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The Insect pest survey bulletin
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v. : maps ; 26 cm.
United States -- Bureau of Entomology
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
Bureau of Entomology, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
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Washington, D.C.
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monthly, mar-nov. plus annual[1926-]
monthly, apr.-nov.[ former 1922-1925]
monthly, may-nov.[ former 1921]


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Insect pests -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
Entomology -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
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federal government publication   ( marcgt )


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Vol. 1, no. 1 (May 1, 1921)-
Numbering Peculiarities:
Vol. 14, no.9 issued only as a supplement..
Issuing Body:
Vols. for May 1, 1921-1934, issued by the U.S. Bureau of Entomology; 1935- by the U.S. Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine.
General Note:
"A monthly review of entomological conditions throughout the United States" (varies slightly).
General Note:
Includes annual summary starting in 1926.
General Note:
Includes some supplements.

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University of Florida
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'Vahne 16,November 1, 1936 Number 9







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vol. 16 Honber 1, 1936 No. 9
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t f glayingo grassho;ppers inIndiana and Illincis

was o exensie t at tes States anticipate nore severe injury than they
hav ha inrecnt ear. The stame condition prevails in eastern Iowa.

Chinh bus ar genrallyr abuniant from Indiana westward to Kansas and
Nebrs~m Thenamer f bues entering hibernation indicates~a large popu-

Thecordevoped so rapidly duri the late fallhat in
Octbercosidro)ledtnm e was done from the MideAtlantic States We~st-
war totheMisissppiRivr. Appreciable cro~p losses were also recordecl
~~~ii ";iiiiii

fron Oklhoi.n an. Utah,

In te Eat Cetra Sntate heavy populations of the codlin!- mot~h are
.:.reortdmnkngpo'iLea heavy carry-over of this insect next spring.
Thi iiiiipalent on ears in Lake County, Calif., than ever

.......lfestations areheavir inFlorida than ,any tio

1'k~~~~s ~ Laefihso 'ecotton leaf worm were reported from the-East Central
Saeltl_'am and intio Ontario, nada

A reent urve inicates that the smaller European elm bark beetle,
is ow ellestblihedin an area approximately 100 miles in dia'meter in
Wes, ir,,,nlaan eaten Ohio.

The emlok sp nwor is rapidly increasing in Mount Desert Island,
Uaiie; were t Ua ataking!, fir and spruce.

ThGensernsprce beetle has destroyed the spruce over an aren of
betwon $0 an 900 acrs in the Green Mountain National Forest, in Vermont.

The mallbagiorPZyzhe nie,:.ri~ta B. & McD.9 has been found-infesting
itg,-il trees In Florida.

Ileort ofspoadi occurrence of scrawworm infestations were received
..... ii9ii iiii iiiii 3 ...... ...ii
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duin iictoiieii

se:verl onths at the National useui, engaged in a study of elate

He would be pleosed to received on loan, for use in this study, am
which has been definitely associated with adlts of these groups.

With the advent of autum~n, the adult grasshopper populations

season. Egf surveys of the infested regions have proceeded, and in
point to continued severe outbreak in many aeas in 1937- In so
Manitoba, where, this year, the infestation of the lesser migratory
hopper was more severe than was expected and where considerable de w
done, the 197 outbrek thratns tobe more severe than any during
5 years. A few all, lighter outbreaks willlikely occur in cent
eastern Manitoba. In Saskatchewan grasshoppers materially redudedt
yields of feed. rains and fodder throughout the infested region, andavr
:eneral and often considerable increase in the nunbers of adult int

new localities as found to have occurred, withn increase of int
the drouht-affectd northwst. The outlook for 1937, in Saskatch
considered rather unfavorable, as the outbreak will probably be con
Tmore severe generally in the prairie aren, and will extend farthe
the nrthwest section. It appears tht the roadside grasshopper will pre-4
do'inate in nearly all the more inportant outbreaks in this provini i 19
In Alberta grasshoppers caused damage to late grains and forage riD
weather during the year was favorable to increase in many sections,
threatening outbreaks of the roadside and lesser miratory species
ciatd in1937ina number of are togetherwith a north
the affected rogion. In the Dry Belt area of Pritish Colunbia, whe
hoppers ineeased enormously during 1936, the outbreak prospects fo
indicate the noed of a widespread control campai n to avert heavy l

An increased outbreak of the pale western cutworm is expected
in Saskatchewan and Alberta, where this species caused extensive l e

Wireworns caused serious and widespread ranpe to the potato c
widl arTea in Saskatche',aTn. Onions and gla, iali also suffered attaik
is evident that conditions, at least incentral and western parts ot
Province, have been ccnducive to sevure attack on various vegetable

Throughout nuch of the prairie area of Saskatchewan losses to
attacks of the wheat sten sawfly were severe in fields where harves
delayed. Heavy losses occurred locally in Al erta.
iiiiiiiiiii~i~ i~ii~ iiiiiii ~ ~i~ii~i iii ii i iiii

Sa tn uiig asb..iee rcode foma uiimbeioiiiponts n Alierii
~~~iii i ~ii= =ii;ii isi,, ii iii i i. iiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiii

andasexie Sasktchwan buti ha n t e o

Potato~ ~~a flabeleaeereotdto be throunhout ine partsnofNov

Scotia,~~~~~ mo''e n naro hre they aused loca injury. Potat apbehids
were~~~~~~~ scarce in eoahwstern Ontario. arop-o-evr danagebytepao sli

(Parat~~~~~~ iot hakrll ue) udi limpinthed aras i lbra n
iiwa on at riB iiiish Coiluti in a

lig~at nfestatons wer found in severalofne localities inSakthwn

ferous~ ~ ~ ~~b crpsdrigte ume adauun, thougeru the proninion.

TheEurpe con bre wa mre preval~ eent inrOntario an heec thalngoh
foraumerofesex nty, in southesllntr, crih

was epotedgreter hanin ny ea sirocen 1927. Te inwfesthatio in east-

Thesouher copeaweeil as ond Guat Trail British, Cnolumbia, ina,
smalli s p nlaf miT.r

T dha feit

n I iiii s~s iii ,iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii' iiiiiiiiiiii0,;

Britsh Clumia, nd apeas to'be predingovertheprovnce

none were found on Prince Edward Island.,,

. .. .....


Indiana. J. J. Davis (October 16): The populatn agear
-Por a nuiber of years amd there is reason to anticipate furhrices
in 1937s In August reports were rceived Aof injuy to tat
and all kinds of garden plants', as well as to new alfalfa and corn.. Re-
ports -md observa-tions in September indicate an Wabadanceofimtr
grasshoppers, which arc -likely to be destructive to'whea thsfal

Illinois. W. P. Flint (Octobr 19): A fw preliminary examiat
show thm to be very narou, probably at least three timesa b
as in the fall of 1935

Wisconsin. E. L. aers (October 23): Following heavy rains au
last weck of August, adults of all species became very searc vrwcr
The o, revealed fe eggs laid in most f the aens g
d,,)mage occurred last simmer.

Tennessee. E. A. Back (October 13): Me lesser migratory loon
mexicanus Sauss.) was rec;ived today from Bristol, where itwssadt
be invading a furniture store ad eating holes in thefurni

Iown. 0. J. Drnke (October 21): The ad-alt grasshopper survey wa mleo
afer woeks ago and an egg survey is now being made. Theaotlofr
next year is very sorious.

Missouri. L. Masomnn (October 21): During the month egg layingha-eni
progress but the weather has been unfavorable for it and oursaewd
survey indicatos that over most of the State egg laying hasbencn
siderably below normal. .. bivitatus ay and differ
are now praciAcally all g&oe, but M. fe-mr-r-um d a m
continue to be prosent in limited nmb~ers and the femles ar
carrying eggs.

North Dakota. F. Gray Butcher (October 27):
eggs indicate a somorhat lighter ioover the Statenr
however, the western part of Ihe State and some southern c e
menacing egg populations. M. mexicanu? is the predominant
M. femur-rubrum, V. packardii S-udd. M. bivittatus, and Cam
di Scudd. are rerresented by smaller numbers.

Kansas. H. R. Bryson (October 5): Nctwithstanding the increase
of grasshoppers duirirng the past L=-cr, very 'ew reports 0 u
fall-sown wheat have been received.

Nebraska. M. H. Swenk (October 15): Grasshoppers were troubles
young alfalfa and early whoat fields from September 30 to O
but espocially so up to Soptomber 30

Oklahoma. C. F. Stiles (October 21). The long winged grasshopp

iiiii ~~iiii~ ~ iiiiiiiiii;;s i~ii~i i~ i iiii~iiiii~i iiiiiiiiii
lopgipenis Ths.) is-seriouly datwing th early own what jus

comng~p i Tes ad Cmanhe ounties. Approxirately 190 tons of
poion aithas"ben dstrbutd this month in these-two counties with
fairresuts as he hppe s-otinue to come in from the dry pastures
ii iiiii; iii i i i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

andtheyoug weatis he ostattractive food at this time. There
from other species so n "mrous early in

.) The differential grasshoppeiiir i(M iii. i

ggs. This species still continues toii

be ctie i PanePaweeandneighboring counties. Some damage is
bein doe t'Youg weat Inthe southwestern part of the State sur-
vey inicae cmpaatielylitle egg deposition.

ML ARYWOR (La~hyg fr14ckpoQrdq S. & A.)

