The New England primer, or, An easy and pleasant guide to the art of reading


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The New England primer, or, An easy and pleasant guide to the art of reading adorned with cuts ; to which is added, the Catechism
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Easy and pleasant guide to the art of reading
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1 v. (unpaged) : ill. ; 11 cm.
Westminster Assembly, (1643-1652)
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New England
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Christian life -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Children -- Conduct of life -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Conduct of life -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Catechisms -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Readers (Primary)   ( lcsh )
Natural history -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Animals -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Readers -- 1805   ( rbgenr )
Catechisms -- 1805   ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1805
Readers   ( rbgenr )
Catechisms   ( rbgenr )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )


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Date of publication based on binding indicating publication in the first decade of the 1800's.

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University of Florida
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1' A -







t, .i:. ; 9. -
. .,.., ..
.., t.


./4* -OAI

PHd a wiX1
." *.+ ,+.

ii, 6. T'iniup 4S
fhuuid gN and whl
mot depart kom%

- ^+ ,JM.,

V' E IV- E A G L. iV 23 D%

T- R, I A E R,.*

0-* %-1 SASY AND F 9 9A T
^* Cia: Ye to Met Arr, f Roe, i'. *


**C A T C II I S N-1*
i* 1E (E..LV'GND.

RI i l D IE I R :
! ,* 'i:,*
vf* tn tt"h reu et *

rh. '.:

in. rftu v w zyz&
i 1 Yowels.
A R1 U Y a t i ou
".. sn's.
bcdfg'jklrrn pqrIs
t w w
Ambylye Letiters.

tilk L .eue4
f* BCc d Eef Gg Hb Ix
s MaJ fsN On PpS g
: us v' V x .

* iale" Double l.etrrr..


] f :! # .,f

- i Jf

~ ~ ~ y L.. -.- l-^ ,*%,I v -r
Eafy Syllables for Ctllidren. "
Sb teb ib ob uS
ec ic oc uc
J ed id od .ud
ef if or tf
3 ^eg 19 Vg e e
ci J (J ui
Sy ci ii 4)1 1L1
mn em ii ol tim
an en i4n ojn unr
an ell in 'orn tn/l'
Ii p, ep ip op up
ar er ir or ur
a-s es is Os us
at et it ot t
av evs iv ov uv
ex e i ox ux
3 ez iz 02 uz

Eaf2 Syllables. fo- Children
, Ba be bi bo b.
ca c d1 co r-
da 'e di do d-
r. a f fi to fu
Pa ge gi go u
S ha be hi ho Bu
Se ho ku
A a ke k{i I o kju
)~a le j, o ku
rr.a Me mi ma
0 ne ini n nu
.pa Fe pi po pu
ra re ro ru
es fe fi fu
ta re ti tu
v a 'e ^ vo VII
Wa we si wO
yv ye v u
7.ze W

- m lm m -m I -ml
t Words of one Syllble.
hi e all ape are
C abe beef bell bold
d -i[ t cake crosa cup
fu ):af dead dry duU
2u Ar eat epgs eyes
u Lce feet fiih fowl
U are gooJ gi as F-.rcat
U hat head heart
, i -e ink ile jubb
r.u Kick kind kneel kno I
La nb lare land long mole moon mniouth -
'irne night noie roon
0Ak once one ource
P.;1 pair pen-e pounJ
Q)aart queen quick quilt:
I _in raile r-.,c run
ainit Jayge fault fold
'T.1k:. talk Wine ithr,.t


Vain v~ce vile view
Way wait wafie wou
'i Words of two Syllables.
Ab-fent ab-hor au-thor
Bab-ble be-guile bold-ly
., Ca-pon rel-lar cup-boar
-" Da.i-ly de-pend du-ty
i.a-gle ca-ger en-clofe
t Fatn-er fa-mous fe-male
/ Gath-cr gar-den lo-ry
34ei-nous hate-ful hu:-band
-'.n-fant in-deed in-crcafe
3I, J-cob jeal-ous ju-lcp
La-bor la-den la zy
Words of three Syllables. a-mend-ing
Bai-ba-dos tLen-ce-fic
Cal-cu-latec can-die-flick
r Di-fi-cult drow-ff-nefs
Ea.ger-ly em-ploy'-ing
'" -ac-ul-ty f fir.-i-ly

Words of four Syllables.
Ahil-;ty as-com-pa- ny
a-lam )-ty ca-pac-i-ty
ael-i-ca-cy dil-i-gent-ly
Fet-ri-2-ry fi-del-iw.y
Wo:.ds of five Syllthles.
A-bom-i-na-tion Gra'-:.fl-ca-tio.
Ben-e-fi-ci~l-ly Ilh-mibl-_-a-,ion
Cor-tin-u-a-tion Irm-ag-in-a-tion
De-rer--nin-a-tio Mor-'ifi- :a -tion
Ed-_-fi-ca-tion Pu-ri-fi-ca-otlO
The LoRn's Prayer.
UR Fdither which art in Heaven,
Hallowed b Lhly njAmr. rry
kingdom come. Thy wii' be dane om
earth -s it i. in Heaven. Givc,s. tha
davour daily bread. Ao4 ftrgjve us
our debts as we forgive dur deblr's,
and ead us not into tCmptation. But
deljv. us rrom evil. For thine is the
kingdom. the power and the glory for- '
ever. Amer.o

In Afdan.s fall,
WCe finned ,(.

Thv life 'o r e,
This RP.-,

,s rurs rhe G/las,
IJn's hf o0s

M v Book& Heart,
Shill i ever part.

Yab feels th'e rod,
- ;t biciles God.

p:ouid Korab's
Was iWallow'd up

A dog will b;te,
A Thief at .. ,hr.

TheEgyptianish-vi i
Was in [he red fed
1,.,0. "

Yawoun itm t
Lea::,'d Sin to f,

Queen Efihercom
In Roal ftatc,
To lave the Jew
From dismal 'Iate

Whales inr. the lea
God's voice o0.Cy
Xeres the grcal
d.d die,
I And fl muft you
S and 1.
SDerti cuts down
SBoth great malll
g Zacbeus, ,
^ Did clirm he trte
i His Lord to tfee,

The iJle fool,
is whipt at Ifchool.

Vafhti for pride,
W.S fec afide.

Peter denies
his Lord & r'es.

Samrel anrno.nis,
Whom God ap-

Young Oh.Ns, -.
David, J)jias,
All WCrl!'piLus.

The ju,:td .
Jrt'i aFradi.

