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Contents and index of entomological technic (ET) circulars nos. 101 to 150 issued by the Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, United States Department of Agriculture
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'LANT BOARD September 1939

CIRCULARS NOS. 101 to 150

Issued by the Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine,
United States Department of Agriculture


ET-1OI. An improved container for shipping adult parasites.
J. K. Holloway. May 1937.

ET-l02. Apparatus for studying effect of submersion on small
insects. D. F. Barnes. May 1937.

ET-103. A mobile entomological laboratory. L. D. Christenson and
W. F. Turner. May 1937.

ET-104. A simple microprojector. S. W. Simmons. May 1937.

ET-105. An apparatus for dusting individual plants. J. P. Vinzant.
June 1937.

ET-106. Methods of propagating Ribes in nutrient solution for use
as test plants. H. R. Offord, G. R. Van Atta, and C. R.
Quick. June 1937.

ET-107. Stickers for derris on cabbage and beans. R. A. Fulton.
July 1937.

ET-I08. A shaker and modified Berlese funnel for extracting al-
falfa weevils from baled hay. R. W. Bunn and W. C.
MoDuffie. July 1937.

ET-109. Methods for the fixing and preservation, for exhibit
purposes, of the natural green color of pea plants and
pods. F. E. Carroll. August 1937:

ET-lIO. An inexpensive fire extinguisher. J. R. Douglass. August

ET-III. A convenient field cage for individual insects. R. L.
Beard. September 1937.

ET-112. A machine for the examination of flies. A. W. Lindquist.
October 1937.

ET-113. An apparatus for all-season sampling for the study of
insects. F. H. Harries and D. E. Fox. November 1937.

ET-114. A motor-driven telescoping stirrer for use with an insec-
ticide spraying apparatus. L. D. Goodhue and E. H.
Siegler. December 1937.

ET-115. An efficient method for mixing large or small quantities
of insecticidal dusts containing a conditioner. T. E,
Bronson. December 1937.

ET-II6. Insect feeder. C. W. Eagleson. December 1937.

ET-117. Insect holder. C. W. Eagleson. December 1937.

ET-118. An artificial shipping medium for young larvae of Coch-
liomyia americana. Roy Melvin. April 1938.

ET-119. A hood for use in examining material containing irritating
dust, H. C. Donohoe. D. F. Barnes, and Perez Simmons.
May 1938.

ET-120 A method for infesting lemon fruit with red scale. Francis
Munger. May 1938.

ET-121, A convenient cage for determining field populations of
the potato leafhopper. F. W. Poos and J. W. Scrivener.
June 1938.

ET-122. Apparatus and method for filling Lepidopterous larvae with
wax. J. C. Silver. June 1938.

ET-123, A method of keeping records on replicated plots. J.
Wilcox. July 1938.

ET-124. A simple and effective larval trap for hornworms. A. H.
Madden and F. S. Chamberlin. July 1938.

ET-125. A counting-cage heater for winter studies of insect popu-
lations in the field. 0. A. Hills. July 1938.

ET-126. Modifications of square-foot sampler. H. E. Dorst. July

ET-127. An injector for forcing liquids into the soil. C. B.
Eaton. August 1938.

ET-128. Specimen supports for objects photographed from above.
C. B. Nickels. August 1938.

ET-129. A simple method of testing camera shutter speeds for
between-the-lens shutters. G. W. Still. August 1938.

ET-130. Emergence cages for light-attracted insects. H. C.
Donohoe. August 1938.

ET-131. An improved and inexpensive oviposition cage for insectary
use. 0. I. Snapp and J. R. Thomson, Jr. August 1938.

ET-132. Equipment and methods for estimating dried fruit beetle
populations in soil. C. K. Fisher and D. F. Barnes,
August 1938

- 2-


ET-133. A reel for carrying rolls of tree-banding material. M. A.
Yothers and F. W. Carlson. September 1938.

ET-134. A simple hand-operated soil-sifting device. M. A. Yothers.
October 1938,

ET-135. A machine for separating mosquito eggs from soil. C. M.
Gjullin. October 1938.

ET-136. A suggested method for the determination of the ether-
extractives content of small insects. W. C. Cook.
November 1938.

ET-137. An authomatic wind-direction recorder adapted to an
electrical recording thermometer. R. A. Fulton. January

ET-138. A special cage for confining insects on tall plants or
portions of a plant. 0. A. Hills, January 1939.

ET-139. A revolving plant cage for use in insect selectivity
studies. J. A. Gillett and J. R. Douglass. February 1939.

ET-140. An improved method of labeling jelly-glass rearing con-
tainers. A. H. Madden. February 1939.

ET-141. A portable stand for outdoor photography. A. H. Madden.
February 1939.

ET-142. A telescopic spray extension rod for use in bark beetle
control work. J. C. Evenden. March 1939.

ET-143. A light and camera stand for photographic copy work.
0. A. Hills and R. L. Wallis. April 1939.

ET-144. Portable equipment for applying insecticidal concentrates
by atomization. S. F. Potts and G. W. Barber, May 1939.

ET-145. A power-driven mixer for making emulsions and other sprays
in the field. F. P. Dean. May 1939.

ET-146. A mobile insect-collecting trap. J. R, Douglass and E. H.
Bean. May 1939.

ET-147. A simple soil washer for large samples. A. W. Morrill,
Jr. June 1939.

