Control of the boll weevil on sea-island cotton under Florida conditions


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Control of the boll weevil on sea-island cotton under Florida conditions
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Rude, C. S ( Clifford Symes ), b. 1894
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
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Sea Island cotton -- Diseases and pests -- Florida   ( lcsh )
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"April 1942."
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C.S. Rude.

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April 1942 U-.cC


'C0NTR.OL 0F THE BOLL 4L-,_V IL 0A ,LA-IfL, C>or,.

C. S. Rude, Division of Cotton Insect Investigations

Experiments conducted by th Euu ol ntorrolog, eni Jaj% A
of the United States Department of f _u]lture in cocp to viL th
Florida Agricultural Experiment StLcv. u nS the Past 5 a Lt
the toll weevil may be profitably ootioK o sua-islaif ot1 o
cultural practices and direct co to1. ..;curcs a>e ir or. e "2
should be used to obtain satisfacto, control of the Lol l \i!

Cultural Practices iL-oa*nt in Weevil Control

Cultural control practic the
start in the fall with the early cs rustici. of cotton stl1. Ih c is
should be cut or plowed out as soonj after the. cotton p e
-This practice cuts off the weevilsc oo and sto.s lcte r.
the weevils; it also causes the wev, ui a,,c picsuit to. citei i o
in poor condition and reduces thei & o o survial. IA is -pcialy
important to destroy, cut, or plo, o. cotton plants so Lt at hcio il
be no winter or early-spring growth or fitiAn. In Lhe. 1out1 pa1t of
tho sea-island area cotton grovs anf f s ail winter in soe 2 n
this happens the weevils continue to multiply and arc p c L i ]c
numbers to attack the first squares at vplcr in the sprin, 01 the old
plants may sprout caily in the spi:n u,. j.A .Les 1.
the planted cotton. These early squar a iord the w l
place to feed and to deposit eggs o the production of an carl ood o
weevils which later infest the planted cotton.

Select fields as far as possible from clie!s in which cotton <
grown the previous season. Use good ,2CC and plant on landl that -ill pouc?
a good crop in the absence of boll weI;s, -1-pare the land well in ad ane
of planting to insure good moist conditions Apply a fertilizer, high
in potash, at a rate of not less than 400 potn~s per acre 10 c'ns or 2
before planting. Plant as early as weather conditions will Iezmt without
causing stunting by the cold. Apply a sid dressig of fertli er onlnini )
nitrogen and potash at chopping time, L 2- to 3 stalk-s per ill o
18 inches apart. Cultivate frequently A ep the cotton see gron5
condition. Observance of these cultua.l1 practices will co wooh to g t cot0n
started quickly and reduce the amount of poisoning needed [oi i {vil control.



3 1262 09230 3618

Direct Coro! easures

.e o every fey &a s after scares
hael 2 5 pt c: of t :'-.aoacs are found 'o be punctured by
......... cJ ,, u.snK i t rt ,~l 21 ,-.=:a c the dst off' within 12 Caylight
yo .troi 'at~o:,, i" ,< o <'a: o: ::iht ..r. stilll eno~ugh so0 that the dust
::cs :o: :< :" j Fr best .7:,I:: te nozzle of Ihe duster should be
a :O:It aC ...... .. ...>t. plants so that the dust will be
.. ....h t > i7: wy all pacts. of the plant will
tree e un~o 2 liht cmrac c, dust end it xil! also help to reduce
.1r 4- ... [0 :picatio, i1l usually be needed to
..... u i machinery is not
21 c < p na.. i'uldts : b ohtained by. spmaying the
>o a ,,.; iL 4&,;c (10 pounds to 50 gallons) applied
L i ,i : acre. Sweetened poison norped on the
3-11 t 1.: c pl n ... .l

t n effccJi~e for .oii weevil controC

.:,, to DeterminA Po.r ., of Furcturcd Squares
.. a oteining the percentage of toll
....c.~ c ,a. a~ the cotton field and pull off 100
sqa:. Cae -x' ul t V.kc W a:out the same number of squares
item~~~ al. C'0 ice(;,)N]

......... .l .7 old the squares in the hand or
gockcLf f: 10 1a ;ontrcl...

........... e u.l. . x m xinet for wieevil fe edi
Ile~~~ec intn i-,C _0
andi th. "D:: tt:s Ch ...........

.L cc,, V..
.f r i sqais found will be the
C)- i ~ ~ uro een OccOco S ray be
*.c: : iI.7 1h~ .k:;' c obS .d the coits nd lake an average
..o... ... ... o~ 4 ;u' ,:.. Ii. siall fiel s on~e cotut carefully

Cenre!of Cotton Ao....

4 ~p'iiOs, ~ -
~] ~Th V..1 ~. I ~
tO. I ~ V2il~ VI
1 d 1 ~i2c1-~~
u sud for
.1 ~- (2$ t >
I (B1cI K... 'C
I ~ 11 21 2. ~.L)
) C..n ~ Ci

.24- ,lI 1 LV

( (.(1 y 4-a-~ ~ ~ inig 0 I'
I 4hj ~.1'C(' it 'io
J v.Jloas 01' v I
I Oi~ jVI 4-i'' >7
r a ( S .2. Li .~21

j0~I1c.~; Vi i,,

," f euent.; Letone serious 00 cot toni Ihat
p~rsc Te .:nger of 2 ~jhid injury may he
cr:<>: ay lications of' caciu-m arsenate.
ece~ oficotLine shouldle add~ced to all the
I l control, To prepare the calcium
o ~d. ( i:,rocxi:ate ly 1 >1uart) of 40-percent
O) :LI c C) Lotnds uf .tcalci .. rsenate and
e- s ) as 2 used for t eating seed. his
ser ra c eo

. .... in a steel calcim arsenate
.j uickly loses its strength if
:ooteiiier is available, tiho mixture
ei 1c111 Vamagin atfhid porulations
ts .wik nicotine sulfate. For spraying,
tii 1ifate nd 4 or 5 louncis of laundry
7l oy should ho applied at dhe rate of
l t l al~ts are dr nd the a ir calm. TO
Li::: 7( uuly noeessry to use approxi-
it .~. .7S. 1his can ho r ado ly adding
iL .. s:ilt to lO.0 pounds of line or calcium


'I ~

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