The history and description of the famous Cathedral of St. Paul's, London


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The history and description of the famous Cathedral of St. Paul's, London
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Gigantick histories
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History of St. Paul's, volume the second
Physical Description:
2 v. (125, 3 121, 7 p.) : woodcut ill., port. ; 65 mm.
Boreman, Thomas, active 18th century
Boreman, Thomas, active 18th century ( printer )
Printed for Tho. Boreman Bookseller, near the two giants in Guildhall
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Miniature books -- Specimens   ( lcsh )
Description and travel -- Juvenile literature -- London (England)   ( lcsh )
Publisher's advertisements -- 1741   ( rbgenr )
Miniature books (Printing) -- London -- 1741   ( rbpri )
Bldn -- 1741
Publisher's advertisements   ( rbgenr )
Miniature books (Printing)   ( rbpri )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )


Stone, W.M. Gigantick histories,
Gumuchian et cie. Les livres de l'enfance,
General Note:
Boreman is the probable author of the complete Gigantick histories series, cf. Percy Muir, English children's books, p. 60.
General Note:
T.p. of v. 2: The history of St. Paul's, volume the second, to which is added An account of the monument of the fire of London.
General Note:
Signatures: v. 1. A-H⁸ v. 2. A-H⁸.
General Note:
Price from imprint "4 d."
General Note:
Poem addressed to Thomas Boreman, signed "Jacky Heatherly, Feb. 28, 1741."--P. v-ix, vol. 1.
General Note:
Publisher's ads, v. 1, p. 124-125 and 3 p. at end; v. 2., 4 p. at end.
General Note:
Includes list of subscribers to the history of St. Pauls at the beginning of each volume. List of subscribers omitted at the end of v. 2.
General Note:
"An explanation of some of the hard words made use of in the two volumes of the History of St. Paul's"--P. 109-121, vol. 2.

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LI ~ *.

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ly^-- i_. I
. fm I j ,.,I. rcl .
St. PAUL'S, at m. 1i'
G tj ra lbW]Jv,._,

o F
St. P A IT L'S.
To which is added,
An Arcount of the
cf the Fire of Ltoden.

,i,-i.,l i ,,r T .',, ( ", d' *.
I .'0.l n, ,r h-'. o
* i -7 C'r". '. L,,'t
j nT. 17+1. Price 4d.



To the

SA l1er7 ,: .' d .v : ,
iVJ Mifs tanny .4' 'V,
of Golden-fquare.
M, after Tommy Allen.
Mhifs Fanny .I7. -'...
A 3 Maile

of F.:d'.n.fLP-
Mifs Peelope E*'.-,"',
1 6 Sets.
Mafler Dihrj P *,s of
Colcbelter, 7 i;-
Mafiler Samm', i P .1.
L 'MifaNanqe Bi;,'
Nif enny R 2,.
A I ,:" Molly B5.':..'..
Mil AMGI/yBA.';.-
| Wifs Sally Bo' .
SMafterDickyB,.''. 3S t.
. J :fs 2;c~y Bra

?.* a er Peter ILmt.
{m' '^Pa@BluM.
oI lI Del4y B'r(,,t.

A ,: ancy B'-,:t.
1, L, .'ei- Harry Ro.:'tc,,

Pt' i P r/,j. B'ut7, al! of
| :ier y7a- Ca/lrd, of
1Neew Inn.
AisP'tty Chan ikr,,
Mifs Beefy Chandler,
A 4 Mifs

AJifs C .
Maflter Bi!,) .. '
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Mailer Ja) *" ..
Mailer abay .. C ;
'Mifs AMary E C.
Mailer Didk) C ".,.:,
50 Sets,
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Mifs Sall/y D.,'
Mafler 7ac ,.; ':'.', j
After .7acy D., c:,

Mifs Clara Duincomle.
Mifs Patty Dniccrbe.
Dani el Danvers, Efq;
Ma1tter Philip Fmnnereau,
z Sets.
Maftler Martin Fonnereau,
2 Sets.
Mils Biddy '.. -r.
Mifs Freenan,ofDaventry.
Mifs Maria Gee, of BoM-
Mifs Nanny L .',. Gv ,ing.
Mifs Frances Gsring.

