The Insect pest survey bulletin


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The Insect pest survey bulletin
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v. : maps ; 26 cm.
United States -- Bureau of Entomology
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
Bureau of Entomology, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
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Washington, D.C.
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monthly, mar-nov. plus annual[1926-]
monthly, apr.-nov.[ former 1922-1925]
monthly, may-nov.[ former 1921]


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Insect pests -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
Entomology -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (May 1, 1921)-
Numbering Peculiarities:
Vol. 14, no.9 issued only as a supplement..
Issuing Body:
Vols. for May 1, 1921-1934, issued by the U.S. Bureau of Entomology; 1935- by the U.S. Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine.
General Note:
"A monthly review of entomological conditions throughout the United States" (varies slightly).
General Note:
Includes annual summary starting in 1926.
General Note:
Includes some supplements.

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s u RV E'y



throughout the United staum
to Docomber, indusim




1,Z- k 2

Number 9

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TA s" a

0 of

7r :Z,7

I~~~~ 1 7 TS R EYS L 2 I

October 1, 1929 No. 8

mliae ,fteMdtrana ri l ava been repor ted daring t:he
w ath or serlo"e ozditions with regard to greuphoirpers reported i n the
"*Abv of the %ul1otta have, deelopcd, imto, iser~iou outbrooLks i n Vae Great
-dit of INorth Dak oa aid, Montana..
mwh depredations bIy -irovoMs qpntinuacd to b;,e reported Jfroxq scatter-
11jo over the antire country the, -15agWirg"particularly serious
'rid ha~t.

Jay igh 4aosiip fly infestation reportod from Sep York State
;kgvmetly sxtands 'westward Virough Ohio., 'the detailed summary
134@ aT#y m suve ,Va e other wand shars a very markedA increase in
oaete Uafvoraga 0, tneezted s traws for the State being about 15
ft$0UMt fUy seems to :bq on the increaze also in Missou'ri.
siosApre04Mionv by co rr root wrorfs hkave basa reportoe. from
W* v'$g atches of corz are, cowplet ely )1lled out in mta
Ad$ afA W CRV1hjih 9 not ki.Led was lodged ion account of e

Vhe elti U.P te**xpillar i's practiceally mining the say -bean crojp .in
ters, ~ior Jhaja p hag te tastrA coar4 of %*sas. Tho straiaze feature
the ~ it eitni fact tthe v47vt been$ =nd nowea4 adjacent, to nxuine
jth "fer 4"e a"e pmauotaedl* uo=adaa .

pitta) $a$ dso6t of tue Carolino Arse so eaPriously
MVCVs Ogtat aUor growert 00 at tevaring t.,%iir

e44 wak 41aA vejig tbo the Cqinty of Ned-
at Anaiv 0* mh ar"s t )MOM ix-
en tops rVIA$~ S imr acte was also found
V*3* 4&tmats, 12e bolog an extension e the

owing to Oa PArtial third broodI olih eiaiohAe@g *"
MMddl Atlantibb East, 0ontral,, and 70st Ofttral Stator,,00 4
worms is very itoticeable, even in well sprayo4 orchards. $otr g i
have also been roported from Nevada and Wazhingtoa.

More da~mage by the apple maggot than Usual is boing obsfrved it tihe
England States.

The apple fruit wom Agag E gpglao Zell.). has been obseve
for the first time tn.the Montesano sectio4 of Washington. .

A very interesting case of this complete control of an insect pest by
its natural enemies is reportod from Ohio, nhere the apple flea weevil boa
been practically eliminated this year by its bymenopterous paranites.-

The oriental fr-uit imoth is rqecorded for the first time from the northora,
*end of Indiana and also froiz Amherst, Nass.0 and 'is quite _generally reporWe
from practically the entire infested,.region..

The g'ra'pe berry moth has vary materially, increaved in Abundance in t~hk
Lake Shore district of Ohio and over practically the entire State of Weszt
Th fllwebworm is'u-nusua-1ly abundant Uhro out the South Aulni n
GulfCoas reion xtonfugup the Mississippi Valley into 11issoui

The European -uecvil, Bracbygginus, cribricollia Sylhas been dso
ed on citrus and privet in Los Angeles County, C alifornia.

The citrus wYhitefly is being-reported as ver Woudat from Florida'
the Gulf Coast section.

Very serious dama,-o by the, garden w,,eb-.orm to alfa~lft is reported from
Iowa and Nebraska.

The 'c 'urclulionid boetla,Wvlodeag mo.-Lbogg Leo.-, to rftorded for tbo-
first time as a straw")erry post TAn Washingtoif.

The pickle worm appaars to be much moro seri~ous that uonal in the lortb
ern part of-its 'rango, r,-ports coming- from the East Central. "a the Wibt
tral Statos. The insect is recorded for the first time ft=Id Nbyrpha,-

T;-o heretofore unrecorded species of springt.ails are doing conaemial
damago to mushrooms Jin Minnesbta and Missou~ri. The species in Minnesota
belongs to the genus Achoreuates and the 4peciea ina Missouri to the ge as '

A very intoresting accouant of an outbreak of the greit basit/cMrtetu*
appears in this number of the Balletin. The outbreak took place mear Moa
Shasta, California, a~nd the worms were so nuiterous thjat they prevented pi

tLv4 ti a hokFs bef recorded for the f i..rot time in-woodland dis-

The bmlodt apeaporm bas kIlled Practically all of the hemlock'in the
4rt region ofidchlgan and is now's erioupy_ damaging hardwood.

Vkeary heavy ipf-3ntation by the two-limAd. prominant (Ifemerocamoa
'it Pack.E atteedkiig beech and'oak is're~ported from Michigan.

considerable part of the Uhite Mountain- disitrict of'Ner Hampshire,
&0 part of Ye~rmont and Maine, and -oarts, of Massachusetts seemtob
Wst ed- by the birch leaf-mining sawfly.


Th general application of 'otrol measures against the European corn
6 tad very favor4ble resualts in Ontario. La spite -of thie, observa-
-11&cato thiit n Kent and Ssse, counties sweet corn was more heavily
,Wthan last year, although in t."7e case of fidld corn the iricrease was
t!, The prezence of thiUs insect in 0,uehec bag not yet caused seri-
pjury1 In 4w Bx-ins--iick, in Sunbury ana 4 ueen Counati s, the n
*,i;I eltrarel .li! t. As a rnsu-it of scout~iaz, the borer has 'ae en
11 lYa Sootla; .U YTaxmouth. Di-gby, aftd Annapolis counties.

-s pebrjinestation in British" 'ColVmbia -hle not extremely
tu 11426 agai La sows -a tenclancey to ince~ase. Thse eXceedingZly dry
agale4the gaseslioppers to lay their eggs successfully. Moderate
4- t* aopet also are reported from southern ;4aebec and south.-

Set th4 whte his to a v8Arity of field anad gardet crops is.
*IpatoA, 6'vo t4 trI. -,ids a~rea i-n sout'iezn -Q:ebec, in late fall, and

Vftther oonditirAs ha-ve boa-i favorable to the devolopment, and increase
a'h Vwhat-step sawfI:. in Ma~te nitemobal, but 10-09 to wheat and rye
nat "sOeoed feW -Vhd-vxad (ollars for the whole province. Damagc to
10, t140 ape~ot,10; InSsathr is believed to be moderately severe
tl $modho t; 0 Afested areas. Although the infestation, is not so
8 in fre yftrs Vae myof doamage appears to be vwmslal-ly lhig~h.

"Itreatitfi ofte 01 V'amip W118s are reportod from districts of
Re ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ,k ON ikAd1pifi ntario intatc he pte phs -of Prenc

There is a heavy irfestation o-* t'he importecl cabbage ao i-@ p
Manitoba, resulting in the -arobable destruction of ha~lf the caag cg
farm gard~ens. The inf estation covers all districts. of Malaitoba souht
main line of the Canadian Pacific. Railway, becoming less zorthward, IA
being present at Swam river, north-of latitude 520.

During t4e' s1Mmer the tarnished plant bug occurred-in very iinjurlauz
numbers in southexrn Ontario, causing cqnsidlerable damae to garden planto
and nursery stock. Particularly, severe in iur7 was. caused to t-he celery cropo

In districts of soutliern Saskatchewan, tVhe bertha arqmywo-mi, Bgarath
conf imurata W71k., caused considerable' damaze to cabbage and f lax and some
injury to corn and' othaer crops. Mhe iznfestattion apparently is not soex
tensive nor the dama,:e Zo Severe as in 19328, but this specias is probably
the -nost severe pest _4: cabloare thisz s-eason in t,:e area involved

An outbreak of the zabra caterpillar has be~en reported from districts
of souther-_ New Brunswick, sou6thern -,aebec, and Ontario, af fectini; crucif er,,
ous. 13ants and a variety ol other flowe.rizg :plan-ts and vagetable.lcrope,

THe European red mite 3easx benvery cons-pic-aous ir, t-he NiaGara districtv
Ontario, particularly Lin -pluz, orc-_-ards, eand- also along tae St. Jo-an River
Valley, Few Braunwie:., in. aPple orchards. An outbreak of the red spoider,
Tetranwchus telar.'u-s- L.,, occurred in all 2arts of Manitoba, s ou th 0f lati-
tude520,affeting .:sperry, carroant, bean, pea and man otaer plants.

In addition o t'-e '_eavy out1Vbrqak of Vae greea 'apple anhid in siouthePM
Ca i led.reported. a. large- percentaTe. of t'he na~gl orcliards in the
pro ice sffere in ury f ro P, t I-e rosyy alihis, AIgRaggsuagBk

A Iieavy ou~tbrsak of tl'e &apple ma got inr -.aany parts of Ontario, east of
Toronto, ras prevented by srin.T'aere'aas been a greater menace from
this spce n.'aiiiigte last f o,,r years than in &My ?reviOUS'Lperi
in t"-,e -.-ast trreaty -ears.

4%,W U; 'A t P'l2D ZRS.


'14LU01 ( 5ep-.twmbcr Z3): Grasshoppors' aro doingZ con-
re*edtaneo ito citrus over 711orida..

M.' soSvarin-(Axicust 30):, The outstanding, outbreak in
'South, Vr kta at tho present tim 'san outbready of grassho?-
po,-s: ,'Ke]A--oplus 1 emur-.rubram-I~GE dftfeentializ Thnon.
9- b13ttGtga1 Say, anI M. alLnt Riley are very- abundant in
IgET, ones, Jackson, Pennin.,ton, Maado. Stanley, Huhes,
Radkon, BWf "lo. Brula, and a-rgory Counties, attacacin;
atla C'4ief ly.

V1 5-=2*e (SdOte-mbor 3): Dtxr1ing thoe first hialf of Aue-ust
,971 grasuboprpcrv conti-nuod to be nmerous cnd' injurious in vqge-
tabe ad-fowr ganrdens izi theJ vicinityO ofLnon and
aroulnd Parts of Omala, ruomnt, Colvmbus. Koc-rney, rand olso-
*4ar~e in th'to.aly.'Some damaga-to alfalfa. -,as re-
poi.ted f remThayor Coiint~y'latc i uguzt.' Inju ry as sori&Ids
t om. alf alfa f 'elds in south,--storr. 11obrafka frm Bn
V:= e4e Ooxntieg to C-aase and-&ayes -Countics... Some apprc1
*-ndioz ios --f16 b. f-armors it' thisarea that t~he grassboppG-rs
i, Vqo sevori; dam go- to 'the wintor. whoat-olantoa this f all,
atliv insects aro iuorc iuxserous Caan uuawl. at tais time

7. ar Ncne, jr. nnd L. CT. 'Bawahofor (Soptamfber 2); Upon
pdga 04 f~Ulwz pine at the restern edige of the planta-
Tzon's", a t43lant o n- the 1,927 -buin, ve found most of tho tr;cs
doe4d. ThQ' raavy loess ap-peared to b,; Che roolk ol Op.,?hopprs
0p of th u tre.:s bad aliao-.t thec eniose ideohrs
AAthir& As rnwd of' above Vhs ground, a r d still others
1@ of*Ahe -foliagep.doetroyeA as 4*1 s* boing -_artially
(dR out o seera ros: sovied aloss of about 86 per
a ',200 teazae amied while some of thie remaining
at patialy iuredin Vh, nart of thce plantatio
7PIA Dae-ato lais'ycarls plant-lug oil anotheor area
47 %. G lihte, prbaby aouton--t'_ira of the
"tit Lse10 "L' wost severe darmage -of, this 'ty-e- notod thus
uralasO fie14. work, begaza at Mals&eY. A f(ee gras s'-io-p ,r s
C L,& ih MI sml-,eadlihgs have civaaae similar dama,,-.-- to
$:ot 6fthe4 destraction probably occurrad nul
:49 nnag stut qe 01antatian 'OA3 Cxamined in
we ~to~ttla frosli roxl novw. : rc ls
OAq Wrei yearS are, most suoce-Dtibje and yel-
179 a04easq st Saverely.
oriazo~r aevcy y

al V

Colorado 0. P. 'Gi,114tte 0S0tmp:#%3G ss0r
abundant in' nortlheaatern-calotado. mazw calt1 0kr,(h
poisoning aavi~n-, bqn rqceivod...

