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Third Annual Nurses' Pinning Ceremony


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Third Annual Nurses' Pinning Ceremony
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Annual nurses pinning ceremony
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5 p. ; 22 cm.
The College of the Bahamas. School of Nursing & Allied Health Professions
The College of the Bahamas
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Nassau, Bahamas
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Nursing -- Bahamas -- History   ( lcsh )
Commencement exercises -- Bahamas -- Nursing   ( lcsh )
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School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions
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Held Wednesday, 23rd May 2007 at the Bahamas Communications & Public Officers Union Hall, Farrington Road, Nassau, Bahamas.

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Hilda Bowen Library
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Hilda Bowen Library
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THE COLLEGE OF THE BAHAMAS School of Nursing & Allied Health Professions Third Annual Nurses Pinning Ceremony B a hama s C ommunic at i ons & Pub lic Office r s Union Hall Farri n gton Road W ed n esday 23r d M a y 2007 7 :00 p m


About Our Keynote Speaker ... MARY L. JOHNSON, DIRECTOR OF NURSING Our keynote speake r is an extraordinary Bahamian member of the nursing profession, whose many contributions to the development of nursing in The Bahamas and nursing standards have been recogn ized at home an abroad. A native o f Fox H ill, Nassau, Bahamas, Ms Mary Johnson is the third daug hter of the late John and Lill ian Johnson She was educated at the Sand i lands Primary Sch ool and the Government H i g h School. Ms Johnson is a State Registered Nurse (Broad g r een Hospital Liverpooll and M i dw i fe (Northern General Hospital Sheffield(. She also has a B. Sc. Nursing and an MA in Rehabilitat ion and Counselling from the University of South Florida. In 1960 at the age of seventeen. she began nurse t r aining at the Princess Margaret Hospital and in 1963 was the f irst nurse to complete the General Nursing Programme i n three years (previously four years long I. She was one of the f i rst two Bahamian nurses to be deployed as Clin i cal Teachers at the Princess Margaret Hospital in 1968, and the first Baham i an female nurse to obtain post basic certification in Psych iatri c Nursing in 1969. She was subsequently granted a PAHO fellowship to complete the Advanced Nursing E ducat ion Certif i cate Programme at the University of the West Ind i es i n 1972 Thi s tra i ning equipped her to become the first Bahamian Psychiatric Nurse Tutor, enabling her to have a major i mpact on the deve l opment of Psychiatr i c Nursi ng i n The Bahamas Ms Johnson served as Nurse Educator in the Bahamas School of Nursing for twelve years and then as a part-t i me lecturer when the programme was transferred to the College of The Bahamas in 1983. In 1973/4 she chaired the com mi ttee to develop and later coordinated the Post Basic Psych iatri c Nursing Programme for Trained Clinical Nurses and the programme for Registered Nurses which commenced in 1983 From 1989-1994, she served as Principal Nursi ng Off icer at Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre. where J u ne 25, 1992 was des i gnated as Mary Johnson Day" in apprec i at i on of her outstand i ng c ontribution to geriatric nursing care at the centre. Ms Johnson was appointed Director of Nursing i n 1994. Notable developments i n nursing and nursing education during her tenure include establishment of the Nu r s i ng Cadet Programme in 1996 to assist in recruiting candidates for direct entry into the Nursing Programme, estab l ishment of the Nursing Research Unit in 1999, introduction o f the Nursing Precepto r -sh i p P r ogramme to mentor nursing students, interns and new graduate nurses assigned to the clinical areas and agenc i es of the Ministry of Health and Public Hospitals Author i ty November 2001 saw the launch of the "Future Nurses of The Bah amas" programme targeti n g students in grades 5-9. As D i rector o f Nursing, Ms Johnson u ses every opportunity to enco u rage and empowe r n u rses to always strive for excellence in all aspects o f the i r prac t ice. In 1997, a retreat for Sen ior Nu r s ing Personnel a n d Un i t Manage r s was held w ith a focus o n a new perspect ive to decis i o n making by empower i ng n u rses to th ink outs i de o f t h e box. The National Nu r se of Th e Year competi t i o n was es tablished i n 2002 Emanat i ng from the 2002 ret reat was the fo r mation of a Nurs i ng Task Force which was launched o n J anuary 31, 2003 together w i th a Coalit ion for Change a n d 100 -0ay Challenge when the Director charged nurses to spare no effort i n making cha n g e s that are necessary i n t h eir a r eas of wo r k to enhance the q u ality of care and serv ice d e l i v ered to c li ents Ms Jo h nson s contributions also inclu de Registrar of the Nursing Coun c i l of The Bahamas 1197 7-1979) and member of t h e fol lowi ng bodi es : Nat i o n a l Dru g Counc i l [1983). the Educatio n and Exami n ations Com m ittee s of The Nursing Counci l the Nursing Council, the Bahamas Mental Health Association and the Bahamas Counc i l o n A l cohol i sm and is Director of the Bahamas Council for the Hand i capped She was also a member of the Min istry of Health s Board of Examine r s for many years. She has partic i pated in numerous training programmes for nurses, focus i n g on the Psych iatric Nu r s i ng component in all of the bas ic a n d post basic programmes and the psychological aspec t s o f cari ng for persons suffe r i n g from HIV/Aids Recently, as Director of Nursing, she c oord inated a comm i ttee to r eview th e s taffi n g and training needs o f n u rses the report of wh i c h has r ecently been presented. Ms Johnson has received nume r ous a w a r ds and recognit i ons i nclud i ng : Selected by Nu r ses Association o f t h e Bah amas as a nationa l cand i date for the 3-M International Counci l of Nurses Fellowship Programme i n 1 982 Honoured by the Ministry of Health i n 1997 f o r thirty five year s of ded i cated service Inducted i nto S i gma Theta Tau Int e rn at i onal at the Uni vers i ty of T h e West Indies i n 1997 Named a Health H ero by PAHO and M i n istry of Health in 1998 Josiah Aw a r d r ec i pient as outstanding Fox Hillian in 2002 Outstand in g Mother award by M i ssion Bapt ist Church in 2003 Board membe r of the CW.Saunders Baptist H i gh School. Ms Johnson i s a n active member o f h e r community and the Macedonia Bap tist Church. She se r ves a s o r ganist, Sunday school teac h e r choir member and C h u r c h Council member. She enj oys singing, playing the p i a n o organ, trombone and hand bells as well as read i n g walki ng and traveling Ms Johnson is the proud mother of one s on. J a son.


