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Bird's eye view of nurses footprints


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Bird's eye view of nurses footprints Bahamas up to 1983 plus
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33 p. : chiefly ill. ; 28 cm.
Bowen, Hilda V., 1923-2002
Hilda V. Bowen
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Nassau, Bahamas
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Nursing -- Bahamas -- History   ( lcsh )
Nurses -- Bahamas -- Biography
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Hilda V. Bowen

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College of the Bahamas, Nassau
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College of the Bahamas, Nassau
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BIRD'S EYE VIEW of NURSES BAHAMAS up to 1983 plus by Hilda. V. Bowen M.B.E. 3o.o0


Dedicated to My Mother JESTINA MADORA BOWEN, nee JOHNSON Born: December 6, 1894 Died: December 10, 1960


INTRODUCTION Because of the role played by me in the development of nursing in my country from 1945 to 1983, I felt obligated to leave something which I call "Nurses' Footprints". In order that it would be meaningful, I have invited three other Bahamians to join me in the production. It is scheduled for 12th October, 1992, my 69th birthday. Mrs. Patricia Isaacs Dr. Michael Gerassimos Dr. Francis Adderley


The History of the Bahamas dates back to 1492, the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus. The inhabitants prior to that time were Caribs Nursing history therefore goes beyond 1492 \ as we believe that nursing goes together with the be ginning of human life, as the sick were not neglected. The history of nursing in the Bahamas followed the pattern of the earlier days of nursing in Europe due to the influences of Spain, England and America. In Europe nursing was inseparable from the Christian Church. Records of slaves in the Bahamas during this era indicate that there were at least two nurses among the population. Slaves. Vendue House, Bay Street. In 1809 by a local Act the Bahamas General Hospital was established on the island of New Provi dence for the infirm, poor. Victoria Jubilee Infirmary. 2 THE ENTIRE staff of the Bahamas General Hospital in 1929 is pictured outside the building which has since been torn down. In those days, the Government gave each student nurse a pair of tennis shoes every six months. Includes Joe Dean, Percival Wilkinson, Cleve land Reeves -grandfather of Dr. Patricia Rodgers and Dr. Jonathan Rodgers, Norman Rahming, Nurse Tyler, Nurse Whitney Powell, Dr. Joe Albury and Dr. Culmer. In commemoration of Her Majesty's Jubilee, the cornerstone of a new :iospital was called the "Victo ria Jubilee Infirmary"; laid on the 21st June, 1887, by Governor Blake, in the presence of a very large assemblage of people, and The Victoria Jubilee Infirmary, as it is now called was opened by Sir Am brose Shea, K.C.M.G. on the 20th June, 1893. On Coronation Day 1897 the cornerstone of the new male lunatic ward was laid by Sir William F. Haynes Smith, K.C.M.G. then Governor of the Colo ny. This fine building was erected as a Memorial of the Diamond Jubilees of Her late Majesty Queen Vic toria. It is a substantial and comfortable edifice and occupied one of the finest sites in the island. The ward was occupied for the first time in June. -New ward, built 1922, Private Patients Ward. -


In addition to the buildings mentioned above, the 1926 records indicate that the Alexandra Hospital was built in 1902, as an Infirmary and the Private Patients Ward was erected in 1922, consisted of six rooms. Other buildings in the hospital compound were headquarters for the Resident Surgeons, Superinten-Surgeon's Resident. BAHAMAS GENERAUPRINCESS MARGARET HOSPITAL In 1947, patients of the Bahamas General Hospital were moved to Prospect Ridge (R.A.F.) Hospital while the building of the new Hospital, now the P.M.H. was being carried out. dent and Nurses, a leper ward and a bacteriological laboratory. During the fifties the nurses homes were named after five of the Matrons who had served eg. Jacob Male Nurses Home, Blake, Baines, Bachelor and Dane. Baines and Bachelor's Homes still stands within the Hospital compound. Baine's Home, reopened by Matron Baines in 1959. Bahamas General Hospital was renamed Princess Margaret Hospital in 1955 when visited by Princess Margaret. 3


MIDWIVES THE STATUTE LAW OF THE BAHAMA ISLANDS 17991965 VOLUMEV CHAPTER 212 MIDWIVES AN ACT FOR THE REGISTRATION OF MIDWIVES [6th May, 1926] 1. This Act may be cited as The Midwives Act. 2. In this Act unless the context otherwise requires "board" means the board of examiners appointed in accordance with the provisions of this Act; "midwife" means a person who for pecuniary gain or other valuable consideration attends or attempts to attend or holds herself out as qual ified to attend to women in childbirth or any of the complications of pregnancy; "Minister" means the Minister charged with the re sponsibility for the administration of this Act. 3.-(1) The Governor may appoint boards to examine as to their knowledge and competency persons de sirous of acting as midwives (2) A board shall consist of two registered medical practitioners. (3) Where any member of a board is not a Government medical officer, such member shall be entitled to receive the sum of one guinea for the examination of each applicant. 4. No person may act as a midwife within those parts of the Colony to which this Act extends without being registered under this Act. 5. Every applicant to be registered as a midwife shall apply in writing to the Minister who shall there-4 after arrange for the examination of the applicant. 6. Every applicant shall be examined by a board and if the board is satisfied as to her fitness to practise as a midwife. The board shall issue to her a certificate in the form A set out in the Schedule to this Act and shall transmit a copy of the certificate to the Minister. 7. Where any person resident in an Out Island is recommended by the commissioner of the district in which she resides as being a person fit to practise as a midwife and such person is approved of by the Chief Medical Officer, the Governor may order the grant to such person of a licence to practise as a midwife for the district to be specified in such licence and such licence, which shall be in the form B prescribed in the Schedule to this Act, shall accordingly be issued by the Minister. 8. The Minister shall keep a register in which shall be entered the names and addresses of all persons to whom certificates or licences have been issued under this Act. 9. There shall be published in the Gazette in the month of January in each year the names of all persons together with their respective addresses to whom certif icates or licences have been issued under this Act and whose names still appear on the register. 10. Any person who acts as a midwife contrary to the provisions of this Act shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine of fifty pounds or to imprisonment for six months. (Continued on next page)


(Continued from previous page) 11.-( 1) Every registered medical practitioner and every coroner shall inform the Minister in every instance where, in his opinion any person registered under this Act has become incapable of acting, or is from negligence, age or any other cause unfit to act, as a midwife and on due cause shown it shall be lawful for the Minister to cause the certificate of licence issued to such person to be cancelled and her name to be removed from the register. (2l The Minister shall remove from the register the name of any person who he is satisfied is dead. 12. In any proceedings for an offence against the provisions of this Act, in which it is necessary to prove that any person is not registered under this Act, such person shall be deemed to be not registered until the contrary is shown. 13. Nothing in section 4 of this Act shall be construed to apply to any registered medical practitioner. 14. All expenses incurred in carrying out the provisions of this Act shall be paid out of the Treasury by warrant in the usual manner. 15.-( 1) This Act shall apply only to New Provi dence. (2) The prov1s10ns of this Act may be extended to such settlements of an Out Island as the Governor may on petition from the inhabitants of such settlement extend it by Order, and thereafter it shall come into force date as may be fixed in the same or any other Order. SCHEDULE. FORM A. The Midwives Act. CERTIFICATE to act as a midwife. Nassau, New Providence. (date) We hereby certify that of having this day been examined by the examining board is considered fit tc act as a midwife. Members, Examining Board. FORM B. The Midwives Act. LICENCE to act as a midwife. Nassau, New Providence, I hereby certify that (date) of has been granted a licence to act as a midwife within the area or district herein set out, namely, Minister * * * The respunsibility uf entering n

I NAME Adderley, Rosalie Antribose, Emily Anderson, Lillian Archer, Clotilda Adderley, Celeste Albury, Julia Arnett, Mary Alleyne. Dorris E. Albury, Alberta N. Amoury, S. K. Aldridge, P. D. Armbrister, Mary Allen, Vernelle T. Arthur, Marie OFFICIAL GAZE'ITE MIDWIVES' REGISTER FOR YEAR ENDING DECEMBER, 1964 ADDRESS A Morrison Fox Hill, Nassau Culmer Lewis Street, Nassau Goddard Canaan Lane, Nassau Butler Marsh Harbour, Abaco Deans, Long Island Nassau San Salvador Patton Nassau Bethel Nassau Watson Nassau U.K. McQuay Nassau U.K. Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera Nassau NAME Butler, Viola Basden, Lillian Bullard, Virginia Bethel, Veronica Burke. Monica Buchanan, Joyce Burrows, Zed.relda Bevans, Veronica ADDRESS Sweeting Nassau Nassau Gibson Nassau Nassau McKinney Nassau Jamaica Nassau Nassau c Culmer, Mary R. Palmetto Point, Eleuthera Cancino, Jane E. Virginia Street, Nassau Clarke, Mary Dorchester Street, Nassau Crutchlow, Veronica C. U.S.A. Ad

... OFFICIAL GAZE1'1E NAME ADDRESS Dean. Susan Dorsett, Hilda M. Drudge, Hilda Davis, Patience Duncan, Vera Davis, Monica E. Duvalier, Ruby Dean, Eula Davis, Rosa May Bowen Knowles Clarke Darville. Lucy Anna Neely Nassau Nassau Nassau San Salvador Nassau Nassau Nassau Sandy Point, U.S.A. Abaco Deleveaux, Martha L. Darling, Hu.el Nassau Crooked Nassau Abaco Bimini U.K. Nassau Nassau Island Wells Davis, Jeleta Davis, Emma Rolle Conlilfe Dane, Denise Douglas, Pearl Davis, Agnes Strachan Deleveaux. Patrinella Darville Daniels, Shirley M. Fernander Dean, Beverley Johnson Dorsett, Drusilla DamesJ Nelia Davy, Doreen Dunlap, Lula Davies, Sylvia E. Nassau Nassau Nassau Nassau Andros U.K. U.S.A. U.K. Dummett, Luvie E. Dean, Eunice Dean, Thirza Dorsett, Mildred D eveaux, Leonora D avis, Marian V. Douglas. Ernestine Nassau Davis Nassau Albury Nassau Nassau E dwards, Caroline Ellis, Priscella Edwards, Rose Anne E lford, Merle E llis, Lovely 1:-'rancis, Margaret Fountain. Madge I. Ferguson, Sarah Jane Fish, Dorothy Forbes, Ethel Francis Nassau Nassau Nassau E Nassau Nassau Nassau U.K. San Salvador F Wilton Nassau \H. Royal Avenue, Nassau Grant's Town, Nassau Fernander, Madeline A. Nassau Andros Nassau Acklins Nassau F Roxanna Fountain, Lelia L. Forbes, Arabella Gibbs Ferguson, Enid D. Marshall F ernander, Lillian F elferning. Ernestine F emander, Doreen Farquharson, Lula :V[angrove Cay, Andros U.S.A. Current, Elenthera U.K. Nassau Colonel Hill, Crooked Island Veronica Williams Bennets Harbour. Cat Island fisher, Betty E. W. B. Havward U.K. II NAME Farrp1harson, Leona 0. Williams Fox, Juletta Fountain. Patricia Fowler. Marina Ferguson, Patricia M. Faulks. Thelma Taylor Ferguson, Ellen F 11, Lucy Farrington, Madeline Cartwright Farrington, Paula Archer Freeze, \.1 ary Forbes, Gloria G Nassau Nassau Nassau Nassau Nassau Nassau Nassau U.K. Nassau l1 S.A. Canada Nassau ADDRESS Gibson, Lillian Dowdeswell Street, Nassau Gordeon, Amelia Palmetto Point, Eleuthera Gibson, Catherine F. Clarence Town. Long Island Gibson, Virginia Symonette Nassau Gibson, Lorraine Johnson West End, Grand Bahama Gray. M. C. Canada Gibson, Mildred Nassau Grieve, Florence E. U.K. Gibson, Merina Castella Nassau Green, M. U.S.A. Goldsmith, Barbara M. Nassau Gardiner, Alice M. Ferguson Nassau Godier, Millicent Jan U.K. Gresham, Mary C U.K. Genevieve, Sister Mary U.S.A. Gomez, Myrtle Nassau B Hope, Salvita Nassau Hanna. M. Grand Bahama Higgs, Jeanette Nassau Haven. Gertrude Fort Fincastle, Nassau Holmes, Edith Nassau Hepburn, Holidays, Long Island Haven, Maud Adelle Sands Nassau Hanna, Myrtle M. Nichols Nassau Hanna, Merline M. Adderley Nassau Hilton, Mary Rock Sound, Eleuthera Hamilton, Delores M. Cleare Nassau Hanna, Flora Coakley Nassau Hood, Jean Griffin Hope Town, Abaco Hepburn, Carmen Ferguson Nassau Howes, Mary S. J. Nassau Hitcher, Victoria U.K. Hepburn, Barbara Pratt Nassau Holmes, Margaret Marie Nassau Hood, June U.K. Hug;hes, Bonita Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera Innis, Olive F. Ingraham, Loretta Ingraham, Ellen Ingraham. Pandora Jones, Alice Marie Jones, Mary I J Chippingham, Nassau Ross Comer Spring Point. Acklins Pratt Nassau Hill Nassau Meaclie Point, Grand Bahama 7


OFFICIAL GAZETTE NAME ADDRESS Johnson, Anna Muriel East Shirley Street, Nassau Johnson, Elma Inez Whylly Nassau Johnson, Verna Ferguson Nassau Johnson, Angela Bain Nassau Johnso n Mary Elizabeth Nassau Johnson, Catherine E. U.S.A. Jones, Patricia Keef Rock Sound, Eleuthera Johnson, Patricia J. Major Nassau Jones, Audrey Paula U.K. Johnson, Charmaine Culmer Nassau Johnson, Gwendolyn Bethel Nassau Johnson, Diane James Cistern, Eleuthera Jones, Barbara E. U.K. Johnson, Helen Nassau Johnson, T. A. U.K. Jupp, Alice Archer Nassau Johnson, Beverley Nassau Johnson, Gloria M. Nassau Johnson, Wilhelmina Dames U.S.A. Johnson, Lucinda Nassau K Knowles, Mary Knowles, Gertrude Knowles, Emma Knowles, I. E. Sands O'Keffe Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera Nassau Knowles, Nora Melinda Knowles, Rosaline G. King, Brezetta G. Kemp, Geleta Knowles, Alice Muriel Kelly. Ruby F1oral Key, E. Grace Farrington Kellv, M. Caroline Knowles. Fredericka Camhridge Kemp. Alice Kir.<.!, Ruth N. Kemp. Zilpha Knowles, Monica Knowles, Maud J\. KeMp, Veronica Ray Shannon Nassau Nassau Farrington Road, Nassau Nassau Nassau Kemp's Bay, Eleuthera Nassau U.S.A. Nassau '.'fassau Nassau Tavlor Street, Nassau End. Grand Bahama U.K. Bahamas Nassau Nassau L Lockhart, M. T .ewis, Annie Lowe, Victoria Longley. Vivienne Louise Levarity, Rosa Lockhart, Susimae Lisle, Mary 0. Hughes Lee, Victoria J. M. Lightbourne, Gladys Lockhart, Celeste Deveaux Larrimore, Joyce Clarke Lunn, Joan Nassau Eight Mile Bahama Rum Cav Bimini Nassau U.K. U.K. U.S.A. Nassau Nassau Nassau M Rock, Grand Maycock, Eliza M. Mather, Annie Maura., E. .\fason's Addition, Nassau Bootle Grove, Grand Bahama Petty Nassau 8 NAME ADDRESS Ragged Island Nassau Clarence Town, Long Island Clarence Town, Long Island Bay Street, Nassau Nassau Rechelen \foxey, Phoebe Martin, Leonora .\fajor, Frances \fajor, Rachel .\1artin, Lula \1arsh, Maud 0. Moss, Vera Moore, Hazel L. D. Lower Bogue, Eleuthera Steventon Nassau Major, Rosetta \1 unnings, Ophelia T. Seymour .\Hller, Lydia E. McKinney \fortimer, Vorginia Poitier \Iaulsen. D. E. Cross \fakepeace, Ellen H. \fould, Dorothy \foroe, Manell \fatthews, Patricia \foxev. Alberta Nora Martin. Patricia Miller, Ruth \faior, Olga \Hller, Anginette Smith Fife Harris Mavcock Nassau Nassau Nassau Nicholls Town, U.S.A. Nassau U.K. Ragged Island U.K. Nassau Nassau U.K. Nassau Nassau Nassau UK. Marsh, Theresa A. \forris. Ironica \1 organ, Vera \fackrell. \farv Bode Nassau U.K. U.K. Andros \1cKinev. Lvdia Elizabeth \icCan: Irene P. \frKenna, Teresa R. \1cKenzie. Margaret M. \1cCartnev, Dorothv M. \,fcKinnev, Helen H. \1clntosh, Brenetta \1cKiney, Eva Nassau UK. U.K. Nassau Nassau Nassau Coopers Nassau Hospital Town, Abaco McKenzie, Pearline McLatamour, T. N. Thompson McCarrol, .Morfydd Rowlands U.S.A. Nassau U.K. McSporran, Doris McKinney. Marilyn Rolle Nassau N Lane, Nass au Neilly, Zenobia Nixon, C. L. Majorie Dorsett Meeting Street, Nassau lnagua Nairn, Cynthia Holbert Nassau Nicholls, Eloise Nickens, Enez Nassau Nassau Neilly, Shirley Marina Nassau Nixon, Audrey Sudie Toote Nassau Neillv, Laura E. U.S.A. Newbold, Beverley Nixon, Boleyn Newbold. Pamela Ogilvie, Mary S. O'Connell, Eileen Knowles Nassau Gibson Nassau Tucker 0 U.K. U.K. p Price, Rosalie E. Pople, :\farie East Street. Nassau Gomez Berry Island, Bahamas



OFFICIAL GAZEllE NAME ADDRESS NAME ADDRESS f aylor, Rose Nassau Walkes, Naomi E. Nassau Thompson. Marina Oakley Nassau Wicksted, R. M. U.K. Thompson, Jacqueline Walkes, Cannetta D. Nassau Simon Nassau Wilson, Mabel Bain Nassau Tumquest, Beverly Nassau Whapham, Norah U.K. Thompson, Shirley Nassau Walkes, Castelle Arnette Nassau Thompson, Verna Ferguson Nassau Whitfield, Luella Gray Nassau Tynes, Edna Elizabeth Nassau Williams, Alma Rolle Nassau Trotman, Patricia Staniard Creek, Andros Watkins, Geneva Nassau Thurston. Thelma Nassau Williams, Doris Evangeline Nassau w Waring, Mary Elizabeth Canada Wilson, Edna Nassau Weir, Rose Blue Hill Road, Nassau Wilson, Frances Nassau Wood, Emily Nassau Watkins, Olivia E. Jervis Nassau Ruth Robins Nassau Wildgoose, Veronica Nassau Wood. Margaret Weir U.S.A. Wilson, Ivy Nassau Waterman, Lottie v. Dean U.S.A. Wells, Jacqueline Nassau Williams, Julia San Salvador y White, Gussie Knowles, Cat Island Wilchombe, Amy West End, Grand Bahama Young, Catherine Nassau Wood, Ethel Rosa D. U.S.A. Yockney, Elaine New Zealand EXTRACT FROM OFFICIAL GAZETTE Dated the 10th February, 1966 No. 6. MINISTRY OF HEALTH MIDWIVES LICENSED UP TO 31 DECEMBER 19" NAME ADDRESS NAME ADDRESS A Bethel Veronica Cooper Nassau Adderley Rosalie Fox Hill, N.i!ssau Burkoroski Myrtle D. U.S.A. Morrison Black Helen Montreal, Canada Antrobose Emily Lewis Street, Nassau Burnside Caroline Nassau Anderson Lillian Giloddard Cannan Lane, Nassau Brennan Lizzie Fife Nassau Archer Clotilda Marsh Harbour, Abaco Baker Mamie Nassau Adderley Celeste Deans, Long Island Bain Patricia Astwood Nassau Albury Julia Butler Nassau Burke Edna McKinney Nassau Arnett Mary San Salvador Bain Naomi Nassau Alleyn Doris Patton Nassau Bakewell ::\fary U.K. Albury Alberta Bethel Nassau Bowen Hilda V. Nassau Amoury S.K. Watson Nassau Bethel Burdie Nassau U.S.A. Armbrister Mary McQuary Nassau Boyd Inez L. Bootle Nassau Arthur Marie Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera Babb Evelyn Nassau Adderley Nassau Butler Mauletta Rahming Nassau Albury Brownell Williams San Salvador Brown Beryl Nassau Alexander Jessie U.K. Bridgewater Edna Nassau Adam Margaret u .K. Sept. 1963 Baradon Jeanette U.K. Anglin Clover Jamaica Aug. 1965 Butler Una Gibson Nassau B Bowe. Lucille Collie Nassau U.S.A. Brennan Gwendolyn Todd South Street Nassau Bartlett Mary Grand B&hama Butler Minerva l\f. Nassau Brennan Aleen Cambridge Nassau Bailey Rosalie Dorchester St. Nassau Buckle Molly Lucas U.K. Bethel Martha Marsh Harbour, Abaco Burke Mary Australia 1962 Nassau Brooks Ida Butler Viola Sweeting Nassau Bethel Blanch U.S.A. B&sden Lillian Nassau Bunch Florence Nassau Bullard Virginia Gibson Nassau 1962 Banfield Myrtle U.S.A. Bethel Veronica Nassau 10