An Alphabet o Leffornsfor Chi'-
*;* dren.\
A Wife Sun brakes a glad Fa-
Sthchr, bui a foolifli Son is
the heavint-lk of h:i Mo,'hrr.
rt. "ETTER is a little, with ihe
l j.j fear of the Lrnrd, than great |
,. : Ifeaft.reAnd trouble therewith.
',' O'ME untoCnr fl, all )cwo
labur and art -.cav la3.n

o not the aboni(nahc thirg
f 'L"Which I hate, faith the Lord
"thX P Ir a m W be born:.
'. *"gi 4n heV.'mot fee tbc king-
t otof God.
'' OOLlIoiNESSis bound tup
S-in tbe heart of a Child, but
re rod ofcoqne ia I ill drive
-* rfcomhit O
44 ,

W C R I VE not t.e Holy Spir-
Sit, left it deI art fr-om thee.
TaLINESS becomes God's
1.3 H hou e forever.
if is gopd for ire rodraw near
le uno Gji.
/ EP t.y heart whith alldi!.
Ir Jie.-,ce, fur out uf it are the
ulliE f life.
T I \RS will have their part ic
the lake wh;ch burnt with
hre 2rd brirn'mone .
1 \ N, Y are ; he affticiont qA
M JLthe Ehteous', but
Lura delivers them o,,t ofthei
"'N'TOW is dFie accepted tr44
N lj Nnw .s the dayoffa'vatioce
O UT of the abundance ofth
Shc.wr the nmoschk fpcakct}

-*iJ 4117 J.4JL~ g' lll 11"'l1|
f'in kcret, and thy Father w
lees in fecrer, will reward t
Q UIT )ou like men,
firong, fland, faft in the

R EMEMBER tby Creatorin
the davs of thy youth.
ALVATION belongethurto
S. the Lord.
i 6KTT'RUST in God at all times;
iT'. jL ye people pour out your
hearts before hiIm.
?^T 1T9ON the w~ckcd God w;A
Fain a horrible S temrnpcllt.
f-ti1T0 to the w-ked ; it will
V be Wl with him, for the
.ward of his hands wi!l be given
* |t *.'
- l';

EXTHORTone another daily,
While it is called to-day,
lea aEv of you he hardened throw'
the deceitfulnefs of fia.
YOUNG men, you havi o-
verco-.c the wicked one.
Z LAL hah confu-ned me,
Sbecauie my enemies have
rf.ttelae word of God.

Datly to GOD ani oar Neighbor .
LOV It uod withkb al y foul ,
and strength,
with al't your heart and rrind,
And iove your neighbor as your-
be faithful, juff, and kind.
Deal %wi;h another as ou'd have
another deal with you..
What you're inwillingto receive \
be fuze you never do.

fbe Infant's Grace before wd ,
ter mwat
LESS me, 0 Lord, and I
my food fitrerngihen n e
itrve ihee, forJelusChrifi's fik
IDhSIRE to thank Got, wh.
gives me food to eat every da
of my life, Arren.
Learn tbefe fur lines by Heart.
IHave communion I'h few,
.Be intimate with OANE,
Deal juftly with all,
Speak evil of none.
TOW 1 iaVy meduwn tofleep,
.i I pray the Lord my foul
to k- ep, .
If I (hou'd die before I wake,
I Fray the Loyd my fuml to take.

JwflruSaIve quefiov NMI anjweuT.
I 7HO was the fift Man P Adam.
"Vhbowasthe fir ft woman? Eve.
.'-o was the fi.l Murderer ? (.a,.
Vho was the firft MIartyr ? Adhl.
\ ho was the firfi Tranlited ? Eaoh..
Yho was the aldef Man P Mlcth.felak.
'no built the Ark ? Ajah.
ho was the muyft faithful man P
'ho was the meekeft M4n ? aMofers.
\'ho was the patient Mar in ? /A.
U njwreflled wth tbhe ang-i oF Goa'?
Y^ia. I
W'no led Ifrhael into Canaan ? J7loAa.
Who was the frongefl Man? &jvnpfan.
Who killed Coliah ? David:
Who was the wileft Man ? So!'amos.
WV no was in the whale's Belly P Janek.
Who was cafl intothe Lion's Den ?
Who faves loll Men PJasus Cu R isr.
Who is Jt sus CH' ils"'Fe f of o/GOD.
\howas ihe, Molhercf Chi iL. ? Mary.
Who betrayed his Mlalfer ? Judas.
W'he deny'd his Mi&Lci i P"atr.

Young childrch too iANv die.
y God may fuch an awful fight,
A wak'ning be to me !
Oh hat by catly grace I might
For death prepared be.
F EAR thou the Lord, and pr:ze him
Than fhining Gold and ncheft (Owe
Fov when thv worldly Tycrfui's palUa
The Love of God will ever laft.
D-. 'WATT'S Cradle Hwym.
H UbH my dear, lie ftiand fIumbcr
Holy angels guard thy bed,
Heavenly bilflingwiltbout number,
Gentlv falling on tvy head.
Sleep, soy babe, thy food and uaiment,
Houle and bomne thy friends provides
All witthor tiby care or payment.
All thy wants are well fnpply'd.
How much better thou'ft attended,
Than the Sun o* God could be,
When fiom heaven-be drfcended,
And became a child like thee.
Soft and early i thby cradle:
Coaie ard haid if v Siver !av 4

th leat daunted, but with wonderful
patience ditd courageouly tar thceol-

A .- da,.s k ore hi. deat &wrhe vr*
Joeing advit to his caidrq".
GI V E car my Children to my word
whom God hatb duarty bOuglHl i
Lay up his laws whia youl beat,
and primt them in your thought.
I leave you here a little book,
for you to look upon,
Thai you may fee yourM fathk'nhfc.,
when he is dead and gone.
Who for the hope of hcav'nly thing.,
while he did hime remain,
Gave over all his golden .ygis '*
to prifon and to pain. "
WVhera I, among my iron bal, -;
enclosed in the dark ..
Not ;sapy, d4ys before my d4h, t
cmoo"'d (or you this wodev ''
Aed fM.q pIe to yoW yo4d^ d
to wbi' IwIth 0. godQ,
I (eand you here GOD'. poifl, tsi.a,
oand eal it with my, blood: ,

-T-- wham 1[do leave behind,
That you may read and underlhand
ana keep it in yuui mind :
That as you hjve been heirs of that
which once will wear away,
You alfo may poflefs that pair,
which never will decay,
Keep always God before your eye%
with all your whole mintent,
Commit no fin min any wifr,
bul keep his commandment.
Abhor ihaL arjant a hoIc oi Rome,
i and all heir blafphcmiev,
kt And drink not of he, curfed cup
,, obey not her decrees.
'J G've honor Io your pwiaer dear,
S remember well her pain,
'. And recomnpenehcr in her age,
C with the like love gain.
SBe alwa)s ready [u, hcr h'lp,
and let her not dtcay,
R member well your fthe, ail,
L% 1ho should havCbeen your flny.
t ' oJ your Foitirn tO Lie c.,'r,
hr 'i AI lichcs do airile,


