The most surprising adventures, and wonderful life of Robinson Crusoe, of York, mariner


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The most surprising adventures, and wonderful life of Robinson Crusoe, of York, mariner containing a full and particular account how his ship was lost in a storm, and his companions were drowned, and he only was cast upon the shore by the wreck; and how he lived eight and twenty years in an uninhabited island, on the coast of America, &c., with a true relation how he was at last miraculously preserved by pirates, &c. &c. &c
Uniform Title:
Robinson Crusoe
Physical Description:
130, 2 p. : ill. ; 16 cm. (12 mo)
Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731
Wait, Thomas Baker, 1762-1830
Printed and sold by Thomas B. Wait
Place of Publication:
Portland Me.
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Subjects / Keywords:
Castaways -- Fiction   ( lcsh )
Shipwrecks -- Fiction   ( lcsh )
Survival after airplane accidents, shipwrecks, etc -- Fiction   ( lcsh )
Imaginary voyages -- 1789   ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1789
Imaginary voyages   ( rbgenr )
fiction   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Maine -- Portland


Welch, D.A. Amer. children's books,
Brigham, C.S. Robinson Crusoe,
NUC pre-1956,
General Note:
Parts I and II of Robinson Crusoe abridged.
General Note:
A variant(?) of Lovett, R.W. Robinson Crusoe, 78, which records the imprint as Thomas S. Wait and Crusoe's dates on the port. as 1637-1705. The facsimile port. in hand reads: Robinson Crusoe, Born in the year 1632. Died 1705. Aged 73 years.
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Signatures: 1 recto, L6 verso blank.

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University of Florida
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.,obinfon Crufoe,

Of RJ K, M A &. I N EF R ,L

( O N T A I N I N G.
T 'r V I'RfI '-'L AF. CC' UN'T Hoy vri?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ c M.* A )^-i tl ft3 I.I.L Hil;
N *.. W ., 'i "V ,t.UL. %WD HI EN! Y
.I ,,,. I 'E WH'.,' e Ia- ,J W RF. E.
,, .; '.. F ',Hll -V% I) W F I
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k .,-,._ 'L.{ l *L V l t< i '-', i i. i,:,' rA E', i" ,.. 1
Pt. &C. &,.

P P T Y .1. N- .-';
" N T E L A:. N *. F i 'J lA
,', ,. .,.,,,.,, .L, I"'-:. i; =t^ '. '


N thil nezw eakridgement! of the uwnder/ut life and
mcfijurpri/ig .i-ventarce ,f Robtinon Cruoe, Ith';nk
wytej tbtiged to acquaint the reader, that all poZblei
rare as been taken to preier ve the hiftory entire, to cor-
red Ime m/lakesf in former imprtjs 's, and to add a con.-
/lderale nu t'er o9 jads and material objdrzvations that
have. t Ia. secured, and w re aevir pubkij'id LM :i
this edition.
The general fuccefs an.i Ye fl applaufe the m>rk
at large has me,: 'a::', r : ; er : ..'s for me ti j,4_
or-y '.. t, in ts c ":+m '. action ; n'r I ihi ;he *~vea ex-
,tptt s that ba~i'z ,':c miao ; ". .* -he ", t. !,ti cj-
taeji. diersze a,,v rberva:ion. J'Cat if the :uhole
1.. (,: i j ) a meir fidicon ? 2"e, the a'efgn is
j 6 1 carr e; a', Ut,4 r iatt'p- r ,p criwC:tS cur':u; ob-
jlerve'-"; aud >..2 i'c. ::, ihat a. Irons a, cvo hba v
*f talft ifrr the incaphorical way f ritig,
,, /' this a aflier -: A. a ,'ia I i l 'vsture !} <,,. /
i a, ad beft ce 1 S ,',i er aiptreared c; thC '
/ .. i1 ".. .,

'as I htpe (, p-rn>rm'nce 'c /,C/ea e''sr in its
clc1 ^/avaur ia ca' r .; in p ::', t to do, I lal!
lr'u,, e thi re. r, t. I':"-;;ef, '!:; ulfleri apologies,
*r attairtf! 'i ; s., :ii.,): oe ioan IM cplots'a f a a*jjrsi

JSSI'u^u 2 '; 5)S ).*'*:C. ~
LF, V ./ 1, r tis
v a 5 s .i : '" ',, i .' that

SIt IC I1 i; r
. i 1. *:" '" Ciu non;~ ac '
; .':.* :'cav.."' ,+> :u~cifc;+ nt reC.rn b'y." f:.r t,:.
i." u i" a *.. :o ,. t.+,, .7!',, ,** .* : */ ....( .,i g .d o ,s, i ,-
I 'C pV t> I :. : ",' :. i' g i. .
e.n pcCul.i.!

fT M E

HE that pretends to publish t*o the world an
account of his own life and actions, is
doubtlefs under the fr-ongefi obligations to con-
fine himfclf within the fir 80cfl ules of mcdcfy
and truth and this, I can aflfue the public,
I moll Iolcmnly determine to do in the follow-
ing narration.
I was boin at York, in the year 1632, of a
reputable family. My father was a merchant, ,
born at Bremen ; his original name was Krcnt-
zuzer, which for the fake of the Englifli pritriih--
ciation, was afterwards changed into Cru-fee.
My mother's name was Robinion, a native of the
county of Yoik ; and for that reason I was ckll-
ed Robinfon, after her maiden name.
I was the youngeft of three brothers. The
eldest was an officer, and killed in the wtr&.in
the Low Countries'; and the other I could ne-
ver learn any thing of. My father hiten"ipgpe
for the law, particular care wva tak'ei.-,tqy .'
education : but all the pains and ezp .tl 4":'
to no purpose ; my inclinations eIe bteM'al '
sher way, and nothing would feri6:0yd-tvb--
but, at all hazards, I muft go to Cea. -" W'.
My father and mother wei both .
ain ft it, an d u led a th w.ira n d .m u']..
'eiffuadc me ; but it was all toqq
#ciolutions were fo fiEmly fuTt w -


"W" .8 1f( N S 0"is 3
the intreaties of a moft tender father, nor the
tears of an.affreionate mother, could make any
impreffion upon me. ,
I was then about nineteen years old, when
meeting with one of my fchoolfellows at Hull,
who was going with his father, who was maler
of a flhip, to London, I acquainted him with my
refolutions, and he readily promised me I fbould
have a free palTage, and be provided with all
other meceafluies luitabte to the voyage. Ac-
cordingly, without imploring a bleffing of my
parents, I took slipping on the firf of Septem-
ber, 065.
Oar 4ip was hardly got clear of the Humber,
when we were overtaken by a violent form ;
amd, being extremely leafick, I began to reflft
Supon my father's good advice, and the happi-
SAcft of a middle flare of life which he propolkd .
W!'ae tefolving, if ever I should be 1o happy
as to fet my feet again upon dry land, that I
would return to my parents, and beg their par-
doo,and bid a final adieu to my wandering in-
clis atios.t
Thek were my thoughts during the form :
bW that was no lboner over, but my good relb-
Itlties decreased with the danger, particularly
when my companion, coming to me, aiked me
in 1 was not a little (righted by the florin, which
' asbt sempreihd it, was only a cap fall of wind.
4-' Cei e boys (lays he) turn out, and Iee what-
? hine wn.her we have now, aod a good bowl of
punch will drown all your paft furrows."
In, the punch was madetrand I got fair-
ly 4dipt', muad then all 4tv former refolutikus
aad' dfi^.re' u qhomtt aoihled. Ir e-
U ti f tt^crajys, gutil I was rouf-
-" :A .?

3 C /E (U" $'.'0 f." 7' -'
ed up by another accident, that had very near
put a final end tQ my wandering refalntions. '
Upon the fixth day, we came to an anchor in
'Yarmouth road, where we lay windbound with
several other vtfleir from NewcaftiUe ; but there
being fare anchorage, and our Jhip beiwg"ight,,
add our cables good, the failors dcfpifed all dan-
gers, and were as merry in this ftarion as if they
had been on lihore. But on th eighth day there
arofe fuch a strong gale of wind as prevented
our riding up the river, which Rill increafing,
our.,jhip rode forecaftle in, having flhipped feve-
ral lirge fens.
It was.not Ion& before a general horrour feiz-
ed the Vteamen;'and I heard the maffcv cry,
Lord have mercy upon us, we hall all be loft IV
For my part, I kept my -cabin, very ick, till the
dreadful apprehenfions of sudden death made
me come upon deck, and there I was terid
affrighted indeed. .
The fea went mountains high, as notbR g,
was to be expected but unavoidable defirud&f% -;:'
Two of the hips had already cut their mafls b
the board ; two more had loft their auc^ %
and were forced outjto the mercy of the teApet j
and we, to fave our lives*, we S ^lj4Su at *
away both our foremaRft and ,rnij ,.. ,..:
It is caty to judge the condiioc2 .rI'sfer-
-being but a freil water fhilor, 'ma.rwo
cafe than any of tihem. Oar Tpip^ w
firong, but, as I underdood b'_
laden, which made the faif -
would founder.
The formi continued extrg4h"y$I" I
B. the middle of #-P ,night '
crying out, That the &fipi aaa *

r. -u s f IT
others, That there was four 'feet water in the
hold.' I was ready to give up the gholl through
fear, then on a fudden all hands were called to
the pump, and I among the rcft.

S Whilft we were all in this confufion and dif-
ftef, the rafter happened to efpy fome light
cdki#ts, and fired a gud as a fignal of our mile-
r ~I was not then aoailor good enough to
*6nw the meaning of the gun ; bbt I foon un-
dterfo*&it *tu token of our extreme danger,
g A f^ley owa it is impoftible for me to
^i. j[ionBids I laboured under.
.? pv iAwi for us that in the form they re-
"t:rdrd our figual, and with a great deal of hxs-
Sput opt their long boat, and by wonderful
' rft '4i&Tdeoe fared bur liet, but with the greatest
difficulty for-we had hardly got into the boat,
but we haw our fhip Oak to the bottom, and'we
had infallibly ban itery foul drowned if thcy
ad not come-ia ihtt vwry nick bf time to th

__ .*,i-yq' .fl -. -* "' "*'*- ~

Sft u s sa ff
It was not without a great deal of daot and
difficulty that they recovered their own -hip. ; '
However, they made a blhift to land us at a place '-.
called. Cromer, near Wiuterton lighthoule ;
from-whencc we all walked in a mqft mitetable
drowned condition to Yarmouth. where thegood -
people furnished us with necefi-rics either for
London or Hull.
I have often thought fince, that it was very
firange that after thefe great misfortunes at fet- '
ting out, I did not (like the prodigal) return to
my father, who having heard of the Ihip's mif-
fortune, had all the realqn in the world to think
I was loft. But my ill fate flill pushed me on in
fpight of a1l the strong convictions of rcafon,
confcience, and experience. '
After three days flay at Yarmouth, I t'ht. V-,
young man that invited iec to go on bAcidni i
his lather. I found his face and his bhklvihn .
very much altered ; and I found Tikew&e'fae h* '
told his father who 1 was, and that I h" nken
this voyage only for a trial, in order to', ,. '
farther abroad hereafter.
When t}e old map Caw me,
man, you ought ever toatteq
any more ; fQr, depend npa*Q,-.
be prpfperous in a feafaring c O"d
what ill fuccels Heaven has fot bwr j i- am
and perhaps our misf artunu lit IWH
fare be owing to you. Pray .(a. f
truly upon wh't motive you iAM .
Voyage." Upon this I toM[ wTimw,^ i :
the cad of which he broker 6t
h), ye eternal powers 46Wi|
tkauc I committed, thlt I fliouM i&

operate, abandoned wretch into my fhip, that ha.
brought ail thele mirferies and misfortunes upon
me !" After his pffi .,n was a little abated, he
proceeds-"' Young man, depend upon it, if you
do DOT return, and I'ubmit to your parents,
wherever you go, the anger of God will certain-
ly purfue you, and you will meet with nothing
but ruin and difalfer, until your father's words
are fulfilled upon you." And fo he left me.
And now again I had forme notion of return-
iog home : but that was quickly overtuled by a
foolish opinion, that if I did, my neighbouts and
acquaintance would laugh at me.. So ftrange is
the nature of youth, that though they often do
fooliflth things without either fame or remorfie,
yet at the fame time thcy arc ashamed to own
', their folly, and repent.
SIn lhort, I made the beft of my way to Lon-
S don, being at all hazards refolved.upon a voyage ;
and b:ing acquainted with the captain of a
i''p, a voyage I foon heard of to the coaft of
Guinea. Having fome money, and appearing
I ke a gentleman, I did not go on board like a
tonimoa failor, but foon got fo far into the cap-
ai. favoutir, that he told me I shouldd be his
mw4Iuixt and should have full liberty to carry
P h mc what merchandise I should think fit, and
to difpode of it to my own advantage.
I was wonderfully pleafed with this kind offer,
and concluded that now I had an opportunity of
making my fortune ; and in order to my voyage
1 lent to my friends for fome money to fit inc
out; who accordingy.recmitted me forty pounds,
which I laid out in goods according to his direc-
tions. He taught me to keep journal, and Icv-
cial of the moft ulefl parts of navigatoua,-.


CR U S O i 0
And indeed, by his affiftance and my own in- 4
dufiry, in this voyage I became both a failor
and a merchant. Part of this voyage I was &-a
ccfrively fick of a calenture, occafioned by the
heat of the climate, being in thb: latitude of al-
moft i degrees north of the line. However, I
recovered, and managed my little flock fo well,
that I brought over with me five pounds and&
nine ounces of gold duft, which produced at
London near three hundred pounds flerling. -
Soon after my return, my good friend the
captain died. Although tbis was a very great
zif to me, yet I refolvcd to go another voyage
w;Ih his mate, who had got the command of the
Ihip. This voyage proved a very nfluccefiful.,
one. I carriedd with me about one hucdredc
pounds, and left the reft with the captain's wi-
Sdow, and to to fea we went. But as we were
failing towards the Canary islands, we found we
were chaled by a Saiee rover, who In fpite jbfll 1"
the fail we cou'd muke, in a thort time came up
w;,h us ; and now there was no remedy but to
fight or betaken.
They had a8 gun, and our bip^f-'- -2 ;
however, about thrte in the ahernoon, %. caine
to an engig.mcnt. Many Were killed on both '
f.Jea but at length being oves powered by their
Dumt'ert, we were foi red to nlubmir, and all car.
slied into Salce. Our men were fent to theE.' E
puaour's court to be fold ; but toe cptain of he '
pii e. t.kinQ a particular liki, g to I't epie e '
.r .is owa flavy. ", m .
1i was in tIbis miyerablte doi- tat y -
il ct's wo ss came af.eAjh ;ao my lrhlembrtnce - thi ttg': were continuaiy ,Pwotk to
make my ,fc.Ae. My patrona Canu t1d oe sibj

1A .OB I N 0 N
- 4.he management of his gaden and houfe; uadn
Indeed I was not without hopes but at fome time .
S or other an opportunity might cffer. The .orft
of it was, I had no mortal to communicate my
thoughts to ; and to for two yeai, I could find i
S eotbhing praticable. .
In length of time, I found my patron was j
,-grown fo pcor, that he could not fit out his Uhip
as ufual ; and then he ufed constantly once or
Twice a week to go out a fihing, taking me and
S MJorlfco boy to row the boat ; and to much
* -'plIcafed was he with my dexterity in filthing that
he would often fend me with a MWor, his kin(-
mac, and the boy. to catch fi/h for him.
One morning as we were at the fporr, there
-aofe (o tbitk a fItg that we loft our way, and
rowing all night, when it was light we ftuni
ourfclvcs at left two leagues in the ocean ; how.
S ever we made a fiitt to get on lhore. But, to
"""- t a.t the like misfortune for th. future, my
S patron ordered a carpenter to build a little flate.
room in the middle ot the long boat, with a
place behind to ft-er, and other conveniences
to keep out the weather,
I in ibhis he would often take us out a fishing ;
and one timune particularly, he invited three or
Four perfons of diftiotion to go along with him,
and made extraordinary preparatiors for their
q atestaainment: providing alfo three fuzees, wiih
S a fufficient quantity of powder and ihot, that
rlcy might have fome fponrt at fowling, as they
puffed along the Ihore. The next morning the
S'boAt being in readincfs, on a tudden their minds
alte-ed. However, my patron ordered us to go
Sand catch a dith of fifh ; f'r that he was refolw.
Sed hi guef tihould fup with him.
:' 1