,. ..... NAME Burrows Bevans Bullard Blaylock Brandl Culmer Can ci no Clarke Critchlow Carr Cooper Coope r Cowen Clarke Campbell Christie Coop e r Collie Carey Conyers C l a ridge Coope r Colebrook C l arke Zedrelda Veronica Helen Mary Carole Mary Jame Mary Beronica Marguerite Florence Cecelia Lenia Naomi Myrtis Naomi Remanda Ethel Sybil Catherine Pearl Elaine Rose Gretal Cunningham Martha Coope r Lerline Coope r Shirley Coak le y Marina Chea Mavis Ccileby Ha-rel Cox Curtis Cummings C:irroll Cox Cooper Cartwright Coope r Cartwright Coope r C larke Callaghan Cbrke Campbell Clemmey Cole Depuch Dorsett Drudge Dav is Duncan Da v is Duvalier Dean Davis Brenda Sybil Olive Angela Olive Enid Lula Pearline Oris Ruth Ismae B. Jeanette Brenda Lilliam Sylvia Ewlyn Hilda Muriel Patience Vera Monica Ruby Eula Rosa OFFICIAL GAZETTE R. E. c. Smith Sears Ferguson Allen Carey Cox Temple c A!DDRESS Nassau Nassau Nassau U.S.A.> U.S.A.> 1963 1963 1965 Palmetto Point, Eleuthera Virginia Stree, Nassau 1Inactive ) Dorchester St. Nassau (Inactive) U.S.A. U.S.A. Nass&u Burying Piece Corner, Nassau Ross Corner, Nassau Nass&u U.S.A. Sears Addition, Nassau U.K. -Nassau Nassa-u Governor's Harbour, Eleuthera Nassau U.K. -Nassau Duncanson Nassau Nassau Nassau Inagua Newbold Turnquest Cles:re Edwards Knowles Godet Curtfa Bethel Bowen Knowles Clarke Mae D Nassau Nassau U.S.A. Nassau Nassau Nc.'Ssau l1.K. Nassau Nassau Lion Bar Corner, Nassau '. Hill, Nassau .-0ng r::ay, Fortune Island Na c;-;u 1965 U.K. 1'105 Jamaica 1965 U.K. 1965 U.K. 1965 Nassau Nassau) U S A. Augusta St. Nassau Nassau San Salvador Bahamas Nassau Nassau Nassau Sandy Point, Abaco U.S.A. NAME Darville Lucy Deleveleaux Martha Darling Hazel D&vis Jeleta Dc.-vis Douglas Dc;vis Deleveaux Daniels Dean Dorsett Dames Davey Davis Dummett Dean Dean Dorsett Deveaux Davis Douglas Dayes Duff Dinndorf Edwards Ellis Ellis Edwards EUord Francis Ferguson Fish Forbes Ferguson Fountain Forbes :--er:;uson Fernar .der Ferna11der Farquh&rson Ferguson Fisher Farquharson Fox Fountain Fowler Ferguson Faulkes Ferguson Farrington Farrington Forbes Fisher Fergus Ferguson Ferguson Ferraro Flyn n Emma Pearl Agnes Patrenella Shirley Beverley Dausila Nelia Doreen Sylvia Lu vie Eunice Thirza "Mildred Leonara Marian Ernestine Hazel Sonia Renee Caroline Priscella Lovely Rose Merle Margaret Sarah Dorothy EtJbel Roxanna Lelia ArabE.'lla F..nid Lillian Doreen Lula Veronica Betty Leona Juletta Patricia Marina Patricia Thelma Ellen Madeline Paula Gloria Phyllis Allison Cleopatra Shela Melber lee E. Neeley Wells Strachan Darville Fernander Johnson Davis Albury E ADDRESS Nassau Crooked Island Nassau Abaco, Bahamas Bimini Nassau Nassau Nassau Nassau Nassau Nassau Nichols Town, Andros U.K. U.K.

OFFICIAL GAZETIE NAME AID DRESS NAME ADDRES,S G Johnson 0. Lovely Bay, Acklins Dowdeswell St. Nassau Jones Audrey U.K. Gibson Lillian Johnson Charmaine Culmer Nassau Johnson Gwendolyn Bethel Nassau Gordon Amelia Palmetto Point, Eleuthe.ra Johnson Diane James Cistern, Eleuthera Gibson Catherine Clearance Town, Long Island Jones Barbara U.K. Gibson Virginia Symonette Nassau Johnson Helen Nassau Gibson Lorraine Johnson Nassau T.A. U.K. Johnson Gray MC. Canada Johnson Beverley Nassau Gibson Mildred Nassau Johnson Gloria M. Nassau Gibson Marina Nassau Johnson Lucinda Nasso11 1962 Glinton, P. Governor's Harbour, Eleuthera Johnson Margaret U.K. 1965 Green M. U.S.A. Jenkina M. U.K. 1965 Gardiner Alice Ferguson Nassau Johnson Inez Nickens Nassau Genivieve Sister Mary U.S.A. Johnston M. F Green Leoni Nassau K Gresham Mary U.K. Gomez Myrtle Nassau Knowles Mary Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera Green Wbynona Nassau Knowles Emma O'Keefe Nassau Gibson Mary U.K. l!lfili Knowles I.E. Nassau Gabriel Ann U.S.A. Knowles Norma Farrington Rd. Nassau Gittens Barbara Nassau Knowles Rosaline Nassau Godet Maggie Nassau King Brezetta Nassau Gale M. Nassau Kemp Geleta Kemps Bay, Bahamas. H Knowles Alice M. Nassau Kelly Ruby U.S.A. Hope Sal vita Nassau Key E. Grace Farrington Nassau Hanna M. Grand Bahama Kelly Caroline Nassau Higgs Jeanette Nassau Knowles Federica Cambri East Shirley St. Nassau Mathers Annie Bottle Grove, Grand Bahama Johnson Elna Wbylly Nassau Maura E. Petty Nassau Johnson Verna Ferguson Nassau Moxey Phoebe Ragged Island, Bahamas Johnson Angela Bain Nassau Martin Leonora Nassau Johnson Catherine U.S.A. Major Francis Clarence Town, Long Island Jones Patricia Keefe Rock Sound, Ele.uthera Mc.-jor Rachael Clarence Town, Long Island Johnson Patricia Major Nassau Martin Lula Hay Street, Nassau 12


--OFFICIAL GAZETTE NAME ADDRESS NAME ADDRESS Moss Vera Lower Bogue, Eleuthera Peare th A. U.K. Marsh Maud 0. Nassau Pratt Isable John!llOll Nassau Moore Hazel Stevenson Nassau Payne Lucilla Capron Canada Major Rosetta Nassau Pearson Ivy Delectable Bay, Acklins Munnings Ophalia Seymour Nassau Pinder Leota Eleuthera, Bahamas Mortimer Virginia Poitier Nicholls Town, Andros-Nassau Prestt Jessie U.K. Makerpeace Ellen Nassau Poitier Lula Nassau Monroe Manell Ragged Island Pratt Ice!yn Johnson San Salvador Moxey Alberta Smith Nassau Pyfrom Ruth Margaret Nassau Moree Nora Fife Nassau Picks tock Sarah U.S.A. Miller Ruth Maycock Nassau Pratt Lucy Roberts Nassau Major Olga !Thompson) Nassau Simms Long Is. Peet Merlene Nassau Miller Anginette Nassau Penner man Veronica Johnson Nassau Marsh Theresa (Burrows> Nassau Phillips Dorothy Davis Nassau Morris Ionic a Bode Nassau Parnell Joan U.K. Mackrell Mary U.K. Pitman Margaret U.K. Murcott Jean U.K. S.R.N. only Pratt Leonora Deveaux Nassau Motta Jamaica Poitier Prenetta Nassau Mart Cathleen U.S.A. R.N. only Powell Edith Whitney Green Turtle Cay, Abaco Major Olga Nassau Pinder Yvonne Nassau McKinney Lydia Nassau Pennycooke Mavis Jamaica Pitt Olive A. British Guiana Mc Prevatt T. z. Nassau McKenna Theresa Cancilla U.K. R McCartney Dorothy Nassau Rolle Elizabeth Bradie Point, Grand Bahama McKinney Helen Nassau Rodgers Persis Roberts Nassau Mcintosh Brenetta Coopers Town, Abaco Russell Branhilda U.S.A. McKinney Eva Nassau Rolle Ethel Nassau McKenzie Per line Hospital Lane, Nassau Roker Arabella v. Nassau McLatamou T .A. U.S.A. Roberts Ruth Nassau McCarroll Morfydd Rowlands Nassau Russell L. Orville Nassau McSporran Doris U.K. Rollins Orville Nassau McKinney Marilyn Rolle Nassau Rolle l\I.srilyn Nassau McKinney Monica Nassau Roberts Lorina Gregory Town, Eleuthera McCurrach June Hood U.K. Reed Rose Jamaica Ritchie Ruth Brebben Nassau N Rahming Edit!h Deep Creek, Andros Rolle Orion Black Point, Andros Neilly Zenobia Dorsette Meeting St., Nassau Rolle. Oleen Black Point, Andros :-!ixon C. L. Inagua, Bahamas Puddock Enid Jamaica Nairn Cynthia Holbert Nassau Rolle Lydia King Exuma Nicholls Eloise Nassau Rawlinson Winifred U.K. Nickens Inez Nassau Reay Betty U.K. Neilly Shirley Nassau s Nixon Audrey Toote Nassau Neilly Laura E. U.S.A. Selver Una Fort Finrastle, Nassau Newbold Be.verley Knowles Nassau Sampson Mary Nassau Nixon Boleyn Gibson Nassau Stuart Lottis Nassau Newbold Pamela Tucker Nassau Sweeting Mable Nassau Sandilands Monica Nassau 0 Strachan Alice West Stree.t, Nassau Orr Margaret U.K. Simmons Joyce Grant Ft_ Fincastle, Nassau Smith Ethel U.S.A. p Sawyer Marie Albury (l.lice Street, NassS.1l Stewart Roxanna Moores Island, Abaco Pople Marie Gomez Berry Island, Bahmnas Sealey Ursula Nassau Pinder Cecelia Bimini Sawyer Edith Seymour Nassau Pinder Rosetta Freetown, Bahamas Sands Sarah Nassau Patton Olive McCullochs Corner, Nassau Sawyer Vict

Of.FICIAL GAZETIE NAME ADDRESS NAME ADDRESS Smith Ruth Gardiner Nassao Thompson Vemika Johnson Nassau Sawyer Euleta. Gibson The Bluff, Eleuthera Taylor Rosa Nassau Smith Alice Ft. Fincastle. Nassau Thompson Marilla Nassli'U Sealey I.H. Nassau Thompson JacJueline Simon Nassau Sweeting J. Woodall Nassau Taylor Eloise Nassau Symonette Malretta Nassau Turnquest Beverley Nassau Slater Muriel Nassau Thompson Shirley Nassau Symonett.e Mavis Nassau Thompson Verna Ferguson NasSa'll Smith Maudline Dun fries, Cat Island Tynes Edna Nassau Smitb Louise Cooper Nassau Trott man Patricia Stanyard Creek, Andros Sweeting Earle Fresh Creek, Andros Thurston Thelma Nassau Sawyer Effie Smith Nassau Trobec Maty U.S.A. 1only R.N.l Stubbs Eloise Nassau Smith June U.K. w Stubbs Winifred U.K. Strachan Gloria Sands Nassau Wefr Rose Blue Hill Rd. Nassau Stubbs Euede Nassau Wood Emily Nassa'U Myrtle Little Creek, Andros Whit.ield Ruth Robbins Nassau Stirrup Eula Allen Nassau Wood Margaret Weir U.S.A. Smith Barbara Davies Nassau Walterman L-Ottie Dea U.S.A. Storr Gloria Forbes Nassau Williams Julia San Salvador Saunders Shirley Dean Nassau White Gissie Grand Cay Smith Christiana Kemp Rd., Nassau Wilchombe Amy West End, Grand Bahamas Strachan Anna Clarence Town, Long ls1;urd Wood :Ethel U.S.A. Sands Eliza Palmetto Point, Eleuthera Walker Cormetta NaS&.'"'U Symonette Nora Johnsons Alley, Nassau Wilson Mabel Bain Nassau Stalker M. U.K. \\bapbam Nor ail U.K. Simpson Gladys U.K. Walkes Casrella Arnett Nassau Stewart Eveiyn Nassau Whitfield Luella Grey Nassau Smith Inez McDonald Jamaica Williams Alma Rolle Nassau Strachan Nathalie Nassau I Watkins Geneva Nassau Saunders Lily Mae Nassau Williams Doris Strachan Maulese NaSSo'"'U Wilson Edna Nassau Storr Miriam U.K. I Wilson Francis Nassau Strachan Boleyn Nassau Watkins Olivia Jervis Nassau Sherman Yvonne Nassau Wildgoose Veronica Nassau Sol tan Elvira Jamaica 1 Wilson Ivy Nassau Switter Patricia A. U.S.A. Wells Jacqueline Nassau Walkins Theda Nassau T Williams Marjorie Nassau Wood Jane U.K. Thompson Sarah Savannah Sclund, Eleuthera 'Ibo mp.son M.E. Grand Bahama y Tynes Bina! Odle Corner, Nassau Thompson Naomi Dean Nas!Ku Young Catherine Nassau Theophilus Mary Eneas Nassau Thompson Lillian Farrington Augusta St., N&'Ssau M.P. 4228/II. Taylor Ruby Poitier Nassau Thompson Dorothy Deans Lane, Nassau Thompson Maud Johnson Ft. Fincastle Tynes Louise Nassau Taylor Margueritte Jamaica Taylor Agnes Nassau Turner Edris Nass&u Tynes Eliza Boyd NaS&.'"'U Tynes Louise Maynard Nassau Turner Coralie Munnings Nassau Toote Geneva Pleasant Bay, Andros Thompson Patricia Moxey Nassau Turner Gwendolyn Nnron Nassau Thompson Margare,t Mbymn Bite, Eleutbera 14


NURSE ZENOVIA NEILLY ..... ; ..... jjt: .... ? .. .... : -=........ KNOWN BAHAMIAN NURSES NURSE ROSE WEIR was the first president of the Association when it was formed in 1947. BLUE HILL ROAD -WELFARE CLINIC -Standing L. to R. Miss Alice Hill-Jones, First Bahamian Public Health Nurse, Olivia Watkins-Jarvis, H.R.H. Duchess of Windsor, Dr. Worrell, father of Phillip Worrell and Nurses Persis Rodgers. Seated Merlene Hanna nee Adderley, Maud Sands and Z. Neely. 15


Monica Sandilands in charge of the male and female infirmories for many years. Aunt of Mr. Cecil Bethel former headmaster of the Government High School. Hilda Dorsett, nee Bowen head of Red Cross Creche, Baillou Hill Road in later years. Date of Birth: Place of Birth: School Attended: 1927 1930 1931 1935 1935 1937 1937 1941 16 NURSE MYRA ELLEN MITCHELL She was educated at Savannah Sound local School, came to Nassau in the early 1920's to pursue a Nursing career (at Bahamas General Hospital). Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Parents: Religion: Education: Professional Training: i'illt' ... Nurse Seiver, Bahamas General Hospital, Fort Fincastle. MONICA ESELITA DAVIS 27th February, 1914 Colon, Panama Adina & Henry Davis Roman Catholic Attended Grade School in Kingston, Jamaica; Western Se nior & Government High Schools, Nassau Trained at Bahamas General Hospital and qualified for Registered Nurse status 1939 LOTTIE V. TYNES NEE MORRIS January 3, 1921 Gray's, Long Island, Bahamas Primary Education, Gray's & Buckley's School Secondary Educa tion, Western Senior Rev. Millington Private School Professional Nursing School Bahamas General Hospital Nassau. Past President of the Bahamas Red Cross


LIST OF MATRONS APPOINTED BAHAMAS GENERAL HOSPITAL-PRINCESS MARGARET HOSPITAL (1904 -1955) (1955 -) NO. MATRONS NATIONALITY DATE OF COMPLETION APPOINTMENT OF SERVICE 1. Ms. Margaret Poole British 29-11-1904 2. Ms. Elizabeth Hair " 15-3-1907 3. Ms. Letial Archebold Ewing " 15-3-1910 4. Ms. Janet Frazer 25-5-1911 5. Ms. Charlotte V. lsitt 1-3-1915 6. Ms. Alice Creighton 11-9-1916 7. Ms. Mary Jacombe 11-8-1918 8. Ms. Martha Senior 14-4-1921 9. Ms. Mary Jacombe 1922 30-7-1923 10. Ms. Ivy Greensmith 17-7-1923 1924 11. Ms. Martha Kay 23-10-1924 1924 12. Ms. Ada Marie Blake 8-8-1925 22-10-1924 13. Ms. Annie Baines M.B.E. " 6-6-1928 18-5-1945 14. Ms. Margaret Batchelder 19-11-1945 10-6-1952 15. Ms. Denise Dane M.B.E. 1-11-1952 30-9-1958 16. Ms. Florence Grieve 13-1-1959 13-1-1961 17. Ms. Hilda V. Bowen M.B.E. Bahamian 1-8-1961 20-5-1965 18. Ms. Patricia Fountain " 21-5-1965 1-2-1968 19. Ms. June Smith British 1-2-1968 9-8-1970 NO. PRINCIPAL MATRONS NATIONALITY DATE OF COMPLETION PRINCESS MARGARET HOSPITAL APPOINTMENT OF SERVICE 1. Ms. Rene Clapton 1962 1965 2. Ms. Hilda V. Bowen M.B.E. Bahamian 1965 1970 CHIEF NURSING OFFICER MINISTRY OF HEAL TH 1. Ms. Hilda V. Bowen M.B.E. Bahamian 1970 PRINCIPAL NURSING OFFICERS MINISTRY OF HEAL TH 1. Ms. Dorothy Phillips C.N.S. Bahamian 1972 1974 2. Mrs. Eloise Penn -S.R.C. 1972 3. Mrs. Ironies Morris D.N.E. 1970 4. Mrs. Dorothy PhilipsP.M.H. 1974 C.N.S. Community Nursing S.R.C. Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre D.N.E. Department of Nursing Education Prepared by: H.V. BOWEN P.M.H. Princess Margaret Hospital Chief Nursing Officer, 1978 17


18 f>UBl:.IC SERVICE LIST OF_N_URSING STAFF 1967 Dale ol Date of Date ol I Date ol Post and Name Flrat present. Appollatmeat Appoinlm!DI. Post and Same FlrRt ,J Present. A ppolntment "!\ppobatmea NURSING PRINCIPAL MATRON Bowen, H. (Miss) HOSPITAL MATRON Fountain, P. (Miss) ....... 6.10.53 1. 7 .67 MATRON Smith, J. (Miss) ......... 10.11.65 Phillips-Davis, D. . . . . . 18. 7 .Gp 1 Vacancy PRINCIPAL TUTOR Knowles, M. (Mrs.) SISTER TUTOR .... . .Morris-Bodie, I. (Mrs.) .... 1 Vacancy 26.2.68 1.8.59 NURSING SISTERS (Sc.G-3) Fisher-Hayward, B. (Mrs.) 7 .12. 56 Watkins-Jervis, 0. (Mrs.) . 1.12.56 Simpson, G. A. (Miss) . . 5.4.62 TnrnqueRt, B. (Miss) . . . 2.8.60 Oakes-Burke, M. (Mrs). . . 6.3.G2. M. (Mrs.) .... 29.11.62 l\liller-1\laycock. R. (Mrs.) . 1. 8. GO Penn-Taylor, E. (Mrs.) . 11. 7. 60 nurrows-Marsh, T. (Msr.) 2G. 7 .Gl Knowles-Poitier. L. 1\1. (Mrs.) 15 .1. 62 Stewart, E. M. (Miss) . . 1.9.62 Johnston, l\'I. l". (Miss) . . 19.4.65 Stol'r-lt"'ishcr, P. l\L (Mrs.).. 21.6.65 Gibson, M. .(Miss) .. . . 23.6.65 Green, W. J. (Miss).:.::.... 8.2.65 Gomez, M: (Miss) . . . 2.11.64 Storr, M. (Miss) . . . . . 24.9.6'& Callaghan, B. (Miss)' . . . 7 .10.65 Clemmey, J. L. (Mh1s)...... 16.9.65 Dean-Strachan, L. (Mrs.) 18 .1. 65 Duff, S. (Miss) . . . . . 19. 7 .65 Fergus, A. (Mrs.) . . . . 1.8.65 Jenkins, M. (l\liss) . . . . 7 .10.65 Kirkman, J. (Miss) . . . . 12. 7 .65 Pitt, 0. A. (Miss) . . . . 7 .10.65 Prestt, J. (Miss) . . . . . 24. 7 .69 Walkins-Godet, T. (Mias) . 1.1.66 Woods, J. N. (Miss) ...... 24.11.65 Bain, H. (Miss) . . . . . 10.4..67 Dailey, R. H. (Miss) ...... 16.10.67 Cartwright, M. (Miss) . . 1.5.67 Davis, S. (Miss) . . . . . 11.12. 67 Dean-Davis,E. (Mrs.) ...... 16.11.66 Ferguson, B. . . . . . . . 1.12.66 Gordon, N. ... . . . . . . . 6.12.66 Hanna, S. E. (Miss) . . . . 1. 7 .67 Herbert-Mark, G. (Mrs.) .... 23.10.67 Johnson, E. (Miss) . . . . 25.9.67 Klass, C. (Mrs.) . . . . . 1.1.67 MrCarrol, M. (l\lrs.) . . . 13.2.67 M. (Miss) .. . . . . 1.1. 67 21.6.65 21.5.G5 21.5.G5 1.1.67 1.11.61 29.8.66 1.12.56 1.12 .56 6.4.62 2 .8.60 6.3. 62 29.11.62 1.8.GO 11.7.GO 26. 7 61 15. l.G2 1.9.62 19.4.G5 21.6.65 23.6.65 8.2.65 2.11.64 1.4.65 7.10.66 16.9.65 1,.11.65 19.7.65 1.8.66 7 . 10.66 12 .. 7 .66 7.10.65 24.7.59 1.1.66 24.11.65 Simmons, D. (Miss) .... Turnquei;t, A. M. (Miss) ... L. (Mrs.) ....... .. \\'atkin"'. G. E. (Mrs.) ..... (Sc.G-2) l!rown, J,, ( 1\1) ........... han:elM, E. ( M) ......... Hain, C. O ............... llannn, It. (1\1) ........... II. (M) . ..... Holle, 0. ( 1\1) . ........ Smith, B. ( l\I) . ........ Cll.\RGE (Sc.G-2) Albury-Butl('r, ,J. C:Mrs.) .... l!utler-8wceting, V. (Mrs.) .. IJanilte-Ncel), L. (l\lrs.) . IJarli ng. \\' ellM, JI. ( 1\1 rs.) .. 8.5.67 10.10.66 1.9.67 7.8.67 5 .3.46 5.6.50 1.11. 59 1.12.51 1.8.55 4. I.GO 1.2.54 1936 24.3.4G 28.8.50 5.7.44 Moxey-Smith, A. (Mrs.) . . 1. 7. 53 Strachan-Sands, G. (Mrs.) . 1. 8. 56 Innis, 0. (Miss) . . . . . 1928 Roker, A. (Miss) . . . . . 1.2.50 Deleveaux, P.--