Virginia.~~ ~ ~ ~ H.G akr(ctbr2)-Te fall arnmywcrm has continued to be
destructive ~~ to spnc n y tNrolk.

Souh Crolna.0. Rinwter(Sptember): Yumerous corplaints were ro-
ceied t te Pe De Epermen Station at Florence of darmage to soy-
; lll:ll; i

.is he oreabudan. Tis s te thrd successive year these comqplaints

Ohio T.H. Prks(Octber24):Coniderable damage was being done late in
Octoer y lrva fedin onswet corn in the University gardens at

J. S Hoser(Setemer 0):Several damaged stalks of late corn sent
in fom ew hildelhia Nueros larvae, ranging in length from

MAlthugh in central Missouri I have seen
ii iiii;

verylitte ofthi pes on lfafa and other crops, we have 7had several
comlant fomth suter prt of the State.

armyormwas epoted n Sptebor 25 from Jackson.

S R atopsilia eubule L.)

Floida G.3. orrll Octber23: During the week beginning Labor Day
thee WS aconideabl sothard flight of cloudless sulphur on Lake
Spz~..... near Waldo
,,, lii ... iiriiiiiii

Oi (Dione vanillas L.
iiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
I": ii i ,,,iY, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

; Therewas a considerable flight of theli

Gul 2 riillry n Lke ant r, near Waldo, during the week beginning

iiii ,.,iii
N @',

tr;borry t in northastn Kan A report fro ae

Prsn iniQtina&r t~
oatod that P. n anceolata Say had u off...heat pants.


HESSIN FLY (htoha dstructor Saio

Chic. T. H. Parks (October 24): Thu present hessian fly a)tuati

Inias0.. M. Packard (October 20): Fall infes~tationg ofown wha nw
tpuoors to bo ver*v Ai-ht in northern Indiansa. Ligeht-to4a.d i r
tAicn present in volteer, where sall-to-mature larvae andmany
puparia arc now prescnt. .There was a light emergence of adulsfo
volunte.r early in October.

Missouri. L. Hasnan (October 21): Su r faced on ro t c ku
throug-;hrut souitnoas tern, northerv3tern, northwestern, and'centa isor
indicate cfnsiderarble para-sitizatinn and mortality, pro'bnblydet
excessive sunrheat. RAin and- cool weathor late in Septenbran
througzhout October have: :iven the li.essian fly a further setbck
Present indication are tt e ill hve less fly on the t
whecat than wo have had for sE-_--,veral years t.

Kansas. H 3 r--son (Octolber 20): Hassia-n fly is present in thvciii3
of Abiilcne andL Junction City, and in southeastern Kansas,

CHINH BUG (lissus lecpters Say)

Indiann. J. J. Davis (Octo--er' 16)_: The second --eneratio~n of -chinc w,
increased to threatenin-- nxlh ers and in sure localities cause oie
able dauage to corn. The hi'Jornating bukgs are sufficiently nmru
to offer a threat for nextu spriarJ.

C. Benton (October 20): In the viciinity o.fJ Lafayette motorh
bugs have beccene ad~ult. Scattered fi.-ld observations indicateta
the `Q-up are -_.odeGrately a natiin northwostern Indiana, butsac
in the northeastern part of the St'ate.

Illin -is. 71. P. Flint (Octet'-er 19): Chin-ch -bug,s have reached matrit
sections of the State oxcppt the northern part and are alread nwit'.
qvuarters over moEst of the aroa. Juwying, by 1;reliminary examiainsrh
bus are abou' as n tin southera Illinois as they wereintefal
of 1933.


Iowa. 0. J. Drake (October 21): Chinch bugs are very abundant in the southern
iiiii iiiiiiipart of the State.iiiiiii
iiiiii iiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiii~iiiii ; iiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiii

Vid96oul'" L.*'BMxt -('Otdobr 21): Recent surveys indicate the lowest fall
population' for .sveral years.

Kansas. H. R, Bryson (October 24): Chinch bugs are numerolas at Manhattan,
where two o-thee flights have o rd since Octbr but the sitii

ation is not alarming.

Nebraska. M. H. Swenk.ctootober 15): Chinch bugs were numerouns in Nemaha
County cornfields at least up to September 21, thes date of the last in-
iiii R ~

ii ii

ORN BAR WORM (Reliothis obsoleta .)

ii th Carolina. F. Sherman and asseeiates (October): Noticeable riddling of
tops in l6at corn by corn ear Vbts, yet not as bad as mlight have been
eigiected with the cro~p so late.-

Indiana. E. V. Walter (October 20)-. All stag~es of corn ear worm now present
at Lafayette.. They are mainly in late corn, which averages 90 percent
or more of the ears infested., Limited field observations indicate
progressively lighter infestations toward the northeastern part of the
State Got-hts in lata-mtahnng fields near Auburnand Fort Wayne showed,
abboat 30: tgo35erzent of the ears infested.

Illinois. pr.:? FlinV(October 19): A severe infetatio extended over the
a96iltern. third : the State, the worm rs ag causing derableamage by
eating beans outOfghe soybean pods,:destroying new sedinges ofalfalfa,
and feeding on old alfalfa seedings. There was a heavy flight of adults
in the central part of Illinois on warm evenings early in October.

Kentucky. W4. A. Price (October 24)a Corn ear worms ruined much of the late
corn:. '16my fldsWhere tho-lpants came into tasel late inh September
and early in October were completely ruined.

Iowa* C. J. Drake (October 21): The corn ear worm has been unusually abun-
dant this fall. In some fields it is almost impossible to find unin-
Taste& ar:'h infestation- is general over the State.

Hissouri. L. 11as-eman (October 21): With practically no acreage of corn es-
Msping thessummet aruh ddwt very little late swoet corn'. the
dorn elar Worm Ih64J again adttra&th attention oil -alfalfa, similar to the
i UJ7 Iin 1,93X. :Agin the groin var ety -of. 1arvt hat b eon e sp'ec ial ly

ONhok F."A,. Fetbtn '(Gdtob~pt 22b: ffo late corn .was Planted-this year and
the corm ear worm is Iebe nocdinltrva being found in s 1orghum
buds. On cotton, however, this species appears to be moderately abundant,

UTozas. G. F. Thomasb (Octomber 29): pcori ear worm ha-be rooraddoin

on .ku-ust 6-from corn raised near TAahokn, Lynn CkountdTisi h
first record from that county.


VELVETBEAN CATERPILLAR (Anticariai gemmntilis Hbn

Missisippi. C. Lylie (October 24): The volvetbean caterpilrhdsipe
nnarly all of the soybeans in-the- inty of.Sta Colee
15. Inispector J. P. Kislanko reportes, hat theinsectwscasn
heavy, defoliation if sovbeanns in Perry and Jonas Counisomcoe 7
Gcor. la. T. L. Bissell (Yovedibcr 2): Very nir-norous on alaf tIDqrn.+'

BELLA MOTH (Utetheisa )ella L.).

Alabama. J. M. Robinson (October 29): This insnect isgee ral aitiu
over thke State and is causing concoorn, since the nowlyitoue
legume, crotalaria, has provod a most suitable food pln. ttesb
statibn an S-ttd Mol-ntain larvae defollated a whbcle~pa n ofth
lgume.* Larvae feed on n-Yypqp,(Fassiflora incarnata ealai h
season, nnd later attack the. foliage .of rotalaria.


FLIAT-E=ADD APPLE TREE BORER (Chryobothris femora Oi.

Maryland. Z. N. Cory (October 2): Cherries at Wostminaterhv~enatc-%
by the flat-headod. apple tree borer..

Chic. E. W. Mendenhall (October 14): The flat-headed bpr iinung
mountain ash trees in a nursery near Newark.A

Nebraska, M. H. Swenk (October 15): Reports-of damage topualean4
cherry and to elm and other shade trees were received rmLnatr
Saline, Platte, Thayer, Antelopo, Hall, and Harlan Conis rmSot0
ber 20 to October 15.

Oklahoma.- F. A. Fanton (October 22): We have receivedreist roornn
damace by the flat-hoaded apple tree borar.

WestVirini. F.W. rai (Sptember 29): San Jose scale is attacking

Georia.0. t Sapp(Ocobe 17): 'Infestation on peach treos at Fort Valloy
buil uprapdlylas moth and its extent is now about that of an

Ohi. E W.Menenhll Octbe 22): San Jose scale is found in some coimmr-

aca tdd rcad n ikn County. In some localities it spreadi

Illiois W. P.Flit (ctoer.19)r In the central part of Illinois nearly
allitel was killed by the sever winter, but a light in-iii

fosatin i deeloingmainly on the trunks of the trees, very little
extendin to th topsa outer branches.iii


CODLNG OTH auipognksa pomonella L.)

Georia.0. Alen Octber17): The last moth emerged September 29 at
Cornelia. ~ ~ Noeglyigo rsh stings noted in the past 2 weeks.
All arve lavin aplesand spinning up winter cases.

Ohi. T H.Pars (CAOber24) There will be a heavy carry-ovar of larvae
Inhetwsiriiiiul afected areas, Lawrenc County in the south, and
................ in the north. Eighty orchards visited byi

extnsin aent shwedan averago of 8995 percent clean fruit and 5.G
percnt lemshe bycoding moth.

Indiana. ~~ J.J.Dais: Infestation heavy in southern Indiana
and n sme ochads nth northeastern section.
iiitober 27): Light infestation of laaiiiii in

crabppls oservd a Fago.

