The Insect pest survey bulletin


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The Insect pest survey bulletin
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v. : maps ; 26 cm.
United States -- Bureau of Entomology
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
Bureau of Entomology, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
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Washington, D.C.
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monthly, mar-nov. plus annual[1926-]
monthly, apr.-nov.[ former 1922-1925]
monthly, may-nov.[ former 1921]


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Insect pests -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
Entomology -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
serial   ( sobekcm )
federal government publication   ( marcgt )


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 1, no. 1 (May 1, 1921)-
Numbering Peculiarities:
Vol. 14, no.9 issued only as a supplement..
Issuing Body:
Vols. for May 1, 1921-1934, issued by the U.S. Bureau of Entomology; 1935- by the U.S. Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine.
General Note:
"A monthly review of entomological conditions throughout the United States" (varies slightly).
General Note:
Includes annual summary starting in 1926.
General Note:
Includes some supplements.

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University of Florida
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A prioica reiewof entomological conditions throughout the United States issed n te frs of each month from March to December, inclusive.

V041ae 7November 1, 1927 Number9






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flight of the lss m oThopper is reported from western
ansveda s r b to fl- on het in certi n

The fall artmyrorm is in c e i c l l is
ae- st brr n a nd anj, s as.

The sumer c 1essia-,-fl vey of the 1-ddle Atlantic St.tec shows
infestation than has prevailed f evrl yes. A general y
ryor. -te are lsorepoted as abund nt insuh-chitral Kan S..

Svvn conti in:Penlvania, Ohio, Indar n ichigan
dinested by th .urop(an corn b:orer in the course of thec
Octber scouting or

The San Jose scale is not reported as Uwusually 0.bund At fro.a any rt of the, eastern fruit 'Delt, thouis earlier in the season le-that uuul infeatavtions- w.ere- to beepctd

In gene-al the codling-moth sitution of h :Etern United States
-h s b favorable; nsidrable frut oeverisbeing found in eatr ex-,port apples^,

The appleandhorn sletonizer is reported fort: first time from thc. Stat aine

in the apple-groing section of West Virginia a very uiIusual outbreaks of heap-ple m-_ag:got. occurr-ed_ this year.

In the ecrgia peach belt, the puac "bore is so serious tnha.t an unasually lareuttofpri o ze is ig use t is your.

Theo lio ican bertn )eetle has bee ond one coat; eaFs of our List recrd incw Yor; Stat- (t eCounty). s--s l beetle s teem fond north
of aington, !ojtuome y Cot ple. A infest' nation in the
eastern art of 7orth Carolin i eco oe intense tb-;n last I
SuthCarolina the record e is _;:: ctic 11y o tier of c o nties fa their
est;an accordintstt to a line lts en

Dillon n 3arrn to Icon farth ar north, thanr Qr- vi cOlc ofb Contis i ti

T71 c--rot is dvicisdoi

As antici at i-n, ou a -rrnmesof- helaltn 1 cotton

lef of di. 1tic iwole indications ari
~~ t; pine stand rt

tha-t 7nothr eri ecOf thc moun t,,in pie L)etl1e isuCe :-7.P iia
idnih---23 underw-ay for t li-sC-t fo. cr nt-- Et otrgo of Mnaa

Tehaitlosses -nl the- past -10 -,eas from t -vge h Jeff'rey ninebet, i t-.0 re contr Project : e no, oeC~nrI--iW e'-t older e-idriinte ry-1.ioalfes is nowi on t'ie decL1n3.

Several repoorts of d. eto --edn Dl-nts iathaeb-I~ received from r ssi.i
.;i ;;;l "~ ;i;;isR~~ii i: s~: :IA

Illinois P int (Octor 17: vere injury by various species of white grubs to corn has been reported from mnn points in central and northern Illinois.

KanJ. cColloch (October 1): Th conty agent of Ch.ynne GOaunty, reports that -hite grubos have destroyed a field of wheat. Counts oed that there were seven gro to the s r foot.

sin L. Chambers (September i -Cctober 1): Lots borer and zsart eed borrs Pyrausta spp., r very abndat in several loca1ities in limited srteed at s nd lo bels.

hi.JR. Phipps (October Or): The chin-spotted geomator apJpeared in destructive numbers at Auust li, defoliating blueberry,

Wisconsin E. L. Chambers (-eptember 15-ctobe:r 1): Thousands of moths
m7ere observed about the lights at lack River P'al on Semtember
17. The surrounding bo- land was striped by larvae.

EansasJ. W. Mcolloch (October 20: The l1 ser migr .atory grasshopper
has ca'-sed some damgo to full-soon wheat in wu tern Kansas.
Flights.have been reported :fromGreat Bend and Dihton.
(September 30): Thes grasskoppers are reported to be present by the hundreds of thouans in the fie-lds of Palco. O Septembur 29 a big flight of g asscd over Groat B-d.

