Current membership of the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, Congress of the United States


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Current membership of the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, Congress of the United States Joint Committee on Atomic Energy membership, publications, and other pertinent information through the 94th Congress, 1st session, March 1976
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    1. Membership of the Joint Committee and its subcommittees, 94th Congress, first session (1975)
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    2. Organization and functions of the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy
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    3. Service of current membership of the Joint Committee
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    4. Membership of the Joint Committee, 1945-76
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    5. Assignment of Joint Committee members to other committees of Congress
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    6. Membership of the Atomic Energy Commission, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and Energy Research and Development Administration, 1946-76
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    7. Tenure of AEC General Managers; tenure of Joint Committee executive directors
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    8. Atomic energy legislative references, 1946-75
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    9. Publications of the Joint Committee, 1946-75
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    10. Legislative reports of the Joint Committee, 1948-75
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    11. International agreements for cooperation
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    12. Energy Research and Development Administration report collections and film libraries
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    13. Activities and accomplishments of the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy in the 94th Congress, first session (1975)
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2d Session I














,, ,,, L
,i \^ *


^y v--').
V ^c0 .

MARCH 1976

Printed for the use of the Joint Committee on Atbmic T l1iCirgy





197's ,~




JOHN 0. PASTORE, Rhode Island, Chairman
MELVIN PRICE, Illinois, Vice Chairman

HENRY M. JACKSON, Washington
JOHN V. TUNNEY, California
HOWARD H. BAKER, JR., Tennessee

MIKE McCORMACK, Washington
JOHN E. MOSS, California

GEORGE F. MrRPHY, Jr., Executive Director
JAMES B. GRAHAM, Assistant Director
ALBIO N W. KNIGHT, Jr., Professional Staff Member
WILLIAMI C. PARLER, Committee Counsel
JAMES K. ASSELSTINE, Assistant Counsel
NORMAN P. KLUG, Teohnical Consultant
STEPHEN J. LANES, Technical Consultant
BEVERLY A. BAUGHMAN, Research Assistant



One of the declared purposes of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 i-
to provide for "the di.'semination of unclassified scientific and tc(h-
nical information * so as to encollrage scientific and indijtriial
progress." It is with this policy in mind that the Joint Comilittee has-
published this pamphlet. On the pages that follow there is considerable
information that can be of material assistance to any citizen deiring-
access to unclassified atomic energy data.
Included in the information set forth within is a comprehensive list
of the unclassified publications issued by the Joint Committee since its
formal establishment by Congress; references to and brief descriptions
of atomic energy legislation that has been enacted since the first
such enactment in 1946; a complete list of the legislative reports of
the committee; a tabulation of committee reports on agreements for
cooperation; and the names and locations of Energy Research and
Development Administration depository libraries in this country
and abroad. Also included are tables tracing the membership of the
committee and the Atomic Ener-gy Commission, the Enercgy Re-
search and Development Administration, and the Nuclear Regulatory
Commission from their inception; a table reflecting the length of
service on the committee and its various subcommittees of each
current member; and a statement of the committee's organization
and functions. There is also included a report to Congress on the
activities and accomplishments of the committee during the mo-t
recently completed session of Congress.
It is the committee's hope that this informative publication will be
of assistance to the Congress and interested citizens.
Ciairmnan, Joint Corrmmittee on Atomric Enmrgy.
Vice Chairman.



I. Membership of the Joint Committee and its subcommittee c-,
Congress, first ss-esion (1975)-------------------------------- 1
II. Organization and functions of the Joint Committee on Atomic
Energy ---------------------------------------------3----- 3
III. Service of current membership of the Joint Committee----------- 11
IV. Membership of the Joint Committee, 1945-76------------------- 13
V. Assignment of Joint Committee members to other commit, ,- of
Congress------------------------------------------------- 18
VI. Membership of the Atomic Energy Commission, Nu
  • Commission, and Einergy Rle:circh and Development Administra-
    tion, 1946-76---------------------------------------------- 22
    VII. Tenure of AEC General ,Mantlager.; tenure of Joint ComInuittee
    executive directors----------------------------------------- 24
    VIII. Atomic energy legislative refereiice, 1946-75.-------------------- 25
    IX. Publications of the Joint Committee, 1945-75 ------------------ 30
    X. Legislative reports of the Joint Committee, 194-S-75-------------- 49
    XI. International agreements for cooperation----------------------- 54
    XII. Energy Research and D)evelopment Adiiiii-tra.tion report collec-
    tions and film libraries ------------------------------------- 57
    XIII. Activities and accomplishments of the Joint Committee on Atomic
    Energy in the 94th Congrvs-, 1st Session (1975)-------------- 60

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    JOHN 0. \:' ORE, Rhode h land, (",,n'man
    MELVIN PRICE, lllii,. Vice (C zirnan

    1IENRY M. JACKSON, W.sliiiingftn
    JO-EPI' M.. MONTOYA, New M.xik)
    JOHN V. TI'NNEY, California
    IHOWARD 11. BA K E R, JR., Ti ii...
    CLIFFO RD P. CA.%I.F. New Jersey
    J\ ,MF-E B. PEARSON, Kansas
    JAMES L. BUCKLEY, New York

    JOHN YOUNG, Texa
    TENO RONCALIO, Wvy ,i.-., .
    MIKE MCC('ORMACK, W i-lii.,ton
    JOIIN E. MOSS, C('aliforniai
    JOHN B. ANI)DE k-' N, lll.i
    MAN I : I, LUJAN, JR., New Mexico
    FRANK HORTON, New York
    ANDREW J. I IN SHAW, California

    TENO RONCALIO, Wyoming, Chaiiinnan
    FRANK HORTON, New York JOHN V. TUNNEY, California
    CLI FFORD P. CASE, New Jersey
    JAMES B. PEARSON, Kansas

    JOHN YOUNG, T'ras, Chairman

    M U E L LUJAN, JR., New Mexico

    HENRY M. JACKSON, W..llingtg'i
    HOWARD I1. BAKER, JR., Tennessee
    JAMES L. BUCKLEY, New York

    MIKE McC 0 RMACK, Washington, Chairman

    JOHN B. ANDERSON, Illinois

    JOHN V. TUNNEL, California
    HOWARD 11. BAKER, JR., Teiti-'e',,
    CLIFFORD P. CASE, N.-w Jersey
    JAMES L. BUCKLEY, New York

    II ENRYM. JACKSON, W.ilngtuiin. Chairman

    JOSE-PH M. MONTOYA. New Mexico
    JOH IN V. T NN l1Y, California
    IHOWARD H. BAKER, JR., T-iin,.-s.'.-
    C('LIFFORD P. CASE, New Jersey
    J \,I1:'; B. PEARSON, Kansas

    JOHN YOUNG, Tex vs
    TEN'N RONCALIO, Wy,,itnz
    MIKE i' 0 'ORMACK, V.I-li:2ton
    JOHIIN E. MOSS, C:nifornia
    JOHN B. A.N PERSON, lliiii.t
    MANUEL L'.IAN, JR., New Mexico
    ANDREW J. ILNSHIAW, C.iif.,rv i

    JOSEPH1 M. MONTOYA, New Mexico, Chairman

    IIENRY M. JAC K, -ON, :Lshington
    JAMES B. PEA I'SON, Kanss,

    MIKE McCORMACK, Washington
    JOHN B. ANDERSON, Illinois
    FRANK HORTON, New York

    STUART SYMINGTON, Missouri, Chairman

    f EFN RY M. JACKSON, Washington
    JOSEPH M. MONTOYA, New Mexico
    JOHN V. T N'N E Y. CLilifurnia
    HOVWARD H. B A K E R, JR., Tennessce
    CLIFFORD P. CASE. New Jersey
    JAMES L. BUCKLEY, New York

    JOHN YOUNG, Texas
    TENO RONCALIO, Wyoming
    JOHN E. MOSS, California
    MANUEL LUJAN, JR., New Mexico
    FRANK HORTON, New York
    ANDREW J. HINSHAW, California


    The J,',itt ('omlnitlee ,(' n T Atolic hnen ._i :' \: -!I% 0- 1 ):4.!iiz(ld oni
    A ugust 2, 194;', ) 11i1 It to t ke At':',( c 1iery Act. of of iI (I)li
    faw 7J-55). Te ,Joil.t, (Co)mmlittee did not In o o)le filly op ".,tii.-,
    tlowever, until tlhe convenin- of the .oI Ie h C( o I,'I it 1(47. The (1
    in, le'.i-l.-ition 1)ro'i(le(d tllatf tHie ,o)ilit (, 11111ui1tee (-ot of 1ine
    1iei -e r-i f:m tlie Se eiate and( n1in(e neimber- froiI t1lIe 1 House of Rep)-
    w-eu'ta8 tives withi not more thi.ii five miembes froIU either (Chliibt er
    belo _i(ng,_.1 to tlie .--:ine political i)arty.
    T+It lw further provided that, the Joint (Colinittee '-hall -*lert :
    chiaiii-ian, ;tind a vice chairman from among its me iibers." n-li -,i .li,
    tlie chairman was a M51ember of one Hlouse of (owrre- and the vic
    chair ian a \Iember of the other. Until the 83d Congrn-s thle chair-
    n:t1 was a MIemiber of the Senate. After the convening, of tlhe S:d,(l
    Congress in 1953, Congressian Sterling (Cole of New York. ifoi:i)er
    vice chairman of the conimnittee and a member since the O)th Congre--,
    was elected chairman. Senator Bourke B. Hickenl,,per of Iowa was
    elected( vice ch:tirlman.
    The Atomic Energy Act of 1954 (Public Law 83-703), which sulj'.r-
    sedLed the 1946 act, clarified the rotation of the chairman-liip by
    specifically providing that-
    The chairinan-hip shall alternate between the Senate and the Hoii-e of Repro-
    sentatives with each Congress, and the chairman shall be sLl.cted by tlie members
    from the House entitled to the chairmanship. The vice chairmanii shall be clio.-scn
    from the Huu-c other than that of the chairman by M':.mLrA- of that Hoii-.,.
    The Joint Committee is unique in that it is the only joint committee
    of Congress authorized to receive and recommend to the Congre,-s
    proposed legislattion. It is one of the few committees established by
    statute, rather than by rule of each House. Much of its work is con-
    ducted in executive session in compliance with the securityy require-
    menits of the Atomic Energy Act, although in recent years a majority
    of" the AomicE"~ Ac
    of its. hearings have been held in public.
    The Joint Committee was established as an agent of the Congre-.
    and the people, and charged with the responsibility of
    making "continuing studies of the activiti-es of the Atomic Energyv
    Commission and of problems relating to the development, Ihe. and
    control of atomic energy." The existence of the Atomic Energy JCon-
    riision was terminated on Janunry 19, 1975, pursuant to the Energy
    Reorganization Act of 1974. The AEC's regulatory function- were
    ira.insferredl to the Nuclear Reg,',ilatory Com missionn and the otlier
    functions were transferred to the Energv" "-Ro-earch and Development
    Administration. Thle Joint Committee continues to 1)e the congre--ional
    ageTt responsible for the new Conmmission as well as for the inucl,,ar
    programs of ERDA. Tlhe functions and re-poniibilities of the Joint
    Committee include:

    67 :-P' (.-76----2

    Fir:t, the lei-Ative functi;,n, wliich covers nall phaces from the
    inittiatoll of ;i h,.,i l:iivc 1 :iure through committee con-ideratioii
    ,ind (ldeb:,te on the floori- of th IIool-e and :'Senate. All bill.), resolu-
    tio,1, 1and other ma tters in the Senate or the House of Representa-
    tive- re;atmij; primarily to the development, use, or coidit'ol1 of atomic
    energy are required by law to be referred to the Joint Committee for
    i<- ,*.nsid,'ration. 'hc l ,.-islative function continues-; to be- of great
    iml,,pirtance, gas r'v:at(r emphasi- is devoted to the pe.-ceful u oes (if
    atomic enrgy. Until the enactment of thle Atomic Ennrgy Act of 1954,
    ihere lhad been relatively little legislative action by the Joint Com-
    lmittee. Since the passage of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, the Joint
    Committee has considered and recommended several amendments to
    the act each year in order to keep it up to date in a fast-moving field.
    Identical bills are usually reported to each House simultaneously, as
    arc identical reports containing the Joint Committee's recommenda-
    tion; with re-pect to matters within its jurisdiction. Another legislative
    function of the Joint Committee consists of the action of the com-
    mittee's Senate section in conducting hearings and reporting on
    confirmation of certain Presidential appointees.
    Second is the "watchdog" function, which is a necessary part of
    the operation of a government of separated powers and a vital legis-
    lative responsibility. This function was of prime importance when the
    AEC was first established and most activities were of a secret nature.
    The Joint Committee maintains a close surveillance of the various
    aspects of the atomic energy program and the work of the NRC,
    ERDA, and Defense Department with a view to insuring that ade-
    quate progress is being made, and that public funds appropriated for
    the program are being expended wisely and efficiently. ERDA and
    N RC are required by law to keep the Joint Committee fully and cur-
    rently informed with respect to all of their nuclear activities. The
    Department of Defense is required to keep the committee fully and
    currently informed with respect to all matters within the Department
    relating to the development, utilization, or application of atomic
    energy. All other Government agencies are required to furnish any
    information requested by the committee with respect to the activities
    or responsibilities of those agencies in the field of atomic energy. In
    accordance with the latter requirement the Joint Committee receives
    briefings from other agencies and departments of the Government, in-
    cluding the Department of State and the Central Intelligence Agency.
    Third is the policy and review function by which the Joint Com-
    mittee, or individual members, propose policy changes or innovations
    in the atomic energy program. For example, the Joint Committee has
    expedited and supported the naval nuclear propulsion program, the
    hydrogen bomb project, an expanded atomic power program, the
    preservation of food through irradiation, the utilization of atomic
    energy for space applications, and the liquid metal fast breeder
    reactor program.
    Fourth is the information function, which imposes on the Joint
    Committee specific responsibility for providing information to the
    Congress and to the public in this important expanding scientific field.
    The Joint Committee is required to meet continuing requests for
    information as to its activities. Press releases announcing Joint Com-
    mittee hearin-s -;nd giving information on matters of concern to the
    public in the field of atomic energy are iccued from time to time

    du :rin <,;cl, on ).f .-". Iie Joint ( oiinit, c 1 l int id-' ii li,
    hc,;,i'iii .- during ench -,~-in of (OIICTC-S on -ubj'r t ich *. '
    ,i,,r iit t,, tl) e atomi. energy p ,' rru'jal. P jli-iedW he(riI-V Ipot!.
    - nI itt,'' I-rillI- and oltier i o.ate iI-. p l-l .1 for istij 'i)itio; Fi a
    a!toiat iI ;llv (Ide OIlan eo I thI I'

    ,Ii ot' r -ted (ij ifiICil- au1 oi;;.fUh/. ; lioIs ;' : l-\t i iiJ duily by lhi*
    (C'mmittee stIaffl. Ieq 1 ,-I fro< iciil.,.rs of itihe prI, i. i( ii
    television (',irp are liun lled a ,;I- exp ditio sl5 t s pN" .hi)l..
    a at,''ials on various :;-JI .ts of tle( at, 01ic (Pe!I. r !ii a.
    forw-varde(d to ',NI:e,'I s ,f ( )o i' lit), cnIi. st l(r 1t-, iI I 'I,- l
    individuals, :!d 1 i(ndustri;")I, reli io1s1, ;.I I; : ivatc Of ), .,.%h Ati/ u :. u i,,)
    ri',iu,-t. Membe- and sti ff of thlie Joint( Co)mmittee ., i T'. i
    a-.-i-t;ince in connection with edu(.c tiona1l activities )v ide)tifin-
    soUIT(Ies of information available tlhrouglh thle Atomic Enertv or i-
    sion and other Government anencie-;. In addition, a1icl, a: '- pra,.r'),I
    and talk-s delivered before intere-ted groups dci, liir with the variois
    ii-, of atomic energy.

    Authorizing Legislation.-A 1963 amendment of section 261 of the
    Atomic Energy Act of 1954 required prior congre:-ional authorization
    of all appropriations for the AE1C, including both construction and
    operating funds. This amendment was enacted in order to furflit-i'
    insure adequate congressional control over the atomic Cenegv proria,.ni.
    Under section 261, Congress' specialized arm-the Joint Committee
    on Atomic Energy-reviewed and recommended authorization for
    the AEC's entire budget, thereby permitting the Joint Coin,,ittee to
    deal effectively with the critical problems min the atomic ,ergy field.
    Section 305 of the Energy Reorganization Act of 1971 impo-'ed this
    requirement for annual authorizations on ERDA and NRC. The
    Joint Committee has cognizance over the NRC authorization- :' nd
    the nuclear programs under ERDA. The requirement for authoriziig
    legislation has proven of value in many ways. The Joint Committee
    receives testimony in both executive and open hearings. The hearings
    give a meaningful opportunity for detailed examination of prongrla'
    need(, and furni-h needed information to Members of Conile.'-- in
    their consideration of the appropriation bills.
    -Agreements for Coop-'ation.-oSection lib. of the act defines "..n,,e-
    ment for cooperation" as "any agreement with another nation or
    regional defense organization, authorized or permitted by section 54,
    57, 64, 82, 91c., 103, 104, or 144, and made pursuant to section 123."
    The agreemnents may cover cooperation with other n:tion- in either
    the military or civilian applications of atomic energy.
    The authorized agreements are subject to procediur2 check- -,t
    forth in section 123. With respect to agreements for ci,,,.'atir
    concerning the civil iies of atomic energy wv.-hich do oft po"vide f,,r
    transfer of reactors above a certain size, or fuel for such re.-ctors,
    section 123 provides that no such agreement may becom,- effective
    until the proposed agreement for cooperation, together with the
    ,approval of the President and his written determination th:,t t-
    forninTce of the agrcnient will promote and will not constitute an
    unreasonable ri-k to the common d(efer.-c and security, hn- 1, in

    -slbmrittedl to the 1l while Cngres-> is in ses-sion. iThe section further provides, however, that
    lhe Joint Coimimittee "may by resolution in writing waive the con-
    ditioll-s of ill ,or ay port iifn of such thirty-day period."
    The At,',iie Ei'mr,*v Act of 1954 wasm aIended in 195S (Public
    LIw ,,5)-49) l o perilmlit, y-Ilbj t to certain condition,; limitations, and
    p r-l I-, ,_, teI.i r e.x,'iz'n e with military allis of specifically
    d4'finel, t, O p- of lmjilit. ',y information and materials. In accordance
    with -r t'ion 122 d. of the act, such agreements for cooperation on
    ()f.- of aitoQIic i ,,'.i for mutitil defense purposes, together with the
    1pprjov:it ;i I'A (!etemnil:Ition of tlhe President, must be submitted to
    the Cor,'o'r- aind refrrod to the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy
    whic're they must lie for a period of 60 days while Congress is in ses-
    sion before becoming effective. However, a proviso to section 123 d.
    provide.- th;it any such propos-ed agreement for cooperation shall not
    become ef.,ctfive if during such 60-day period the Congress passes a
    concuiirront resolution stating in substance that it does not favor the
    propo'.l a gree nent for cooperation.
    'hie .Atomic Energy Act was amended in 1974 to extend the 60-day
    review requirement to any agreement for cooperation or amendment
    to :an :Ilkr,'iient which would permit the transfer of a reactor capable
    of producing more than 5 megawatts of thermal power or fuel for such
    -i reactor. S;,-tion 123 d. was also amended to require that the Joint
    Committee submit a report to Congress on any such proposed agree-
    ment within 30 days after its receipt. Another 1974 change, to section
    54, establis-.hOed a similar procedure for increases in amounts of special
    nuclear material which may be distributed to Euratom or IAEA.
    JtA2'i,,0 of Special Nuclear Material.-Section 51 of the Atomic
    Fergry Act of 1954 authorizes the Atomic Energy Commission (now
    NRC and ERDA) to determine materials, other than those specifically
    defined under the act, to be special nuclear materials. Such a deter-
    mination, together with the President's assent, must be submitted to
    tie Joint Committee and a period of'-30 days elapse while Congress
    is in .session before that determination becomes effective.
    Similarly, in section 61, ERDA and NRC are authorized to deter-
    mine materials, other than those specifically defined under the act,
    to be source materials (from which special nuclear materials are
    derived). As under section 51, the Joint Committee is required to be
    notified and a 30-day period must elapse before such determination
    can become effective.
    Other Sta/tutory Review Provisions.-Similar provisions are contained
    in ,section 164, which deals with ERDA's authority to enter into new
    contracts or modify or confirm existing contracts for long-term electric
    utility service.
    Under the provisions of section 58 of the act, before ERDA may
    establish any "guaranteed purchase price" or "guaranteed purchase
    price period" for licensee-produced plutonium or U233, and before
    ERDA may establish any criteria for the waiver of use charges for
    special nuclear material, such price, period or criteria must be sub-
    mitted to the Joint Committee and a period of 45 days must elapse
    while Coiiwress is in session.

    1IIr-Ilant to s) Ucti(o 161 v., 1toliI' \.';s added1 1 to1 tin, s i in l .
    EIRDA *1) i aitlho!ized to c (rniiit %\l \it li n (1-e-e "nd. 1 o1di_'n <
    lll I I II Ito produce o(r iiicI I ;', ,i:Il nule( II uIeI-I ".*, in I Iti)A- 'A I
    facilitie-. Under this i:Illelltd IlI nt E ,,I)A is req-ir tD, (IIIi,,(d 1() .1 l ,i-.i ,;i-
    telia for thI e pmerforlmIance of tii,-i, -, r,,ifL, 1V (11d is f'lrl II i t
    subIiI1it the crit('eri, aldl a" y prop, r ) ,) ,-I '1vi-ions nt I il i
    criteria previously e(,~tnlblis-1di(I, to ti, JoinTl ('o, iii; fo p riod (of
    45 (dIVs nun ~- the )COIiI iiI ', b)y" rI 0',il in \vriii'. w:,iv(^ ilic
    conl(itii't of, or :l- or any lp-'tio, of, slc 4."-di i iiod.
    >imililv, bef'o1K lE )R A eD, te into JIny' at i rreiu1Mt "r ui 'iciid-
    went to) al l*21 Iil' \II_,.' I(l1 In l( tiho I Co()e :i'ti-Ve |)(u (r rpd'io l d ,Ieiio -
    stration, l oir n'i()L1 wliic) 1 i h s no(t ) ),een p l viou.'.ly 1 )i, ,('.(" ;- i);it of
    the .k1 C or I- DI ). :,it Io I ii lr ('l i laIti o I .ISn 11 n1 ; *i IiI'.IcIrt iT oI
    tmnl 'Ildmen~~t ius2 45 d1'vs ni-.t ehla)--e ';, ille ( 'o ,i ,.ji--; is in -,- ion.
    This typ,,, of submision is d-),o reqiii'ed for lis'inal, of Goiv(,,ili I T
    pro]')ertv at I. iihtl, W -Iif l( tle aofa.1nd, so
    amend 1,Ient of the Atomic EnIer,'. (1on. liun11 Ac ofi o 195.
    \When a matter has been suIidtted( to thie loint ('111ttitte for
    revie-w as required by tle statut.., the committeet, ;is s 8 ,,V.! I rni
    promptly schedules a earin g to conidIer the matt1(er. (O i i I1.1 n( -
    C'I-ions, in order to expedite matters, the comnwm.ittee lia- aldop (i,*', ;
    1,e-'lution waiving the waiting period, as authoiz(d by tlie ;t.

    'Ilie operations of the Joint Committee are c,',)(t1,",i i iu
    mee,,tin, and hearings of the committee and its le- 1i!te -.ix(-i;i-
    I,.itt.'-,. %'o-t -.,--ions on executive busin --s of 'Jh Jo;'n' (U Wii.' i.
    1and he:iri'-s on a number of matters of primary irnyr'tl'.tire i'el
    by the full coIimmittee with the chairman p,'''-idiln. Al! it..V!ation, td
    Joint Co(mmittee reports are considered and appi vedh by tlie f'll
    coimmitt ee.
    To assist it in the disc ia;'i of its statutory duti., ti. he Join Co(>i-
    mitte e has establish-,., six -i.i committees cla:''.,d wivit tlie respon,-
    :-ibility of conducting detailed studies of the probleihs alnd pnp re- in
    major areas of the atomic energy proL.rra,, and of re;,.rtin their
    findlin,-; and recommendatiomi- to the full committee. The JoinJ t ('o,-
    mittee is kept fully appri-ed of the work of its subco,<.itt, .'-, :i i;d ;il
    members are invited and ,ir'ed to take part in sul;'oimitee .:.,etis.
    TRe Subcrim'itt on Leagisltion was c-tablish 1i in 1 9I5. Tin sub-
    conflittee holds hearin-s on the le'_i-lative propo-,is iiiat-.l by ol)r
    referred to the committee during each .,--ion of tlie (' n,-,. i,
    Iindincs of the subcommittee take the form of recommendt::tio 1s o tohe
    full committee which, in turn, has final ,-poii-lbility for :,,,pori
    legislation to the CoZmreT-.
    Tie Subcontii/tee on Agreen, ,i( t for Cooper:tion w-as estili-.ed
    during 1955 to facilitate tlie Joint Committee's execution of its
    re.po,-sibility under section 123 c. of the Atomic Enei,,LrYV Act. The
    -lbcommittee normally conducts lie.iriis, either iii executive or
    public ses,-ions., on all agreements for cooperation sublmnitted to t, e
    Joint Committee in accordance with actionn 123 c. ;itd tlio-e submit t *
    to the Congrei-s and referred to the Joint ('onmmittee pursu:',;it to

    sectlOn 123 d. Activities of the subcommittee with respect to agree-
    inen'ts for cooperation for mutual defense purposes are more fully
    di ,.ssed earlier in tllis section.
    Thei Sutbcommittee on Coimmunities was established in 1955 to review
    proposals, receive testimony, and make recommendations with respect
    to the establishment of local self-government at communities owned
    by thlie Atomic Energy Commission. In addition, it has reviewed and
    re,'eommended legislation providing for the sale of federally owned
    l)roperties at such communities. IThe recommendations of the sub-
    committee were incorporated into S. 2630 (II.R. 7576) which was
    enacted into law on August 4, 1955, and is cited as the Atomic Energy
    Community Act of 1955 (Public Law 221, 84th Cong.).
    Pursuant to this legislation, the communities of Oak Ridge, Tenn.,
    and Ricdlnnd, Wash., have become incorporated, self-governing
    ,.unici)palitics with full responsibility for all municipal functions.
    Legislation enacted in 1962 permitted the same opportunity for
    private ownership at Los Alamos, New 'Iexico.
    i/hr' Sbc,,nmmi'ice on National Security was established in 1975 to
    cn.)l()lidate the duties. of the former Subcommittee on Military Appli-
    cations and the Subcommittee on Security (both of which were
    c11a)lhi-cd in 1953). This subcommittee is responsible for reviewing
    -tii p11:-eo of the ERDA program as it relates to the military require-
    IeaCts for special nuclear materials and for the application of atomic
    .n...... in the interest of national defense and security. It also reviews
    ERIDA's security program to evaluate its effectiveness in serving its
    dua:l purpose of promoting the common defense and security and
    tt v ,1 *I7e..
    adUv;'.cinp peacetime c uses of atomic energy.
    Thir subcommittee is also concerned with the policies and proce-
    durCes of ERDA and other Government agencies with respect to their
    s,',.uritv and intelligence activities in the atomic energy field. As
    recommended by the subcommittee, the Joint Committee has followed
    a policy of seeking continuous reduction of the area of security classifi-
    cation in order to attain improved security in a smaller area where a
    demonstrable national interest makes security safeguards necessary.
    The Subcommittee on ERDA, Environment and Safety was estab-
    li:.hed in 1975 to review the activities and proposals of ERDA in the
    field of environment and safety. These activities include biomedical
    and environmental nnd safety research, operational safety, and waste
    management and transportation. The long-term treatment of radio-
    active ,-waste is one of the major problems under the jurisdiction of
    the Subcommittee.
    Tir, Sq,'bcomm' tWe o:. ERDA, Nvclear Energy was also established
    in 1975. Is sucommittee, is reponsible for the reactor development
    programs of ERDA, including the cooperative power reactor demon-
    -st'ation proj-ets, and for the nuclear materials production program.
    The development of naval reactors and space nuclear systems, and
    the production of radioisotop)es, enriched uranium, and plutonium are
    among the programs the subcommittee keeps watch over. The pro-
    gi.'' for w1ich th1i Committee is responsible are potential major
    contributors to the nation's energy supply.
    In edition to the f,,r.:'finw an ad hoc subcommittee composed of
    lhe r2lnk-in -ajority and minority comnniittee members from each
    iio - rcponil~iityforcon firin" ',
    1iou-1 has rc.-.pon.i1 for conirin, thile appointment of persons
    prop(o-C. for proft-,ional ,.-;iployment on the committee staff.

    TIle Ato i,' ]ne ..'" AX t and! t!,e i," 4 'ir 1C(),le .1i/'.t iul '-4 tijii-
    Ac aI t* Ro;
    laite tlift !EiDA and i i(: sihall kcep) thelJoint ( ,o:mittee 'Tl wid
    <.,rreiltlv informed" of all their nu ler :e tii' l iti -. Ii uc' rdl, i'. ',l
    i pro( I'viio I, II'ul (',ro0( r(11 o on indit, idual rije,:lt ;i: l, -'.,ldi .
    .r0 :,.'! 'I, {ed to! elie JoIVin It Co ittee. lim rIo rt '. may lake th,
    fi-oni of classified or duclas~ili .Tiiiiicnt p.bli iiifrn i ,1 i r-
    lva-,-, yor cmo1; I p,-p lede ceI. 1 diily liaiso is maintai ned betv.'ec
    tile stals of 1 KJ))A anddl X l{( a8dt tle sitafQ I of the ,oint (*iiilti;1,,
    Tie a fen is, are al)oW r:'tiruirFed to reI poil ) '(i ctly to tli,( ( 'o,.: 0.)--.
    7lion A07 of tlie erj Ieor2aniznatio B Act req(jiires animal rIport1-
    toii (on.r,'-- lv EKi)A and N1d oni tliir activities;. S.,,'t'.:i 'of
    ib:,t \ct. also 1reqtuiri -' (jiiatrly reports to (Co.',.--, by NI((o on
    .:-" :r 111;1 l oc( rren{ce, at {ciiui.., lic, -,m by 'K'1.(1. .
    All material conL,:iied in tle-,- annual report to C(oPfes) is, of an
    i lli iC 1 -,-if :(l n;,j 1 ire.
    -. no)tedt abo)ve, t!e At ,mic -ne. v Act ;9-lo rIt'iir. ,;, l p .vrP-
    ineit }of l)cfense to kee'p l.e ,I)it ('oIl itt lee "'fuiilltv 1.d. (11ir' tl-
    inf :,,i:ed" of its activities il tli( a )!it ic (en .',. ii"- l ; aeid all o(lih] r
    - .,"ich{i a ndIl ipartn en s of tlie Fede:al G(vernmentl are required t,
    (.)l yv '.v. illi an v re ;'est hof tle Joiu t ('oLniittee 1 '1 r Ii kI-rn iJo l :'.d
    re\irds on matters anctinr thlie atou lic enei ". p'io-r" i ..

    Conformance with necezsarv security re:ult.ions lh..-, .c(-a
    eerti :l precaution .,` m.-.isn'i_. by the Joint Co miittee. S-, ,tii 11
    ". of the A'.tomic Enci'v Act of 195.14 G'l"es "p-tricted Data" '' aall
    (,ata concerning-
    (1) d, :ign, manufactur:-, or ui iliz:.tion of atomic wi-:,' .n.; (2) the prli'.tion 'f
    -; nu-1 :ir material; or (3) the I-,.- of special nuclear mat1ri.l in l.. pr -
    diuction of energy, but shall not include decli--iied or removed frum ;L..
    i':v t c Cted Data c:LtcL-_' ry IIpur-uant to -,..ction 142.
    The members of the Joint Committee have adhered strictly to tlhe
    practice of recc-niz.iing the classification :.-igIcd to materli.- for-
    warded to them, and maintaining that classification until such time s
    it is dovwz-,raded or dlecat--iried by the responsible excutiv, agency.
    They have c:,refully obse.,ved( all security r,-,:ilations '1.ith regard to
    r,-,trictCd data. Spt(eche-, articleOs, and reports are often rev)iew,.1 f 'r
    -,.-urity rea:--ons by agency cU.--iflication experts aC the i.,u'-t of the
    individai;:l member.
    In addition t 1: -ied progrc.- s -reports wii the At i c Enc:-
    Com.Rim',:ion -ibmitti, a t regular intervals, thle Joint Comnntitt, e-
    ceiv,- and itself ori'inat-,' h,,,v cL::- Ified documients a:nd rei ,r o,
    ;1 pl;,-,_s of tlhe pri ;;rm. It cl,-'ics iinfor":' 'ii ; rii ; i witin
    the Joint Commiittee in :.ccorIdance \\'th standNds -.- by tle
    ex., utive brnc',i for ,;.:- if-inr restric-eI ,..it8 or defense i /orma11ilon.
    T1l Joint ComiiittO,. n1,, i.t.i.,- close liaWis, it li be le)artiite,
    of Defense, the Central 01ntellice Agec. tie Fedleral Ba;,: ,cf
    ] ,ve-tition11, tie Departments of 0ta!e ;! d ,J4li.ce, and tice Nazi.,,i:
    S.... iritv Council.
    TlIe ',):,i mttee's cla--led docutimeInts, rei,'IrtF7, 1memlr: ndr, :;:s, : nt
    co ,i'- ij i01,1 tce are inalitained ill t1lie ,C.; ii ittee's cla( siied liles

    under in elaborate and :carefully sullpervied secilritv -.Nten. Every
    effort i: niade, through tijpproplJiat e n-e ,Of vaultIs, safe-, b-Olnlid0')roofing,
    electronic devices, exclu-ion a rea. FBI inMvet iition of stafl ) personel,
    and the mnaintenanlice of ail earned glntiid o1(er1 thle (comnmlittee offices,
    to uphold otandlards of s-ecurity viil lnci at lenat ,; high las those of
    the executive branch.
    Under the provi~ion- of the Atomic Energy Act, lthe .Joint Coim-
    mittee is ellmowveredl to appoint a staff and employ such expert, coln-
    siltantns, technicia:s. qnd other perstonnel nts ay be required to assist
    it in the ,dis.eharge of its statutofr\ reponsibiliie". Tlie Joint Conm-
    mitt ee ie s ae-o emll)poweredi by law to utilize the services, information,
    facilities., and personnel of hlie depnartients and establiiihments of the
    Gov-ern i ment inii the (,i-.,ha',le of committee duties.
    The obli,!ation on EIRDA, NXRC, and the Defense Department to
    keep the. Joint Commit ee fully and currently informed helps assure
    a continuing flow of information necessary to the proper discharge
    of committee responsibilities. In addition to this type of information,
    however, the members of the Joint Committee and of the staff make
    frequent vi--its to laboratories, operating sites, and other atomic energy
    installations in the United Staie., and abroad. Staff members check
    directly on many items reported by ERDA, NRC, and other agencies
    in order to obtain clarification or additional information. The Joint
    Committee also initiate. special investigations and studies on its own.
    In view of the increasing international aspects of atomic energy,
    members and staff of the Joint Committee have participated as official
    congressional advisers and observers to U.S. delegations at various
    international conferences, including the Geneva Conferences on the
    Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy in 1955, 1958, and 1964, and the
    General Conferences of the International Atomic Energy Agency in
    1957-61 and 1963-71. In addition, members and staff have made a
    number of tours of foreign atomic energy installations.
    The committee staff consists of approximately 20 employees, under
    the direction of an executive director. Due to the diverse subject
    matter encountered in the field of atomic energy and the highly tech-
    nical nature of the problems, the staff does not adhere to a rigidly
    functional breakdown within its organization. The staff is, however,
    loosely organized into three groups, one responsible for military
    matters, another for civil matters, and a legal staff. Professional staff
    members are called upon daily to work with a wide variety of problems
    covering the entire atomic energy program, including production of
    f, -:ionable mat erials, research and development, reactor development,
    weapons, and community activities. The staff's responsibility covers
    financial, administrative, technical, and legal aspects of these subjects.
    In addition the staff serves the committee members on individual
    assignments as requested.



    SENATE .1i;Ml;M il:':S (IN AilPI \1;: I ICAL %lI>I:ll)

    AK 1R, IIO'.'.'ARI) II., Ji' Tennessee:
    Appointed FI1hr 1ry In. li71.
    .*'I II oi1IIIIiv zei ui' men r 1iii;.:
    .\Lreecmeniis for I'' ,.0ii titI I '71-72.
    Comnliltlit ieS, 11971-76.
    M ~i:t V A .\A :; .,li.,' ., 1971-74.
    i searchc, I)' '.. 1 I '::i ,. Iand Radiation, 1971-72.
    Security, ~1,.3 74.
    En, rgy, I ,- i-74.
    1.i ", ,.i -gu ;',l l ll Oi m 1',73 74.
    1E lI)A, I'!i\ :riinii'iil ,uidl Safety, 1'.75-7,i'.
    E I)A, Nulear N.., r-v, l',75-T',i.
    N'ationild S curity, 1. ",-,,.
    BUCKLE Y, JAMES L., New York:
    A.-,:, irit.l. January 17, 1975.
    ^iit" i -I .... l :l~ i eP iIn "'ij !n r-h i[):
    CommmniPics, 1.75-7 .
    1' It )A, Environment and Safety, 1'.17. 7';.
    N itional Security. 1975-7,;.
    CASE, C('LIF lF)RD P., New Jersey:
    Ai. inute-i,'i.ry 17, 1975.
    S;t- ,i i!tteeM ,. ,'L ip;
    .\A ....11. .- i foir C",-,, r.tltin, 1975-76.
    i: 1 1: Lvironment and Safty, 1 .,75-7G.
    E I i I \, k, clear Enrgy, 'j753-7u.
    National .'iriy.ry l .75- 7,.
    JACKSO)N, HENRY M., Wishiingtoln:
    '-.' i : :, n .ii'rshii|:
    \[>! ,,',1, ,,,I.J-j.Lmry 27. 1949.
    M .''r *,1 Slit,'jiiiniiitte on Reactor Dev.lorp-
    ment, 1'4J,0-52.1
    IElh -i .1 to U.S. ,.'i,.ie, Nov., 152.
    Sen ite iin min1t'r-iiii:
    .\I'i,.ii' l" 1, .J:Lr.i r 14, 1955.
    Subcommittee membership:
    I*o* i' ty. 1'."5-74.
    Communities, 1'-1:,5-711.
    "Mllit u-y jpli,'. iion,';. 1955-72.
    Chairman, l.i"5-72.
    I.,' isl .ti n. I ',-61-76.
    Research. I)ev..1.lrmicnt, and Radiation, 1,61--74.
    E n.r-':v. i'.3-74.
    Cc,:;rmrn, 1973 -74.
    ERD)A. Nuclear Energy, 1975-76;,
    ',.irni ;livi. 1975-7i.
    N ational Security, 1;i75- 7i'.
    MONTOYA, JOSEPIH M.. New Mexico:
    Appint il 1 I January 4, 1973.
    Studio iin111111' membership:
    A .r'i iLot{ for C,'. .in i.I,1' 1'.73-76.
    Chairman, 1973-74.
    M ilitai \P At ,li,.i.,,. -".73 74.
    Raw -\ Iltert ilS. l'i73-74.
    Research, D1'vlnln,.,1i, and R'idiation, 1973-74.
    E-,rg y, NI' ,3-74.
    E11A, Nu lI.-ir E i -rig,, l.7-7,i.