C R U S 0 13
And now it was that I began to think of my
deliverance ; and in order to it, 1 perfuaded the
Moor to get fome provisions on board, and allo
fome powder and thot to fhoot curlews, which
were very plenty in thofe parts. I took care to
provide privately whatever clfe I could think was
the moft neccfary for the piefent expedition,
revolving to make my efcape, or perith in the
When we were paft the cafile, we fell to fif-i
ing, and I flood farther into the lea ; and whea
we were got at left a league, I gave the boy the
helm, and feized Muley by fuiprize, and threw
him Ov board : 1 Mulcy (Laidik I never defign-
ed btbarm, and feek nothiawjlut my redemp-
tion ; I know you are able to fwim to horse ;
but if you offer to follow mje, that very moment
I will (hoot you through the head :" upon whicla
he inftantly turned aboarut, and I make no doubt
but he got faft to ihorc.
Thin adion frighted the poor boy nxcqedilvg-
ly; however, I foon eafed him of hip fiatr by
telling him if he would be a good' bW and
fwear by Mahomet, and the beard ofi k labthr,
to ferve me faithfully, I. would be veky7 kiad to
him." The poor child teemed wefsdrfihoy
pleaded with my ptomnife, and readily codn ed
and from that time I began to love him cpuiz4,-
We pufued our voyage, keeping &iffl dai .
Barbary coaft ; but in the duik of the cvet -g
I changed my courfe, fleeing directly S. an4 ,
E. thai we might always be near the fhue O an
holi-ng a'pleafant gale, I found thv aext day, by
three in the afternoon, we were jSo miles be-
yond the dominions of the emiperour of Mowci.-'

tco ; yet fBill I was under dreadful apprehenfionM
ef being retaken.
I continued failing for five dys together, un-
til I concluded that if any veffcd was in purl'itit
of me, I was got to far to the tourhward that
they would not think proper to follow me any
fm iher.
Atter all this fatigue, I anchored in the mouth
of a little river ; but where I knew cot, neither
c could J fee any people to make the dilcoverv.
'What I chic fly wanted was h-frei water, which I
S resolved to gb on fhore to findd out as foon as it
grew du&lfh : but no fooner did it begin to grow
dark, but we hj fuch howlin'gs and yelling
S of wild beafts iWmonfieoflcrs, that I mulftleds
own I eceedingly terrified.
F oorik-ury paffionarely begged me not to go
en thoreiLat night. The boy bad a great deal
of-'" ;. Tr which, and fome broken Engliifh
- ^ bad learnt among the captives of out
a was mightily pleated with him. Ne-
v.kihisi the .howlings and bellowing were fo
.' .rimit that we had' but little rci that night ;
.0o 7Udd to our confutlion, we discovered one
i rthe nterfieTs-mnaking i6wards us; upon which
" [ikup one of my guns and fhot at him ;
qrmik*ltr fi hit Lbn cr not, I cannot favy-but he
&A" aA aswtrds the there, and the no'ile of my
U in- i" d the flupendous noiLe of other
"'Thcsnt Drining I resolved to go on fhnoe,
iauf'rt al. rds get fome treth water. The
poor'bty rW nit have faken one of ibe jars ante
Mehed iome ; bul 1 refused, telling him we
would both go tog thcr. and take the fame fate;
ad accordingly Te took our arms, andl two jare
f watcr, and away we went.
**.-iK'iu- *-*. '- r] *-. ^ ^

I did not go out of the fight of the boat foe
fear the favages should come down the river iA
their canoes, and take it away ; but the boy fee-
ing a vale a little farther, antured to it, and re-
turning with precipitation, I thought that be
was either puilted by the favages on tome wild
beat; upon which I ran towards him, refolving
to p:rifh, or prefcrve him j but as he came near-
er to me, I faw a creature hanging at his back,
like on: of our hares, but fomething larger,.
which proved to be good and wholesome meat,
and what added moft to our joy, the boy a'urcd
me that theF.e was plenty ot frefi water ia the
very creek where the boat lay. -Ai
In this place I began to consider that the Ca-
nary islands and Cajpe de Verd could not be far
of- but having no infilrumomit I knew not ia
whbi latitude we were, or when to find off to
lea for them. My hopes were to meet fome of
the Englifh trading veffcls, that would ceafnk-
quently take us in, and relieve us.
The place I was in was doubtleCs that wild un-
inhabited country that lies between the emapo .
S our of Morocco's dominions and the negre2g
it abjunds with wild keafts of all forts, aad thc
Moors ufe it for hunting. From thi4A-''ft'..
faw mount rene if'e. the Canari es 6d% itssa
twice. to fleer my courlie that wi iyi Wa a.
often driven back, and compeHed t 4-Bmw
tune along the tbore. A '
One morning veryearly-vwcA
at a (mail poiat, and the Gidi "
We were preparing to go far|t.
whole youthful and penetra
than 1, defired me to keep oma io'.!l
&o.au44 .dcvouscd. Fo look
*. .,-- *.. .. '.\. .
L-i -. -- .- . . .-. .i^ .* A i ..-.= -. .a

f6 RO B I X SO N.
ter (f'aid he) and fee dat huge monster faft afleep
en de 6.Je of de hill :" he point ed to the place,
and I dil'coveired a lion of prodigious fiz-. balking
bimielf under the fiade of a hill. Xury (Cdid
I) you fall go on Lhore and kill him ;" the boy
looked amazed ; Me kill him (raid he) he eat
me at one mouth," meaning mouthful. Upon
which I took my biggest gun, and chirging it
well, fhor at him, and broke one of his legs ;
Sand then with a ihot from my other gun, I kill-
ed him.
But the flfa of this creature not being good
for food, I thought ibthis was pending our am-
munition in vain ; indeed I thought the fkn
when it was dry, might be of fome ufe, and fo
determined to tinca it off, which took up a whole
day to effect. *
From thence we went to the fouthward, re-
folving to live sparingly on our provisions, and
go on flhore as feldom as polTible, my defign be-
hig to reach Gambia or any other place about
the Cape de Verd, in hopes to meet form: Eu-
ropean fliip ; aal if Providence did not favour
: mec in this, my next refo!uio.a was to feek for
the iflands, and venture myfelf among the Ne-
groes ; tor without one of th:le, I could have
Sno other profp f but flarving.
S As we were I tiling pretty near the fhore, we
Should ulcov:r several people upon it, looking
after us We c uld perceive thry were blacks,
i caked and unirmied, all except on.-, who had
fomethiog in his hand like a flick, which Xury
told me was a lance, with which they could kill
at a great diljance. I was inclinable to have
gone en fhore, but Xury cried no, no." How..
cuvr I drew as near to the &Lorc as 1 could, and4

c R u 3 0 E. v
that we should be all immediately loft. We
knew not where we ware driven, and what was
wore, were certain the flIip could not bold out
Smanv moments longer.
Whilft we were looking upon one another,
exptfting death every moment, the mate, affit-
ed by the crew, hauled out the long boat, and
j i of us committed ourfelves to the fury of the
fea, and God's mercy. We loon found.*hat this
laft effort was to no puipole ; for ht&.temiefc
was fo violent, and the fia ran fo very high that
it was impoffible for the boat to live. When we
had been driven about a league, comel a prodi-
giouns wave after, and overler us in an inflant,
fo that we had hardly time to call upon God to
receive our fouls.
Wheimen are fituggting with the plngs of
death, tmey are commonly infenfi-le : but the
cafe was quite different with me; for while I was
overwhelmed with the water, I had the motf
' dreadful apprehenlfions, and the joys of Heaven
and the torments of hell were alternately in my
thoughts, and yet flill I kept firiving on, whi'e
a2l my companions were loft, tiI the wave had
fpent itfef, and, retiring, had thrown me upon
the fhore, hilf dead with the great qdantiry of
water I had taken in during my tlfuggling ,
however, I got upon my feet as fift as I could,
leift another wav:- fliould carry me back: but
mnorwithftanding I made all the fpeed 1 could,
yet another wive came, which dalhed meag-ainft
a piece of a rock in fuch a furious ain"e r that
it made me fenfelefs : however (recovting a
Ii'tle before the return of the next wvirk$ Mh
S oraud deeMtlefs have carried me offj I1 ift
hold of the rock till the fuccecvdiug wa"t0 i

S and then I made Shift to reach the main land ;
where, tired and a'mofl fpent, I fit down con-
S tecmplting the manner oi my pcdcnt prefeiv-
S action.
S Atter I had returned my thanks to almighty
God for this wonderful prefervation, I began to
look about me, to consider what place I was in,
and what was next to be done in order to my
future fubflftecnce. I could neither ice houfe
|nor people ; wet and hungry, and nothing to
help me, not fo much as a weapon to defend mc
againli the wild beats. In fhort, I had nothing
in the world but a knife, a thout tobacco pipe,
and a box half full of tobacco ; and what was
worfe, night coming on, I was under very great
apprehenfions of being devoured by wild beats
that I heard howling and rearing round about
me ; fo that I had no profpcf but to expert an-
other kind of death more terrible than that I.
had fo lately efcaped. In this difirefs, I walked
about a furlong into the country to feck fCrei
water, which I luckily happened upon ; fo, tak.
ing to a tree, I fated myself fo that I could not
fall, and there I flept till morning.
It was day light before I left my apartment in
the tree ; when, coming down, and looking
round, 1 perceived 'hat the tempeft was ceafed,
and that the fhp was dr;en to the rock where
I efcaped ; and locking fuinher, I faw the fhip's
boat lyieg abi ut a mile- to the right, where the
waves bad ctl hrr utp.
I hoped iv have got to the boat; but the wat-
er beiwren that an the [hore tendered that hni-
pra&ficzb'.ec. So I u ned again towards the fip,
in hopes to get something froni thabmufrasf
ptefent ifiiAcace. .......
- ., S" "- -

CRUSoS. .s.
c R u 5 0 9. i
At all hazards I resolved to get to the fhip
and fo, (ripping, leaped in-o the water, and
fwimrming round her, I had she good fortune to
efpy a rope banging fo low down that I could
reach it : 'by the help of which, wi.h fome diS&
culty, I got into rhe forecafila. Here I found :
that the faip was bulged, her head lifted up
against a bank, and her ftcrn almost in the wat-
er ; all her quarter, and what was there, were
free and dry ; arid I found the prosifions in
good order, and wanted nothing brt a boat to
carry what I had occ.-fion for.
Necflity which is the mother of inventiont
put a proic& into my heid. There were on
board fevcral Ipare yards, a (pare prupmaft or
two, and three large Ipars of wood. With ihefe
I teCl to work, flinging as many of them t-ver-
board as I could manage, and tied 'htm toge-
ther that they might not drive away. When
this was dove, I tied !hem together in form of a
raft, and Ia'd rhiec or four ihoat pizcrs ec plank
on them crOffways I f ued it would bear me9
but ery little weight b.fids ; and fo, toftrDogth-
en my raft, I cut a topmaft into three or fount
lengths, and added them to i: ; and then I con-
fidered what was mnofl proFper to load it with, it
bcir.g incapable of carrying a tolerable weight.
At firfl, [ laid upon it all the boardil. would
S get, and then I lowered down three citi-i, i,
men's cheftis, and filleJ them with piovifion ofa
all forts. L found dcloatb-s enodgt, but tbie
I took no mome than my prefect occafuabt .te-
My concern was chiefly upon'toolI ie .,trk -
with, and fire arms and ammunition; uwM'.-' g.
cotdingly I found in mny catch, the c*.lc '. .
m -* a- *fl -^ .L. .:

cheft, and in rhe great cabin fome fire arms and
ammuniian., all which I put on bard my raft;
S ard fo, with two broken oars, &c. I put to lea.
1 hough every thing at fifl feemed to favour
iydefign, yet, after I had failed about a mile, I
found on a sudden the fore parts of my raft run
aground, fo that it was with the greatefl difficul-
ty imaginable I kept my cargo tight together
and indeed if I had not bern extremely diligent
nd careful, all had been loft aLd funk into the
[ca : but after f.-me time, Piovidence fo ordered
it, that at the ring of the water my raft float-
ed again, and fo I happily landed my cffrAs.
Nut far from the place where I landed, which
was at the mouth of a little cave, I difcevcred a
% v.y high hill, furiounded with a great many
S little cncts ; and thithcr telcived to go and
iew the country, and fee what place was prop-
e r for me to fix my habitation in ; and accord-
1 ingly, arming myfLIf with a fowling piece, a pif-
S tol and fome ammunition, I afcended the moun-
tains,-arnd there found I was in an ifland, be-
ing furroundcd by the (ea. It seemed to be a
S barren uncultivated country, and only inhabited
S by wild beafis.
Returning afterwards to my rafr, I got mr
t goods on fhore ; and being very much airaid of
the wild beafls, I made a fort of fence or barri-
cade about it, which I thought might in fome
e meafure fecure me against the dangers I was
p apprehenfive of ; and 1o that nigbh I flept very
it comfortably, and the next morning when I
p awaked, I relolred to go again to the thip to get
fuch other nrc l]ar;s in as 1 ha'l mofi occa-
S fion for, before another form came, when I
knew Ilhe muft bc dafhcd to pieces.
-., *. m* . ... .

C R U S 0 E. .27 1
a fort of regular fortification-which *biia-. '
ded was in a great mcafure impregnable aga-inf '
any fudden attempts either of ravages or wild
bcafts; and, for my better security, I would have -
no doors, bar came in by the help of a ladder,
which I made for that purpose.
Into thiis little garrilion I carriedall my Iore and'
ammunition, and afterwards continued to work
I not only made me a little celtar, but rIdtwie
made my fortification stronger by the earthAnd .
ftones I dug out of the rock. One day a &ioe-
er of rain falling, attended with thndft atd" :
lightning, I was under terrible apprehaitfoans
I lcaft my powder shouldd take ire, aad not only ,
Shinder me from killing fowlb which weto niced-- I
S lary for my fubfitlencevbft likewife blow me -
S up and my garrifon at-ence the quantity I Iad.
by me confifted of rsolb. weight at left. tfi .
ing-ihus efablifhod myfelfas a king of the ifia "'
I went every day with].my.gun to fee what-1 .
ccald killahat was fit to eat, and loon perceived
there weregreat numbers of goats, but dhey ware -
fly ; hawevri watching thinm very narrowly, E
happened to (hoot-a (he goat afihe was ffi K
her young -4fl-wI ich, not thinking f&o:W
killed, followed me home to my cnclsfuAt.,t{
lifted the kid over thc pales1 and would wi4 d
have kept it alive-but-&the poor creUme c
fing to eat, 1 was forced to kill it il
Jcacc. '*'"'.. -.* ""*. '^ -^
.. -n'ce. ..
Thus, entering into-as odA&':**ilo^u. ,
ever bcfal an unfortunate m Y.jq 489i4'
-illy rcflefting upon -the mifery ^IA ^j4ds~on
'IllI at length considering there e *i L .
; ,d -that I was obliged to niakc.f e Wft;.f saL'
1 n k*, .and withal icdlfing u po'* A.k' mmr
. ",-' " '-
.-. ^ ...... .^._. S iI **-* '".riftti riiii, t

turns of Providence in my particular preferv-
tion, I grew more fedate and temperate.
It was, by the account I kept, the 3oth of
September when I firft landed on this ifland. -
about twelve days after, fearing I should lole
my reckoning of time, nay even forget the Sab-
bhath, for want of pen, ink and paper, I carved it
with a knife upon a large pope, in Large letters,
S zfeing it up in the fimiltude of a crofs on the
&ore where I landed, viz. "I came to thore,
Sept. 30, 065o." Every day I cut a notch on the
ides of this fquare polt, and that for the Sab-
bath was as long again as the reft, and every firft
day of the month I kept my calendar, in weekly,
mathly and yearly reckoning of time. But had
I made more fhrif search (as I afterwards did)
I need not have let u0p this mark ; for I found
among the parcels belonging to the gunner,
carpnter, and captain's mate, thofe very things
I wanted, where I got aot odly pens and ink*
but ikewifc fea compafics, and other madthemat-
t'ial afh-uments ; and, above all tbhercft, three
Euglilh Bibles, with leveral other'good Englith
it bogks which I carefully laid up, in order to
2 e mS i of them at proper intervals. But here
I cannot hut call to mind our having a dog and
two cats on board, whom I made inhabitants
4 with me in my castle. But, notwithftanding I
Swas thus plentifully supplied, I fill wanted feve-
e ral other necctries, as needles and thread, and
p moc particularly a pickaxe and shovel for re-
it moving the earth, &c.
p i It was a full year before I had finished my lit-
I tie fortification : and after I had done that in the
beft mauner the nature of the place and my cir.
cumfba4ccs would allow1 I began to grow a little
"a " .. .. .. M,,m x

if it U S 0 E
more familiar with my folitude, and to confided '
of the beft methods poffible to render my defi-
late flat as eafy as I could. And here it was I
began the following journal.

SEPTEMBER 30, 16;o, I was forced by
Ihipwreck upon this defolate ifland, which
I called the Ifland of Delpair. The next day I
fpent in reflecting on the miferablencls of my
condition, which prefented to me nothing atit
death, and the woift of deaths too, izi. either to
be ftdrved for want of visuals, otto be devoured
by wild beafts.
October v. To my great comfort ndifkdvered
the (hip driven to the fhore, from whemce I had
tome hopes that when the form was abs.tgLL
might recover fomethiug towards my prefet;t
fubfiftence; especially confiderinog I obfcrvcd the
(hip to lie in a' great measure upright, and one
fide of her perfeclly dry ; upon which I fell im-
mediately to wading over the fandi, and with
great difficulty and danger I got on boare To
the 14th of this month, I Ipent in main a; CSu
backwards and forwards to and from-the ibip,
the weather being all the whiriry wet Ilad
uncertain. ,Mia tw, ..;.
0a.2o. My raft wTtNkfrt J.erfetE i
mroft of which however I'r6 ed i.ti.wte&
Oft. 25. It blew a fortidii
hard, to thatthe flip daffied wi'it fC"
ingof her was tobefei ba n *
low Water; and ths day I th6smgklittW
secure the cfafs I had prct:jd
weaer -

'.,.- -.. -.,- --. ,. e .ss .

