The Christian pilgrim


Material Information

The Christian pilgrim containing an account of the wonderful adventures and miraculous escapes of a Christian, in his travels from the Land of Destruction to the New Jerusalem
Uniform Title:
Pilgrim's progress
Physical Description:
2 v. in 1 (219, 5 p. (221 advertisements, p. 222-224 blank)) : ill., port. ; 11 cm. (16mo)
Bunyan, John, 1628-1688
Thomas, Isaiah, 1773-1819
Printed by Isaiah Thomas, Jun. ...
Place of Publication:
Worcester Mass.
Publication Date:
First American edition.


Subjects / Keywords:
Christian life -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Allegories -- 1798   ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1798
Allegories   ( rbgenr )
fiction   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Massachusetts -- Worcester


Welch, D.A. Amer. children's books,
Rosenbach, A.S.W. Children's books,
Hamilton, S. Amer. book illustrators (1968 ed.),
General Note:
UCLA copy imperfect: both title-pages, dedication, final leaves (publisher's advertisement and blank) wanting. Several pages between p. 7-50 torn with text wanting.
General Note:
Vol. 2 has special t.p., misdated 1789.
General Note:
Continuously paged.
General Note:
An abridgment of Pilgrim's progress, dedicated "To the youth of America" by the editor.
General Note:
Signatures: A-G⁸, chi⁸, H-N⁸ (N7 advertisements, N8 blank).

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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rRMA\VI_'.. ", *t.C i L .I r.f W 'cTRLCTlP"'N UL, L
*,'. >\ FRI. I[.'.1.
S', .' .| '. ,..\ F l)i rir.',.-!O0. 11.

vO'C EsrFR: :
Pr,' I h, 1,, ',.K ThumaF, Z'1n.
Wltd 0' oL L E ,nd R E r IL at hit )io!..,
b!' -- OC'br, 7 ','- ,


. .

"T1h.r .t


VO t I'E Ii.

> W-'- -2 Z'^:.' .. 4< -

(17 H' 'IAN .. e.. lnr, in lui-h
a ,:i-i'h.!, t itc !ii 4L.oI tI, he was
entllid i dt I irc' To proceed, or
", hat w Ido Ic (1o)il i n.r .1 -A : but
dilnkinG ,. pin livu iiolu l. hLet ll
S laIa." t..;'.i..rd's a- io, en ilre
back Il hr h- ain. t lii'nal road
by wi, r -awie, he drew his
faithfil .c.ipon calJed ."i'tavrr;
and, Wlicn he thought ,vl.tfuus.cne-


li6 C1,r/Ln P. oral.
rn Iuc' 't cre %it ilin a It a r-i1
him t ,,r it \.- o .. f lov ( 11 .ljr
that lie couid n-,t IfLC cht'm 1
ti i,.! rt in B a r -,hlilc tone. \\hi,
;'.'- hall tnrptrt.l hy nrc.fty-
:...,,* *' j j,,i,( .,, ,l,r /,h,,,:',i, ,../ t,
1' .1',' o-HJyi."-1 he ,i.rJ \
fi-arLicv rI cOf his mouth, biO'll
-'1c dilljardlv crcw', alter iafing
-'. ri hifs1 Vht.ih served ly i
i!'L'I the impotence ,.f their irajit
rF,; .iid a> nimbiyv ihe\ c-ni( hlie I.eard ithemn no ..',:. BL
S loon after they had l0l lim, a nil
chicyois Iipirilt flole Ioil\' i I't in
him,and following him I., genii
ihit he lulpeited noiting- 1 tilt
t mailer. w hifperecd into his earth
rnaily grievoit .in.i %% ilt 1 blaf
phemies, it which he ih. I'ht[ at firlj
11il prnoceedlel from h1'... 11' n dilor
dere,] itniavin.itm.n. lie b.'js 1.irJ
w while fo r ich Ih(ckLcd, to ibint

t ,f i..!n P r.'m..v. 117
t'-i'it Le ', c ip ,:.: r, .0
l.'rr.l ingrdat ude U ,dC "' i ,''.'- -
L.y, ii .lie '1- I, I .K IK )
rhc cuilh. BLI .i
L idl f ll.q,, .,, o ,- I ... ... ..*
l I. [ '.: ,.. t' .. _!|, li<_ p t-hi" ,r -
'til 1iXl i hI L I'., .V i rLo 'i ri 1;.
COII 'i. 1 1 a p: riru ct c I!' o1 ,
h- rni, i I lo !- n lbioke I.:.,

he i'..i n l,. h! --,' l;..h
1hl .p!]Dl,. )!iJlllOIll |ow f
" t' ':. In m1 iiilJi.i -J .'l' cr !, ir [-
III IWO d 1I11,i Ji.-A pliimI 'Ht
dit lie 'it.:i-i !!,i v dill i iis )o
'.ITh li, },:, :rii.'.i n hir:., left' t-iul
III IiLl.I,. I i,. ,Iic d ,.i k ..1 !iis+
leil rte-. I. ..,ll i, -+,>..t :. .
lrvte, ih., \. i. n our ilI'onIt.1l .c
pilgrim hid [, if-! t he nudi.;: uf
iiS .Lt ldni,- 1n,,Iv die, hlie hiejii. ur
ill.uighii he hlk"rd, flit %cict I a
1uan, wvho:was ir,\( ruling foi-re di-

fz8 (C.' r.^. P.2'/,.,,..
lwnce 1b: .,i i:'n, L .. Ir.. F i It I l
01C m.-,,ik beroi.: '.01h l..,n,,'--
C..* I I *.'J .'" 1 .. .. I L .1 'C" I I
:',i ;., .., :;-f i, .' ,, .-: J ..' ,' .:, ,
n ,*' *.,,;, ,1.,, .:.i.' ; .. ."- H e
ji' i1u.sJ.d.1 hinnii>! '.har i!." .. i. the.
ul.,_ 'i_- !.,l rit nd F. ', .mi
,,,.lh 1the pjth wa. I,, dJingej ,
th, hlie could no orii i ,:',v it-
Ic-rnpt to over tdke In, e it 1 1,' e
hlrn o i, I .llJ cLI.,,: Ieerui>ri i 1)
thtik tilr a;nth.r p'l.rm; i I inr a,
gicjt nje,tlii' It.iisut ,i['l 'it it-.' -
fi.:uilruc, if ',r- '--, ; in I it It
he ,, v, l .-. i ',., I .i 1 ,. ,i rl,\ nom -zj
pNi, ,!I ;V" ,j"1 i' !0- ? I h1 gI ot C leaC,
o ll, .1 1> \ .
.\",.r 11. Ii;., dif*- _.2 c.i hinfll
fi...-, F^.L :n,(. lI.c- e,,i, I'h..iom a-j
h ,' *i',,!i, 1!,,.l, Ilri- ineek eye .
-.. 'r 1:i']Ijr ii- gi t g'I oF
,..,.i-'i.. r.1 r'tr n rared in fi --
I. twg t.,r[L I .,n" t!:. chtanilterB .

S..'.. ,'1., ,l .; :..f. g9

the call, loonr I d dii lJ t'] r, ii lIen
thl 'c i d ni:zlit, and qi,.' L;' .'. zn
a more 'Jili t ,n11 I np,-'n '. ie"' tO
tihe many ,ij ,,;:,i he lih I i-caped..
The r1!i t. lS inmilu well lie id-
gIr'eJl, t.:Cied his graluil'h .1 ,l'
alIon ihinent in an extrardiinary
O Aillii' ;-but when hebebele I that
p.rto o'f he valley hict IHll 1. vy
before hum, his gratiurtde '. ic..
dt.:'.r 1 id I,- 'al l e'vely t.:p 'At
thi r:ji, v. % ... eii e lil % ih net, -it
ri..rcS, da ,i I..n .e Ch I:, If it were
I I n-jr.\ i. ;i !n tl;: .,oi eridJ hrt-
b'e pr. :;'. 1. Ir ii ,e h,ii Ira1 ai
I"'l f-tihi..' h,.'. lhey r;- :!1. in .ii
luilidOn Lr.b ili it .'..- I..':c-l l.t,
it lie Il ib i..-1 t k i h .li- 1! a el K!lls
rA t&ol ilie we,% in ilic iat'i, t.i, e
tiifiie t.oi lit.i. B'_t hiiviig the
friciJlv iJ t o ilite [Lun t.i guid
lin1.i alt L rig -'..ei,''`'H cad-
1iu-i, whire ,fi; llepped, h; to0l-

120 Chrilian Pilgril. .
pleated the paffage, withoutL
material accident.
\Viien he had reached the c
of clii; dingerou anid f Ildr.rt va
he pro!lrated himfcll tupr.n
eafrin. anridu..lthat I uinible po li
prefenred .i1inioll lt\ 0111 diii I
vent praifcs"o the all giriad
power of heaven, which had
laipilyv condutled him lirog|
tIJia there lie -exp,"ted ri.iia I
b.t i e l r uL I I o n. After he hi ,i h
purcd frrhi the tributeol hi, gr
itiide. Ite rilumed hisjoilrnm-.
a Ihjrr tirnei he came to a prlc
thliah liJ] a very fufpilo_-%- a2
pearanf:l ; Ior it was cor',:-J wi!
loi'-s rind ifhes, and human Ikul
aii d Iit hi other reliques ,t bars
ty, as plainly difcovered. ihat'lq
other was or had been the glood
residence of fame LIpii, Ing ,no1


ChrijI.Jii Rpr,%n^. 121
tcr, who was an enemy to man-
ChrilHian theiftuie very pru-
lentlv drew ih lo,,rd, dnd made
he neceffrr prpiiation, to de-
'iend liiinfell. .\t that ti-,, how-
orer hi-s precauitins were needles.
Hle faw, iindct, a gr in l.'khig
giant hitting at ihe mouth ut tc.vern, which dire,-.., fronted

f-->,. C ,-%, .-0 K

i3t C .r',',:J*^ Pi.'^f,,c.

the place I am f'eAikin of;
the wri,:hcd rn.'inltirr. had
with fo rin)y re'.-rrc' brlhes id
younger d sj. ajid w, lo ir
clipr el .., w'idk L ,: i]:hrinime
age, rhe ( 4,ui 1, .r.-i,:lv ti,., 1.
he ,:..,iill '1 l T'r ti '.e, w js I
r rl grin. ,id hue II, [tilsl
vent his impotenti .lic- upbl
ui, uiuni $. jv) p.i(:i h'.s den;
telling thein ,n d f'lIIc 11 1i1'1- "
7tl! nevA f P., 'ta ,,' .** r i "
burnt." H i, '.I P .,*i,
his cave l! Iri ..i, t en
horrid a',h ', U'if Ir,;t1|
called 1'. ... !,l.t Ihl'd
l,,,i i o! Iria *,i 'M..' i] p 1;riii
but had Iii i. .- t il,',I iti t ill
JiI., owIn N !i' l ii ri I'cl 'ei |
juIt puntl inI ic iL I ti I iine-fl
the impiwJ :l Ige li ot i:jven

C/znJ/r'j P:/j' :,i. 123
Alter ChrJIan ha-1 falel) pal.-.:l
vi once dang-'ru' fpot, h- came
Sa gentle (Lminence, lr,:in the
tmmnt ol which he dik'cv in,, his
eiglibour, F a.',A// ', at a litnkil Sl- O
Dace before him. A- tIn as l-.e1
aie within rall ol hil', he r:iijd
u lihin it Ilop: B : utl,2 o .r
yrecollefting who'he -. -A, ,n,
lr mgling. l-hipF'. tit hIv laad
)me treaclheruos fi-; p,,, il.n,
Iravelled forward, vt 'i,, ,,-,i-
ing to ,.ih lie lai.l. i ,', i/ '. he
ing fome ,iat ne itt:c.l .t ; In inili-
erence, excrlcd all the llIr-'tti he
had, and quicklY p Iled hinm % h"-
out [peakin .1 t.l I.,l. Bit ,1 he
w is Imiling i.i litl 'It. in a -'ii
glorious injnncr, it the il, ,'.',- ,1
o 'ertrIv'ling i brother p,'.:; 11,
hi6ho had prudentl, it .,ait
or htnim, he fitidenly Itli'-nhi.d and
S1l, and was IQ mnu.h *iWiIOl-h byV

the vi le~nt b I l hit retired
he could ni-t ril Ir,,rnm th,. r
till !3,..', 'coIme Up .uod ail
hi tn.
h, "l-""- "".J .
rL Ilh -

I 'Iw ,, / J," ICd fU fl lcie r
J c e~lle ,fJ~ I h ; t, uhe, rt
Ni*gel. er lCr U ing ", eac, h re
mg 'v,,o 1, 1 hid p tomg
'hcoulBe of his toihizmge
I; mdgt!.

