The Blue Eagle ( 1934- )


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The Blue Eagle
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United States -- National Recovery Administration
National Recovery Administration ( Washington, D.C )
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,Vol. II, No..l0-..- Issued Weely'by e'Natiol Recoyery AdministrationWashitonN% A 3M'r 8,9
S.Isud ee W asheN a on iRe n si MKarch ,"

Board Announces Imptialah Drs Industrial Appeals Boa'i

S-Regulations for .' Functiohs .and' Practce.
T+e Budgets n untinsaPractc' +
SBoard on February 28 announced -'the . .. .
appointment of the three members of Clarified
th e p l oge tmt h e wim p a r ti.a c o , .i ..... w ag
;Estimated Expenses Must *be toorw sretnnfaiewso e.. "i'; :
31 '" ,~~~ton .or linen,- c esssfor exe~mp oin' pe ."Hg ". s
submitted by Code Authority under the Dress ManueturngCodin 44 H.ead S e A g ut1C
:vr '~- '1 They are Max Meyer, a former coat A p -' al ;. ..;n..eard m .g. . ......
:: Before March 31 and ltame P. .: -. .. t- -
... ... : ,, ,:..,MaG.e neral... Subjects Un:die:33. 3bd
< :.. .. ....." ;; ... .....""" i~ng D lvisoon ;' nd' Meyer Blobnmfl'dld,". . .. .- ,. 2,. .. ... .. . .
.,The National Industrial Recovery Board a itit one and #m be Ne .. ...... 1
oan attorney,, andoa member ofthe Nee-
i:7February 26 announced regulatios gov die '.Trades Educational. commission of' The National Industrial -Reeovery B6ard ,on March 6 issued an officemXIl
'"Ing the ibmisslon f Code an New.York.Ctl*.. .' random clarifying.theb6undtiaons~bf :t.the:ndusrial;Aipaa.lpa Boird. Mo"i
. budgets andreutrg all uges r The coi ssion will review applica-. : .oa th
The. current fiscal period 'not yet submitted "tions,for-exemption from provlsiohi of that memorandum,, the NIpB "ha's 'onstituted.ihe Industrial.Appeals 'BcTsi"
t6?be.fled .with the Board before MMarh'81' the.Dress Manufacturing ode filed by agency to hear complaints of individuals'respeceing i the ieqditable appli
,: -,The regulations apply to a)ll Coie."uthbor? firms producing.cotton or Tinen dresses., of Codes. .. ..L:' . ., -".. .'". . r.. ,'. ., ;..-... . .
ite arid forbid. any .after :rareh .se at2moe 2.50 per.. ....z. '' The puipose"'. continue," "isto afford-anitmpaa
forby d. a .Code .A oi ty not inaccord e wholesale. The .applicants. formerly..a-... .on i. .1 who..4. ,i b. ay..
3 by. a Code Ahoty not i accordance were, lassified"nder the Cotton Gar- hearing on ts be6half, tod.Ay'n vidal whs.ggrieed byany administra
with approved budget. . .. :met Code . . action or neglect .ofNRA." "'.' .. ." ,: : .',''-
T"he Board's ord*:afouows:"-.. e "tb ': "_ :__ "'"_ ":'________: "'-The Industrial Appeals Board; upon such 6fon 11 omplaits of .iaEeuitable-.appl
yi! Pursuant to the authority vested [nit by "hearing, znskrecomsendallntothNITiB of Codes 'to smal enterprises 1or.othe
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ L~ by 7 . ..l .. .',.=' ."- .. .' 'iearing, ]diakis'r'ecd~nnJ datiW to iNIRB' o..o 3s ~maiehterprises .+or othe
Executive Order No....6859, approved eptem- 1 'i as to proper disstlon of the case Suc'h ..Its duties .were tohea and recomm
,er.t7, 1934, and' otherwise, the. National InP-.e P l an 1 recommendations Abecome' official"-determina -*..:* the '.proper:dlspbsition ,ofompi
Or.d .N...,9,-emt.. ..e... tions 'w an d o te xe t, t y a concernsn ..NR -especially.. those. .ailse
lustrial Recovery Board does hereby pre- '. ..., .. . tonswhen, and .to' the et that,.tey.are-.. .
!?.. ...^ M^~i mi f f ,et- .. elodus aae-Boardid^ .
"" -'' ". . .. '" =- " ' approved b3F the ... '"'" 1"..9'no e pr .w~o s a e e I ..u t
Peibe the following regulations applicable," " approved by the... .B .' th".at Code pro.... ons are de. ned t
'n CodeA thor ....' 'tontte August The 93 ba oeen Bard:,took toact. o,,ore to.orfavormt-noosti
.i tis onsr ont.ahi Veo' un ry or mana y .. e ' . -. .- . ... .... _" " cdes,;-lind comDlafins-ofnonfiembllanfeg l
"1 Ea' ode- Authorlt shall on o be- ; The cottontextUe Codae.Authourity 'wul suh- *-. 1 .... .., .. ,,, t.o ai.nd,,ak r.m.on.- .. ..- .-- _- -
nI r-'Cd' kthri 'wili.a oith rspet tothe e'ffe ofCde po
i:f .. -* J -~i uUYi Z^^-UL=. -+-. a-jj" -*u v u- .: ml to' t he Naio a \*" -n ~l'"***v-.-." ".1" "' ,"f^ .. .'''. j' "" w r *. -. .wti retlnpe t" il5 +the':eifMfe ".-f :o e 'll : Tr ia
pore March 31, 1935,.(if it'.has:not already t to t. h e National d'' lI Ie eyi0t. gI on n ail enterprises.,. .. ."'-"..=
so prior to the.dpIde of, approval of. this Board a broad program-looking towaxd'solu: j Ljj'LUIIll-l.OU." -D-5"I, im.-a-tfis.-ofje"ate-be .
&fder), submit ,to-the ..Natlonal ,ndusttial tlon ti onf 'aoute. problems in .'the Industryi t ,_ ,;... .. . : :. Duin Boars 7 mdoths ofi eiseten aeth'
covery Board foris.,4 approval a'. itemized representatives. told ..the Textile 'Planning" o.aile ,', .' -i t i pealns. B tolaed -ondhttohs.'elthareripat th i
*hidret 'ot -th estima~te0, expenses of:' '"Cbe Commijttee at a qonfbrerice March'5.". 1W. I teh10rlS plainta of dlscrnh lnationiagarinstsis1eri
a idmlnistration for..the..current fiscalperiod, :'Quick action. : w.s "urged on the Code Au- ."-: ' . prlses;.:: !it )s. del oped', rhul q' of prai
.. .. ..'th e re.. a ft.. r fo r 'eac.. u b-. e q u t ca 'p .,th r. ty r. o u p a fte r it h a d ,.d e sc rib e d to .th e e.n ,e d u re in .. . . . .d .. .a T he.
Ho& Said ':budgeb shall ,Bet 'forth in detail* nt j i I'NOITLeU. 'office Imemoranfri: I frlnte dedtoclanffp.
.Te~utesofal ofiias ndemiotek'ther ommattee the situation confrontin hGct N I 'aytl-e'i fntog pLepoedg i
-.i.ond'aoronQstotonte ry'
.rtes, and iInbfflce and o.h- e e~e. .t :; .: ,.... ,D . .; .... ... ,.p .a.. l i.h gt-,wi: .,.ts O
n.-, .red .by .the-National.Cod'.Athot.,' QThe' three.'members6of the Planning Com- .Commlitteeo".ofThWree. to:Set..Dis-".,p=:....To",. it "he)4,o1id',i
d. each .subIdiary-or reglonae-"o.deAu- .-.i .aee: ho.-also rare, members of the-NIRB ,, .c'bunts,Rules, and Regulation." .of 'AmoskJ-.Peasse,.ihairi,m NeOYaret.
fi'.ority.o ..'-''. .*". prtQnmised' :to ring the Code Authority. .pro-'' .- .. '. 'to iey; f ,oM gnos -'Xobiio 'A- Ryan,..Cth
'.2. No Code.. Authority' o'gency of'a- gram before, theofull' membiership.of..the:.. :- :" 'Seven Subdi6visins *' a. / i educato;":andJoeentplll
(lode Authori-ty' shaM' ater '.March81., 1935:d., 'Bard immediately upon is submission; .:., at o ".r,' .do:' 'h; : .iin' Si'. i ene.;t..a-'; .'
mak.e aiy expenditur of'fuidsnoti aeo -::'p o to the cofifereice' with the 'Textle 1* '. .: ...'.. ," :* :"c:, -". .. e'm 'e, D P r iw re
f'ce with -a budget duly approved by the Planning committee, the Code Authority The National. Industrial Recoery-, Board : has heard ..44/'ppeajs. '...emunmi,.
National Industria .l Recovery Board., -,.%i , i ,ha- has aPPO nted a om m ltte ,; bee.siib ,i.ittde._ tb a o:I
ftp budget tle rateo"f assessment and 'basis "6flcial..."probtsem of..ecrea sing eUpcirts.++-, -:. ii^i Ze ,, t~n and. dis]ountS .o gov 1;. "a'." mern, sa-' ''Reco r ..estrd v..e--2 yaue'~,'ne ".a '~o.
-gt ion sI*-.' inteutstedhas:tlphine.6 ddij q.'9d"to.
"f.ont'btu' tob used Itin the-sofic.,-. .ereasing-imports, .the processing. 0ve .. --:,-'' .be e woe.t d, .. to .submit.add.tiona.b fsa .
ta .to fund s. ' on. r . ru.... r tion, falling demand; exvesnve oroduo i ut. n .S ca l i on p ..t.h .o .o w, e:rnde ided, se .HI i'as-d .'" the
1.3; Eac dnot ate -n -ffect, with #solicitat0ion1n~t ies -is .. `&ofio Di4hito M d d t ii10ea 'Wae
After15. _from,_the'.date -1reo.. J .g .. .
does-: .. .... .... .. '-.. ..M" ... .... '...... T. `" '.....`.. '.. .. ock r -._tlngli
| ...ode Authority, whose.,Code o not\ ,ether'.,t .the threat offdecreased emplBoy. -.,- ral .ma V .- -a- -,.,,futhe ..... ;-a-c, -
ubeth. Brie collep tion ofIassessments in an r, tmeatwh eh the .condition simply ".-, Westr Puthr vn, % 'EIsf' *Bb.x nr, -'odf6c.tbh0 e .Boardhh.t r ,f recommend -.a 4
1r wiclge sf .iate dr alinles that ion, c pay-o .& .:..hiring the. p.%t week the Texle Plane Panhandleof W'est VId rgia, N* avorthe orn es p,. o al .ft.k'ireu c nd.. .the nBrnio
t i.rsction m or. undr th Codsn: sa ll n mg Committee a.lso.metwithAr representative., Vi.. rgiia O.hi -. o au e,, bd.. .h'go,.nois t f N Aeslsev o i -d r q in 28kt o .t4e