Oa. 2.6. I wandered about to try if I could
:find a place proper to fix my abode ; and ac-
Scordingly towards the evening, I found -out a
rock, where I judged I might ereo a wall and
fortify myfeif.
November i. I placed my tent by the fide of
a rock, and took up my lodging in a hammock,
-very contentedly, for that night.
SNov. 2. I made a fence about my tent with
timber, chefts, and boards.
NNov.. 3 I fhot two wild fowls, which proved
very good meat ; and in the afternoon I made
S me a fort of a table.
Nov. 4- I began to lie regularly. In the
morning I walked out for an hour or two, and
afterwards 'worked till about two, then ate my
dinner c luch' provifioas as I had. After dia-
,er I commonly lept an hour or two4 and the
weather being extremely hot, I could not go to
work till towards the evening.
S Nov. S. I went -out with my gun and the
dog I had brought out of the Crip. I ftot a
wild cat--but her fleth was good for nothing-
F only I preferred her fkin. I fawa great flock of
I wx|JIbirds ; and was wonderfully terrified at the
Wfgt of fomCe monftrous feals which I faw on the
i id, but as they faw me they made off to lea.
Nov. 9. I ficifhed my table. From the 7th
to the ith, the weather being fair, I worked
very hard : only rented upclq ihe i ith-which
according wamy computa:ihn, I took to be Sun-
jl day. ,
4 ov. 13, The weather was very wet and
r tiormy, with thunder and lighting. On the
1 I4th, I made provifion to fecutz my powder.- ,
e hichi ~prfeced on the 14th and .,th.Tbc
,. ]' ,* "' ""

C R U S 0 E. 3
x7th, I began to dig upon the rock, but was pre-
vented for want of proper implements : and om
the 8th I found a tree, the wood of which was
Very hard-and out of that with the greatest dif-
ficulty I made me a fort of fpade-in doing it,
I almoft fpoiled my axe, which might have been
of ill consequence.
Nov. 23. When I had got my tools into the
bheft order I could, I aeth of December in finlhing my cave : and lay
i in my tent every night, unlefs the weather was fo
e wet that I could not lie dry-and withal I had
fo well thatched it over with flags.aed the leaves
of trees, &c. that I thouglt.myfif tokrably f-
t ~cure. '
Dec. it. I had mno fonaerl say habita-
tion, but a great parts.jlthe rA fi l in upon
me, and it was a geat nm cy I had not RerHfhed
Sin the rubis : awd indeed irgave me a great deal
of trouble before I repaired It effectually- and
after 1 had done what I could, I ipent f(evcral
days in patting my things in ordcr-an4 bad va-
riety of weather to the z7th.
f Dec. z7. In my rounds I chanced to xpect
fome goats. I hot one of them, and lanma-.
other, which I led hpmci and bond up it's .-,-
in a little time it grew well, aoc 4nas to tlwE4 nd
familiar thab it followed me cery wI a ke a.
Sdog, which put the notion iPt10 r,,9 ..
up thefe wild creatures a rst-^
S them alive, khat I might tat( p
ou in cafe I &ould live a6W'rs'
-exhaufted. ,'- ''-;
C Dec. 28, 29, 30. The w -
Jf| Jli4t, that I was forced to keepw(
Jaa ^ jz. Thoqh the
"" I 1 t x- .' .- ^ -^ ... :t ttj .

................. ..........:- ,;.i ....,

S32 R 0 B INSO N
Very fultry, yet neceflity compelled me to go
S abroad with my gun. In the k*lcys I found
Great numbers of goats ; but they were fo vey
(hy, I could by no means come at one of them.
S From Jan. 3, to the i3th, my bufinefs was ro
fearch the island, and to finila my wall. In my
I search I found great numbers of fowls, much
like owr Englifh pigeons, i bot (nome of them,
which proved excellent food. And now it was
a providential thing happened-which was thus:
Whilft I was rummaging my moveablcs, what
flhQuId fall into my hands but a bag, which I
fuppofe might be made ufe of to hold corn for
theo fws hi the rip. I purpofed to make ufce
of it to hold-ibuq of the powder,, and `o (hook
out the dlktrid ltabe corn upon one fide of the
S rock, no in the Iedfipedting the confequenee.
The rain had falle ia gcenst quantities a few
days before : and the month their, to my great
furprile, I difcovered fbmching fpring up very
Green and flourihing ; and as I came daily to
S w itt, 1 aw fevcral ears of green barley of the
y fame fze and lhape of tbofein England.
My thoughts were very much confused at this
unexpected fight : and I muff own I had the van-
hy to imagine that Providence had ordered this
1 on purpofe for my fubifitence. Great were my
S acknowledgements and thankfulnefs to almighty
SGo1 for his mercies to me in this delolate
place ; which were infinitely heightened, when,
e at the fame time, 4 obfcrwd, sfe rice talks,
p wonderfully green and flo elg ; which'mhde
is ] me conclude here muft i4&*quently be prew
corn in the ifand ; and accordingly I fpuIfTV-
oral days in searching the rock ; when atenoth ,
it cmune into my mind that I had f&ken the bag

s,t -" *** :. .... r' : -- a .. ..... ...-


d on tfe very fpot whire thofe blades of corn were
S growing.
It was about e latter end of June before :
FO U there ears of oMa grew ripe ; and then I laid
y them up exceeding carefully, expedtig f flhould
A one day reap the advantage of this little crop-
I which I ufed all my industry to improve ; and
Au yet it was four years before I could cat any bar-
: cley breAd, and much longer before I had any
at beA;t from my rice. After this, with indefati-
S g'ae care and induftlry, I finilked my wall, or-
>r *fdeing it fo that I had no way to go into my
fe fortress but by a ladder.
.k April 16. 1 finifflhcd my ladder, and went up
e U it, and pulled it after me, as I always cdd ; "and, .
e. in truth, had fo well fortified myfel, that I wao '
w as I thought, indiffrently wdUll fecuracd again ft
at .f any furprife ; nevcrfbelefs as I .was PB'4ay fit-
ptircg in my cave, there happened f aiuddea
earthquake, that the roof of my itst d rcts,
tc hat I had finished with to much labdoun aaja
tumbling down upon my head ; upon wvieh,
is with the greateft amazemeni, I ran to nmy laddr,
and got out ot my cave, and faw the tope.f*
vaft rock fall into the fea, and expecfied tVny
y moment the whole island would be fwaliowed p. ,
SIn this aftlgbst 1 remained for femeaminnts
e till I pcrceised the fury of the motiooa bga tb..,=
Sabate ; but it was not toon be fore I wu undet'
new apprehenfions, on accovt* a vtl*nt atem-
~e pefl has attended it. ThI*#b' o" .
tinned for about three hours, aibsn iW jI'
-": fuch'a heavy rain, that my taB'" is'.|
Rowed ; upon which I cottclBdd Iiu
w4s4ill fituated, and dctrzrmanc4, at $t".
ISyt to build me one i a mor er .
It~ "....

April 29, 30oj were fpent in contriving how,
and in what manner, [ fliould fix my new abede,
Sand here I was under the greateft concern, ha-
wing no tools fining for luch an undertaking ;
however, [ .fpcnit ficveral days in whetting and
grinding my tools.
May t. As I was waking along the feafide, I
found a barrel of gun powder and divers other
pieces of the fbip, which the violence of the late
ftormn had thrown on the (and. I law likewiti the
remaining part of the (hip, thrown by the tein-
pelt, very near the Ihore, and refolved to get to
S her as loon as I could ; bat at that time L found
it impracticable.
i I continued to woik upon the wreck till the
24ih, and every day recovered something that
wcuid be of ule to me, and got together to ma-
ny planks, and fo much iron, lead, and other
ncLciraries, that, it 1 had had tools and &kill, I
i eight have built me a boat ; which was a thing
I v-ry much wanted.
June i6. As I was ftroling towards the fea,.
I found a large turtle: The r7th I fpent inr.-
Y cooking it t I found in her 70. eggs, and the
& lh the mofl delicnus meat that ever I tailed.
2 The i8th, I faid within the whole day, there
being a continual rain, with ftornms of wind and
From the i9th to the 27th of June, I was ve-
ry tick, and had g t a terrible ague, which often
e held mc for nine or ten hours with extreme vi.
p | rcace. On the i8th, I began to recover a little,
S but. was vei y reftlefs in he night, and was woz ile ;
as often as.1 laid my eyes together, I was tlopM
mented with. hideous dreams and dreadfvHl f..
SparitiouI. ih u I W iLlC for ale to exoircs &: -
- aA$ -~---------~---'- "
;-, .tte>,. .si.._ >^. ,,o .^^,' = .. ;=. a ..... ...l

ct-IR U'S 0 !',. "37
S*Mendch of thleRa ;:'ad, tr-Wing'itdffr- .
cotly It, I teohed'to-iae a t4ur ahout ie '
lile, in otder to 'vietw Iik tent'rdray do.
minoise, 'aad to *iaAe 1biat -dtffditns I
Ona he th-l b gatn my. Jtyrney ;rThd,L-.
ioog deher things, F found a lite brio'k f{
ruhting water-; nl-fie bhks of imichMwk
many umuddwsiu crfed *iIh erafi : 'I W
S feve rl til? Of -tohacco, and othr 'pllrs I
fbtwn6tltibg d%-; aDio4g the rift I flidd
foete flaer ,:Ft*Tevera'paiib tf fthl'e"iihallt
&c. With tbefe dlfcorrics I reruiied 'uil
fatiEfied I my-iftile CA C, & fleptti iiight
very coinforab"y.
The aroCdfr, going the fArtie*tr, 14d fdir
iher thn bMore, I"fdid tie coddtiry ful oi .
Wood, ant-cl'exc'dribgtPI eifiit abad dftbl t *
J* ul. The inclubts Ifiy :du 'the groinidla *
great V6ititics,, td cluftir- of'gnpt bu ng
upon the Irca flu thI y itt piaglbiI WaP
glad of 'eiesdifc64rry,'ytae merynTpiyarife,
vleftI Thbbid SbWO '$yfelf 'tmb a N& bt |
The htrAIA bIio h ,tiflied up Intoa
tree. kdd'hvig Ixed M*Yf Fs rtci a* '6
pe4Fle,."Veplt`vcry cOinfot'al,, 0 hti-gh it .
vas ,=eistt&o. Whfl %0 brting taftu-tt i '
*lH c&.&$*1mhthi gteatewpicarure
'itiie*fater-; ai" ut the end Arfi-'t .'
S.Ir.d is, lay in as much of &e iti-,k. s-

'Jtty il. Having prepared two bxg,.. "
pn id thither again, in order to b
* -l -a ........ i.. k. .': -...* J


38 R 0 B IY S 0 N
home to my cable as much of the leveras
tonrts of fruits as I could, that I mlght have
flock by. me ag-iidft I shouldd want it. Amd
now I began to reflect that this part of tf
iiand was infinitely the belt to inhabit in
but then I thought at the fame time, that i
I removed from my prelent place of abode
Should lolec the profpcd of the fea ; and fo
if providence Ihould order a (hip on that
coaft, I should lofe all poffibility of delivery
ance. However the place was fo delightful,
I resolved to build me a kind of bower, which
look me up the remainder of July.
Here it was that I dried my grapes, which
I afterwards carried to my old habitation, for
a winter (upply. On the ,4th of Auguft
the rain began to fall with great violence,
which made me judge it was proper to re-.
tire to my caftic for Mlcter. The rain con-4
tinned to fall, more or lefs, till the middle of
Oflober, and sometimes with that violence,
that for feveral! days I could not ftir out of:
my cave, till I was conftraincd to it by tisn
pure want of "food. I went out twice ; t.k
rfti time I hot a goat, and the second time I1
found another tutic, as large as the former.
September 30. Calling up the uosthc4
on the poft which amounted to 365, I cV-
cluJed this to be the anuiverfary ot iy .lans
ing. And, after I had returned th l s W
my wonderful preservation in this defial,
island jI wc to bed and flpt very coa4f|




SC R y 0 -p 39

lencc. Before I. proceed farhe "- ayjoruai, I "'{
I|61 iata the liberty to Ipt the reader. in ".

l~e' mind of the barlcy and rice : I ha ] fafved.,.. ,. '*- 'i
i t bout thmyt ftallks of the former an!! t^^f '.^ ;,"-
inof the lat4r ; -ad cnnciodiog thc faron ob'.' ,-
huuto rc, "I V
W 1.1ce

ilaBefo proper, I H up frtbei.. my r ournad w I m
)U 6f muff take the liberty to pipt the rEader. In
lytj mind of: the barley and Act : I h6a faved 'P~
; ~bout thirty falaks of thelformer and 'si
tie ~ F the larjeev; an icnudliagf the feafon f
WrMWW. be proper, I dog UP fori.iegrouud With Uy
.wooden fpadc, and fowe4 it ; whieh at ,h \i
proper time grcv. up, ar-d anIwered ,
4t* .,ons. 4W
T~wet weashvr *as n 4Dfi~n CO
S my ctd nit acain to ih04
.i Jn hade|SltOBSc other (ide r -
B hicrEL'-, found whole and rDiiro
Its f(takes -ill growing 71u' '
nDilre of%-ur willows, whieh in time f.ik 46 ...
me a a2oAle fence, as t "lIl have oCC-c-fin t 'to
Gbferve moie p-rticnB ly bteCaftrC. '
J... .... ...'. ........ .....'. ...

4INO ll. I RN Z 0B7-N,
And now I conceived that the feafons of
the year might be divided into wet and adry,
au4d notinto Summer and Winter, as in Ea-
rope; as".thus :
.aalf < March wet, the Sun ?' ming near,.
SApril 3 the E4iinox.
Awl June dry, the Sun getting South
July. of the line.
}' C~Auguft ~
Half ( October back.
SOftober 1
Half Dccewberdry, the Sun rntinaniag
SJanuary I South of the line.
wu onFcbmiu'ete Jlg
... And, as the wind continued to blow, ths...
-. it feafons, would continue either longer.
.or(ihorter. After I hd, made. thefc and the,
S lie observations, I always took ctre to pro.i.
vide nectTffaries, that I might .fly within duz-
. lag the wetnefs of thc, weaSher, aodd. in.that t
time I tookr care to make me fuch tools as I
moat wanted.
0. The fidi ahing I attempted was to make
me a bafkct, which after much labnour and
diffiieuly, I efffled ; but the 1t6 things I
moft wanted were utterly out of my power
viz fome calks to hold my liquors, andImall .
, pots to boil and ff.w my meat, and alfo a t
tobacc#upi, tin wJich I at lif found out a
Tpe (oac4h t a
4 ; 1 r d .

-. "[ -fv.V
f' ,it o I. 4i

Aftr the eAtaLer g9reW kIr ,r faritha ..
refwlution of Vew ng tA he whol'IEskd t60a 't.
place ; attotil*iy, takiig SdJdfl d ifl !
goun, and bother hccfaries pperO I At fto:.
ward ; and haling jaflhd the vate fltre a# -
boi*er ftdb*. I came within fight of the fek
lying to khe W. dtid when it Oas telear day.
I could difco4br land. bbt could dot fat
thetI*t it was Ah ifLind or a coutintat ; t e-.
ther ctvld I till Whit place this might ib 1 j
only I thdugtt ii Was ib Aaerita, and con- *
fCeqdidnly shdti .prt dof the country hSt tic
beriken the Spaulfh terrhotocs td the Bra-.
flit, *hich aboutnd with etihibad- iioi db-
Tour llib bti'hn. Ua iIhMtg *ik part of
the island, I faotutt was miacti iitc piearant
and f-ibtf'l twrai wh'te li ha pit ied my
tedT. ferd *idre rear numbers of' Atr*w4
and with &rt dfi-ckifty I got one oT O-h wa
which I carreid hdaic With Mra, but'if WW a
great whice before I ccc fahie Ict : Wok
it toi, jieakgt fo mihs tiRt ]w by.
'Aiic e

': "
.I ..'.,.r .. .r-*

* o* .*i .H ... .


grapes and other excellent fruits: in thiscuz-
SpeditqiT I did not travel above two miles a
day, being defirou to make what dilcovexica
reould. When I came to the tlea ihor, *
was.amlued to lee it exceedingly beautiflZ,'
and fa full of excellent 1fi1h. Bat though
this journey was [o delightful to me, yet sy
(fecra inclination led me to my old habiti-
Mion; fo, after hd fet upafort o land
i mark for my guide for the future, I canclod-
ed to return back by a different way than I
came ; and as I was making the bWft of my
way, my dog happened to (urprife a kid,
which I reftued from him, and led it to my
; bower, in order to try if I cou!d raife a breed
which would be of great ute to me.
After I had been about a month upon this ;
expedition I returned to my iiile castle, and
repofed myfeif wi'h great pleafure in my "
hammock, and couninued a week within to
rEft and refiefh mylclf.
And pcw 1 begsm to think of the kid I
S had left in the bower, and zcfoived immedi-
S ately to fetch it home. When I arrived there
I found it almofl ftarved ; when feeding iU
t wbh branches of fuch shrubs a 1 could find,
the poor creature i0 gratitude 4Yo its deliver-
1 ance, followed me as naturally as my dog,
q -'ite home tomy caftle, whikhl afterwards
kept as one of my domefid*s.. : .S
i' The wet feafon being come, i.kept myfelf
within ; and e0n the 30th of Sept trel 'ag 'b ;
i the third year of my abode in, thib if f i
S paid my folemn aeknovledgmoents t(o ai'-,.
ty God for my piefe.vatiQon, a.d.enktr, ia. "
Mytcif witba..wtld of seacfbonzim epa q

......, ..., ...- .l r-

iT RvU S0 -. '43 ,.
pirct: and former befdkion ; and as rlos
one moving dy pondng upea my pI
cut flate. I happened to open ty lcbi, *bhe^ '
I fixed my eyes o&m thete words rniuJ sMmre
leave the, nor forfake thee which pOVent-
ly took as direffad to myefcI ; and I mutf
own, the expreflion. gevc me a grnat dvat of
fce t laiitiaelion. : I
The beginning of this year I fixed my da:Fy
employmenis as follow: emh initgi rpteut
4in zay devotions, and paying my 47y-to God,; '
afterv4 .ad done mthai, I went out with iny' 4
gunm to feek provifion ; which, afrer I had
rt it, took me up obmie time in"dtefing and
cooking ; in the.middle of shc day I was for-
ced to lie .by, by reason of the excetfflive heat ;
and the raft ol he time I fpent making and J
contriving fu(.nneceffarics as I flod m'..-ia :
iced of. ,
But now the time for my little hiawft
coming po, I had the defilahle prcipetbt of-.
good cpp,, but my hopes were- fadly difap-
pioated, by the goats and hares ; who having
tailed i h fwcetnoefs of my corn, bad.-cropprd ,
it fo icA that it fIad not fircagtbl t16 g ap
u iolo it iali : To prevent wthis'4" .as .
edio makg a yadge .r-ucnd it ; but I /aO 1.,.
foufer doae th.s, thao I- .-s iah.fted Wt.'
vermin faiA for4it ETh b 'a bc ..wn "t6 J
fooner tureed but-whole flockpf-' '
and pftled wbat the obheus hA J'. t, I
41yjt tt c, xqd4UWcd three at th
lhngp on g lak.s-as a terror "uft,
-ht -ai froj- k -- ..,good.o tt, aim of
pot oply torftvh -the oeo4, ^#r itiitLJEst at'

-. be.',. aaa .............-^.-'^ *. :.............