?ALIL A~lWORM(Las hyama fuainerda S. & A.)

braska .. S (enk (September 0 -October 25): f urin the first reek in
Agust an instance of the fl arLo.- caterpillar attacking
the ears of corn, and in th coo of the attacked ears,
-as found in Cass County.

Ellinois 7. P. Flint (October 17): all arnyviorm larvae ha been re ortc'
from several points in central Illinois, injuring corn n. z1lf

.~~~ I. A... .D....

---ca --c~l a .wosoch (restove,,r o C orn plan~se Sent in from Libera
erebadly injuLred by thej fallarmy-o. The leavesE had bean destroyed and thno were working in the ears and stalksESSIAN FLY (Ptohe dtrucqt o r Say)

iidle Atilntic d. ith (October ) :C He ain-fly s urves made
States this summer Whow more fly infestaIon in the eastern :heat-g
rea than ere s ben for some yes past Rcords of p
e of infest ation ere _baseJ on culms The follo-ing surman
hos the v ae ifestation pr cuty f the State under

Stat : -tuat Inon numberr of : Infestato : couties : er count y, :c c i :er acu ::per cent. r :pr cent

Pe-nna..: 2: 33: 2: 1

.......: 21 2
1 J. :3 : 74 : -- -,2,)

2 21

.Ya....: 2 : 51 : 2: 0

nsas J. ::cCollo coolerr 20T:A early Oct
hos thefly tinthe outh-contral rt of the State,
also one infetton n

P7INS 1A7LS7E UIR (Eeds I2 aSay)

aJ. cColloch (Sept i er 25): a sestrayed bef "ration at Piercovill and r Cit.

Crl]AIT CCE2 FORER (Pouctl nu I %l S*

tn 1.otht ly Ltter, bureau of into io y o 161, -jetember l7
t n suir chipi unt of 30,2C00 S i s chryli s
codsta elrs s. ,ao_ n,:bubf Dla- n s 7,530Cocoons Of 1Lict mtori a n a made on i 9ut 0 from Genoa, Italy, by th uropean prasite laoratory at Evercs, 'ar. France. These I its collected bi Lat in Lomb
_otal shipmts o f Pr IO r t from urope to tis cu
or te lst fi 1crassifer Thom. 47
iocde 1L5; asicer zenilis Rod. 1,U52;
4--0 at r iile m n72'; -a-: PhoereesElnifrons,

17,017. at the rlington ss. laboratory there nere reared 42,704 Zenillia roseanae 3.,*-:B.; 11,4417 MIacrocentrus abdominalie Fab. ; 97 Dioetes pnctoria; 373,175 Aanteles sp.; and ,6a4 Masiaera seniis. These t-o lists crmake the total parasites sent parasites sent for use in the wrfare against the corn borer, 338,037. To collect the imported parasites 150 laborers were employed for o eks in the sunmmer collecting period, extending from July 25 to August 10, 192S, in northern Italy, and 146 during the months of ovember and December, 1i26, and January and February, 1927.

Corn-orer Control Extension Service, No. 20 (October 15): Comparison of infestation in ichigan, Ohio, Ne York, and Pennsylvania, 1925 1920, 1927.*

Total larvae per 100 stalks

1 25 1926 1927
15ichigan ..10 10.73 35.56 hi o ...... ................ 1.90 5. 44.02
Yew York ................... .4. 4 7.00 10.78
Pennsylvania .. .......... .. 2. .59 17.72
Average for whole area ...... .2. 11 8.02 12.98

Figures for survey no-t complete September 19, 1927.

Corn-:Borer Control Etension Service, os. 19-21 (October 1-22): Scoutingfor-borae in aew territory is still being carried on Under the direction of L. _H. ".?orthley. The following counties have been added this seaon: Luwerne, Morroe, and Wayne.

Corn-Borer Control Extension Service, Ns. 17-21 (September 17S ng counties have bee.h added this season: Clark, Fairfield, Champaign, Perry, and Belmont.

Corn-Borer Control E~xtension Service, Nos. 11-21 (September 17oaber 22): The fo in counties have been added this season: Elkhart, En-ntington, ";Marshall, St. Joseph, Jay, Randolph, md Wab ash.
Corn-Borer control Extension Service, Reports os. 19-21 (October 1-22); The following counties have been added this season: Alcon
Al-BiIn losco, Ka1amazoo, MidlandPresque Isle, St. Jose-ph, Gheboy-an, and Arenac.

