Cinderilla, or, The little glass slipper


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Cinderilla, or, The little glass slipper designed for the entertainment of all good little misses : ornamented with engravings
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Little glass slipper
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31 p. : ill. ; 11 cm.
E. & E. Hosford
Printed by E. and E. Hosford
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Albany N.Y.
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Conduct of life -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Fairy tales -- 1809   ( rbgenr )
Chapbooks -- 1809   ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1809
Fairy tales   ( rbgenr )
Chapbooks   ( rbgenr )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
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United States -- New York -- Albany


Welch, D.A. Amer. children's books,
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Cf. Rosenbach, A.S.W. Children's books, 423.
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Cf. Osborne Coll., p. 24; 592-3.
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Includes "Riddles": p. 26-31.
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Woodcuts: frontispiece, text illustrations.
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First and last leaves pasted to wrappers.
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Alphabet: title-page verso.

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University of Florida
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The Baawul
inB FAri&


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!0P 4 14
+ Figures.

+ 13 45 6 780 )


LiLtIc Glass Slip

0 NC E there was Cntlt m.
whoin"i-iied Ior his-s'rcoi; wifc, the. proud(:st Li,,! i-no,
)voman that Nvas (,\,, i-I(If-11.
iad by a former hw ban !, two, Laugliters of her oun eYe indcccl c-xactly like -ii- r m

. g He had lik- ivisc, 1). .r vife, a young dallghtCr, bt '

I hin-4. c ar)"t'l,,,ss of temper, which she tuefz

I 11paraileled goodness and swce'r ature iii the world.

'Om her mother, who wws ilic best,

N O sooper -he

,r-jTj-law beglk to her8ulf ill
ber coloul-i- S11e could P-t "',Ca'7 the jod qulitles Of t;"s Prtttyl lr be"Use they
and the Ic

1'er i fln_- TI, ov the
ho"'su MIS; W-.

jl. j


chamber, 4nd those of Misses, -ber ,daughters ; she 6lept up in a sorry garret, upon a wrietched straii-bed,
-whhue her sisters lay in fine roms AIith floor-, all iniaid, upon beds of the very newest fashion, and where they had looking Ilse olre that they might 6ee themselves at their full length, from headl to foot. 'r7ho poor girl bore all patiently and dare not tell her ia-thei', who %wvuW( have ratled her off; for his wIfte governed him entirely. W1hen she had d4one her work, sihe used to ,j into the -~ne-,nr and sit
.down~ aniong &indr;!s andy ashes, v which made her O- 0-lyb co~alled Cinderbrcech ; inttheyoig cot, who was nlo Oruee nduh~ ila ,s he ldest, called ihe,
I. oweve-r 'krla i)wt
L hndng Inia -pareol, -W--' uWetimes han cnir than her

sisters, tho' they were always dressed very richly.
It happened that the king's son gave a ball, and invited all persons of fashion to it : Our young misses vere also invited; for they cut a very grand figure among the quality. They were ightily delighted at this invitation, and wonderful ly busy in chusing out such gowns petticoats, and head-clottes as night best become them. This
.... .-

was new trouble to Cinderilk; for it was she who ironed hear sistm linen, and plaited thJir ruffles; they talked all day long bunthn~ it
how they should be dretssei4.Fo Iny part, sa id the eldest, I i.-ll wear iny red v6clet Suit, NvitilFrnc trimnung. And 1, said 'IcYug est, Shall only have my lust'd ftticoat; but th~en, to m-0l c ai-tenjs, for that, 1 1 11PitOi1) 'oW~-P0W

stomnacher, w rmlx
the miost ordnuyO il [,t- coi They- sent fir st tL!-e ,, );nI they Could get '11 n 0kupthr
heddre -s- '17i4 fdl J o -1ble-lnners u Iv reyd;~th~~
bruhelad pat'L'hc, I'tomn Mae 1jnW, s;cl De If- Podte,
Cinderilla was likew mise callealup to them to be cansultcd i.1 all thes jUTs, for she liad e>.ccllentano-

6oins, -A -ldvised them always fol the best. zi-iy aud offered her serving, to drcss ztlclir heads, which tbq C should (11

As ',w v-s inL, 'Ji th,-v V0-0:d' v o'-I not
gl.-16 to go tc the b Ili Alk 1 -,dd -,I !'oll ( 'V JUCIF We ; It 1,; not fo- 5u
llivic;% Thf)-'I art

Tnal-,e the pe-ople laugh, to see a Cinderbreech at a ball. Any one but Cindcrillawoiild have dressed their heads awry, but she was N cry good, and dres--cd them perfectiv Nvcll. They wci e alincsL t-,vodays Ij itliout, eating, So I)IIICII they wem Maasported witli Joy: Theybroke abo-ic a dozen of lacs- s in ti-vintr to be lac,4-d tip close, th.J fli-y might have a firle slender shape, ind tl ey were rontinual1v vt / their looMns; glass. Atlast tJ;e happy day caine ; they WCnttocourt)aI',d Cinderillaf'ollowcd tl cm Avi*h Ler cyes as long, as .she could, ai d v -x bad lost
Vig them, he f-'11 cryn-'g.
o he .-all
a tenrs as1w(I hc-L, V, hat Air.ts the Y_ !"trr' I )V S'h I cold"! -;I wish
ctulld -; She IVIIIS III Uibletospcak

