Plant-quarantine import restrictions of the Republic of Turkey


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Plant-quarantine import restrictions of the Republic of Turkey
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United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
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Plant quarantine -- Law and legislation -- Turkey   ( lcsh )
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"July 10, 1937."

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Bei Ef p1Juy 10, 1937

iiiii ~ ~ OF THE i ~ii'iS i ~
ii R PU LI OF TURKEY~i~iiiiii ii,

.. .. .

Be E.P. q.-451Jul 10, 1937.

Thi diestof he lan-quranineimprtrestrictions of the.
Repblc f ureyba benprpaedfor th infomto of rnrsery-
men pan-qarntneofical, ndothrs interested the exporta-

Theinfrmaionconaind i ths crcuaris believed to be
correctttiu ot
intnde tob sdideednlif nra us ie foi h
originaliiiiiitexts,, iiiiandiiiItii isi notii toiiibeiiinterpretediiiiiiiasiilegallyiiiiiauthori-iiN
t a t i v e .iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ ~ iiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

i iiiiiiilIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIiiiHEiE A S T R O N Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiili
ief ueuo noooyadPatQaatn

.i ii i.ii ... ......


(Law No. 2906, Jan. 29, 1936)

Rtcons on the Importation of Plants

P M B e from Diseases and Pests

Artcle1. o etryint Tukeyis permitted .of all kinds of
plats nd artthreof fro other' countries, iprovidea that those
p u aref contagious plant diseases and insect pests,
incudig pores, eg, and larvae, and provided further, that such
prouct were grw iloaities free from contagious plant diseases

htosanitary Cert ificate~s Indicating Origin Required

ents of plants or parts thereof imst be accompanied by
cerifiate oforiin nd hyos ania certificates issued by the
compten deartent inthecoutryof origin whose authority is recog-

Lis o PlntPessndDiseases To Be Published

Art 2.Injrios dseaes ndpests whose introduction into Turkey

separately~~~~b by thoiisref gi-lue

tifcats mntinedin rtile isperittd trouh frontier or
maritime cusom .......... deinae by the.. Miisr ofArcltr n

aproe byth Coni fMnbes

Inspctio Reqird n rrva

Art* 4. Al lnsadprsteefariiga h utm ot

of entryr in acc o -ra~-lhtepoiin fatce3salb xmn
by thle Control and Dsneto or tte csos oehrwt h
accompanying certifictso rgnadhalh h lnso at
the reof found onexmntotob refocotgosdeasad
insect posts and whos otfctsaefudt ei remyb
cleared throg theautos

Disposal orIfcedPat

supported, by th proprcriiaemyb-raa tteepnao~
consignees or esr eunesarneetarmaewti15dybyth
consigneesfr -himn u ftecuty
Incs fo r eesiy th motto rtani fcranPat
or parts thoreof into or
(Decree ofiNov. 23ii1341i(1925))

P h y t o s, ............................................. ...................t i f i c a t..............e R e q u i r ediiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiii =
Art icl 1. Po a o s 'h p e to Turkey iiiii ii! ii ~iiiiii must be accompanied by a
Phytosviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii certii iiii iii iiii iiiiiiiii ii li i c t ni c t n ori in atte tin freedomi,,, from,,,
P o t a t o w a r t (Sy n c h y t r iu m e n d ob io t i cu m ( S ch i lb ) P e r c-.) a n d v i sa a d by == iii iiiiii~i iiiiliiii~iiiiilii iliiiiiliiiiiiiii ===iiii =Gl=

th uks mazyo-oiuae

Auhrie Pot f@nr
Ar.2 hpet f oaosm;@d n codnewt h
poiins ofatce1myb motd iotetrioyo h

T u r k i s h................n.y.......u.... th..........................................,
TrboMriadtruhtefNn~o utm fUu-opu n
|Di iiich

Inpci? o ria

Ar.3 oaosimnar'i ga h bv-ae utm ot
ofiii entryii ar subj cte toii in p ct o by technical officials ande iiiiii
a d m i t t e d a s s o o n a s f o u n d f r e e f r o m d i s e a s e.

iiit 4 P o a t e t h a d o n o t iiiiii th eii ab ov re q i e e t m ay n o t b eiiiiii~iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiii ~iiiiiiiiii ii iiiiii i iiiiiiii~iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiii ii
i m p o r t e d i n t o T u r k e y .

Imprtaio ofCto Poiie

(Law iapiiiovii J iiii1iiiiiiiiiiiiii5ii

Art 3.Teipraino otnbls otned otnwt
or= wit ou seeds and cotto plant and partsiiiiililiiiii~iiii th re f = is proiited.ii~ ~ iiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~~~~iiiiiiiiiii~~~iii
--r sta~i ~ toeP~utptruhcto-rwn eini
prN hib te ,

Importation ofii Cottonseed for Scientific Purposes Permitted iii ii iii iii iii iiii~ ii iii iii iii ii ~ iii iii iii iii iii iii ~iiii iii ~

Ar.4 iifce otnedmyb motdb h eateto
Agriculture fo experimentaliipirioseiiiiiiiiiiiiiimprovement of locP2

cotn h aeapist rprdcto o eia rsria
pupoes sic hyaeeep rmtepoiin ft i law Ths
prouct wilb iifce tItnuTazn z ir, Mr in, o


IM O T T O F G A E IE P IBiiiiii I TEDiiiiiililiiiiiiiiiiiliiiii
(Dce fJn 2 97

Im o t to it op y loea e e ion fT r i sipiih iitediiiiiiiiiiiiiii
of gaeiesokanrotfehodr(tidonotapyt rs
or@ dre rpsot re rpsal at ftegaeie hos

cutns evs rps ihlae;poso spot r @osyue

... .. ..
U N I VE Y O f F L O R IDA @ iii i ....
3 1 2 6 2 5 i ii i i i il i i i


iiiii iiiiiiIMPORTATIONiiiiOFiEGGSiiOFiiSILKWORMSiiiiiiiIBI 1 )
Accordiiii i ng t r il l -a o 59 o a 6 92 ,C o m o t
tion of eggs of silkvorms under whatever name is piohibited6 Xxmpt taa
iiiiii iii i s made of those orderedeand imported direct bythe Ministry of Agrii=3


Th mottino htoppe s rhbt'
theDiisin f iil far f h tt oucl 0oer19i

L a ......................................................................................... ,i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i~