    I. r:-~ mt i i i, 7 I .. ,.
    (C] irinjian, 1',,'., 7 i.
    National S'curity, 1C75--'.
    P.\- I, RE, JOl \ ()., Rihodte lI.jud:
    liy dhe ih of Se.'ator irim' \.\l..ab',', ;~id
    served 'lir ..,l.. I *',,. \ W ith tt,(, l''ction of
    ltupLIbticaii (Conigress i l 1 ,*'... Smidte Ilwm-,
    (rratio iiunm embshiip was reduced from liv. to

    S ri ),.,it ,1. J7 3, 53.

    (. .s .' ,.1r h< l or' ,'" ... ( LI '173 I 'i ( ,,
    (1 ".7 ,. ). 9-rrl C, nL- *, (1y71-7_ y-lttt Con-

    igr vss, (l'7:,1 7 ).
    \ i* o ("im C ',,r;i. iii. S7thl C r,_'. ..* ( 1 ,,,I ,,_'1, -. 'hl

    ('. .'" .S.S ( I () s1 (" .: .' ( 70
    '.- I ., n .. -,' -. (1 ,'177).
    ." (n)Leirih*i tec* meI~lx'rs~llp:

    i1,,J 761
    t.iesearclh, l)evv'lonmen{, and Radiation .1 i ifs
    P rehe',ssor (Research and Ai. v, i.,1.:J I, )
    1954 7-1.
    A .' e,. icnq tS for (C iin[,.i i-,,',. l .'.j i r

    i3 173. 4.
    ('i i nvmf ,fo ( ', 1 '', a, ', ,.1.

    SE urity, .DAN lirF I'* 74. 19 7.

    N tI ionl rlcirir, 1973 174.
    Militury A~r~li. ,i i,,,i 1'.l'i.: 7.i-

    'Chairman,P I', .- 74.
    S.. e ,1 Subcommittee on 4a.iation l'57 ',
    Energy, 1973-74.
    Li+, i -i ,_' and IR "?'11 1;.,. '..; 7t1.
    PEAtion I.T.JAM :- B., K:m'7.

    TIJNNEY, JOhIN V.ACihlrnla
    A 'p.Vi,' ,". January 17, 1'7,5

    Sui bcumuinit i't' mIem'I i ,'ip:"
    .Areects for C(o''ra' io7 1975 7.
    I. ).)A, Nuclear I. i, rgy, l .....7
    N.a i-i i,, ui 1' 77' -7 7.
    SY.MIIN', 1',, ST UA RT, Missouri
    Ap~pOiit..*l. Jan~uary 2S. t!)71
    .-' Il >cOllli PC mlemN her~shi p:
    .'.Iilnl .,y Atpplications. 1971-74.
    Chairman, l',.3 74.
    Securit y, 1973-74.
    l',,.rg 1',73-74.
    E IIA, Nuclear Eq,.-rgy. 1975-76.
    National Seeurily. !1,7., 7(>.
    Chairman, 1975-761.
    TUNNEY, JOJIN V., C'.,l if, ,rnma
    .\pl]' ,i;, .!,d..larnut ry 17, l1,75
    Sulbeomiit re'" iiint ll m'shi'
    A tLr.'- ,, ls l r C ...... ,!ion. 1975 -.'
    ERI)A, Enrvironnn'n ;'.iid Safety, 1975-7:.
    ERDA, Nuclear E':,, :-'v. 1.,75- 7,..
    National Security, ,'. 75" 76.

    I The Sii.lrnnni tee on Reactor Development was established in 1 '0 I o .1 J mnilry 19-4 tiOe sutcommnitte
    was 1-u rg' 1 iinil r,,l-..i'i, ill.] :Ls iii< -il' ..i.ii ttee oWl Researih amd I),ev elopmiemt. In 1 i the -'beo -
    miitt,.,- i ,I i,-.- ,'Ir 'lI .Il1. I i' ]i)IIII'IIt W ias coInsolidated wili thi e -i .... ,ii t':com mitte on Radiation and
    r-.'1.. ,.' ,i the SubMommittee on Ile.e arch, 1)' v' I '...', ,. and R.';. i:tion. In I '..', this subcommittee
    w i, *,l-ri!:I .' and its major ,' .i i '. i ie iT,''-l to a new l:cWomimitt.'e on E'RDA, Nuclear r:." r..


    67-:>",G; -7----3



    ANDERSON, JOHN B., Illinois
    Appointed January 31, l1.33.
    Subcommittee membership:
    Communities, 19j3 64.
    Legislation. 1.63-76.
    Research, Dcvilopment. and Radiation, 1963-70.
    Aircements fnr operationio. I',65-6., 1971-76.
    Military .Applicitions 1.69-74.
    Liceni iiig an :i, R'l I lg liiioi l. 1 73-74.
    E I(I1)A, Eiiv!rontin"-t ,irid Sf.,ret, 9.'75-76.
    E R I)A. Nii-lear Energy, 1975-7;.
    HINS-IIAW, ANDREW J., C iliforma:
    Appointed, Janu.iry 29, 1'i75.
    Suhconimitole min-m0ership:
    ERI )A, Nuclear Enemy, 1975-76.
    Nati.,mal Security. l'75-7Tri.
    HORTON, F RAN K, New York:
    Appointe',i. J;:inti:iry 21.. 19'75.
    Subconiniti1t t-' ntnmlrship:
    Agreements for ('coop-ranon, 1975-76.
    Ltgislaiioiiml. 1,7-76.
    National S,'urnit v, 1 ,75-71'.
    LUJAN, MAN U. EL, Jr., Nwv Mexico:
    Appointed, January 26., 1973.
    Subcomnimittee ineinberlhiil:
    Coni mnuni t is. 1V473-76.
    Raw Matln ils. 1'.73-74
    Specurity, 1,73-74.
    Einervy. 1'73-74
    E R I)A, Nuclear Energy. 1975-76.
    National ?Security, l75-76.
    McCORMACK. MIKE, \Vaslhington:
    Appointeli, January 26, 1'.73.
    Subcomnmit tee ir.eir)ership:
    Lp.?i .h t ii. 1',73-74
    Rec. rchli. Development, and Radiation, 1973-71.
    Enrgy, 1973-74
    ERDI)A, Environment and Safety, 1975-76.
    Clii.nn:n, 1975-76.
    ERDA, Nu,' Enrgy, 1975-76.
    Legil.iaticen, '1.75-7,1.
    MOSS, JtIIN E., (':,Iifornia:
    Appointed, December 13,1974.

    Subcommittee membership.
    E ItI)A, Nuclear Energy. 1975-76.
    National Security, 1y.75-76.
    PRICE, MELVIN, Illinois:
    Appointed, August 2, 1946.2
    Vice Chairman, 92d Congress (1971-72), 94tb
    Congress, (1975-76)
    Chairman, 93d Congress, 1973-74a
    Subcommittee membership:
    Research, Development & Radiation and Its
    predecessor subcommittees, Reactor Develop-
    ment (1950-53), Research and Development
    (1954-60), and Special Subcommittoe on Radia-
    tion (1957-60), 1950-74.
    Chairman, 1955-74.
    Agreements for Cooperation, 1955-74.
    L.gisl.atioii. 1971-74.
    Chairman, 1971-74.
    Energy, 1973-74.
    Licensing and Regulation, 1973-74.
    RONCALIO, TENO, Wyoming:
    Appointed, January 26, 1973.
    Subcommittee membership:
    Communities, 1973-74.
    Military Applications, 1973-74.
    Raw Materials, 1973-74.
    Licensing and Regulation, 1973-74.
    Agreements for Cooperation, 1975-76.
    Chairman, 1975-76.
    ERDA, Nuclear Energy, 1975-76.
    National Security, 1975-76.
    YOUNG, JOHN, Texas:
    Appointed March 1, 1966.
    Subcommittee membership:
    Communities, 1966-76.
    Chairman, 1969-76.
    Raw Materials, 1966-74.
    Security, 1961-74.
    Energy, 1973-74.
    ER D)A, Nuclear Energy. 1975-76.
    National Security, 1975-76.

    SMr. PTice was a member of the House Military Affairs Committee which considered the original proposed
    atomic energy legislation, enacted as the Atomic Energy Act of 1946,1945-46.



    SEVI:NTY-NINTH CONt;Il.U.S (1945-46)
    BRI EN MOiAlION, Connecticut, ( 'hirmif

    RICHARD B. R"-z.-,ELL, i ia
    EDWIN C. JOI1NSON, Colorado
    TOM CONNALLY, '1 .' Is.
    HARRY FLOOD BYRD, Virgiida
    MILLARD E. TYDINOS, M.irylanid

    VWA RRI:N It. AU.-TIIN, Vermont
    I: U GENE D. MILLIK1N, (olorado
    BOU ItK I: i. I1ICKENLOO'E R, Iowa
    THOMAS C. HART, Conecticut


    ANDREW J. MAY, Kentucky, Chairman
    OVERTON BROOKS, Louisiana DEWEY SHORT, Missouri
    JOHN J. SPA RKMAN, Alabama LESLIE C. ARENDS, Illinois
    PAUL J. KILDAY, Tevis CHARLES E. CLASON, Massachusetts
    CARL T. DURHIAM, North Carolina J. PARNELL THOMAS, New Jersey
    ROBERT L. F. S1 K I.S, Florida TIIOMAS E. MARTIN, Iowa
    PHII IP J. PHIIILBIN, Massachusetts CHARLES 1I. ELSTON, Ohio
    PAUL STEWArT, Oklahoma FOREST A. HARNESS, ori'
    ARTHII UR WINSTEAD, Mississippi IVOR D. FENTON, r<.,iz:.l;.uiia
    CHET HOLIFIELD, California J. LEROY JOHNSON, Cnilifrrniit
    JAMES A. ROE, New York CLARE BOOTIhI E LUCE, Connecticut
    MELVIN PRICE, Illinois
    E. L. BARTI.ETT, Alaska
    JESUS PIN ERO, Puerto Rico


    BRIEN McMAHON, Connecticut, C0,iTirtn
    R. E\\ING THOMASON, Texas. Vice Chairanu
    RICHARD B. RUSSELL, Georpia CARLT. DURIIAN, North Carolina
    EDWIN C. JOHIINSON, Colorado ATME FORAN I), Rhode Island
    EUGEN E: D. MILLIKIN, Culormdo J. PARNELL THOMAS, N.w Jersey
    WILLIAM F. KNOWLAND, California CLA1RE BOOTI E LUCE, Connecticut
    NOTE.-''he Atomic E'wrgy Act of 1946 was approved Aupii't 1, l'.l,. The M'.i;lh,'rs were iappointcd
    on August 2, 1'.*16, met and organized, but transacted no other business ,lurii the T7'.itli Cui gi 5.



    BOI" RKE B. HICKENLOOPER, Iowa, Chairman
    W. STERLING COLE, New York, l'icr Chairman

    F UG-F\'NE D. .MNILL. KIN, ('oh'r.tilo
    \WI LI.IAM F. KNO\VLA:ND), ('California
    JOIN W. B Ii ('KI.:R, Ohio
    BI EN' McMAI1ION, ConnectIcut
    RICtIAll> 1$. R,1. IKIL, (;iorgia
    E I )WIN C. JO I INS.' N, Colorado
    TOM CONNALLY, T, x;as

    CARL HIINSIHAW, California
    JAMES E. VAN ZAN I)T, Peiimsylvania
    JAMES T. PATTERSON, Connecticut
    CARL T. DURHAM, Nurth Carulina
    ('H ET HOLIFI ELD), Cahifornia
    MELVIN PRICE, Illinois

    NOTE.-I.- iiiii1 B. Johnson was appointed Nov. 17, 1917, to fill vacaimcy reate'i by the resignation from
    (',ii.'. of R. Ew'iiig TloIi.L.uml, on July 22, 1947. Lyndon B. Johnsonii was elected to U.S. Senate for term
    ,,:': *.,.. im- Jan. 3, 'P i9.


    BRIEN McMAIION, Connecticut, Chai'man
    CARL T. D U 1111AM, North Carolina, Vice Chairman
    E I)WIN C. JOHNSON, Colorado MELVIN PRICE, Illinois
    TOM CON ALLY, .-\ PAUL J. KILDAY, Trexas
    M II..LA HI) E. TYDINGS, Mtir1:midt HENRY M. JACKSON, Washington
    EUGENE D. I1LLI KIN, Colorado C!A ItLES I. ELSTON, Ohio
    WILLIAM F. K NOWLAND, California CARL HIN SHAW, California
    JOHN W. BRICKER, Ohio JAMES E. VAN ZANDT, Pennsylvania
    NOTE.-John W. Bricker was appiiittl on Jan. 26, l'i.'0, to fill vacancy critled by the rsignion of
    Arthur II. Vandenberg, on Jan. 26, l'650, as a member of the Joint Committee.


    BRI EN McMAIION, Connecticut, Chairman
    CARL T. DURHAM, North (' iruliuri, Vice Chairman

    RICHARD B. RU.-.ELL, GeorGia
    )D\\ IN C. JOHNSON, Colorado
    LYNDON 13. JOHNSON, Texas
    CLIN' ')N P. ANDERSON, New Mexico
    EUGF-NE D. -MILI.1KIN, Colorado
    WILLIA.M F. KNOW LAND, California

    CII EKT IIOL1FIELI), California
    IMEIA\N PRICE, llliniwis
    PAUL J. KILDAY, Texas
    I lENRY M. JACKSON, W:,slirjiton
    W. STERLING COLE, New York
    CARL IIINSIJAW, C.,li:uni-,L
    JAMES E. VAN ZANDT, Pennsylvania

    NO1TE.-Tom Connally resigned from the Joint Committee effective July 5, 1,72. Lyndon B. Johnson, of
    Tix as, was appointed a member of the committee the same aiy. Carl T. Durham was chairman from A ug. 4,
    1952. John 0. Pastore was appointed Aug. 8, 1952, to fill the vacancy creo-ed by the death of Brien McMahon
    on July 2S., 1952. Henry .\. Jackson was elected to U.S. Senate for term Jan. 3, 1'.,.-,3.


    W;. STERLING COLE, New York, Chiirmani
    BOURKE B. HICKENLOOPER, Iowa, Vice Chairman

    CARL HINSHAW, California
    JAME. E. VAN ZANDT, Pennsylvania
    JAMES T. PATTERSON, Connecticut
    CARL T. DUIRHAM, North Carolina
    CHET HOLIFIELD, California
    MELVIN PRICE, Illinois
    PAUL J. KILDAY, Texas

    EUGENE D. MILLIKIN, Color.aldo
    WILLIAM F. KNOWLAND, California
    GUY R. CORDON, Oregon
    JOHN 0. PASTORE, Rhode Island
    ALBERT GORE, Tennessee

    NOTE.-John 0. Pastore was appointed on June 3, 1933, to fill vacancy created by resignation of Lyndon B.
    Johnson as member of the Joint Committee. Edwin C. Johnson resigned as a member of the committee
    effective Nov. 8,1951. Albert Gore was appointed the same date.


    EIGIITY-FOUItTI CONII:I.-- (1955 56)
    CLI!\TON P. ANI) I'it(ON, New M,'A... ( '.,-T
    CARL T. DURIHAM. North (arolliit. 'ice V (7airiiris

    J I N 0. PA.- T' RE, Rhodt Isand
    ALBERP (O)RI:K *1. ,.
    HIEN IRY M1. JA(HKSON, W\ hiritu
    lI{'. Kl'R ) B. III(;-:r'K I,00|>. R, Iowa
    1E2 '(G I., I'; 1). M!I LII KIN, (;<>lor.M+l,
    \'.II,I1AM F. KNOW1LANI, (;,difornii
    JOHIN W. BIU(lKEIt, Ohio

    C IIET o I I)i,1 IE I,), ( :iifornix
    MEILV\IN P'RI(I I11 i
    PAI' IL JI. KIILD)AY, T*'.
    JOHN J. DiKMP-EY, N<+ "r.,o
    SIFI'IIN\; ('( IE, N.w York
    ( A Jl NE' IIA\, ( .!,' :
    JAMES E. 1AN I'T I' DT, I'fii Ih-ii
    JAMEqS T. !'AIl'Tl:Ii5()';, (,'ii~ifci:lt

    1';.IITY-IFIF1 H CO'0I1:I.-S (1957-.;5")

    CARL T. I) i, IAM, Northi C;Irli:i. ( rmif
    (C1, 1 N ToN I'. ANI) ERS{ON, New Mex ico, ',, / ( ''F

    CIIET IOI,1 FIELI), ('Ctifrria
    MELVIN PRICE 1, Illinois
    PIAtVL J. KILI)AY, T I'xs
    WAYNE N. A, PINALI,. Colorado
    JAM I':-. E VAN ZANI)T, Piirnsylvaria
    JAM F T. IPATTE I:-:)N, Connectit
    'I IIOMAS A. JI-:'KINS, Ohio
    CRAI(. II .\I I';R, Califortia

    IRICIARI) B. I.CS.-K L, C;. J4)IIN (,. ['A uItt' D, i liit
    JOIHN (0. PAS;TORF, l)ScI.m
    ALIIEUT (;,ORR, ';Iii- M'-
    IIENR Y M, JACKSOWN, W{ hiiip
    tl U IRKIK K. 1I C Kp\NI.','ui'iI:, Iowa
    \\I LLAM F. KNo V LAN I), C;I fori
    IIENIRY 1)WO()tSIIAK, I-.i .

    NOTE.-C :. I IosIme'r was L'poiited Jan. 15, 1 'I to fill v . : r rtd v' '. :tiA f : +ri.: Co
    on Dec. 1, 1 a7, as a ., :i''r of Congress to accept positions as D)ire.ct )r ( ('r.I of thIe U'1r:it :t l Atom
    '., r- A', v WX y'V.'W N. A 'i I, !1 was Aii; .td Mar. 17, 1 '.,, to fill vac.i1.y c1eut' 1 ly t! lrith
    John J. DenIp.,'y, on iMJar. 11, 1958.


    CLINTON P. ANDER-:ON, New !.,xico, ('ir
    CARL T. DURHAM, North CaroliinV, Vicc ( h:,i,',

    JOHN 0. PASTO)RE, Rhode Island
    ALBERT (U O RE, Tennessee
    HENRY M. JACKSON, W xi',uloiO
    lIEN RY DWO() lI .II A:, Idaho
    GEORGiE I). AIKEN, Vermont
    WALLACE F. I:\N.]*: I', Itix

    CHIET 1O(LIFIELI), C. .,i
    21ELVIN PRICE, Ilii oi' ;
    WAYNE N. ASI'NALL, ('olorado
    JAMiES E. VAN ZANADT, 1' ..."
    SI&AI ( I[OSME ,I C.,h,,; .;
    WI LLIAM II. BATES, M1ssacThustts
    .ACK: WI:-', LAND, Washi:Igton

    NOTE.-AlbIrt I'h',;. v, was appoited to the Committee Feb. 1,, ,1,-, to fill the vacancy crea td :. te
    r .m:;.i,1 dated Jan. 21, 1 *' ', of Paul J. Kil-.iL.

    ElI;ITY-SI.VENTH CONGRESS (10961-12)
    CIIET IJOLIFIELD, California, Chairman
    JOHN 0. PAS.TORE, Rhode I.-l.i, lie '<,.rman

    MELVIN PRICE, i:i:.i.
    \',AYNE N. A:I'INALL, ",,l,,r io
    AITBERT iTiOM \<, 1.-
    Tii.OM \I-, G. MOR)RIS, New Mexico
    JAM -E E. VAN ZANI)T, Pinnsylvania
    Cl;.\;, II; ; HO *R, California
    \II LIAM II. BA'IE -, Masschns tts
    JACK WI--TLAND, W,-! to

    RICIIARI) B. IU f 'SEL. (Gr-i
    CLINTO')N P. ANI)R-,N. New ''.:.'xi'o
    ALIIEtB F 'RT (i0 ,nI in csseo
    IIIENRY M. JAtK- ON, X .:;*".'on
    BO1l'RIKE B. HICRK NL('OI"lE, Iowa
    HIENRY 1)%%()i IIIAK, Idahn 2
    ( E1:)RlE 1). A1VFKN, \.rAo`t
    ',.ALLACi: F. BE\ N! I :*h

    NOTE.-Ev'r Tt -.Kiml y I..k-'', was spp,; L',. 1 on July 31, 1. -. to fill the vaicacy crcat'
    deith of Henry Dworshv; k on July 23, I','.'.

    S Deceased Ai i. 5, V''7.
    2 Deceasd- July 23. 1 -;2.



    JOHN 0. PASTORE, Rhode Tsland, Chairman
    CIIET HOLIFIELD, California, Vice Chairman

    ALBERT GO RE, Tennessee
    HENRY M. JACKSON, Washington
    GEORGE D. AIKEN, Vermont
    CARL T. CURTIS, Nebrmska

    MELVIN PRICE, Ilinois
    \VAYNE N. ASPINALL, Colorado
    THOMAS 0. MORRIS, New Mexico
    CRAIG HOSMER, California
    WILLIAM H. BATES, Massachusetts
    JACK WESTLAND, Washington
    JOIN B. ANDERSON, Illinois

    NOTE.-Carl T. Curtis was appointed on Feb. 11, 1)63, to fill the vacancy crated by the resignation of
    Everett McKinley Dirkscn as a member of the Joint Committee on the same date.


    CHET HOLIFIELD, California, Chairman
    JOHN 0. PASTORE, Rhode Island, Vice Chairman

    MELVIN PRICE, Illinois
    WAYNE N. ASPINALL, Colorado
    ALBERT THOMAS, Texas t
    THOMAS G. MORRIS, New Mexico
    CRAIG HOSMER, California
    WILLIAM H. BATES, Massachusetts
    JOHN B. ANDERSON, Illinois

    CLINTON P. ANDE RSON, New Mexico
    ALBERT GORE, Tennessee
    HENRY M. JACKSON, Washington
    GEORGE D. AIKEN, Vermont
    CARL T. CURTIS, Nebraska

    NoTE.-John Young was appointed Mar. 1, 1966, to fill the vacancy created by the death of Albert Thoma
    on Feb. 15, 1966.


    JOHN 0. PASTORE, Rhode Island, Chairman
    CHET HOLIFIELD, California, Vice Chairman

    ALBERT GORE, Tennessee
    HENRY M. JACKSON, Washington
    GEORGE D. AIKEN, Vermont
    CARL T. CURTIS, Nebraska

    MELVIN PRICE, Illinois
    WAYNE N. ASPINALL, Colorado
    THOMAS G. MORRIS, New Mexico
    JOHN YOUNG, Texas
    CRAIG HOSMER, California
    WILLIAM II. BATES, Massachusetts
    JOHN B. ANDERSON, Illinois


    CHET HOLIFIELD, California, Chairman
    JOHN 0. PASTORE, Rhode Island, Vice Chairman

    MELVIN PRICE, Illinois
    WAYNE N. ASPINALL, Colorado
    JOHN YOUNG, Texas
    ED EDMONDSON, Oklahoma
    CRAIG HOSMER, California
    JOHN B. ANDE RSON, Illinois
    CATHERINE MAY, Washington

    ALBERT GORE, Tennessee
    HENRY M. JACKSON, Washington
    GEORGE D. AIKEN, Vermont
    CARL T. CURTIS. Nebraska
    NORRIS COTTON, New Hampshire

    NoTz.-Norris Cotton was appointed Jan. 23,1969, to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Bourke
    B. Hickenlooper. Catherine May was appointed July 24, 1969, to fill the vacancy created by the death of
    William H. Bates on June 22, 1969.

    I Deceased February 15, 1966.


    NIN,:TY-sKcoND CONGIHi:.-s (1971-72)

    JOHN 0. PASTORE, Rhode Islai..l. (hrman
    M I.VIN PRICE, Illinois, Vice (! ,.t.rman

    CLINTON P. ANDERSON, New M.-xlco
    HENRY M. JACKSO)N, W,Ls1ilnigLon
    STUA itT SYMINOTON, Mis:.ouri
    ALAN BIBLE, Nevada
    GEORGE D. AIKEN, Vermont
    PETER II. DOMINICK, Colorado
    HOWARD 11. B A KI ER, J., Temnnessee

    CIIl.T II OLI FI ELD), California
    WAYNE N \ %I'NAI,.LL, C do
    JOHN -Yo(UN,\6 ,x'1
    ED EI)MON1' -,)N, Okldima
    CRAIG IIOSMI (1 ifor i
    WILI.IAM M. \%I 1' LO II, O lo

    NoTE.-Stuart Symlngtoin was ip'jl.ii t.l on Jan. '-, 1'71, to ill the vacancy createdI by the death of
    Richard B. Russell on Jan. 21, 1971. Peter II. Dominick was .kl-iiijit.d on Iedb. I0, 1971, to lilt the v.i. Ii. y
    eroated by the rislgiialtItii of Carl T. Curtis on Feb. 4,1971. Howard II. Biaker, Jr., was appointed on Feb.
    10, 1971, to fill the vacancy created by the resigrnatlon of Norris Cotton on Feb. 10, l.'71.


    MELVIN PRICE, Illnni, Chairman
    JOHN 0. PASTORE, Rhode Island, Vice Chairman

    CIIET HIOLIFIELI), California
    JOHN YOUNG, Tixaq
    TENO RONCALIO, Wyoming
    MIKE McCORMACK, Washingiiton
    CRAIG HOSMER, California
    JOHN B. ANDERSON, Illinois
    MANUEL LUJAN, JR., New Mexico

    HENRY M. JA(CK-)N, W L !Liriton
    STUART SYMIN(TON, Mi-',nii
    ALAN BIBLE, Nec .1l.L
    JOSEPH M. MONTOYA, New M,.\. o
    GEORGE I). Al KEN, Vermont
    PETER It. D)OMINICK, Colorado
    HOWARD 1I. BAKER, JR., 'I't-.rT, sseo

    NOT,.-John E. Moss was appointed on Dec. 13, 1974, to fill the vacincy created by the
    the resignation of Chet lolifield on Dec. 13, 1974. Alan Bible rce-igued from Cougrers on
    Dec. 17, 1974.


    JOHN 0. PASTORE, Rhode Island, Chairman
    MELVIN PRICE, Illinois, Vice Chairman

    HENRY M. JACKSON, Washington
    JOSEP1) M. MONTOYA, New Mexico
    JOHN V. TUNNEY, California
    HOWARD H. BAKER, JR., 'rTiintssve
    CLIFFORD P. CASE, New Jersey
    JAMES B. PEARSON, Kansas
    JAMES L. BUCKLEY, New York

    JOHN YOUNG, T".xa
    MIKE Mi I'ORMACK, W ..'ii!igton
    JOHN E. MOSS, California
    JOHN B. ANDE.iS')N, Illinois
    MAN U EL LUJAN, JR., New M.,-i, o
    FRANK HORTON, New York
    ANDREW J. IIINSIIAW, California


    CommCnerce- SubIuc,11mmitteeC ':
    Foreign Corn mercy :ncd Tourism.
    Surface Transport :it i n.
    Public Works (Ex officio member of all subcommittees).
    Select Committee on Intelligence Activities.
    Budget (No si committeess.
    Commerce-Subcommit tees:
    Foreign Commerce and Tourism.
    Oceans and Atmosphere.
    Special Subcommittee to Study Transportation on the Great Lakes-St.
    Lawrence Seaway.
    Surface Transportation.
    Public Works-Subcommittees:
    Buildings and Grounds.
    Disaster Relief.
    Environmental Pollution.
    Panel on Environmental Science and Technology.
    Water Resources.
    Housing and Urban Development; Independent Agencies.
    Labor; Health, Education, and Welfare.
    Public Works.
    Transportation and Related Agencies.
    Commerce Committee Study on Uses of the Sea.
    Foreign Relations-Subcommittees:
    Arms Control, International Organizations, and Security Agreements.
    European Affairs.
    Foreign Assikt.:nce.
    Multinational Corporations.
    Special Committee on National Emergencies and Delegated Emergency Powers.
    Technology As.-.-mi ent Board (Vice Chairman).

    Appropriations (ex officio member Defense Appropriations Subcommittee).
    Armed Services-Subcommittees:
    Arms Control (chairman).
    Preparedness Investigating.
    Military Construction Authorization.
    Tactical Air Power.
    Government Operations-Subcommittees:
    Oversight Procedures.
    Permanent Investigations (chairman).
    Interior and Insular Affairs (chairman)-Subcommittees: All.'
    I Interior: Energy Research and Water Resources; Environment and Land Resources; Indian Affairs,
    Minerals, .MaNit.ial and Fuels; Parks and Recreation; Special Subcommittee on Legislative Oversight
    (chairman); Fu.Is and Enrgy S'tudy ('l1i-rnan).


    Aplpro)priat io '-, S ubco m i tt, :
    1. or; ',elc:ith, E1ducA.tion, Ind Welf~are.
    Ptblic \W(wrk: .
    Tr,..,;iry, U.S. Postal <.i -rvi ne, .nd c.2iral Coveriimf',t (,:h',irm;:.).
    Dt,mocratic Steering C, .-l.mittcc.
    Public Vorl,---Humcommitl,.':
    Economlic I)evhlopment (chairman).
    Environmental Pollution.
    Trii, -p irtation.
    SENATOR JOHN 0. P..:i.rE
    S,.fcn re.
    IIoll-ilm; :,id U'rb: a 1 )evc lopinont ; Inldcti 'ndcn~t .\,,., i,,.i, -.
    lnl)lic '\\'rk-<.
    Slat-., ,Jlstic(C', (Comm,,0erce, the 'Judiciarv chairman).
    Traiis|)()i't :ttinnl.
    C. ,'mmcerc cI-SI ico-S ) m)Iitt, .-
    Communi'cations (cha:irma:zn).
    En% i r ,nment.
    Merchant Marine.
    Oc.: i, and Atmosphere.
    Spoei:tl Subcommitt ee To Study Textile Industry (chairman).
    Denocr.,tic Policy Committee.

    Special Subcommittee on Freight Car Shor:i;, ,.
    Foreign Rlelations-Subcomnmil t,.I,:
    .\frican, Affairs.
    European Affairs. E:iatern and South Ai;in Affairs.
    Special Committiee on National lm(ri'.I,.iCeis :1iid Dl .eI;, t, I nmer '.cy Powers.

    Aeronautical and Spar'' Sciences (no subeommitl t.-i).
    Appropriations (,'\ officio meml)er with vote on subcommittce-' anid full Com-
    mittee on Defeii,-,, Milil:try Construction, Space, and Atomic Enrgv Ac-
    tivil ii-.)
    Armed Servic.-;-Subcommittees:
    Arnm- Control.
    Military (Con-I rmetion .\Authorizalion (chairman).
    Nat ional St-'ckpile and Naval Petrol,.iiii R.-,rves.
    Prei,:rredn'- Invest i.':iting.
    Tatil.d Air Power.
    Democratic Policy Committee.
    Demii r"tic St,.,ring Committee.
    Foreign Relations-Subcommittee :
    Ariii- Cntrol, I international Or.'.iztiui -, alnd S`ccurity .'.r,,.':: cit-
    Elroian Affairs.
    Multinational Corporal io-.
    Veslrn Iie:n-plh ,' e Afftair-.

    ,:7-: 7C).... -- 4


    Commerce-Subcomimit tees:
    Merchant Marine.
    Oceans and Atmosp)here.
    Special Subeommittee on Science, Technology, and Commerce.
    Judiciary-Subcom mit tees:
    Administrative Practice and Procedure.
    Antitru-t and M.Ionopoly.
    Constitution:Il Rights (chairman).
    Special Committee on Agin*-,-Si ibcornmmittees:
    Contnmer Intere-dts of the Eld rly.
    Employment and Retirement Incomes.
    Federal, State, and Community Serv\ices.
    Health of the Ildrrly.
    Housing for tl'i Elderly.
    Long-Term Care.
    Republican Conference (chairman).

    Armed Services-Subcommittees:
    Military Installations and Facilities.
    Research and Development.
    Post Office and Civil Service-Subcommittees:
    Census and Population.
    Postal Facilities, Mail, and Labor Management.
    Government Opera tions-Subcommit tees:
    Legislation and National Security.
    Interior and Insular Affairs-Subcommittees:
    Energy and The Environment.
    Water and Power Resources.
    Public Works and Transportation-Subcommittees:
    Economic Development.
    Surface Transportation.
    Water Resources.
    Science and Technology-Subcommittees:
    Energy Research, Development and Demonstration (chairman).
    Energy Research, Development and Demonstration (Fossil Fuels).
    Environment and the Atmosphere
    Science, Research and Technology.
    MR. JOHN E; Moss
    Government Operations-Subcommittees:
    Government Information and Individual Rights.
    Legislation and National Security.
    Interstate and Foreign Corn mmerce-Subcommittees:
    Oversight and Investigations (chairman).


    Armed Services (chairiiiaini)-Subcommittees:
    Military Coinpensatioii.
    Research and Duve lopmeicnt (chairman).
    Special Suibcormi ittee on Intelligence.
    Democratic Steering :i!,d PFlicy Coimmiiittc.
    Standards of Official Cunduct.
    Interior and Insulr Affair--Subcoimmittees:
    Energy & the Envirunment.
    National Parks and IlRecreation.
    Water and Power R.esurccs.
    Public Works-Subcjmittcc:
    Investigations and Review.
    Public Building- and Gro'ids (chairman).


    TRATION, 1916-76


    [lDates of taking first oath of office]





    V ,69


    1946 L1! 'ntli'.l. {himn.

    Nov. I, I'j
    May v, rI. i'

    Oct. 5, i,'51,

    Aug. 13,1959

    Apr. 17,1961

    July 15, 1963

    Thionpson 2
    June 12, 1969

    Aug. 17, 1971


    Oct. 31, 1946

    Feb. 2), 1952

    Von Neumann
    Mar. 15, 1'155
    Sept. 12, 1V457

    Aug. 31, 1962

    Oct. 1, 1968
    Larson a
    Sept. 2, 1969


    Strll- SS
    Nov. 12, 1946

    Gle man
    Oct. 2, l'j,;0

    July 27, 1,5)3
    Oct. 3, 1955

    Mar. 22, 1960

    June 29, 1964

    Aug. 1, 1966

    Seaborg, Chm.
    July 1, 1968

    July 1, 1970 4
    Schlesinger, Chm.'
    Aug. 17, 1971

    Kriegsman 2
    June 12, 1973

    t On July 18, 1968, James T. Ramey vacated the term ending June 30,1969, and began the 5-year term end-
    ing June 30,1973.
    2 On June 12,1969, Tlios J. Thompson took the oath of office to fill the remainder of the term ending June
    30, lT'71, vacated by Gerald F. T;np on April 30,1969.
    3 On .-,'.pt. 2, 191, Clarence E. Larson took the oath of office to fill a 5-ye:ar term ending June 30,1974.
    4 Upon expiration of the term ending June 30,1970, Glenn T. Seaborg was appointed to a 5-year term end-
    ing June 30, l1.C5.
    3 On Nov. '.5, 1970, Commissioner Thompson died in a plane crash. His seat was not filled during 1970.
    6 Resined Jan. 26, 1973.
    7 On F.ib. 6, 1',73. Dr. Ray was designatedd Chairman.
    On June 12, 1!'73, William E. hriegsninm took the oath of office to fill the remainder of the term ending
    June 30,1975, vacated by James I.. Selilhsinger on Feb. 5,1973.
    0 Vacant from expiration of Clar-nee E. L u1 on's term on June 30,1974, until January 19, 1975.
    10 Vacant from rqigmnal ion of William 0. Doub on Autant 17, 1C'74, until January 19, 1975.
    11 Vacant from rf.signation of \Villh.,ln E. Kri,,nim nnm I)ecember 31, 1i74, until January 19, 1975.
    12 Atomic F nersv Commission aliol'i-i.: 1 effective January 19,1975, pursuant to Eneigy Reorganization
    Act of 1j74, Publjic Law 93-433.

    3hli r.n-
    May l., 1 .50

    FI,-, ,.rg
    Oct. 1, 1-67

    June "3. 1960

    Aug. 31, 1962

    Aug. 1 1966

    Aug. 8, 1972
    Ray, Chm.
    from Fell. 6, 1973

    Waym a(.k
    Nov. 5, 1,46
    May L'24, 1949
    Dean. Chm.
    from Au. 11, 1950

    Strauss, Chin.
    July 2, 1953

    McCone, Chm.
    July 14, 1958

    Seaborg, Chin.
    Mar. 1, 1961

    Ramey l
    July 18, 1968

    Aug. 6,1973

    TilU'l'E OF OFFICE OF AEC CO"'.'


    D[ v id E. Lilienth1 l, Chairn .- ., - .. - ---- ., -
    I ,' I-it -. -ce r---. .. . ... ... . ... .. ..... .. ..
    Sumner F. Pike.
    . .. . . ...... ..
    14'eiit I I..

    Gordon .. . . .. ...

    T I! I I
    J n i, I i 1 1 . .. .. .. . . . . . .
    H 3 S V i i - - - - - - I ,- . ... - -- - -...
    ' i K e Ith i , i .. . . .. . . .
    [uo' .*i"1 M4. Z ;cketL .. ...- . . .. . . .. .
    J ,,'I h Camphel .
    ,'!I ( ,!r F. Li)hI7y
    John Von H',-,

    John A M c onoC i.. r n ... ......... .......... .... ... ...
    Johl n H W illam s . ... ... ..... .. .. ... ... ... ..... .
    Robe rt P. Wilso,.
    Loien K. Olol - -
    Cloef n 1 s' ., II '11, 10 - - - ---. .- - - - - - - - - .- -
    (jIniri T. Se, ii I i ." s{! .. . .............................
    Le and J. .. .. ..... - ... . .. - - . -. - - - - -
    John G P ,' -..-. . ....---. .- ..- - .-.- ..- ..-- .--- ...-.. .-
    Jaim es T R. I` .. - .. -. I- -- - - -- ---. -... - -. --
    Gerald F.T .......... . ....... . -.. .....................-
    Mary I. 'J'" .. .-..-. - .. ..- .. .. . ..-.---.. .. ---.-...
    Wilfrid E Johnson ...........
    Samuel N i'ii .. .... ............ ..... ....... ... .
    Francesco C i .. . ..- - .----- ----- -. --- .--------. ---
    Theos J. Thompson..- ---------------------------------------
    Clarence E. Larson-------- ---..-. ........ ..----- --- --- ...
    James R. "-:'-,!e&.-r, C'io.rmiin
    ...s S:ie /" **r, 'o .............................
    William 0 UJ.-.u ..-...........------......-- ....------...-..
    D' LPe R -y I............. ................................
    Cha rman-------------------------------------------. -
    Wiilir,' E. K i. s.i-Jn-..-... -.-..... -.......-....... -.....
    William A. Anders---------..---------- ------ --- ---- - --... .

    1, 3 i,
    N .. ;'

    H i. 'i -
    , n' / ">. 1 7

    t I. t

    r.i 3' Ii i "
    iuV/ /, 3:,j
    2i 1 1 )
    t 'i, 1 /

    t, 1/ ]I 3s '
    * t. 7 V: 'i.

    I 1 i '
    p, I/i "I
    }U'J' 27, l 0:]
    (;., t. r. : 1
    p ?r. l 1. '
    ,,. 31. 1 ,

    J lt. i 1 /
    ] 1u I 1 ,>
    A ",r/]
    ".' !r ? ] )('

    S' 17 1 ;-1
    A 31, l1.
    Au;;. 31, 1
    Jull 157 1YI

    Ap ji, r -.-
    A ,,' 1 1 ',
    .,. 1,1 ^--

    Julie 1, 1ij73
    ,,p1 2,6 77:
    ,"' ,,* 17, 1+J71
    />i 17, t:-t

    Fe') 6. 1'J'3
    June 12, 1973
    A.ig. 6, 1^


    .i .

    I uu
    J ; 1 1

    p rn.
    J :),.

    I 4; 0
    J an.

    J uric





    1S. 1 I
    I ",, I ':

    1. i *i
    3; ]', 1.

    3, t '
    i 1)

    i, i 'j-./
    :rj. 1 *72'
    1 1 .,',I
    3 ) ', t
    h 'I

    19 1975
    1 i* i

    19, 1 57.


    1, I -, /

    25 19
    1 4
    15,1 i I
    19. 1975

    3!, 1'. .
    19, la:';j

    R .;: .

    R *

    S r 'I I.

    7pra r~x I,.!

    Ie 'ii* i i, I,* '']
    7 ; i I> 1

    U n -i' : -.'j

    '* ." f
    i} c,- '* .

    i .
    l; i "t.

    ArC .v* I .
    Teirm.. re "d.

    Ten* ase"*!.

    Te~rn ijxi'ired.

    R.' t .
    AEC aS.',.ished.!

    AEu aucl:3heJ.

    SDesignated C'irinnn, Feb. 6, 1S72'




    William A. Anders, Chairman--------------------------------- Jan. 19, 1-5 .............. June 1
    Marcus A. Rowden------------------------- ------------------do.--.-------------- June 1 7.
    Edward A. 'son........................................................-----------------------------------------do-..----..-..-.... June 1P78.
    Victor June 19791
    Richard T. June '.. 1980.

    1 Data term expires.




    Robert C. Seamans, Jr---------------------------------------............................................... Jan. 19, 1975------------......... Inefnilte.

    'ISIGNCr", I r 75



    General Manager From- To-

    Carroll L. Wilson---------.....-..--..----------------------. Dec. 31, 1946----------............. Aug. 15, 1950.
    Marion W. Boyer......- -------------------------------------- Nov. 1, 1959-----------.............. Oct. 31,1953.
    Kenneth D. Nichols......------------......--.-..----------.--------- Nov. 1, 1953......----------- Apr. 30,1955.
    Kenneth E. Fields-----------------.. --.----------------------- May 1, 1955-----------.............. June 30, 1958.
    Pau IF. Foster....................-----------------------------------------................ July 1, 1958.....----------- Nov. 30, 1958.
    A. R. Luedecke-------------------.--...- -------------------- Dec. 1, 1958-----------.............. July 31, 1964.
    R. E. Hollingsworth.-----.......------. ---. -------------------- Aug. 11, 1964----------............. Dec. 31, 1973.
    John A. Erlewine....--------.--------.----------------------- Feb. 14, 1974----------............. Dec. 31, 1974.


    Executive Director 1 From- To-

    Fred B. Rhodes, Jr--------------------------------------.................................................. Feb. 13, 1947----------............. Jan. 27,1949.
    William L. Borden......................--------------------------....--..----------.. Jan. 28,1949----------.............. Sept. 30, 1953.
    Corbin A. Allardice.................-------------------------------............----..--...- Oct 1, 1953-----------.............. Sept 30, 1955.
    James T. Ramey -...........................------------------------------..-....--------... Apr. 1, 1956----------............. Aug. 30,1962.
    John T. Conway---------------------------------------.........................................-......... Sept 19, 1962----------............ Oct 31, 1968.
    Edward J. Bauser---------------------------------------................................................... Nov. 1, 1968-----------.............. Dec. 31, 1974.
    George F. Murphy, Jr------------------------------------................................................ Jan. 29,1975-----------.............. Present.

    1 Christopher T. Boland was staff director of the Senate Special Committee on Atomic Energy, Nov. 15,1945, and served
    on the Joint Committee as staff director until Jan. 9, 1947.
    2 AEC abolished effective January 19, 1975.


    (Public:itions that are followed by a price r:ily be ol)tain,-. from the .,ip.'riiitend-
    ent of Documents, U.S. Governmiient Printin,', Office, WN:,-hinigton, D).C., 204102)
    Public Law 585, 79th Cnmgre-.: (60 St:it. 755)-The Atomic In.-rgy Act of 1i16.
    Approved Augiu-t 1, 10116. (Price, 10 centi-.)
    Public Law 0t, 80th Congn-r, (62 Stat. 1259)-To provide for the ,.\t,-n-i,,n of
    the teri- of otflic of the prt'-'nt members of the Atomic I*:irgy Conriiri-.-ion.
    Approved July 3, 1948.*
    Public Law 14, 81st Coiigress (63 Stat. 11)--To rirocede to the .Si:it,- of N-.w
    Mexico exclusive jzri-diction held by the United Stal,- ov,'r I-,rinI within ll,
    bomund.iries of the Li AlJanLos Proiject of the United St:it'-, Atomic Eniergy
    Coim ii-ion. Approved -March 4, 1919.
    Public Law 347, S1st Congr(-s (63 Stat. 762)-To( amend the .Atomie En,'-rgv
    Act of 1946 (providing for cliain'-c in the Military Lii-,in Committee). A--
    proved October 11, 1919.*
    Public L.iw Ns20, 81st Congr,- (64 Stat. 979)-To amend the .\tomic l.iier.v
    Act of 1946 (changing compen.-:ition to b)e ri evived by membi r-, of the Atomic
    Energy Connmi-ion). Approved Septemibl)er 23, 1950.*
    Public Law 235, S2d Congress (65 Stat. 692)-To amend the Atomic En,-rgy
    Act of 1946, :iz amended (relating to the control of it',,mic information). Ap-
    proved O.tober 30, 1951.*
    Public Law 298, 82d Co:igr,.-- (66 Stat. 44)-To provide for crt.ii' inwi-.- ;g:tions
    by the Civil Service Commission in lieu of the Fede.ral Bure,.u of Inv -ti,_ ition,
    and for other purpose. Approved April 5, 1952.*
    Public Law 137, 83d Congress (67 Stat. 181)-To amend the Atomic Ener, Act
    of 1946, as :tainnded (providing for entering into long-ti-_'iii con! r;icts for l". tri. -
    utility :-ervices). Approved July 17, 1953.*
    Public Law, 164, 83d Congress (67 Stat. 757)-To amend the Atomic Enerir%
    Act of 1946, as amended (relating to the control of information, FBI in\-ti-
    gation-?, carrying of firearms, etc.). Approved July 31, 1953.*
    Public Law 262, 83d Congre-- (67 Stat. 575)-To amend -,c.tion 9(b)) of the
    Atomic Energy Act. of 19-46 (relating to the exemption of activi.i.-,-. if the
    Atomic Energy Act from State and local taxation). Approved A\'igist 13, 1953.*
    Public Law 703, 83d Conigres; (68 Stat. 919)-Atomic Energy Act of 1954 (lhi-
    act superseded the Atniic lEn,.rgv Act of 1946). Approved August 30, 1954.*
    Public Law 31, 84th Congr'.-s (69 Stait. 47)-Authorizes tIh, Atomic Iri,
    Cuinnii -ion to construct a principal office building in or It,;LIr the Di-trict of
    Coluilibia from funds now available or to be appropriated. Approved May 6,
    Public Law 141, 84th Congress (69 Stat. 366)-To authorize appropriation- for
    the AEC for the acquisition or condemnation of real property or any f.;iCility,
    or for plant or facility acquisition, construction, or exp:an-ion, and for other
    purposes. Approved July 11, 1955.*
    Public Law 165, 84th Congress (69 Stat. 47)-The Atomic Weapons Rewards
    Act of 1955-To provide rewards for information cinecLrning the illegal intro-
    duction into the United States, or the illegal manufacture or acquisition in the
    United States of special nuclear materials and atomic weapons. Approved July
    15,1955. (Price, 5 cents.)
    Public Law 221, 84th Congress (69 Stat. 471)-The Atomic Energy Commiuunity
    Act of 1955 (facilitates the estal)lishmleAt of l',cal self-governmciit at the com-
    munities of Oak Ridge, Tenn., and Richl:ind, Wash., and l)rovidis for the
    disposal of federally owned properties of such communitic.-). Approved .AgYst
    4, 1955.*

    1 For a compilation of statutes and material pertaining to atomic energy legIlIntion,
    I-rought up to (late through Dec. 31, 175, see Joint Cmniittee print entilleil 'ALouil'
    I ierarv Le nlslathin Th iroi gh 9. l Congress. 2d'oni." availatll' at the Superintrii iiiat of
    Documents. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402.
    *Out of print.


    Public Law 337, S4th Congrcs. (69 Stat. 630)-Authorizes the payment of the;
    sa:l:ary of a member of the Atomic Energy Commission who is appointed during
    the recess of Cngrt::ss, and amends section 21 of tihe Atomic Energy Act (of
    1.4 rcl:Lting to the equal authority and responsibility of all AEC Commis-
    sioners. Approved August 9, 1955.*
    Public L:aw 5106, S4th Congri -s (60 Stat. 127)-To authorize appropriations for
    th.. At\I ,iic Ei.(rgy Cuinii.--i ,in for acquisition or condemnati n of real property
    or any facilities or for plmnt or facility acquisition, construction, or expansion,
    and for other ipiirposes. Approved May 3, 1956.*
    Public L.iw 722, S4tIh Congress (70 Stat. 553)-To amend the Atomic Energy Act
    of 1.15 '.,*, to permit the negotiation of commercial leases at atomic energy com-
    rjunitie-, and for other purposes. Approved July 14, 1956.*
    Public L,\ ._02, S4th Congres.s (70 Stat. 653)-To amend the Atomic Energy
    C, immunityy Act of 1055, aind for other purposes. Approved July 25, 1956.*
    Public LIaw 981, 84th Congress (70 Stat. 1035)-To amend Public Law 506, 84th
    Cirgrc:-s, 2d session, to increase the authorization for appropriations to the
    Atomic Energy Commission for acquisition or condemnation of real property,
    or any facilities, or for plant or facility acquisition, construction, or expansion,
    and for other purposes. Approved August 6, 1956.*
    Public Law 1006, S4th Congress (70 Stat. 1069)-To amend the Atomic Energy
    Act of 195-4, as amended, and for other purposes. Approved August 6, 1956.*
    Public Law 85-14, 85th Congress (71 Stat. 11)-To amend the Atomic Energy
    Act of 1954, as amended, and for other purposes (providing that the President
    may authorize the Atomic Energy Commission to enter into an agreement with
    the Federal Republic of Germany on behalf of Berlin). Approved April 12,
    Public Law 85-79, 85th Congress (71 Stat. 274)-To amend the Atomic Energy
    Act of 1954, as amended, and for other purposes (amends section 261-Appro-
    priat ins-To increase the authorization requirements for appropriations, etc.).
    Approved July 3, 1957.*
    Public Law 85-162, 85th Congress (71 Stat. 403)-To authorize appropriations
    for the Atomic Energy Commission in accordance with section 261 of the
    Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, and for other purposes. Approved
    August 21, 1957.*
    Public Law 85-177, 85th Congress (71 Stat. 453)-To provide for the appointment
    of representatives of the United States in the organs of the International
    Atomic Energy Agency, and to make other provisions with respect to the
    participation of the United States in that Agency, and for other purposes.
    Approved August 28, 1957.*
    Public Law 85-251i, 85th Congress (71 Stat. 576)-To amend the Atomic Energy
    Act of 1954, as ame-nded, and for other purposes (providing for a program of
    Government indemnification and limitation of liability, and establishes an
    Advisor', Committee <.n Eai'ctor Safeguards). Approved September 2, 1957.*
    Public Law 85-2S7, 85th (71 Stat. 612)-To amend the Atomic Energy
    Act of 19.). -1, ;s amended, to increase the salaries of certain executives of the
    Atomic Enermv Co.rn ni-ion, and for other purposes. Approved September 4,
    Public Law S5-412, 85th Congress (72 Stat. 117)-To amend Public Law 85-162,
    to incre;,1e the authorization for appropriations to the Atomic Energy Cornm-
    mi.:sion in accordance with section 261 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as
    amended, and for other purpose-. Approved May 16, 1958.*
    Public Law 85-479, 85th Congress (72 Stat. 276)-To amend the Atomic Energy
    Act of 1954, as amended, to provide for greater exchange of military information
    and material with allies. Approved July 2, 1958.*
    Public Law 85-519, 85th Congress (72 Stat. 358)-To further amend Public Law
    85-162, to increase authorization for appropriation for the Atomic Energy
    Comniis-ion in accordance with section 261 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954,
    as amended, and for other purposes. Approved July 15, 1958.*
    Public Law 85-590, 85th Congress (72 Stat. 490)-To authorize appropriations
    for the Atomic Energy Commission for fiscal year 1959 in accordance with
    section 261 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, and for other
    purposes. Approved August 4, 1958.*
    Public Law 85-602, 85th Congress (72 Stat. 525)-To amend the Atomic Energy
    Act of 1954, as amended, with respect to indemnity agreements for the NS
    Savannah. Approved August 8, 1958.*

    *Out of print.

    Public Law S5-681, 85th Conrr- (72 r:,t. f2) -T amnnd tc A4 .i e : -
    Act of 1954, as :arlended, for vario',i, p-urpo, s (\EC omnibhi-, hill AQprov, *1
    A.-llgit 19, 1958.*
    Public Law85-744, 85th CGnrgres (72 -ttat. 837)---To amrnd the \toic EIi'-.v
    Act. of 1954, :as an Indd with r,-p.'- t to in,1,iinity :i-r', ,*;ict1 for n,',pr,. t
    educational in]litutiin-. Approve(dl Au.iust 23, 95 *
    Public Law 85-S-16, 85th Conggre (-72 Stat. lillsI)-To provide, f,,r r *'.eration
    with the LEuropcan Atnmic Energy Cimmunity. Appirnvd Auut -, 1958.*
    Senate C n('ricurrent Re,,ilution 116, 85th Congr'--, to nppro ,.- igi'"'L,,I. tl-, b I'l <:n
    the Gove.rijniint of the United State- of Americ:t rind fi, Euro;. 11 Ato, ,
    :,Energy Community (!:uratorni) signed at Bru-'i-l (on May 2'i, 195, :ri(d at
    Washington on June 19, 1958, conc'eri ing coop, r:,Jin for the ,,iv:rc''ii',.t 'f
    the peaceful applice:tion of at ,mic vi',rgy. P.a--1..d b,,th I1 o'J-1.- 1 'f CoriL,. -.
    August 20, 195S.
    Public Law 86-43, b6th Corigr'-- (73 St:it. 73)-To amend section 251 of thle
    AtomicI Enrgy Act of 1954, as amended, to provide for tleic subi i.-ion by t.'
    Atomic Energy Conrmi-ioi of an annual rather than a sciiii.ticti-'ll r,.;jrrt to
    Congress. Report to be submitted in January of .:at'h v,.ir. Appir,,ved June 11,
    Public Law 86-44, 86th Congr :-s (73 Stat. 73)-To :nr.nd Public Law 8.5-590
    to increase th authorizatii for appr(opriat i('1, to the Atomic Ene-rgy Conirni.-
    sion for project 59-c-5, pherrmex installation, Lo; Atlanio-z. Approved June 11,
    Public Law 86-50, 86th Congr,-,e (73 Stat. 81)-To authorize appropri:tions for
    the Atomic Energy Comuiiiiion in accordance with section 261 of the Atonli..
    Energy Act of 1954, as amended, and for other jurpu- (Authorizati ctr Act
    for fiscal year 1960). Approved June 23, 1959.*
    Public Law' 86-300, S6th Congress (73 Stat. 574)-To arnid subection 161m
    of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as a-mended, with respect to agr,.,iAts for
    the of irradiated fuel elements, and section 163 of the Atomic
    Energy Act of 1954, as amended with respect to Atomic Elnerg.- Comnirris.-iri
    advisory committees. Approved September 21, 1959.*
    Public Law 86-373, 86th Congress (73 Stat. 68SS)-To nmrnd the Atomic Energy
    Act of 1954, as amended, by adding a new ,e.ction 274 with re.-pect to Coopera-
    tion with States. Approved September 23, 1959.*
    Public Law 86-457, 86th Congress (74 Stat. 120)-To authorize appropriations
    for the Atomic Energy Connmmission in accordance with secti',n 261 of the At('mic
    Energy Act of 1954, as amended. Approved May 13, 1960.*
    Public Law 87-52, 87th Congress (75 Stat. 94)-To authorize construction of
    community support faeilitie., at Los Alamos County, N. Mex. Approved Junr 1f,
    Public Law 87-174, 87th Congress (75 Stat. 409)-To amend section 53 e. of
    the Atomic Energy Community Act of 1955. Approved Augu4 t 3u, 1961.*
    Public Law 87-206, 87th Congress (75 Stat. 475)-To amend various section of
    the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, and the Euratom Coopr-ratirin
    Act of 1958, and for other purposes. Approved September 6, 1961.*
    Public Law 87-315, 87th Congress (75 Stat. 676)-To authorize appropriations
    for the Atomic Enf-rgyv Conimission in accordance with section 261 of the
    Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, and for other purpc,-(. Approved
    September 26, 1961.*
    Public Law 87-363, 87th Congress (75 Stat. 782)-To waive certain provisions
    of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 so as to permit the agrce ient for cooperati.r:.
    between the United States and France to be made imiiecdiately etrective.
    Approved October 4, 1961.*
    Public Law 87-615, 87th Congress (76 Stat. 409)-To amend the Atomic Enlcrr'
    Act of 1954, as amended, and for other purposes. Approved August 29, 19'b.*
    Public Law 87-701, 87th Congress (76 Stat. 599)-To authorize approp)ria.tion-
    for the Atomic Energy Commission in accordance with section 261 f the
    Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, and for other purposes.. A'pprovwd
    September 26, 1962.*
    Public Law 87-719, 87th Congress (76 Stat. 664)-To amend the Atomic Em r"I
    Community Act of 1955, as amended, to provide for the disposal of fedcrallv
    owned properties at Los Alamos, N. M ix., and for other purp.-,i-. Appr,\cd
    September 28, 1962.*

    "Out of print.

    6T 53G-76----5-


    Public Law 88-72, 88th Congress (77 Stat. 84)-To authorize appropriations for
    The Atomic Energy Commission in accordance with section 261 of the Atomic
    Energy Act of 1954, as amended, and for other purposes. Approved July 22,
    Public Law SS-1S9, 88th Congress (77 Stat. 343)-To amend Public Law 88-72
    to increase the authorization for appropriations to the Atomic Energy Com-
    mission in accordance with section 261 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as
    amended, and for other purposes. Approved November 29, 1963.*
    Public Law SS-294, 88th Congress (78 Stat. 172)-To amend the Atomic Energy
    Act of 1954 (amends section 202). Approved March 26, 1964.*
    Public Law SS-332, 88th Congress (78 Stat. 227)-To authorize appropriations
    to the Atomic Energy Commission in accordance with section 261 of the Atomic
    Energy Act of 1954, as amended, and for other purposes. Approved June 30,
    Public Law 8S-394, 8Sth Congress (78 Stat. 376)-To amend the Atomic Energy
    Act of 1954, as amended, the Atomic Energy Community Act of 1955, as
    amended, and the EURATOM.I Cooperation Act of 1958, as amended (AEC
    omnibus bill). Approved August 1, 1964.*
    Public Law 88-4S9, 88th Congress (78 Stat. 602)-To amend the Atomic Energy
    Act of 1954, as amended, and for other purposes (Private Ownership of Special
    Nuclear Materials Act). Approved August 26, 1964.*
    Public Law 89-32, 89th Congress (79 Stat. 120)-To authorize appropriations to
    the Atomic Energy Commission in accordance with Section 261 of the Atomic
    Energy Act of 1954, as amended, and for other purposes. Approved June 2,
    Public Law S9-135, 89th Congress (79 Stat. 551) To amend section 271 of the
    Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended. Approved August 24, 1965.*
    Public Law 89-210, 89th Congress (79 Stat. 855)-To amend section 170 of the
    Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended. Approved September 29, 1965.*
    Public Law 89-428, 89th Congress (89 Stat. 162)-To authorize appropriations
    to the Atomic Energy Commission in accordance with Section 261 of the
    Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, and for other purposes. Approved
    May 21, 1966.*
    Public Law 89-645. 89th Congress (80 Stat. 891)-To amend section 170 of the
    Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended. Approved October 13, 1966.*
    Public Law 89-648, 89th Congress (80 Stat. 895)-To amend Public Law 89-428
    to authorize the Atomic Energy Commission to enter into a cooperative ar-
    rangement for a large-scale combination nuclear power-desalting project.
    Approval October 13, 1966.*
    Public Law 90-56, 90th Congress (81 Stat. 124)-To authorize appropriations
    to the Atomic Energy Commission in accordance with section 261 of the Atomic
    Energy Act of 1954, as amended, and for other purposes. Approved July 26,
    Public Law 90-190, 90th Congress (81 Stat. 575)-To amend the Atomic Energy
    Community Act of 1955, as amended, the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as
    amended, and the EURATOM Cooperation Act of 1958, as amended. Ap-
    proved December 14, 1967.*
    Public Law 90-289, 90th Congress (82 Stat. 96)-To authorize appropriations to
    the Atomic Energy Commission in accordance with section 261 of the Atomic
    Energy Act of 1954, as amended, and for other purposes. Approved April 19.
    Public Law 91-44, 91st Congress (83 Stat. 46)-To authorize appropriations to
    the Atomic Energy Commission in accordance with section 261 of the Atomic
    Energy Act of 1954, as amended, and for other purposes. Approved July 11,
    1969. (Price, 10 cents.)
    Public Law 91-161, 91st Congress (83 Stat. 444)-To amend sections 153h, 221c,
    222, 223, 224, 225, 226, and add section 234 to the Atomic Energy Act of 1954,
    as amended. Approved December 24, 1969. (Price, 5 cents.)
    Public Law 91-273, 91st Congrc-s (84 Stat. 299)-To authorize appropriations
    to the Atomic Energy Commission in accordance with section 261 of the Atomic
    Energy Act of 1954, as amended, and for other purposes. Approved June 2,
    Public Law 91-560, 91st Congress (84 Stat. 1472)-To amend the Atomic Energy
    Act of 1954, as amended (:.cs. 31, 56, 102, 103, 104, 105, 161, 182, 191, and
    274) to eliminate the requirement for a finding of practical value and for other
    purposes. Approved Decen obcr 19, 1970.
    *Out of print.


    P;1bli T. Nw 91 -5S0, 91st (Xonor,. S f $ ,. 1:i,,;5)--Toamend ;5)li L ',I 2-:;
    to im,'r,.i.-, aiuthlI ri.'.iti)II of .ippropriatiuo, for 1. .1 v, nr 1971. A!1r1 .
    S)', er 24, 19;0.
    Public La. 92-81, 92d (Cor, C -,s (5.' Stat. 301) -1To( al Ith.rize ap'r i', i tio-
    thlie Atomici Ene,'I v C1 o,(' is -ion ill :acrd:n'e xwiih s1ein "..! i 1 f t4 At, i
    EII', .', Act of 19)54, :tas :t eii' i, anl I fr other purposes. .\j ro) 1 A\ iu-t 1 ,
    Public iLaw 92-307. 2d Cogres (S6 Stat. 191) -To authorize the A\E ,( i-1
    t :,imporary v oper:t iti lieen s for nuclear )power r' ii'tors u ii(ler certaitii (c'i*r('l -
    st ,oes. ,ppI',ved Jiirne 2, 1972.
    PJub)lic Law 92-314, 92d Co(i.r -,. (S' Stat. 222)--To a Iori/.' :tappropriatioi- to
    tlie Atomic ]n v- ( ol is-ioll in accord n e(ice with -,cti, 1' 21 ;1 of thie Atrtoie
    En'rv Act of 1951, :1i :,ri.],.ii'd, and for olher puirp,-'-. App)roved i ,,-16,
    Public Law 93-60, 93d (C'ongress (77 Stat. ,-,)--T aitthlorio,. a}))roi)riations ,
    the A.\tomic Enelrgy (Colitission in accord :'ice with ,ion -, f ilie Atoi
    lniir,.- Act of 1951, arM'i',led, and for other pur()po-' Approved Ji lv 6, 173.
    Public Law 93o-S, 93d o(.'.o .-r ((1S Stat. 57",) --T o amiendi thed uIraIti (-
    opj.r:ition Act of 1958, :i- amended. Approved Au-,c-t 14, 1973.
    Public aI.:w 93-o15S, 93d 'CoIgr -, (-7 :lt. 627)-To .,-iiend Public L"i 9-
    ini''ra-e the authori:a- ii i for appropriations to the Atomi Elir,,'r V ('omi--'i,
    in :ccrd:mance ,wit Ii: ,ei ion 261 of the Atoinic LJn.mrv Act of 19541, as imPided,
    and for othi'r klrlrp,-,'%. Approved Novemb,1 r 26. 1973.
    Public Law 93-2793-76, 93d Congress (SS Stat. 11.5)-To aitiihorize a ppropriation-
    to Itlie Atomic Eni,'rg. (Coi iiii- ion in accordance with actionon 261 of nthe Atofmtic
    EII',.V Act of 1954, as amended, and for other purposes. Approved .I. 10,
    Public Law 93-377, 93d Co,,r,---s ( Stat. 472)-To amend the Atomic Energy
    Act of 1954, :a- amended, and t he Atomic W\ei.pons Rewards Act of 1955, and
    for other purpi,,oe-. Approved August 17, 1974.
    Public Law 93-485, 93d Cogrr.. (88 Sl-it. 1460)-To amend the Atomic En_.rv
    Act of 1954, :, amended, to enable Congr-.-, to concur in or di.:approve inter-
    national ,gr.,iiients for cooperation in regard to certain nu'cle:ir technology.
    Approved October 26, 1974.
    Public Law 93-513, 93d Congrc; (SS Stat. 1610)-Assuring compin-:ition for
    dainag.- caused by nuclear incidents involving the nuclear reactor of a United
    Sliates Warship. Approved D1ecember 6, 1974.
    Public Law 93-514, 93d Congrc-s (88 Stat. 1611)-To provide available nuclear
    information to committees and Menbern-, of Congress. Approved Decemrber 6,
    Public Law 93-576, 93d Congress (88 Stat. 1878)-To amend Public Law 93-276
    to increase the authorization for appropriations to the Atomic Energy Com-
    mission in accordance with section 261 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as
    amended, and for other pulrpo-es. Approved December 31, 1974.
    Public Law 93-616, 93d Congr-.s (88 Stat. /1977)-To d,.ign:ite a national
    laboratory as the "IHolifield National Laboratory". Approved January 2, 1975.
    Public Law 94-1S, 94th Congress (S9 Stat. 80)--To authorize supplemental
    a ,r,,priatios ,t' thle Nudle:',r Iulatory Commission for fise:,a 3ear 1975.
    Pul1ic Law 941-79, 94-th Cn,.' res (59 Stat. 413)--To authorr., approirio)s
    to thie Nuclear Ilt.-uilatory Cnmissi-ion in accordance wxith ;-,'tion 261 of 1 e
    Atomic Etn :y Act of 1954, as amended, and :-, ition ." of 1.0. Energv
    Eieo'r',;,i.u:ition Act of 1974, and for other purp)-, ..
    Public Law 94-187, 9 1h Ct .r,.- (8)9 Stat. 1063)-To auhioriz i;:e pIdrtriati Ii
    to the El r.-'y 2 i ,-,:!,'c1 and J)ev, loplmeit Administration in a' irdii: J e will;
    section 2 1 (,of thie .\toic E:, I Act of 1951. a:s : n:eldri, section n j (t.' uf th
    l-;ner', IReorganiza tion Act of 197-4, and section 16 of the Fe'der:al NoIsiu:'r
    Eii _v R -'arhl and evqetloprment Act of 1974, aid fm r othr p. ',..
    l'bliL I.-iw 94-197), 91. ('m(sre9-, (S9 Stat 1111) To, aeA!,d t nc At .ic
    IEXr-v Act (f l'!P 1, a- amend,' 1. to I)rovi for thel p1 ':-o, t of i \rtT i( 1 1.
    indel'u nitv as a s{o,.,., of fu'i.m for puildic rcuni aeration in Vit ve t of ; -u r
    iuei I, lit, and for oth, : p er,- .

    ATOMIC ENERGY, 1913-75

    (Publication, that are foll.awed by a price may be obtained from the Superin-
    tendent.( of )ocuminent-;, U.S. Government Printing Office, Wa-hingtou, D.C.
    20402, at the price indicated. When no price is indicated, request, may be mndp,
    in writing, to the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, U.S. Capitol, Wash-
    ington, D.C. 20510, unless an asterisk indicate. that the publication is out of
    1945-46 (79th Cong.)

    Development aind Control of Atomic
    Energy (on S. 1717, a bill for the de-
    velo)pmlent and control of atomic
    Essenti:l Infornmition on Atomic En-
    Investigating Problems Relating to the
    D)evelopintent, Use, and Control of
    Atomic Energy (authority of S. Res.
    179), pits. 1-5.*

    Hearings, Jan. 22, 23,
    31; Feb. 1, 7, 8, 11,
    27; Apr. 4, 8, 1946.


    28, 29,
    14, 18,


    Monograph. 1946, Monograph No. 1.

    IHearing, Nov.
    5, 6, 10, 12,
    Feb. 15, 1945.



    29, 30; Dec. 3,
    19, 20, 1945;

    1947 (80th Cong., 1st sess.)

    Confirmation of the Atomic Energy
    Commission and the General Man-
    ager.1 *

    Hearings Jan. 27, 2S, 30, 31; Feb. 3,
    4. 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19,
    20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 28; Mar. 3, 4.

    1948 (80th Cong., 2d sess.)

    Aronnme National Laboratory, Du Page
    County (Ill.) Site.*
    Comparison of Atomic Energy Leglna-
    tion of the United States and Certain
    Foreign Countries.*
    Labor Policy in Atomic Energy Plants.*

    Committee print, June 17
    mittee report).
    Committee print, Dec. 21.


    HIearing, MIar. 9, 10, 12, 15 ,16.

    1949 (81st Cong., 1st sess..

    Atmic Energy Commission Fellowship
    Atomic Energy Report to Congres*---
    Confirmation of Gordon E. Dean and
    Henry DeWolf Smyth :--s Members of
    the Atomic Energy Commiksion.1
    Dormitory Rental Problem, Oak Ridge,
    Hanford School Facilities*--------
    Investigation Into the United States
    Atomic Energy Project.*

    Los Alamos Retrocession Bill and AEC
    Contract Policy.*
    Natural Gas Facilities for Oak Ridge*-
    Natural-Gas Pipe Line, Ouk Ridge,
    Oak Ridge Dormitory Facilities*------

    Hearings, May 16, 17, 18, and 23.
    Hearing, Feb. 2.
    Hearings, \Iay 12, and 18.

    Committee print, Apr. 19 (subcom-
    mittee report).
    Hearings, Aug. 2, 4, 8, and 10.
    Hearings, May 26; June 1, 2, 6, 8, 9,
    13, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 2S,
    29, 30; July 6, 7, 8, 11; appendixes;
    Hearings, Feb. 17, 21, and 24.

    Hearings,. May 2.
    Committee print,
    mittee report.).
    Hearing, Apr. 21.

    May 23 (subcom-

    NOTE.-Above publications by Senate Special Committee on Atomic Energy.
    1 Confirmation hearings before Senate section of Joint Committee on Atomic Energy.
    *Out of print.

    P, ceommendatio'i,' on L~abor Relation-5
    IPolicy in Atoinic 1 2!,' rrv Inistall;-
    I i c ii*
    :-, action n of Site for Reactor T'-.t . tionil.*
    Uranium Invi'ntory at O:' I.i!'*---.-

    III :iring, May 3.

    I:earii i, .\Apr. 14 an I MLyv I.

    IL..iring, June 20.

    195T)) (SIst Cong., 2d .)

    Civil D)efin-- A-;ti,'i-t Atomie Attack:
    Preliniiu!:, r!y l.):(:t.*
    Civil Def,. i c Ai. tinst Atomic A!to:k*

    Community Policy*- -- ------
    Community Policy *---- ----------
    C(' ifirmation of Sumner T. Pike to be
    a Member of the Atomic En'rv Comn-
    mission) *
    Confirmation of Thomas E. MIirr:rny to
    be a Member of the Atomic Energy
    Commnission.1 *
    Confirmation of Thom:wia Keith Glennan
    to be a Meimber of the Atomic Energy
    Department Store Lease at Oak Ridge,
    Hanford School Facilities*-----------
    lIanford School Facilities*---------

    Leae-; of an Oal: Ridge Department
    Patent Aspects of the Atomic Energy
    The Hydrogen Bomb and International
    Control: Technical and Bacl:ground

    Committee )rilit, Fcl I) i '.

    HIenrin ,_'M, Mar. 17, '-"j, 23, ;',; r. ;
    1)D,. 4.
    i':1 ring, Apr. 18.
    Hicaring, June 6.
    IHe:ring, June 29).

    HeIring, Mar. 29.

    IHearing, Aug. 16.

    Hearings, Mar. 13 and 14.

    IHearing, Mar. 3.
    Committee print,
    mittee report).
    Committee print,
    mittee report).
    Hearing, Mar. 31.

    Mar. 15 (subconm-

    Mar. 30 (subcom-

    Committee print, July.

    1951 (82d Cong., 1st se.s.)

    Expanded Atomic Production Pro- IHearinig, Sept. 27.
    Hoiiuing for Savannah River and Padu- Hearing, Feb. 16.
    Soviet Atomic Espionage*------------ Committee print, April.

    1952 (S2d Cong., 2d sess.)

    Amending the Atomic Energy Act*.----

    Atomic Power and Private Enterprise*-

    Confirmation of Eugene M. Zuckert as
    a Member of the Atomic Energy
    Commission.1 *
    State Taxation of AEC Contraictors*-_-
    The Atomic Energy Act of 1946, With
    AMlendinents Through the 82d Con-
    grL.'s.2 *
    Wig,, Payments at Nevada Test Site*-

    HIearing-, Feb. 19, 20, 27; Mar.
    Committee print, Decenber
    Hearing, Jan. 29.

    Hearing, Apr. 24.
    Committee print, November.

    tIaring, Jan. 30.

    1953 (SJ3d Cong., 1st se.)

    Atomic Power D.evelopmn(it and Pri-
    vate Entcrpri-, .*
    Atomnic Power Development amd Pri-
    v.tte lnterprijr ..*

    HeariniL, June 19, 24. 25; July 1, 6, 9,
    13, 15, 16, 2U, 22, 23, 27., and 31.
    SmninwiTry of the lh:ring (report), ) -

    SConfirmation hearings before Senate section of Joint Committee on Ai',;iiil, ,'r.ry.
    ' current print now available.
    *Out of print.
    ***Available only at the Office of the Joint Committee.

    10, 14,

    (pric -,


    Index to Prus. RcPIC':Cse; of the Atomic
    Energy Comminission (1947-51).*
    Legisla t ion Concerning, Long-Tcrin Util-
    ity Contracts (nniending the Atomic
    Energy Act of 19.16.)*
    The Atomic Energy Act of 1940. With
    Amendments Thlrough the S3d Cong.,
    1st sess.*3

    Committee print.
    tIarirg5, gApr. 28 and June 10 (H.R.
    Committee print, December.

    195-t (S3d Cong., 2d sess.)