Datana B. E. abee (Sepatember 211); Grshpr, Iy W5g~
rnsziqMs 'obittatus Say at al,, have increitsgd thoir o
la~tions, 'ovdr t'he entire easteda half olf thle State aztd are Ve
abundant in Roosevelt, McCono, Richland, Da-son, and part'
of Toole, Liberty, C"_outeaa, 'Fondera, Mill, and Casca ~e
Coun~tios, and in on lmionly, Laka County, Wecst of the

California Mlonthaly llao7s Liettor, Los, Angreles Cournty L& iricl t-ral Comm.,
-0.1 ,N ,A g s 15: 'Continrued periodic inspoections of
whthvebe ras s -oai)r brocding grourds in the Ait el "e
Vallay during --provious y.ars 1.inicE~a A thatwing to thea al,,
most eantirie ibse-nze of !8-*rs in .t~hose loarlities there
will not be any neces'sity .Zor control operat-lons this seasont

.ashington Be2.-on Bakr (Ajau7uat 29): A reot was r'ece'ived that
grassho-i-ers rero thick in one of thea tall office buildinzs
in Tacoima. h Iat appecared to b-a t.his s-.1ecies (Kg-1lan22ls
agiggis Riey) as fond. in fairly larg e -nwmbar lign
to th.e_ -'a'llIs and, on thq sidawalks-. Thes9e* ha likely bred
Jin t"L-e c-utovcer region west. of Tacomz..

:IRE1RM (21-trida)

Souath Carolina 11 Brunson (Saeptember 247): Ho]:Lstonatus uhlorii Hforn
lhas beca vary dcostructive this season in Ham-?ton and surroundt.
inz couanties.

Ioa .Dr-ake .(Aii-ust 20) ggog s-- has be-en to ing c on.*
sid~erc-ble da;a:e to corn in eastern and southeastern lora.
T:-,: --ro ers of D ,avis Coan-ty cstima:wte tuhe damage to average
over 1-00 ncr farm or over -t,100,000 for the county.

Alabwa a C.T. Bacn and Z. L. Odom (JW,&st 30):* On Au.-:ust 30 s ora
ooil siftiag for :7torod_rrs larni uer pcodce
near Foley. A series of soil plots, quare and 4 in.
Q.e C ere sifted. T-1, -ooulat-ions of larmae rere found to
rang;. froia none in som off t*-e nlots rhara Iris- -otatoes b4
been. grown as thae spi cro: and. f ollowad -ay late corn, up
to 9 Larvae, er sciuara f oat in tvrnins. Old- corn and heaviWNt
rassed bderows $.'owed aan averag&e of 3 larvae :pe~r squaro
foot. It rould seem- t_zt adults G~raduil~ly moved over to Pol.
len-'-earirz plants suc'. as, corn &nd the various. coimon nktivo.e
grasse5, Larvae of all sizes from the vary smallest to the
f~ull---ro-7n onces crx, f ound.. -iarever, -the -reat er number wr

"J' Owaas'Sptember 24): Vaer abunant ot Nheat in
"q rtalA40itriots of the yewhandla- -
E.L. SnootmaON Madoratoly KbUSHa at Evanston,
S Lokwod (u~ut G): 71irw~vrms of at- undeatrrined
spcics dootroyed tAe firt planting of tomatoes noar Sacra-
maunto duriu: daa. om tip 13th of this month 94 per ccnt of
the plant4 ewo injurcd in a field of 140 acres. A later
plaoitig did not NOWiv 1=5h attention from those insects.
On Jklly 15 Messrs. Qoopar and ,!right, of the San Joaquin
Agriculteral Commission. and this roporter found a. field of
croon Seaws rich ara attac%.--d by -Araworms to a dogroe that
mo2 Platte vare found frou from tie Woings.
4m It. t ker (Sentuxbor 18):- a Scild of pitatoes in uyallur
was v4zitza in raicih 2ractically 3wery b111 had at least onc
infestcd tuicr and sowe had thynn and four tuborstinjurd.
Threo snacino of 7ir:, onw werc taken qut of tho hills, but
only one 74e, actja,.11y'fovri iW the potato, Thaso %ave Won
sont to A. Z. Lins for dotzrridatiou. Swoe of the injury
L had Voon caused Qe-Aly anourh to hawe all healed over though
most of it sea recant and much marb axtansive then the early
d4SiS,;, ';JSl -3otctoes bainag azarly dostrwi"4. (Setember 19):
A xONc; of abaut onz-half acra of iris in 1-uyallup in, li-Slt,
sandy soil bas ba-z ottac~ked. Walot 75 jar cent of tha siz~es
Wonse az Wrigo rounio and slabs ana about 15 per cent of tHe
OWN 0114 56 PQn 30V 7re injured. The fooaino punctureas
are, Apt artVulrl WY; bi from 2 to 10 mm. in depth.

1= R. 3- Wiood (Septambar 18): larvac of X. fusca yroul.
Qoy* Q1ll01 kase In yards'ani lwan7= at Glastontumy
l. Se soxo (Saetombor 54); &Chi t ub are very abundazt.
!_aVy, f~t8%ht in Wday.
J. Wa14.04tutorZQ: 511tq 600b d6magod a hedge at
nAttica ws revortd ot sontomfir 19. -
%. PI. AltiX, Qoaaabnbr 191: ,Tic 3198 hraQ 11 very abun
'AA0, % A OWN W ortherD 1llinols.

fr 'yt;Wb,,r IN): Naew; ons oerious Wafs.
JOU)04e tfs yo4 a nurias:, at Itoxtland.


Arizona GL.Barnes (.Au-Ss~t 25)*. Very abun~dwit and 044%04 140"',
injury to alfalia, corn, -potato, tomato_ e,*14t&t, and abb
in Navajo and Afache CountCics. It also attacked eet' a@t&K*
graevario-as grasses n dsanormnallas f
1orMs -in almost evary case hlad'assumed t1he armrworm habit a
several areas -of iilfalfa were Lcomplot:;ly eaton, lmst al
cabbage Dbserved vas uie.The3 ,7cims .wcre relotd -t
coun ty agents ito be mu(ch mort abundaant tUis' year' thani normallr

YELOFW-5TR.I=-D ARI:Y_ QPN nPo i ori th otali un

Arizona 10. L. Barnes (Sept,fibor 23): Sev'erc i-ijury to yowng lat
tuc~e in one 40-acre and tro .20-acre -)laatinigs west of Phaoenntx
nas be'en otserved.


, SIA FLY (Phyto-P'nage destructo say)

Ohio T. H. Parks an .S. -Hous-r- (September 24):, Scarce; fewer
thanl for 10 yo.:rs. -Some found in Butler Co-unty.

1llinois "7. P. Fli-,t (Septcmbor 19): Tlhe annual viheat survoy imadto
by the entomolof-ists of tll-e 1N4atural Iistory Survey and Fed-9*
!;ureaa of Entomology coop-_ratin& has just been completed.
Tha survey t-is. year sao--s a vzry mariced incroalse in tho e
sian fly in the central and southevrn.counties. There is algo
an increase in northern Illinois, is mot s o grea~t Wnd
the infestation in this section is not 'so 'heavy a-z in the 0co-
tral and southe-arm counties. Tl-e iafestation runs generally
from 8 to 33 per cent and 77ill avemagek arou-ad U15 per Cernt.L
7ae grou-o of eastzarn counties haaviest Linfe,-Station
last, Year abaatabout the same infestation this year. This in.
cludes Ed-er, ClranI Craw:ford Co'unties. T-he follo7iTng
table sosthe -o-rcenta~ges of infestation Covered by the

County vounty

Adams 9.3 Clinton 15.6
Brown 10. Col-s a S
Bureau 6.r' Craif ord,. 411.0
C;as S. 35 Detalb 23
Champaign D4 ouglas 3,

inltn.80 ogs1.

GreenIa' 3:3.7 Moit20.0
Grundy 1. 5 Ogla 2.5
Itancock, 9.7 Piatt 8.6
Henry 2.2, Randolph 12.0
Iroquois .3.0 Rock Island 8,0
Jackson .5.7 Sangamon 12.7
4 JerseY 18.3 Schuyler 31.0
lKankakee .5' Scott 14.0
aall 1.0 Shelby 2.6
Lee .7 St. Clair 10.0
7 Livingston .6 Taze-,ell 13.4
Mc~negh15.0 Vermilibn 9.0
McLean 6.0' .hitesider 1.6
iacoupin 22.2i .4
Madison 22.5 7illiamson 11.0
Mason 13.2, -oodf ord 7.4
Menard 24.0
L. aseman (Seatemter 23 j:, -odtrately abundant, campaign of
control undler vay.

X. C. Sullivan (Septamber 23):* Scarce, btit on the increase.

'U1$A2 JOINT X04M (guoi tritici Fitch)

tT6 P. Flint (September 19)-: The anrual wheat survey shoved
tbe lightest, Infestation tC?^at has occurr~ed: any time for the
last 10 yeaL $.,Whiteside aad Gallatin Counties being the only
Pmos in the StAte with an appreciable-infestation.

7AilAT SlM SAiVLT (0sMbus cipetus Nort.)

ha1.A. Munro Septezber 23): w A .ample of Marquis wheat showing
wheat stem sat-fly i-Ajury was' received -from Goodrich. Sheridan.
Covnty, ou September 17.
AnRMYoJRU (Cj:h~ 1Mma frw.)

C. J. Drok,* (AU~tigt Z9R): armyworm occurred in considerable
.numbers i's the vounties of 3mmat, Kosauth, Hm~boldt, Ida, Lyon,
Manaa, ]Brih a tneAgo and iovabiry. A consid-rable amount
of damael *was drone to ats *nd to a much less extent to corn.
4stvlerial ins~tances thes re,6ortsd thart fields containing
,0*rs f-4t, a en ttlydpre eoet'ywr


CORN iEAR- liOR0M (Haliogi&K obsoleg TOb.

Connecticut 4P 2. Britton (September 24): Thi-s inaect seemo to be
abundant than us;ual on corn in New Haven, Woodibridge, avA

Wisconsin E. L. Chamb ers (Snebr1): Sweet cara a nd pop corna
being injured- t-o some extent~in Racine,, Milwaukee, Kenosha,
and 'Ialvorth Counties, according to inqwiries.receiveff for h
control and. specimens. subomitted.

Iowja C. N. Aizslie (August 2$)!. Field coarp;in the district of
Sioux City seems lanusually free from this post this, season.
Early sweet corn. -:as badly injured.

FALL, AR!I Ii (La-73ZM f r1Z iperaS.& A.)

Florida J. R. Watson (September 23): T11he f'all armyworm has beeh
more or less abundant in tae- western part.of the State lor
some nonths and is beginning to make its appearancea in certain
isolat-ed re-oions in the -perinsular part of the State. The dazn
a e i s c' i ef ly -t o rras s and sugar -care.