|liZ. o nlrms oU l~osefo th sOly ton I orrn wnr .. ,--.S dn *: ;~ n ..- n .. .. n : ..., '.n u o m ra .=n,.d,. : v'' . ... .fr e o"N~ ~ m lfe *,n .Bc. ..da i m.t on trb. o s o l on f r .i" l o ths c silk and .wool Code Authorities'r. o e Th. committeemen raW. ,v rd..o c; H '-cl,'..-Io h r.av e'i d ioified ; .n. paleathe: reaion mi.o
ly :tate, .In' effect, 'this NsBoieitaaibp S 'is and,,,i,. southen Spobm~reaedsetared w r i l '".t=soal frdeidedo; 2 ca'se .t :r-cone.a
.rs --purely ,vol untary. d p on then .a... +, o' ='-.uNaos l" ,s -- t t Rae anad fo T, ch a. e a -.p ers mnn dethehegocaseund.w for.rfeuturetporsi
life auch contribution is deemed es'ential "re.ated bythe National Industrial R kss, fnbdeomeuth.airmno'gr' the'RAs *enerld -t mendedthe ,ciars'tesdf fikhr actiened. ;:at S0
i gon a Code administration, no 'covy" Board,. the Committee. Is composed of Code. AhiRg 'B hepar.residit 5, "de'tehdmenBoad'-dscnined that:dhea'ai
.. 'Q.. *. r .. . ... ........ t b ..d r -,. .. .. ............dirco .r.of.t hea nd uatoes l 06.aoi.y.,'0 o as .rd, il peal bp-.;raxtte',.fuls ad -the l kr d hig
'at :prosecution ..wiII. follow, nonpa.Yren~t... :thr. r Board, m bers,.,Arthur )...Whiteqide, and" W Iett Lauck; 'Wahiwtn. ;dchonpinst pe .]"rev'hrspq.:.,..,"':. "' ,_.:;.. 4:, !=:
formss u.ed'for'the soliitation of eontr.." ,.Sidney tendtnj. and Leon oenderson, andan foa"^rme "'iimbei- o-f NRA ,comittees o'; n' have b.meen'fooddt o'f" .therpcis'B
itons by each such Code' Autbority.shalbe. prenis. L. Coonley,. admicnstrator.- o the e .nd str "oe the.tavebssnolowd eNideInd
.Brsnlbrnhleedwrsos ',tril i ecnodSery' Bad in a -ut.oei. on
ES| -efore use. to the NRA and shall ecreasoi D eixiot- .n cra+ .- .;B .