Ys 'md obbJnL ti-ik godmother

( '3

of hers, who was a Fairy, said tor her, thou wvishest thou coiildestgo, to the ball isit not so? Y-es, cried Okriderilla, wvith a great sigh. Well ~said hergomo r be but a good' girl, and I wil contrive that thou!
-,halt go. Then she took her into tier chinhter and said to her, run into the gardlen, -amd bring me a pomjpica.Cneiia ntnme
clitei~'to gathier-~ the line she could getamd bruh tto her godmothvr, not be, ing-- 1b. t imagine how ~this popkaO(Ild Imike her go tothebaL Her godmothter scoopt'A ou oll ,hi- inide of it, having left nothling !-ut the rind ; whIicI done, sh tru1( it with her Wand and the po ipion qas instziTld turned IWtO a fine Coach, gilded al Cer- withl gold.
She- th,ii went to look into b rn,-use trap, where she found S' xxice all alive~artd ordered CindI

ilia to lift up a little the trap-door, when giving each mouse as it we nt cut, a little tap with her wand, the piouse was that moment turned! into a fitir horse, which altogether made a mve fine se-t of axhorses of a b(eaJtifu! l--ou- olour,-dapp1e grey. Beirn, at als for a coach-7
maIwill goadse, y 'inder!l, If hr e t\ a ratin the,

t I the -itre
piid hr gdmt&',d "C) 'le gook.
~ Ciuciila brught~he ~' .vher


rmd Ix lizartl'i I C!1111(1 lic watcFing pot; briug thcm to me. Siv had

cr tariwd t!, cm into six iboatien, who skirvp(A up itnm ,cluately bebind the 1.:Ch. mith th"Ar live-les all hccla flbed -,Nit)i ;old ar.d silver, and 61-11;, ws clw-c bebiml each othl cr, as if th cy Nad done not their whol,: 'The
said to Cilldcri!la, well, you 15C jlcr, 1"'I v -uipai a t
ge fit to go to t ball 1% 1 10' ; I OU not pleased wit it 0 c- i- j she, but must I
thit _,t-r as I aza inthcst poison ty R,:c go mother mly ju
tou,-, w c r v ii 1, hcrwzui l, zutcl W !i:J, i i t: 11)6tam", her 'ott;.-s c tur--, l iito Joth wgold n1l N"ith jewels. This cim
Sil c- Ka e hcv 1, J) 1' ir of Class-sii wllole l er

A T'd be-

She Promised herr godmothter, ;he would not fai1l of leaving the ball before midightim; and then away she drivezi, sc arce able to convtam herself for joy. The king 's ison who was told that a great pruncesis, whoma nobody knew, was come, ran cut to receive her, he va-oe her his 1)and as she alightedl uit of the co-ich, and led her iao the hal, among all the compan. There was immediately a profoundI eitence, they left off dancing, an the vioIins ceased to play, so atten tive was c"i Cery one to comtemplzt
tesnuar beauties of this un known new corner. Nothing wa then heai d but a confused noise Ti how handsome she is ha. howv h-andsome she is! The kin himself, old as he NvAs, could n help ogling her, anid telling th queen softly, that it was a leI

timec since h~e h4 sen so beautiful and lovey a Crcac. Alf thse aeie s we -re buiediO.i considering her clothes and head-dress, that te eight have s-one mnade next, ay after- "the sane pattern, proydP they 6ould meet with such, and as able hiands to them./
toThe king's son conm1ucte e
terwards 'took her~ out -to da-ce it him.: she danced so very gi-ieuj that they all more and 1,1ee iled her. A fine collation wats em ved up, whereof lhe young prince cat not a mocrsel, so intently was he busied in gazing on ht'r. She went and sat down by her sisters, showing them a thousand civilities, g vmgntbei part of the oranges arid citr~ons which the prince had presented 1je with i which very

0 sty C

af ww

T a

iciaihto ep Sinice th ywen~t frm em. If thou haost ee at the Iat, sa-yG otofhlir siste rs, 0-iou Wudsti tot hve been -drcl dt ,it; teecai thither the liniest pin-t cess, the most beatiid that ever
-%vas sven with mo-rtal eyus ;~ sh sheiwed us athousand andlii~
gaw-e ixs oranges aid cit-orts. in.*derilla seemed very v ilrn ia the matter; indeed she Lsked them. the name of that princceni ; but4d-cy told her, they dlid not know it ; and tiLt thei kin)g'z; son w as ',ecry qrucasv
-on her accunt, ndwould giai the world to know who0 Sbi' '"a. IAt hs Cnerla, smdiivn, repliedl, .,he must then be veiy b~tfl1~u "i
-ted Lor o ha yuhve