    A Proposed Act To Amend the Atomic
    Energy Act of 1946.*
    Disposil of Government-Owned Com-
    munity at Richland, Wash.*
    Exercise of Statutory Requirements
    Under Sc. 164, Atomic Energy Act
    of 1954-Utility Contract Between
    Atomic Energy Commission and Mis-
    sissippi Valley Generating Co.*
    Five-Year Power Reactor Development
    Program Proposed by the Atomic
    Energy Commission.*
    Index to Press Releases of the Atomic
    Energy Commission (1952-53).*
    Proposed Legislation To Effect Disposal
    of Government-Owned Communities
    at Oak Ridge, Tenn., and Richland,
    Wash., and Other Pertinent Docu-
    Providing Radioisotopes for Medical
    Research. *
    S. 3323 and H.R. 8862, To Amend the
    Atomic Energy Act of 1946.*
    S. 3323 and H.R. 8862, To Amend the
    Atomic Energy Act of 1946.*
    The Contribution of Atomic Energy to
    The Contribution of Atomic Energy to

    Committee print, April.
    Hearings, June 18 and 19 (Part 1).
    Hearings, Nov. 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,
    and 13.

    Report on the Subcommittee on Re-
    search and Development, March.

    Committee print, October.

    Committee print, April.

    Report, August.
    Hearings (pt. 1 of 2 parts), May 10, 11
    12, 13, 14, 17, 18, and 19.
    Hearings (pt. 2 of 2 parts), June 2, 3,
    4, 5, 8, 17, and 18.
    Hearings (Subcommittee on Research
    and Development), Mar. 31, and
    Apr. 1.
    Hearings (Subcommittee on Research
    Sand Development), June 2, 3, and 4.

    1955 (84th Cong., 1st sess.)

    AEC-FCDA Relationship*----------
    Authorizing Legislation* -----------

    Confirmation of AEC Commissioners,
    June 1953 to March 1955.1 '

    Current Statement of the Atomic En-
    ergy Commission on the 5-Year Re-
    actor Development Program to the
    Subcommittee on Research and De-
    velopment. *
    Development, Growth, and State of the
    Atomic Energy Industry.*
    Development, Growth, and State of the
    Atomic Energy Industry.*
    Development, Growth, and State of the
    Atomic Energy Industry.*
    Development, Growth, and State of the
    Atomic Energy Industry, Index to

    Hearing, Mar. 24.
    Hearings, May 2, 9, 10, and 31 (Sub-
    committee on Authorizing Legisla-
    Hearings, June 27, July 20, 1953,
    Nov. 18, 1954, and Mar. 8, 1955
    (Senate section of the Joint Com-
    Committee print, May 4.

    Hearings (pt. 1 of 3 parts), Jan. 31,
    Feb. 1, 3, and 4.
    Hearings (pt. 2 of 3 parts), Feb. 7, 8,
    9, and 10.
    Hearings (pt. 3 of 3 parts), Feb. 28,
    Mar. 1, 2, and 3.
    Committee print, Aug. 5.

    1 Confirmation hearings before Senate section of Joint Committee on Atomic Energy.
    2 Current print now available.
    *Out of print.
    ***Available only at the Office of the Joint Committee.


    Di-IJp.,-:il of Gov- ri,: ,t0-0)..1;, Cod-
    munity at L,- . 'l,-, N. \l,'x.*
    Di-,p,-:il of (ov, rTir TIt-()'.', ed (oni-
    muniti,-. at ().,L Ii, !._',-., Tenn., andi
    P irlil:,iWd, \V:,-l1.*
    D isp,,-.1 ,,f (Cov *rn AIt-Ow( ,n d Corn-
    niunity at i0 11. Rid.: T lnn.*

    Di-po_:il ,,f f'.v..r'ieiit-O(),ned Comi-
    munity at IRichland, Wah., Part II.*
    HI:ilth :tiid Safety 1'r oliis and
    W Atomic l\j Il. ionu.*
    R:.idiation Sterili/,:ttioni of i'ool-t] -*_. .

    Report of Ci'mptroller G.ri'al on
    Atomic Energy CorniII i-.-ion Con-
    tr:ict-< for Fl(.,:tric Pov.,r:
    Part I-Rvi,.-w of EBASCO Sr'rv-
    ices, Inc., Prrf,,rni:nce at Jopp:i,
    11l., .7tan Electric Station I,
    Electric En'ryrv, Inc.*
    Visit to A.i-tralia*-- --------------

    Waiver Action (Nov. 13, 19.,4) by the
    Joint Committee on Atomic Energ-y,
    83d Cong., 2d .-.Utility Contract
    Between the Atomic Energy Commis-
    sion and Mi.-zi--ippi V:,lleyv Gener-
    ating Co.*

    IIb:ri:ng, -"'t. 6.

    (',,::.:, :ttee |)ri t, A april.

    If, .,ini.'. J'- .' 1(0 (r d ij r l -
    O)wir,-, C~omnumities).
    I, .,ring, July 5.

    II,:,rini, Apr. 15.

    IT,' .rin-,. M ay 9 (S ..i *' niit', ** :
    II' -'-arch and Dcvr !oldientl.o
    Report, :.:.r. 31.

    Report (Raw MIaterials
    t, i.), Feb. 9.
    Report, J;:iuary.

    Sub'' in-w.!t-

    1956 (84th Cong., 2d sess.)

    Accelerating Civilian Reactor Pro-
    Atomic Energy Legislation through 84th
    Congress.* 2
    Authorizing Legislation* ------
    Civilian Atomic Power Acceleration
    Development, Growth, aind State of the
    Atomic Energy Indus try.*
    Development, Growth, and State of the
    Atomic En,-rgy Industry.*
    Index to Hearings on Development,
    (rowth, and St.rate of the Atomic
    Energy Induitry.*
    Engineering and Scintific Manpower in
    The L'nit,-d St:,t',., W,.-t.rn Europe,
    and Soviet Russia.*
    Government Indemnity*-----------

    Index to Press R(le--e: of the Atomic
    Energy Cl'iii-imn, 1954-55.*
    Membership, Acts Amending the Atomic
    Energy Act of 1946, ;nd list of corn-
    mittee publicatiok-.* 2
    Pr,',grr: Report on EI-,a:rch in Medi-
    cine,, Biology, A.griculture, and I: od
    Pr f-crv : ion.*
    Pr'p',-ed A.ieie!d::,i it to PUlic L..w
    221. *

    IHearings, May 23, 24, 25, 28, 29.

    Committee print, Deceml.,,br.

    He.irings, Feb. 17 and Mar. 27.
    Hearing, June 28.

    Hearings, Feb. 7, 8, 15, 1(
    (pt. 1 of 2 parts).
    Hearings. Feb. 29, Mar. 1,
    (pt. 2 of 2 parts).
    Committee print, DUcenMber.

    6, and 23

    5, and

    Commit ee print, MIarch.

    tHering-, M:iyv 15, 16, 17, 1S, 21, :and
    JUm(- 14.
    Comm nittee print, Noveiiber.

    Committee print, Felbru:nry.

    Hea.rin -; (Subcommittee on R ir- .,rh
    and Devilopren.ti), Jliz, 4, 5, 6, 7,
    :and 8.
    IT,.ring, F.-Ib. 10 (Sul ,,: P1tt, n
    CImni'.iiti, -).

    2 Current print now available.
    *Out of print.
    ***Available only at the Office of the Joint CommItI.e.


    Report of Comptroller (;eneral on
    Atomic Energy Commission Con-
    tracts for Electric Power:
    Parts II and III-Review of Elec-
    tric Energy, Inc., and Ohio Val-
    ley Electric Corp.***
    Report of the Panel on the Impact of
    the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy
    to the Joint Committee on Atomic
    Energy (vol. I).*
    Report of the Panel on the Impact of
    the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy
    to the Joint Committee on Atomic
    Energy (Background Material-vol.
    Sale of Communities (1956)*---------
    Shortage of Scientific and Engineering

    Committee print, Aug. 9.

    Committee print, January.

    Committee print, January.

    Hearings (Subcommittee on Commu-
    nities), June 11, 19, 20, and 21.
    Hearings, Apr. 17, 18, 19, 25,26, and
    May 1 (Subcommittee on Research
    and Development, July 1.

    1957 (85th Cong., 1st sess.)

    A Study of AEC Procedures and Or-
    ganiEation in the Licensing of Reac-
    tor Facilities.*
    AEC Headquarters Building Wing*--...-
    Atomic Energy Legislation through
    85th Cong., 1st sess.* 2
    Authorizing Legislation*-------------

    Authorizing Legislation. Index to
    Hearings of 1955, 1956, and 1957.***
    Congressional Review of Atomic
    Energy Program.*
    Development, Growth, and State of the
    Atomic Energy Industry.*
    Do* ---------------
    Development, Growth, and State of the
    Atomic Energy Industry. Index to
    Development of Scientific Engineering
    and other Professional Manpower
    (with emphasis on the role of the Fed-
    eral Government).*
    Governmental Indemnity and Reactor
    Membership, Acts Amending the
    Atomic Energy Act of 1946, and list
    of Committee Publications.*2
    Naval Reactor Program and Shipping-
    port Project.*
    Participation Act of the International
    Atomic Energy Agency, S. 2341.*
    Report of the Conferences on the Stat-
    ute of the International Atomic
    Energy Agency by Congressional
    Review of Proposals Under Power
    Demonstration Program.*

    Committee print,

    April (price,

    Hearing, May 23.
    Committee print, December.
    Hearings (pt. 1 of 2 parts), April 10,
    16, and June 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 24,
    25, 26, and 27.
    Hearings (pt. 2 of 2 parts), July 9.
    Committee print, December.
    Hearings May 23 and June 19.
    Hearings (pt. 1 of 2 parts), Feb. 19, 20,
    21, and 25.
    Hearings (pt. 2 of 2 parts), Feb. 26, 27,
    28, and Mar. 5.
    Committee print, July.

    Committee print, May.

    Hearings, Mar. 25, 26, and 27.
    Committee print, March.

    Hearings, Mar. 7 and Apr. 12.
    Hearing, July 2.
    Committee print, January.

    hearing, Sept. 17.

    ' Current print now available.
    *Out of print.
    ***Available only at the Office of the Joint Committee.

    \Li:v 110, 1 l 1 1:in 2 ).

    Statute of 1lI.- IIItI r,. 'io,,)il A\t<>, i'
    Aci, -,' Iv. Ag(n c'vy l l .ti 1 ,;f- r l;1,,
    (o lliiiiitt teI I :or I iiJ 1 li)i i i d
    S''i~il< \Tiell)(Trs ,f tinY Joint ( oi~
    init~tcc, on Atoiic' I]:K', _v.*
    The N l. iire ,,f 1":Idi(:icti',vo V';9ll, i i lI
    Its !iff Pt.h o,, M i-.*

    o) .. _ .......... ..... .....

    \ Ie st --rim ll ctr*......... ........

    I l :ril,.-. rpi~t. 1 of
    -'. 2^,:s(1 J 1W
    I l uiu.iri w~- IAt. 2 tf
    G, ;nu{ 7.

    l i i i t Iri, i .
    I I ('urif2, MNi r. I't.

    p:111- N

    1 11 .1 1

    ~f iL~ ii ~.

    h I IIci4'- IIihroii(1,1t1 Ii 1.1 u-I-
    tiolu ), M av 1 1, I1), 27; ,un, 4, in,
    and 11 ( olltaiii1,s l1( ;ri (2 11 M ;.,
    19, 19!L5S, o I I. I. 12157 7. ; ,7s6
    Ilncreas'd a litiorif ioi f or ,, '

    A IC, Authlorizin g I, l;-t11 ion*- ... .. .

    )o*_ .. ..........-----------.
    AEC "OmtniblH s" Bill*____...-...--.-

    A]i:i !idiul, the Ato ic i .!(I, v Act (f
    1954 0tTo Permidt relr Ixch:.n ,c of
    MilitaItVlryv IfiforIiation and i~iLeriul
    \Vith Alli -d :'ationis.
    Al *mie l'2n{c .y Iegislatio(n tll-rtgli S-t50
    CoIig., 2d .* 2
    Aitthorizingi I.. i-l:-Itioll folr De-tr)vir.
    1Re).-I or Plant.*
    (701omments of M -t' u1r l)!,'1(- Hid
    Industrial li.elprcsrn~tuties <. n t li(, lP o-
    pI)' .d( l'x l)and('I C((iviliaNi NuIC'0lear
    Power Pro.,n.tll.:)
    l).,vi lopiment, (Irowthli and S a f tlhe
    Atoiic En'r1,n,. Industry (195S Se (-
    tion 202 I,.:,ri'i,_s).*
    1D o*--.....---. -----. -- ... ....-
    M, ,I. ship, L- '..i-l:stion, atid Publica-
    tions of the Joint C o112itte te e
    A t 2
    Atomic EnIl. -f.J.* 2.
    Nominati, )n of John A. ,Ic (t)loi* -

    >Sh1 rvi' 1 .,d nd PI article : \(
    Pi "_raim).
    Index to hearinr--.
    ll',:,rin-- (Subcihe 'jitt'ee 0i
    tion), Jily. 10, 1 7, :and IS.
    HearinIgI cfl I I t"i ft oe r

    :;isd 31; 1,'1). 4, 5, and 27;
    26, 27, (d 2-'-,, Apr'. 17.
    Co fitte(; prin ,I )uc ' )( .

    lIcarinu.-- (Sl)C(Mliitte
    tion), lM:{. 1-1.
    (omlmll itteeP pr-i1t, I )c(-c ':,l ', r.

    lIearings, Fel. 19, 20, 21, 21,
    NMa:r. '3 aId -1.

    Index to hleari: i
    (Co unijitt ee print, M'lar h

    Hearing (,S ,, ..te lion o
    Colmitte,), JtJuly 2.
    (Hearings, Iay S and July 9
    li:rinl_. { ,OR J'ulyv id 17,
    11.iR 13I-15, (S. 41lC1!) al
    13-156 (S. 16, I), Inden('I
    Co(lh.L',s and t:i.'nisltrits-*
    uari u li iiah).
    hearings Suc)eolh[ittl ( vf II

    ,t I 1 1

    1, 2k-I: -




    1., .: i l -

    niid 2S,

    the J oilni

    1 ~
    itil Ii
    8 I iii


    .J Al 1

    Outer )Space P,. l)i y NIlclcnr
    Pr( i1 r._',.h
    Pthvsi,':.l R~ese:rch lPr r.anii ais It lie-
    lat's th ie Field ti Atom ic I',ergy.*

    l o,*i ... .. ... ... ...* .

    Prole s 4of t,- L' raniu Mii andg ad
    M\willing Industry.*

    J:a .22 2 a :t' i e (;.
    Hearuiings 11,S .',omilitliiill ee o' a
    anld 1)evel)!)loienlt), Fel). ;,-
    101(, 11, 13, eid i14.
    IReporlt o>f S' })comtmlitteet oill
    a ld 1). ',.elo { 't, ) 2;,tt

    lIdex to 2lea,1 1ri ,;is.
    l ari,,._ Fe.l). '19, "2 1, :id 2,1.

    'Current print now available.
    *Out if jprinit.
    *'**Avalltlh oni ly ;it tli(, ()tilt ( of th, in' Juoillt li iinit 1t ,

    I; '~.-I:11---- I

    1, 5,

    ( -':t l

    1):>,S (S'tli {',,ng., "2 1 sc-.)

    operationo n


    Proposed Expanded Civilian Nuclear
    P,,wer Program.*
    Prop()sed EU IRATO MI A.gretillent-4
    (with associated docuiilent s and
    Proposed ELTUIATOIM Agrceinents*.*-...---

    D o *- -- - --------------------
    lRportL of thi Undersea W:arfare Advi-
    sory Panel to the Military Applica-
    tions Sul)connmmittee of the JCAE.***
    Report on First, General Conference of
    International Atomic Energy Agen-
    cy .*
    Review of Proposals Under Power
    Demion-4t ration Program.*
    Technical Aspects of the Report on the
    Gas-Cooled, Graphite-Moderated

    Committee print, August.

    Committee print, July.

    Ireatrings, pt. 1, July 22, 23, 24, 29,
    and 30.
    Pt. 2, Aug. 5, 7, and 13.
    Index to hearings.
    Committee print, August.

    C,,mmnittee print, April.

    Hearings (Subcommnittee
    tion), MIar. 12, 14, and
    IHearing (Subcommittee
    tion), Apr. 22.

    (n Legisla-
    MIay 22, 23.
    on Legisla-

    1959 (86th Cong., 1st sess.)

    Aircraft N'iclvar Propulsion Progr:tnam.*-
    AEC Authorizing Legislation, Fiscal

    AEC Report on Indemniity Act and Ad-
    visory Committee on Reactor Safe-
    Agreements for Cooperaition with
    Agreements for Cooperation for Mutual
    Defense Purposes.*
    Agreement for Cooperation between the
    United States and the International
    Atomic Energy Agency.*
    Amending the Atomic Energy Act and
    Authorization of Stanford Accelerator
    Atomic Energy Legislation through the
    86th Cong., 1st sess.* 2
    Atomic Energy Patents, Selected Ma-
    terials on.*
    Atomic Energy Patents*
    Biological and Environmental Effects
    of Nuclear War.*
    Community Problenms at Los Alanios.*_-
    Development, Growth and State of the
    Atomic Energy Industry.*
    Employee Radiation Hazards and
    Workmen's Compensation-Selected
    Employee Radiation Hazards and
    \Workmen's Compensation.*

    Fallout from Nuclear Weapons Tests.*_ -_


    Hearings, July 23.
    Report, September.
    Hearings, Feb. 7 and 27; Mar. 23, 24,
    and 25; Apr. 13, 14, and 15; and
    May 8.
    Committee print, April.

    Hearings, Jan. 21 and 22.

    Hearings, June 11, 12, and 17; July 1
    and 2.
    Hearings, June 30.

    Hearing, Aug. 26.

    Committee print, Decemnber.

    Conimittee print, March (2 volumes).

    Hearings, Apr. 21, 22, and 23.
    Hearings, July 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26.

    Summary-Analysis of Hearings.
    Hearing, Dec. 7.
    Hearings, Feb. 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, and
    Index to hearings.
    Committee print, February.

    Hearings, Mar. 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, and
    Summary-Analysis of Hearings, Sep-
    ten ber.
    Hearings, May 5, 6, 7, and 8.
    Summanry-Analysis of Hearings, Au-
    Vol. 4. Index to hearings.

    2 Cirrpnt print now available.
    *Out of print.
    ***Available only at the Office of the Joint Committee.

    I(eder:Il "*' I ite o e%" la t i oin lip)i in the
    Atom ic l:t1 i., h lct
    Matceriil .*
    F rler:il-S("1 Iiela itiii:- IiI in thel I i e 1ic r,- V Pi(h.*
    Ij lt,.r nijitv :irvi l e:' tdi, S:ftly* .... .-
    II uclstrin l Za iot! vct oiv( W :1Va 2e i)is-
    p -..I1 *
    )o* .. - .. ... .. -- - -

    V I nl)'.,, r hip), I!.'_^islati( 1A t iP l)li-
    c:atio1n- of lie J(\CAl.* .
    lic(vifw of N ,'aI %-,( I I r l 'ki ml
    :1nd Admiiral I k,) ver Aw:i rd.
    S'i.ntiifvi .-,., in ( ,rr at Brit il *._
    Stanford l.ii,,r Iahcctrom A,' '.,l(.loat"()r*-

    I If;nri'm A, Apr. 2!9 it(
    l l(';,r )),Z-, ,Jan. 2,S, 2!),
    I '.; and Jl y ,-I 2!0,

    Si i i ; i) rv- A r ki yv- is of

    :.and .1;: h1 -.I 2

    I1 l iriti _-, A ;-

    21 1-t.
    (',o )ini ,nit Ire ri)nl, Fch'u.aryic .
    H c:rin._.-, Apr. I I I rI 1.r

    (',)nii iti te I jrint, I ) 'cemi) Ile,:trin ., .JlIv II a 1'; ).

    10960 (SGtli (',o ., 2d s.)

    anId Ap1r.

    A FC'( Aw'loiing 1I ._,iq:laion, Fise;.-
    Yea r 1 (i;.*
    AE(C Comun~n)ity l'ro1)leins *_._-__
    Atom ic >e .-. l,'..,ilti, tn rogh
    the G6th Comig., 2d -.s.2
    1)ev, l)pmen1t, ( ;rowth, anIId Stale of
    the Atomic i ern':, Indiistry.*
    Frontier- in Ato)nic E.nergy I( 1)o*-. ... .-.-----. ... ... ...--------

    Future Itolhe of tlhe A 1(' lC)o-
    r titories*.
    Tildein,)ity and Re,:Ilor Sa1fetJ *. ------
    \Iemhbership, L,,il:ttioii (nd IPub)lie-
    ('atin- tof the J.A2A.*
    Nat 'onal Food Irradiation l ,' ,-ear'h
    Pr i gr: in.*
    Naval Ri a'-tor Progr.,ni and )iolaris
    Mis-ile Svstem.*
    Omnibus Bill, 190*_ .....---- ..-.-...
    1Radiation Protection (Criteri:a and
    Standards: Their Ba-sis and U',-.*
    1)o*------- .---.----------------
    D~o*---- ........... ...............

    Review of International Atomic Po(l-
    ii-i,,- and P'i',,rams of the United
    Vol. I -

    VNIOL. f III, IV, a1d V ........ ...
    Review of P Aoposed Pov er l),.on-
    -t ra: ti ,n lPro)ject.*
    Technical Ap' ,wt o(f I)eteeticn and(
    In-[ertion Conirol (o1- If a Nuclear
    W1)*pons Te--;t. Ban.*
    D oo .. ..--- - - - - - - - - . .
    11o* ------.-- ----------.. -. -..-

    Iel:rins aWir. l H), 1W1,
    (i, an 7.
    I [e:) ring, ,Junie IK.

    ile:arings, Feb. 16, 17, IS,
    a1nd 25.
    I oearitngs- Mar. 22, 2;,, 21,
    SiinnrY-A\nl.-is o4 f lifHe
    (C inniil tie l)rin(, () tol?(}l('r.


    19, 2:, 24.

    aid 2o.
    . I: i '..


    II':I ring-s, Apr. 26 and 27.
    Co(nnmittee print, lFeruairy.

    Hlenring--, p1. 1, Jan. 4, tn 1.'; 2
    Mlar. 3:1.
    llHeatrings, Apr. 9.

    leearing-,s .~ay 17 aind IS.
    (Commitnitee print, Inv. Selected A:-
    t i I 's,-.
    lie. rinAgs, May 24, 2.5, 26, :1, a)(
    June 1, 2, and 8.
    Summanrv-Analv-sis of lIearing>, Oetou-

    {Report I) thlie Joint
    Al(omic Energy. (t
    Background interial.
    lea ring, June 10.

    llearingsg, Apr. 19, 2(), 21, a-nd 22. pt. I.

    A I) i (dix to lheai;g* 1. 2.
    S',miiary-An:ly'-ii of I,'.irinc-.

    M1 v.

    l061 (SIth C(, g., 1st ,-t ..
    AEC Aiutho)rizing I I ,aiti i' 1I ring, IA v 12, 3. 110. 1, 17, 1. 1,
    and ,J1 e (.
    A '.C Omnibus Bills P'oid, and Aniedii- Ilering-, In'' 27 n2id ''
    ent1 to -.1e. 170 of the Atomic
    ]E'nergy Act.*
    a Current print now available.
    *Out of print.
    ***Avail.iblr only at the Offli c f the Joint committeee .

    ( '(011111i (-'- p ri f, \I :ircli.

    If .t rin M ay1Y I I) 1, 2(), 1, 1)i 22.


    A I:C P:aw Iaterials Prngr:inm*---
    Agreenient ffr Coopera ti,,n with It :ly
    for Mutiil Defen-e Pirp)oses.*
    .\Areement for Coperatioii with France
    for Mutua il 1fense Puri ,,es.*
    Apl)lic:itions of Iiladinisot,'e an i Ra-
    di:tion in Ilhe Life Science-.*
    D o* -- - - - - - -
    A\t,,mic Energy Legislation tlirough the
    >,7th (,.ng., 1st sCes.*2
    Detection n and Identificatin of Nuclear
    Exploions: Develiopments in the
    Do* ------- ------
    Developmnent, (',rwth and State of the
    Atomic Energy Industry.*
    High Energy Physics Program and the
    Proposed Stanford Linear Electron
    Accelerator Project: BMckground In-
    Improving the AEC Regulaitory Proc-
    c-s.- *
    Do*------ ---------

    Do* ----------------------
    Meiem ership, Publications, and Other
    Pertinent Information Through the
    86th Cong., 2d sess.* 2
    Nuclear Energy for Space Propulsion
    and Auxiliary Power.***
    Operati,,ns; Under the Indemnity Pro-
    visions of the Atomic Energy Act of
    Power Conversion Studies Hanford
    New Production Beactor.*
    Radiation Protection Cri4cria and
    Standards: Their Basis and Use.*
    Radiation Safety and Regulation* -.--
    SL-1 Accident (AEC Investigation
    Board Report). *

    Hearings, Nov. 15, 16.
    Hearing, Mar. 9.

    Hearing. Sept. 12.

    Hearings, Mar. 27, 28, 29, and 30.

    Suiimnuiry-analysis, June.
    Committee print, Dcceniber.

    Hearings, July 25, 26, 27.

    Summary-nnalysis of hearings.
    Hearings, Feb. 21, 24, 27, 28, and
    Mar. 1, 2, 3.
    Report to the Joint Committee on
    Atomic Energy.

    Committee print, vol. I, March.

    Committee print, vol. II, appendix,
    Views and comments, committee print.
    Committee print, March.

    Hearings, Aug. 28 and 29.

    Hearings, July 18, 19, 20.

    Committee print, March.
    Index to hearings and selected mate-
    rials, July.
    Hearings, June 12, 13, 14, and 15.
    Committee print, June.

    1962 (87th Cong., 2d sess.)

    AEC Regulatory Problems***-- -
    AEC Uranium Procurement Program *-
    Atomic Energy Legislation through
    87th Cong., 1st sess.*2
    Authorizing Legislation, 1963*

    Hearing, Apr. 17.
    Hearings, June 18 and 19.
    Committee print.

    18, 2

    Development, Growth, and State of He:tring
    the Atomic Energy Industry (202's).*_
    Disposal of the Los Alamos Commu- Hearing
    Indemnity and Reactor Safety*------- Hearing
    International Agreements for Coepera- Hearing
    Membership, Publications, and Other Commi
    Pertinent Information Through the
    87th Cong., 1st sess.* 2
    Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy*_ Hearing
    Proposed Arrangements for Electric Hearing
    CGeneranting Facilities at Hanford
    New Production Reaictor.***
    Radiation Standards, Including Fall- Hearing
    out. (Pts. 1 and 2.)*
    Summary-Analysis*-------------- Commnii
    2Current print now available.
    *Out of print.
    ***Avwi1nblp only at the Office of the Joint Committee.

    gs, Apr. 5 and
    1, and 29.
    gs, Mar. 20-23.

    6, May 16, 17,

    g, Apr. 23.

    ;s, Apr. 10 and 11.
    ; June 25.

    ttee print, January.

    g, Apr. 10.
    g, Sept. 27.

    g;., June 4-7.

    tItee print, September.


    Review of .\AEC( ad Army Fo()d Irradi:-
    lion Program.*
    Sp::i. Nuclear P to e( r App\lication -*** _
    To()r of the I 7..'.S. LErIrit a(nl Re)(o t
    on Joint AElC-N vI 1 .:,l'i- Pro-
    1".; 11l,
    U.S. Policy T'owvard tle Int r nitioni:l
    .\tomiic E l rgy .\.,I icy.***
    Utility Propi.,i f(r Powcrp1i):It Addi-
    tion to Ifln ford N P'.*
    1)()* * _ _- _ _ _ _- _- _- _- _ _

    1963 (88th Cor ., Ist -.--;.)

    AEC Authorizing L,,..islation, Fi:-,.i
    Year 1964.*
    AEC Om(nibu- Bills for 196:; and
    196I.* 3
    AEC ul))pplemenittl A.\ivthlorizinig Lei--
    lation, .i;-c:iI Year 19.1l *
    Atomic EnerLv Lxegilation Throu.tI
    8'Ntli Cong., 1st -(-. l),.. iib)er
    Chemnic:il Reproci--iim, Plant**------
    Cooperative Power et..e(1or De)mon-
    st ra:tion Pro(g.r:imn, 1963.***
    Dev.ilopment, (Growth, and s.tte of the
    Atomic En,'rg:v Industry:
    Part 1*- ------------------
    Part 2*----- -- ----
    Development in Technical (Capabilities
    for Deteetilig and Identifying Nuclear
    \Weapo, Tests.***
    Fallout, Radiation Standards and
    Part 1***-----------------------
    Part 2***- - - -- -
    Int ernational Agreenen'.- for Coop(Iera-
    tion.*** 3
    Membership, Publi.:ations, and Other
    Pertinent Informnatio:--SSIth Cong.,
    1st sc -. (February 1963).* 2
    Nevada T-cst Site Commmunity*------
    Nucletir T,.t Ban Treatty, Hiearings
    before the Committee on Foreign
    Relations, th]. Committee on Armed
    Servie,- and Sfriite MIemi!, (r- of the
    Joint Ctnmnittee on Atomic Energy.*
    Nurwlar Propulsion for Naval Surface
    Vet_'4 ('I1s.;***

    D o.* ------ --- --- --- --- -- -
    Private Ownership of Sp,,ciail N:uclear
    Materials, 1963.***
    R.i(e'w of the Army Food Irradiation

    lrearin_, A\pr. 9, 10, 7:rdl May ,2.

    Ieari-ii-, July 17, 19G6, and Mav Iy ,
    1' 6.4.
    Ifearinz, Oct. 31.

    ( committee print.

    Learning, Iay 14.
    Ifearin,'-, July 9, Aug. 7, and! Oct. 1."7.

    Itv(a r i i iE ,"
    In eai Y"

    Feb). 20, 21.
    Apr. 2, 3, 4, and 5.
    Mar. 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, and 12.

    I,'nari---, June 3, 4, and 6.
    ,e.arini- Aug. 20, 21, 22, and 27.
    1Icari -,, S.5pt. 5, 193, A )r. 22 and
    June 30, 1964.
    Commit t(c print.

    H.aring Sept. 12 and Oct. 16.
    Hearings, Aug. 12, 13, 14, 15. 19, 20,
    21. 22, 23, 26, and 27.

    Hlearir,,g, Oct. 30, 31, id Nov. 13.
    Report, DeCcenber.
    HIearings, July 31 and Aug. 1.

    Icaring, May 13.

    1961 (881h Cong., 2d s.:s.)
    AEC Authoriziig L, gi-l.ition, 1965:
    Part 1*-------.------------------ ring, Jan. 22, 23, 27, Feb. 3, 4,
    and 7.
    Part 2*,,r- -------------------------Bl:iri Feb. 5, 6, 18 19, 20, and
    Mar. 4.
    Part 3*------------------------- le:iri,-z Feb. 20, 25, 26, 27, Miar 2,
    and 3.
    2 Current print available.
    SNot printed until 1964.
    *Out of print.
    *** valln0ble only at !he Oli,. o th e Joint ('ommintte.

    Il'e:ari,--. )IMar. 6 and 7.

    liarin,--, -,'pt. 13, !1, ;id1 lP .
    lk-ariii M, Iar. 31.

    IfcarinL, Aug. 2.

    committeee print, Jily.

    . .,rinn,,, Jlily 10 :,ild 11.

    AEC Omnibus Bills for 1963 and 1.(4*..

    Atomic Energy Legislation Through
    8Sth Cong., 2d s(,ss.* 2
    Agreement for Cooperation With N .ATO
    for AMutual Defense Pirpo(cs.***
    International Agreements for Coopera-
    Loss of the U.S.S. Thresher*** -------
    Nuiclear Power Economics-Analysis
    Comments, 1964.***
    Private Ownership of Special Nuclear
    Material, 1964.*
    Stanford Accelerator Power Supply_- -
    Use of Nuclear Power for the Production
    of Fresh Water from Salt Water.***

    Hearings, July 17, 196.3, and May 19,
    Committee print, December.

    Hearings, July 30 and Aug. 18.
    Hearings, Sept. 5, 1963, and Apr. 22
    and June 30, 1964.
    iHearings, June 26, 27, July 23, 1963,
    and July 1, 1964.
    Committee print, October.

    Hearings, June 9, 10, 11, 15, and 25.

    Hearing, Jan. 20.
    Hearing, Aug. 18.

    1965 (89th Cong., 1st sess.)

    AEC Authorizing Legislation, 1966:
    Part 1* ----------------------

    Part 2*--------------- ---
    Part 3*------------------------

    Atomic Energy Legislation Through the
    89th Cong., 1st sess.* 2
    Current Membership, Publication, and
    Other Pertinent Information of the
    Joint Committee on Atomic Energy.* 2
    Development, Gro th, and State of the
    Atomic Energy Industry (202's).***
    Federal Radiation Council Protective
    Action Guides.*
    High Energy Physics Program: Report
    on National Policy and Background
    High Energy Physics Research*------
    International Agreements for Coopera-
    Peaceful Applications of Nuclear Explo-
    Proposed Amendment to Section 271 of
    the Atomic Energy Act of 1954.***
    Proposed Extension of AECIndemnity
    Radiation Processing of Foods* ------
    Selected Materials on Atomtc Energy
    Indemnity Legislation.*
    Space Nuclear Power Generators***---

    Hearings, Jan. 27, Feb. 2, 3, 4, 10, 16
    and MIar. 10.
    Hearings, Feb. 8, 9, 10 and Apr. 8.
    Hearings, Mar. 11, 18, 19, 24, and
    Apr. 13.
    Committee print, December.

    Committee print, February.

    Hearings, Aug. 10 and 11 and Sept. 8.

    Hearings, June 29 and 30.

    Committee print, February.

    Hearings, Mar. 2, 3, 4 and 5.
    Hearings, Apr. 29, June 4 and July 13
    and 27.
    Hearing, Jan. 5.

    Hearings, May 27 and June 2.

    Hearings, June 22, 23 and 24.

    Ifearings, June 9 and 10.
    Committee print, June.

    IHearing's, Aug. 6.

    1966 (89th Cong., 2d sess.)

    AEC Authorizing Legislation, 1967:
    Part 1*-- -------------------

    Part 2*-------------------

    Part 3*. -.------.- --

    Atomic Energy Legislation Through the
    89th Cong., 2d sess.* 2

    ILH'aring.s, Jan. 25, Feb. 15 and Mar. 4
    and 8.
    Hearings, Feb. 16, 17, Mar. 3, 15 and
    Hearings, Feb. 2, MIar. 8, 9, 10, 11
    and 15.
    Committee print, December.

    2 Current print now available.
    *Out of print.
    ***Available only at the Office of the Joint Committee.

    Cilito Menm,,rohl of .,the Jd1!t (Ci
    mittee I o l A Ito ic liicr'-' .*
    Interr:itin~il: .\t2.l'tirt a t-; for (C op'ra-
    tion, I 91A.*
    EJnrico Fermi II,",,tr" 'se fr Irrlr:dli-
    lion T -l' i ,im,.*
    N aval N iichl :ir Iro!ivll .ioll I'c '_'i;:,i* Pn
    Nonprolifer:.ition of N hi it \r\ W :ino (S.
    Res. 179).***
    Pro()():i.-'Il A lnoln Pitr io I'ci(c -Anier-
    sn Act I U l., ting to Waier of
    1) efen, -.. -* *
    Prop,,-til Lar.';g* il Combtination Nu-
    .b,.Lr Power-1 ) -.diting Iroject.***
    Rccorll.eepin- :a \"(,!d, n en's Com-
    pensation for RadintionV \\or.rI *
    Revi',' of Dl)e\'('h ))m en!ts ill thie Food
    Irradliat io Prn r.uims.*
    Uraniium !:nrichm(ll, iA Services Criteria
    and IRelated MAatter.***

    (o Qiffmil ii ( pi'it, I i-V i.o' .

    II. i iring ,J;tii. 27, \lay 2'-, Jun1 -'S an 8
    AUg. 25.
    lecarinig, Apr. 5.

    lle,:uri i. J:an. 2;.
    IIering r '1l2. 2:fl a MaIr. I and 7.

    11 : Jriu:-, July 19, 20 and 21.

    il[ ..ring, ".!)t. 14.

    I fearit,12., AXu :3
    and 22.
    IHearing, .*,.pt. 12.

    0, 31, '"lt. 20, 21

    II,:LJriin, Aug. 2, 3, 4, 16 and 17.

    1967 (90th Cong., I-t sess.)

    AEC kuthori.dii-4 L<-.i.hlation, f ycol y<.:ir
    Part 1 *--------------------.---
    Part 2*-- - - - - -
    Part 3*-------
    AEC Omnibus f 1 .tio: i5 ,7*** .n
    .\toilic Energy Itgi-l.ition Thriough the
    90)th C( g., 1t seSs.* 2
    Impailit of Chimn -, Communist Nucleaur
    Wea I.ons Pr,.,ri-- (on United St:,t,
    National S.,.,rity.***
    International Age.i oents for Co ,pra -
    tion, 1967-68.*** 3
    L;i Cr', -.-. Boiling Water Rei:tor
    Project.* 4
    Livei-ing and llegulation of Nul,..itr
    Part 1***---
    Part 2*--. .....------------.... ....
    Naval Nucl..i.Ir Pr io)1-il'ln Pri)ogram,
    1967-68.*** 3
    RIadiation .-Iure of Uranllium Iliners:
    Part 1 *-----.----. ---. -.... ...-

    Paurt 2* -.. .. .................

    Scope, MIagInitude and Idtnplication (of
    the ULnited Statt Auti il)lldsti ic -M isile

    AEC '' Authorizing I. '-,lation, 1I y ear
    P'art 1 ...
    Part 2*..-------.........-......
    Atomic lni .v, L',: l:>tion Through the
    11'lth C( ,g., 2d1 -,'-(.* 2
    Connmmerei:;l I' '- hare -Se; '.i. -* -
    C.i rrm.itt MIernerhip of the Joint, Com-
    mittee oon Atomnic Iirnv.* 2

    l hearings, ,Jan. 25, IcIl). 7, 8, 9 and 28.
    1earifn-I MIar. 14 and 15.
    11 hearing, Feb. 28, Mar. 2 and 3.
    Itcarinir-, Aug. 11, 15) and 21.
    Co.,,' i ttee print, leeend ,.