Mississippi R.- U. Harned, (Sentembzr 23): Injury. to- suzar cane at
Natchiez aria to'c'orn at Metcalf was reported, on Augsust 23.

Colimer (Sept amb,r 20); -.e have ad inf estatiork
in Moss Point and Pascagoul1a. Il!sBbe 'caseS, Vay -:ave eatez
te. -rasa from cntire larns. .

ZURQOFKA,7 G_0RJ- BORIR (Ew tast nubjilals'b

Rhode Island -A. Z'. Stere '(Se:,tambar 25)-: .Moderately-abuzadan't; sp)Otty
second brood abndzan-- in smerieloenaUloati

Ohio T. 1H. Park$ (Saep-ta-mber 23): Uoderately abundant; increased
in northwestern covnties.

CORN ROCT j MN (Dia~brotic -a.

lowa C. J. rae(Au,-dat 2911;.. Do, gdeiga tatg Fab. and g
longicornxis Say are, abundant over the entire State and hare,
sanid there are ca4us-ing a considerable amount 'of commercial dawF
age. In sevcra2 instances the roots- wrejalmost conmpletely,
destroyed and af tcr a heavy rain. the corn fell to the groand,'
The 7estern corn root 7,orm seorms to be the zore abundant.

Kansas R. L. Pa.rkdr (.August 29); The veotorn corn rqot worm boo
bcon ro-oortod as cutti-n-:7 roots of corn at Lebanon.

M. 11, ftork (September 3): Durinig the month of Auigust
there 'wa$ 4=sh serioas troubl~e with corn root Worms in several
sections 61f'the'State. The corn ;&s killed out in large
patches'. ard there 7ere many fallen,-stalks in the affected
fialds. Too years ago (1927) there was sijmilar trouble with
thispathbut ittle or none last year. D. l-onESLl a
7as esi[eclally troublaso iV Valey, Shrman, and Buffalo
Couitios in tho central part of the State, and also in Keya
v # ~ Paba County to the ,north and in Itebster, Nuckoll1s, and Jeffer-
~son 00= ze along the southern bounmdary -of the State. The
Ooloradoygot Worm Up. virgifera Loc.) -.7s similarly trouble-
spme in southwestern Nebraska (Hitchcock County).

FL,-,MR BEETLES (Nuphoria spp.)

0 aoli Da C. H. Brannon (Septmdber 4): Flower beetles of this genus
arQ causing noticeable injury to corn in Caswell County.


V31VZT BWA CAMEPILLAR (&nticaria g0: aiis hbn.)

JA E.- Iinds (September 20): This in~soct is very abundant.
14tbo thesthorn half of the State. -I t has appeared this year
in, groater abundanoe thari ever bczforc. stripping soy beans as
01 # 0,=plattly as the" cotton leaf worm does cotton. Outbreak ap-
pgared firet in the vicinity of Jeancrette and stripyping be-
rz~e genral at Baton Rouge by the last of August. Another
denaration is in prospect. Poisoning has chec-ked worm feed-
1ing promptly with smam burning of. foliage which has not bcen,
f44 tearly so sevious, as~the worm stripping. 17here worm feeding
v4as stopped by paisoning the buds vrere saved and started now
4ro tth p Iroaqtly. Where worms Focre not poi&,oned'and w ere abun-
danit t6e fzfttently d6stroyced buds so completoly that ner.
foll-Age ms not farmed-. Vhe- sq.od crop of several viarietics
-f Sq.V biSs ;will 'bu.materially rvAeced in Louisiana. Natural
6*Utrol of thaoee' 'ornsh" hasbieen joticed esp'ecial~y through the
fteding of birdi., tbe attack of was-ps, and attabk' of a ,-hitc
fgzgu, prosaumblj_ gEMEq ri1%. rhich is causing the dea-th
lot largo Vxghers at larvat.

T. i. R5ollomy ($eptembor 17)z Moses-. J. 'J. Ingram and
T.A. Dbt*4 V havd on'a infestation rasiging from Napoleon-
V1 0 tbrOXO Oouth6,;A- Tpoaliwan to the Texas line. T Ihe only
9 9444 is-0tosa wto s exicqpt cottolm-growing next to soy
0".A S4 taw caterpillard 40.olate Vhe s oy
tho u,44f aii th6 remaining s~twon, finally, de-
VfX nuly anough, 40ither velvet beans nor
hdBp 24tbsoy beans, is takd
00 Aunw ;a7aPatto=a

visited inAssumption Pais wber 10 IW s4f
had been comipletely dofol.tod. llavsn bit
':ad been eaton, so th -,Ints res ='bled, sticlQ4 ko*pe
the fiteld,: Only a vcr sm11 mmber Of votenz M0e re ti*,
6 pupae were found afte iggipg in 1 square foot of soiI,,-
The o7,ner stated that th -orms 'appe'ared so suddenly atd ato
so fast that his boens d.stroyod be~fore tho woxms, vero
noticed; 50 acrzs of sybozans p1lanted in stUbble cane were 4o
only.partially defoliatc. 'Accordinig to the owner of tlhi*
Plantation, the worms acparcd in destructive numbers in san.
bean fields throughout ths pa)ish and adjoining ones.

Texas T. Z. 11olloway (Soptemer 17): A report from Beaumont
states that this insec is be found near there.

CO. `EU CUIRCIUL (Chalcoder-me agneus Boh.)

North Carolina -a- A. Thomani (July 15:Trio cowpea pod vreevil ha~s boeon vn-,
and usually destructive to copeas in practically all of the
South Carolina coastal section of t-h Carolinas. in the'vicinity of Bennett$.
.villo, S. C.1 many : ro-rs` claim that tbeay arm scarcely
getting the sacd t~hey panted as a result of this insect's
wor~k. Single pods iwr observed to have mare than 50 punc-
turcs for fooding and ovposition.'


UTOVRMEI Ooctuidae)

Arizona 0. L. Barnos (Saptm-e 18): Sevore diamag to golf greens
of bent grass by cuwoms-near Phoenix has boon observed. 7be
.damage ranged from abou 15 to 100 per cent considering the
,xreons. individually. insome .caos no grabs at all was left*_%'
Feltia annexaTreit-, Agrtis n~sila Rott. 7, Prodania ug
galli Guon., and an undeermined speicies were present, A
azisilon tas -p-eent in gratc-st um~bers., follkwed closely by
F. annexa, hlethe; lator two spccles rare relatively Muth
less numorous. "Ina gol course mae desert land a year ago.

A 5CALE INSEC (AclerdbaR SMGEParrott)

Worth Carolina C. H. Brannon (Se-ptom br 2).' Mbi salwa was collected in
Moore County aear Camro on sandhill dominant grass (Aris
tictai). Dr. H. Morrion Who idantified the o-avimen e
nished the follo,.ing infrmaticn: Appeare to be our first
definite record since orginal publication of zpecies. Cm
---ared vith co-typao."

AOA i GEUVIL Q4t0(M AROU Gyll.-)
'G. G. Ubmais, (September le:Adults .are seeking hiberna-
tion' atwters.

D 0. Xbte Aus) T-he alfalfa. rezvilI was discovered in
th viciigtt7 of Medford early in July. This a commercial jump
iwiceo the nearest kominfestation is some 200-miles from
NAdford, iin z'astrn Oregon, Rockwood and Mote made a pralimi-
nary survoy, determining the limits of the infestation at
Central Point on the north, Pboenix on the south, about 2
milos vWest and two and one-half mile's cast of Medford. One
pomuliar feature al" the inf estation was the lateness of weevil
development. The larvac were feeding and doing damage to the
second crop Of bay which Was nearing maturity.

S'. Loclmood (August 30): Mr. Geo. Riso and th0% writer
found the alfalfa we7evil for the first time in Alpine County,
the inf(,station being an extonsion of the area of the Carson
Valley which tag been infosted for a longer period. This in-
sect was also found to ha-ve exteadod Its area by I milo with-,
iAa 3ye~ar in LassoA Go pty.
TM0gAC0?SLME AJZAUYAL KOPPER (Stiatoomhala fostina Say)

0. L. Umars (Spebr22): Moderately abundant in the
Varto 14lley in Yavapai County. Abundant in some fiolds
*eaW Phoetix.
GARIC;531Rk (_T9,o-xqtggay si~lais Guen.)

0. J. Drolco (uguast 29): Since my 'last report -uo have bad
a large, tlkef of complaiuts from a largo district in thje
vbaiam pe9r on of. tha .S~tate. It has boon reported in Agair
at tav4l ties in addition tO' the counties I named in MY
*rovious letter...Ma V eW 40r. itl of alfalfa T-ere vary scri-
'"01 dsmagekl or~totally destro'yed. quite a number of
pare roportoed that f-iold-s of 30 or 40 acres were entirel-y

7, 4?$ah(Spe r S: An outotaVUing insect pest or:
th 4 .he de ad tabtho in ules of which ipp_
oodl"O V404 4falfal 1au% *V o, an ar ea xn'closed by Douglas,
A'4~4t"4 wk. sand'Buttjr Counties, and also
takf 04I)ih wA'Sd s1ns ck about August 7
"''4 A vngts fol\@ Ming wook or 10
Ag 40'4 '444 atruptly i mdiatelyate
$$ $ta art-heav'ly infested and
'"'0 EA*Ured- WePO, $0epo and wrebbed
b 00ewla ebtVtan or swept

by fire. Irn Antolo-pe to t otnagg
were much attackled aloug `ith tbo alfala
cutting had been made ab at $be dldl'o of JUJtj
little or nona, but in the affooted area t'here Vaz ovs0
in fields cut late in Jualy.

CLOVER APHID (&up.j bMe Cowan) C

Colo~rado 0. P. Gillette (Septembbr 21): 'The clover _athid was vety
abundant P & considerable dambge to cl~over sood in the lower
Arkansas Valley the past stumer.


00DLING MOTH (LaK.2m99p2j pomqella L.)

Virginia Wd J. Schoane (September 21):. A partial third brooa has
appeared in northern and central Virginia this season- This
.brood. increases the number of wormy apples even in sprayed

Ohio T. XH.-Parks (September 23): mThis insect bas increased
over last year and 11stina-s" of tha late worms mark apples 6*,:
some of the best sprayed. orchards.

J. .S. B1louser (September 24): Moderately abundant throughout,,"
-the State.
Indi~ana J.J Dvs(Septombor 23): Rovorted as very''una at
New Castle on Saptambor 13. It is more babunda~nt and destruc-
tive this y e,- r than last throughout sauthern Indiana.

Illinois 7.P. Flint (Sept emb Ex 19):, Lat.* worms are more abundant t4
thian usual.

Kentucky 7; A. Prica (Septombor 20),:, Modurately. eabudant on apple
over weostern and norihern Keantuacky.

Missouri L. Hasaman (September 2"): Late pin "oTp bave shown uip ixo
unusual abundance in 7ll sprayed orchards-, though they are
not so abundant as a year ago.

X. C. Sullivan,(Septeomber 23): Very abuAdant,.

W adttona th infestations are probably'heavier
th tm ei Al n e 019Z6.

01 oSaorn (Aivomst 31): .Md rately abundant.

P. P 411ette (Seqptember 21): Very abundant, as usual,
in 4ll tq*,jo-&rowing sections.

3G hols OSeptember 18): Very abundant, about 90
ter aout of the applos 'boing damaged.

'LJ lerofter (September 21): Owing to. unseasonably warm
emather duriing the first three weeks, of September, the codling
Mth 11AS rzalpned mor:e active than usual in eastern '.ashington,
ea$ b dmag toapple's from late worms is anticipated.

ilNARIS GGOT (R lonw ela Ialsh)

4. 1. Soume (September 26): Up to early August there had
besA little indicatlon of anqy scrious abundance and an attac~k
appoi roa to davblop to ito height in Augast and early September*
*fioth is mouch later than re have baen accustomed to experiencek.
rthis reason mazy giovors had' neeloctod to a~pply the later
tgray rlth tho reenat 'that sorse midseason varieties, such as
foalt -AnC, t~o "oMe OXtont, McIntosh, have shown a considor-
+ 144-aVpo=at 6f tnf '";tation.