deca Ms Charlotte, do lend me your yelw suit of clothes which

yo wercr a; y ob u

cricil Aliss Cliarin'te lend mt clothes to such a dirty Cijiderbm ch as thou al't ; Vflo's the 15601 then ? Cindcrilla, indeed, expected soute such ansiver, and was try glad of the reffis al ; fix she vrvuld hav(been sadly put to 'k(, :,f her sister had lent her i lidl- -Jie asked fur jestingly,
'rh, n,,,t dz:y tbe tro riste,-.5. v, f i c a, th-r, b5ill and so ivas Ci-mer. iila, but dres vd rn w- iitly
than bf-fore' tLk :011 0vu ,s hy her, ncvcr I is
ui-ic: amorous specellN to wli'on, all this was so
fa 1 "r 0( titI that shel
quite for-gat x% lu her godmother sothatshe
at ]a,,!- counIc(l ioe clock striking
v/elvc, whe n sh c took it to be i-vi more than cle vcn ; she then rost tip, wid Plcd as uimble as a dee

cer. She left behindl ore

p enmtooktipmst arfully. She~ home, bu~t qitec ow (te ratIt, %,IOt coach oi fromcn, wjn ill l ty Dd clohes, ha vig nolh heraY all hel' Fincly, but e 1tle Slippers, felow to
droped. ~e gar&at;

te palace tnte Were asked, 1 ha c aPinc~ess go out?'il
said they hall seeni nobodygo ount but a youngrl, Very mcarly dressed, anid who had more thejair of a POOr country wechII, thanl a gentleA''~nthe tw~o sisters returned
from the ball, Ciderillaasked them if they- bad been well ifiverted, anId if the fine lady had been there ?i They- told her, yes, bu1t that shehurried immediately wh-en' i
stuc teve, and wvith F(; min
"atc hat she dLrcPped orIc of I lieGIL. .s S'Ippers, the prettier :1 twe 11 ork' anid which the king smn haid Itikea up, that hie had do nctflinz blot look at hter t d
'tm fthe bialll, and that most c tanl h wsvery mu~kch ill l ~vih te bauif'ul person wh~o o
thelitle lipet%.

Whthtey '*,adms v true'
fo afw as after, the klfng's Soil episd it to be proclaitnid by Sound of npet, thiat he woild m~nry her whose fot this slipper vould Just fit They whom hie employed be
gnto try it on upon the princes~e, then the auce~s nd all the
covirt but in vdn; it wa~ibrought' to tile two si!atera, who u~id all they possibly could to thiijs! thcirfot into the Slpebut tiwy C-zvId Diot erfect it. C'Inderila whoI ,-w ail this, mnd knew hrSlipper, S~wd to thein laughig3, let I-Ie ,CC if it jyIl not fit me ? Bee siblers b")rting

out alaughiii-, bv bato r her. 'inderlla, and findingliesifry

'shudtry. and that~ hha or. em to letevery omnte atil

I-le')bfigeacinderilla to sit down, aid piitting the slipper to her foot he found it -wentin-very easily, and fit- --cj hvr, as if it bad hccn made of

'111cat I)CI, two
t IV-as excessive, JY v
i),indantly greater,
1-Alod out of her Puk t GIicr slipper nd putit on

go( T lodicr, who XI"LN-Mg touc,
rA, Cindcrilla'.- cl, t

mad m hci ich~ and more magnifcao thn ny of those she had

Adnow'ber two sisters found
hrto~ be that fle beautiful ladvg w no they had senat the ba'.L'They threw temselves atherfet to begpardon fo l ~ il-temni~it they bhid mde 1ier undergo. Ciniderilla toolL th~em u1pand as she cuibraced them cried, that shie folired themi always to lox-e her. he was conducted to dic yfvangrince, dressed as she w.-,,; lie hugiht her mwo Charmng iiva ver, and, u few days aft or, he niared her Cindeilfla, who was no is god than beautiful, gnave her 0 sitr lodgings in the palesoa, (I th~t very same day mniiathO
M WW two great lords v di



u++4.+4. ........ v

I'm captaiii of it patty siliall,
Wholenumber is but F11% F
But k- do gveLLt expl6its fo ji'
knd cv(---y iiian alive.
W1 h .4dom 1 was seen t I*Vc'
Ere lit 'Iew Wh"tt W41S0 IV,,, Put jo have
Tilt, serpem or the dcvil.
iour's lakvs attcn,%.
vd i1v decc't aud -dcc.


'ITHOUnT ~abridle or, a addle,
atigI ide a--traddlc4 d4hs ieb epufl

o'alot lidare nae o


-------------------T1,10CCH sniAl '11 si-iC,
e-sw-.1d 11C
In Lu-111mcr il)in '
in Nvilitui. dead;
tlrc. s is green,
A nd whe 11 1111 A It Joe-, I' J'
Tliat sunv-.iur dra' CA Ieij V oi i ofall t: are
Of witness er of strife, I lead an humble,
Mamiless country life.

A h ................
* f y (0) ng,


YOUR vin s I haye sm

On ct I Dever
And wott '11 nly bGdx, 4-,ftcn IUpon the self same ipot I'm a,:
fo-un 4.
Aiid, Like, P. nut
infimt's meat,
--se -vbo cliew)

clic,", for man bcfQre lie c

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