Plant-quarantine import restrictions of the British colony of Ceylon


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Plant-quarantine import restrictions of the British colony of Ceylon
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Hoyt, Avery S
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
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Washington, D.C
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Plant quarantine -- Law and legislation -- Sri Lanka   ( lcsh )
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"February 20, 1939."
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Signed Avery S. Hoyt, Acting Chief, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine.

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.bureau cf and Plant q aarant-ne
washin;-to-'I' D.

-3. 71. p q.--428, Revised Fe-,,)rlaar7 2C ,



bureau of Ertor-olc_gy an, Plant Zi,,ar -21-tine D. 0.

3. E.

0 F

3P.IJIS" "070' 0

Thi-I of
f C,
by the r, at,
,ander the Plant Prot,-ct-I-)- 0-rl'i,-, "j- c
It has be,---n precarefl for .e i-f- !a 4qvarantine ,-, anl 1 -A -ecteC. i 1 .e Fx-G__taticn
of -olants and pl,- ,nt to t-L -,t
P 1 a."I q--a rar- t 1, r e I s r e c t o. 4-; C i- r- F o r i S,, ,rvice tir.1, Di-visi--,Ii of, -771w.t 'he te-"reiLn ir,
sai-i a ended regulat-i3ns.

The info ion c--1rca,.,la,- i b,--l ve
,,D c ,rrect an' c.,)mnlete u,, tD tho it is -iot intended to be ased in(,ercn&-nt'-y i, n )r as a ,;ub-,ti 1-lute for, the -ri ,inal texts, n,-.,L 4 4-,1)reted as legr lly

Act in- Chief, -- ,areuai ,f Er t and F1 ant Quar-i2- -c


1he I'llart protection Ordinance 171. 10, June 27, 1924.

Section 9 of this 01-dinance em-ocwers the G )vE rnor
ocutive Cour-,cil to nake regulations for the of -rev( ntlnZ
the introduction into the islazld and the distrib,,itir-i therein of 1,76eds, or of -pests and diseases injurious to, or destructive of,


e ol*'ow-*ng terms are thus deldned by this

111'lant" shall include all members ef the ve:--etable kinEdom, w whether living or dead, or any part or i.arts of such but shall not include ca-,1ned or nrestrvcd
fruits or veget;. 'bles;
"Fest" shall include arv i,-nsF,,ct or ani,.aal ,!hich shall in
any stage of its eat, or
wise injure any r1ant;
-) Y, F-I 4I'Diseasell sha-li in :lude -any fungus or crg---i of vc
origin ?7hich shall injurc, dcstro -, -r b- p ? ra i t i C
upon any PInnt.


lmnortltion Frol. ibitcd

EA spp. S-ZEDS OR PI d TS GRC*71 -' 7, 7E S E
Import-Aion prohibit d to L tr- -.--tio- of tIlc
South A-I,-: ricar- 1,,a- L" Iiscast
ulci (Hcnn.) Stahel). (Art. 2 c)f
,C T T: )ort,-Lt4
COCO-.'7GT PLkYTS (COCOS 17J FERA L.): 1 .1, rC,prohibited to prcv,=t th,,, -troducti: ,-- )I, c (Art.
2 of Gencral s, 3.

T.-,L, ,rtat _7 str- Lctcd

S"Z 7. S7. DS 0':; _;,I 7n S G P, 7, 7 1" 111::E: 7.
i_,,), rtcd nllr ,2-,.dcr a wri tto- T cr:lit Di r,-, c t c r
c f .g ri cul turc (Art. 2 off'

Y S77 1 :
(Th-a -incnsis L. 1 7 r o: b4 t,-,d, ,ircctl.Tr
indirectly, from xny place ir. India, t xco pt such
ma-y be necessary fcr ox-i "-L-ental ; ur- ),)sos
-xcoi-it 1,indo and in accordance
t n a w r i t tc n -c-.-it -rom the -, Er-cul4
tarc t, -)r,: vont th L_ l-r- ,ductior. of b 11- t r 1 i g: t
di= ve !,ns ida s s (Art. 2 o-P Gc --cnal

C 'I,'IHE 1HUSK (Cocos rucifera Importation prohibited
throuEh any other --,or' than Coloirbo. (Art. 2 of General
--e-ulationc, -o. 3.)