1 ? Ape(Sete ? 8).- Wdorvrj apples are very common
14,1 tho Ntoq Uaven. Considorable damage has boen
-reiprtnd from i~t,;3$i1Cld County. -Ablout 70 pcr cent of the
Ito Vpears t be aA=magd at Duxrham.
T4.I J1 AsUk (Swptorober ''2); The app13 maggot is penerally
4~;L 049 o O6,, txt becowlng zore abundant in the northern

X. lu il 14r (Ooptpmhbr ZZ): .Youmd in peach fruit in Hot

8 WS)'Tolla Zell'.)

a *, 'rUr,.applas were s ant nb
41 ftt ab 8 ewore all infested and three
OF1 JOWO Va still groen and bad only a
010- tizl nena Of tho larvae were
iIl 4r H7e

441 vrtm*gowr nthtds

is present in considerabla nuxmbers in some appleoda4
The f oliag,., has boeen injured to 'the point that thela

Dh i o J. S. Houser (September 24): Apple leafhoppers axe moder-
ately abundant.

T. II. Parks (Sentemibor 118): Bad in one large orchard in
Lucas County, whe~ro 12 sprays were applied during the season.
More abundant in sout'hern' 0hio than last year.

Arkansas D. Isely (September 20): jj2tron?EErEa obligg Say is very.
abundant in northwestern Arkansas.

APPLE FIEA EE2VIL (Orchestes pallicolmgs say)

Oh1io0 J. S. Housar. (September 24): One of the outstanding insect
developments in Chio this season has been the almost complete
elimination of the apple flea weevil by hymenopterous para-
sites. Up until this year the rate of increase by this insect
from soason to season was quite disturbing, but in June hymen-
opterous -parasites working in larvae and pupae almost completely
eradicated the brood so that late in the summer the insect wvas
scarcely to be encountered,

APPLE; CURCULIO 0-Tagbptrlu 'gaggigibbua Say)

Arkamsas P. H. Millar (Sep2tember 23): Found in apple in Pula~ski

GLAN ROOT BORMR (Prionus laticollis Drury)

Arkansas S. A. Summerland (Septembar 25): Considerable damage iis be.
ing done in one orchard near Springdale. The toot system of
young apple and chorry troes is being destroyed and the trees
blor, over.

SAN JOSE SCA13 Uspig2W.bjM -oorniciosu Comst.)

,est Virginia L. Y. Peairs (September 191: Very abundant at Martinsburg.

Georgia M. S. Yoomans (September): Moderately abundant and increas.
ing at 0ornelia. Crawlers ara being ob-served.

Ohio J. S. Houser (September 24): Ge'ucrally scarce, bat incregas-,
ing in sof~c parts of north-central Ohio.

Missouri L. Haseman (September 23)-_ This insect has been breading
heavily this summer at Columbia.

PX4CH BORER (A.ggorig t. t saay)

9. S. Yeomans (September): Moderately a~bundant; adults
are emerging and la~ying eggs at Cornelia.

So C. Chandler (Sd-ptember 14): Hcaviest, emergence record--d
is taking place in gouthern Illinois.

hy T. A. Price (Septomber 20): Modorately abundant on pecach
over the State.

tkppi14- ff. Carocnter (S%-1ptcmber 19): .Yory abundant in Calhoun
and. 'Chickasaw Countios.

0 IETAL FRUIT MOTH Zlresi molosta Busek)

Oastte A. 1. Bou rae (Soptcmber 26): We have found the oriental
'fruit moth in Peaches at Anberst for the firvt time. In one
orchard it is abundant enough to be causing serious loss. We
:,t ave.also found it in various points-in B1ampden County, but
there were only -a few larvae which indicate just the begin-
f ~ning of an infestation and did-.not represent any commercial

T. H. Parks (Sentomber 23): Very hoavy incr--ase in the
northlerr. part of the State.

J. S. Houzor (Se~ptember 24): Very'abundant wherever peaches
are grown.
J. -J. Dav 1 r (Septambor 23): Received from Goshen on
September 11, which is. 0o4r first record for the northern end
of the State. nhis insect is mow ap-pearing generally through-
out the Statelh

S. C. Chandler (September V0. There has been quite a
0strong amergenca :Crom larva~e that-pupated the first of
Septembar. Very little jpupaeio is taking place at t he ,
predont time. Iiifoztation. In latoq peaches s nuch greatter in
parts of southern Iflinois other ta h eto hc a
the original infoantation, whero it is about the same as in

A. 11 riot (Septom er 11),; Very prevalent oy er the enatiru
State azndbding yery sericus damage-to> the peach crop.

5 4 MA19 eps r ox : There is considerable morQ
:Py)sub ,o k*o thq wn tlam -in commoraial orc-hards,
944 bo ailwiva~countids, Phillips,,, Lae,
s. St See s Pulaski.

Misesissippi R. N. Harned (Sept embe~r 2); .?eaoh tivigs tbhat iq '
dently been injuared by the larvae have boon re"ete ,N v0
Lafayette,-oes Teflore, Copiad; Adams, Codhomav Pioi*$
Pontotoc, and Warren Counties.

Arkansas P. H. Millar (Sentember 23)4 Foldnd attacking peach f ollog
in Phillips and Mississippi Counties.

WHITE PEACH SCALE (A-Alacasgis pZent ggoona. Targ)

Sout'n Carolina M1. H. Brunson (September 24): Th~e whito peach scale is in-
ere ;asing i'n bundance; it has b een faand. at Estil recentlv.


RAMPMRY CAOMMAGGOT (PogaRgia rutivora 'Co4.)q

Ohio E. W. Mendenhall (Semtomber 3),* Very bad' in some of the
raspberry patches at Piqua and causing considerable damage.

OBSCUPOE WEEVIL (Sciopithes obscurus Horn)

Washin-ton. 7m. -5. Bakar (September 2): Adults were feeding on the new
tips of razpberry at 21ma a-ad 1in many cases had cut the shoot .
practically in two so that the tip was dead.

GOOSFBERRY WITCH-;BROOM APHID (Mzus 93ahtjoensis Troopy

Ohio E. -7. Mendenhall (September 15); Has been general on Hough-
ton variety of gooscherry this spring and summer.

GRAPE BERRY MOTH ftlyhrovcaia vit eng Clem.)

West Virginia L. M. Poairs (September 19): Very a~bundant over the entire'
6tatc and causing much damage.

Ohio T. H. Parks (September 23)4 Very abundant; big increase
ovor last year in Lake Sihore district. Unsprayed vinoyards
have varying infestetion ranging from 10 to 30 per cont of
the grapes infosted with second-brood worms. (Brie, Lorain,
and Cuyaluga Counties.)

GRAP2 LWHFOPPER. (Eryth~roneura gaest Say)

it ? G= QUAPi STEC GALL ( 0. S. )

9 *C. J.' Drake (kAg-ust 29): The #rape tube -mallC, viticola,
is very oommon on the Beta variety of grapos at Lenox.

A RED MITE (Tetrgnghus sp.)

44 S, Lockwo od (August 30): An undetermained specics of Tetrany-
chus Tas responsible f or early May d e ograpes in the
valleys near Vacaville. p, acifigu~s1si'becoming an increas-
? ingly-important pest on grapes in the San Josquin Valley be-
tween Lodi and Manteca and farther south. Defoliation of vines
'in some vinayards is severe. The infested- area seems to be

R_-$MPED CAMEP ILLAR (Schizur concinn S.& A.)

S. Lockudod (August 30): This Insect caused some leaf do-
Straction to, English walnuts In Tulare County during tlhe fore
pait of August.

A QALNUT APHID (Qalligterus jjg~g4gns. Frisch)

D. C. mote (July ):This walnut aphid is more widespread
this ycor'in tho 7illamette Valley and just as abundant as
last year, alt'ough in the locality where first discovered
last year it is not so abundant as it was last season.


FALL UEBWORM (YhE2atrEj cunea Drury)

124 5 howas (Sept !Abor 7): Damago' is unusually heavy this
fall at Ohadbourn. Same of the forest trees are already com-
p0ote; defoliated. Tents are much morpo numerous than last

X-, ,r,, 1tian (34*tdober" n): Very .a'u=dant, especially
114 -t 'Xpatbrn V4,t-of the State. Dofoliation. of forest and
treetsue Ath t vory dry slimer resulted in
ot n o morZ) br ntoe h tt

ptfbr2) er bnata
Vrnln mtWl
em iphCute,

California S. Lockmood (August 30): The weba are, justbetinth
appear in last of August along the banks of the, Saoranat ,f
River in Sacramento and Yuba Counties.

C'iGkR CASE B&ARER(CqleqpLhora fletcherella Yorgh.)

isiiP1i H. Gladney (Sepotember 14): Very abundant in some. grove's
of pecan in western Jac-s~on County,.

HICKORY SHUCK FORM (1as'peyresr Fagn itch)

Georgia M. S. Yeomans (September): Moderately abundant in southeth

PECAN TEEVIL (Balaninuas care Horn)

Georgia T. L. Bissell (September 23): Adults have become scarce in
pecan orchards at Experiment and their activities have poracti-
cal ly eas'ed. -No J. a oviposition has been known to occur since
September 10. However, adults emerged- from the soil September
18. The new generation of larvae began issuing, from hic~kory
andpecn uts September 15, Which is three weekts earlier than
in 1928 at Barnesville.


Sovth Carolina M4. H. Brunson (Septembe.- 24): The eeds~houldered shot-hole
borcr is very abundant in -iecan grove at Newberry.

ALT APHID (M 9Rallis fdoenncllus Fitch)

Mississip.'pi H. Dietrich (Saptember 21): Very abundant on pecans at

H. Gladney (September 14): Very abundant in some groves anl
injury-severe. (Western half of Jackson County and in vicinitY
of 1Biloxt)Q

CITRUS 7-NITEMLY'(Dialeurode cit 71 Asbm:.)

Florida J. R. 7-atson.(September 23); Very. abundant over the entire

Mississippi D. W. Grimes (Sentember 22); Moderately abundant in Duraot.' r,
territory on cape jasmine.

Wm. L. Gray (Septembe'r 20): Very abundarnt in Ada=s, C1aibodp,
Jeflferson, Franklin, Amite~and Wilkinson Counties on privet anokZ#
capoe jasmine.

emhm(etwe 2),Hayifsainnt4a
24 -(sm anOtesira qrtte feg
Ioa 0 14VS
IJJde Sp ebr1) ey audn nwsenhl

WI id Sp me 0:Vr udn.i otenhl

oftASaeo irs rvt -t.

CIM 0,"OhI US Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiireen
NesLteoLzAgee onyArcltua oms
'Zin, ol.Il No,9,Saptebar15: Th~melfiiiitutiiii
t~efildin osAnele. ount~loksmoe fvoabe tanitha
for everl. s as-ons nst. recnt p~trated a=iiiiii ha
toInybe e-osbefra ~peibemrplt nta
rqe iiiibu as aeial nresdth6atiiyo
th lieaedCytoams
hi odtIo r 'ersl o h
Th-fw 1rtin ot
ir~ceo aE; ra~ikieatCihi atclryatv
14pootn h wl'u r'isireteeis nldn
t1 4 O toams
ibrtoso C" oamsfrmVeIsotr r en



Aklabama K, L. Cockerham (September 20): T-hese baetles wereevery''
abundant at this date on snap beans and sweet potatoes at
St. Elm o. In fact, I have not; seen. them so plentiful 4:Mr-
ing t~he entire year.

GRLi-TJU-21 MUELL (Cotinia nitida L.)
Misisipi U Hrnd Setember 23):. Larvrae were reported on
SepOtember 17 as abundant in gardens at Prentiss.
MESSER CORN STALX BORER (Elasmo-palpus lignosells Zell.)
Nortli Carolina 0. 1H. Brannon (Se-ptembar): Snap boans in Currituck-- Counaty
aro considerably d&amaged.
. hma Auus 0) he larvae bave been urusually
dest-ructive to late corn and beans during the past month.
Rathr wiespead amae to the tender buds of youn; strav-
berry plants 'has occurred recenAtly in the chadbourn district.
It no7: an )ears that Via strarberry trouble locally known as
"dead crol-nl in -,ou--;, --lants is 2artly traceable to t-.-e -7or~k
of tiiii insict.