Post and Name STAFF (Sc.G-1) f'('rna ml er, D. ( Prntt-.Tohnson, I. (Mi's.) Dain-A8twood, P. (1\frs.) 0. V. (Mm.) E. Sf'ah, U. ( J\fo;s) F.. r:d\\anls, H. ... Poitier-Stu E. (.Mrs.) Sealy, I. H. .. \\"ilson-Bain, M. (.Mm.) .. l:c>id, n. ( S1r:whan-Hnmilton. H. (Mrs.) J!utler-Hahming-, M. (Mrs.) lleplrnrn-Ferguson, C. (Mrs.) Turner-Nixon, G. (Mrs.) ... foulkes-Tnylor, T. (Mrs.) . Babb-Dootle, E. (Mrs.) .... P.ethel-Ferguson, J,>. (Mrs) Cooper-Newbol1"h(s-.Johnsrrn, L. (Mrs.) L. ( 1Tanna-l!ridt!'('\\'at<'1, TT. ( l\It'8.) 1'ad1an, ( !'\lr8.) \rwli11l l-T11C'ko1, P. ( l\llNISTUY OF HEALTH.-(f'ont'd.) Date or Dale or Jirst Appointment Apiioiotm, .. 1G.11 IG 2:L l. SO 1. 47 l 1 7. :;o 20. 1 41 14.2.50 21 .. 1 9.10.iil 1932 11.2.52 20.8.42 5.11. 42 1.1. 54 5.6.Gl 15.5.54 5 .1.54 17.9.53 1. 3. 55 1. 3. 53 1.11.55 29.9.54 30 .10. 50 6.7.53 1.4.55 1. 2 .65 12. 7 .43 1.11.51 16.7.62 15.4.54 15.9.55 10.5.54 22.3.65 1.5.56 1 !l. 55 2n.a.G5 10.5.!14 15.5.61 15.9.56 15.9.55 2.11.54 13.8.57 11.3.55 .... -1. .59 10.3.4G 18.1.57 15.11.58 15.11. 58 15.11.58 1.2.57 21 .. 10.!')7 1.:L51 I. 2. 5 1 1%1 1 8. 5-t !) .:l. l 2. !) t I. fi .. tti 1 :; :)() 5.3.62 1.5.56 1.1. 62 9.4.62 1.2. 58 5.6.61 1.5.58 1.5.58 1.5. 58 1. 5. 59 3.10.60 1.11.59 1. 9. 58 1.10.54 1.3 :58 1.5. 59 1.2.6G 1947 10.9.58 16.7.62 1. 7 .58 1.11. 59 1 4. ;j!l 22.3.'i5 1.11. GO 1.11.59 2).3. 65 l.7.!l9 15.5.61 1.2.GO 1.10. 60 1.11. 59 1.9.58 1.12.62 15.8.61 l 11 59 8. 10. G:J 1 .1.62 1.6.61 1.3. G3 1.12.G2 l. 12. G2 I l l 5. G2 16.!L:'l7 I Post :iod N:unr Outten-Knowles, M. (Mrs.) l'ratt-Dc\"caux, L. (Mrs.) .. Hahming-McKinney, (Mrs.) Bullard, H. (Mrs.) ..... Clarke, I. (Mil'l.8) .. L. (Mrs.) t:ullartl-Sherman, Y. (Mr8.) \\'alker-St1aehan, M. (l\lrs.) Tyn<'.8, K (l\liss) . . . . V. (Miss) ..... Wilson, 1. P. ( Mi!->l'I) Thompson-.r ohnson, L. M. (Mrs.) .-\ 11 clerson, .r. (Miss) Uarke, J. (Miss) Clark-Pinder, Y. (l\lrs.) IJeYeaux-Poitier, P. (Mrs.) F('l'J.!llSOll, s. ( l\folS) SpP!ll'<'r, \' (l\li:-;s) (; J. ( l\trs.) T.:l\\'!'l'TIC'(', \'. P. ( l\ti.8s) '\ hn11, :\. 01 l!ul>l'l"t." Pr:1lt, I.. (l\11:-;.) P1:ilt-.Tohnson, l. (!\lrs.) !!o!IP. !\1. 1 A. (l\lrs.) \\'illiams. 1\1. A rm..::t H. ( l\li !-IS) N. nasC'll, :\T. Clarkf>-,\rdwr. F'. (l\lrn.} ri1w. f'. P. .. r. r:'lfi!-1:-i) 111111!. \. ( l\lr!-1.) .! :1\'l;-Pi 1. 1. 67 5.11. 63 1. 8. 61 16.10.61 10.5.651 10.5.65 1.5.64 10.5.65 1.5.64 1.5.tH 6.4.63 1.12. 64 15.3.65 29.8.66 25.10.65 1.12. 64 1.12. 62 15.12.65 27.5.Gli 29.6.66 1.12.65 1.2 .66 29.10.G5 1. 4. 51 1. 7. GO 1.2.55 1.3.51 15.12.6:t 2.6.67 13.2.67 1.11.Gl 8.11.67 10.7.G7 11. 9. 67 10.ll.!l8 1 1 (j(j HI. G. Iii :rn. 7. 1;7 1.1.fi7 5.fi.f.7 !l.G.1;7 1 7 l 0 (i7 17 1 () r,7 4. 9. G7 .J. !1. fi7 29. 1 (). r,7 26. !l. ii7 1.11.(i7 J .t. 8. (i7 27.fi.G7 29. !1. 117 26.9.67 1.1.67 9.2.48 15.2.51 '1941' 25.1.65 1.2.54 ?fi. Ii. fi7 2!1. 10. C7 m T 11 l I Ii/ 29.9.67 1.1. 67 2.4.52 1.2.55 10.7.61 25 .1.65 1. 7 .58 19


l\llNISTRY OF HEALTH.-(('ont'd.) aod Name Date of I Dale or First present Appointment AppoiobnPnl Knowles-Cambridge, F. (Mrs.) Daniels-Fernander, S. (Mrs.) Wilson-Conyers, C. (Mrs.) .. Cooper, R. ( !\'liss) ....... fountain-Boulton, Z. (Mrs.) Saunders-Dean, S. (Mrs.) .. G Vacancies UALIFIED NURSES OUT ISLAND (Sc.G-1) Farquharson, L. (Miss) .... Albury-Williams. B. (Mrs.) . Davis-Conliffe, E. (Mrs.) Fetguson Williams, V. (Mrs.) Powell-Whitney, E. (Mrs.) .. L. (Mrs.) ..... Tnrner-M unnings, C. (Mrs.) Ha.nnn-Coaklev, F. (Mrs.) .. Farquhanrnn-Williams, L. (Mrs.) ............ Gresham-Sicke, M. C. (Mrs.) Turner, E. (Miss) ....... N. (Miss) ....... A. (1\lrs.) ..... l:nrldn<'k, E. H. .... reen . [. ( l\f rs.) .... lrotnnn, P. E. (Miss) .... V. (Miss) ...... ,\ng-lin, C. (Miss) ........ ]'rnmcook, 1\1. (Miss) .... E. ( 5.2.43 1. 2. 5:1 4.9.53 1950 1.2.61 1.5.66 6.4.48 1.1. 54 HHS 2.9.50 1925 13.7.51 22.2.51 10.8.50 29.5.51 28.1.64 10.9.48 24 .8.5o. 1.6.62 8 .12.64 15 .10. 64 27.5.58 10.8.6!> 1. l l .G5 12.11.fi[) I.1.11'i Thompson, 0. .... \\'ell:-1, ,J. G. . . . R. 4. fi:J Dunlap, L. (Miss) . . . 1.1. G7 !) ....... rin \LIFIF.n n.INWAJ. '\t1nsrs (Sc. (;) :\11tnine, :!\I. :? \' (Miss) 27. 11 Brathwaite, n. (Miss) ...... 26 .11. 62 Butler-Woods, E. (Mrs.) . 1. 9. G2 Chisholm, C. (Miss) ...... 27 .11. 62 Clarke-Bowe, M. (Mrs.) .... 27.2.63 Claerc, M. (Miss) ........ .11. 62 Cooper, D. (Miss) ........ 27 .11. 62 Dean, D. M. (Miss) . 1 10. 61 Ferguson-Butler, G. (Mrs.) . 2.4.62 Forbes, I. (Miss) . . 1. 3. 62 Gibson-Lopez, E. (Mrs.) 2. 4. 62 Grant-Seymour, E. (Mrs.) 1.9.62 Ha11, B. L. (Miss) ........ 27. 11. 62 Hanna, E. (Miss) . . . . 2.4.62 Hanna, P. (Miss) . . . . 27 .11. Hunt, B. (Miss) . . . . . 2. 4. (}2 Huyler, T. (Miss) ........ 2..62 Kelly, F. (Miss) .......... 26. ll. Kemp, M. (Miss) . . . . 2.4.G2 1\lajor, N. (Miss) . . . 26 .11. 62 McKenzie, L. (Miss) . . 26.11.62 Miller, G. (MiRs) . . . . 2.4.62 20 l. 9.61 8.10. 62 18.4.61 12.7.65 2 ,5,66 4.4.GG 15.4.52 1.9.58 1. 2.52 1.11.5G 1.3.57 15.2.58 1.11.65 1.8.54 1.11.56 28.1.6.t 1. 7 .53 8.10.59 '2.4.65 1. 6. ()2 7. ll .66 15.10. 6-l 8. 10. 63 10.8.65 14. 11. ()!) 12. 11. 65 1.1.fi(j 1.12.M ]. 1 fi7 l.G.G! 1 1 G5 1.5. G5 l. 9. G2 1.3. 65 1.1. 65 l.l.G5 1.1.65 1.5.64 1.5.61 1. 9. 62 1. 5. 6 1.9. G2 1.1. 65 1.5.64 1.5. 65 1. !) 61 l .5.61 l.5.G5 1. 5. Gl 1.5. G5 1.1. 65 1. 5. 64 Pt and Name 1\lorley, S. (Miss) ........ l\tott-Cooper, A. (Mrs.) ... O'Brien, M. (Miss) ...... Pratt, M. (Miss) ......... Roberts, J. . ...... Holle, L. M. (Miss) ...... Saunders, S. (Miss) ....... SPnrs, N. (Mrs.) ... ... M. .. Strnchan, G. (Miss) Thurston, P. (Miss) . R. (Mrs.) ,,:illinms-Ureen, G. (Mrs.) H. Ch C. E. (Miss) F. (Mr!!. 1\loxey, C. Ho!IC', M. (Mis!'!) Bena by, L. Howe, A. ( l\fo1s) nutlc>rFil'lhei, L. (Mrs.) r:trke, M. (1\fiRs) C1arke, P. (l\fo1s) l'ur1T, 1\1. Ofrs.) l),,\ai'wv, D. E. (l\foi.s) Gardin.C'r, r. Hopkins-r.Jcnr, .J. Hudson, W. (l\liss) Knowles, M. (Miss) .... Know1es, P. (Miss) ....... Lewis, E. (Miss) ......... Mackey, I. (Miss) ......... Maycock, I. (Miss) ...... . Johnson-McPhee E" (Mrs.) .. Moncur, Z. '(Miss) ....... Munroe, P. ....... Nairn-Bain, B. (Mrs.) ..... Pratt, E. M. (Miss) ....... Richardson, B. (Miss) ..... Robins, F. (Miss) ......... Rolle, E. (Miss) ......... Sawyer, P. (Miss) ....... Smith, G. (Miss) ......... Smith, P. (Miss) ......... Strachan-Saunders, M. (Mrs.) Stubbs, V. (Miss) ......... Stubbs, E. (Mrs.) ......... Thompson, L. (Miss) ..... Wells, V. (Miss) ......... Wells, T. (Miss) ........ Young, T. (Mrs.) ........ ATl'D. Farrington, F. .......... Higgins, C .......... Kemp, 0 ........... ... McPhee, N. . . . .... Penn. J. Pennel'm:m, A. ......... Rolle, W. ltussell, D. Da'e of Da'r of Flr111t Present Appointment Appointment 2.4.62 l.1.G5 1 2 63 1 2 G3 22. 12. 58 1 5. 64 1. 1. G5 1. 1. G5 1.10.59 1.9.62 2 4 l 5 6-l 2 4 G2 1 1 ()5 1 10 GI 1 5 G4 26 11 G2 1. 1. G5 2 4 G2 1 5 G4 4 GO 1. 5 G l 16.4.G2 1.5.G.J 17.7.61 1.5.G4 17 2 GO 1. 5 G.t 24. 1 GG 24. 1 G(i 9. 9. 1 11 r;:; 1.1.li.i 2 .. i Ii ) J 1 1 G ;") 4. 1 Ii;) 5 I G7 Hi 7 Ii I !j 1 117 I (j!) 1 :L G7 1 I li ;, 1 :1 (i 7 28. J f..I.fl/ 2 A 1 2. 17.7.f.7 17.7.li/ 4. t. 65 I. 3. G7 4.1.65 1.3.67 4 .1. 65 5 .1. 67 4 .l.65 1.4.67 4 .1.65 1.4.67 12.10.65 5.1.67 1.6.64 1.6.67 4. 1. 6:i 5 .1. 67 t.5.65 1.12.GG 4 1. 65 5 1. 67 4.1.65 1.8.67 15.4.63 6.1.67 24.6.64 5.1.G7 3 3 62 5 1. 67 1.5.61 6.1.67 6 8. 64 5. 1. G7 1.7.61 1.6.67 4 1. 65 5. 1. 67 15.12.58 5.1.67 26.ll.6i 5.1.67 4.1.65 5.1.67 26.4.67 25.4.G7 16.7.63 5.1.67 Ii \'acancies 27.1.67 6.2.G7 1.12.63 6.2.G7 29.5.67 6.2.G7 8. 2. 67 13 .2. G7 6.2.G7 G.2.G7 30 l. 67 G 2 67 8. 2. (i5 6. 2 67 12.9.6G 6.2.G7 ....


NURSING SISTERS BAHAMAS GENERAL HOSPITAL Mrs. Batchelder Phyllis Aldridge, SRN, SCM Mary Irene Phillips, SRN, SCM S.T. Diploma, London Ms. Patricia Keefe Jones SRC, SCM Ms. Eileen O'Connell, SRN, SCM Mary Osborne Hughes-Lesle -SRC,SCM Matron Bahamas General Hospital Contract expires 13 June, 1952 Assistant Matron Bahamas General Hospital 17 June, 1950 on contract 19 August, 1953 contract renewed for four (4) years January 1956 took a Sister Tutor's duties 8 September, 1957 contract renewed for three (3) years 1 October, 1958 appointed Acting Matron on retirement of D.M. Dames 24 July, 1956, Acting Matron Sister Tutor 3 October, 1950 to 4 October, 1953 on contract Theatre Sister 4 May, 1951 to 3 May, 1954 Contract 26 October, 1951 to 25 October, 1954 Contract 22 October, 1952 to 30 June, 1956 Nursing Sister, Prospect and Maternity Wards. Reappointed in August 1957 Public Health Supervisor to 1 November, 1958 Succeeded Mrs. Alice Hill-Jones 21


SISTER NIGHT DUTY AND DAYS OFF 1953 AREA NAME OF OFFICER ON DUTY OFF DUTY Prospect Sister Aldridge 21 May 18 June Prospect Sister Burke 18 May 2 July Prospect Sister Kufe 16 July 30 July Prospect Sister Connel 2 July 16 July Prospect Sister Mould !..3 Aug 13 Sept 5 Nov 9 Nov Prospect Sister Hughes 1 3 Aug 27 Aug Prospect Sister Lee 27 Aug 10 Aug 19 Nov 2 Dec Prospect Sister Matthews 10 Sept 24 Sept 3 Dec 17 Dec 1954 NIGHT DUTY (cont) AREA NAME OF OFFICER ON DUTY OFF DUTY Prospect Sister V. Lee 11 March 25 March 17 June 10 July 23 Sept 7 Oct, 30 Dec 13 Jan Prospect Sister Matthews 25 March 8 April 18 July 15 July 7 Oct, 11 Oct Prospect Sister Bowen 8 April 22 April 15 July 29 July 21 Oct, 4 Nov 22


NIGHT DUTY 1955 & 1956 AREA NAME OF OFFICER ON DUTY OFF DUTY Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Ogilvie 26 Feb 10 Mar 16 Jun 30 Jun 8 Sept 22 Sept Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Ridley 7 Apr 21 Apr 14 Jul 28 Jul 8 Sept 22 Sept 20 Oct 3 Nov Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Goldsmith 13 Jan 17 Jan 5 May 19 May 25 Aug 8 Sept 17 Nov 18 Dec Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Smith 15 Dec 29 Dec (1956) Princess Margaret Hospital Sister S. Aldridge 14 Jun 26 Jun 1956 NIGHT DUTY AREA NAME OF OFFICER ON DUTY OFF DUTY Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Hughu-hisle 5 April 19 April Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Ogilvie 12 Jan 26 Jan 23 Mar 5 April 12 Jul 26 Jul Prince Margaret Hospital Sister Ridley 26 Jan 9 Feb 19 Apr 3 May 9 Aug 23 Aug 15 Nov 29 Nov Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Goldsmith 19 Feb 8 Mar 3 May 17 May 13 Aug 6 Sept Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Smith 9 Feb 25 Feb 17 May 31 May 20 Sept 4 Oct 23


NIGHT DUTY (1957) AREA NAME OF OFFICER ON DUTY OFF DUTY Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Aldridge Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Ogilric 7 Mar 21 Mar 22 Aug 5 Sept Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Ridley 2 May 16 May 31 Oct 14 Nov Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Goldsmith 16 May 30 May 19 Sept 3 Oct Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Smith 10 Jan 26 Jan 13 Jun 27 Jun Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Mary Freeze 21 Mar 4 April 5 Sept 19 Sept Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Muriel Freeze 4 Apr 18 Apr 3 Oct 17 Oct NIGHT DUTY 1958 (contd) AREA NAME OF OFFICER ON DUTY OFF DUTY Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Allen 28 Nov 1 Dec Princess Margaret Hospital Sister H. Bowen 9 Jan 27 Jan Princess Margaret Hospital Sister. T. Smith 17 April 1 May Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Mary Freeze 6 March 10 March 21 Aug 4 Sept 31 Oct 13 Nov Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Muriel Freeze 20 Mar 3 April 7 Aug 21 Aug Princess Margaret Hospital Sister S. Stubbs 18 May 29 May 11 Dec 25 Dec


NIGHT DUTY 1958 (contd) AREA NAME OF OFFICER ON DUTY OFF DUTY Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Mary Warning 3 Sept 17 Sept (1959) i:>rincess Margaret Hospital Matron Grieve Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Aldridge Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Sherman Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Bowen 19 Mar 2 April Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Bakewell 5 Mar 19 Mar Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Mary Freeze 22 Jan 5 Feb Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Nickie Freeze Princess Margaret Hos:. .. 11 Sister Sheila Stubbs 30 Apr 3 May NIGHT DUTY 1959 (contd) AREA NAME OF OFFICER ON DUTY OFF DUTY Princess Margaret Hospital Sis.Patricia Fountain 5 Feb 19 Feb 25 Jun 8 Jul 12 Nov 26 Nov Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Lucille Capron 25 Dec 8 Jan 11 Jun 25 Jun 24 Dec Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Mary Howse 2 Apr 15 Apr 6 Aug 20 Aug Princess Margaret Hospital Sister H. Allen 19 Feb 5 Mar 23 Jul 6 Aug 28 Oct 10 Dec 24 Dec Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Doreen Dawy B Jan 5 Feb 28 May 19 Jun Princess Margaret Hospital Sister Hitchen 9 Jul 28 Jul Princess Margaret Hospital Sister June Smith 16 Apr 26 Apr Princess Margaret Hospital Sister E. Hughes 14 Apr 27 Apr


MATRONS APPOINTED MATRON MARGRET BATCHELDER 1945 -1952 MATRON DANE 1952 -1958 Visit of Princess Margaret on the Children's Ward. Miss Denese Dane, M.B.E., nurse on side is Nurse Cybil Carey, nurse at Governor's Harbour until her death. SISTER BOWEN NAMED MATRON Bahamian nursing sister Hil da Bowen has been appointed Matron of the Princess Margaret Hospital, it was learned today. Her appointment follows the departure of Matron F. Grieve, whose con tact expired in January. Matron Bowen, daughter of Mr. Irvin W. Bowen and the late Mrs. Justina Bowen of Cunning ham Lane, received her early eduMATRON HILDA cation at the Government High BOWEN School. In 1946 she became the 1961 -1965 first Bahamian to study nursing in the United Kingdom. Her general training was received at Farnborough Hospital, Kent. CERTIFICATES A State Registered Nurse, Matron Bowen also holds a State Certificate in Midwifery, and a Certificate and Di ploma in Ophthalmic Nursing from Morefields Eye Hospital in London. In 1953 she returned to Nassau, and was the first Bahamian nursing sister on the staff of the Princess Mar garet Hospital. In 1956 Sister Bowen was awarded a Commonwealth and Development Scholarship to take a special course in Hospital Administration (Nursing) at the Royal College of Nursing, London. In 1957, she returned to Nassau after gaining the 26 Certificate of Hospital Administration (Nursing) awarded by the College, and worked as senior nursing sister at the Princess Margaret Hospital. SENT AB ; RQAD Sister Bowen was appointed Assistant Matron in 1959, before receiving her present appointment. Later she will be sent abroad for one year's special training. It is understood that the new post of Principal Matron has been created to supervise the entire nursing service of the Bahamas. For the time being, Matron Bowen will also fill the post of Acting Principal Matron. FIRST BAHAMIAN MATRON Miss Hilda Bowen (centre) with her grand nephew Devron Pinder, 6, and Nurse Constance Conery of the Princess Margaret Hospital stand before a photo graph of Miss Bowen, which was unveiled Monday by young Devron. Miss Bowen was the hospital's first Bahamian Matron. (Photo: Lynden Smith).