Misour. L Haema (Otobr 21): Where a regular schedule of sprays was
lightest carry-over of worms that has occurred

in Mssori or he ast5 or 6 years. However, in orchards where but
fewappicaion wee mde worms are abundant in the bands.

Galtorna-S. ockood(Ocober 7): Codling moth was responsible for
getrostthan ever-before in the big valley district in

LakeCouny* nspetios of pear trees indicate that there is apt to
be averyh witer arry-over of hibernating larvae.

RED-UMPMCAT=ILLAR (Schizura concinna S. & A.)

Maie. B Perso (Otobr), Reported stripping foliage of apple at Green-
v i l l a iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
i ii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiii

..... ii i ..........i i iiiiiiiii
iiiiiiii iii::, ,,, ,,,,,,,: ii ;iiiii iii iiiiiiiiiiiii

,i, i,,;; i iiiiiii~ii ii ;, iii iI iiiii

.,, ,, ,,, ,,,,,i

...... iiii;,iiii, i iiii iii iiiii,;

ihas rece l b eiic o mreI n


Georgio 0. I. Snapp (Octobor 24)! On erg 12c e received at rort of
dichlorobenzone is ijrifrmso-oeb estbeino us hs l ho qpe r a
which ins intributedr County. To the n s in pthmae hear Gofr the a
ra and lh ,ro damag has evdnty followe d ine s thie wake of the. i ii iiii iidii iouii

during years (hen p setit are lash
e ii iin ii iiiiii"

ae t chompare b ,,aoiit the usual n ostiii Infestea pple

Ohio. e. Wc Ment enhall (o ctobfr 2): E Me riden a nd N o be
in peach-troo stock in a n soeSry Sag.

oebraeka, M. H. Swenk (October 17): Ergenc f ths atI or Vaeyw
came a report of perach trees beip m attacl. r

ORIENT'AL 1 IT (OTK u thi llthe for a-nuse o

n s le l orchn ds in th eern sc ti of the-at o me. oh e m d i-o
Ocetober About 25 because of the lhnso fo the infetheatio

the larvww foun c in pea wuresorietlfrui m.

tceea wer t on f rplntbd.

injurod by this pinst easernc partfof Lucas ond te middle of
October 9.
:1 ii i iii i i i i i i i i

iiiiiiii~ii~iiiii!ili iii -.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiili!!iiiiliii i liiiiii !iliiii iii i i i il i iii~ !!iii !i !i i ii iiii ii i~iiiiii ii iiiiii i i iiiii8ii i ii i ii i iiiiii ii i
iiiiiiiiiiiiii ii!a r" ;:s ~ ~ ~ iii ii 2iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii;iii E =iiiiiiiii~i~iiii iiii ii iiiiiiiii iiiiiii...iiii: iii

i~,s ""i"b;
iii~iiliiii~iiiiii iiiiiiii;ii i 1 1;~iii i!=~1 ai iiii i st iii ii...
iiiii iiii iiiiiiii iiiiiiii iil iii~ i iiii iiii iii iii~ iii iii i iiiiii i ii iiiiiiiii i i iiii i ~ i i il i i i i , ii i i i , . , .... .... A i .... .... ... . .
== iiii iiii~~i iii iiiiiliiiiii~ i iiili i iiiiii i iiiiiiiii~iiii iiii' iii ===i ii i i i i i i i ii =: i i i := i i i : : ... : : : i
ii i iii i iiii iii : iii i i iii~ iliiiiiiiiiiiiii~i~iiiiii~iiiili iiiii ii iiii i iiii~ ii~ i ii iiiiiiiii ii iii iii ii iiiii i i~ iiliii i ii lii iii iii i = i ii iii i: i iii ii :: il i
iiiiiii I ii !! i i! ==== =:I ....................... iiliiiiiiliiiiiiiiilliii~ i iii = == ===, == ==== ::::: :::::::::::::::: ::::::::: :::: :: ::::::: :: : :: ==i : ======== =i

ly abundantiiiiiiii i near Exeter, Tulare County, and Parlieri

Freno o-aty.Som daage has been done.

TWGGIRDLER (Oncideres cinulatus Say)

'Gergi. C H.Aldn October 17}* Many complaints of injury by thc hikr
twiggirler o pc an twigs at Cornelia have 'been received.
(October 22) hickory tig girdledid its usual
daay ecii iiiaAustralian pinei, and som mage iiiiiito

Msispi 0. LyliOctober 24)i Th hickory twig girdleri iiis reported byiiiiii
ts, of Brookhaven, as asing slight daage to pecans

in outwesernMisissippi. Twigs containing young larvae were found
atSin October 2. A wisteria twig ut off by this insect
siiiii~s;~~ siiiiiiiii~ii i @ @ iiiiiiiiiiii@ ii iiiiiiiiiiiiii i i iiiiiii i;

wasrceive mTrebl on Otober 1.

PEAN taVIL ( urcuie caryac Horn)
J....bisn (Otober ): -Larve ere observed leaving peciansi

in entalAlaam.4 dring the week beginning October 19.

HICKRY SUCK WORM (Laspeyresia carffana Fitch)

Mississippi. C.Lye(dhtbr 24): A complaint of the hickory shuck worrm
wasrecivd fomMeridian on October 6. Many infested pecans were
foun atStat Colege on October 20. -A heavy infestation is re~ported
by nspcto G.L.Bond at Moss Point. Many of the nuts dr ,pped before
matrit, ad mnyof those re-maining on the tree have not filled out.
i i"ii"""""I i;;;

C PECANiiAPHID (Mlanocallis ae iae Davisi)i

Missssipi. Lle October 24).: The black pecan aphid-is heavily infest-
: .iiuii

@ iiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

ingsosin the vicinity of Meridian, according to Inspector
M. L Grmes Inpector J. E. Lee, Poplarville, rep'orts it less abun-
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii;iiilii; ; ii;; ;il i; 01 1;"

dantiiiihiiiiiiiiiiiious years.

CiUS WHITELIESi(Dialeurodes s i.)

0.iiiiand assistants (October 24)o Whiteflies citrii

Athm ar~nuer~s: on ornamental "hrubbery -in nearly all parts of the
i~i~ll~liiiii ;iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~iiiiiii;iiiiii"ii
io ii
i; ;aii;;~ iiiiiiiiiiliiiiii iiiiiiiiii=iii i i ii, i,
i~a rirrrrs~,,,rrrsii "" ; O lllA ar;liilri'iiril", Xi'liiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiis; isii
iiiii "lii ;iiiiiii',;: i;i~iiii. iiii ili iiiii

Florida. H. Sponcer (Octobr 1): Infestation of citrus treesb
red scale is heai an at an since the Deceber

adult scales are quite consPicuu-s.

located near McAllen and Mission, are rare and very spotte
PURPLE eiloiiiiiiiidiaphei biiiiiiii iickii )

scale 'by favori-n tho dowlcpment of the red-hoaded fungusi

sulphur mixtures which laft hcary residues onthe lcavos, p

Southeastern Stats. E. W. Bergr and G. B. Merrill (October 23
of oi ttonuin-shio4u iTh ssiin i>i..........
by the number of requatftVedalia beetles in Ot

fiscal year 270 colonion were supplied.

Florida. H. Sponcer (October 1): Citrus rust mitos have been
numrous thisyear than in 1935 As is usual during Augus
bor, infestation in unsprayd and undusted groves almost d
but not until much of fruit had occurred. In gr

unshaded fruit than usual. Concerted efforts toward impro
quality of fruit by control of pests and othertneans has n
increased the proportion of fruit that will make first grade.
""""';l ~;l~; I,;

] ]] ]]]]]]]]]]]] ] ]]]] ]]]]]]] ] ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] ]] ]]]]] ]]]]]]] ] ]]] ]]]]]] ]] ]]]] ] ]............

Ah MITE (Aarhu wormki hasben ani

Texas. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ or S.W lr Ags 0-Vr ew r mites isrki quit bed a nfound
on~~ cintrus atm this tim arundWesaco
CORK EARrnWORM been serio obsoinfe F.)

GMr(cbrcrn on arm

Rockvillerisebadlyoinfesedeby the cornnear worm
Floida .R. atsn (ctoer 2):In ansathee Colunoy ther wtas cosieral

F. S Chaberln (Sptem er) h on ear worms hase been causeingl

ous~ ~ ~~~~~~mg toth late sweet corn, InOirndrnome asu&iaboea

Moths of corn carwormron thecwin duringsOctober

numbrs n crn nd onaoesin ha sothrn al of the State th
latter half ofer Septemboerl
G. Goud (ctobr 2): Crnlarnworms of unc beenn excedngly
numerous~~~ ~ arudwaaeterheed mag to lae sweeut corn, tomatoes,

Missssipi. C Lyl ndassitan s (cobera 24);severmae indamagestonfl

Wharonand ollnt ountes hroghout September, attacking cotton

Utah a.F. rb~tn (Spteber 9);Tomato fruitworm. injury was moderato to
ligh inWebr, inth, ron CaheY Box Elder, Davis, Utah, and Salt

r30): These caterpillars are destroy-
ios at Walla Walla by burrowing in the
flowes an floer salks

totomato bythecorn ear worni in l lalit iiin cii

i 2i shiiin e the infottion in eneral to rane fr

of th Lskoyr bent arnryworn (Lrphygua exiu n I
f iolds exd.-ined thor infestation was a(pparently i reasin. I t S
rcisco ditict infestatin a h~~,
encouantero in two fields. The infestation continues h a
nany plantrnrs in which 10 porcent orore of the fruit i
In the Errntoood district th corn ear wor infestationhe

SOUTHEMN B3ES-'T 2i TM-1 (-DaqYzanca bipunetalis F.)

