An inquiry into the causes of the insurrection of the Negroes in the island of St. Domingo


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An inquiry into the causes of the insurrection of the Negroes in the island of St. Domingo to which are added, observations of M. Garran-Coulon on the same subject, read in his absence by M. Guadet, before the National Assembly, 29th Feb. 1792
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Observations on the insurrections of the Negroes in the Island of St. Domingo
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Garran de Coulon, Jean-Philippe, 1749-1816
Guadet, Marguerite-Élie, 1758-1794
France -- Assemblée nationale législative (1791-1792)


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I N Q, U I R Y








MXi G A R RA N-C 0 U L 0 V


Jead in his l/f..,e 1y M. GUJ IDET,


I 2"92.

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$ T ER a ontef I of ive years, between thfe Fridews of i
L Juftice and the African Slave-Dealers; the mbraf, phy-
*, 1 poiUi evils'; of that difgramefii trafjck, h v-:bee* -:
F 4 elop^.4w *itained: to the kingdom at large.' The.
ir~ion gf th 1@s been' followed by the glow of hlone .- *
gntipn~o. ^ e h q6iip of the people has cp1ed upon their,
;iflatQrs5, p away the national flain. C- 6noa2ted in
r bol.gk,i S ai'd refuted in their argumenits,: the abet-. "-
,,of/this' tt8de3 ialro6t withdrawn themfelves.from a
lg.h wxhyi 6-oWer ewn weathns ecpUed upon thm o. "es
iS nay b6Okyie marked, that thco molt expedirtius method
Qraiafp^^O tfi^^e SIre-Trade, is to read thY
^w~eEt'^e^ ^ -;- :*.< A,'- *
Q Ive

#;q fox up am p,
incis to Wien v.pidiefre^,'ia^ a
r- padtizans Ofths Trade,,lioW'.yQ~fintf#t# 4s ofyo Weft ind~ian- Jandi6-let h e of diet

9a pa* ~f Bptletij b 'IktwD1 t v tfh 1', qi u 6 r
t/Weit'e rk'pla~e ja fc..omingo ap1ly to^ ih :iW h
wbtj~e oe-dip ^ntljixi'bo~fe, pfCoirbn i^-^Werekefe'* -. '
'^**- .; '*c' '-S^^-^-''-'--; ''C. '.' ift^ 'u"-**-a ".-' -'&.

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dbntrb es the confequ" ce of an Abolition of the Trade by
he French --No--ren the eloquence of Mirabeau was im
tlu intace inefeeual., Were they he refultof.e' ula-
tio s made by the Afe&mUy for the government or ftef oN be
Sa es ? No: for the decrees of the AflemblyY on this fubje9
Amilormly purport, tht a" u regulations on that head (ho4l4-
oriinte with the Planters themselves." If dtofe dreadful
dif d~ers are chargeable to the National Afembly, it it be-
cauf they did xit interfere:.-becaufe they left the black'
labo*rfrs in the iMlands at the amercy of thci wmafters and
aftchavlng declared that all mankind were. bom equal, Lanc-
,tiwin e acree that-gave t al lie to.thie i principles oftheka
Of e fever pieces that hayve made their appearance'I
thWS e, the address or remonArance of the Deputies o1.
St. Imgo to the National Affembly of-rance," caplsbrZ'
li, ar notice, But before we proceed to an examinat.o.
n t cafes of the enqrniities xt records.let us be peiitte "
a kaip pn the awful sceness that the Ifland of St. Do-
/ S te Chibited: the pi&ure of- thefe outraged k.:
rms eed the moft frikig part of theonarrative in queffiion, .
'The e of flungaplantatiobna the burning of
t aghter of thet Whites, by Letret treachery, o r-
ipe ilt; th-e orof violations- of female chaftity the d4& ,'
outionpf al thebonds of fubordiaton, and all the attac-.
ments of foicty, contribute:tofill the dreadMful etch- "
Are" x eie1eoomitiesto'belamienited? they flyare. Cia':-;'-
they extite our wonder? by no means. Whatis the ftAte i._
the laEtiringnegro ? Is he aota being,bound owbyforce .
laboring under confiant compulfion ? driven ito complete hi..
Sta&k by the immediate difcphine of, the wh. .-Are afci'i .
letyand forbea cethe refult-of opp Son and ab? T
/ tWhin the native ferdoity ofAffica is Tharpened by the kveen.
/1 refe of long continued injury, who 1bal Jet bounds to i-4.
alif n de fo-- ce, +- blP'*--of ',..'ot -* .' "s.

Agaiin, how have the fierce dpfiplitions of fAvage life beeii "
S ouwttera&d or mjipvei,l by.the example of theiMWhite Sn-.
periors? kefia i wys juhiflable where free is theub
= ftitte of right ; or is the commiillon of i clvii cime pof.ble ''
/"t in %sate of flvery. Yet 40e- >ent 4t hate beato
STraxnfatd iatoZnglifli and POP*$i ed'=kr tOwb6 eo"f Pukatuw,
ePisnrtof 114 InfamveaShf 4te Nwraei i*,#
ft. Daivhi." It i' frarcely ncergty to obrerye, .thit its being piinte'- *
(in Frainc) i r of the Xalhngl_6!i a si it no additional :
ticlti being a meafore always adopted in papers of lntNt itt iii.,
or-id te ,l ai, ppfj?.i