MISS PATRICIA FOUNTAIN, formerly Assistant Ma tron of the Princess Magaret Hospital, was officially con firmed as Matron of the Hospital yesterday. She fills the position that Miss Hilda Bowen held until she became Principal Matron on May 28. Miss Fountain (left) is the daughter of Mrs. Margaret Fountain and the late Mr. Arthur Fountain of Nassau. After graduating from the Government High School, Miss Fountain left Nassau in 1947 to study nursing in the U.K. She received three years general training in Farnbo rough, Kent, and received her midwifery training at Elsie Inglis Hospital in Edinburgh. Post graduate work for Miss Fountain included time at the Hospital for Sick Children at Great Ormond Street, London, where she received the Best Practical Nurse Award. She obtained the British Tuberculosis Association Certificate at Pinewood Hospital, Wokingham, Berkshire. In 1956 Miss Fountain returned to Nassau to work at the Princess Margaret Hospital. In July 1957 she became nursing sister in charge of the children's ward; and Assistant Matron in August 1961. In September 1961 she received Government Schol arship for one year's study of nursing administration at the Royal College of Nursing, London. After this year of study Miss Fountain returned to Nassau. Miss Fountain's previous position as Assistant Matron is being filled by MISS JUNE SMITH, former1y a nursing sister at the Geriatric Hospital. 1965 1968 MISS SMITH, (right) who is from Horsham, Sussex, received her general training in Sussex and her midwifery training at Central Middlesex Hospital and Fulham Mater nity Hospital in London. She received the British Tuberculosis Association Certificate at King Edward VII Sanitoriam in Midhurst, Sus sex, where she did her post graduate training. Miss Smith came to the Princess Margaret Hospital in November, 1955 and spent her first five years as nursing sister in charge of Prospect Hospital. In September 1963 she was appointed Acting Assis tant Matron for one year during the absence of Miss Foun tain who was studying nursing administration in London. Two Bahamian women now hold the two top posts in the Bahamian nursing service. 1968 1970 MRS. DOROTHY DAVIS-PHILLIPS, 1972 -1974 Pupil Teacher Catholic School 1949 Shorthand Typist Amomy Company 1950-1951 Nurse Training West London Hospital London, England 1951-1954 Midwifery Simpsons Memorial Hospital Edinburgh, Scotland 1954-1955 Tropical Diseases Nursing University College Hospital 1955 Present Position Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health 27


HISTORY OF MATRON'S POST The most senior nursing post in the Bahamas was that of the Matron. In 1955 the Bahamas General Hospital was renamed Princess Margaret Hospital. In 1962 the first Bahamian was appointed Hospital Matron. A more senior post in nursing was cre at.edlmown as Principal Matron. Miss Renee Clapton a British Matron was ap pointed as Principal Matron. She had the overall re sponsibility for nursing in the Bahamas, while the Bahamian Hospital Matron, Hilda Bowen, while the hospital matron was responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Princess Margaret Hospital. In 1965, Miss Clapton contract expired and Miss Hilda Bowen was appoint.ed as Principal Matron. The post of Principal Matron was renamed to Chief Nursing Officer, Ministry of Health in 1970. Persons holding the post was responsible for the day to-day administration of the Princess Margaret Hospital, Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre, Community Nursing Service and the Department of Nursing Education became known as Principal Nursing Officers. In 1980 the title of Chief Nursing Officer was renamed Director of Nursing. This post was held by Miss Hilda Bowen, until 1983 when Mrs. Ironica Morris (nee Bodie) was appointed. Miss Rene Clapton, First Principal Matron with Second Principal Matron Hilda Bowen. IRONICA BAKER-MORRIS nee BODIE ACADEMIC EDUCATION: 1941 1943 1943-1945 1945-1949 1950 1951 19n 1978 28 Address: Telephone: Date of Birth: Age: Nationality: Marital Status: No. of Children: Southern Primary School Southern Senior School 43 Davis Street, Oakes field Res: (809) 323-6971 Bus: (809) 322-7425 May 25, 1934 57 years Bahamian Married three (3) St. Francis Xaviers Academy; High School Diploma; Senior Cambridge School Certif icate Bahamas Teacher's Training College Certificate of Associate of College of Prae ceptors. Bachelor Degree in Nursing Master in Education at University of Miami


NURSING SISTERS BAHAMAS GENERAL HOSPITAL Bahamas General Hospital Pin. Sisters during Matron Batchelder Era. SISTER ALDRIDGE Following Matron Batchelder's Era, Senior Sister also respon sible for nurse training prior to the beginning of PTS train ing in 1958. Mrs. Stella Amoury nee Watson, served as Nursing Sister for short period at B.G.H. 29


30 BAHAMIAN APPOINTED NURSING SISTERS 1953 1967 EMPLOYED BY THE BOARD OF HEAL TH NAMES Watkins-Jervis, 0. (Mrs.) Miller-Maycock, R. (Mrs.) Knowles-Poitier, L.M. (Mrs.) Stewart, E. M. (Miss) Green, W.J. (Miss) Gomez, M. (Miss) Storr, M. (Miss) Dean-Strachan, L. (Mrs.) Walkins-Godet, T. (Miss) Bain, H. (Miss) Bailey, R.H. (Miss) Cartwright Davis, M. (Miss) Davis, S. (Miss) Dean-Davis, E. (Mrs.) Ferguson, B. Hanna, S. E. (Miss) Johnson, E. (Miss) Klass, C. (Mrs.) Simmons, D. (Miss) Turnquest, A.M. (Miss) Tynes, L. (Mrs.) DATE OF FIRST APPOINTMENT Mary Bakewell, Midwifery Tutor. 1953-1959. 1.12.56 29.11.62 15.1.62 1.9.62 8.2.65 2.11.64 24.9.64 18.1.65 1.1.66 10.4.67 16.10.67 1.5.67 11.12.67 16.11.66 1.12.66 1.7.67 25.9.67 1.1.67 8.5.67 10.10.66 1.9.67 DATE OF PRESENT APPOINTMENT 1.12.56 29.11.62 15.1.62 1.9.62 8.2.65 2.11.64 1.4.65 1.11.65 1.1.66 10.4.67 16.10.67 1.7.67 11.12.67 16.3.67 1.4.67 1.7.67 25.9.67 1.1.67 1.7.67 1.7.67 1.9.67


August 1970 September 1971 November 1971 January 1973 January 1980 1981 1983 1986 MRS. OLIVIA ELIZABETH WATKINS NEE JERVIS O.B.E. SRN S.C.M Certificate of Efficiency Tropical Nursing, Cetificate of Efficiency Operation Theatre Technique, Queens Institute of District Nursing Certificate Certificate Nursing Administration (Hospital) EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Acting Principal Nursing Officer, Princess Margaret Hospital Appointed to act as Chief Nursing Officer Resumed duty as Acting Principal Nursing Officer Appointed Assistant Superintendent of Prisons Award O.B.E. Queen New Year's Honours Seconded to the Ministry of Labour and appointed Chief Labour Officer Appointed Assistant Director of Labour Retired RUTH R. MILLAR NEE MAYCOCK Date of Birth: Address: Present Positions: (a) Substantive Appointment: (b) Special Assignments: December 30, 1933 P.O. Box 1190 Nassau, Bahamas Managing Director The Bahamas Mortgage Corporation (i) Chairperson The Working Party on The Proposed National Health (ii) Chairperson Health Infrastructure Development Committee of The National Insurance Board LULA MAYBETH KNOWLES NEE POITIER Trained as a Nurse in Great Britain from 1954 to 1961. During this time completed training in General Nursing, Midwifery and Ophthalmic Nursing. In 1962 was appointed Nursing Sister in charge of the Eye Wing at the Princess Mar garet Hospital. In 1969 persued a one (1) year course in Nursing Administration at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica and on completion of this course was assigned to Nursing Administrative duties at the Princess Margaret Hospital. In 1971 was promoted to the post of Senior Nursing Officer and transferred to the Rand Memorial Hospital in 1973 in charge of the Nursing Service. Promoted to Principal Nursing Officer in 1984 and in 1986 to the present as a member of the Health Services Manage ment Committee of Grand Bahama, have been responsible for administering not only the Hospital Nursing Service but the Community Nursing Service as well. 31


Date of Birth: Present Position: Nationality: Education: BEVERLY FORD NEE TURNQUEST October 9, 1934 Deputy Director of Nursing Bahamian Areas of Special Competence Cambridge Junior Certificate 1951 Cambridge Senior Certificate 1952 General Nursing Nursing Administration SYLVIA ELIZABETH DAVIS Trained in the Bahamas;, Nurse Midwife 1956-1959. Persued further studies in United Kingdom 1960-1967 and completed the following: State Registered Nurse State Certified Midwife I & II Orthopaedic Nursing First Line Management Promoted Nursing Sister 1967 Female Surgical Ward, Princess Margaret Hospital. Nursing Sister Accident/Emergency Room, Out Patient Department 1967-1972. Promoted Nursing Officer Grade I 1972 Rand Memorial Hospital. 1973 persued Advance Nursing Administration, Royal College of Nursing U.K. one (1) year. Promoted Senior Nursing Officer 1974 Rand Memorial Hospital. Supervisor in all areas of Hospitals Princess Margaret Hospital and Rand Memorial Hospital. 2 November, 1964 September, 1967 2 December, 1968 15-24 June, 1970 7 July, 1972 June 1, 1973 10 September, 1973 MISS MYRTLE GOMEZ 1st appointed to Public Service One year Course in Nursing Administration at U.W.I. Promotion Tutor Six Weeks course for Nursing Educators on Family Centred Nursing Barbados Bachelor of Ssience Degree in Nursing from University of Boston Resigned from the Public Service. MIRIAM STORR S.R.N., R.M., H.V., Cas & O.P.D. Cert., Theatre Cert., 1 Date of Birth: Teacher: 1948-1957 10th September, 1934 Arthur's Town, Cat Island, Bahamas Under Principals, Mr. G.B. Pinder and Mr. Rodney E. Bain, Ms. M. L. Stubbs Asst. Teacher now deceased. LUCILLE MARGARITA PAYNE nee CAPRON 32 S.R.N., S.C.M. Certificate Psychiatry Fifth daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Charles Capron Dowdeswell Street, Nassau Date of birth: March 17, 1931 Educated at Eastern Public School and Donald Davis Evening Institute. Public Teacher 1947-1949 Teachers College 1949-1951 Feb. 1952 Bethel Green General Hospital. 1957 Midwifery Scotland .. Feb. 1958-1961 Nursing Sister, Bahamas Reappointed No. II 1986. Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre.


ESMERALDA RUTHERFORD NEE JOHNSON Born: Marital Status: Residence: Health: Permanent Address: Telephone: Office: Telephone: May 19, 1940 Nassau, Bahamas Divorced; 3 children Own home No major illnesses Sands Addition off Bernard Road Nassau, Bahamas (809) 324-2572 Department of Nursing Education Sands Lane Nassau, Bahamas (809) 325-5551 BSC Florida International University, Miami, Florida E' .CATION: 174-1975 Level 2 Government High School, Nassau, Bahamas, with University of Cambridge (UK), Overseas Syndicate Examination. MS. JOAN W. GREENE-BOWE Born in Mangrove Cay, Andros, Bahamas to the late John Greene and Edith Greene on 7th November, 1937. She was educated at Mangrove Cay Public School and Eastern Senior School, Nassau. Professional Education: The Royal Hospital School of Nursing, Richmond Surrey, SRN St. Andrew's Hospital Midwifery School, Bow East London, Part 1 Midwifery. King Edward VII Hospital Midwifery School Windsor, Part II Midwifery. The Royal College of Nursing, London, Middle Management. Kingston Upon Thames Hospital, Kingston-upon-Thames Sur rey, Operating Theatre Techniques. The Royal College of Nursing, Edinburgh, Scot land, Top Management. Experience: In 1965 she returned home and joined the Ministry of Health, and worked in all areas of the Ministry of Health, at Prin cess Margaret Hospital, Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre, and Rand Memorial Hospital; in various supervisory and man agerial positions, from Nursing Sister to Senior Nursing Officer. In 1973, she joined the National Insurance Board as a Distict Supervisor, attached to Personnel Department assisting with the training of staff, prior to the implementation of National Insurance Act. She established the Freeport Local Office of National Insurance Board. Prior to the National Insurance Act coming into forcP and managing it the first two (2) years of operation. (Implementing the National Insurance Act in Grand Bahama). In she returned to 'headquarters in Nassau and was appointed Acting Personnel Officer of the National Insurance Board. In 1979, she joined Wilbur Ltd. in Freeport, Grand Bahama and was appointed Executive Manager with respon sibility for managering Cove House Condominium and Harbour Housell. In 1984, she returned to her first love "Nursing", where she enjoys that one on one as a Private Duty Nurse to the pre sent. CARL OTT A Z IN DA KLASS Date of Birth: 10th December 1938 Eldest child of four and only daughter born to the late Christopher William Johnson, of Staniard Creek, Andros and Winfred Leonora Johnson nee Roberts of San Salva dor. Carlotta is married to George Nestor Klass of Berbice, Guyana and together they have two married sons, James William and Christopher Elwood Alan, both of who m reside in England. Employed with the Ministry of Health 24 years from January 1967. Held acting position of Senior Nursing Officer in Freeport, Grand Bahama for Community Health Services and in New Providence. Presently The area supervisor for Eastern District Clinics. Has worked as Assistant to Principal Nursing Officer Com munity Health Services Coordinated the highest Level of Post Basic Training Community Health Bahamas. 33


Charge Nurses and Ward Masters, Joyce Grant Simmons, Olive Innis, other Wardens and Charge Nurses were Michael Martinborough, Hazel Darling nee Wells, Carl Nottage, Robert Smith and Ronald Hanna, not included in photo. Mrs. Edwin Taylor served as Public Health Nursing Supervisor, New Providence and Freeport. THE LONGEST SERVING RECRUITED NURSING SISTER/NO. II Morfydd Mccarroll nee Rowland born Dec. 2, 1944 in Algreen West, Wales, was ed ucated at Howell's School Cardiff commenced nursing training at St. George's Hospital London after completing her State Registered Nurse, one year as a Staff Nurse, first part midwifery at Glossop Terrace Cardiff, Wales, and second part at Paddington General Im don. Employed as a Staff Nurse at St. Stephen's Hospital before coming to Nassau in November 1959 as a Nursing Sister on a three year contract to the Princess Margaret Hospital Nassau, worked in many different departments at the Hospital. She married Dr. Jason Mccarroll in June, 1962, she then rejoined the Hospital as a part time Nursing Officer where she remains until now. The McCarrolls have three sons 3 4


SITES OF NURSE TRAINING CLASSROOM/SCHOOLS A designated area in the Bahamas General Hospital Compound was the location for the ad hoc classroom training of the probationer. The basement of the Bahamas General Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital (now the Rand Laboratory and Mortuary) was a known classroom site. The Dane s Nurses Home was the location of the First School of Nursing in 1958. This site housed two classrooms, a livery and office space for staff. Upstairs was used as a nurses residence. Practical facilities were located in the Bain's Nurses Home. In 1971, the old post office building on Sands Road was occupied as the Department of Nursing Education. 35


NURSE MARLETTA RAHMING presents a gift from the nurses at the Princess Margaret Hospital to Nursing Sister Hilda Bowen at a farewell party given in Sister Bowen's honour by the nurses last night. The party was held at the nurses' classroom at the hospital. Gifts were given to Sister Bowen by Dr. Steele-Perkins and the nursing staff. Sis ter Bowen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Enin Bowen of Cunningham Lane, will leave Nassau for New York on Sun day. From New York she will sail aboard the "Coronia" for England, where she will take a nine-month Nurses Ad ministration Hospital course at the Royal College of Nurses, London. The study-leave-course is given especially for Nursing Sisters. Pictured sitting from left to right: Matron Denise Dane, Sister Phyllis Aldridge and Sister Mary Freeze. (1950) THE BAHAMAS SCHOOL OF NURSING, 1987. 36


NURSING EDUCATION DEVELOPMENTS Some organized form of Nursing training in The Bahamas most likely began with the establishment of the Hospital Act of 1809. Trainees prior to 1958 were called probationers and were trained under an aprenticeship sys tem Firs t trainees of Bahamas General Hospital in 1912 Nassau, Bahamas. Candidates were interviewed and selected by Matron and were indentured they had to sign a contract on com pletion of a three month trial period w ith commissioners persons responsible for the operation of the health serv ices Nurs ing trainees had to be declared medically fit with satisfactory references prior to entering They were sent i mmediately to the wards with ad hoc classes and were taught by the Matron or a senior tutor In 1958 the first Preliminary Training Nursing School began. This was an organized Form of training with the beginning of an intake of groups of students. Students still had to be indentured they had to be medically fit with good references but were now having or ganized classroom and clinica l schedules. They were however, a part of the manpower work force for the hospita l and had to do night duty as well. The Matron allocated students to their various areas and had full responsibility for their schedules In 1962, the Clinical Nursing Programme was intro duced. This type of training focused on preparing candi dates who could not meet the criteria for entrane into the P.M.H. Nurses obtain concession 3-year training in Nassau and 1 year in U K. Pictured: Tutor Monica Knowles, Matron Hilda Bowen, Margaret Thompson, Irene Cooper, Rosa Mae Godet, Cleopatra Ferguson, Emily King and Morris Brooks. Registered Nurse programme and it prepared the pupil to provide basic nursing care In the mid sixties the Introductory Block System of training was introduced These students had one year full student status and during this time were not a part of the full time work force of the health service. The School of Nursing Principal Tutor now had full responsibility of the day-to-day administration of nursing education. The Princess Margaret Hospital now recognized as a Training Institution by the General Nursing Council for En gland and Wales. 37


THE NURSIN G COUNCIL COMMONWEAL TH OF THE BAHAMAS PURPOSE AND FUNCTIONS 1972 1974 The Nursing Council of the Commonwealth of the Ba hamas was established under the Nurses and Midwives Act 1971. The general duty of the Council is to protect the pub lic in particular, (1) by the supervision and improvement of Nurs ing Education practise (2) by the conduct of examiners for nurses, mid wives and clinical nurses (3) by keeping of the Registers and a Roll of qualified nurses midwives and clinical nurs es (4) by taking disciplinary action when required in cases of convictions or misconduct. The training for the admission of nurses, midwives and clinical nurses to the Registers and Roll maintained by the Council is required by law. i.e. (a) Three year Basic Nurse Education for the General Register. (b) One year post basic Midwifery training for the Register of Midwives. (c) Eighteen months course for the Roll of trained clinical nurses. In addition training institutions must be approved by the Council. The Council also draws up the Syllabuses of subjects for examination lay down requirements relating to minimum age and educational standards of entry to training programmes and are responsible for the conduct of the examinations. All rules and regulations by the Council must first re ceive the approval of the Minister of Health. When such approval has been received the rules and regulations must be passed by the House of Parliament to become law. As a Statutory Body set up by Act of Parliament the Council has its duties clearly prescribed within the Act which set it up and and amended from time to time. It is bound by law to carry out such duties, equally it is de barred by law from taking action on matters that do not come within the duties specified by Parliament. For example matters relating to salaries, condition of service, recruitment and employment of nurses cannot be dealt with by the Council, although the Council can ex press their views on such questions They take into ac count all aspects of the nursing picture when forming deci sions but they have no jurisdiction over any matters other than those laid down in the Nurses and Midwives Act. Any alteration in the fundamental duties of the Council can be brought about only by amending the legislation. Throughout all their activities the continual aim of the Council is to establish and maintain a standard of nurse 38 education in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas which will produce a nurse midwife and clinical nurse capable not only of undertaking the nursing care of her patient but also of encouraging her patient back to full health and en couraging the nurse to teach promotion of health and the prevention of sickness to those she comes in contact. However, the responsibility for maintaining the stan dard of nursing and upholding the status of the nursing profession lies not only with the Nursing Council but with every Registered Nurse, every Registered Midwife and ev ery Enrolled Trained Clinical Nurse in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Thus all together we can build the nursing profession to help and provide the best health care for the citizens of our Commonwealth of the Bahamas they so rightly de serve Best wishes to all for the years ahead HILDA V. BOWEN, M.B.E. Chairman Nursing Council ..... !.'.f, 'i1. c.o. tori. :;o roU'.J t r r r 1 11:.r1r ,-r1. Sh ila f'r&11c1 t ff!c . ..:1


