Divine songs, attempted in easy language for the use of children


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Divine songs, attempted in easy language for the use of children
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32 p. ; 18 cm.
Watts, Isaac, 1674-1748
Coverly, Nathaniel, 1744?-1816
Nathaniel Coverly
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Medford (Massachusetts)
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94th ed.


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Children's songs   ( lcsh )
Hymns, English   ( lcsh )
Bldn -- 1799
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
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United States -- Massachusetts -- Medford


Welch, D. A., Amer. children's books
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By Isaac Watts ...

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University of Florida
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- .. b '-, r

9o S 0 N G S, O

(T.o Eafy Language, O
9 t0 For th, Ufi (of

110 cr Up~

OBb ofud ) .
b. rScin, To, bol fif. perfefled pratf, .
S u ki gAT xx. ". 1. J .
1' W EThe Ninety fourrn Edition.] A",
^ M D F 0 R D, .( Maafchufeits.)
j' ( ) Vdiucd and fold by NATuAMfAEL CovzizL..01
.is fomethin g lo amusing and eli.terininrg in
rhymes and metue, that wll incline cobidicn lo
N, *-* .---4:
-*- r- *- -.T^ ^


,Ie Biadwui UbmrMY '

mB FUmWnd

3 PREF4.C E.
* To atl who are concerned the Education of
fC El I L D R I N.
'r is an awful and imprt ant charge that is
comMittEd'tu yo-i. rhe wif-Jlm and well-
re ot the succeeding generations are lntrulted
with vyoi" beforehand, and depend much oa your
condu& The leeis of mife.ry or happincfs in
this world & that in come, are oltenti'mi (own
very early, aind therefore w.itever may Cfuii
duce cD give the minds if children a relifh fir
virtue and religi.,n odght in th: firft place to
be Proposed i to you.
VaRSa was at firft' defign'd for the fervrice of
GOD, Eho' it hath betn wretchedly aoule.d
firce. rte ancients among the Jews and the
Iealbens taught heiti ch-ldien an< dil;iileiS
the precepts of morality and worihp in verie.
The children of laeJd wCere conmandecdto learn
the words of the SongufMotes, Deut. sxxi. 19,
2o. And we aredirectcd in the New-Teitainenl',
not only to (nlag with grace in the heirt, bat to
teach and admoi/l one another iy hymni and
Songs, Eph. vt. a9. arid there are thele tour ad-
vantages in it. /
i. The-e is a greater delight in the va
r learning of truth and duties in this wiy. TA^t
is fomerhiag Jo amufing and eit-ertalA in
rhymes and metre, that will incline .clttn to

S.... "

.. . . .. ""

,,,Viiiw~ p :.ap'

a .4rA ow.o .. I.

i r'
, ,,,,, PAW-i ,

... . ...
"~ ~ ~~ tl ;ic .. ... ... '.,



Lt REFACF. .- .- N
of catechifing a very g'cet nqanber of children
ot all kinds, anti with abundant k6il and fuc-
ccls. So that y6u wall find here nothing that
favors q.ft pptty. 'he children of high .and low
degree, of the church of England or Diffen'ters
baptized in infancyor n'rij!, may all ioin together-
in thefe fangs.' Anl as [ hive. endeavoured-to
fink the language t the,!eVel ofa child's under-
Hlanding, and yet to keep it (if poflibl&)' above I
contempt, foil have defign'd 'o profit alt (if-
poffible) and offend n!tc. I hope, the mdre
general the fenfe is,' ikde compofures may be
of the more univerJl tife andfervice .
I h1ve added ;t tihe eao an attempt or. Lw9 ,
efS:.inxjs on Moral.S-sfjq's fi-jr children, wih
an air ofrplet.fsntry, ta provQke Iom: fitter .iwo'
to write a little bd'. o9f cjtqrM. talent depth
not lie that wiy, and a.min on the borders ot
the grave hath othcr f?'o- : '"
My che Almi IiGt l m',t, r u f iqk a_1 '
this important work oFP:D.;Cirir"is : 1 ',liy.h"
fucceed your cares with'his i' inda.i-t'g''hc, Lh
the rifing gefaakl6n of Eug/imi may b: W
glory among the natiuM,' a patierO isoite
criiaian worNM, ,and olcflios on the earth.' "
-,. .*..
S .^ s ,,^- I

'i-'' ^ ^ -^

,-"-. - - c . "'

i ,n.i.~ mfo rd^yt fl.,-; -.-*,*
HEta N.i fe~~t ig
;, ahad aj .*.-' *d, ,, **, -.,
t gtet k. ...c tell.
Nrthmkt bovt larg sigfc
t. MA a bct-oqitue bat dmell
,Oa high bcfI e bisfi*" '.. ..; .
; ^V*&I~g~fr arKiII5 Iwa 'twb
f!? 'fk h- b *, .-

.S j~t. kiMSi- Itt tn ime n P" g~.tM *. ,
J)a~ lit "*
^^ ,,d ^. yw, "t '" -'
1,"":. **'o A"g"A f ,W,. '. .:.... ""^

To her. ,ww t sy ,.h ','ps.' ,'

.... $ O&'g vid, Ii.,'
0J ". ;I G*-t _dif e,.
'*y fjffl ij" "" ,,, ... w!r .,,,'-' .* ..,
... ..SIA or C ati $.a.t yc .. pro,',. .
V-^ ^"1" "".^ 6(.:.".C i .'*
'J^',.'^ rl. ".* *"

,-, In P. . __ ".. --TTR,"

e. T fing the w'fdom that ordainr'd
The fun to rule the day :
The m n hines full at his command,
And all the' fLiars obey.
3. I ring the goodnefs of the Lord,
Thai fili'd the earth w;th food,
He form'd the creatures wqth his word,
And then pronounc'd them good.
4. Lord how thy wonders are difplay'd,
Where e'er I turn my eye,
If I furvey the ground I tread,
Or gaze upon the lkcy.
S There's not a plant or flow'r below
But makes thy glories known,
And clouds arife, and tempeft blow,
By order from thy throne.
64 Creatures, (as numerous as they be)
Are Iubje& -to thy care :
There's nut a place where we can flee,
But God is prefent there.
7. In Heaven he Mlines with beams of love.
With wrath in Hell beneath :
'Tis on his earth 1 [land or move,
And 'tis hig air I breathe,
8. His Hand is my perpetual guard.
He keeps me with his eye :
Why shouldd I then foraci the Loam,
S Who i forvcr nigh ? F


. :

1 ...- L S .4 .
,r,ilESb tt t ;..-fir



6'4 ^rl'^ A
q !^.e i-,.-,.

vl f,, ;" I ,

|j^| 8;; = ,o<-i .." ? ;
M ~~eIa i~n;er.: V2

ioU'Wi^f;. *R *'-'

,ill .' T ,'. ,T
.w (;n .
IW a4r .d RO 1-r
tIeds c It1( Blu A .
rtf,;Us 1211 0
AaW c"9t^.,t :1

k Ii N- .
P1. ^ 3

L L t., uil";

0 may I then with joy appear,
., Before the Judge's face,
S And with the bleft affembly there
Sing his redeeming grace.

I S 0 N G IV.
Prai/efor M&rcies Spiritual and empfaital.
4. W .'HEN e're I take my walks abroad
-VV How many poor I fee 2
What hall I lender to my GOD,
For all his gifts to me ?
2. Not more than others I deserve,
Yet GOD hath given more;
For [ have food while others flarve,
Or beg from door to door.
3. How many children in the ftreer,
Half naked 1 behold ?
While am cloath'd from head to fee.
S And cover'd from the .odd.
4. While fome poor wretches Ttarce caa tell
Where they m.4y lay their head,w
I have a home wherein to dwell, /
And reft upon my beid.
5. While others rarly learn to wear, -
And curie and lie, and Rleal, .
Lrdl lami taught thy name to fear,
And do thy holy will. .
6. Are there thy favours da byda# .,
To me above the reft ?
Then let mne love thee more than thpi
And try toferve thee belt.; ,