-5- A : : -
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... ..."- ... 3W now tin' "
'h exift& ythe abuh ofV the a lave-holder, are fch a aturein
ofa a. ow often havh thefe wfortuiate being* beh
feiilows, beat, in faiie and reraion, te bar of -sn-
iroB eagei in wbh they were potued to paff in inconceivable=
-Aembbleextreeoftheirexiaecerl X ivtaiknmlonrea
fthet wretched glands a oluiae i being has refigncd ehifz in
'isthe toAnentacofiae owtacoufumiugre? tAn f n ftaace
, o f an aa&*fo awFully atrocious, ouix Ht Ibr pwroa the <
. '': -comiti thiat could futefie i(:. ^'tt e oppreftbr -tlus ea-
tfors A s authority whan Iantbe the ieis of tbns fuerert
... bfent tweet 4i Mi i or -* i P mttr. .L,
ho, thels torib heislauon of female chain ity we Utaee Iho inoft
S*4telahle? eXtraae of brutality, and, in te eftiiaio ofy fea-
., *'il~ky, lie 3oEof life is preerable tojto difgracem bi t aao-
-bu 4engls ot confined tUh Ah capacity of a bUBh, noff nb lity*
0 o particular form, and feature. Let this aeco ret then e-
tk*fettd between n te African Trad iv or are eiiano Patethe
m swhocompeu to 1w emthrace anwallitg objef&tof w 14;
the exafpezated Slave, who gNrTie by this Iatefl&a '
Saot his fusity b*but HskAfemaar e
a-But let n fuppfe, that athe fenf of lhame is incompatible
; 'with a b lack complexion, and that tBae Ncgft cooUl witaefi!
^ witl ot emotio m the gro*,*abu1e oft iobje& of at v fataC ion
le ft us fuppof* that the uananaral 'punllhneiats before mciis-
tio"' an Se of the whip was unheeded, because i
.t ^mbaifce sildqmt to be the uiiuaediate occaliwil of deathx y^
. the Negwxlt$~ other j;xaaa lea before his eyes:. A difacntioui
h ladadfen~awoaft the Hdestof t'&e Savres ; thibfe who had
; beforee wJltae4 inioppreffiag them, wprrnow at varance amongft
the fervcs. rhey had proceeded to open violence; whilftilie
Slaem ^ r-e event with flreiice, though not with iAW
en One party obtained An early ftaperifodVy ; teleader
.of the iveaker nu ber was taken& the negroe were (
U;.ttorsbf the death-o 0'amaaat*hepatio*f 6ti~ir
and who was broken alve upon the wheeL Tweaty-five &
Wuis fQdpwena %hared she fame-ateI IfAih fcolqmlo^Kt i of
Suope. educated in the Aits of iinroved fociW and a" I
''Ing tolig= In can.
vagto eelteprecepft of a MWl o ecu reli"w,ca
foretathe rW~ua e, oaght
'Ate to wonder that the African'bu" fendi~ tp the pattewx
imdifp u prV~e uwthhir Pttpe
the planter is deeply i e opinion is there inculatxd,
44atif ccedeA sOjaM aa. vpou, muft 4944et the ifands
x, gnuA n coa


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4. *, .... -. ..^

-. eonftane Teeneu O? cruelty ld baood e: ere.o -
the SIvwds wlh& had been Moll kfcindly treated by their ia1eas.
Swere the fat of the l.farediion; "that '* t.'it wak SiOy-h ah
e ltrayed, atd delvered-their r'Jmane niagtei tofheAflaafl .
fwod" &no fea ced an& lir3iret.p tq-'revolt the gaiiii-4i -f -
to f-ddityY Heaitht :,ye Plinterg 1 and if there 6be- ..
afigAt ytarit%. to1fgulaly flio1I h as-to har*oai lrktingfen-
"inient of huniityi let him; Ar bis flwn safety diveffi himlfiW
of h Withoiut loi of -i0if e !'- The Negto is being Whote .ri p
pure-gAdv difpofitiblis are not inerely eiturent -frim tibf&eo6t ifie
European, theatr- the Aevet'l oif l~en1.'^Sf I dnefi Kson*
SpaOonexciteinEistbreaL "'ipnplac.l,-e and'deadly liatreil f 4hu
hi. es,.ah ii~uts, aitf'abafe, HeiAet~egri.titua-ae ", on ..
nd inviolable. attachamneiit; ; EJpon: thi ndprieipa -we" S.
enabled tol reconcile ant ap enit'inconfit^&cy in A-dS.&irefe
t (.f Slaves, we-a~teiiibnfand, ?wefe RiIff found who gave~px'oofi '
.. Tf an fuvmcciba .defityi anid w35o. made mnanife thteirdetermii. \
i=diorin teteft'the fedui'o fihofe-who would with promia.
ofliberty inveigle i the to ertametian d ixE on."* Ifjehui' n&
iity of theiaiafer olyfia the apdpeti ofe eve ; Is it
S dicult to dfcOVer by Vhnt mode 4f treaire~lthe riTedfhAqi.
afthefe Slaves a fecured'? e grateifl, ye aPliters,. to the ',
ban wiho ha :at length difioed(tthis inmpvortant ruth and '
4 admire his- coiUae, wih has -,dlrdc %y.Avw it; etenln thae
Sbofotoftf nation devoted1ibDrt!; y ::.,'.:
But the horrotsofthe fitugter increase. the Whitefather -
-falls a vf&in to the tnnatuifal 'ragr of Mit Mulatto in **.-'roh
Have human crnme their orig. aindt qaulte mi humanwsffrs .
'. r ,. 6ra etheyifcitid by'fome ini.ant. deimon, 'who-p ofpeling.,
i. kifem f tfrty 6 cup of akeiono the 'una'.wartpaursou "
S "its contents, aclnd lUs-it' ith aobn.? Atas t we- vainly feel -,
in iAble the apology, oSux O own depravt and uinnhappily tfe:',
cafs off tof*.tranfaibaos, which Ziuid fcarcmeet.cesdiit&.
liry- b any'other patt-- df/the globe, are in ihe1reions of
guilt too appareti, Hbowever th Author of nature aiy hiv
inlfed afftion izinto the briaft 'ofa prct, asW theamean ofi -
-eferving he. race froi:.delhouixon, we laaff-allow that'thf
cqrrepOndxn fenjiment in ,th miidj, of the ok'sprhiug is merely
the. eftCt of a long coatinuedi cotrte of care pariality and-".
tindernefs. Shafl the harvef then rifet vpiifiout feed? and .
'hereiio foridnefs ias beelhwff-ii, flahIll aiil attaclmaents b' .,
/-x'exjfaed? it a country where it isliy no men nvidiualior
the known children of'the winter to uidei rga an i.dThip '"e
nd tAe igabniniy of Slavery, in-otnm witit thmo9 kf]-. A
-aa- ,
ParWu!*r Acpo. tpr;' .