Corn-arer Control Extension Service, port No. 19 (October 1): t~fetat~n ne Cobalt minScouts in canada have discovered an infestation i.- theCbltmn
ing area, 350 miles north of the original outbreak at St. Thomas,
Catario, said Prof. L. S. cL e o opinion government at Ottawa. In-festations 'have also been- -fou-d on St. Joseph Island ~~~~~ia~~~~~ x~ i ~~Hml'~g~-ja~~~.~joe ~ "

1, 1,-n toal 1 at 'ev

anc -aioln Islaid ir. northern Lale Haron and a sevral points in uebec. Tova Scotia habeen ecoed but no 'borers
found there.

CORT EAR ..0R;: (He liothl-is 0199.1218.Fab.)
Worth C. r ranno n (October I): Thi s insect reported by the cut
Croli agbt 3o Craven ounty as severely injuring soy beans.

Wisconin L. rs 1(epte-October 1): Less than 20 P er
of the sweet cords: sunties is infested iththe
corn nnom

S Comlaints of injury by t 2 thir brood o the co-n e -orm c-ntinued 'o be received in al

CR ROOT R(MDibrotica 1 2 o s say,

Ie York .Z. ?. Tet (Cctobe Corn oo .orm al are numerous
September 15 ia cor.field at l visto
being attacted to ea-rs Mich ha "ocen njured by raccoons. i .i~ ~0t 0WE e4 el.

?GC?.-52C7-77, BSNLZI 1ars Quadrimculatu UT -ao

:is i si R. r 6):, Seriousi tury 'o field pens by t(o)s speio ws eprtd frmCleoi ctbor6

CO!PA C,7ROULIC (Chal .1codermus~ aceous Boh.)

isi r R. hned (October ) ,rious injury-to field peas was
noticed at Clednii Octobe 6.
Cr-iib sm

lifornia -shly DtLter, Los s o Hoticulturl Commi ,o0!. /,N. ctuooor 15:The sm'-11 dark brown insect Iava roots :n r reported.from many t of Los l ety is cconsidera'ole injury launs rpro t seuiCi2e s o i r r crali accor
t tr ntion rcivo -. ria bintonolo'istLo
n oCuyH ictr is5.onVr office, from axt en ut itihi-r recorded as be of ncme or les co.non occurr ace tt the united Sta
but ony oc only causing serious injur to thir hosts

live i ilen tubes jut below. he surface of th soifeedig
on the roots n r n in o of
the lau into th tems,

REE2 J 1BETE. (Cotinis nitida L.)

R.Liy(Octoer 1: r ro t )ron e btl are

aea aS oe: ore serious tha. n l1ast yea r.

H.n ( 'Octob r 0): .r. :or, Gtoni, reports
ta s e in o en seriously dxr b Jne lrva .
AoR o reorts the Je ba havc cd scrisiT I SECTE,

,ids (OctoNber 4n): Inspection of export ples from thu idfrom 1 1 pe'r cent to 0 per cent of the Qppl es i is

.0. I1. Sna (Ctber 20): T nJoe 7c inre ed. ra pidly h N: Ie8 t,,, n r' i. r, a h e Fr t

ur y e ltter prt o A st the infes ati
was ve Recet ob ervations have revealed the fct th
many of the insects have died since summer, probably as a result Spiredcioisii eis o rasites. T he same thing occurred in
If the general use of lubricatin-oi
einfor scale control dvrn recent years h: not allowed
th pdacios eneie parasites of the Sai Joce scale to bece mor e m o than a the case ;en Cst c scale sprays

..ncnh,1 t:o11 (Ctobr 1 She s:a Joe oo ini south- -estern
hicii.s :lCit 1ce, acexat in the exceptional outortr (Octobr 22): n Jo-sale inf tions this

litht -nor unusually heavy.
.Caber Sete r 15-Ctober 1: survey for tihe S-an

countY, 75 orchards in Athe State, and 19 city mrks ran-dtob
infested. apples, us, ornamals, and Ar-bs_.xrea c

JAPAK"SZ 3=TE (Poinillia S'a-onica N7ew

e Jersy monthlyy Letter, Buretn of Stomology, No. 161 (geptembe
i to the feet t he activities of the adIt japae ave fore resernt season, it -as possitleeon1
to lift" the1 uaati-ne reg-ulat1-ions coveri-ngfferifrbdcs 1
es haveaee findi athrmpoucsispce
f tbtle re ini ata o
a to do,7ni into orower b1
-reS-Lll be .T n'"-qe frm, h-,

protection, d'hli i en aR inthse
i dable rtiy 0 Cc1t l s re si

caletotri te nrrice moom' of thbs--ecatik_ adce
ficatio 1 e on eept i T u-til"
i :i l lit of e ie on f o and
ii: t to
flors lare t f al
at tUe raborator tei. One ot t t a cnid
ph toIni, r

-ortt~r iooi ot i-, -a ito -'y bl ime i

r. el e A

Ari fly iei:txha h l Wslt buds -u

af v sa
v. c Ois ofl

d c

t'Q hA C t ---.,C z' I 17K2

-,m tt r too
,,,o S I

September, hen conditions ere ver favorable to the coalin
moth, and the number of late os as reduced to a very low point

SL chambers (September 15-October 1) From to 20 per cent of the pples are Ieted with the codling moth over the entire Stat

STHORN SLETOIER (Hemerophila rL~ana Clerck)

Phipps(October ): This is the first reort of this insect
in & ne although similar injury was noted on Outts I slnd last

lightly sprayed orchards.

tN ed br n Jl nd. E gst n nsprayed an YIr. P. Felt (October 26): Apple and thorn skeletoniser adults have been flying in numbers the lst tw7o weeks in various localities in the central ad southern part of the State, areas where there has
ben considerable foliage injury the past season.