J __^ 4'.^
-^** ^ 'f'^* ~s-






'Tiht I was born of chriflian race,
And not an Heat ien or a Jew
\. What w,-uld the ancieir Jewil(h Kings,
*And Jewifli Prophets once have glv'n,
Could ihey have h-ard the glorious things,
Which CHRIST reveal'd and brought from
3. How glad the heathens would have been,
That wotfhtp idols, wood and flone,
If they the Bu'k of GOD had leen,
Or Jaus and his gofpel known.
4. Then if this gofpel I refuse,
Hiw flhillt I e'er lift up mine eyes ?
For all the Gentiles and the Jews
Againft me will in Judgement rile.
---------- -
S O N G V11. I
7be Excclltncy of the B 1 B L b- '
i./ -REAT God with wnder and with
-- pra:e, :
Oa all thy w-.il:s I look
B- ut fill tky wifJ-) n power and grace,
SShine b-ighter in tOy Book.
2. The Stirs that in their coirfes rol,1 '
Have much inflruflnn jiver; r ,
BrIK thy gajd w:rd ;,firms my foul
How I mi-v climb vj heaven..
3. The fields provide me f'o:d, and fA'Wr ,
The gooIncesr if thr jRp [,
Buifruits of life ar.d l,.oy .,uw

c-f- .y

^----- ^" ^ ^ ^ .lil

I q





xi Divine S 0 N G S
In thy mft holy word.
4. Here are my choiceft treafutrres hid.'
Here my beft comfort l'es
Ilere mye'deifes'ari" latisfy'd'
* And'hence my hopes arife.
5. LoRo make me understandd thy law,
SShow what my faults haie been a j
And from thy Gofprl let me draw
Pardon for all tny fin.
6. Here I would learn how Chrift has dy'd
To fave my foul from hell :
.X_ all the books on earh belide
:" Soch heavenly wonders tell.
7. Then let mne love my Bible more,
And t4ke a frefh delight,
By day to read thofe wonder oer,
And medicatei by r.ight. "

Praife to GOD for learning to read,
!. P -HE praises of my tongue,
.1 I offer to the LORD,
That 1 was learnt and taught 1o young
To tead his holy word.
a. That I was brought to know
The danger I was in,
By nature and by practice too
A wretched flave to fin.
3. That I am led tofee
I can do nothing well ,


For C H I LD REE i3'
And whkiher hall a dinner fre /
f To fave himleilf from hell i.
,. Dear LURD, this B.ok of thine
Inforims me where to go,
For grace to parAon all my fins,
* And make iae holy too.
5. Here I can read and learn
SHoQ CHRIST the Son of GOD,
Has undertook our great concern,
Our ran -om coft his blood.
6. And now he reigns above,
He fends his Ipirit d)wn,
Tohew the wonders of his love,
And mike his Gjfp.l known.
7.O may that Spirit teach,
And make my heart reLeive
Thofe truths which all thy fevants preach,
And all thy faiats believe.
S. Then fh ill 1 praise the LORD
I In a more cheerful tIhain,
That I was taught to read his word,
And have noE leaint in vain.


Thbe .d1l /eeivg GOD. .

i. ILmighty GOD, thy piecing Eye of
A t. Strikes throw' the ih ides of night,
And our mt secret a&oftiuns lie
All open to thy fiichC .

-- .- ^ v ^.- ^ .- ^ ^ ^ ,, ^ ^ i

14 pine SO N G
z. Thee's not a 5in thit we cin Mnr
'or wicked word we fay,
But In thy dreadful hook 'uis writ
Again: the judgment day.
3. And mull the crime chat I have done,
Be read and publ-ib'd there,
Be all expis'd before iht fun,
While men and angels lieat
4. LORD at thy foot afhim'iid tlie,
Upwards I dare not look ;
Pardon my fins before I die,
And blot them from thy book.
5. Remember all the dying pains
That my Redeemer felt,
And let his blood wafh out my flainsa,
And answer for my guilt.
6. 0 may I now frever fear
ST' indulge a finful thought,
Since the Great GOD can fee and hear,
And writes down every fault.