44 R OB I N SO 17
My corn growing ripe aed:haleft d albg
on, I cut it down and carried home the eats :"
and, after I had rubbed them, aod threthed'
them in te heft manner I could, us near ai-
I cou)d conjeture, the produce of the bar-
Iff wasr about two bulhels and a half, add
that of the rice about the fae qimantity ; &t
now I plainly faw, by the providence of God1
1 Waild be applied with corb, though at bhe
fame time I wanted ail manner of neccffai
rits for making it into broad, w.ichb with the-
greacflk labor and difficulty I aficuwmtds fup-
My feed bins thus increase1 uy ruei t
care was to prepare mote land to fow it in ;
and accerdiagty I fixed tipon two latge plats
on the back fide of my ctft le., ib which I fo*-.
ed my feed, and fciead it wiht.a good hedgc% g
to defend it from the vermin.
In fhot, my corn inerea(ed, o that ,degte,
that I thibought I might new v6antwd rO at
lome of it; but how 'o nmake ioto We3ead wt1
ftfi the didicaliy and yet even tMs I fentd '
tht means to f(imoaot at I&a ; a&d fo, aIts it
all other emcrgwnci) ( foad a reIctidy b.
yocd my espct"aiooa.
After I bad proctwured every thing inecOM
for rn-king my I-raand, whieh'yol, may ima-
giaa w s no fmall (atisfaaioni, the profpit
or laad which [ had feeo frcort Wir ott Bdtc
of h1 eidjao ftui in my 1 f dutti come at i: I war uteriy at ai b4sto
kaow;r I tried to tecow ei rhe fhic'sb 1a8, aUd
th.n to make -hei C"n'e be, ,. in vin l; &
here cIuld not .oale-U'steflLrfi. J ) ii r b'
folly uti c'f | wb4.. biodcsr hc .*ttslma
they aic afg fbe toao< aJ.'. -
hr~ ie *****^ -.^ *^.. .,.^ ..b^

C R. U S.O. E. 4;.
Iea ^am-thcmi~dftof~ayipmnjufaT.ahreu lay
fow th year eupicd finol I hkad -beeo ca'fto -
this ilAet ;, nor did I forget to ikeepay am .
uwerfary wiha that, folcmnity and devoting..
that I had done ah. year before; A beV *o
think myfelf feparatecd from the worldktand
from, all oppqlrtUied. of -hiendly uonveria-
don. I had. nothing to covet, being, as it.
Wre, an. emperor or, king of a whole coun-
try, where I had.nobudyao control me, notr
any-body, to goveBn- but myfuif.
STheSef thoughtsmade me tookiupon the
things of this world with a fore of religions
contempt, and rendered'me eafytin my defo-
late and mcJascholy condition ; for, having
made God's -mercies to me matters ot the '
highet- confoliani, I refinquilhed all peafive
thoughts a2.difial? appreheafioas, and te-
figped myfelI fup entirely to God's pvideaee
My ink was quite gone, and my.Bifcitt aI -. I
moft ezhanfftd ; my lines wAs worn oatz
only Come of the failomr checked hiret re-
meined, which were, of mighty ufe to am' in
hot weather My deaths and hat werequite
worn, but tchof I fupplird by the htlp cf my '
goat ikis, of whkhiJ 6rfbtmade mc a fort i
of a cap, and then a waificoat, and opan ,.
kneed brecchcswith the hair on the outside .
and thus being pctfdclx at cafe in my rtiltdl "t,
I fpt, may rime in conurtmplating -the 6Waf'."
ingso& heavm, and wasa ra'*Ki4.ler .
that svt tilmeor other I 1houdtftt$WS
fromsan peernt nnuforrun0,bqd tt4*t
of the reach of tkA mtnWa .- "--' "
, For fint years,*4 ` 'lW Ant ".. -l
mentioning hyjpened, a&^nlS,-(w*; '',
.. . ". S_',. .4.h:." S .." .Mv"i.

had finished a fnill canoe, wir whic, at ait.
r hazdif&, I resolved to try to discoverr the cir- '
S cumferepce of my dominionis ; and in order
If to it, I put provisions on board, with ammu- '
nition, and ll other ncefilariea fit for the ex-
S It was the i6ih of November, in the 9th f
year of my reign, that I began this voyage,
which was much longer than I expected, by
reason I had many difficulties to encounter I
S did not fulpc;t ; and indeed the rocks were
*i. fohigh, and ran fo far ibo the fea, that I
S often refolved to turn back, rather than run
the rifquae of being driven to Ear out to the fca-
as by no means to. be able to get back again.
In this confufion I came to an anchor as
near to the fliore as poiffible, )o which I wad-
e d, and climbing up to the top of a high
hill, I viewed the extent of my dominibns,
f and, at all hazards, refolvel to purfue my
voyage. It is endless to relate what danger
my ratbinfs expofed me to ; I was driven by
the current fo far ito the lea, that I had '
hardly any proied& of getting back again-;
cot by all I could do with my paddles, which
I had made to I'apply the place of fcuils to
help me ; and now had no profped but p.-
4 j writing at lea when my provisions were fpent,
; or, it a flormn. should arile, before. How-
ever, by the lucky chance of the wind, or
R qther by th-, particular providence of God,
& I was driven bark again to the ifland, and io
my urfpeakib t:joy, Icsime on (hore ;wEacr, i
bhioa -xc ]ingly fatigued with Catchiag a6nd
b ahard !abao" laid me down and took ilttlc
repof Aficr I awoke, and had dreffed my-,
AL. -. -

"C- R U 8 0 ,.


dde '

r I
It I
to '

W. -
er *




,." -,,.. '. . ., ..:"_is .-. ig,. r ,..'

Lelfas ufoal, I laid up my boar in a finally
convenient creek fit for my purpofe, & tak-
ing my gun &c. 1 made the belft of my way
to my bower, where I again laid me down to
reftl ; but it was not long before I was fur-
priled with a voice, which called, RoAu C'a-
fe, poor Robin Crufoe where have you ua
poor Roiin Crufic ?

Upon which I fliarted.up in greatconffioa
and calling my eyes round, I Caw my. parrot
fitting upon the hedge ; and thee I kncw it
was fihe that called me, but was I-rangely fur-
prized h6w the creaturc came there, and why
it fihould fix upon that place above ikse refk.
The bird came to me as foon as I called i,
and perched upon my finger,.as ufual, and
fcemed to fignify a great deal of jiqy fo my
Thh voyage had cured me of a 'retal-
of my ramblibg inclination ; infomtAchu&ft
Ingan t19 lay afide all hopesof ddtinAtcc.;
f4li.te a retired life, and in a vmyv conci- d
maint paffed away near twelve Mipthl,
Ipcxibg my time in making iftrumctm, &
lpif oin nf moh, 4,:
doin$'bch IhiLgs as wcIrmnft ablah'telf Be-
ced lalt tor my prdeatand futurte"4-



A &





48 R 0 INSO'N
My next confideration ias, myo
growing &art, what I heoaldkdo to kill .t*
4tats and fowls to live upon : I had abug-1
dance!ofconirivanecs in my head to tryto
caah, het guots alive, pardclaurly the &Ie
geatusrith youtg.and as length Ilhaduiy de-
L.e ; for making pit falls, and baiting then
Wih fame of mycorn,one morning I' found in 1
one ot them an OldtEgnat,-and in the other
three young ones, ame Utle a-d-rwofemaler.
S The old one was too ftinog for me, and I
cotild not tell how to mafler him : bat the
kids I made lhift to get to my habitation. It
was fomc. timae before I could make them feed,
bur afteribey had for fomne time been with-
out food, and I threw them Wamc freith corn,
and.gave them fome water, their ftomachs
came rothean. And now my cext-care was
to fiad rtmn-paftuirua, and fe=cre them fo -'hat
thl c hsmht ma run away, afhwhich lat .aft
efnAekd ; and withal, by my well ufing thfef
poor creatrces, I -had made them fo mace
and familiar, that thry would 4loHow -Ase and
at coon out ot my hand. Thushaving a-.
Ewervd my ends, I think, in about eighteen .
months dtime, 1 -got a fiock-of about rwele ; :!
atd in lefs thaa two year forty thee ; badd
now I was not only providcd with gnt's i
fBolh, but with.milk afio,.wlhich Ws-aoother
htfling I had little reason to expe&.
Being thus ha"y, aud hauimg almoft, o*-
gt a9U hopes of libcaty, lived a wciaa tft-,
nature of mycoditto"cruld ptblywv1w,
and indeed, it sa a -very diverting fighc So
fee We fit in -ftie ax my dimsmr, a almie by
ayfckf, lk; a kig ; and it would have et.,

C Ri S o I. 4 |

A3t Wn dreft'ad ,A h h r tatde; habv. h..
3 s -rInta + .,i ,..
Ntry Sy thikf coDbOrn now vin aEoDLtf Mliti
bIth I wsi extwoaetwy tibWi I ID to lit, 1
! d'l' having cAft me f& Mate hard'iboutr; Wifct
"ak by land r& th't 0pic W i.ra I it01if,'cur foupd
adin dinh;e a no Vay'Tb CTiTg It cf- withi ut
Dhelr tuning the faMO Yft(AA T Wa2 to tately *.
ales. poftd t, which I AfL t toy *, a 'dt 4il I
od I ItctnexpedmuM, a- tzhlf fft f&. I
ech ed upon acotkar t4npein t .tr, 4
* It makc another etnoe, and ltAnraft t h& r
feed, other fideof the iflad, " "
with- And bere I think it may & .t Vi j 6-.
manc 16 infoha tte nadcr (hat I had tvvita-
ton' irin the .and : the firft *"ar Sr.'1a -
was forq, or cafle, itert I lad iiade.ZA 41 aI.
Oaht provemenl ; and the fetond wai'* it'
or coun4. fci where were 'iaty, .:t. W.
m he eaclofuics for my goat,. a.d f'r4i ,'
te ochet dCi*,T'cncies, that made at Ai fry jical .
ud fant and agAblc rttreinknr., '- -
1:2. To this p1ate il wa that I' (ed.'( f..- f .
lean ten to view m' goafs. And dsr."ltre-'.:?".'
4v lat- a thing.g that gave me irLmieftd-oict ,.'.. f "' -
add: any hiag-itart I had met w*ih fie 4ri fi.ttr .-
ad?' coming into the Ri.nd. 1. l-f .
lher' It ma -weflbe Ciipporcd-ihat. aftqrt.1t
been rofbuirngid df dloe prt oft ..f
inmolpg colm InVc ben, mo-amn'tint A
ff(z< abaiv&Iae ally buman crc~zej hrn'^oaie,'
4%*7 d*O$albgff( tMtJ Wzrs tIf
sbrfF Baketbi; aDN.hId [ icw"sbcPi.x *
ap*i,^,' FT ay ,,'**-"< i -

.*^ *k.. ^ ^^- ^.- ^"*"^ '^:. '.,".+ .,


SI t

. i,
s, 1

C ''"8* 'i --a i

could not have been more terrified. I Io
cd round on a!l fides, but could not hear.'
fee aniy thing; I obferved the trampling
and was convinced, from all figrs, that fo
46ot had been there : and in the deeper cdo
f4on, I returned back to my habitation.
Tha* night I never closed my eyes, an
was full of the moil difmal apprehentlansitha
I ever had in all my life. Sometimes I haC
the fol.y to think it mufft be the devil ;
other 'tcnes I thought it father fome faVageq
that tihe current had driven in, and not liEb
ing the place, was secretly gone off to fea a-i
gaip. Happy was I, in my thoughts thi
zone of the ravages had feen me ; and yetJ
at the fGme time, I was exceedingly rerrified,
left they fh:uld have feen my boar, anid.f
come in great numnbers,.aod find me oura
and devour me, and all my little ftockithaM
I hid ben. fo long gathering. Thefe thort
afflicted me extremely ; and yet, after t[a.
ture consideration, I concluded it was my bl
Sway to throw myself upon the SovereignG
vqrcwtif the World, and to iubmic tatirci
toLa his amercy and providence.
After a world of fears and apprehenfionG,
-fgr three nights and days, I ventured out p
my fortrtfs ; I milked my goats, ad aftre
I.Fhad put every thing in order, not with
Sgreaefte confiernarion, I wet again t
tec lhoTe to make my farther obfcrvanolgo
44 upon the whole, concluded, chat ciht
tbl i nd was inhabited, or that foie w
had bten on ilorc, and that I might bt&|
ptized befre I was aware. ,:

i.4 -I

C R'"U S 0 E.



Pt foi
ion. -<.
I an4
sI ha*
'if ; 9

ot tib

s thA
id ynt
md. 14
C anti



) -. t-4&t t
I "~9 '~1

This put several frightful notionsiplto my
head, infomuch that flBep was o entire'
LIraoger to mec ; my whole tlh ht .bcin.,
taken up on nothing but my pircf.ryafPoO,L
putiny aycaftle into.the heft poiture of defencct
was able, and p aced all my guns fo that ftV
might be serviceable if I should have 4ftcafin
to make ufe of them.
I divided my goats into federal parcels,;
tea the goa's and two he ones! puat into oan -
part of the island, and the other tencaith
two he ones, in another ; dnd whiluft as
in fcarrh of the latter, which was on rz ,
Wflcran' part of the ifland, I thought I 4
covered a boat, but at too great a 4iftance t6
make out w!ft ffi. was, coae to. the
fhorc,.upon the S. W. part ot the' ifiand, I
was convinced that they.were favages, ieIvg
the piece coveredover with the -fkulits.ud
mangled limbs of human bodies. 1 obtrbc&si
Jlikecir'a lort of a circle, in thq.'ndJft f
ehith I perceived there had bcUn.a fire ; "
abc'..uI this I cbm&urcd thlfe wrciches far,
and unoatararly facrificed and devoured their
fellcow creatures. .
The horror and lorahfufntiicfihis dcea4-
ful fpc'taclc confounded me fa, that, tinou;ft ''
i was ratisfitd.zhcfie favagi Dncver cairme ito
tbe part o 'he island where I was, yetJfi;tC
an .,ho.reace e iham tc'a, f uednit,' .
for .t' yprs I can~d asyfeif iain IV
nyt i S cl .fea,, and myetnlotUitj.K.
.tacs'# cBuDianc4 icam'stizE4
f; ti^h. v4 But aii iy $w**a4y4
, ti!:eeirkflst!ae~ld, ^tehawa~a s4Mi d itlr't
j. r*" I 's;






A St R0 I N SO N
defiroy fome of thok favages, and fa'e a
tim that I might afterwards make my fcrvy
Many were my projects and conut ivua
to bring this about ; at length I eame to th
*i .' fitted resolution, to lie privately io ambufii
iauesG convenient place, & let By upon the
itwh my guns fit It, and then with my pifto!
and fwotd in hand ; and fo much did thit
propqfal picafe my fancy, that I fully refol-v
ed to put it in practice the firfit opportunity,'
and accoidivgly, I oon found a place conve-.
nient for my purpofe ; but at the fame time,
I had several checks of conscience, and rea.
foning with myfcif, concerning the lawfulnefi
qand justice of the attempt ; and, after a long
debate, I concluded to lay afide the design.
Whilti I was cutting down fame wdod onn
day, to make charcoal to dreis my meet aa
S do the family nec fTauies, I perceived a veriy
large cavity ; and going towards it, I could
perceive two large eyes flaring upon ma ; up-j
on which 1 made hafle out, extremely terri.
fied, not imagining what it could be that
aokcd a frightbfully: However, after I h -
, reccvrred from my turprizt, I went again in..
to ibe cavity, rcfolving, at all hazards, to fee
what it was ; and when Icame.near enough
to dircern it perftly, what1hould it be, aft
all, but a mooftirous he goat lying on tb
ground, and gaping for life, through mewq
."$ t creature was not able to.fq.d, i
: fo 1 kL hitn lie undiftyvbed, atd. e4pi'
my'fclf iu viewing the place and ninftiht
vadioqs. At the furher 4ie of is&t 6Bf

SCRUSOe 0 53
a fort of an entrance, bur fo low, as to oblige
me- to creep on my bands and kuneos so it:- j
it I. had no candle, and ilhe place was drk and a
Iut fo I lulpended ity eanterpriz: till the nasxt
bhe day, when I returned with fix large CoBe of
[o my own making :
Lbh After I had pallEd the firait pait'gc, I
biT found the roof rufoleI higher up ; and fare,
zity when I got farther in, ho mortal etacw far a
n more beautiful fIght The walls acnd' ih '
imaM roof refl: led a thousand rights from my twin|
p candles ; and indeed, it feeomed to me the I
lue, nmofl delightful grotto I had ever heard of.'
Lo4 In fbonr, i could find no fault but in the en-
0. trance, and which I though wouId be v-ery .
o nciTl'dry for my defence & lecuuity q ther- '
an foEe I determined to make rje place my puikx.
ce cipal rnag.zine ; and accordingly, I carried "
*il thither, with the utmol czxprditioa,"n 6
up arms&amunuitioju'Jgicg~tnpoffibkile tf. 'i
rr to be furprized by the fav.ige in that fzfSnuii. .
ha I think l'wa, aow in the 2jd year of my
hi reign, and tolerably eafy izi my condhition.-
tBy this time my parrot bad lewnr to talk
fe Engiifh very well, and miany dirating houus ;
a we uled to havy together. MAr dog died-of
S old age ; and my cans ircreateid fo Iaf, thal
th^ I wat often forced to' daletroy famie of tisam.
left I fhould be cfvl riqa q."ih thseiuritbanb,
I always two Or three dowuc4ki ;
aba.oqt.e ajd had fcvtral fowlt s it
apdwp4 about my calie,.a .toaas ..

mena.of humad happinefs! a
E u "ti .-..