    Commliittee p i)rint, Jilly.

    IHe: ri-, .Mar. 20, 1967 and June 25,
    1 968.
    Ilearing, M,[ay 4.

    ]Ic.iring ,


    Apr. 4, 5, 6, 20 and Mav 3.
    Sept. 12, 13 and 14.
    Mar. 16, 1967 and Fel. 8.

    ltearings, Maly 9, 10, 23, June 6, 7, 8,
    9, July 26, 27, and Aug. 8 and 10.
    Pnekup and feienice materials to part
    1, above.
    I earin s, Nov. 6 and 7.

    Ihearin,--, Jan. 30, 31 :ind l'eb. 5 and 6.
    l!e.irinn-. Feb). 7 and 21.
    C' i:1mittce print, )'.crnbr.

    lHearing, July 19.
    (Coilmmittee print, FeI!). :i rv.

    2 Current print now available.
    3 Not printed until 1I')>.
    I Not prinhed until 1!69.
    *Ouit of print.
    ***Avalislb only at the Off11 of th wolnt CornmminltfIP,

    P.l"'-. (90th C 1 2d --.)

    International Agreements f.'r Coopera-
    tion, 1967-G6S.***
    Naval Nuclear Propul-iion Program
    Nuclear Power Economic-, 1962 through
    Nuclear Suhm.irine ,f Advaiinced Design:
    Part 1***---------------------
    Part 2*** ----------
    Particip:ition by Sin:ill Electrical L'tili-
    tiL'-; in Nuclear Power:
    Part 1*-----------------------
    Part 2*---------------------
    Radiation Exposure of Ur:nium
    Status of Food Irradiation Program*--

    AEC Authorizing Lgislation, FY 1970:
    Part 1*------------- --------
    Part 2*----- --- ---
    Part 3*----------------------
    Atomic Energy LegiIlation through the
    91st Cng., 1st se, *2
    AEC Omnibus Legislatio-n1969***__
    Current Membership of the Joint Com-
    mittee on Atomic Energy.*2
    Selected Ma:terials on Environmental
    Effects of Producing Electric Power.***
    Environmental Effects of Producing
    Electric Power, Part 1.**
    LaCro-'se Boiling Water IReactor Proj-
    Naval Prop il:-ioui Program,
    Nucl:t.Lr Explo in 'i rviee for Industrial
    Preliceii-ing Antitrust Revivw of Nu-
    clear Power Plants.***
    Radiation Stanidards for Uranium
    Selected .\Iaterials CuiicerIring the Fu-
    ture Owii r-hip of the A .I's" Gaseous
    Diffusion Plants.*
    Future Ownership of the AEC's CaZI-'eous
    Diffusion Plants.*

    Hearing, .lar. 21)0, 1967, and June 25,
    Hearing,-, Mar. 16, 1967, and Feb. S.

    Committee print, February.

    Hearing, June 21.
    Hearing, July 19.

    I:earings, .I)r. :}'), M:iy 1, 2, a:nd 3.
    He:iarings, June 11, 12, and 13.
    Sumtr-ary-A.\nalyi.-s of he:Lrings, De-
    ceinber 1'7.
    Hearings, July 18 and 30.

    Hearing- Apr. 17 and 18.
    Hearings- Apr. 2-i and 25.
    Hearings Apr. 29 and 30.
    Committee print, l)ecember.

    Hearing, Sept. 12, 1969.
    Committee print, February.

    Committee print, August pricee S4.60).

    He:iring< Oct. 2S,, 29, 30, and 31, Nov.
    4, 5, 6, and 7 (price, $8.50).
    Hearing May 4, 196i7.

    Hearing Apr. 23.

    Hearing. May 8, 9, and July 17.

    hearings Nov. 18, 19 and 20.

    IHearings Mar. 17 and 18.

    Committee print, June.

    Hearings July S and 9, Aug. 5, 7, and 8.

    1970 (91st Cong., 2d sess.)

    AEC Authorizing Legi-Lition, fi-ca:l year
    Part 1*----------------------
    Part 2* -------------------
    Part 3*-----------------------
    Part 4*- --------------
    Atomic Entergy Legi-I:tion Through the
    91st C.,ng., 2d scs..*2
    Current Membership of the Joint Com-
    mittee on Atomic Energy.* 2
    Environmnental IEffects of Producing
    Electric Power (Part 2).**3
    Volume I**---------------------
    Volume II**--------------------

    JI,:irilng. Fe.,. 3, 18, and 19.
    Hearings Mar. 3 : mnd 5.
    Hearing IMar. 11.
    Hearing Mar. 19.
    Committee print (Jan. 1971).

    Committee print, March.

    HIearings Jan. 27, 28, 29, 30, Feb. 24,
    25, and 26.
    Hearings (price, $5.95).
    Appendixes and index (price, $6.60).

    2 Current print now available.
    3 Part 1 was printed in 1969.
    *Out of print.
    **Available only at the Government Printing Office.
    ***Available only at the Office of the Joint Committee.

    1969 (91st C lng., 1st-c-s.)

    Naval Nub .ctr Prop i', n Pr 'r:,- If,..rmin.- ?Mar. 19 anI "'O.
    Pr('lic'll-iI! Alititriist IlcvUw of :"u- IT *rii.:- Apr. 1I1, 15, antd 1I.
    clear lov. .rpl:inls (Part 2)*"*
    Uraniiiuni liinricrh:t lit Pricig C(ritri:*_ IIafriii" June 16 !.,'l 17.

    1971 (92d C .,-n ..., I -tf --. )

    A .. Authori.'i :g I .- l:lin, '.ild year
    IPart I* ..................... ..
    Part 2*--
    Part i 2:* ._........................
    P:irt 3*-----------------------
    P.irt 4*.---.- ---.........- .-- .-

    Iep;,,rt (I. Re.)t. 92-325; S. IKept.
    A.1C0 Lic,.'inig IProcedure and ielatted
    Lf.,.,iqlation :
    Part 1 ----- ----

    Part 2*_- - - - - -
    Part 3- --_- -- ---- -
    Part 4__ -- - - - -
    Atomic Energy Lcgi.-l:tion Through thlic
    92d Cong., 1st ses.2
    Controlled Th-rnmionuclear Rc-search
    Prgrarm in the United Stales:
    Part 1 -- -- --- -
    Part 2-- -- --- - - -
    Current M[cmher:hip of the Joint Com-
    mittee on Atomic Energy.* 2
    Naval Nuclear Propulsion Prugrai-
    Nuclear Power and Related Enir:'
    Problemis-1068 through 1970.*
    Selected Materials on the Calvert Cliffs
    Decision, Its Origin and Aftermath.* 5
    Status of Current Technology to Iden-
    tify Sei-mic Events as Natural or
    Status of Current Technology to Iden-
    tify Seiniic Eveuits as. Natural or
    .Man-Made (Staff Analysis).***
    Uranium Enrichment Pricing Criteria
    Part 2) 4.
    Use of Uranium Mill Tailiing- for Con-
    struction Purpesets.

    f4rii-' Fe. 38, 4, .r. 1 Mar. '2.
    t' .:iriL, M ar. 4.
    irearii M-ir. 9, 10, n d 17.
    .'.,riigs M;:r. IS, 23, 1nd May 13
    (price, 1Jl.25).
    Jane ;iJ and July S.

    Ilarirn., June 22, 23; July 13, 14
    price, $1.75).
    Appendixcs 1 through 2N.
    Appendixes 29 through 46.
    Appendixes 47 through 60.
    Committee print (January 1972 .

    Hearings Nov. 10, 11.
    Committee print, Miarch.

    Hearing Mar. 10.

    Committee print, December.

    Coiiiiittee print, Decemeber.

    Hearings October 27, 28 (price, $1.50).

    Cummiltte print.

    Hearings Feb. 25, 1971 (price, 30 cents).

    Hearing. October 28, 29. (price, .,2.25).

    1972 (92d Cong., 2d se-,s.)

    AEC Authorizing Lciri-ltion, Fi-,I 1973:
    Part 1**----------------------

    Part 2**------ -----
    Part 3**----------------------

    Part ** -- --------------
    Part 5**----------------------

    Hearings Jan. 26, Feb. 3, and 17
    (price, S4.25).
    II .iring,, Feb. 22 and 23 (price, $1.50)
    lHeariiigs Feb. 29 anil Mar. 1 (prii,,
    IT ringss Mar. 7, and 9 (pri',- 3.7).
    VoluimIe 1, Environmental btatii.. nt- 1
    l1rou5ph ri.
    Volume 2, EInvironment.Il Stat, !.. ,.*; 9
    throi..;! 15 (p rice, $4.00).

    2 Current print now available.
    8 Part 1 was printcIl In 19,1).
    4 Part 1 was prinritd in 1970.
    6 Printed In l1,72.
    *Out of print.
    **ATvail:il.] only at t.o Government !I'r:nt!:!-- 0:,f..
    ***Available. only at the Oili ( t, the Joint Committee.


    Atomic Energy Legislation Through the
    92d Congress, 2d S.,-i,,n.2
    Current Member-hip 4 f tilL. J(int. Com-
    mnitt,.e on At',,ie L-n"er.yv.
    H.R. 13731 and H.R. 13732, to Amend
    the Atomiic Kn,.rgyv Act (of 1954-PRr-
    gnrding Li'cn-ing of Nuclear Facili-
    Part 1**----------------------
    Part 2**-- ----- -----
    Liquid Metal Fa.t Breeder Reactcr
    l)Dmon. tration Plant.
    Nuclear Propulsion for Naval Warships-

    Cu1imnittee Print (March 1973)
    Courimittee Print, March 1972.

    Hearings March 16 and 17 (price,
    Suppleroental Materials (price, $2.50).
    Hearings Sept. 7, 8, and 12, 1972 (price,
    Hearing (and subsequent inquiry),
    May 5, 1971-Sept. 30, 1972 (price,

    1973 (93d Cong., 1st Sess.)

    AEC Authorizing Legislation, Fiscal
    Year 1974:
    Part 1*-------------------
    Part 2*-------------------

    Part 3*----------------------
    Part 4*---------------------
    Part 5** -------------
    Reports: Authorizing Appropria-
    tions for the Atomic Energy Com-
    mission for Fiscal Year 1974.
    Reports: Supplemental Authoriza-
    tion of Appropriations for the
    Atomic Energy Commission for
    Fiscal Year 1974.
    Atomic Energy Legislation through the
    93:d Cong., 1st Session.2
    Current Membership of the Joint Com-
    mittee on Atomic Energy.*2
    Certain Background Information for
    Consideration when Evaluating the
    "National Energy Dilemma".*
    Military Applications of Nuclear Tech-
    nology (Part 1).
    Military Applications of Nuclear Tech-
    nology, (Part 2) (declassified).
    Proposed Amendment to Euratom Co-
    operation Act of 1958 (S. 1993 and
    H.R. 8867).
    Report: Amendment to Section 5
    of the Euratom Cooperation Act
    of 1958, as amended.
    Understanding the National Energy
    Proposed Changes in Basis for Coopera-
    tive Arrangement for the LMFBR.
    Future Structure of the Uranium-En-
    richment Industry-Phase I.
    Future Structure of the Uranium En-
    richment Industry (Phase II).
    Current Status of AEC Controlled Th.r-
    monuclear Research Program.

    Hearing, January 30, 1973.
    Hearings, February 6, 21, and 22
    (price $4.50).
    Hearing, March 14.
    Hearings, March 20 and 22.
    Environmental statements (price
    H. Rept. 93-280, June 14, 1973. (S.
    Rept. 93-224, June 18, 1973.)

    H. Rept. 93-619, November
    Rept. 93-487, November 7.)

    1. (S.

    Committee Print (Ju-ly 1974).

    Committee Print, April.
    Committee Print, May.

    Hearing (declassified), April 16 (price
    60 cents).
    Hearing, May 22 (price $1.20).

    Hearing, June 22 (price 60 cents).

    H. Rept. 93-3S5, July 19. (S. Rept.
    93-341, July 24.)

    Committee Print, August (price $2.45).
    Hearings, February 28 and May 4
    (price $4.35).
    Hr.arings, July 31 and August 1 (price
    Hearings, October 2, 3, 4 (price $3.10).
    IHearing, July 25 (made part of Au-
    thorizing Legislation hearings, fiscal
    year 1975).

    2 Current print now available.
    *Out of print.
    **Available only at the Government Printing Office.


    Prop'i-ed S.,le of LIt( r s 1 ilini- \V it--r
    l(eactorto I) iIrylv d t'*UI( ('I (. (r:-
    Naval Nu .!,ir Proipilsi()ii P'r.,:'rn,,t-
    1972-7 g. (dc'lL-,i l,, ,).
    N i l,', r ," c1 lor ----"- f t -_ . .... -. .. .

    To Consider I )e 1, 1 973 AEC I Rport(
    on RiiLer.'y t e.ierch aIInd I)-'vchi)-

    iI elit.
    Propod Chan's in Al (*
    Arraih,,,';i nts fur l'afiiriirim
    ing Scrvic,..-.*

    (Con r.,vt

    11aring, :\u:vit :3.

    IIc:IriiiL, Ft'4r. P) '.72 ind M\irr
    2H. 17; 0, rice 2- .2."
    2t;. 27. (id Oclo x r I.
    II(.:,riir.:, 1) ibq *ic 1 1':['>r '*"i.2U{i.

    tI,: rin,.-, Mlar, li 7, S, 26; :. I \trl IS
    (| r.c2 ).

    197.1 (93d (Coig., 2d S(

    AEC Authorizing L, gi-l.ition, Fi-, .1
    Year 1975:
    Part 1--------------------------

    Part 2** .. - ... -. .. .. .-- - -
    Part 3------------------------

    Part 4--------------------------

    (Note: IncludEd(1 in this part is
    hearing of July 25, 1973, en-
    titled. "Current Status of
    AEC Controlled Thermonu-
    clear Rest-arch Program".)
    Reports: Authorizing Appropria-
    tions for the Atomic En( rgy
    Commission for Fiscal Year 1975.
    Reports: Supplemental Authoriza-
    tion of Appropriations for the
    Atomic Energy Conminis-ion for
    Fiscal Year 1975.

    Atomic Enr.vy ].,gislation through the
    93d Cong., 2(d 6,ssion2
    Current Membership of the Joint Com-
    mittee on Atomic Energy.2

    Nuclear Reactor Safety:
    Part 2: Volume I: Phases lib and
    Part 2: Volume II**-------------
    Selected Materials on Atomic Energy
    Indemnity and Insurance Legislation.
    Possible Modification or Extension of
    the Pricc-Ander.on Act:
    (Phase I)**--------------------

    (Phase II)**---------- ----

    Reports: Reviking :nd Amending
    the Price-Andcrson Indinniity
    Provision ( of the Atomic E.iLrgy
    Act of 19.4, as ,:nided.

    $3 .6,5).


    19, 1974 (1;i t"

    F!-ri'uary (26 and 27, 197-1.
    Febru:ar. 2-, 1974 (pri -

    March 4 and 5, 1974 (p:p

    II Reut 93-969,
    (S. RIept. 93-773,

    1I. Rept. 93-1434,
    (S. Rept. 93-1246,

    April 3, 1974.
    April 8, 1974.)

    October 7,
    October 8,


    Committee Print (July 1975).

    Committee Print, August.

    He:1ring-, January 22, 23, 24, and 28,
    1974 (price $4.60).
    Appendixes (price $5.55).
    Committee Print, March (price $4.00).

    Hearings, January 31, Mirch 27 a-id
    28, 1974 (price $3.55).
    Hearings, .May 9, 10, 14, 15, :.nd 16,
    1974 (priee $3.45).
    H. Rept. 93-1115, June 18, 1974. -.
    Rept. 93-1027, July 23, 1974.)
    (Conf. Rept. 93-130u6, August 20.

    Current print now av.ii!;dile.
    * Printed in It71.
    SPri'itei in 1975.
    * ()ut ,fl print.
    **Avai1a1, only at ihe' (;n v*imllt tPint'.. 0 '..
    ***A ..... i ',* (j1 y at til (,lict of tie J(iilt (I .u i!n t H .


    AEC Omnibus Legislation:-1974 [See
    Proposed Amendment to Section 54 of
    the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, a-
    amended, to enable Congress to con-
    cur in or disapprove international
    agreements for cooperation in regard
    to certain nuclear technology: S. 3253
    and H.R. 13S96-To delete the require-
    ment that Congress authorize amounts
    of special nuclear material which may
    be distributed to a group or nations.
    [Subcommittee on Agreements for
    Report-: Amending the Atomic
    Energy Act of 1954, as Amended,
    To Enable Congress to Concur
    in or Disapprove Certain Inter-
    national Agreements for Peace-
    ful Cooperation.
    Conference Report: International
    Nuclear Agreement Congressional
    Review Act.
    Testimony on H.R. 14849; S. 3502;
    Foreign distribution of special nuclear
    materials and S. 3669; H.R. 15416,
    Atomic weapons and special nuclear
    Reports: AEC Omnibus Legisla-

    [Hearing held April 30, 1974, printed
    with hearing of June 18 (see below)
    (price 90 cents).]

    H. Rept. 93-1149, June 25, 1974.
    (S. Rept. 93-964, June 25, 1974.)

    (Conf. Rept. 93-1299, August 19,
    [Hearing held June 18, 1974, printed
    with hearing of April 30 (see above).]

    H. Rept. 93-1155, June 26, 1974. (S.
    Rept. 93-989, July 9, 1974.)

    (The two preceding legislative hearings were printed in one volume.)

    Transportation of Radioactive Ma-
    terial by Passenger Aircraft.
    Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons------
    Development, Growth, and State of the
    Nuclear Industry.
    Nuclear Powerplant Siting and Licen-
    Volume I**---------------------

    Volume II**-------------------
    Uranium Mill Tailings in the State of
    Note: This hearing will be pub-
    lished in 1976 ERDA'authoriz-
    ing legislation hearings.
    Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program-
    1974 (declassified).
    Future Structure of the Uranium En-
    richment Industry (Phase Ill):
    Part III: Volume I**------------

    AEC Weapons Program Authorization
    Request, Fiscal Year 1975 (declas-
    Proposed Modification of Rce-trictions
    on Enrichment of Foreign Urinium
    for Domestic U.-,'.
    Request for Supplemental Fiscal Year
    1975 Funds for AEC Nuclear Weapons

    Committee Print, September (price 45
    Hearing, September 10, 1974 (price 75
    Hearings, February 5 and 6, 1974 (price

    Hearings, March 19, 20, 21, 22; April
    24, 25, 26, and May 1, 1974 (price
    Appendixes (price $5.30).
    Hearing, March 12, 1974.

    Hearing, February 25, 1974


    Hearings, June 25, 26, 27; July 16, 17,
    18, 30, 31; August 6; November 26;
    and December 3, 1974 (price $6.30).
    Hearing, February 20, 1974 (price 30

    Hearings, September 17 and 18, 1974
    (price $2.30).

    Hearing, September 23, 1974.

    *Out of print.
    **Availablo only at the Government P C ii1 Office.
    ***Availabl)le only at the office of the Joint Committee;

    ONlar Energy I-(,.-:irch and Di.-vct'loi-
    Tu Coniid,.r NATO Matt, r--.--.-.----

    Nonin.ition of Dr. Ito)bert C. S.i.'i:'s,
    Jr., Tlo Iek .Adrini4trat r, i ierv IhA-
    search and Dcvlopmientt Adilixisl:.-
    tion.*** 1
    No',lii,-.,. to the Nuclear I ,,_,latory
    Cuiiimll li.- **t 1

    P) P" 4. 701).
    ]' iL;._Fli'.. I~b,.rv I ), 1 97"t !';rir<- .45'
    C( Ints.)
    ]I<.i-ii -. I)*'**m r 1 1, 1974..

    11eariiit~~, 1)eeeij:1'r 1') nn I 197 ~.

    1975 (941hi (U g IC-o -, $ .)

    ERPI).A A1,th)riz eislation Fi-,
    Yonr 197(6:
    l'P a rt .. .... .. ... .. ....... ...... ..
    1Part 2,-
    P art : .. ....... ..... .....
    Part 3_ ..........-----............
    Part 4.1.I- -- ---- ---------- --

    IIIep o r "ts .: A ttlo)rizi AIIi r,)lpr
    tio, folr the IK'l('.'" Icso ,tar
    :nd )I .vclupoipm)it Adliiii i Iti
    tionl fi'r Fisci I1)7(i and f
    the 1Tran:it im Qiiart-r (Idi
    r :)(), 197( .
    (N)te" Ipo(rt, titled as :ho
    filed in lo (e j()intlyv wi
    ouse( C( )ii);i lite o((011 Cci li
    and TeemlI, vy).
    A to.,icI Ij e:'-. \-1' ,.1 ,la1ii i thuro i',. !
    (.n *,'*,,-s, 2d1 Sessin.
    Pr )l osals for Int(r1ttioi. m ( )') ra tti
    in Nuclear Energ'y.
    -Nuclear R{( ,!iator N Commlilssioni Aciii
    Rccniiii";Safety hisixcciiioit-s -whi

    clear Powverlpl ats.
    :N,t( ."in hi"do iiof .... i -
    (Note: 'I )()vc(' a ve 1ril. wa1s l(
    jointly wv it I Se',ate (()I I)'I ittIee
    GoernI1m11 olt r:[ Irat ions)II
    Nnr1 ;i 1-ep~ilauryCoinilli-sion F.
    c-Al 'Ycr 1975 ) Si.)i)le(inent:il Autlh(
    ization I(jqm.- t
    Iteports : Autlori.:i',, Su|)|)lem
    t..l App)Ir"priatilons to) the N
    ct, ,r! l>ie, Coi~iiiiisioii) f
    Fi-cal Ycar 197.-)

    T T rijr, H h. 4, i97." )' ice .9.;7
    _- ht(:lri ,,-, Fi,>. l' a d :27, 197, c
    s;;. i >}
    II<'a:ri '.,s4 l\a rchi 4 ;. d (i 1 ) 75

    _- II ariii.-, larchI 11 id 1;, 197-
    i- $10.:.ort 10). \, t17 .
    ia- ,<. Rep'Ioft ( 1 ( 1' 51:, (;, 19)75.'

    II. R('Iprt ') ,'9., ,J ine 1",) 1975.

    (Cominit.- Print, July 197.7 (p'
    S 1.25').
    Ic11rini, 1Feb). (;, 1975 (price .:5 cnt-

    II ri.l," F(') 5, 19715 (pi ice 2.775).

    IIeoiring, ]Fe+). 20, 1975.

    S. lReport 94
    {lI. lRepo(rt (1

    -[0, \!a:,'! 20, 1 97,.
    ! H1i, 1\aI rcl 20, 197>-.

    thorizin', I.. -i-l..,tioi F'i!,':dl Y, ,r
    Rep)ort-: Aith()rizing A)pi)r(opri-
    tions fo(r tile N'l oar I, Oi.!atorv
    C(omnnission for Fiscal Year 1976
    and for the Transition Quarti-r
    ending S.pte0r 30, 1976(i-----

    C(I'rn [ t I1' Ieirshli) of 1i.,* J()int (C m-
    miit,' '- on .\tomiic .Fery, Cn'v( '11 -
    .f the V lnite(d Stat -.***
    Iss,''- for ( )nsidV(r:.i(i(: iiReview (o f 1e
    Natiii.,.d IBrceder IRact(r 'Pro.raim.

    IIcU rhip, Iarch 19, 1975.

    S. Report 94 174. June 4, ,1975.
    (11. lllrt, 914-2()0, Jule- 4, 1975).

    ('Cum ittt(- Print, April 1970.

    ('oinri; lee 1~rint, .\ii 'u-A 1975

    I Nomination 1,r.".n_' held before Senate section of Joint Committee.
    ***'Available ,iiiy at the u'l.t.c of the Joint e,, irinirtee.


    pI f '(

    .M.irhirji,-f S. .' ;,an d. I1 I .I', 74: i:l 1i \
    A utli,,t'i..i:,^ I-. ..l:,ti,.':. F i-'c:ii Y :ir
    D>'v( .11 :,I'-Nt, U-e. and C(',itr', 1 ,f Nu-
    cl'ar ]-,rT y If.r the JC, Coniton i)e-
    f. n- :ilt Si. irity l.L,:l f,,r Pe:ir ftii
    Pufr, ,--- (F r-t Annual Ielrt ,,f tl,,.
    Joint r,,',.,ii~ittc.,.).
    Na\ i cl N lrtI,:!r Pronql-i,,n Pr',-graiii-
    l ',75 ((1- (.*' .i' i' .i,.
    S. 1:27 and 11.11. 569'.:
    .\A-i.sta' iL. Pawimit'ts to Akndl.'-i
    Clltv yand RIoane Cinitv, Ten-
    n,.-< (H.ld .t Ok 11id,.-,
    T ettl,'-:-.,'-r .).
    (-Not,: Liji-,-1 ti'n incl;tded in
    ERD)A Authoriz:itiui).
    .NMarkup 11 Ni clt'a Ir R1e-iulatory Conmnis-
    -ion Fi' c:;l Y .i.r 1976 .Autlti-izatitin.
    Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Fire------
    H.R. S631: To Aneind and EIxtend the
    Pri'e.-A1idcrron Act.
    lep'orts: A.nendinients to the Price-
    Anderson Provisions of the
    Atomic Energy Act of 1954, a:-
    A.iciid,.d, to Provide for Phi,-e-
    out of Goverminent:il IndenLity,
    and Related Matters.
    Toward Project Iniideplendence: EnIrgy
    in the Coming Decade.
    Markup on H.R. ,);31 and S. 2.56:
    Price-Anderson Act Amendmnents.
    Storage and Di-posal of Radioactive
    S. Con. Res. 13: Proposed Increa-e in
    the Amount of Enriched Uranium
    Which May Be Distributed to the
    International Atomic Energy Agency
    H. Con. Res. 115 (same as above) .----
    S. Con. Res. 14: Proposed Increase in
    the Ammiount of Enriched Uranium
    Which May Be Distributed to the
    European Atomic Energy Community
    (J:UR ATOMI).
    H. Con. Res. 116 (same as above)-----
    S. Con. Re:. 15: Propo.-ed Exten-ion of
    Exi-kting R-.:e:rch Agret-eent for Co-
    opration Between the Unit'ed States
    alid Israel Concerning Civil Uses f
    Atomic Energy.
    H. Con. Res. 114 (-tae :.< abive) -----
    Review of the LMFBR Program ------

    S. 1717 and H.R. 7002: Prop,-,-,d
    Nuclear Powerplant Siting and Li-
    e,...-ing legi-lVtion.
    Review ,f Nat final Br. vder Reactor
    Prograi ii.
    S. 2035 a:ncd H.R. 8401: Nuclear Fuel
    A-sura -c,. Act of 1975.
    S. 2435 and iH.R. 91'4: To A. .;.. the
    Atomic En, r c Coi, ,i.unity Act with
    Regard to Fi:iu c:tl A-..t: ince Pay-
    minents to the County of L, AL.'tI.,
    and the Los Ah.i:os :Schoois. ***

    Co'ii',iiit tee Print, April 24. 1975.

    C,, in:iitte Print, June. 30, 1975 (Iprice

    H ':,ri A, Mar. 5,, 1975 ricr-v $1.55,i.

    IHeariim, Majy 9, 1975.

    Committee Print, August 19075.

    Hearing. S-pt. Ir. 1975.
    H(aring-. Sept. 23 and 24, 1975.

    S. Report 94-454, Nov. 13, 1975.
    (H. Rep,.,rt 94-64S, Nov. 10, 1975).

    Committee Print, December 1975
    (price .,2.55).
    Committee Print, Oct. 31 and Nov. 6,
    Hearing, Nov. 19, 1975 (price $3.10).

    S. Report 94-8, Feb. 13, 1975.

    H; Report 94-9, Feb. 13, 1975.
    S. Report 94-9, Feb. 13, 1975.

    H. Report 94-10, Feb. 13, 1975.
    S. Report 94-10, Feb. 13, 1975.

    H. Report 94-8, Feb. 13, 1975.
    hearings, April 29; May 1, 6, 7; June
    10, 11, 17, 18, 24; July 10 and 17,
    1975 (to br publi-hed).
    Hearingg. June 10 and Nov. 11, 1975
    (to be publi-hed).

    Committee Print (price S2.20).

    He:ril:z,, Dec. 2, 3, 4, 9, and 10, 1975
    (,rice Oct1. 40).
    Hearing, Oct. 1-1, 1975.

    *** Available only at the office of the Joint Committee.

    ON ATOMIC ENERGY, 19 1,-751

    .VSi,9 ',' I I C-J'', 20 SrS )

    Date Fpvrt No.

    Anen ling the Atomic Fnergy Act of 194i so as to r 'o';l le t t no
    person shall take o 'rice as a member of the Atomic Ener./
    Commission or as General M3ni-er of such Commissions uL?,;
    an investiValion .>ItIi respect to the character, associations, and
    I-alty of such person shall have been made by thie Federal
    Bureau of Inve',ti3tion
    De-;opmrnent an-, C..rtr I of Atomic Energy (firt re; )rt of '"P
    Jo.rnt Committee on Atmni; Energy to the Congress of the
    United States).
    Supplemental report, to a~comran,' H R 5216. amenlin' the
    Atomic Energy Act of 1941. so as to provide that no person shall
    take office as a member of the Atomic,' Commission or
    as General Manager of such Commission until an investigation
    with respect to the cl'arazter, association,. and lo,altv of such
    person shall have been made by the Federal Bureau of Investi-
    Pr .ivi IJin for extension of the terms of office of the present mem-
    ber3 of the Atomic Energy Commission.

    S. 1004.............
    H R. 5216...........

    Jan. 30 S.P Rept. 15-
    Feb. 2 H.W ..
    Vetoed by the Pres, ent *
    15: Senate faiIed to pass coer
    veto 21, 1948.

    ..--.--.- ...-.--..-. Jan. 3) S. Rept '"
    ....................... do...--. H. Re t. e-3
    H.R. 521---------........... Feb. 17 H. Rept. 1290, pt. 2

    S. 2-3-............. May 17 S. Ppt 1"'
    H.R. 6402---------------.................... H. PeLt 1973.
    S.259----------............. May 24 S. Pe1t 34.-", r' 2,
    minority views.
    H.R. 6402.....----------do.... H. Rept. 19; pt. 2,
    minority views.

    1949 (81ST CONG., 1ST SESS.)

    Amending the Atomic Enervgy Act, to provide for changes in the S. 2372.---------- Aug. 8 S. Rept. 934.
    Military Liaison Committee. H.R H. Rept. 1282.
    Amenling the Independent Offices Appropriations Act for fiscal S. 2668---......-----...- Sept. 18 S. Rept. 1201.
    year 1950.
    Investigation into the United States Atomic Energy Commission---.......---------------...... Oct 13 S. Pept. 1169; pt. 2.
    Oct 26 minority views).
    Retrocede to the State of New Mexico exclusive jurisdiction over S. 152-----------.............. Feb. 21 S. Rept. 76.
    lands within the boundaries of Los Alamos, N. Mex., project
    of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.

    1950 (81ST CONG., 20 SESS.)

    To amend the Atomic Energy Act of 1946. sec. 2, AEC Commis- S. 3437.....---------- Aug. 30 S. Rept. 2493.
    sioners' salaries. H.R. 8103....................

    1951 (82D CONrG., 1ST SESS.)

    Oevelopme-t and Control of Atomic Energy (report of the Joint ---------.. ---....---- Oct 19 S. Rept. 1041.
    Committee on Atomic Energy to the Congress of the United
    States )
    To amend the Atomic Elergy Act of 1946, making it unlawful S. 2233----------............. Oct. 8 S P':t 894.
    to possess or transfer any fi;-.ionabil material except as au- H R.5546.............. ----------do..... H. Reft. I1C',
    thorized by the Commission.

    192 (.2'D CONG., 2D SESS.)

    Report on Raw Materials by the Joint Committee on Atomic ---....-..------..--------.. July 2 H 2.; '- :

    See footnotes at end of table.


    Bill No.


    1953 (83D CONG., 1ST. SESS)

    Subject Bill No. Date Report No.

    To amend sec. 9(b) of the Atomic Energy Act of 1946, re State S. 671-----------.............. July 28 S. Rept. 694.
    and local taxation. H.R. 6669...........
    To amend the Atomic Energy Act of 1946, as amended, re long- S. 2239.--------- June 29 S. Rept. 477.
    term utility contracts. H.R. 4905--------........... June 26 H. RepLt. 676.
    To amend the Atomic Energy Act, as amended..------------...........-. S.2399---------- July 18 S. Rept. 604.

    1954 (83D CONG., 2D SESS.)

    Amending the Atomic Energy Act of 1946, as amended, and for S. 3690.---------- June 30 S. Rept 1699.
    other purposes. H.R. 9757-..-------.. July 12 H. ReptL 2181.
    Aug. 6 H. Conf. RepL 2639.
    Aug. 16 H. Conf. Rept. 2666.
    Atomic Weapons Rewards Act of 1954-------------------.......................-. S.3851...---------- Aug. 14 S. Rept. 2488.
    H.R. 10203-------- Aug. 16 H. Rept. 2660.

    1955 (84TH CONG., 1ST SESS.)

    Atomic Weapons Rewards Act of 1955-......------------------....... S.609....---------- June 22 S. RepL 622.
    H.R. 6901..--------..... June 23 H. Rept. 901.
    To authorize the Atomic Energy Commission to construct a S. 1722----------. Apr. 18 S. Rept. 142.
    modern office building in or near the District. H.R. 5645--------........... Apr. 19 H. RepL 424.
    To authorize appropriations for the Atomic Energy Commission.. S. 2220----------. June 14 S. Rept. 538.
    H.R. 6795----------........... H. Rept. 787.
    To amend sec. 212 of the Merchant Marine Act of 1936 to author- S. 2523---- ..------ July 30 S. Rept. 1269.
    ize the construction of a nuclear-powered merchant ship. H.R. 7038 Rept. 1604.
    July 21, H. Conf. Rept.L 2870.
    To facilitate the establishment of self-government at the com- S. 2630-..---------.. July 25 S. Rept. 1140.
    munities of Oak Ridge, Tenn., and Richland, Wash. H.R. H. RepLt. 1402.
    To authorize the Atomic Energy Commission to pay the salary S. 2671---------- July 28 S. Rept. 1198.
    of a Commissioner during the recess of the Senate, and for H.R. 7684------.-- do-.. -- H. RepL 1525
    other purposes.

    1956 (84TH CONG., 2D SESS.)

    Relating to the compensation of the executive director of the Joint SJ. Res. 138------. Feb. 6 S. Rept. 1470.
    Committee on Atomic Energy. H.J. Res. 514---------. do-....- H. Rept 1746.
    To authorize appropriations for the Atomic Energy Commission S. 3673---- ..------ Apr. 18 S. Rept. 1763.
    for acquisition or condemnation of real property or any H.R. 10387--------. Apr. 10 H. Rept 1993.
    To amend the Atomic Energy Community Act of 1955 and for S. 3822---------- July 11 S. Rept. 2528.
    other purposes. H.R. 11077-------. July 12 H. Rept. 2693.
    To amend Public Law 506, 84th Cong., 2d sess., to increase the S. 4288---------- July 26 S. Rept. 2808.
    authorization for appropriations to the Atomic Energy Comn- H.R. 11709-----------do-.... H. Rept 2572.
    mission for acquisition of real property.
    To amend the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, to permit the negotia- H.R. 11926.-------- June 29 H. Rept 2431.
    tion of commercial leases atatomic energycommunities. No Senate bill------------- S. Rept. 2384.
    To amend the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, and for S. 4112---.-------. June 22 S. Rept 2298.
    other purposes. H.R. 12050------- June 29 H. ReptL 2531.
    Providing for a civilian atomic power accelerating program----- S. 4146-------------do--.... S. Rept. 2390.
    H.R. 12061-------- July 5 H. RepL 2622.
    To amend the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, to increase S. 4162--------- July 3 S. Rept. 2404.
    the salaries of certain executives of the Atomic Energy Com- H.R. 12094-----------do--....- H. Rept 2589.
    To amend the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, and for S. 4203----------- July 11 S. Rept 2530.
    other purposes. H.R. 12215-------- July 12 H. Rept. 2695.
    To promote the common defense and general welfare of the S. 2643--..-------- July 11 S. RepL 2529.
    people of the United States by encouraging maximum develop- H.R. 9743-------- July 12 H. RepL 2694.
    ment of low-cost electric energy.

    See footnotes at end of table.


    1957 ('35TH CO:iG, 1ST S[FS.)

    Bill No.

    Date I :t .

    To amend the A,.mic rr ,,ry Act of 19", 1, and for other purposes,
    re reactor anreenient vin West Germany.
    To amend Public Liw 31, 8lth 'ii,, to increase the autoriza-
    tion for the A! C for constructii0 ,.i a modern rifiire hillJil,'
    Amei'dinr! the Atomic Energy Act of 1i'i., as irnei],.Il, prj .i6irr,'
    governiientil indemninity and i'rmitiii lil-thijrr of I' i, tl tI
    pern' i;i'.i tI In atomic oniurpy iLro, li'ii
    Coi:gressionai review of the atomic power pi,.,r-nr. ..----......

    To Drnvite for the appointment of representatives of the Unitted
    States to the IAEA.

    To amend the Atomic Energy Act or ?-, '. amended, to in-
    crease the salaries of certain executives of the t ..n:,: Energy
    To authorize appropriations for the .,t .i': Enery Commission..

    H.R. ........... "
    S. 1549............ ". 27
    H.R. 6978---------........... July 6
    S. 1918-----------............. Juno 6
    IH.R. 71--------- .......... r,1/ 9
    S. 2051 ...--.- ..--...- do....
    H R. 79. ....--------- June 14
    S. 1 n2. .............. .d -
    H.R. '. .. ........ Ju .1
    S. 2673. /-, -
    1. ,' 31
    H.R. 89-94-........... L,
    H.R. 8996-..--..--.------... ,
    S. 2674-----------.. '.,
    A L! 2

    I'('. -,).; .TH C G ') SESS.)