South Carolina. C. 0 Bar, (Octol '5) ): bets hav
ltl dr ry n v byhv t h e. s -ouhern beet iew wre 'to the
laboratory a connercial planting at Charleston. A; '
lo e ntirel defoliated. This 17.scet is more

Missouri. L. Easonan (October 21): Dure th first half of
oStrie aui iiber bootle (Di vittaa and the snttd an

Lpmar a unty.

SOUTIEPI GX=- STTIM7UG (Fezara viridula L.)

hc-ld 1"or toa citire 1iul

Georia- T. L. 4s-ell" (Octcber 2-4: Leav.s of turnip grovi

of s:n.11 `a- believed to be N. ericae

:' iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiA 'iii i ii i

imiiiiliiii~i iiO iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i ia'iii
@ "'II II"P Illl~~il I ;il iiiiiiiiiiii
Miss ippi. J. P. Kislank tbr2 iiii4)iii Theale iiiiiiihin ug is unusiiyiiii
abundant and causing serious injury to turnips in Stone, Forrest, and
Jones Counties.

EUROPWA CORNT BORER (Pyrausta nubilalis Hbn.)

Connecticut. Ii. Turner (October 17): Potato vine infesattion in six towns
of Hartford and Tolland Counties ranges from 5 to 95 poracen. Fifty-
three acres having from 70 to 100 percent infestation showed a reduction
in yield. One grower estimated at least 1,900 bushels loss on 19 acres
of Green Mountains. Both first- and second-generation inifestation
occurred. All these fields were in the heart of the newly developed
potato-growing district in Connecticut.
TOMTOPINWORM (Gnorimosehena lycopersicella Buock)

California. A. E. Michelbacher (October 19): Three larvae of the to~mato
pinwormi have been collected In the San Francisco Bay district. The
first one was tak-on at San Jose, the second at Santa Clara, both in
Santa Clara County, and the third at Hapward, Alameda County. (nwo
-previous reports frop this dietrict in Insect Pest Survey files are
from Marin 40ounty in 1931 and from Santa Cruz County in 1935-)

POTATO TUBER WORM (Gnorinloschema operculella Zell.)

Utah. G. F. Knowlton (0qctober 10):- Very little injury has beena observed or
reported in the section of Utah infestod with the potato tuber worm.

California. A. E. Michelbdcher (October 19): There is a light infestation
.,. of.-arvae in the t6asto fields in the San Franqcisco ;Bay district.
...enerally, less than 1 percent of the tomtoies are infested.

TOMATO WORMS (Protopai spp.)

Indiana. J. J. Davis (October 16): Tomato worms have been quite abundant
in tomato fields in Indianat, attacking fruit and foliage.

COLORADO POTATO BMTLE (LqpttnotarsG,4dereilineata Say)

Tenn'es'see. G. MIBentley (Octo'be~r 6): There has- been a surprisingly small
-number of Colorado potato beetle's this year. In the 13 comrmercial
potato-growing counties of the State very few have been found on
the first and'second crops,

CARROT BEETLE (Ligy~rus gjbbosus Deg.)
f~edin iniimatoiiiiiiatiiiiime
r @ ii~ i iiiiiiiiiiiiii

:,l;al;;;iiiiiiiiiii~ l

ii iiii iii
.... iiii

ii ii

1~11I;;;;iiiiii~i~is iiiiiiiii

iiiiisrli:ii iii
:;; ,,;;;;sii~i piiiii iiiiii
;Il;;;i;iSii ; siiiiii iiHi

s sIiiiiiil iliiiii iili i 1i18 1

i iiii~i; iiiii;iiiiiii~~irii;I~"U::lll~ 1~
....... ...... i ;ii;;;;:;siiiiiiiii
iiiii iiii; iiiiiliiiiiiiiiii i iil
i siiii ; ssii ibiiiii l

WIREWORMS (,Elaterldae)

Connecticut, N. .Turner (October 17); In a 3-aq -
C%.o 4cticut River Vnlley there s a s o: 200 us
(total yield 400), on account of dmae of
was probably Linonius qateP. Say.

TThAC00 FLEA BTTLE itrix paraela F.)

Txzast S. VVClirk 11 )1 D, la rb ot in a
T rll seed beds -eat Woslae

California. R.E. Campbell (October 24): This ws vy a
in several potato fields in Lts A -e1 p ,nd Sa Bar
The plnts had a genelly unhealthyappear e and w n
ia t hl h been, but it was impospible to determin hte h
lehopr %7ore the, sole cause of the injury. (Det. .7.Oi'

PO1TATO LEAFHOPIPER (Ehpoasc ab Il 6 rr.

Tanassao. G. MI. Bentley (ctober 2 Pott leahop
tanding potato posts, has been varypreval on bothpl
the Irish potato cR op.

T Dxas. i. N. Ecnoey (Se~ptember I'): Ea. fabaet causing sevre nuyt n
'beans and black--eyed peas in daivestor- Couty.

TOMAITO PSY-ILIT (Paratoza cockerelli Sule

Utah. G. F. Knowlton (September 29): Potato psylrlid- injuywsre're
i'rori SevAer, Wa,,atch, Piute, Garfield, Tooele. 'WarshingoKn,
and Ui-tah Counties. Damage this year ws nuch lelst

BEA, L RLE onr proteus L.)

Florlian. F. S. Chamberlin (Septembor): The bean leaf rollri asn oe
damage to strinG beans at Quincy.

EEAN T.IIPS (Kelicthrips fasciatus Perg.

UJt ah. G. F. Knowlton (September): Injury to 'bean foliage -ytrp a e
ported from Iron, Weber, and Uintah Gounties.


Virginia. H. G. Walker (October 26): The imported cabbage worm is relatively
ii~~ ~ ~iiiiii i ,,"'i 'li s;,,iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i riiiiiiiiiiiii

sarce in the Norfolk dit t.

Indiana. G. E. Gould (Octo'ber 20): Cabbage worms have been unusually dos-
tructive this fall and are still feeding on the late cabbage crop.
sse G. M. Bentley (October 21): iiiiiimparativey few imported cabbaIIIe

whor have been present on enabbage, brussels s~prouts, and cauliflower.

Missouri. L. Haseman (October 21): The imported cabbage buttalsfly has been
quite abundant, avipositing on late cabbage, turnips, and related crops.
Late cabbage has been severely attacked throughout central Missouri.

Utah. G. F, Knowlton (October 12): Cabbag;e worms seriously &dam-god cabbage
and auliflower in vari parts oTiele Coty (Septeiber 9):
abbage worm injuryii has been reported fron Garid, WasatchiiiiGrandii
Beaver, evier, Morgan, Weber Millard, Cache, intah, Iron, Saltii

Lake, and Piute Counties.

SOUTHERN CASB3AGE WORM (Ascia protodice B. & L.)

Oeorgia. T. L. Bissell (October 10): Caterpillars are dostructive to turnip
and collard at Experiment and Clarkston.

Kentucky. I, A. Price (October 24): Southern cabbage worms are abundnant at

Missouri. L. Haseman (06-tober 21): The native cabbage butterfly has been
quite abundant, ovipositing on late cabbage, turnips, and related crops.
Late cabbage has been severely attacked throughout central Missouri.

Mssilssippi. C. L.Vle (Octo'be~r 24): The southern cabbage worm was &AnWaing
turnips at Starkville on October 15.

CA3B:AGE LOOFER (Autogrnpha brassicae Riley)

Newr York. M. L eonard (October 15): The cabbage looper h," been abundant
and destructive on the large coimmercial crop of cauliflower on Long
sland. it waa apparently much more abundant than the imported cabbage
worm but:,. with a change to coolar weather about the first of October,
the infestation has eased off and apparently control measures are, in
general, to longer necessary.

Virginia, H. G- Walker, (October 26).-,.A disease has been keeping cabbage
loopiers in chock at Norfolk, there fore damage to collards, kale, and
tnbage ha6s beenveay lV2ight..

710rida- J. R. Watson (October 22)t The cabbage looper was extremely abundant
@ i"i"i"' i' ii" iii ii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

sr ~~~iiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ais;~~ii

.............. @ii~i@ iiiiiii iil~

iii; i i ,,,;,




@ iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~i'iii l

indin E. Gouild (0Oftobertb '!Cabbageropwa r d s u tv

Missou. ri L. Hasemn (October 21): C bage loopers haveb

themon th. liru t

dami6 to r iutabagas on Sipteiber 24 at.Flor.n.e..