It was now December, the time of my har-.
velt, when, going out one- morning earla
tlere appeared to me from the thore, abort
two auilc diflance from mr, a flamicg light
from that part of the island where Mhad be;'
Sfore, obl-rved fome favages had been on mr
fide of the water. .
Terrified with this unusual fpt&alc, aind :
being under dlfmal apprehenfions that thef:cI
favages would find me oui, and deflroy me,
I went dircaly home to my caflle, and fbh'ut
Sm dfclf up ai hfa as I could, and put myfelft
iawto a pofiure of defence ; and afterwards I
g.t upto w the top of the rock, and vi-.wingi,
S with my profpeftive glah, I could dicern no
left then nine naked faviges fitting ropnd a.
firs. ai-d eating (as I fuppofcd) human'flefI, e
*ish their two caOboes hauled on fhore, wait-
lua fbr the tide to carry them back agaia.
M thing can exprefi my deteftation of oi
S'barrid a fight ; especially when I found they,
were gone, and I had been at the'place odj
ficrifice and law the limbs add Qefih of hu-|
uan creatures lie torn and mafiglcd upo
S the ground: In fhoit, myindign-tion again'
them rnfe Lo high, thai let the conftquencV".J
S be what it would, [ determined to be revcag-i,
ed upon 'he fitft that should come thithcrq,
though I loft my life in the attempt.
I found afterwards that they did not comic ,
te. to hiis;.ifland vey often ; and as near I i
ca= clenia tr it was a year or more before
I raw any mere of them. But before I pro.-.
cerd .fatt., I havp another ae&ouutI tat. will-
d cfcrve'c recadi's aitcntioq. . .-

[* .'. -I

C R U S 0 S. 5
Ir was the 16lA of May, according to my
wooden calender, after a very terrible ftorm
when I was alaImed with the noife of a gun
as fired from a. fhip in difirefo ; upon which
I irememiately took my g!al's and went up to
the top of the.rock where I had not baen a.
moment but a flame tof fice gave notice-of
another gun ; and then I was confirmed ia
mtny opinion, that it could be nothing lei's than
a lhipin diftrcfs; which, witirmy glafa I foon
discovered to be true ; and that the wreck.
wras upon thole hidden rocks, where I was i.-
great danger of being loft in my boat.


.. .. ., .. ., 4

1 a de a fire upon the Wll to-wag 1-^ -
nataihACY fliw it, and.,nmrS
cveemalf611. The weather 'ft-
sad ~t-cu ro t, ath V^J^^fi^ ^
either a., what itcc t6-'iti'tI


56 R 0 B Ir NS 0 AN
fIe wis ; but the weather clearing up, I li.
a fh'p caft aw.-y rome diflance ar fea. :
I had federal notiors conc-rni-.g tbem.
is natural in fuch calcs ; bat coofidering re
rioufly the place where they were, and a
other tircumflanccs. [ could not coceivc an
pofflibility but thi; they mufll be all loft I an
indeed, t. the iIt year of 'my being in thi
iflnd, I nevre.r knew of any that were faved
.oat of this fhip ; I only fiw the bady of -a
a boy which wss driven oaa (hlie.but I could
not difcuver bv him or what tb..Oon (hey were. I
I'he lea was now very rain, which temnpt-
ed me to venture to the wreck, not only i"
hopes to gt fomething I wanted, but like-
wile, if there was any body lelt alive in thb
f(ip, to endeavour tp fave their lives. Tiisr?
refoLeiuou fo tar prevailed, .hat I want howcl
iv cdiatcly and got every thing ready for'
rhc voyage ; and accordingly after a great
deal'bf labour, hazard, and dificulry, I at;
Itngih got to the wreck which I beheld with'
-he greatest piy and concerns. By her built,
*.1 found fhe was a Spaniaid, and had eandacw
S ed a terrible confdi& before The was loft. '
When I wascomn near to her, I law a
dog on b2ard, who 4o fooner faw me but he':
fell to anI howling, and 1 no fooner
called to him, but the: poor creature jumnped.i
into the fea and (warn to me and I took hiqu.
iato the bott almnoft famir-hd. WIVP I'
came into the ihip, the rft fight that e' a
held wZ two drowned men ilh "abch
qsch bzber ; I iound ihe was a uiehif
as hai rcafon to bcUclive, bqund haoifJ

S-'- ,.'"

C-,R.U .,S 0 .


S the Spanilh Weflindies. What became of
* the raft of the Sailors I could wnt 'teU, th"a
being none of their bodies on bard, btfidcs
the two before mentioned.
As I was rummaging about her, I fouxd
federal things I wanted, viz a fire houid and
tongs, two bcahs kettles, a pot to makeicho-
colate, famc horns atof fine glazed powder, a
gridiron, and severall other accicflarkics. bid.
1 put on board my boar, together with t"-.
chefts and a ca& of rum ; and after a gra
deal of toil and diffituHy, I gt fate back ft
the if-and.
I repMfed myfelf that night in- tLe borno,
and the neaz day landed my cargo, which 4
carried to my grotto ; and having zxamiied
my eiftls, I found in st'e two chefh lenTial .
things I wanted, particularly tome fhiruiaad
handkerchiefs ; I found alito threc' ibags- bf
pieces of eight ; all which I would *Htlliv&y-
have given for five or fix pairs of E&aghfh '
fihoes and flckings. .
After I had flowed all this Cnew argoe
into my cave, I made the belt of my way to ,
my catle and found every thiog atI left it-,. ,"
to that I had nothing to do but'; to rcpe& '
myfelf, and to rake care of y &"meftts..:
And now wanting nothing that was cc'-
tite for the fiupport oflife, I might ha4"
ed very quiet, had cdt the appotkitfZ
thc'faages diflurbed me; ppop W.
CQ*I felddm. weDt far hbrnon11|
e. ea8ern part of t C.,
Ij^ ye^ [vcd in 11'.,6^this am
a .- -.
.. ,* '^ ,.. ".., '...:.-*J'*

,. ". "." ". :- '* .- .++

- 8 N 4A, S INS 0 N
S~-- head berit always full of ptrc.jeas how I
Might gtay from this defolate place.
As I.'obfeved before, though I was tolhra-'jl
bly secure aganift the reach ot want and had'-
all the diverfon the nature of the island,
would allow, yet the thoughts of my deliver-.,
!. "ance were (lill uppcrmofll, as the reader will
eafily perceive by the following- relation in
S which I hall give a thort account of the
I'cheimes and psojecis I made for my efeape.
As I lay in my bed one night in March,
the 24th year of my fbiitude, I ran through
all the accounts of my life, from my vety:
lt: firft rem-ambrtance to the present time, ard
found all .along that the providence of God
4 had'been dxceedingly k.;ud and merciful to
me nc, and tben 1 coniidcred, more pai-titulac-
ly hoiw mtuy dangers I had palied, it could
Snot but tiake mic devrinly thankful to my
great deliverer, without .whotl aitance I ,;
mift inevitably h~ie pcralhed.
After I had thus briefly debated with ny-
fel on my prefenti and foarmr candiioan.
I began next to ctnfider the nature of there
l'avaget and the country that they inhabited,
S hoawr far i was to it place from whence they
came, and what bats they had taf bing thtnm
over hizhcr, and at the larne time. had fouxcr.j
so go ore; to lthcir fide, to fee whata
11 teicts I could mhake...
f bad votions, that, if by any ine d I .._
cul& e'get upon hib cont'intat, 1-wnig t .in.
t, tn c meet with a.-ftp to carry mae to Zar.ipe,
Sf;if.# h ic I. lackdd upon niyafr.-to. be,4jfc'.
S, ?.- l !C !ivig .hd prcfc'A 4VT.

T. ':,
' *Bn^' ^~.Tst'"cb-t G'a!*/r r ,, ",': : .e^;

C R U S 0 E. 59
death irffeif to my flay ,a this defolate 'iflaud.
Whilft my thoughts were thus noufufecd.
I had no nolionQ of any thing elfe but my
voyage to the continent ; and& ldced fo
much was I inflamed with ibthile notionftrhat
I in a great ineafure forget my dury i..God
and was reduced almost to a (late of defpa 'a- '
lion ; and after many thoughts and frug-
glings in my mind, I came at length -o this.
canclufion, viz. rhat the only probable way
I had to efcape, was to get one.of there la-
vages ; which I could find no other w4y tb
bring about, than by venturing .my liFe to. .
faive him from the jaws of his devourers,
which I thought muft infpirc him plth gSiPf
tude to his preferv.-r.
Thefe were my fixed Refolution,, bUt I
think it was at leal a year and an -halu"be- .
fore I could find an opportuoity"j aputtpg
thrm in exccutimin. To the bcft of my rc;- was the -23d day of A'rili r-
]y in the morpivg, when I was furp iz:d V.ath
the fight bf five caan3es,, all on Ihin'e tqg*- '
ther,.on nf ide of tbh ifindand the .ctfa
tures that belonged toiheg all IadW4* aa "" A
out of fight.
At firft I thuiught all thefe batS. ,s.4 .
bring to- many to be attaWkW d y'bi. pi: .^-
< .n~ ws in a mighty coIn Ti,. .
wht 4t .eft to be don p de 'q
impWBIeo tee rdimcrhinpfh8. ^tt1-it
the swprafsbhe hill, vhnic,b ate I ^
proffielkive'glafs, I obC@;-^d'so- 1e1 RIP'
sy, ffs-f1ng rouq-d-h&6c'aE a hg S- ^~
Jnttb 446kn~jrs44.i


what feat'tbeb hfd 3drcffd-; what k vf i
could not diffUagn ;h : Afr.rwardi they A!
dnted around the liamh, ufing Mary frIgb
fl :%d 4Trbarous Gftures. '
'WlHft I was Io kitig eaieii I the( l
Wvttd es. I would d'ferm them 6raggia-g twt
i mimrabe c-atie omo otf "e o(thek; boa(fi
I won cot leig before I law one of theA
kioeAb- down, and rhkree w fo r of them-
Sfell 'o cuMing ;And M1aogjad h's body, in or*
der to av-ur r im as theytiad to.n dhe fo.
F trer. Wiliff 'he Mhdr iferuabie ereaturt
oofidl t1*linrt every mofthent (he laie of hI
M tnoiti-',", nrFplred with the hepen of r-4
. atwefi-.6doeu fiart tra 1 cm, and ral
^r.i-t fwif ,lowfds tm came. '

^ --.-___ _. ..__

'* ~ -.: _-^-5' _--_-^^^ ^^ i**t-_--^*a_

1. A IL.

4* wt& W
i aundaisr, fi" wc,
W0014 fly 1*IcP. toIt
gIa4sec he beds *tbmuiaod froma 7
hlAriftnsond^o 42g k Pjd#mfgmni loft *1
figft q6as theMe, % Ue. Th-w ta
h.racrJag.cj.4sc atWkera I.Mt-
frd the poor v tld be hcea itbq
to(0. ta fwv, hsppaaKdL eb-Qirmp
vt. vU a d- (Mw eSt. over, a.d ranm aa'
ut hip famrttth.,a a, ftnefa, :wro- A
of the th Aa&MIwf himnahm ov"er msr.
bun bu;, h other, o b'tbat, could mtteit g ,s
twun back so hit compaioin. Ad4 ow,
O new., I thoughA it wa may time to pro-
gcwe 2 fbvago May companioMn.. Accoj.-
igJy, wish all 0 fpeed I could, L came
down fasd.ike rock, tok up my tiw *uS
refel viog kth i;qit it pot4a i d "
ipg ordcr t( i4, cowi.nw.uugr wayn,.g mat
nmytlf between the Purfners audthe .pift,
,4 bVk*iutco,*. ls-I fBam til'irhs,
you til imagi=, w st a h iftbp Rimed
at me. Th, 4r pusruls kaBeckbauk 4r
wit. 00 A0t4* e eypice, =nd the,
who I usB4in4 WaRtpWpriag his bw sad
aSww to I&OI Mt% lty i s ilied'.
hint u4 a ni.e ,4...
Tim pow. fshtad Indiaa wos

. t.- a e. ,b 3.!
.' fl ~ i A .ig to ,.r4 .au q. ,t.e.e ... ...
S'S ~ ktetS~Z SM-L^ --

'7 ~1
L made him, that hame. to me, and thr
Shhimfelf at my fee i'took one of my
Sand put it upon his ead ; which was a t
[ en, it feems, of his refoTution to be my 1a1
ffor evtr ; upon which I took him up,
mo much ol"him, and eacouragcd him in'tR
Oft man6er I could.
"By ihis time I law the favage I had kno4
'1 ed down, began to recover, and was fitt.
upright, which made my new flHave as mu
,', 'afraid as before, but I floon prevenicd
... fright by prefentliog my piece at him ; but n
Savage oppofcd my, hooting him, makingS
| 'figo ro me to lend him my word, wl4
hung by my Gde, and'no fooncr had I grat
ed his requacft, but away he ran to his enCqD
| and veiy dcxtcroufly, at one- blow, cet ..
S his head ; ad as a token of triumph, bud
hso me, together with my wordd' and lI
it at my feet. ,
The greatefl afionif(hment my Aew fat
1.was in, urw, how 4 killed the ravage at .4
difiance, without a bow and arrow ; actI
fatisfy himfeif in that maittcr, he mak 6j
j. to me to let him gin. and view bisu 4,
having viewed the wounDthe bullet had-&
in his breafi, he tuok Tp his bow and.
sows, and came back to me again, mat
*figcs to me to give i l-ago#* '
whch, with my confect, b:atti gd
w iopde'ful dexteriy. -''-""
.Wbcnf perccved ha h
bun-imy, and carried hi *4', A4
teaus, where'I gave hifm vttt* .
pointd o hia-' lie dIwOA Bpo6. a,.

:4' 4 4 ,. -

C R S 0 E. 63
a4d take a little reft. Ho-wqs a very hanID4
fosme well-proportioned fellow, and in all
relpets the moft beautiful Indian I ecr law.
I think he had anot {lept above an 'whour.
before be came oat of the cave to me, as.l
was milking my goats, and again thew..himn-
fell at my feet, and put my other foot upon
his head, as a farther token that he inteiyjcd
to be my flarv torcr..
That night e, tlyed -ia, the cave; but
early. the next morning, I made figns to hbim
to rife and go with me ; and, withal, made
him to undcrftand- that his name. was to be
Friday, it being on thar dy I fwed his life,
and that I intended to give him fope cltoaths
to hide his nakedoefs. As we pa&d by the
place where the.,favages were burled, 'he
pointed direfly;to -the -graves, and. let pe
know by his gefaures that he intended to
dig them up and devour them, spon which
I let 4la fee I was extremely djfpluafid at it,
aw.i p,-iahmxonmwava which he did with
tie greSntfh-rcsereut.ce. -
IntOur.Wso.theK.catfl, we went to the -
top o = a lito view if ttq f ages woo gone, .
and fi k they were<0G refrefited 91W-:
folves f 4.tat ntghli. *,d the next morning
-refoeh arma myilf, god take my man
ewir. 4id go-to kw.the p!ar# where
h mitted their barYArizti,. When
I. Ipon the fp-t, ite.f i to
ap he horrible nef, of 4* *ti$^^t/f -.
feth and eatwriv-
m tdtbsottumamcz^.s^In!

0 '. .
L] :& a. .M'+.e eai, ... ". Ba ,+,

eftaob. Friday gave me t od
that there we(S three there facrificed, a
f. I'had nei r4'cned him, be had been tibll
foenh.' attc hbid gnaher up the fraI j
mnet s ai "y them in a heap, and made
fired 4i --tdhem, and burnt thm to aflies :--
S adUd4d I found my man hi d a haakcrig'j
al afloemw of the fielh, which relented wirk
* ibc utmoft abhorrence, laad made 'hbn un-..
detifaad' that it ever I feaid him guilty of '
awy' f(uch inhumanity, I wotildcerrainly Shoot
J bHn.
SAfter this We went to my castle, where I
cloathed my man As well as the nature of the 1
place and my tirtumflances would admit:
Helcmed'At firfl a little uetfy and awk- '
ward io' h new draeft ;bot after he had worsj
them four or five days, he gteW familiar with
S them, estd fecemed extremwily wtll fktisfied. |
1 #61w my DCe(t oaceeM Vas, how might
lode h1me eli, add ybt be, eafy myfe If Pbd
in 6trdcer to this, I tv&ed him a little tcmAt '
between my two fogtifisaions, feoucd m i
arms every Night, and made evcy thing (a .
f&fe,mhat it was impofliblc for mi to be fur-'A
pt lfed ; though I muft at the fname time own
/ theite wais do need ofat thefe canons ; fog 1'
never Timan was blNfd with a ftrwvaatxt io-.
I ed amd obeyed him kith *greater *e U,|;,
S -f#eitdHy and afifeft. ;. which end.
to mie extremely, and inlued me to i
1 *w I eihkt a.bel acquit nyertf| &q hisI
.O 'Ttiad noti been above two or tir. deypA..
Y VY-afle, when I Ark PCPg Ak
r 16-nm his tar-ba t- vn b 9 batea -
*. *

tk u ia erdcz o -cuau I Ua e4 0.4 p-
rivaen ; til t Cj tic ewvapw who hid
the spft dutifila nd ddc cegard; to evy7
sliag IcoMfamaod4$hgt,&& wdi4^idnov~ait 1
good fense, wW pcrfedt7 wcsped #4W 4" A
,igioas incliqajiks, qd had as dqcp n .-f
ed an abhorroaiit of q'ty (uchb batbtr- ,go .
ceeduictas my'',Mi;e I 1 FA his b pbSt
a4 Msad.e all figos f his averfiap b p.o y
:ooI4t ponouRBPAg SWaqn things. i .4dwf.
ndcrftand ; oely in the igaip, 1 foqp4 hat
him'only appreheofioas rwcroa' .thc eroIt t h
fkwuld lhuot hip ; fot ft. tbapghrs of t
gun, and the mapner,0p the c;0ec004oa i' E
were ftil in Its mi$d, aqd het.pad bj.po
means be necoacildc4 tit t bW y4ql4 aqu a
fi much ax suc4 it. ith hiapt,6gr fla fivei
ral dags and 1 btlicvs. if I had no gr 4t-

r e~l av= .qy ,ore t- I
ed it, woid 6w paid itA ping of afona-
tion: he wotld gq, an 9f sIJ 13I 4
Wfned, 'nd tilk 1 it'4 -h!.0 ia 6bf he
I. I .- ., ,:
I bd blUed a kihih wbie uawg ;w9=
sod- 14 Dit: day I gaveaUs 4m q tfhc
flelh, bitb.olWc$ anu'rqr c4c ,i4bahifk he
was fo sjmch *gtei 4iS 9e 4 s1 fjgns
*hichx I pctfetly mL^L44qpS^qtr v^t^he.,g
lived bCouIAam-r '

o and V. rlef

,' I



]56 R 69 N'S 0 N ..
we understand tdfwf e ad more labour
stands op his accouCe :han I had for
and that he' would hpare no pains nor-,
gpncc in any thing (henuld command or
reft ; and indeed, fhe fellow's honefly a=,
SfimpUtintcgivi y grew fo confpicuout, I ralq
Z1n 0to luve him entirely ; and for his pa=4
Iqam well aoTured theme was no Love loft- 'i
"hid a mind to know if he had any inclidi
-*loo to his own country ; and having tanugli
Shim as much Engli(h as poffible, I alk-d hii'
fcveral quefions, which he answered ver1
pertionently; particutlaIly, I atkfd concerning
the nature and diftancc of his ccuwtry, avU
their manner of fighting, &c. The fellow
had a very good natural genius, and would
qftcn aafwcr my questions with vety'quid
and furfpiifiog turns ; and when I Ipuke 4
bout'rcligion,he hbaed me with the greater
rev rrincc add tteation, and would oftei
fiprlc me with important and uuczpeci
.ftitoms ; and in truth, I fpared no painsIt
_truAt him according to the bell of "I
'kiewledge. I 2fk.d him who made him I
< alihe world ? As foon as be Oundeifto
S me, he aanwered, Old Besamucn :, buttA
S thai he could fay of him was, that he
very old, much older than the {ea and laW
the moon and Itars, and thIt :Ca grea
way beyond them all. ,.-4
SWhen I had en4.ircd s
ferving thbGa. I pa'See4gi
he ifl M y kinbwltdg4
t4e przC.;tci'qf the c
-hid be(o.e b;im kvral'