,tn Ifrom She needy, naked lout,
SuTn not away your eyes.
For he who doth not hear the cry
Uf Lhtfe who ftand in need,
Will cry himlehl and not bc-heard,
whrn he does hope tc (peed,
If God harh g ven you inrreafe,
ani blelled well yomr l:rr..
Remember you aeic put in truft,
and should relieve the poor.
Beware of foul and filhy lufts,
let fuch things have no place. '
Keep clean yo ir veffels in the LOR D,
that ha may youambrace,'
You are the temples of the LORD,
for you are drarl} bought.
And they who rdo defile the fame
will (urely come to caught.
Be never proud by any means:
build not your houre loo hrgh, '
But always have before youl eye,
that you was born to die.
D traui not him who hired is,
your labor to fulfain,
Bw' pay him Rfi without'delay,
his wages foi his pain.

) ) vou E1'60 fame to them aga'n,
S when they do R.ind in need.
Impart your portion to the po.r,
in money and in meai,
And fend the feeble fainting foul,
"I that which you dj ea;.
Alk council always of the wife ;
S give cat unto the end,
SAnd ne'er reahfo the Iweet rebuke,
-* r of him who is your fiier.d.
i Be always thankful to tlie LO, D,
witn prayer and with praife.
j. Begging ol him to bles your aork.
,..4 dd todire0 your ways.
' Seek hilt, I fay the living GOD,
S and always him adore.
And then be lure that he will blels
% soar balkjt and your fitoe.
And I befeech almighty GOD,
to iaplen (h you with gracr,
That I may meet you in the heav'it,
and fee you face to face.
And though the fite ay bWdy burn,
l ontrary to my kind,

according 0o my mind,
e't 1 do hope. that when the Heav'ns
(hall vaniih 1-ke a fcroll,
[ba'.l fee you in pefea t Sape,
in body and in foul.
nd that I mav enjuo yourolive
sndyouenjoy the land,
I do befeech the living Lord
to hold you in his hand.
1 .,jugh heir my body be adjud'd
an fImimgfire to Fry,
MIy foul 1 tru!l, wi'l ftrasghl a(cind
to dwell with God C in high,
What tho' this create Imal awhbile ?
what tho' ihis life decay ?I
MIy loul I hope, will be with God,
and live with hit falr aya.
J know I am a finntier born,
from the ovrginal-
And that I do defrve todie,
by my foreatlicr', fail
Bult by our 'bvmour'a piecirus blood,
which on the c ofs was (pill,
Who hfreey off-cwd up his life,
to fare our uphill frohem guilt.

.. f tilftIpL l nu I b S iiiu irAW <
and ll who 'n h rn itufl.
When I ftill fee him face to face,
and l.v-e among the jj:A. (Io.l
Whv" then nfhoulad I frler death's g
!'nce Chrtll for inme did i r !
For King and Crfar, and |oo",
r he foace of dea.h mull 1iv
S then I amrn chaire i.p ti he f$.k,
S and faggj s grd ine 'o nd
"' T.en pray the Lord rv IoiI in hejv'm
may be with glorb cijwr,'d.
Come, welcome ,cazh the end of [ears,
I I prepai'd to die,
Ti h Thel. eathly fljme will lend ly), fcrd
"up to tho Lord on htig'.
Fajewell my cnildcen to 1f.e worlie.
where ytv", tuf(L et e lem iin.
The L.rd of hof's be yourdelence,
!l wedo meet again.
Farevcll, my), tue and loving wife.
my cy ildirn and my Ir;ends,
I hupe in hleavcn to fee yr'u all
when all Things have tierr ends.
If ) o, go on to Irrve ihe Lord
a vou have now begun,
l; ou tflil walk aeidy all your dai

ie '

V 1.1tii yutI 110 uP ,u
God gramt you fo toend your da)s
as he (all Lhflnk it bell,
ThiAt 1 may meet you In ihe heav'ns
where 1 do hope to reft.

V Eso fr itl,' C i L n i N.
HOUGI-H I am young a little one,
If l can fpeak and go alone.
I pen I mull le-in to know the Lord,
And learn to read h.s holy word.
STib time to (eek to GCjd and Fray,
For what I want for ev7 ly jv.
] have a piecious foul to lvo,
And I a mortal body have.. ..
1 hough I am young, yet I may d:'
And hafltn to etetnity ;
1 here is a dieadfiul 6ry HJlt,
Where wicked ones mull always dwell,
'I hete is a Heaven full of jay,
Where godly o^n will always fRtay ;
Toone of thefc my luu' muff ,
As in a mom4Int when Ide die
VWhen God who made me cailt qk
bome, "q
I mulL na flaa, I muf be *owe :

He gives me life, and gives rme beach
Ano he can favemy foul fiaem deth,1
By Jclus Chrifi, my only Lord,
According to hin holy word.
Ma cloihe.t my back, and keeps mea
war mi
He raves my bone and flcfh from harm.
He gives me bread, and milk,and meat
And all I have Ehat'sgocd tocat.
\Vhcn am Buck be, if he please,
Canmake me well amd give me eah.
Sie gives me fleep and quiet refl.
M, hereby my body is re(refh'd.
The Lord is good and kind to me,
And 'ary ihankfttl / mut be.
I mutft not fin as others do,
Left I lie down forow too ;
SFur God is angry ev'ry day
$P Wiih wicked ones who go aftray,
Fairq finful words I muft refrain ;
* I mid not take God'* name in vain ;
i mull not work, I muft not play
i Upon God's holy Sabbitb day ;
SAnd if my parents fpeak the word
I muft obey them in the Laid:
.Noij fieal, nor lie, nor wale my .AW' /

j.i idle talcs and fuol.rh plays,
1 muilt obey my L-od'& rommands,
Vu lurnething w Lit my little baod,
emcmirber rnvy Cicaiol now,
I i )vulh, Aiwl:c time will it allow,
'.)ung. Namuel hal little child,
j- Iferv'd the'd unJcfil'd,
I "i in h.s fe vice God employ'd
Vnile EL.'a, wicked childieca dy'd.
\V': en wicked csild'ed, nmrock-ng faid,
"I a a good man, Go .p a.'ddad.; .,.
UjOD was a.fpicaa'o with I.ACM, and
Two bears which ibem in pieca lenl.
I mult not hlike ihefe chiidtan Vile,
D-ipleale my GOD, nyliaf dfilC;
L k a young Abal, I mull Ice
Trnar g.)oa inings may be found in me.
Sioang king JAliah'nat blelA'J youth %.'
lie fought the LorC-an.I lov'd tkhlrufb,.f
He I'ke a king did art hi s paj ..,
And Iolokw'a GOD witLi all hlrhcsaftgj,
The hilde children they d d ling .
!ojlanna', to their heaverd.y tg. ,
I na bltefcd child, )ourg imoaby,