South Carolina M. H. Brunson (Soptcmbar 24):- Moderately abundant in bsAts
at 'ruray and Cl3mson fvollqg-,.
Li A

Mississippi R. El arnedA (Steptmbar 23): Severe injury to pea plants.
was obscrvc-d at Shannon on Supttmbar 11.


M ississip:?i R. .7. Harned (Septomb-er 23): Injury to lima beans at
Hattiasbura 7,as, repoortod on Sqptember 4 and injury to peas
and lima beans at Natchqz was re-ported on Septcmbar 16.

GARDELD SLUG (;Zr2oUM3 W,-restds L.)

isconsin 2. L. Chambers, (Seytemfber 1): S1u,;a have been unusually
abundant t~hroughout thec State this sumamer, ospacially durini;
the past t77o veeiks, doinG serious damago to gardan crops.
A 1MOLE CRICK-MT (Sgamterisqu sp.)
South Carolina M. H-. Branson (Sepotem-ber 24)- N-ola crickets, Sq&Rtqrisg
i 9w*

s-o, ae mdoatcy anado-nt n fllgarensinthecoata

ODANGA (ScSaOotr~iscus ricinus Scv-d.)

Gpoin Iff Brnnon (Septtember 2): Th'is mole c:ickcet is c,:aus-
in- widesp3read damage in Carteret County.

EDMDUU MC"ICKT (Anabras simralex -:L-1d.)

O .P illett-e (Se?,terdber 2]1):- -The Xormona cric'tet was
moderately Abundant 'in 11off-at and 2outt Counties the pas t
vuomer- krpyarently very successful iork for t~he extermina-
tion of' V410 -est has been 'carried on by Mr.. Frawk Cowan of
thTs office in coo-per'atio'n wit'a t~he --ureapu of Entomolog-Y,

iOTAT ?L 3TE( trix cucumeris 7-arr.

T. H. Pavks (Se-)tember ?3): 'Ve-.Y *Inundant' throushout th,-e
St'nte. L Way serione -aest ofZ the -3tato-

C. 2, 01illette (Se-ptembezr 21): Very abundant t'lis year
iii the qz eeley poteto-growing section.

-T. 7. Paih (ets e 10); The -)otato epiJ attack'-ed
the -,ot-to croy J. sopfrsi o:tage -an Summit Cou-nties,
wher7 =cmi damaze r-s done.

?QUATO- 3:.MPA-4.M` (:m-=ot~sca f abae 'Narr.)
*0 T 0oo (Szepte&4er 25)- (ThroughDeItimr) r
T. QithaskI re fi-ading Eh-oasca s-?p, -r~l mostl
fgvg, aagplly abundant at Arlington Tarm, causing ti-oburzn
atd lot* potatwwa end. 7ellmwto-i to some of the allfalfa in the
vhr ietal pleating,* diitich vvere a'ut the seconsd tin.e on Auut 5.

L E. I b. C arktt (Spyte h 11: Potta~t fields during recwent
d:v -eatheV bove toffered zprerely from hopp"-.erb-orn throu&hout
t4,6 State. 'Dablia)40A U ,to gardons are beiig aamaged aad
a-l tre oarw blopke have req ired cont-1inuous, s-oray-
i* *to 'rotect rolwoo

:: S~a,r" (kogao 30: Vwr7 abundant on ot,--to esad
tt4Il %oc nnrels


A BEETLE (Blap.stinus ..ig..nosup Csy.)

Calif ornia S. Lockwood (August 30): Adults and larvae 7.era f ound in*-l C
tomatoes mear Sacramento., during Yay Man ofth0om
plants bad been gird-led.

TOMAUT0 -.O7R4. (Protopngree Oguiqumaculgta Haw)

Arizona '0. L. 13arne s (Saptcmber 18): Very abundant on tomato plants
at JosephCity and Ooodruff in Navajo County-as observed on
August 25.

FIELD CRICKET (Gryllus assimilis Fab.)

Calfiornia S. Lockcwood (September 27):. During the last of t~he montb,
G.T.assimilis. has bon rcesponsible for a 10,per cent loss to
iripe tomatoes in portions of a field of 170 acres near Satre,

IMNPORTED CAB7-3AG -10R1 (Pieris rage L-)

-7isconsin S. L. C'.mbers (Sepotcrber 148):- Vcry abundant; a complete
loss of many heads, probably 25.per cent in some sectiona Of
Outagamie and, Racin-e Counties.

DlAAMOND-BAOC: MOTH, (Llutells a gaplipennis Curt.)

Arizona 0. L. Barnes (,Septeamber 26): Abundant on cabbage and tur-
hip at -Toodruff .

CABBAGE APHID (Brevi-comne brassicae L.)

Iowva C. J. Davis (Aurust 29): T-.-e cabbage aphid was extremely
abundant in tho vicinity of St. Anszar, and in a far, ins ta=nce
cabbaGe fields 7,ere very badly damaged.,

INashington 7m Balker (Se-ptwiber 11): This pest is incroasing. in
abun-dance on krale near Payallup.

BARLE-QUIN BUG- (Murgata gg isjrionica 'iakn)

Virginia P. J. Chapman (Se-ptcmzber 21)-, Three light infestations
on collards a-Ad kale have been observed in the vicinity of

South Carolina 219. H. Brunson (September 24): Moderately abundant; foujd
all over t'he Statu and serious: damage observed In piece6s.

%.- grme'(September 21): Very abundant on mo~t JhOst
le4t L#auderdale, Newton, Kemper,,Clarke, and Weshoba

'CABAGP, MAGGOT '(HgAXiea bras sicae Bouche)
-0 Jp, Dralce (Aukgust 213): Young cabbage and radish plants
in Ihe vicinity of Cedar, Bapids, Uaterloo,-Mason Ciff., and
Dos MQ*Aq$ were con'sid'erably damaged. The- insect occurs in
bonsiderjblen numbers ne'ar. theL larger tities, probtably repre-
venting, camertial' jump'$. Very little damage was done some
1 4,iatancev from thae larger cities or in, the vicinities of

S. Lockuood (August 30) -o' strawberry fields in Trinity
Couit-Y wero almost t1otally destroyed. This is the first re-
cord of thlis insect in this county.

A CU=CLIC (Woq jioor Q.]oa Lee.)

'VS. '7. Bak~er (Aasast 30)0- The first r.,cord I have of his
tIs tbAt in May. 1921B, saveral specimcns of t~he adult
no re I aza'Into Pullman.' In Apri \ 192 I6 visit ed Gr and Mound
Oafd *btained4 a f a'ir 0 arise of adults, and on subsequent
Vio4Ites agge larvae, and =uDae vere, taken, eggs on may 15
anmd *Atue -larvae wad qupfae on Auazust 6. This morning one
larva, tmo ;pvae. aud one recently emerged adult were sent
38 theOfIce. (Attacking strawberry).

'J., lhlke (Autgost a9); This 'insect was quite abrndant.
tw igityof80peDes Uoinos and ffee Count; -z. It 'is
a geraly41stributed ovar the State.
AltAMSTROOSN 79341M (Jar-i iaggelg lab.

04adenb*ll (-eptk4We 10: The 3t'rawberry root rorm
eg (Agab 4= ame to strarbarry )lants ia Fairfield
"r atddt a
ZO 14t[ot4srye ag
:typth4 od awe uy1


Washington Whin -W. Baker 'Spebe'9:One f ield of sta ert
of four different plantings aear Fulyall1UP vas visited 4
did not yield ext~ra well. thiz season and in rhich the int
tionwasnealy 00 er ent Zvn-runnor plmats, not pat-
'rooted, were -infested, altni~ough the plants appeared to bavre*
made a good thts Season. --Another field of a little,
less' thaft an acre in- extent',.-hich--is 'located about onia-fo
of-a mile distant- pro.ce 800 s. 'this season andha
only a'very alight infestation.

ST-RKWMERY i-TITEFLY (Tliglgarodge pac~kardi Morrill)

Massachusetts J. V. Schaffner, jr. (Saptambar 25): A maerket gardener
called our attenItion to a severe infestation of v"h'itefly' 04 i
his strawberry bed-in Andover, He reported having first nov-
ticed the-,7hitefly on the strawberries last year and that the
present infestation vas partly due at least, to his using
plants from the old bed. Perhaps the drougty weather ras .
..also' favorable for-.their inre'ase.


ASPARAkTUS BL-21T:Z (,^rioceris asgnagi L.)

Iora C. J. Dra-ke (August 29): This insect did considerable
damage to aps.aragus in the vicinities of Cedtar Rapids, 1,at4.,
loo, Des Hoinos, and Ames. -It is spreacing vestrard very
rapidly and small infestationsi have been. re-oorted. in the
western part-of -the State.

Colorado C. P. Gillette (Septamber 21).: -This in-sect is gradually
scpraading about Denver and a few s-aecimans wzerc found in the,
v.cinity of Fort Collins for the first time this summer.

Oregon D. C. Mote (July): Unusually severo this year. One ;roor-
-had to dump over $2,000 worth of-aprgsbcas fti
b sprau bcaslo ti

1,EXICAR B.-A- BFUTILE (ilachna con3aw Muls.)

Virginia P. J. Cha,=an (Septem-br 21): Thbreits little likelilbooA'
that appreciabel damage vill take place to the fall cropo
snap beans -rown in the XNorfolk,-Portsmouth area. The, harve~
-neriod extends from October I to November 15. 96st serious,
injury took place this year in mid-August, owing to tecoj4,i V, 's,'Irannon (September 3): This insect h1-as _s-xread
thereth4n 10 milez Into .Brunswick County from the direc-
"th iOtt!e ofove couxty.

SA. Price (September 20). Very abundght on beans in
the Central and nor thriestern pat'

R. W- Earned-(Septembei-23--.) The first infestation
reqoraed froka Union Co-anty vwas found -on August 19 'near
Blue Springs.

8* .Swetman (August):'.- Vry abuindant at WTheatland in
garden plots.

-C. 7?. Gilletto (Septembor 23): NModeraitely abuldant in
uor~thwestern Colorado and western'slopeb-alsoo in the.A~rkan-
"a" valley.

0, L. Barnes (September 18): Very abundant in Ma 7ico-oa,
Uvapai, ana Apaole Coqiatia%. .

LIMA. BWA V TNE WaME (V_ ,tilot2V ails Hulot)

Appi. 'Reanod (Saptezber, 23):, Liza beans at Greenwood
e rgaredas sertously injured on AWust 20.

MA3 TVMIPS (Rl bxipfgiats Perg.)

t. ockVod (AVgVStL 30): tles onsible for severe loss
toheaide &ing e,*.rly July on islands ia the Sacreamento

1nigtidlls toll)
Patit. If Voide 19: ery a'bundant over the
."'q'ta 4reStal. at* a receivixng man-, r e?or ts of damage.

V, 4,a1rts (360ftkor 20): R e-ort z state that theY
1#lo 'A- Ovua&, and pickle s in Butler and

ice $ o 11). Therim lis 'been azn uusval

,The p t oki 911-o orm.dia. some com-
ain (bevietaity of Davealor t .
as ~ ~~~a atdte itnend iAmes,
,3 >t 7tins growing
k g4 e and ons, bat no

Nebraska M. H. Swank (September 3): The pickle worm-wars %"OA
for the ,firot time from any NHebraska locality, on Ags
(Frontier County). Probably 10 or 15 per cent of th bae
bors in this field vere affected,

MELON APHID (A-hi~s gossypi 1 Glov.)

Ohio T. If. Parks I(September 23Y. Tery abundant; destroyed car
cumboer plantings in northern Ohio.