--A N E W SEAL for the Comme>nwealth o f the Bahamas N ursing Cou-11 h ,as been designed by Nurse Dorot h y Morris. She is pictured above right with Miss Hilda Chairman o f r uning Council other d esigns sh e submitted. seal pictured at lower left sh o w t wo h ands h olding a conch shell whi c h is topped off by a flam e. M s Dorothy Morris designed the seal fo r the Nursing Council, was approved b y the Honourable Minister of Health, Mr. Loftus Roker Member of Parliament. Registration Certificates were signed b y the Chairperson and Registrar of the Council and sealed with the seal o f the Council. 39


_____________ ... Faimlta. 8.-( I) The Council shall in each year prepare and submit to the Minister on or before the 31st day of March a report of its proceedings during the tw elve months ending on the 3 lst day o f December in the preceding year, including a statement of its accounts audited in accordance with section 7 (2) The Council shall, o n or befo r e the 31st day o f Augu s t in each year, submit to the Minister for approva l its estim ates of revenue and expenditure i n respect of the twelve-month period commencing on the 1st day of Janu ary next following. 9 .-(1) The Council s hall cause the Regist rar t o keep in --------------1 midwives such form as it may from time to time determine No. 12 of 1971 An Act to provide for control of the training and practice of nurses clinical nurses and midwives, for the registration of nurses and midwives and the enrolment of clinical nurses ; to repeal The Midwives Act; and for matters incidental to or connected with the matters aforesaid [Assented to 17th June, 1971 J B E it enacted by The Queen's Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate and the House of Assembly of the Commonwealth of The Bahama Islands, and by the authority of the same, as follows : -I. This Act may be cited as The Nurses and Midwives Act, Short title 1971, and shall come into operation on a day to be appointed by and the Minister by notice published in the Gazette :,i;::-c:&2.-( I) In This Act "the Council" means the Nursing Council established under section 3; "mental nurse" means a nurse trained in the nursing care of persons suffering from mental illness ; "nurse" includes mental nurse ; "the register" means (a) in relation to nurses the Register of Nurses; and (b) in relation to midwives the Register of Midwives, specified in section 9; "the Registrar" means the Registrar appointed under section 5 ; "the roll" means the Roll of Clinical Nurses specified in section JO. lntet'l)retalion (2) References in this Act to a section are, unless the contrary intention appears, references to a section of this Act, and references in a section to a subsection are, unless the contrary intention appears, references to a subsection of that section 3.-{1) There shall be established for the purposes of this Act a body to be called the Nursing Council. (2) The provisions of the First Schedule shall have effect as to the constitution of the Council and otherwise in relation thereto. -.o1 4. The Council shall have power to control the training and ... eoa-. practice of nurses, clinical nurses and midwives, to register nurses and midwives and to enrol clinical nurses. "-' ...... .,,...._. ---. ---of ... eo-. S The Council may appoint and employ at such remuneration and on such terms and conditions as it thinks fit a Registrar and such other officers, servants and agents as it thinks necessary for the proper canying out of tlie provisions of this Act Provided that no salary in excess of three thousand dollars shall be assigned to any post without the prior approval of the Minister. 6. The funds of the Council shall consist of such moneys as may from time to time be placed at its disposal for the purposes of this Act by the Legislature, and such other moneys as may lawfully be paid to the Council. -7. The Council shall keep proper accounts of its receipts -. payments, assets and liabilities, and such accounts shall be audited 40 annually by an auditor appointed in each year by the Council with the approval of the Minister. (a) a register, to be known as the R egister of Nurses, in which shall be e ntered the name and other prescribed particulars of every person r egiste red as a nurs e; and (b) a register, to be known as the Register of Midwives in which shall be e nt e red the name a nd other prescribed particular s of every person registered as a midwife (2) The Register of Nurses and the Register of Midwives shall be open to insp ec tion by any member of the public at all reasonable times and a copy of eac h register shall be published in the Gazette by the Registrar at such times as may be prescribed. (3) Every person who immediately before the commence ment of this Act was listed as a nurse in the official list kept by the Minister of nurses practisin g in The Bahama Islznds shall be deemed at the commencement of this Act to be registered as a nurse under this Act a nd the R egist rar s hall as soon as may be after the Commencement of this Act enter the name and other prescrib e d particulars of such person in the Register of Nurses (4) Every person who i mm e di a tely before the commencement of this Act was registered as a midwife under The Midwives 01.111. Act (now repealed) shall bt deemed at the commencement of this Act to be registered as a mid wife under this Act, and the Registrar shall as soon as may be after the comme nc emen t of this Act enter the name and other prescribed par ticulars of such person in the Registe r of Midwives (5) Every person who (a) (i) satisfies the Council that he has successfully completed in The B aha ma Islands a course of training in nursing or midwifery recognised by the Cou n cil, and has passed any examinat i on or exa mination s set by the Council for the purpose; or (ii) in any other case satisfies the Council that he has successfully completed such a course of training as aforesaid at an overseas institution recognised by the Council; and (b) further satisfies the Council that he is of good character and is a fit and proper person to practise as a nurse or midwife in The Bahama Islands. shall be und e r this A c t to be registered as a nurse or midwife, a s the case may be: Provided that nothing in this s ub section s hall ope rat e to prevent the Council from r equiring any particul a r p e r so n to sit and pass such examination or exa mination s set by th e Counci l us the Council may deem fit before s uch person shall be qu a lifi ed t o be registered as aforesaid (6) Subject to the provisions of subsection s (3) a nd (4). any person who is qualified unde r this Act to be reg ist e r ed as a nurse or midwife may make application to the Registrar for regis trat ion. and e very such application s h all be made i n the prescribed form and accompanied by the prescribed fee (7) The Registrar shall i ssue t o every person r egistered under this Act the appropriate certificate o f registration in the p r escribed form. Enrolment or I 0.-( I) The Counci l shall cause the Registra r to ke e p a roll to be known as th e Roll of Clinical Nurses (i n thi s Act r e f e rr ed t o as "the roll"), in which s hall be ente red the nam e and o th e r prescribed particul ars of every person whose application f o r enrolment as a clini ca l nurse is ap pro ved by the Council. (2) The roll shall be o pen t o inspection by a n y m e mb e r o f the public at all reasonable times.


(3) Notwithstanding the provisions of s ub sectio n s (4) and (5) a ny person who was engaged in pra ctical nursin g i n Th e B a h a ma I s land s before the commencement o f this Act ma y a t a n v time within six months aft e r th e comme n ce m e nt o f thi s A c t a pp l y to the R egis trar in th e prescribed manner for e nrolment as a clini c a l nurse and if the Cou ncil afte r co n s idering th e a ppli c ation an d making s uch o th e r e nquirie s as it may think fit is sat isfie d that such p erso n (a ) is o f g ood c h a r acte r ; and (b) has gained sufficien t experience in practical nur s ing to perform s atisfa c toril y the d uties of a clinic a l nurse, th e Counci l may approve th e e nr o l men t of s u ch pe r son as J clinical 11urse. ( 4) Every per so n w h o (a) satis fies th e Co un cil th at h e has s u cccssfull v co mpl e ted a co urs e o f p r actical training r eco g nise d by th e Council as qualif ying s u c h person t o enga!'e in c lini ca l nursing, th at i s t o say to und e rtak e tile basi c ca re of pati e nt s und e r th e s up ervis i o n o f a regist e red m e dical prac titi o n e r o r a nurse : and (b) further s atisfies the Council that he is of g ood character and is a fit and proper person to practise clinical nursing (within the meaning gi\ ;n to that expression in par agr aph ( a) of this subsection) in The Bahama Islands shall be qualified under this Act to be enrolled as a clinical nurse. (5) Any person who is qualified under this Act to be enrolled as a clinical nurse may make application to the Registrar for enrolm ent, and e very s uch application s hall be made in the prescribed form and accompanied by the pre sc ribed fee (6) The Registrar shall issue to every person enrolled as a clini cal nurse a certificate of enrolment in the prescribed form 11. -(l) If any person who is registere d or enrolled under this Act is found, upon enquiry by the Coun cil {a) to be suffering from any illness rendering such person unfit to practise nursing or midwifery, or to perform satisfactorily the duties of a clinical nwse, as the case may be ; or (b) to have procured any registration or enrolment under this Act as a result of any misleading, false or fraudulent representation; or (c) to be guilty of (i) dishonesty, negligence or incompetence in the performance of his duties as a nurse, midwife or clinical nurse, as the case may be ; ur (ii) conduct that is unbecoming to a nurse, midwife or clinical nurse the Council may, if it thinks fit either suspend the registration or enrolment of. such person for a period not exceeding one year or direct the Registrar to strike the name of such person off the register or off the roll, as the case may r equire. (2) The Council may at any time, if it thinks just and subject to any conditions that it considers the circumstances of the c ase require direct the name of any person which has been s truck o ff the register or off the roll to be reinstated ( 3) The Council shall as soon as may be after (a) the registration or enrolment of any person has been suspended ; or (b) the name of any person h a s been struck off the register or off the roll; or (c) the reinstateme;it of any nam e which was struck off the register or off the roll cause notice of the appropriate fact to be publi s hed in the Gazette. ( 4) Whenever t}le name of any person has been struck off the r egis ter or off the roll. the Council m ay in writing require such p e rson to return to the Registrar his certificate of registration or c e rtificate of enrolment, j such person shall comply with that requirement Appeals to Nurs m g Appeal T..-ibunaJ. Second Schedule. Supenison o f midw;ves. Suspension and striking off. 12 ( I) With out prejudice to the provisions of s ub sec tions (3) and (4) of sec ti o n 11, a ny person aggrieved by any decision o f th e Co uncil in re spec t o f th e s uspension or cancellati o n of th e registration or e nr olme nt o f such person may appeal from such de cis ion to the Nursing App ea l Tribunal hereinafter ref e rr ed to as "the Tribunal", which s hall be co n s tituted for the purp oses of this section. (2) The pro visi ons of th e Second S che dule s hall h ave e ff ec t as to the co nstitution of the Tribun a l and otherwise in r e l a ti o n th e r e t o. (3) U pon allo win g a n a ppeal from any deci s i on of the Council under s ub sec ti o n (I) of sec tion 11, the Tribunal shall ca use notice of its decision to be published in the Gaz ette and shaU, in the e vent o f the appellant's certificate having been returned under subsection (4) of section 11, direct such certificate to be restored to him. ( 4) A de cis ion o f th e Tribunal s hall not affect any liability incurr ed under s ubsection ( I) of se ction 14 by the appellant prior to s u c h decision 13.-( I) Th e C ouncil may, for the purpose of e n s uring prop e r supervision of midwives (a) divid e ll1 e Baham a Islands into such midwifery distri c t s (in this Act referred to as "districts") as it may think fit; (b) de s i g nat e s uch persons as it may think fit to be Supervi so r s of M ;c1 and (c) specify th e d i s tri c ts for which each Supervi so r of Mid wives shall be r es ponsible. (2) TI1e Co un cil s h all, as soon as may be after any Sup erviso r o f Midwives has been desi g n a t ed, ca use notice of th e fact t o be publi s hed in the Gazette and s u c h notice shall set out th e nam e a nd address of such Sup e rvisor of Midwives and the districts for whi ch he is responsibl e. 14.-(l) Any person who Offences. (a) (b) (c) (d) not being registered under this Act as a midwife or not being qualified to practise midwifery under any other enactment for the time being in force in The Bahama Islands practises midwifery ; or not being registered under this Act as a nurse, practises as a nurse or takes or uses the name or title of registered nurse either alone or in combina tion with any other words or letters, or uses any name title, addition, description, unifonn or badge implying that he is registered under this Act as a nurse; or not being enrolled as a clinical nurse, at any time after the expiration of six months after the commencement of this Act undertakes employ ment as a clinical nurse; or being a nurse, midwife or clinical nurse whose registration or enrolment (as the case may be) is suspended under section 11, nevertheless practises as a nurse or midwife or undertakes employment as a clinical nurse ; or (e) with intent to deceive makes use of any certificate of registration or certificate of enrolment issued under this Act to him or any other person shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on summary conviction -(f) in the case of a first offence, to a fine not exceeding thirty dollars ; (g) in the case of a second or subsequent offence to a fine not exceeding one hundred and fifty dollars and in default of payment thereof to imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months : Provided that (h) nothing in paragraph (b) of this subsection shall prevent a c hildren's nurse from taking or using the name or title of nurse unless the circumstances in which or the words or letters in combination with which, the name or title is taken or used are such as to suggest that he is something other than a children's nurse, that is to say, a person whose avocation is that of caring for children; 41


(i) a person shall not be g u ilty of an o ffen ce under that paragraph by reason only that without object i on by him other persons u s e the word nurse in addressing or referring to him ; and G) proceedings for an offence under that paragraph shall not be instituted except with the consent of the Attomey.{;eneial. (2) Any person who wilfully makes or caus e s to be ma d e any falsification in any matter relating to the Regi ster of N urses o r the Register of Midwives or to the roll shall b e guilt y o f a n o ff e n ce and shall be liable on summary c onviction to a fine n o t e x c e e din g three hundred dollars or to imprisonment for a term not e x cee din g six months or to both such fine and imprisonment (3) Any person who is g u ilty of a contraventio n o f any of the provisions of this Act for which no penalty is provided in subsection ( 1) or ( 2 ) shall be liable on summary c onvicti o n t o a fine not exceeding thirty dollars or to imprisonment for a t erm not exceeding thirty days ReaW.1H>ns 1S .-{1) The Council w i th the approval o f th e M i ni s t e r may make regulations generally for the proper carrying out o f th e provisions and purpose s of this Act and in particular but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, may make regul a tions (a) pre sc ribing the requirements which shall b e satisfied by persons a pplyin g for training as nurses, clini c al nurses a nd midwive s ; ( b) providin g for t h e p ro g ramm e s of tra i nin g an d the curri cula o f stud y to be followed in the trai nin g o f nurse s clini cal nurse s and midwives ; (c) providing for the establishment managem e nt a nd control o f scho ols for nurses, midwives and clinical nurs e s a nd regulating the instru c tion to be g iven in sllth s ch o ols ; (d) presc rib i n g th e exa minati o ns t o be p asse d a n d th e othe r r eq uir e m ents to b e s atisfi e d wh e t her i n additi o n o r as a n alt e rnative t o the passing of ex amin a tion s, b y pe rsons appl y in g for r eg i stra ti o n a s nur se s or mid wive s o r e nr o lment a s c linical nurses; (e) as to th e function s of nurses midwives a nd clinical nurses a n d the n a ture of the s ervices whi ch m ay b e r ende r e d by the m ; (I) pro v idin g for the es t a bli s hm ent and control o f agen c i es t o fac ilit a t e th e effe ctive u tiliz a tion o f t he s ervi ces o f nurs es, m idwives and clinica l nurs es in h os pital s or othe rw ise ; (g) providin g for th e m aking o f c orre c ti o n s t o the reg ist e r and the roll required by this A c t to b e kept ; ( h) for the procedure to be followed in respect o f e nquiries into m atters c apabl e o f re nderin g p e rsons regist e red und e r t h i s Act liabl e to be s tru c k off o r to h ave their r egis trat io n o r e nr olment s u s p e nded ; ( i ) regul a tin g the prac tice of mid w ifery and pre scribing the p o w e rs a nd duties of Sup e rvisors o f Midwifery in an y d istri c t ; (j) pr e scribing any other matte r or thing whi c h is required by this Act to be prescribed. (2) Regulation s made und e r this se cti o n may contain diffe r e nt provisions for nurses cl ini cal nurse s a nd midwives. 16. The Midwives A c t is hereby r e p ea led FIRST SCHEDULE (S e ction 3) Repeal. C h 212. I. The Council s hall c onsist of ten members appointed b y Consilutio n the Minister and o f such m e mbers 42 (a) five shall be pers ons s e l e c ted by the Minister ; (b) thr e e sh all be person s nominated b y the Nurs e s Association o f The Bahamas or a n y other body recognised by the Minister as having s u c c e eded to the functions of that Asso ci ation ; (c) o ne s h all b e a p e r so n n o m inate d b y th e Mini ste r of Edu ca ti on; a nd ( d ) one s h all b e a regist e r e d m e di cal p r ac titi o n e r selected b y the Minist e r a ft e r co n s ult a ti o n with a ny a sso c i a tion o r assoc iation s r ecognised by th e Minist e r as repr e s e nt i n g r egis t e r e d m e dical prac titi o n ers o r a ny b r a n c h o f s u c h pr ac t i tion e r s i n Th e Baham a I s land s 2 T he a p pointmen t of a m e m be r o f th e Coun cil shall, s ubje c t to t he provisi ons o f this Sche dule, be for a period no t exceedi n g three yea r s and s u ch membe r s h all be eligibl e for r e a pp ointme nt. Tenur e o f o ffice. Oiauman. 3 The Minis t e r s h all a pp oint o n e o f t h e m e mbe r s of the Council to b e th e c h a irm a n th e r epf. Reoigna1i o ns 4 ( 1) An y m e m be r o f th e Coun cil, o th e r than the c h a ir man ma y a t a n y t i m e r esign h i s office by i n st ru m e n t i n writ i n g addr e s se d t o the M i n iste r and tran smi tt e d through t h e cha ir m an. a nd fr o m th e da t e o f r ece i pt by the Min i ste r of such instrum en t su c h membe r shall cease t o be a m e m be r of t he C o un c il. ( 2) Th e c h a irm a n m ay a t a n y t i m e r esig n h is offic e by instrument in w riting addresse d t o th e M i nist e r a nd s u ch resi g na tion shall tak e e ff e ct as fr o m the d a t e of r ec eip t by t he Minis t e r of such instrum ent. S Th e M ini s t e r m ay a t any tim e re voke t h e appoin t men t o f any memb e r of th e Co un cil if he thinks i t ex p edien t so to do. Vac ancies 6.-(1 ) If a n y vaca n cy occurs in th e m embe r s hi p of t h e Council s u c h v a c an cy s hall be fill e d b y th e a pp o int me nt o f another member wh o s h all, subj ec t to th e p ro visi o n s o f thi s Schedule, hold office for the remainder of the peri o d for whi c h the previous memb e r was appointe d so, h oweve r that s u c h appointm e nt s h all be m a d e in t h e s am e m a nn e r a n d fr o m t he sam e cate g o ry of p erso n s, if a n y, a s the a pp oin tm ent of th e p revi ous memb e r ( 2 ) If th e Minist e r i s sati sfie d that t h e ch airm a n o r an y o t he r member of th e Co uncil i s unabl e to ac t the M i ni s t e r may a p poin t any person to act in pla c e of that m e mb e r. 7 The names o f all mem b ers o f th e Coun cil a s first constituted a nd e very chan g e in th e membership th e r eo f s h all be published in th e G azette. lncorporaio n 8 ( 1 ) Th e Coun cil shall be a bod y co rporate hav ir.g perp e tual su ccess i o n and a co mm o n s e a l w it h p ower t o acqu ir e hold and dispos e o f land a n d other prop e rt y o f what eve r k in d. (2 ) The seal of the Co un cil s hal! be kept i n th e c u s tody of the chairman or the R egistra r a nd s h all b e affi xed t o ins trum en t s pursuant to a reso l ution of the Council in th e presence of t h e Chairman o r an y other m e mb e r of th e Co un cil a nd th e Regi s t rar. ( 3) Th e se al of the Co uncil s h all be a uth e n ti cated by t h e s i g natures o f th e c h a irm a n a nd a n y o th e r mem be r au thori sed t o ac t in that b eha lf a nd the R eg i stra r an d sh all be officially a n d judici all y n o ti ced. ( 4 ) All doc ume n t s, o ther than those req uired by l aw t o be und e r seal, m a d e by, a nd all d ecisio n s of, the Coun cil m ay be s ignifi e d und e r th e han ds o f th e c h a irm a n o r a n y o th e r m embe r authorised to ac t in that be half, and th e Regi s trar. ( 5 ) Th e Co un cil m ay s u e an d be s ued i n i ts co r po r a t e name an d m ay for all p urpo ses b e desc rib ed by s u c h n a m e Proc ed ure and m.c;ngs. 9.-( I) The C o u ncil shall mee t a t such times a s ma y be necessary o r e xp e di e nt for th e transac tion o f i t s business a n d such mee t i n g s s hall b e h eld a t s u ch places a nd t imes a n d on s u ch days as the Co un cil m ay de t ermine. (2) Th e c h a irm a n may a t an y t i m e call a spec ia l mee t i n g o f the Co uncil and s hall call a s p ec i a l m ee t i n g w ithi n seve n day s of th e r e ceipt o f a writt e n r e quisiti o n for t hat p urp ose addressed t o him b y a n y two m e mb e r s o f th e C o un cil. ( 3) TI1e c h a irm a n s h a ll pr e s i d e a t all meetings o f th e Cou ncil a t which he is p resen t a n d, i n the case of t he chairm a n 's absence from a ny m eet ing, th e membe r s p r esent a n d co n s t ituting a qu o rum s hall e l ec t a c h airma n fro m a m o n g t hei r n u mbe r to pr es i de a t th a t m e eting.