Did learn GOD'tiwoul mofl heedfullh
1: (aem'd so be h'Is ecreac :on,.
\Vhich mnned him wvlc unlu lalvaieoe
By faith in Cnrifl % w: chhehad gain
By prar' s and icais with faith u
There examples were for me
Like ihee gool children I mufI be.
(Give. metrue faith in Chrfl my Lol
Obedience to his holy word ;
Nopword is in this world like thine,
S There's none to pure, weeGt and divi
From thence let me thy will behold
And love thv word abre fine gold.
Make mnv heart in thv Itasutes found
And make my faith acd love ab,:ur
Lord carcumcile my heart to love lh
And nothing in thii world above the
Let me behold lhy pleaded face,
And my folul to grow in prire
And ii. the knowledge uof mvy LORK
And faviou, Chrill, and of his wnoi

I... . ....

o> *%.A'O.^ O^ '0' *-fi *0> '0' ^ iOv0 ,0it. oi
.j i: zipbn, h the Rn.nrud Afnm 4
Lit t:.inj I! ell jtnr.le .
2.W W HAi" is the chief end of
A. Man'schief end isto giwily CGd,
..,id enjujv him forever.
). W'hdt rule hath Gcod given to
dilrcct us how we may glory and crn.
% E ir ? '
A. The 0ord of Cod, wkih ioi -
tamend ,n ihe (ciripiurs of the old and
new ielamnni.. i. the only iule todi.
rleft us hew we may gIoriNjiod and
er.'j.iy him.
Q. What dolh the (criptru wprinci-
Fau.' t'ach ?
A. I[he fcriptuICs prcipnlly each
h.t man -a ao believe corcernirng God,
,nj what duly God requ,:c&of man.
0. \V hat is God ?
.,. God 'a a Ip ril, imuhite, eternal
nd u-,schngable-in his being, w:f-

dorna 'ro-erj heoiner, jfAtice, good ne I
and tzu.h.
Q. A;c thee more G.dsrthi orne ?
A. ,', e. but one only, the I : r, g
and true Go.
Q. How many pcrfansi are telie in
the God-head ?
.A. There are three peltln. in ihl.
God-head; theFather.theSon .nJi tho
Holy Girjtl. dro thfe trtier aye ore-
C.d, lthi lairc ir. l i,,A.tce, c al in
power and .ui v.|
Q. \Vhfp arc i!ie drciee. or G (id
A. 1 he dccirees ( )a ziae h ;eier
nal purple, accrdnr.g to the counci
of hits own will, wheitjy for i 1,, v.
glory, he hdLh ;oreuidiircd v -l.a.f,
Ceer cor.':a to pd".
Q. Huw duth Gad ex-cutle h;s d
crees ?
A. Go'l e rru'et% his decrees :n tih
uJ w ',)k& of 'lttilun art'l. pr,,v~derce.
0 _. \V'hai Il'the work r.l cmIC'."i
A. The- wo k of c.e.tion u C God
' makingg .I Ihtings of notlhrg, by i
\ Ir

wf'rd of his power, in the pace of fIx
J. N arid ill verv goud.
0. Lio* did God cec'e man P
.. t;.,d crcalrd min, rmrje ond fa-
p1.., alt -t uii. own unien in knowi-
-.J rhrie..ut riels and holiness, with
1 ,,nnol (,,er hiiceatuTre'.
C.). \N'hi ate GJod'. %urik of piovi-
C'elica '
A. Cod's works c(f pirovidenc- are
I; n mo'i hut), wdIC and pnwerful pie-
tiLm rug .no governing, all lif citcalure
i, l .Cir a.i t ns.$,
Q. \\':ia- y.i .1 -a of providence
10 Gjd eiricale towards man, in tho
fite wherein he was created?
A. When God c-cateld man he en-
red into a cuvenani of life with him,
pon conditon of peifeft obedience,
irbdaiirg him tiqrat of the [tre of
,nu.wledge of goodn'ld evil updn paia ..
ied' h. ^-
0. Did our fift parents uontinue in :
Se fltate where they were crejied ?
A, Ou3 Srft parieta. being Ilift to tbh

fcedom of their own wll il, from
the eOat: wherein they were cxcatLd,,
by finninrg against G.Jd.
Q. Wrnat is fia?
A. Smin is any want uof conformity
unto,or tlia.nfgrcftin of, the law of
Q. What was the fin wl-ereby cur
firlt parents fell from the eftaie where-I
ii thev were cieated ?i
A. The fin whereby our Erft parent
fell from the eil.a:e wherein i'-.ey wera
created, was theu eaLrpr thbe foLbiddcn
Q. D;d all mankind fill in Adarn
filt tiardgrcffion ?
A. The covenant beirg made will
Adarm, not only for himifei, but for hi
pollezity, all mankind defccnded Iron
him by ordinary gaI nation, linned i
him, and fell with him in hil Ii
Iran'g ciTion.
Q. Into what estate did tLe fal: bli
mank nd ?
A. The fall brought marnkird ino

fli.e of (in and mi;Tery.
Q.. 'hcrein oonfilts the finrulncra
,itAt ellacte where into min loll I
,. The finfulnefa of that elate
w.hereinro nan fell, confifls in theguill
of Adam's firfi fin, the want of origin-
,;I ightecoulnefs and the coirupLion of
.I,. whole nature, which is commonly
Salted original fin, together with all
attual tranlgreifions which proceeded
fom if.
Q. What ii the mifery pf thatellazt
Aihereinio man fail ?
A. All mankind by the Fall lofll com-
munion with G 0d, are under his wrati
and cut fe, and lo made liable to all tho
mierirs of this life, ;o death itfelf,and
W 'he pains of hell forever.
Q. f;d God leave all mmpkicd to
perIfh in the ftte of fin a4d4 wilcery ?
A. God having out of hii mere good
plealurfriom all ccrnity, eleed fumnl
to everlafling life, did enter into a cov-
enant of trace, to deliver themb oudl of
a Rate of and mirely, and to briug/.