'California S. Loc~kgood (August 30): During the latter partL of J,44
this insect w~as responsible for, severFe damige in the Melon'
fields adjoining Turlock. It-was alsQ present in alarming
numbers in black-*eyed bean fields. Irsismby k)1-idius
testace Cress. of 10 per caft Twas noted on July 31 in,
many of the-melon fiolds. '74e number of aphids has boon re-
duced since that time. This insect wras found to be less In-
jurious to molo~ns at Hamilton City on Augat 216. 1:

FIELD CRIOKET (G-ylg assjmilis Fab.)

California S'. Lockwood (Au~gust 30'): This cricket was responaible
for some local damago. to tho hollow-center group of molons
during the last of July alad the fore-oart of August at
'7illiams. Four, individuals of Raseahu tkoracius Stal Rprp
observed preying on as mamyr; assimili on the evening dt
August 2at Colusa.,

s,:eAsH BW, (Anat MIlrlis DeG.) .

Arizona 0. L. Barnes (Ausguat 25): Abundant and cau~sing consider-
able d~agae to squash and -.mpkidn plamts in Yavyapai, Navajo,
and A-Pache Countios'.

TURTITP APRIB (Mq.goagUgapg pqP-Itd raElcR Davis)

Vi.-ginia G. E. Gould (Seeptimber 21)1 Present iw inju~rious numbers
through the Norfolk trucking vection infesting turnipj' i*le,',
cabbage, broccoli, and collards. It is easily the prdoammi,
nant species on thoese crops, posuibly 20 per cent of t'ae aotd
population being &zus& P?rLsjq2 Sul%. and the -remainder R,

04.11=,AGETtuOE (Hla *dalis Pab.)

1. 74. NArned (September 23).: A ratber heavy infestation
on tuentpzs was reported on Septembez 5 from IEllisville.

ONION THBRIPS (Th~rip1 tabaci L.)

C Dralke (August 29): The onion thrips has b.oon ex-
brmlyaedant in tlhe, State and in many.instances infos-
tation -#afomZ~to 300 thrips per planit. The most dam-
9ge was dvog in bho Vihtes fPesn al St. Ansgar,

'55 LocX*Ood (Au-ust 30).: 7his Varips was res-3onsible for
04wro, 10a to, amone 4uring carly July on islands in the
Sadrazolato- da1ta region noar 'Rio Vista.

GR'Z.:= (C2 JyzIz (: tersicae Sulz.)

9.& eod(SePt cmb or 21): This phid is appoaring on
4;4ie siatah planto Via t are only a veick old. This
OPeca psfo;,wtha Davis
0v turn~p kalc,, cabloape, broccoli, and collards. On'kale
IC_ i's of about equal iLmoortance -with t*_i- turnip

U-712-L (8qiczsioggAy5 ebanas Rort .)

apan $ptembor 10): T'he brood ochaedulad to Ep-
hty$P~toember, .accarding to obse:.vatioyis 111 1928,
#alt two4-4potato fields arowid -Hiclrory and Pungo
U Oas botay def"ollated. in latt July and 2arly
eradixte&.,to a :point t.a cavewr found only
ft'Va 4ta# starch- T'hi s, extreme reductioil in numl-
'Oa b due t o an undetermined tachinid p~ar.-

JO. he ziat f144 bootl I amoe

A 4MIT 1,i n o- ode ant:enname I&ks

Oh4io 0 E. Gahm (Se-ptem-ber 'C): Tais mite ras fouand Au,,,ust
29 doing serious demage to cultivited Lmushrooms. it -e-
duced the yield in one =us"1oo4 pla ;appoiaeytr
4fourths of a. 2ound Te- s qua..ze foot of bed someo over sa_-
area of 325,000 so. ft.

Illinois 0. E. Gaha (S e pt erroe,-, 10): This mi te' -as foun~d on June
24 oig cmrcil amage to- aus' oons in the houses at

Minmesota 0. E. Gahm (Se-ptemaber 10): -Ts 1.o-und doing' corwaercial1
damage to cultivated- mushrooms 4in the sandstone caves alongg
the Mi ss is s ijppi Lie n the vicinaity of St. Paul- -.-d M
nea-)olis Jul-,- 5.

M17GUS G'IAT S yeohlae

Illinois 0. E. Gia;, fSodtcanba-r- 10): !,ngu-s nats, Phora s-.,
were ab-ardp-t in t1Z minshroo hossc aev e June 24

Minnesota 0. 3. 'Gram (S a-)t mer 10)- f-naaes 7"-t, Sci-- sD.,
was foun-d +,'estin szhoo h -s.nistoze ceves ilong
the Miscsissilc -AiJve- 0n hevii oF t P aul a nd HIx
.:alolis J"1l1 5.

iin-nesota. 0. E. Galim (S'ebr10'-: S-rlingtpils 7e-,e fourd doinag
commwercial dam gr.,e to caultivated muashrooms whi-c- a:e being
gr own i n the. ssends tone ,cav es =-1o-.-- Vthe :Iiss i 5s i-i A:iver
in the viciait- of St. Paul sandMi e-ols (Deten.,ined
by DrP-. '1.olso-h as Acho:-ates s-,., he-"etofCore ueciedin
this countvry.

Missouri 0. B. Graiba (Scptern'oer 10): Seva-::C41 s---ecimers of spring
tails ez eevifo ~uhomgoe t leeds My1
These cultivated mushrooms and -,B-e de-
tfermined byy Dr, Tolso:m as S ch,.o t telP sp., Ri&1 k-,3e -I aC-




SUrkiGM 'AS BOR M4 (D ia tr ajea sac char al is Fab)

U. E. Hinds (S e-ptemb e'r 20): The sugsrcane barer has be-
come moderately abupdant, tharoughout t'he c:ne belt in the
so-at he.n third of the State. The wros-.-ect is for a total
damage below normal, -6*ich is .19 per cen-Lt of the crop.,
The para~sitism of eggs of Diatraea, by.Trichogramma minutu
iley has beenla i-acreasing, rapidl y ding the past month
and is now destroying more than 95 -oer cent of the borer
eggs in mawy localities.


P3RIODICAL CICADA (Tibicina se-otendecim L.)

W. P. Flint (September 7): Brood II agpeared in gend-
erso=, 7arren, Knox, Balton, McDonough, Hancock:, Mason,
Schu-yler, Adams, Brovin, Cass, 1o1a, Pi1ke, Scott, and
ia. the edges, of Tazewell and )Menard Count ies, ,7ith the
heaviest empergence ia the westera edge of Mason end Ful-
ton Co-unties. There were -possiblyu scattered individuals
a little fart~her east, buat certainaly no gene-ral ap-oear-

BAGWORM (D=4 ido ter~r enhemeraeforimis Haw)

T. H. Farlas ( 5ent emb er 10): 14re comwplaints tha-n usual
have beev. resceived from the southern ana central. parts of
th~e State of attacks on evergreens.

E..Mendanhall (Seotember, 21): enalin southwesterr-
Chlo from, Qol b-us south an,-! souat:!-e. It is very bad in
sevemql localities in this teznritor,-_ includ-ing wColum~bus,,
Springfieldv Dsyton,. and Cincizmati- A;borvitae and,5 other
everg-reens asee to be herfavorite food, but, theyr ar e
found- n many decidd~ou s trees and s'hrubs as 7ell, cxusing
a great deal of damage by. defoliation.
H. Erne (S~ptmbr 23:Reportell a,6 abundant on
:ig treehs at Amorv on~kugust 24 axid on cedar treez at
Set ibr' 3:Th eodbao eolae
Ig'*Izo -tan&r4 Ags




Calif orni- S. Lockwooad (August 30): 'Pae great baTsin. caterriillar
destroyed the xfoliage -of ceanothuz'and to e leszer do-"n
g-epe manzanita. over whole hillsides on the southern
slo0e. o0 'Mount Shasta. heer Shasta City, during Vhe lat-
ter poart of June. The vorms rere so thick tlhat trains
Ywer e slorred to a standstill on the, grades because of
the crushed bodies on the rails'. This was'overcome by'
The locomotives :beiig' decui.?-,ed with steam jets to blow
the worms from the rails in advance of the Gheel1s.
Strawiberries a'nd- garden peas were devourecl'also.

HE1LOCK SP.AuT70?M (Ello_ia fiscella~ria Guen.)

Michigan Z, I. McDaniel (Se-?teradber 12): For sever I y ars thle
heml ock looper ha-,s been dlestroying trees in tae resort
region of Michigan. A recent s=. vey made by Mr. Moro*fsky
of this d epartment, s'h)o'ws -that one plat of 05 -c-res of
forest land containing hemlock, p)ines, and '"-rdrood's 1a s
beon seriously att-8c'_-eJdat Perr later. The iemalock is all-
dead or nearly' so aand the larvae are I eedinjg9 0o the 1?hite,
ALustrian, Sco 'tch, end Jack i~ners, .Also W1 ok, alder,
beech, adS Che.-ry. ,rhe only trees -prese--t thnat axe not
attacked cpre mna-les ?nd. locust. ..The -hardw7ooa is evidiEtit-
ly bet. g eaten because of the lq'11ing-.of U16 hlemlocl a:d
pines. At the time of. the seurve7 (Speme );.'ry feaw
la:vae anrd -,Txae were --resent, bat mnrw"y rdults were .to:
Oe fouand.

SATI rMOTf Siooi salicis L.)

New-Eaphr 7. C. Craigh71nead (Se-jtarbe~r 13): On1 kAgu t 22, C. 2.
Hco od and. J. E. R. Holbrook of the gips',, moth laboratory
noted feedi-zg by t~he young larvae on thie foliage of large
trees of the large-toothed as,ezn, Po7al-~as ranftidenatag
"Ich. go tin under rooClazd conaditions in Kingston
Yeoding had been so severe in one small area Khat the *
'oow seltnized. foliage vaas noticeable fro a consia-
ez-able dis~tace and -ere th! aieation esweeva
abundant in cr~evices' in the b ark. Thi is the i
;:eco--d VAL ofs oth laborato:,y' has _of a-satin moth i-n-
festation occu:7ring in a woodlaxid area In Iew Eiaglead,4


r00LLY 3EECEt AoaD (? ociptllas-1133.icator itah

MA.1rvlEnd J. A. Hyi~slo0p (Senptembe-_ 22): mal an It ree foand ne
We and- it but slightly." In t'he Co4 ony was 8.avab

predacious- moth and beneath the colony on' Cho trunk of
the tree 4 mass of the fungus Scorias song i o sa Schl

TE-INDPRMNET(Hem~erocemra bilineata ?,-,c!.)