- -- -- ------1

Tzbms.r on GOD and Dea'b.
u.'" HERE is a GOD chat reigns 2
.1 Lord of the heav'n & earth a
I fear his wrath, I a(k his love,
And wicta my lips I fing his praise.
m. Thereii a law which he hiM writ,
To leach us all what we auft do ;

ndv e,
ind [e

r 7:.

ForC H I L D R N.15
SMy foul to his commands submit,
For they are holy juflt and true. ,,
3. There is a gofpel of rich grace, -
r Whence winners all their comforts draw,
LORu I repent, and feck thy face, 5 ..N
SFor I have often broke thy law. .
4. There is an hour when I muft die,
f" Nor do I know how loon 'twill come i
A thousand childrenyoung as I,
Are ca]i'd by death to hear their doom.
S. Let mne improve the hours I have,
SBefore the day of grace is fled ;
There's no repentance in the grave,
Nor pardon offer'd to the dead.
6. Juor as a tree cut down that fell
To North or Southward, there it lies
So man departs to heav'n or hell,
SFix'd in the ftate wherein he dies.
-.. '- -
S 0 N G XI.
I. ['I-HERE is beyond the fky
.. A heaven of joy and love,
And holy children when they dje, ;
Go to that world above;
2. There is a dreadful hell,
AnJ everlasting pains,
There ficrtnen muft with devils dwell,
Ia darknc%.fice and chains
r ..

z6 Divixe S O N G
3. Can fuch a wretch as .
Efcape this curled end ?
P,.-.,And may 'i hope whenever I die
hall to heaven afcend.
0C 1, -. I ' "*
,.4. Then wilt I read and pray
^ .' While I havk life and breath,
Left.j should, be cut off to day,
SAnd fent t' eternal death.

Ib e 'aduages .f early Religion.
z. TT APPY's the child whole younger years
J' H Receive inrruftion well ;
Who hates the dinner's 'path, and(er
The road that leads to hell.
a. When tw devote odr youth to GOD,'
'Tis peafing in his eyes;
A flower when offered in the butd
Isno vain facrifice.
3. 'Tis eafer work ihen ,e begin 1
To fear the Lord betimres ;
"WhIleLnners that grow old in fin,
Are hardened in their crimes.
4" 'Twill faveus from a thousand fares,
To mind religion young:
S' Grace will preserve our following tears,
And make our virtue firong.
S. To thee, Almighty GOD, to thee
Our childhood we refign ;
STwillplkafe us to look back and fee

For C H I L D R E N. 7
', That our whole lives were thine.
6. Let the fweet work of prayer and praife,
Employ my youngest breath ;
Thus I'm prepar'd for longer days
Or fit for early death..

S",7, hbe Danger of Delay.
i. t17 H Y should 1 fay, 'is yet too foe"
S.T# feok for heaven or tb'nk of deatb
SA flower may fade before 'tis noon,
And I this day may lore my breach.
a. If this rqbellious heart of mine,
S Delpife the gracious call of heaven;
I may he har~den'd in my fin,
.And never have repentance given;
3. What if the Lord grow wroth and (wear,
L While I refuse to read and pray,
That he'll refuFe to lend an ear
To all my groa is another day.
4. What if his dreadful singer burn,
While I refuiehis, offer'dgrace,
And all his love to fury turn, ,
And flrike me dead upon the place ?
5. 'Tis dangerous to provoke a GOV ;
-.is power anad.dengeance none can tell
One rtroke of his Almighaty rod t
Shall lend young winners quick to hell.
.,: 6. Then 'twill forever be'in vain-
S To cry for pardoon and for grace,

i ....


