The life and achievements of Doctor Keva Bethel


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The life and achievements of Doctor Keva Bethel A Tribune special feature, April 2011
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12 p.
The Tribune
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Nassau, Bahamas
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Educators -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
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Nassau, Bahamas

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Hilda Bowen Library
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PG 24"IbogowApri 19, 2all OR.',XM BONE-L The TrIbMt

-ft gitw: ae oducaftnW- system tu iba. COMMIunity 4114 affim, -the
communify to make an: i"A
Dr Kev.a Bethil


..... ..... .....

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The Tribune


Tuesday Apri 19, 2011 PG 3


FEOR K R U ............
.. .. ...

---......s4.. q. "'ir5A

-WE AnwW much of Orn iWt rsg-,
'pky rm ON r."its a
idm of BohMuim h. --me Wnd Wa .
s divoted wifr nToli& *zrt rmtdfJeml
Yef, s mffflvoa a- Vif = & -de wijy
ker.. it was th emwme of Impir.'
.Aahts- eWft dAiz$awiwwebfo* it,
thwOvwy offAer f o9e00 asMt.
UsM?)w 4poMve u#Trrmattin."
*V-la 0 On.

tkiwk by .r h ui.tfbc
iqtyhaux at VWiflve1ofW1ft a
kefrtouf Febmiw-^aatfr Chr
,.. .hCat '.e.aL


n~lrirtrbuumuflit.nSt ___

P ENOWW Iamfn Kbml-
RL edm.oor, mother and
vamdnorthe^ Kifn M*d Jelkt4 died
ouJnhra- Is, 2VI afte"a loagife at
doai-on to Imr fly and smrvie to
herctr flj.
She w.p b n Kuv Ma i Udon on
Aiwt 181,1.93, astSh@'i3v of two
chidren MWd 1he ownlY dfgtr hof
Sift"y md Rowena Edet of Dlmancy
Stret, NuMe .
t ws ftom the brm* Of 4aWf
the family stod *ftgam to heirfding
bmrth, and oo that mumuirnj. M t
=bmwy began farallof the buhneitarvo
gr luf Mr"y did A, know I)r
Bethcl enmvonal bit ai ..ivere
swU &tjG~kQof ht spirit.
*W min 'bpy a4frnod -,
8 L-- _-_

aBvd by dw o f Dr. r
,w, Be. bel oft 1...5... _. :.,.
embp to aot ui who 4d*d

hdo ti-zta.i death btawe
,pI h, u far w.O a :lw u......
uxh..i u ..s ih

slnl Mm.,h-iiyed oa, .peace

se ao n..iter Bahamas Eftm&Uh Dr.
eIa I.d dsdk-audhr ellHkn fe.-.
duHWtot I1 fl oud a1^ 1 ,. .' --

T6orep, yt mS *fin a .'-.!o
tibfalujetaintriioebdbiiiatifem~as ...M

sdatgi and" praise. her u itre o tb lahmu c.mma4*. "-
1* bav& Ion a pust Wmuoa;.iSeae.

mntor edAn ...enad," fi4 x..- the ...
rdhad by Doctors Hotapl, viwtarn ^*
bsI tuceW an Wumber a a.tvtheost-
D1rectous and Foundation a-r AmT 5"l

Carwe ^
Di Bethel reefed ter MaCti.
ilegre 6 forig t wicet '^f)!^fl', *frot'Qi ^^^
omenShe itced~nd a diucloebf degree ^IB
in eduoafon :din i on from the .......
Unt~isa Albcta in Qlda. -F
Ea Eceulbraad.SByar cwbeetkH tie *^^
education HieM began as a titedre .at ^ .
Government High School horn WY^9 ho ^
1975, and' sotaimaed Ia a- 16-sear ^
tattre aqsuesidS~t of the Coflage dt the ^
BahtiKa, banning the But Shhs"t
wokka * l^ i pa mi -ii-- t he__ i*EKaattud- ^^^^in -Bi-

.. A ,

PG 4 Tuesday, Ap 19, 2011 DR. KEVA BETHEL The Thbwsm


witiber IM6 wbcre phe had.
bomn aPgi, I WtAlsbtnt 16
Th Botb Ua Pil n apineeUr 14
-hoe. ao0b eftd 46 ammto

mlsLl. "." .^R ^
ofbaksrnh odiu a staburt
BabamiamInede cated to
ml Shob! a orr or toy
UShcd.moibndd the mural a
o[.pabliq g te. loJe of 0on02-

Dpy -ti(fW) in tribe 1o Dr
flethel ....v
Jeasi hIsmes Daon,
Nmatfil Congress of -Trade
Usams of the BaAms A

=M td s nsel .. and ,wt rl she tl H.::.-4 : :

B mA ,r=a C CoU B++:+ta" u ,t.e ldC y :..."a ... .^^^ ^EJ "" ,+:-.+,.:^ ^^^ ^^-
oat ,b t PM n
Comitent^^ f 4"M^^fK
m6~~~1dod, ihoasi offt4Ac Nhabm Shh] oO

t i f : inlt ...... d__K-j -r

e ::. l ,
vFirs sor, 'ucnemn.hio ....l .. ..........Yolh A1 ,a s

idZZ:J. Commi t ment -.....