B. I. McDaniel (September 12): An inf estio of bout
80 acres ne,?z Shelby w:as re-:orted in 1928. The infesta-
'tion is s--.reading. quite rai@and noyr involves an area
abo-at 17, miles long including boetween 2,000a41d2.500
acres. L.&Zvae this veax stzi-,ped the beech trees and
atta..cked_ zlso some of teoak.s. Z0 damage was done toq

3,IZCM LEA'l--KIMI1G SAM=?L ( P-allan)

T. K. Joznes (So-p2tember 20); 77-o lottc- fromM.
HUe'sebeck.: 11W. Sae:[fer and I spent ta3 nerioe. se--te,.,-
ber Ii 14 in on attem-pt to obte-in soma further i'nf orm-
atiot -on- the distribution -of the introduced birchi leaf_
mi ing7 swafly. Our obse-vations 1noe- restzicted to e
Rm::shire aMad Yormoit ian addition, to -E fow -aoin-ts in.
northeastern Massachisetts'. -Te olorad a route aloag
the eastern boirder ol Der, HKzravshi:;e northward through
Oss!-i:o. ahd North Canvay t-o Iorbr, r there -7est-
vard to Lanctster, -J. F. : eid. St'% Jolmasbv-y, Vt. then
souatharard thzroigh Barre and Rutulana' to :3enington. Vt.,
in Clu extreme sout- estem. ps-et of the State, ana -from
Be-,mington, easteerd. thrqugh 3r,,Atlebovo, Vt., "Richmiord
sanC~nde. .,a&L Akslburnha~m and, :roton, Ma-ss., to
4elrosc- IPr.4a tAti it will be ea- a hta osdr
Cole sectiona of t__e "i te a QLatcin 01titofNwp
shire. a large pzart of Vermoat, 8252sr1district, La
emxtherz Ne Ezzyshire \we;:e cove~reC, ia a-4dition to a
feq poiats in Uaszaclaussttt. Beca5use of tho swupposed
-,wefezence of the insect Ifor- Chite birdha, we scoutea
wartcularlF arieas Twhere thiseci-es ia zare or less,
mawnno buxt ia the-se'Cistricts ot ker. soacies of 1irch
were also ex-ta-ined. -.Z--ay bircli saveme to as to be al-
Most as ,f avoreble. a`oodl -3lant asWhite birch, and& lar-
Yae wer e a 10o f oundii i Sm'val I *bMAmo e rs, mi ning tho Ieev esz
af yallow birch. Flrmz ov.r uridosvain t a~p-
*rar that it is more sIzdnxt in t'he, north- a-Ad i= ae0.8
0-f Oduidsroe `elevPatIOU. t ex. r;Ate, tile heavviAat
A fegatan ote vace~gs hv hillsides in tho 710Ite
ARR~ki e : fMw XM _siy ny one rioUrosteV


M-many points along the 'ei'tire route f ollw, including
Chocoru,,, TNorth,.Conwnay,, Jacimon, pi~lz oz'ham, Zinw-
dale, Richmond, and Rindge. 11. H., Bare, illistomn
-SastI'ield, Bethel, Gavsville, Sb-erb=:uta Soiat -alling-
ford., and MaL-rlboro, Vt., mid Ashburnhma Goto n, amal 7a!,e-
f ield, Mass. I

Hi ne H. B. Pairsoia (Sre--te-niber 24).. Thiaisect Iaas asumMed
opidemric pro--ortio--rs throaighout Cie ramr of it ic

AEILDS (Aphiidae)

21ew BHaLpshiire J. V. Schaffner, jr. (Se-Aember 25):Ed ona gr
and b irc nd. ok)er birchwr reported a _~det in- southoara
Massachusetts 'Uiew Rampshire and Massachmsetts. ,Ther -i- mUrch -'ellow-
i:-a of boi-ch foliage. very probably or--L to these insects.

CY--R-P-SS UTEIS 30[:ER (21iloeosia C'istatas Lee.)

Arizoaa 0. L. 'Ba:-nes (Sepitelmber 18'): Aund--atm 1'ont'erwey cyPreas
at Thavtcaer ---,-re considlerable injurn- to gs-as observecl
.7,guast 25.

01a.l -.i o --:Iia P. LocIkwooed (Acgust -70).- 7.oz-k of Ut imt. was ve-ry
obvious on r-, as 'VAt -ieaz, te:eile mid,'1 of lmg-
vust ryacre fro-, 30 to gous ceat o-f te elm leeves h
boean eatena.

A LE?3221 (alIst az.ais Lac. I
,,Tebras'ka C.o xxi(epebr3) 7ukoutv corres-3on-d-
ent re--orts udrda~ta of Iugast 19 tha Z1 of Cae Sim
treeo in Iais i-ooft lot ha,& beea stri-aoe a leeaves.

=,U3CHA SZ1vi SO.A--E (Gossypa:7ia s-rc. Modscr)
10i 3J. 7. Ndender-'hall (3n0ptember 4): I1 find v! the elm
t-Lees pL:lantedl on Vthe sty.eets ofL Columv- serelyA attaced

7isconsim -E. L. Charabe:7s (Septem-ber 1): qA a ;o ecently made,
indcicates thaet the .-oea Lm scale issreaiding ow
ly at Milwvaid-ee, b-at ina M4a-3ison Vie E;- ayi cam-)F-w
under wayr seenms to be lzeeping At$ faiz-' i71'- Uader cOmtrol-
z1 im


0.P. Gillette (Sentember 21): The el"" scale Is' be-
coming rether common abouat Denver anad is s.Preading to
other localities, A ferr isolatea t57eez occuX in 'Fort

H1CKGY IAKBELD (Scolytuas quadris-inosus Say)

E.I. McDaaiel, (Se-ptember 12): Theli city f orester of
Lansing reported yesteraz al nubro ed ckory trees
mostly of the pig-tut t--ae, iin 1ancroft Park. 'n Lansing.
-An examination proved th.a~t between 400 and 50C. treec; icre
in a aYiag coadition ana thllat enormaus numbers-of larvae
were noT- -oraset. Mazzy adalt beetles arce still in the
galleries and flying iaaot, alth-ough the grcat m~ass of
beetles sawa to boe st-ill in the larval stege. So-te of
the lazrva' -Vv'e- al7ea.dy7- excavatedd thae- colls in

T1. T. Pairson (Se-.tcembe-_ 112) 11his i-asect is boecomaing
numerous oa lercli i.-, seve",c-. sactio-ns o-f nort.-~r.- 'Maine.

CUCG1ME2 METL S (Diabroticaso)

P*;n. Oabel (etemb cr 7 7): Tphe -ne grovfth of mul-
berry -trees oa. the -'prte qf L-e aeinsIkfc
tory, Zt, Sva larcos -has boeena Se7?iousl- da-a-aged. by Din.-
brotice-s. D. soro'r Lec. is b-11 I-= Vlhe mnost abazdEzt,
whi'le T'.,_alttattag Lec. is farycomon, adD. tri-
vita~tta I", socainll en

0. ~ ~ ~ A 13Glete(epebr 1} ecoming very destruac-
tive to t!e Ao-neylessa e

A.It9U 1d (Septhgper 12): An unu-s-Lal oecorrence
to~~ 11 A roitmter. M"r. 17. F. Maraf sky vdlila
Aonih hafpmed_ On, to aa a-ea o

a'but12acesof -blaciz locust t-rees prt'cticallr at-riD--
-)ed o+ t*huirfoliage- b-, t-is rat'-r -acommon insect.
LoveearL eg: nn to peaefo7 71"ton

CCTTOSY 1UPL73 SCAM, QPlvlliparia vitis L.)

Indiana J. J. Davis (SeD-tember ?3): --c-orted abun(da-t on. ma-ples
at SE'ertogv, op- Se-ptember' 10.

Colorado C. P. Gillette (S-a. tem.bcr 21): Seems -.-ct to be so bn
dmat'in northeLrn Colo,-::Ro as it ras 20 yearsa ago.

.SPAl7?CRM Ellnaf::ilr var. soawai Aust)

O7 egon D. C. 14ote (kA-gust): 7. IT. Ohamberzli-a reports the oak~
looDer, Z. ferviaia var. somni ria, a~s doi.-, consid-
e rabl1e d anP.z e t oa,--S in t'-- f oo0t1-1S o f t he &ill e tt e

Y.i s sisii S. Ene Steer 23): IZ-7vae Ywe:e collected on
ou-ka at 71.iggis he '. t-ey vere com-,-letoly def'oliating the

i %J o:.. t- i-:' i :r Lo to wo r a-or te d a S al~hl y Ji
J1 Zi.: 1---: t:s -i:ho Spem'--ez 21 'T, Ins-)ecto:

Texas F. 11.. Toamas ZS:tm 1r 4): Dvtzenactrile hv
D ean r eno.-t-5o onr zc it Fumtvi!ll an College Statl1on.

J. -2. ::sl:: 0e~ otisofice som 'eae Coll ect ej
on o::s t'- 1-e- %;,ntintat08 e:e comal~etel

larvae'-a 1e: To Jxife b .eiSel -asF -1. se8oi
vn a e:C i i :- '-.Lee e.t t v ly i e4 i i
edbyIL. e to. s e etri S &Aa74

'PIUm UEE2 MIN2R (Paralechia -oinifJoliella Chamb.)

3. 7. Hendenhall ( Sept emnb& 3) : 1Ifindl the whi te pine
tn one of Vbe nurseries in Miami Coirmty affected.

PI-WE BARK APHiID (Chezrmes Pinicorticis, Fitch)

E. L.Chambrs (Sptember 1): N-umerouas complit have
$t4 t ~ been received during thie W'aIst two m,&k5s from all over the
State of injuries- cause& by the -pine bark louse and s-:eci-
mens submitted indicated thitir great. abundace. -

RED-EiAED 'PIN2 SA-17LY (Neodi-prion lecontei nitch)

ilin# R.. Brannon (September 4): Thiis insaect s causing
aerious injury to Dines in Edgecombe County.

TMOLLYT1INE-SCALZ (Puo~ilirecuit i Ckll.)

Z, 17, Mendenhall (September 1Z): A block of about 500
pines at Sugar Grrove in Ho cking Oourfty ar e badly inf este d.

$PMCE =9WQM (amlI.fmfrn Clem.)

'N. A. Prim, (Sep-tedber 20): -Moderatel,7 abiundant on-
avracip Over the'-state.

S Mdik GAL APRID (Cherines abietis L.)

Cambrs I(Se-pte&bear 1).: S'Peci;gae3s Of 'theA srlruce
galppid er -koniki ia fo Tom d du Zec, 'hr l-0 ge
ZV*013s 0o trees O14t--elr vmruee), axe r9q7-o-ted .8wriously
defotrmd b7 tbla$t -3st.

SAp%120 OW~fg }$ITL (iqa-O TROIA.)

& Ptron (letenoer12) threis yeedange.r of
warik@0thretks of, tlhis bark beoetle. ctn sp-nace in nor t-
thda Arak-t itesttio er~beng onntiaually

Vto W:Il 'tte l 1e

41 ($y 4) We ave ust Detroit.

This -orall tree stem, wehich measured about A4in. in di-
ameter, was comple-tely riddled befweep. the bark and the
wood by this species, several of whic~h wvere r-enAy to
emerge. A .e 7upae vieze present an'd also several adult
beetles. which '.,ad not yet :-ardened gnd taken au th'6ir
normal color., (Th~ere has. been s6ome 'dpubt as to .the host
p4,ant -of "this boier.)

HI'TE-PINE 7EEVIL (Pissodes: strobi Peck)

Maine H. B. Pe1irsos (August):' I think this -is the -first au-
thentic report of -the w,hite-pine -,eevil attacktitg white
spruce. Specimens were reared and compared with tyer -
terial. (Co'llectea at Tfaterville.) p a

'WILLO-3 GROVE APHID (Dielanokantherium smithaes Honell)

Indiana J. J. Davis (Sepotember 23); Abundant on willow. and an-
noying at A-nderson as repor-ted September 7.



A 7MEVTL (Brac)1irinas cgribricollic- Gyll.;)

Calif ornia. S. Lockw~ood (September 27): A weevil new to thi.3 State
has been f oun~d in ornamentals in Los Angeles County. It
has been determined a;3 Bracnyrainus criboricolli -s I t hnas
been found so far in or neox the cities of Sajn iernando
Pasadena, and "ontebello, So far the greatest damage as
been to privet and Fittosraorum, tobira. Other 1hosts in thiese
localities are: cork o&k, 7hite oak, Vilurnum; MlonY=1s,
Carolina che~rry-, Pr=acanthga ladia, carrcdbo, escolonia, honey-
suckle, jasmine, holly, crataegas, lauristinus, rose wad
zenia. in two instances rwhare citrus trees were close to
privet, some chewed leave~s have been- observ~ed and a -,*evil
was found at the base of two citrus trees. 'A-arkzed damwig-
has ocmir-red only to privet and -2ittosporum so fox.