Sg Divine S ON G S
To '';fh I had my time again,
Or hope to fee my Makez's face.

'Examples' of earfy piety.

r. W- HA T bleft examples do I find
Wti ih the word of truth
Of clidren thac began to mind
icligiai in their you:h.
2. Jzsi who reigns above the lky,
Aad keps the world in awej;:
Was once a child as young as I)
And kept h -s Fltther's law.
3. A.t twelve years old he talk'd'with meBt
(I he Je-s all wond'rng Rand)
Yet he ubey'd his mother then,
And came at her command.
4. Children a Iweec Hoknnu rung,
And bleft their Saviour's name ; *
And -'ve hl'n hnonur with their tongue,
While Scribes and Prliefts blafPhemne.
5. i-nis.l the child was wean'd and brought
To wat upon the LORD ;
Young riinothy betimes was taught 0
To know his holy word.
6. rhen why thiuld I fo long delay
What others learn fo (oon t
I wild not pars another day
Without this work beigun, -"-
:, t/


'' ,4gaafl Lying. ",
S0 'TIs a lovely thing for youth
STo walk bctimes In 'wifdjm's way
To fear a lie, to peak the truth,
That we may trult ih all ticey lay;
........- '. rnf';.;.. ^
g. But liars we can never trufi,
o Tho'"they fh )tid fpeac the thinp that's true,
SAnd he chat does one fault at. tirft,
And lies to hide it, makes it t1*c.
3. Have we not knawn, nor heard, nnr read,
lo'w GOD abhors dece;rit and wrong ?
How Annanias was fIruck dead,
Catch'd with a lie upon his tongue?
4. So did his wife Sapphira die,
When fhe came in and grew fo bold,
As to c infirm that wicked lie,
That juft before her hufbin md told.
s" The Lor i delights in them that fpeak
The words of truth ; but every liar
M.l hive his portion ia the like
Tnat burns wicn- b--nm tane ani with fi-e.
6 jithenr let'me always watch my lips,
Left 1 be ftick to death and hell : 4
j Since G)L) a b)k of rec.t,)1 i,., keeps,
SFor every lie that children tell.,

eo DMivne S SONGS
,dfgai'f Quarrelling and Fighting.
it. r ET dogs delight to bark and bite,
Jj For GOD hath made them lo,.
Let bears and lions growl and fight,
SFor 'tis their nature too.
. But children, you shouldd never let
Such angry paflioms rife ; -,- t,. z ; ,
Tourt little hands were never made
Totear each other's eyes.
Let love thro' all your actions run,
SAnd all your. works be mild,
Live lk. the bleffIed virgin's Son,
That Sweet and lovely child. '
'4. His foul was' gentle as a lagab,.
k And as his flature grew,
lie grew in favour both with man,
-An,3 GODh;s father too. "
Now Lord of all. h reigns abovee.
And from his heavenly throne, .
fie fees whit children dwell in love .
And marks them for his own. '
Love bItween Brothers and Sifters,
I W. HATEVER 'brawls diflurt the treats,
-There should be peice at home$
Where Hilers dwell, and brothers meet,
SQuarrels Thould never come. '
a. Birds in their little nefis agree ;
And 'tis a Ihbimeful fight,
When children of one family _4.
A^1"^ <7

' /Fall out and chide- and fight;-. ,
. /.' Hard names at MfVt and threatlaing words"
That are but noify-brrath,. .' ..
May grow to clubs and: naked f*ords,. ;.
S To murder and to death. i ,
S 4., The dev'l tempts one mother's Ion,
To rage against another : i I t
So wicked Cain was hurry'd on, : :
Till he had kil'd his brother. v. ,
'. The wife wvll make their anger cool.
At leaft bef6ie 'tis right ..,
But in the bofom of a fool
It burns 'till mining light. :
6. Pardon, 6 Lord, our childifl rage,
SOur little brawls remove ;.. .
That as we grow to rper age,
SOur hearts may be all love.
'-"-S *O SO N G XVI1[. '
SAgaif Scuffing a,:d ,cafing j amies.
v ('UKI tongues were made'to blefs the
And not fperak illof mmn .
When others give a railing word, -
We miuft not rail again.
iCrocs words and angry names require
STo be ch.ifiz'd at school,
And he's in danger of hell fire,
I hat calls his brother fool.
3. But lips that dare be f)Jprophane,
STo mock and Jier and ic!..ff, '
L."+ /,[ '. *

