Sec. 301.52-4b administrative instructions


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Sec. 301.52-4b administrative instructions
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Rohwer, S. A ( Sievert Allen ), 1887-1951
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine ( Washington, D.C )
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Bureau of Entomology e.nd Pla.nt .uorartine
Washington, D. C.

B.E.P.Q.-493 :P::ch 35, 1939.

S&c. 5301.52-4b--Administrative Instructicns -
Modifying the Pink BoPl;-.orm quarantine
regulations by lifting tr.eatre:nt r--uire-
rients as to de-i-miedtcul -rticles f'rcn
certain li.t.1y i:-fested area in
Xa T..'exi3o 3nd Texas

Under authority contained in the recr-nd prcv\sr in Notice -f
Quarantine No. 52, re-.,ised, (Sec. 301.52), and L.-vn..: d.- i. tht
facts exist as to the r,3st risk involved which ..:e it 2-:Ie to 07cii"-y
by making less stirn.-ent, bhe restrictions c-i ji.:., in ""-'a;r-<.ls
(a) and (c) of regrli:ttion 4. (Spc, 301.32-4) c" the n-. : bc.llwo-.
quarantine, notice is- here',- g'vei. tl-at bale! cott'C2 lint n.1: lintors
and prcdJucts thcrecf, cotton.seed hulls, cak and K?,I ", an be movcd
interstate without r0i't.riction fro- the follo. i.-- area:

New L'.-;xico: L-n -and s)c-ev'It C ,' 5s,
Texas. ; Court' ie of A. n -. ci-..-.,, <'* .0 .. **....'- )n,
Ec t r, ".G_.&I.-.Cs, "G~i i ..- cocl: E .'.:,',
c.v. t r .: tin, Ci. L :, ..,
m--ia, and the r-3u?' -. >-ijts o1
'Pj ', ;ir' I I ix ) Ccrin" ie2;

Provided, (1) Th"C t 'I ,ro..lucts h'- b n "r'. .ut r d
gin or oil mnili and .. '' ':' ti-.*, .id
(2) that certificate "' <.e Unit, .i:1 1.:.. I .... rt of ..-riculture
has bpen'.cd ar.1 attr': cd to T,.d coF .. "s cr ?, r:-
in accor ':ace "':ith t'.e rcilirvr.,- -t.- pr.- cri'. in r.' l ti n Ji (. ec1
301.52-'. ) ,.f .;a1id ,:ru ."unt-r.c.

Th:ic rrmov':l of 'h. tr '.t;:...n+ r'j",ii'r,::. ts '.ti! fulrt', r
notice frr T; ,- -bove-:,3n' c.,-.I :c u ts is co...i ..' d e ti
the hiiv- ,* ,-. Li cr,' te i:. v'e .-r I n, i .bAlity cf t ve
pink b '.'. io ", iv, lc'.' .,r 't' irc ..' ^" t'., '.. i t r, ,n.r the
occurrer. -' n., : -n 1' r a.l a;' etati~n
in th "*..*'-'*G i ," '.

(Sec. 301.52-4' [..;:. .'...- ,, 19,

~ActIng'a Ch_, ~ et .i -'.r* -r. 1: ... ri .
Acting Oh!.(,", "ur,;-: .' *.P "r .',-'molp ; ,~t _;_ ^.t .',.r j e,


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