T.nnessee_ G. M. Bentley (October 23): Three:ycars tep
was very abundant our comiercial ca1bge-growing

CABBAGE APHID (Brevicoryne brassicae L.)
iNorfolk but is increasin i and m.a. y cas. some daageu.iiiii
::::::::::::::: ::::::::::: iiiiiii ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::: ::: ::: ii i i i i i i i i i ii i !iii i i iiiiii i i i i i iii i '=ii = iiil iii .............. :::::::::::::: ::::: .. ......... i i i i = =' '==......... ... i i i =

!ii i iii i i ii i ii i i i i ii i ii iii iiic i i~ i i i iii i i i ii i i ll i i i i i i i l i i ii i ii i i i i i i i ii i i i ii i= i i~ iii il i i ii i i i ii i i i ii i i iii i i i i il i i l i i l ...i i i i i

@ @
iiii il iii i ii iiiiiilliiii iii ii ii iii i ii i i ii ii iii i i iiii i iiiiiiiilillli i i i ii ii i iii i iii i li = i i~ i ii = ==== = iiiii ..... ....= = =

iii~ iiiiliii ii! I~ Iii iiiiiiiii iiiiii i i

iiiiiiliiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~iiiiiiiiiiiiilii8i ii iii ~" "" i;

ili iiii~ii! ii iiiiiii
ii ii i ii
Ei~~J~l~~Eo iiiiii iiii iiiii3ji i i
Ii C'ii iiii;liiiii iIi i !i ii iii ,iiil iiilii,@ i i iiiii:
iiiiiii i iiii i i .. ........................................... ........... .
: ~~~ ~ ~ ~ i iliiiiiii iii iiiiiiliiliii~ii iiii'~~~"8~: ~ ~~~~~ ~ ~8~,:::

ii ,!iIi iiiiiiii~~~~~ iiiiiiiiii iiiiii i = = = i==== ::: ::::::::::


Missouri. L. Haseman (October 21): During th'e month there has been a pro-
gressively increasing invasion of melon aphid on cucumbers, squash,
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiand pumpkins throughout central Missouri, with a decrease in nbiirsiiiiiiiii
of ladybeetles, lace-wings, and hymenopterous parasites attacking it.

SQUASH BUG (Anasa tristis Deg.)

Missouri., L. Haseman (October 21); During the month the squash bug has boon
on the increase and most of .them are now transforming to the adult stage,
preparatory to seeking winter quarters.

EXansas. H. Rk Bryson (October 24): On account of the dry weather during the
latter part of the summer, the injury to squashes and punpkcins by the
squash bug- was quite marked.

= i," iiii== Hiii~iiiii; siiiii 'ii

TURIP APHI (Rhosihiiiiiiiiiiiiiil pseudobrassicae Davis)

Virginia. H. G. Walker (October 26): The turnip aphid hais been very abundant
in cabbage seed beds this fall at Norfolk.

ind -i -ana. J. J. Davis (October 16)-. -Turnip aphids were abundant and destructive
to turnips in the eastern part of the State during September.

Kentucky. W. A. Price (October 24): Turnip a~phids have been reported in des-
Structive numbers from Waynesburg and Louisvillo.


GPEN PiACH APHI:D (Myzus persicao Sulz.)

Virginia. H. G. Walker (October 26): The spinach aphid is from scarce to
Moderately abundant on kale and collards but very scarce on spinach at

13EET LAEOPP4,-R (Eutettix.tenellus Bak.)

Texas. e J.' James (October 19).: The first specimen of beet leafhopper this
fal was taken on a screen trap on October 12. Last winter and early in
'-tespr~g hla insect and. the virus disease it transmilts caused severe
insryxy to spinach in; the Winter Grarden district of Texas.
R (AY RRitii iFiiiiiiiiiriiii

c i ,o M n n U G t b A a o l s e qu e b in o
8tt;A~st~rY4ar~ato~sat iami::,,i,:larkOontybut herecontnue
4upt" ws paiedoit'the lles wee ket dwn tminmun

Tennessee. G. M. Bentley (October 23): here has been a very heavyf

strawberry pla nts in same fields.

VEETPOTATO 70VIL (CylaR forLicaris Mf.t

Texas. J. N. Roney (September): Weevils abundant during Septmber in
ton County.

T0ACCO 1OR1 (Protoparce app.)

Haw. have been very previlent in all the tobacco-growincounties

Florida. F.. Chamberlin (Septerber): Tobacco hornwo3ms seta)a
scarce at Q in y.

Florida. F. S. Chamberlin (September):' Tobacco flabeetles appea
going into winter auarters at Quincy.


Texas. R. E. McDonald (October 19): Th most iiportiit news of the we

found in Midland County were in the 934 crop. On October 14 two:

onty was previously in the regulated area, the latt infestation
iliii;7 7 77 i i i ii iii
ii i 2 i i1111 11i!i; iiiii ii iiiii ~i iiiiii ii i'~ i .. ...

Mexio. S Rue (ctoer 0):Ate (~Tlahualr the: infestation pemiens

high,~ ~ ~~~sp th ubro om e olbeing more beaus ofpthed rneltvely
small numb of green in olk th

Canada. Canadian Insec (Speberdg 30): Sevperall pcilns ofath
cotolawrmhaebe aen rn lht l s at oueeotnl

Maine.~ ~~~~~h H.Teven Ocoer:Cotng lef worm e ha apare in several]
flights atreaf SeRptember )o3.Rted by

Virgnia.C. R Wiley (ctobr 13): Finto oh i nceae Nobrfol the ningh
of Ocober9. Hndres ofmoth ont builing aondespeci allyd olarge
sho windows. nvr efr ee rd

Ohi. T H.Pars' Octber24)Mthsr were collmon athlights bouth Colubu

duia October..etebe hemth

J. Husr (ctoer9). Teptevberi sofe Octobe 7lant considerabl
numberof mohs invdedtte dwetow~re oeflWoteter, cattrilacted byth
9th theupper arts o the lp iotswreticomplesthelys coerd algso
partsof sore ndrstauante windows aveer b)efLore sumer en sucda

extensive~91 Hav flight.- oftl seea unrdtousan inoh wenre lus
tered ~ ~ n toha ins th doweeksaea

H. Bennett7 I suthe9,rThreae ilins throughouth thll ceityo
Akon (pleed but the cFcetao G. Clok.
Indiaa. J.J.'Da is (ctobeern:This oth hals beenn reportedious. abudan
injuing raps4 Erlyin eted ,br some cotton pleant gorown in ther
expeimenal arde at afaetteweredefliatd bycatrpilarsegg
hainevdetl. ben ai b te irain mth te as o 1.gut
E. T Waler nd &socates(Ocober9): arg numersof ault
suddelY NP~ened aoundlight at afaytte odaY
111i~i.- W.P. lint(Ocobe 19)- Havy ligts f mohs n cetra an
nort-cenral lliois urin th pas 2- eks
13OLL WXVIL (Anhdnonuzgandis 13oh.'
-Otler Otbbe 11: Insoutern eorgia he bll wevi
1wouh bi411 ield yet11nP owet bu~theconcntrai'onis lw an
the umbr tht wll nterhibrnaion s lss tan n pevios yars
as coton ha been s defoiatedby thecotto leafworm tat thre ar

neit e n-ldinr lf f n

Mississirri.' H. 0. Young (Oct oer 17)., In Oktib thn Coutyte oul-ist
is thbout the snme as last seao, whichh wneel 1 ornal
bto ontor hiba.rnatinn will be very jnall, Extreml dry wete dr
Se.terber and October, together with the lea; f worm, has

as:ii there;: i;s:pmo; oI1l no
buildin up of n large weevil ppulation.

Loisiana. R.. roC Gaines (October P4) a Poprtino 'nblweovl.teno.
nine flight screens at Ti1161ln, ineipptiSone r the2
ln the sin'e Ites shrws the follo inr vaiintions

Ddfitte a1935

worno:eub r Nnbr
October 3 .............: 1. 19 :
October lo.,........... 41 .: 24 : 2L
October 17i.............. 31 4o0 : 6
October 23 ............: 99 34 7

ndult weevils cannot be folantin -roat n-a ers in this 1c
'is there is praction~ly no foodin- naterin1, it is nqljrn tha thr
feststion o
will be a small nber of wevils to entr hiberntib.

Texasr Ro Wn Mroland (October 17): In aBrazsnd dBurleonC
coll(;ctin-7- woevils. for fir-st installation of hi" ornation cei in
dif fi cult to locate a cotton field that had not 'eadi striltd`yla

X. P. _"Ming (October 17): In Aalhoun Coty the boll
crntinuing to breed in the late-iqei)rin- cotton, but fear.
tion-s for hibernation are 'ieing lessened .by lootf worris stipieth
co tton.

Mexico. 0. S. Rude (October 20): The boll weevil is very abunkn oe h
whole Lun.In nnst places the top crqp is almlost a totllos

THURBER.IA WEEVIL (Anthonnmus L-,ran(dis thurlberiaeq Pierce

Arizona.' W. A. Steven-son (Octobar 17)'. In Pima Ccunty in nrdial heana
f.Ll examinntione for insect da-.avve to cotton bolls, a 0.2-ecn n
festation of Thurboria wacvils was f'ound in Oon fielc abou ie ot
of Tucson.

A B-ELE (Iolaspis sp.)

Arizona. T. P. Cassidy (October 24): A small field of cottonrht a
apparently been ragged by Colaspis sp. 'was found 'bout 5 ie.suho
Tuacson an October 23- Durin---the past tosaosijr
a commercial da-maging point has baen noted from ColaspTis a.i w ra
in the Tucson farming district.

