaiiicuigas hoewihhv enWr4'4
the treatment;iiiiii illbesppidin eet
The s hedule for the fi migation of strawberry plants as specifiddA
i n s u s e t i n ( ) ( ) ( i f S c 0 8 p g 4 o h i o r p e
edtono c iiiiiiiii~iiiiirc@.. P .49 ea h aea eeooe
This supplement supersede.............................................
March 2, 1940
iiiiiiiDon e iiiiiia t th eii ciiiiiii i ty o W a shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidaiiiiiiiiiiiiibeiililiiii
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiii=iiiiiiii==iiii =~iiiiiV E R Y S iili i =i ii iiiiiilMiiiiliis i

Acti ng; ChiefBuea o-EtoojgianiPan