APP11LE MAGGKS (Rhaolatis omonollaalsh)

: F. E. Brooks (October 17): I desire to report that for the first
time rthin my memory we are having at French Creek a serious outbreak of the apple maggot. It seems to be confining its attacks, so far as I have observed, to Grimes Golden. ~round 1 per cent
f the fruits of that variety are infested. Previous I have founC
the species in est Virginiz. only at elevations around 3,000 feet
above sea level. This occurrence, at about 1,600 feet altitude,

V E. L. Chambhlersi (September 15-Qctober 1): The railroad iorm is very abundant in some LaCrosse and 'Trempealeau County orchds.

E. W. endenal (October 1)'I find that apple trees and even
apple stock in the nurseries in southwestern Ohio are badly infeled ith the y scale, giving a white apperance.

PEAR SLU (rioconpoides limacina Rot.
E. 7. Mendenhall (October 6): I find outbreaks of the pe .r slugs
on pear stock in some of the nurseries in liami County.

PEACH BORER (aer-cia oxitiosa Say)

0. Snapp (October,)'or paradichlorobanzeno is being usod in
Georgia this yoar than for several years This is largely due to

growers Inave not been jgaving so -mn assumtatntin tot1 spes
they should, and as a result--:the -Ah:6stbabin has wtral
creased andmuch damage has resulted to the.ree

Oh io Z E iendenhall (ctober 3) Viete wo rk'of tba pec re9oe
is about as '"severs as usual.

Illinois W.,P. Flint (Oct-br 17T): Adult -peach tray-ggWer,' elmerg e up to October .5, ,at Sabondale it qp-111i some ease s -pe ear gr o er s- i n sth,!s -asdto-a'pl edprd coob zene Sepier. Thesne:-reati4hF1vq~ l~ntpe
vent injury yl-the larvae 'ha t chi ng on.'vm

eorgia Sapp (Octobi21)- Thisinedha s spreadtomanynewlo
cavities i Georgia during the 1927 season, althog
not a pest of major iportanop..inmebbiant heree lt ece n appl es are not grees. This insect is now~i .)iberainh'e

Il-linois 7 ,. P. Flint,(De obef 17 The- -tte .hasIco uderate numbers--an thi tfpl ae. of peadh. In onmie cssta'muhs 25 per cewb:bf the- 'ies in certa-it''orc 64r. s'%,'ere en ~l e
foliated by%-this post.

TAR-!NISHED PLANT BUJG (Lygu prat ensisg.L,

Indiana P. -A. Porter. (October 2_;2): The -tahrhi sned plant bgi eyaad
ant on almo st all plant s. e are particulaz.r~l.ii rse i h
species as a, pa isabndne hi
ous damag-e to p eae nex3.-t spring.

RASPBERRY FRUIT VORE-A (Byturus unicolor Say

Ashington J. J. Shearer (October 24): On Vashon I sland:, 'Pu Sonath g-rower-s of loganberries delivered their :crops toth aireP near Te coma, they w ve re rejec t ed on t1'he vr ou nds thb 6brr1e
7ere .-ormy.


FE CAN S HU CKC7WRM (La speyrTe s ia caryanath

"issi ssi oni R. W. Harncd (Octobef 27Y: On October 3.insvest r A F

hersaret otti ttI ve soono ite a ie Ty are e uie bit of- re ture openi-n of the
t the paecr>: itelf i disolore I thi k the reaso'
S t t last year after the storm so ?ny of the grovers did
no attet to clean p no ,r the tres an he h us ithl the
la te e ot .iturbed until spri .' other rather
s c m tint in recr to ta "Crcon su clo orm was received on
Ote8rm olon.