COiTl iiiiID iii ii iiii
Sn-t Carolina. IF. F. Bondy andi0. F. Raninwateriats (Se ut.mr3) : i)
.......... 10 has been pres nt..........a her in

on ~ ~ g teyuCtn-rgotof cotto nw Flored n coo. a loe
Georia.P. Glne (Otobr 17): Insuher n ar G ewri cotto ha p hiCrs rar

MisE.WOtober 17): Ct tonehil inof l hopo t

a nticabe eten i an fol0e 3. in kthvicinity ofnt Srtonevile, o
single Au-ust having 'been receivedr

Arizna. T. P Casidy(o thrlepros t 30): Cot on api inuchstatio increase
rapidly ~ ~ tha during the past wee thoahtte usnandSal ierVle

Souh arlia. ony (ctbc 1): The principa flea hopper hcaivie-
i i,

creasediiiiiiiiery ofii a nihin cot on at Fcrenen
]ii ii
iii r"

ins cotto thnr is stil som actiit i

.Mississippi.!C)) E.WNunm(coe 1) tSoeilo floa apr eeos rve hoper hav
Jblen: noed in cottinn

H. 0 You. ( ctoer 3):lIn Oton in b rlbor Count rtnt plant
fle hppes extspingthnc durne aoo the inf 3 eas.ain
this week nsthe Lat gof a fewkhoppers onethsflectively.l el i
Calhoun County, which hows that there is stil some activity in th

C01,2401T, RIM SPIDER (Totranychus, talarius L.).

SaF L aafr
s r r i r i,@bC e
twoofthsecontes(Flrecean Mrlor) he nfsttin astrce
frnnpokoood nd crlydock resectiely

Wisconsin. E. L. Chanbers (October 23)ic 'Serious defoliationrto o&,polr
nd birch occurred in several northern contis late in A:-ust andmoths
appoared in l k oshl r part of ptmber.

oEnALOOK SiXN!OR (Ellopia f isctllra kGueni

sprace this s r on Mount Desert Island. hvy flit o
Sopto-bor. This i'sect seens to be rapidly icoresit,.'

Conr.ecticut-x. z%. Wkdte.bor 4): I collootxd adults ofAthis 8nir(b )
an hidto in and ribout an ayor swamp near Riddletown. Th 1at
had boon defolinted carli r in thr sonson and wer stil bare -A the
Sth adults wre fond fr th soil in
Cast larval sins wer found ttached to 1af petioles ad twi,

A LEMF TIER (Psilocorsio f(binalln ChAwb.)

arlnd. J. lo (Ocobr 11) This chid tis two le.v.s t
and bntween thou foods by eatin off the P ,piderbi bleac3hiny hh
It has beon -4orkin- all smnd no,7 has da-maxod fron' 20 to 0
of the loaves nn every treQ in my woodlot Of a Out 50 ncres -t Ai

iMaine. H. B. Pirson (ctobr): A nw small, but vory hevy, infesto
S.tateS !.
n ,'ii;iiitNi

(Galerucella xanthomelacna Schr.)
Washington M. H. Hatchl ii iiiiiiiiis2) 1jiii iiiisiiiiiinen of ln leafiiiiiiiiii
.. .. 'I"'"""" i~ i i~iiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiii "'"";;";I iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

W'- s taken on this date at Seattle, in Kin: C-unt7.

....... H H Ni;;ii;i~iiiiiii ;i

HEMMelasno-ohila fulvoLttata. Harr.)

Pensyl-ana. P F-t (ctober 22): The spotted henlock boror !was, bLi
undrtheof lo trees in the Phlade district,
'iii~ i iiiiii ii iiiiiiii@iiiiiili'!iiiii"i iiii i iiii iiiiiiiiiii

st tak to wocnkod trees.

BE(Synth-edn acerni 01on.

Ohio E.W. endnhal (ctoor 15-): The ma-p"l, bnrer is f ounda on soft -all,

iino streeteplantingi

P.raclanonsia acerifoli-ella Fitch)

Masachsets. P Fet (ctoer 22): The nnple lertf cutter is 100'll
abunantin he.Pittsfclddistrict.

JOBOIS JVWLY Noodi-prion abbntii Lench)

Ohiarvae of Abbot's pine sawfly ere re
from~~~~~ Hkin Gutwtthstatoment that they were injurious o
Iiir i iii:~"li:i'"lii~

yoii rl Pines. ..ii f

A "=5M, (ylbius radicis Buchanan)

NewYor. Z P.Fol (Otobr 2): A -pine root weeavil, H. radicia, th wr
o W ciiiiiii iaiiiiiieeiarlier as H. Pal s s..bst is responsible iiiiiii i.

WHIE ITZ PHID (Cinara strobi Fitch)

t22): Full-rown adults and e2,s are nu
on wift pie atWhie Pains.

A PYLLI (etralopha robustella Zell.)

Ohi. T H.Paks Octber2): Lnrvoae were received frnn H'ocking Cowt
:with he tatnen tht hey were injurious on young red pines.
..... i~ ii;; ..................................... @ iiiilil~ ii i iii iiiiiiiiiiii

'PIV, NQ SCALE, (Chio s pnifoline Fitch)

Connecticiltobe 2.3P):~ Scales Very abuandant in nurserean
eiiii (October 23):
;siiii riiisii ili is; iii~ii li ls;: iiu ili;i; iiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
!ii ii
==i.. .. iiiii ,,iiii iiiiiii =r~ i
?= =iii ;ijiii =ii ii'0ii i =iiiiii;iii;liiiiiiiiiii;";
;;iii ii iiiiiii;; i ..... ~ Iii iiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
;~ s~ iiiiii~i~io; l :iiiii is~iiiiiii @ !ii i i;iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~
//!iiiiilii" li ............ ii iiiiiii'"iiiiiiiiiiiiiii
iiiiiiiiiiiii;irii~ 'iRiiiiiii' 'iiii
iiiiiiiiii; iiiiiiii;isii iii~i ii;;,iiiii,,; ,,iiii ;; ii ;;;;;; ,,,

iiiiiii~~~~~~~~~~~iiiiii, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ il iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil,;iiiiir iiiiiiiiiiisi rrrrrrs: ( iiil i

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisiii iii .;:,i,;',;,,lii~i!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis~uo ,,iil
iiiiii iiiiii '" iiiiiiiiiii
i;; ; i iii iiiii ; ;; iiiiiii iiiiiiiiii n
isisliii liili~~~;i~iii si~,, iiisii, ,,r ; iis;;; l;;,;i,;;

private plnntingsc in va~rious parts of Connecticut. Last vearh
nursories were infea-Itsd; this 7e 2.

ebI- M Snk (octber 155) 'n lnqui -y concerning the coto 01
t h p ine Acaf scale 1:1 rc_19e on S,:,p-'e2ner 23. from WachingoCuny

SYCAMORE LAC1HU (92Erlthucha ciliata Say)

f Floride. J. R. Vatsozn (OctobQ r 22)e The sycnore lacebug 1as b
( faycanore tr~ee na usual.

EASTIMIT rPUi ccaTTLj 0a rotn1q9.026 op-.)

Mai1, o H. 3. Poirson (Octobir) A i &tree heavily
enatr 1'1)rlc C1oTt3e ra fq at the entranes to the atioo
rt nr ar Or n Se-t("mb.Dr 2_.

VerImnu J. V. Schaffnor, Jr. (October 2Q: Reccnt informtioe
t-he irnL- t,-tinn in taecre Mountain Natic'.1al Forcst on the ,l! rc"
nater hod, 1ccly knr s 'Birno, in Icndicaesh
dead anCd d-rin uce co-ero an area of bet"een 900 -md 900 a
'UhROP7",ll S77JC7 -,!nL- (Dipro Ht

Connecti cut. J. V. Schaffner, J-. o(Octoobr 20) On October 20
M1clnic obs:-rve0 seco-d- to Z -ins tar larvne of the Europ
sawfly in ai pantation of oa T iege.

A BAGWO"R14 (1pa7c~ho ni-rita B. & IMcD.)

Florida. H. Spencer (October 1): Snzl bagworrs have been take
tine5 during the s r .1 ve vs (f o tung-oil tree ini
Floridan. (Dat. by G Heinrich.


HAIRY CH T CH BUG (3114 als h4_rtuSMnt.
Ohio. J. S. Houser (S to r 25: Gts il Cahg
.;I ,,l~11s, Cuy a Countyiii

2-acre Ilawn, 7hich has rccived exceptional -,e, Was serious
chin s lte in the Sunr soo-tios being killed o4triget.
ul-rona-ad. very young insects nre now,, -]:esent.

A SCARABAID (0ahrosidia villosa Burm.)

Connecticut. W. 7R. Britton (October 22): Two lots of gr-ubs received frrm
Ii iiTIC BEETiiLE (Ano la iiorientali itrh.)i iiiiiiiiiiiiii

Con-nootite. W. E. Britton (October 22): Many iuntreated la-wZns drumage-.d in
New Haven and West Haven. Recently grubs were received lfrnnm Norwalk.

GG ,05 JUNE BSETLE (Cotinis nitida L.)

Indiana. J. J. Davis (Octabor 16): Green Juno beetle larvae rceported
dam giniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii la siiii in iiisiiiiii southii India a c liti s, especially at

Evansville, yhere, accordinS'to a reyort r.-coived August 25, the p'ara-
site Soolia dabbia Say w also abundant.
A MIDGE ( arai inconstans Fitch)

,Nebraska. M. H. Swenk (October 15): The fickle. midge was rclportod infost-
ing houso plants in Lanxnster County on October .
i iiiii ~ ~ iiiiiiiiiii iii ii ;iiiiiiiiiiiiii ;iiiiiiiii

G !I:-:& HOPPE M ts citri Ashm.)

Now Jersey. U. D. Leonard (Otober 15): On October 12 1 observed at Ridge-
wood a rather larg7e bad of ag-eratu the loaves of rhich showed consider-
able effocts of foodinT punctures of the gardon flea hopper. The insects
were fairly numiernus on the plants.