tlrm into a aate of ra!v.-tion b) a Re.
Q. Who is the Redeemer Df God'i
A. The cnov Redeemer of God'i
elel, iithe Loid j.r(ui Clirnfl, wnuo b-
ing ihe eeinal bj-in of (.' i,.
rnian and lij was and continues to be
CGr. and man, in lutwo dilnfl,, rJatII!e,
and one petfon forever.
Q. Ho-.v did Chi ift, be;ng the Son
or God, Lecorme nan ?
A. Chrilt the Son or Cfd bec:anme
mnan, by lakong to himfelf a true Icdv
and a teafonable foul, heirg concervcd
by :1e pocwet of the I-;ly Ghroll, in the
womb of the virgin NI ity, and uorn ol
her. and )et wit hout fin.
Q. What Lffice doth C'hrilt execute
as our redeemer ?
A. Chriltasour Redeemerexecultei
he i hSce of a Prophet, of a Pselt, an
of a, both in his eflate of humali
altinn nc exaltation.
Q. Hnw doth Chrifi execute th o
fice aS a Prophet ?

A. GCbrlft executeth the offi-e of a
i'ropheC, in revealinglto us b1 his wasid
ard fpnrrt, the will ol God for our faIl-
Q. How doth Chrit. execute the of-
f!cc of a Priefl ?
A. Chrft tiecuieth tae office of a
Prielt, in hisonce oTfferng up himlelf a
ijcrLdce to faitfy divine luafice and irc-
cncila us to God, and in making'boa-
tiniial iniecirflion for us.
t.. How doin Chrift execute the of- -
fir of a K;ng ?
A. Chrilt executeth the ogce of a
N rig, in subduing us to himself, in ru'-
riig and defending us, and in refl.ais.
ing and conquering all his and our
Q. Wherein did Chrll's humiliation
conlilt ?
A. Chrilt.'s humiliation counfi ed in
hIis being born and tha in a low con-
Ci.on, made under ibe law, uadeigo-
ing the mtteries of this life, the wrath
o G od; and thc curld1 ddCLho hc crofp ,

'- .Y'r' hbuie'd. and continuing unlcer
;...l '.*' r d aib) for a time.
Q.. .erein conlifts Chrnil's exal.
.21: Oll ?
.-) i. -,'. xaltaiinon ccnfifleih in
h;q ar ing agoin from the dead or. the
t .'t ji. in afcnd:rg up inlo I-eaven.
ard fiting at the right hand of God
irie F.',her. and in coming Io judge to
-4,srjl at the laft day.
Fl. How are we made partakers of
L;,e cdemption purchased by ('hrfl ?
A. Waeare male partakers of thie re-
dernptLlon purchased by Chrift, by the
eliTettual application of it to us by hi'
.iT? fjtrit.
Q. How doth the fpirht apply in us
l'e redemption puoThared by Chrif ?
A. The Cpinit applieth to ut the re-
dc -iplina purchafedhvChift.,by work-
;n, Faith in us, and theicbv uniting us
ti "hhrtil in our effemual calling.
'). VWhat is efFeftual calling ?
E. effftual calling is the work of
("C. ,' ipirit,whecreby convinci ugus of

t ji

our in and misery, enlighten:ng oar-
minds in the knowledge f Chrllt, and
renewing our w Hs, he doth puifuade
and enable us to embrace Jelus Chrift
freely offered !o us in the gofpel.
Q. What benefits do thofe whoare
eff;ttually cIllcd partake of in this life '
A. 1 hole who arc effeftually called,
do in this life partake of julflication,
adopt ion and ranaificatioui, and thefev.
ETal bntfitis which in this life do ei-
ther accompany or flow from them.
Q. What is Jui.fication ?
A. Jultificat'ion is an a& of God's
free grace, wherein he pardonelh all
our fins, and accep'eth us as righteoiu
in his fight, only for the tighteoufoda
oif Chifi imputed to us, and received
by faith alone.
Q. What is Adoption?
A. Adoption is an adL of God's fieg
grace, whereby we are received int-
mne number and have a right to all thb
privileges of the ions of Cod.
Q. What is fanaifiration.
A. Sanritt'ficatit as is t wor" c.

../ ./
7 /

a ira gracr, woerony we are r*-
rnewed in the whole man, after iheim-
a ge of Cud, and are enabled more and
more to die unto fin and live uraio
ziglieo'alnefm. .
Q. \Vhat are the benefits which% in
ihis life do either acco.Bpany or tlow
frnom J'u ficaiton,Adopliun, and Sanc-
S tefica: on ?
A. The h-nefirs which in this life
edo eriter accompany or fluw Irm mjuf-
t;ficatian.A.'npiit'-'. and !anflihcd ion,
' are hfru'ance of (C'o's love, peace of
confi ince. jiy in the Tluloy Gboft, in-
credleof grdte, and pel feverance thcre-
rin in the end.
Q.1 hat berr fils dobel; receive
fr om Chrif at ihe r Jearh ?
r A. The I. ulof Believesarr ati their
de-' m.n de p'trfrtt in hi.linefi. an.I
in, md atelr'y pals inK glir., and -heir
Ur,,, (cs berng Ili'l '- ....I ii Chrill, d.-
ref :rr;'.-rgravce rri 1,hetefurrirfle on..
'' "\"i.a( h' r't'rs djo telievcrs rr-
te Iri rit at i e RcluItrtfIcn?
.\. AiL the rcrurretiu beleeas

Sberi, ra;ed up to glory. 0 5--")
2dkno,,fledgrd and acq.,!itrd ', the day
. itjidm-rnit. and maue paet i(i blcff-
ed in the lull crjoyrr.ent f God to oll
emYCilv. [qu,,re of !nnr ?
0. \\ hat is the duly wh--h God rc-
A. I he duyv %w'h ch Gud trq'iirst-f
T, a", i'. cbedier'ce to his vrvcA.ed will.
Q. \b'hat d:d (;ijd at hill reveal io
rran to' ,-.e rule of hi bcdbedience.
A. Ihe v ulln "hic i God at fi, R re-
,i.cuj i, iman r h s tb-ed ence was
t|,e ,rrurrt i"..'.
Q. .1. hrte is tie NMoral Law furn-
rnanlv cornptcrended.
A. The NiTal i s luunmmvitv cnmi
r..'enrv4ec' innb Ten Commandmarn;.
Q. \\hat is he lure of 'he ten Com-
ria,-dmrn'i. ?
A. "i I c fum of lire Ten COMnand-
r ent. r., to love 'th Lord "ui Cn
Lh all our lcai. Awith all (Cur l cjiA
with all onur firen rh. and with all oui
in're', and out n-'ghbor as ouielvee.
Q Wh.t is Ithe piefar- t, tic l T.n'andment- ?