(4) A quorum of the Council shall be six. (5) The decisions of the Council shall be by a majority of votes, and, in addition to an original vote, the chairman or other person presiding at a meeting shall have a casting vote in any case in which the voting is equal. (6) Minutes in proper form of each meeting of the Council shall be kept. (7) The validity of the proceedings of the Council shall not be affected by any vacancy amongst the members thereof or by any defect in the appointment of a member thereof. (8) Subject to the p rovisions of this Schedule the Council may regulate its own proceedings. committees. 10.-(1) The Council may appoint such committees as it may think fit and may delegate to any such committee the power and authority to carry out on its behalf such duties as the Council may determine, so, how e ver that no such committee shall have the power to make regulations. (2) The constitution of each committee shall be determined by the Council. Protection 11. -(I) No member of the Council shall be personally or memben. liable for any act or default of the Council done or omitted to be done in good faith in the course of the operations of the Council. (2) Where any member of the Council is exempt from liability by reason only of the provisions of this paragraph the Council shall be liable to the extent that it would be if the member was a servant or agent of the Council. Remuncntion 12. There shall be paid from the funds of the Council to the or members. chairman and other members of the Council such remuneration, if any, whether by way of honorarium, salary or fees, and such allowances, if any, as the Minister may determine SECOND SCHEDULE (Section 12) constitution or 1 The Tribunal shall consist of a chairman and two other i;:;;.:ring members to be appointed by the Minister. Tribunal. Tenwe of o ffi c e of members 2 The members of the Tribunal shall, subject to the provisions of this Schedule hold office for such period not exceeding two years as the Minister may determine, and shall be eligible for re-appointment. 3. The Minister may appoint any person to act in the place of any other member of the Tribunal in case of the absence or inability to act of the chairman or other member. Rnisnalions. 4 .--(1) Any member of the Tribunal other than the chairman may at any time resign his office by instrument in writing addressed to the chairman, who shall forthwith cause it to be forwarded to the Minister, and from the date of the receipt by the chairman of such instrument such member shall cease to be a member of the Tribunal. (2) The chairman may at any time resign his office by instrument in writing addressed to the Minister and, from the date of the receipt by the Minister of such instrument, such chairman shall cease to be chairman or a member of the Tribunal. S. The Minister may, if he thinks it expedient so to do, at menta. any time revoke the appointment of the chairman or any other member of the Tribunal. Filling or vocancies. 6. If any vacancy occurs in the membership of the Tribunal such vacancy shall be filled by the appointment of another member, who shall, subject to the provisions of this Schedule, hold office for the remainder of the period for which the previous member was appointed. 7. The names of members of the Tribunal as first constitutship. ed and every change in the memben;hip thereof shall be published in the Gazette Power to make ruJes 8. The Minister may make rules (a) as to the manner of appealing to the Tribunal; (b) as to proceedings before the Tribunal and matters incidental to or consequential on such proceedings, and subject to any rules so made, the Tribunal may regulate its own procedure. 43




PRE-NURSING SCHOLARSHIPS RECIPIENTS Clarice Elizabeth Wright St. John's College l yr. 1970 -71 Albertha Roseanne Baine St. John's College 2 yrs. 1970 Philabertha Louise Carter St. John's College l yr. 1970 -71 Edith Diane Missick St. John's College 2 yrs. Patricia Anne Johnson St. John's College l yr. 1970 Paula Munroe Prince Williams High YEAR 1962 Eulah Jane Ritchie Bahamas Academy 2 yrs ?Mary Ritchie Arlene Horton Queen's College Juanita Greene Government High School Williamae Gray Government High School Mary Sturrup Governemnt High School Rose v. Mackey St. Augustine's College DEPARTMENT OF NURSING EDUCATION DURATION COURSES CONDITIONS OF ENTRY OF OFFERED COURSE General Nursing Age 17 -35 G.C.E. 'O' level passes -two 3 yrs. English Language compulsory Midwifery R.N. Commonwealth of the l yr Bahamas Clinical Nursing Age 17 40 I 18 mths Program Post Basic Community Nursing Service R.N./Registered Midwife l yr. Local Health visitors Certificate Psychiatric Course (Tralned Clinical Trained Clinical Nurse 6 mths. Nurse) .;. Conditions also required medical and satisfactory reference. 45


IJl z I I 1970 I 1971 1972 I I G I G I G 30 I 17 31 25 30 17 17 27 33 15 47 32 Date: 23rd September, 1983 1973 I G I 42 14 44 16 DEPARTMENT OF NURSING E DUCATIO N 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 I G I G I G I G I G 33 23 49 26 43 3 5 45 3 6 3 9 32 40 40 31 -35 0 4 31 2 1979 I G 39 40 0 26 1980 1981 1982 I G I G I G 40 42 31 0 0 0 0 103 I -Intake G -Graduates N.S. -Nursing Students P.C. -Pupil Clinicals 0 1983 I G 36 0 42


NURSING LEGISLATION June, 1971 The Nurses and Midwives Act was passed on October 28, 1971 as the appointed day for bringing the Act into force. January 1972 The Nursing Council of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas was established. Listed b e low are the names of the first appointed members: Ms. Hilda Bowen, M B E. -Chairperson Mrs. Ironaca Morris elected secretary Mrs. Ophelia Munnings Mrs. Brendel Cox Mr. T. G Glover Dr. Kirkland Culmer Mrs. Eloise Penn Mrs. Dorothy Phillips elected treasurer Ms. Sylvia Davis Mrs. Ruby Nottage January 18, 1972 The first constituted meeting of the Nursing Council was held, at the School of Nursing, Princess Margaret Hospital. Mrs. B Ford was seconded by"the Ministry of Health to act as the First Registrar and Mrs. Thelma Russell to be the clerk for the Council. The three Committees established by the Council which continue to exist today are Registration, Education and Investigation Committees. Picture shows (Left) Mrs. R Adderley and (Right) Board of Examiners 1970. First examination leading to S.R.N. Mrs. L. Gibson the two first Registered Nurses to qualification. Back row: Dr. R. Hart, I.R. Farrington, Matron receive the Nursing Council Certificate from The Nurse Bowen and Mr. Haynes. Front row: Dr. Ada Thompson, Minister of Health. The Hon. A. Loftus Roker, Miss H. Mrs. Monica Knowles, Lena Honey and Dorothy Phillips. V. Bowen M.B.E. (centre) Chairman of the Council. 47


48 PRELIMINARY TRAINING SCHOOL, OCTOBER, 1966 GOVERNMENT HIGH SCHOOL Curlene Darling Lillimae Wilcholbe Judy Munnings Hilda Mea Johnson Sandra Hutchinson Evelyn Boyd Nathalie Smith Julese Wilkinson Janice Lewis Stephanie Bethel Adina Culmer Willimae Hamilton ST JOHN S COLLEGE Andrea Cooper Sandra Johnson Marilyn Taylor, Paula Sears Emmaline Seymour. ST ANNE S SCHOOL Priscilla McKenzie Irma Adderley EASTERN SECONDARY Lynda Tinker QUEEN'S COLLEGE Susanne Newbold NORTH WESTERN ACADEMY JAMAICA Hessel MacFarland GRAND TURK SECONDARY Grand Turk Helen Seymour PRINCE WILLIAM HIGH Cynthia Wallace HAROLD ROAD SEC. Louise McKenzie ST. ANDREW HIGH SCHOOL JAMAICA Zorene Curry NO. WESTERN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Florida, U.S.A Ellen Major


Nurses Pass Examinations -Seven Princess Margaret Hospital nurses successfully passed the third year final examination of the Princess Margaret Hospital's Exami nation Board for general nursing. The seven are now qualified to enter a Nurses Training School in the United Kingdom for a further year's training leading to the State Registered Nurse Examination for England and Wales. The successful nurses are Nurse Florinda Archer, Nurse Frederica Blakely, Nurse Helen Bullard, Nurse Brenda Campbell, Nurse Ismae Clarke, Nurse Yvonne Sherman and Nurse Caroline Wildgoose. They are pic tured above with their tutors and the principal matron and matron of the P M H From left are Matron Patricia Fountain; Sister-tutor, Mrs. O.A. Prevatt; Nurse Bullard, Nurse Campbell, Nurse Wildgoose, Nurse Blakely, Nurse Archer, Nurse Clarke; Nurse Sherman; Principal tutor, Mr. H.F. Knowles; and Principal Matron Hilda Bowen. NURSES MAKE HISTORY) Making history, after three years of training, these nurses are the first to take the State Registered Nurse (SRN) examination conducted at the Princess Margaret Hospital. Previously, the SRN was obtained only after further study abroad. The 17 students who took the SRN given in accordance with an agreement with the General Nursing Council of England General Nursing Council for England and Wales. ;; "' \\ :'>o. Portland Place through a fish-eye lens .. ... .. t and Wales are (front row, left to right) Larrie Miller, Re nee Grant, Linelle Burrows, Elizabeth Darling, Lorna Sutherland and Voreetis Barr; 2nd row, Gloria McPhee, Bernadette Burnside, Linda Davis, Stephanie Poitier and Carol Reid; 3rd row, Myrtis Rolle, Florence Lightbourne, Mary Thompson and Vivian Isaacs; 4 row, Daisy John son and Judith Smith. 49


50 \ 1969 GRADUATES First External Examiner Miss Julie Symes, Registrar Nursing Council Jamaica. t .. Nurses' g i ft to library THE Studmt Nums /.5$0ci11io11 yntuday to the School o( Nunint l.ibmy a i;::o!ltttion of books putt'hued with {urnh r1iMd frurn dl))te. Mld1ftwmot1tM .. Min Beryl Kn01111-. psuideu.1 er t.h.e 11$10(i1t10t' n4 )fUdmt whh:h a.U Sift nurff shuVld ffflft(f' IQUM A-Ct!tinin, the bboks; 01\ &rlialt at the Nuuiq ScAIX!I were M!Mi l:Uld.I 8owm, Chief N1tntne Otfkcr, Mf:,; lti:mic& Mottls Ptithilptl NuninJ nd Miu .. J.eryl Sc11:1m N1tulnt Officer; wht> the drf.'t,tl;ttlfa-libtiitybooU Mr H.uold 'Munrl111gs, Pl.rm1ue1H Serttuy; u:pr:tw.ntl the_ Mini$:1ty of lluilh, 1od u.id ttt.(hm a brUJian1 S'lart 1ow:uJ di! formarfoln 11f 11 1enui11c whk:h _ll $ hlU i!o.:.uld ht Om /ht ,;:rr ttfr!;d initlath>c: to htlp i'nen:ase a11d D:pjrade tbt Ubnry which wW ooc unlf nhiln'M1I bookf. pun:hued by the fot doualion to the Schooi of Nufllin library Abo Rtn at fbt prucn111!1011 MU, !llahl' tampbdJ, Gall Smi t h, MlM Lflli1111 Jotm.>n, Do!iyrna.r Ohmdtt. (ferm11n1nit Minisuy 9f; Htallh ; l(lt L lru11ka Murr b I drnlp1d Offi.:.,t J A.ou.t T1.unqur: sr. Ml.M J.en C:11thbe-r.1uoo a nd M<'C'wi'hlCrmw!.u c




52 THIRD YEAR nursing student, Evelyn Boyd, looks after her young charges in the children's ward of the Princess Margaret Hospital.


Among the first Trained Clinical Nurses. J I f .JS --\1_ .. J j . i .Ai \ Opening of Casualty Department, P.M. H., 12th July, 1976. Second left, Mrs. Loftus Roker, Dr. Liverpool, Matron Bowen, Lady and Sir Lynden Pindling. Opening of Longley House by the Hon. Minister of Health Norman Gay. 53


YELLOW BIRDS HOSPITAL VOLUNTEERS Nurses Handicrafted Competition Judges, Mr. Dennis Knight, Mr. Kathleen Hepburn and Mrs. Clarice Granger. Of fice of Principal Matron at P .M.H. before moving to Administrative Office in Hospital Compound. EYE DEPARTMENT The late Nurse Arabella Roker of the Eye Department. 5 4 ....... Nurse J. Fox, Eye Department. /


JOAN BOWE, Miss Bahamas Nursing beauty. ONE OF the must ceJet>ratec. tturscs m the Bahamas today is Joan Uowe who was crowned Miss Bahamas 1969 in May. Joan r ecei ved h er training in Europe and returned to Nassau la st Christmas after eight years of studies. Nursing gives Joan an outlet for her active intelligent rnfod. Jn spite of her many duties as Miss Joan still does full.time work a1. the Princess Margaret ffospital. 55


OPENING OF THE NEW SANDILANDS HOSPITAL FOR MENTAL & PSYCHIATRIC PATIENTS 25 10. 1956. His Excellency the Governor accompanied by the Countess of Ranfurly and attended by Major Har ding A.D C opened the New Sandilands Hospital at Fox Hill a village about 8 miles from Nassau The Chairman of the Board of Health the Hon. Godfrey Higgs, M.E.C and members of the Board received the Governor About 100 guests were present including members of the House of Assembly the Colonial Services and the general public. The Chairman s speech referred to the history of the construction of this fine Hospital and he spoke of the work undertaken by his predecessor Dr. R. Sa wyer M.H.A. and by Dr. N. Maclennan and Mr H. Knowles M.N. E in preparing the estimates and equipment. His Excellency replied in a speech outlining the treatment of mental patients throughout the ages and his satisfaction with the progress made recently by the Medical and Public Departments in Nassau The Governor then unveiled a plaque commemorating the occasion and cut the ribbon across the en trance. The Very Reverend the Dean of Nassau blessed the Hospital. The Governor and guests toured the wards which are very bright and airy and comfortably furnished This is accommodat i on for 210 pa tients. There are limited quarters for Nursing Staff at present so the female nurses are living in the nurses home in town. Regular transport conveys the nurses and domest i c staff to duty The Nursing Superin tendent and Mrs Gale who is also a mentally trained nurse occupy a pleasant house close by the Hospital. The Nursing Staff has been specially selected for work in the Mental Hosp i tal and w ill not be interchangeable with the Princess Margaret Hospital. April 1960 1963 May 1963 -June 1966 Aug. 1966 -Feb 1967 March 1967 Sept. 1967 Jan 1968 -Aug. 1968 MARY L. JOHNSON Principal Nursing Officer of Sandilands Rehabil itation Centre. Princess Margaret Hospital School of Nurs ing Broadgreen Hospital Liverpool, England. (S.R.N) Part I Midwifery Broardgreen Hospital Liv erpool England Part II Midwifery Northern General Hospital Sheffield England (S. C.M.) S N and Clinical Teacher. Princess Margaret Hospital School of Nursing Oct. 1968 -Nov. 1969 Psychiatric Nursing (R.M.N ) Royal Edinburgh Hospital Morningside Edinburgh Scotland Nov. 1969 -April 1970 May 1970 -Aug. 1971 1971 Oct. Sept. 1972 1978 1980 Jan 1981 -Dec 1982 1983 Dec. 56 S .N. Royal Edinburgh Hospital Ward Sister S.R.C Advanced Nursing Education University West Indies Jamaica. University of Miami B.Ed University of M iami (Bahamas Programme) M.A. Rehabilitation and Counselling University of South Florida Tampa, Fla. B .Sc. Nursing University of South Fla., Tampa, Florida


GERIATRIC HOSPITAL Si r Roland !\ymoTitlt wreli. lhe flaque the new Geriatric I Geriatric Hospital; Uy C-11rdfan ih:porttr ClArL.'t, ti# was bom to to fir\ bu.Od-The Gvialrie Jfospital mad W tl&e C.brn.t, Tblr ing which had aboot 20 in the in 531'1d.il:ands VillJte tit-ptaQ i .t.o ftt:ODdlf(I and belp day,a at die til.'tll .rehfllbtlit11t"'o LI.cl all)' opened Satnnt..y roro.nttUtit'8d In all taf' biland... ntf\'!. VWto.H '*rt taken on tt;n10A by th Premier, Sir of tho JlAhar.ou by n.pand- tnur Qf thl wardl ftr the -:":!.!:nc,. all derlattd th I tenJed by .om CUQts, the tan lf)f Ute Q'td. depeodfnc bv.Ddblg flPtll: by onnUinr a Hon. F01lei: Clarke, Min.We on the 111,a, ft( &t.e lltt\lemea.U plaque in tbt for Health, explined the pi1H Uld &hetr rtq_llire.eiqm. ..,,Ni.-th. p0llflttT. llal.Nln of Prine.is rl!'Med w ht 1'S..ko'a th:dted .. I al wbtn we Ho.pit-al Ml.u Hild11 .Boftn,J ;onstruction Cempan7. Ltd.. had fewer Gan JO O.C ts1tftd. Auibt4nt Aktran Mis9 PAll'd lu ._ild -.it:hJa hit clinks: todaJ hilw fn u.-\tricla 'f'ounn.. Mln!attt fo" .1 budl"t. cti.tit of 40. J Edhcation tbt Hc.n. Godfrt1y aodl 57


SANDILANDS HOSPITAL HISTORY Sandilands at Christmas. 'I Senior Nursing Staff, S R.C. Sandilands Hospital opened in 195 6. 58


RECEIVE PLAQUES -Several members of the nursing profession received plaques this week, for excellent services performed to patients at Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre. Presenting them was Governor-General Sir Gerald Cash, centre. Above, from left, are: Dr. Henry Podlewski, Chief Psychiatrist at Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre; Nurse Valerie Wells, Trained Clinical Nurse; Staff Nurse Julieann Aranha; Sir Gerald, Mrs. Eloise Penn, Principle Nursing Officer; Harold Munnings, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health and Peter Morris, attendant. GERIATRIC PATIENTS. 59


Queen Elizabeth II first visit to the Bahamas. Matron Bowen being presented. 60 Nurses Guard of Honour.


Matron Fountain MRS. JULIA BUTLER-ALB URY receives the Queen's Cer tificate and Badge of Honour fro m Queen Elizabeth at Gov ernment House. THE QUEEN'S VISIT The Queen pauses to chat with Alexander Wilson, a ship's crewman from Ragged Island, in Male Ward 2 during a tour of Princess Margaret Hospital. Wilson was twice blessed with a royal visit. Prince Philip stopped by his bedside only seconds before. Victoria Jubilee Building taken during the queen first visit, demolished in 1990. 61


William Macra Gillies, talented American painter stands before one of his works, "Out island Nurse", Z. Burrows. Mr. Gillies has come to Nassau from his studio home in Hope Town, Abaco, to do a portrait of Sir Roland Symo nette, Premierof the Bahamas. -Bahamas Ministry of Toul'ism Photo by Williar Rolwrts .,..., Flying Doctor Service to the Family Islands, Nurse Ann O'Sullivan with Dr. Gerassimos, District M edical Officer. l ..:; :,, Pearl Glinton, Current Island, Midwife for many years. Opening, Bogue, Elcuthern Clinic. Representative: Hon. A. Bryennon, Chief Island Commissioner. Seated in front: H. Bw-rows, Minister of Health Hon. Foste r Clarke, Chief l\f Pdical Officer was Ml'. Howard Murcott. 62


FAMILY ISLANDS """'"" : ., --,; Nurse Hilton and elderly patient, Miss Turnquest, out side her home. They held weekly clinics and home care visits to settlements of South Eleuthera. -West End Clinic \ I First Family Island Workshop, Nursing, 1970. 63


WORKSHOPS Out I s l and Semina r S t. John's College, g r ounds D eputy C .M.0. M ulran e Workshops held at St. John's College. lnservice . --er;;;--1 Opening of firs t Arawak Cay W ard M anagement Course. Opening of workshop b y Minis t e r Chris ti e. C h airma n o f Public Service Commissi o n, Chie f M edical Officer 64


ROSABELLA JOHNSON ... Nursing Officer POPULAR NURSE -Sister Johnson had been employed as nursing officer at Spanish Wells for three years, where she died sud denly. She also served at Long Island for a year. Sis ter Johnson was also employed by the Nassau Guardian before leaving for England in 1959. 65


66 REGISTERED NURSE GRADUATES 1969 Graduation Exercise held at British Colonial Hotel. Seen at wife of Actinl! Governor, Mrs. William Sweeting and Matron Bowen.


