Funeral booklet for Michelle Marie Wright Bullard


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Funeral booklet for Michelle Marie Wright Bullard
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9 p. ; ill. ; 28 cm.
Bullard, Michelle Marie Wright, 1964-2003
Bethel Brothers Morticians
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Nassau, Bahamas
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Nurses -- Bahamas -- Biography   ( lcsh )
individual biography   ( marcgt )
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Service held at Kemp Road Union Baptist Church, Saturday October 11th, 2003

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Hilda Bowen Library
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Hilda Bowen Library
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QI:eIebrationofm:bank.\)gibingjfor'atbeJLifel!f)f.micbclle.marie WrigbtBorn:January5th,1964 Died: September 29th,2003 Age: 39 yrsHOLtBIBJ.[-f----f--ServiceHeld AtKemp Road Union BaptistChurchKempRoadSaturdayOctober 11th, 2003at1:00 pmOfficiatingOverseer Brain D. MooreAssistedBy:Pastor: Ivan Rolle OTHER MINISTER OF RELIGIONInterment:WOODLAWN GARDENSSoldier Road


Home Going ServiceForTheLifeofTheLateMichelleMariaWright.Bullard1964-2003


of",erbicePartingView_ :FamilyOpeningSentence ModeratorPastorIvanRolleHymn ".IShallKnowHimPrayerBro.BertramSv.eetingFirstReading .Jeremiah18:1-6Ms.LouiseYoune:Selection "..,."".",.,,,,..,BahantasPublicOfficersChoirAsIKnewHer,,,, "MelvemSymonetteKarolMackeyHymn,,HallelujahSideCondolencesRepresentative-SouthBeachClinicNursingOfficerMaternityWardChristianGospelMinistriesNewTeastamentReading 1Cor.IS:SO-S8JennaineDavisObituary ,, ,Mrs.ElichamacLunnselection;rJf:.ChristianGospelMinistries....BrianD.MooreRecessionalGladReunionDay.


ATIMETOBORNOnSth January 1964 a beautifulbabygirlwasbomtoPandora Bannister and Elgin Wright. She"lasgiven the name Maria Michelle Wright.A TIMETOLEARNShelly as she was affcetionatcly called receivedherearly educationatMr. Rigby's Preschool andNaomiBlatch Primary. She continuedherSecondary Education attheS.C. McPherson and the A.F.Adderley SeniorHighSchools respectively.--./'A TIMETOWORKShelly's love and caring spirit droveherto what became a career for her.InOctober1981shejoinedthe staffofThe Princess Margaret Hospital as a Clinical Nurse, being ambitious and wanting to excel inhercareertwoandonehalfyears later she was acceptedintothe Registered Nurse Program.Fourandonehalfyears later she graduated as a Trained Registered NurselM"idwife. Michelle loved nursingandremainedinthis profession until the timeofherdemise.A TIMETOLOVEIn1985 she metandfeUin lovewithStafford Bullard.InJuneof1987 themoowere unitedinHoly Matrimony. This romance lasted twelveyean.OnAugust 5th, 1999 Stafford predeceasedherand ,vent from labor to reward. After the deathofStafford, Michelle diligently began \\'Orkingtobuild uptheKingdomofGod hereonearth. She worked within the Missionary department as the yOWlgest Missionary-called MinisterofThe Christian Gospel Ministries.Withinthe past four years Michelle has managedtowear 'a lotofcaps',aUofwhich she has managedtowear ",ith'7heSpiritofExcellence",Herpositions included: SundaySchool Teacher; Assistant Sunday School Superintendent; bible Study Teacher and lastly,Church'sTreasurer, During her Thursday night bible study teachings a hunger was birth within the people toknowmore and be taught moreofthe WordofGod. Michelle was a wonderful mother who taught and prayed,\ithand forherchildren,Shewould be missedbyherfamily, asshewasknO\\TIto bethecounselor, and the familymemberthat brought balance to the family as the voiceofreason.,JJ