- -!;L

A i preThce 10to the ln LoUi
miandments is inthec words, I am i.
Lord thy God, which have brought
thee out of the land of Eg) pt, and out
-.f the houle of bondage.
Q. What doth the prelare to [he
ten t,.ornmandments teach u3 ?
A. 'I he piefacetothe TenjCtmmad-
S meols leath ua,tha, because God is Ihe
Lord, and our God and Redtemer,
therefore wt are bound to keep all his
Cormiandmen:s ?
0Q. Wh.cli islthefirflCofiTandmeni?
S. 7 he hirl Conmmandmcnt is, tAh.u
!h, /iarc no olkrr Gods fore mr.
0 V. ,t hat is iequited in the filrL
00 onimandixent ?
A. The firl Commandment rrquir-
r'. us io know and to acknowledge
uj ud to be the only true Gcd, and our
God. and to worfhip and glorify him
a.coraingl .
Q. 'si'nat is forbidden in the firft
command merit.
A. '1 he firlt commandmenit forbid-
eh '..: denying, or nut worNhping

and glorifying Ihe tue God, as Cod
and our Gud, and the giving tha" wor-
fhip and glory to any other which is
due to him alone.
Q. What are we especially :aught
by Ineife words (before Me) in che firft
commandment ?
A. Thefe woadsi, before Me, in the
hi l Commandmen', teach us that Gcd.
who leech all things, taketh notice of,
and is much dilpleafed with the fin of
having any olhe Gicd.
Q. Which is ihe second Coautand.,
maew ?
/,. The second commandment ti;
Thoua Jkalt rot rake unito thee any graps
,mage, or any ilkeaer ejf any thing that ie
tn Henan above on that is an the earth
nealk or that s in the waters murder &h
earth, i/ho fialt no, wa. dowit thy/ef A
them sr jirw thiem /n; or I lieLard iky God
amRS a jeaioss God; rvsj ing the iTui sietx.
tI.e athei upmon the Cfaien unto the thi;
and fourth generctia of tIia kfat A
me, andjfietag mecv.ato Ithmfardr 1/10
that lose me, sar keep may empimumdwec

Q. WhAt is required in. the fI'tL0iid
Sonlinintiinen ?
A. '1 he le-,on.l commandment ic-
qa.i-in tihe leceivng, obferving and
.'keel in,, PIte and entire all fuch Sel;g-
S ious ".voilh;p and ordinances, as Goud
i ba'h a. -inr.ed in his Word.
W.,at is forbidden trythe second
Comon.n.ment ?
.. A. The second commandment for-
Sbiddethli the woi hipIOg df God by inm-
ages, or any other way not appointed
iL in ]',s w'old.
Q. What are the reasons annexed
ito re ficond commandment ?
.A I he reafons annexed to the fec-
P Oand comimardmcni, are Go.'s Sover-
almigny o,0'. er us, his piopucety in us, and
the zea! r-.e bath for hisown worrh p.
Q. W\hch is the third command-

A. The ihird commandment rs, Thow
A& lt nll takW the nam cr tke Lord thy
j, .od in uL jo, tht Lordu ill nout hoU him
)hi ,ikltfl, thai taeth his r.aine in win.

Q. What is required in the third
covn aandment ?
A. Tan third commzandment re-.
suirech the holy and reverend ife of
G;d's na ucn title, aitibutes, oidi-
nr.Ice;I, Word aid W.,ks.
Q WVhat forbidden in the third
colina-and.nrnt ?
A. rho third Commandment for-
bilde.h alt profaning or abufing at
any .1hing whereoy Cod maketh him.-
{f: fI known.
Q. \VWhat is the reason annexed to
the chid commaidmenL ?
A. The reafon annexed to the third
commandment is, That however the
beak'-ri of this' commandment mav
eleapo ponilhiment fton men, yet the a
Lord our God will not (utler Lhem to
efcapc his righicous Judgment.
Q. Wnich is the fourth command-
imrnt P
A. The fourth cominandment is, Re.,
nembur the Sabbath day, to lkeep it hoiy, ftLx
days fli tiou tela ur and do all t t,.
ut the aC, BtAti day is the 6iab&ths 'd : t

Lord ty God, int thu f,.iai not djai/
,rk, thou, nor t iv 'in ,'" t,) daughter,
.' ) n mIfNirvant nor tiv mv1,d /errant no.r
thyI ctti', nor th. Cvraneer that is artt in
It.v gather ; foi in fi day ite Lord made
Jliea',n and Earth/i, th' ?_a, and a,' that in
Sthem i'., and rifle.? the f(ert/t day &,&re-
/ ir, the Lord b'.j.d the ja!.bath day, ar.d
I td,'lo ,: l It.
Q. \\What is required in the fourth
'' A. The fourth commandment re-
quiteth the keeping holy to God fuch
let times as he ham apDointed in his
Word, expiefsly Ir.e whole day in
rfeven tobe a holy Sabbath to himfelf.
Q. Wh'ch day of the even hathGod
appointed to be the weekly fabbath P
A. rniom tie begirnnig of the world
tio ihe :efurret...on of Lhrtll, God ap-
pointed the seventh day of the week
"i be the weekly Sabbath, and the firnl
day of the week ever fince, to contin-
Sue to the end of the world, whieh is
the "!Byftian Sabbah.

l. How is the Sabbath to be ranaj^
fi'd ?
A. The Sabbath is to ba fanflifled
by a holy refting all that dayv,even Ifrom
[uch woildlv employment and recea-
lions as ate lawful on other days, and
[peuding the whole time in public
and private exeicifesof God's wothip
except fo much as is to be taken up in
thi works of neceflity and meacv.
0 What is forbidden in the icurth
commandment P
A. The fourth commandment For-
biddeth the om.flion or carclefs per,
formanca of Ihe dmunes required, ,nd
Lhe piofaning of the day by idienela,
or doing that which is in itflf finful ;
or by uonecef'ary thoughts, words or
works about worldly oeimpoyments or
Q. What are the reasons annexed
tu ihe fourth commadameoi ?
A.Te iCealana annexed La.the fourth
commandment, are God's allowingjw
fix days of the week, forour own,*i-
ploymenCA his challenging a Ipecis
A" ,1 ',,'