,'y...;. *--- .
...~~..... ,

C R rU 0 E1. 67
.Cwbkhb it was grounded ; to which hc
tic grcateft attnmion, tod would ai
tPrtiercnt- qocftions, by way of in forma-
tia : In 1horts-1 (oon pcsccived, hi; poor
.creature every day improved by jay.Anthuc-
lions ; and Diy veqdcavonrs to infiri&fhim
were a great help to myfeif, and bTuotfh
1hofe things frc{h into my memory whht
the Leogkh of time had almost defacd ;t
had the grcatcft reason to blcfs pnwidenca
for fending him-to me in-thbils flate of,foliokude.
His coripeny alloyed th:-.thoughts of my nwife-
ry, aid mide my. habitation mote capifort-
able lhaa it had been.cvpr fioce n4y fift tom-
iog to the illat.. It broughtinto my oi*d .'
daily notion of heaven and hAvntly .LhiM.%g ,
-aod filled me with t fccrct joy. that A..a
brought Ino .his lace, which I oqJ;*qgjt
the mioft-micratt oa", of he [, ju.i4
By this time FrOiy began to (peak apfq-
bbl english, though a iiulce brpokcx
vefed ,wlib great famliarity .aOdIo,took.a
particular pleasure to relate tp bima ith fever- ,
al accideots apd ?dveatasIo* any ^fl, X
foon made him uodcrilasd tht .wta g fut .-
myftcry, aw be. coinccived itt of. the gtuiposr- ''
der and ball, anad taught ifi r.t;fpop, wilh.
he foon lcavmtip ihe. geateftjtcraioir
Save hi i.fe* wbichl-h es very.p.t
of; lil5c1Ipteh?dln4?a jtac-t, &tdfchjac
:. ha pibiflgrdk,l. *h14f. bis
ia t4-, e. l% 6 _
"a '* ,'*' 'C RON ,,ro
.;he bewq ",..

... ... .... : . .
^-,_ .. ^ ia^^ I,i ^ tB i

P~ 60 SO 1 N S 0 N
|i .tift1e sf my onaivity ; above all the rft, 1j-
i .a gaw account of may bainog
wrecked, ajd carried him and hewed
th e r in a s o L .s h e thip 's b o a t, w h ic h ,; t h ,
it wd ahaeft rotten and kais to piccai..
II etvId parccive he took pardicular :oatc
whd ich made me afe him &bh rcafonw Y,
S popdcrcd fo much, 0 ma)er Ifaid he-)%
fm like bot ca to place at my iatn..
prcfatrly came itao AsMy mind, that this at
he fame Eurppeaa bpaa thu ras forced
tsbrc by flecf of weather, afo ihe IolaR
the .hip, which put mc uapa enquiry, lI
-rt of a boat ki. was and what came in.itt
Friday replied with great wamni and
S dour, a peaA"r, we jlvt. white m4as far
drun : Uppo which I alhed hig. if .dt
I were 'ay white-mans (as be calUc thbem)4
the boar.? rfsPfs (faid h) AN book fail,
fail W tnitA ama :: how mnayi Friday Pj
I I Whereapn he oombercd. his fingers, a1
co6unied fifeptccn,,6 fhan I a&ed him, wbh
'; becatac OW them all, acd whether tiebr Ui0
H o'not. H repWcd, psAIj m r,, ehraU Ih
, t- s be ive 'mWng my noioa. Upon W4
i, it came iod my.thougbhs that thefc mfth
W de crew mhsa beionged n the..hflip ihae'4
S aft away upon my- illaad ;,who, rather Sta
S be devouracd. in the ocean, hqd a vrmmss
whemfillvcs In pmo itl ace, Msd.w=ecdArivei|
*' thore among the wild bdaia.,.. rbt.aO
I had of their c tcktile mAr, mW a* -Er
bow. it camne m pais they. & i.. ot i ani.,C
them. No, no, frid Eri'i, Aig s:t kit
g|^ t544 .a.t irafr. wi14 a.n^ fjsaiS.
CRY nab b*. -ve -

efoit ariews, fwtat -Maft; Ogj -,w Wiwi
af war-4ght. As uih ts:u" fiy', that
,withe his norIanyItbAT sMiBon cer9tftbir
felow creaturep-- at fitch as the tfacw ibat
allowed to be devoured, and they 4ripft" '
tchfe whofe mwhfftite It was to hb AM
pri'o rs Of w R i "ar
,Some time aftertihi-tipon a very dlear d*,'.
my man and-I watnvup'tothe top oF a vety
high hill, on thc-eaft c df fthe! ifnd, frbfa
.whence- had omee tefotefcan thi condtineit
in. America ; I could not' direfty 6el l whit
was the matter, 'fM P Afoy 1.11 To junaapig
ad& danchdg a Hlk waretod ; I t, &Cthwi.
the reafcm'ooflhiijwoy. O)jDf! ifte, ja
ebkrs fet my nWairfl tDhre my., tbeea
jj, wlshike ms adt. grhr. eft W*hith t
could not help thinking, btt that, if hetourd
by any meant get home, he wcld4 foi'gut Al
liad dode forhim, and pdthtpsting his
Countrymen ito 1by fl ad to Mt aif:
But, to my fIMne I peak k, my'j.&a i.
tery ill grounded, for the poor fellow *s
.-quite different difpofifioia, ad 'a f
thirwardt, would freely have h :t.' k ,
eitherr than have lft rme, or denutefte- ku
iBjHry. .-
:Soon after r.-, i*dftlmed imf h- ba ) o'<
adefire h~tiaoobn~ et a
hot f rVW B 0i: Ok&fadt'&yafB^^ W
hwvi f ,mYu a k Oj aM e IVfl t
gyo itI%# JI, thet /wR C
martd, 'O'mr icb u dtrpSat *4 4-aeary:- ..
goa, you Wak_ atif StwfifE, .t&WS ',.*. -..'

S' 4 :" -

b...a^.= sJM2. L..^^ ^..~iia^

ft knew GoS,and pray God. u-las poor FMt
day, faid J, that's out of my power, ncizhl
S will I veogrte among them : No, you 1h0.
go and leave me alone, as I was before I fai
cd.your life.
Never was any creature more thund4
S ftirack than Friday was at there words, efpciaf
ly when I told him he would be at liberty
; -o-as fosa as the boat was ready to carJ
him ; he put one of his hatchets into ci
land, saying, only kill Friday ; Friday care
Sliver long : But what mutt I kill you foC
(hid I.) A.4! dear mater, what made you F |
S day faoe form eat a me up,fo keep long F'id|
make Friday awr God, and not Jove B-namd
kee, and now Fiday fed away, never.
; Fiday more When he Ipacke this, the td4
ran down fo plentifully, thar.[ had much a
to refrain from weeping myfelf ; k comforJ
ed him in tab bcft inner I coui ; "ellit
h hm. if he was willing to fay with me, I would
never pant with bim as loug as I livrd.
In 1hore, the felKlow's honef y. and ince
behaviour Coon convinced me of the unr4
ti nablenefs of mTy j-aloufy, and be beco4
S more dear to me than. ever, Iodeedj
Thought thit if ever I c.ulJ 't to $v Coj
tinent, and joif tbopcc while men Frday i
m renoianed, it might be she meters 0 fuq
m, y rfcape ; in order to this Fr'dy A'
S went into the wocds to look-out a large L
to bu;Id a canoe, which we ia
-,. fix weeks, and with tiuch tsrciie and .
i got her izto the.wtar. I- as veTy wel4 l
cd at the launcbkig


70 -

C R U S 0 E. 7 .1

mine, which Fridayumanaged wirb great D-x-
erily, and affl'red meit wts in' all points
large enough tb carryUovert'&if I thought "i
proper, he was ready to vehvure with me. -
I liked the fellow's hoocfl pidpofal, but,
atthe lame time, 1 thought if I could prwcure ...
a maft and fail, it would be better ;" 'bicb "
with the greatest difficulty imaginable, in a -- .
bout three months time, I made a flh to'
patch together ; and after that, I had Vn'
man Friday to inflruft in the art ot naviga-
tion, which before he knew nBothing of.
I was now entered in the twenty feventh
year of my reign, or rather of my taptivrity,
and kept the anniversary of my linji th Wi
greater oletnnity than ever? having iecvned"
Inch repeated figna's of the divine favour, in
my deliverance prefervatidn and prefpcriiy.
mI now wanted for Brhing. and yet my
mind was Rill intent upon my-dcliverance ;
Sand in tmuth, I had a firong inpreia w upon
me that .. should not be another ytir ia this
illad ; b R 1 f1ili continued -my itufblrady,
and made Abe necciTary pteparatiomi f6r my
future fubfiftence. The rain feafod coming
on, we weret forced to continue f4or :the mol
part within doors; having, fitrft made all
c ncTary preparation for the ficmity'aund
falery of my new.boat, till ibe .c fsti A f
Novetbcr#rad Deembeatr, at wbilf ia 1 "1
fuatt 4.temioed to fait owr to ih -

'1 bc~ttfti mlakcpreparrniot 'for pjTayfused-.j
AcdifOtC andid it fwbei n to d *' !

theaboStfb thai rp~ofc?. asr -'-. j
6 A. fo t kI,* ..... 1.

-"' '''...- *',. ..-^ i .jif ~ .?- ^ :^ :a f .
he)-~ fb

-' ta ,- --

W A!

One morning, as I was bnfy in majkng;
parations for my voyage, Friday whom I I
fcat to the fcafiJe ro look for a turtle. ca
running in a terrible fright : tays he, ",
Wad news : wonder ore three or four canoes
os the coafi, and they come to look for poor i
day, and will eat )cu as well as me ; and thi
fare =ie mu/ folate to fiht for cur lives
Pay- Friday, trembling, me will fight as i
W I can ; hut I an afraid they are too m;
for us: h ut I will bey oaur orders, and
the la/I drop of my blood for you.
Without Lather disputes, we fell. to loadi
our arms, and making every thing ready l
the onarE: When we had double load
them, aud put every thing in the beft pofi
thai could be, I took my profpcaigte gl;
and went up to the top of a hill, to try wi
I could discover ; aad I fboa perceived thi
were nicieen lavages and three prifone
which I couclnded, by their manneacr of a
ing, were to be devoured.
Thi difmIal and inhuman Ipeftacc fill
me. with the wumoft horror and detftatki4
aod the more fa, at I faw a white man, w
by their ationa and preparations, I fou
was to be the next facrifice. This made ia
make all the peed I could, having fuly c
rermined to deliver him or pcrilh in the:
tempt ; fL I give Friday orders to foli
me, asd to do every thing he faw me do.
When we came to a proper difianc und
covered, I gave the word to frlasy to ii
as I did the very fame momuot.- We to
our aim fo wcll, thqt betwr.a at, we kiit

C R S o 73
four, and wounded three or four more.-
No man can imagine the conflernation and
confufion there favages were in upon this
unespefted accident: However, not to give
them any refpite we took up fome other
arms, and let fly a second time, killed two
more, and wounded federal others, which
added fo to their confusion, that they rat
yelling and howling about like mad creatures.
Friday (laid I) take a charged muftet and foat-
tow me : So, chewing ourfelves to them, and
at the fame time giving a great fhout, we
went direcly to the victim, and immediately
cut the bands from his hands and legs, and
lifting him up, I afkied him, in the Portuguefe
language, what he was : He told me, in Lat-
in, he was a Spaniard and a CFri/flian ; and
after returning the beft acknowledgments he
could for his deliverance, he was about to
give an account of his misfortunes, butj I
prevented him, telling him, That wuoaldbe bet-
ter at another time ; and further faid,
,Signior, we will talk afterwards, but now
our bufinefs is fighting. I gave him a dram
and a piece of bread to refrceL him, and them
gave him a word and piflol, and bade him
do what he could ; and to give the man his
due, no one could behave bimfelf with great-
er courage. In Lhort, we fo managed the
matter, that of twenty two fawages, not above
three or four got into one of their canoes, &
thofe I resolved to defiroy too if poffible ;
accordingly, I leaped idto one of their ca-
noes, and ordered Fridayw to follow me i bat
I was no fooner got im, than I faw another

74 R 0 B IN S'O'N
-pbor creature boUnd hand' tand foot for
laughter. I prfenItly helped him up,
he was t'fo fainr and'welk,'that he could
thcr fland nor fpeak, but grabined fr
thinkiug he was now to be fac. ificed. It
Friday peak to him, and iflure him of
livegance. When he was a little recover
Sandc fitt up in the bbat, and had looked/
en him more fully,'ybu cInnot imagine
poor fellow's traofport at leigtbh,' When'
had alitrtle recovered hinrifF,he told meiti
'his father ; and ialtrnoh;'he'gave luth t
common teflimonies o'bhit duty and aidedlil
that's mfl needs own'I'was vcty e r.ych'
fefted t"Ah it. 19
'In Ihort, with a great deal of difficult
we got both my new guefts'hoie' td my y
tie, whenceI made them a 'hadrCme ced
and treated tbemio ine6befl zaaricr my- c
Cimftaiftes would allow.
Add thDi; flke't aBiblute King, J'Ug6b
ed my linre d-bmAin, ; and' ffuBdihg th'ti'
he* lubjietsft'Wveiy -wetk. I ordered FI
SItay to kil! 6ie of my kids,'and-lwfted "-
SbOiledlhbefleh -Add 'nade 'them Tome *
good biosh, And dined'with fhemrtri i" f.
Aftetrdinaer, I 6rd'eifd Yriday ro& oro 1&%
field of battle, i6d 7fett h dbi e the :'arth
abd then [bade Fr4 ak ies faatbbe,*helHi
he thought ie poibld for tbe ftcV ea td%4U1
S ride the'ftohn, orfthey got liikME eIi
he tha ght thcy'^ rild fiot dti'r h-'g-r
xtultxrs, and odeadvourWo'deroy' u. "%
*nfweCe*as, tliat ititey f ltaceh thir'tfI
tt.Km*y which herhirdWHV tUnltgh tp



C Rk U. S 0". 75

y the ftlrargacfs,of their bting attacked
would certainly mpkc them. tell. ilp,. people
that they wetce dcftroycd. by. thunder and
ligbhing, and that whoever. went iato the
island would certainly be.defltroycd by thb
bands of the Godj and not ofmeo ; aqd that
the island was cnvhao,zed ; and that thp Gods
feot file from above to, defioy all thoe that.
Thopld ptefur, to land in it.
7his account hayiog.frced me from my.
apprch.fioqsj and :no. canoes appearing, I,
relived to puf fe. my.inicndcd voyage, Fri-
dafj' tathcr having "a'utcd mc.tbat I might
depeo4 upon goud ulag, firpo. the people of.
his country. AA to the Spaniard, 1 atked
him his opipjion ; hq tod tic .hey wece four-
teen that were cafl away upon the island,
aad that they had agoad.undeiftanding with
the iadianh, bt were.ijq .want of ncceflaries
for the fupport of buman JifC ; and that iH
I thought proper, heo and the old favage
would gQ.ovcr &fift, aud fettle matters, in
order Iq.opr sccrption; the lame
time he told wae, they would all fwear fidelity
to me, and own inei their leader.
Upon Ibhtf fliUranc.s, I rcolved to fend
them vyer. ; but,. when very thing was rca-
dy.-,th hcspaoiaid ftit-d. this material c bjC.
lion : ysa kac ., Sir.. fid he, I know he trngt.
ofjyoiu ft, k, aiq thoughyou may ,ual enrgt
1'r us that, arwfpw with ptu, yet, thmntyt-
cn.argc .enuc (faiab, I aim ftpf hi, .it'ctothe
fs.ctA(p to. fmmrn w long, and bnwefmorue
a.-vieti, i to -wait, anke..,,rr.vrji. ,nd in toA
mean ciac .prvperf as mziqjmud aM nfwois

wbherby we may have provifions: fu cient r
carry on our design. This advice I liked ezx'.
treriely, and from that moment I always el-
teemed the Spaniard and made him my privy|
counfellor on all occaflons.
We all four went to work, and prepared
as much ground as would fow twenty two-|
bulhels of barley and fixteen of rice, which
was all the feed we had to fpare : And at thot
fame time I took all the care imaginable to.,,
increafe and preferve my goats by fliootingt
the wild dams, and taking the young kids, i:
putting them into the cnclofurcs, and took".
fuch meafutes, that, by the bluffing of Godm-
and our industry, after harvest, we had pro- (.
visions to viflual a ihlip for any part of Ame-
rica. *
The principle occalion being thus anfwer-/
ed, I gave my two ambLffadors a nuitrket each,
with charges of powder and ball ; with pro-.
vifions fit for the expedition, and away I.,
fent them ; they had notr been gone a fort- A
night, but I began to be.impatient for their'
return. Whilft my thoughts were perpetu-
al!y taken up with the ezpeftation of them, j
a very firange accident happened, which was
firfil difcovtred by my Ss Friday ; who one .
morning came running into me, crying out,, .:
they arc come, they are come. Upon which I
jumped from my bed, and looked towards, *.
the fea. I perceived a boat about a league-./
and a half distance, landing diuieiy in for "
the fhore. I leon found that ibere wesc.
none of the company that I expectd ; foun
by the help of my glafsl I found that this,