ET-148. A sturdy but compact soil sifter for field use. A. W.
Morrill, Jr. June 1939.

ET-149. Laboratory spraying and washing apparatus. R. D. Chisholm.
June 1939.

ET-150. Stand and lighting accessories for insect photography.
G. A. Runner and G. W. Still, July 1939.



Compiled by the Bureau Library

Numbers following items in this index signify ET circulars (not pages)

Barber, G. W., (joint author), 144
Barnes, D. F., 102
Barnes, D. F., (joint author), 119; 132
Bean, E. H., (joint author), 146
Beard, R. L., 111
Berlese funnel applied to alfalfa weevil, 108
Bronson, T. E., 115
Bunn, R. W., and McDuffie, W. C., 108

about parts of plants, 138
counting, heater, 125
emergence, phototropic insects, 130
individual insects, 111
insect selectivity studies, 139
oviposition, 131
population studies, 121
tall plants. 138
Carlson, F. W., (joint author), 133
Carroll, F. E., 109
Chamberlain, F. S., (joint author), 124
Chisholm, R. D., 149
Christenson, L. D., and Turner, W. F., 103
Cochliomyia americana, apparatus for examination, 112
Cook, W. C., 136

Dean, F. P., 145
Dendroctonus monticolae Hopk., spray apparatus, 142
Desmia funeralis, emergence cage, 130
Donohoe, H. C., 130
Donohoe, H. C., et al, 119
Dorst, H. E., 126
Douglass, J. R., 110
Douglass, J. R., and Bean, E. H.. 146
Douglass, J. R., (joint author), 139
Dusting apparatus--
individual plants, 105
mixer, 115
Dusts, replicated plots, records, 123
Eagelson, C. W., 116; 117
Eiton, C. B., 127
Entomological laboratory, mobile, 103
Eihestia figulilella, emergence cage, 130


Eutettix tenellus--
fat determination, 136
soil sampling apparatus, 113
Evenden, J. C., 142

Fat determination by ether extractives, 136
Fire extinguisher, 110
Fisher, C. K., and Barnes, D. F., 132
Fixing and preservation methods, pea plants and pods, 109
Fox, D. E., (joint author), 113
Fulton, R. A., 107; 137

Gillett, J. A., and Douglass, J. R., 139
Gjullin, C. M., 135
Goodhue, L. D., and Siegler, E. H., 114

Harries, F. H., and Fox, D. E., 113
Heater, counting-cage, 125
Hills, 0. A., 125; 138
Hills, 0. A., and Wallis, R. L., 143
Holloway, J. K., 101
Hood, for examining material containing irritating dusts, 119
Hypera postica, shaker apparatus, 108

Infesting lemon fruit with red scale, 120
Insect feeding device, toxicological studies, 116
Insect holder, 117
Insecticides, sticker for derris, 107

Labels, jelly glass, 140
Lindquist, A. W., 112

McDuffie, W. C., (joint author), 108
Madden, A. H., 140;141
Madden, A. H., and Chamberlin, F. S., 124
Melvin, Roy, 118
Microprojector, 104
Morrill, A. W., Jr., 147; 148
Mountain pine beetle, see Dendroctonus monticolae Hopk.
Munger, Francis, 120
Nickels, C. B., 128
Nutrient solution for test plants, 106

Offord, H. R., et al, 106

Parasites, shipping devices, 101
camera shutter speeds, test, 129
from above, stand, 128
light and camera stand, 143; 150
portable stand, 141
Poos, E. W., and Scrivener, J. W., 121


Population studies, dried fruit beetle in soil, 132
Potts, S. F., and Barber, G. W., 144
Preservation methods--
apparatus for filling larvae with wax, 122
natural color of plants, 109

Quick, C. R., (joint author), 106

Replicated plots, records, 123
Runner, G. A., and Still, G. W., 150

Scrivener, J. W., (joint author), 121
Separating apparatus, mosquito eggs from soil, 135
Shaker apparatus, alfalfa weevils, 108
Shipping devices--
parasites, 101
screwworm larvae, 118
Siegler, E. H., (joint author), 114
Silver, J. C., 122
Simmons, Perez, (joint author), 119
Simmons, S. W., 104
Snapp, 0. I., and Thomson, J. R., Jr., 131
Soil injector, liquids, 127
Soil sampling apparatus--
all-season, 113
square foot, 126
Soil sifting apparatus--
field use, 148
hand operated, 134
Soil washing apparatus, 147
Spray atomization equipment., portable, 144
Spray mixer, power-driven, 145
Spraying and washing apparatus, 149
Square-foot sampler, 126
Stickers for derris, 107
Still, G. W. 129
Still, G. W., (joint author), 150
Submersion apparatus, small insects, 102

Telescopic spray extension rod, 142
Telescoping stirrer, motor-driven, 114
Thomson, J. R, Jr., (joint author), 131
Traps for insects--
collecting, 146
hornworm larvae, 124
Tree-banding material, reel, 133
Turner, W. F., (joint author), 103

Van Atta, G. R, (joint author), 106
Vinzant, J. P., 105


Wallis, R. L., (joint author), 143
Washing apparatus, 149
Wilcox, J., 123
Wind-direction recorder, 137

Yothers, M. A., 134
Yothers, M. A., and Carlson, F. W., 133


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