pT, llnrfv in N1. r-'.rnlh, his own ex.
a'- 1m '- '-.d h ., ,.r iT,'. theSa. 'be.' a',,.
SWhich is ta.e fifth cot;.mfnd-
Irie, I
A. Tne filth rommandmrnt s. IL."-
tv u/y ralthfr ad t vM'ther, -t, I v
\N in 2v bt' v .' tir anrd, i. s '. e
S,,d t11 G.-d rit:e'.k ;he.
Q. \\'hai l 'cquired in the fifth
i commandniment r
S A. '1 he fifth commnd'm.:n rtqnr-
iih ihf ptel-rvin, of the hon,,t, at d
Si. [.erfoim'ng t'L.c dLiiT-s beln 'ng '-
cry ..trl in t ent piacrs a- i ie.
)]' a iti' '.as Iuperiot. infvrior..r ItanaJ '.
%%h. atha is fnibiddrn in ihe fit'n
rcomman-ifne-it ?
A. 1 tic fifth commandmrn' rorb.d-
eth the neg'ca r, of, or ('org any
tf'.in4 ag nil, the Irnnrt and duty
wli:ch be'ong to everyrv one in theti
f fev'eal placia and irlatino.
V Q. Wh-at is the r-afjn znrexed to
'' the fifth commandment ?
' A. The rialon annexrd to :hr fifth
c rommandment is, a rom[ile of l r.g


EmF' and prosperity (as far as flaiT rei4,
for Gud's gloirv and their own gooe)
to all [itch zs keep h a commandmn It.
Q. VWhich it the fixmth command- *
Men ?
A. The fixth commandment ia,Thou
fia t a3! l, 1l.
Q. What it requited in the Gath
commandment ?
A. The Ftixth commandment tequir.
eth all lawful endeavours to piclerve
our own life, and the life of others.
Q. What is fu ddcn in thefixih
commandment ?
A. lIhelixth commandment forbid-
eth the taking away of rcur own life,
or ihe lire 01o our neighbor unjufily,
ard whatsoever tended' thereunro.
Q 'Vhifh is the cvenolh command-
merit ?
A. Tihe [fuenih commandment its'
''.';in fin't not .amnit aJi, 'tly.
What 'a requited in the feventh
com-nandment ?
A. Ti-c fvenath comtnmandment t[-
qu;ieth the prc!.-vation of cur ow/

t ; b ,_

* a7nd our neighbor's iriaftiy, in hcarii1
,* fpreech and behavior.
.i Q, W-naL is forbidden in ihe (ev. '
c, coin c',mmandment P
A. The Iver.h commandmen for- I

and amEt iona.
Q. Which is the eighth command-
A. The eighth commandment is,
S1hou A.:/ nvtjteal.
WQ. 9Wn.a' is irquiied in the eighth
commandment ?
A. rhe eighth c',mmandnment ve-
quite.h the lawlal procuiing and lui.
thenring the wealth and outwatd eflata
if ourilclves and others.
Q. Wat is forbidden in theeighth
commandment ?
A. Tie eighth commandment for.
biddethl whatiorver doth, om may un-
juflj binder uir own, or our nneg8
nor's wealth or outward ciiaite.
Q. Which ia Lhe nim.h contimanoa-
ATent c
A. The ninA commandmcent is,7T7.Bi,


nit n b ea faife ixtves qg-f 1;7
Q. WVat is required in. thie ninth q
codnmandment P
A. The ninth commandimenrt require.
rth the ipainitaining and promoimg ofr
truth between man and man, and of our
own and ouw neighbor's good name,
cfprcialiv in wines. beaiing.
Q "'hac i forbiddenn ino the ninth
commandment P
A. TIe ninth commandment foibid-
eth whatfoever is prejudicial to truth,
or injurious to our OWn or our neigl.
bor'& good name.
Q. Which is the tenth command-
ment ?
A. The tenth coimmandment i*,7X MT
thakt not (ievel iky ncbhbor's Jzeza/ t"a.-
Fjalt Prot cvet thy neighbor's an/ac aW NO
man Jenarnt, wvo Air maid jerovt, msr hit
e., nor his afs, nr any ting 4r is tSl'
nrrighha's. j
Q. What is requITed in the tenth .
cormmadmawt ?

A. The tenth com'aandmeiit requi r-
'i rth full conlentment with our curdl-
lion, with a light and charitable fiamie
of Ipirir towards our ncighboli, and all
that is his.
Q. What i. ford.d.Jen in the tent lh
commandment ?
A. The tenhli cnimmandment foibid-
i elh all difconltenitir rt with our o ,n
riaLc, envying or glicving at the
< pr.O.f four reigbbor, aiindAll inordinate
Inolnuot ar.d affealona to any thing that
is hir.
Q Is any man able perfectly toukeep
the crinmandmciis of God !
A. No mrie man firncc the f.11 is a-
Sblec in this life, perfettiy to keep ihe
commandmenis ol God, but daily dloth
break them in thought, word and deed.
Q. Are all tianfgreffioa of the
law equally heineous
A. bome fins in themifelves, and by
rt eafon of feveral aggravations, are more
'heineousinthe light of God thanothers,
Q What doth every fin defense P
A. Rvey Ihn deferves God's wrath

and carte both in this life, and th1a
wh',h it tu come.
Q. Wiat dcoth God require of uA,
tW.t 'e may elcaj le his wrath and
curie due fo us for fin.
A To escape the wrath and curife of
Ood due to us fot fin, God reqiwreth
uf us lailh in Jefus Cnril, iepentaincae
untolafe with a diligentula olallout.
ward means whereby Chili communi-
carech to us the benefit of redrmption.',
Q. Wthai to fith in Jefus Chrifl ?
A. FAith in Jeus Chill, is a leaving
grace whereby we receive, and tel.1
upon him alone for falvation, as ho is
offered io u lu the gofpal. .
Q. What is tepentance umo lire P.l
A. Repentance un~o life is a favinr
grace, where a dinner, out of a true
fene ofi his fin and apprehenfien of
the mercy of God in Chvift, both with
,riaf and hatred of his fin, turn fro.
it unto Cod, with' full purpofr ofl
and endeavors aftfriew obedience. 4*
Q. What are 'hr outward and 4.r j
nuty means whecreby Chliftl communi.
a ...-d

e /f/ieth to us the berfits of redemption P
A. Theui-waid ad n ordinary meana
Swherrhy Chrill communicatet to us the
S benefilsof icdempt'or., arc hisordminan-
ccs, especially the words, laciament
and prayer ; all which are made efirc-
lual to theele& far falvation.
SQ. How i the word riade efreatual
f A. 1 he Spirit of C.d m-.:eth the
Reading, but efpecially the pleaching
of the word, an effectual means jof con-
Svincing anid rnveiting tinneir, and of
building them up in holdine(S atad ccrn-
f ort thro' fath ulo faltaion.
Q. How is the word to be read and
hemrid, that it may become effitual to
illvatuo P
S A. That the word mar become ef-
t, fttual to falvation, we mull attend
i thereunto with diligence, preparation
and prayer, receive it with faith and
;" .Inve, lay it up in iirhbeatti, and prac.
tile it :n our lnves,
Q. ,iluw dlo ihe racraments become
i acutta! ram+i of lalvatioun.