RED S'T r uvhs tolris L

Setter, ls Cot Horticutul Co ssion,
7O3 i,:o 0 (October i5): Srious "rd soider" injury hs ba e no recny in itus or chrs n eastorn Los els Gounty

eihs been foud to c t severe in orc r
i h not been recently irrig il e t m er-of der
f)u b ely as reat on so.e of the more recently irrigated properties, the amount of injir from their tt cks s oice le. I ny orcrds ere centre neasumrs have not
ed soon enoh, the d ryng m dropping of foliage h e



i R. Hrnied (QctoJber 27): T:;o r thor serious complaints v on
cceivly i regard to the g esy cu tvorm. SpeciLen of

Ere received from Ocean Springs on Cctobr 7. 1The correspoiden t
from Ogestated that they d ppently destroy s
entir tc strips in one night. Sp cien t, ntatively iene (ter 22. The correpondent steteld tht the .rms ad desr d abot 2 cr of lf out of 25- cre fiel.:ee

L-TAll ECLE (cotinoto der com alinat a

.LClr( to r5-Octotr 1,: The northern countieS hve been sbrveyee tor t th native
@ ri i

? :~J

igll"; ; l~li j 8pi


POTA TO LE-ATIMPPER (Emiooasca7 fghae ,,.rr.d)

isconsin .L. Chambers (September 1-October 1): "he potatoleafho
has infested from 25 to 5G per cent of the potatoes in
counties. D lia ar aso GAttac1c.ed by it.

C E R ( ellula undalia Yab.)

s issippi (ctobr 27) T imported cabbage ebor
beenr very aburndant inii durin the -pst few
Cabbage e dist hc pricplro that have boein jured. Specime cco ied sttemnts in regard toe
damago-' th_-at they ere ca,,using haebeen recently receiver fo JckaKemper, onroe, andoLondes Counties.

CA33AC -ZEI (BrevismD)u brassi caeL.

Hi isippi -n o. carne (October 10) Ahid-s see reported on ca a

SnHamilton Ocobe 10.

orth- C. E. Brannon (Ctober 1): 3 rer Carolina to be severely da ng collards near ury, Sampon 00

STaWEYLE OL. (L agglig co-t--na roebl.
Ocnto -)c Etravlbcrry leaf riiiiiiiers

o raska ::. H. St:ea:k:(September 25-cctober 25): sr rl
-er e reported injuring the foliage of strawberry plants stern Incte County urin- e second eek in Octo

.Colloc ctoor 1) a heav ifettin o
sc t is reported ra1n ort ka.

be ctl e
EU ~2 2'ard -Setter 22): Tse bxica beanh e from Stoucon Gon ty.

J0 o coo 1): los ectle ebeen found s in A l :1 ls t 3ea rate grounds, at Sone rsc

eet has cused trem en
r1.0lin ae z7ll ovor the infested 'r1:s of the State this year.
Spreadin, east rapidly and lhaF beon found in Columbus and ut-Ion .rt 'u Hlifax Counties. (October 20): Mr.

iorvell of ndell rep-orts his commtity attczsed by a veriLL'tble lau of Th7ari ea bt nd tlct l grr e
have estoed ere no control ws emlod.

aF.h F. owrd -) Thi insect has been reported from
Sthe fllowi cunie: hst rfield, 1rboo, dli on,
illon, Le, Suter, L el a rnebur.

W I (OCtober 12)! The i xican been teetle ha been reortod ay very njurio s in arri son County during the sum-er

M. r (Septhber 23): The ,:exican bean beetle hs been

STRID CJ E 3LTL (Diarot ica vitat F.)

L ambs (Sept nbr ctober 1): The striped cuc ber
beetle hab ee ob 'seve on cu eb rs i n the sttstern ptof
the St te, bUt o nioti4ce.le &mae, d

C(Octo 19) This insect is fous da mging late quash t iloxi ding September.

ARSLEY SALK EEVIL (Lisronotus latiusculus $oh.)

a. P. lit (ctber 17) The r esult of recent survey in th
infested teritory ithin mile rd s of st St. Louis sheed over half the carrot pakhes inf e dth this crrot
e7il, the infesttion ra i. from 10 to 00 per cent with n
average of about 4..0 ..r cent.

Collo ach (Sptbr 2 e~)l
ous in'fan co i illO aO rct 11)

ississipp K. L. CocIrbaM (October19): The stripe flea b...etle.
serious da-mage to turnips in Biloxi during September nd Octbr

SEUITRCPICAL RTOM (Ecodeiinia egidenia Cram.)

Sweet--otto fid ar Vicksturg rearted on October 13
Sthe e:nitropia armyorm, oms eriani.


Me4co I. a on, c r a on- (tto the g
aLont o, bir boll warm, the 197 cotton cro) of tl.e Lageina region, which in June was placed 90,000 bales, in estimated at not moe77,000 bale
A certain nto d is. tedingna
from t1e i'0tol 'neum, bu te oll eevil -s a rule does bullt
little yer, ,both are exceedingly ba and the ae i rou-t by them il 1.amount to at leas
30 per c nt o. the cro.