Mifs Betty GOI'.
Mafler lrddy G .'-7v
Manlerwextrnd C -rr
of Spittlefiel! q Se
AMafler YalyGr. |
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Mifs Eliz Gnvert, Sets,.
?Mafter Dicky H a.n.d. ant
Tty Ho -. ri
; fT'!Cr Billy IN", b'-vH''
fl 'ty1. of Prom iii.r in|
Kent, 3 Sets.

['IS BRiddy Harris.
*lTor ammy Hayward,
r.I' Friday-fireet.
Mifs Benny Hitchcock, of
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Prer, r,r' -i uiildc,' .
M Il. r 7 a,'y Heatberly,
6 Ser.
Mailer Bobby Heatherly.
Mailer Jemmy Heatherly.
Mifs Betfy Heatberly.
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of Cannon-fireet.
Mifs Bt Land, of Bread.

iM'llcr F'..:;) Lodge.
MN;I Henry Sebafliaf;
1im-, Nanny Mortimer.
Mafter jacky Moore.
N l .'- B .'.'.-
M. Betjy Mufcell, Beth-
nal-green, 7 Sets.
3.1i!ler T .. n. Morton.
MIi. Martha Morton.

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Matter Danrny .1"
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Matter Dick '., Al
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at ^. ,'.L'S,

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F i.l,:r r ., .i f S
l r i.' Ci
1. a .

VOL. 11.
SP. I. P. :', 1',p .-
ing at Athens.
W Huift Paul was at
Athens, he faw
B the


t 191
le city wholly ,1 en te
Idutr -. fur cvhich rel-
.6a he not only) prejciled
IN the lyn.igiiue To the
Jews and pro'el>t; ,but
iW other places of con-
Mourfe he took r.ccafin' to
Dake known the Ctrilin
dot'trine tall the heaihens
he mer.
Some Jcaind men of
thens teeing Paul G"' rea-
to engage in d,'puie
pith every one, undt-rr:onk
B z him:

'.m : but ,'
ir.g hln, ".n.e e'rie
\vi .1 b;in., L.h
lel, j h.eri, lIII
r ".e l. dflr:ovcrm'
it' .r2" L^.A. !.:[,e'nB
ci.l'ti, t ,., ,l:-.| L'l I,
ti,.;'d Jeus and the
re *t [.n.
A l~r.'r -I-,I- cI :-;v h'r,
hinm b.:fbrehemagi'l~
Sni I-'..- ef mined 7.h
rc! i,-.zin iv 7 s. he taie
f.jr all dhiCt li'L l-l '
r.11 -1 + -

Iher .c:Td was new and
r"r.t. -, s ,d therefore they
tkil. d to have a fullac-
rount -,( -1. Paul being
at full li-erty to fpeak,.
-fid. I perceive, 0
Athenianz. that ye have a
great nun,-er of idols; for
a2 I p:l[cd by and faw
your O 'erl1i i:,. devo-
tions, I f!'mdain ivrirwith
VV. min 1r Ftiur ,TO THE
T" G o o thcreforer
B 3 whom

whom you ack-now
not to know, yet profe
worship, is he who
preach, the invisible I
of heaicn and earth,
cannot be contain
temple, of man'., mi0
norcin any imgemd.1
mnan rte a proper obte
his worlhipj he bei
far from wanting our I
that it ic he th t gives
all their life and all
they have : And from
~- m-

Immhehath made a whole
World of men, appointing
times and places in great
Order. And theend fall
thii is, that ihey Ihould
Ieck aftertheir Creator and
Worfhip him, who is in-
ded near every one of us,
even as the Soul that ani-
BIates us.
For our life, motion,and
fub iftilance arewbolly th r'
him, according to that
which one of your own
ots hath faid. God

God therefore being
CreKitor, v.e nnot in
fon (uppoIl him to be
work four hind., fuc
a piece CA" g,:ld, filveri
a ione rated This5
of i-nornce h.bth 1
Jong; but no"w God i
you all ro repent.ance,l
ing detern'ir.d the
Lby whichh :11 'he 4
1:fl-..Il be jt'd-ed ; thai
v, receiir, r.r rccfd
tLhe f-tuh of Chrif ;

thengrais'd front the dead,'
i! ufn red to all men to be-
lieve in.'
When they heard him
mention the refurrefion,
the Epicureans especially,
Who denied a future flate,
fll a laughing at him;
ethers faid, we will hear
thee about this another
time: and fib Paul lefr
i This is the reprefenta-
'in of tl.e fifth piece of
patring irn the cupola.