i ? ^ ^ O O" .7. K 'th -flc ,, ,:tt1 ..... .. .'^ c o ..s . A ,' '*: .** ..;. . ,.a*t or wn ea\r ara pr u er ... ....' s '.. .. "'-" b i^+
3,s~b- t to the disapproval of the NR .. .'ta announced purpo into ,, fe elateInraatbeilit o .. ... l: .sa s .and p in': .'That'case' -which-.invlvel .ed: .-qu s to .o

SE ' ... *, a* -urpeenato .on-th C om tee. ... the u . ", ", m 'il +;\ .. .... "ii w g sorja ~ u ~ o r =:
.|B,, V. . -" ., ,h Un.e State .epa..en f Eao .and-. _h .etl^ o ... th~e UP an. e rs-a e-S ,' .en senatsl vefo eo hrapelate s af ~ n enterpr ."
=;,' e s -,' . ap-;n u long-time plan for the duta e tneilr e industry ..the u blso ..,n se upon terms has en .rep ._rnt coarc. e of.- 'rop. o t..s. o.... fi::
Edi r to or t o 'n -=-= Factors':which are tob. o nisiderdg m inclueg ?tbe. ugrlet,.'g,, .Ar 0jpiqlns the '"Code amennp...ta d'.e. oewsoibed in: dental ?
g .'ge 'of the'I'.V .ohgerv Ni J pI s of the inferind2ustry competni .orn tf c ton Bzn, mnu an.= a W olo esale' C '. 'Codes,,;ls '.i"su et . Phe A pealnstBarde c oitnm..ende
r ,7r andan ol end of rayon,"Pwrulch is producedd l Board .'Id .' .. .... .^ 4.P ..i.g theas s ...t,. .s p t a lcnide on rscinded ,. b
,1A fte'.. ... .. ". . . s,, l"'T t,. e"b.r.R," m tte R .oa, :.g ai on, 1 a d d.' iscount- further invest ati the e .ntRB der ded'a
S :.g:,T r to have di-c supervision of "under both. the -'.Cotton and .iShlk. Codes .. ... submitte b+ oo o rl'* ? oa' tnd, ;.:...-'....- ed; and. p. rm.-.. .i r y 'Problemns of. dlscrepanlcies of 'ode ,provisions,. si^us '-and '-',; ops ;,, 1$to stad. '-.ip .h olwn gene.. type .. .i Cdehi.
., ..... cI der . s i-n, ex rtg, Increasin .imports. an wthe *atonalee ,- h ave becoven y Bar,.. enh ligegho^ ^ l ... .o o..
S .t fa'r co pet't" n, .the effect' of cotton acreage .retriction a lso 'NRA. '." a ..endment ' ..In vest-. avb e'e i,,vaoled e.:d:v i
boe pr" U ct1 Ind.tCri e' aLI .,e wi.o .wlll euite'r l n'to the aCommittee's deliba atlon.'. '.. ... -... t ...- the ', qd.- ..te,4', ....a S'P Bo. .n":"
brim Wes a" "'Reprdesent atioN on w 'bthe eCommittde o s t oad ... .'" -"". "'".. .'. ,', ":
.: oF. Heintlo.eman, of the Unitd States -se.Department of puCaeabor ad 'othe Textiler abor a I 's .,mAi wgsor apenltniuntmors-
Service, .has .hpe n. ape pointed dSe pte N te aioiis 'Boai'd.owas 'osidered, botrts': Investosn. '" t, ..epriese..ations o appellans and intetr'r'--.
S le P P . .... ... A '. n ] mio"u"f-o....rov..... n..... .. :.. .........A'
IS istrateor .for CoreAt onservation, in. pa iai w ilas'dlc rded fo onwii- a meeting gFeb .Cn enoA e ofpciastme of ...towor rurlco;
... .. .D i . . .. ...p. .. ... t. n. ,_. .I.... ... .... .. : ..... b ... .....
.. vit n o, h e .. .. ,. -:- ,=-.. O. A p E s:3 r ,-- -A .:- -- ', ,. ,. ... ... . ... ..A

l ge of thei conservation proaviios Ith ruw i ryS 2 ith' spokes n .Co ..i or these., tewo: ,. o dit .." 'munitles. a ngalt argie tm ...............,
bte'.er .aud Timber Products Industries "g dncles '. '. '_.. v." 'y p"- Ives-- ent ,.bn o lleas, for speci ea enconsideration on the:.
ly*oe.. p ct 's t..e. aio Th -ism.-'Theve l ord pitdr .e4 ivetUlC U, y. gro t odfchfat te appellants were smf all.1
i to ha e direct supervision of the T., e tr .....A purr"s c t ow u o "' .. .,,... Cod te r..'........ ...-.....................i
",e.a- n oe", corae i h out that, inasmuch as it might be caile&. up .. ..' v .. :' -*- ." id' "e"..:...z.' '". .~
offercott pt itone 'for te Timber Pts and .' nta-,larond r iions, itiwildb'e. The- National Indutrin l Recdv' ery Bard Macl a ie-nl bou_.
podutIndustries aobnd m be's toc ^ is ,making those has apProved an. amendment to the s nvsoa'- teappre'eals ea Ba...g......; macttne ex.
a may be vbakrary conoy opester an d
_lige S uca trindbusta ise emed ie irsento e tt.... iO ssl: ecotvert Boat-Re; 'md 'k Barsellting r oone sanis dd' .turin ps 'g; or s; machine; t