3OLL WOR, e o bSe ta b.)

orth, C H. 03ranon (Octore 2I): The counn of Halifax Co Carolina reports unCer date ofOctober 2 the field A er they r fouini theru o- a41 Ivast g at lpet otalkprstl

e onc the vil -y ducsti ne

fit cn %uV1 ,stt 1 iYl -sell as the only iie: 1 vte co to i to, lley in 1'26, no infest
of t 1) 7 ilZ7eC ove r t 'IrU t il late in SePtombrin
1t cI.1 ,j nooilla I ring teo n oam

Tdiana 3. A. ort r t in ti action as bour
tically unjnjre: b- the moth o thiSs i One ro-erre
morta tht a ly e o of t cotto le-f r ee

moiiii t,, ri r c n S pr1

a~ddle of September. is is very different from the
Sin 1226, hen te moths ere in Septemoer by millions
and caused serious damg e.

S IDnie (October 12) Te first speiimn of Alab -a
a lc i ici" so for a ihs come to or no ice, us diocovered yesterdy. This cre ture has not yet appeird in numbCrs,

imported a olds re bing seriCusly attC d by aphids (species u on. This ttack is so heavy as to ir.Seriously tle ape.ra nce of t e tee =d to cause the de th
of'soCm4L e idivia l
T- M D USSOCK MO TE (e speocE 1u~co ima S. & A.)

Nbz1.. S-enk: (September 2-Gto-oer 5): h ,te-m ked t ssock
th continued to be consic ri the p o covered b
this report.

COTTO OR ( oyea orl Riley)

SH. ~Senk (Septbe 25 ctober 25): ring tie lr.tter p-rt o
Septem'or and te first tna of October0- 0 t he cottonwood danger
tel l edincospicuou s numbers on the
shade trees of lncol

PI I j 0AE (.hio ni onifo e Titch)

E. 5: (Set -cor 25) Co. Ints of i ury by th pin c 1ea scale on Au d ine conineia. to be received
duringtep rico her reported.

Yo rolt (October 2 ):] 1ilions of t' c ::ore lenving from adult -,sc ss. rnt oing dornh nt t rnke and cov'cba cn

othor near-b7 alde- trees_ -ele not i esz ed ',--o 2.arse

A RED SPII2? (as uniun1uis Jac

M t7c1uutts A7 I Iurn e (October 1j):Severlhundrdarboritatr
titutin the "ae" at s til ac tts I c
=a.Geat s,7::1hmar eaviy infest d bythe sp-ruce mt
This ':s deter in d y rof. arma asPa a et a

,~ 307LDE F7 Le ocr tivi4t t au S,)

J Coloh (Gob 2) At
bo:ede ug aeprviga se-riou-s anacein mayhomesoe
0 t C &I II.~; s; ; ;o~i;i3sil~; ~lli~ iai l

t Ttate.
---,a E2 Cea a littl

CATAL A X (Cr c o

io h C ober 7): fid bec o

Iinoi.. 17):c ctlpa sci:sea1

t ~ tAn
iar.::::Dlr~i:,, Eve,: ::

Indina 2 .Pre co~ 2:Tectl> pizi ahre

mlk a el .e r (2oirr :e

no IP 1 aY fla I on

ndc u nptrt ofI ::ntn J. .i ive iii i il ii O~ ViI~iei~ :""";"

ft 7,e : roar out t tr s a r of
7 2-. a ateral r

] 0 UL 1.. .....

JUNIPER 802-13 (Oias is c ruei Toc .)

17 dnl (to:r ): 2 jui sca is hr.113 il

7. .S ( eme 2-ctober 2): aCeyrne Count c rresno nreUti tht t1 locuS 'ore r ?a present in such :i:dnin a e r of bac ~ocus tr ees, n nearly 0 :,ee s
old, t i in-the .est mayer 25 pr cent of to tress shorte
inestatio.r -a a t 1 of : I: f

0 i 12 (.;,'.9 ~ i>;:&7~i1rs :

J....'.veen (Otober .): n the .t ye-r the cottoe ;apl scI as creas ii uc eum r ro econ a serious -est Sc Ity control ve en tarted for the season of 1$28.

-8 J P OR> niot rZbi a .b.)
,, ,

.. (eteoe -tober ) corrpondent fromC

pce ki e.. o leave. i nd ad been inju us

diono jtsva ~e o o t or anei. i sei

i le- i iesiee1l':':se, a. r asaOat i tt lr eeat
ssa~i~l~i~8,, e8~T 4'"I """"'"""to t tu I a Li- c t i~~~i~~~J,~~~~~~r~ i~. ~ ~_(~.tij~ ik~~ nl;""""; lo -

MontanaJnd-n For Lhe past t'ev years a serious
dmic of th'moutai pin e e has ex--, listed i -,n.the -dns ta
(Lod c pole pine yan llo-ie of the East Fork dainageo
ttr o ie om 0cent o te timberon
areas order :hictis e m s pread has been destroyed the et ye r or t-o this ifesttion has pread into t~he "_ -_, G -,L:." ; 0sl

California monthly e tter, er of to 16 ( dJ.Miof the Jeffr Oroon of several y ain ca the InyaainlFrs a
thi Ye A fey yeas Io lidcurred n thi ion, severl ilin fet o tibe.
t tion develop in t lo o 1s7 aC.tckd re 1imer,
soon lost its mom:tr~ ftr th dyin time fo tewid
no no longer ave~al. Suvys ofteOlfri-Oea ion r vy r itrrb :iipob

rof contr ol 1:o_ L be d. icw rLL C.