The College of The Bahamas 30th Commencement Nurses Pinning Ceremony May23, 2007 Message from the President What a wonderful day this is for you our nursing professionals and your allied health peers. This day marks an important milestone on your career JOurney. Coming at the end of a challenging period of study and clinical training, it represents a victory. When commonsense and every fibre of your being dictated that you turn back, you forged ahead and completed your course I commend your fortitude and your choice of a deeply rewarding and Life-affirming vocation. I encourage you to think deeply of the words of the Nurses Pledge when you say them today. Think of how special your calling makes you. Think of how essential you will be to those who will need from you all the caring and concern for other human beings that the Pledge impl ies Think that you are inheritors of the mantle o f service from such l e gendary and utte rly selfless practitioners as Florence Nightingale and another great heroine of the Crimea n War Mary Seacole a West Indian woman Let the words be more than words easily spoken and easily discarded Instead, let them be a compass by which you orient each step you make in the exercise of your professional skills. Let the ambitions that brought you to The College drive you to continue to learn and to train throughout your career. Pledge to write your name in the history of Bahamian health c are as have women of the committed character of Hilda Bowen, lronaca Morris Bak e r our Ernestine Douglas who spent four decades in nursing and the nurse educators, who have so competently aided you along your chosen path I laud them all and your familie s and friends and donors who have supported you Your alma mater salutes you and shares in your joy May your joy continue beyond this ceremony and throughout your Life. Janyne M. Hodder


THE COLLEGE OF THE BAHAMAS SCHOOL OF NURSING AND ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSIONS THIRD ANNUAL NURSES PINNING CEREMONY MISTRESS OF CEREMONIES Ms Leah Rolle Lecturer, School of Nursing & Allied Health Professions (SNAHP) Processional The College of The Bahamas (COB) Concert Band Mr Christian Justilien, Director National Anthem COB Concert Band Invocation Mrs Patricia Miller-Brown Head of Department, SNAHP Welcome Address Mrs Laura Knowles Chairperson, SNAHP Introduction of President Dr Rhonda Chipman-Johnson Executive Vice-President VP Academic Affairs Remarks Ms Janyne M Hodder, President Musical Selection COB Concert Band Introduction of Speaker Mrs Lindel Deveaux-Stuart Assistant Professor, SNAHP Address to Graduands Ms Mary Johnson Director of Nursing, Ministry of Health Musical Tribute to Graduands Ms Dominique Rox Graduand Pinning of Graduands Mrs Laura Knowles Chairperson, SNAHP Mrs Faye Johnson Coordinator, Trained Clinical Nursing Programme Ms Doreen Butler Coordinator, Internship Programme Mrs Theresa Moxey-Adderley Coordinator, RN-BSN Programme Ms Shirley Curtis Coordinator, Midwifery Programme Nurses' Pledge Graduands Presentations Graduands Vote of Thanks Ms Shazara Ferguson Graduand Closing Remarks Dr Kathleen Sullivan-Sealey Dean, Faculty Pure and Applied Sciences Recessional COB Concert Band