-. . '* -.4 -- c 1

$i thsudaori$t -v

iiu61 of t40l'{ lfttt b ,let it not b1 thoukhtthatIva w to.':, -: .

: rottofed e 4 l ty ,otefyA tot ,tpa it&#'
j W ''eo J A
iA L bud 3>'

S ,daoded e -ahod thatO U,, in
tus davualitn to I fo thepniay a nd e' f- e r -a e
?"half ^ cae"feit

1 's o f ., : .**,ma Clar'iy ,(it a ii 'f.A. 5 *' '*.. ** < ,*? '. ,
r e .a ibtlyerti e xyaP pt tr ha <]ynes -.n e t :- :. c, w ,-
-t0 the &!ilretnthe ^Ainat4ri them 66 ErteP-twa

b ^a the? a ts h t to a.ppty Qftc*fCafiter> ;..; + .
S tA on iol.y tpre d f tiie .ies pJi.ome ).or .t .d i.-: ,:; o -
ed44 r 6

CMIp tediftir coftgt&e. p unrrnth- w eauiifA -

otid je aofort60lhie 4i k tthtaTa, thiderfie na~m of
tie Aqfdi 'gafrs.o;ra -if 'we crediitd vfuanrslid~fv the Ne- /;.;;,
C^ieda beAii'tfiq w~ib fidace and, 4fiet4 hte vfis~t~iiiteQf **,.
I anatity jer4ALJ R Med uSery6na Wlth:
It.come itow tbe a eentofmtheir" ofte /Ado4dialtou A 4
t4ie Wlxrnwts, isf-vin&Ive acfteli h tl h of rglanlt die pt 4
'tes irden ofN'age, at lta n itav4 .the Ne-
4 vdrciyiifla epl 'and M$i io ery
: iabbr'caicubate fc c6 din to 6 A4 eafch a d 4*;.
innw conetn nr qy tachit bwtUCBLC Q in teate q
A ol a o fieptinfecurity tic4 thik. -
teaai0 aftlr WE BIS Aad nttrtii euIEa tfo torinfesf

A isast ertou htftnfid ince and oEtiglane; e' -
^ ~ ~ tu ranchifed wheneve-^.-i' -' I_<- ...r they medwd it.A ;'*^,'

" ' txu"muRh, iawny ]a AM"IS #t fann.p WI tU --, "
"idMd nitcomfprthend how emicimpaion44 i^ cu1d be'thebi
"'-reward /tn~txft, weveSlavery-was aftte of happiaeSA^
w 4 of :rthe Re*t*o %WiJrace, th,,Socity ,
C' uofffrted oat ieaftnmet ofl emtnivc i en -
A ~ djoofetieirwchtdrpwi a&iteantbe -
ihepi S4 fo: theyight t4 i# hanco et TE
p .34fti.ttaeck, th& id td uen', the baift asd it u d
13- ,4elig. -Suck, wart th c tSlOS* aim- peatedind 4lfro
*.rde -:a"4141' f., o-l.' '

*'**'; *AiA o~t^ i,'r ^ ~c -^-' '^ -*
j:' .' i 3 " K ^ ' : : '.' r.: ; ^ ^

~ 3*1. -
3" .- -




/ C

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4 B t ,l* '
virffit*trougttho rIc ht agb h tt the Advoca'A^r* "A -
don of the Slavev Trade- France, and which iteabettor*
Sf thattafick inEnand, am, defirous of tifrfring at tbi- -
ri junau to finds of that important meafiurhere.
The prelude of the Remonftrants is filing, their 4e6dufei-
tion is bldly made. -The purifunents due to the anthoriof 7
fach outrage# will be wvM liy conceded& However they may
& kare frot the world, or from themfels theiir real rotives*k
the mafk of philanthpy, they cannot fcOpe the iodi"-
ulatmnOn of their countrymen ; 'anthe treg*bry of thme. me
th^ey employ, fairly majrkx ont1ihcriminality of the eanl at
zqChthng only ii wanting t' eaige with this Crsta :
e isvAmis iufeirS,_and thi dip *hemonffmince does not fhpeply-t.
the proof that they have addoptd that couxtrkofcoadt& un-
jpted to them by ti&p Co9oroftl-' This defet cannot be toni-
CAWted, either by the atrocity of'te crime, or the vui;l:O. .*
oad audacity of the aodu~kdon.. -
Had the Society in-Frnc^ beeb n i.canfe eo the
Sfthe Colonies, where wsm 'tAhr dlicicult where the icmpre
yidety, of laying the proofs of it before the Aflienbly *kd4i*be
1Wbld Was it ucceffiay )IeA tiewn that- they hadi aimed at nothing left fttn the oxti-
pation ofthe Colonies? :Certain; however, it i. that allwe
can collet bi this head from. the publication in queftioib in*4
Atiead of attaching the imputation on the lbciety, evidently
proves, that the diorderia i had a. ierent eai.e.'-A cauti,
-vwhich it is as evident the Renionitants did- not toae t ivo&.
Slight, however,: as there pretepded indications ofguiltlqar
-appear, they 6ught not topaf$ unnotced. They bear wIW .
-'1tiwm their owarefutation. "Like the giants tharwarred agrfi
.- eavei, every flone thrown by theie Z cha Jpions of 6ppreliOn, -.
iexns deftinedl toet with W ouble.-weight Von tbcw. 4 -
. *iu cads. .- .-. : . .- -sf ;
I The Society, fay thie Deputies, &kehod of the3D5ecai-
ration o die Rights of Man:. this immortal workteittt t*-
qgrkhtil mAN, but &cab, and, therefore dan:erous to
our regulaiou, e n with profufilo Intoour own Soloni
The journals in their pay, or undef -their jiAueiee, p0e t1i6
*ecimfion vent in the iiidff of our gangs. The wmiings' -
''the Amis vss Noxit>'openly announce, thai the freedonaof
&the negroes isproclimed by the Declaration of Rights..
~^(iferble ufift ofWjuffhce, rapacity, and opprellou4 Tii
Ae eviden of their own freedom, the ColJnigs of St Do-
condemnation. yimt a afiron of tiW
4c--t-A -SU
*' -'- .. "- R itticma-A&cQiitr az^ '', 'z' *-'..*
-. ^ .^ < .;.J ^ ; '', < "