A. The sacraments becotne effTItiall
icAnesoffalvIation, nol ihumr any virtue
in them, or in him ihat doth admin-
iler them, but only by the tleffipg of
Cbril and lie of Ihe SpHiti
in them wno bv la:ih recrciv them.
Q. What is a facrament ?
A. A laciament is an holy ordinance,
inftltuted by ChilfL, wherenn by [e-nfi-
bie figna, Chriill and the benefits ofche
new covenant are reprelentod, failed
a.rd applied to believers.
Q*What are the (acraments of the
new Teftament.
A. The iaci agents o1f the new Tel
lament, ate baptilm and Lhu Lord'a'4
Q. What is BRptifm ?
A. Baptifm is a facrament wherein
the washing with water, in the namfe
of the Falther, and of the Son, and ofj
the Holy UGhol, doah figuify and leg
our ingrafting intoChrift, and parS' W
ing ot the benefits of the covenant ft
grace, and out angagemant to be the

0; To whom is baptrJin to be a..
o rinitered ?
A. Baptlalm is not io he adminiflered
t. o any rihat .lae out of lticv 'Ji r t-.utch,
1.. ,Il they pro.'c's heir f-Ith in Chimi,
I. ad obcd'rence in him ; but the inmanis
( f .i ch ias ar mrnember at, the \'lt.c
chuinl aic to be baptized.
Q. What i. the Lord's hipp-r ?
A. Thlie Lord'% upper is a Iacamernt,
wherein by p' anoa ricr vig biead
and win- aLcoicin-gio Chrit'; appoit-
rmw, his death ,s lheed foilh, adtlho
(irthy tleceiverbare rult after acolpo-
t Sal and canal manner, but by faith
radlc p.t akiesof his body anI blood,
with all his bcrcthi,. to thei, (pirntual
noui fhrnenL and gro.,h ingiace.
Q. What is lequved in the wolthy
ecciving of the Lord'b lupper r
A. It is ,egi.ird of them that
taW.ould tolhbldy partake of the Lid'ls
trpper, that ihtey examine fhcrnfelves,
of their knowledge to dilcarn the Loids
ody, of Lheir faith to feed upon him,

oa their tepentance, love and new oc
dlience. le't c, nln u, Ihey
car and c"nkj idgnienc Lo IheMieivc.
Q. '.\ % ht Lb p IyeCI ?
A. P, '-r'i is an olf:lrng up of our
dr", cs. to Go for fhr.-gs ag'eeabie lo
,is 'v il in Ihe name of Cbr.fl with
co i|<:ci.rn ol our li~, and thankful
acknowlecgvr-nt oa h's mecies.
0. Whai rule Iath G.Jd gven f3.
ou dieLti oin ? -
g\. The whule wotd o 'r I.-d is of ure '
t3 d erll us in praye,- buL the [peCjial
r u.n of DircUain ii tui form 4l(pma,.r
\ Chriltk taught hbs dirciplea,.
tommon!y tailed tbc Loid's player.
Q. WnaE L doe the preface o toh
Loid's Piayc teach us ?
A. The preface 1o dhe Lord's Piayer,
which i4, OaurF 1her miAt ha.t in Hkawu
e;cneith us to."draw ac.r unto GtIB
onhain" holv >evc,ence and coofi6dcni.,
a ch.'dien toa fithei, able and eiCj
Shelp is. and that we ohOUld i,
[ 2'b ana for otbcrd.

*' /
/%. /What dio we pray fr in the
.,itl p-.i ,un ?
A. In the fiufI petition, which i?,
la'.,,fedbe 1kiy iaony, we pray that Cod
iwoula enable us and otlicis ti g'Coi' y
him in ail that whereby he make li':m-
le'l known and that hia wou!d diip,'l C
all inning. to his own glory.
Q. What do wcDr.y for int'he fec.
. 9an petition.
SA. In the secondd pel;tion, which is .
7 khngei opaiie, we pray, that Satn', -
Skmngurm may be deflrnyedv that the
kingdom of grace iin aty bei advanced, -
ourselves ana oltheT D.oughl into it,
and kept to rt and that the kingdom *
of go i, may be haftcind.
Vl .y WVhat do we pray for in ihq
Sthiid pentLioni ?.
A. In Lai Lhird petition, which is
7' y ,,i t/be dee on earth ar t is i At
i, t, we pr y that (.,jd tv his ,gr. l
Pr w9old make us abik ard willing 1c
.N--iiqow, obey and Iubn;i 1n his will in
_all LhMFg, as the Angels clo in Heavc-. "

j What 6i we pray fo49'l
fouilh petitioull
S A. In the four prLition, wbidA il,
S Cis s tuAisr day w ar 4aay bread, we prey,
S tht of God's -iec gifiwe may leceiv..
a conmpetant poSUOoS of he good thingta
of this life,and enjoy is blcffing with
Q. Whatdowe play for iQ theffith.'-
pettion ?
A In the fifth patuian, which V1
SAnd forgive usl evr dhu asJ we Jetire @air
e '( rs, we pray, that GAd fuT Chrill'.
l ake would freely pardon all out fine,
I which we are the rtb .r co nrut.a d.
to alk, because by hilroaca we ane en-
Sshibled honm thhearr to forgive otnelt.
Q. Wha td' epsay r in the fi xrth
petition ? -
A. In theIM fixth petition which is.,
Ad Jead ii met ie L, ttaliom, but de/liur
us froms ew, w| t hai God would
either keep ms being teuMaed 19
fin,or fupport and 4dlivz us wME. DW
a tecm ptled. '-.

. .i r-

"4 Q,W' bal dothibheconclufion of the
./ Lokf's Piayeri ieach us
j'"i A. The conclufion of the Lod's
hRcayer,which is. fai thi'rs Lhre AInidi.
and Mhe power, and Mthe oory,joeomr, ,rmn,
S.t, teachein us to take our encouagemenac
I. in prayer fijom GCud nly, and in our
prayers to ptaile him, afcribin,
';. dora, power And g,.-sy to him and in
I'. ilelmony of out desire and afiuranca
i beaid, we Lay, AME ;.

NF 1 I- S. '

?, '*
) .'