GRADUANDS SCHOOL OF NURSING & ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSIONS BACHELOR OF SCIENCE DEGREE Nurs ing BUTLER Gena J. DEAN, Coral E. FERNAN DER-ROLLE. Jen J. -JEAN-LOUIS, Jacqueline JOHNSON, Rosa L. PINDER, Monique P. ROLLE, Lakerah L. RAHMING, Mavis E WOOD, Tamica L. ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE DEGREE Nursing BAIN, Nicole L. Calyne BOWE, Opal N BROWN, Philecia K.A. BROWN, Shakera BURROWS, Joyann M CHRISTIE, Georgette L. CLARKE Keron E CLARKE, Simone S COLEBY, Le n noshka J CONLIFFE Nive e n S DAVIS, Linnessa L. DILLON, Reckell V DUCATEL, Judy ELDON, Renee A FERGUSON, Nyoka L. FERGUSON, Shazarah K. FORBES, Philippa 0. GOFFE, Gaynell HARRIS, Kim M HEPBURN, Tiffany T. HUNT, Phylicia L. JOHNSON, Glenn I LEWIS, Shonell N LAING, Sharanna L. LONGLEY, Winifred MAJOR, Latoya L. MAJOR, Samantha A MAYNARD, Robertha R. MCCOY, Joyann MCINTOSH, Bar cia W. MORLEY, Frances M MORTIMER Jasm i n S MOXEY, Shan t e l R. MUNNINGS, N i kisha S NEILLY, Jeniese M PRATT, Kristy L. REID, Khaula F SEARS, Anishka C. ROLLE, Gwendolyn P. ROLLE, Rogann R. SHAWSMITH-BURROWS, Roxan S STUBBS, Davette L. STUBBS Kimb erley L.N STURRUP, Natera L. TAYLOR. She i kadena S.C. THOMAS, Carnell E THOMAS, Tanya S. WILLIAMS Carla D DIPLOMA Midwifery BASTIAN, Lisa C BODIE, Audrey A. BOWLEG, Patrice J BROWN, Janice M. COLEBROOKE, Hollyann P CORNISH, Charmaine A. GLINTON, Lavette E. KEMP, Beverly KNOWLES Patrice 0. MARTIN, Lucy L. MILLER, Youlander B. MILLS, Fredamae NEWMAN Marcia L. POITIER Eldora E. ROLLE Aleta R. ROX, Dominique E. ROXBURY, Coral D. SEYMOUR, Vanessa A SMITH, Marilyn S. SWAIN, Dora A WILLIAMS, Trineka M. CERTIFICATE Environmental Health ANDREWS, Marguerite M. ARMBRISTER. Lena M. DEAN, Delphine V. KNOWLES, Sandra A NAIRN Miriam L SARGENT Monique B. STUBBS, Judymae A Trained Clinical Nurse BAIN Li s a D. BROWN, Geniece A. BRYAN, Shantell N CARTWRIGHT Louise A CLARKE. Ivy l.T. CLARKE. Melvenia M CLEARE, Deon C. COOPER, Ruthnell CULMER Isabel DEVEAUX De-Alton FARRINGTON, Shantell C. FORBES, Clinton HALL, Paula M HUMES, Erica J JOSEY, Nakira KEMP, Valencia E LAING, Christine Rosenell LYNES, Nicholia H. MAJOR, Candace V. MCCOY, Portia D MCCLURE, Sharon A MCINTOSH, Michelle L. MILLS Paula M MOREE, Andrea A MORRISON, Barbara MORRIS, Cynthia NEWBOLD, Ethel L. PEDICAN, Gwendolyn L. RAHMING Theadora L. ROLLE, Ericka M.R RUSSELL Therese D SMITH, Erica S SMITH, Necola M. ST. JEAN, Aretha M STRACHAN, Michelle STUBBS, Jennifer L. TAYLOR, Tracie WILLIAMS, Pandora V RECOGNITION OF NURSING I ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSIONALS Clinical Nursing Programme Eserine Rolle Surgical Area I, Princess Margaret Hospital IPMH) Anne Braithwaite, Gynae Ward, PMH Associate of Science Degree Programme Donalee Curry, Medical Area, PMH Ruthmae Elliott, Surgical Area I, PMH RN/BSN Programme Jacqueline Rahming, Phys i otherapy Department Sandilands Rehabilitation Center Midwifery Programme Andrea Nottage, Post Ward, PMH Sheena Woodside, Labour Ward, PMH

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