-.2 ,

-' / j'^-/ ;

-e* Pi -. f AI

mg a as day-lgltt, was in the wietched iflauds of Ami6ca,-
to give a candle-like light in the refideMce rF the
Tlaater, wbibf the poorwaid defiitute N irowas tfit o m
T&&ersinf ~ l W ~ t i 5f u 1. ~
T]1,6 &.9taraotiorfw teRigh~ts Maig,- w"itfee0ns ieut
with profiiwon intotf e ColoiaeW, but the Aiclaracbj of th-. :
S Xight 6of Man, was not the work ofHte Jubis "An' rs X
vwihtpevr might, be its cife, they weire nottherAre i ver- "w'-
Aible for itf cnajuetnces. As a coa kutenotpaft *f the domii-,,
j aoa of Prsaws tihe laws 'of Fifwk were propery tpanA- '
:-J.^nftte&,'ib St. Dmaingo. But it appears fivum no tlidemce, S; *
*afertioiiof tdie deputies, that Ihe.awx 4tfNwirsi Were
pref affie6 dm odbtheM i fin Um thiflar with worlt
which the Colonift in the faie breath, .execrate and applaud;
which thq regard as the chaxfer of w lierty andh e, 40
.' ? caBeof~ag teir 4lftrefifc. **.* *' :' .'; */ -.**
.B agaui, hte,writings ofAthem mis? I 1tit isad, L
opeity announce, ",that the d th e
4 "clad by the Dcaaino ih. fte&H Ihave wade fpinid a counimct they hav. e. i Irapei11a -
their tite. .a it nece~fliy to prove, that the fen fltner when'd
k;the di w ki -the hour? If all menbe boieqindly fre -;
; dtet ihe Coonil prove the Ng aot uoei; nd the 4M1
patew* fettle itself I.t83cvoie ofuatueaiu4d oftruthsG
S ever lent, beciafe the Coloilfts QA U fome _unfortttate uadTveaofAffict? |
$uch however, are the proofs, and fuch thei4 aulwiititcy,. *. :
i-xpo which, the accufations agaiuft the fodety _rIbwided.
This defre&i attempcud w be remedied, by adveihihg uo %bne
Axrefions, whicbjiunn-Va Ond violefPt dbate" that have -
~~aguateewt4_ ~1eNtoi b~ arke
the virtatns inlgaation of it. members-"^ -~ teC
,n ies rather than we Oihodd betray trpriu lcpIes,"f laid bneof-;
lie Reprefeintatite.. Perifth the ipi ecsame indeedt*
t the fignal ofUblood and 106anronP but zot au4aoogftle
the Negroes-it was the Planters, who feverel thefk words
->from their coute"t, and made them the apolgyof tei owii
ei eormiesq Be juA and eat &rafs 'fid .e.lAbbew :.z-
Wiere. t"Wchoofe rather to be iuAjut nd liveiila
zh'-eColoifts reply. :1/
*r \ -- -*. * Ift aUll I :
*" With inac~atafiaadon dw ieyliae dsai to crqwa fnrie f -a of
1gei nity, with having 614 ?e6rFel h ComInies rather thaiin a ?inrile '-
S oula fberificc *mln4 they dare. themfeles rat tah," ?eitwthi- .-
'Colowws raztlwr a twe Jeiid gnrt to IS People of Coiuar the xabs-*i'

sarve I"' ", ~M .~~ 6g*D* z

-' Peiua Ac ie p'~ t '
** :.* r ,-

*' -- ,A. ^







2 4



2 -


-t 'I 6itmyrtaferi 6>- notevfewof.lei
:i(Bfnded ~almniesi. I Jia~ieii t& more~intoortant ta1R ti ; ,
*atracingoe aadlthaces t..Dboimovotu their ongm,4
p tfuimh teir pgrowc f yFevel ope with tfItIa, thie3 wifi be
heffmo1t efl&ftal aafare; -,to -the aucudatics of thec D'piafesl
Zetftie, however,. fer& -bAhiowe ,to readex ore fpeeiic3 ..,
*ardoom I have before mad. It i& tcr the white CoIosilla
i&=e. jt axe to, attebuta`the isfortuei 4f tte _Colonies.
Y ^*y lkft Pialaris fpID6 noac hdIs bmazen'hul, he lamented Widyth&
^:~ eiit it s owa re M~afa ag tldii6. -The'
have relatcA'nfgiices rocity ift 4r ^ me "
rafieabr, aar anioffonncd 'te;, aul I wiMllfoou rn p iii
&roeous^ mqn~ner*--It was. a. W^b&ite~t JfiriE~ged a 'R^
itia alurning dven,-WMho daIhcdiil.&t thIp thrin$ 6fa:chiii
1^cfit ceda. Slave,-,
p erah-Yhe~ tart enGnlerlhfat a- to Acog f
sth BaibarifY ofthe revote Sans
lc i avepriffied on thi's faolpoodAyii bse^ at 6ieryi I-. I'-
Aihe bone Of there ibbinfethat nature lnid giireri to
lfffti&s, -'an& you fcnuder' AS:tisson ixf~ceirvta)ean
latis& Mfajife thecnp"'o leWhi Wat _F
*waofrhkeoHeA They are the offsptgof dei6tdin jwhift tofe-1
-ofth- Blacks, originate ixrthe- atred ofSlaveay-the thiit of
'4iegeance. U p, Poliphy ibaigeabe? wvith thefc hdrjis.'?
Does-1hne xequkx-, the hloflI a; the -Col6iiftfs ?Brethieri4 e 2 K
cnes,. bg-jafF-ha beneficent-LIand yaoA4whl ero -Xtopat
*ery2, inui be aiaetcraofoe e <~ir&etrn&Iyr angfit npwn etntcib
9 th vlpyeducedeeyiir. s
&known, that b'^pArtdo of the oio
Pblters eFSt. Domingi coitft f, ree plepf Colou
thofewhhla ve fibme mxture -Akicafi blo ef
-tim comprends 91emad,0a 6 *ofIcpxuplniftheiige IE
.-^aou inayof clart"Ii~bitat^^ .4
di~iioi ha alzys Zgosily dhi~d t. -he 34V

