Title 7--Agriculture, Chapter III--Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Part 301--Domestic Quarantine Notices


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Title 7--Agriculture, Chapter III--Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Part 301--Domestic Quarantine Notices
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Hoyt, Avery S
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine ( Washington, D.C )
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%I A I L o I i-, .' "

B. E. P. Q. 489, revised Iarch 21, 1l'41





301.72-5a Administrative instructions mor'if:'ing w*.it--frin,ed
beetle quarantine regulations authorizing treatment of r'ottirn soil

Introductory note. Further e7perimental W.ork by the Bureau of
Entomology and Plant Qua'rantine of thp United St2tes Der.art:.'.ent of Agri-
culture indicates that complete mortality. of the various stc*:s of the
white-fringed beetles (Parntonmorus leucolorLa Bo-.. and P. L i- 3ic.),
in pottin; soil, can be obtain-rd. by fuji -tins the soil at a Josa-'o of 2
pounds of carbon disulphide per cubic yTar',. T n instructions in Circular
B. E. P. Q. 149, issued on January 23, 1939, which authorized treztm-.rnt
of potting soil either by fThuio-tion with .vt':.l bro-ide or by ho??ti:f,
as a prerequisite to certification are herein -xtnd:d to -rovid thr-t
carbon disulphide funig-tion mni;: also be omployd as a methoC. of tre.at-ient
of potting soil for control of the white-fring'ed. beetles. T-he specifica-
tions for the two treatments forr'orly authorized are brought forwxrc. un-
chmanged in the instructions which follow aid this circ-il-.r -'urr. r"rs-. all
instructions set forth in Circular B. E. P. %. 439 dated January 2,

(a) Treatments authorized. Pursu-nt to the .ut'i:c'rity c:-.ferrcd
upon the Chief of the Buroeu of _:ntonology ?d Pl"-:t .r-tin,? ov sub-
section (a) of 301.72-5, Chapter III, Title 7, Code of FeoCer-l 7.0gla-
tions (RcF'.lation 5 of iTotice of .urantine :10 72 on cc..t of the
wihitc-fringod beetli) any one, of the follc.v.ing- net'.-,Od of tre-tm.?nt for
potting soil is hereby -uthorizod ".,h.n c.ri' c. out uncor the "' :rv-ii::'.
of an authorized inspector of tlhC Urnit,-rd St-.tcs L, 'rt:.*_'t of A-rictilture.

(b) Carb,n disulphide fuisT.ticn. (I) Ftti:-- soil :.-1! 1-
tronted in a container vith carbc:: Clisul.'.i'o ?7t a d. :e- of 2 f po'-.'.
per cubic yrd. of. soil for a period of S L.ourz.

(2) Th,- grado of c-rbrn di'.lr id-- s'.ll bo c-..r rab1c to
U. S. P. grade h-vinr a s.jci-'ic gravity of 1.2I t '. F.

(3) The ccnt-Ain.r .-a, be ti2:.t, rr. :.K-.bl, l..'. t "il sheet
metnl, and shill ha-.'e a tight c.,v r .-r be c.'vr.-'' with a t--r' -. in ir
mnodiately after the funi.rt is ,." li.--. T.- *: 2t-inor s -I t
nore th.n 36 in ches dc.: ",


(4) Tt-.- soil sh-11 be friable, and wet soil shall not be
tre7.tcd by this method. The funi,,vnt 3shll be anrli: to the soil in
holes 3 inches deep, the dosajcge to le evenly divided. an.ong holes 1 foot
c,..rt over the surf-.ce of the soil, and the fuA-i-:-nt shall be cc.ver:d
with soil as soon as it is applied.

(5) The temperature of the soil shall not be lower than hOO F
During the er.tire time of treatr..ent,

(6) T'.e condition of the -oil and the apparatus used and the
ret'.-,d of application of the fuiaigant Lmst neet -:ith the approval of
an authorized -'sm-ctor of the United. States Derart:Oent of Agriculture.,

(c) Ie..thyl bo:.:i:, fumi-ation. (1) Pottin" soil r-iust be treated
in a container with neth:.l bromide in a dosage of 40 cubic centimeters
of methyl brc*: ide per cubic yard of soil for a period of 49 hours,

(2) The sides, bbttom, an. seans of the container shall be
tight, preferably lined with sheet metal, and shall have a cover or be
covered with a tarpaulin ir.mediately after the -.uii;iant is applied.

(3) The condition of the soil and:. the ap'-aratus used and the
method of application of the fmmiC-ant Enust meet the a-r'roval of an
authorized insp,*ct'.r of ";.e United Stcotes Depart;:..ent of Agriculture.

(d) Heat treatment. (1) Live stea:.., '=r-dcr pressure of SO
r,-.n-ir.s or r.:ore per square inch, shall be ap-licd through a grid of per-
fcrated ripes at the bottom of the sterilizing box or tr-uck body contain-
in.-: the soil, for a period of 45 minutes or until all parts of the load
reach a tcrm-rature of 200 F.

(2) The grids shall be constructc'. of 1-inch pipes, perforated
with holes 1/32 inch in di-.-icter on the. up.er side _n'c". connectin; at one
end to a -.crnifold into which the steai is introduced.

(3) T`--. lycr of soil in the sterilizi.,j box shall zxot b.- rIore
ti.n 2 f:,ot, 6 inc>.*: ..p

(e) Disclaimer. In authoriziig the iuov.-.cnt of potti1., scil
treated according to t'.. requirements stated above, it is un2-'.,rstood
that no. liability shall attach either to the United States Departnent of
Agriculture or to m,:.' of its emplo'ces i:n thie event of irinj'ry resulting
from the use of these treatments.
(f) Cautio... (1) The vvj.r of carb- d.isulr hido is infl'mnm-blo
"-,id cxjlosiv:. At a tem-,,erature of 297 F. it mn take firL r;pontane-
ou.rly o.n. in the presence of c-.-.rt.:in ri.tals, p-rticilar'ly cor.!,.r, it many
i.-iite at couli'r..blr lower teny.er,.t-r',us. It Tm.'zt be kept a",!ay from
fire, '"l fron hot obj,-ct. s.c. -.- electric lii.:l.t bulbs, unprotected
bru.-h-t:,-e motors, st',*.i pip:B, et Light.,I,' ci.--'-s, ci ...etts, or
pi'-. r',-Pzt r.,v'r be brc:u ..t "i, .r c: rb' dis.il s .i"-.c.


Ca-rbon ,isualp>hiQ is a blood poison, but poiseni:- by this
chemical is rare. Expoosure to tho vwpor nay c.u. gidiness C-r. head-
ache, WThcn these synptomns .cwv lop, the indiviC.',.- should -ct into the
open air.

(2) Methyl bromide is a 7as at oriir'-.ry t:r.oraturos. It is
colorless and practically odorless in concentrations used for fu:.iic7--
tion of pli-.ts. It is a poison, end the oper-.tor should use an "?p-
proved as marsk wVhen oxrosed to the -a;' at concentrations 1usode in fumri-
GCtion. After fimi,7rjtion of potting soil by th.t- r.;- thod, t. cover
should b, r'-moved, and. the soil allowed to become aerated.

A=2.Y S. HOYT,
Acting Chief.

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