i th e dssonse r ovation Servtie, i ae N ,an Action would'be x oedited'o by on- oyr com missions to investment bankerdts oy .. R ` o urnit, re .th.i- . '
at:.on a n te C e of t c- a o mson sed `Of di rteren et; oi g
| gi.those on pr es resL Co e r viue. for ao- ad .... ^--',atoro s toae prc'e theN securities irsest pbecasquied fr solelr i-,p .el jewl ry pqrtai sl fe,;o -a s texle ,A:dw
~liit foren t Fesourest aSeprovice, the N RA omines. Therefore,, neither the Textile r osters or for eventual distribution tothe reentdgahent; booth aelahoeemanu .ac .....g:.,..i
id te l0uher t oden., a Atrwite, the LabuorR'ela Bard no the Labor De- investors :he ImitaQnd ot appy t Represeuttiodg- acions ofadmlinstrae..
-formshe ForesSeriCode uhasobitgtionaoftedby-partment be re-resehted on the' Commit- members of a 'sygifcate or selling group .o-- te ofiia- ps..
e Department.e rvAgriculturee to cooperate b 'toee Both, however, will cooperate to the ex- genized to distrlhute an issu~e...o, Restrictions 0f capacity andplant expa...
th N A e c onsetonl acti.vithdre is atowrillt tent oftheir factions and abilities and will The amendment Is, nte .ded tinn.t n aa.g sreuoat..... ... ".
vs t.eran ica ser add o aiws In rin h t, s ied of the adCommittee's work. .the principle Of no- disc -ae t dn. rWeo cates.pfn i an puc.ha i e. company a. -.'
troreshte practilc 'arule s'sestu by tenvarorus .v. .. investors b~y putting lnvestmpnt bankerss on Emploirment.df.outtstfe saesmen.:.........=
administ rate agenoes.t Amend'neaen Appro ve a level with' priyvate investors when. .hey R.ight to' partdipat0 in tce. election .
1tide of the Lumber end Timber Prod- prhsscrlfrrncotndodeAtr
Instries Code-bindsmembersIofitheynot for distribution. ...]i The-.following'Codes have been involved&
65's mayie nocesarry otsc rcta es for C'ton *x' Code, missoas may b accorded investments tbank- ?crushed stone, sand'.and gravel, and ls a
otnon n ds sai pr ofuth e sr ers other than' .." bers 'of 'a-syndicate or ice, upholstery and drapery: wool ,terttlr
ationdn~ puppeI o.fh ult' and ubsustained production ofnls f. %Ea rest

urces." The' Industries Conservation t ntree d selling grou orged to distributean issue dress manufacturing; motor bus slate h
dinjpr04^^.:-- ?fe-1'Qg f be In:** defafiij^t,

a,.:.n appendix to the Code of far, corn- has approved an amendment to the dCotton only when the investment banker .submits to. sie'ry furniture menl fcturing smoli
o rsciegnlrule for con- Textile Codeclarifying provisions 6 for die- the selling syndicatea certifcatesting that pipe, retaUi- monument; throwing, ,ret forest rsrteresourcesgee and prov'tdes for the tributioni of .samples in the trade practices the securities 'are,'-to .be acquired solely .far .Jewelry; retail solid' fuel; silk textile, cot:te
uiation of detailed rulea bytregional governing merchandising the products of the the accoupta of clients orfor the.investment. garment; boot and shoe manufact-uring, sa
..a~encies. '.. .b. ,. e otton-jtbread manufacturing branch. .....: bahiker, account ,with the Intention ; 'dlery; leather; candy manufacturing; ft
5" Beintrle.pan, a graduate of the Ya~le .The amendment seeks to prevent tje':glv- distributing .the securities =in ihe .ordinary :dealing, hat manufacturing; American .glia
at School, l'consideredan authority on .g of samples of thread by members of : the o' .e busies.".. -. .. ware, trucking;" corset and. brassiere, ;6g&
oAmerica i Foiestry. 'He has been asso- industry as an integral part of a sale.oroaiSi '-e dment .add.a' new..subsection to masnufaturingd ; restaurant; .cotton. ptcke
dwith th, t'Se iAlaska and -a means of: making anY specific sale.It qbe-.i sectio'.4,.of'ef0d, trade-prac- pianc cocoad 'haind'.choolaate;bgre.hc part4
thereasing...xprtpIncreasing.and ccoong andoa 'heatdlhclaewrng..aplac.ana
co .,untr y.' '... -.. c-bame effective March 2. '.i'. 'n.... ... ,, ... .. .... .. ..idA
.. . ... ..,","f" "'ac e.g, '" ". .. " "... " .. .. ."'"" "
""..: " .'': "
a.OR 'j
.' . ... ,. v ,.. . ",/...'n o t e..&,\+.Lo
t Service ,,..ka ......... +......;.e... d'-e:u.. ty' 4. d is ;_:Bo'' --w. as. conideed bu .t aiq f.qpIo~lb .
'_k i r..h.e.e' tw.o ., .uJ,-.i',, la rge'.,." .....:...,, ,..'...

'',:'; '.* "' "" "* '"'" '''*,..' -- __ ___ ____" ,

.I.f.rmab Concbrnf.g .NO tices of Hearings and P o x o .i
...Oppo.rtunity ti. be Heard .. ' '
A. n '..' 9 .. ., _ ''

l re two tpe: '') Oral..he'arings, . .OPPOT T.TTOE ARD'nwrtng T.hurday, Mar. 14, '
nated bearing on calendar, nd (2) 'na .crlticiams,i objections, or sugeatto con- 1935
'fty' ito' beh beabd 'y theftf Bling' of wiltten ;cetnlqg..tpe subject metier of puch notitee muta ' T H Re
int of a f brja,- n ot criticima dealing be sinbmiltted, op or' before the final date spectfed 'Gnral Contractors In- Hall6, Libor Temple. HeapIng and o pportunl ty to e heard inagenent ioun
er:; D"eputy p p ... d Nu elst ca '244 a-1 ( t alasO, m-Tax,.1 a .,OO Pplroeiu for op-r

th sub iec t 0ar of eu~cl r tuobvjce.' ''inyt nenoi cHead .10 ""the prp Aval'of a proposed agreement estab
;.- - '" '! ~ 1 I~ T iI. ,] S( ruch t"s. ..g''iio

'e t;t "toorother:id a'n a hcom-in oof austruction In. Sherwood H. AVery, standards of.hours of labor, rates o pay, and other'oidi
F tt~b ~ l~ + "] ,'h .iln o W 'tt n e foL~ .t eor b o th m ter ofllc uin c h utie es mustay" 'n' '"he" -"