-,NJuRjtiNc Books bu

C H A P. II.
Th c. jurirg bouki brn.
SOme of the vigibond
Jewilh exorcifts fee-
lug the many extraordina-
Jr miracles which were
Wrought by the hand of
aul, infomuch that he
did not only cure them
Who came to him, but by
kistouching linen clothes,
aud feuding fuch

a! were ficL, or poTfJl
vith deiil, th-r w
irumediacelv h c,'I :71
exc im sI ij ., ICcing
They aifro ttempicd toa
out deu14 [U' ufing i
r.ime of Jr'UL; amn
whomrn were the f(tcn fi
of one Sc.-ea a |.:', ,
cf rhe chicf'of thle fami
of the pricll adin 4
i.n12' hc tc- i] 1 r1 in I
Irrmt of Jcl'u \i. %ee rl
a''cd by I he Fc ITe'i

[ 29 I
'7's, I know, and Paiul
I',: ,; butyou come not
Wirh miny authority from
Jef],w h.) hath give it to
And the man who was
poffeffed fell farioufly up-
on them, and was too hard
for them ; tearing off their
clothes, and wounding
them, fo that they were
glad to fly from him.
This being foon rumour-
ed among the Jews and

r ;o
natives cF Ephefus,
vaded lo with them,
they wcre conincedi
co''averred to the faith.
And they iht wet
h1pp. came to Paul
hi; compinv, coneffe
their ormerr courlc o'f
to know wh:,c thev flh
do: And man, that
fludied arid praliif'd
gic;., brought their boa
out. :mid buint them pu
icly, tho' they \aerC

avey highprie Offo
great authority was the
word of God, as it was
preached by Paul among
the Ephefians and thofe of
This latter part, of the
burning of the books, is
tle fubje& of the fixth
p1ece of painting.


v'.^f A -.B.Ov ,

~ir J^rippa alms# per-
l*aiJ'to he a Cbriliam.
A U L having been
Sbr":ught before king
[ippi to anfwer to di-
'r complaints made a-
;I"ln him by the Jews hi
eral, as a moft notori-
'.n ralefaaor; and after
-eli, 1 noble orator, had.
'Pn'd his cafe in an e.o
C gant

gnt fpeech bef, t1
Court ; Acrippa told!
he h.-d lil-ehty o10 A
tvbrs.:.':fivirg lcncel
audience, 1c :,n 'Mi
aF.-.l,,gy tLcr himnelfj
1 cnnct but thil
fell h ppO, 0 king A
pi,. thji 1 ,im eril
to mile my def.1l
ginft the icclIMo
hv the let% belt;re
A1ell ", 1 l-,,homn I kL
be .' >ric't mailer

S3; ]
JCw'ifh I'.s d CIfdlonii;
for which r'. o i I ueg
yoVur ,atiece
He ihen CjoLJtir'tr the
king with the mjri,---, ,f
hi' life t'rom hi- 'wt l; of
hi being bred Phintilee.
of hi, h-ing accused for
al'ening the relurreailu
of the J,.d ; appel.- r,@
im why i4 f-iould be
thought a thing incrcdi-
le, itt G,-d, ^Ii i
Wnlipoient, shouldd raile
C z the

the ConfelTel
own former unbticfri
Lavock thit he I
amongfl the church
extraordinary conve
an3 mny r.,iher thing
lting both to himfel
to the gofpel of
Chril. And at lia I
Sing Agrippa this
lion ; 'a Blh'eq tb4
fropkh.t, 0 tmg P .
fatifi d thou doft I
knoti ll their predi,
to be falilled.

[ 37]1
This was fo home a
trliJrTge !n Agrippa, that
ln di. pW -lick presence he
[itc hiiP ani had al-
"A prfl clu d-'d him to be
i' Chriftian.
" .Upon this the aflembly
up : And xwheix
" ritG f ird Feftus had
lnfulted -together about
P"1I's C21C, they freely
0',". 1hituc the accufation
biU Linil him was not
PUni=.".]. bhy deathor im-
Ptsftloment. C 3 This

Tldi: hi rv i. the
i jer lthe leientb j
oF pinrirg.