.eMdlthe nfiata dlpfproeinptaonY 4 N A-
The effe&eof this arrogance, W~rejiot,';howeve*, ip nsi..-
ta the Peopffli If Covour bfutthieH cons^ea,-^e.
; ftnvS the taineus of^euderinu.themffe~ires ye~ctedable is tlthe~yei
^S~hirsi Enr6s.~rcf)H,!ien~ii ,2T ywese as reow~rkcati&-
6 if L n-e- *-* *-_o
S~ecIc*% Stdifh;tb th in~AwA1mib~y, thfleceniberir^*,

4. "- / 'V ' < ." *

4"' *1,

q, ,, "4'

&T ^rtfriadi ufiisi^',tbrpo gty;eIePb r< ..:

*- The -. -
d B,--anchoud&,- C march -tibtt the
l -enafit~ra-onug fe-a
^/^oa~l)- stud 'fca*W i-no war,?:
< ;fth -ithe coleainpd tio of t&a French laws: -4 inter*i 'i
"^ I= Coloa&a tng #60d tiP f.eaa~il~~tpi*'. ?.
.- Pfietors#-B cvicda rt="W inTy werthe: re6g" th* .I
vri i f e w iiol~ edge" Thd Whit WColon as thet.r 4*
'fijtaqnclladhe'camiot watthe-ittout the3Ptc i vofhii .- *4 4
5;At epochal$ 4s Mr.s unfitasbr a isiteCoaa fw ^ l a o
difithy r"acelbapidibp biande e ofjr .
.rolheour, brofthedroB'4and twn es~efrlypotra wuhont

th- atteniOn l oftiix ritmercl ths 'ft.
etors.-,My C~d~ aufi1cwspXW A tWe~~65 hU

^ '' nqmt?^tleaft aS itraiqn ,as fcih a ^AfcrD. pie4,i-w iv '
equait.y Twiticas acknoh cklgaamy&e -fairttedt *.
. itiatieontte tion; That ituahtiiA e of the igraeutce-thit a
-a a ^ yIcth one pan' is -torpi whMgOaw at*ea Is. ifta a
TicAedimteiferencedof haerNationalAnfi;bly lhc opleoE
Colo trd ilesbwas bt ahi decrec afthl Sa t bf Mair&r
SinJgfef -the ipyffdg C1' "^Oie earn o trab ted tohe*' '. 1 .

att ^ndendeio off. hc Coialtuei A^.cemkiy~ thfits. w ti'1 tim l wa
pe't. Poitite tiealty- o-lale btej. u .t:y

S* i& fredecfthatu0on. re Ta aeinianevihtelakto
L .fVt1yicWU~prt fl~,U 1VThiJa b
~iththe ~ante moionso($t 'Viue_ dsthe n
Te1~tint4o enco thee NaSienli Vt mgffiz, ,

^fhe b eofClodiewas b r idea,.thM ije -!ii
.* 4$iichu Pldanters whoeidendy, tha tit grlb h ere r* ietyor -." aj_66
luol Ouficaiooiu''cll d ctio tofb Appigptso wk
: X~i ;"Yo eople. Rf.Cod appai&=t^ iiaoan olxftffc~ upon ^ , 1.r- '-*^
of .**- '* Cooo 2i.-,_ CO 'M^ )Ir CC, QWU-w i -* .-.
X h qoualitye iny~uof 1:1h i.cs'
TTUS4deci E,-h gli in At&4 it ga e n ~cr -~ ureius, ett

:P petterof. lnloirwas giwde d wiB tNfh I j uions 4eVotr tyhk
4 i1Xio ..Zfal evietly iggpnw rthbe ge~a~ iyo
Caso e1jp17, of vO8. Te
4ee, 60rtweyert Jduf
oe? lae f. Coor at p led fo com o%2,n : Po
m i' fae1 V itwist ffrifo* ~ ttela W'e e J
1*' tci( of M. ffa t 1eat e-oaEe- Ae r. h esd insa *tni i~3e Nan 'e by atireiuiilqE .-'*

nuabj~ewres,, an i 4w cttontpbaUMge' cuiwe 5 a t ed c-Ctfi:l$-e-nf *'*'

~J, z a yis ua nuiopi(a leu 1 rr ffdBfr Iepr avaftagis atsachie 1. is jpa144es..'.;* -'*
'- 1t UiIch of Mr.KnoB ~ii&MZs 1791 '
% -. *

4J! -,
// 4 s4:

4.. : -" 4''' ^:
's' 4* ^ ? ^ 14 '*L- -'"



// n

'7, -7;i
Ct I,

""- i -w ir i'j zb : "-

liiftaio-tbar\Airembieir- Some commotion enfuec,
W" they aut Y fell a fac e "to their prides, aid the*,-
MtfiUMfIcE WTh I iArx lirt have not been aocufed of any
SiBrferce in d difientions, to winchit is howeyerpribabl^
s a flavesfcswere,!cat inattentive.;
Tke & A ceghin excited the vigilancofthe Nati
Ai Agmwty. The teceffiqty of flbae definitive nani-intfii
,:,B parent; but the diBqulty aud daBgef of too ioSeataitb
Si ftst twas aot =efs fo.1Ju orderhowever to relieve th'"
,Caows from any ApprehftAk that the Fr==hCopfltUtio0f
ieWded to be enfored is 4t6fiand, o to a llbite or.
mcimi*t the condition of the laves, a decree is pa d 01
t th day 9f Cober t790, by which the Aftc!j re4
SaccOftitStipnal article,- That they would egabfiix tioreu.-
laos refpealifg the interuial goveo ffp*-d t6h I- tke
%iPit th, d precise oan formal "itcn te 'Colonial