WHIT13 PACH SGALEE .(Aulacaspis rorsaingog Targ.

District of Columbia. Mrs. F. IktmeWda '(Octobor 2): Speci-rons of salae
insects on ornarmental peach were collected in Washington, D. C, (Dct.
by H. Morrison.)
N ..................................

Virginia. G. T. French (Octbecr 9): Th.) whie eah scale is increasin!g
naiterially in the vicinity olf Rich aiond on privoet hadges, and unquestion-
ably is doing considerable damae.

iiSouth Carolina. G. W. Brown (Septeiiber 1) Insict on nulbrry flige

submitted from Roebuck, Spartanburg County, has been identified as A_.

Florida. G. B. Merrill (October 23); There appears to have been consider-
ible hatching of white peach scale eggs during the last sevzeral weeks.
; ; i

iiii i

jiiiiiiiiiiiili;;,iiiiiilriiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiil iiliiiiiii

iiii~~ii iiti~ s ii~iii: iiiiiiiiii ;l;iiiiii
iii~iiiiiii~i~li~i~,i~ ii;: i iiiiiiiiiiii I,;;iiiiiii

in New Orloans. .(Det. b-7 H. .Morrie -i.)

30X0OD Z IiiiR (Monarthroiipalps bu I o

arl d. .N. (Cory (Octobejr 5i): Box nod lerte L- agsti
;;;;;;; .i~i~i;;,;;l~~ si iiiiiu iii i
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i i iiii ,i ,iiiiiii iiiiiiiii iii~ i iiii i iiii~ ii

;boxo d at Forist .iiii '1e.ii i

TiD SUZEi (Fiorinia thonwiiei

Nr-rth Carnli-na. M. H-utif f (S o, t e:M-bo e 1r Scale insect o aoialae
-t 71il-nington. (Dot. by H. Morrison.)

Mvississijppi. C. Lyle (Octo'bor 24): Thi o scalo. inscet 1is
Camollin ,jqyonica at Lenaknavillo mrnd Ocean Sj-ripCgs thelte -ar

A 00OMD (Jadora h,-arenatalom7a H S.) -

Oklah-na. F. A. Fant n (Oct-be:r 22): "We hntve rec,-ived futhrrprsn
h -eintoloima on Chinabarry trtees.


THIRIPS (ThyrSa-n-ptera')

kmaryland. -Z. N. Cnry (October 1): Thrips reportead on chrymto-rsa

Ohio. .W. Idcnd. nhnll (October 16): HoliothriTus haemorrhcidalis Boucho
is abumdant on chrysanthemums in greenhouces in Spring1
CITRUS EALYBU (Psiiiidococcus citri Risso)iiiiiiii

Ohio. E. W. Mendenhall (Octobr 19): The rnly bug is an
chrysanthemuis in -reenhuse in Piqua, Miani County.


A CMER-MBYCID (Hijpopsis lemniscata F.)

Louisiana. H. L. Dozier (September 30): Larvae were tun
of cl,-hlia at -Now Orlnans. A seri-us outbreak over the ct ui, h
-Last few wres, kill-in. hndreds of large plnants.
i iii~. .... ... .il;; ;;11;;:; % i i i i i i i ""A
i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i
1 ii i i i i i i ii i i i i i i i
i ii~ iiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid iiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiii i iiiiiiiiiiii "" i ii iiiii[""i i " " ii iiiiii "" ii ......

NJ~iji i JiiiJ|J ii|Jijj

i~iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiii i iiiiii li l l i ii

;,,x; II I

i i~iiiliiiii i~iiiiiiiiiii i ii iiiiiiiii iii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii;iiiiiii iii i
iiii~P~ iii iin ii~ i i i iiiii, ,!,;
i iii ii i iii i i; i': iiii ;iiii ;i
iii'li i

Conectcut N.Turer Ocobahr 17): Leafhoppers continued to -akes herv
attactil frost. Many varit were so stunted th t


R-U0,1YS SALE (Chioans-pis euonyrmi Gomst.)

New Jrsey. P. Fet (Otober 22): Euonyrnus scale was repo~rted as inlii
ousl abu. dnt i Pahysandrzn at Orange.

Missiisiio(tob 2)- n is very abdant i

BUCK5 (:Bpica nta iiiiiBZL=apennsylvnnic Dep

Ohio E.W. endehal (Otober l)-, Blister beetles were abundant on
gladolu an casedsone dw-ange to the f lowors in -,:,.-rdcns in ClarkCuny

WINC CURULI (Gonotrachelus oratae.-i Walsh)
Gerga 0..r 17) his inset was iusilly ibundM oi

haw tees t Fot Valey.


01MADER CAI (Aspidiocus hcderae Vall.)

Ohio E. Hadomhl october 1): Ivy or olanndtor scale a-undant or. v
plant iiiiiiiiiiigo n us in Dayton.iii ii i


BULB TE islpQ-hus racinthi Bdv.)

Nebrska M.ff. wen (Otober 15):- Fron Clay Crunty on Septondber 30 cm
Sinfestatin of lily buliios.


MAGNOLIA US (Neolecaniun corpu -rum Thro)
.October 22): The magnolia scale was exceedini

almmantandquie ijurinus on a nagnificont trea at Middletown.

-iiiiiii iiiii;r; iiii~iibiiiiiiiiiii

ROSEWD DBasneug rhc~optag Coq.)
iitober 22): Th rose iiiie injured any tis
iii 'ii

| ;;;';i'I
E~; O:xi~llxi", I;ti' Oli@'I"i~iili 1
iiiilioii~~siir~iii is iiiii~i~~;~iiiim~iiisi i

o~ut-nor rnses at Rostyn, Ln4g lsapads..
liZ,7i ruf qn~Riiis F.)i

Oht 7 nhl 10 cane borer iL
thoe R-a-i sesok areo at
EsT 9rl(vba-rnai .

Yew J-:,sev. 11. D,,enr (coba 1j): qtnaw-flowers ( 11oihyu :.
uoro, n tde I v ife0td nio n Ocuobir 12.

TWO-115GD TEEOPER(;&:honra irnotnt; Say)

Ge,7 Yi171. B,* 7ull (cftIber 1: tree
7- t ter e ir fawr on tho roohtes of save l b

(vorbu:.ore~ Nmrioli in tht 1 wgornae t.paniga
tbunlneby was to a 2csser -



thf in te 2

Flnriaa. J. R. in nroh (rcton pn of thhoSpate
Seporormevo cry, Li tra:oquto re rmuch los aud-n
th. n iwn nn ycars.

Tennessoo. (1. Benurlcy (Octobr 27 Durin- Sertembor and
has beon co-sidriblo nn L. in the eastern part
of tho State.

Hi ssouri L. Hasenun (OriOn g; tho month several spe:ics of
native nosquitoos hzve to --n zbnataiaunnoinx on rarnr vnns

Ka ns S R. Br7sanp (Octo'be-r 24'! id.-ioe wre 1-resent gAnaothn
first' 1-01-1,- in October, -Lf'tr an almost conz-pl--t-o absence duinth
sriTYiC T.

Utah. ~~4 G.F.Kr:ln29): llosquiteoe have an-noyod anand- livo.-
stoc in-nan pats f Utah.

H.H.Spto 30): The population of A. ldrichi Dyr
nmd ~ ~ ~ ~ g Kna ", in the lower Colurfoia Rive.rr Valloy f(ell off
bo-,r-inrrn,--- July 17, w,,ihen hirh t raturce ,md lmo.w humiidaiit-y, ba-
cn-ac nnsstot. !ost unusual nu_:bo-r of 4,aldrichi wero, hnowve-r,
obsrvd i a avoit breod~in,7 arla near Pnrtland on Sortombor 23.
Sovntynnofenlesaoro collrected iJn -a 10-,minute, saniloe This nu,-,bcr
co-.g;arris firivnna with similar apletrken at'the ho-,i--:ht .o-f tho
br ~ ~ ~ ~ I ~eodigsao.Tesoimons ta.!en rwerre biting viciously. Rarely
?mobservedmore than an olindivial aftr Septamber 1.

FLEAS (0toenocerhalides sp.)

UniedStaes E.0.Cusin (October 26):- Nerea lr;e fr-n rll iarts
of te cunty, ski.,g for infornation. on Mot'hnCs of contrnlling7 in-
festLations of doou, and ct flon (C. ennis Dart. ri-nd C. felis Boucho-,)
indicatethposts have been r trubleso: this season than
frpt in Ihmss.

Indina. J.Davi (Ocobe 16): Fleaas were frequently rejported duringn
A-oustas eryabudat and annoying in houses -md fan -buildins.-S

Nebrsk-. M* H Senk (Ocober 15): On Septuatom,-r 24 a LaInc~astor C(oun-ty cor-
S he cat flea(C. falis) infestin a bnsenent.
Frm RiharsonnndoLged sCounties on October 7 and 9, resjpe:,ctivoly,
comj~lants wer reeie. of the infestation of a ba-serient cand farn
buidin~s y te df7flea (C. ceanis).

PUSS(Meg-alop opereularis S. & ilft)

Alaama J.M. RoinsIn Ocober 29): A flannel -moth vas received on Octo'ber
9 fnm rico ity 1ith a lotter stating tha.t a boy ha11-d been affected
'by he oiso frm te bristles. Thias -provod to -be 4. o-percularis. A
pupaiom Headland. it sriously affoted the hnd of a
,,.moma wh attmptd t brush the l1arva off.