(GossyI)iur,, spj importation pro -Ibj.ted through any
othi r nort than Colombo, -)r from a.ny otI-_-_ _-,ort -than ---om:Da,7,- or exce-nt with a of fumi ,ati-,n, to prevent the introd:,ac io-. oi" the boll w6,evil (tuithonomu.s.
-andi s Boh. (Art. 2 'D 'Ieneral Fe-ulatiors,
T',T Ej
CT.TO."', OF RAW Go c s--ri-jm sp-n.
'Ten sphere: im-,lortation prohibited
_,.,) 7n in t'.P Western r i,
any -,ther -r.ort thar, Colom-r-, or e--ce-!Dt vith a
certificate of fim,izati- -- -I.- ClisinfEcti-)ii or both -fro.n the
c-llector Df custo,-s, to prevent 'Che -introduction
o.f7 the boll weevil (ArthonoLius grandis

C-LSSAU utilissii:,a), A1,,,Y "-Vj7,-G -pART 07 -Y- TILA17: Imr-7 rotation prohibited exce-rt under a v!ri.t t-r- -,Der. 7,it fro.m
the DirectDr of Ai,;riculII-are, to prevent t ie i.-troduction
,3saic. disease. (Art. 2 of General
7=T77 i;nder a -icerse issued by thc
-o-i: May be imported onl,,
Director of Agricultare jr 'by an autilorized officer of tile
eoartmenl: of L,; ,,riculture, and not o-h ,r,:;isc- than in accordance
-:ith tho condition of suoh liconsc.

ZH 'I !TS: ITo licc-f ce will I issued -for t"Ie ir-ollort of frcsh
frait fr-,7, c:)untr:y in -,,Iiich t1ic -ditcrr nean fruitfly
,, t i 17
rat 1 7"E, -r --st ,f fruits which
d.) ol a, 11:7 c t I i,-,


has not bccomc established i-n Cc,;l-)r, is )r sus.--,cct'-7
of existing unless the Director of Agri cuitare is satisfiejthat either before ex-cort from such cDv.nti-)r r during transit to Ceylon the fruit is sn treated as to insure such -pest, in all its stages, is effec+viv-_l,,- destr,-)7-ed.
(Art. 3 of General Regulations, 4.)

Under this regulation each co lsi---nm nt f t"ri)i t ,.iu Z: kl
be covered by a certificate of origin and must be ccnsiE.aed directly from the country of oril.,:Jr- the
,- erson or agency specified in the 14conse. All largo
imp;-,rting firms and agonci-cs alrEat,,,- hav; iice- -1
others may obtai--I such license -,n rcqu st da--S
after the fruit roaches Ccylon. (Letter '- f tL, :
f Agriculture, Pcradcni-p,Cc,,rlon, 7 V e'.j bb c r .1 1 3-F

ALL LIVI-, -G I1,;1P0!7:*---2-JD PI.MTTS, COCOZT:TS I-I-' H1773A., C---7' Z_--7j), "b-f-r,-release froil the, shall be 'Cut t!121S
n,)t ajD-oly to otato,Ds, orAcns, tur..ier'c, -:1L-ry sce -,
edible vegetables and the seod of the seed of an--," ornamental pl;-unt.

Iixpcrtaticr U-rir,"stricted

sccd of such vcgota-bics, a. 6 '1-ic scd 1-f Lr- ornamental
,)lant. (Art. 4 of Gen,:- ,-al Rejulatir,---s, -p.


As a:. .ende(l. July

Authorized Ports n-f E21t]77'

Article 1. (1) Yo n erso:i an'-, -r ,1'.nt i---to Ce,71011
throu-h -,,ny -nort other thaai tihe -)ort of Cr 'Lom-, c or the ort of Talaimannar: Provided that an- of tlic j'rti-les T.iay be
ir-)crted through any port, namel ,, onions, -ingel-1- seed Se sarx Se sam -Lui indi crLm) -,ri ec, turT' erl c 'Curc-C.7a lon-a tamarind, 'Karanai" roots, -roundnutF, (r ealiu- Zs), .-ran (chickoea, Cicer arietinum L.), Lial (-rigecr Oea, Cajanus i-licu", S-rc"anC3 otlhler pi.Ilses (le-umos), dried cu?.'17- Ot
culinary seed.

Living, Insects Lay re Inported only under Permit

(2) Dn erson shall import or land a living specimen of iy insect or invertebrate animal not already known to exist in Ce- lon without the written permission, previously obtained, of the Director of Agriculture: Provided that the Director of .A agriculture or the Director, Colombo Museun, nay make such inno-ttions as may be required for scientific i investigations.