,P-,t". : .,:*j-, egd
s'-ek on .,, r/ia
A/L. .'..', ," .-.'.' :
%PUL hi i,.apri
u Lo C :,:r, .in1
tij''...r!Lr.iz, ./S'>; ,ingil
Iu- ICIdJ hin LO R4

f 391
ST. PAIL'SL Shipwreck.

Bnderagpiard command
bv one Ju i,1 in a
belonging to a Iea por
Myfia; in \hrdch they
fail, and cilefd along
till they art: \ d .t Sid
where JuLu,. v ho Ire
Paul i t-, rcl' ;iF i '!,.,.,Sq
him leave i.j ..r flL're (1
refrefhl hinl,.'.!'.
Sailing :-;r,i thel
they cam. i li t o-tf
il rd of C%.I., vhl
thiey we, t.-j 1C by.
I lfl

while; but the winds pre-
fenting, they paffed the
eas of Cilicia and Pa'm-
phylia, and came to Mira,
a maritime city of Lycia.
Here Julius finding a large
Ihip bound for Italy, took
his prifoners on board her,
anid with much ado made
Salome, a city of Crete:
from whence, after they
had been long beating at
ea with contrary winds,
and very t1ormy weather,

they carried at Fairl
vens, n,3r Llca ; w1
Paul w.-ulJ ha'e perG4
ed c.wt03iI Iuli. to
for mjre Ica linJr l ke
:hber: [-uit he prefer
the miller oC h1e lh
jud.m. [. ilithe-, put to
inreud; g.) reih
|nicc, a ll) i ) 'Jil C.
v. here litice ,..: i'fe
airi jr.d herr: I ,) 'inrd
a-d they hyi,;n a Hi
d Cle tiuiath, Lh).,' 1u0

[ 431
fioned not in the leaft of
'Airinf their point.
Bur they loon found
them ele: n"l'I.en ; for
the v. 'ir.d iUdJCerly tacking
about, blew fo very hard
at north-eaft, that they
were forced to hand all
their fails, and let her
drive before the wind.
And coming under a little
ildr.d called Clauda, they
h.d like to have loll their
lt but with much ado

reco-.erine ',, tlci h
it inro Th..: R"ip.
Thie nt\! d q, the

ft.r:ed E.-, cut .iayV
ITuld, 'r,,\ Jhrr, v all
tckle *:,'c.r ,..irjd. ind
it- 0lir 1ii,.p. T!,e
I1,'] iiicrc.,i!."7, or,,t nei
fun ra 4r iit )rs lir mriny
li c7.(ot'C ih'.c i. .
W\ ,,,:h plj! ~r,.r._iV
hI lJd IhM.'i ii, lie e

3f n3icm, %%bich 2affur-
el him th-',t r,-,t a foul of
']em n-r.uli l:e loft, tho'
the flip ih.fu.
Th- fl.? ihiu driving
for rour'.1n d-9 at the
terc of tl-i ..inds and
l i.u.t r,.night the
f Livc.1 they were
nI 13hnd; and throwing
the kid, they founded,
and found it twenty fa-
thoms, then fifteen, and
itttil fthaling, and being
I night,

'" [46]
night, they 3ppreha
they might Ilrike
fome fielhet in the 4
fo they let .o four ael
after, and .,.ited For
And n)v the f.e
efolving t,. iit't Ibr
felvs, had h.-.i ie the
overboard, uider preM
of mooring the ',ip abl
as they had done aft
but Paul pcrceiing !
defign,toU ciptain JbIl
that if the I'Ulura wrCe

1 47l
lred to qiit the ihip, they
,ul !d be in danger of be-
inz 1 1-1..L Upon this the
foldiert, to. prevent their
design, cut the ropes, and
let the h.t go adrift.
Nr,. Paul perfuades
them rn board to take
frme ,efrefhment. The
Lumber ofall that were in
11'e 1ip was two hundred
feventv fix, including fol-
dier and paffengers.
In the fpace between

that 3nd diy.brealiJ
all eat ,iud drink,. as,
refrilied ; having
leifure or thoauglit A
ing f.'r i c.,nfiderabhi
before Alrerthisr'
: menr tt,:, 1'ell chet
to %%.,,rlk, unl-ladia&
f.hipF 'it o'i!,' ,i, gloq
of lhe pr.-.vili.mnbl
thrr,%ing them inl
WNhen it was dqy,
difcerdJ .a creek .