ODS CURqS 7,1,z vI L (Scionith"es o6oscuru Horn)

7ashincrton 7m. W. 'Baker (August 27): 'The adults havye beea seelk in
tD two different localities-near Puyallup feeding-oa rhodo-
dendron and azaleas and in one of these also on saimmia-
one of thaese.-Places has had an infCestation of at leaad

%een noted das to the work bf Una larvae.
EDSPIME (Ter qm earu L.,
.Meadenhal~l (September 2) : It has been a hax d
fight dliritg the summer to control Che mite in nurse-ries
t rPagd about 'hmes where evergreens are grown. It is also
noticea-blO cin aplple an& bt,%Or fruit ti ee s and mzole oask,
6nd many shade -tree.-,
J3. J4 'Davis (Septembe Ir 23): Re-jorted damaging ever-
greena, eappoially arborvitae and cedar, at Con-anerl-ille
and V=ncie- the- last of August and earlzr in Sept ember.
I. L. Chwmbe'ra (Se-ptembe I)- -Mve-grebns tih-,ughout the
State have suffered severely from the redl snider durin-g
tte 1?aet t'hree ,Teaks, oying to -orolozped dry weather.
q.E wepak (Se~ptem--er 3): During thep Yftole of August.
Vhe*'was dry awa hot, t~his i:3sOet w~az very inj&riousa on
=16on T indud of trees ia, al" sections of the State.
15pruda *' lm, rose, mo-antain ash-, JErle, f m peacha, and
&-orry were repor'tedl ai f ect&!. ',a,-ecip1llv severe inf oz-
tatlhno Vero raporte'd from Douglas. Buffala, Duzdn, and
Chase Co=Unes.
Z ockwood (AUgust 310). This3 pnast'as done consider-
able damage to decichnou frut in theinro vles
Usinntro vlks

Iotdr o' is aifezted or zhardz runs -o to. 715 per cent.
Wriend'ofthe rwork has beau observed. f rom 382cerof ield
Mahto t::s 'tpr SeC- amto lly

.S.?e'Chmbets Oeitetdber I)-' Severrl ran-ges of chrysaz-
Wheumeati zman.,cyelamea aad gara-ivms _;7owing in groan-
hot A inMilwbbeCom~t,-ara being seve6rely_ injur ed. .

P. heeti.Sepanier4): Teo per comt of tte buds
lit, a'714itin?" of dbryga~iliheas vrere so batcid, Linjured thvat
ig/ :*o6a id sot o# asotted to aev~eao-.? (h zings Co-ozaty) .
at a een hve r eaor ted tha-t they have
z) TataiteLod **ldt bugs

6r ftv t*0eks =an Many defoxm-
Aorgittrble 4dabae bas occur-
Mo.a go o ae


be discarded.

EEF.?EAMOARMG (For:Cicvla varicularia L.)
wahntnS.AM. BpkeCe (Se-ote]Ioer. 2" Iajly to 1abis a t ote
sanio b-ut mmo e I le s-s c omf ine X to Vhe 'oe tuals.z

ja shIi n g ton R. L. 7ebs te:7 (August'31 I hvem-S see x te~e. 1e cimenls
at lla.-. The "i rsL oae' I h iced a -a- onpoc
Augast 5, 19Z8. S i -C e Ct1a t time soon eafter km retu n
from a t--i- to the coast, I thought it might have, been
carried backi ina blezkets used lihile cam- ing. A secopnd
specimen 7,-s- collected on, thLe college cempus, senxt. to
S.Z x Lrmlb -t ,P uy aIn a nd d~elfiitel-1Y detezrm-in4ed. as
this insect. The thiAcL s-.ecimem. was b-ought in todazv
by Dr. ji. 1% -7. THea.ICof-. .

=ZEA IVZRI LLA2 (Ibmestra ic t-a SHlrr.

Maine H. 3. Pe'ircmon1 (Se,,tember 2): This inisect 1- d assumed
e-pid~ezric -Dro-:ortions at 7u'te here it is Ettac6ring
genrh ad fowrig lenjta, sucha as glcadiolus. gereni m,,


IULMIMIS 110SE 3METIE (Paaltomo_-us f~ulleri 7arm)

Comnecticut 71 Brittoea (Se-+-em~be: '4): Founid ol-- acacia. In z
g-L-a-!,iuse j:. 7orealk,-, VZic,. is th--e first record for Con-
net et.


STAIRU 20"1" =4 niam nebris nitela. Gumn.

Ohio 2u. -7. Me-nden:hall1 (Se-7tember 9).- The atalk borer is ve;,y
chu~ndmAn in ablockl o--" terl bus'" -,lants (Budcfleiza) in

S733T CLOIMM SEM 3M_92 -.Eooni lTpsg~ ab.

1lor i da J. -R. -,atson (Se--teb:be::; 3): Ae o'ted as cloirg mach &a-4
age to a la-nti:!g of ch71 aAejrams neaz- Tanvgp. T'1111 ea

1- 1]


E,1,Mendenhall (September Q): Clrysanthemum -)lanrts
tha gree0nhouse at plain Cty are infested.
A MKAYUGM (Ppeud~ococcus s.-).
J. J. Davis (September 23): Abu md n 1 and a s tiuac -
tive on Coleus'at Jeffersojnvill e asre~pote~d August 28.

77M '7. Baker ( September 2: Althouzh tbis --est has
a akddahlias at Mmintesano a&d 31ma in the la'st thr ea
years 1whic'n Vae writer lhs worked in t~his te-_ritorr t'he
4amageo i a more severe than bef ore. The f olipzcinur
is ot s~erioua but thei -etala are of ter- riddled.

OOLDW OLO7, 47., (krp :bcka T-1t ch)
le.w. eatnall (Zeatember 3): Golde, &IoTT in some
Tit ib garaoms at Pi qva is. fall 'of tae red corm-osite

_1213 WMRE (& paju4osa Grote)
2 amxbers (September_: 1): Iris -3lantinigs through-
oat, the, soutbora -art w' the State are being severely
40iged- 'Seveaml large '?lantings -have' as many as 50
*1 tten of VA*e plaiats 1infelted.
C..Draa j(JA 'us t 29); O-Undt ia cons ido-, zble'humber s
*U 'bodes, at-bas Moi.-xe s.

'aggio ~ ~ oxk"h 31see not Olest oyed
Trk4 kgh41q s to ;Mk .1.0 itece s-
intc hul, rhe seaz* e haas
4#h 4 t vsirai esora gen-

erally averaged from. 10 to 15 ner cent. It is COMider-
ed a serio= 'facto-, in iris produiction'.


LILAC BOIRE (Po dse Usia'.__2yl ae Harr.)

Ohio E, ". ktendanhall (Se-ptember 'P,)-, (Zite bad in the lilac
plants in onae of t-he nurseries in'Springfieldi.

0YSTER-SHELL SCALE (Le2idoanhe ulmiL)

Kentucky 7. A. Price (Se-,tem,-ber 20).- Mod~era~tell. abundant on li-
lac generally.

Colorado G. P. Gillette (September 21): Coatinues to s~pread iz,
Colorado,, occurring In most bf the nurseries about Denver
and iz vezry 6estUructive to ash and willor and especially


UPRCISSUS 31713 FLY (MeBroo Reoetris Fab.)

Washlington C. 12. Doucette (Se itember 10): Infestations have beon
obsel-ve& in- -3ractically every --lanting of, nsacis"u in
the State. Generally the infEestation has been liOht, be-
tween one-halrf of 1 and 2 per cent, with some excebtions.
In one -,lanting of 75,000I -bulbs g:-owa ia Tacoma, the in-
festetion raiized fzom 40 to 65 per cent, de,,eacling on the
variet-7. I is t--. -most seve e infestcticM T he-ve ever
see-n. T-_-!e 2large infest-,tion was. "pe-tly &W to the fact
that tifese bul~bs 1hadl been in this fi&eld two successive

Oregon D. T.Dette- (Se-3tember 16): Infestations 1'ave lbeen
obse-"veed in several sections produ 'cinC nwrcissns bulbs.
I "have not !lad &-n om,)-ortunMity to stud:- tha conditions ir,
O-re;Zon as thruhyas in 7ashi-ngtoi, 'Jut en-gider that
the-v axe Vuite similaz-, as all districts visited showed
some iz-festatfioin. In-festations of 34 per cent vere ob-
servea i-n tl-e Tillamook- dis.trict, oac-tentil of 1 -3e::
ce-nt in the Columbia River district, a-ad 1 ?er cent in

7ashinggto-n C. 7. Dou~cette (Sentem-ber 16): IA the lar;ger nF.Zds1-

|7L .'4

VIt('g blIssoig netto wreBab
t!db~ ektdb~rs nuyadsnw h
ILvo su er' ci,1' f~esaino tlp
'it F0tdl a .8prcet nDth sblsa
and- Jelvi .1 ad00 e,.n'eietvey
an SBigdaemncom t mlvu.adI,1.

Iowa C, J. Dra A (Auigit 29),; loar, 1 Vjhy cat a- (g
have- Ieen VeT'' abiuidaht in Iowra thi.%- *g 4g'
to bqe -pretty widely distributed -md i* ,devefa nhn
were eXtremely abundant ina thp- basemo -and flrst,'f16or
9f hlomea.
PUISS _AEU1L"( 9 .

Mississippi R. -I. EHarned (Septe-mber .23), aveo eaoye
-Probably ojoercularis, have ttractpd considerablea attez-
tion throughout the State during the -past month.

A WATER WC- (Go.ixidae)
Haiti R. C. Smith, (Augwst 2) Anunrusiml fligt of a sMall
corixid ivcs observed at lights 'at Petioieville on Auguast
28. Residents -stated thrat theyW had ev'er acen it before.
Th-ey swa7Lm ar ound th e ,lIigh ts -afd. then dr op to~ the Ll o or
or table, making, it impossible to sit or .eat near a light.
So far as is kd.ovaT, it occurred only one night. Many
specimens have been sent to Ruagerf ord -&-or determination.


Nebraska M. H. S'edk_ 'ISeptembe-r 3): Annoyance to ca.ttle colatin-
Ued duriag Aucust, but not so severely as &-uring July.

HORN 71Y (Haematdbia irritans L.)

General 0. G. Babcock: (Auegust 23): The horn fly r-ae Aot abund-
ant on the eastern slopoe of the Rocky Mountains- More
vere observed on the waters of Clear Credk -Ganyona (alti-
t-ade ranging from 8,000o to 9,000 -feet" aprximately 100
to 150 f lies to eac'h- -Timal. At t5his -oint post showers
occurred. In the drvy a--as. of Fe7- faxiClo the horz fly
was not numerous, buat east of El ?8lso, Tezz. in, districts
where recen qns had occuarred, the flie ere observed
,to be from/I '903,0C0 per anima!. TarthJers epest f-6m thle
Guadalupoe 17ountains to Sonora., r::ere -the hot area began,
and no rainas '.had fallen, the flv -ras sc,,rce.


Alaska L. J. Palmer (Aubgust): Mosquitoes were -unasivally abunid--
ant this season and cau-sed considerable loss to reindeer
owners. Mayfarns were kildaad som-e grov-w = iansls.
Reindeer and caribou. were so red-aced- in flesh that theY

19817died. Some small herds wiere ke--t on feed in car-
aTzi1 "nd* smdges Jkapt going id* and night to save the ani -
mas -from eomplete, annihilation.' Br farniers sufferea
lossos andI out-of-door workers were terribly annoyed and
At times forced t-o quit work. Farm operations wer e -much
irterfored with, as it was necessary to keep horses shuat
ixp in barne most of the time.

PINGE2H 14IPPOBOSCID (Lyc~hia mgura Bigot)

8 7. C. Bishopp (August:): This pigeon parasite has been
complainea of during August by pigeon raisers in South
Crolina, Plorida, and Texas. In some instances consid-
nnlable losses were caused,


TERMTES (Retilglitermes app.)

T. It, Parikt (September 2-3): Moderately a~bundant over
the',5tate; becoming aserious pest, more com-olaints than

JsJ. Dgmlr (Septem er 23): Reported cm Augast 26 as
datwging Ikues voodvork at Cynithiana-
R. L Faker(Setember 2"): Re-ported oz August 21 in
6 ae a Licol, o Sterniber 10 In house a9ttackin Pic-
tar frak~t R~eading; on September 14 in house at Everest;
on $tptawber 15 in oueat Plainville.

Oipi tD W.Orile (September 22): Termites.are very alundant

!R n ar" a' ($eptember 26): Several complaints0 of in-
$#icea top ihxep =nd shado trees have been received from

Fo Prkor kSeptetber 20): Temites wore roported on
eye b 16 useat San Gabrizl.

so) Sevrial roquests for informa-
,A~bet hae omo to- this office dur-
AUgs Tn one case in the city
orm~igwr ieal
VaoUUr g s ze


3 12,2 0244

# i