,/ a._ '

At holy thi
V The Lor
4 When ci
Se! v'd 61
And bid th
Ga up
G)'D q
Ard ienc
Thit tore t
SVWilh. bl
6. Great G
To fine
Grjnt me c
T"o tai-m:

|1gairf; S

:,I A N A
And devils
Beneath ih
a. And yet
Ahufe ihv
And whea
And curfew
.1. How wi
While thoi
Of evegjal

DMhie, S 0 N G S
ng, or holy ,men,
d Ahll Cut the nOfof.
hlJrn in their waniorr play
d E l6ta fo,'
ie prophet go his viy,
tbm baldbead Ge."
sickly ftl)pt their w-cked breath,
iwi raging beis,
them li nb from hliiib to death,
ood and groans and tears.
OD how terrible art thou
rs c'er fo yjuig ;
hy grace, aid reach me haw
and rule my tiague.

Wearing and Cirrfing, and taking
G 0 D's Name in vain.
GELS thar hqgh iI glory dwell,
dore thy nime aihnighty GOD, v
tremble down in hell, t.
e terrors uf thy rod. .'

haw *w:ckeI ch:Uren dire .
dreadful glorious na'ne !
they're anary how they frvear,
their fellows anJ blaiph!rne.
ill they (fIind before thy face,
d thee with foch dif-,in,
u (hill d lon them to thie place
'IOg fire and pain ?



1^~ ~ i~t b R I- W^ T3
j .. Then never hall orne cooling drop .
J \ To quc'nch tLeir bmnini tcrgues I C g'iV'z, -
' But I will piaile itice heit, ar.d hi.pe
hI us to cmFrO n.y ntogue in Heav'r.
`$, My heart fall be in pain to hear
WVretches i ff, on. the Loid above;
'Tis that pticat GCD whole power I fear,
That heav'nly Fatter whcm 1 love.
'6. If my companions grov profane,'
-I'll leave their fr.en fh;p &hcn I heir'
YoungTinners take thy name in vain,
And learn to curfe and learn to wear.

~ aing Evil company.
'i HY should, I join with ihufe in play,
W V in whom I've no d'lighr,
Who curfe and fear, but never pray,
IWho call fll names, and fight.

I. I hale to hear a wanton fong,
Their words offend my ears:
I should not date defile my tongue
. With language fuch as theirs.
g Away from fools I'll turn my eyes,
Nor with the fcoflers go ;
I would be walking with the wile"
That wifer 1 may grow. '

4-. From; one rude boy that's'u'd to mdcc
. Ten learns the wicked j.fi ;
"One fickly fheep infeas the flick,
And p6ifons all the rctli


S24 Divine -S 01N G S.

5. My GOD, I hate towalk orwalI,
With'finful children here, ; .' ,
Then let me not be fesat to hell
Where none but finners are.

gaJfl Pride'in Cloathes.
i. W HY ihoul.d our garments (made
; .. to hide
Our Parents aflume) provokeour pride ?
The artof drels did ne'er begin,
..Till. .Eve our ansiher learnt to fin. :
2. When firfl (he put the covering on,
Her robe of innocence was gone:
.A#.. yet her children vainly boWaft,
In ihe fad mai ks of glory loft. -
3. How proud we are !. how fond to fhew
Our cloat.hs, and call them rich and.new
When the poor Iheep and filk-woim wore,
That very clothing long before.-, ,
4. The Tulip. and the Butteiflyt ,
Appear in gayer coats than I,
Let me be'dteft fine as I will,
Elies,, worn S, and flowers exceed me ftiil.
s, Then'r iill fct my heart to find,
Inwaid adornings of, the mindd
,' knowledge ani virtue" truth and grace ;
efftel -are the robes of richeftidrels.
6. No more fliphll worms with mhe compare,
This is. the raiment angels wear: .
a_- /