Ckr :aln Pilgrim. 125
e adventure, of Faithjul eire,
forme relpeLs, different trom
ofe of his icllw traveller, I fall
g leave t-, gie his account of
em, is-beaily a'. I can remember,
hi own w -ris -"A few days,
id he. after you had left lic i'ace
I yq.r nati. it,. I for we were bd
Iit townfinc.n and n-ighboittr)
iftrong rrp'iit prevailed in the
ity, that it I',.l shortly be con-
umed hby a Ihr,'er offiretrom hea-
en. This produced a general a-
arm. 'h;cih. h-,Wever, was pre-
entd.,' IIilil by the industrious
and deliJting emiflaries of the
prince o[ idarkinef,. But, as I wai
iin,%irdly perrluae 1. that the fate
ot the 'ity itoul.i really be fuchas
had bten reprerentel, I was deter-
raiinol i,. Before I fetout,
was miorc than once in .-'mpaiiny
with Pilat/, %,ho left you at i1ih

z126 Chrfjian Pilg 2 .,.
S/aouh of Defpond. If' q
Up,. ri the whole, a vei In'fi
t pci'ai i t; e ; and conir y i i
fi'l,.cId!ILn, was derid'-i ,nd
pifed as a turn coatb ,il his
' quaintance ; for evert' l.Ie '"r
m, ,,. -1 I oU very wel] k!".. ,
aSa ; a contemptible ,'i!:ii,
the wreich who defer- t -., p
be it good or bad, from m 'rr
tives of cowardice. Bat ;., L)
more of fAch a pittiftl cL-e.I Irc.
ter I had left the city ,,t J),?
tion, the firfi place I canit, I'-
the Slough, which bytir' dhil.tii
of your friend F; '', 1 p
very faifely, and met. wi, no l, 1.
er interruption, till I ,L.\ Aim
reached the wicket gate. Bi u
little distance from that. 'I s %s
ciitc i I',y tempting icni 1.1:. wh
nj mc k: fkanton. Hr bielh.i
f.. .1 ro ..lig ig, and fhe hIad i'i


Ch l7ia PFh''',n.. i7
artful and drlulive torg;:e. .rd
ch an amnrroujs inrd pI'LjtIral.rle
:k, that Ihe ahnim' .1r I r'-lIC.lei Ime
go home Lith icr. BR it ercl-
.ting what is laid -,f hicr bv tle
Ife and dt'e:p c\p'-ricnr:. kin2 of
rc. -- ltlh lt <*i> ./i I 'r..;.;' ,;,'.a Pt
R,# *'-I irillani I tuirnd rmy
ick her, ain' ran t.Ti-aLdS
iall ai 1 I'.is a ill SI t % .4 Ib
uch incenr i,-i at i\ n ,v.c t'.:. li it
c altered he, t.nle in .3 onic t.nt,
id fent alter [I,n Ilmi \'illv o)t
irfec anil t >.L rdii 1i... 0i Ili '' ,nly
rverl to qi ,kn n-y [peed. At-
r I had paffed through the gate,
c'allcd ati ILt I'',, preter's ; and
om hence 1 i,'. r.ili,'d to theemi-
-nce w\l1i the 0-:v tied crofs up-
' it, where I lu.,lden k lolt in
irden in i;ie lamnie dinner as yL,,
H' done beFiore me. Bur *#ltIn 1
Ime to ihc foot ol th.e hill of Ditf-

a8l r ''.:,,: .'\7. P i,.',,.; ?

.fi/.'\, I met a rpri'ce old
ini, hi rnqii.i .l vev ca
'ho I aas I And %,hnher
bound Alter 1 Iud iniolnmc
ilta 1 wa3s a pilgrimn, and that
travelling n tie (eleltial cit
told tit witi a t1dl .-rrmig,
that I would d do -fll to t.o
,L hat I wa. about, before I yen
iany farh-r. I-I name, he
Sis .J.AaaI, 1'i fi, I,. 'nd he ie
In Ithe city .i L .t i : blitt lihe
I, mini h c,,n.erned at the ral
4*t m.i uinitinking ,ieph
3air tis I a. ', and e'.piilcd ti
* Iv'sc to t[io. riia d dangers
qict o t a place %%hich. lor o1
thc' knc vto the coniiity, I'
,t:\ilfttrne, that lie ul il',. y Ina
hii butlinefs ito meniet them o he
done mne, at the toot ol ihe
and try Ui -,rT: jill upn-,i iheni
relinqu, li [fuL, i in.-. I acnrii't.

C/Al'J'zl l. I
,dded. that if 1 zi.s ,'"!iw- to ex-
*ept of jII, c''. 1in., as Ie ea con-
iderdte rh.'. d'.>n i
rt, I iriilt iT.,Ik,:' his .aioufe rnvy-
ij ,ic, anl I Ihilk I be i entertv .m
.> Ii ,g a.' 1 chiui, ,oflay Xwi hhim,
n as Iree ir!rle, .1 a rntrl as
T I w~is r i i .. ja tfel. *.I-
ne It iI mTort !', int el] ,. r',l.l .
ne "di 'r ha.i ee daughters of
hir- ull \,., beauty, ahofe:
..1 10J tei, Fic
7n-L~/ .'i ', :udw itc ??< A
]-l- Z1E.,/ : TeP'd
g v/ 1I ,' ; .,i. *,-. i e, in ie
ii, .. relpe.i. :.ianne t L at r i r

a"-ve 1._;, c,-.n;, r.t .; it, i and *ake iae
t ulc tr ,. '1,,'r ,x e o ..*
ok t iL. !r .1.a ,., .,' h Ip..,. .. ,
I hhel, .. .I.! .A r
ULIL'. r.. !l la. I .

t3o CA. p^-",:
vitation. But kcA,,in, a,-ci
ly upon his forehe;., I fawu
words i-.rtffed lp.n n min
,I'ribl. character--" Pti o
r d rn:ii 1% I'h lil, derd'. ; an
petlingtr,.,in hen,.t- ih: ii L r<
tension was i ce t1i'cu i n' lI- Ir
alerwardm fell it,.. loir a Iiav
perhaps, have me mui '.r., I
night, Iturnedrr\ bi .,i,,-
'without any fa.i-I i ierg
P11t a foon as I lu i i l.i my
to rufh forwards. I r ,, ,. r' mn
ahorrid twitch, tib ,f I .,ril thd
I had left apat .t -,!L t ind
alfo reviled and r iiil,l mn i4
bittereft L.:'.. ,,d 1aiold
that he would p.c:1L i'v ,:4p3
perfon alter me '., i... iiid dl
bufinefs effethna, 1. \\'eIin l
lhl!;,!lti .,Qbout hilt u,-.% ul
ii,1 I tulindi thai. in i-. he.
Man of his wor ; l 0r Uo inin

ChrJlIan Pic";. 191
hind me, I Faw a perfon ol a re-
maTkable Hflern and fallen counte-
nance, rushing after me as fwift a
lhe wind. As uon as heovertook
me, it %%a% bui da word and a blow;
tot down he kno .ked me :in an in-
ftant, and l.iid rrn-,e fdr dead. Wh6n
I wa. a likt Lic corne to myself; I
mildlyv alkel hi., why he ,..i rn
,inthat bitirl innerer" For ..-
jy.- .t fIt ., .l : ,1to Adam the; "
faid he ; an.1d .,v.n he knocked re
th: feci,nI timI without any i.I:.
tiler ni- tr. 'A-hen I had ?gain rc-
covered m) it. i ,rni i1j begged
cl him io Le ni-rcidal-" Mercy !.
criec he; lr,.,:. i. ,, .' 7cy to a-
ny ,-'e ;" and W.,;ih tha lie c i .' me
a tlir, li,.,, ,,,l laid me tor dead
as before. In Ihort, I have not the
lealt doubt but it ..',il hI '.e d. c-
fir'J) vi- me, lidi t itoi been tur tHie
inerpoitijn oi a ge'neruuC h.r:.

, *i.,rn / ,.-r r !, (,,, ,, d
*, ]. I ,' 'i. s' dr. n,-L t ei,
, "l., -, 0, ^,,, ]-1.- ,
I,,,n re;
* r'' -t.. 1i,.*- I Jll re;.

S '* lie %

rL.:y juura,

Chnrfliaz /_r',. !33
When I came within i furlongg or
two u tilie pdL, ce. v rhi hands on
tbefurzmit ,It the [i,!'. I faw the
I )IQ V ho t. '.,- -1r.n me an ac-
oudtn of ; big :.I,,t 1.n was then
flhedding his I 1 ':.t It Ire i ;-. 1
the cardh, t,.r ii li--b noon.
"tiole Ilagq ', !' ..i : ol 7. i : P
Were indulz:.; ," r r.,,ien flnm-
b>rs in the '. ere con-
'ftantly let i-.' i purpose.
lItherd-' e 'I ,'..-.n r. ithuut the
leadil dlilrl.rI 2,P t in the val-
ley of' i7. .., 1 met with a
Inan ot j li ,intenance,
whofe n-lcn a. ,' ...; ,t. He
w.,'uld i 1-1 I-, r led me to
turn bacl. ,Jli.nru1 me, that I
Should gtc ri','Ici [,r.,hi, norhon-
our, by ramn.ling th, iigh a folita-
ry pae 'vhli ,, a I. :hbited only
by cworins and i fi I rr,,iie t rl-
fvmr, th-:a n ', i irA, vi:e tij'uc '.'.

I 4! Chrijian P, '
not to any prefent convenjei
orpleafures, but to thol'e ex
Sjoys and never t.dinn. lion
which the Prim cot Lite I, i re
ed in thle New a :t.'.- .' for e
faithful pilgrim ; iiup-'n my fa
this, he tirit eyed i -c 'i ITi d
temptuous fneer, ,nd r'tl.L
muttering away. B',,t i.r]r
met with another, '. I .i not
edfilV put off. i., '.'., cai
.' : ; but of all in),,. m -n I 4
faw, he. I think, .. r 1li: na
which ri- not bel 'I.g tcoi 1im.
wj 1.J) importunjit, -r, I oti
zaiher to have fail I'-,p.rin
thlt I r iuld not gct r rir L, t IM.
a long ti,.- ,' ).,' X tcyl
but I mAuft re' iqu!..i I, p.,li '.t I h
Swas frequented, he fjil. Lv "i
but the molt fiinple .iii.1 the m
efl of mankind-a (;: -t ,A i j)
.r.d infipid wretclh.:.;, h :,. boca

Ckr Pilgrim. 136
they had no talc If)r die pleafurea
ofa mrer idt\ Ii-, c 'for the no-
ble rv-hneri:n-.- ci a [hilofophic
fciCnie, ch,.- lu wv. ai.der through
Iila, n a i' ilk. .. 1,',I i I. ,nelv in irll-
es, In feu. I I ,i :.,y paradife,
whIC!I d1e r ], I.. ,,, exiflence
It in h, ;', .. iil.-.jcred im ag-
itdt.s,. Iri j.'. ..r i ., his tedious
lhdrarl.'u, I ,.!. 1 it is writ-
| i ti ,,i ',, "-, ,l ,l .,* errine: w if.
i,-_ml .' ., ,' ti, ,,* J
do'; ,,,... .. / tin abomi-
'*..a .. .' r,,. ,,l l I'll lhlr '
I7 .. jj, lv on ii. d
that rnoI,,,'Th, llqlui.g Al] It." (-,lU1'1

'i thi r-.!, of the ;ilciings I V. iS
iratlli,, iIn queft o'. ilii it *.**'.I! 1
["n ti-, 1, jurpofe for him, to folici"
MV IC'lt;1i. f.,ii this he pro-
Ie I..- I ,ld ,c, me, and en-
drdiu,.., i,, p. ,| moe back by
's !',It..' ,I :ii 1 f p .ip ,'. -

\i-,'j ._ -'** .- -_-. _^'. |:__,

,I 'I ">/ ._' '
.,-.., -- t.