ime, into whichh they
tdleavoured to put ; and
'hen they h~d weighed
the anchors, they mwde to
thore, and run the lhip
'otund, where fhe no
".'d. The cipti.n ien
Teted the pri,',ier that
ld fwim to throw
t felves into the Iea
Sand the teil on bro-
k1 pieces got iale to land:
Ithere when they were all
ttived, they knew the
S D place

place to be the ifl4
lit, or Mlala. j
The iflainders
them in dillreli, tn
them with greit hug
ty ; m ing tires to
their cEi and ecary
*Buc whhi chev wert.
ing and wiarming cl
fel es, a viper, drivenJ
her hole b theic heat d
fire, leaped out and Q
ed upon Paul's hi
hi-.h when the Di

'. they cn,:iud3. him
ityof murderc, ..'id that
'nfle 'eng nP., e h d pur-
adhim Ir. I!' .: t*
by the tilL ..I' this ve-
Momc, ci:;'.-rTc but he
iL. i c iT rI:, I e fire,
d let rno lirr Oa
0ng ihi;, t pe, prefent-
SaIr'd t'..-ir n option,
ldtoclded hii a God.
Tht ltTer parit of this
4Ao0Y, is the fubjea of
,ti'. hh and la\i piece of
MEing. D z CHAr.

r"52] ;
Of//'--..,I-T, theV
ef Si. P T.r' at I
tr'er-,jat P,1t, a
m't,,'-i Sta,,raf'i
nIAvinC qaittedA
Shilrpering 'a
you are next inv'itIe
the abote cu, ri olr,
which fivour e .w
'Pys T ar -p y .r
The Library

hle arei bo':\iiiful; the
1 '"MCC- Ei orvirig,
v :. are of nice
;.,^tnii but not-
*"ihfLrj..rg there is a
coi n of books
l4 1. I ,t i.. L, appear ve-
.r. ThcI, jad thofe lock'd
In, ai r.!. d filence ;
-1:r :.,1: ,i aflcep one
'1) L I.. i. another.
k. ,. l ,.j were de-
Egr, edi ue of the
dergy bil. ,, to the
D 3 C-.rhE-

cathedral: but vi
the height of its fit
which is hil way
cupola; andthedyl
its comr...y, co
moftly of -- parcel
quated, mufly,
old author r ; mkes
feldom vij'ted by
Their chief ule nIti
be made a pu'' lick
(like bfo n.iriy mi
to fl.ancrr, countCiy
pie, and Jitile maftf

'Riq ., who, whenever
iTy comIc to ree this ine
Library, mull always take
Care to go into the room
On ripte, cfor fear of dif-
tarbing any of ihere drou-
fy old gentlemen.
SThe foor of this room
u vcry cuti:,us, b:ing in-
aij, without peg or nail,
With fl mruch art and in-
cnIlLitv.,that it really looki
Cry beaurirul.
There is allb a lire pit-
D 4 Lre

ture in ;t, of the A
vrend Henry C64
late lord bifhopofLO

Tb" Mide' ,f Si.P ,
ait mWe.
Thi' was tiken
Chril-,pher W\'rca
the church of St. P
Rome, hihl he r
fther I rom this,
fomt ..Icr ,iims,or'w
4,Wal ot St. Paul was

a living took care to
in the labiter, what
*aw a blenti(h in the
firm. This model flands
i a large r.-om, where
hiwhoare curious may
tamine it. 'Tis a tine
Fe, though now fUaie
hamewhat to decay.
As to the great Bell and
Clock, I have Ipoke of
them before in the fifft
Volume, pag.77. to which

S I muft refer
readers; and I
S add, that thewa
S is bochdirk and
difficult to afc
therelore not adhif
i myv young readers.
ture up, .'..,hout a
guld;. Besides,
cl. ck hppen to
i whhl they are in
luirr, sthe ibjnd is 4
prirgv loIud and 4
ing tt. ihire who al

FUonmed to it, that they
5uId imagine it would
; td the vcry tower ail to
Thete i one thing more
which is observable, that
this cl-ck is wound up
once a dy, which gene-
nlly takes up an hour's
.tec: and as 'tis then fet,
looked upon to be ve-
ry exaa.
Laftlv, Yon are fhewn
the gtand Geometrical