For C H I L D R E 25 ,
The Son of Gd. when here below,
Put on this blel apparel too.
7. It never fades, it ne'er grows old,
Nor fears the rain, nor mtorth nor mold :
It takes nofpot, but (till refEies;
The in ore 'tis worn, the more it (hines.
* 8 In this on elrth I would appear,
Then go to heaven, and wear it there;
GOD will approve it in his fight;
'Tis his own work, and his delight.

S 0 N G X.IiL.
1Igaini? Idlenefs and Mifrhicf.
. "JOW doth the little bufy bee
"l- Imnprove each Ihonino, hour,
And gather ho.cy all the day
From ev'ry opening (la:. er
a. How ;!k iful'y Oii bjuilds her cell I
How neat (hf 1rpreads h-r wax,
And labours hard to flo-e it %jell
With the Iweec foo i fh makes.
3. In warks oflabouror 'if'kil,
I1 wodld be bufy Lo. :
Fjr 'ican flads Ibm! n( Tchiefil if
For idle hands to do.
4. In Bo'oks or wirk, or heakhful play
LUt my F.1ft years be paft,
That I may give for every day,
Soma good account at laft.

A6 Divine S 0 N G S
Obedience to Parents.
L ET children that would tear the Lord,
Hear what their teachers fay,
With reverence meet their pa-rents wo.-d,
And with delight obey.
2. Have we not heard what dreadful plagues
Are threatened by the Lord,
To him that breaks his father's law,
Or mocks his mother's word ?
3. What heavy guilt upon him lies!
How cuffed is his name.
The ravens [hall pick out his eyes,
And eagles eat the fame.
4. But thole that worlhip GOD, and give
Their parents honor due,
,Here on this earth they long flhall live,
And live hereafter too.

7beChild's Complaint.
1* TWJ I Y hould I love my port In well,
SSo conftant at my play ?
And le the thoughts ct heaven and hell ?
And then forget to pray ?
a. What do I read my Bible fore
S But, LORD to learn thy will ?
And hall I daily know rhee more,
And lefs obey the fill ?

For C H I L D R E N. 7
3J How fenfelels is my hear, anti wild ?
How vain are all mn- thoughts !
Pity the weakness oftchild,
And pardon all my faults.
4. Make me thy heavenly voice to heir,
And let me love to pray,
Since GOD will lend a gracious ear,
To what a child can fay.
-~! -. -
A Morning Scng.
M. /TY GOD %ho mak'fl the fun to know,
.LVI His proper hour'io rile,
And to give light to all below,
Dolt lend him round the Ikies.
a. When from the chainhers of the eaft
His morning race begins,
Hie never tires nor flops to rrfl',
But round the world he fh'n.s.
3. So like the fun would I fulfill
The bufinels of the day ;
Begin my work betimes, ar.d flii
March on my heavenly way.
4. Give me, 0 L:R D, thine early gI ace,
Nor let my foul corrplaii. I
That the young ;norr'ng (-,f mny davy,
Has all been fp.ent ii vyan.

s8 Divine S 0 1
f LS 0 N G &
: ~SONGg
SAn Fveningl
1, A ND now another d
*( Z I'll fing my Maker
My cominfols every hour ma
His providence and gract
a. But how my childhood
My fins how great their 1
y^ LORD g've me pardon for th
,iAnd strength for days to
i.. 3. 1 lay my body down to
i" Let angels guard my hei
SArid thro' the hours of dark
Their watch about my h
4. With cheeiful heart I c
Since thou will not remo
SAnd in the morning let me'
S. Rejoicing in thy love.
A Scngfoir t'b LORD'S I
L, i. iliS is the day wvht,
SSo early frOti tht
Why shouldd I keep my eye
SAnd wafle my hours on
6" 'I T &rhp i A I t_ l 1 hn I.-


ay is gone,
's praife :s
ke known,
'uns to watle S
um !
e pafl,
ad ;
:nels keep
lofe my eyes,