-"Hii '' I h} )''V ,ru[ Y "
*i i 1 I I" u i' i ip' fl h

;iri p X i* i I. e ii.ii

.h .' *,i .', I I. i '.r 1i
( .j~~ Irin J i *i it '.rrl. \V I 4H

Chriflian Ph':':. '3
)pe, however,a% t'.rv Jre now
/o of as. to L r I- .in i .a111.t
Ich oIte-i, that we ih :1 proceed
itli more plealie i i.. '- y, than
lien ve travelleI lepz.r,r-,u'v,."
When honell /; .' had fin-
hed theacc,)UrT ul hi d.-.', tures,
r.fliai and i.c t.,pp. r*i '. to caft
e'r eves 1I the : ,.,E .I [!- of the
Sad, bebeid a rni ih, fi.-nmed to
L ravellin 1'g Oie i..nri V.j asthem-
elves. He \,as radiI: '. .-Ler than
he common fize. and I,,.-' edmore
tgrecalie at a dlt .i 1. In upon
I. nearer view. H, rame was
T'aHati v., .to ,in I1 l c 1, ct- tlc/ r
PraElv corri-I...-,! I jun-r
tlhpy.had tahl.ed ,. ,:. ... -,: ,
as brother pilgotir., I 'T i.gue be-
gan to run I ,. ii 1 -1..1. ,,t a mill,
arbd I ip-kt u-,%..' ., I unerouS
*bu u ,..r -eiitrd f-,I ,rinr t ,, -, eel-
ifauui etli:' fc-'iimf,,r or tee!o

338 C^ ;;:.'i P.,';..L....
in This fuperfi.:.-l ,r,,i d
ry manner of (ov-:rginu
very difagreeable t.' L 'l a
his companiion, th-'v 'I : fi ed
confine his renmarL t Im '.ne
ticular fihjrct. iv all in
faid he, I will beg'n uo, ,oi n
ic you think proj:,-, .-n.i itliil
either upon thlng ce,-flia
thingS f ic ieflial ; ,hi;],' It_,
i.,ng< evangelical ; ttigs.. l(I
j tiuig; profane; intlqr r pi
things to come ; iliig, I.'i tg
things.domeflic; ihviii.. s nllc.
or ill;Ig^ merely .ircihiiiltin
in Ihic. -,cri'leiien. [ gh.,ty tQ
I:no', ,'.l!'. i that I 1lu', d'. 'vs'
fond of reading. It i, tilie riiara
f!- Ci'hir the mic.l .. i!1 a a pi
1 \jric:t,,tideas, a Ii .Ial,,.. j q
1,1inj E, grttifi ..tion r,,the niofl
titnliir" elurnolity. BehiJe;. it
,,r'.':'^ '.'j ,m i ,'. a;-.. ;;e;.e

Friends, and ,ihrn oc,:.;-.'-, re-
res, ton fLipport tl'he ie ol
th anti religion. a oidla the
n attacks cil inhiiki. nrl the
dioui .-tentpt i I ili,- -,r,-th-
But IoIugh I l.ivc v. pwilea-
e peruf'-d thI ll.'-ril,'j'. dA jii our
ainem ititir. ci,, bcil'. d, ev-
my lavtorie b, r.k. to It Lon-
ins fuch ,'i '. ,n iv <. ,.,'por-
at occ'lrrenc ? It i'ltnr",'-nts,
agnificle, i t il tf'. ,_',,- and
Eautilil lcLTi,- o) i l-,r al. i'V. that
never ha ha, i, in.... c. 'I wilI
ave.iti' cfi u Al ihi., .r' .-,:;ed-
g in this p 'Cri- al, e '.1 i'Lt,._lhrious
laprody, ihy c him .irt., by
brerving Ihl--. ahlthungh .'[Jt he
lad been favying might be lhit-ily
rue, the ,onoAt v.ilu.ible cudl proper
end ot knowlledg., .%A.; not It)
rati[y curTUfiL., ojr lrmtiilh inattor
oeilntaltio, but to i1:c., oc ae'-A

!40 Ckri]Iian I,,>...., r
purfv the heart, anr r6-ru
i[ ,_tcj.'. and app-H.iC ;
the bible, whichis inie, di i
eft treafury of ufeIil kiioIk l
was not compofed to w ima
fancy, or jp-'nri a fun ,f
fpeculation, but to i cl iia u ,
that univerfal co-rrup;, i I- i?
delity, which had io'.- rlle
ert to, the ir:e. h
ot Ii: .- i. M i i, as t.e i',! v in
lion between God ;d ai n,t
vite us to an humble njr ici11
of the r! iT,,!sT he |,i pri
for us to Catorce th,- I..t pti
al and .i firi.-rei't::l b ,,.nc
his laws,.in th-. c r.,, ;
deed, to fubdue ( I iid.-.
mortify our i..-; ,, T, I ,
our views and hopt h.', i; t
titI'V }enjoymefits ot it,, l.I:,
dhicle exalted .in. m-' .r :j.i:ng
Jights, which are reL-ved, r. h'.a

Chnrjhan P,(i.'. ,-
reward lh, l.ab...urs of the juft..
tauzre, wh,, ,nuld not endure
be c'ontraditld 1, oi to have his
owledgeul311L in queftion, and

t cor;,'.ioaflrxn !1 t. his tongue
s I}.: Arly 1c-i:ioitC part about
r, replied, that li". knew ail thizs
lure ; but t id ih.-m. hat as he
und they were entrei% upon the
Ich, and only meant cavil at
hat he I.iJ, he 'A'as rejoived to
lit their crmn'iny, and leave
em I) quiibblie b thlemfelves.
houbh theiy v'r I a 'r I
e him thus enl...' .d t i fl i,..t .
inty, whir h L revr.nitd his atten-
On to i he rc-l (I r..-, r .,rin .-1L.. ii.
0a pilgrim, \, ctl-( ',l. rd'i-Od '.
Y forbear I'rmiling thle ,i". I;i'-
mpornance I ElRtowt i um .,,, fin:i
elf, and the cnmr.r; rt lin,-.TCni
vurh wh.ich Le yteciId ,. iv i taiii

^3 L ,.,. /9,6 ....:
them toi ile tittle itrenr
hail fhc-%r' to hiIrn.
Bi a, thiltv had fall r
regret Ithe Jofk rf liII; co
they Id' eiled on very ch
Situlioi hiln ; lkli',-oirfing,
went along, UI.,,n die tIlly
d.ngvr oit conhning the ati
t.i t'he pierc thiolty C'1 a r
which %a,. I,..ll-\ itmerikil tl
fy ithe mriid', ainI ,r-2i-talc IN
dudR oi III But
,'nvet (iiittI.'u I, fonit 'r
hybilir- iiJtrl ptiliLt -A -i
a l;' il] tdili since j lfhr( ti-en.i
jpl' *":. t d"el al .i.i,'linri Liiii iifuij
allemb'.iage ifi iiic'l temples,.
ehnt ,hrciki. it, ianiphii a.
frlitl':. I lli3 r-', .1.-i Iluip. eni
c.iuinri',, which lecrn- l.'.unh
, r1 l!'thn hi~i ubhIl .niethc c
h1 It t.ile oC ft thi f..fpirlp Cil
' ',. ,.'I, aid 1 Its inilurmed


Erfrin '.%','o l died h'nmfelic the R.;-
f'r ".' ,;", ,.r, ; 1i 1h..,'i h eA ho r.
)Iin dii 'l ninf-irlt ,i ,. th-.,ula( niid .,ar ,.
nit i lwx ,.,. v I t]._n bthh -lt
t. rernijl.a-ly Ipi,,i A ihe
d ti) the .V :, o.',l,. i.i'v
iretlv ihrj;u!h h, 1,t L 11.31 1herc ,-1'%
Lo poffbifity .,- ihinind ii. vtth-
Ut. o1ing ot of I'me WIHd, Kill
Jr'i,.e ]i,/av;, p, .1,j hIs proud

444 j. ji.
i, citcL wh.'] alwa
the ruling i .n,-, ,i rNl,. ., vet
ly contrived to fi a. a
fair, which w. ; ... i-, nul
year without: :. ii- *iil\i )n.
oftentatious r., r i kir., ;

1' ^ i ll' .' (' i ii ic. i .i
in.r, 1! r ; 1 i ,: L !:
l"',.,l l.!' ;'. 4ilh^ l b hl-,l' hl !-'l'i- ,', -'I
ors, j.,, ii 'm ,i ,,' ir-,lr'r., tlni
^*;..:, ct.qPlv ',r *;i... -. ,,1 .">L-
A i- r
+ [ .. ., .... r,' i v. '. ,^ r -r '*. 1h11' .i ." ii. ,"' i i I r I, ',. ., : *
mi i, xquifit-- 11 I;;:. ..lo.
io hartl(ts, i ;i.i.' r, :m
', ". i_ !.y er-.. i-.,, i" ..-, t,',"
, ,' I 'i r: I .'j i i ,.l\ [,j
i, ,. as r ..,:-, -
ftreets. The .. r h, ;iin.
i^t;j" rt,,":.\ 1^1 '+ t!lllij, i;!1; jilS


C r l-'i'ci ) .' *!r. 'f
e ; f,'r ti\. r.r rfr.n '. ," -, ',i,
it hi e rt p.,jin! ,-: t, if' ic,-
)nlhranr _c ci! cunli:]ie > .,'1,J I,'
Dyin_ pieI lit rn. mgli
Irb.b re li,,iir, ;, I.n L .n !-l!j':,
ml iOnl j niltt,: r. ,C -i k -. ,i-
ifiv r fil -e ('i'-s L 'r l .'. i. i'r
cleha(-iaiic, ar *. i tihe rc'. .niil, i
whole pr'i.'nc.."ini i'l,',,
as chca, a rate a: i.L m-l d firc.
is credibly 1, c:,I :, t I i..t tLl
T lir, (:, r n~- .'lr h ".g i .
LS 1 P I i' i., i %%a% r LI, i' 1
e -c[-ll, i ., ,r,:r\ ; a .-I thar
',, ;--' ':;, ;! ,-, h ll' ,1, ., l ,'l II o u t
S el t'.., ,i. l tir l, .',r,,1 i i l-u
fldiir~i ltri n d u' 1.1 UitI
rl.d~ l; .-[ hI;n ;n !" ;l,- i iirorTi.
Teet io ir- i, .ln I i.,l-redl i, I, -
nd'-r all i i, d.. ,! h 'nclurS
hih tii- pl 'c... tp,, :d if lihe
'ild h '.e roni.. r : i ,' p-'YI
lmdge o10 himn ., il, ruler i
e wirlJ. BLl tile ['I i iCC, illoUC'

146 C'.i P

lie wa then i' -.r% n-iri
vj,-If' i w.',l ainid n t'i Fl
'with the cc .i.". ,' r.. -rif
flu V_ T C I 0
I Irv A' 1 Ii
",','*r i! ) r',pli' ri fil, n ]iiic [
The city witli ,i" ,",i h
ening the r.'.. i rTrnmo
expor-rin' ... .It. I i hin
i, 1. eii 1 r, i. ,ir p il
foon as the' t.,l 'r.i i d
thefingularv jol i i dr
vIiIr q -.A i ,o hiT r;i Ia
.. 'Tn Ill .[ i 1 : r,' idrel
,1 ;111 ;i [- 1 *... ,ii v i," I.I l 1 i
tome \>.i jr.:. n,, d
and not a t ..: I! nlit ixpr.
Ynalicious I 1, ,; .-,'. ,i[ ih
J.T ^ L;to ;[ .r *i .'rC11.
: e i fr m.eni I ,r, I r fi.,' i