6''. .. a' tter of these' e a' sincatlon ote Ii at r). : Stale I. BR..A. ompl- employment under art. TI, sec. 1, of ohe'ConLruction o
.'.:,'+.. ~ ~ ~ ~ ''9 -.a.,,b ." " e , ." inuoca. i ns muot,- .tate :" (1I) Name ,o 6 d erf:ub. Iter ondsustery.;be mu fatu '.an betr,, selo .co rteP~toa ndsrs ecvi o
e t tante Na ent; ane director.. seclioa .7.i6) ofr the National Industrial Recovety Actall
l'l the schedulee publ hed "lelowA (2)name of.,correspondent add 'group repreete; certain of their eployes.In the region of Dallas County
I. ncAicopy',of any notice oe; 'y beoe.obtained (oeugge' ) ta a"'d',' ri i .sm, bo f.ct os,_s or'_"_"t'.-O_... '.,__,._"_eran__tete poye______egoo________t
s1 t from thetionalRec"overy.Administ.ra ulb r'*T' : -. 9 ; 9 'y -'
'oomb 836-Department'oftbmef-Bulld Th tfnter'. rfred t6 to: either, typ jday;.'Mar 15, 1935
`6Washlngton U D.C.'o iijd abe-irvsveet In any resennabli ge; 1 ."
WhltD. C. ,* ... .*:..,,. ... o .earcdliTb'vn .the asisa of suehr fact's, 'crltI- Banking.dustry ''446--6. 6 m 5, Barrp Bpding, rtunity to bie heard on application submitted E
*., ', _.. .d .', . me ad'"oiter,.consideratLofm a9s aire 'properly Washirditon,, C, 'Code A'uthorlty.for amendment to art. VI, sec:'12 (d)
'EARINGS (oral; : Ttoy we'wBhlg tb be-heard,' *before: the 4dmInl'stratoti. ..'. ,,:'" ' Wed M. Sve Code, gove-rng returns or:sLale products.
'flle'btwrttn' request, with the proper,Deputy ':, .Calendar ,is chroo16olglqdl, with alphabetical oat and BSui Industry, OakRoom, RaleighHotel, Harlng,on application submitted by the Code Authoi
iatratr,-' at. least.. 24 'hours befote'.. the date. rradigebrijentby ad'.ornutry, or each day. ,. Wasingo, D 10 amendment art.-i sc. and addlor'nutryforebdy.on.of.a new a D .se
'"thd searing,' whibh "'r est .mu'st astate.- : .'ari n'go .- "' "" ."' 9 ap. -,art. V-J. ",',
me'S o? tndVsiry id dlVe of',hearing. ....NOgE'u 'Sintceallj tIn-the pdinter's be FyrdtechnioManeact Boom 1861,'D epatm'entof SHearing onapplicetion of Anthony Splezio, 6f Unldn To*
nudsgdf persoawiWfshlnetq-testfyeanddgrouh', ,habdpi'y _l.'day evening next preceding the publi, urng-Indutry; 21,7-B: Commerce Bulding; Berl-County,.Pa ,for permission toerectaplant for the
6'n"-ed (.deniearo Washingtono g, 10D faoMtue of flrewotks, purspantto art: Vln, sec. l;oftheOo
sese (31 -delnite alternative. !rgposa. -OE''cktlpn .of. Tbe Blut.5ega.9ec'udt od
objectlond,:E wktboud frgumeznt:;:Bea Egs% ..not asho.W',ntices': posted on' thea'Officl Bulletin Ovid Roberts,.
Ononfiud s' .actuol t preaentacflm .Written'tBoetd-'sifernthat date,.nor .does this calendarBshow "Jr; m
'aco6ntainintg 'argumenta s' wleas fact'may other nrtngs for.the same dqtea which may bhave wholesaling Plumbing Barr Building, 90 Seven- Opportunity to be heard on applicatldn'bf the dIvislon
paperedd Inp 'sue of, th3 pubcaton. r odnets Heating Prod-' tenth 8trere Washing- Authorty for Division.,d. 4 for approval of Its bud aetas
'. ",'" .. ".. : ....o a. t s '. and/on Distributin.' ton, D .p,; F. A iBecht ; of contribution for the teriodfo No'S-6,-.9884,,to No7:

'.";. : .".;.-. * ', -
st'.'., ,,s p ,',,


~'999l 7'

ME- 1"lre.'RtAjil.1
y r ': ; : .. I.

!and Bn3'."-DO.reing
Printing Industry,,
:, ',- ,. ,. ,,'l ".,-

ld"arp .1,'1935
zet'a Pipe Mqnnfat"'
Sg Industry;.:.; ,
, .j.,Tf '., .- ,: ,,

stday, Mar. 9, 1'o35
I' ..ln.Trade, -87'-P2!.
,- ' *:-7 *

, . ,, D -' 1 '.,
'''TA,- Ah,*DPO1.9 \,'.'
;.. A ([l(-S t alQ ,' .

1 ; . r ,4 ..
'.' -f'. '.."? \ :' " 71, Barr Buildin;,
. Washington, V.0, '
A'' -fh t'9. .

I' 99I,-.r

91 ,' ... ',
*Bon46i,: A WashIngton'
I Hotel',Washingtou, Di'
S.':,O.; \0, *a. .^ 3o;+..O/.
S.R oberts. ,
Room 3022,'.Departmentp'
. "of Co nmerqcB LUldlng'!.
" Washington," D.,.'O.,'A.
Henry Thurstnj. ", '.

. 4.. ' . ;..- ,
'r .,? ., ^,.' ;, ".- 1 ., i ., .
'Rdo*" 4327, .Commonl'e'
i,..B ,ldin ,Wahington,
'*) 'n. ;IB e jerk..Obei-^,<

.' 9'' : ,"' "9 S. :

Bart'ulldlng, 910 Sevens-
,'. te'nth Street,..Washing .
S.. ..D;,'A. 8" Don'
'3ld ni ** ., 'i .'..:. : "

- _hfa -*- ak "-adiis- .. .
s^,Ww P, Hi-,,i ;,.'^:r" +,:i~'.:; ";*" +;*'; '*
ri*'i :*" .'.+ .m + i : '.+ j r' *vi ^ '. +, + 1- + '. ,m ;
,etndidntry ,376-122: itoiiiri07;pepa tm
+,'"h ;" "... l"",' '6f',OdniunercB'eB 2dmg,'l
.1 i ,-Was'llngton,:,- ., C:;,
., ..' .t'o e'. l
i9',' 'V .,,.s,'"if

,.. 9,. ,- A,, .

Room 61to,dsts 1613 tres,,
.-Washingtoh,. D..O., H.
, "Fe-ris White. ,
., ^';". .'. ;',- ,.:. ,. ** ,
*.. i'.,,',.;-'* -K ...:'.' . .
.18., Stre f,.Washing-
n,"Wir. '.r.''" :l,
I+. j;.:-, -ii ..': ,-.-?^ ;1: ,, ...