DAY )ll!rn(g.
-n CHRI'T arofe
Dead :-
i-lids clos'd,
bed ?
fr hrnl" p

The pow'rs o( death and hell,
Ard fflia'l 1 ftill wear fatan's yoke,
7 And love my fins lowelt.
3. To day with pleasure chrifiians met.
STo pray and hear thy word
And would go wilh cheerful feet,
"To learn thy will, 0 Lord.

I'tl !eave mry rpa read and pray,
e And 1o prepare Weaven
." o may I love this bleffed day
The befl of all the even.
^'. For the LORD'S- DAY Evening.
i. T ORD, how delightful 'cis o Icee
L 1 A Whole affemiTibly woijrnip thee;
'At once they firig, at once thty pray,
,They hear of heaven and learn the way,
. '. I have been there,and fill would go :
.*Tis like a little heaven below,
'. Not all my pleafures and my play
Shall tempt me to forget this day.
S 3. 0 writ upon my mnem'iy, LrdJ,
The text and docrines of thly word ;
That 1 mnay break thy laws no more,
SBut love the beiter than beture.
4. With thoughCts of Canri and things di,
Fill up this fooldlh heart of mine
That hoping pardon thrno.-hli his bld
I My' lie down, and wdke i-'it God.
Our SAVLcuQt's Gol..''a Ruze.
B E you to others !,ir.naJ true,
Asyou'd Ibve others be to yuu,
And neitherdo nor fay to mncn,
%Vhate'cr you would not tLke again.
Tbe ten Conmmandrr.ents out cf tbe old 7
wient, put into rb)yme for el,'.dren.
i. fltHuU l1halt have no other
T but me.
2. Before no idols buwV the knte.
3. Take nor the nam-.e c.f G'3d .-. vain.



: +




K ii
3o Divine SON GS
-' 4. Nor dare the fabbath day prophane.
P Give both thy parentllour due.
'06. Take herd that thou aonurder do.
L 7. Abilain fdom words and deeds unclean.
8. Nor fleal, tho' thoo art peor and mean.
9. Nor make a wilful lie nor love it.
ae What is thy neighbour's dare not covet.
'be Sum cf ibe Comrrmandments of: of the Ni.'p
ceflament. Matthew xxil, 37.
W I IH all thy trul love God above,
SAnd as ihyfelf thy neighbour love.
Dty to GOD and cur Neighbour.
S.rOVh G)DwIth Jll you, foul and irer.gth.
'L With all your heart and mind,
Arni lore your neighbuur as yt.urfelf
-, Be fa'rhful iufl and kind.
S2. Deal with another as you'd hive
Another deal with you,
W. hat you're urnwilhlng t. receive,
lBe ture Yu never do.
Out of r.y Barock of Hvaiims, 1 have b,'re ,/l,..'
the Holanna ondtalo'y toiti Fiher, &c.
to be fuig at 1he eni. of cn' of n,,iw ns,
6ccrding to tbt dirifian cf Parents, Uic.
t, e Hol'iiLa ; or b.alvatiov afo',Vid to C 11 1.T.
S". Loivg 31.'m7.
t. "JOS N N A o K.ong Di'id's S >n,
. Who signs iona Ixupefri throrie
S We blcfir the Prince of heiv'n'y bith,
Whn briai falivation dotwr to cair.h.
2. Let tv'y Va'irn, iv'Iy ;ge,
In -his delighrful wo~rk rengt" ;
S Old meuand bab-s in Si3U IMi.g
The gro ing giliei ol 1Ic r K ri;.



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