Staitcare; u hich^h
rious i-d wocnderlj^
of %, rklmanflip, .I "
ar t'Llly r,,rrriked,d '
lippjrt rit the wq
cipal'y Cqpend s
foct i- only.
arn d he il iie l. i
Hnimpton crurT,
only ;mo of ihe kinii.
arc to be met ,ith
S of our public, btuiitd
T.. gie a more
a acLQ.0" ut iCs

[61 ]
*4I W ,jJ require the
Idgmert of ore who i
n'Ve-rir, in ihe fcience,
I whichh [ mult ingenu-
0UlY acl.noledge my felf
a b-anier.
Vt e fxr f!/7 proceed te
tJdtf'i'y (b eb ; church.





THE Fillrs of
cl-,'.jrcli thit fuF
lh- r r, .,-,. tr',oni
t "l r .-ot ml0 t
'if ]' II I-r C"U.blature
I*t[iljl jrche_, wihd
'he L5J,, otG the chi
, rrd choir ir divided

[63 ]
-lles. The roof oF
--is adorn'd \i ih arch-
: and fpcious periphe-
Lft6o1 ernichrment ; aS
e"IIds, Ic:, chaplets,
a1 .dm;rlb.*; cared in
A' lie weil end ofr the
1tUrch there are three
'1ra whih lead to the
c'Il ; ,) n-, each of
*licb t v- l, i\ca beauti.
[- Pro!Ft"e,. tire v..I-, le
V"h cf the church,
h ,,.lhul

without any intem
fi-om the pillars, &i
Jult within theA
the north ifle, on t
hand, i' the mornin4l
e; chapel, %%here I
service ii perlormed
day in the veek,excv
Sundavi : from Lad
to Michaelmai, at i
the morning; and
Michaelmas to Lad)
at fever. In the
S tower i the bell for I
S people to prayers..4

'7he front ofthis ch-
has a very beautiful
efttof curious wainfcot,
I adorned with twelve
r4im1i; their entabla-
WI- arched Fediments,
td the royal armi, en-
ted with cherubims,
d each pediment be-
b four vafes, all ca-
y carved ; and the
is rented with iron-
Lk E p.
Rest to the morning

[ 66] J
prayer chapel is threi
Mayors vllry; to;
he generally repair
his attendants, bli
takes hi5 fiat in thbe.
and then divine.
immediately begil
At the entrance
fouth ifle, on the
hand, ii the dol
leads to the geo4
flaircale: Next to I
the bilhop of L
spiritual court, ;W

N-utful -Areen of curl-
it wajinlI; wirh to-
1l ;!,cir irn;. m c.trher
Samn~i;s, lil:e th-e of
Mr; inQig pr.i,.'er cha-
*A iille bf % nd this
Wm,1! on the Itli h-nd,
esuifutl marble fonit;
hi fo lIrenefs the
J sof it; nirble, ard
UosU vworkmanf&iip. ex-
a4nllotherc; for nhich
1 ih.EuOLO-r the F1c-.
of it ir ould rot he
E 7- U,-

The 'I A R B L e F

hevt *.i'.e v n: vyoutj;
hdcT Yu p two
wliriep. [o>u tWO
f n i ,e right
3is Che di \hic
11*tkp itf the cupOla-



T":"eh. orgina-c4
eTH- E or an~caeI~

7',en'ed,and enricdi
the c.irved figures I
r3l capids, rnd cigl
v. ith their irrumpe
i.g rr, -n i top ortl
four lor.I ing eaftw
four thclvard ; e
:iwrinz near Lix f@O

I ih ali foenriched with
nbims, fruit, leaves,
If. reprefented in : very
kef manner. The or-
ti pipes are very (pct-
s, gilt with gold, and
Nd-rved from dull with
t-,ifles: all which arm
I on eight beautiful
Ifted columiu of the Co-
'thian order, of polished
:'Aftble, white vei'd with

E: 4 CHa.r'


CH A. I.