' .* '. I,. .Ii K 'i .l. ..ll ', i,. i,, ,-.b ]
'=;.,l i t d11 In L a rall
their 'meek ;rind I,-' .e'lj0i

iv i o u r g r i .i i ; -. :- e d ,-I
amours, dn', ; L p ," ,hc
alic:t (i lic 1,.,.,1 n *_. which
Irrotinr,, ti',"r,. Bnt a ibabby
.!lr hdrlppen ,2ii i1 Al I'.e ou"t
I Acr.: wan, ',n, ; u iat they
liol. to b,-v,.-i: t...' ^ '- nni -
enilv repf!'v,.... 'r,, had no
<.di..n t. .' : ^..hich was
iI, in v.nirv i..i, h,' h ole ,'
Ias preleni' iw in rr.s ', .'.
hem. The,',.r r i .f.ted 1w
be (.fhic;,.',, t:ci' ; l'. ',i c j)2 ., .
1 d~ LI- . I P: vtf
,I 'jrkLn.l-. f ;,1 i ,.' d every
reet i.tLe 'or il.- .ch :
ilgrnms, as inrliii.., !:. ,,,,N, w hI
.ifguifing ife,,'".' '..* n -' '
> fitmpitepry 1.'-ri,, A the '
thiet hev in.:n:ic l1, ione on jP1r-
Ife 1 r de ri'.r!tc 1'-.e ,*ares, and
inJure ot i..- lace. Un-
der coilur k,' iii. i1.". ,:i aCCU-
ation, they verc d i:,cd before a

I ;;,

peill i.,gi (r.,ile. 'bo,.
cr,'li !tidink -'.cn iin he
*,'-L- no., %.:'iel.', i hem '
tiiurg .! ',, ,i ci, <1 i in ,, ,t !

1% I I n 1 11
In.J A ii;L L .:,. '- I ,i nca of.

[Ii' I i r -Jil : I i rit
fl Ii'- cs"" j...**-r^*lcd I
IT as- La '.4 1id .,i:t of
iiin 111'.iie' i.'i i.i ,: im ^

C6r fl: ,n P,7r:;.. 9v
Wton paffenger; hut as they
)we there repadied insults with
DI;ortMon putifnLe an. modera-
on, Comne ol Jih, rinh biiamt, who
'ere morqosei e, iae anllefs pre-
Aditcd tWan It,- rell, began to
ave a tavourab6h opin.n of them,
ad did all in Their power to 'tt,.I'-n
le fury, and ieltaiit the alufe
io th'e oth-.r. But to far were
hey trm fi that they
!ere almofl '. tr.' t ..t be of the
ame way ol trinki3 z ; 'II, pil-
nM-s.and I -r.j .%, vthreat-
:ned with t i=,'.nt, un-
eb te; L r rn ill farther
ntercefflin bct..,ibt. Thefe
n.ilent _'. pr.HtLnce, a fimi-
ar reply arid b ,,h p I.ies carried
heirrecninm er. t. '..ih a pitch,
hat front, \or i ,. ii, %i I, f mn came to'
oOL J an. Lr'u,'. i n,.i t,.iiircJ
S1W ^ tt wi Ih dl,. t ohUa;'VI-'br

10o C~,r^' P,,,,'.
as if they h'.d b-,n cih-bi
roies. The ,,.,, I,,., S
I "ves cbLarg.d up,; :!r .1
and they W-r.- i :. ,,r
atel L.,,, i,ik, .. ,
the ,, ,n ,;, ,,,,,r,
dla'.;"~~~- I !" -f^t
tihe vreetsI l,, ,. r. p. -

;i:rncdh .; .i fi e
^ b derci r .. "

1.1O thda, the. ,
Sthe fame .,
vs inlorm i ,. Il r
ind. 1 .. S n li'

aWhen hd .... -~
K, ite the K h.L .,

Cr r nCt U ..t., I
19K tried. T~ ,: 4 t.ic>- >iu'iK]ie
rsC ur,' ,;; 7f ', :" ,. J;,t the i -
pneni aL -in 'E- r. Ii lefis pri-
i"r ai th- t ,a ,--" .tat ie was
* enemrA :# :. I.: J*;' w c r f
fthe a.t i had 1o-
nented r'o:i f1,, I, among
bemhabihd ::!,. o .. .-eda ;, .'- F
thcml l io r:. .. .. ..

+ltli, ir n dl i ,. + i 1 1 -1 L *
(lwandigo, c:.;', ,,,. ,...iotiheroy-
ai uu.*',:*.!,, ,i ,, ,._,, Prnrcs
of Dar~r,L- i..- i of thofc-
dcfprce',| .,.:;jv wretch-
es who ",,, idences a-
gdaint h ,.-rc .
('ZI, d 'p, l : ..... "
cat, PCd r, n -" ',t!
course oL i.i- .,T, 1.1t,"l '." l 'LL-I
was iTma h' i,_PL\ [ it i icr.o'- _i "; It)
el al tLC it t' n tO
,.Cn l ai.: te vc :IL iTi' n..1 1.

.. C P F'

"L.e i ,n, ,- e ,i
. [,I.L '',L ", .rt I| jlj t'

'i t'.: t -.-.\ ", ) ,.,mi
It : :. .-",*" z. e .iu
T" _, t. '. .-' t- ,,i lti' .;" ,i .. re .,
I" -in i l ,'i(,,., n- v ti,! n
lll M~lu''" alai ,. ,
'"-1-* tI,.. ., ,_... zz z nla

Cnr/fiat P..'g,:i-. t^\
hrnce. The !icro;c Fd'/'.
Ough he kn.v ri.,. deathi,\s i;
Nmin#-d, rit.' with a noble
(p fl'I I," .i:ij .1- 10 1, injur-
,.the traffick .t tht.i ct\, Ie had
.y le d i,) pner.:hltlf thofte
mi'moditi-s wnl...l d h.i o OC-
fion fOr, lr,.l h' i he- knew
|uldbe [hurt i lt .) I.'er;-
hl as o h i "isil ,i ri;
glfeflticns, [I",, \ .:i a!,..:,% > i. :--
5 hi; iluI .: IIIi'.'Fs a
ton v ,iu i;t i .,-. to,,I a-
re witO, p, ; i .. ', Lur:71'I
0od for -. i"'n- !>r rail-
ig, might be -er, ; iii:endi-
I7 ;-., nd u:l;, t, ,: i,, his fe-
.Li _g i6 pP rt ,t 1i L n to
allow his exjll. I .r !.. c their
*Ue l I 'rY ,Ith...-... h r.J that
e.Il de:,,.ud.c it ,,n r be
wing, in Ion, .: "fti i, their
I9qa& v, hat ,, .rnd hcd


in h1i b jav''iiir ,iil co:'iv
hILlt 110 ;, 5 j ci, I. c1 on1
ftli [ l'I,".-v li.i. t..i.cL 1 ihe
ni 1 t -9... i:. lI ie.' j t; [,i.nlr
o% n hi ,ppurulcf. -.. ,h!, I,'

'1.-, r It: lir :e I .. ; I ,d ,I
1 i.' I (r. n lii '1 1 ,.,1l-

hiT, li- i-d l l .'! "' rt n
C1e i 11 i i ,i,n-; .tr,'. h
Sri' t., h r I h_,"r L ",' tU
t]>,* li .,l ,i ^ ,l lii n ,; t [ i
FTr ; ; c ,i i ,,i
lTa, ,':,. .. W. ,.. ely
- n, .. ,, ', .c* ju, di y

I,':i,-(,! ,:, .1 l !i, ..t y .rI I
[iii'L Ie t: t 'ic i .and a i
;. l id contco!!id .1n.1 c'. CLn
1 ,; I eI cri C.s iI '; I 1

i :' !.. :,i;, ,' 2. i..: in I,

Ie land ili .. llen prvilegl-%
a ric,..i i .. i la. iiunkn>".'. l
lilv f..nL rr, i Iuh h ..h'it".
|Br!'eo 5 n ,.:., n'',^ ,.',c"-'cr:.: y,
J' e hurrt -*l ,.,^7n ,I, plat ~ ^;ere
was ,, i,: fo ., *.* [-', hi1 ,.,henlte
;cam.-, udil i...m tl'i-e 13 .e
KC wt e:..cC iti.i tli-r to e
Irg -;-. b% I.-1 k t'lIl *eC woa
ila d .1,, ,i, _.l. I't. [- .''arWo ls

Itf5 C4-:O/}a7 Pzt~riic.)
feni.nre, which tle p;lg
ceived wi" j n-iile o f(
wai< ,1 v i.ji barull\ L A C:"cUt
[cli;id lie [huoiig!lc-ia mul
%% ivm malice 6r cirofiln
Idra, n I,'gei'er i. Rtf [ihe
lon. I L., he a f1.:-riim, c
1 1whiLh L fdr ,tt.ii _.Ji Lby g
an an Ms. As f aot us F
had bch'n dl.,.itc.ih- v h1i'
ies,. his difeinib..i!rt:d rpir>
condutleul 'the hC liari,,r, a'
ter the high( rMeIfcngers u.
had fiuti.] him vi'ti\ ihofe
dious Iliains, which they
ling ) ihc ne'., ly Ideparted C'-
[hlejuifl, to ret:e-lh thlem al
pangs ot dec:h, lie whas m
through die clu.Js, and conl
in an nllnr t', the celfliiaJl
(Chn .11',, \%ri. II.ewifft. dicor
the ihadr,.r, v,:.uld have beem
1o have tol]fuwcd Is cowm

CA'.vit.a'r P. Igr/.rn. '5?
ButlcOwjrri mi.nnight. ,lien lie
lf pledh ing hi1.1 1 i t t iA the Ilri,-,.s
B!mikiig rit> Ij nwe glo utiLi C it
| ne Z il.'. hur he- was ilt-n ito
Pie bccn hvi' a I' is furprifcd
St l '.he .iilni ..rpeirais-t oft a cc-
L,.-ing wvi-h lr cot- nienlld'r-t ,
7ough r,"],.,r.'.l!y W;,h:'iln ,.n
'Onmmanin,'. to\x rtl'fld [ie '.ii IT-
g liern %otice in eery leatit Ce.
ib l gi.frtis .ifiroi, u'-!3 faid lihe
,'l p i^ .I. '/-( "r -
b ied (/.,i *, :n a.i nd lol .%'r
tcri wfrr. Iunfened Itrm his wrifs
and 1 ,l,. ; a in i e no vi, tcel hi n-
ITlf? s d 'liii ; it') el'kut,.- a' he Wai
eh[jre Id to)t' ti ntratie tire
t4eatih of f-, <'../. W' hen ihty
Saine to) tiCe I-rilir %,is
f rr.aTvy i. -n, and kcuped by ihrl.e
lock nt a plodgious flrength, it
.i fledidiLlr ('l.eztd otltfel) it,.-


5r C ,?...P:,.r,

n: t' Il n !' and q

_I _- aft-_ o .2
--.- i n_ :--_ A I .. ..<.: i-

n-:r 1

i .: _-g_- .] "

r" zie R ''i *
x r I n t
i+ ,i 1 %\,..1 ,' r 0 r.I
I ,",T r '. 1 ll ,' i.g .' ig
' .,.l .-.qi;l hb;-ing ti:i rj ,. *. d

Ck,,/fl P..', .,. S,9
iS lime the ii',riizon ,:I to
aO 3. d ,lr ],[.".i.-.-l., ll ill" Il.,- i,, ,

oar pilgrim !, 0,- "-' 1-
the' ,uid ti. tL ,! ~ .
heirir *'. ci n cc c
Ffunll, m -.k i.- t' i *i '- 1
ie'. drill Id i c jI ,:f I *:- 1 l'-
4tngtl ar t I r eiL he
tr ,j. A- _Lr I.,a h- I i,, ell& ,
omi c Iilc1. 11in 1 t11-14 ,' c
| h'" '. prc-li .... ,,.. ,i* i,
t he c', .rr,'., a n'; i,_ i r 5.
S'-Iunq- i h.- hin ,r I1. 'h,-.!,
lame w ]. l 1. .... 11 inW'r,
w1ho lI, 1 ... | cr C-; ",'. ..i' I I
*L c .. I I .. '.. m m',. Lt.-'y
14d l i' n i ; .. dci' a 11'; F, l ",'.
,od ,,ii!, ,i,, ..t1 Him I h Ii L.,i
be' n i.-i-l [o l ot- >urt r''r i his
W'iv' 1 ti i.h_ dclen, l a l
i:di ho ul.ld' icdenTi- "i!
az*f*'' %% ^hore LuI d 11 L 1'iJ! !--*

160 CAhr.flta'? P/.'in.

was prerenw .ning n many ot
jli.. wicI:!J c'.,n[r\ men ; e
he co1l I 1. ii I ,J be iniiblei
What h'i had icen. t..L CAIE
was ai.ted I., iie Frdme
pies ani %; -'.I inmu
brother, h, c. : i'.;i e Wfi
joy at t,.! !k i.. ) h, appilly.
Izlen I y 1h1 \iCr pcrlun, w
.-11 Lm.xi'rs ''.- .ni... lil-ilt il
b.a-O 1--i ,., ,:,n.;- v,: : "'d
I am as .,otic'l '.ri...,
he, as ] i .-" ,!, _i. ,i lt
t t .I' '1 ill f -1 I iJ
yl to' f I: 110 V,: ... J u Jle p

faitkfe i. '. '.'. ir 1 i' d F a
to the ,0( irig [j..i ., .. ir'I :
station i: t.' r i t-r, s I, crT
'. ,ll% b '.,'c n ii, .il ITt, Il I
pit cepuii, ei i ' L.Ul.2 i


(. I, i,',,, Pi'fr ,". i^6
lier, anl pieclu-l,-d that cautious
derve hic-h ci. mmonly arifes be-
en liinflaaigers. He then 1. dledr
Ljro, .: !! i,, iriiit.l]ar' oi his el'
te ; an!d ilws they purfued their
kiUnv, L-,,guiling the time with
n l'':t~ ,ir,,J animating ,: ,-,nv-rfe
Ih Iricndfliip alone can relilh,
nlthinh_ hut religion can fup-
SIn ., Ih,.irt time, they came
l'J.>e-r- plain, which was cal-
ih. ,,:,, ? ,, : and af.
rthet i1 i rofed this, for it was
)' a 'I'- turlnrngi ti 'er, they
to ,i d ,, 1 ,1 ..,-n i.,ii.-,, c, w which
Cal-I. C re }1 /. Atthe foot
a fi!-er mine, which bad
ailled i1h; labourof many ages
,*elire iL,: entrance of il,. mine
Md L,,. w. with all the eafe and
rent I Tr.nefs of a cniil : a ri
'tlie 1 i:llei gers to I'i I'. I'l
1uJLin,;, ,d'dmeleC hinmdelf to

162 Cr//:a P,' i

tIjl -, pi ."i, rim ."in a
Hi V n..;!it here hjie 3n q
pi'3y (Al ,*!nrlitl itirhvrnfel
,. v I .ile trouble. i1,7p
,' i',i had ithe t \p-erlrnct
t 'I-'inp.1iiI)n, %i i:. LzIR to
I' in',f ;1!on. B .,i (_-, -11h
,,i l'tm hi-, ,in.r inlora
j' lj i',. ,i hi om
r, -\ Pl'.il ir. I( t-, e mlo
t j'"C hbd ir 11-1"i7.tll liiena
,~ ,,I : ,,, I -lrtijnell
I, i ; |. t r.,. r. n able
,- j r -.i i- f ih tl'
.- 1 ." .,i .r 'n; !'
.I .
f ,.. *, r tr-
,, ',' ,. '. >. ,* \, ;. f
*. ... ... .
',. '- ,. :.d l j

(Ckr..far Pid;rim. .16

.--_-_-_---_ _- -_. -s --- ^

,p, p ( ; i,i .i;.d)rif, b
% ,- i h r -
pr WI ". .. F .I 'hil-
<,i .- ".. .- -l I.* ] v>n I li---- ,
." h l .. i -n _. ------.r', tc!

-aH -.1c _.l -.1 __ a l
111F- rel
ril ~',r ; ,r. (iTie, up fc c'rail
h e r .... .-. ',.? r';i(tf la es %'iC e
,.-, t,1, ".J, '..rU hc

.64 Pit ,
and S.', 7. '. Tleyv all
appejrip, i il inen x, ho b,
ufed to hinfincL.,, anM fcent
nearly r,:,,ied. \> It.on a!
had .,icrir to 1o;ndd'l tWh
the mipe. anrid ,lf!,irLd their,
a ,w nlinui'-, ihr:v mnigl
gal!'.r is i:u.h Mi. t.r as tb4
carrv. tihcy ga',. ihl- mfni
tro l.t'Ile io :.uic .I OutL II
ger, but c -ncr.,:ul ting eaC
tupc-, ;., ,U -.,- t: t: d go
tulle, %% j i.r,,, [hrul
fi t .-nr r ljlfi t it-r. T1it f\ l llo'
Ireahi r,'. r,],, ll, "-,\%I
hall e r ...,. ,i i ,, i i
and 1,',', ,4,; t tl
', ." ,- ,.j v '. 1. i, v i

,=:n i .. ,., .I, T afnd3
'r-n I ,, .i, ', i dj
M. .*..:.. .. .. : 11..2 ';.i, lel]p


C'ri/liaz Pilgrim. 165
lers had either fallen into Come
Pgerou pit, or been seized by
e ol D),"',i, italkmdflers, and
.gged to flaive in the mines. Ou;r
hlSgims iheirl'ILe thought it aid-
ruble to mA.. the bcilt of their
From a place, where nothing
d be e pe,'ted but treachery
mnirLhiet. Thely hid not trav--
id [ar b,.ore they came to a re-'
rkable latue, which bore there-
-bldnce ot a %,omdn. Though
lt o01A in the pollte or one \\wh-i
41 flying lrcm danger. Ihe feeIm-
,tO o k tck %%,th a wihifhul re-
tJin r.-ic:lnng which fle had
tInd hIer. The flatue which
Srm ei ci I a fubflancerefem-
and tincommonly hard.
dl1d e, appeared to be very
Icient; l,[Ut IL looked focxtremely
PlljZ, lh it rather leeined to be
'''ndn vho had been fiddenly

i66 Ch r:, l.,, P,/.,n m.

"!'. k iiifwHr

petrn. '*.* .r ir ,I .,ural
'hin ;a h--Lr^ r i hoiryn
the" h nl .livi d:i:. \V'Jj
pilgrim s weli %... j,:, In 1 la]v
t!:h design ol t, jn I hI," 1
thle e,l' n. o t.,-T-[ 1 tcoil
* ("'',,]/'.7','I h,,t,1pr-ti..-' tn
ees Up.,on LTit- 'l. hr'']J, dil
ed this inl'.,itr'1,,.1. ,.,++'-.w.e rt'
t-'.;//'. 'He in]!inei.,tiiil' ret

ed ibs Ifhlil red

C(t ifiin P /g rim. 167
g the ria-ne, and that he had
| kewhcre read in the facred hif-
H1w thiaL rtda&ory ftmAnd'-, in
Pklght fr<.i, Sodom, d trinf-
6med Ito a pillar of falL for
flying willful lookbi-l-ind lir.
B tirary t.'ihe -iiL'. it ,t 'ul ,c ancl ,
'" cnire come, faid he, ", Ii
hiftan ,i.,i this is intended aS a
hllutd\n 1i ,on to lus, not to look
hak upon Demas's mine, left, at-.
b all we" have feen, we fliould
kMg Ihr fume of the silver. Let
i, therclk-ire. mend our pace, that
W mav l.i-a 'e hll. t rwi l m i l t ilt i: -
nring ana delc latI fp ., is !.,,n
,ifibi,.' I t as % .,a ppy ,i'.
T ilht 1h1'1 t i,,% thle Jll 1. di, I
"We off, Olevdi d,, tor. lookii:
t w'ard, >It;- .. i it- till. I I..l
Derl'., i L .nin ;-r ihelin m11 a Oil!-
4ance,, ^,'h al-ei: niiidv i -uffiei..
l t A t'a ,, S dlfiw r~ t a n 'J

168 C;r ilha P,'-rim.
Vanity, to fetch themn back b
But when he obler'rc,, lb
were a confid.'rdble way.
Shim, and travellIing lforh'id
vigorous rate, he prelentl
ped, and gave over ihe pLfl
After thiey h.ii a.1 ariced
mile-ab 'on.- La., H' 7, ihe
to a delightful liier, while
called by pious Da...+', e ri
SGod, and by the proipheiic al
lime writer of thle book ol R,
tions, thI river e / c.I ,.!r .
SIts filver ftreanir .','. .ic pur
r Irirpaieni as ihe finell chb
and itsverdanr bjLe wcre
es were conftanilv l,.j i,.! wiil
richeft fruits Of ,imLrrin. :.
leaves, t'iugh it i ''rv pleafa
thetaile, were cq(i.Jl',- ..ilible.
they were of ii i c,jr.fl reit
either to cure or pr.,'v 1L fur4

Ct' r^!'a Pt r.l. 169

and fuc li other diforders .as are ,lc-
fionred, by had ti rarlling. To
Oinplc,,[ thle beauty 0t the IcenCe,
SIlong the rei ',t ciher tiie were
Mn% triidl, mc. I1, of a ctinfidera-
be breadth. h, WliiLh were en.ini-lled
:iithe chliicelt Ifl.r Lers ot firing.
Upon ic CI tihi, etnh-.nTing
,leadiml.iy itle road tIh lLrrILlh hitch
War pilgrnis %i,:(tird\ I. Here.
Amlore, elite' went t or kiar, '. .cry
1ilurI. ; reirelhing 1hcmfel'. es
've nlj dIld re!i ith ii ln rcn-
' d r[ilr Lli', ujut ol th, iiv 'r. anl
rjl.L t!e' Ii ms aind Icdave, which h
r16F lhun uponm the ircC. f hicy
htwife I divdwn upon the flow- j
,4 carp'ct "lhIch \.a ready Ip ead
'for their ieplife in ihr mead,. snd
-. pir levc' r.l otii. ,veiv ccimihorta-
.ly and i,.,'thim ny danger ; [or
dRr-:.:ll le: tt belonging to
le Prince ul GloIy ; and was pur-

a Clhnjl,3i Pdvim~r.
p.-fy rei-I'rvedl by him for
-,0 f pigr:ms. Aft
hAi lif-i. end) covered :
th r :,t,, tliev role u ,
t':. 1kh0il 1 ar-, an I r -fi.rn4.
!jj,.rr.,-y In .a ihort time
camne ,-- a pI [IL' hereee th
": Lg .,1 W, -,, th.e riLker; btj
li'tii 1 th',-v w-r- grC.3[AV Fofn
.t i .e -r y i lh o u, ,h t o f q u i t t i l
a .ri-,hv'iil fput, iriy ,erel
mind n,,t iv ic'-v he p.,Jh. 'I
re.'rei. hi')\,ever, ,.'<;n~idl{
iricic.'afe, upon finding the
gr.-.,v unCmmrnonlv roLigh
tlonv. T-h larther they well
worle Ir.uelling ihey nit'T'
till ,t laiil r.,-ir ltc '". -re lo fl
cut nml hlill-rod that they
tcj ce able tou land. In rhism
grecjble ci),diit.On lu.y we"I
ralier b,.-lble. Ifoimdrd', ill'
carne to d lile on the leiL haOl


(-r'Li'.,r, PPt .r.- t71
flhe mrnad, which-led into a large
eld, hit wvas called the meadow of
*icezqu; i.: rc/iion. As they took
Notice h it ilie inead lay parallel to
dteroadi .ilirnoI as far as they could
fte, an %.'.s accommodated with
n eal\ p ith which ran pretty clofe
' the'ther fih ic of the bank, they
Agreed to venture over the ftile.
After they had travelled a furlong
r I-wo along this promising tradf,
by _obrer-v'ed a perfon walking
efore ilTrm, whofe name was Pre-
AJr' ',,, C,, :'dence. He was a
' 1l in, Iuilty man, of a daring
c "uritenance and went brlfkly I1,r-
Wa'nrrl, n tlhu .iq the leafl concern
OT apprehT'nfin of danger. \Vhien
the pilr; ns I-alled ater hum, to
e"nquire which ,aythe path would
le'ad'" ihem --"to 0ie celeflial city,
flj .1; ; .in it it i miich pleafanter here than ip the high road."