)JATIMETODIEOn Friday 19th September 2003 Michelle was admitted into the Princess Margaret Hospital after battling colon Cancer for sometime.OnMonday 29th September 2003 at approximately six (6:00) p.m. her Creator calledherfight,''finished'' and announced herthe"Victor", Michelle stoodashe proclaimed to her, ''You havefought agoodfight, youhivekeptthefaith,andhave fmished your course. Henceforth,hereis your Crownofriahteousness'''Lefttocelebrate her life and memories are: her Mother, Pandora Bannister; Father, Eisin Wright;twosons, Larado Evans and Mikyle Bullard; six sisten: Theresa Cooper. Theadora Wright, Maretta Moss, Kathrina White, Elvem Wright, and LuedcU Gardiner; three brothen: PastorDwayneWright, Scan Gordon, and Terrance Wright; Grand Mother: Magnolia Wright; Aunts: Cora McKenzie,YVOMCBannister, Louise Young, Janet King, Gertrude Foumillier, LeastiDe Bastian, Deborah Outten., Menett Russell, Arilee Martin, Sheila Minns; Uncles: Prince, George, Shannon and James Bannister; Mother-in-law: Rhoda Bullard; Sisters-in-law: Dale Wright, Jocelyn Smith and Barbaralyn Bullard; Brothenin-Iaw, Juan Moss, Michael White and Shorn Gardiner Sr.; Nieces:Dwanae,DarrieDandTemaaWright, Juandea and Briana Moss, Keisha White, ShorndeU and ShomcreGardiner;Nephe\\'l: AmielC.Cooper,OiNajio Moss, Shorn Gardiner Jr., Shevcl1 While; StepMother: Shirley Wright and a hostofother relatives and friends including: Craig Hanna, SamanthaandTelethia Mackey, Merlene Smith, Mavis Wilchombe, Myrtis Clarke, Marion PetitFrere, Patricia Brown, Jennymae Ferguson, Melvern Symonette, Karol Mackey, ElicheimacLunD,IrisDeton; Sherlene Rolle, Stephanie B8IUlister, Wealthy Bannister, Michael Young,andJohnRodriguez.The Officers and MembersofChristian Gospel Ministries; The StaffofMaternityandPrivate Surgical WardsofThe Princess Margaret Hospital; The South Beach ClinicandtheStaffofthe Oncology departmentofthe Princess Margaret HospitalRomans8: 35-39Whosha// separateusfrom the love 01 Christ? Shall tribulation,ordistress, or persecution;orfamine, or nakedness, or peril or sword?Asitis written,lorthy sakeweareki//ed all the daylong;weareaccountedassheep for the slaughter.Nay,inall these thingsweare more than conquerors through him that loveus.For I am persuaded that neither death, norlife,nor angels, nor principalities, nor power, nor things present, nor things10come' Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature shall be abletoseparate us from the love 01God,which isinChrist Jesus our Lord-


I ShallKnowHimWhenmylife,,"uricisended.and1crosstheswellingtide, When the brightandgloriousmorning1shall see;Ishan knowmyredeemer whenIreach the otherllUde,AndHis smilewillbetheflI'Sttowelcomeme.Chom.I shallknowHim,IshallknowHim,A3redeemdbyHissideI5ha1Istand,Ishall knowHim. Ishall knowHIm.By the printofthenailsinHitbandOll,the soulthrillingrapture whenIview His blessedface.AndthelustreofHiskindlybeamingeye;Howmyfull heart v.illprai!CHimfor andgrace.That preparesmeforamansioninthesky.Therewill bea happy meetinginHeaven I know\Vhenwe see themanyloved one's we'\'e knownherebelowGatheronthe blessed hilltop v.ith hearts all aglow Thatwillbe a glad reunion dayCho=:Gladday.awonderfulday.GladdaysIoriousday,Therewithallthe Holy angelsandloved ones to stay. Thatwillbea glad reunion day. Therewithinthe Holy City we'll singandrejoice,PraisingChristtheblessedSavioW"withheartandwithvoice, TellHimhowwecame to lo\'eHimandmakeHimoW"choice,TheHalleluJahSideOnce forasinner farfromJesus,Iwasperishingfrom cold: But the blessedSavioW"heardmewhenIcried. Then He threw His robe around me,AndHe ledmeto His fold,Andrmlivingonthe Hallelujah side.Ch",,,Oh. Glorybeto Jesus! Let the hallelujah roll, Help me ring the Saviour's praises far and wide, ForI'veopened up towed heavenallthe windowsofmysoul,Andrmlivingonthe hallelujah side. Tho'theworld may sweep aroudmewith her dazzle and her dreams,YetIenvy no her vanities amd pride. For my soul looks up10heaven where the golden sunlight gleams.,AndI.m livingonthehallelujah side.Notforallearth'. golden millions wouldIleave this precious place, Tho' the tempter tp persuade me oft has tried; ForI'msafeinGod's pavilion, happyinhis love andll"''''.And,rmliving on the hallelujah side. Here theSWIis always shining. here the sky is always bright. Tos no place for gloomy christians to abide; For my soul is filled with music amd my heart with great delight,And.Ilivingonthe hallelujah side.Anduponthestreetsofglory, when \\'e reach the other shore, And have safely cross the Jordan's rolling tide;Youwillfmd me shouting Gloryjustoutside mymansion door,Wherermlivingonthe hallelujah side.