    To amend Public Law S, ; I to increase the authorization for
    a[".r.'.,ri.,iuris to tilp Atomic Ener Commission.
    Increasing the aulri.,: ization for the ALL, to further amend Pub-
    lic Laws 85-162 and -I .
    To amend the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended..........

    To authorize appropriations for the AC-----------------...

    Amending the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amendeJ, re soc.
    I -).

    To amend the Atomic Energy Act of 12':, as amended---.......

    Do .-.--- .- ---- -...-...----------.--------------- -

    To provide for cooperation with the European Atomic Fncr-/
    Concurrent resolution to approve agreement with Euratom......

    H.R. 12009-------- A' r. 22
    S ',,. ,' .
    H.R. 121'....-------- Ju'ne 241
    S. 3788 -.------ --. -... do- .
    H.R. 12716.....-------- June 5
    S. 3912-----------............. Jun 27
    June 5
    H.R. 13121-------- Juy 2
    S. l... July .
    J:'y 2
    H.R. 13 ,J 2.......... Jul 2z
    S. 41G ----------............- 13
    July 22
    H.R. --1,"--------- _do.
    S 41 -- -----................ do
    H.R. 13---------- Ju, 2',
    S. 41 ................ o ..
    H.R. 137:9 ... ....-- A..:-. 15
    S. 4273---.------...- Aug. 14
    S. Con. Res. 116.------... do-..-..
    H. Con. Res. 376-... Aui. 15


    H. 1'
    S 1' 17~'.
    11.2 1':
    I4 ~ H
    I ii

    1'. '.
    ~ 17
    Ii. H
    H I
    s~; ,i 1?'.
    I~f. H ~
    S. F?
    S. Pept. 2?'.
    [I. Rcpt. -

    1959 (86TH CONG., 1ST SESS.)

    To amend the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, sec. 251..-
    Increasing the a'l'.Aorization for appropri4t.ons to the Atomic
    Energy Commissio.i
    To autinorize appropr.ations for the Atomic Energy Commission-.

    To amend the Atomic Enprr / Act of 1954, as amended--------

    To amend the Atomic En-'1y Act of 1'_1, as amended, with
    respect to cooperation .ilti St i's
    Atomic energy, Unit.:'!. States and Greece....................
    Atomic energy, United Sl.Ates and Germany..................
    Atomic energy, United St'.V. and Neitherlands.--------------.
    Atomic energy, United States and Turkey.........--........
    Atomic energy, United' States and France ----..----------
    Atomic energy, Unite. 3li!csi and Great Bri, in, j-. ;.ir enl..... .
    Atomic energy, United States and Canada, a,'r,

    S. 1197-----------...... Aor. 27
    H.R. 5104... ---------....... Apr. )
    S. 1228-----------............ A-r. 27
    H.R. 5105.---------- Ar. 23
    S. zu". ------------............ June 1
    H.R. 737.---------....... June 1)
    S. ............. Sopt. 1
    H.R. 8-54 ........... S 2
    S. 24'--............. Sept. 1
    H.R. 8755.--...... Sept. 2
    H.C .i. Res. 2,5 ... Ju'.. 15
    H. Con. Res. 2-, 1' ..- .do...
    H. Con. Res. 2471 -....... do....
    H. Con. Rss. 248---...-do....
    H. Con. Res. 249 ---
    H. Con. Res. 251r
    H. Con. Res.- ...---do-.-

    S. Rept. 2?0.
    H. Rert. 3 7.
    S. i ..i..

    H. Reott, 523.
    S.R. . 1.

    S. ,-
    H. r .t .

    H. :
    H r- I
    H. Rent."
    H. i * l
    H. .e t'- A.
    H. .*.

    19t10 (86T1H CONG., 2d SESS.)

    To authorize appropriations for the Atomic Energy Commission._ S. 3387....---- Apr. 19 S. P-,' 1".
    H.R. H. R,.. i

    1961 (87TH CONG., 1ST SESS.)

    To authorize construction of community support facilities at H.R. 7209......... May 24
    Los Alamos County. N. Mex. S. 1941... -----------do ..
    Authorizing appropriations for the Atomic Energy Commission... H.R. 7576-------- .........- June 21
    S. 2043-----------............ Aug. 31
    June 21
    To amend the Atomic Energy Act of 19541, as amended, and the H.R. 8599---------.......... Aug. 16
    Euratom Cooperation Act of 1958, and for other purposes. S. 2391 -............... ---- do ....

    H. Rept. 4:r..
    S. R,.,, 't
    H. Rept t)2
    Conf. Rent 1101.
    S. Per t 441.
    H. Fe,t 9'3.
    S. Re;,t. 746.

    See footnotes at end of table.


    H. '
    5.1, 41'
    s. r t. ~s

    H. r.
    S. i.
    H. i
    11 '
    H. F



    H. Rc;t.

    S. ,t. 7.

    . 1 "


    1962 (87TH CONG.. 2D SESS.)

    Subject Bill No. Date Report No.

    Authorizing appropriations for the Atomic Energy Commission... H.R. 11974--------......... June 21 H. Rept. 1871.
    S. 3392----------............ Sept. 11 H. Conf. Rept 2342.
    June 29 S. Rapt 1671.
    Amending the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, and for H.R. 12336-- July 5 H. RepLt. 1966.
    other purposes. S. 3491................-----------do....- S. Rept. 1677.
    Disposal of the Los Alamos community------------------....................... H.R. 12718--------......... Aug. 1 H. RepL 2113.
    S. S. Rept. 1792.

    1963 (88TH CONG., 1ST SESS.)

    To authorize appropriations for the Atomic Energy Commission.. S 1745.---------- June 24 S. Rept. 303.
    H.R. H. Rept. 446.
    Supplemental authorization of appropriations for the Atomic S. 2267----------............ Nov. 20 S. Rept. 647.
    Energy Commission for fiscal year 1964, to amend Public Law H.R. .... H. Rept. 911.

    1964 (88TH CONG., 2D SESS.)

    To amend the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, sec. 202----------............. S. 2448.---------- Feb. 25 S. Rept. 877.
    H.R. 9711...----------do.... H. Rept. 1151.
    To authorize appropriations for the Atomic Energy Commission.. S. 2755----------............ Apr. 21 S. Rept. 987.
    H.R. 10945.---------- do.o_-. H. Rept 1332.
    To amend the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, the Atomic S. 2963----------............. June 30 S. Rept. 1128.
    Energy Community Act of 1955, as amended, and the Euratom H.R. H. Rept. 1525.
    Cooperation Act of 1958, as amended.
    Amending the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, to provide for private S. 3075----------. Aug. 5 S. Rept. 1325.
    ownership of special nuclear materials. H.R. 12228---------do-.... H. Rept. 1702.

    1965 (89TH CONG., 1ST SESS.)

    To authorize appropriations to the Atomic Energy Commission... H.R. 8122....--------..... May 13 H. Rept. 349.
    S. 1957----------............ May 14 S. Rapt. 191.
    To amend sec. 170 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended.. H.R. 8496--...-...----- Aug. 26 H. Rapt. 883.
    S. 2042.-----------do-....-- S. Rept. 650.
    To amend sec. 271 of the Atomic Energy Actof 1954, as amended.. H.R. 8856..-------- June 30 H. Rept. 567.
    S. S. Rept. 390.

    1966 (89TH CONG., 2D SESS.)

    To authorize appropriations to the Atomic Energy Commission-.. H.R. 14732--------......... May 3 H. Rept. 1471.
    S. S. Rept. 1142.
    To amend Public Law 89-428 to authorize the Atomic Energy H.R. 17558-------......... Sept. 28 H. Rept 2145.
    Commission to enter into a cooperative arrangement for large- S. 3807..-----------do-....- S. Rapt. 1662.
    scale nuclear-desalting project
    To amend the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended......... H.R. 17685--------......... Sept 14 H. Rept 2043.
    S. 3830.---------- Sept 16 S. Rept. 1605.
    Nonproliferation of nuclear weapons....---------.. ----------. S. Res. 179--.-----. May 11 S. Rept. 1141.

    1967 (90TH CONG., 1ST SESS.)

    To authorize appropriationstotheAtomic Energy Commission....--- H.R. 10918-------- June 19 H. Rept 369.
    S. 1963-..--------- June 23 S. Rapt. 349.
    To amend theAtomic Energy Community Actof 1955,as amended H.R. 13934---------Nov. 9 H. Rept. 911.
    the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended and the Euratom S. 2644-----.----- Nov. 13 S. Rept. 743.
    Cooperation Act of 1958, as amended.

    1968 (90TH CONG., 2D SESS.)

    To authorize appropriations to the Atomic Energy Commission -..-.-- H.R. 16324-------. Apr. 2 H. Rept. 1266.
    S. 3262--....-------- Apr. 3 S. Rept. 1074.

    1969 (91ST CONG., 1ST SESS.)

    To authorize appropriations to the Atomic Energy Commission....-- H.R. 12167--------- June 16 H. Rept 315.
    S. 2416----------. June 18 S. Rept. 244.
    To amend the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended-------- H.R. 14925--------.. Nov. 24 H. Rept 691.
    S. 3169-------------do.... S. Rept. 553.

    See footnotes at end of table.


    1970 (91ST CONG, 2D ,['j )

    Subject Bill No. Date Pepirt No.

    To authorize appropriations to the Atomic Enrerp Commission.. HR. 171,-5.......... May 4 H. Rept 1036.
    S. 3 -1 - .... ........ M -/ 11 ', Rept. _.''
    To amend the Atomic Energy Act, as amended................. H.R. 18679 .......... r- t 24 H. P..,t "I
    S. 4141----------............. Sept.29 S. .Fepi 1247.
    Supplemental authorization of appropriations for the Atomic H.R. 19908----...---- Sept. 7 H. Rept. 1677.
    Energy Corminission for fiscal year l71, to amend Public Law S. 4j-------------................ do....- S. -'.:pt. 1414.

    1971 (92D CONG, 1ST SES )

    To authorize appropriationsto theAtomic Energy Commission.... H.R. 938........... -June 30 H. Rept 325.
    S. 2150............. July 8 S. Rept. 249.

    1972 (92D CONG, 20 SESS.)

    To authorize temporary operating permits -. -..............- H.R. 14655.......... -------Apr. 26 H. Rept. 1027.
    S. 3543----........------ Apr. 27 S. Rept. 787.
    To authorize appropriations to the Atomic Energy Commission....- S. 3i7----------............. May 16 S. Rept. 802.
    H.R. 14990........ May 16 H. Rept 1C,6.

    1973 (93D CONG, 1ST SESS)

    To authorize appropriations to the Atomic Energy Commission.- H.R. 8662.---...-..---- June 14 H. Rept 93 2,.
    S. 1994----------............. June 18 S. Rept. 93-224.
    To amend the EURATOM Cooperation Act of 1..----------........... S. 1993---....--..----- July 24 S. Pept. 93-341.
    H.R. 8867.--....------.. July 19 S. Rept. 93-385.
    Supplemental authorization for appropriations for the Atomic S. 2615----------............. Nov. 7 S. Rept. 93-487.
    Energy Commission for fiscal year 1974, to amend Public H.R. 11216---..-.....---- Nov. 1 H. Rept. 93-619.
    Law 93-'0.

    1974 (930 CONG., 20 SESS.)

    To authorize appropriations to the Atomic Energy Commission --....
    Revising and amending the Price-Anderson indemnity provisions
    of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended.
    AEC omnibus legislation.....................................
    Amending the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, to enable
    Congress to concur in or disapprove certain international agree-
    ments for cooperation.
    Annual reports to Congress on nuclear information...--..------.

    H.R. 13919......
    S. 3292.........
    H.R. 15323......
    H.R. 15416......
    S. 3669....
    H.R. 15582......
    H.R. 1074......
    S. 3802.........

    Apr. 3..........
    Apr. 8..........
    June 18........
    July 23.........
    June 26........
    July 9. .. .
    June 25........
    June 25........
    Oct. 2..........
    Oct 4..........

    H. Rept. 969.
    S. Rept. 773.
    H. Rept. 1115.
    S. Rept. 1027.
    H. Rept. 1155.
    S. Rept. 989
    H. Rept. 1149.
    S. Rept. 964.
    H. Rept. 1414.
    S. Rept. 1228.

    Supplemental authorization of appropriations for the Atomic H.R. 1609...... Oct. 7.-------- H. Rept. 1434.
    Enerpv Commission for tisca' year 1975, to amend Public Law S. 4033-------......... Oct. 8--------.......... S. Rept. 1246.
    To facilitate the entry into foreign ports of U.S. nuclear warships. -H J. Res. 1161... Oct. 16-------......... H. Rept. 1467.
    S.J. Res. 248.... Oct 16--......----- S. Rept. 1281.
    To designate a national laboratory as the Holifeld National H.R. 17628---....- Dec. 17....-------. H. RepL 1612.

    1975 (94TH CONG, 1ST S[SS)

    Supplemertrl authorization of arrropr;a'inns for the Nuclear H.R 4224--------........... Mar. 20 H. Rept. 94-110.
    Regulaioiv Commission for fiscal year 1975. S. S. Rert 94-,.
    To authorize appropriations for the Nuclear Regulatory Commis- H.R 7iCl ..--.. --- June 4 H. FPepl. 9 ".
    sion. S. S. Rept 94-i 74.
    To authorize appropriations for the Energy ReseairLh and Develop- H.R. 3474--------........... June 13 H. Rept. 9'.9.
    merit Administration. .598-.............. a---------- ay 6 S. F,, t 94-1.1i
    Amendments to the Price-Anderson provisions of the Atomic H.R .-'l ........... ---- j.. 1I H. F'I '.', '-
    Energ,' Actof 19.J, as amended, i,' pro.iJe fjr the phaseoutof S. ..S----------............. No. 13 S. F ,I .: "
    goven..' t I in'Jeii, it,', and re!aej natilers.

    I The Joint Committep on Atomic Enere, was e.;tIihlishel by the Atomic Energy Act of 19 ( PI.tI Law 79' -", r- r.e- r td
    Aug 1, 19;'i:see S. 1717, reported on Apr. 19, 1946, by the Senate Sp, ] L11Cocnmitlee on Atomic Energy (S. i 12il)
    and on July I'!, ]: h y the House Conr i'te," on 'liitvry Affairs (H. R.pZt 1'83), and on July -., 19... the, "., l
    of conference (H. Conf. P..',;. 2'(.7,')). The committee was fr..t org1.' lieP on Aupg. 2, 19 1'.. but did not become '. I. "a-
    tive until the cnneoimvig of the Qu'Ih Cong. in 1947. No reports on lekglation were issued i!y the Joint Committee either
    in 1946 or 1947.
    3 This bill was first referred to the C),i'meicc Cjmm;!te. then referred to the Joint Commltt e, and '.'-;',, back to the
    Commerce Committee.
    SReported adversely.



    SuhjC-t Date Report fa.

    i z Cc' .; t. t sass.:
    Re '* of tie ,ro :s- aE'ee,-.nt for cooperation ATO Ior co-.',;;-n
    r,- 1 *i'. atO C l" 3'rr3A : '
    P-1- ; r' for -E"., ,iW between the Turkich Rerubli and the 1Uited
    St .1. L .U StUt' "! b.z.J and te United States, ana t'e Republic of
    ColomLbia anj e Uted States.
    P- v -2 a.. ,'---,.t: ", .: f n cc 'a "' N o rcernirg uses of atomic er.',
    between t e ( .';.-.;,it of tLe United States of America and the Government of
    SF'i-Lm. the Go-. r .-m.mi of t United States cf America and tre Government
    C: CanW.3; and tI- Gmer"..: .t of t t'"i..e'. St:a',s of America and t.e Govern-
    ment of the U Wi: 1 K'.;.WIom of G at B5-iain and r, jrt-erri Ireland.
    Re -: on the proposed igrZ -cts for 0, era'.in iEga:d,, atomic '[crrn.:n
    for mutual defense runs betweei t Gm.), iment cf tne Uitv' Som.v of
    ';-eri:a adJ tce Government of Cana:a and t' 9 C,',-rnmer t of t."A United .',-
    of 11,.- > .:. and* tA e Government of tVe LUn,.. ag-'d-rn_ and :",'t.e'e Ire!and.
    Pr,-i,.d a;remrn-,: for c. ,-e"'i:,n between te UNited States and Ar: -' ,13,
    Ch,,. C.,;3,, De mark,, G'e-ce, Israel, Italy, Jara., Korea, Lebanon, t; eri.,-,
    Paki.:3'. Fij, P.i:i;.pines, Pcrtugal, Sain, Sweden, S/;itzerl..d, Uubay, and
    5t' Cong., 21 sess.:
    Pr 3 :..em-?-t for cooperation between the C c'ernmert ef the U'Wed States
    of America and oi G.:.ernment of tihe Unitzd Kingoam of Great BritS r and
    o-te:.n Ireland for te cooperation on the uses oW atorc energy for mutual
    de0feise : ,:-.

    May 4,1955
    June 17, 1955

    July 2, 1955

    July 20,1955

    July 28, 1955

    S. Rert. 267.
    S. PRert. 572.

    S. N,;t 1051.

    S. Rept. 1052.

    S. Rept. 1197.

    July 29, 1958 S. Rept. 2041.

    D---......................................................................... o........ d. Re;t. 2299.
    Sti C -., cstsess.:
    F,;-.::: amendmenttj a;r:.:rT-- tfor c- eTi,:.-,n withthe j'- Vi n_:-9 of eGreat July 14, S1959 S. Rept. 513.
    S,.: and "- -osed :;-- --: for :% -'-.. ...."-, ,t tie R-: ;uc! of Fri .e,
    Ct:-,f, Turt: te ,.-t.,r|.'.js, tie Federal Re;uLic of Germany and Cr.ece
    on tie uses cf atomic ler.'/ for mutual defense purposes.
    DO-------------------------------------...................----------............................................... ------- July 15,1959 H. Rept. 672.
    8.t 1 C.-, 1st sess.:
    P;,,?:.eo P ;;,I.- .",t for c :-ier i for mutual fua, .-.e purposes between the r2.Ir. 15,1961 S. Rept.71.
    Government of t di U.i-J States and thie Government of Italy.
    Do. ...................--...---------.-- .---------...------. -- o---o H. Rept. 167.
    Pio:,s'd ;e,-?:'r-,t for cooperation between t Govei-rrie.t of thLe United States Sept. 14,1961 S. RepL 1035.
    of America and t',C Go.ernment of v'i,., French R ...:c.
    Do----------.........---- ----- ...-------------------- ------------------------do.------ H. Rept. 1183.
    87th Coi'., 2d sess.:
    Procj-eJ agreement for cooperation for mutual defense between the June 23,1962 S. Rept. 1670.
    G,.e;nr.,int of t.,e Unitej States and the Government of Btliuom. Rep. 1955.
    SSt-, Coig., 2d sess.:
    Pro sed rae-met c- C erato'. .regarding the exchange of atomic information Sept. 22, 1954 S. P.ept. 1592.
    bewen t"e Ga.'ernme.-t o toie Un..ed States of America and the N.rtn A!lantic
    TLeaty Organization and its member nations.
    Do .. ..---------------.0------------------------------ Sept. 17, 1964 H. RRpt. 1890.


    B. AGRrrrrtTS FO'R C' crPnPrATION IN THE CIVIL .J'-,', OF ATO,',IC P,'" .Y


    I .'. '1~rri ~a n

    S pc

    Ar p'. ni*,v ia.......................
    [ I 'l -l .- .- .... .- - -.--.... - .. .. .. -
    " :1 ,, j .i.i ..... .... .......... .... ...
    f hii', Republic of---.. --..-....
    India...................... ....
    Israel.--. ....- .......... ......
    Nor -ay.........................
    Philippine: ..-.... .............
    Portij al........................
    Sotlh i Africa.....................
    S .itzelan.--------------.....................
    Turkey..------..-- ---------.....
    United Kinq lom ------------..................
    Vietnam (Repjblic of)--...........

    SReseaIrch and power..
    do..... .. O .. ... .......-.--.
    .. ... .. do................
    - -- - do ... ......- .-- .
    .-....--- .. do .-.. .... ..... ..... .
    R.. -'rch .. .... h a Po e
    .Research and power ....
    ..-.-.. Research... .. ......
    ......... ,-,,.A r (Tarapur).......
    . .... ... Research.............- .d ....... ..
    ...... .........-.........
    ...... ... ....R do . .................
    .......... 'i, r, hi and power....


    ---........ .. ... ... ....- do....- ...---......... ...
    .. .... -. ...--. ...... do .....- ..-- .- .. .-- .-.--
    -..- ...--...---- --.....--- O..-- ....--- ...---- .----
    .......................-do-..........---- --------
    --------------------- -- do-....... ................
    -.--.....--.....-----....-do.---..-..------------- ....---- -----
    -.-------.....-....---- do..........-- - -
    .. ... ---. ---...---.--.- do ...- ..-----.---.--------
    --.....--.--- .. Research...--.-..........--.-
    .---...-...---.-.. Research and power ----------
    .-....-..-...----- Power-..--....--...----....-
    .-----.....------. Resear,-h and power--...-.....
    .----------------- Research---------------------

    j ', ,, "a "!
    J i y 28,1 1
    i.,n 24, 1
    Sept. ",

    7,b 1*

    JA~ ir
    luly 21, !,
    Jun e " .'
    ' r ',I .

    July 7, 1T
    A., IT',"

    AOct. 25, 19
    Ju l ,y 21, 'R ,'

    WAr. 19,1
    SJune 27, 1 '
    June 9, 1958
    July 12, 1 q .
    Atpr. !5, !,'-.-
    July 10, 196,
    Mar. 19, 19',
    June 8, 1 9
    July 19,1r.' }
    June 2r. 1974
    Au, 22, 1957
    June 28, 1974
    Sept. 15, T-";,
    A ':P ?.,l''
    June 27, 1974
    June 10, 1'",
    July 21, 1 ,(,i
    July 15, 1956
    Feb. 9, 19 0
    July 1.1959

    r.ay 71, .


    Jun S19- 1.
    Jr, pt 1, :
    July 1, '] .-
    Jun2e ?!, 1'.
    lar. 1 ',
    /',ar" 3. I
    Ju n 24, 1
    Sept. 1
    A :. .' 1 ,
    July 8, 1
    A : r. 11, ',
    A .' 1 1
    July 9, .'
    Mar. 1 t
    June 7, 1 7
    July 1- ;1 -
    June', ';'*'
    A j'1" 21, 7
    June ',2014
    Sept. 14, 1'..
    AJun 7,31, ,
    June 4
    June 9, 198t
    July 19
    J'jl ; 14, iS" ,
    Ffeh. 8, 1980
    June 30, 19- j


    European Atomic Energy Comm Jr,'/ .FrJRATO'.,) ...... Joint nuclear power pr-gr m.... Feb.
    EURATO.1----------------------------............................ -----Additional aEreem.-7t to joint July
    nuclear power program.
    International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).--....-------... Supply of materials, etc--.--.-- Aug.

    18, 199 Dec. 31, 19 :
    25, 1960 Dec. 31, 1995

    7, 11 Aug ,1.2014

    SSJup-r:c',ing, research and power agreement in aje,an:e; U.S. material covered b, IAEA (NPT) '-afeKuar .is.

    C. A(II.:I:nMrI:NTS FORo ('oo':.ATIrON FOR MUTUAL DEFEN-r:E tiPo.PWu -;i'>

    B f-I..z i aI ------------------- --__- _- _--- -- --- -_ _-- _----

    France (Land-b:ti,'d prototype fuel supply :ir,.einent)
    Germany, Federal R,.'public ------------- ------
    Italy_ - -- - - - - - - - -
    Netherl:nd; _
    United Kinig-l, din

    Eft,-',' -rie dlito
    M.-i:,r. 12, 1'1,;5
    Aug. 11, 1957
    S,.it. 5,1'2''>
    Julv 27. 1959
    Julv 20, 1959
    Oct. 9,1961
    Julv 27, 1959
    A-r^. l1, 1959
    MTay 24, 1 W, I
    July 27, 1959
    July 27, 1959
    Au.. 4, 195S

    t E.x :0 for the Agroeement with France of July 2o. ',',", nil of ih es Arc'.'mnts provide for c'. '.: o
    ., .i,,.. iiiform ition as provide-I fr in S actionn 1441) of thoe Atounic IF .. Act.

    C ..--'rV













    Boll via
    Bvelorussian S.S.R.
    Costa Rica
    Democratic People's
    Republic of Korea
    Dominican Republic
    El Salvador
    German Dem. Rep.
    Germany, Fed. Rep.


    Holy See
    Ivory Coast
    Khmer Rep.
    Korem, Republic of
    Libyan Arab Rep.
    New Zealand

    73. Pakistan
    74. Panama
    75. Paraguay
    76. Peru
    77. Philippines
    78. Poland
    79. Portugal
    80. Romania
    81. Saudi Arabia
    82. Senegal
    83. Sierra Leone
    84. Singapore
    85. South MAfrica
    86. Spain
    87. Sri Lanka
    88. Sudan
    89. Sweden
    90. Switzerland
    91. Syrian Arab Rep.
    92. Thailand
    93. Tunisia
    94. Turkey
    95. Uganda
    96. Ukrainian S.S.R.
    97. U.S.S.R.
    98. U.K. of Great
    Britain & N.
    99. United Republic
    of Cameroon
    100. U.S.A.
    101. Uruguay
    102. Venezuela
    103. Vietnam
    104. Yugoslavia
    105. Zaire, Rep. of
    106. Zambia


    A. RriPOJT Coi M-F"rIONS
    The lilirarie-z li-ted below co]l.I i,'i, of IT'SERDA r-,,"'rt Ti I .S.
    libraries al,', contain foreign report- that are abl'st rated in the .Viiclo ar Sirce
    Ab.stracl.. The collection. ;l-, include Nuiceair Srir,.rr A.bstracts and id s i'jid' ,(-,
    ERDA's Technie:,l Pr.r'-; R,.eview-, ERD..\-spon-;nreld tran 'itions, coiference
    prnceedinEs publi-hed by ERDA. and v.iriniis bibliographic tol].. M',-t ',f fh'-e
    librariep- h:ive mi,'r,,ficl1o, ri,:ider-printers or onh;.r photooripy f:ciliti,- wilth which
    to reproduce enlarged copies from microfiche. Ch:Arges for reproduction -:rvices
    In addition fhrore are two C vornnTirnt di ,'-itoryv li!'r.,riro in ear-h Corzr,.--i'.r 'il
    District whern Joint Co,,niittee on Atomic Enir-rvy publications may .he found.
    Those librarie- are listed in a Committee print entitled "Griv(rrnir-it D)e,,'-itorv
    Libraries" published by the Joint Committee on Printing, Congre-; of the United
    States, revi-"d April 1974.
    The Nuele:ir Reg, latory Commiss-ion (NRC) is in the process of establi-hinL
    standard procedures. for distribution of te.hnie:l information. Meanwhile, NRC
    material is available as follows:
    1. Documents; renting to licensinpa of nuclr-p.r plants and f.-:cilitifn are available
    for public inpicotinn and comment at the NRC Public Document Room, 1717
    H. St., N.W., Washington, D.C. Local public document rooms situated nr:-'r
    nuclear power sites contain docui me)ts relating to facilitir-; in area, :,- well
    aiL certain reports pertainir.g to cvr-rnt, at othcr nuclear fariliieis throicliont th,-
    country. A monthly li-ting of Pcrfr T'carlor D,,er:f Information is prepared by the
    U.S. Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA) for NRC and
    mav be purchased through ERDA Technical Information Center, Oak Ridge,
    Tennessee, .7S30.
    2. Draft Environmental St:-tements are availallo to the public frnm the NRC.
    Final Environmental Stat,.rn-nt- and Saf,.ty Evaluation Reports fIre di-tributed
    by NRC to those officially involved, and are made available for purchase by the
    public at the Nitimonal Technical Informatinn Service, Springfield, Virginia 22161.
    3. NRC reports will be made av:iilablc to the public through the Na-
    tional Technical Information Service.


    Auburn. Alb'lirn Uni\'erzityv
    TlIsker- mTnd itiite, Tu-kgre Institute'
    Tilc'rin, University of Arizona
    Davi,. UniT.r-itv of Califtrnia
    Los Angreles. University of Califorrrmi
    Santa Bar)inra, University of C.ili-
    Boulder, Univr.r-it Y of Colorado
    WfY-!intlrn, Libr:irrv of Congr,--.;
    (Thineovillo, Univerityv of Fl,,ri(:i
    Atlanfi.. Gcorgia Intiititn(i of Tech-

    1 AWAII
    HIonolulu, University of Haw:ii
    Pocatello, Idaho State University
    Urbana, Univer-ityv of Illinois
    Lafayette, Purdue Univ4.r-ifyv
    Am'.-, Iow.i .tate Univ..r-ity

    M-'nhattnn. Kanns,' State University
    Loeington. Univ-r'rit v of Kentucl-.v
    Baltimore. ,JolYn, INopkin' niv, r-t v
    Coll. ," P ,irl, Univr-ity f i.-A -



    M ATSSA C.'nibridge. a,-.nchusctts Institute
    of Techiln I, ,gy
    W,'rc,-tr, Wo'rcester Polytechnic In-
    M ICHIG. X
    Ann Arbor, University of Michigan
    St:ie Cilhg-,, Mi.-issippi State Uni-
    \IiS=soU ?
    Coluinfli:i. I'niversitv of M.Nisouri
    l(ain-- City, Linda hall Library
    Ni-\" JE-H~EY
    Princeton, Princeton University
    N:w.v M.EXICO
    Albuqlierque, University of New
    NEW YoP, K
    Albany, The New York State Library
    Albiany, State University at Albany
    Ithaca, Cornell University
    New York, Columbia University3
    Rochester, University of Rochester
    Syracuse, Syracuse University
    Raleigh, North Carolina State Uni-
    Cincinnati, University of Cincinnati
    Cleveland. Cleveland Public Library
    Toledo, University of Toledo
    Norman, University of Oklahoma

    Philadelphia, University of Penn-
    Pil I-bhurgh, Carnegie Library
    UniversiIly Park, Pennsylvania State
    PuI'KiTO RIco
    San Jmuan, University of Puerto Rico
    Columbia, University of South
    TFNNE:-;S,. E
    Knoxville, University of Tennessee
    Austin, University of Texas
    College Station, Texas A. & M. Uni-
    Houston, Rice University
    Salt Lake City, University of Utah
    Blacksburg, Virginia Polytechnic
    Charlottesville, University of Virginia
    Pullman, Washington State Uni-
    versit y
    Seattle, University of Washington
    Morgan town, West Virginia Uni-
    Madison, University of Wisconsin


    Benos Aires, Comisi6n Nacional de
    Energia At6mica (CNEA)
    Canberra, National Library of
    Sutherland, New South Wales,
    Atomic Energy Research Estab-
    Vienna, International Atomic Energy
    Agency (IAEA)
    Vienna, Zentralbibliothek der Phys-
    ikalischen Institute der Universitit
    Bruissels, European Atomic Energy
    Community (EURATOM)
    Mol-Donk, Centre d'Etude de F'En-
    rrgie Nucleaire
    Rio de Janeiro, Comi-sso Nacional de
    Energia Nuclear
    Sio Paulo, Instituto de Energia,.
    Atomica, Cidade Universitaria Sao
    Chalk River, Ontario, Atomic Energy
    of Canada Ltd., Chalk River Nu-
    clear Laboratories,
    IHamilton, Ontario, Mc'MInster Uni-
    Ottawa, National Research Council

    Republic of Kinshasa, Trico Nuclear
    Risd, Danish Atomic Energy Com-
    Otaniemi, Teknillisen Korkeakoulun
    Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette, Centre d'-
    Etudes Nucleaires de Saclay
    Karlsruiihe, Zentralstelle fuir Atom-
    kernenergie Dokumentation
    'Iiunich, Technischen Universitiit
    Athens, Nuclear Research Center
    "Demiocritus" Library
    Bombay, Trombay, Department of
    Atomic Energy, Bhabha Atomic
    Research Center Library
    Baghdad Atomic Energy Commis-
    sion, Nuclear Research Institute
    Dublin, University College
    Yavne, Israel Atomic Energy Com-
    mission, Soreq Nuclear Research

    Ispr:,, Cetis Library
    Rome, (C'ritro di Studi Nucleari (l.Ila
    To dkai-M.r'. Naka-Gun II..:.r-kikeTi,
    Jal,.p n Atomic Ei ,'ri \ 1v,.-{,,arch
    Tokyo, National ID)iet Library
    Seoul, Atomic EI,'rgv Ill--,:irch In ti-
    Mexico, D.F., Coinision N:k'c:.mal do
    Energia Nuclear
    N Er.iI I.[;.\ rtS, THE
    Petten, l',:tctor (Centri, N (olerland
    TIie Hlague, Bibliotlh,1.k Octr.n '.iraad
    Kjellcr, Institutt for Atomencrgi

    Vienn:,, International Atonmic Energy
    Agency (IAEA)
    Bru,.-.:il-, Europ'-in Atomic Einergy
    Community (EUIRATOIM)

    Pw i rru(, .xr,
    S:i.:,vem, Juntai di K, En. Nicl:a r
    So n'iI A I-CICA, H R I'lit'lilc ()I.
    I'r,.t'ria, Atomnic En.r i-' l'irl Li-

    i.i,(rid, Junta do( "jr.l.'i Njclb:r,
    Citidad Univir-il :,iia
    5',*'. I It N"
    Nykoping, Akti(!)olAig<'i .toisi.i,Hri
    %\\ ITZ I,;I ,L.ANI)
    Zurich, S"- F". .rjl Institute ,,of
    Ii IliII4loL^'
    B,,-ton Briti-ih Lil)r:.ry Lendindg l)ivi-sio(
    Ilar\.T I ll, Dideot, B(rk-lir, :Atoi ic
    Encrwy .i-c..rch E'st-a)li.-! ,!i,.nt

    1. N AT10N AI A (,E'N CIEKS

    ITA LY
    I prn, Van'- Cetis

    Bo'totn Spa, \ Wothrlv Y
    glli'a(Nd )VCI) Nuclatr
    Agency (NEA)



    B. Fi,.,t LIBtkiniEi s
    ERDA has a centralized film library that serv',(- continental Unitcd ,'tStat
    Its addre-,- is:
    USEIRDI)A Film Lil)rary
    P.O. Box 62
    Oak Rid.,, Tenni.--., 37830
    Branch libraries serving their particular ar:i- are:

    Al Instruction:il MIateri:ls Center
    Pouch G
    Juneau, Ala-1:a 99801

    ITniver-;itv of Hawaii
    CTA Filnm Librtry-AEC P.,- ilar Films.
    Kraii- Hall, RIoom I10",
    2500 Dole Snr.-.-t
    Honolulu, Hawaii 9''22

    University of Ilawaii
    AV 8 ,'rvie. ,.--AEC Techtic:vl
    Hlonioluili, Iawali 96s22
    Phone: 808-944-8111
    Film Library
    Puerto Itico) Nucl,,ar C(enter
    C:ip:'rra Iheiglil S Station
    San ,Juan, Puerto Rico 00935
    Phone: 767-0350

    In a(ldition, the USE i1)\ A stoek' five film lih)rari'. ov, :-,. : :1h tlie A N',,ricn
    Eml)as-V in Tokyo; the Interi Ltiwoa'l Atomic En:TiC v A'; '-nc-, Vin: :.. Austria:
    the American Filhn Libl)rary, Tlihe Hague, NetherlandI; the Film Sectin f the
    Per-,,nnel Admini-trattion Council, Stockholm, Sweden; and in the Natio i: I
    Science Film Lih,:iary, Otta\,:t, Canada.


    It has. been tlhe practice of the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy,
    at the close of caclh session of the Congress, to submit for the informa-
    tion of the Congress. the executive branch, and the public, a report
    of its activities. (The report for the second session of the 93rd Congress
    was printed in tlhe Congressional Record of December 20, 1974,
    The Joint Committee on Atomic Energy was organized on August 2,
    1946. It consists of nine Members from the Senate and nine Members
    from the House, of Representatives. No more than five from each body
    can be members of tlhe same political party. The chairmanship alter-
    njates between the Senate anid the House of Representatives with each
    Con gress.
    Present membership is:
    John 0. Pa,;tore, Rhode b-land, Clhairmnan
    Melvin Price, Illinois, Vice Chairman
    Henry M. Jackson, Washington John Young, Texas
    Stuart Symington, Missouri Teno Roncalio, Wyoming
    Joseph M. Montoya, New Mexico Mike McCormack, Wasliington
    John V. Tunney, California John E. Moss, California
    Howard H. Baker, Jr., Tennessee John B. Anderson, Illinois
    Clifford P. Case, New Jersey Manuel Lujan, Jr., New Mexico
    James B. Pearson, Kansas Frank Horton, New York
    James L. Buckley, New York Andrew J. Hinshaw, California
    The Joint Committee is one of the few Committees established by
    statute rather than by rule of each House and is unique in several
    respects. For example, it is the only Joint Committee of the Congress
    with legislative functions, including the receipt and reporting of leg-
    islative proposals. The Committee is also charged by law with legisla-
    tive responsibility as "watchdog" of the U.S. atomic energy program.
    As part of its responsibilities, the Committee follows closely the classi-
    fied activities of the executive agencies including the Energy Research
    and Development Administration and the Departments of Defense
    and State, concerning the peaceful and military applications of atomic
    ener',y. The unclassified nuclear activities of these agencies and of the
    Nuclear Regulatory Commission are closely reviewed as well.
    In all of these activities, the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy,
    reprTsentingfl the. Congress and the public, seeks to assure the imple-
    mentation of the following national policy expressed in the Atomic
    Energy Act of 1954:
    The development, use, and control of atomic energy shall be directed so as to
    make the maximum contribution to the general welfare, subject at all times


    to the pa;ir:i oinount o i,, tive of ii,;:Lii t]', maximum c ntrilbfim to tl,,. (.oiiii'
    defi-n,' a, d security.
    I)uring the 94tIl C(toniin--. first se--i, (n lie Joint (Coijiiiittee anid it
    subcomnlitt ,e, held a total of 50 n,.et5ilw0. of which 7 (11 : -) Were liele
    in executive se.--:ioi i ti':imse tli(e .' lj,.'t iiitt(er dlii- ~rd"- i, ,cl l--i-
    fied, and) 43 (SG %) were lheld ill ild!ie -,.-1-ioI.
    A total o)f 5:2)Ipbl)icatios 11c(o-si.-l ii 1f li.ifin.L".ml, repotl-. uid coim-
    initte& prints were b'ele:-,. lwv tlie ,Joint committeeee in this -.--ion of
    the 91tli (on ,re--. In'cludledl i lli- piul)lictltions c-w; t-tiilioinv t:l11o'
    in exeritutiv e session withI cla--ified niateri:al deleted before printii z,.
    A b)ackloh of pnbli';tlions fi'r ithlie 93rd Conges-s is included in thie
    above ota'l and identtified in tle li:.-t ing wliichl follows :
    l'77;,-71 ( ,',,1.. Ci,t. .)