Prohibitions and Restrictions

Art. 2. No poerson shall import or land:

(a) Any seed or plant of any species of Eevea grown ir
the Western Hemisp:here;

() Any seed or plant of any species of Hevea grown in
the Eastern Hemisphere except -nder a permit in writing
from the Director of Agriculture;

(c) Any tea seed, directly or indirectly, from any place
in India, e::cept in such quantities as nay be necessary for experimental purposes and except under and
in accordance with the terms and conditions of a pernit
in writing from the Director of Agriculture;

(d) Any coconut plant;

(e) Any coconut in husk through any port other tnan the
port of Colombo;

(f) The seed of cotton of any species of Gossypium through
any port other than the port of Colombo;

(g) Any seed, or unginned cotton, or raw ginned cotton
of any snecies of Gossyniu grown in the Western He,.misphere, through any port other than Colombo, or from
any port other than -3ombay, or except with a certificate of fumigation or disinfection or both fumigation and disinfection fro2 the Collector of Customs at Sonbay;

(h) Any living plant of the cassava pla t, lanihot utilissima,
except under a ermit in writing, from the Directo:: of


import License Requiredl for Fresh Fruit

Art. 3. (1) Y~o -Person shall imn7ort anyv fres1h fruit Ceyrlo.n without a license issued by the Director of. A,-riculture, or o,, an officer of the Depart~aent of Aiclrea-Uthorized in t~iat behalf by thie Dirccto)r, or otheV71-so, thnar it accordan,:co i-it>_ the_ terns anid conditions of" such licenso..

(2) Y~o license shall be, issued,( for the irl r cr to' .resh fruit from any country in which tho eierna fruitfL7ly
(Cratitis caritata Wied.), or -any other pCst of fruits which. hn,-s
-iot )occiue establi shed in Ceylon, is kr.nor susu ctcd to Oxiot unless the Director of Agriculture is satisfiLed that cithc r fore export fro.- cuc.n countnT or during transit to Ccj-on t1nc truit is so treated as to -*,.-sure that such mst in. all its,
st rsis offectivcly destroy: Cod.

(3) Evti-; l4isc ie "nr i rocltm

(a) Sipocify thec co' ntrj r -c the7 fresh fruit riay bei. ore
(b) Be valiO. for the >r-'d seciid in, the licenses;
(c) 3e subJect t t c- >iti tila't it r~ be witIdohto Dirct :-,r of k ric'11 ture !-,t n'tineo im rirr to th exr/iry of that pe1,riod x,:, writt-n notice add.rcssedC to the holder ef thc licen so;
(d) 3(e subject to such tnrspjecial c-'nditicans as niay be -se t out in suchline 'y, or by authorityy of, the Directo-r o)f A' ricalture;
(e) 3e in the for.,- 1,resc-1-ibed.

(4) ITo person shall land any fr'ish fruit at any
port other than the port of C )loTbo, and no r) prson- shall land such fruit at Colombo unless he h-as satisfieOd the, Prin-cipal Collector of'7 Customis that suchl fruit was grvnin --nd corsigned from the country specified i-n the license issued_ to that -person.

Inspectioii, FumiEgation, and Disi-nfection

Art. 4. (1) All livin,:g imported lascoconuts ir hush7, &10- the seed of all s-pecies of GossLAua shnll, before passing out of the custom-s, be exa:dned by the inspector f charge oftie Colomobo fixoiigatori'un, together with the -packiegs, cases, -nets, or coverings in which they may be packed: Pr( vided that this
paragraph shall not apply to potatoes, rinioins, turmeric, culinary seed, edible vegetables and the seed of such vegetables, and the seed of any ornamental planit.


3 126209242 1998

(2) Evcry imported plant, which on inspection is found or suspected of being infected with any pest or disease, shall be subjected to funigation or disinfecti'), or both, as nay be dcoiod necessary by thc inspector: Provided that the Director of Agriculture, by notification published in the Gazettc, nmdiec frt ti:- to~at "f a
direct fro tie to ti, that all imported plants of any species or genus, or all plants of any specified species or genis imported from any specified part of the world, shall be subjected to fumigation or disinfection or both; and after the publication of any such notification all consignments of the plants referred to therein shall be subjected to fumigation or disinfection or both fumigation and disinfection, as the case may be.

Inmorted Plants May Be Quarantined

(4) The Director of Agriculture may order that any plant whichh has been funigated or disinfected shall be grown for a period of quarantine in special nurseries provided or approved by hiA for that purpose.

(7) After examination and any necessary treatment,
the articles shall be delivered to the consignee together with a certificate showing that they have been dealt with as required by this regulation.

(14) Any imported plant which, in the opinion of the
inspector, cannot be cleaned by fumigation or other treatment shall,
together with the packings, cases, pots or covering in which they may be packed, be destroyed at the expense of the consignee.