L oi i na T.r~. Sydr Octo bor 19): Durinig- the past few weeks the puss
onattractin conideracle interest in the vicinity
7ave had four or five sanles turned in to the
offie wichwer eihor feeding on rose bushes or choke cherry
(cutivted, Te cterpillars have been briou-ght to the office, not rn
acemit f to fct hat they wore defoliratir-!: pl,-nts, but becausQ they
caued etto rsh.In cm old l1ast yearts cocoon I nbtindn' quito a few
r~dlt lis tis ea. (D!At by D. ".3. Hall as 'Vinthenia sp.)

BLAC WIDW SPIDER (Latrodectuas nactans F.)

Alaba Robi~on' October 28), On September 25 a black 'widow spiclor
Wn' Tc~eve. i tisoffice. It was, reported by a doctor at Dadeville
gaorson, reslting in-serinus injury.

lnsbin7ton* R. S. Letranu (October 26): A1 heavy infentation afbal io
spidrs was vestiated in an utdoor dirt collar t CollegePla
The:) o-ner also n-rted seeine, the spiders in the hoiuso ne. in
-laces ar-und the -loors.

reiSAND densS (Glicoides sa)l

oria J. ull (Steber 30): urin July all reports ir
st coast of Florida stated tt and flies ere rse
residents counld rene7br. More correSonence in re9ard t
annsyance and reauests for aid were roceived that nonth t v

Geor.,ia. J. 3. Hull (Sertaeber 30): Durin Septaer, especialyh

with thra loelen toe be n r. r7f o-
"ork of the Seioonth,. 25itho
aarshs ni1r Snvnvnnh and w ar sd consVi-erable an..y:nnoo forafe1at,
oe o kyardeather was G ool.


o0RtM (Cochliyia mrina 0. & P.)r

UKite'" Sats H E.e. Dove (Octob2}r 26): Durin the past ionts
or onhrble to cases mourrin; in Otober 1935, were ont e from
difforent counties. The low atmiosiphoric to7.-eratures caus,' nrest
castrate ind oneyr.- tl just before turning thfninto
nut filsfor Iftnig hen, such injurie-s were not prolel rae
nwithi a ropellent thoy boeana favorable sites for scrowworn nottos
For th priod S tenber 2 t October 2 th folloing r
Uords and nag7ot cases were received.: Alabnn, none; Ariz
Onlif i, 15S. Flria, 5506; Gorgia, 805: Louisiana, d harsi
stockyards; 1Mississ-ip-Jil, I h-xnan case; New ',Aixico, 4,195; ka:ont 06
South Carolina, 10; and Texas (57 *to apprt 75 coute

HO)IT7 FLY (Haematobia irritans L.)

Missouri. L. Hasenn (October 21): Notwithstanding the cool tV
hcrn fly has cnntinued to be rather albundanrt thrnu7hout cenrlMsor
and extrnelAy annnyinj- to livestock nn warm 0,avs.

Texns. R. E. Parish (Octo-ber .1,9): Horn flies are very nunerosaron
Monard and cause many cases of screwworms arouand the horns fbcs
mutton rheop, and horned eiwes.

STABLEFLY (Stonoxvs gnlcitrans L.)

South Carolina. F. Sherman -und associates (October 20): Stablefissvr
near the cnast late in' the sumner.

Missouri. L. Hasoian (Octobor 21): Not ithsteanding the cool weather, the
stable fly has continued to be rather abundant thrr
Misscuri and extrely annoin to livestock on war a


iiilii iiiiiiiiiiii:' ii:O iii@l; ;
., iiiiiuiiii iiii ,i;iis;ii iiiiiiii;, iiiiiiiiiiiiiii i ,iiiiiiiiiii iiiii iii iiiiiii

B0TTLIES (Gastrojphiluqs spp.)

Texas. D. 0. Prrman. (October Ho Erse bots hvive "be-en notaboly scorce this
year. -The. first eg-,s or first observati-ns were nrted a0 u Sptont--rbor
17. During,, the next few edays abouat one-half dozen a'dult flies wr-ere
observod and. a few eg were deposited.

0. G. Babcok (October 15): Stonmch botflies (G:. intoestinalis)
have 'been dnositin- e-,-.-s at Mena~rd for a me annd,, ar-3 still oi
so. ogs n hrores are fairlycann

Utah. G. F. Knowliton (Septembor 29):, Botflies have rtnn-yed,1ivestock in
Garfield, Mllorgan, Jun"), Milla,rd, '7asatch, Rich, -Toocle, and Salt Lake

H 0U SE H 0 L A ND ST 0R E D-P R 0D U C TS I X.S --jC T
Siii i ii iiii ii iiiiii iii

;iiiiiiiiii ; i;;;iiiiiiiiiiiiiii

GRINARY SLETIL (Sito-philus .7anariaL)

NewT Yok. Z. A. Back (October): S.-,-rn~naria was recoived late in Septedrbacr
fi it iiiiiiiii

Nowr Jersey. E.A Back (October): -Specimens wore: received fr(on Jersey City
the latter part of September.

Pennslvavnia. E. A. Back (Septemd r 2)' On this dzate speciriene wore forward-
ed fron Sinking Sprineg.s, where thousands of th-am were repnrted to be
swarninci thr,uch-ut a hnuse. It was claimed that they crawled to the
hnuse frrn a flnur and 1grist mill located on adjninin,7 pro~perty.

RICE Tr' VIL (Sitor. thils oryzae L.)

Mississippi. J. E.- Lee (October 24): The corn at thme South Mississippi
Experiment Statinn at Popla-rvill had been d&amaged 20 percent by weevils
before harvest.

VARIED GARMET BMETLE (Anthrenus vrbascig L.)

General., E. A. Back (Octobar 1): Specimans of caret beetle in larval for.m.
have been received fro the fllowin places nodlawn, N. Y. Pitts-

burgh, Pa. Baltimore and Braddock Hfeiehts, Md.; Detrnit, Mich. ; and
Seattle, iaih. In Seattle the infestation was so henvy that the entire
hiuse iias funiiited. iiiierous livin larvae were fouid after the fmi-

GARPET BEETLE (Anthrenus s~crophualariae L.)

Iniaa. .E. Gould (October 20): Reports have been receDived frron various
parts of the State concerning occurrence of the buffalo carpet beetle

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Illinois. vi. A. Back (October); Thi dernestid vi, received 2
froT a ho.e in Chiong6 where they nere orawling over clean
and beconing traped in dishes. The species also rce i
l iforii late in Sptiiier 'froi an aparteit iiiouse in iiiiiii

of externinators.

California. E. k (Otober) Theblac f sbeetle,
farinaceous matrials, .was collected in Septeer in soh Cal
in a rnausoleum, where the adults were found in lee clust
cracks surrondAin, the stonos sealinr the individan vaults

fro2 a house in orchard Park.

Dist-ict of Columbia. Z. A. Back (October 9): he cigarette be
in WshinCton emring on Otober fro furniture contain
flax tow. Furniture ,as purchased now in Seltember 1935 h
was found in October omarging in numbers in Washington, D.
upholstered furniture just unpacked.from Istanbul, Turkey.

Nebraska. M. H. Swenk (October 15): A specian of the cigaret
sent in by a Douglrs County correspondent on October wit
that it was proving troublesome in a house in that county.

Missipi. C Lyle (October 24): On Septenber 2? the corn s
forund at Houston in considerable numbers on cotton seed th

Florida. J. R. Watson (October 22): A great deal of damae wa
furniture, mrstly of cypress wood, by the powder post beet.

Indiana. J. J. Davis (October 16): Powder pcst beetles have b d u

A MRIN BEETLE ( Coninann-u emstrit Gyll.)

YN)rth anlrota. J. .61. lmunro (Octlvobe-,r 27): C. constrictus -i,.as nolerately
abundant~~ ~~~ i i frina tg.(Dot. by 'W. S. Fisher)

HGUSE C-qICKE-T (Gryllusw dr-7iegtious L-)

Vir,,in-,ia. E.. A. -Back (Oct~ob'er), Or, J-1y 3 a sr-ockemn vwas r!3caived fr zi
D-,,re -vi th t h,. s tzt e onat tht c ICt h ing --)wna bing da naged.

Ohio.l E. A. Back (Octrober): On, October 3, G3. d--.esticus ras receilved frm
D!-y-Lon, vith th- sta-tcment thas thte insects are bothe]rs-),ne- Un a houpse
In cat ed nenr -. city dl-ng.

Utah. G. F. Knowltnn (Steptembu;r 29): Crickets -,Tzero a'-nneyhi in howmes at

JORTHIL MOEGIKET (rvilr-talva h-exe-dactyla Perty)

Manina. D. A. Biicki (October 15)'. dyeTm;i.ens of, thiis nolc cricket wore
rcceived on, October 15 from. a silk stoarse.e room of.L a munufacturti-- plrnt
in 3an-or.

INDIAX-MYLL ilOTH (Plodia inte--crinctella Plbn.

North -rakecta. F. Gray Butchor (October 27): -P- i-,-tormyncotlla infesting
cceri in st,,ra,;,e at Far,,7o.

SILVERFISH (LeLisma sacch-ari--ne L.)

Tennessee. C,- Ml. 2entley (Octnoer 23): The silvorf ish if, prevalent in
nany~ hnuses- ia the State. It is reotlto be -aatinC, fabrics, ae
wecll Ps paper.


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