    Proi,-cd ('i,;ti -" in AIKC( Contract Ar-
    ri:ll cmlelnts for UI-';i:um Ijiri'lh ,nt
    A-\I.: A Antliorizin LT.(..islation, Iiscal
    Y;o. r1975": P.rt4.
    (Note: Included in this volume are
    the pr+ cetlil of the 1n,.iriin
    "Current St.itus of A .\C CGm-
    trolled Thermnionucleir Rtvs,.arch
    Pro.'-rai i" held by the Snilbcommit-
    tee on Research, Development
    and Radiation, on July 25, 1973.)
    Nl-.i.r Reactor Sa fety:
    Part 2: Vol. I: Phai,-e4 lIb and IIl-
    Part 2: Vol. II ---------
    AEC WeaI,-m.,; Program Authorization
    ReqIcest, Fi-cal Year 1975 (de1lassi-
    To Consider NATO Ma .tters -----------
    Naval Nuclear Propulsion Programl -
    1974 (,-i ied).
    Future .;-ructure of the Uranium En-
    riclimt-nt Industry (11aie III) Part
    II: Vol I.
    No:iinee-, to the Nuclear Regulatory
    Nomiination of Dr. Robert C. S:.1amans,
    Jr., to 1 Administrator, Energy Re-
    sea r,.li and Development Adm, i n tra-
    Nucl,:tr Powerplant Siting anqd Lie,,-1
    Vol. I_-- ---------

    Vol. IIT--------------
    Po'-Iil,:e ?oditi'iitin and I-.\trnsion of
    the Pri.-t-Anuld.,-in Act-P.iPart 2
    Develilizii,.nt, Growthi and Sfate of tihe
    Nul,:ar Industry.
    Prol 11 cd ".o ii,.ation of R, etions
    on T7'irihliment of Fori-ri Uranium
    for DoIn1- ic T '"e.
    Solar Enerry Re-earrli and D,.velop-

    .1 lea ii ~

    arch 7, 2 (, and April 1' ,

    I I hrin-., March 4 a ,il 5, 1974.

    rini-. Jan. 22, 23, 24, and 2. 1974.
    A pend ixes.
    Hearing. Feb. 19,1974.

    Ilearili:. Feb. 19, 1974.
    hlea: ring. Feb. 25,1974.

    Ilearin., June '21, 27"; July 16, 17,
    1 %. .0, 31; Aii--. 6; Nov. 2G; and Dce.
    3, 1974.
    Heari:n.<. Dec. 10 and 18, 1974.

    IIeariir,:. De. 11, 1974.

    ILnriiin-. March 19, 20. 21, 22; April
    24. 26: and May 1, 1974.
    IIlearil-:;, May 9, 10, 14, 15, and 16,
    1:7 L.

    hearings, Feb. 5 and 6. 1974.

    II,..riin.. S.,pt. 17 and IS. 1974.

    TI,: Iin' T, M. iy 7 and i 1971.


    1;T.' (l-tth C'4II.L.. 1st ses.-.)

    JIAlA Aut1,riziill.% I egi.lzation lFiscal
    Yta r I97G6:
    Part 1-------------
    Part 2 -------------
    Part 3.-------------.-
    IPai rt 4-.-------------------
    RIe'pirls: A\uthorizing ApIqrolria-
    tioisl f,,r the Ein'rgy Research
    and D vel ,lpijiit AdmWiii0i4trai'tion
    for Fi-':,ail Year 1976 iali(l for the
    ''Trainsitioii Quarter eliding Seip-
    tember :-1. 1976.
    (Note: Il-i'ort titled ;s above
    filed in loiiv loii-e Cmiiiinittee on Science
    and Te'liimlogy).
    Atomic E-mrgy .Legislation through 93d
    CUlorees. 2(1 Svsion.
    Propira;ils for Iitviriiatiomal Coolpratiiiii
    in Nuclear Eiergy.
    Nuiclera r Re-,ulatory Coimin isi .Act(- i on
    Requiring Safnet'y Iin-pections which
    Resulted in Shutdown of Certain Nu-
    clear Powerplaii ts.
    (Note: The above heariniv: was held
    jointly with S.ii: te Committee on
    Government Opeira t iiii'.)
    Nuclear Regulatory Coniinis-ion Fiscal
    Year 1975 Supleienntal Authoriza-
    tion Request.
    Reports: Authorizing Supplemen-
    tal Appropriati ins to the Nuclear
    Regulatory Commission for Fis-
    cal year 1975.
    Nuclear Regulatory Commission Au-
    thorizing Legislation, Fiscal Year
    Reports: Authorizing Appropria-
    tions for the Nuclear Regulatory
    Coinmmnission for Fiscal Year 1976
    and for the Transition Quarter
    Lnd(i(g September 30, 1976.
    Cirreiit Memlbersllip of the Joint Com-
    mittee on Atomic Energy, Congress of
    the United States.
    Isses for Consideration : Review of the
    National Breeder Reactor Prograin.
    Markup of S. 59S and H.R. 1-474: ERDA
    Authorizing Legislation, Fiscal Year
    Developmiiiet, Uso. and Control of Nu-
    (clear Energy for the Common Defense
    and(l Se,'irity and for Pe-iceful Pur-
    p,..c (First Annual Report of the
    Joint Committee).
    Naval Nuclear Prop)ulion Prograin-
    1975 (de.I:i:sified).
    S. 1378 and H.R. 51;91: As.sistanee Pay-
    ments to Andersen County and Ror)ie
    County, Ten,-usc (Held at Oak
    Ridhe. Teniessee).
    (Note: Legi.slation included in
    ERDI)A Authorization.)

    Hearing, Feb. 4, 1975.
    Ieharig.-. Fe',b. ISm ihd 27, 1975.
    len rin ,... -iarch 4 anmid 6, 1975.
    lhearin.s. Marh li 11i and 13, 1975.
    S. Report i1-104, May 6, 1975.

    H. Rept. 94] 291, Junie 13, 1975.

    Committee Print, July 1975.

    HIearing, Feb. 6, 1975.

    Hearing, Feb. 5, 1975.

    HIlearing. Feb. 20, 1975.

    S. Report 94-50, March 20, 1975.
    (H. Report 94-100, Mlarch 20, 1975).

    Hearing, March 19, 1975.

    S. Report 94-174, June 4, 1975.
    (11. Report 94-260, June 4, 1975).

    Committee Print, April 1975.

    Committee Print, August 1975.

    Committee Print, April 24, 1975.

    Committee Print, June 30, 1975.

    Hearing. Mar. 5, 1975.

    II, ;i:'i!g. May 9, 1975.


    .M I i'!l; llp cm N ucle'!ar l ._iI-u l ,tury ('11111-
    liiss;i t Fisical YI ';ir 176 Anilti6 ri.;-

    IlP o iiVsl Fl, y 1Nu ,lear P Int Fir, ...
    I.1. ( ''''.' : To- Jlii :A.i E1( xt-en p d -O e
    IPric.c-Aniidhrs+ )1 Art.
    1.l (r4)j ; I : .A\llt IIj i ..' III -; to(0-. h rit'1 -
    Andcot I1 Prt OI t' li i i tE er y A\c1 (tf 1.>i.5>1. ;: '
    Aliii il c d. t ItIi I t of ( 1ivle l llit( i Alit liiiily.
    1 iii7 l Ittl7ii'd M 'il tt-rP.
    "l' \~ i'rds P'rci ,*1 ]iidth 'Ii+*idtciK-c: Egin-r.^y
    int 1 t iit' ( +iiu ii;; ] h uLft .
    M alrklilip on II.It. l;;n ;in l ,S. l"."5;s :
    l'rici'-A I ..,:i'- p'i il l .S liin nld'I Ls.i.

    Itiv. Cc. lfs Nai3 ': 1ris- Incrcb isca ino
    rlhe .\ii+ i ilii >1" E lir i, d l'+l t r~iiitiii i
    W h\' iicht 7\l iy I;,. l iis.lirilm lcd t+, t}in ,
    ]llttcrii~iitillial A\luinir Encriny' Agenc y
    ( IAEA .

    II. Coll. tes. ]1.' ( 1 ''I Tis A i, t I .
    S. C'( the Amoun!lt of Elnrn-icdl+ 1'r;itiiiinii
    Exhich I ay B l')Ij ro!'ni,, 1 Atomelic EI',t ie Iotit lIteil,
    t iiii.A1-".M ).

    11. Con. i 114. 1 4 (-.11ie a ,iv Hi \'O)_....

    'I'!,ofoflowin,-r ,,,Ildic'itionis will

    ltevitcw of thfle 1. I VI.'R [II -; I 1,: 1 - -'.
    S. 1717o it I TT. R1.I-. l o-, os<>d, :P Irop -d ofNu-
    1.l r Is r', .l > C I: irt iti f indi Li(.'- ns-

    Rev i .... I" Natio Ly .: I BIt r,Reactor
    II. ~ ~ ~ ~ NI Con I(s 114 r-ni F1101C ---
    l!e ',.e f th'l,.. i r ii - -

    S.*l 5 11 I [o' L ,'it.T oIo, A .i id the
    An IcrIsieon

    AS.*~ii i' ];* tn -" Conimin y A l with
    R f'.i' s' '+ I-iia l'nin i.ti A, nnltl+ l i[< i+ 1]h (+'culyl! f Ir.; I- ....ti"

    C< i A P i t. A l' !i I! 17-.

    l l+cii iir;. Sf-I~t. iK' l!)7.5.

    IIc!ii; s Sc l. : 3 ; i, d *Jl, I 17 5
    S Itp I l *>< I51. Nov. 1:1, +.5
    i I1. l~tfp(rt '1t IUlN, .\<,v. K(., 1;75."

    1Ci~jitl1it l re Pr:int. I ,h'cciiilit'r 1:S;^ ..

    ( *11,1 l,,
    1 1)75.
    :l it;rii N <, ,,. 1S 1. .37 1 7.
    S. It.l],(,;* .9i 1- Fcl.!1;,. l'; 175,.

    be ri1e-.i!

    ill tho near

    hearings. April 2;i: ,\hay 1, I;, 7: .J1,
    10, 11, 17, 1S. 24 : July 10 i v1 d 17, !P177,.
    Ieri^'-., Ji,'1 1( 0 alnd Nov. 11, 1975.

    Cowiiittee P 'rii it. (. i ;'Iy 1 976'.

    IIet ii i Do. It+'. 2. :1, 9. ;ilid 10, 1975.
    IIcarin' r. OI 14. 19175."

    .1. E i<<,+" )V... i .' + <" +' ../' / i. D c+' Ac({ ~t f b.r F'<'1' )c /f 1'.1'f and th1i',T^f'u^'* :on Q /ti ,'r {PId)ub L *"
    The ,iiL '_v Ro-,.''reIli and T )evelopni nt Adniiii ,Str ':tioi aiii1ti- /:-i
    tion i',u,.-'t for fi-'al yo :l r 197" and tine tinii-itioll qu-rt'r, :i- iinti811\
    slibmiitt-, to tie Cijn,,r on Flebruiiarv 4, 19.75,, and -il1'-,-i"icnt

    II. P Sg. lI +port ;>*1 ,i." F'cl. 1:1. 3:i7.+j-

    I I. l e p o rti l O. l t t. F ,l . 1 : ,. 1!!7 5 .
    S. Il I,>i~rt 94-l-10. I-'"!. I:;. K.^.5

    II. ENI t,> t lIrl f. l il. -. 1!)7.5.

    T. ULEGI "LIATIVE A '11 I\ : i ES


    amended on April 9, 1975, called for authorization of $3,418.587,000
    for "Operating expenses" and $868,867,000 for "Plant and capital
    equipment" (including increases in prior-year authorization) making
    a total requested authorization for fiscal year 1976 of $4,287,454.000.
    The authorization request also called for $1,001,301,000 for "Operating
    expenses" and $128,876,000 for "Plant and capital equipmrnent'" for the
    transition quarter, making a total requested authorization for the
    quarter of $1,130,177,000. On March 10, 1975, ERDA transmitted to
    the Joint Committee some refinements to the proposed revised authori-
    zation for the Clinch River Demonstration Plant Project.
    The ERDA requests for atomic energy-related programs and proj-
    ects under the jurisdiction of the Joint Committee totalled $3,750.059,-
    000 and $988,884,000 for fiscal year 1976 and the transition quarter,
    respectively. The Joint Committee did not consider the non-nuclear
    programs of ERDA.
    The Joint Committee's recommended authorization for atomic
    energy-related programs for fiscal year 1976 was $3,838,451,000 which
    is $88,392,000 or about 2 percent more than the amount requested. The
    Joint Committee recommended an increase of $18,988,000 for the tran-
    sition quarter, also 2% more than requested.
    Generally, the ERDA authorization for atomic energy-related pro-
    grams reflects estimated costs in two broad categories of effort, namely,
    military and civilian applications. Military applications include pri-
    marily the nuclear weapons and naval propulsion reactors programs, as
    well as a portion of the nuclear materials program. Approximately
    39 percent of the Administration's fiscal year 1976 estimated program
    costs (as compared to about 43 percent of estimated fiscal year 1975
    costs), or $1,763 million, was attributable to military applications. The
    estimated cost for civilian applications totaled $2,809 million or about
    61 percent of the program costs (as compared to about 57 percent of
    estimated fiscal year 1975 costs). The amounts shown above reflect
    total program costs and are exclusive of adjustments for revenues re-
    ceived and for changes in selected resources.
    The Joint Committee began consideration of the proposed legisla-
    tion authorizing appropriations to the ERDA for fiscal year 1976 and
    the transition quarter with a public hearing on February 4, 1975. At
    this hearing, the Honorable Robert C. Seamans, Jr., Administra-
    tor, ERDA, discussed the overall budget request. Subsequent
    public hearings occurred on February 18 and 27, and March 4,
    6, 11, and 13. In the course of these hearings, the ERDA's programs
    for fusion power research and development; biomedical and environ-
    mental research; waste mansn cement; operational safety; physical re-
    search; nuclear materials; fission power ro,,tor development; and
    laser and electron beam pellet fusion research were considered. The
    hearing records contain information on the status of, and accomplish-
    ments under, the various programs being carried out by ERDA.
    Other hearings were held in executive session on March 5 and 12.
    ERDA programs reviewed during these hearings were weapons, nu-
    clear materials security, and naval reactors.
    On June 25, 1975, ERDA submitted to the Congress a budget amend-
    ment for fiscal year 1976 and the transition quarter. The authoriza-
    tion request for atomic energy-related programs was increased by (1)


    a total of $105).61(t,000 f.or "Oleratil eXpl)t(Isl, and s"',.550,0 f
    "Plant and capital equiplmeint for t i:al ye:tr 1i.976, and by () Si2.-
    706,000 for "O(penitinig expell-c" 11an(d $6(;,000 fo1r "Planti anl c apitLI
    equipment" during tie tr:ans.ition quarter. The ,Joint toIm(ittr,()] rI-
    sidered this revision to tlie ori',iall ri qu.(jl iw[of IF elruary iv., 1'.,5 anil
    recommended that their anendie nit ,I. ac.)ted. Tie (Com*iitte, a1-I
    inclo'.ased the budet amitelmient bvN ',000,000 for t(ie Molten Sl. Ilt
    Breeder Reactor and Light Wilater BreederI, Rea to"r prorram- for
    fiscal year 19176, and $100,00 for Ile trahti-sition quarter f,-r the-, two
    programs s.
    B. 8Supplementa l oufhorzahtn of AppropU/fd;ob. for the A"Nt-lea,
    RtI !ulatoy? Comms son for" Fiscal Y ,tr i1975 (Public LLew 9.-18)
    On Febriarv 193. the Nuclear lReulatory (Coin i-tion tras-
    mitted to the Co(,,'T.s a request for an ince:ir.- in appropr;iioi1-
    for fiscal year 1975 of 5;)6,400,000. On February 12, 1975, Senator
    John 0. Pastore, Chairman of the Joint Committee on Atomic En-
    ergy, introduced by request, S. 674, authorizing appropriations of
    such funds as are ncccsQ-arv to carry out the functions and responsi-
    bilities of the Nuclear Regulatory Coiiiiission for fiscal year 1975.
    On February 19, 1975, Represeintative Melvin Price, Vice Chairima an
    of the Joint Committee, introduced anl identical bill, IT.R. 3275, by
    On March 4, 1975, Vice Chairmnan Price introduced II.R. 4224, a
    substitute bill, in lieu of tlie above measure. This bill was introduced
    by Chairman Pastore on iMarch 6, as S. 994. The full Committee met
    on March 20 in open ,s-ion and voted without dissent to report those.
    bills favorably without amendment and to adopt the report.
    On February 20, 1975, the Siibcoriimittee on Legislation of the Joint
    Committee held an open hearing on the request for authorization of
    supplemental appropriations. Thle Commission request was for an
    increase of $56,400,000 in their fiscal year 1975 authorization. This
    consisted of (1) ,"9(,000,000 to replace anticipated revenues which
    under the Atomic Energy Commission would have been applied as
    an offset, to budget authority, but which under NRC will be deposited
    directly to the miscellaneous receipts of the U.S. Treisrv, (2) $9,500.-
    000 for refiunds of license fee. which have been collected since 19I',
    leased on a fee schedule that was not in accordance with constitutional
    standlar(ds recently pn,-ribed by the U.S. Supreme Court, and (3)
    .7.900.000 to support new activities of NRC which were required by
    I* RC wich ere required by
    the Energry ReorgLanization Act of 1974 as well as various staff s.krvices
    required for NR( to function ais a separate and independent ag4rencv.
    The (Committee concurred with the request of the Commission witlh
    thle followingX exceptiions. The (Committee reduced the reque,4ed aiiu-
    thorization bv 61.2W00.0(0 tbeca ise of the revenues received during fis:,il
    year 1975 ,by thie flice of the Di rector of Regulation of the Atollic
    Energy Coi mission prior to its (i->solution January 19, 197.), ex-
    ceeede by that amount the revenues expected to be received at the
    time the Commission request was submitted to the Office of Manage-
    ment and Budget in November 1974. The reduction did not in any
    way affect the planned operations of NRC.


    C. 1dC ev' /u/ itl,,,/, C(ru, .',on AIu.Jor ;/(t2;,,m..1 Act of Fi,7.'l Year
    P1-6W ,,,l the Tnilfto,, Qiuarft (Pubic Lac 9L-a)
    The Nucilear Regulatory ('oi misiomns a authorization request for
    fiscal1 V('.;ir 197(6. as s."l lllitted to the (Congress on lFebriuary 3, 197-,
    ailled for antlorization of 19.9;35,000 for salaries and expenses.
    Altholi,:ii e tlle Coliili.-slon requeq-t did not include ai authorization
    :1 10 ',l;t fort, tih tasition quarter, the supplemental l supprting data
    bfui-Jl'. to the Joint (omuuitme. by the Coimmis-ion il(icated that
    aII aut hori'/.at i of .52.. I ( )00 for sa 'iri.- and eXji,, --s. forthe transi-
    tion quarter would be nced(le.
    Tlu Joint (Commnnittee r,,', itenedcd 'autlioriz ation for fio'. l year
    1 .7 of -2.93.5..00, which was the .nIic ns the a1oiut requestedd.
    Thle Join.t ComlIittee's recomli-nded authorization for thle tran-itioni
    (!jnarter wa-;^ S52.0)00,000.
    Thie N 1( '7 authori.z:itioii 'p,1(.-t generally y reflected estimateded cots
    in tll reC njor. rias: the lv,'.ulation of nuclear rec:ctors, nuc'iear ma-
    terial.s i:.,,tv and s; fP 1i u: rds, and nuclear regtlatorv re:ea rcl. Ni-
    c:,. 1,r ',tetolr ]hgulation is expected to co.,t .;5,79.00 in fi.-cal year
    1976. Tlihe nuclear materials .-afety and safeguards proram tn fiscal
    vear 1976 request was for 10,9g55,000, and the clear r,,eguliatory re-
    search effort for fiscal year 1976 is budgeted at ..97,223.000.
    'l:ie SuIbcommittee on Leg'islation in the Joint Committee on Atomiic
    Ei 1rev. chaired by. 'cnator Joseph 1i M. )fontoya, considered the pro-
    pos,,d legislation authorizing appropriations to the NRC for fiscal
    Vear 1976 and tlhe transition quarter at a public heiarting on Mlarch 19,
    1975. At this heairinn, the IHon orable William -. Anders. Chairman
    of the NRC. testified concerning the NRC budget request. Subse-
    quently, NRC provided additional statements for the hearing records
    which provide detailed information on the budget requests of each
    of the component orga nii zation of NRC.
    D. Ext,':-:s.;on and .Modifcation of the. Pr'";r-Anderson Act
    The Price-Anderson Act was enacted in 1957, and extended and
    amended in 1965 and 1966. The Act was designed to protect the public
    by providing for the payment of claims in the unlikely event of a
    cata.-trophic nuclear incident. Among other things, the Act provides
    fun(Ids for public liability in the event of a nuclear incident up to a
    tot;1l amount of .560 million. This amount is provided for by requir-
    in.V nucl'a'r powerplant licensees to maintain financial protection
    through insurance or other ]leonls in the full amount available from
    private in -unlice (currently $125 million) and by providing for gov-
    ernmenit indemnity for the remainder of the $560 million. Other fea-
    tures included in the Act by the amendments of 1966 are no-fiault lia-
    bility and provisions for accelerated payment of claims immediately
    upon ocuirrenee of a nuclear incident.
    TlIe Act was scheduled to expire on August 1, 1977. Because of the.
    long lead times involved in planning new commitments to nuclear
    power, the Joint Committee began considering the matter of extension
    and possible modification of the Act during the .93rd Congress in order
    to prevent an unwarranted disruption in the planning process for
    nuclear powerplants, such as might result from uncertainty over the
    future of the Price-Anderson Act.

    n, qu :tiOn of lc lu,.T .xto ,)e tt, lPricv-A~,)I ndo Il Act r .'(i(-d
    extensive consideration lurin!,2 the 93rd ( U' ,i ,.:.-. A fi erv c, )Ioip1 lci-ii v
    SiIea rings. thle Joinlt (Commliittee relOrt,'i out a bill, 11.. i. 1_,;L. *i'I
    was pa-.-:ed by the (Cungre- with alieindments and >,itt t:iuI 'i i
    deAt on October 1, 197'4. The l r'-ident vetoed the l,.:itU, on () i
    ber 12, 1974, citing hi-i a approvall 0l the -111 b-t;,live -1..-lion 1f li I)11
    a;nd 11 a.-i d. Ihi- veto eoil 'It'!o cl:tir co -ii-itutio :l infirmity oIl a IpI iti
    -ion in tin, bill whi,'.1 allowe l( tlie Coll.i '-- to p lreVVlIt n i ,i, I-
    comingi detective by )a-.-itt` a concurret ,-ulItNioii wvitliii u 1-titi+d
    titli H.
    On June 9, 1975, the Nuclear Reguilatory C(mnlijioi *.-t Ii i
    to the Joint Co tiiiiittce ilh'l report on thle sui)jec of -.o ')t i' :l[ i l1.
    thleft of nuclear I;miterials which liad ',en re( piU -ted ly t i (.olff -
    ence Committee on HI.R. 1.5,23.
    On iJuly 10, 197,5. thle IFt.dernl Euierv Adidnilli-t ration fuv.,i ,
    to tlhe Conigre.-:. prop,-,'d legi.l'Ttion wlhichl w intron. hi I.I,.
    .S31 by Mr. lPrice (for hiiii,-lf and Mr. Andl(,ro+ ,f Iiki '4 ,1
    July 14, 19175. and as S. _> 1)GS Snator I atore (for lii;; ai]
    Seiiator Baker) on Octoboer ",, 1975. Tit -- bills weree iv i.'t n t!
    bill which was pa-.-(1 by the 93rd Coing-,.-s witli two ex .l1i, '1r-i
    the provision which icauI'ed tho IPre ident to veto tlie bill wa> ,i*td
    anid seo.)nd, the n'ma-tiye0 called for a 0l-year rather tiai l -y(;r (J 7
    1Ii,-ion of the Act.
    The major chane to exi4tinf law which would be LT 1 YI the
    bills is a provision for replacing th-( Goveriiiient indemntiiyi w iVith aI
    retro.:-p(c,,tive proiium inis'iI1A1We system over a period of yV.i r- as. .o1r
    power real'torsl become lieetiled. This sr-tem would a-)., allow an
    increase in the limit on liability above 100 million after G(o) ei'V: .P t
    indemnity ha.s been phased out. Tlhi i- expected to o, tlian 1985. Pric'e-Anderson coverage would also be e(x(i ,to **-
    shore nuclear power plants and to shipments of nucl.;ir itIia.l 1., -
    tween NRC licensee.s via route. wholly or partially ou4-ide I t.>. trri-
    torial limits.
    The bill- were referred to the Joint Committee :ind hearings wer-
    held on September 23 and 24, 1975, to consider that mne-i-,;., fn:d t 0,
    question of whether tlie Price-Ander-on system should 1,. extended ,
    to cover saboltager and the theft of nuclear materials. At t io-. liei ii'-.
    the Committee heard testimony from tlie nuclear power and i' ,uaice
    industries, the ele',-tric utilitii'., the IExe itive Branchl. :,,d a r iiit, t
    of other o,'-anizations interested in this area.
    The Joint Committee mot in open ses--ion on Xoveinl'." C. 1975. and
    after full dizreusnion, voted by a roll.all vote of 14-2 t') r..r),t tlle
    bills favorably with six technical amendments. On Dil.' )i, s 1977.
    the ITouse of Repres(,entatives con-idered ITT.Rl. t31 anld I,'-,,- I t lie
    bill with oi', amendment by a vote of 329-61. On Decei i.r i. 1975.
    the Senate considered and adopted three amnienmlient-s to S. 27,1';<. By
    a vote of 76-18, tlie Senate then voted(l to pa- k I[.1I. ,;;i with the
    Senate amendments. On )December 17, 1975, the House a-ii'd to t'e(,
    Senate amendments to IT.R. .-Gl1. Tile P '.-ident sin.-d tlke )11ill 'n
    December 31, 1975 (Public Law 9 1 -197).
    In it report on the bills to amend and extend tle Prie-And, ',
    Act, the Joint Committee req, i.-led that the Nuclear leaulalorv ('(c:1-


    mission review the need for extending tlhe Price-Anderson system to
    include plutonium processing facilities. The Nuclear Regulatory Conm-
    mission advised the Committee on December 3, 1975, that once HI.R.
    8631 has been signed into law, the NRC will publish a "Notice of
    Intended Rule Making'" as the first step in implementing thle legis-
    lation. This notice will solicit the views of the public and interested
    groups on the question of extending Price-Anderson coverage to plu-
    tonium processing facilities and to the transportation of nuclear mate-
    rial to and from those facilities. Based upon those views, NRC will
    then decide whether Price-Anderson coverage should be extended.
    /'.. Com02),?/t w,.
    The Subcoiiii mittee on Comnmunities. chaired 1)y Congressman John
    Yo.uii_,, held M:Wainos ill Oak Ridge on May 9, 1i,, on H.R. S and
    >. 1.7'1. id-ntical bills to permit financial a:is t aiic to be given to
    Andersn and Roa-ne, Counties, Tennessee, under the provisions of the
    Atomic Ener'r. Community Act of 1955, as ;ileilded. The record of
    tie ihearinjs contains extc ,:ive lda ta concernii the eCeO-Oliic, s-ocial
    am financial ('>a;a'..cterVitis of the two counties and the financial bur-
    (e$"H .;ir,,,-d on the countic- by the location and operation of the
    : IDA ) acilitie, at Oak Ri1.,e. Tennessee.
    It s jitiiai alt tl,,e co;:,.1iunities at O0k Ridge iia.intain a level
    f services which will attract and ai6ntail well qualified personnel
    for the i:,tioii.:i eCnIrV proo'raml beii_;: pursued in tlhe Fede.'8l icili-
    ties at O. ,i, lage. TIlis !..\ d :.,)pl! ._ not oC;iv within the boundary of
    1the City of O-;.'. i ld:I-. b:.t extends into the two coUnti,-. -Loanlie lland
    Adev.-'m, fro:,i whiicli the Feder1 Governminent ca'\.td the Oak Bilge
    l.-,:. nation during World War II. The need to provide an adequate
    ]11"'V l 01e .-lie fi an 'a 'de.s oiltw o ca ,'"
    .vel of trViccs im.)O: *.- facial b1vdes o tli-e two cOiUlt ie- as well
    as on the City of Oak RiRLr1. but the Community Act permits pay-
    meats only to the city and not to the couitie-. S. 1378 and H.R. 5G9._
    would correct this inequit" which appe:irs to have been as a result of
    an oYers-i.l:t when the Co,!":unity Act was originally enacted.
    The ERDA Authorization Bill was amended in the Senate to in-
    clude Anderson and Roane County in thle Community Act and to pro-
    vide assistance to them for a ten-year period, ending June 30, 1986.
    The House accepted the Senate amendment in Conference and the
    Atomic Energy Act will be so amended uipon the enactment of the
    ERDA. Authorization Bill. The Pres-ident signed the bill on Decem-
    !.err '1. 1975 (Public Law 94-187).
    171 S o1 tte on .., "Mot7va
    The Subco-mittee on L atoin, chired by Senator Montova,
    condmted he l n,(-,:s in Los Al.i os, ew Mexio. on Otonler 14. 1975.
    to consider identical bill... S. 2415 and TI.I. 99 IS, to amend the Atomic
    Ene':,y- C.mmunity Act witl, :'.2'tard to the extension of the existin.f
    authorization to the A";i'. 'straor of the Eneroy Research anid De-
    velopminent Admini.-t ration to continue to make paynients of just and
    reasonl)]ei snms to the Los Alamos schools and the County of Los
    Alamo-. The existing authority under thi.:- Community Act expires on
    ,TIUne 30. 1976, for the schools and on J,. 01. 31977. for the county. Tlhe
    legislation wnuld place the authority of ERDA to continue to make
    a:.-;-4tanee payments to Los Alamos on essentially the same basis as that
    which now exi:ts for the for'ier AEC communities of Oak Ridge,
    Tenne-s V n.Ld ichland, .ashington.


    A.s iI tH e a e of tlw,- otljer c' 'lj 1 itic. I. 1 kw' Ftder1 (t,%,,'-c,"i>'t
    vxloeets- 1,4s Ahlmos- Ifo mk in11tain -ho t and the w lw l k;nci ;sn.:11 iJt i !~l
    .-crvic'(' at a ii.t level 41. or "Ider ta t.A l .lir ii-l c t l; i P1.*:i i i At
    ldighly qualified people for till. very -portanlj'r
    s r anCii~dI)1 veiop1$ 'Il'it pro^Tail ;l Owa1 Los )hImol- lr I it'k- L2
    raitoilr will not be inhiit'l A. `.,i. ,- n
    /,its i(-ola d :'e: I; locatioJ ;m d F, dc) 1/ :I III ([ jI
    t' Cl itiA V a' otIe. iir (Il(so I Iiii teviV a nIIIl i i t i tI'-l y (4, iv a-
    11.lilt ow 1 .'d a ld tax exeis|t. It is for ti14 '- i 011asoiis 1 I 1 4)It 1 ion
    a:s inltrodii e t o )l oM it lt i lihe 1t11 0-11- ts1 oaii, eil. ot 1 i i
    to rei'l'uraivse tihe .ti>ls al(d local o\ l'e-iii1it o folr thoe b ii ., ii-
    i)(;'e d o\1n1 theli ) i, tlt' cedal (lIoverii teit, but aloo to 1ilns1u e I lI e- -
    e-ts I f Ole en1 w i C .i'cit "', li alld d.evelo )iliicl, p (' :ai it ic )"
    Alaimos V. 4 ieltific .L-!, ,ratory.

    Since 1971. tie Joint (o, Ititee hias I,. n ,,in a ittsI a1 ; ( te
    ])-tin(" to elay'" O tij J!' a11nd H (ioi l-tc U' 115eir e l;' r
    .7 t eni'. ve II inII I 's : A ii i 1: (,OII )..)l8i* hl in 3 )^2j I nd
    al-i ilJllitkd1~VtO IIC" I- leiduriat orv (rton2'r iotv Ut on
    nu,~i er of ln..te- l'itie a Y 70 i leen the Io I To olii aI
    'o mi tee. Th re,- propoJw10- 11S inI lnded a bill .; *on-"- 1 b : t l
    Ch.iiralin Price, a 1)ill p'l)npo-. l vsen ari e t n' r v. 1
    a,1 ,,,ilativev p o| .; 1 ) (S I I)y tlie Ao 'e. Ak ti esl of e, i ar11 ,) It .-
    o-, ltiVe P ''e 'i iit ,' a coI[.' !ie il it I('"0 !" 1- "1
    t1-tle va i b101 I 1 -s 1i0ir I a .i l f o t' "1 t ,
    Durinl- 1P 75, t'.e Joint. Co"mm-Iittee continued i ts *osdr"on f
    1ethods to 1ipro e --(t e p roiso.-ns for ith;'fo Ioin, o4 :U ea
    plac ntof 1 : v I e" 1 rits w ih *.int :")O tllitV ( 1;e ''i *( i
    25. o 75. IV9T5. b .Mr. i cd ,fortavc. (HII.IR 7 331. 11 1 wT.
    1P):. by h -r,. forl n ,If ,I v. A" 'o o T ii, .is M r. IIi,,'h ",

    .i~ it )'1eI1: : o it nlt'n fIeIt:l : '5). \_ !t.a.i e v(. xt ) ie v ':-
    -Mr. Iorton, :;nd Mr. Lil1jan' "
    al.-.). ~~1niitted l)v tie Xuclear Relulatory Coni *1--:on al n1 i tr,,f ,,I
    nsS. 173- intlhe ,Snate and II.- 7002 i" the on- of IL 'C; -l Iv-e
    FinaIly, a p,1,lat,,. bill to provide financial assistance to int',rvenors in
    nuclear licensin 1 pro,.,,,din'rs a.' introduced by Seneator Kenl-l,, I ,-v o-n
    ^r"y f). 17,5 (S. 1NO.). E;1ci of thfc' bills was referrd, toC t e ,Jol'it
    Co( i ittee.
    Tle charte.. in exist'1,r licensing procedures w weli would be1 w ade
    !)v tho.-' p 1rop,,'1'l.- include provisions for tile following de. "I aCI
    :t,- r'.,,viewed in f lal of sl'pecfic applicat io. ; aIa rdi. d a t :
    (replaceme nt of m:.-',datorv he:'-.ri- s with an lopportunity o' .*: Wel .,'
    in cer, tain inshi'..... di-,'' ,'-:retioua,..". t a n mand, atoryi{ A.\('{
    ",.view of a pplic. tiols: limited'ok n. ,- -
    1I .,'," 1,rior to Omlpletio': ,d, is ,iri '.- d :, ani
    OnvironlI.-in(;dl and -ifetv re\ ha.vs I e,, *.,n e ,*nii)1et, 1" pr" ,l :,
    !heirin/ li,,,.r lur,,-: coordin:i ti,,,n of -Fedl( : '':d State rfviev-s" ;:: 01
    i, r, -e.l p,.rtieip,:,lion v i,,ter'venoi< t1'o! tli ,.;.1 1 noti *l of i i 'il1
    to file apIli.'ions 171d lhrouoll provision of ee' .'iieal rejMrts. : ii
    ,,' lier document<'
    Co 'l rtl h earin,'- on t} -, :! .... .ifi,. ]ror,,-:tl! 'till ief o- l J i'ni 1i,

    N u elea r ,1"( f, (',l C .- t( tl, ,t ie'_/.


