Plant-quarantine import restrictions of the Republic of Venezuela


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Plant-quarantine import restrictions of the Republic of Venezuela
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Rohwer, S. A ( Sievert Allen ), 1887-1951
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
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Washington, D.C
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2nd rev.


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Plant quarantine -- Law and legislation -- Venezuela   ( lcsh )
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"March 22, 1949."
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Signed S.A. Rohwer, Acting Chief, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine.

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Whg 25, D. C.


This dn et- 1iiport restrio tons of the
Repulicof enezelahasbeen prepared for the information pf p t e o fcials, and others interested
la and plant products to that country.

har Faxon, Division of Fore ig Plant
Quaantne. fom tansaton of the Law of June 18, 191. anda tanbatin o Reolution No. 4 of the Plant Quarantine
i i Gaete. Official No. 22799, December 20, 1948, furishd b th Amricn Ebassy in Caracas, Venezuela. The rby the plant quarantine authorities

The~ ~ ~ inomto ot ine n this cicua is believed to be
csy complete for its purpose up to the
ti but it is not intended to be used
indeendntl of, nr a a substitute for, the original texts,

ActngChifBurea of Entomolog and Plant Quarantine




AgriultralResearch~ Adinistration,
Bureu~ofEntmoloyad Plant Quar'antine Wsington 25, D. C.

B, .P. Q. 47.,2n Revison



Law of June 18, 191

Ai 2o this law authorizes the Ministry of Agiculture and Livek(iterio de Agrictura y Cria) to promulgate prohibitive and
rtrises and otherwise regulate the importation and transit
plant products, to establish ports of entry, and to reqtment, quarantine, or destruction of infested products.


Minister of Agiculture Resolution No. 4. Plant Quarantine Service (Gacet Oficial No. 22799, December 20, 1948)

Aice 1. All live plants or live parts of plants used for reproducto, wanting or ornament' are subject to the regulations established

A 2 is understood that "live plant parts" means any portion
o tion of individual plants capable of reproduction such as
c ing, roots, buds, branches, sprouts, leaves, fruits, etc.


At. 3. A rsons or corporations who desire to import live plants
r the lve parts of same must request a permit from the Division de S d e l del Minieterio de Agricultura y Cria at least fifteen
S i a 4 .

a. Nae eat quatity fec pceorvreyflielat'
the p lantin par't itQi esrdtimo.

suppl theese livin plant orpan ars

air, etc.
e.* The use to which the material ito eue. meit ae
planting, propagation, dcrtoec
f. Name and address of the pero orhsrpeettv ow
the permit is to be setif rne,

AZ~t. ,AUl shipments of live plant orpatprewoeitoution has been authoz'izea by the Divso eSnda lgtlms arrive in the country accompanied by an fiilcriiaeise by competent officials10 teonr of oii. hc ila~ I
the statement that the mter'ial is free ol .ssaddsae am fiil to agricuture and illrcrdtenmbro-tepritise by the Division de Saaidad Vegetal fo adiprain

Art. 6. The certificate to which h rcdn ril eesms
arrive tn the country properly legalizdb h eeulnCnu in the country of' origin~.

Arxt, 7. All live plants or pln patthtarvei h on
mvust~be completely free of earth~ an ad

Art, All live plasnts or plant prsms riei h onr
-properly pacoked or codione in opeeynwreetce,6

Art 9. Vegetable seea n ptte o edaeeep rmte
above requirements.

3ii Hi ~~~i i iiii]
...HR = Si i iiii iiii . i iiilli iiii
A.... 10.iil iiiiii pat orp nt ats htaiviiii i ii the country
WiCV t6i ntoutonhvngbe utoie b h iiioniiii~
deSnda'eealo h Mnsr o gic'tr wl edetoe
witou th ih faycam nthpatotosinesed
Vor thsdsrcintesntr odtoso h hpetwl
4- otbecosierd. V0IME HPET
Ar.11 Al-iv latio lnt at hc p n @iginpce
%1' roet hv nypa o ieaewic a ntbenpoedt xiti
Veeul wl edstoe itotpionotfcain

Ar.1.Lv lnso ln arsmyol eipre hog
Nitie pciiiioeiitai ofL uia aaabPet aelCrpn. iudadiiii~
Boia n a noi oTcia

Art,~i 13.iiiii Penaltiesiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Ar.1. h utosatorte nd h pr n spcos fte ln
u r n i e S r ic r h r e i iiiiiiiiii ithe enforcement of this reaolution.
S P E ..... ..... i=== ii = == ==iiiiii i=i B E S
T e f l o i gr sr c in on t e ip r a iniiiiiiilliiiiiiiiiiii ofiivar iu piilantsiii andiiiii
plantiiiii products were issued in official resolutions of the Ministry of
iiiilu r a n d iiiiiiiiDiieiiive l oiiipm e n t iliiiiiiiiliiiiliiiii
R~oltnN- Mrc 8. 94. po iiteimprin int
Veeul falctu lns nldn risctigses
an bds o acon o ane dses of ciru (ti z,quc
cirs lnt ndprs hreffo xprmntalpupoes
P A S Mii~ iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiii B A G G A G Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~liiiiiiiiliii~l i


3 1262 09311 5482

Resolution N6, 1, J'=6 23, 1948, -pohibits the importation -6f natural flowers on accoit ofc' the danger of 'introducing uaru pests, as yet unknown in -Venzu ela, which ari) transmited va by-flovers.'


Resolution of August 7, 1948, prohibits the importation of suar cane plants or live parts thereof. The importation of all necae*J sugarcane planting material miay be made only by the Mnistryt-