EDNEY JOSEPH SHANNON BANNISTER JAMES BANNISTEREDWARD COOPER RONDINO DEAN NESBIT FERGUSO DWAYNE WRIGHT SEAN GORDONCRAIGHAALARADO EVANS AMIEL COOPER PRINCE BANNISTER::&tknol:ulellgementSpecialtlrankstotireMatemityWard,SoutlrBeaclrClinic,TireNurses fromOncologyClinic,TireClrristianGospelClrurclrFamily,Ms.Melvern Symonette,ElicllUmaeLunn,CarolMackey,and allwllOIravemade our timeofsorroweasiertobear.Foryour prayers, expressions,sympatlry,VisitationandTangiblewaysinwlJiclryouslrowedusIrowmuclryoucared.MayGodblessingseverrestuponyou.TlrankYou.BETHEL BROTHER MORTICIANSPhone:322-4433NassauSt.P.O.BoxN1026DesignbyDivis&Co.Phone: 558 4725


FatherAlongTemptedand tried,we'reaftmadetowonderWhy it should be thus alltheday long, While there are others livingaboutus,Nevermolested th;o inthewrongCHOROUSFather along,we'llknowallaboutit,Fatheralong, we'll understandwhy,Cheerupmy brother, liveinthesunshineWe'llunderstand it all byandby. Whendeathhas come andtakenoutloveonesItleavesourhomessolonely and drear,Thendowewonderwhyothersprosper, Livingsowicked yearafteryear, Faithfultodeath saidourloving master, A fewmoresdaystolabourandwait, Toilsoftheroad will seemasnothing,Aswesweepthruthebeautiful gatesWhenwesee Jesus coming in glory, WhenHecomes from thathomeinthesky,Thenweshall meetHiminthatbright mansionWe'llunderstand it all byandbyCITYOFGOLDThere'sa cityoflightWheretherecometh no night Tis a cityofbeauty untold; All my treasuresarethereandits beautyI'llshare When Igettothat cityofGoldWhenI leave all troubleandcare, Iwillsaygoodmorningupthere, I will havegreatgladness untold,WhenIgettothatcityofgold,There'snosorrowupthere inthatcity soIfair Andnosickness canenterI'mtold Shadows all will have flown I will meetmendsI'veknown. Whenwegettothat cityofgoldWon'tyougotherewithmetothehomeofthefree, Would you seeheaven'sbeauty unfold?Ifyou willcomealong,wewill sing heaven songWhenwegettothat cityofgoldIT'SALLRIGHTNOWTherewas a time I travel a lonely sinful road, Beneath a heavy burden bending low,Butnow all thingsaredifferent, for Jesustookmy load,It'sall right now;I'mHis I know.It'sall right now, for Iamin mysaviour'scare,It'sall right now; my Saviour hears and answersHe'llwalk beside me till I climbtheheavenlystair,And evetything is all right now.A-downalonely pathway withoutamendtoguide. I walk.insinandsorrowall alone,TillJesuscameand found me anddrewmetohis side,It'sall right now, forI'mhis own.NomoreinSlnI wander, nomorein darkness roaIIl,TheLordhas place my feetonhigher ground.EachdaynewheightsI'mgaining. my soul is nearing home,