.:';t '+. .. "-." Sohorz& :+ u,'
'2$ i,~'. .' ,. 'j e. .P i
1g s mdust .; ,,2f- Y.oom 317,i.DY lke
..... V ....^ ''ri. n c.i as 16,01ou

ale' i- Monumental' r"o', b.; Iote i 'ti
e Indusr 484-7. ,' comm.r. B.
..v ''.i- -''. ,*--,. :,M .. 1"'.^
-.,o. .H+Y, ~ ri.

g'o -' ., V 3 2.. W De

..,.' *,.|..'. of .,.re B
T, ," ".+.j -1 r'(Waf toiu o r;,D:.<
*t! r l^.:*..&l' *,i;:. .,. -J. nsseDi t / ;D
'3 'Eooi'f.- t3, es
i ',e:f'. '~riduU~ty ,lulltl,,g, 'Wes+

*'-.t. it *** < *,"... .. . ." "** .,;I

S55 X ac-. q e3W022; i
g'ndosty; 63. 5 dof ommerca au
C"'. "Vt.,- W- < eingto,. D'C
,' :.'. ., '-, '.. tbr spsl 4 ',. ,
". '":' ; 'o^ fb ^. '*'^
: '.^ :*. il ,.-; ,^ ..... .L '. ,
....;., ?,.;.., .,. ,, ,*:.,. ,. ^...\

gerraI A i' Rooe- 3076," DepRt
sStryr"81-17. o lmmeno .jB

n'Garmauitindnstry, Woodm SblO tbejcft
"271 71 ; + i b marde'. Btil
aih., I
; .i *. .. ,., i E.'Oppet
6 +.." '. ,-,* 1 ,' ,T'. 6t '+,0l '" +re' Bu
'-1.."'' ,, ".,-*". ,,:.. '- m erhi coD, Bb
,,. / .. ; ...* d, *' **.iur E. ,Oppeo
kerhlale Indstry,' Rimi 30160, 'Deopa
54 6fbmnmerce 9lb
' t 4," Wleh ingtod,.1?.
..... roil T.1.36~oeif
m,,^. ,nod ar

L. *eTonk .instry.n Room'ISO 433,'ei
',6"'"" 463 Commrce.u
':- ".'. '*....1. ; W adshlngton,D
... ".' ,- eOverly, .5 a. '

i ,..' ' I't 4 '

n a"" S -'met Meta o. Rom64'Jbert,.
1arl:0 ReatallMng Room 4372, Bpapai
d6, 19-13." ... o' "'CommDaBu

Yam: ip n o:,/.";,,;. .. '71,.,..-
Wa. hing.ton.. C

'--- ^ neel S. B
In andrm Eqt.uMeta t Room7614,' lbearBu
er,1n .Tmdustry,- Washngton, D.'C
g a DnvSeetan of t L. W eiss.

nstruotlon Industry).

m Sr Regiser Indus' Room 3075, Dana
472-lV oft Commtce au
A_ Beverly S. King.

.""" 9,* "," I PROPOeD ACTION' '' ""
9. ..
.'^ -, '.,' .'*.' ". .'.,' ,"' ', .1 ,' '* ". ',

Opportunity to 'e heard on appllcatipn'submitted by the Codd
Authotiry for a stayof costs within .Trade Areas Ns. 8, 10, and 36'
R ,fi'Dlreson 0o.; .21"otf the0 industry. .The' National IndustrIAl
SReTeOry,Boat dihL'rder p0-211, dated'Feb: 19; 1935, canceledl,
'- thede c'Ot determinationl,,...' ,, '. ' .

-' i'99 1 9 /* ,** **
':," .:; ,/ .r *. *." -.;..-.', ,. .'. ..
Opportunity to be heard'on applicabtion submtteH4by.thie Coe
,.''Aothoritydfor'in'andipht'to'art.'IVbofthbe.Code.' ..
y ;'."- '< :.+-" -?*, *:.. ..** ^ ' ,'"-'.,. *'., .* ', *. ,.r.
IOpportun y't bh.heardon agillctiona su b'it.ted by'theoCode
I.t Authorttitr. amendment of-art., IX.ofA,the.Code (records and'
/.reports),. . .,. .
I_ .,- t"I j ..1I ;. I .-i; ;!'* \- 1 i *" i i I . i -* S

'Opportunltyto ieieard,,,on 'applcation.'submitted by the
" Cod AuthorIty' forapprpval of an interim budget for the'period.
.', betweeas Feb. 1i aih .A'pr. 16, ,1935.6.,;".,', ',
- a" 1- .* ""- .. *
"* ; ..*; *" l t. -' ~ 1 . *i **e * n n '* 1 J ,
Opportuty tobe'hear4.onappllcau'l o tie .Ode AuthlofiyW
-'f.or.amensdmen.ta'sec.15'a'vli'oftWegode,. ,. ,".
',' " . "' "' ' "' " .' '

- .' '.f,. 199 r'..'1 1,' 9 9'9' 9 i / .- '

'Oportuni -, hea- '"'on .p"icati 'suBmitted by t.' '
, Cqdb.Authorlty'.or amendjoent, to art.:!I ,ec:'. organizationn),,
. boftoeCode..., -.: . ,'' 'ti- -
.. *' .. ,. .... : ,% "1'.' 1 %- -. ,9
'. "/ . .,' ,-..' A *,-
Opportunity'to beheard bonappllckton.6ot tb' Coda Atbthortr'
.. forcancelardon bf exempltion codferred In pa'. 3 of Administrative
.Order No, '6 dateu Iay.26,34; ssch be effec-
ttve as'Vf lg'1'9.. ,1, '.'?-'"" 9* *.: .. . ', .
Op'p n t'he ard'oauapplhaetioftifle'Egld Pencil do..-'
' .TI7''East FoIrteatth fteai.Ne.t'.. orkCity .tot 'exidmption'tcom
' .'the.bostlng.'ol]abprproi ssnB"o.tfi Codoe-fgr this industry stand
*~ fobnmsonibpyiIs th he, "mrinimm 'provided'In suchb.:'