    During the Noveiber 11 hearing, the Comuittee received Iesti1,o1y
    from witnesses repi'e.eiiting.I tie nuclear power and electric utility
    industries. State enei v ficilitv sit iiZ ,_ icies. u
    authlorit ies. and of her grz ps with interest in this area.
    Early in this ses,.sion. the Committee conducted a survey of a large
    number of electric utilities in the country which have hlad experience
    with the licensnllZr of nuclear powerplants. With a few exceptions. tlie
    respondents expressEd( disillusionment alnd frustrationn with the proee-
    _res overnini tm sit.i and licensing of nlclcar plants. The prin-
    cipal areas of their concern include:
    (a) Time and technical resources consmiiied.-The re_,"ilatory
    proces.- requires thi- it skilled scientist s and enLineers devot e sul)st ant ial
    amounts of time to answering regulatory quest ions and part icipat ingI
    in licensing, :e rings, where that time would otherwise be ulsed lo
    develop designs and criteria for nuclear plants. The result of this
    burden is delay in plant design and completion.
    (b) Overlapping of Federal, State and lloal irequireinents.-'1ile
    regulatory reqi'reinents of many State, local and regional azewcies
    overlap and conflict with Federal regulatory requirenmwits. 'lTh'e need!
    to satisfy these differing requirements has aided to the delay in bring-
    ing nuclear plants into operation.
    (c) Review process. and intervention procedures.-Scveral respond-
    ents addressed the need to further improve tihe review process, includ-
    ing the resolution of generic issues, establishing the acceptability of
    tlhe site early, and ,(- tAblishing specific limits on the scope of the various
    liherings. Tlhe hearing process itself drew considerable criticism be-
    cause -,of the ease wvitii! which opponents of nlUClc'iir power projects,
    regardless of qualifi.-;tions, c:t intervene and thereby delay tim
    (d) Ratcheting or backfitting requirements imposed by _NRC.-The
    changes in Ir"gu1lory requirements-and regulations cause the appli-
    cant, su-taiitial uncertainty in planning a nuclear plant and result in
    substantial delays in tihe construction and operation of tliome plants
    already in the licensing process.
    During this secsson, these and other similar concerns have been the
    subject of further inquiry by the Committee (see e.g. II. Rept. 94-60,
    June 4, 1975, at pp. 4-7 ;S. Rept. 94-174; June 4, 1975 at pp. 3-7) and
    the subject of extensive correspondence with the Nuclear Reg mlatory
    Coimmis-ion (-see e.g.. March 19.197a5, HIearings on the Nuclear lRegufla-
    tory Comnii -.ion Authorizingo Legislation, Fiscal Year 1976, Appen-
    dix 4).
    In view of the State role in the approval of sites for nuclear power-
    plants, the Committee's Executive Director sent a letter to the States
    which have already enacted or which are considering siting and licens-
    ing legislation, and, among others, the Governors' Task Force on En-
    ergy, and the National Conference of State Legislatures. The letter
    noted that an important part of the Administration's proposed leoisla-
    tion concerns the early approval of prospective sites for nuclear facili-
    ties. The success of the early site approval procedures would appear
    to depend in large measure on the participation in the site approval
    process by the State in which the site is located. A major area which


    whIlich a Stat-e sh Io t ild pl v I n t sIIIite ;(d\ ;i l i a i ; ii

    Fedl e al a n,,c,"cil es !kea:.po iis d t l, n ir l v (' lti. I i r, t | e(,l Ir

    I1!1121 ~ ;i~ u111~':1 k11)! .1, 1 )wil jL I) .]I: I j vI I '(
    Pvio lIol til( .. r: iio i ii t li ii Iit i >.t te li l" i t (i 1. lil ,I K nviro lI
    P olic\ A ct., :ls w ell a"- 1l, ir e' p()i ,t sibi{'il ie- o, f" i:. t l ,;" 'il icics :11 !< +'>Ic; r

    l elni s l H1i e t" i I t' ll w. 'I I i t Id IV ; l l(' 1 c I I i
    in( o nA d es ;i i i tYde } t l vl ie ro o l()(,Il ion ti L hiie'ru
    A) t i Y ItK* ll ",l" i h c ': Si 1:- ,-! )! t llC : I'C! llt I f- ,vl },l }to\ I .S illn ('l' H t;1

    I vc ii a Ilid l e It icolrd o l ii Ahio i nl ; Idt `, ovl ilni( .Vri).)(( ( 1 II1 e'(' Ii-
    'ii \ lli n (1 lic ll( l 'o it oitec t (llk li 0 (1 '.i t g eeil i ,
    ( /. I 't'ff-'th; ]K'n/l';'D/f'fi/n.n/ '!ff f' r ] ic l' .!., i.<'n, .r', 1 ,'f )
    )]I J uni o i ('. 117.') ('7i1 iii' ii1 i .l I jtll i I-iet .II I ( imi*' li v:ird
    lBakcr' inti' -f) nce( i* to lh Se ilditc.I ).\ opeirt- llat Ad niuimI etr ihot'is ])I(-
    l(-i'dt Ihe i'OI ) s1 '(1,ll'i t ion wo ohe uriitl( 'ioll ol fu d( ioliz lIlle Eiiiiitii
    llichexit (its l ioeIIIent I-ioned trha-. 'ierhItc(hlent fiail, clit TI led I"T
    iilesiro Fn l Aoissgisi Aict of '197,5' (S. i20twi). th dtihno d ito ee'sbviee
    li(1 a 1t1-1i('itV iK f N-I ccsllv to <'icliic\'( IXl t('ot" 1 ,staelis!h i lyv th, Pre -
    delit for thlte i tionl s n (1n O'. n i cement o p ait11lo ('isiircliiii andfii v.
    Al in itenticdal Iill (t.1m. 810I) was introduced on July S. 197. in
    tIhe House. alo by reqt -i) by Vice Chaeirw an Melvip n Psipc't and (ofl-
    A'' s ol-n AdrsonI. linder tie propose ed le(hislation, tlie EJoei'nt
    Ho-i.archt ansd Development A(llriniraittion (EI)A) would be a'II-
    tilorized to negotiate and a enter into cooperative aitreeineonts wit-
    pvate oriGnizations to build. own and operate uranium enrichment
    plants. TheG prop).os, legislation would aluio authorize ERiDA ito
    initiate construction planning and design activities for expansion of
    n existing Government-owned uranium enric hment facility. The sub-
    mission of this legislation is consistent within the Committee's belief
    that additional uranium enrichment capacity is required and that
    action is needed ,noit, to a-,li, that .it icient nicle]r:it fuel will be avail-
    able in the mid-1980's to meet our domestic and foreign coinnmitment <.
    In order to have an objective review of atll important assets of the
    Administrations complicated, tile Chairman of the Joint
    Committee asked the Comptroller General of the United States to
    iiiake an exhaustive analytical review of the Adiniistration's pro-
    po-al for Government assistance to private uranium enrichment
    groups. The GAO report, entitled "Evaluation of the Administra-
    tion's Propost l for Government Assistance to Private 1dranium En-l
    richlmient Groups", was submitted to the Comnmiiittee on October 31,
    On December ) 'L 9 and 10, 1975, the Joint Committee held ex-
    tensive hearings on the Admninistration's proposed plan. Testimony
    was receieVd from senior officials of the following organizations within
    tlie Executive Branch: the Energy Research and Development Admin-
    istration, the. Nuclear Reulatory Comisi. sion, tile ,ede.l-l l, nervy
    Admi n istration, the Environmenital Protection A,,encv, thle Depart-
    ilment of Justice, the Department of Labor, the C'ouncil of Economic
    Advisors, thlie Department of Treasury, and the Office of Managcement

    and Budget. In addition. the Comnmittee lhearil testimony from Con-
    ,Tc.-:iman Willi;,. Iiarshia, (R. Ohio) and from Elmer B. Staats, the
    Comipt roller Genei ral.
    Tlie C(iominittee flo intends to receive testimony from the Secretary
    of State e-irly in the next Congressional session, which will complete
    the Governmeintal phase of the hearings on this subject. It is antici-
    pated ti;it additional hearings will be scheduled soon thereafter to
    receive testimony from industrial firms interested in building enrieh-
    ment facilities, from the utilities who would buyv the output of such
    'z,,iliti-e. and from other interested parties and the public. The Com-
    mittee intends to publish the record of the first five days of these hear-
    ing., in the near future.
    The hearings conducted to date have proven highly informative in
    terms of identifying the major policy issues associated with the Ad-
    ministration's proposed plan. Issues such as the appropriateness of the
    Government's proposed guarantees: the international implications;
    safeguards and security considerations: foreign participation; the
    sufficiency of competition; and the viability of the contingency plan
    to build an add-on Government facility have been thoroughly ex-
    plored. Although the Committee has not yet reached any decision on
    the Administration's proposed plan. a consensus has developed that
    the Committee's review and approval authority for any specific pro-
    posals must be significantly strengthened. This matter is being ex-
    plored further by the Committee with the Executive Branch.

    A. On January 14, 1975. the Atomic Energy Commission submitted
    to the Congress a proposed amendment to extend for two years, until
    April 11, 1977, the Avreement for Cooperation between the United
    States and Israel which has been in e-istence since 1955. The proposed
    amendment was subject to the Congressional review procedure in
    Section 123d. of the Atomic Enerav Act of 1954, as amended, in 1974
    by Public Law 93-485 (88 Stat. 1460).
    The agreement concerns peaceful re.serch applications in the field
    of atomic energy such as the use of radioisotopes for agricultural and
    medical purposes and in reactor physics and nuclear chemistry. Under
    the Agrieement for Cooperation. Israel purchased a 5 megawatt (ther-
    mal) research reactor from a United States manufacturer. That re-
    actor, which became operational in 1960, is fueled with highly en-
    riched uranium. The reactor is used for research in physics and
    chemistry and for the production of radioisotopes.
    An open hearing was held on the amendment to the Act by the
    Subcommittee on Agreements for Cooperation. chaired by Congress-
    man Teno Roncalio, on February 6. 1975. at which time testimony was
    received from Dr. Abraham S. Friedman. who was the then Acting
    Assistant A administrator for International Affairs in the Energ.v Re-
    search and Development Administration.
    Thlie Committee reported identical concurrent resolutions to the
    Sonnte (S. Con. Req. 15) and to the House (H. Con. Res. 114) which
    favored the prop, eId amendment. The concurrent resolution was

    - )

    11. ( 1 11 I 0 ...1 m t o- 1 1 !: )I .i\. I b ii I

    1'e (>ea i iiI I R '2 i '*aco iIV ca ab\ of pro iic iK' i i'i1" lie-. t-o p u
    alea~j I e~- onl t i c 4h:11 d {e Iw(In)( ioi Iiv 1 and* n yeI,-

    C(MV1.Cllat~ii iy f~ i. \l(U1 18.111 >. I I(V1111 c!~l)
    ( i1ent i iii c''( h le +id-1 + (T+n fw I!s o if t c Ir !;1 Ifi i i At Ilil' I )1 +'+( ,
    (1 t t K mi t lift e i'+u AF SA(. (dTh I h" )L v t w ichr I o re
    Ignited 4l ttli... IL'. 'l (l trile ,O f l I A fl ; :'-sl it imP
    t 1 < -l; 1 9. The I I + ( +tie '' It'V 1,11 w.s tbled o n M i l
    .' (( ( NoiiiteTh' he i.- IK ,i ,;ir>";' ,otl r;i ev vije voceld i e d r' it- 5't'mo
    ) ~ ~ T A i F +

    to t- notI V(j 110 8, 1( 1 11w 1 1"f~lvoeOLI 1 11!f(.1 1t 1' olt-I ~~a 1 41111
    iA Ii 1k J (: 1 1r v 1I 1 '.11 li I( 1011 2Ii I ti( 1 ( ,1* 1 'etie ,iTlii- e co wnlit w -
    To tlI I A1io lo.ll c l } lr Is l ftr) inr,; .:I i Ii + o ii n I' tiii
    liucr ;utv .', di.ll t i ite c I tV tceil. I (i' >l t 1 to <+.h1 ';lI 1 11 -I
    delsI'I' (nIotconstitute a comImi .tm). oft, nt Statc1e st o lr, tlf;rn

    flie1 :l.V( i li nic atw neiia li" i ni tlVU2Ollt 'i eti COHIH F '('Uio t toC furi sh-a
    ;uc Setii ai w oul f1 ( fro C1,!IevAw ts fI h.,

    1tii wee tei w1scd ;Ille- 1arehll and 1)di)Incnt to- t18 h"nion arnni thevv.
    |)111'-'rd- i o ndi er Vvciee ",-R of 0 ile c ('I'Ntfl i L ~it (V l'lfv12C Ac 4't. -i avai l -cd
    bv P"i1 ":!W ++..- (. ,tt;ItIi. -1 :r474-a.
    b lIe. S t11,ni vI.[tiite o rn ki wi Itns T.Ad- Ci.ip eration conducted open
    hearing l!--, o tl( ltt ;pr, op:-d )ii (i-o l at i' F lniiNary G. 1975. and( re-
    ceived t-'I M oV flt fo:i Dr. Al nucaleart- S. F! i ts tof ERD1A'. 1 0itc,
    (t'onnnittoe r.-]orted idetulical co"J'iir trw -o.t, to It w Ttmiot.- (TT.
    o.Rt(-. 116%)M and to the willnm Rie Sn. el 11), which falvoredi
    Tl. 0pt-op:od am11elit+endmeAnt'e paf. C psd Ole con current rr-olhitido-
    orl-o to tb l 7 1. 17rTl-.e 11-t p'-t(llt on was tabled on March 17,
    1ie5. (tte: Twoiobe ie, t al reiemwnt .pocedi ie ifr Sitio eIAn 4
    Ion- llotrivre o pleei nul vote oa ei the i i a
    tIe prordane lInvhte nctieo Sete bl). Viii is w ny the ntour, coniluiriet
    C O Mn il coulld 8 1)e 1 tl)lhd.)
    eongcreas a poin t1e cal pact o ilnti ceilt if-m w,. tol o0n *1 i r 1tt
    does not constitute a" commitment of the hUn1ite1-d States to furn:.zish
    .-p ,cial No1-."ir mT aerial ]I. al 11,10n1 r 1t. 'T!ie comid :e nt to fer rn,. is-
    s" ch maOteil- asdwo l ,-iilt from contacts for enIlrichinl srvict'i I
    en- >te eiru y Re->('archa-li ald Devedot,,ii, e rt iiie i 7 t'tio" and tlie
    imIIrelia o:f I]'.( ->'rvi( ces to( tl1ecexten-lt Ihat enr Ii 11i_-- ca])aci tY avail
    able. T'le En er ,qoetion ,,t."
    Inct., 61tla Pl 1) 1,011If e I000 in;(,a t (1ct i incre1*:'-e ill C,,(, coil'u
    wvoul d Ie adwut for all nuclear powverplanits to- k. Imiilt i
    EIJTOM awl wliich will re.lire iiityd Slt' tro- conctitr s t
    prior to July 1.e1 9 l,'4.
    All spe nal nuclear 'material which w-v o ,d be t on ..-fr;.t,, to t Cow l-
    munity woild be -nlb't t a :-o I fo l -,
    oiiest the diversion of special ouclea Uitedrial to ilurnis
    tiols. All tri,4aters of special nuclear mat. b, t.e nt to Stt
    to the seven m-milr wictr.ti eapoetnt (t)t" o h, eTATaeM will. I ll ill
    accordance withl tn1w United Stt.'obligtin nde i 1te XN-Prolfer
    ation Treaty (NePT), of which afo ruards ;.r^ ;* pnit.
    y 8,1975, tie At inmi--in
    the Congress a proposiIa to incre-ale te cctiea! o! sp t,,, lrtilt -
    i all sphich may eb r d ma bterial tliel wouit>e d tran-it'. to tlie I t C on;at !ii


    AtomicI' Energy Agency. The proposed increase in the ceiling for en-
    ri,]d l, 1 ,iranum to fuel a total installed capacity of 2.000. megawatts
    of eletiric energy corresponds to the aggpreate capacitv o' three
    nucle;tr 1'owe"r reactors to be purchased from United Strates manuifac-
    tImrers. T'N 1.-me r, tthe first power creators to be purchlasedl from United
    titi.- -,irct'- tr,,lql,-l IA LE. Two of these reactors will be inm Iexico
    a1n(d the otier in Yiugoslavia.
    The proposed anl'mende(lnllit wvas subject to thlie sae Congressional
    review procedlure discullssed above with regard to the amonndllent to the
    II- IATO-\1 Ao-recnent for Cooperation. Tlie Subcomnmittee on
    A2,r,,IHlii t s for Cooperation held open hearingrs on tlioe am)endmnent to
    tlh IAEA iaoi-recnelt on Febriary 6, 1975, and received testimony
    from Dr. Abraham S. Friedman of ERDA. The Committee reported
    a conriiiTent resolution to tleHe House (H. Con. Res. 115) and an iden-
    tical conciirrent resolution to the Senate (S. Con. Des. 13), which
    favored the proposed action. The concurrent resolution was passed in
    the SF-:.ite on February 19, 1975, and was laid on the table in tlhe
    911-. omon March 17, 1975. As in the case of the situation with
    ERdATOM dis,_ csseld above, the commitment to furnish enriched
    uranium will result, only under contracts for enriching services be-
    tween the Energy Research and Development Administration and the
    purcha-er of the services, and to the extent that enrichment capacity is
    All of the enriched uranium which would be transferred would be
    subject to IAEA safeguards. Mexico and Yugoslavia are each member
    states of IAEA. Each of these countries is a party to the Xon-Prolifer-
    ation Treaty and each has concluded a. safeguards agreement with
    IAEA purqisant to Non-Proliferation Treaty requirements. Reproc-
    essinz of the irradiated fuel from each of the three reactors could
    produce as much as 140 kilograms of plutonium annually. Under tlhe
    terms of the United States-IAEA Agreement for Cooperation. the
    IAEA's statute, the United States'-supplied enriched uranium., includ-
    in thle plutonium which is producedI by the irradiation and the subse-
    quelt reprocessing of that uranium, is subject to the IAEA safeguards
    With regard to all international agn-reements, the Joint Committee
    stated in its reports on the concurrent resolutions discussed above that
    the prevention of clandclestine proliferation of nuclear weapons is
    essential to any exchange program. It is therefore necessary that ade-
    quate control be maintained over the nuclear fuel for any reactor which
    is operated outside of this country under any agreement with the
    United States. This control can be achieved through the IAEA safe-
    guards system or through other systems such as a requirement that the
    receiving country return the irradiated fuel to the United States for
    repr-ocessing. nWhile an objective of the United States international
    program for peaceful purposes of atomic energy continues to be that
    other nations have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of atomic
    energy, every prudent Qtep must be taken to prevent the clandestine
    diversion of special nuclear material for other than peaceful purposes.
    During this session a number of bills were referred to the Joint
    Coi limmttee on Atomic Energy dealing with the subject of various

    i ,)

    Aetps Ahich should Im. taken to augmeinci Ihe -a feIiad lhL-o
    apply to united States pai trticipat lon i ii elullatimt i;i cbl 11ii.';ir I' idI.
    Tie Execul tive BIralncll )lopp,-'il ;i1l of tile iill-s wiich werjtl iir I II
    to the Joint, CoIiIIitel The ( i il- al of, ill ('onlillmirtetr S i;ito
    John (). Pastor (for him-elf a nd for SeuIator Mohvila. -_.i ,tV
    Illouye and Seimtor0l Montoya) on ,IJulv 26. 197)., iItroi,i- e i ( ale
    RZesolution 221 which wa rs referred II to tie (Comlt1ittee oi )I iai 'I-I
    latio0-. 1he(' resolution called o(II th e l'eidenl to lake IIe le1i,':-:p 1 n1)
    -'.,e'l1i ,r coop 1 tUmertioll in str'ellrtlienll in :., ft'.r-aI f l,- o, f I ilele' r I 1tt ri is.
    le I I l lo p ose If 1i le ret-(lud io is to. coIveII tho co III>-c of oI t tlhe PIl.-ideIlt of tlie IU 6itei Stat,- should ) -,Ik
    1. Iiiimediiate international co1sidel atiol of otrenlgt lie r } v'i'-
    tivenlss of tlhe IAEA -, feguards oil peaceful .uclea ii 1d dli
    intelnsitied cOOil)eration with other nuclca1' slupp)li ies to i)s 1> 1 liit llhe
    ot-{t stringent : fegluards (conditions are a applied to ti lle tl*w-t' IIof
    n lea cr equipmIient anld teclinology to prevenIlt llie l ,(i0',rt i (t nu-
    cle.r explosive cal)apcity
    2. Through tlhe hi liest level of con-1ltation il thIe I nlted N:tio Nls
    and with tlhe other leaders of tlee world colillnllitv. an ii i-iv^ ,*,-
    operative international etlort to striiml i') afld imnpromv ot il1lie
    :-,'ope, compl)rehelisiveil-, and erffect'li veu.: of tlie intenal d lou saI'c,-
    ,cuards on peacefull nuclear activities so tlhat here will I e a -Ii1-tali-
    tial and immediate red(liction in tlie ri>k of diver-ioni o1' 1 i.) ft o Jl-
    toinium and other special nuclear material to military or ,ulr A -,.
    that would jeopardize world peace and security: and
    3. Through consultation witl suppliers of nuclear e(jiii,:!.8 iii
    technology, their l' t 1Ait in thle ti- iaier of nuclear te(Iii' lofrv anld
    their cooperation in assuing that sucli teclinology a. e111idpmlelt i1
    transferred to other nations o1lv under tlhe 111o.-t rigo-roulsn. pdnt1eI aId
    safegLirided conditions de.-ig iied to ii-m tlie ,teclliolo2g itef is In
    employed for thie proluctiion of nuclear explo-ive-.
    Thlie Executive Branch fully supported the objective of I l resolu-
    tion and believed that it would be supportive of the n1it'.I Siale-'
    efforts to abate the spread of nuclear weapons. Senate Ile-ol-tiion 221
    was reported favorably by tlhe (Committee on Foreigiin IRelatioIs )Ol
    1)ecember 10.197). and was pa:-ed by tlie enatee on I)eceIkI 1' 1 )7.
    "3 "L N*
    A. Naral Rrartor8
    O()n March 5, 1975), tlhe Subcommittee on Legisla;tion. ii iex'.,itiv',
    sesion, heard t,-t imonv from Vice Admiral IIvHman G. lDi],kr V. I)i-
    rector, Division of Naval Reactors. ERDA. oln ilie status of tlie Naval
    Nuclear Propulsion Program111 and tie Ad(i11 i-tration's e vIe-t for
    authorizing fundr- for that 1programn 1for fiscal year 1976 amd it e t'rani-
    tion quarter. Much of tle wimaterial was of classified 1111at1u' :lad (1 IiiI-
    cannot be sunmarized here. It is of imporlli)tallce to not(' t)IIthit Adl .ir8al
    Rickover re)porte(l that tlie Inited States had in lop.r:tion 1< Il.i 1'lea1ir
    slmarines andl 7 nuclear sur-face slips: the 181 reactors Ii i tlhe Haval
    )prLgrmni l have been oper:ited for a tot;:!1 of 1.21)0 ye'll- withIto I acridIot
    and the nuclear fleet inas eamed for a total of m1orwe tlian 2: ,1illimn


    17. Lidl J/I filr [ F[(1st B,,d, /' ,c/Ri,- for P'oqr,/Im
    On iMarch 19, 1975, Senator John 0. Pastore. Chairman of the Joint
    Colmlmittee on Atoiet' En)ergy, etalblishedl a Subclwolnnittee under the
    ciiai nrum s!lip of Ren,'e.cntative Mikle ^^'Cormnefk to review thie Liquid
    Melal Fast Breeder Reactor (IIF R) Pro'rl1in and related activi-
    li(, (of tihe J'Energv ]Rcsh.;rch ;ind De\velopmient. Adinii:itration. Tihe
    purpose of this review was to examine tlhe various concerns that have
    I'c-en expiv-sed land questionss that have been raised within the Con-
    ..ress and out.-ide by members of the public with respect to several
    'funidamental issues such i;s the n-ed and tiinin of the breeder pro-
    gram. the c +t and potential benefits to be realize from it. andl the
    attendant risks associated with tlhe ultimate widespread commercial
    1use of this type of energy production and conversion technology.
    In order to gatlier pertinent background information, Subcommittee
    Chairman McCormack wrote a letter to 90 organizations and indi-
    viduals posing a series of questions on energy trends, energy sources.
    thlie role of nuclear power, and safety and environmental concerns. Re-
    sponses received were published in a Committee print entitled "Issues
    for Consideration-Review of National Breeder Reactor Program,"
    August 1975.
    During the Spring and Summer, the Subcommittee held a series of
    public briefings and hearings on the history of the nuclear power pro-
    gram, the nuclear fuel cycle, reactor types and characteristics, the en-
    richment process, present status of the civilian nuclear power program
    and the role of utilities in the Clinch River Breeder Reactor Project.
    Throughout June and July, during a series of seven public hearings,
    the Subcommittee received oral testimony from representatives of gov-
    ernment agencies, private industry, public groups and individuals
    presenting information on both sides of the issue relevant to the need
    for the breeder program. These included energy trends, alternate en-
    ergy sources, safety and environmental considerations, safeguards,
    role of converter and breeder reactors, and cost-benefit analyses.
    The Subcommittee has prepared a report stating its views, conclu-
    sions and recommendations with regard to the need and timing of the
    breeder. It is planned that this report will be published early in 1976.
    C. Nuclear Power Reactor Safety
    The Joint Committee continued to devote major attention to the
    subject of nuclear power reactor safety over this past year. This was
    done in recognition of the fact that nuclear activities must be carried
    out in a manner which fully protects the health and safety of the
    public and which minimizes the impact of these activities on the envir-
    onment. The health and safety record in the nuclear programs has been
    excellent, and there have been no radiation accidents in this country
    which have in any meaningful way jeopardized the public or the
    As part of its continuing attention to matters of safety significance.
    the Joint Committee held a hearing February 5, 1975, on the Nuclear
    Regulatory Commission (NRC) action of January 30,1975, requiring
    the operators of 23 boiling water reactors to perform prompt safety
    inspections of certain piping in their plants. The purposes of this hear-
    ing were to determine the full extent of the situation requiring reactor
    shutdowns, its impact on the nuclear power program, and to bring this


    ,i:ttI r- fully and opelly to the. attetitioi n of *IIw p, li'. I'l^ le pr c ,litiii-
    ;i,*' shutdown action w;i-t. t:ileii l)y NIRC after it ,li,,vcry o, pi
    de tfec s ill s, eve 'al o ct ing I.,,il i g v'tler ri d e: ',-. f!,r-t i i 1101 :\-
    icciived at the le:aring ',iroi NI(I a d i dt IthI tnioi of (IoI' *r'I'i < 'ieil-
    tists. Tlie hI:'rii el,:trly lbrogI121i1 l t I lie trt tlfiat tIie pilping ,1r0I ,-
    1emlis pre -IInted iio a:1:, rd t 1 t p iblic, a d tli;l there I litid l1,y i;,
    Ie'leoises of radiIioactivitV :II c'iWited withi tie d(efec in I.le ai lc I
    operating p lants. Diuirinit i he ih.:lirtio:1s oioi iler*Il I NIl, no ;v'idl-
    tionlial cracks w l, illtou d ill t ihe p)ipf), of O of the pl;,ill- 0 onel a t.
    reported that it had fon1d(1 one adh ditional -imiall (rack in it, pipinjll.
    All pipes in wiich 'rNi1<.e were idenitiftied have been replaced.
    The ,Joint Commiiiittee also h(eld : la;lrilt Septeiiil'er 1(,. 1,97'). oln lit'
    Cilr'iiiiist an'es and iImpli,.atioln-. particularly from i0Ie staind(lpoilt of
    nuclear saflety, of a tire vwhilch oocurre(d oil Marcli 2 197
    Tennessee Valleyv Authority's Browns Ferrycit Nuclear P1lant. Tlie pu-
    pose of this hearing, as in the previous ca,.:-. was to vv,:,iinte tlie r.i!-,s
    and impart of the event in que-I ioni. and to bring this safetyv-related
    matter to the attention of the )public. Testimony was received froin the
    Nuclear Regulatory Commissioni the Tennessee Valley Authority aind
    the State of Alaibamia.
    The record of this hearing showed, contrary to numerous reports in
    the media, that the fire did not constitute a "iiear disaster" and thliat
    sufficient backup systems were available at all tinaes to provide neces-
    sary cooling of the nuclear reactor cores. There was no unusual release
    of radioactivity to the environment, and no hazard was presented to
    the public. Although the hearings demonstrated that improvement-
    are needed in design practices and operating procedures to minimize
    the possibility and consequences of such fires in the future, the inci-
    dlent showed that nuclear powerplant. indeed have a large mnarrin i of
    safety built into them.
    On October 29, 1975, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission trans-
    mitted to the Joint Committee the final report of the Reactor Safety
    Study, which is generally referred to as the Rasmussen Report. The
    study, which was conducted over a three-year period, undoubtedly
    represents the most comprehensive risk asessinent of nuciloar Iplants
    ever made. The Joint Committee has strongly encouraged and sup-
    ported this effort to quantify the risks associated with nuclear power.
    to put these, risks into overall perspective, and to conimunicate th.-:r
    matters to the public in terms the layman can understand. The overall
    conclusiion of the final report wais that the risks attached to the opera-
    tion of preseiit-day 1ucile:ir p)owerip)lants are very low coinpar. d to
    othlier natural and 1inannmaL(e risl-.
    D. Rbadiooactive Waste M.,1,7,,gcment
    On November 19, 1975, the Joint Commiititee liteld a public li heariniIr
    on the policies, plans and proe-r:nils of the Executive Branch to pro-
    vide for the safe storaure anmd (displ- of radionctivoe wastes. producedi
    in thie commercial ni-(lear fuel cycle. Tliis he:irlln waaq a p1alrt of (lie
    Committee's continuing effort s to stimulate tie developineint of a com-
    prehen. ive waste dislposal prL'Lri. Among th.', efollois was t lie Com-
    mittee's directive in its report on the bill authorizing ERDA :upprp-
    priations for fis,:ll ye r 197r that EUIAI p)reI,'1re a comp'`i(rehe*sive


    and detailed analysis of the options for storage and disposal of com-
    mercially generated radioactive wastes. This report is to be submitted
    to the Congress by March 31. 1976.
    During the hearing, the Committee received testimony from ERDA
    on its research, development and demonstration activities on waste
    processing, storage and disposal. Testimony was also presented by the
    Nuclear Reg-ulatory Commission and the Environmental Protection
    Agency on the standards and regulations being developed to assure
    the safe handling a;nd disposal of radioactive wastes. The hearing
    served to .how that there are no basic technical problems standing
    in the way of demonstrating an acceptable program for the disposal
    of radioactive wastes. The Committee will continue to devote major
    attention to this subject. It is planned that the record of this hearing
    will be publislied early in 1976.
    A. Central Intelligence Agency
    On April 8, 1975, the Director of the CIA briefed the Joint Com-
    mittee on foreign intelligence matters. From time to time during the
    year, the CIA has provided the Committee with information concern-
    ing foreign intelligence relating to atomic energy.
    B. Disarmament Matters
    On April 10, 1975, the Director of the Arms Control and Disarma-
    ment Agency briefed the Joint Conmnittee on the status and Stra-
    tegic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT II) and the Mutual and Bal-
    anced Fore Reduction negotiations.
    On a continuing basis the Joint Committee, through its contacts
    with the Department of Defense, Department of State, Energy Re-
    search and Development Administration and the Arms Control and
    Disarmament Agency, keeps fully and currently informed on matters
    relating to disarmament.
    C. Nuclear Weapons
    The Joint Committee continued its oversight over the nuclear
    weapons program of both the Energy Research and Development
    Administration and the- Department of Defense. Authorization hear-
    ings were conducted on March 12,1975, on the weapons program with
    ERDA and DOD witnesses. During the year, the Chairman expressed
    to the Executive Branch continuing concern over the adequacy of
    safeguards and security of deployed U.S. nuclear weapons in light of
    the growing terrorist threats worldwide.

    A. Confit-muation Hearcigs
    The Senate Section of the Joint Committee held hearings on May 1,
    1975, to consider the nomination of General Alfred D. Starbird to be
    Assistant Administrator of the Energy Research and Development
    Administration for National Security, and on June 27, 1975, to con-
    sider the nomination of Dr. Richard Roberts to be Assistant Admin-

    i.ntlrator for Nucl-ear Enerv. A. joint I,,rin g wIii leld,/ oni MIarut 11(
    197, with the Senatie (Conl illit to. on Interior andl Instlar Aolfai o
    consider the nomination of Mrl. IRob)ert V. Fri to be )ellty Adnini--
    trator, Dr. Jamiies L. Liver'lMan to be A:.-iltant Adliiinistra1)or for El'-
    vironment and S.a fI'etyv, alInd of I)r. Jolh11 M. T'eell t o be A--i L-:int tAd-
    ministrator for Solar. (ieotliernal and Advane Ene r-urrl
    in thl EniergRy I'-.IIrclh and I)evelopmlelit .\dIliniii at tiou.
    B. Changes in (Colm;ni f/Ie Mmershc p. w.h/h 'onr ,,, Sc. f 0',.[o/
    JAMES L. l CKLEY, New Y'ork
    Appointed Janim:i ry 17, 1975
    CLIFFORD P1. CASE, New Jersey :
    Appointed Janmiii ry 17,1975
    JAMES B. PEAiSON, Kaisa.s:
    Appointed Jannti ry 17, 1975
    JOHN V. T1`NNEY, Californiia :
    Appointed Januamry 17, 1975
    ANDREW J. HINSHA\V, California
    Appointed January 29, 1975
    FRANK HORTON, New York:
    Appointed January 29, 1975

    The Joint Committee on Atomic Energy is unique in that it is the
    only Committee of Congress authorized to receive and recommend to
    the Congress proposed legislation in the field of atomic energy. In
    addition under its statutory charter in the Atomic Energy Act of 1954,
    as amended, the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy was established
    as an agent of the Congress and the American people and charged
    with the responsibility of making continuing studies of the activities
    of the executive branch in the field of atomic energy and of problems
    relating to the development, use and control of atomic energy. Thus
    under the Atomic Energy Act, the Joint Committee on Atomic Enery
    lias the responsibility of carrying out the "watchdog" or oversight
    function in that field.
    The Joint Committee's plans in connection with its legislative and
    oversight responsibilities during the second session of the 9Ith Con-
    gress include the following:
    A. Legislation
    1. Annual authorization hearings will be held on the nuclear part
    of the ERDA budget.
    2. Annual authorizat ion hearings will be held on the Nuclear Enernrv
    Regulatory Commission budget.
    3. Tlhe Committee will continue its consideration of the Adminis-
    tration's Nuclear Fuel Assurance Act of 1975 identical bills, S. 2)35
    and IH.R. 8101.
    4. The Committee will consider the Administration's propo.:al to
    amend the Atomic Energy. Act of 1951. as amended, to revise one of
    the 1iases for estahlishin g prices for uranium enrichment services,.
    provided by ERDA. This proposal was introduced by request as
    i(lent ical bills, S. 2053 and H.R. 8389.
    5. The Committee will continue its consideration of proposed siting
    and licensing le(rislation regard ding nuclear facilities including tlhe


    Administration's proposals (S. 1717 and II.R. 7002, identical), H.R.
    1995 and II.R. 3734., S. 1665, as well as other bills related to the nuclear
    fuel cycle.
    6. The Committees legislative calendar includes numerous bills
    which deal with the Nation's atomic energy program and consideration
    will be given to the need for Committee action on these bills.
    7. Additional consideration will be given to extension of the Atomic
    Energy Community Act of 1955 authority to Los Alamos County and
    the Los Alamos school district.
    D. 0 ersiqght Ar.i)':tles
    1. The Committee will consider a report, which the Energy Reor-
    ganiZItion Act of 1974 requires the President to submit to the Con-
    ir.C-. on recommendations regarding the transfer of ERDA's milita i-y
    application functions.
    2. The Committee will consider the report which the Energy Re-
    organization Act of 1974 requires the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
    to submit to the Congress, on the need for and the feasibility of a Fed-
    eral agency to carry out certain security functions with regard to
    -a feguards.
    3. The Committee will consider the report which the Ener-gy Re-
    organization Act of 1974 requires the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
    to submit to the Congress on its nuclear energy center site survey.
    4. The Committee intends to schedule hearings in March of 1976
    to consider the question of which utilities in this country are in a fi-
    nancial position to permit them to assume additional financial risks
    inder the Price-Anderson Act.
    5. The Committee has requested the Nuclear Regulatory Commis-
    sion to submit a report on whether Price-Anderson protection should
    be given to plutonium fabrication facilities.
    6. The Committee intends to hold further hearings and examine
    closely matters relating to the proper disposal of radioactive wastes
    from the civilian nuclear power program as well as matters related
    to other parts of the so-called "back-end of the fuel cycle," such as
    reprocessing of irradiated fuel.
    7. The Committee also intends to thoroughly review the progress
    which isbeing made by ERDA and other agencies to survey the ade-
    quacy of uranium ore supplies in the United States.
    8. The Committee intends to continue to examine closely the activi-
    ties of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to assure that the safety
    and environmental responsibilities of that agency continue to be car-
    ried out at the highest levels of efficiency and under procedures which
    are designed to achieve maximum efficiency, but without any sacrifice
    of the overriding goal of the regulatory mission.
    9. The Committee intends to follow closely the progress which is
    being made with regard to the organization of the important Clinch
    River Breeder Reactor project and with regard to the plans for con-
    struction of the reactor.
    10. If time permits, the Committee intends to schedule Section 202
    hearings on the status of commercial nuclear power, including such
    matters as difficulties which are being encountered, fuel cycle prob-
    lems, reliability and safety record.

    11. Ini I t ee 1iit i111 areh, inl Joint ( )Il itCfl lit I. w IC cu I' I ,
    :active oversi&i, r of toplicjs r r1ia}ti1. t t in pto i flrl iort ti ,1 ) iib<'>;ILt t ilti'
    nology, which ouild le:1d 1 i lltitelyu:tIV to tI l silble prolifi ratiol 4f Im-
    clear w.:,po)l ls. 'Fl'T le ( iniittee N ill :l I Oil cmI u til tIItII, 1 ,I' di -laniddi II il-
    tenc-:4, in 111:1110:111,111-' :111d im prov-ing tilt(. -cclirity f I S ni
    \Vca)ipOliS (lellop Ye at lio t anI l .,i 't,.ld. F ii:ill ,i lt,. (+,1uiil I, ,il
    coiltillue its -reviw of 4 matters relate l to the Iitern1atl+ io +.\tA+io
    EIe'llgTy A encv.
    12. lIn the ela,>sitil I field., thle Joint ( lCmiiinitte(,\ will :witivei |' li.-+-l <
    irel-,is retL tive to tihe -irt e,- -ic c- li iiItat io)Ia tal.l andl th i11iit'l ,I2 ll([
    h ulc' 1 force 'edlcl oll tio leetiiiL-. Al-,. ii exer tiAe -l .-l.I10:.. t Le ( ',, -
    initt, will receive it-s 81t 1111il l)rielin l y)V tlie ('IT A oil o c\ r.-( -is Ii iatt<--
    rellated to atomilC eei
    1,. 1irstanit to S>ection *021)2. of tlte Atoumict' Elerny A .t o)f9 1.,. ;-
    ateiieed, tl ict meril)ners of the Joinmt C(oitilmittee wNOho) ;ire lMenlIn' ,-
    tlhe St-iate andtln me -l)ei- of tIlie Joint CoilIiiIittee whlo arWe Aelinli s of
    tie IIouse of Repvresentative- shall, on or before Jine :ut of !iTi.
    report0 to I Itir rlD-pective IIo,.- oi tli de,4velopil ncnlt, I-,, iI [l conit.)I
    of nuClear eI'erV f(or tie cot111111IIn defeii.- ( and -ect1ritv a II fo0r peaI' -
    fill purpn,-4.

    111ilIH HI I UIH 1 12111 1111 liii IiiliI111111 t11illl Qilll 1
    3 1262 09112 4833