Of t": alt/r-#/a<|H^
'THE A ca-' Ijj
dorned with
ble fluted pilaficulun
painted, and v
gold, in imitation
lazali, rvuh their d
ture ; where the
mients, and aro the
of the piJalers arec
gilt iih gold; the

1 are ceniy 06e
1.17 1 ol fiured crf nfoa
:W*I: aboe all isaglo
qEncly done.
Tht oper.ingsnorthana
Ih into the choir are
1 riding up ihree ftepS of

hiding d rll thofe;
%Iider the r.rv.ln gaserY,
Ind the choir ; ex-
~l~el, r.r. roght into di-
It" fir,,utrr., I'irsil branch-
9% and flouriflhes.
y- tid

&nd there are

T i r o:, th e off ,e o
If the c/o 1
the (I[ .r', thir jllat I,

TFIq cjicdral bath
BiffB-uhp, a Dean,
-teenEor Chancellor,
Tleafurert and fve Arch-
d'acon.. to wit, London,
Midd~e1e1, Effex, Ccl-
L ever, and St. Albans.
it hatl thiny Prebendi-
| ties,

ries., twelve Canoasp.
fix Vrarsn choral.
The north and.!
tides of the choir haft
thialy flaJfi, befide
Bilhop's throne an
on the I'buth fide, 4
Lord iaiyor's oli
north : all which
one vafi body of Ml
carnted work of thil
Sainfcot, done by I
excellent arift the la"'
Gxibcinc Gibwon -

( 77 37
wh'e all the other car-
1t work, both of the
6ir and church.
On the Ibuth fide of the
Mrince into the choir ii
the dcari.'s veilry ; and near
1h Ctle fringing boy; vel-
i ind on the nu.r;h ride
he iefidertiarys and ,iTg-
g mens vellry, where
lth. all robe and unrtbe.
Thbre are Four Vvrgers
bIlonging ro thii church ;
Scallced from virga, a rod.
L which

which ciach bears id
hand. The deau&'-
the croi's daggers at
the others have noa
at all.
SThe floor of the
and church is pav'dnMr
marble; but withlti
rail of the altar wit';
porphyry, polifh'd6
laid in federal geo
figures : the arb3
whereon the comn
table is plced, is fi

r, 79 1 .
higher than that of the
Ioirs iiles.
We jba3,' next defi-ad
:"o th, -aui/:j under St.

Of the a.In/t, tgnib, and
St FaPb'j tburib utidtr
84. P.7,P'.
TlE prffige down to
VAU he lts, is by a
the body of the
= ".h. Tlefc ,

There vaults arc
very rpicious, bat
6me lime dirk ajd
my, and lirike *
horror in ihtore w
fcend. in order ta
the njmerju, jndr-a
pillars and arches
ipport this pr
pileof building ;of"'
they 11 iv beable t
me4ing light I, brEm I
daced into k fi r

ail TMndyws thK QPCn
Meoth.? church-yard.
However, this place is
ho folemn, melancholy
id anpleaIant, for our
ung readers to roam
Out ii ; neither indeed
r they invited to fee it,
S are the other curi-
.tiei belonging to the
Church .h and therefore
IrOqid adite them to be
Iftanted with this ac-
I IA of it, rather tha
IL F tp

[ST -


* .ir' i t cu i .') r
Ar Lftl .ri, "- Io ', ', r .

S '. I "- : ;i ,r n hlr e-h
^ ,, ^ ,r ilc p 1,
-I ,I 'i ,,] .L A c'rirf
;toi*y'^ A"*; s:.A "lirt
ii. ic lr ;.
LB : '- ir,! .I ipo ot"
Wi"d .i,:.d in, ;,cd 1%:c
nr for the but;l .A I eEl
I- ofihf t pirilli, which
I t bfiilin.,ind united
,' 10

- to that of St.AmAi%
that tihe notion VI
enrcrLin'dJ hy l'eve
for.-, and by otheNl
dewl,, ali rated, thl
is i pirilli churchil
nerI 'r.L;- choir; 04
ih're ale prayA
Freaching llil] p
herein on C-me p
d.&)., i. a vulgar I le
air :,ether groundW
Thire are utisak
chair, in thi dizk,

FY, the monuments (if
herar.l a.Tn.t per'Ions
3h 3i.t fould 1e too tC-
.s to E'.c i d l-ription
tfIhcm ,!!. .i.d no vJays
tfirw'ln.ii-z to ilh!i; c'ung
""ader. _C0 I iuS! the inI
Orfr ^iii:r ^, '. t)
hcice nr.'1, Ct ri-at c.f the
Arcl jtcFt of this grand
to i > w,; lies wccrrd
aili c c:.rrer cl..Ae Ij
^'fu t tDr ,nv..d1,orlhe
^iuh g& ltide. ncxt W-it-
Ejf lins-