is a decree_ the Cobwtuen*- pMulA y not, OOy dir-
:l aiufc re 4&^ y?'ioI:eetfaniy hzture difclrQoo n
i C tUi^\cQ~di~eit^ Sylbves.; 6tt, as'ar *-ftV
.-&i "pthe 'iands_ of their faccegmbr from abrdig reief
That. Oevoti race, or rifcuirg them fiuno afy tyeaaIR
li/at aght be exercifed. over themn They wes delivered
aWr ti their mafticrs, who were at once -their gaccugrs.
irjq gu a.d their executionej ; accte for their i
7, toi to aI humnau'power. So far fi ppofg the 4
fw ting the authority ofthe.Cotlonifts, Affbly bec
Raccoaplice in oppreioft, and rout aaies offreemerftt:
inahuzaitM the reign of deoli~n. All wssin the power of thed:
-'oni; and if they had nly maitaied maiity among
tb dvcs the blood of the %cgroes might have cried to heaven, i
Fi ance hd for etvr Mit her eyes to their fi&frings, am .
tpher~ea to their laJieitiao ns.
Pea was wt, however, tie confequence of this decreea.
/ MAei propritors, it is true, ha obtained legal right of tyxan-
/ .Jiuio; but the unfrtuaate question filt recutmd, Who
/ Anld fbe permitted to pxceicikethat right I" On-this head the -,
/ decree was 0lent.. New diftf":ao6s apfe each of the parries
/6 'coverect under afaaioux patriarif_ the moftatrociou efigns.
A.f. action and -revo became frequent. MaiWuit,. a FrenchLI
oficer of rank, loft his life by the hands of i own coun trymeaR,
The 4nforcunate Og6, a Planter of Colou' who had exerted
imfelfin France in the cauie of hi bre refolivad to fup-
port by force their jut pctenfiop"s. He l Min the aniftI
terxtoiy, of St. Onigo, wherc he a9=,kbled aow 6*00w fi1
'tow,. Before he proceeded to iiies;'le wrote to: the'"'
.-*; '. .- ', .'** -'."' "' '? eB i
s. '*' ,v ' ~ .
s. ~ '' ^ ~ ;" '"



1, '1


-f 11 1

^ 'his Second A'l.iwhich decidWd upcMn Xtsigit that sW,
People of Colour had been entitled to, for apjiards 'opceci.
i turytj infiead of reftorizg peace, may be -oufidired. a tlii,
cau, or rather the potn; of al the fubt(qnent ev i thami
I ft colony -of St. D)uig9 has fuftaied. They arofe no--,
Sindeed from its ce tgon, but from its tonitersaion by ... :r
White Coonil. Haay, after the wful warnings they ha ';
already- experivinced, te A ordinances of ia alfkmW 'f
theypretended to revre; had they itnabibed' one' drop of the, i
True lpidt of that conftitutioa to which they had vowed iA*
di olablt attxchreut i had AI3ey evert fuppr~Uhd the diaaies oC

.- *11 iutm men pt1t I ed -vee m lu'on-t et afflsoer are! leglie -.
ehufc. .0gftA mart martyr delMltbe'tae I& Ili cartr tout, it-- '7
P or lui, siunite, juall scedft Lc 1 conMcrAt rac*g; r'infamie i -
SctnplsrB~o o.Q5'clleftrfleij*Umaiitcuitlefeih.tyr*n. ,..-< j
' p_ i" Sp OkaaofMr-r.ffot,%frtk -D1vemb>erptj.^^. '
- -'This de*e after all was tot the extension, bt the Jre;i no ot a r
',fises.. It wal afertedt in the tatloal Akemlly that of' too free i.'..
'.-q f irvcij a ojld be Ifurnd who could qualify untderthi ke- .
,recl~ of r. 1iwbcdl, 7t f Sept. o&e i7q.x

4 V



~2a, a


- 4 1 -


yrenclbenerlyithsdfre was'fer peca~4cdl 4iclm '
were entorced. His letter wias abfiaud coofedwd a Amin;- j
Tatiox of war. ]Beng attacked an&t t Y4ttAedhetook raliig.
inougft thpadalrds, who delivered hii'sp' to his ad
The liorro of bb deatB wemeibe hvu trffhtof cnf^ u
Thee 4aifturbances igi increwEia^, the Naltional ASeuAjf 4
found itaieceffary, it length, t6'ia ide between tIco3itWi^ m
.pnrtioesT uong and vidolt 4%bate w&oo pace, in which 99=4.
Membeixs ho had on othet oecafi ngnifiicd themfehesb I 'r
their talents, and their piauxifii, opofed with a degfee it
wartfh as pertinacioUs as it waS incOafiftent, the psifrtfifl 4f
tlie Peole ofCdour. fleit' refinance wasq*,We,-
;cW ii~i l Onatieb th e. firi of Nlc G^~~ s70, i 04
f4. edthat'6Fthe filofOftober, f fasirifp a^^w
f thbiriflaonds. r is vaw that the wordjAwi wosca'id j 'a
omitted inr"Aocument, and they Am only chara&eed ibry
4he egadtive deAfriprion of #* men intfree,^ AsiE qhtf i
_y^ &i pe on a play 9f wprds, or 4lapod~ ivc :
^ aiftof the decree =0;; ithl ittke11,o to 1tho *
it pa n without eren ieprmenfi*o from f* e
inombirs. The feco'ificird efW=1ing t w pOk
: q -a teift Thofe who weiie before ikw iby
.atrfoim divided- ipon it. It was, hoim, ;'
detrminitt tih A*ie r that the People of Colour "boni "t
*^^ee- aisents.J* b lo* inered tah a n&w citizens aii4
'tIieiell totj6bft~eescykoivcrBuentinthe illands. "* - '.. i





0, *' r

- l

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, 4
: 4


", .... '' ,*" "'c .- ,' 9 -'. .^ "

S' u ^ ein quga!{zat I- .e aete4,t oip t
late, -thy haA played. aa of ."triot i4,n pr.. fe, ed,
thenifelves froi all po.ibility' ofdange -. per.o ^ '
St. i thp e .quAwlti ofaothe Pe qe ofCroIt oin theirim-
table .iges of tbe1aY 'Whte" ColoHyi:'i.Tld 'cendaonb of
.\ '. flasdinihthave IoI1ltliae tmwtas 4ftliei ji&ers; but th
tred of a depot isber wred.i 'y .ie-Eiiwpeananim "BtW_,
j $litey vnerpadoiiov wjh .;hjve done the wrong jf i*A
le t oft o, erqo t hy' attqW b Mo "o , :x -
4 and thei crfiqn to Afien o6defee.ds front enert t
.'- eeratio. No f16oner' A.thef"Atcem ap d,, tha eptie', t elads to th:.NaionafA"AfembIdtl 4reiw thoira-itn.
dance.- Theeoo ;CuuiteiiwdysnerfheBCnu *e
of t hpaUntrsm ficnde& fhedieaxburs.. Its .aniaTv inte
4ufleand fruCak the Whites Aith cbrilteruton*. *the# r v!wed h
hci~e their ois the-ysrtb~ Othan b.eblyr ,t execytioh ofp;f
decree.' Their rage boo4ered upon prey. TEfe pioed
Adtolnprifon the: ]Fenchr oherch-ats then in't oeiilahd- tn. teat"
4'Aowu the NafionaLFa, nd Hioift the 9440i Stpl dar4ia ,
.lacf Who ft aIte jioe of, iti" M laMtoe. w.s mng-e... with
S .pprehentfi h .wand wt.fea, -St o. DomngiO rech ditn
Snes iof the Whites, With their- e facs,,Baw thWeir ba1nteie-
-gaiurt the conflitatin > nioon s-md& ntIlreets to..--
fite upon the Peoplq, fC0lour;who 1d-frox.Athe dt ail topk
fefuge van the; ulantatio~ of their fi'p4d;, inin the wooiis.

-ffreflenornnites. ABnidfb thfea fations the (la'vesdr.hi
mianied in their aetcufo~m CuBrdinatqo. -IN or-was it til fhl
oonthof Angft, x, tha.tthe i5mptoms of the infufteo
appeared amogft-them. .Jf -'te otorietjtf th".f' t-
qire any..eviencet inybe bb und'it the tfthe.
!olonjil Conmmtcee, in. the leasts of Ihtr. Sln~heande f,^: si
S thwfpieches of the oeibrs of thealfe a b= i* blicado*

/;Vieletters ofM.B~n~chc~htq -iie d atlde tAffemntr, zd 'of
> Aeirfsof-thd Syndickfs Cof aoharoberof Coniftere ofKoch toead,
*the 7tb of Septeipberi79i. *
Spee&opFM* Bbffbt, ifof DeccBerri?7r,
-' .Thleltter, xhus 4eIribie the coiineccmeft 6f the infnrreAi .' -
On of AiguRtilbe Coloaikl Atfmby reqreate&.iyi Ief4"
ths'exam 'atiof* 'fFevexaI peroiis, as we4, WhiteO a& Blacks, w-hd had
b qu apprehcde4 by, the patrolei I was (onvinted- frorin tbxit OepofitjonsI
that a cbnfpiracy was Formed agaipfthte Cbloqy, an4 pwticularly igaef.
theCape. rieanez imctatou the night nV the f.ieday' ft wasiiitnsd'-tt .
'egra~fqverat wldVlin~ eaFrihe.Cape~anit~ aiffareaU,. te WIhites. OR

t 4 i. ''i 'v



''4 ., C 1 ..- l ,'' I *

r^64jaf teft rem~a~ts. roifiaiInsbttliP --"*:.11 '*
iteks Poplp of Colofr had 4o& t1A ligfM
iot~oa;freforztc^ sha4 tirciiic^(i.<< $
7T ofAl4* M)ev^-inknf.kk fA epr


4q .fi^ tbQC^OitBtqktb~o^thaI*1W^MpniilWnt .X^
; hroen the Colonial Oepur~ttoe, though ever attentive to
s mepe'efuxsg iWol4dcs wle, blpstei 4 4to
:cauLe bt tMe isfura " f ionvws n b Addre&o 4f rr atipu,*pm '
.. oth~tjnteaixr espiccss, they ickno]l
b^qie t uce4 tq 4=4m o the intorfenwvF ihc ociezy ihfi

J~f^ iQ^rfartat' "4at| qpIsidge;^ni
S.. :ai4otrag? i apjapearinmtht wotings af the Ais Wks No',,.
At j~a4fflt to *ai4t# what b# bheq. kheir moral influence;
V hicherto thlereuno evie4ncq tlat t -dais de Neirs hAcvo
-icited AiefvEwpaki? wq Mire found 4il the acciB&tonsk
aia bp6y proof."
J -

wo4 4tbf ::lt fp^- l..",\- fr'-.n-. 11* c q b*k *f d r
$ iwyitr<3twgsbxafo)rnioa.that Many 4( che JZa4) hbourcn *|*"
*'Wterlt4 a ^4ttztTayhitpMlbcen put to deach -

*^^ ^-^-^^^^ *

*2, ; : -


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4 i 2

- ( 4* '
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k =
t' '' 1

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( 4f )I

* ^ (c~

ambd oftw.
~~ ph.^te ablP A t ^mherity jk'^A&f to^ E' &usufitw Elc M-^^hg^iB^J^^^
P.pB *1 0.hw "a~ agbi i _A. ip j^ U*_ T iwy ^
hvmto 9Th1 -f aom -I ft- -,

fttu, Fdrm-ara~i UIK~wM ~ thi were -e m~ui~

wot -itMeoll -6m; -and %be Whit. e AT*
onl -to h> *Utlii5job SOWN!".e~t *itra
eiefre alhef. ebrm icth to Ld. titeii'aOa

aot ise fcmWt uudAG= Wtet- tieath mini ifces 4=4

bmr. Afou; wet, %*aE cekomedre twere dw of -the
Negras ii Mhe ath Anof th P.#eofCer n.
oke. y ck YvaoUg tedmy -buthuiiNuilM fcii
forght flya cowomde .f Cokwtw win *fieiot~tw dtou to a

~uu &pulati dwthir fawour. -. Poi~cA AkI ~b.madioa bow-,
ever Al.wW to a Modiul4 iusa br't a day let7 c4tte
t4 wit thi dauk ad h*i a bimidged etaN*N.g a
bouldae that =*Wintheug in th e .o&W '1r, wieh
the fuiNcrings flcoolof brute. Uder urwCwa
uieccffuy foi the Awt obi urtcry ot m tfle efroe.4ab-
e> tkalh Wdeen~n -todwt the wff o tdrM|h tmdmtW
t. ed wert a utheapy and han inreit buace rf At uetrobla *
;**' Ixdage hat wlxBOtinep tig iof otfireaal~~ i coseragi'

'. *- ; -*< .' .- : <

-- y





V. -
~., '4,.

V., .4,'.