I. tus1; 'teuht: liu~ud w,.asm entictaktkloaaw
her ri to Cambrdga. Ungjabrd. to seek trofm-ft Ifter va ne ma
reBan I o visit hmiwx..a4d: tm Nntl Eu" 0 iAnm to Nass -.
p tnr it her deahim 1994:.S aitiuac :
rIn ZEKS, wren her btotat uIe .ao IH coma at theA pla
result or ea mplicaaiilrfrtin Kea chosM to.mainlain .. ...
hirm on a venil]ator, Aifd 'itNad M slaft evN7y day reading and ^ *- -H I^^||^^^^^|HBH|
talking to hi, sptpriutg him:f"eabitinawi nnee ran .ut:l- It w
only Ier own ilness that .topped berfom vuiitfng him.
&wwI wasu*u Jn~ dwean waniom

id wotid bawe to be p.ued on a v..olayir w R to ".P- wnItdtma-

burmnd hrC1toc .Rmn4i6) E Niabiug; odtopjBin. AL' ,H.H
..,*,. ,.. .*:. : ,. ...,.... ~ .. '.. ..+ .%., .. .:..... ..4-.2_ ,J:j -.:'..:' .*.. .n
F;r +'.".C-s....4 1r.... f. "-+, ;,;,-+. ,.;- +" % ,. .. j "5 .z .::""; ..+4""A" I "?- ": *.

,.' ,- ,-"j.%L +':-' '+" " . "" ". *+'+ + ? "=" *-*'LH *-C'
+" " " I "U' ';n.o t. ., - -a, " +" ". .. ' .' + .-'-.v_' .d


The IJbune


Tuesday, April 19,2011 PG 5

FROM LFT Ofr Kra Bethpl,-Or Wal Sanusrs 40M FufClascs AlOiAuif 3a.B

Ma s i oop .... ft ": ::d.:
fyOE1M fCLLS r o^:j anj^ ':...:" ~ Mus o( tiward.
TrfB9INStf u Dor Orimdf^v. .bev^ timer bospal. Dr Bethel was duwwdb over-
^ Ei erwig ni~.l _mde do. y iaiaca r tbua i0 It was
THE aftwnowo befxte'ge'ti-i:i 7*.jt:::Aa~t: tajc XSf~l~ c a narr we ^aih
Igft tfus Il0 it. lad at lbartuacje;di with Cet a f. ~ n an stE w der aqacdzor-
txy ndiuoLM *ad dbir C6t e' peid Qt&ttflW r nth n
kidudrSuundeksaied* a m le imrpiaslj6ev flw:adn She nnvertetu^ne
anm that lbs tin. wdi '*;4mue : T g ati nwiy nut' was now "idefbatd o:rmbrfo," ndil
she made w predcl t the f e t BaJ mumtari aod the ibeOana was nr a !i400& *$IWi4i up,


Whq Dr Sctwl bu rned o'lerim- ahvideo unferenwd bar son
Edtnd, who wns .way in Cbo. with
ker daniuhwFr NIdtM or the falUL
4wand said tbht nmono a w "n,of
tbow 'an never ro ot atI o0
yaw hw M b W id N"b mother wn
Strong and detasnsued; Oc'3w her

".... - -.. .

S ...... i :iJ .... ........ "" n "
t' ::::::,, ::::: ii:, ,i : "i,, :: *** '

.w as a..........n
ii"... .o.:ii::.. j....: 'M j : ....
l teO us iaH.

-a i as 36 Id'pwu bib b.a jmad mot ft

.. "** JJ" "*** :iifi::::i ::::

PG 6 Tuesday Aprdil 19. 2011


The Thibune



SFROM PAG FIVE Greece, Is anbul, Indonesia
,4 con i or Inagua. The two traveL
.no lr chf ato0 just c .. cowmpaAroits look great
anotherr calenge io cAquer, ,eamusefment aom o at,'ipto
liesa .. .. )nagflta,becauseono:tfhbai
But' chein therapy Coda-e was igf~aq^4n the
lowad shortly after the it. honeymoon sit 61 the
nosisa dSits t ,ria u reot ITmplet p I* a sei e
thptel Wn evnuany ewlsi 4 iu4ftira thiL !?dLI
ffeign& In 'bar
ec4. yb: her family. [a hbar eai-,., ae ea-,, to I
pbhtyscay *eakeBa-r state. it DSithde. I ao, I
wag wb gdt s atfixodshe 0Va# Wtk shoutteg S
pi. tcavelHnu tegilabe WAth flt lamian-ngoet: ii- d e
[. Wends and Ufaily thbt sIft fa&try. con'i n4
would Wve to tt tl b *tbk love of hiaor and
One of the last trijti Dr culture. 1
BethlMinad. vr t Cat lt nd Dr ethel bod a good 1
witlh Dr Becthi !W ieA d yeseft of haumou" and "w
tht rtidAS Of : iilutWhaft tUetly $tt said r. j
Wton. imptat, W BaI"auR S=ndetl On a trip tp
Etr iIDLbl f reSt- Rbme, Drl Suaten had Me
Ue. Dr BeCthl said the mlTonuiate expntriic a1
Hunter PIautmthm-wua home 1he airlines 'inplafdlg her
to an ealaved AffLen Sown ba gs t uamsit Despite hr
as "BIak Dicf." beut effor, thk. ws not an
ntntfamiarX' e.'kriCece. -t
Revolt Nair ar tu q Te
.ena rftitrp
He led a major revolt in .Ci WeMIt Dr S.MnV JMd h
island Ahcou.h It wasu eve- bMP *T' rmauy round, DV
tua1y sim pweud sad Dick Bt duly naB(he WV
was tried id eeLcutd, Di- +LV n 6e the.
Saunden aid Mi5 sotiob Always wacd to be t fr
spaked at spirit of rdawn Tfty tw w llwtw a l1t toguh4
mad fpewemsM4 a. flmholic C! bo*qie Of .1 fl iffiuber
blow. TM] gmi ha sm- Ship th i l'tereattonal
p DnieADkwuaot.ppiiZrd Wimuewn Forum and Iu
becatie the lave UwnqCg4 lhanna chapter. Thk
feleVd an &en larger siTpD. wxunwe tcy had ua -til
Dr Bethel was .ppreiadve so t ,tht trayu$e4fra
or this cxpnrip e' said Dr 4 . ... a, ..
S.uadnder, ,.itwotwd serve a U T IW tfop *'...E
hif~torlci tutu gtide on many OOI ccit:
at dtjscr trips aunuii trave~flgab~a btw
Dr Sauader said there w% tiey d Wie oppunity
always tkm mt fi the histo- whgeev they could.
ry. ofa plike wtere Dr Belhel Lr SautdqnF said In-
wua cnrned. na.Kes nfl Dr Bethl a
She w an avid rmde d .at, U J.ta i B ..
lover of knwledge. Th 0w 1 hankI
sagmy to Dr Bstkerthu4w-
m-oo w, 'lined wfth bodfi, V---, ht Yre of fI-I*
9PQ Dr Swundaers, as weh' as woTld uad an~mlqed her
they wilt aill vgr the sunt. Mid Dr Saunders.
Or Bethel truly nated to elf
se a piKe when Ase vited,. md it4 ~n
wheber it was. MeaMiml, ". B 1....

...... .....:- me c- t110, i-,


eibs~Vu~rir r

":: p::L."




n-suntf -eore

-TRY^ ere t(ittm .util
th* ef fs. T oe 'Way
-k mu iht o"d Mm.AWL
1ty tatlfea -ltae the s
rpft ii~nebar 'and THorpSA
Beasl atd tileb p M..,ui I
v* te pancl touech oahm to ah
Wlp'.pMw irLDe le,,

11 wasmalie bftfai Of the va
but Ih' ay the iAmt gp
ioj pRldon. sft.f iHi. a
years of iwedhlaflUiUl~euboW~

ti4fta eI I
SFMily Mnndj a.sivk
Safnd^ auAmr Bethel wed
.Deetmet. l C A ihw'
mcahed Aft, md wlk p t
't. wiU ca filled -iO
dhm~t fumd pleMom{ K"pl.
In 2M05 B=shop cumfto~
member of tacP fp lmcId
3 W"., t U'i,, i.,. b..
iat w~~f7t O te auppojitb'h
lI"wd ibtloa Ia mwt yeI
WE under ?ciIUawflt eaNI for
fle two wp.udStinxpan
uvQr Rihor the death otTrt
band, c~wkwaH ii~t oenifim
wes her '"lat scul m:^aw.qf s
na..i bbc:L Skimp E1eii
1iiaNB~~otloo.Bi eUWId

itcwSuM be nonestwIbrfi
'Mtu her blitthurcjfl dot
p, te period offis)#S&
buatiis talk on Dr Belthel, jno4
ibtalli but: nbtainlsfratvety/

tay y. lov. .Bo ..... a
~wn-ia gthbw via and jM
-hiiurOfanirilir fth
e diifM^ ^ ^^

theft ibinsr" said Priwk Minister
Hubert = =hiupab tribuler to Dr BaheL.
_"____ Tl prune nrmentdr aJlbt aftr Dr
Beihelk mutirmetrt fronm the Oaleg of
theendof tlhe BDulmu e Od hapoWd b woald
dan" may 'lvu aed ) an mppolalnum. nls "hb
ht .ot just BIaBt Ambqamadmr to t&e Uniled
tcuy of the 9twia fcAfmlm.
tP Dr Kove 'She wpliel IbMt ab bad proniued
3ldon,'wo h Sb that Shewoutd lake bunt ofhim
" 4rty bbd. and decihmd Us* aucnt" aldd Mr
.er fadil8g :mgiiL
ered at lier "o. the wMw zInenwIeof
morate his Bflrp Ww fe d hinas aMphW
teano~4 Mm. ibhc c rak t1he
tOnpYod, ing nmatL Bo Edon 14 f
a1i f eWrd f1W of wricw lintuebd, -* 4kftxitc
Mat wA his Mabt. Her was the& Wt BaIhaIm,
emi aDer atnd Bfap a te Zahamw mad
%DFrBdIw adCaica
t booK Al YOMM *wpm iu-ined in im
hIolding h wp hldon h(mt naimis e ti St
Job '. Co3eh Hu wma dr Bmim bmah
Dr Gto I leuah ibme. He w mlur o4duolnd a
Idleaelf puimutbd anrit to GOamd BP*I Xk
whn -she spent nay yuan tuns tivng *irf
b hebwiol pu, ain aimUle ma=bUl Mme
bed Bbile waffrmflewNa
Pibldnw ftJiuhw 197t,'jt~ai
ued from a 0n1Wm9 hi Aprilo 1972.oi eal. ,
as.f lae uSz apac g, for 4 x n i b

d He Rev La, -inj kd, aby f- r the
i r.Be Qideci Maa.nd~jaj2frJjidim l us naa
; c- u e 0 r Int A. paftp's"pn
iL he or 4 POwsjaois-
td A~t= m loved the t -Id"eing C h
iMwM call and loved the wdzstup of thetlrb.
fa&dux4D^ fue &tovc f0 r edud i f liomAd the & ft
.uUp~ie! saga to fleCtiage yoag' people ac
7051". gj to tIpk : beasLa to. 0 prove
oe. 'bu tiohrt~es aaett~"aats the 1 Mbi-
naial grong vnpu. tbotrjKahia tr~syL As apriest
aIM aiHMat IMS~a Wa Ii. -theowu&WoL
Scr4 caney 0snr di Ke~nci Hq*&?a mti04"
anid Linifa- p~sisaaus dri 4cv~clopii .ndpmaa
,y he~aflts Uk gk wister, Bi& tn. -M a Vf guadtaae otQneco~s Conqti He~aupnl~-
!^a~, .d. M*flmi ,4*GwEee at *a Catminus's
^orst-(7b~prn Ca itffilge,Kjfir Eaatad aadMapco
in theaagip tal~t
^^'*^a Stif^ tw^ttid UA S^feWas
CouodkagTalrpna of *bm C^lqp of
ep~efab 40 1$$Le|lh d4d be Anf1I through its

B61 U..MEAL EL ON .-........

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 PG 7


74 A

PG 8 bwday, AOI 19, 2011 DFL KEVA BETHEL The r" WW

DR KEVA W HO!!I)tSW TOSETfr.()-IfxtW (7jR,,q
Bab ti, e W;h 061 06NrOkmes Abmld
TPI 44
ty U4 lhje Mukkdaih s6mld bc rzbeN-antio
HE *aritfift ambitica Df ad=aWr 9
T and unton bUiI-drrDrX&om RetkrJ aeOW mted
WAVtO SW Withtn-bCt kkdot thO 03REP
ofthc Bahmnas be= me a fQtir-yeu d*e *mmm atd Jbo wedx w9bt he"&
92D Mvedby F"UMIU* WWD to'bool VAC-4-
Dr OrLbal used ta say, ffhc, viks nqt in fim Wm bdWad
,O.Vtfly eiiidc ..and WW.CO 0 MMfT an. Oat 40,4k, with, Ibeit,
tcbt to play a ht=bk zolt m natiarL bufld- When: aod1ra4bm Mgb4nr., fA.01 Vewy
11V. brut zaia 15.ywn*. ilc uuplivt busptc*, god: sa WW'Aa4d the -Ipr-"w . ..... ..
hCr Piz, pir 'n whtthtt 1W WOW4-tifthQw
M tho finkc dt.l= dcalh an Ftbraw to.make. a foinW brtti, dunng thht -od
M Dr 8ctheN V6= had nWarWk;d. 7,o thAl studa* tatfld te.itninwdj 1-1-" vv wndd."=pj* w#A U*4t the
Ortsvveml*w; by
bw it vtw bxvmpku_ Her & Of "Do[ at tbate periads Th= -it th '16%, WeL)f,*C,!, her Uft tochoohag ulauiiatiom Sbc
*Othel WOU141 U;d a wje%4d', that W410 061::iAbotys tbi T*
fatal.4thwar Nicaeut Batba "40C was which sAA that long vac4wn has-T'to,',ota
W i
64 ITr 130h.I, sp&iiifli nit ii:
too P4) 00 tay, ele sAid her OW)thar was low4rds 'ftc exipaOqAset by.'a 6ystew miW
TUo*-- *ho kiw* Dr B& Sq. Mi I I
*Nb Sar teach4lig, heakLW the jdbow 'h 0 its not, bo th axdua' f tlf st6"t So Aq
pow ifieti 14 a iM ItierYL-k' %v uotcd tbai stucretts iia Saa Sakador
Dr bdkFPA klwfifidd oft vkUw 1b,6 I" e4 tat fbeyr Ifi6ald b-- taij& Fwnch bimtse (31VIi tewatds buill i#, itdone well 48jq tubaske everyop% 51
"Voti'&d uch*voAW teadi-i Y Everooa 431 1, itot w4w to,* -.4 mcket
Shd.:* it ir .-A be kirW of M IW'Vm tliclwrgcg Cb4A, oa the aswaomp Alllftsteld Alto'
Lvmtv Whkh)M Molt to be able toleff. fdjuMl 4ndoltitd tu Eampean VISAMS. s*- but laty are
PW r 4YI of 6U they Wite, We'IftbAl giyv ft,04K6-
Andmablenibrif Shi fia* bdkftd iu, Uji. W10P
orsedwmk ft di OV" IL.16 -Oft tbc tgr I t6-I& OdIMML '"'Dm i ar, YJagt drotuu Vlem Za4 tq and
MQ*0C =V bN fa !W",* UTMOil. rt fiamm fim,213i or 111tih Ck. to touchift Y u M% deafink With, :O*,w tte 003-4,twiy to -make An IOP44""
IF kall .1 W -
dotal 4isap"-wtse LW Adwosfft sov- IWere:*eirai*&thft'I*bhp inAccenn- Vi$%3j9 wad it =Vttding i 4;4 i,vr Bethel irl'orle oftloymmy PuNk
Whpj& oa&ws awe. re4aprtivo you can 4*6 *dd*gsn.
0: j&CTMCP_, OSP04AY if yj),te,Cb hi FcAwaA said'he WS .e*om -jA irw
io OW-mmbe did.' howvwk
"She. WOO),00W.It"MaI W"W1,14YO-I" Wd bou awlhffw vilwt we khbor ima You a= wlthum Oit 1-4 fact.: kis =ti-ex w VMMS
ter. ROCW90 it** ft OOW1W. icpM: ot"n mace-n4eMt 7 1 "hue'" said!!!Iik tnay have been ",labre i*Ca* at'aflo
ibft ft ft,
th6 tpveft% qbpervattow made earlt.
'! e `Wpr xre stack in &'itoiW Fi t wbere the
Mont tw wt. rg.'Idy to M4.o ii _SrO 0
Clas, M oa 0g. that is -Vahca _rrOMI6 C,(WCOL-
46-0 4*VM is hm WCSSS ypit
*hw VC we ii ibm WOM 'Thimatte -nd. Z)Utter Are. vvtOW Vr lieO4 had q-pd sffialt-V fbtCO B, have" sidd Xdwud
tbay I Wh. 'OLO, IW&rlave-f6 the'. -on) -nx grade
ht' W"ild. ROOM V* f"Dr4co4ri-, I I I 's hnpl boemm
K.00n: hu M-A '""Ittftd hir
a V,%O* lot Offn Oney -04 1W pUbrVC,4tjoft, 'IT4*kbk 1he vtulish- -DUn rO bo saW v4*v-
tW r it-, 'ed reilt into cntiwi-
that A ftweAmp
UK[ jj A, ire t66 ,
Sea e't RA*I begopd lb- BuU'#" P;mVId -be ftuwt W6* tw".1 t, OCOMMMOM" Kid, =" 44M6"
I MjjW r "1 11*
.. I I . I 1, .. I .1 0 allagu& to ubt*ft twr
Ik" taqxxt' owe eqoy-cd WhUjCCIjWj&
Them il'a"tw
IM, PT Babof Jrpj.*" ,jQ thp vAft fftf*Ulan wa 401
C bC-tet, I ''
Xaltoaa Took,. Fpyrc jOn to Mly Yft WW, -of
jucea.1mmW nszia
VAP160-W *fte 19n.impolq i0jr. law e L.. polivy Maten aft gdljca;i "'. cb lso6ID b I e I Vdtesiad not aw hVe "no talevwwc" OW 04W#T&
W toftned to it; b4twadob vircle* *o tb _c ftodnofiom test, fhosod" nyorw&jv
the -TQ* f of. byli* v itat ANU40tMM CM,
in socko m ta by -the pt*,-
too, lhte beoftwe the world U tF61 = Tni
tonstar* s 6 A be sat& io,
tk i A C= Mnoott xqWYc p,aole to work WWhef to
Chs"ims .8.00" 4rMMOWW*dWnS 06 :not,
tahmoo to
'WW_ 5,PIWUS] M&4ttr A.Wot hm wu am -,Iwh WO
Y Ulm W-9-0 r a Augffted the R40 tforat=
took the ut, d e most A*t to T"tale to te&cIreff
Wd, thOlOK AWqr4 t&'%60jd Wt her stot1hr's views are !iWl veryMe-
#M aAwwi "I, ata IMS, the ;?fbLrf.An4 rtpwd tbty uavkartd
1" Cft 6114 W 4W, *"Xit a lot dap it ielih Co Knctio t, XwtiveT th
honk Al*cnh At u&vergot Wo *i '14tep.
I hbcil 60 'W&*tW, f tnt hem the s6dDrRetbeIvkeapd=pA7
phdowph or educaliork Ihe tp
:1 1 81,41161, tk. SkWSo* OU tpcbing rough a-Memnr tow lhwalpr
W, ,Moolmt W" DifP140; -of Cpaue, 'aWtd to *P P"t ln VKAel And 'brothtr. ncoleltc qv4AW
__SkWL-,UO4d 14 r ft ws
th6,,"II forct 40 Obt A t OV kvpqe is qf tke yiew thAs ex.aps- Arp
fit ]*.j -Oded _tOL OUt 00V
efo]&"t' 4#$Q"
fees* on, CO& were- ftrj L 0 me" bj the
Qcfii 9 1& Zr, .
e po y, th# Mahtry Is,$ 04thow
Ot Bet44 beieveA 'IVMI Wwr& P,)n4 ne eff6ri-of Nipottto 0 Y 0 a tt Ou Sh Sh e Ud -MDOObr
bpi Ah" holl do M that. Edward said:
W ayca., Mill fbe ta6k **AMC, two" MainSOMM thM- A '5wr'6rir
w"t she, wqwdcom- AMA is her Viewc "K the-
t4t &W td h#tAib0x6i OoA het
Ot 4k* i6 tail-, via of a
kielf I MMM -014WOM b"'We Aft 0 O-ad Wba *&On *W&Sft7
QNS ii tics COUFF try",

The THbune


Tuesday, Aprdl 19,2011 PG 9



nS 9taft Aupri w
N several Jdec o putdi sa vic, the eilu
ftmBy has acqubmd an euviabl= reptatun in matkm
Edwad Belhel, ason of13 lat e [ dEf aM Dr V vA
BelheL ati I IIaid deiadL difve hib faity& wp at
the forefrot oal sping tha Rabiuinms' Dnaiol idmn-
That ko what dofoued tho woA of his wogthci in
shaping the education identity; ha fatbe, s med
maiman Oement Bethel, 'h!$ng the acltual
identity; sad his k, IDe p O MiLbad in
shbipig the identity of therchb. .
AMLhouga Edwad mud his Awux NHcnfrno BOMtW
Innmu Drejloh CoIlLur, have epptohietfi adi'.
lion oamf tie rvierhi. ho ld aeitlr ..:of tkfeuwi
everbeia tHepftioW of their pciraktpitbeaiae
of bow the duao buhs grown.
"I ca't r4aty strive ta fill y of tbhvi shoes and I
dac't think any of us hou.," i,.d Edw..
. woul have big shoes to L MrQmB otMh-etl
Be oM the fiat planning oeilaft &uhv4 of
Arts and Urs.Q now knOwsO thO $.Wjsi Arts
Festival a*d the Ari and Oft ExZbtitu. He
founded the Bahama M*aoi'Soty and *nmod a
icnor of die Namn Rfluna SinOLn. & was
abo d&ctiro at lturldflai ",
For many whokm, liis itles iVlda r ta-
Sf thdf~"sprito ft ]asO Wh 1 Uor, *am W x
NeIhefow e ftwehaigfb n~t"Orm A nr
Uiivtity othe Was toid ke. it OL AIO to
Mr BfbIII.OS the iccuion of his death md wki Mr
Bithelt isdpti and hhi music will the onI"

ODR Ell Stiaegilor Wft"im W
m, mm..- .;. mm ll "mtmm m'*" m m -*
4Ctoeutef Bethel, crativu, mftistlc Cultural. viskdp-
sq and adWinnptrdot and ftiegd( all who
kunwimrN Won TOdioo 1oon. 1bo tm hWI
hd^ BiMtnMB ch bebe tuezil af serving in
wat that tl mDst -usiivo of mm. kmw bow -
tbat d~it.wpt( d^ ndise oCa acrltive "mnlta
ao d ahlft ThaJIrIa aa n
Nicoie sid ier athritetaSd ISia~bha deaini
- a piufqqibinl aoawct plmal~t to mflaie. '4paftk
for 0ost mfli(. Wo lidmr deeimsA
'11W peop. In py father's faity did at tam

thouhesW too WddOuuly. They did mOt dedne tutm-
who bytahiwvms ifeydidt nOak poo-
pi =B ty who they wef.,Thut isrwhat'mty
U _tak bruduMtimo. b. mixC said NIcole.
Mr BhD'tfrlwtraiod bjr fucniob~aflny~etdwwd
TriIdadiam; ti-wrtd plaina M6u. Dalks
Qba*W fdi, wb olvehimfree ta ona Wmcam
& aiift ibftem He n ~ died af te Royal Acdemay
tfl(wk* Lmndon. but only b== bhi Mitt Islet-
c rud paid I him to Fl.said.Nkoleft.

echnica &9n

tl? ".nItnrli 4r11 l1 fIoLtnILMJ-AnflIJ

-. r".c --- %ip. ~ a~t a,. ,~
$?j sT& tr-~2$ t 6=-K

ti" ; .:. i . " .. ,.-. "- .-

^ If


Ux" tj-Ad oloml Ill4m Wmpuiflm

PS 1O.liasdqs April 10, 2011 DR. KEVA BEThEl. The flu..















'ROM PAGE NINE because if yu. doazl No .wbat is bap-
pawin afte r.Ow 'sJ w : to fta. bear
'He knew he got when. he was b a any bna l," said Der a10h1, in:
mhbimtion of hick and W e t lal & 5 s Tewinmisced about bet lato:
her (Edward Jrvi aBeibel),p lsi .. a wpma. t
r, died wb heb was a chil d haad it cloofMat m
ither (Lias Bethel) didn't tres the .it fpuu iv i ...... .....i
pwtane of study oat m rn. a u a.urear_ e mo ey
n proud of haim Og hk Wuaw s atd
unit. His s~istr w the blsgeqisur
Forced himW to out. sald s duvdmiqlhfj W f-h:er.^ tad
cotmie. wOW ratfiwy 'low for Woo"l to be"4FF.
u Ibsinfueced ii public service.ithe daoVmup. i-
id 'em wau nt much chance fox -M am l iQt I b lisi(e 2f ,., ,, .
ung Bahamiams at Swat thie to devel- wIa debate. bd Wttdbojhot*e
anything tt was not menajaL Hel ves, nmy m eL ay made momr le ^ ^^^^^ -
ct be was ot gong ta leave tw thon my father It dt', affect him
unty in 040 state, so he came be*k mono aS all. How mnpina mosey k.
create oauheoppqwtu.icB for young bwuzht in mad what he put i6to the
fxm* did not definehim.flsth a is
r SlNthul bad wfwi.nat.m.ud oe .C. th- tactp ub was va1y.
. .rinfwn .spaolyseyudc.kidhseyduina. i .w A j. at other slot w d a rwd c
know about it frmeorty l'. e. mywoutu that ,ud held it -g. st heix .o f
Sthir, twoit nad bther died Pblirnofmy if. k wl. ta and ..
thlb amrs .did. it w ru.u.d. to affect thuir reation-
-: idnd. thin he w.uld live pm. ip.. .. ,, W.H :;
kmfiddwaDint 'li atnowTA' i k pxo ll con"ibu-
* very much in the fantlgb con- tidu are known acr the education D lHKEVA u igr*j him'dl juubi awrd
ommuOw Mr Bethel cod Junt after spectrum, but WnL. notAbly .at the Clauti
rig 49. Edward said the flaly was C lcm 4O the Bahamuau. where she
tus* bW Bwe Mr W49.l saw his tyow u flam wow., pnxt&VuI and ry onehad, the anvn9swAm one shoudd
aIdre# Q)oo1se gSewiptekfil firMv plusf DL n ..... tdrto tLe world.
S Tten.o ftAb e Sb. 3as elitea tig chl~tiua d 4t,,; Slb. receted one time gettln a "good
.u4n ?Zira~r U mm~lndemi N~ttiOI* 'TaskI Fqrc Toa duwatloi a :4 report curnd and asking her anolber
OW01c6oma("' 10iB?$g OW 9ww. If you at asc tap she uedAM as the bead af about her reward. Nicoluna aid she
d a ublct hp vywst*e of fth newE degstAi ad ,boadtwest s is isfiucced by bec classaama, who
ttoviutehiotiunebis to 36: O0micatHigh ScEoot. ON saw recmving b~lcyss and other
t att~wit;(h ljcu~t tbrI'i^Habtirt For fSt of ho' prolesirst woNt :: far higi f dio- o peufonnance.
hipjtfi aVAeLi Edward amid 5tw stder sIprejb- "I shied suka y, I SOt $ od
q report cardi why!da't ICt2a.?'
;tt onbt U anted that mo.i rmutht OLEdws notash- b at
1.f0 stae u rswsesa and not SI-b9qA~yiqfr4 vwl(gxIh1A r yog for whti you an BUmmed to do.
pp10t014-on him. She caf.44 bOlt the Sh itOi.Vqity much t SsMbaichaf od #we you thatgft a*d that wval
9e6Utwdwar Hepgdate to filpuwe in S6thi n St. nwoflb yW n uppaod to be doing.- I doel
1 VTofeafMy, atIL bad c0"- C4 and the usotbW AU ian03 bf our b*w If di redted the parable of the
noi her vw ii aer oWn faith ausaaiud onA. Itsad uiuicarin minU. but rt alw It re~onasad with
16wSq wnld ia esaid Nltogtte.
tHatwow lbniveme gSer s4Ofa.c 0 Sb. "She truly believeauah ig. were
hjha(iny wwnaa with a qsfr.S rae ifaed aiti brn God and not 0i6 given to
Ip mc. developp aS a wmnt tRe bia 4 OkIr .t:raim. anmcims pdndt You for your pbasurr the 'woud needs
axfhgqd am totapply Vera poauiosf pis I whom much iImD waft is .im and you were togive them bact"
hadW her meew This was. WGMOU byu
Joanf l three- spuset gwarsufok

Nilftto Vfpuduaf r, Siduey Eldon.
wt" 6 "carmeC W. wawul," abe Wld.
H srvd as Comptruollr of Customs
far many yIm.-
"If you had a didt you wvw sp-
posed to de*p iand tme it not for
yourcwa pydft hut aor the profit of
tae itundyou. Thait f-at we sow
boflfc~ t*S adl a nnuamd ,aUv jaid
Aae4t IQ dwwnd, his paernts
must ha bcer a "Pcwnfbl ,ampte,"
befts6 att was cumaukottad
*w %y. f-19 by c'Ompki They
m I s AM ae houd do wh any
"'Th ey d h ey d wpwwi
bul thty dirt th
e.vnecUl.tak wore. T1ey btilwd, if
i ^ *tftugt ax,. yu
better do a4 waeH you possbly ma,
'but they aiowed mu to diuivwr our
1Wvm W1;q_ ifru''S^luiilbdcL'11i I.; r

PS 1. aKW April 19,2011





- ~e: 1(EVA ~'ETha

TusdayAApril 19, IM 1I P$I1

,I ~

HO.::M:E Ti L A OF ..: KE:
Ell '"'^ r BwM&HBel!Ba

adbrentR0o4, %tia'~^ ^e Bi~wijiu
.ie ate M d :ia ..... _" ..i_,___ ....
.a... s iw a ..I my oM to" II 1g
aMIMJAR l, o tl -..Wi n0t oNy the ; ++ ',etx
maaulpIam. b wilh huaand Cefflent Vlddawle i w.
!ae1^wim. oail'( A~s Uny *he a tinevbm it|
9 t-, onImurn*d ib* U,

i.. .... : "-- .. :: .. 4 l mfE E D d oul ..~*t t... ...q r pt
ii :" pedec.. e w1m wy s *, q

'i T m Ta of M laxef ihey -s'ii
.a it*rwA m t oat her ,tit*a&d faim. u tde Id I 'eg' i
WC TRIPii (tPps rferiti. me in aueid~. ''H^ tii d'

^m OdN '?it shaped c b oaiw jeciu h'I T
uinaflftof afei-iaftifi ihi~ete ihc bUi Laui~ho also-ate
r NiBoIatte.
; atd elmdf r, a~it wxitA sW* dba, '. Aw7lo
in t Wi F et.-and th, RBetdus. .. .

dii aifltt wble Mcs iet fiwt basd oa~i
~oaufu~a a~Y wdu3r~otm
*IvwEa-r* Wohnm *li drdwtbrivU nuamt ( VidFX
_-Va^*C'i~if IfJBn .f1^*" *"' f~m Tt i
i.jaifeutfuij-j n ,^f^~ilebf: X r "hcb~f~
f^B ^"i h r BIQs iBf'f.i^i~r'Sri'~r rlftii ikit -


d :Vr


k: ia, to.sbyv boee
xmrign~iwsieis&1f IMfliaail

..' .. ..t.

q A"
fit isgv i lyC dfrt 40 W*
it 46INisoik taO tw to ibeMu a* flx -

s,. qht leuiesadaBofLeutabtft
F ,,,BW>tit(KyttiiipWre {c*gniuttaiue
.Jii::: it mmlity bigld Iupttq bmevuac we
t4 Mr'BetbWai ao &.suy if-:
ertby A"kWva' Lar~ aO

~e. hu11uw" !av uiAwni -a
w4vi*d cuffeft A khs&r
^ ^^'aittfoh~, d ,-. mL

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1 iirsd OWId BuiiI
wLytii 41'law

bad foi
. "Site



ibout rP12 to u *ae-w

: gn :u
wiw the i

""O.Utl cat s.e, ".ft ~ t 80;2' Pp ..
bibtwi vwoutau inL
odadilkeh yw nw mo*dest peplaoIo
fitroy people. sid-Nickdtbt The1 set
d W&(iiaRedifefienoiy. '.
miihdeil, r Lahw son i

Af S IiMw Aa"Puno. fcop~ pi1*'
ifeHv sfW1i31 S I efye~t
a hli t. .iM + t t L ...^....."


i I:
... ,: ..i ': .

L .... 7 . :. .

P, :
" "m


, 1'12 Tuesday, Apil 19,.2011


. :: : :.. I -

* ":: | ....M

::. ,^^

um- ,

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".-.T :.. -... . ..

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