HIGHLIGHTS OF NURSES GRADUATION GRADUATION DAY CEREMONY 3_0.10.1956 The Countess of Ranfurly presented the silver Challenge Cup and Prizes at the Annual Graduation Ceremony Cup and Prizes at the Annual Graduation Ceremony held in the nurses' classroom. First Prize Winner .................................................................................................... .............. Nurse J. Fox Second Prize Winner ... .... ...... ....... ................................................................. ............... Nurse G Sands Third Prize Winner ................................................................................................. ......... Nurse Turnquest Prizes were awarded for good conduct to 2 nurses. A dance was held later in the Nurses Home to celebrate the Graduation Party. 1969 -Graduates, Professional Course. Priscilla LaFleur TereN Lord Lorraine Thoml*>" Letitia Seymoor Helen Johnoon Yvonne Campbell Dorothy Moncur Luella Munroe Randolph Deleveaux Austin Saunders Ivy RoUe Kirklyn Barr Veronica Johnson GRADUATION CLASSES Clinicll Nu.--111118-Alberta Duling Shirley M .. Y ouag VemaMcl'me Patricia Sanda Nellie Buden MariannaFrucil Yvonne Mcl'me -1888-Diana Johnoon Theta11Miller Richud Forbeo Bndley McKenzie Maria Brennen Auon Mackey Bertram RoUe v ... 'l1lompaoa NelcinalWD Jocquoliae Stinap Oli.e a.t.c ,_ ...... Muiettlla.... WillimM Seymour Hudy Strochan Nathaniel Butian Pamela Burrow Delcina Frazer Frederick Ru-u Leone Williama 67


6 8


MIDWIFERY GRADUATES Lula Farquarson, receiving long service certificate at nurses graduation. .. 69


COMMUNITY HEAL TH NURSING GRADUATES 11 Community Health nursing graduates including students from Commonwealth Caribbean. 70


1979 NAMES OF GRADUATES REGISTERED NURSE PROGRAMME Brenda Adderley Ruthmae Bastian Eulogia Brown Faith Burrows Linda Cargill Dorcena Charlton Rosena Clarke Ruthie Mae Cooper Thomasina Dean Coralyn Delancy Augusta Demeritte Daphne Durham Terry Evans CLINICAL NURSE PROGRAMME Gwennie Mae Adderley Cleona Burrows Yvonne Clarke Halson Curry Paula Deal Laura Dorsette Ellamae Ferguson Laura Ferguson Relcina Forbes Lorraine Fowler MIDWIFERY PROGRAMME Albertha Bain Gwendolyn Brice Curly Mae Johnson Clarice Fer!Juson Marcel Johnson Antoinette Granger Agatha Grant Donna Hanna Stephanie Johnson Beverley Josey Gillian Knowles Julia Knowles Karen Knowles Shirley Knowles Caroline Lightbourne Olive Lightbourne Christine Martin Janet Martin Virginia Gaitor Doretta Hepburn Clara Hunt Rosalie Johnson Pamela Kemp Cheryl Kenny Cleora Newbold 1 Rosa Knowles Dorothy Miller Cecilia Ramsey Sherrin Rose Edith Smith Rose Strachan PSYCHIATRIC COURSE FOR TRAINED CLINICAL NURSES Bertha Mae Andrews Gail Conliffe Marilyn Cox Vernice Cox Gloria Dorsette Princess Forbes Yvonne Hanna Marion Lightbourne Rozina Taylor Franklyn Williams Eulease McPhee Merlina Moss Martha Moultrie Bernadette Patton Valerie Pratt Frederica Smith Shirley Mae Smith Marilyn Thompson Tanya Thompson Denise Williams Devaughan Williams PatriCia Wint Rosette Woodside Phillis Martin Mary Moultrie Sharon Murray Patricia Rolle Martha Russell Esther Sherman Judy Toote Velma Ambrose 71


1980 72 NURSING STAFF MINISTRY OF HEALTH & NATIONAL INSURANCE Miss Hilda V. Bowen M.B E -Director of Nursing DEPARTMENT OF NURSING EDUCATIO N Mrs lronaca Morris Mrs. Evelyn Prescod Mrs. Jennie Isaacs Mrs. Esmeralda Rutherford Miss. Cleopatra Ferguson Mr. Andil La Roda Miss. Mary Johnson Miss. Ernestine Douglas Mrs. Castella Bowleg Mrs. Jacqueline Dean Mrs Carmen Hepburn Mrs. Lily Major Mrs. Patrinella Deleveaux Mrs. Leona Mc Cartney Mrs. Gloria Ferguson Mrs. Willamae Stuart Mrs. Doreen Peters Mrs. Ampusam Symonette PRINCESS MARGARET HOSPITAL Mrs D Phillips, Principal Officer Mrs. C. Knowles, Senior Nursing Officer Mrs. T Godet, Senior Nursin g Officer Mrs. M. Moss, Senior Nursing Officer Mrs. R Thompson, Acting senior Nursing Officer Principal Nursing Officer Senior Nursing Officer Senior Nursing Officer Senior Nursing Officer Senior Nursing Officer (Study Leave) Senior Nursing Officer (Study Leave) Senior Nursing Officer Nurs i ng Officer Gr. 1 (Study Leave) Nursing Officer Gr11 Nursing Officer Gr.11 N u rsing Officer Gr.11 (Study Leave) Nursing Officer Gr.11 Nursing Officer Gr.11 Nursing Officer Gr. 11 Nursing Officer Gr .11 Nursing Officer Gr. 11 Staff Nurse Staff Nurse NURSES GRADUATION EXERCISE 1980 LONG SERVICE CERTIFICATES 1980 Mrs Viola Sweeting Butler Mrs lcelyn Johnson Pratt Miss. Doreen Fernander Mr. Veron Turner SANDILAND REHABILITATION CENTRE Mrs Eloise Penn Principal Nursing Officer Mrs. Prisci Ila Major Johnson Miss. Lula Farquharson Mrs Albertha Smith Moxey Miss. Edris Turner Mr. Brice Ferguson Senior Nursing Officer Mr. Lincoln Davis Senior Nursing Officer COMMUNITY NURSING SERVICE Mrs. B. For d, Acting Principal Nursing Officer COMMUNITY NURSING SERVICES GRAND BAHAMA Mrs M Taylor Senior Officer RAND MEMORIAL HOSPITAL GRAND BA HAMA Mrs Lula Knowles, Senior Nursing Officer Miss Sylvia Davis, Senior Nursinq Officer Mrs Marilyn Rolle Pitter Mrs Earla Sweet i ng Thompson Mr Elijah Daniels Mrs. Alma Rolle Williams Mrs. Isabelle Johnson Pratt Mrs Effie Smith Sawye r Miss. Arabella Roke r William s F e rguso n Pritr i nellil Darvill e Deleveaux iv1rs Ev; mrie l i n e E

NAMES OF GRADUATES REGISTERED NURSE PROGRAMME Roache, Valerie Adele -Introductory Course No. 9 NURSING STUDENTS INTRODUCTORY COURSE No. 10 Allen, Sybil Louise Bain, Cheryln Bethel, Carnell Alicia Brown, Robertha Campbell, Cheryl Gail Cooper, Carol Patricia Cooper, Judith Delores Cox, E lla Jane Dames, Una Jane Victoia Evans, Suezett Greenslade, Betty Leona Griffin, Delta Reese Higgins, Jessiemae Johnson, Lauralee Knowles, Warren Lewis, Joann Stephanie Mackey, Elizabeth Marshall, Rhondalee Freddymae Marshall, Shary D. Martin, Deborah Frances Miller, Narona Miller, Patricia Naretta Mortimer, Sandra Rebecca Pearce, Larhoda Pauleter Powell, Charlotte Auri!f ) Rolle, Clayton Alfred Sawyer, Margaret Louise Simmons, Kirkwood Andrew Smith, Sandra Georgina Stuart, Patrice Magter Darnel Stubbs, Joanne Stubbs, Viola Thompson, Emma Jane. Thompson, Particia Tuker, Samuel Jerry Watkins, Wendy Maria Weech, Alison Grace Williams, Lynda Sophia Whylty, Janina MIDWIFERY PROGRAMME -1979/1980 Carey, Jacklyn Sarah Cooper, Peggy Ann Dean, Coral I lean Fox, Deborah Ann Hepburn, Elsie Hepburn, Pearline Veronica Mills, Gloria Pinder, Lenor Naydean Sands, Cassandra Ann Saunders, Marilyn Clayomi Simmons, Charlotte Eloitte Smith, Beulah Juliette Stewart, Alice Alveria Thompson, Mary Jane COMMUNITY NURSING PROGRAMME -1978/1979 Adderley, Sandra Bain, Rosa Mae Brooks, Jannis ; Dean, Stephanie Dean, Thirza Gardiner Gloria Godet, Bernardette Johnson, Kathleen Joseph, Cerene Roberts, Virginia Austrie Stanley, Annette 73


74 1981 NAMES OF GRADUATES REGISTERED NURSE PROGRAMME BAIN, Ester Marie BARTLETT, Eulie Elena BULLARD, Melanie Olivia BURNSIDE, Karen E. BUTLER, Doreen Elizabeth COLLIE, Amelia Louise COLLIE, Ruthmae CONLIFFE, Karen Sabrina COX, Shirley Marie DAWKINS, Sherry Mae DUVALIER, Sarah Jane ELDON, Carolyn FERGUSON, Margie GRANT, Cleo Rozetta Louise GREEN, Christina Albertha HANNA, Gina Carol HANNA, Sonja Elizabeth INGRAHAM, Paige Bernadette ISAACS, Jennifer JOHNSON, Angela Pamela JOHNSON, Kimberley KEMP, Denise Carmen KNOWLES, Lisa Antionette KNOWLES, Vernice Clarice LIGHTBOURNE, Julie Janet LIGHTBOURN, Mary Elizabeth MINNIS, Pamela MOORE, Enid Anita NEWBOLD, Patricia Joyce PRATT (SULLIVAN), DULCIE Colette PROSPER, Loleta Marie RECKLEY, Donna Annette REECE, Peggy Agatha ROBERTS, Sandra Sherryann ROBINSON, Dynette ROBINSON, Sherline SANDS, Arneta SANDS, Debbie Anne SAUNDERS, Sharon Eloise SMITH, Chalene Lorraine TURNOUEST, Nicoya Cecile WILLIAMS, Sandra Marita MIDWIFERY PROGRAMME 1980/1981 AUSTIN, Jacinta Elaine INGRAHAM, Clarice MORRIS, Patsy MOSS, Bernadette Benedicta SMITH, Willamae LONG SERVICE CERTIFICATES Mrs. Pearline Cooper Miss Brendal Cox Miss Sybil Curtis Mrs. Inez Carey Mr. George Davis Mrs. Leonie Farquharson Mr. Hiram Newbold Mrs. Eueda Poitier Mr. Charles Pratt Mrs. Merlene Smith Miss Eloise Ann Stubbs Mrs. Coralee Turner Mrs. Geneva Thornton Mr. Lincoln Davis CAREY, Shirley Curlene KNOWLES, Marilyn Eloise MORTIMER, Brenda SEYMOUR, Carolyn Louise TURNER, Maggie


..... NAMES OF GRADUATES INTRODUCTORY COURSE No. 14 REGISTERED NUR$E PROGRAMME 1 BARR, lnza Marie 2. BODIE, Nathalie Annie 3. BOWE, Christine E. 4. BROWN, Margareta Ellen 5 BROWN, Maxine 6. BUTLER, Angela C. E. 7. COLLIE, Cleolamae (Hamilton) 8. COOPER, Cynthia V (Johnson) 9. COOPER, Denise E. 10. COOPER, Sonia T. 11. DARLING, Janet McKushla 12. DE LEVEAUZ, Melva Colene 13. DEMER1TIE, Kateca 14. DI LLET, Paige Patrice 15. FERGUSON, Patrick A 16. HALL, Patty Evangeline 17. HENDFIELD, Carimenda E 18. HEPBURN, Barbara Ann P. T. S. 20 19. HUTCHESON, Marceia M. 20. JOHNSON, Henrietta H. 21. JOHNSON, Janet Valerie 22. JOHNSON, Patrice 23. JOHNSON, Peggy C. 24. JOHNSON, Vernetta I. 25. KING, Celestine 0. 26. LEWIS, Miriam Colean 27. McKENZIE, Anna Mae 28. MURPHY, Doralea Louise 29. NOTTAGE, Maria Queenie 30. PAA TT, Keva Denise 31. ROLLE, Linda Jane 32. SEARS, Debbie Linda 33. STRACHAN, Rochelle P. F. 34. STUBBS, Ellajane 35. SYMONETTE, Yvonne 36. WILSON, Patrice Laverne TRAINED CLINICAL NURSE PROGRAMME I I I I I I I I I I I I 1. ARMBRISTER, Sarah Priscilla 22. McPHEE, Ida Malinda I 2. BAKER, Muriel Laverne 23. Ml LLER, Helen Della 3. BASDEN, Francinta Elizabeth 24. MO RALLY, Orelia Jane 4. BETHEL, Mardell 25. PERCENTIE, Gleanor Cindy I 5 BLYDEN, Alma Theresa 26. PINDER, Esthermae 6 CALLENDER, Karen 27. RAHMING, Malvese I 7 CLARE, Rosemarie Louisa 2 8 RICHARDS, Angela (Thompson) 8 DA?.VI LLE Jennie Pat r i cia 29. ROLLE, Anna Drucill a I 9 DE LANCEY Serena 30. ROLLE, Winniemae 10. DUNCOMBE Thelma 31. SMITH, K ar1;n I 11. E LLIS V ernita 32. STUART, Jenniemae V 12. FARGUHARSON Elizabeth M 33. SWEETING, Brigitte Y. 13. FERGUSON, Marj orie L ouise 3 4 TAYLOR Janet I 1 4 FERGUSON Francis Del o tis 3 5 THURSTON, Carrol 15. GRA Y ,Santine 36. THURSTON,JanetLouise I 1 6 HUNT Judy mae 3 7 WHY LL Y Sharline P (Rolle) 17. HUMES, Sheil a Paulette 38. WILLIAMS, Brendalee I 18. JOHNSON, Barba r a Mae 39. WILLIAMS, Julia Estella 19. JOHNSON, S h erria n C 40. WO ODS, L i n d a Lauretta (Outten) I 2 0 KNOWL E S Joann E l e vise 41. WRIGHT Cor a l e e JU!e.nn i.,f e0r G -.o-9it-=-=T Mar:::__, 75


76 MIDWI FFERY PROGRAMME JANUARY, 1983 1. GRAY, Terricetta (Pinder) 5. MOULTRIE, Martha Louise 2. JOSEY, Beverley Christine 6. SWEETING, lcelyn 3. MAJOR, Audrey Eloise 7. WILLIAMS, Audrey 4. MARTIN, Christine 8. WILLIAMS, Larrie Alfreda JULY, 1983 1. BAIN, Bernadette Louise 6. KNOWLES, Shirley 2. COOPER, Patricia 7. McNEIL, Lillian Louise 3. EVANS, Terry Ann (Bain) 8. Ml LLER, Valerie Griselda 4. DEAN, Thomascina 9 ROLLE, Olive 5. FERGUSON,Jestina 10. SMITH, Shirley Mae COMMUNITY NURSING PROGRAMME 1. BELMAR, Agnes 2. CARTER, Philabertha Louise 3. COAKLEY, Angelique Antoinette 4. JOHNSON, Marcel Prisca 5. JOHNSON, Curly Mae Ellamae 6. PHILLIP,Eldica 7. PHILLIP, Eureka 8. STEWART, Alice Alveria 9. TURRENTINE, Carethia GRENADA BAHAMAS BAHAMAS BAHAMAS BAHAMAS GRENADA DOMINICA BAHAMAS ST. VINCENT LONG SERVICE CERTIFICATES BABBS, Evelyn DEAN, Beverley FOWLER, Marina JOHNSON, Enez Ml LLER, Hassam ROLLE, Lydia THOMPSON, Patricia TURNER, Gwendolyn I


MR. HAROLD MUNNINGS Perm<1nent Secret<1ry MISS HILDA V BOWEN, M B E. Director of Nursing MRS. DOROTHY PHILLIPS Princip., Nuning Officer Princea Martuet HCMPit81 MR BRICE FERGUSON Ag. Principal Nursing Officer Sandiland1 Rehabilitation Centre 't'HE HON. LIVINGSTONE COAKLEY, M.P. Minister of HNlth DR. V. A. ALLEN Chief Medic.II Officet MRI. IAONACA MORAIS "lncipll Nursing Offiar Olpertmlllt of Nuni119 Ed-don MAS. BEYERL Y FORD Principal Nun1119 Officer Community Nursing Service MRS. LULA KNOWLES Senior Nursing Officer Rand Memorial Ho1p1tal 77


78 NURSES CHRISTMAS CAROL SERVICE The first Nurses Candlelight Carol Service was held on December 14 1965 at Christ Church Cathedral George Street at 8 p.m The first of the nine lessons was read by a student nurse. The second to the fifth lesson read by selected nurses from one of the following areas : Princess Margaret Hospital Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre Rand Memorial Hosp i tal Community Nursing Service The sixth lesson was read by The Principal Matron Miss Hilda V Bowen followed by lessons read by the Chief Medical Officer and the Minister of Health. The ninth lesson was read by the Governor Sfr fialph Grey The Dean conducted the service The Hospital Chaplin lead the Closing Prayer The Nurses Choir was conducted by Mrs Clarice Granger


Nurses attending carol service at St. Matthew's Church. MATRON BOWEN Choir consisting of clinical nurses. DOROTHY PHILLIPS THERESA BURROWS BEVERLY FORD, St. Matthews Church. 79


1st Pageant held on lawn of Princess Margaret Hospital. 2nd at Royal Victoria Gardens. 3rd pageant lawn of Geriatrics Hospital. Who participated: Royal Bahamas Police Band, Staff of P M.H. ZNS and Press Theresa Burrows, R.M.H., St. Matthews. Rand Memorial. On many occasions Mrs. Ruby Ann Darling, M P ., provided piano music during Graduation E xercises. 80 H. C. Governor visit to Hospital at Christmas Tide Prior to the seventies the Governor's visit took place on Christmas Day. Beginning at 8:30 p.m. where the party listened to Her Majesty's Christmas Message with the patients. Afterwards the patients enter tained guests with their talents. The General Hospital was visited after lunch followed by the visit to Sandi lands Rehabilitation Centre. The Royal Bahamas Police Force Band was in attendance. Ironica Morris-Baker.


Christmas pageant recording done by Mr. Horrace Wright of Ministry of Education. P e rformed every year at S.R.C. during Christmas; Gov e r nor's visit. L a d y Butler attending carol service, St. Matthew's C h urch. Sir Milo and lady Butler, Minister Roker, Ms. McDonald, H.V. Bowen, D. Phillips, Dr. Charles C.M.O. and Dr. Liverpool. 81


Choir conducted by Mrs. Clarice Granger. Assisted by Rev. Ruth Bastian. ... :' r i _,. Children's Ward. 82


/' Governor's visit to Children's Ward P.M.H. Unveiled plaque in Nurses' Chapel to nurses who have passed on, St. Lukes Chapel. 83


JACINTA E. AUSTIN t DEPARTMENT OF NURSING EDUCATION Midwifery Programme (included Family Island experience) 1980 -1981 Community Nursing Programme (included Family Island experience) 1984 1985 Completed R.N. Training in U.S.A. and successfully completed Past Basic Course in Midwifery and Community Nursing at D.N. E WORK EXPERIENCE 1991 Present 1989 1990 (July -Dec ) 1985 1989 (Sept. July) 1985 (April Sept.) 1981 1984 (April -June) 1979 1980 1979 1976 1979 1975 1976 (March-Jan ) 1974 1975 (July-March) \ Clinic Supervisor Gambier Clinic Duties include supervision of day to day nursing of a Walk-in-Clinic Assistant Supervisor of Postnatal Home Care Nursing Service. Organized daily work load at times for staff, made home visits to post-natal patients and made referrals where necessary. Also ordered supplies and prepared reports. School Health Services, Assistant Supervisor Assisted in the organization of staff for schools on a daily basis orientation of new staff coordinated meetings pre pared reports and made school visits Ann's Town Clinic. Duties of a staff nurse in a general cli n ic, including Maternal and Child Health Postnatal and Geretology services were offered also home visiting Coconut Grove Cli nic. Duties of a staff nurse in a general clinic, including Maternal and Child Health Services and Postnatal Services. Supervisor at general clinic in Kemp s Bay, Andros for a month Baillou Hill Road Clinic. Duties of a staff nurse in a general clinic including Maternal and Child Health Services and Postnatal Services. Worked in Harbour Island as staff nurse in charge of clinic for one month. Coconut Grove Clinic Three weeks staff nurse duties as mentioned before Princess Margaret Hospital (Casualty Area Accident and Emergency Children's Ward, Female Medical Ward and Private Medical Ward) as a staff nurse. Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana Staff nurse in charge of Diabetic Unit. Methodist Hospital -staff nurse in charge of the Kidney Transplant Unit. GLORIA GARDINER 1970 Graduated from The Bahamas School of Nursing / General Nursing 1971 Graduated from The Bahamas School of Nursing / Midwifery 1973 Graduated from The Bahamas School of Nursing / Community Nursing Pro gramme. 1986 Attended the University of The West Indies (3 months) Community Health Unit, Emphasis on Primary Health Care. 1989 Attended the University of The West Indies (1 month) course in Clinic Man agement. Present Position Nursing Officer 2 in charge of Flemming Street Clinic. BERNADETTE GODET 1970 Graduated from The Bahamas School of Nursing / General Nursing 1971 Graduated from The Bahamas School of Nursing / Midwifery. 1979 Graduated from The Bahamas School of Nursing / Community Nursing. 1982 Attended the University of The Wes t Indies (3 months)family planning Present Position Nurse in charge of Elizabeth Estates Clinic. 84