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- II 2

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;* 4.
-4 ;.




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4. ~4 *
4 44 4, -

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4~.4'4'44.&.4 *4'4.



-" -, 4 !<"' *<

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* N
44'.444 '.1,
* .4.4.4. 4.4 -

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4 .444~

5, A

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tIt ~eple 0* cair^".'
to meliorated the maw-
\amts~~~ Hi re ad*;t6
did note'xtemd."., An"'
which, if it iia! fbohr
ion. Y'fu. nts
,idodn rfed; an -,the

-ge nthots

4~ 4d'.t1i~ ski

~ -

confcquate ws,*tb' -the -ort 13S tttl q tees 't-,c 9
FP c 1fpe Mean Metkk o

rItillthein iefto As C iVAru ate n the
AdeMyed ilFttdei to(; j/,)vcre intention
a'^ ;*taS~wariwc& ^wa* epreje#Mtt~rccctpopB, ai2& the. it-
frlt *iat'Achwai-MsJ)cfort bhcn itgted, *3 far the White
id. hiicceced in tieir aimWsThe
- .-' 4 ^ A *'.;, .

.W*c& Degret.f tl'* Ci4.xai A 't--ab"y,*a;45c-t1 -


4 4
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44444J4'. .'.p44
44 ---'.'--'C-' -44-4444
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X w- te ,& -t iA eteof:Co. li d takd

$a_;" eno*dait _at+j owrcneudare^ tk odatw .n U. o,
of A th of M i''pj:WW b-cauW ofeothattN mihze *'&.t

+,++ ,. +he-+
*^ ^-'^^t .Wbnedtad tli nlblive ntanhy dcafiot4 Baxut n& ,.
kt ;^usadhean6 n'c deIigble~*1idrlf cn"ow an;ta4

"- ::++ *-ifl^^^;wieletfeeatnceft bfh&.aW ..+ ,* ." ;.:w "
o, \., tthofMay M41eW l t .-" .cda
A-he Iewo.ft thie-tlioE:e ia PirMThd ^SeiyeB : ;-
P ": f ..he "iLa& if Colour.we win nanlr ~ent:.d46.r 4th. l +t .
W^eto^^Otliae&f&TOati~pitao I
bewytcd,6L that at pfulmeibditeat' 4 .o i 0* w.
Srity-a iftu in ab&QjdSCe'- Fai,
4! tdd' -Cv Gfiixtl At#. it was paired A
new code had *4n.prc todlojA417, Iwo
was.te. fit inf-ingem-nt4a4
F$c iin4 c rtv4tnw ntficti6fii UlVdcClsft

:. :+4. :-o e "lo+ lfeyoImiAm++:+'+++ '* '' :"*'-

i"th, 6 M.,e4.Ma n t fr: ^on'. .. -*
k^^oiioilttof&&gxoe had^ 4 \apa4,boCt
.4e wete gttifth ^;at4hw th

. .fthAt ofth. zjof September; tey frmay 'r e tse
f~ V.' dm f epI

++ Ceacrdat, u.and treabewo It efutd t com jiihmtq age.v-
,/ w+ *menf'towhic they owed thei vq exiltace People": :
+ +-a.fColorwki~tw i arms; they at~eaked, .ie.W'hite in' bc S ot., 1.+ +-),
: ".i :tborW.Provhtces.;ttiypoflfeffed themfrilvcs o(FdrtZ. t. Louis, :'+. + ,:
nd. deyfYd xheir. oppimenai-fieVetam c : .* Ar ''
S, State. the frroundd .P.-45aiu-Pn c, the ca.ita he ^ ,,

cl.+. iratfs a cxccuuon do. .ecu cmes kdu. fe-ont (sacsl pmr lts Af.embicsI+ +.. ++ ''
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t"~ g prkcti.ofM. Fjaucbet, lPth'Decmnhbedr, 1790, ixnd.of M.Cr~asde :

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*pegodl d there is ondyvif& fthe Atnerican States where the
trafSNs tr already 'abodfhe4. 1et us tl3e aittbt.the
f tft'rbiles to the4-onno vftouniteriev6Ittion pvincilesi; and
igbve'all, the MijufMi=ee of ivhih f he -whites have ben
-, .T1"v m~ifre inag~k~te ~Mu oos~partakfof the ileflinjg of'
Iii JJ~ .; sad 1afily totK ovff he decree of thexintbT6?M Have we notin the Con,
'Siwvt Aul~~l, fe ~ ~d~rs raisa feC d; P-eople
cw~n eleia fern~hIvgs s.ii.-A$ jtVo pav7il&'tTe *ay- for
the repeal ofthat ddreG. h&y pre'pnig'6 ti 4prisiir ofiti~e
,. usJh~dth e~r~toi~oftivngnon and. the
". Canp of Jak&s 4k"eXti&' A wlndisap4 ^the 1Liegeois, ^|e
?P~eofr rCo~oar ws 'iapcfn4 (j^. wiflied to b~fonie
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Ptans, vwheu tbe -Baftjle~ was takeni dit x' zhefitbepri&t i the.
2-~ae! -maen, whG 'wero fheidror tOI Jftate Iftur4e, vrewt oveaft t
-the cries-cf 'iberty wvhIc zfoixn- d r~iba ery ^e,. Perha#ps-
no, ihe wi teslawver thrztrzlves cieii- a djfcoientrieii
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unmikr liti eentianad; rejolee tiha~ ti~iea at Paiis, afd~asf th$
-Xingdof Spain woflea4e it t_*6 t k.Wof-the: ?tugre ,
icut '1.c~ icRaftt~ear a ?eyitae~efor mnue>o5F A Sjt StDomii t66 party liberty. expected P
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; M n-tiiett t p ivace when Ac ifemon fle& A wwe1Lci. ow^It

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a to the'Will of a ~IitifierA* tiiv'a bAiibj^
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