Ohio L. 17. Lier.denhall (Octob ): Thepinee scl isuit
t i: n the r e

.1 (c~rAe, ate er- ~n-2) ad

I:~~~~~ 1.o. y.~y ~o 'E bI e- er i c r 0 1 Ox in, t 7 al?.l; ;"gII ISiiiii s~il I
d 'U --I r r- riilsili ~ ~ Ui

;; ; ,o;,,,ii;;Iii; i; u;l: li,;ii;;;:ii':; ,IJ .II



TI SCAL (Tcumeel iriod i Omel.)

P,. et ( ctobc 2.): Twis badly infested with the tuli
scai e re received the m middle of he month from MilIbrook


CHRYSANTE K LL HIGE(Lartrol 1h1poC2L Lee'w)

.1. e I (October 12): The chrysantheurnn_ _midge is doing aae to chrsate in a reeahouse in Del::;are.

IRIS BOPER (L on ctu onu:.1 Graote)

7 L~. ob r- (Se -ptetbe 1 -Octoor 1): Inestation of iris by
ir b is vry sve in som Ftsc of th Stat in
Selntins, bein s hi s cent

oe t vicinit- of0 Yor Oity to such an
e t t r nthoriies have ex&aerienceddiffic lty in conCed. oon to lave c, s ri t i n Io the t e
hoh butf o e 7to te r.0 th ?. rsay)
ma lc 'I 1 ,o).

,,,..<., ,. th 3 s,.,l a c., ., ..... i. .... ...o
small-,r 'ra--cl~cs tre

TORT'IJ""';ID i110?2 ( IR~ iIndter.Nto.Wle

2iaryland E. N. Cory (3Spt me) Slit dama to )en stemon
doTheialreorted from 'lollSer i,

SO:SL.S(o:u heeraeridam L.1n
Lhi -- C $ I2 (Qpc- h!tntd)T

Chiasoi E. 7;. at (dha 0ob 1) Il

cth 0amage.
c -::as : L 7t 7', 7iiii

T10 osa Iuc
I tr ;rt tb .."


ehioer d (Ue e efhsi c e sttre~te leave o flter. b.o Judo tees t Dyo.I

sC royin.; t I' ros .

3v r.C teace' hectCn'i

c- 7-c r a o :-! o i

cAt ci a iid a t:
t L -e n-ho died sug
ccilasizi ct: wei is of in
c cM 7 ? 2 i
t to fi to so Cia to'Cl~B~O l

ri thrr~ 2."icrrr cr r~i ) i i t so v :01 pe.i";;"' clina; sio Crt o:T cn
1"lli; .; soi~ ncia Ro att nded 6;~ 6; .e as aart All ho

Of 4rdei d to A oe ated o, fo 1lif. Thcse

oina Iint leort d the activities

there rrl; 1s t::-n 1(00 on n '.:::: ] Octu.0,r 1-10. S3activi t s codiion v: ied..t el ?io t cre
r e oe 1 ; e cttle :. s :.ry as .. C otc e:
1 d13 11 e ic 1 1 t, d om h d as Law. as 0 to ,50 t t .t o n S o.:... .bout t' me cndt vi Oir0 <& :e~l2iJd on Octob:er,.0 and 21 as at n a Th .:ore Qs rt2'r 9 :n, .0-su cattle havin'
0 to o soit no ork o Ooir 1 tnd

are r ao 6:: a ::cr ..... i s .nd to .e cat te

So v pit c lis ctl o '0 .or:1s -.nd about the

isa vtLld2 ret 1v! liiio in1 10 of V- iry.b in
the ei th1 Aoi. L. foll
notud ttir1: t. i r>, Thtcb 8, r n tin n o
1' v iu e 11 C, t

t a r .e i1 7, 2, iWClX;C er of 1. '

wumb e in cn t t
in- ro a. 7. AKi .%r in ui:~ a t isatx.
rIoun, o n -nn cx. 199J. c-t i

theNo ot hexs re r it
r a,-,. iQ t~ES
LO -th sI~ T: S~r~~ ~ ~.e~ etci~
he F o.-L;L-" ~ic isi

red7.C ishoppn (Octob-er 25): The noma fl reduct ion in h
Y Sneers oci ce. Several flocks ba-, &e irgini-a bemn observed -ith moderate to h infestations of body
Shaft lice p to be next in ador, ::ith head, fluff,
Slice cmprtively s 0 r
FITSO FI/OBCSID (yndaa, oua igT)

Iashingtor.,~O.. P. C. 3ishop ( cto er -1) peimen oftepgo ip

ansas Mo (Cober 5): Tei0its hve 1 ed i
trees in .y:.;d at .ijasier.