C R U S O f. 77

boat muft belong to fome fh;p, which by
caffing my eyes about, I plainly dilcovjhd
lying at anchor at fome diftance at fea ; i ch
by tme fashion of her long boar, &c. I con-
cluded muft be an Engifi vcifel.
Great were my tranfporis upon this un-
expecd fighq which brought into my mind
frefh notions of deliveance ; and yet I had
joume cautionary thoughts, which I confess,
were of ufe to me afterwards. It was not
long beforc4 faw the boat approach the fibore,
and then I was fully convinced that they were
Englifh. I faw four of them leap upon the
thore, and take three out with them, that
looked like prisoners, who, I obfcrved, made
pafflonate geftures of intreaty ; and not
knowing what the meaning might be, I beck.
oned to Fiday to go to the top of the moun-
tain, and make what difeoveries he could ;
when in a little while returning back, 0 ma[-
h.r (faid he) you fee Englijh/b mans eat prifon-
ars as well as favrieL mans But of this I
loon convinced hi;Ao the contrary ; and
yet I could not help thinking but there muft
be femething very barbarous in hand. [
coulJ not perceive that they had any, fire
arms, but rather that t0 ey were preparing to
kill their three companions with t heir Iwords ;
and now it was I lamented my want of pow-
er to preferve them. IH-eever, to my great
tatisfaffioo, i found that they turned them
up into the defolatc island, as they thought,
to be eikter flarved or devoured by wild
heaftis, ani then. rambled about the wood to-
make observations, till the tide was gopS
and the boat was aground. G .2
0 _*


lo (hont,l confd&'ud what forr of meoy
bad now to deal wthb, d therefore refotl
ed to''a with ail Ction imaginabMi
and fo conclude it f.berl not tor make ai
attempt till it grew dark: 'but the day b8is
cxc-flyvely hot, I concluded-the aiTlors wel
of courfc laid in the lhade'to flecp ; 'and pq
cemviog the three poor difconfolatc creator
fitting under a tree, at fome mall diftial
frem me, I mide no more, to do, but weq
up to them, af2kif them, in -the Span.
tongue, what they were? At whkch rbj
flartd up and, being furprized at the oddtj
of my drelf, they began to avoid me ; 'm c
called to them in Eoglilh, Do not b; aift
fo, rou Y ive afried nearer teo y=r Wb#*/

a L

C "it U S '0 E. y ; fell me your con lition. dnd ;jf it ba In
miy power, I 'will ferve yo fiithfully. wfr,
(laid one of th'iM) the /flory is to Ilng at pre.
]int : I w-zr mafler cf tbit'fip 4thxt tis yon-
der at anchor ; my men hzvinz mrutinied it is
a favour 'they zav# put fhn poajftnger, my mate,
and /, on (bare 'on thi ij? ,,id mu,&.r-
itg us, though W'c Annj no prfp!7 but to pir-
i, here, for winr of tr' ri-crjafrfri o/ lile -
flave they ar.y firz armr ? faid I. Onty two
fiuzet, replied he, 'aid' ow, of them is now lelt
,. the boit aind, if the t', dJfpgrate rogues
hAit are with then cnid .-e taken i am pret-.
ty well aff rtd the ret wa;Mld return to their
duty. Well, *fid 1, let us retice a little tar- .
other under the coveru;ig jf the wood, and we,
will talk farther and there it was I ma4eX4,,rV-.-
my conditions with them, which they wvecFr "
gratefully and hdneftly performed. '
It was not long before ir came to a reno-
lution to ga and attack the villains ; the two
m'en fired on them,, abd killed one of the
captain's greatefi enmi-r, and wounded
another ; the reft cried out for mercy, which
was granted them, upon condition they
would wear to be true to him, in helping
him to recover hi fhlip which they all pro-
mifed to do in a f31ema manner ; however,
I advifed.the captain to keep them bound,
and then 'obur ne -t care was to secure the
boat,without which it wasinmp.3it.l td reach
thc bip.
'to fliwtei the r:la''ia as much w pafr-
fible, we concerted all our 'abrts lbo 'cH
"that at laft, the fth' w it recoV:red accordlg

S* I

to our with ; and now there remained nf
oi ig but the difpafal of the priloners.l'
Sod angeroos of which we refolved r4
leave on the ifliad. I gave them arms, anl
all the ncceffTries I had in my caftle : anA
telling them all my whole flory. I charged
them to be kina tu the Spaniards that I hai
fent far over. They promised me very faitj
and fo I informed them of every thing necef
Sfary for their lubfiflancc ; fo taking with aw
man Friday, my money, my parrot, &c. j
went on board where the Captain treated md
as his deliverer and behaved bimielf ro wA
with the uirnmoll gratiande and civility. Upoi
the a 2:h of December, j 686, we fit fail, ana
S landed in England the a ith of Junt, 689
after I had been abfent from my native couaj
try upwards of thirty five yeafs.
Atter my arrival, and I had a litte: rei
freihod myfelf. I bagan to enquire into thil
Late of my affairs: I found my firtl CaptaiOnll
widow alive, but in verymean circumOlancea
Soon after I went into YokfhiUre, where]
found my family in general either dead o3
loft, fo that I koew n3t where to find theac
I found that toere was nao prov'fion mide Aq
mc ; upon which I took my man Friday an
went toLitbon in order to Bad the Poriugad
Captain, who took mr on hard on the ceaa
of Af ica ; and to learn, f;or him, what w4
become of mny phqiafion at the Buafils.
cording to my with, after fomec little fearcf
found him out, and he-gave mn: a very
facory account of all matters, more par
Jutly of my plantation in the Bai3s a .i..

-. i4
^ .'.'.*^'t .. ,'n i ii. i -it a ii:" fl r -J "~

C R 07S 0 E. ti
bad been fo honefily managed in myabfence,
that beyond my expc&ation, I found myfelf
worth 4000 1. fleRlding ; with which, as loon
as poffible, I relolved to make the beft of my
way to England ; and by the advice of the
Captain, I was perfuaded to go by land,
which had like to have proved fatal to me
and al4 that were in my company ; for the
fnow's being fallen, the wolves and bears
were driven out of the woods, and though
there were more than zo of us together, they
fetrupotius many times, and indeed, it was
not *ithoot the greatefi hazardand difficulty
we pjefirvcd ourfelves from being devoured,
the particular relation of which would be too
long to trouble the reader with.
In our farther, through France,
we met with nothing uncommon or remark-
able ; we got fafe to Paris, and after a fhort
flay there, went to Calais and landed at Dover
the 14'h of January in a very cold feifon.
When I came to London, I found my bills
Sof exchange all arrived, and the money ready
to be paid at fight, which when I had receiv-
ed, ir came into my mind to return to Lifhon,
and from thence to the Brafils, to look after
my plantation ; but upon second thoughts,
I concluded it beft to fell it, and on this ac-
* count I thought it proper to wi ite to my cor-
,Ipondcnt at Lifbon, and desire his advice and
affiftance, who readily gave me his ptomife
to do all he could for me ; and in truth as I
afterwards found he acquitted himfelf 6b me
in every particular whh the gTcatcft jfltiue
-and integrity.

0 Is

82 R 0 B I N S,0 X
In fhor, eflkte. for me to tt
beit advantage, and rcmitt't, to me for
bill. for htbrc hundred and twenty pieces c
eight a fum much greater tlb. I cx.epeaq
And nqwl. began to. thaik it high time I
fettle myfelf, providence having mate.fuchk.
plentiful provifion for mn thit I wanted at
thing to make myel.f as hippy as I could
Having raft my anchor, and for tbe prj
fern bid adieu to all foreign adventures,
had no other care or copnc;ru upon en)c h
the education of my, brother's two ions., Qu
of them I bred a Genlicm~o, and tibp och;
I bred an able failor ; an fo00n afterwaidd
married a virtuous, young, gentlcwoman, c
a good family, by whom I had twqo fots a4
a daughter ; but, The dying, I grew dilfco
folate and melancholy, and at 'he inRtigi
tion of my rephew, reio!vcd I would oqq
more make a voyage to the Ealfin1irs, wbic
I did in the year 1689, ana in my pafTig
vifited my Iflaod.& & full and particular a1
couat of whichij intend fall be the iubj.q
of the fubkfcqucnt palts of my narrative.

0 F



Containing a full account ef his travels an4]
remarkable :raufatlz'as, bath by sea and land.
M Y new kingdom ran cobtisuAlly in my
mind and- took-up my thaooghis day
and night, inf'amnch that my -wife took no-
tice of kt,&aud ou Often 6 &k mre the reafon
of my extraordinary thoughtfulnefi, faup6(-
log mTyartiagewith her might be the catife.
HIer renter -and endaring ftprrefiios, to-
gether wifrth-tcontdrn 1 had for the prefer,
vation of my family' at length brought-me to
a tefofution-to'fettle nlyfelfin fomce fixed way
of living ;,aecordiugly, I .borght'a lirefarmin
in Bedtoardftire,'and focan' ptnvidecd 'me 'a
'flock Withail6ther implements'fit soinanage
'it to the bcft advantike. 'Iwrthis rural retire-
micnt 1 b-gan to'thiTk nytell -as happy as-'I
could with, when on' a fudden, all my hap-
pinefs was deiroycd by the unexpeoed death
of my wife.
Her death gave me a fort of contempt of
the world, and filed me full of different
thoughts and inclinations. My couptiy life
Grew burthenfome-tq me: and in lhort, 1
left my farm, left offhoufe keeping, and in
a fcw months aftce, returned to London;

but there I could find nothing to entert4
me and diveit my melancholy. It was q
begining of the year 1693, when my ncphec
whom 1 had bred up to toec lea, was return|
from his voyage, Captain of the thip he we4
out in ; who coming to me one morniH
t6Jd me, it was propofcd to him by fo.
mci chants to make a voyage to the Eallindo
and if I would go, he would undertake I
land me upon my island, that I might hi4
an opportunity to enquire into the itate
my new kingdom.
Jufi before he came to me, it came into a
thoughts to get a patent, and fill my Iflal
with inhabitants; What devil, laid I, fInty
hither with this mejj-ge ? And though
liked the motion, yet I would not let hi
know it at firlt ; however, after a little paul
I told him if he would let me down and c0
for me at his return, I would certainly:
with him. As to calling for me as he cat
back he told me it. was impra&icable. A
faid he, I witL tell you what we can do qi
may have afloop ready framed on beard, zhi
we may cojity put together at any time, am
you may return at your pleasure.
I was not long in forming my refolutioc
but contrary to the advice of all my friet4
I fully determined to undertake the voyagM
and, in order to it, I made my Will, and A
all my atffiafs in the beft pofture I cd
poffibly, and lbfo with my truly fervant Frd
in the beginningot January, 1694, I weuit
board, and took with me fevcra! artific

With a good cargo, for the better flooding
cof my ifland.1
"" We had not been long out at fe3, but wi
I -were overtaken by a florin, which drove us
upon the coaft of Ireland, as far as Galway,
where we wtre obliged to ft.hy twenty days
Sfor a wind. On the S.h or F b u-ty, the
ad wind prefen'ed, and we hal a very good
c gale for feveral days. On the zo'h in the
h evening, the mate called out, that he law a
:lafh of fire, and heard a gun ; upon which
we all ran to the quarter dick, from where,
o0 t a diflance we Lawa tewn ible fire, which,
fla from our reckoning, we concluded ct u d be
gvo other than a fh'p that had taken fire at
1gh fea, end tlat it could Dot be far off by the re-
,port of the gun, which we heard fcveral
an t;mns. We made to it with all cur fail, and
1 c if on perceived it was a great fbip burni g in
IyV th' .mid lie of the ea ; I immediately ordci-
ca cd five guns to be fired, that the po r peo-
ple might.perccive tbat here was deliveeonce
at hard, who confcqu'ntly might Frfk their
to liwvs in tveir boats ; nor Was it long before
-the fhp blew up.
We hung r-ut our lanthorns, and about
cight in the morning, when it began to be
Ei light, we law two boats making towards us,
and we made a final for them to come on
board and 'o k them all up, beirg menc, wo-
:nPn and c' i.d'en, in all fixty four. It was
r a F ench fbip of 3co tons, bound fiom Ca-
kl Pnada, and by the negligence of the ftcerlman
it was let o.l fi in the fteerage; fo ihat
in all probably, if p, evidence had not feat

as to their a/fiaqq, they had every foul
Never were people, certainly to overjoy I
as thefe poQr creatures were. Among
paffcngers there were two priefs, an old o
and a young one ; the old qooe was a fluop
fellow, but the young one was a very mode
fine gentleman. After their furprize
pretty well over.and they had been retreil
in the beft manner our fhip would allow, t
captain and one of the priefts defied to fpea
with me, and offered us the money and jel
els they had Lived, Which I refuf-d, tellin
them, cur bufii[efs was to lave theim, and
to plunder them. They told us, what thb
had to defire of us was. to fct tham on f&oi
lome where in our paffige. A&s to landing
we told them, that beiog bound to the Eak
iodies, we could not do that without chapd
ing our cqutic, and that we could not juf
fy ; but we would cqrry thm 6 ill we ay
V'th a fIip bound either to England
S Fancr, that would take them on board.
however, our provifiors beginning to i
:hort, we refolved to land them at N.wfoun'
lad, which was not mpch out ot our way
and accordingly, as we proposed, in about
Wfcrk's time we came to the banks of Nce
foundland, where they hihed a baik to card
them to France, all but the young prieft aqj
two or thice of he I4ilpxr, who chofe toa
with us.
Now diretiqg our courfe to the S.S.
about twenty dapys after we met with ano:ha^k
OvCnIpre, that gavo us a Lrelh ofporluAB

C SK 6 -,^ E'. -C

to eei fe our humanity. In latitude of 27
we faw a fail brat iig towards us that had lod
gllher mafls,& filing a gun in token of diffiefl;
the wind being N. we loon came up to fpeak
to her,'and found her to be a fhiW of-Britol,
bound home fhom nBarbadoes, that hid beep
driven out of the toad by a furious hitr?-'
cne. They had been toflid altini for five-
ral dayi, and were atmoft ftarved for want of
provifiaons, having eaten nothing for elevena
In this 1ip were thtee pf0Ithers, a gec-
dlewoman, her ion and a diaid ftrvamn ; tlrefe
we found in a moft mtiferable Condhion that
can be imagined. The wohiaa died, and it
was with the greTreft di~cbity that we prO-
ferved the young mift andicmnaid, whroi, at
their intreaty, a fterwe had ft(plied the ftio
with what we could fpafe, we cock on board
oar own flhip. We Were now in latitude
i ; but pafling by tome little incidents, I
liatl relate what is moff remarkable relating
to my little kingdom, to which I was oo,
drawing nigh. It wat with no mall trouble
thar wc gov to the oauth fide of my itg4nd ;
bowvver, at laOf we care to an anchor at (he
mouth oat he little creek, and then I Coon
faw my old caflc, and knew perkitly where
I was.
When I was certain of thie place, I called
to Friday, and Hked him it h't kuwv where
he was ? But when he looked lkftf, he
clapped his hands, crying. 0 joivt 0 thfn, !
0 yes I 0 ter, Me e-! ,lee fee! Tere Ah .
Men and tkere,' and fIlE to j cmpio and
dancing as if he were miad.


Whbrn the Engliifh antient was fpread. aanJ
we had fired three guns, to let th-m knu*.
we were friends, I hung ur the whir flit,
and fo wi h ihe young plief, and my na41
Friday, 1 went on fh-rc. And wha h fuldl
be the firff man I faw, but the Spaniard,
whofe life I had fay d ; and Friday, who fa*
his father at a diftance, ran to him with aj.
the joy imaginable, aind embacecd him witlj
Cextrcme tenJcrnels.
I was the ohb of April that I ret my foot
on fhore the (ceond time, when try fai hitu
Spiniard, accompanied by one more. came;
:p to me he did not know me at fifil; but
when I had hinted to him wlo I was, no man
could exp, efs or behave himfelf wi'a greater ,
Vgaiiude. He took me by the hand, andi
S afkdl me if I would not go and lakeb polTic" \
in on of t-y old habitation, where I found.-
tby had made coufiderable imprcvcmcnts. I
afk d him several que lions, a.d he as ireadily
anlwered me, telling me w;thal what fIrarge..:
confufiun they had with 'hbe Eigl (hm'nen, who.
dtfilned to h. ve murdered tht m : Wi iewe
were talking, the mao whom hr had fenit e-
turned with eleven more. 'ihcf fGid he, are
fame of thfe that owe their live's to your.
goodness. Ad atter he had made them !n- .
fible who I wat, '-by all falute! me in a vtry.
g ateful and handsome nl: ner. .
Before I relate what happened in the ifl-. J
and. as it was related by the Spaniard, nI-1
G ve, nor. 1 muf not omit a fiL.y which Vi
omitied in my torimei naia ve Juft b f r ey
we weighed anchor, theic happcncd a quar-.
r /:-

rel on board, which by the care of the cap-
taint was timely prevented, though not with.
out fome difficulty : and indeed, fo far it
proceeded, that two fellows, that had been
Sthe ring leaders, found means in the night,
r. 0to get tome arms, and the lhip's boat, and
r got away to the island, and joined their bro-
S thier rogues; fo that now there were five En-
al glilh in the island, which5 as the Spaniard re-
po tsin the following narration, was the
cafee of great disorder and confufiunamonftl:
them. _

n The Spaniard' reliation of what h zpppend *-
the $alnd, from my deparrure till my fecond
te \ landing.
nd- OU may remember, Sir, you fent me on
a Voyage:; and indeed, I was nxit a lit-
S tuip zed to fiod. at my return, thit you had
left us. We had a v:sy good p fThge ; and
indf:d, my countrymen were ovcrjoycd. to
find I had f6 miraculoufly ecfaped ; ?nd
h. when.l had lhzw-d the arms ard ammunition
S which I had broupht, they weic transported
to the hiyheft deg ree. Aficr a little flay, we
got what we could from the favag-s, made
r bold wivh two of their canoes, an- Io crime
ur all of usover-tOi the fltnd,where we hit no
f.oner landed, but we found the Engl-imen
S bad quarrcllcd with one another, and had
attempted to murder and destroy their f -1-
lows, and were often veiy near putting thcic
wicked practices in ix-cuiion.
Otie day it happened, that as two of my
Spauiards were in the w ,ods, one of the fe-

erefl of the Epglfhlmen came up to tbe
and made heavy complaints how cruelly th,
were ufcd by their countrymen, and that'
we did rnqit take them under our proteftioi
.nd give them ;-fiflance, they muft icevirU
bly bc flat ved and utdone. Whenthey caml
to (upper, one of the Spaniards, in a gen il
atd friendly manner, brgan to reprimand"
the mutinous Engilhirien : that it was a grea
.pity their counilymcn should petilh, anq
therefore intreated them to fuff'r thcie
Courntym'n to procure their fubfineuce witlk
out fartber difluibjpce ; to which they re
plied, let tepm jfarve and he damn'd for the iA
land is ours, and if they will not work for u;
they b:hal" ave ro bare in it. Come 7ack(faik
Atilcins) whofball dare to btdild in our domi i
onr without cur conjent ? And as we after
wards found ( ut, they had certainly murder
cd them, if they bad not been prevented
However, they pulled down their huts, ani
did them all the damage thty poffibly could
When they had done this villainy, they car
back to the cafile, boaffing of what they haj
done ; when one taking hold of a Spaniaid1
hat, twirled it round, iayiog, andyou Signj
or Jick Spaniard4, hall have t/h ame fauct..
you do not mand your banners. Thts quarr,
in a fliorte time grew fo high, that it we h
cot timely interpofed and taken away tb^
arms, in all probability there had been mup
There wicked fellows, perceiving that thi
had made all of us their enemies, b'-gan 4
-gclcjtb and to beg for their arms but ti

we poffidvely refused, which made -hem (ip
h i mad and delperate, that tbey left us ia the
it greateft paffidp imaginable. They were
hardly gone but their two countrymen came
h'IL, (ous, with their complaints, telling us they
Were ruined; and truly fir, we could not
ht belp thinking it very hard, taat nineteen of
a us ilbould, trom time to timer, be bullied nad
re ifulhed by three (uich norotious villains.
an It was with fome ditficulty we p:fuaded
their two countrymen fro pitiruinag anl
killing them wirh thlei fire arms, but upoa
r6C; our promifing that they fihould btye jaftice
done them, they defifted. About five days
Ur after, being almoift ftaryed, they came to us
a in a very fubmiflivz mapnoer, and begged
Sheartily to have their aras teflored, which
r upon certain condhiions we at laft granted.
def Bdt to greastwas their "rlAin I at tteIe
ed bad not p.ft above three days, but be-
an gan their old trade again.
uld And now it was that an accident happen-
aa ed, that not only obliged us to lay aide all
h private ainimofities, but likewile to provide
I for 'ur mutual (curl-Y.
SOne night, as I J-y in my be4, I was dif-
turbcd wi h unufiual fears and appseheniioou.
irr got u2, and related the matter to one
of my Spanifh friends, ubo anCicred, .iwl
hint. were not to belighted ; and advifed me
iUi to lo.'k out carefully ; ad Iwng, that certainly
thero ias fojwr mischief upoq the f__os. Ac-
th crdiugly, we went up to the top. o the
aU mountain, where we c:niovetcd a light, and
rhcaid the voices uf fe'cf.i nigco wbisbh tai-g

filed us exceedingly. We could not tell wli
to cor.jedure, and therefore fent out old FI
day as a fpy. to try if he could learn wh
and from whence they were; he returned
in a very fliort time, and brought us wor
that they were two af rent parties, of diffe
ent nations : and that after a h.'ody battle, t|
had landed there by mere chance, in order to ,
por their prifoners ; and that he believed
fwloon as it was light, a bloody battle uouli enI.
fie. Od Friday had hardly ended his r-.Jt
tion, but an unufual noife gave us io under
ftand that the engagement was begun ; an
nothing could be more bloody and oblmnate
nor men of more invincible fpirits, nor mrnor
afkive and ready in their way of fighting.
We were undoubtedly, fir, in a great con,
fernation, left they should run info olg
grove, aad deftroy what we had, and ro re J
loved to pat outfelves upon our defence
and (hoot the firft that fihould approach'
and as we apprehended, fo it happened ; to'
three of the army that was vaLquile ca h
directly to the place for fhelter ; e
would not fuffer to be flain, buho ad the
!urpfizrd and taken alive : and in trhuib
-they all proved very excellent ic.varts. an d
were of great ufe to u' after wards, The tr b
parties bring gone off, and the coat cleat
we went to the place of battle, where
found two and thirty dead upon the fpo
with fevcral bows and arrows, and other fon al
0ot weapons, which I ordered to be ca'efuil al
picked up and carried into our arme-n y.
Lhiis difm al Ipcaclc ihad tLat cffo upl

HC R U 9 0 5T.
F the three trublefome Englifimen, that mu h
h of their turbulent temper bcg.n to abjre,
S god they b-gan to be good friends, 2an to
r think unaniniOLfly what was beft to be dune
for our mutual -iccurity and prefeivation.-
hAnd, accordingly, all hin Is were at work to
d flrergrhen the fortifications of, our Caflle,,
aa i provide a proper fecurity for all our pro-,-
vfius ; and indeed, we did both with all
the c u'ion that ithe zatue of our circum-
ite tic s wuld allow. A.d thus for twtyeaca
a we lived iQ a very comfortable retirement,
at jdving Dei. her teen or heard auy thing of the
10 5sIges for all thdt tim .
SBu now there h-ppened another qila'rel,
.Z which might have proved of very bad confe-
on qu-nce, if it had n -t been prevented in time.
re he 'hhree wick-d E.g ifhmen being the ag-
ace grfJrjsi 1I ordered them to be dilfarmed, and
C iet the cafe to be determined by the other
to two Eng iflnicn, who fentenced them to be
hanged, alledging. among other things that
IC they had a dtfign to murder us, and only
deterred it till a proper opportunity ; upon
iih which I &4k-d litkins, who was the ring lea.
an der, what we had done to them to deferv: to
be murdered or what he had to fay for him-
.a feilf, why we lh u d not immediately kill him,
who had foi med fuch a villainous d.fign to
murder us ? In truth, the Englhimen prff.-
S ed ve, y hard to hang one of them for an ex-
I ample to the others ; but this I wou'd by no
meats confint to, upon the ,nfilderat;oa
it at I owed my life to an E'glifhtnan, to
you fir, my only prelver ; howcvcr, to put

94' R 0 I) NS 0-N
;t out of thiet power to do us any farthc..
mischief, we deerrtmihed, that for the fttturcj
they fibuld bave no arms of any fort ; awn
that if they did agafn attempt to give the 84
cie'y any manner of difiltibance, then *"
would imtmediatelyfhoot them like wild beaftj
Alter this I ordered theift Tome provilion fO
their ptefent fublifflence, and apPointed thel
Sa place in a remote part of the ifrad, wbeto
they might plant and make what imptpir1
meant' they thbughi proper. 'I
They had lived fix months In this feparati
fiatior, and had got in their firft hartefliP|
which, that feafon, w:s but vezy imailj t4
they wfce na rigHy not only very idle, b4
had eveiy thing to b.-gio anew, and whattW
worfk, wete but very indiffrent workmen a
the beft. Thcfe fellows growing defpert|
aud weary of working, took a new whim itj
their heads, which might have been of fat
orfefquence. Norbthing would refevc the
but they mnoft needs make a vryie to tIi
continew,t, to try if tbey could fetze ome fn
thofe Savages, and make them flares to d
their drudgery ; and indeed the project
not fo prepoflerous, if they bad not been a
tuted by wkted notions and dtfigni.
One morning they came to their limits,
filing to peak with us ;- which being grant
they told uis they were tired of that flate
life, and if we wonu'd give them one of e
ca-oocs, thes would go antd feek their fort
abroad, aod nevet trouble us more. TV
may be fure, fir. we were not a Itrle glad.
be freed from fich troublrfome com.pmnl

jhowever, -weV r4 baur finding nothing would change their Re-
foluton, we cenioed tb-h:y should have one
Of our chances, and at the fame time gave
them fome fire acmi, amnrunition and pro-
viliin ;-ad a-s foon as -they had fited ojt
their b3ar, they merriy fNied away, the Span-
jards at the lanme time calli:hg after them' and
wishing them a good voyage. And ina trut-,
oothing could be farther fhon our thoughts,
than the pollibility of seeing them any more;
yet fcarcely a mo1h had p*ffTd, b4:t one of
our Enolifamrfn, being abroad at woak, taw
three men welt armcd comiag towatds hin;
tupon which, away he fli:s so ariag us ieUi-
gznce, teoliog us, ve 'were alt ytdaqe, for tbhrt
Vwrew men upone # ijind thai werfe not -
agte Whi e we wec coFIGJcring the cvepr,
Qp caaite he three Eiiglifinmc, whom wX
pre(ntly kncw by their voices ; aod then our
wonder ceafed. Our next eaquiry was into
the nature atd manner of their vayage, and
the reafoa of their fo fpeedy teurn ; c, all
which oae of them gave the following telaio.:
After two ddys !ail, we reached land ; hut
finding the inhabitants favages, and comir g
wiih their bows and arrows to give 143 an us-
welcqnac rccptiip, Wf thought it proper to
mAike the brft of our way fleering pot toward.
In our pafflige we difcoveted ftcverai litteic
islands which seemed to be inhabited ; at one
of which we refolved 1o go on Ihore a2 p11 haz-
ards; which accordingly wc did, at one that lay
piofl to the weft ; here we found the natives
vcly courteous tP us, eiviag us what they

96 OB I N S 0 N
could procure. Among the(e bcfp'ab'e ;I
diatis we faid feveral days, er qui, ing by fi.,i
whAt DaicOns Ia) near them, and were in torm
ed that there were icveral Natiors that Ia
u'Dh to them, that weie accuflomed to si
man kind but for their pa, is, ith'y were no
accuflumed to at fuch foat o' 'i:t, CXez .
fubh as .hey took in battle. We erqi
hew log it was fiace they ba1 hd a baliz
and whether thy hidl any p iftners ; ti
which they made answer. by ,heii 'ha
-that it was about two munths nid their K cj
had row two buded p i'Cno is, which h
irctfesrvcd for the flioghber. Mighty dtfiroi
we were so fee tholec piloner ; w ich tihel
lftotk, and thought we wanted 'me fr
turownufe, and made fins, tb. at tb, Dn
lifirg of the Sun, we fhoul.j bhv.- I me-; ani
accordiig!y, at the ve v '-ine, ih. y bercugh
us even men and4fiv! w,men, jull -s c w:
and ti xen ae brought to a I., paft town ;
fight thbt g-v: us all a great deal of horror
aid whit to do we cru d nat t:ll ; to reful
them we knew would be an uonardonabA
aff oant, and to difpofc of th-mn we knew no
how. However, we resolved o Pcc'p' o
-them, and gave them in return a few fifher
that we had in the canoe ; Io tiking on
leave, we Ihiled to lhe next ifla',d. where wi
ft eight of the men at liberty ; wi'b 'he et(
me made the beft of our w.y to our ifl tad
an, though we treated them all ac well as wi
ccu'd, we coul'.d by no means convince them,
but that they were to be killed and dcvouie4
Thusp Sir, conded the natrativc of thci1

tbree defperadoes;; whereupon I afked him
where their new family was, chufing to fge
r theb ;, they told me, they were at their hutu;
fo we all went to fee them.
c -When we came to the huts, we found three
S well proportioned men, and five women, all
naked & boud, Jour of them might be Irom
C tweOty four to forty, but the other w.xa
comely Mbliden of about kyventeen they
Were a)U yery agreeable, and their behaviour
feeied to be very modeft. Their nakc4 ap-
pearancC, with the mifey of their Coaditions
was no very agreeable fight.
Bj3t now. Sir, having Women among psa
B which I thought might fometimes occasion
Quarrel, I alked the three Englifhmen how
they proposed to difpof: of their families ;,,
adding, that I was not going to lay any re-
Ig fraint on them ; only I would defire, that
they woqld webc, take onJ ; and, after thvy
had chofen which they had a mind tq, no
ror other man fILhold prefunie to touch her.-
h VWell to this t4ey a-l grAe ; apd fp l4ey
S concluded to drAw lots for the choice.
"not And now, Sjr, I lay before you a fce-o
? quite diTrerct from any thing that bas been
related. One morning, very early, there
came tiv. canoes of Indians on fhore. op
their old account of devouring their prifon-
re ers ; all that we could do was to lie conceal-
i ed till their bloody ceremony was over, and
^W to take proper meafures to defend ourfielves
ein in cafe of need. But, notwithfltaoiing all
c our cautions, there happened an unhappy
| diafler, that had like to have occafionucd The

utter defolation of the island ; for, after t
ravages were gone off, my Spaniards and,
looking out, to make obfervations, we found
three favages that had gorged themficlvc
lying faft aflerp upon the ground.
What to do with them we could not tell
to murder them we thought would not b
juftidable according to the law of Chriftiani
ty, having no previous quarrel with them
at laft we thought it advileable to fecur
them alive, and fet them about fome world
or other, till we could difpofc of them ; an,
accordingly we took them p ifoners, and cal
ried them firft to our caflle, and then t
the two Eotiifb, who foon found them enm
ployment ; but for want of keeping a flrii
guard over them, one of them g.j away int
the woods, and was not heard of for foe
SThis unlucky accident give us gr'at a;
prehefaions that, by tome way or other, thi
ravage would find Means to get into his ow
country, and inform his countrymen hot
weak we were, and consequently that the
would come over and destroy us all nor ic
deed were our notions ill grounded ; for, i
eight months alter, there came fix canoes
with ten men in each, and landed within tlel
than a mile of the Engiithmin's habiatiaz
who, with the greatest terror imaginable, h4
their milch goacs loofe into the wood, an
ran to their f:crei cave,. reColving to defend
theml:lvcs till we c3Qu'd coMe to their afiN
It wat not long before they could lee the

CR U S rO E. 99
habitations in flames, and the favages in pur-
Sfuit of them in several final parties; upon
nd which they took their fland at a convenient
uIplace, and determined to defend themfielvs
Sto the very laft extremity.
While they were thus expecing them, the
r. favages came en ; one of them was the sun-
Saway, who had been the caufe of thibis mif-
ran! chief ; and he they refolved fituuld be the
fir that suffered, lit what would be the con-
'r fequence ; and accordingly, as was concert.
cd, the firft let fly ; and indeed he took his
S aim fo well that he killed the "foremoft out-
ca" right, fliot the trun-away through the body,
n t and wounded the third.
elSad and dreadful was the out cry the
r wounded Indians made, being quite infenfible
*from whence their fuJdeo dcftrucaion came,
and as we were informed, believed that they
were dcftroyed by thuixder and lightning,
ap having never before heard or feen any thing
tbis likea gun. Whilft rhey were in this con-
OW fiternation, the Englifhman had time to new
ho load their guns, and, filiog both together up-
the on anciher party of five, who were ft a-.irig
S by the two they had wounded, they tell to
r, the ground as ii thy had been killed ; upon
1C which the two Englifihmen went to 'Lem,
'.el without chargir.g the:r guns, which was a
1 very wrong ftep; for, wh.z n i we.r coce
I !p, they ioucd ffur oicra ..r, (17c Iight-
a *ly wzun'cJJ and one no, At .Li. UL ot
SLici i'ty were focc tio take the but cnda
of thcic muflkes and kcock it-m oa fh.:
head, and took him thbai a s wuodca

and bound him at the foot of a tree hard
atd then made all the haftce they could
wards the cave to lee if all was well other
and, finding every thing (afe, they came 'a
to the tree where they lelt the Indian boui
and found, to their great furprife, he w
gone. Now they were in greater fear ,
confusion than before ; but while they 0
confidetig what was proper to do, ft
Spaniards came up to them, bringing 0|
them that very indian the Englifimen j
left bound uqder the tree, whom the Spdr
lards had relcalfed in their way.
This great reinforcement fo much enct
raged the two Englifhimen, and lo great W
their indignation for the lofs of their hut
that they could flay no longer ; but takid
the Spaniards with them, all well aimec
away they went in purfuit of the reft of t|
favages ; but, from a sifing ground they pe
ceived that they were got on board of the
canoes, and were gone out to fea, too far
be come at. which gave them a new mattl
for fear and apprchenfiou, left they fhoul
go hdme direly, and inform their brcthrct
of all that had happened, and incite them t0
come over with greateicr power, and defirdi
the whole ifiand. And as we judged, loi
happened ; for in leis than even monthly
they came over with twenty five canoes, an
landed upon us with two bucdred and fiftJ
men, all well armed with bows and arrowt,
and other formidable weapons.
You may imagine,. Sir, we were in n4
mall coaftcrnation, upon the approach z