~ l h', w ii..-' P'. IJ.I.O : ...Not ,'.n
. .. i .. I. E, . .. '
tM'ale.qeisd'tN ,tppgltl~toa..of tie Fish Net and:'.
krsei JQ.,'for, 6iimptionrfrom the.labor'prt-.
Ooe' and (or' permisidod to operlite its entb irplant
'p'.rpo.vislbnasbf the.Co tdnd. TextlUe.Iidostr y Code. '
aeoT id'd ron aplcatibn'of Rich'rd 'Myers. ft-
N-tlb g oY,',Ph$0delObiaPd., forexemption fror .
eof susec,3pfsec. A' oftt.!V 'and oftsutoec 2ofsc.
4he' to.hbous or'driTers'ande lpers.. ..'

i U. .. Ut ..U,.J IU .LU ''IUJL UL'petSUl LUUUt '19 y Q Ug aK,.g. I

i *, ., . : ', ,'
tnet Opportunity'to boheoprd on .ntodment, to the.Oode-'recom-'
ildlfig, mended- by the Nationail Industrial Recovery Bopad after, con-
'W sultation wlth'a spktl, committee representingthe ,Code.Author-
,' t 'Ly ofthe'industry.' .. .- ... ,' ., '
tnfenT Opportuiqlty to be'.eardi'on., bpplintton submitted by the
gion, ' Odet AutborItyfo"r approval 'of its budget and" basis.of contri-
,osar,. 'butlontortbhpe'iof6dli'Jasi Dec.31,103. .
'. The'total estimated. budget odr'the' ent Ire' paeriodis i$14,6 1.40.
.,.The basi,.6ofcohtribbution is-as follows: ;f,.of.l. percent of.gross
'saes per month,',wlab a of'$2,pr month.and a mari-.
''mum q. l.000 pemont . "'... '. .'
Otment pportfuity tobq hpard:on'apllfoation of the'Gode'Authority
.ding, .for.the termlnatio.6rthee'pluoncoufedId par. 3 or Admi-
i,,trsittve OFder X?-36 dated May26, 1934 and fqr approval of the
g .. budget ndbasilof ontrlbutlo or the pod rom n. ,to Dec,.
81, 193. ' o "r.: +'"d'o an. '0t ..
TFbe 'total' ambuht of the budget Is $1,70... 'The basis of contrlbi-
N tion Is to be the relation of each meber'ssalesbto the total indus-'.
9"trn''ales based'upon]enda.yearod'.1934... '-
ment Oportunity to be heard od:applidation submitted blithe Code
ilding. Autority for appkqva of its budget 'and baslsof.conbtribtoo.-
, r be' tobt b adget is: .$2270. .Thei:baslsfto. cootrlbutob Is: ,'"
''j _AVerent oft3Ji no wsales.payable,. monthly '9Thd ,total
,it*. ^t %dntedn'rs +olr~thye. .'r^.- is+ .;.0.-' :y,..'.,
entol'. ',ppprtnIt .ito .b har on 'application submitted by' the ode'
to 'Goo .",.n .
Idl Authority for amendment to 'sec. 23,' art. X and sec.' ', art.
16'' IV, of theCode.
..'.0( IV o th ode.'" . .. .
nh i ... , ',
tente' Opportunity to be heaprd on a Cplcation submitted by thb Coideh"
LLdlng, 1.1 Authority.for'amendment'to, irts. 'V, VI, and X.of.the Code
; '2 + '" " I
tinent Opportunity to b.eheard on'appUlication submitted by the Code'
ding, ,'' Aut5rity for approval of Its budget and basisof contrlbutlonfor,
);.,0, :- the'periodfrom Jan. .lr un'eJ6936., .5 ,'.
'. The total $17925, The baits of con.tri ution Is as f6olowa:
96 of I prceit of thae dolar volume-of'sales .of the products of the
-te aesoffd eod
I. :' industry pBhle zhoothly, and basedoni'the sales of the preoed-
t, g month, '" .
rtment Opporuanity tq,be hWeaird on application submitted by the'Code
l nding Authority for anDmendpelt tovertain pribvdslons of the methodd
D.. 0., ': 'of assessment.and estimated receipts"eas spoua-inLthe budget and
d. .basis of asessment o'thde 'Natiusi control Committee.
oldh Opportunity tobe heard on, applIcttdn stibmitted by the den-
C., trial Code Autboritryfor'approval ofits budjet.ana -basis of assess-
Sment for the easterntdlvisldn.' Tbhe:total'amoisnt.of the budget is
S. $10,712'60. .Thebasis of assessment Is: H6o o.l ppereant, ofthe total
grpsa retail sales of fem eanipptent.of eacn.member or the trade
n the above me iHoned aria, which Is moe particularly described
In the Code for the retailt,farm equipment trade, for the period
begnninngJIan.l, and adding Dec. 31,1934. '
ilding. Opporlktuninty to .be. heard on application of the divisional Code
o., Ira Authority for'apprbvol of its budget and-basis of contribution
for the peridd'from Jan. 26, 1935, to Jan. 31, 1936. .'
The total budget for. the period is %1.138,608 0.6, Basis of contribu-
Uion is: W of 1 percent of the previous months gross .business for.
National Code expense and in addition assessment (or regional
Sand/or State and local Coda expense frbm',o of percent to H of
1 percent (as the case may be In the Instance of any given regional
and/or State and local budget) on the basils'o[ the previous months'
gross business. ,
rtmeut Opportunity to be heard on application of the.Code Authbrity
Lildiog for amendment to art. LX of the Code (price guarantee.
l. 0., .

SPi' -ttings, -. and
Valves Industry, 508.

9,. ** .; '9'*
* I '



ry an




*he total amount of the budgets 3_5,050. The basis of Oonlli
Stion is:LK of l percent of net sa]es. schedule Is given and ti
S.'ber are granted prIvilege to elect' to pay'the figure in the br ]ij
.'udxtighest to their net sDales'In .1933 or to 'pay on the b. f,
actual net sales. .. - ,.'..