-v' IT e u cloi L.

7 ~. oft~+

_n a
Zakg of ., 'C t .Utic. oit .ic ,-r rea ok r a ri
t'erel ?.xcan; ed::::ll a :nt. 1 .. Mac--s'tor asily thi

is spes from itarr to to in trou' shin s ofpays

m:6~~~~~ oturfo : o cmtere ,, i c~9l r~~~a i ,~ ~ ~ ~ 1;

& i 1 c L t

cont au s ch tahe wc 1~~~ i1 r cfa t n

St~i to. smcor
~~~j~~ t~t~i~~i; ~-~~~j~17~ ~~'7 1 c S t '8.,,,;


ineS of Yazoo City repor t s tht the fire cit a found dcstroyin many of the papan of the cotton leaf wori in the field. Mr. P.K.
Haris on of' the area of 2ntumology sent to the office young
citrus treeteoosndos o th truo ofbich d arnt0
beeon gird I y -.or -rs zoft t. 1 ts had not cmpletlyit eatn th-- fr te oots
tr in sma1 thaell ared ont trees as sallpit
orpp depres th lttr rto July,
J.E.Prca cuny gn, Pascagolaam to us som el1ts
ieh he stted -re, being seDuriulyi ired by herr cnt.
examin-,6ion of thepats oe t -t ats uodo
tudill- in-71 the tems of r:t pints andhaao etdn fhe c c t s toft br: o te t ad roots of heplnt. reidntofth camu A & I. Coleecalle
l aion tot po f or d nby f-cirta r
tits.~ hi iur csiEof a Ito fai proient oles

Z I;- by ob c) to~~
ga Ieud in the, nods7 at tes. S o me o f Ih Tpods 7,howed c nall worlihu abnormali tie-.s !ht r vesmmbycaue by, the ntscl
riter ctin; off dgs of the senals a
g hoesito hes of th pods. The eets E were als 1 o
r'ep)ofte;d a-.s fedine onbcn ndtter in the house.

ELAK HUSANT(Monomoriumi mini Eu ek.)

0. maia (0toer1) Tis atis reoted by0.O.Due
have been c0u v ,I 0 greaj nic in 11 n lIs L p(st sume
b tli i >bto

Of ET(?:Mcr solde Sy)
ih 0o1n coin hoUos Godatt i s G0iven t im e1 +h a t o:rili i

it is the oi n.hnsr v te yht; Co Ud in
someI of h- ossLtar us rmsrn to aefl.I
TI II_ I-I I' Is'T '

on, house Shi the~ crtreaieh on a ot eynmr
if aI ice box. c a ve
rc b, OV 'ri' ir& fUive
7;oe-bseve i fi poauve. .secer it ths section b~v
notic e n ,uito co on I
co.), L.ledc1ric'ken, 2 i 1h
Out o.ors, th- r
t 2- tl~

.r tnnks in- t ra.e S
The I .10 tod toitc

2 UC 0 IE O

i~~~~~ fie o.o ( c o ,r 1
(Ir~y Couty) m -w-m, zO -Ior,-kc tus f ild 1 h(_; t,-;


Thylwamino mlisgi ,igs, also crad1irg into beds, etc.
bef nsiderably larger t an usedlAhs er Snypoeo
attn, 'It this sesnof the year.
ITE 2ELE (La sioderma seF

:11inoi 7. IfFlintOctober 17): h.iaet
sdhgigupholsterted furniture in the- hme n r -oe.ti
belisbe comin ono of our most commonly e e o


mw --, ch
pest s.
1n7 J c olloch- (October- 17): The eignrettebel sgvn'a17

ti I
orue in a furniture store at'.bilene

etabetehs em r, p30):

0A i

11nis1. .Fint (October 17): Severall-ases of nuyb h a
abelto tEehone clg h-ave bee repo-tlf-mes-ear
Illnoi. Tisinjy iscuedb;he-u
tonguej insid ofe inse ls enahvdgt
the u .ee

knsas J. .colch(tobe-r ):Sev-,eelijuryep~iyt ah

C D ', r t -,-U '. T.:, 0
iseot in Mcus in ohso out. 'P:eotial h

11 fuie tt Don 0. 1t rsa.s
ts : ofI ftU

1 o- d-r 'l0 SL Mof ): a latto-s e
rl ci1S s aM i:7 t'c tt