172 Chriflian P:lgriii.
This faid, he went on l
nimbly as before, and th
followedhimnast.hil is lheir
and the tenderrn-, ul thi
w,,ild rerm:t. Bin by t
the -ilhI %. i. coming on apa
in1 i it-w mi'lUNt s i" grew ,
and ,loorny, that ihey could
ly fee linnm. It very ha
thenm, that thwy had not be:
I..: overtake hipi b for as
hurrying lurward, without
th',)i, li or fuflpicion, lie ril
Ifll inta i_'.ep pit whlicht hd
purpofelt. dii, acr, th4 e piih
the owner tof the grouini rolf
dellru-tzon ol the iiunwdrv.
.i andi his ell''w pir'rm hri
Iard him fall, enqu rt d very
ily % ,ai wiis ihe r inr ter ; bLut
cel,'inrg 110no anivtr. lmrigh
called anI hallowed i,) lim tili
were owu .fi brexbh, they very I

C. L.. .. I ,1,," -t" e' 1111.:,1 1101
f r. u .- % I "'- -. -_ i ,,
Im i ,.y o,-. ^ .*
| '^ "_ ;L- ." -. *- ii \...... --
.4 .- .r;^j~

bf- I. Ird. that h n I j

a rt ; I %c. '1, rl t i .] i 'l u l ^ lll ,rI 'I

nd IL i .1 11 ii I'll 4-
i I ii '4 iI l i, i 4'..

17-} ni;r,'-ft^,': 1',, rim.r |

fpircd ., punnifh them for p
in,' to lei% thei i ,id. VWh
Lt. [t;:': in this d pl.'ribIc
they r(.jl- not icll. T l
an, I Urrli-r v.a, I -c itable
tion ; ani .-L %%as o ,in:.iainG
S(c\.crpi n.,w and thcii w
:glhinn- Il.-ihed in il-cir fac
* it ,J,, *: -. it ii-j prti ,i ,ble foi
io r,:iurn by Ole f.,w pitI
CJITIe. ,'li li they %re irteil
Lurii.'t:rthi]i. Fjnnl uncellaintft
hViCh" eilltiiragdJ b-, ar voice
I,_.]'- ii,,ie than hurrm.n.an4
.bl r'. ,1 noble einpliafis-1
P, t, z Ia S gJ
,,o,,, ,* ,;," /, ,, t, ,,i "',i i ',- hiig ,
r, i '; I '/ ,, 1.. r:iZ ag
B ui t % [!.. InrfM il' .'i i.'is
., i i ..r :, III, rlr t.!l ; :'.. I- ..)I i
i>-''i:;'* 1. 1'.: I' g.., hi, k il i ]k-y
I "al dtl ihis' Inl !,. r,'*.,' J| l
I I .? ,,., [ 'j. *r !*., i::i;,'. da ta
; .l' :' 1 i1 lt '
i I 1 .


c',i' P i,, /ra.m. 175
fwe\ r. dil not f,) en uirelv dif-
iII then-., to y'r, eni heir ex-
Ing iht-n-,hl' es ibr fome time to
pgain iln ioil. They walked
Miwarl, i, ith die utmolt caution,
XalTI iI-IDgL .'. er\ lepofthegr-'.in3
Inirr i:,mn \'ih their Raves, and
toldnin ich lher very carefully
y hthe .i nm, tat if one of ihemin
&oul liiappn ii) flip into ihe wa-
r e. 'ilih rain acrofs the inI
.ireni,, hib coinpanion might he
'i ic. hIclp himn up again. BtL
nOI btr,., dail, lo recover the fuile,
h'ller ill t .ni icre and pains, and
,LJJ'n fij miT c li .-t ti ini, i-d t r1lh;y
^"i'li'.j r l i~l--I A! ci 1 .1-1 1 ilcf r-Iil A
^ .r, ,,r;. *-lie\ ,a' I.,0. I, lked it,,,, .j
'i '- n,,'.- A''.- i', ,i icli il ilpph l-,
U! in -l, iI 'm id wascall- .
e [d l. ,27,rL T tl 1,, '.,./ !.t'.'. Ii' ,
th' j had h '.n '.,n Ien,''l only t.o
SI, HV Iu in t.u r,.l th'-'mfel ei

0-lI -7 PI5 rhin
1-6 (7..-rjj.,n Pi',tim'3,

they iimhlit h.ive done fo'..
S dar-er; .,i yi bv'in g I1"
Upon icir gtil.! 1, tIjtir v'
fi y (t:,cl 'u I'l a fit III drc
which f.' ,,i lictuj cd iher
prolhiinI a 'l i., if
fvllhIlo edl a diic 4it ipitiniu
iL gKli fen-e, lii"t-xer, riet
urnilhlincini which they i
pe&t-i : I.,r Thoutd n hi ho
afteti luiI(ng. whlide the
lno:m ilg ion lthe gI, und IA
fon im ,.,i. ,,atJd %.i.lih liquo' :
xwere f>'i>dieny io,,lted trot'
ilh-,i-d rs b%) d ,ihr ilul \oice-4
1'Je Il.c-i lrij'rdc, and i ceil
rew-r.i ,it hlicii .1 IefutnpiioitW
Lo 4.ming uip. ihe% -cthlid al1
dabl- ganit ,I uti a kr,'niy cd
-his ii.Al, whn t _i them witi
Ia ha iri and nijlhiciis I
as rlii,,r-v iln, iiced them
he ." .' e:. l[ii trn defvl

(C.. -. ,i, P, g rihi.

4_. J- .. .:,. .. .. .___

Wem enr. A: I lr i c,...
O a. %- I i %c f ii
L eor ,:l ,,, T j!'.' tl,(- ir3 b v Ln h
M lt t t. .i by : .ifin rinCC
arn ri"i U t \ ic : ,r.v 'r",',+"
Lim hc.l, j. l. P,- ,.S ..;.,,> l-,'i lui l
e1" ^* .i Ii I .r.' ul..J I:', i iir'i
,g ed i,-, I ir., .,r ,in t i hi,.r perry un
',uI~l. l,,,'.c l-.e' Lhorivy d, -
'h,1i': v i'.o Oa j :L K,.i tl ) -J.

178 Ciiif/biu P!.J'i!.
lelit. I ,ir I ,-, i .! ,epli i
ininflcr ; ani,,' '.*' i/',T u,'dtj f
P ft z,, r ,'. ,, /,-l( / L /,;I. .. ,
P I,!. ,'.. if-aci M 1.!,'

p'r:;. ,,,ia D F. A L' I ;. an

r-. II.. II lii an 1 npro4
p 1-, l,it parftS
all *bl e.
i "' t iJ Tc' l,-' pp,"' i ',' tt'iT .'in

,le r- %; h % t 't
*;,,/ ,"." *'' ,,, ".'l ( ?

-l.i- e l',,l Ieu h in t inprOll i; '.. ,i' inc '.', ,Tcj ,le ^in
an,' ., iih. X: i w '1e ,:,_ t r <,h
,lLtAtTl~i or o',,i p,,.', :r himl
"-.'crc ,,r~ce.. to ftibrn~c. .Af.
!, hi' .t, ne them to!e ,_u hint.
; re vi "0 1.,. rhu\ Catl.,: t10

Ck .i A ., P i. '.i.- 1-9 Callh.. l-e wvadls. which were
made cl the rinughell Illt. and

I5eror.,,.%n with rnorsa "i b!;r k ivy.
Vere ,t" .3o air 'I., thlicknefs ;
nhe -.l. s wvere ecurcirl Iby ruik
%, I, i1n. ."l c i-vcrid w.tli dull
n'd c 'l,. t,; dnd the griui11.l, b'-
IrJ'et \.. % i> it, IflICe.d uiih weeds
nd'j,c-. wiucrh c'vei Y

8') ( '1 PI,'-T1 im.
f hI:re ;,inid ilnIe r,- .a i nirmb
0"on \ rvir c' sandi lI.rrcn le
A I;,:, 'lc'. :V ha. I i,:'. .-.-.n,.luklt
fii;; cht-irleld Manliun thro
Ic pair A ir',rn igaice, whore
k.rei Iirigc' nijad, ai mnfir hb
grati rig s a .th' i l. ili r Ihey
!ni:iin .hatti i I l ll l,: ,ovn a V
fii!. rf rrwno ii; duig'-on, the
rd %% hlch %a r ,'vered with ill
r.i r ri filih, ;',:ti.i mhlibited by
.iii r,,.iking wad<. In this
nli l ,JihIct, 'ihereir' eve aJlc
pfIfnen t dvh ih, im.liknus d"
Sic I"c i luri'mnderi rhemr, they Y
i,:. ,i 1 to island I f r Ie I- liwn I
o(,iid not ulh.".ut Lucng fif
till lir r.-.t morning. Ihev I
ilirh vilited y l-til' 1111. who'
icdiatecly fIlmite.1 t'lein '.ith
clhb. ;. ith % i!:ilh h IT l', rihr
fuch a .iic nr ninu 111.4
,t'tre C,-)%ci J %i, h r I ,i ri es'

Clrij eii, Pifjri,. t8i
head to loot. Alter Ihis iunmerci-w.
fl tre.tillicin. lie i vc each -f them i
aci l ol! mouldy L'radJ. nl a pitl i-.P
Crol fIllmkmn-. wmaer ; and lien put-
f*n-a krn!e into their han.l, with
,hI1 .!ih j'i.v Lfi., them t')
.lhoa',,, to prevent a repeiiio f'
he ,iine birbarous urage'7-'Icl.
hey haul Iill received. he left rhilernt
t1o deNcrij-ir[e dAt rie, Icifure. either
to fuilo'.' hi< wtickil coumiln!, or
Wait flour t;ic rt'wer cft'tts ut his
fury. Iii tiln ,Ji 0,I l jbhl.' f]itu i n,
wI'!h,-lut a giiml t -. lhr to cornm
fur I ,em, or anry oi,.r relreiiini-cnt
than (Ile nir>e.,wu% lar" he had be-
foi'A l up'1:-i ,hem, they were bo\) e
-. hill ntlinei to put period to tacir
prr;iin iiimil'-ries, and prevent thofe
h1.i % %%-_- ill likely to fuffr, by
brci'oming their own executioners ;
buvrytnetuing that by this delper-
ate meil.od to lelcalfe Ihcmfelv:s


