Welcome, Travel, and Notes on Thanks from the website for THATCamp Gainesville ( The Humanities and Technology Camp ), A...


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Welcome, Travel, and Notes on Thanks from the website for THATCamp Gainesville ( The Humanities and Technology Camp ), April 24-25, 2014
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Thorat, Dhanashree
Alteri, Suzan
Acord, Sophia K.
Krause, Miller
Harms, Sarah
Bushey, Sarah
Sullivan, Mark V.
Taylor, Laurie N.
Bozia, Eleni
Lauridsen, Kadesh
Sponholtz, Elaine
THATCamp Gainesville Planning Team
Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere, University of Florida
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL
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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Welcome Welcome to THATCamp Gainesville, a Digital Humanities unconference. THATCamp (The Humanities and Technology Camp) is an informal and free unconference where you can discuss digital projects, learn skills, and brainstorm DH initiatives. Browse through the l ist of session THATCamp Gainesville proposals below this post! If you are ready to propose your own session, please go to the Propose page and follow the link included there. After y ou publish your post through that link, your session proposal will appear below. for an hour, and usually involves a short presentation and then a group discussion. If you are not yet ready to propose a session, please feel free to comment on other posts here. Comments let session organizers know that others are interested in that conversation. You have to propose a session in order to attend THATCamp Gainesville. If you are attending THATCamp Gainesville to learn about something, please use the link on the Propose page to let others know. THATCamp is about pooling together our resources and skills. Fellow THATCampers have expressed an interest in learning or talk ing about these top i c s. Please a post a proposal if you can facilitate a session on these topics! Tools for mark up, text mining, analysis/modelling, how visualizations are used to present complex materials, effective hybrid course tools, use of Twitter in and out of classrooms, how are libraries contributing to and shaping DH, incorporating technology in teaching and research, the scholarship model, SEO, incorporating cultural significance into the tech sphere, TEI, public scholarship, Ome ka, Drupal, Zotero, Linked Data, crowdsourcing, design in DH projects, software that converts metadata, data analysis from a mathematical perspective Register


Travel April 24 25, 2014 at the University of Florida, Smathers Library (Smathers Library, formerly Library East, on UF Campus Map ) and Library West (Library West on UF Campus Map ). which can be accessed through the Grand Reading Room on the second floor) and Library West (rooms 211, 419, and 429). Please see the campus map campus. Parking Some UF Parking restrictions will be lifted on April 24 and 25 (and through May 2) due to for public parking. Parking structure VII, near the football stadium is a green lot and should be open. General Information on UF Parking Parking map Parking restrictions details UF offers paid parking on campus at the Visitor Welcome Ce nter in the Reitz Union (655 Reitz Union Dr.) Other, external paid parking options are also available: St. Augustine lot behind 1738 W. University Ave. Stadium Club, behind 1802 W. Universi ty Ave. Lot across from Library West, 1542 W. University Ave. Lodging Reitz Union Hotel (center of campus)


Holiday Inn Gainesville (1250 W. University A ve.) (closest to the venues) UF Hilton Hotel and Conference Center (includes campus shuttle) Other options are available through t he Alachua County Visitors and Convention Bureau Transportation Airports Gainesville (GNV) Airport Jacksonville and Orlando airports: both are approximately a 1.5 2 hour drive from Gainesville (the Jacksonville airport is closer; the drive from Orlando includes toll roads) Local Transit The Gainesville Regional Transit System will run a normal schedule during the UF THATCamp. map of where your bus is now Other Visitor Information Resources UF Visito rs Main Page Alachua County Visitors and Convention Bureau Campus Wifi Visitors can login to the UFVisitor wifi, using cell phones to receive the PIN to verify and login Visitor Instructions (Windows 7 based) UF Gatorlink user instructions


THATCamp Gainesville is being made possible tha nks to: and THATCamp Sophia Acord (Sociology + Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere) Suzan Alteri (Baldwin Library) Eleni Bozia (Classics) Sarah Bushey (Musicology) Sarah Harms (History) Miller Krause (Classics) Blake Landor (UF Libraries) Kadesh Lauridsen (English) Elaine Sponholtz (Digital Worlds Institute) Mark Sullivan (UF Digital Col lections) Laurie Taylor (Digital Humanities Librarian) Alex Tepperman (History) Dhanashree Thorat (English) And especially: Digital Humanities Working Group Sarah Harms for the logo design THATCamp Gainesville Participants Special thanks also to the universities and organizations who are sending campers: