Chronology and index of the more important events in American game protection, 1776-1911


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Chronology and index of the more important events in American game protection, 1776-1911
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Palmer, T. S ( Theodore Sherman ), 1868-1955
United States -- Division of Biological Survey
United States -- Department of Agriculture
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Biological Survey ( Washington )
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Gallins, eommonly known as wild turkeys, grouse, praitio
partridges, and quail. (Forest and Stream, XXVI, p. 84, Feb. 26, 1W.)
In 1887 the Boone and Crockett Club in its constitution
big game as follows:
Under the head' of American Imp gUW we included the fo4wing
Black and brown bear, grizzly bear, polm beari bu.&19 (bism), maunoda'
woodland caribou, barren-ground caribou, couW, muWm, white. gook 4"
wolf (not coyote), prong-horned antelope, moose, Virginia deer,.mula 46w,,,j
Columbmi black-tailed deer. (Art. IV.)
In 1898 the list was modified by omitting the:wolf.
In 1900 the Biological Survey, udlbdng these
the term, so far as applied to North Anieriam qxwlel to faw,
marked groups of mammal and four of birds, nsmAy.- 1,
and pecearieB (Ungulata) 2, bears and raccoons(Carnivora)
bits and squirrels (Rodentia); 4, opossums (Martrupialia);
geese, brant, and ducks (Anatidie) 6, rails, cootoo mudhe" Amd
gallinules (Rallidie); 7, shorebirds; inclu plover `111
sandpipers, and curlews (Limicolm); 8, wild turkeys. grouwjphsoij.-,,-11
ants, partridges, and quail (Gallinm). (Biol. Survey,
P. ill 1900.)
The extent to which definitions have been incorporated in a
law shows even greater variations. In -the English laws gXW8 0
defined as hares, pheasants, partridges, grouse, heath or imoorgiwo
black game, and bustards" (Game Act, 183 1, sec. 2), while tho toft,
ground game is applied to hares and rabbits (Ground Game Act., -1Wt
W. 8). Game proper thus includes only the Gallinie and the 06dide '44
(bustards). Deer, waterfowl, and shore birds are not indude4-t=4,,,k.-'j
protection of shore birds and wild fowl is provided uMer th*
Birds' Protection Act of 1880.
In Bouvier's Law Dictionary game is defined as "Birds and bow*
of a wild nature obtained by fowling and hunting," and in tb* 40mik,
Of pi* as 11 All kinds of animaIs and birds found in the stoge of
nature commonly so-called." Game birds we deflned mi the ,1** 41,
Michigan of 1899 as "Any birds protected by this aaty`p-sind a U*4i
Maine enacted the same year declares the term "I shall be
mean the ruffed grouse or partridge,. all species of the phe
cock, snipe, plover, and rail, and all ducks enumers in
The term game animals shall be construed to inom mDose,
and deer." (Acts, 1899Y ch. 42, see. 50.)
since 1886 the definition of game birds recommended ty the A
can Ornithologists' Union has been incorporated in the laws a
ber of States, so that at present there is general uniformity in h0ft
the term to four natural groups. In wme" States, howemr4, the
modified by the addition of a few specia.. CaMormia adds the
ibis; Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, andthe Distdot of J
bia, the reedbird and blwkbird; a few Stata the roWn;
number of States in the South and West, the dove.


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I on We and'export,
ik.*Oft-in r4ty -very, W'wbil2 on'46, othorhand.,
tz"Al"Mr qirft and summer
A 'And Aoio U160inpamtively Tftonty owing
W, vwneous,, idea Omt
SIM, tndrny bo sfiot ag 1091 as
"to ey appear in lato
tho 'hunting 08
U(fi&,N, t6 wl
t t ., PlIMM PI
6 pt&moili rM the right, of
At t 00 of 1,647 aud,
1,078. Thoyearomt&-
4idmfly dividod int tw
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Y 4ho deaond a third
ax1poitamts havo bom m4dd
O'oo Wi, wero som vepWM, d

SOM6 of the More iln
to tho,
400 jwAo

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ino had prohibited the use of boata or., canow. with zai* or
disguised with hay, sedge, or seaweed for hynting 711.1
Restrictions on export and sale of deer "a Vwe ah* in
9 10
some of the colonies. The ginn) of the warden sys0w
been made "in M achusetts and New aboutthe
the eighteenth century, but these comparatively. few.statutm WV
that were considered necessary.
By 1800 the number of States which had found it desirable to;
game legislation had been *increased from 12 to 14 by the
of Vermont and Georgia.
By 1850 comparatively little game legislation had been
although the list of States having such laws had iner'eased to 19
included the thirteen o al States and Maine, Vermont,
Alabama Mississip ', and Indian Territory, thus comprising
I P1 .. rISM9
States along the coast from the New Brunswick boundary to
mouth of the Mississippi River, together with Indiaii Tenitory.,,
only game law in force west of the Aississippiwas the r
hunting on Indian lands. Xo protection for nongame birds:, Woo, pv4
vided until the passage of the first laws protecting inwctivori*
birds in Connecticut and New Jersey in 1850.
In the decade from 1851 to 1860 game laws were passed for QW,
fimt time in 12 States increasing the total number to 3 1. 1%
States included Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin,
of the Mississip i River; Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri,.. Nebrask
California in the West; and Louisiana and Texas in the. South.
first law prohibiting the urie of ferrets in hunting rabbits was pa",-
in Rhode Island in 1860. The only provimion for warden semee W07
for local moose wardens in Maine in 1852.
In the decade from 1861 to 1870 the list of States was still
increased by 10. The chief advance was in the Roclq M..0112,i'.*%,
States-in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming; farQw,
in Nevada and Washington; and mi- the Middle West mi
tucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia. The fint efforts to
spring shooting were made in Ohio,' 1861, and A .1863
1869; and shooting waterfowl from blinds placed *in open watow
prohibited locally in North Carolina in 1870.
In the decade from 1871,to 1880 the Progress of game,
extended to 48 States by the addition of North and. Sovth Dako*
Utah, and Oregon in the West; anew and New Mexico bi Ow
South; and the District of Columbia M.he East. The wast
game (Wyo 187 1) and hide hunting (Oregon, 1874) were proo
hibited, and the fust statutes were enacted, limiting bsp of cr-;r---T
birds (Iowa, 1878) and provi rest days for wildfowl
1 This kW(Ad819U*p.178)WU)0W. 39UNWhweeovuftakwopodoWemeo$*Wfn
bhudiniWandinUldbinalaIM The hrmaprOlbiwd ap*g dwo$lag v"ddadrs
woodonko =4 afte; 04 bftw rnWWUd kM8 d =*IbZd Wd boL

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intexw DewrI18),o twy
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1*1wIows m Wb h istr-1Fdr
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ll lloei'-h tefrtgn
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a h sf"gei idrl u
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1ia m a athse rvnt

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i ~ ~ llilil~. .iiiliii lli .... ...
Abuft ................ .............. ............. ...... ......
Azo ........................1...... 1 0 2 ....
AD as ....................... 0 0
Mi ....................... 4 0 1 0 6 0 4 0
Oo o........................ 1 0 0 1 0 3 O
Cnsstkiut................. 4 0 6 0 5 0 4 0.
...... ...... 3 0 1 .2. 0' 1 U:V.
Dlst.ldt .. ............. ....... .... .
......................... 0 4 0 0
O................... ... 1 4 1,,1.
I.O:.... .. .......... . *

i ............... 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 .
. 2 3 f V PA
I t................ -.... 0 0 4 0 2 1 0 A l ;
S.......................... 1 0 4 0 3 0 1 ::
E............... 0 3 0 4 0 1 0 ...
-7:L........................ Al
NMANG........................... 13 0 4 0 2 0 4 0 i
NDwaska....................... 0 0 s1 0 1: 6

e................... 0 7 a .8 S t 1i
Mihia/.......-..-.- a 0 a 0 4 0 4 ft
igaflS~tc............... 1 1 0 3a 0 i
wflamh..................... 0 4 0 0 0a

Nw ........................ 1 1 0
Nw2am 2 0 4 0 2 0 1 0

Nsa ,ka .....n.................. 1 0 ...... 1 0 .
Pmith. C .U.......... .......3 0 0 a1
Nw B a.................... 3 0 4 0 ...... 4 0
NOraW ........- 2 7 S 6 1 1 l

a 2................... 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 -
N t Oi ............... *... 38 0 54 0 61 0 7 i
UNethant=................... 3 0 1 0 .....
Ob ............................ 0 1 0 1 ...... 0 2 .....
Tam ...................... ...... 0 0 1 0 ,,
ea .......................... 1 0 2 0 7 0 '
................... 7 0 a L0 3. 0
YwnouBfpte&................... 2 0 1 2 3 1 2 2 1 1CT
Ia.. .................. ...... 2 2 tO : A 1
othDa k a 0................... 2 0 3 0 1 0 2. M

OWh0ee......................3 03 0 7 0 17 S "
TIORMS........................... 1 0 a 0 2 0 2 .0 g
U~tah ............................ I 0D 1 0 1 t l 0 fcf<
Venn st ........................ 0 2 0 a 0 s ,.,,.,~
W...... .............. 0 2 1 2 4 0 3 4 "0...
2 a 3 0 3 0 - -
. .................. s ...... a uf
W10000116....................... a 0 a 0 7 a 17.1 9
Wy~m6....................... 2 0 1 0 3 0 4": .i4
TOWal...................... 13 IN -a4 as 20i5n07

The total number of laws, exclusive of botnty I wsd:'-:d:
Mion acts, was 1,324, an average of about 133 per an m;
each biennial period. The States which have. pasnd ih W
number of game laws during these years ''a N Wfr.P
~~~~~ ~ ~ Q"i t ..... ,l ... .. ........ .
New York, 94; Maryland, 90; Maachuset% W0 aM m ea
Those which have paed the Rmuaflet Wniumber tore Aua.kM a.
trict of Columbia, 2 each; MiMisAipil, Nba ad Wet
4 each; Arizona, Missouri, Ohio, and Utah, e Theme i
do not indicate the amount of game iatin so much a th
ence in manner of enatment m- States making .a
sion or local law a separate a *t," ile 6the j grou C al d ...
legislation of a meSdo n a single act. Is WAR
relative value. Absolute accuracy is difficult of,.i,, i

0 m

1 m R4



#] #



In several of the States protection of game was ffist
form of local laws. Thus the first law in Texas
season for quail on Galveston Island; the first M"Calif0
to only a few counties; in IjDuisiana, to St. Bernard Parioh;
soun, to St. Louis County; and in Now York, to the
L*ng Island and near Now York City;. while an- e*rJy law of
sippi was one autho police boards of counties, to pass
for the protection of game. The first close seasons In
established in three counties in the. southwesteiii part of tfi
As time went on, local laws in Some States inereaa;od. amm"00
I "atly
ber and resulted in considerable confusion. Such
especially popular in Alabama, Kentucky,, M-axyland,
North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and
Many of these local laws are comparatively redent, having*
enacted within the last 25 yean. In Tennessee under. the
tion of 1870 and in Texas under the constitution of 1875 ape"
vWons were made permitting local gam legislation. On the
hand, several of the States prohibited local legislation by Ow
tional provisions, notably Pennsylvania mi 1874, Kea6tucky in I
and Alabama in 1901, thus putting an ena to the complexity Of 100
regulations and greatly simphfying the game laws. in these.
Congress M" 1886 adopted a general provision prohibiting.. loml, g$*;
laws in any of the Territories, a prov=*'on incorporated in the
stitutions of the Dakotas, Montana, and possibly one or two
States admitted about that time. Recently both Vivo* and-
nessee repealed most of their local laws and substituted
statutes, and at the present time comparatively few states
on local legislation for the protection of theirgame.
It is interesting to note the gradual adoption of do"
as a means for the protection of various kinds came d
204 years from 1694 to 1898. Followm*g axe the daties off ""%a-
close sewns for various kinds of game, with
Mmsachusetts and ending with European pactridges M
m. Deer usetts). JM D9"$(4()0=9etk-ut and
1708. Reath hens, niffed grouse, quail, 1851. Prairie chickeris
wild turkeys (Now York). IM. Antelope, elk (C&WmA&)& Nvq
1791. Woodcock (Now York). Im. W (PemvIvinia).
1&18. Sni Xassacbuwtu). 18619 Gosup sheep (Nevz&).
1M. Rabbits (New Jersey). IM. Bu&lo (Idaho).
1830. Moose (Midne). 1870. 002iboit (Msias).
1841- Squirrels (Peuw1vania). IM.: Introduced pb&mts
1W. DucJm (Rlwde Islaud). 1W. Europe" partridges


pe the opm, SONOW May
Ig the tit fx9t astab" od in tho


ft*Swft for lw&
# X

W44ft. 15," -. --L 41 4,

......... ...

FA War. i 1 70

J"m 6 lWWptabRdftd in AU thAm WAtm

.... ........

in soxhb k6aties whem gamb
sugoodeO ftw a to= qO

Vol Imsomo casw
-Ndkout ts, range in the
MW for, daii

Inoft -tiv*,

Ul wb6fth*--4,r*



PeTsdate aon.


Alk .............

Mountain goat...
Mountain sheep..
Introd. pheasant.
Pralre choblm...

Ral ..........
Ruffed grouse....

I ..

Hase&" a- low..
calif r'ia (12 Coon
ties), 1.
CallbA0ni'a IS54
Idaho, 1864.........
Maine, ip.........
M.SS..eO tS, 1693..
Calnovrnlia12 con-
ties), 184.
CaRiodia, 184.
Maine, 18M0........
Nevada, 1861.......

New Jersey, 1820....
Pennsylvania (5
counties), 1841.
New Jersey, 1850....
Rhode latand, 1846..

Oregon, 1883........
Wisconsin, 18S1.....
New York, 1708.....

Pennsylvania, 1859..
Delaware, 1859......
New York, 1708.....
Massachusetts, 1818.
New York, 1708.....
New York, 1791.....
Connecticut a n d
New Jersey4 1850.

Calfo 1, 188......

Colorado (10 years),
New Hapshire?1878
Massaachusettss, 1718..
Miehlgaa 179......

Long Island (5
years), 1869.
orado. 0(10 yeats),
Colorado (10 yeas),
None..... ....
Nebraska, 1905......
New Jersey, 1856....
Louidlan0 (wood
duck, 5 years).
Oregon, 1882.....
NetJersey (S yeast),
Texas (Galveston Is-
land), 1&60.
MXinnesota, 1861.....
None ..............
New Jersey (3 years),.
Oregon (5 years),li90
ConnMcticut and
New Jersey, 1850.
J ', ..

~-l.^ n :~ :-- ;; .. ,*.., ..
t1.aa ajiK fl lf,.B

W.-J.. i~i W ., "
. . . .... -...

W . ;.. .

1902f. M
W'ymts, 3,f......2.

Wa.p.gto $5?'..
Wyomig .... ...
lWbprnsl, 19GB.,,.
Ohio and Vermont,
hilnnsota, 1897,.,
Da.ota, 18f7.,.9....

,: : ...... i..,,iii,"i:

......: ...

:: +.-iC

2 '

A t .. .

Oregon (1 oownty), thS
Y ...E 'm"
Jowa ...8........ aM
............. .... 4
Conecicu, 9... :"|

,l<*OMr......:.... :,%':"
i't b" '' ""'I"'.

& ia ;.7 i:. :: :: ":, . .

Restrictions on the capture of game by prhi ag.
destructive methods, limiting the aMouit that. 0a0
restricting hutig to special dys, or xte i Al
to females of certain species have been adopted frowm tOi
as necessity for such action became apparent. A:, n
tration is the legislation to prevent hunting ,ier by ,, .
patently the first law of this kind was passed it
and similar statutes were enacted by eech k.: et1
Maryland to Mississippi, ending Fo ida E b.b.
of the adoption of these laws are shown 4k Ab6 0t:1

Yen. .-U
. .Mary.nd ................ .. ..1..h. a P N
South Ca.rolu. '..a......... ,... .oA*..- 1... i. .....
North Carolina.... 477-17t. .........
~.m .. .. . 1 .. .".. ..... '. . et.a

.. ... .. ...... ..
Georgia............................ M76 ., at. ...,: .,
.. . .~ ~. . :., ...:. ... :

S" :: :: :: ...::: ;
...:""" :. .iEEEi~E

I& .. .. H


D e

'First cl0os term. FAP .g Bil

=.' LE
J '%
6 T /k2' *t
AI~t4lb If 41-ci

means of shipment for hides. For:&" time the slaughter
uninterruptedly, and in six years the southern herd.wa#-,
minated.. With the completion of the Northem Paoioa
1881 the fate.of the northern herd was mUx*daAd
last sumivors. were dw troyed seven yem later.
it is interesting to: note. that a. close season wsw firA,
in Idaho in 1964, in Wyoming i.n 187 1, Mowed by
1872, Nebraska,. 1875, Colorado,. 187.7,, NOW 1weldco,
and South Dakota, 1883. Neither Kansais nor Toxas
lished any close season, the reason for vMchm.. afquirea
...... 0 the Yanism Pacific and the Atobison,: Tope4 4
Fe Railroads Mi the early seventies, a;i importW tradeA
hides and meat arose at severad points in w4them Kan
at Dodge City, Leavenworth, and WichAa. From theso
sistent and concerted attacks were made onthe
between 1871 and 1874; and so long, as buffa4p killina,
profitable it was impossible to secure any legislation whkA
interfere with the traffic. With the disappearance of the
herd about 1874 the need for a close season vanished.,
stated, not the slightest protection was afforded M*:the way, ot),
lation in the States in which buffalo were most abundant,
which, through its accessibility, the species was most quickly.,
The enormous flocks of wild pigeons which formrly dar
skies in the States of the upper Mississip Valley,. New
southern New England had already begun to decrease, by
of the last century. The last great nwI* in Now York
In 1868, the last large roosting mi' 1875, an4 the last m*
in Afichigan-probably the last anywhere on the wntinen
During the time of abundance no serious effort wa m4deto
the birds. The first legislation on wild pigeons seems to
an act pawed in Mamachusetts in 1848, which, Instead of
the birds, protected the netters 'against molestation in
their business. In 1857 a commi of the State 1*isl4turo
in their report on a game bill declared:
The pswengw pole= needs no protection. WoudorfOy proHfic; aw-Avowl-L,
vast forests of the Narth as its bmAing grown&, trav&mg hundm&
I -14, A -
in search of food, it is here to-&y and elsewhere to-viorrbw, and no Or(lizWYAOkW 4
tion can lemen them or be mimed hom the myrisdi that are yewly produced.'
The last wild pigeon in Ohio was killed Manh..24, 19M
Sargents, Pike County (Davrs' Birds of Ohio, p. 427. 19MM),
10 years later the sole survivor of the species known was 4
bird, in the gardens of the Zodloal Society of Cincipnsti-,,
Wild pigeon nesting and roosting grounds were fist Dro
pro* ilk
Now York in 1862 by a provitsi" on prohibiting pemu is


vithin a Mile Of their MOW.
0 1 lit, )Ik'hW* *A-i u'1869 sAd in
to have ben proded
T I be a0en that the-- bir&-
their Wding Soamn Imcd
had been vied O''u,
d m New York and
b&" tM;pftAW: di"ppeamite of the bird

t'04-sam" wm' 40t Savo a vecies
ii6a, that thia faet W'shmm by, tho history, of the
ex of their
modfiOft PI*YVA U16 PMA in the We
thoP66W Pf rv, 'Umon
OVOA.thm them was 15WO amous
as axisW was enacted
Omftt, of sA affedive warden fome, and the efforts
-(]PtoxtnAm. Field -X,

'.4 4 1,

$07*10 # f AN


irl, k, At


IM PasbskA-osittO0 roiA h

hae ibiy o ow ndhut nth ( k&
ote w hrinnticoe.
O' diiAL,
VJbmcl xirto onAg fpr fm1
nie kU o.8 .51).$, 1 k
177 !taU.IWP~iiigMOgA ~~ y 00
IM Nw-At rtocU w.Ja.I o u. 4 4
oew w ahywtoekc h T
17" Not aom.Atprhbtn S
VemoLFistgmelaprtedg ee ro -a, t'
IM ena.-c euain i"addImMi
toEgH urec.
1|,NMCIMJWMtbiigfr wd~~ak
prhbtn slvsfo utnadfridn uW
On ostd Indse" f thew-han t~n (cap
17U.NowYork-I~ proectng der fromDec 1 t Set 1
Apr.1 toOct,1) (hap.31)
64thCao~a-Lw roiitngfiehuttg o 3ye (O
II. [Tnese.Atpoiigfr amn nedo dma
4; B itenacedb theGenral wmlly o th Stae o I

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ino. 39mine.-FInt gsmelsr, protecting mom aW dew fmw
(chap. 471).
virgLau.-Deer law changed by, closing mouth. of Aupwt; clwo
Sept. I (cbap. 43).
OhiC6_1AW protecting muskrats from May I to OCL 15 (P. 0).
IUI. d heath hen from Xw. 1 to Sept, 1 (cbo#,
IM. Indian Territwy*-First Federal game law, mmi the'oldest, me on Ow
bodim, as it renwAned in force until the admimion of
law prohibited capture of gme by any persons other than disas,
for subsistence in the Indian country (R. S., sec. 2137).
Vftgbft.-F!=t law protecting wild fowl., by prohibiting nigfit
or use of big guns for killing wild fowl for ode (chap. 80)..
iss3. connecticut.-Towns authorized to make by-laws for regulating J
.birds (chap. 30).
Virginia.-Act amending Act of 1832 by exempting residents shootimg 1Q
for their own use from penalties, req ** warrants for seizure of big gwo
destruction of such guna (chap. 85).
ism. viro".-IAw further nding Act of M32 by exempting resi&*O
provigon requiring warrants for seizure ot big gum (chap. 76).
ism. mEassaausefts.-law protecting plover, curlew, dough bi.rd, or cbkkm bw,
from Apr. 20 t9 Sept. I at night only (chap 136). . *, , lo I
ism. xassa&useus.-Flrohibition of mle of marsh birds during clow aessou.-
1837. Massaehuseft.--Close, season on heath hen for 4 yean (chap. i7o).
New Jersey.-IAw authorizing landowners to arrest nouresideats huofws'aw
thejr lands and take them before a (p. 460).
New York.-Prohibition of purchase or sale of quail, partridge, or
close seemn in counties of New York, Kings, Queens, and Westchestwljdj*:
in& New ;eney.-IALw extending close seawns for woodcock to.July. 5 (hum AMo:.
July 5) and for partridge, moorfowl, grouse, quaff, and rabbit to Nov. I
Jan. 10 to Nov. 1) (p. 216).
1U9. Delaware.-IAw prohibiting nonresident from killi or capturiag wMl6wt 461_
the waters or manhes of Delaware Bay or Delaware River (chap. 2W,
New York.-" In 1838 [1839, chap. 1731.-& law was passed in this St*, V V
hibiting the use of batteries. For a short time it was reqpected--4W
gunners defied it; at first shooting with masks- at the same time
ing to shoot the informer, should one be found., They finally W
mask and the law became a dead letter, and has since been
[Laws 1840, chap. 77.] (Giraud, Birds of Long Isla;nd, p. 295, 1844.)
Vft&da.-IAw prohibiting use of &ffs in hunting wU&vw4 at my ilmoU
Accomac and Fairfax Counties except by owners of marebes huntirg
(chap. 80).
IM. Fenn"Iwda.-Noncitizew of State prohibited from hunting dm ia mom
Pike, or Wayne OmmUes (No. 117, sec. 6).
M Delaware.-Taw of 1839 extended to include 0 riven, ciftim) idid J**
bordering thereon in the State (chap. 303).
Maine.-Decision in can of Peables v. Aanic (Is Me.t 106) -
definition of open seasons.
ftnamlvania.-Provisim prohibiting killing of squir", Zan.: 1 to 1=6
certain townships of Chester, Yorkp IA&igh, Delawme, and If
Counties (Act No. 27, sec. 2).
Virghft.-Aet prohibiW* fa f MW M* wild fowl in Mir kw*
below the head of tMewata (eUp. 79).
na. vtqnia.-Ajnendment to Act of 1844: offieffs-to seise b*L* M*Mwwl:
&MM"ni and arms used Mi Mepuy huntin wudfawl(dap. A

44 O|U~
4AinOlw- xoawvWb |e4i
in Owogi sa" avaadSVO1

'A- 4 WnWWWYjj N W 40k in Uj I
P P.
"to Rp Wm N.Y.


24 kWOLOGY Aft

2101. VOMML-Ftnt kw 1.1, AN& bir&
WNW tbo d of their ass* or eggs widapouft-
offerm (Nc 30). 40
Wisoonsin.-First pme laws prohibiting killi of deero Feb. I too
171), wd prairie chicka, quail, woodewk, and phount
(Chap. sm).1
,,1862. CaWornla.-Flrd gamb law (appliesbk: 1CV=Ift)I F&
mallard duck, ind wood 4uck Karp I to.gept 20; dew, e&jEMU
Ian: 1 to Sude 1 Tehap. 61).
Maine.-Establiabinent of office of coqmty moon wwden an P"MA,
from huntingmoose or deer (chap. 294).
New rer5eY.--PfOVi8iIDn prAfibiltint hunfiV *aterfoW-ftm boat libr
floating device placed more than three rods fiom Unk 4*0k"
(chap. 18). A
First successful attempt to introduce the English mmrfow. 'A 11111t
was raised, abo;t 100 birds were imported firom England by a
the Brooklyn Institute $ New York; 50 wen liberated at the Mai
the othen in Oreenwood Cemetery mi the: spring of 1%8 (33ull. X160,
Surv., p. 17, 1889).
1853. CaIffOMIa.-IAW ahortening the close: Reasons, qimA
duck, Mar. 20 to Sept. 1; deer, elk, and antelope, Ma. I to July t 044
n1inois.-Mrst game law (applicable to 15 cotnties), protee6M d
,,,chicken, quail, woodcock, and wood partridge, Im- 1 to July 20, (P,,
New Xersey.-Close season on deer for 5 YMN in Botgen) Oceang wd
Counties (chap. 96). LI .
1854. Alabam.-First, law protecting wipe, summer duck, and pouk
Baldwin, Washington, and Mobile Counties (No. 317). PfoyWon
killing wild turkeys or catching them in pen's, traps, or muffes in C1666 BOOM
in same bountiee (No. 62, see. 4).
North eawUna.-IAw prohibiting nonredidents how huvft *W&Mfa vt",
of CurTituck County (chap. 55).
Vlseensin.-Iaw shortening season 2 weeks (.Jan. ltoluly 16Y and al
trapping of quail, grouse, or prairie chicken except on owners prWaiaw.
1865. Arksmsas.-Iaw prohibiting Sunday hunfing (p. 180).
Iowa.--Sunday hunting prohibited (chap. 33).
Maryland.-Deefi4on in ewe of Smith v. Maryland (is How., n).
Massachusetts.-Law protecting robins, thrushes,: litmets, sparmwe,
bobolinks, yellowbirds, woodpeckers, and warblen throughout the Y"to
prohibiting purchase, sale, or poswasion of such birdswhether takeh*,
"in this Comm mwealth or elsewhere (chap. 197).
ISM. Alabam.-IALw prohibiting hunting or trapping wild hqp in 15
first i in notice to 3 householders nearest place of huat (NG. M)t
WIssissippi.-Act. giving county boards of police power to paw ord
lating times, places, cire .ftl^ and in which oydm
may be taken or made marketable sharift, eometables, ti"m and c*,r
authaized to seize with or without proc'ess. my person who they soe0o 4V
good reMn to believe is Violating the rUhtions (Chap. 95).
Virglift.-lAw prohibiting killi or muniag deer vith deM Jan. 15 to
(chap. 12s).
1867. Indlena.-First game law pwt"ft &wj Isal I to Avg. 1; w9d'
Mar. 1 to Sept. 1; phasant and qnai Sm 1 to Oct. 1 afnd pt
Jan. I to Aug. 1; dew in parksad: domadc" wild fowl 4xespted (tl6p,
Imm.-First Sun law prawfing deer, elk,, wild Uwkeyj pndzio &kkW4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
and quail, Feb. 1 to July 15 (chap. 1").

flop Wwr, OWduoUl, m4vo-;ior water
*a Ly to Qo Mio* in*o Pwish
poie dt jW* Avg. I to Aug. I (ebsp. 247)4t
WW*A,*v% Oiam, wAd tmks3pVquM'
t ,Pvoo vhipkeutl *VAvqo#bsc'k*t IN6. I to $,ept. 15; wild difek
164,0*490.J;*A, OO*sWtvmm*me bhx& throqgbmA the year

V41oy qij4 (pphortyz
-Two of Urdoi vem *pqrted by
OWL- up-, 02 cal.1,
iv- iso $MA- C=pAsed .5 mWes md
*Ad, 06, ir"std to nearly M birdE.
jtm*f JA- 1XI =26
U", Af-&fT PWk of,*40 mm," UW.0 by
so ixt 1W And 80 1807 v* tP41 of 200.
ivOQdpo*er,, and

4W "d 004 1 W'sept. 1j; "Oump
AAd, 1, Yph. 16 to July 15 (ch
Wore mO of aftson ouw. w ,.
Ift ft4&y teJI&P'L 1007),
ftmiott dew ilia &mvi%- Omutk, Dec. 19, IW* to, Sopt. it

I to Am*,-,IA turkeyFeb. I to
grou0q. Ppb,, -1, W, CNA. 1;
#d"kjroh-, i to, Od'. 014U94 *TAU. Ito Sept. I

* of 1.849. Aepealed

or r 44 Z4# on Pomp-
JU" -1 to $ept. I (No. 634).
dowl, Wk, grous%
Wool Optj,,,(p. 49).
AMh*iVjkW A6
"Vo 40t WffiWOJA 4WWAUK hjM Or

'Apr', t to


4"- log

26 OMW2tOLOGT A" %MU;lt

meidowb* w [cock, nips, plover, Apr. I to *Vjkit
May I to Sept. 15; exoepting birds of prey xoid-otbws, A
teeflng nests and eW and prokwUng femak dew, M*r, I to _A4.
app. Dec. 21)6
IM. Xevaft.--Firet pme law, protocting:daw, #W zatol*M moo*
mountaim goet, Jim: 1 to July 1 sep hen-, prairis chIck*,t
phmant, woodcock, wildduck, goose'brjLnt,,*wzz4,,
ampe, curWw, v"n, dove, lark, yeUow hammer, and b"mmp Apr. I
and certain noupme birds at any time (chap. i4).
New Ydrki--Rilling of last moose in theAdirondacks, a cow on, the
of Raquette TAke in My, a young buft on Marion River in Augug
in the autumn on Ead Inlet of Ptaquette iake. (11(mism RIM*
For. Fish. and Gam Comm., p. 235p 1902)
IM.' New Tork.-Flust law prohibidng sale of quaff, i'affed grouse, and
close sawn thioughDut the State (we. 8); close season of 6 loi
on Long Wmd; 'fawn in spofted cout protected throughout
wild pigeons on nesting ground, breWdng Up WAS, Or ShOOting
of nestinggroundsprohibited (sec. 5);:pmtectionofnongameb7u4*tvll.'4L--
eagle and fish hawk, with exception in favw of pamm eollectiw
purposes (sec. 6); pinnated grouse proteded for 10 yem; uWaWW
ozi lands surrounding a dweUing: hutise to 6hod.(sec. 20, cbAp. Affoy,_11
1868. Xzine.--Close semons for quail, Mar. 1 to Sept. 11 and woodcock, **,fl tei
4; purchase or sale of native or 'imported birdsprohibited in I p, 61 _71
(chap. 166). "-foo
IM. Idaho.-First game law, protecting bvfWo, doer,: elk,'untelope, mWa
and M goat during a uniforit season,,- Feb. I to Xuly I (P. 60W*
Xtunesaft.-Provision makin it unkwful to enter upon groving OW
gun or dog without permmaolft of the ownei (chap., oo).
New Tork.-First licenw law in the United States, a local law for Suffolk 00
to go into effect in 1867. This law required$10 perildto ismwd
the peace to shoot deer. (Never actually in force.) fflhap,.420.)',-
18W. Cmnectleut.-IALw prohibiting use of ferrets in huuting:ribbito
]MUchigan.-IAMprohibiting use of punt or swivel:guns and
protection for 49 any small bird not known as a game bird," except
(No. 278).
Now York.-Organization of State Fisht Game, and Fored L"g".
Wasliftem.-First game law, prohibidn wanton destruction of gwn*iu
ing deer or elk for sale, Feb. 1 to July 1; pheasants, pwtridgvo 4t
Apr. 1 to Aug. 1, except Snohomish and Kitsap 0ounties, and
on. reservations (p. 87).
Publication of Digest of- Bird and Game I.Aws of 19 statm, by
(Rept. Dept. Agriculture for im, pp. 4u-440).
im. inorma.-Hunting permission law, prohibiting.huntiag on inc];W4
another without permission (chap. 14669 Isece 19)6.
New 7ersey.-Cloee term on pabie fowltor 5 yems. sto t tit 4 ---t
-Provision protecting.&H squirrela Jan. 1 to Axg. 1% it 00OW"t'- 11 1
and 10 other counties (Act Apr. 11' Ow. 2).
M7. CdenAo.--FW game law, protecting elk, deer, anteWe, mouAtall
wild turkey during a uniform Reason, Jan. 16 to Aug. 16l and
close season for 2 yem on pheswat, quaftand prame chiam (pi lot V;
India=---Provisions netting of quag mad PISMO
time (cup. fis. am 2 and 3).

(*"7) lmm~a
*r~hi6 i
10 Oso~aan rvd r
pm 4k!
orgo i lawmO
U*4 epfbtg~ddrig hfis
Bm d O* out
00tw gsofehpibfcIa ob
iwii* Amoo U&oc-
&P-b v~o (~-UM.(eeVr
864 an IQA&

17 4-


ISO. Wyoningv-Pirst gun law, pnhibiting offering for mae 04
lintain sheep, Feb. I to Aug. 15; quail, ry-42
sap heat Feb. I to Aft. 15 (chap. 12).
Mo. Main .--Clwe seasou for dew, moose, and caribou Feb. I to Oct. 1,
tion for caribou (chap. 134). Pmtection of nongame birds,
mrallows, and spurmn; and elm partaidges, grouse, quail, -
Feb. Ito Sept. I (chap. M-empaMIM).
39"aaaUseft.-First law p qxiag shooting of mil, anim
or shorebirds, Apr. 1 to July 15, and wood duck, black duck aud'
to Sept. 1; providing open season for wild pigeons in
and November; protecting doer for 2 years, he" hen 6 yem;
for permits for collecting birds for scientific purpoem (chap. 304Y.
Xonta=4--First gme law, protecting grouse, chickexi4
fool hen, Mar. I to Aug. 15, and making a close seamn for thm
ridge and quaU (1869-70, p. 65).
North Carolinai-law prohibiting use of any gun other than one fired kM tW."
shoulder on the waters of C;urrituck County,.or use..: of any bhub w t&
teries in the water away from the marshes or shores, (CbV. 42.
Feb. 14.) Repealed Dec., 1870.
3Ennsylvania.-Three-year, close season for quail in Betio Cqu*y (Agi 4
Tenuessee.-Constitutional provision ;Luthorizing local gxM A NA!" i
"particular counties or geographical districts dedWasted by to'
Assembly" (Art. XI, sec. 13).
1871. First bill introduced in Congress to protect buffoJo.
Alabama. -Uniform open season for aU -game, Sept. 1 to Mw. I in..Mobik 4J
(Acts 1871-72, No. 168).
Massachusetts.-Repeal of anti-spring4iooting provmiions on. '...
Minnesota.-Ganeral game law containing prohibiting
game for sale or traffic (see. 12) and for publishing the game JW jm0jW
during the first week in April in some new"Per At the county mt of
county (chap. 33). J14
Mississipg.-Provision. granting boards of cotnty mqxrvim
protection of game (Code, chap. 30; sec. 1889).
New York.-Codification. of the game laws 1859-71. (See. 22 aw AOW%"W
boards of supervisors to pass ordinimces for the pratectwn.of bkx*
game other than those mentioned in the act.) Compare IM9.
Creation of the office of game constable. Election hold in ea*
officer to serve for one year, compensation few of constable wW haU ftet
(chap. 721)_ .....
Ohio.-Organization of the State Society for the Protection. of Q"" *ad -S,
(afterwards Cuvier Club, we 1874).
Pennsylvania.-Incorporation of the Blooming GTwre -Park Amocia" 6 40
and establishment of ita game preserve. 4A
Utah,-Introduction. of bobwhite quail in Great.Salt'l yaw. 0AM
Bendire's Riot. N. Am. Birds, II, p. 2p 1802).
Wy0=In.:--IAW prohibitbag waste of game (p 111)
M72. Congress.-Introduction, of the Ode reSOlUtiOn in the SeMtOt1that the
mittee on Territories be directed to inquire into the exim3diency of
a law for the protection of the buffalo, elk, =Wope, and other aninf&
Est&b)Ahment of the YdIawsims Madonal ftrk, Wyoming (17 SUL*;
Colorado.-Uw prohibiting wade of game (p. sec.

'~ lW
i'4 O"tteSsutimff,

OmOW0* *A oftdas idy
I6mi 0'.0w4ur*4bwswWw; ih j
'Wl &M1'Osbk6*Ah*taf A fAr r!i ,;fcn
!oe id**bo t! bdofdcigpliefo
okw*ofDtwWOmy oexmdtotht #ess h
"*be% 40 MdOou" Mro uo'yTusas
.4 2)
|iwigteOatoa fba SW
no W4 cig e~,adMOM e.It.JlyI
*%A- % vod *,vLon pg il4 W)jmdb u
-'** 4 om'mi eAp.i t "m rii
Mai "i;quf, p-It ~y1 mdn mt
smvmi Aptc r"(.2)

= =
Mo. u&-fb onkw12*A '" f'-1
huie n f~"I(. Aad 41 WSP
FLds -~KAOT*Wtlcns a, q*ft46
W~ty (Ap. Wo
WamL~fcto o obhteqai.A Wpa-v
Bon iy n t S a bOMOawldem"
Rie.-B MthybdMa o b'v "o mim
frm heethy w frs Waed(BtiW W- ieL
Ze WLDiso i am fPhls .Rce 0 .TtXO
riht-f h sat o eisat mpr NW
I* ra igo os n e oka 0mr kb
ftma4 IV p. 04p 975)
NehXskf.Frs pela, roetx qal rareciek
Mar.I toAug.1::(ap.49)
Bout akft-Frs gmelaw(smm a Nrt Dkoa)
Wet giia-mvdos roiitngshotn a lndofaedw,
sht f n cupeddwlln, ndsbotn dck, oee ad ga-
Sep. I(CIP- 7)
18". mw.-4nera law ontaning irstirotetion f q=
gm brd, ncudngtuke bwadlakswllwkbbb,,
uplad inlivoow brds, thir asW ad eg (se. SY on
6) f roeced ~mlsorbu&ou o Sat
wqwtpovsn wdeheducosittonlth o~tg et 0


(No. W
hu $e f S, e
wq 'fila ls "(Co* eop -
*004WOR, muptBa[r


IWO. Goor&.-Act to pft"rA the disd=" of firearmft VoWtItA
witbiu 10 yar& thavd, between dark and dayhgM (No. M)
Xdne--Pirst limit law on big game, I neoset 2 cwou, 8 dear a
-Act pohibiting kiU' web4oobed vikthwl,
Ing etc"*
days, Webm"A ond Pridays, Sept. 1 to J=4 1'(Aet 3fty ITY.
1885. Act removingprotection from the Mnglidi spomw (Act Jlm'
IM. Appointment of the American Ornithol4W Union mminittee ow
of North Amwican birds (Auk, I, p. 376, 1M-, Bird-Lore, VIT, 13V%.
im. imuwan,-First protedtim for waterfowl and.,&* clan tmw f(W
and jwk rabbit (chap. 507).
New Jersey.-Prohibiting killing, powession, or exposing for ode M- COWINOW
nongame birds, including wwwbird, tem, guy, "or, any bseedvh M" 144,
song bird, not generally known as a game bird (we. 1), or kifli*, bvy*i*'
or selling said birds, ",or my heron, cram, fink hawk, Iring"w
hammer or blue jay, for the purpose of preserv or Mhdfing t-lbe m"40
an article of ornament or apparel (see. 3)- exceptwi A
from protection (chap. 2D7).
IBM. Congress.-Pmvision forbidding legiAstures of the
laws for the protection of game or fA (24 Stat., 170).
Kowa s.-Law prohibiting hunting on ttaveled or pubUt randr, ztO lob jo
protected birds except by hunter to direct P na now (ebap. UO).
Xassackusefts.-Jurisdiction of of fi&wiee &Aea&d to Viiikk
New Tersey. ecision -D in the am of Allen v Wyckoff (49 N. 1. L., M) MW
taining the nonresident license law.
New York.-Enwtment of the first limit law in the Statep 3 deer a mqP*
prohibiting hounding *in Delaware and St. lAwnuce Countiesot sAy tba&
and in rest of State except Sept. 1 to Oct. 5, and prohibiting cr '- vo
killing deer while yarded (chap. 194), and the fumt A. 0. U. "'mo" kw"
for the protection of nongame birds, with definition of g&m biN* pwvWd&
I i t4AL-.,
for permits for collecting specimens tor scientific pmposa% I -4F -." lqw
English sparrow from protection (chap. 427; we Scimce, X0" jw
Supp. p. 13, Feb. 26, 1886); law prohibiting sailing hr wiUftwl 4*'sboo**,,'
them from boats propelled by steam or sails except on Long ZdaM twiA
lake Ontario, and Hudson River below Ions Islamd (chip, IM.
Ohio.-Establishment of the board of 5 comini ioners Of fish md p=e* tom,
5 years (p. 186, sec. 1).
Organization of first Audubon Sodety by Forest and Stream, New Ywk,
Publication of Law of Field Sparta by G. P. Smith, containing NU 0 1 j *,I q of
State game laws.
1887. Arizona.-Jurisdiction of fish con extended to gum (Byr.
p. 536); first protection for deer, elk, antdope, gCStj dw"t M. 116 0* 1;
partridge, wild turkey, duck, goose, brant, swsj4 eudkws --2-
rail, Mar. I to Sept. 1 (Rev. ftt., p. 762).
Ddxw&m.-PwVa!on prohibiting unting when: Smwid is
snow (chap. 100, me. 3).
.-Introductim of the En#H& phemant; 7.8 Inomted on:1*14
Dow Bmnswick, increased to M the Mv** yew (Partst and 84*04%r
3=11 p. 2210 1M).
MehIPIM.-Establisimmmt of A& and game warden With
warden appointed for 4 years, at a salary oi $1,200 per anirm'(Wo.
proved Mar. 15). Pwv 419, 1 for Special dw me= on*. uppot
prohibiting killing deer in *awl by pl* tapst ortificial DOAN 4t 14
dogs in huntina (No. 256).




84 0=0Iq0WGY AIM INV*,-

IM. Publiadn' od 0. B. RoyAoWpe "' Book of theG"w Uweo,"
laws of the United SWo end Canaft in IuIL
IS91. Alsbam.-"Act to prevent hunting on bod WkbMt W*tpn
or bis agsn in 9 coundes (Acts 1890,41, No. 584).
3WAWA9.-J Of ftte fish exte4ded to
IIJ ._-40enejlaj I&W pWVidiug a cloee oeason for dea Vau, I to
for wfid turkey, patridge, and phemut (May I to Sept, ),, but U0,0
local laws (No. 6M). "I Pf
laftu.-A. 0. U. modd law protocdW nop4me W4 With,
game birds and provWon for collecting for adienti4c puqmes,
prohibiting hunting on lands of, another without written
or occupant, but prosecution to be made only with his consent (ebap.
311ch .-Provision prohibiting training or prwtiping dqp ou
during the close season (act L52)0
Xinwxota.;-Board of, fi& and Same subotituw
wwden (chap. 9).
North carolinse-Provudon for appointment of game e Mi
County, with power to axrest violatocs of the pme law of the *oaj*ty,
years, salary paid from funds placed iii hands of county treasure
pose by "'those interested Mi the i interest 'I (Omp. 487). A
1895 (chap. 176). Reenacted 1899 (chap" 242).
Imenn"Wania.-Deem'on in the cue Of Comm. v. Willdnoon. (91 AlLf44;
Ps-p 248). holding that the game laws do not apply to pme captareo
the State.
Wisoonsla.-Creation of the office of Stati game vw4w.,(chxp. 4M). #t
International Fish and Game Conference held in Now York October 12,40d t
Detroit December 20-21.
left. Vermont.-Fish Co moia reorganized as a fwh 6ud (No.,
IM Colorado.-Provision maldn it unlawful to use elk, doer. or antelope,
traps (chap. 97).
Plarida.-First nonexport law, prohibiting shipment of parbOdMis, gir .j
(chap. 4146), and first protection for the Tn.. (chap. 4208).
Geor&.-General law making act of 1991 uniform throughout the StaSe, po
hibiting sale in certain seasons, and protectjug insectivaoue bir& 31
Koft Carolinai-Provision. prohibiting e4ooting w" A". on C*Maou* oli*
teret County, Nov. I to Mar. 21 (chap. 266).
Oregon.-Creation of the office of game and fi& prorketor,.(p, 177).
.. It
Wisoonsin.----'Act tosecure the better protection of pme, section I MaW
the close sumon. for ducks, gme, and brant Dec. 1. to 8 apt, 1, with the folloviog
proviso: "This section shall -not be M* force, except upon the
the Governor of this State, who WWI issue ouch proclamationwhm it
appear to his eatisfaction.that the Statoo of IowaW
Illinois have enacted laws substantially in con*xm2itywi:th the
this section" (chap. 106).
IM. Congreas.-Act protecting game in the YAHow#m9 Nackmal Ptrk38*".,
Provision in Tariff Act prohibiting bapartatibn vt aggs of gah,
Stat. 50).
Cali .-Decision in the cue of Ex parte IWer (97 Pkc-,r 402; 103 W.0
the right of the ftte to legislaw r"Wding iraporw
2tivuesota.-Deciision. in can of State v. PAdmu (59 M W.l 1098'- 58 WOUL,10IN
I -
Raw law.-Jurisdiction d the of fi&*W imided to V"
(chap. 209).
Ohlo.-PAct providiag.for the dodkation of the Licking R4seri*
park" and prohibiting Win or bisds. e-
(P. 8W).


11m4 *




Uff. CnaTo.-Introductim of the edging locsy WU mi *e
the T*Uer bill in tho Beasse'en JWy 2t to pnAak illega *xpas 44
from Oolondo, Utah, and Wyoming.
CAIM"da.-MOVisim in countyjWMWWMt act authwixing boom&
visors to Aorteft open seasons for fWand game (4wq). Mp *"c, 26,
Colorado.-Destruction ef the Lost Pm*:bmrd of buftlo; the bwt*. -a
in the United States outside the YdWwokme Nadma psrL 4*mj
LXXIII, p. 273,1910.)
Connecticut.-Providon prohibiting asect sulphur in vutok*.*
(chap. 109).
Diftletat Columbia.--Opaization of Game and FisbProbwtive
Decl Min in the case of Javim v. U. S. (n App.,D,,
law regalating sale of imported gme.
Flarida.-First warden law, providing: for county vardens (chap. 4503),,,
Georgia.-Close seasion for opossumis, Mar. I to Oct. 1 (No.166).
nUnois.-Decidon in the ewe of Menitt v. People (49 N. E. t U6).
1owa.-Creation of the office of State fi& and same warden (Code IM, aw.
-IAw requiring guides to register with 0 4. 14
and game (chap. 262).
Massachnsetts.-Law prohibiting use of birds for millinny purpeow (dwo. ieej
Michigan.--Concurrent resolution providing for a committee of me senator thd
two representatives to act with Otate game warden and chahmmu of board of
aers to oecare unizorm lb&4 W, )GAUGO.
goa. U0009mi
sota, and Illinois (p. 446). : A I
Acts prohibiting the WIi of wildfowl from any flosding devim pm**Ikdr.
by steam, gas, naphtha, oil, or electricity (Act 931, see. 1); orby unat floothi
or stationary batteries or mines or pneumatic boats (Act 159) me. IOY; or
killing of any game birds with deadfalls, baited hooks, drugs
explosives (Act 159, sec. 16). (For dewAption and figure of a.
we Am. Field, XLIV, p. 1242 Aug. 3P im.)
tana .-Penalty for killing buffalo, mew, and other game proteew thlowur'-
-out the year, two years in State prison, thus the ofiml* a folOW-
(H. B. 123, sm. 1).
We of all protected game prohibited, one of the Exot laws at the kind,(p.
253, sec. 19).
New Mexico.-Act prohibiting We of game killed in the Territory (Omp.,
IAIWBI p. 394) sec. 1362).,
New Tork.-TAw prohibdmg for five years juking and killing dew in wMer.
WorUt Carolina.-Extreme type of local legWatian: "Act to allow X. W. Q
to collect birds oh his own prendses at any thne of the year" (PUL I ,
chap. 95).
Comprehensmi bw for wildfowl mi Ourrituck Cbtmty; M r i i pill' 1,11 4i of ft_
State prohibited hoin hunting ftom "y box, battery, or Amt n*Ali
red days provided; all persons probdibited from riii or mil an JdW I
to locate birds for future day; unhmW for any hind persm to mfl motat
or intedwe:with a citizen shooting (cUp. 291Y.
sotth Dakaft.-"Compmhengve law big Sow. Nour"deaft
hibited from hunting 1b* gBOO; Year IOW and m& IIM yw
11 ..
closed; young protected and fenudw =0 Oet. It U"
open sawn in Octobair and Novembw exespVw *9W (dap. 86).1 L

Ubh.--Con of the office of OtMe Ash and pm wwden (duq. 48),.

of ma-0b I~ h

al W d&mo mn wbfe

|bW l 9 )
lh fVm*xdpBo d~nm

41 wLw-M


m IT


88. MMOWOU*Y A30 UVXjr,.'

UN. AbW=--PwbAifion of destruction, of expmt ad AN*
ducim, brant, cT gem (31 Stat.9 832l me. 20).
MONA M of the Gume and Nib A; 100MCM0
tion (MAY 26).
Xalne.-Decidm in Q* cue of State v. Snowmart, involve* the guhm
law (46 AtI., 815; 04 Me., 99).
%ft""r .-Seizute of 2,600 gulls and temk Wtimoie in October,
11, P. M).
Now Tork*--Decision Mi the cam of Pe*ev. BWWo Fish Co. (58 Wa 1, 307*,
IAW nonresident& from, taldn fish or gme on he& "*W fmisio4'
ing part of State, boundary, except under amm conditions or few as
required of citizens of New York in State of (Ohsp. 40y,
OMmization of the North Fieh and Gamma prot"Ve
First publication. by U. S. Department of Ag&4dture of tAble dv
bulletin on game laws, and direetory of game officials.
0 a,
mi. Aiaba=.-Adoption of now constitution containugG. PM:Vidon prohib-ho.,
legislation (see. 106).
Arizona -One of the last records of elk in the Territory. "'A localhoo" I
found the tamil of a bull elk near the: head of Black Rivw [ift
wtains] the present autumn (MI), and fdbmed it for two d"s
obtaining a shot at the animal." (Nelson quoted by.MmuN BUIL rAj U.S.
Nat. Mus., p. 216; 1907.)
Morifti-A. 0. U. "model law" proteetin nongame birds (chap. WM.
Maine4--lAw to prevent criminal weleamem"mhunVuWbyprdyidingtpoum*
for wounding or Irillin any humom being of - -- not:
years or fine not exceeding $1,000 (chap. 263). Act prohibiting U--
from camping or hunting on wild kuds of the State homm, May to Noyembw*
inclusive, unless in charge of a registered guide (chip. 278).
Miebican.-General revision of the game law, including i
ale of all protected game and use of cages to capture game (No. 2111).
Missouri.-Nonexport law (p. 131).
Montana.-Board of game and fish comnusioners replaced by the &W* gme,
and fish warden (H. B. 147).
Nebraska.--Gena-al game law, establishing game xad fish commiwm,
the governor !Ommlmoner, declaring game the property of the MO* (see. O)o
establishin li and modifying seasons (chap. 36).
Neva".-Loaw requiring org instruction concerning game 00*,*
month in the public schools; fiah and game laws to be read at lead # 44
each school year; teacher to certify to compliante with aet:befom dnwh*
salwy (chap. 47).
New York.-Appropriation of $5,000 for --I -dki the A iroaida4w N"
moose and elk (chap. 147). Reintroduedan of elk; 22 kom the I R a"*
.." in June
W. C. Whitney liberated 'in the (Rept. Facato rA6
and Game Comm., 1902-3,, p. 322). . ....
3ff or* CArolinai-Loed law *in Mitchell Ceuty raWd it a mmy -to In 44V
in close season. or hunt them with, dop at any Omme in Grwy Coe* sot-
Swan, Oreek townships (chap. M).
South Dakota.-Roequirement that noweddents, whim hunfing big gwke mwt,
be accompanied by a guide who is a deputy gamme warden (cbsp. 132).
1902. Cowess.-Appropristion of $15,000 for purchm Of buffalo in YAOVAOI*
Park; IS cove and 2 buRs purchased wA pbwed in caTa new.
Hot Sprinp. #
Federal lavr importation of Sam bb&(Ea Aci)'
PerInit of Semetary of (32 istac W) -
-1: fir III,*
Alaska.-Firstgeneralgrx"law, j9,."VPIVtwtj



Aa K" a 0 bii*W at Mt OOb
mom m PII


districts (Biol. Surv. Ob. 42).
A*uww.-Dscisim ia case of Bta* iv. XWDwy 6., W4
the.--- of hunting in the Stdo by sokk
ia as for as It pwradled tb= ina ]h
Ow bxA.

ning the
*-A&ptim of rociprocal licemige -(chap. 48); pmvWm Aw
gel" wardew (chap. f8).
m1x1&u&-AdyUon of the A. 0. U. model 9
and to hunt iWOO suft auder HOSAW
Close term for five ywa an "wood dwk (No& Uk ow', 7.)
e-Authorizing smvb wM varrank(ebap.
.-Deci"i= in State v. Poole (100 N. W. 847) involviv 140
$2D,000 for illegal ....
d 2pOIDO ducipL
19382wel It Ohw. 99),
30sals.0ppL-Adoption of the A- 06 U. lkw
Iffebradca.-Decliswin in McConnell v. MOMUn (99-N- W., 50)j
confiamflon of guns.
New York.-Prohibition of spring "oting of Aambkds (dop. OW
-mom foe black bean, July to hichimi".011API, aft
for resWckimg w*e with mom aW:eli (ebsp. W). (So
Owo.-Codification of the gam law, phoing all Abor.6irds an do poo 110
prohibiting shooting of iquail or deives an As "md, pr(ftc! owl
ALIL sigh"
bir&t 09 *6 VW&M services GO&
warrant (p. 40)..
eklff Alk. it
ML Oov*w--Fm"bH&mmt of the Wicift Gam Pfauve, %_*
Stat.1 614).
GWJ9nd&-KWiAg elk declared a felony Mae A* 461
yean im.pneonment (chap. 239).
MWols.-Decision in the case of Schulte v. Wmnn.(U:N. B., 79%
Ahe right of landowners to protect
State pme farm estabMad in February an a ftwt of 400 *2*
MUth Of Bprfikgeld (Ill. Arbor and Bird Day Axa.p p. Ut IM). -
Zanzas.-Adoption of the license "okw and modm al WBm 49
ww" (chap. 267).
Massachusetts.-Adoption of &Um licenses (chap. 317).
-Hunding accidents due to careless handHag of &mom4~ 4w
.Mansw I i (Chap. IN). Genwa go" low p 10 1 0 POO
Wbiting strong of same and axt i I MUM
Ithamd.-Game 1w including the A. 0. U. hwn hr
4 nonganze birds and 1" V. 8 ask or MWO 104. 10).
X-Adoptionofx -H- 1 Sam for SU vwia SOPIL Ito Dot..
52). (See Michinenr IM-)
A flog a," w 110 19 41113tm
Now lask.-Amendmmt to Pwd Oode I i
sk pm to pwoons undw 16t md pwbibi Omastma
pubbe places (Plead Oo*: mom V"M.
Naft OweltUL-PwAsim PrOhMing ap IM a or at deer th 0&
(Owep Ow.
01dabosm-Pnvisim in w1kW law nquift WIN A at ISO* biaii
each week Ubits and 14 it of aninsk wd
wL 120 see. 2).

M. n


'10 N ima -


-AIL, -vwmL
vvw tow! Jim
mub IM MO)t
t" ot

OjAk Awfisok"
In ado

vw bw ip ,

V e*



42 AXD,,Tvv$Kf

InT. New X@=Pd&qL---PWVW0n requmag un of backd#* J*,
in Carroll, Coost and Ondton counties (diap. W.
New Ye*---Dehat of foreign, gem implo-rtoioa or
Stream, LXMI, P. M, *Tuuo 8, lw
Oklabome.-Tmudw to Wichita Game. Phow" of hard of 15 bu",
by the New York Zoological Society (Rept,,Am, Rio= 64
of VMS rietugm on ft" Jim"
64) law prohibiting use of guns in hunting game (No, M).,
gawk Cuwm.-Incorporat*wuof&eAudubm:Smietyowithpe*- .L,
-IM :andprovimon for wardens.0hop, M)
Twms.-Jurisdietion of fish and oyAer I.. & . 0 awladowed to inoblimlo
eotabligt of $15 nonresident license (cho, M),
West Virginia.-Adoption of the A. 0. U. "model law'".44 I"
I AN... .
nongame birds (chap. 57).
Wyoming.-Conviction of noted tw& hunters: in the 'Tauff"W" NAVOW IF"
Park. Act maki head hunting and tusk huntizig a f"y (thapA9r),W'4:
Memorial praying the Benevolent and Protectim On*:: of EJU to 4*
courage the hunting of elk for tusks (House Joint mm, No. 1p p. 100).
Discovery of quail disease (Colandilosis Mowni"un) in bit&- bw Ahkw,':
bamp Kanaaj56 and Oklahoma (Yearbook Dept. Agr., p. 05
Introduction of bills to prohibit use of automatic guwin huAting gaVe U0
States (all failed except that m Pennsylvania).
Vetoes: CaWornia, bills establishing bird. clay wW:.ok Samw.. me xw+.
York, protecting gray squitTels throughout the year and alvropr"" "0.01W
for a buffalo herd in the Adirondack Park; Oregon, allowing ftuit ymwow I*
destroy birds injuring their orchards.
1908. Cmigress.-Appropriation of $30,001D for land and $10,000 for feneir for
Bison Range in Montana (35 Stat.2 267).
Introduction of the Weeks bill, (H. R. 22888) "To protect .3
birds of the United States."
Alabaina.-Decision in Hyde v. State (46 S, 489), th0.1WVMh4*-
ing hunting on lands of another without written
A & A-,iL
Alaska.--General game law, including proview" g guy%*
appoint wardens and to issue liemmm (nwresidentt My aliez4 $16Wt Ahq*W
moose, $1W; shipping licenses, $64150) (35 Stat., M).
CaMernia.-Introduction of wild turkeys h-om Mexico (Biol. Bury.or
p. 22,1911).
Louisisma.-Adoption of the resident licenm system (No. 2M. lie
* A
New .7ersey.-Divi" of State into two districts aid
shooting in the northm countim (chap. 222).
Ka-uses.-Act pawed at-extra session protecting dee r an d antelope 4 +*
(chap. 59).
New Yoik.-Coaffication of the entim game, fi&, and fwmfty IS 04 Aw
adop6m of the $1 resident licenme (694m. 130, 4n).
VanLont.-Auth the governor to ampend the hunting mum w#!*w at
dipught (No. 13). Season. suspended 17 d"D and door **am
Decision of the Supreme 0ourt of the United SWm in Now Yack am rel
berg v. People (211 U. 9.0 al), involving the r& of die SUO to Mvbft OW
ale of imported gaine.
Fort Niobrum Military FAservadwc4 Nobr., ta% g SSAW acres X*k*W
made, a game refuge; by order of the President the War D.eputwwt
ited hunting on the reservation (Bird Lves, 11 P. 1".
auguration of the More, Game 11 mov=ftt by the Amatw 8 11+1 1


wotwm my aw =e&a o o ~din

IWfokdIM* -
boV 0 VftmIn
al OW

Ai QU A"of


WisoondalkPbst tmp(AMve (0*1 nfiat6w for PC I Id"i
warden held lby MW Service
WYOULUC.-Appropiatim Of $kM for pwthaie at food f& ta ftdl
game (thap. 59). Wifik, requesting Oonew t4l) grAftt C*tAk"'
winter refuges for big gaine (No. 2)p and mVesting the St&W ofMM66
a gaine robw emi, ipt! t urw *0 W"Ming state game P"er" ($NO. I
pr sl reinovid: of antelope km:*e Not by the closb* of 134
im Montans, Nomippia&j 1113rlegonp iM
ifte. 0=Vms@.-F&W)H&a"t of Glacier National Pn* Mont. (IM Btt*t
Florlds.-Ant decision of mn"ine eowt on game law, Tbaper t.
S. 1 226)v declaring local ik!ense law for, Mdrioft
as to residents of Florida.
Idens.-Paxwpnization of game tvmmission, (No.:265), and
two State game presuvm (No. 273).
Xn7land.-Uniform season for wildfowl (chap. 251), aud tiftblio%e
beg limits (ebap. 337).
Kassachuseft.-Fint open semm on deer for several YeM in five eo=tk*Ak'
western part of the State (chap. M) authorization of search withobt WMir6
rant (chap. 548).
Xteslssipg. -Decision iu State v. Hill (53 S. 411), deelaring 110 r
the local ordiname of Itawamba, County proldibitimg hlm'fiAg, by
excvpt on their own land.
Missoud.-FAUblishinent of State ganie farm at j'e&rWft city; Mmim it"
office of millinery expert. 01 1, '
New York.-Close season, on deer on lxmg Island for 3 years, repml of opodal
buck law permitting bucks to be killed first 15 days in November, and pra-
hibition of spring shooting of brant Jor 3 years (ch4. 657) ........
Passage of the She& plumage bill (to take effect My It 1911). This bW
prohibits powession or ale of sigrettes or other plumage of birds bekaging W
same fainilies as birds of New York (chap. 256).
.-Decisim of United States Circuit Court of AppeakIn Rupot V.
United States (181 Fed., 87). suaWning the Oklahoma Law wW
the Lacey Act.
PesmBylvania.-Decision in Commonwealth v. MCODMb (76
ing consUtutionality of law prohibiting use of automatic gutis in kilHng pno.
South CaroHna.-ProNision for appointment of. a chief gam warden
Wyondui.-Trander of 25 elk from Jackeon Role to Big IE[orft 9AMP"M Vv at,&
cost of about $1,300 (Ann. Rept. State Game Warden 19W, p. 7) 14
Arrest of 23 Japanese poschere m lAyson Island I in the Hawaiiii I&a
tion-, These men had destroyed nearly 3W,000 birds during the iumaw =4
autumin of 1909. They'were brought to Hmolul'u by the. "wftv0-6#st
Thetis and later deported to Japans and the plumage which they W 00A"
lected was confiscated.
Duck disease (cholera or coccidiosis) prevMent locally in Utah, (Woodo, Md
OaMornis (Cir. 80, Biol. Surv., p. 15, 1911).
First use of the aeroplane in hundw game bh& on Vassads of the BWa
Club, Orange County, Californ:ia (Forest and Stream, LXXVt p. 1047;Dee
31t 1910).
National Q9JW 0DWMd1Mi6MMftP conventim in Now Orleano (A=, i Mi'
Field, LXX 11, p. 169, Feb. 19, IRO).*
Vetoes: New Jersey, geners game biH seMft
service law. 4 In
Publication of W. T. Hornaday's not
afiseting wW.V=* and its pumuk (FW sud fteso, V*L
p. 179,, June, 1910).

MRM ,,* I ,
4dk bmjackmon Wyo.
1_11 oll,
Shmi oil, **or&*. A on Terfitdiw law axteWbd by
VUW MArCJV MU (36 Ststv 912 see. 6).
(AV. 241); in IL
0111111troollortiwm l7ipp-o-W MAY',, ml).
mvWft mt 460 *A&& *mw* PwxWm, for "&)rcift the Is"
4 Gome

*Wt a Wmm "4mo bag ffini* *ad ofike
fnr Mv
oma tlr&)WWg the *NOW-ilor five
Ovvi&, md Twin PaPs Om (cbmW. M8).
*,*Od*Mk fOr IOW yftkft; OPOWMg *O;OeWDA 40 610
Hinit ot3 sk &y fiw the fii t "o m ei&t yftzwi p"ffiitj)mg
tub& (9-10
mg '"m4m's vMt* wider
to aoift" UAP jtk VACMD", P*rl&j)y CbA&
as a game pteo"vel (ForoA and 8Um,'V(d.

al *Ck peWty Ja &ml"o &ootg of humw,

0 0i it, Of 1" Ow" ale* -WYIWI ]"ftWA3,

I*w mod" on $hm'biH of Ifew 'Ymk

,of A& vmo 131loviij, or we Mae Of
in oft&ft khift of impm*d on*, and mqt&t.
W, *j*L U*m babe, 4" 4* t1to tu ot (d
00470" Of to, =*m, 6i)
stau v*tW mapply and
%w (Asp. Wr.
41Y 14, Attock" 94 J*W defm*d, by 4WWO"a
N-04- 4W Wivatfim, to Teo

mmmt*, a ift Devito Uko -as, 4 bW xoWtv
A- *'At.
_t It
Ato by a A* *od


Un. WasUngtmae-Acts &How fim owu*sow emewt
and owmAv cerdocat* (chap. 62); and oWablimbirig A staft
on PWt Bound now Tacoma (chap. 84).
Wed VlqOft.-Repeal of the re"mt ficmse: &W the protec", 0"0
(chap. 47).
Wbemsiz.-Act requiring hunting Kcense:. bw to be Wmod We thw
fund of the State and limiting the expezwwe A the
&mount received from licenses and sale of pme (Chop-!W1 1O
VVondug.-Eftablidunent of a State game: a.
secretary of state, and auditor of state (chap. 16);
for pewwvation of game from starvation (ebaps memmial ill 10
priation from the Federal Government for pmw i gum in JwA"
(House Joint mkon. No. 1).
Tunsfer Of email herds of elk from JwJwon Role to the Nadow Biow
Montana, and the Wichita Game Preser", Oklahoma.
Defeat of apring-dmUng bills M& New York, Nmth Dxkq%4,
Organization of American Pam Protective and Pn"ption
endowment fund provided by muhictarers of guns sud ammunitim
Shipment of 3 buffalo, a bull and 2 cows, from the Corbin prelmrv!4 Now, file,
ahire, to Peru, as a nucleus of the first herd of buffalo mi SouthAme4c* (A so&-
can FWd, Vol. LXXV, p. 285, Apr. 1, 1911).

.... .. ...

q 77

mtmmeu jtdxtoX~eetrsWod
(A[ bw]gdo o rgwpta
aO a s|s~,Atw tm e~lt

a Y'4aei41,rBdkegvc~ h
obptStt!fd Ul
OMt.Upn deofeetolh

in th !onl"
P 40,

'1 !w*'mm m
*flIX"lp WI60"a
!'MTIIlAo* kk1 q M 0
WWI~ ~ a4*4Wfv *04 O4"o* W0


of I&My Aot, HW 47,900 Icr Main- Daftaloo pOfi&d W#W TaO4
tenance of bism and bird reservaUona, IM;
$15,000 Ibr Heybum Fiark Idsho, "WI S5,M in emauck Soudt K. at
for feeding elk, Wyewin& M, IOU; MM got VAY0 N. I-P IBM on
for a& ta Jadkrn Ho* Wyon 191L FIRtI4 XCL$ lam
Artmu, Board of FM ---- IM. Juria- Bayne brJv We w Ycrk IDIL
diction exbmW to gune, lM7; f"t Beagles prohft4ed In ht demerk
law, IM,- last record of ek IM GsMd Beam blooky dam mono Now
Canyon Gam Prwgnrf4 10W aintek" law bmwn, close spapon, A Isda
by act Oongmno IRIL SibHography, HalhxWs WbUoV -Aw
Arkwsw, Sunday bunting prohlbited 18M; pon-. raen, IW Now York ftblk A
reddent 11cesm, IM, game and fimh dedwed W-OrU ORSport and MoAft#*
pvperty of the State 180; decisions in State v. I Mg gum, conanittee appohAid by
Mabory, 12% ( careddamts); Wello Fargo Bx- quim Into lt* fal-

Amst witbout warrant, by membm of Central As- Big guns proUff4ted, Vh#* Ift
sociation, New Sm", M4.: or awl"D ims; NOW Y611r,
ArtMcial ligl#, use in huntft deer prohibitied,: Caroll" (10arrktu* Ek"IMA,
Nachlganl U87 (we also fin lighting and **- .. Flato) IBM W
Ing)- Mik et,&, in convess, o4a M*Ma
Fowling and Fishing Association, Up- bill, MS; LWay bill, 107-10Wt
W Township, Cape May County, N. 1., 1813; IM; Shim bill 1904; Weeks b44
Now York AsSMIRtIOU fOrthe Protection of In State legislatures, BIW bft
Game, 1844; Blooming Grove Park Assodw:l. nok IM; abeaVII, NVW V*040W
tiou,. Pennsylvau* MI; West Jersey Game M defeated, New Yort,
Proteafte Association, 1873406; Xaswdai- shooting bIM deteaW, Me,*
setts Fish and Gme ProWtive Ansociation, IsaffidhUMU0, IKI; Mcrtb
1874; Central Association for Propagation and Wimonalu, Ml; Stuckanbrack
Pmteetion of Gwne, Now Jersey, 194; Cavier camm", Ila
Club, Ohio, 1874; Delaware Gama* Protective Bird dayq 92 Cltyj Pu, IM bM vewaW
Afflociation, IM; act authorizing formation of nia, 1907.
game proteedve amodaUons, NewJerey, IM. Bhd rewmUon%:nMUndq finik..
Audubon SwAety IM Doone and Crockett PMWMft No* I"N 26 IMM- 4, 4
Club, IW; New York Zoological Society, 1M; lish6d, 100.
Game and Fish Protectfte Ammistion Dis- Bjg= imp (we IftMonal: bjun
t" of ColuinWs4 1897; League of American Black act (9 Geo. 1, chap. AIM dMONVUSCOW-` ,
Sportsmen, M98; California Game and Fish P. CarnpbeH,16*org*..-.IM. 04
ProteeU" Association, 1900; North American Black bear dompome, Wow: Yvil; MW tsN'Vok
Fish and Game Pwtwtive Associatior4 1900; Blinds for captxving wHd turk"I I-I IN 4 1
National Association of Audubon Sodkdes6 49k#
19W, Anorlican Bison fiedety, IM- Ameri- BlIndspr0lbitedinopenvotor tul 1161111001
can Game Protwtive Associadon, 191L -M.:C.v IM WIMMEM4 4M.
Audubon Societies, fnt sockty, New York, M6; Modhoun* puMbibd 4& 1
revival in chusetts and Pennsylvania, Ybdc 17M
IM; National Awociation organized, 190, Bbomft Ome ft&
incorporaW, IM5; State society Incorporated IVA
with powers of game ission North Caeo. Blow MU, Illfthals, LM
IhU4 I"; South IWT. Boards of 00UnjY.:MqMVjMft t(IMe
AutwasUe gun, prohiMing we In hunting game, Visors).
Mkire of bills in 9 States, 19M in 16 fttM Boards effth and 9=0: 1,
I=; passW of law, Pennsylvan* ION; de-
eblon sustaining constitutionaty of law, Boards, of duaking pdtm (an DookJO&
pennw"Um* 19M Boats, powmaUe., probibKod,
AutomobiK um In MxxAft wild hmi prohibited, sall PoWbRad, New Yark 18W
(Barnegat Boy), Mg;
Npth DakoW 191L
ddfia jnh
IMg IbniU (bizds) Zowv6 WM Mwykndv 19ft (big
nm and Fahim ODURtlek 111114
PwA) VWne- 103; Now Y^ 10t 3fldhl- weak. probibited in eW we**
gan, M; Georgis, 1911;half beg lbuft for M7.
b*M MIna* IM steam prOAbbut No* Yat law"
Bafted hoeft br aq*mft gwns prohfthak MON.. ("M*ot bw)3,
IOU, tw.
BAVA8940VU VWbIteds Garg1k IW :duWm pm- Bmdft pow in C&M M"0
hftak lMnt% UM trap *ft big gme BadbMs or ruddy dadkm6 close seam ke
wh0*4 cdorad% Mt to pmbLR)- on Owfta& Moaqd X, to U*
ing wawftwl ""&d, Mb^ IM. 01 I*vI*IUdbaqpnho*
190039SM W o lVf~ 26104ft 8 N:: I' "NOW Brw ih" at *0
IM"I ism aft do" x0ow Novo*

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1) 611do WO an bbd emm-k-m-st 100; DeddOW016 Aldrk6 9. WV*k Mv
Grand Canyon GammPstm 9 19M sppv- bauft snhmb). I
pidation *W bbm nmjM I$* WOOM b% Anon V. wyekmfi X.1w a*,
19M Federal whakW oo* Mo; exW)Hdr Oem"). n' .
ment of OlmeW N&UMW Park, ION; WS Am- Exp. Co. i. Pwp* SUL# MO
areating the Appalmehim Park IKI; appro- 1601"Oft).
priathen Ow 4dk In: Jadmon Hai% Wynop ML Mew P. Tbouqxm)uy N. J.t W.
Oooneatiout (expart of dew sidueo W7; elm wa- gm).
son an deaq Aft towns anthwind to Comm&: v. He&,, XPAL$, IWOWj a--&(
make by4swe iftelattag oq)tm of bdrds, Von), If I
IM pmteetion of bh* 1850p Cam, & MoCiomb,* Pao 19M -109
use of fwreb prohibited, IS* restdan IM; Conn. W wmftMN4 P&" Im
I I of same wardens by bdwtmm parted pme).
of towns, 1883; priNdbitinglOileof suIpbur to Ommanings & POWK M, M4
capture rabbits IW; conunission at fidwries Own).
and gam, 105; Homes systan, IW7. Dieterich ir. FmV% N.Y., IM (*W
cbmarTstion Comm esion, New York, 1911. Private pmmrm)i"
Constable, duty to enforce g=e law, New York, EX patte mwerv COLO im (Alk at logo"
im 91000).
Constabl% game, Now York, J-871; qxatal, to en- Goff V. cb1mo IM (qqport).
$om pm law, Rhode Wand, 194; Wyo. Haggerty v. St. L. Im Man,. CWN* 3J14-M4
mizkg, 1890.
Provisionst prohibiting Harpar v. Gdbway, NIL,: Mo f,
loog legislatfim, 1901; Cdikwn* xmendmmt HornbeM & Wblb% Colsk, Am
division of State into fth and hides). .. .. 1 4- *4 '- I .*
gum districts, 1902; Nebraska, pwhibiting Hyde iL Statej AIL# W& ("*bm 0 1 '-
local game and fish laws, I&M, Pennsylvania, In to Ebe&-p 311., IM boom*,- 1
granting right of hunting on uninclosed. lamb, IsAms v. U. S., D. C.0 M (9de at,101VIIIIIJIN
17M TennesseeauthorixJng loml logWation, gum).
IM; (Texm, 1875). Keum V. King), O&L, M OWN"a pe"Olf
Owbin herd of buffalo established, 1M Magnir v. People, 1H., 101 (sak al JmVm*4
County laws repeaw, Tennessee, M; Tem'06 1903; galne). F
Virginia, M; Alabum, 1907. Me0onnell v. MeKMp, Neb6j IM -i"'( #
Omnty nowesident liceams, New Jemy, IM. of g=). # I 'W1 I
Ommty boards of police autImIzed to pm ordi- McCready im VIMInW W7 CP
nances Jbr protection of game MisdahVI, residents). "':' *"r
IN& marrm V. Peoplao M.0 im (MID of 66OWN4
County m4xrviscn authorized to paw ordIneaces
for ga= protection, New Yee. IM; to pro-
claim gazue law Inopmtive for ODO YM, (Amm of knkm 98180).
iran Iffil; to regulate proteetim of game, Peables P. Hmmbrd, Me.. IMI (**WM*iW
XbWWppi, 18n;. to pan ordiman Jbr pro- open smsons).
tection of birds, fish, and ,wm, Now York, pe*ev. Bufto Fla U8,14. Y., Iwo*,
isn; (see Wo cbmmectiout M); to shorten session of Imported 1"),
open seasons for Ash sud g calfiftnim, Ph*9 V. Ramy" N. Y-0 I= (Sao of
IW7-. to cheap sessons ILr cartain gmme game).
Nevada, 19M. III All
C*mty warden, Maim, IM2; Florida, M7; Gems1a, Rupert v. United Sftbm:QU&-* 0*8014
19W; Irantucky, 19ft South Cozolium, 19W. Rbulte V. Warrant M, M6 Omm*ft OW"W*
Creme. ciose mason, Nevada, M. ftm" hmdB).
alming law to pmymt Main 19M. andth & Xsrylendr M6 f;
(khnbW CO&O State v. (hmpbe% 64, M (Bb*'
Crop, entering upon growing, Minnesota. 18K Btate W. HK 31bL' Im (ematy
Mlnnaxyla, M7. State v. MaBoryo Axk., IHN 0 I e
Crusting &er prohMted, New York, ISM state#. Pooles, minin -, 19H (hd"
curlew, dm sessom MS; -1m. State 0. Rodman, Mims M
Oneftuck Bound, N. C., An hunting pmhMfted' doseassim).
IM; big guns, batewles, and bUnds ht open Btmw IV. S&WAM4 ram WT (Sxvw*,
wMw preMbited, M; pm keepers pro- state 9. Bdmrtl6 106-S Im (Aft*61000. io-O-
red days, staft IL Immmmg% Me-# M (Dddmw
h with hunting, IM; Mquistions re 1L Md. tu" (MIS it
gmrftgdempmndrh*4b*otWgbooWmh=9. S)6
CaOw Club, Ob* Wt Undarwood v. 804p% Alsk, IM
Dump dom by dear, pold bom pft" funds, United Statme s. Budd4 P&# M
NJ _I__
Vermont, I*% by a9unty Word a. PAW Wyov me Molk
mm ibume
Nab^ Uft Weft Fop xwtp. 00 0- SON14
DmdWfm pmbibiled, 100buno IM. peft


WO wOr, W1tt mbs*000
mom ww Yo*
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62 Mftft6t4of AMb 01WW

199WA*x4 Uoswe Ar- whbout WOW HOOM
kansas, IVS; (inateam hi =64* hunting IM4 Sm"Y bwthw IUW*
fiesuse, Arkansas, 18ft don 1 Pesos ier deer sks Jawo 1806; nommide*
and Ud4OP16 Kams, 1204 (7 10081 lawl* P#MW birds, =7; nawport law
North CaroUns, IM red4matIkense Tsx*4 tee Protected. lmk OXOMY
19W, gen.ard Pme law, Wadduffka, 190L A. 0. U. law, IM; *4 =01mot
Pas (we Duck-W kke). *S6 W ; deddoin In HWAMF
Fan Um W ands CalUbm q X traft skppedo 1018. ....................... . . . . . . . . . . . . ..................... . . . . . . . . . . . . .
189L Pawn and Btmm estswoed am
Fawns proweted, NOW Y4drr Mft IM. 11,41111prWAW
Feathen (as Pkmasp), Fort Nk6"ft MaNwraw"MOM is
Federal gaime law, oklwt in Anve, Indian Twfltocy, HOL
Federal jurfadkdon of =*mtory UrdA6 Shim MR, ..a%*, bM Yetood'..0regen, Im.
IOU; Weeks bill, 190L FW, Pla, and Pleather, Sqyd=4 186L
Flooding pn^ Minon- Massadweetts, Pennsyl- Gun birds, deOnd, New York, UK
van* 'ON; appropristion, WYOULft "N. h0ana W1 (am also A- 0. 10
Fees, liomum, nonresident higbast V^ moose law"); sale In Clow sipam
license, Al 190L York, Uft ProuNged, mako U* 40000 #P
Nonresident lowest 85, Utah, 190L restrietwL Zows, 1874,
RedpmxW, New York, IM Tmnewoxh I=; Game and Ash Oommissim estah.Odwd
Kentwjw, IWL IM; vwqxdzed, Loulsbana, IM.
Resident hwhest $5, MIssoun, 190L Gum and A& protector, Oxegon, UM
Resident knrest 25 eonta, Minnesota, IM. Game and Ash Warden, 1fimwtr4 IM; !We* '
Fdony, inifin buftb, mom, and other game pro- ginia, 1807; New Mexko, I=.
teated throu&out the yew, Montans I=; Game conunbsioner, 11haols, IM,
kH1 deer ut close season or hunting than Game amstable, New York, M ; WYWMW4
with dogs In two tawnships In Mitchell Game dmWcb (sm districts).
County, N. C., 1901; kiffin elk, CoOnuix, Game krut, Ellnois, IM&
1W5; head hunting and tusk hunting, Wyo- Gum, Risk and kresU7 rhMCd Twosome
ming, IW7. INS.-
Female deer, elk, etc., protected, CWUond% IM; Game 1br bait, we of efk deer or =44a" pfflk%
South Dakota, 18D7. (See abo Does). Ued Colorado, IN&
Ferrets, use prohibited in, hunting rabbits, Rhode Game fund (me State game ftuA).
Island, I=; Cannedicut, lft% West Vir- Curritwk CoanW, Qp JIM-#
ginia, IM.- (repealed, INO; reenwt4 JAM.
Fmes, changed from, contmental emTeney to Eug-, first.
lish (2) currvacy, Vermont, 1780. New Yor14 I= (hunting V#vUW),* (tim
Fhm=, use by slaves, Flmids IM eardessuess SOMW. I .;%
In bandling. Maine, IOU; Minnauft, 19W; sale I6d7 QuadbW pdvi)W- 19k,
or gift to persom under 16 probibited, New (akee sawan).
York, 1W6; not to be carried by aliew in pub. Connecticut, I= (export); im (ek WA"Oft).
be pboes6 New York, I=, use within. 3 mi New Jersey, 1678 (Privilep of bunj*waw mot*
of effles, Minnesota, IW7. surveyed lands; 1M OW& I 110
Fire hunting prohibited. Maryland, 1730; South game).
Carolina, IM, 178&-1788,17M; North Carolina, VUgkl* 1M.
IM, 1779,17U; Georgia, 1790; Vkgtm* IM; Rbode Wand.
Ifieds44d, 1803; "bwW I=, 182t, Fkmidsp Pennsylvalal% Im
1828. Delaware, 1721.
Fire protection made dto of State war4=6 Mich- Maryland. 173L
igany 11W. North, Cuo0n% 173L
Filbomin Jurisdiction extended. to game, New Hampddm, 174L..
cwikwn* 19M Massachusetts, ISM CWo- South Carolina, 1755
06%11 #4
redo, IN1; Wyoming, IM; Texas, IW7. Vamont, 1779..
Fish conunission reorganized as fish mad go eonk- GeorgK 1790.
mission Vemont, IM. Miadj1dPPI, I=.
Fish and Game League, Vermont, IM. AUb&mj6 ML
Fish end pime warden, lowa, 107, Utsh, W FIGM46 I=.
"WW, Im. Usk*, Im
fthandgamewarden MiabLan IM7; Indian TerrItowyl, 1M

Fish and oysteroomadsakner. juriodbdon extended W1sDoU9h4 185L
to Texas; I=. Caworn* IS2 (I"d
, M );
Fish bawk protected, New York, ISM, 19ffP. New
Jen", 189L Madbsm4 ]AT.
FIWNAI laws prebadung AN hunthm Ift Juva 1"%
PoMbbed hon Uft *W= to kO SM81, LMMOM6 UM

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erpi lftin6 V

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Cf~ wyt watgegsinwvWw F

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*M W Guf fcp wo-t dv &0 w
AmII16 Ng t|*U Ifk"Qtr~d
i8O ew wmb W mv yn
wolw t~hdb
01W !s xlI;mwe ym*


Hounding in aim smano VhVW* la% at any -10 fwb saw I i 11410,
mom, Barnatable County, Mamahusetts, citn October A IMI'and
Im Now York, IS": Indbox- wq: New oember 2o-2i, voi.
Y;;i (in Part), Ink XwNsaft, im; WMh-' hfterowo commeroe in Loco
ingtant law IntrwU01CM, O" Mis valley q"0444**
HuRthw, hr as various 2WROB of hunting pr.ohlb- ton, lw,* bdbwhits -in Vujo
Ited In certain States, see the kDowing head- white In Idabom ISM 2
kw Bafted hooks;: beiting dovies; bull hunb- Englaudo WO; rkgawk 1
bW bdh* camp: huxtbW, dwoys; dow Iffil; Englm rts in
exploaft hne* An huntiM in New ybrll 1901; moose 1:01a NOW
guides (without); h1de hunting; bounding; wild tarkeys 1nWdmds, UK
ice; jwkfng; night hmtft, open-water shoot InvestAgation of game misslobt
Ing; polsoW ring shooting; set guns; anow TOWS, Sunday hunting pvU%%4
hunting, nh*w,* Sunfty hunting; water. law, 1957; shlPmeut of vane b1boft
Huntlogmaidents, M&W, Michigan, low, 1911; 1874; export prohibited, IW9.- Ot* ta
W 1878; fish and game, ward4m, IW,
Hunting clubs, Blooming Grove.. Pak Association, Teeking dew prvh1lbited, Vkhigan
Pennsylvania, Ign. IM; New York, ISK.
Hunting permission law, Florida, ISM. lack rabbit, elm term, Delawwo, to.
Hunting on lands without pammon, Delavrwe, Kamm, first game law, county COORIMMINNOOM
1M; without written permission, Alsbame proclatmadinoperative, 1861;
(9 wanties), 18%1; Indiana, 1891; North Claro. protected, export proihibited, ia*
lina (12 counties), 180. In State v. Samders, ign (,ezpor#*
Hunting gme for ale prohibited, Wyoming, 1890. law, ISM; proluffift;ing sajo of
(See Market hunting.) 189; license system, loffi; ftte@M& j 110%
Hunting privilmest New York 1M; Massschu- 19m;extrasessionsetpratecting W
setts, 1647; New Jersey, 1678; owners of lope'19*10 r"biwol Im IK_'
shmw, Vkginia, 1819. ofilce under supwv1sim of X+1
loe, kUft deer on ice prohibited, Wisconsin, 1897. Kentucky, Arst ga=6 Uwa kw and nommeft
Idaho, first game law (uniform season), 1864; pro- bkds,1861;A.O.U."modellaw," 14 -'17
teation of eaglei, 1879; fth and game warden, gme wardens, 1904; recipmml liembo&
IM; state game preserve, 1911. Lamy Act, introduced 1807, pamed, loft Ott 4#.+
Minois, Sunday hunting prohibited, IM; f1rst abun, United estate V. &nm, pewo.*bajjj
game law, 1853; game in eaptivity, personal 19at'a iment 19M. constr=0006 Rv"ft
property, 1877; decisions in Magner v. People, v. United States,!DkIaboma,1910.
18U (sale of imported game, game the prop- Lark, close now, Massachusetts,, 18*
erty of the State)t and American Expresg Co. all the year, COMIeCtiout 18W, New
iv. People, 1890 (transportation); game warden, IM; bill remmingproteetion ddw
IM-, decision in Merritt v. People, 1897 (sale ifornial 1909
.of imported game); game commissioner, 1W; Lam2dm' use of naptha, or atesal, I-
decision in In re Eberle, im (nonresident hunting vubarlowl, OW IM
noense); p=Wbition of sale of waterfowl Law of Field Sports Smith, MO.
kMed in State, 19W; decision In Cununings L&Y dX". (sea Rest days).
v. People, 1904 (nonresident Dome); State Laysen Island, deshliotion of bkdg, IM
gaxne farm, IN5,* decision in Ek!hulto 9. Lague of American Spwtmm organUed* IM
Warren, 19M (hunting on overflowed kuft); Lieense fee, nonresident, lowwt 15, Utalif IVW ANOW A
prohibiting baiting for ducks, 19W, boys beg resident, htb&t SINk mocoe
11m3o 1900; repealed, 1911; close term for 19* now6sideat pkwn neftft.. $9*44mijk_
woodcock, Oz nesson Rw prairie chicken, sylvank, 'M re*voesls Now Todw
abolishing State game fund, Mi. Tennessee, 19W*, Xwd=71, LOW, *00W4
Imported game, exempt,. New York, ISM. lowest 26 centso Xbmwasti4 IBW
InmIxiration, Fowling andFishing Association, bbat 04 Ubsoato 19W.
Now Jersey, 1813; NeAkwal Asmisition of License Jew.. adopted fird, la the UAftOt+-*O+*W*+
Audubon Sooietleoh ML NewYork, IN4; Arlmsa:4 ----stow+
Indiana, Sunday hunting law, I=; AM game law, ping, 1876; Viab j Xboom4w No+* Ds
ko* Wyoming, 1W Wkqq
1857; netting quall and proldleekkkmg, 1867; Vwt
nongame bird law, IM; bomdfAg prohibited, *0&&*
1M; nougame btriU, 1801; deftnition of game California, 1907; Couneetiout" IM, T426C
bb&, IOU; written permission, I=; corn, IDW; AWks, 19W, New Mexico, 1W
minioner offtheries and gum. IM; awtho6. LiMm. IOWY am# 19M 9"W6110k
4q, IM, setts, IWS; nw)wt bunting, Arkaaow imst
sation of ofilam of Other stat 4
Indian raid, Wyoming, IOK Tennimm, 10t photographing b1q # ++
Indian WTOOb4t 1*4; AM= ratting
Territory, first game law, I=
Insectivamus birdapf'otWted, Connwtlaut, Igo- ISM reo0n=4
Now Jersey, IM; Georgia, IOU (See IM; Toweseek to* 3[enUIC4.
Nongswe bird.) X*h*_ 1qff;*WYQCUbq6W 7
Intartersom with h=t4ug PwWbked on Ounikok I AsOr"k a ptiblic park ae4
Doundo N. Qj M Oir*vj, Obla, ISK

--o tot11.
M w 0 b I 4 at,"49
|o 2W "e
!6*MI f ~t-df ld04 O

brm An bW ISMV &

OOM Vo" pI#abdte ~t@ Wm
Iwil i*kL vbtn b okbo
In d"N =Is ag man I nha
Ii 'W s ~MWW MMa Vwr wwdq krM
Woet WSObI=;n11 Ot
adMS4 i*Vgt gVbdC *oammJr V
odlaw mt vontW.d oamo" MI"**A


Mirdery btm* bW Vmtk% ftbW Md W0040OCk J9000% 4km U40006
zwwa, 187& 4ftem, Ivw ye*o
Ckmemmmew6moodo0ek, Newyork Mo. euipme. co=Aks Long Imiand Now Yedik
Vm 111111ft RhKIG lad1wand, 1873-ft
UWG; upland Plamwi, Rhods. Islaiad, IM; Moom M(UM Fire Ubad Absio
Povet aind OWlew, Massaahuset6h M* goose MOURtUfft 9004 dew SOMA4 NOV464
and swom4 Nevada, IM. Mounwa fha* does SMOODV
Ckw terms, vw=6 WyAmby& ISW, Voodeack, tOM4 QWL,,, How Utok, UOL
Oregaii, 1901; wood:due& Louldum% IWL mount ob..=Pus XGUMas Mwessa*
Federal probation Mmbiflls 19K Weeks bill,
1906. mama Raildw Nathod-Parki Od
Miflinery experto X109=11 1910- UW
Minbery provislwas weW.Tersey, IM; wismadn' Muiftst, alms aeaam* Va"aak, A-0-1
=7; O&MMM* IM; Mmsechusetts, 1W, Now Hamph&N6 on; oh* 1" n
ISO& N&Uoud ABKWiatWQ4d.AadPbft
Militia, ospWns to read gum law to tbek oem- hod, 1902; IOU.
panies, South Carolina,1789; MisdOW, 180k N&UoPA Asoodathmat Gme *ad VW *ffiMW6"",A,
Florlda, 1W. oonventioa* XW Vaftvwv,
Minnesota, Sunday huntig prohibited, 18W, first 19106
game law, 18W permimim required toenter N&b=&1bndzwwvaUwjAr4Peboq*
upon griowtog crops, 1964; setting tmp or I908;9dprohJbiUfttzuqxw9N
spirtog guns, im; bxport, isn; publication of TatkkUS establidndo-M&L .. W tv* t,
gme law in April annually, 1871; game ww- Nab=" bism nEM MOUt"24
don, IM prohibiting hunting In standiag IM; UwWw buftl%: MM
grain, ISK; =bun under 14 prohibited use NstkmW Omm POROW W*6 A-k OWbOOOk I" _"'t"
of firearms, ISM; board of fish and game com-- Grand CaWoE6 Adneft 10&,
missioners, 1891; decision in State P.Bodnw, Nationd military park16 04 PQb&Kh* *MO06
1894 (possession in close season); nonresident
Homm, ISW, reddent license, 189t deekdon in NAtimal mhtl'rY re=TQ$M (FORt A bftm
Staft v. Poole, 1904 (kM fte); caribou re- Xbr.), a game rdq% 190&
moved hum game l1stP 19W, htmtwg accidents
due to carokm handling of Aremns, 19W H&UOMI PsrkB* YQUOwstmAs W704 7'
storage of game, 19D5; shooting within 3 miles tion of pmmm6 MOO; GesuW QM*XO $M
of limits of eities of 50,0001 IW7; game refuges, SequOist COL, ISM YQssWi*,Q41":,1MW
1909. Mount Rak*wo wank- 0 18WI0 Qb* no j
Xhim, proldbited to use firearms, Minnesota, 1889;
New York, 1905; half bag 111mit, 1111noile, Xeb=ala, Arst game law, low
1909. viden pirobibitiW local VMS JWV*O, Aft'vem;
Mk" ppi, first game low (fim hunttag), 18M; eral:revislm of @me low
county boards of poliee to regulate preserv%- HOWN06 ama
tion of game, 1856; county supervisors to regu- Proper ty of the filakk 190t; 49dookft Vow
late protection of gante, M ; A. 0. U.semodel c1onwile.
law,"' 1904; general gam law, Igo&-, dodatoin in Fort Niabiram Ififtary Ww jpmaft,
State v. Hill (county ordibarift), i9lo. allymmmle &Sam it @1 byordwVm*O*** ',r)
MUmuri, first game law, 1851; decisieft in State -v. hunW* tbareon, In&
Randolph, 1876 (sob of hapmted gam); non- Nests proteaed (gLmo bkdso:.Coft
reddentS PfVbjVLW ftm SeMng game, 1877; (noqpne birds). SRI
nonresident prohibited hvm hunting, 1979, IM; Fennsylvan* Ifft KAOft**A"L
game and fish varden, 1%5; demMon in Hag- Neu The captul-ft 1POMINVIlibifek X**ft*k
gwy V. St. Louis ree ]ft. Co., law (storap); 1887.
law, 1901; geaeral game law, in- Nettift q=dl and praWe *1003 1011i
duding A. 0. U. law, and prohfbtt4on of sale dians M7.
or expert, IOM; regular depaty wm*m ab-01- Nevada, ArA pme law,, IOU. SmOn UM *000",
Idied, 1907; -- law, 19m; mm- In pubft odwoK UK; bowd,4400"**
Mery expert appoftted, IM State game fum, atrUipiriad U Ohmp mmmook 11W i, I
1910. New Hamphim CBMt sme jws, V41; -&W
Model law 1w protection of nongame birds (am- I at wo,'PONOW tesufamdw law
A. 0. U. model law and Nougam birds). tar dear URUNkffly LU P0000181*
Unrm of
Montana. Ant game law, 1m, WAe at an proteew
SU*tbaw =02 i !; autbarlud to
prohibited, 1897; board at gwm and fish A& wwdwa,:W* ekwe seas= ou
Commissioners rqplacod by warden, 19M; uni- ItX
an beave1r, Udnk, nwarrsk "a
form season, 19M; nab of P" berd of but- .2;-Z4
bb, 1w; State gun PMW MI. animak); bowd of fwb and
"more (hLme "movement, byAmatear 16 ISM; - if I d
Sportsman, 19MM& Aft- gaidtft U*'Id
Motor boats (me Laundm). Im.

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Coomlly, M; A. 0. U. "VmW law," 1903;
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IM; decWmm In Ropwt v. United States, NO., 'dSam bhds' 'low, 4
Im (IANT Act). Im
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mama, l8a.
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Ranbobb poWbWds Now Yetki M v IM New Shmak to bell m! ge i* bnog,
-Tow (Barnept Day), IM W*Wufut I=. Jmeys 1798; to read v 0 Ali F-h' W-t
SmAing la wildlowl prohibbek Now York, IM, fnL Ifflsaimillmi Im;
IWO. Newsemy (Bwmqpt fty)" Im. I howw"IdlUn ownewift
Sailing an Stmd" to ]=I* Wds for iftture diay, welew ham naster or
prohibited an Curfta* Soundo N. C., 1897. W IML
Salary, State warder4 I&Wnn 810200, 1887; SaA00 Snull gUm proleateido Wat Vkgtn* Ulke
IW7. Smithp 0. P.r LAW Of AM BpX*j, IMML, ;?F
Sale prohibited In closesesson-m3anh bhx% Xass&- Snarm prohibited, Alabun (1w v2d
chusetts, IBM; quall, partridge, woodcock, countmex" U" pwmyi"Wk MW
New Yor]4 W7,- big game land game birds), Vkj" (r&bbtb)* IWj, Wbow*40 W p V
Wyoming, IM; waterfowl killed In Stateo Snak boats Beensed an Oro I mabomma ]rim*
Illinois- 19M; imported game, Massachusettop M ; pwbM4 WWageta, 1987.
IN& Prohibitedthrougliodtyear-trnporteil Snipe, dose swoon, lift
or native uougame birds, Massachusetts, ISM; Island, IM; Alabom (3 ftmAso)o lik
all protected birds (except private sale), Kan- spring shooting -pmMited, Rbeft
sm, 1886; (quail, partridge, and woodcock), 19W ichusetbio W&,:beg 00A
Michigan, 1895; game killed in Territory, New Im
Mexico, 1897; all protected game, MOnt&U&, Snow 4Mftftg prohibited, Delaware, W.- Or 4pw6
1897; Michigan, 19DI; Missouri, 1905; Oregon, 189&
IW5; Alabama, I9D7; robins and quail, Ten- Society fDr Protection of Gam and FW OW WL
DA000j 1911. gong birds (m Nongams bbrds.)
EWt na, use jor killin deer prohibited (Now York, South Clarolfts (nonresldmte, I'7W; dam moolmi qft
IVI; Pewsylvants, 18"; Vermont, 1896). dew, fin bunting, 17ag); Am I 11i g
Schools, instruction in game preservation and read- hibited, 1785-1789-, closs mom an dot"
ing of Same laws, Nevada, 1901; instruction in protectionof. ..'ivoroUxbftdswA------,
habits and protection of birds, Oklahoma, buzard, IV% county gum waraan4
1905. Audubon Society
Seuvh (constables authohzed to S051eh miqmcted game warden, 1910.
places for red skim of dwr, Virginia, 1738). South D&JVDt8, first game law 1875; =w9*kMV*-
Beam& without warrant, -.!)hio, ION; MaBoseb usetts, hibited from hbnftg big gam, evwy AM
1910. yew elmd, uoflwm open semon, IW (w
Sessons abolished for hunting big game and nd- people, 1809); nonroWeids hunting blgamis
dents allowed to kill at any time for family must have guide who Is a deptity Vmw voW
use, Wyomingo Im den, 1901.
Seasons defted by days of week Oregon, 1905. Sparrow (me Eno& eparww).
Bessomu!6 unilorm, Idaho, Ift Colorado, 1867; Mich- SPe=, setting IN door praMbUbd, Now Tott
1pn, IM; Now MexiccN 1880; Montaita, 19W; M .
big game, Wyoming, ISM; South Dakota, Sportman's. pbtkm,, pubfidW by W. T. Hams.
1897; game birds (except woodcock), Wisoon- day$ 1910-
sin, 1887. Spring guns prohibited, Mlnnewtj HWO Whoalb.
Boisure of big gum, Virginia, 1833; boats simmuni sin, 1M7.
Ukmj and arm used 9Wgally in hunting wild- Spring shooting bills &Jealad, Now Yod4 Hft
fowl, Viridn IM. Now York, Waft boho*'
Sequoia National Park, California, established 1800 1911.
Shes. bill (plumage). Now York, 1910; 1911. Spring shooting pftWb1t4 Rlboft Id" ,000i
SherM, constables, and otber police officers to Mehigans 186i 18W, Now York, IS* Xww
enforce the game law, Now York, IM. chusettso IM Wed Vlr&* IM yooorl
Shipment, restrictions, lowa, 1874. (See alm Ex- vaniao. IM; Wlsoonsin,, IW,* WIsmada (oW
port.) ditionally), IM Now York, IWUaoftw
Bhhw bill (Federal protection of migratory bh&), INN New Jersey (part) M&
19DL SquhT&p fizvt elm mmz6
Shooting on lands of anotha prohibited,, West Vir- ties, 1"I; NOW Jers", iv bill j! ofts
gin* 187.5; shooting without wA#w parm19- throughmt the yw vetoed New Ta&i $W
slon prohibited, Alabam (9 counties), 1801; State Fish, Gum, and Paved Losaga osamobd*
North Cwollft (12 counties), 1M,' within 3 Now YoOk. 196&
miles of limits of cities of W^ Khmasota,
state 9=0 and fish oomminkmier A bftM IW,'
Rtme San tmd abolisheds Mbx* 1911; mormA
Shombirft spring shooting prohibited, Massachur In tands, Wismsaft,, 1911.
edta, 19M; on game list, OW 19K Staft gum pow 9 (we Game preverft).
Shotguns required in killing dw (m Buckahot.)
Slienows prohibited, Maine, ION; North Slaw sun warda (M Warden).
19m; Washlngton 190k SUM pwkt Ohio (lAokbg Swervtdr), 186L
Sils bill, Now York, 1906, IN7. SUMON boab pmpe&d by$ probilAted ke
Sink boxes (we Batteries). pxkf XW Y^ M New 7"74 Moft-
Skift on prohibited In hunting w9ftwl In AeoD. Pt BSY)a Uft Nb* Y4d4 IN% wlo
mw and Pablkx emnabso Vi6s IM.

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