" LLIC.0

'," !-,I CONDI'
Ck 1: r.,PHOrUS

ri 187 J
NBCCXxlll ET. XCi.

i : s ,',H.. r .:. ~tdy
rit -.r..j' .. *. !the

It'A, tj-. w^* /'*i' ^ -

I /** pub-r
F 4 V4pe

tIe-., l!baou artd
la r." wiere b't is
lAt. 1-. 23" did 91"
Thi: inrcriptioni--
2dnwiri tr the j
nid fim!cirno, i
thrijc~'. as
O'.r ;. body is
f :01 ;i the foil -
in!cr pli.i V;
ura 7n
i3 -o

'1l1E1 L1tTH CHIS-
Itt LopRD MpCc-:: II

Em E -9 IN', Hij2ry cf
St P,ilIr.

O1 ihe
Ofii' Fre :f L rdi-.
4 A P.* I / j.7ifiti fl,''*
D"7,t:!*.** '' i. ',.'.L',,, .

N il.,. Ai Red of
l-il, tilec, hdll, near
th'i I,:,,;, ,,I L ,.,nd,:, -
I- b dge,

^--- T
bridge, lands the
meant, in a fquaitl
the lireet.
S It was fet up
or parliament, i
tual memory of tii
ful fire that hapi
i ecc.nd cday of S#
S 1666. within os
dr&d and thirty fW
S houle %%here the 9
; brnke out ; and u
lpoL i% here the chi
St. Margiret's Ne
l.ict loud.

S [93]
This Monument fandi
fnt an ar:ent from the
Sof three or four
hP,' UPanr a large vauk
HoneL, arched
The c.l-,imn i- of the
rick order, built all of
Ottllenr Portland flone.
' erefled upon a pede-
Sor Iqare of about
tnty |"fven feet high:
Ii body, or ihaft olf' it
5llled ;'3id is in height,
lam the pedellal ro the
L. balcony,

Fd,,'fonv, a haudi
thIi, three leet;l
thi ;',ljc nv to the I
the I]: liie. ir th .ty
fewer Ard the he
the v. ,Ile Mo
fr.,m lc round, '
%h \.u ..Id r'A ouu
tlic rp Of the
I t.o) hL rdred l
I'ect ; l circim
(., i fir 45,fr t,',lrt..
f-c%?t -d,. i half';'ii/
+cier 116m nitori

Ir [ 9.] ,
W, fiieln feet ; virithin-
ke, nirie |"iLet d'meier ;
Shic nel's of the Rone
tall of thi filTft i" three

I! h,1h thr,.e hur.drel
I' fo,,It. fc \'eF.. or
h'. 1'fr,'m I.e ground tip
Lhe ,bilcnv .inil niches
rt'.c v%. ll ith feit, to
irl, aY reVple ',"I up :
1d1 from the bailcon up-
dS i; a Ihider rjf iro
kpL to go into the urn 4-
L out

I 9 '.1
190'] 1 "P
out of which thaj
all gilt wirh gold,
and to th: taihu,*
an opcn neywyel, .uq
rail oZ iron to ]I
hand upon ill thbe
This Mo.riumect1
unlike hole two
white marble pi
Rome, erected in,
of the emperors
and Anconmus, a
%ere built abovf
hundred yeas fin

[97] |
e fflill iandng c; eirCi.'
The...l-,c.lcof ihL Mo-
."lmcnc rai.enc i..c.erher
a'Icuriu j: pi:e of %' .i k-.
4"h1:4 1 he chIrgCe of
'cting it i.; i' d I. a-.
lnufi ).o thirteen thou-
fecn ii hundred pounds
Jhii b,.Ilding loftify,
5s iLlif above the
-Ufe-, ar.d gives a gillint
-PeCtt tf-jr" many miles
-td, to thol'e that are
G in

f98] !
in the balcony I
many. people h&aW
riofity to go up, 1.
about them from I
The perfon appoi!
keep it is allowed j
for hi at tendance,
the money people
him: The price del
ed i 'Th fire htb
It wasi begun
nmai oralty of Sir R!
Ford, r6- i. and I
in ht of'SirJofepk
don, 1676. i