REGIONAL & INTERNATIONAL INVOLVEMENT INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF NURSING PARTICIPANTS, CONSULTANTS, RESOURCE PERSONS, OBSERVERS AND SPEAKERS AT THE COMMON WEALTH CARIBBEAN NURSES' MEETING -APRIL 1970. First Row, Left to Right: Phyllis Macpherson, Dame Nita Barrow, Governor-General, Barbados, Lucille Louisy-Walwyn, Ena Walters, Sir Philip Sherlock, Ivy Rennalls, Helen Mussallem, Marie Matthews. Second Row: Violet Lines, Verna Huffman, Martha Shout, Olive Challenger, Florence Gittens, Enid Harden, Ann Jacobs, Andreuille Parker, Monica Clyne, Janet Thomson, Mary Henry, Registrar, Gen eral Nursing, Council, U.K. Third Row: Alexander Robertson, Mary Seivwright, Aurora Walters, Margaret Blackman, Marion Harding, Doreen Dewar, Hilda Bowen, Laurice Hunter-Scott. COMMONWEAL TH FEDERATION ATLANTIC SEMINAR De legates at opening session of Atlantic Seminar with Ministers of Health and Tourism, Permanent Secretary for Health, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Nursing Officers, Commonwealth of The Bahamas and Margaret Brayton, executive secretary of Common wealth Federation. 85







WORKGROUP OF APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY FOR HEAL TH BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS 8-12 September, 1980 JUSTIFICATION The goal Health for all by the Year 2000 represents for the countries of the world a great challenge as well as effort in terms of finding new viable solutions to problems currently decreasing the effectiveness of the health systems. New and more appropriate forms must be developed for health service delivery and its organization so that the output effectiveness, efficiency and impact of the health system is increased. PURPOSE To develop an understanding of the appropriate technology approach in the structure and functioning of the system of health services and its importance in the extension of coverage for the attainment of the goal Health for all by the Year 2000 ". OBJECTIVE 1 To contribute to the development of an awareness and increased knowledge of participants abu out appropriate technology and its importance in the extension of coverage of health services. 2 To define action guidelines for the diffusion of information and for facilitating the acquis i tion of knowledge on appropriate health technology 3 To propose action-oriented alternatives accelerating in countries the development, adaptation, selection use and evaluation of technologies so that they are appropriate to the context in which they are applied and the problems to be resolved CARIBBEAN WORKGROUP ON APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY FOR HEAL TH BARBADOS, 8-12 SEPTEMBER,1980 GROUP I GROUP II Margaret Cammaert Hilda Bowen Neil Carefoot Grace Burke Peter Carr Gustavo Corrales Olive Gardiner Sarah Gordon Lenore Harney Owen Minott Claudette Harry Cortez Nurse Gloria Noel Raul Penna Jose Paganini James Potts Ken Standard Omer Robles Edna Tulloch Rita Small-Someroo Ronald Williams 89


90 CARIBBEAN WORKGROUP ON APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY FOR HEAL TH BARBADOS, 8-12 SEPTEMBER, 1980 Ms. Olive Gardiner Ms. Gloria Noel BAHAMAS Ms. Hilda Bowen BARBADOS Mrs G Burke Mr. Neil Carefoot Dr. Lenore Harney Dr Mervyn Henry Mr Cortez Nurse Dr. Jose Paganini Mr. James Potts Mr Omer Robles GUYANA Ms Shara Gordon Dr Harry Dr Raul Penna JAMAICA Eng Ted Aldridge Mr. Peter Carr Mrs. Edna Tulloch Mr. Ronald Williams SURINAME Dr. F.T .G. Siem Tjam Mrs. Rita Small Someroo UWI (JAMAICA) Dr Owen Minott Prof Ken Standard WASHINGTON Ms Margaret Cammaert Dr. Gustavo Corrales ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT Mrs. Marcina Ferguson Matron Holberston Hospital Nurse Advisor PAHO Chief Nursing Officer Ministry of Health Area Nurse PAHO Area Engineer PAHO Chief Medical Officer Caribbean Program Coordinator PAHO Chief Project Officer Program Officer Leewards PAHO Project Analyst, PAHO Management Adviser PAHO Project Officer Project Director Medical Adv i ser PAHO Chief Environmental Division Administrative Methods Officer PAHO Planning Officer Ministry of Hea lth Sanitary Engineer PAHO Director of Hea lth Matron Academic Hospita l Senior Lecturer Preventive Med i c i ne Head Departmen t of Social and P r event i ve Medicine Regional Adviser PAHO Consultant PAHO Ms Yamira Santana Ms Esther Bailey


INTERNATIONAL NURSES ASSOCIATION 1 9 77, l.C.N. Congress, Japan. Mrs. Castella Bowleg, Ma-Matron Bowen & C. Bowleg at 1977 Tokyo l.C.W. Con-tron Hilda Bowen, Bahamian delegates. gress. rs. Ironaca Morris (fourth from right), president of the L.C.N. Meeting, Narobi Kenya. Nurses Association of the Bahamas, represents the Bahama s at the International Council of Nurses congress held in Montreal in June. 91


# ERNESTINE J. DOUGLAS NURSES ASSOCIATION OF THE COMMONWEAL TH OF THE BAHAMAS PAST/PRESENT PRESIDENTS Rose Weir Virginia Gibson Vivienne Longley Naomie Walkes Catherine Brown lronica Morris Brenda Cox 92 1943-1947 1947 1959 1968 1969 1972 1974 1975 Cleopatra Ferguson *Mary Thompson Esmeralda Rutherford Celeste Lockhart Andi! B LaRoda Ernestine J. Douglas Gloria D. Ferguson 1975 1977 *1977 left office before end of term 1977 1980 1980 1984 1984-1987 1987-1990 1990Nurses Association. Noted Mrs.Levi Gibson and Miss Sheila Quinn.


YELLOWBIRDS S everal members of the Women's Volunteer Auxiliary of the Princess Margaret Hospital received their 500-hour and -hour pins on Thursday. Mrs. Phyllis Hamilton received the coveted 600-hour pin and Mrs. Denny Cooper, Mrs. Emily Audley, Mrs. Thelma Thomson, Mrs. Aileen Bainton and Mrs. Barbara Strange were presented with 500-hour pins. Principal Matron Hilda Bowen made the presentations. From left, Mrs. Hamilton, Mrs. Audley, Mrs. Thomson, Mrs. Strange, Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Bainton. Photos by Franklyn Ferguson. A ,,,/ Vi sit to the Governor-General by President of Yellow Birds, Canada, Dr. Cecil Bethel and President of P.M.H. Yellow Birds. 93


I f ,':t ""-' Dr. Pat Roberts' address to Yellow Birds. 0 I : o i o : l I l I I 94 Yell ow Birds. I . .... jil ; !II; Mrs. Jackson, Yellow Birds.


J N! r j \ l6 ti '! 'NiO; YELLOWBIRDS AWARDS Permanent Secretary Janet Bethel and Nurse BeverlyDean. Nurse Angela Johnson. Nurse Blakely Sands. \ \ -95


January, 1954 September, 1957 June, 1958 1991 COMMUNITY HEAL TH NURSING CELESTE LOCKHART Commenced Professional Nurse Training Graduated as Registered Nurse Registered Midwife Transferred from Princess Margaret Hospital to com mence duties in Community Nursing Service. Pri ncipal Nurs ing Officer Mrs. Evelyn Prescod and Community Nursing staff prior to her retirement.


COLLEGE OF THE BAHAMAS HILDA M. DOUGLAS P E RSONAL INFORMATION D a t e of Birh: April 29, 1949 P l a ce of Birth: New Providence N at i onality: Bahamian M a rital Status: Married No. of Dependents : Three (3) Height: 5ft. 3 inches R e ligion: Anglican E DUCATION 1 954 1959 1 960 1964 1 964 1966 1 966 1969 1971 1972 1 973 1974 1 978 1980 1 979 1 980 1981 1982 1 983 1984 Western Junior School Western Secondary School Government High School Department of Nursing Education Department of Nursing Education Department of Nursing Education College of The Bahamas Public Service Training Centre Public Service Training Centre University of The West Indies University of The West Indies ZORENE A. CURRY DATE OF BIRTH: MARITAL STATUS: 1961-1965 1966-1969 1970 1970-1971 1971-1972 1972-1973 1976-1977 1979 1983-1986 1987 June 21, 1947 Single St. Andrew's High School, Kingston, Jamaica G.C.E 0 Levels subjects Student Nurse, Bahamas School of Nursing Staff Nurse Intensive Care Unit, Princess Margaret Hospital. Twelve months adaptation period for registration with the Nursing Council of England. Critical Care Nursing St. Bartholomew Hospital En gland. Dialysis Nursing St. Bartholomew /St. Leonards Hos pital England. Midwifery, Fifie School of Midwifery, Scotland First Line Management Course, Public Service Training Centre, Nassau, Bahamas Dalhousise University, Canada Management Improvement I Public Service Training Centre. AND MRS. CECILE KNOWLES Seconded by the Ministry of Health to the College of the Bahamas 97

PAGE 100

98 I & -MINISTRY OF HEAL TH The Administrative Building was situated in the Hospital Compound prior to the Bay Street Office 1968-1971. EAST HILL OFFICE 1971 present date on the 7th floor Post Office buidling East Hill Street.

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The Yarmath Castle Disastor Victim whose eyes were seared is helped to Hospital by Mrs. Dorothy Phillips, nurse stationed at Prince George Wharf. Principal Matron Hilda Bowen of the Princess Margaret Hospital personally assisted and supervised as victims from helicopters were rushed to hospital from the airport. She is pictured helping a badly burned lady. -Tribune Photo 99

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100 FOR INFORMATION Birds Eye View Nurses Footprints S.R.N. State Registered Nurse England/Wales or equivalent S.C.M. State Certified Midwife England/Wales or equivalent H.V. Health Visitor R.N. Bahamas General (Registered by N/C) R.M. Bahamas Midwife (Registered by N/C) T.C.N. Trained Clinical Nurse (Bahamas) N/C N/C Nursing Council Nursing qualifications in order to be appointed Nursing Sister State Registered Nurse (S.R.N.) England/Wales or equivalent State Certified Midwife, England/Wales or equivalent Minimum of 2 years experience Plus satisfactory reference and good health Nursing Service Category Change Principal Matron to Chief Nursing Officer to Director of Nursing Matron to Principal Nursing Officer Assistant Matron to Senior Nursing Officer Departmental Sister, Nursing Officer I Nursing Sister, Nursing Officer, Grade II Ward/Master, Charge Nurse, Nursing Officer, Grade Ill

PAGE 103

' 1 1t1 I: 11. 1 t I I t l 1 .1 JI l t11 "" i.:.1n\ """'' ,,,,, ,-,,rwt 1 n I 111 1 . : .. 111 1 'S 1 f COU:m1Y : ... ....... T 1 .. t 11111 \In It n"'"Je Al ... lft1n1t1''"" \ l\llm:E I W ---------r----r-----.. -----------------. i j r : 1 / 1 : l !\ J o : f f 14tr1vn!t ., d lf'r" """"' *"' "!H lhn -'io;rlc I'"'"""""' > I.Si: 1'0 L1>1 f 2ol'' :10-H I 35 L 41)-44 50 . . . r L"Lsf .. 2 = ..... ...... i...,..s. ,,..--s _ -.. -i-. """"'g,,......-t-.-,,..l..,,..1.-.-_ ____ c .::J-_ ;' 1---:___ ... 1pp1rt .. "1nt 1rnup,_1 "' 11\.itYnl: 65 r,o-04 U"\kf'K"9n .... lnc"""u -o-. 0 o --Oent,1't '"'hc1tltt11111 .. Sro, .. ,, !"""u:t q\.ll lfi''tt II T II r T II r j I I I ':/ _ 31 : ___ .. ... .1 .1 .. 3 s __ 1 ___ 4 ___ __ z ______ J .. ... ..... ____ ..... 1 1 . L ... -.. 5 -----4---!' 2-. -------3--_ .. 1. _ _ .. l/ ---l .0.-1 u l ___ o ___ l ___ Q _ _ (L ____ Q __ -;-ll----2 B ----..... _L_. __ .6..__ 6 . . . 7. ... _J ..... _:...:_2 ___ :.o..:.. __ ..... : o ..:.._ ___ 2J. ________ o_ ___ _c; ___ .. s ._. __.s _____ -4 ___ .--2. __ ___() ____ -0.-"-1 .. .. l .. ---L.... l .... -.2 _____ 2 ________ Q ... --0......... 0 . 2 .. ..:3_ ... 1..: . . 2._ 3 1 .' _ ()__ 0-.. -..0.. o ________ o ..... . o __ --0---.(.\. . -0--0---. --0 -"-0------___ Q ____ Q .. 2 _____ ,_2 _,_ _o ___ .l ___ o._. . . 1 . ... . ;. 0 --r 0 --2-____ 8 __ '-Q ... _ .:_Q __ 2 _____ 2 _____ a.:_ ______ _J__ _:_{} _ . _Q __ -0..--2-____ Q .. --__ Q ___ ____ ()_ _ ___ Q ___ _()_. _ ---0--_ _()__ ---C---0--0-.. --0---.....0.-. . . . . . _;?5L Q .. ___ ) _4: ... ..... 5a._ ... -64.. .... -SL --;13-i-----23: : _ lQ . .. .. +.3"'"7 _5_ _____ 3,lL __ _ ........ _i_i_f _ : J =ii= .. :..,!!! .!.!' !.!!!.l . .! . ...!!!!... m .. 1 0 r A L C,I "'M ct .. IJont Ill tlw (1'P: 'f.\L t:ll'f .. tlltlll 1 1 r ."l'ITi\I: In tri lll:I : l' 111'\tt fillf.i\ tJun-. UOflAINt:S ln Mt'P,':.,, t / -. ufll1"1 I''" / ,fJ\1 :. I CIT .\I I' : lll.J\IJON T f)l AIJ 101,503 l._,S 52,023 (Census lfl7fl) '""'re INS --15 (1 .. . ..... 11 e ...... ........ 15 ... 21.. m : Nr!STS nt: N risn:s m Alm'IC r sn fUARW.C Vl:TUlllAA INIS \'t:Tt.lt I NAI lttS ... . . 3.1 _____ ___ ... 2.a -a__ --16 .... ... ___ 2 .6. ________ ..6_ .9' ----L ____ _2 __ 6 __ ..... L _ _ ...... Jl ___ l\Hllt:I; 19. 332 ---.. -36

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TRENDS IN NURSI N G POSITIONS I N THE BAHAMAS 1 9 8 0 I I 1 9 7 0 1971 1972 197 3 1 974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1981 I 1982 1983 1984 POSTS N v N v N v N v N v N v N v N v N v N v N v I I N V I N v N v N v DIRECTOR OF NURSI N G ) 1 d l O 1 0 1 0 CHIEF NURSING OFFIC E R ) 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 I ; I PRINCIPAL NURSIN G OFFICER 2 4 4 4 1 4 1 4 1 4 1 4 1 4 1 4 3 4 3 1 4 1 3 1 5 :& 5 SENIOR NURSIN G O F F I C E R 14 13 1 0 3 1 6 8 1 4 6 1 4 6 1 4 1 4 14 0 14 0 1 6 1 1 1 201 I 2 1 J 2 1 I NURSING OFFICER I I 2 2 \ 8 13 14 7 1 5 2 22 1 0 22 2 22 22 3 22 10 2 2 1 0 22 1 2 i 8 25 /(J. 25 NURSI N G OFFICER II s o 5 3 60 8 64 11 66 13 66 1 5 66 66 6 6 0 66 0 j 1 0 3 3 0 \ 73 104 1 0 4 I NURSING OFFICER III 52 1 2 4 2 54 62 15 64 13 64 i I 1 74 7 4 74 74 2 i 7 4 4 4 741 3 7 I 5 0 50 STAFF NURSE 220 2 234 248 81 231 6 1 243 72 243 60 243 2 4 3 270 0 270 0 1325 6 1395 1 4 1 3 c3o 443 TRAINED CLINICAL NUR S E 140 188 225 7 5 220 3 1 225 7 225 40 23 7 275 326 27 326 13 b36 15336! 1402 3 6 5 I MIDWIVES 35 35 35 1 2 6 2 9 8 25 25 25 25 1 2 2 5 0 --25 7 '1 r TOTAL NURSING PERSONNEL 522 14 583 651 175 639 129 568 130 664 I I Key N Number, V Vacany

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autographs 103

PAGE 106

104 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS DR. MICHAEL M. GERASSIMOS, MB, CH. B, LIVERPOOL 1972 Went to lnagua and later in the year assigned to Coo per s Town, Abaco as first M O there covering Northern Abaco, Grand Cay, Hope Town Sandy Point and Sweet ing s Cay. 1973 Returned to lnagua and initiated visits to Mayaguana on a more or less monthly routine. 1975-1978 Relocated to Deadman's Cay, Long Island serving from Seymours in the North to Mortimers in the South MRS. JACQUELINE DEAN Senior Nursing Officer Bahamas School Nursing Persons who submitted information on request. The Permanent Secretary of the M i nistry of Health Dr Vernell Allen . Principal Nursing Offices Dept. of Nursing Education Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre Community Nursing Service The Rand Memorial Hospital. The Chairman of Services Commissions Mrs Elizabeth Strachan Mrs Phillip Fountain Dr. Patricia Rodgers The Bahamas High Commissioner London Miss Phylis Aldridge Mrs Stella Amoury Mrs Jacqueline Dean Mrs Gloria Gardiner Ms. Rahming Butler Mr David Knowles Miss Valerie Lightbourne The Nassau Guardian Lisa Albury and Gia Vanderpool-Roberts C opyright Reserved December 6 1991

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ANNUAL REPORT: BAHAMA ISLANDS (Ref ) Bahama Islands (1946) Page : 24 MEDICAL The Medical and Public Health Service is administered by a Health Board, to which the Chief Medical Offi cer is adviser The chief problems in the Bahamas are malnutrition syphilis and tuberculosis. Infectious and epidemic dis eases are singularly infrequent. General diseases are pre sent in average percentages The Government spent ,737 on hospital and allied services and ,343 on health, sanitation etc.,in 1946. The hospital needs of the Colony are centred on the Bahamas General Hospital in Nassau which has a com plement of 308 beds: there are three full-time resident doctors a British matron two British and three Canadian sisters and sixty-one native nurses (fifty-three in training). One hundred and forty-three of all ranks form the staff Most of the service is free there being in addition a private patients' section under private practitioners In the Out-Patient Department, 17,826 cases were treated and 2,905 admitted to the general, mental and infirmary wards of the Hospital in 1946 There are dental venereal and gy naecological clinics as well, and the X-ray and Bacterio logical serve all sections of the Hospital and outside demands. The average stay in hospital was nine days and ninetythree per cent of beds were constantly occupied though as many as 321 were accomodated. The cost pe; pati&nt per day was 7 / -(4 / -in 1937 5 / 7 in 1944). There were 409 births and 244 deaths, the latter being mainly cardio-vacu lar, gastroi ntestinal and respiratory, though a considerable number of malignant cases appeared. Cases came from all parts of the Colony, though largely from Nassau where the wage-earning population mainly resides. The Out Islands had four medical officers centred in areas where local visits can be made. There were eight unqualified practitioners (mostly in missionary activities) at other centres Ten qualified nurses and ten midwives are also employed in various islands. The Public Health Nursing Service is under a special ly qualified Welfare Nurse, who with five graduate nurses, supervises three health centres; they deal with ante-natal infant and child welfare together with a school service home visits and the early detection of communicable dis eases. Associated w ith the Department's activities is a Sahamas Red Cross District Nursing and Welfare Service un der a Welfare Officer and three graduate nurses, doing valuable independent work. The Industrial School for Boys looks after seventy one boys as a Government institution SANITATION (a) The Chief Sanitary Inspector carried out the poli cies determined by the Health Board There are seven sanitary inspectors in New Providence The Out Islands have a local Board of Health of which the Commissioner is chairman if no District Medical Officer is present. (b) Chlorinated filtered water is delivered throughout Nassau ; careful bacteriological controls are made. Where ver possible town supply is installed in houses otherwise standpipes are provided Old wells are being eliminated and in any case are not allowed for drinking water Water-borne sewage is disposed of by the acti vated-sludge process (c) Pasteurised milk forms the bulk of the milk sup ply raw milk being limited in quantity. Regular tests are made on both. (d) Meat is inspected by the Chief Sanitary inspec tor ; the sale of food in the Public Market is supervised by a full-time officer Only licensed premises are permitted and all food-handlers are examined medically twice yearly. (e) Street cleaning and garbage collection is part of the Department's programme ; 5 000 tons were dealt with in 1946 (f) Hygiene as a whole is good in New Providence. With the increase of population in areas where no proper sanitation is available every effort is made to prevent the accumulation of rubbish and to ensure the proper disposal of excreta (g) Industrial problems do not exist on the scale of most countries there being no mines or factories Mosquito control is a problem of all the islands, though malaria is not so far associated with it. Elimination of breeding places about Nassau oiling of pools and pro vision of larvae-devouring fish are being continued with good results but the problem (together with midge-control) demands a very costly solution by filling in marshy areas eliminating undergrowth at edges of pools etc., and spraying from aeroplanes with special solutions and with powd ers from powertrucks etc

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