182 Chii har. P,',",m.

frim.itcmpnr'-' .ir'inlhmenli'
1Ihe h Ii,. l l !v <,:i--rved for1
n'lencae ,ind pr'lezmptuiun.
wou ld iiddenlv -l1.z.: iAe-mf
into annihln' whIiLl W,'d infinl
more dreMdAul, and fromn wi
ih-y rould ne%-cr hipe t1 efe
they drop the tVital relo-iinnon..
mnutilllv nalie J in hear allI
Mihuld happen ,vhn js much


ien a they wvt:re able. 'TI.'
bl, ,gnlJiiton iTo the w lI o;
partvid-.jrre I; ihe, inlerifibli into
A Mior, ..tim and )onir-ol.-G' %.!% 0*!
.lhinki,._. I er l.eithougiit t0r1,0l- ,
elves that ic thilg in i.mipv i )lie ')
..the T,,-., r o l he,,en- lthot tlrv
ilj sea lIv b-r-n dcl-i -: Ai frcrn a,
Bat dilhfi'culies wvhtn i'..-v,- .
"pceral it--ardi fil t *'.1 ( ,'P- .
pofint.; the Ih .ulh l- ie'i ir lie, "1.
the duri'g,,''n ,\' !ichl .--lced %,as
tvery Ijr *rm iTi i'. prothiEI) '
t*hcr 'leperic-i fO1lI ,! t ,,liii
w 'ar.1 1t- r. iir po.ri,'d i._'ii,- C .leri al
EItA In "n fl*nimin; charii. i" bthe
fame [.n.necr a" I'at ._' t'.'Wt 5 ,./
%t6,) l.:J bcrt 1 nit3!t r'I.J IIll I". i '
./i.". '1 1,ef, ng i lkti.,ins
I ir enci.r. ,ir '.l :cr. than. i n -
1v:.lhjl iid teim r d,[perne filu,-
lion. ilny ithe (oumptiLule 1-1
prtfnt il iiir hum.blb aid ui'.i.,_

prayers t) 1! r K|- of kL'
ilii .,r c lr prit a," !i ill la
Ih.. l, I. r i .,n pr.1I
I.1lI i' ; eir ii' .l0 ir I,;.1 inF
Fll ai ]r il .iin, .i t.-.! ctltinj

]' ,1 i I-: ,1 11I t r 1 o.
Sf [ ''i, ii p .,.l !I. pire il

i f i. -k; I I'. n-'. I .'I e l';n
,I d. i r o i, c d' :r'- ;r' rr- h
5,h.-reii+ .+, ojii Li tii ei .ic iefial
]']< in.ii.e, ;h+ l~' jlOi' n hoi
hl.foi rnifr.', lhe p.+i,] themi a |
\.!iln. A;; Io, n he lij 1 o]
t!!>e d,,ior of theL d,.n.; + r+j^> 5
af-i, i:d ,iern % ili all ihe opp1
OIS in g', <' ige w l ii h i lhfIHl
cr.uld (li'tile ; .jnd ihen dra
the niout bv ilic hii' .l their I
-" come along, fi:d he, I

I t ir^ .. P ': -, ,. ,? ;

pie (it i.--jdfinr-,n \ llii T; a.-
U are, a 1.I b iIL.,I J he ih le % hi' !i
reffe %c.l !,.r '.,L' I d' the I..t'. "lh-
TIE o( % i,, r Ji'lid., iici'. h l : ;
, he c'i,, ii'l-t.'-i themin, 'v t;..
ice o tiL [ jrhirUiUI c.,ril'.'i ,
rofeCi .i)l/. J. L ', I il I
yard at ;lhr tI., k ol th.' c ll!I .
Jer ihcv ; .:..I ..'ve'l w iih ,m a.-
xie h,,rh I r o',...; n' ,;I.. ,l o
d Itil| t ; .l l-fcihre', e I the fri -
ce ,i I-- ,- I'iid he' ,'- l i
'Y .1^ II -k ,, inm Jiiiglit.i l'-
ithe 1' .,lI; .jau I b','nI. t i :1 M H.'"
ally,. pilkrrnim, vh. h i i, e r ir.-',
llhc au.]il,y i,) ri-(f,{ }r l. o 'y
ld thlem!'-i.*> IN I I hey IC -Ir 1

e Cunning t, IIL.'1iPlI tL I l l,-k "1 "y
''ldrncl, 'r tdi i.,me I mjveni v
renl Io,,,j] conm- dill fut th,'-ri .t
5r.n. ; b,,i dt l,1 Ifonie ot Ifhe,
1 ite wit to imak.e away %,ith

l !.e!h \ a rid nd their
.,, ,-,nL 2. d. i;, r,-c I dill
rIc .fi. l L It! ',i II i,'*1 lor
[,i..:. ,','. Ih', l;il t.L-!:"! ol 'y'0
it fd'r. hle l l I i. i l,,- he

y(ii ~ I 'k1% A1 Efl 1-Il it
,rlli| nigh. t. I i ,lj e I dra

Ilu I due i- -nn ui'v
yf,.i~ii,, nui pir ain e'P't io1"o
thi' < ,,1 nigh,, I \>,ill da
lIu'!II \. i. il"d'i- .',i 1, m orn w nifl

'.. ,/2,'i Pilgrim. 187
iudll j,i 1hve for my break-
T" r:.,u-)r waiting for a re-
hC t L cIu with a < read .1l
",'h.'li h the ctlllc totter
ii t11 \ cen (hook by an earth-
rc-. F,, ,,,our kennel, you
$il 'I [,, L', S very mil.i. t ;
i ViTi!n.',.'r *. hat I have told
F. -r 1 Iw.: r b% .!1 the pow-
J ll i. -,i, vou 1j31ll not live,
1i4l As they did not
Ilo tjIl j-. !he expefed (ffr in.
d lh;e c..uld lie i't.-,Ji c l ,
I i -. >iiel wih 'rI Ci t i'. and
I ,,. J I .11 elhi t [I [!.c d lun-
In '. lu.-h a furious manner,
\ien ru' came to the door,
ty V -ee iCcLIly able to crawl
[-le Ii.-q What an alarm-
Slj.n nl., tnd how >il'uinQi ihe
l ,l..n, itl i ht y hq.- l I....r jlt
tl, i... l m ii by [ iii own
IrlCfIneIs and cfftninUacy they

1 88 C.',..P/i
"ere n'inw cr.nfineil in a
Srom 1i:c. h ni.i iuinan po.
|ri.k.;lc~ !;e'm ;. -"nd thic n
,r .\ i;cihe,. .nd ll ihe n h
1101ev k. ie io he p!,
I,'h I:'!V in *.nil-r. h'bol
thc iid l! t'l ilhoula
/"( 1%: Iifs mu ch;a
a it tIi [hl6';U rtri i 11 I e'.."
,'a ,. t'. .'" n i. ;ii i ',>- !h(>]
P;! jtn;zy', v,,is r,. 1 ,l\,i cdlt
, i.'ulJc ri it" I.nile, .und d
,ii i.t- "' n I.i dd
L i ne 'll IfI.p .. ihoug
hlufihlc .A! I'l, ...Iperare
n r~e Il
i:O',:.iiircn him, in 1.e men
in.'nntr, lu ,iinlI_, Inch a hh
.luiton. "N M Iricl! i!
cr !-.i he, 1 dLe diear
ion r.t my l..rr.,w.i, what
nmhnet, hhdiijiltihm lered yo
-to0 Iill pi-! c ipiiic iib"

S(' ,u.. Pilgrim. 189
ofe% e iall ng darknefs, in or-
d el'i it l LIlie lury of a mo[>fler,
P ril& i_ n. our n freries i atle
N1 ')'ii-ri lie put- 3 peroii t..)
line I' 1 .i w,,l 1w. I rjiify-
I,' n; jlice in the luiglell le-
f. It ,le \ cry llitn he %vzfli;.,
Ile tdtarI Prok' to Ic ellrf.v 6-1y
; il! i. iier It w,.e i-..'ll i. (,
rh ,T1]|.jl', Iball in the fpace of
lhorn., k I.! ui die like heroic
P'Irr.. .i.l not like defirp.'i t
ItrN; 1in ,1 kiot'. bult ln l.-
idlin conllan-v, ,he Prince of
n m 1. I, ni ai flaming car to
tl- .i. dieparting fouls, and
.it'. ti-h .,i triumphh to the ce-
*i]'m in i..,o : H e ilen L r.-
tI... ,.,.: bel prc.rarai'r e hl r
S In,: tate, and the
ai'TE 111m1 meejns to f,-1o01 the
theIiir heart, that il y
[I inlar.iily unite in ic'Oflr

Igo CA/r j..ti P.,lgr ifn
mending th.:mnftlves to t
of hea,.en 1.y iimhbte p
rupplic,.tz,_,n. Cir.njlan,
was greatly shocked at t
refolve ilt,, which tie
hutrc-d 1, thie grnim's
ver) t-jilly c'iimlented. A
had pra, .d till it a. al
bre ik, tliliir lvotion wasva
into fuch .i l.c;,ly armour, t
getiin, t!:lir ni.:l.m!',holyl
and the i i,. I d-, they
fuffer ir, .-in hor or two,
ro-nli t i. a r:itinphnt
which i!e., LiL,:dired the
an.i gOLdiii_ f. I" ilO detay".
TiLi, i,.l U iii^!'.i of tie Cfta
I m .1111,i11-1, *rlli 'lie- Hin irv
(~ kl", f a--- r iI 't. ,They hadm
r., 1.,i Jilife. i'hcy hud
finished tliir ihmn, wvh
were fur priz.. il %h a ,iddeI
of light troin t fil er lamh
was ful endcd in tile i.1idi

C., it .... P.. 't A 191
1gein !'NI Il.m in., i bie,.
hl l,' lh,- .,-, rc -''Jll n-i nig r] i ri,'11
'll "l ,:j '-. 113 jl ,,.,,l I.e l c I e jl-
; l it. ,1 ( h inl.i.bllyN ri.*-e be-
'' r',, ',', hIci h 'c I 1,)\ :r 'L1h
L!T,' 1:imin ,l J Imi in- leaves
*1ll 1r l, ,l .-.I edh,', Iront the
in ll 1 iii o1 r ,, /
it:. r.:ii. m oi .!. ,, l1 .' fi _I
JIil Z-1 Ji .*niht Long, r, IILI

r'2 c-, .f.r /'+,, I,.',fffl; .I
in ui no li ,JulIL Ikit the r.
in1!t, ,d F .,r l..-Lr iclr(elhm n
I wrj.,k (if it %cry rei ly, e
U, I r qE 10 r.I 1l r Mifi? lo IaO
. ftcir t.';,i fircn ith Ii'l bt
m'mpins hcIn lerlyv fcreco
n I li.* pain t liteir briries
i[dIly re niuved, lii,. 'lficu "ei
<.n:? :, rner ol il.c [..,le a lhilt
.i',.1n ,Th' IiI o, wht h was 9
in m ri.un ch ,r thil
P"..' .... V' i, iLM
atIicly ;ppcfle, lie1 couil
,I,/,.'.'..' lh I ICheil ,-i i thle b
(i ii I ar.c F6lter 1. ., t, he
ot whiiii t flip (i p .rchrnel
l *: archl l Ijlli.'iel.-1, witt
r,,% cing ,Oir,; LI.,,l) I1 inl
,.r,:rd a l nnd --/ ,' /< i
P '" i'. : O; p ,.'er v i
i(' C. 1 It,"'/ in an c"...i;y t a
tic..] ,' t ',.eh, l ,,.\, M1r
:,I', h} ICLh i7,1

r :. /, .' / /n i} ,, **... ic-'3
C r .+ 1) _
e "v I; e 6 -. P.'s ,m
I t an ir,!!. i,'. C l,'
Jr.j v Le.ji .', .' : ", <,,i
I 3' n l \ 'r 3; t '. ". -. d k -'
"l'"'i ; .' 1 i 4i 11 "i11 IM y -1-
i iil.iL *'.* L A 1 1 'in r j:h rt
ha d h !i. L a ;c '

-* i -.d bi *i* i o ; !e- .l. k.i. puli m;.'-
o ''''. *he ia' kj I C
V. r, h h1'u ai bit flc'-

l'.! lie airensi'h tht.' v 'rr
I I 6
r ot, the gi .J i,:^III I
'* ; tii i. -n.I! '.* *''
i,': It~ it (!., x~l,: + I, t', .^.. ,
!:11' [',, hi ,)+: .' !,-,. i ',,' i Le J :"-. 1 ^ n

l i,. $:,. ,.- t : ,ii.: C i; h.' t.
ik r ih,iC1 \ 3.t+a .. ,, ,

-, 1 *I i i .: .; 1 i,, k ,

194 P',/la 7 Pi"iSl
down fjirs ,an like a
and iein I hils i iloicrs A
(which indecrI Ibe c.xpet
rn..king uOF.-, t fl ,illey w.
he niinehliiael) Ii ,,ui aft
cleal iLt ihe leI li 11ri Vad
foy nrjd'., dni,.l cal!inl oi0
ran-- dl .'I,< ,llairs,
metii ine ol in bicl
,but I lw.-air b[ ll A he liorrj
th!e infe, nil A,) f, hj; ihiN
m iile fiiall b. yoin Idfl '.,'
'iulil probably c been as
as his word ; bILut iuft as lie
\, iniil reach ol iiLni, dand th,
r,1ti';:l live of ,In, prey, hi
li'.dl.-rl l ,1tik to Vthtp gro0u-,
cejcll:al bong ,. hu fe naiilue
.,'1'., .. / p.'. andi who,
out htn V wiLh n adn.rnmtling

I y "- I--- <_; .7 ---- -*'. > :. t

t ,l' pil(rrn .,, Ii,.i' c .'r '
p I l or~nl rl.dw
ero-f.,-lu t I c...,' from h-.el.- i i .
P'lI ,lL'c grElin i h i! r'* .0
I'",' ,' ironic t!," l.)'. ". .. L
aculiding l. ddd,, viI j t ..
I' inig d .1.1 h kjl ,1' ',,1 j -" *" "i
'lhr h ,e;! jI'iae', \;'l.i.';i \ ,J.> '..t .. -
IF1 ~ii ~ti lii (1 fi WI ^ri. ~
II .il di~, %%.A L Ot,, r u.
j ,,l h k'j.pily t-1'Lip;.-. :n n":- i.
'Jl\ ,.' ",

= t .__ __ _. __ ._ .'. i

196 Chrifliu Pilgrim.
whom no moral power can4
fland, and who would ce
have devoured them if ihet
contintcd in the dungeon
hour or t, o longer, itchy hotl
upon thcin kri,,e,, and re.
their warmer and moil fubm
thanks to the gracious jnlluen
hea en. which h.jd iefcued9
Crom fuch an imminent da
W hen they tore up to go forwl
-" Stay, bruiother He.hI, /., ,/. ,, as 'e have been dele
ed i'n ruth an allorilhing man
i'ornm the % ery jaws of dellrut1
and have once mrtIe fet our.I
upon honeil ground, wve are o
edby all tie la,% s of gratiu fe,
humanity, tu ret uip a u earning p
For' the benefit ot fuccccdingj
grims." "Ihey accordingly loa
offthe branches of a uce w
flood cldofe to the lie, and td

Chrifliai Pilgrim. 197

lafleneI tn the trunk oi it a piece
1 parchrneni. whita Ikopef,/ I h ap .
Pened to hakc in h'is pockt, indl
upnn which C!',-.fl.onvwTe in large
charaFlers--" ,;'," t I's a't ur/J,d
vi,.' 1 av tj D,,:tti,; C6. j(/I.,
i .o"','.. t, t,-f.i fv C'.a'i De/pair. who
!d.'f.....'., t/,o. A'.,-" e/ Hv- Ci'fe l wl,,,
C.a,..",, u.r,-j /.', ",eflr.,o tIke ho-
V1 tiri/rnmi"-by which f'inadly

L .


1B C/ T.,'/a'" j' Pillm.
cr.Utin. mfny vhu followed
ef n. d ih,: daing-r.
l 'he then ,,nt on till thelicy
(" I.,,- D, Al., o un ta/io.wJ
brliog ;u 1ic LorIl Jf hlc Hill
t.l ',, n:ioned, ,,whofc lies ic
nirii-l|,.rri., with be2thl'il S'gard1
at, len-i Ic ineyvjrd,,anl lount4
0 i he pirell wavrr, f'om wli
liey pI,.rvifully refreth.-. i14
ic!',s. (il the tops of 4
mij'irradin, there wcrC (hepha
(?lrig Hckfloki ut whom
1'. '..,'", Al.u.t,: U,' were? 4
-i ,-e r
..... ,.e fh.:ep ,hinch fed'i

it .*a-Iff, -r to wih1J iI they 'L
ih ., 'n, .l. that ih;-' il mtnt .'ins w
F 7 ;. 1.' I .. 'c.and ,,i'lin fi.
n" rlie C -l: il ('i:. ; that
ii rp .. l'i. hi wit..h lie h d I
,r..',vn bin. IL, b:: hr.. ]

Chrf/lian Plritn. 19.
frnm nolicr mutual queflionni, 1the
fbfpheWrd,. whole nam.'s w -re
A ,,*,*l',... Kq xf',-,r.l,'e. fl'J'i.1 f "
ant *\.,,,, r, led ihem t ohelr t,.h,,,,
w:i-rL tl.'y not only crlt:_rit.wit 1
0,,-m %'\ith' kin.lnefs, but p.Illi I
lh-in I-) citiunue there awhile to
r- 'l:e of the abint-'t pleasures
0! ilir!e D fri/'a 1*1 "... ,',.7 .
H .I, in, ccn;i ,'-,l to, ill, Ic 'en-
her.,' r.'quefl. Chqtf,'a-7 m:d Ho,-
lul retired to re it. it bLin, late, and
in r',i morning walked '.', ii them
UIl!1 the inuIoIdains; they firtl
(h.: ,I-,i t'in in thl -to,'of an hill
(ill.,I l' ,rr, at lih' bottom of
W'hic h the, I'aw i er.dl mico dalll..A
If1 pi-t,' ; IiquiTimII the n'c.flI ,
')l lllt, tIht\ % t' erc t11 11cr 'l i oll
thnhI, nin n, conhding in o,, a
kn.,,iv-ltdg, 1hJ ventured too t1. i,
tl"n brink i-l thi'. mounita:J, ti.m
t.!'Rit eL i'vy hadiutmilcJhea'lon.

I-l- 1

and had continriiJid .cre uri
as a caution to othersers to av
fame fatal prefunij
T h e y t h e n i i i ok t h c m L
o[A,,i'rr moi'rirain, tihe nam
tlnich was Ca..'., ", ,t1 a difl|
iom"}ii, ,iLli,!lthi thaitr
perceived fevpi.-l r-c n- % alkik
erld down amp :g fc.Te tombs
which h they Ifrn-i:en-rilv Iliiai
and being -l!c t. uLM M
from a' iht",. The Iltnp
T es.'.L]'d rnhe Pli rr ,if Ihep
rotremarked, a in;ie helowi
mountains, a li!eh .,i led il
meadow on thc le(-!hand fide oi
N.ay; beingan,'ei 'ed in ilt afl
.'ive, they i:inurn.ed,
nrom that file iheie wia< a 1
'liich filed dircfitly o Doub
Cqy "', which "dis kr-pr Ei v o-ne
a!it Defp/air, ;n 1 i "i 'ihc.le i
taie on ce on ,iigrirr ge, till I

r-" w --

Cr: li/an Pl,/rim. 201
Sr\ve.! at that fame file. And hbe-.
ul' the righr wy appeared lathilier
rough in that plcc, thiLv turned
.Mil ul it irti, tIeIP ninado'w. '. here
l ri% ere taken I.k did l)'/iaiir,
in:' n nm n into D"ihli., ('u/i!,
'nreir hie k-p thc-ia lh:me in'e,.,rid
t1rcn pi iiu t-u ir t \ -<, and led
iiiu .i:nong ihor; tiiimbs, lere he
.hai lh Ithem t.* \,rnder ito ilhiis ve-
01) d .'. I t1. ihe id. in- n Ih ih' ife
main il\ he lulhillciled. ie that
',".< ti ,:/ .?l tie L.a j/ ,',ntier-
" ','. ...'. ,w,'iR ,tw 4't cw -re- i
4' ,' ., <, .
l1 '+ l 'Pirmlm hby lhis t1m ex-
Pr,-nig a d -{r a to proceed on tI Leir
Jil'triwy, the Iheplierds roiaJd l'i -i1
',IIm iin h -ni at a lie fI i t )iihens,
a*ii Iremm thcnce to the I)op ol .n
high hill called C.'ra?, and then g\ e
h1. a 1-*.-r..l; e gldks, thlougis

202 Chrjflian P..!,rim.
Which they had a difl.ant vi
the icates of the Celeflial city.%
Proceeding from the moutr
along the highway inwards t6h
they palTed a little crooked,
which led into the road from.
country pfConce-t. flre they
met by a fmartlad of that cont
whofe name was Iroraice, i
informed them, iltUit he alfo'
going to the Ceielital civ ;
converting with him, they tl
that his expeiatiic.'n ol reach
were exceedingly irrational
al'urd, and that he was inorc
a very obflinate and cnriceited
comib. ,
They thcrcf,'releft him and
(in their wi;,. ill ihey came
road thatran in ,1, iret line
the one they we!,, thln goini;g,
fomuch, that ice \were pau.
Inch of the two to tLke, andi

Chriflian P/grim. 203
qy flood fill considering about
e matter, a black man co ered
'th a verj white robe came up to
lern. and alked why they flood
here They replied, they were
Ioirg to ihe Ct-leial City, but
re at a lofs which of the two
't.s before them to take. He
en drcired them to follow him,
or h.: was going thither himnfelf;
itye- wentr with him, and, byde-
'ep 'were led inio a road, which
trrie, them directly from the cin,
atld at I ill, before they were aware
oV. they were encompaffed N:ith
'aiet, in which they were fo entan.
tled, that they could not extricate
themf.i-lvcs, and then the white ,
'ftbt- icll from the back of thebl-ick
ST'L.-v then perceived the error
into whuch they had been betrayed.
Old that the ierfon who had thiiu,

2o4 Chr.flian Pilgrim. '
mifled them was a Flatterer,
whom the flhepherds had cauq
them. at their departure fro
D,/iet~ai','r o ,,tatjts ; tbm]y
recrlleied ,hit. at the fa.Uic
they received directions for!
journey, whilih ihey likewif.
got tuloIk imo. While il
lamenting the unhappy fit
into which they had thus i
through hihir inattention and",.
getfulnek., Ithey bferved a 1
in Ihining apparel, with a
L whip in his hind cunin to1
Stem. W'h iih lot cnme up to
he, inquired \hotl ihey,' wanted
trom whenice the\ cane. AnI
o in hearing that thie% i ere poor
g irms going 1) Z ,.'. bit had t
i,:d out of th>:r isv .s" a black.
i clothed in white, lie told thetW
they had been nulled by A F
Ser fi he rent ihe neti ard let-

Ckr.{,/an Pilgrim. 205
t, and bidding them follow him,
led them back i4to tIe right
dl. Hle then inquired whtie
y had lept the preceding bright ;
chvy tuld him, wvith the Ihepheirds
ithe Deldetlable Meuntali. Up-
Swhich he alked, ifthey had no-
e,\nd of the Ihepherds a drfec-
OR lr their wa'. they acknotl-
ged that they had, but hlad turgot
look at at it; he then coiretled
em tor their negligence and for-
tllnefs,and di (milled them, with
Particular charge to pay a proper
erition to the other diretiition%,
which they hid received troin the
epherds. Having thanked hint
pr hik kindness, they proceeded a-
ini the right way,and in a Ithurt
'me they perceived a man cO.mingt
rieet them,with his back turned
ltzards Z, n. The name otf thi,
lerfon w-iAzte/,iwho,hupon !'r.


206 Chia,,ilan PigrIOL '
ing that tiey were going ii&
Zzon, burl in to a mofl vio '
Lughier, rid by reprrenti
J-oUirLey as a mull riditu
Quixotic undri raking, en
to prev.ail on "-,m to d.fio
going adly tarl licr.-But
aware that ihbis mnian alf 1
of the I'ju iYl 'e .nd ihCr..B
jefied hi d l& ice, and weoalt.
til thile) (.ire it a tL un( ry,,li
Sf which h.,d Ii uatlnra-l a tLe.'.U1i
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