Saturday, Ma, 16," > ., '
'., '1 9 3 5 '-' .;", ,, '. i ' ' ' ' . '.9.
.',1 9'9''"1 -' '" "' 9 ' ";
: etrhetig'.aoods'Man-nfao-'. "Room 402, 6518 .KStreet;, OpportunIty to bo hoaidrdonappllcetoo submitted by'thQa',
S ng Idustry, 2420. .Washingt-on, D. ., i 'Authority. toaendlen to art. 11, 'par..2, subsection (1,:
1g* '.o IW. L. S"hur . deleting the' words '.,gym.rasium nd;P.laygroud equipmen
SPaintin, pFapertaning, White Building 2911Am i Hearing end opportunity tobe heard in connection ."fr'
anDecorating industry,' .'Street, Buffalo;' N: ;', application for approval of a proposed agreement establishl
S 6244B-4 (DIvision of he 12 noon, Fred'Raybri ..standards of hours'oflabbr,'rat sbf pay; abd other condJtiot
OonstriiUtiou Industry). .ixecti eesslstacState employment, uhde[art.j'1,'sBe. l,.ofthe Codeoffailrcomintl.
'." ATcomp a office y e7.for theconstrtotionindusyy and sec7(V)ofr the Nationalita
. . .*, ,. '. '. . .'trial Recovery 'Act. .:' . :
. ;, M EL .. is,
M onday, N art IS ,'' *, -.,':' ""' '" ' 1 ' ' ,'" "; .. ,'

SArtificial Flower ,and Room'"40(1, 0.Deperrtenl '"pportkrity to be hpiard 6ho appeatiod aubmitred bythe'
FePther. Industry, 29-19. of Commeroe Building,' .. Atithority for approval .of it s budget ad'bans ofl-contlbmt
. ... "Wasngton, C ., forthe perodfrpmMar. ITtoLeo3e15,1935. .'.' ':
.M.'D. Vinont.n ',. The total amont'dfI jhe-bodat 'is $t3,7J1.87. 'The Basls of
" " ,'.. '- .' "' ",,, "'.tla rion is: % of irpe'rcent of the gross'sales less retprns'fo,
.00 *'," :, !':" : budgetary, perdod,'eabh member to pay notless than $15'tor
4 i','." '" '. '" .'. ..' 41. '. ..., period, such.$16 beLok.du6jBadpayaleaMar. 1.,J935;.labelss'Ea
S' .. '' :. 4 . '- ":j ',, .. e sold to mineinobers t -76 cents per thousandd'; '
'Srush'Manoiacturing In Booi 402. 15s18K Sitreet. Opportunity to.leard an application of he CodeAntlo
Sdustry 360-13", ., *NW, Washin'ton'jD', for,Biendments oart. Iofhe Code' .:
".' '" "" ', : .,"'G .,'W '. L :'Sohurz'. ,"* ,_ '. ,, ". h i-(** * i .j"
,CW L'' '., .' """"" i . .
*'D s Manunfacturing In 7Room 4067, Department of. Opportunity to' be heard pn applidatin submitted by theO,
dustry Commerce Bulldin',, ut&dl ohi'ameodment to art."V'oithbe Code. The NaIs
i ,.' '" ,- .. Washtlgtlori'D. 'O3, M." -Inustrlal Recovery Bo1ad approved thb'amnendlent by,O
,'p) '- *) rD.Vient. ,- ' I-',. -q84-68,'dat4dFeb 2d, 1935, salddmdndment-and saidOrcdertq"
...' ," ..' .1 9 . A,.;,.? ., .come-6lfeotIve-20 days frontm'-.thetlae ofth6;ordear nles"g
.,, -. .. ,. , ... useto the'coaIt atry, be hown'prorThoreto.' .,"i -
flentdher6jlref Iiduiatr, R.o'm 3015t6,', omtece O1 _ortuhity to be heard on application submitted by the',
,.7, ', . "''Bplldln''Washidgton;' 'Aifthority'for.approvap-of its bhdget'.nd basis of contriblptiod
-:. 0.' :'" . .:C *D. ourtonBE. Op-,"' the.peri6d fromn'NoWy,:.,,1934, to,'936b.. ,-..'
'.'" :- ," ", ,'., penheM. ., ''" ''I Tbe total 5udger is S36,429. 'The.bas 'of c ,ntibuann a910:1o
L..'. '"" |tiparcent oienbt'dolar.'sales of theainaustry. '" .
'Harin ;n abplfg~ati 'oenqto i
Iddtriirrnaceranu- Roo 208, Departet of, 3n 'Hearing on ap latio'sibntt' th ,Qode othrit,
"'* Iietry Coi meerce' B.iding;' t to e.Lof art. V of the Gode' (pan.istratlori).
r, Y .,' ,9 ". 1 i" i ." x dt
A' '.Wiishngtoo,,D.C ;',V ''"* "lo"d'll o.Cis.
M 'sothIng'Industry The Falrfax.o ,', .Hearing. qn( appli.tcoun.%sbmltted byte QodU o, lh
I 0-L lardHotd, WashIlngton, 'i.inti, 'Ohio,lor .exgeipttion frim'tbe provisions of art. IT,-SBa.s
D, .;10 ClOa '. ' as'amenddd, :of'tbl' Code, for its plante'.ln'rhe northern area
"a ..'dinC in. l' haand'Lbtain;Ohio,.andSanford,Maine;At
'. ' .' '. manufacture 'of certain'types of fips asd boys' clothing .m
I... ,. '. -. ".. .. .'. >.. ,'f" from, npalm-beach eld6th'... ., '. .'
ile.tdaranutfacturtn *orth, private "Dining Heringdo"appictatil'ofrthe Southepn Qan & pMcanuotacti
'dias'tr'-347-47-499-W 'Room, 'The Carltkon. ;:,.;.BhB.tringbaZ' A1 ',fdr..exemption from ,theprovTlioep
'';'.(A&'bdllvisto'od,'be h Hotel, Washingtp 'l"theobodA,'pursuant'to Execottve Order 6204-B, dated July
.'..A'+ f _l _.,-:t. ,,. ,i C.D ,.10a. m .0 '- 41933.' ....".;- :' Ig ',+- :,. .
Solid'BaidBedCor.lndu-e Room ."-2062 COniete iOpriot llthto be hedird on dp'plication submittedby.'e'O
'try .2.,. P'*i ': :"'- Build: i'Bt ng, -Wvashingtndz 1 Authbntyf t'various amendments to the .Code,.. : .
Y-.' + ".'9-: '-"; 'P l, a' V br' ;.." '' '''' t'" '' 4t
&aM qnH- -' rW6i.i' ppo1inI to be heard on applrioao bttteh by the.
i'.actrm-ig'ndru'n ty, ,of omi, erce Buld"n6 herirA .tY'b fori amendment to art,' .of th. Cod .,'
,; 1 3 7 L- ' . . o W a s h n, . . . C : '. , : ., ,; ]
/.+". '.. ,' '" Beverly S..Wing. "
; a o Be,-'elt ,Indnstry; i .Roo' ;406.! Ommere' P Apportunlty'to beiheara dno applicaHob-abmrttedtoythe'q
.' iBulldIng, Washington. 'Authorityfor amendment ro subset- 5,ssed. A art.'V, of.the.
'41u-17.d. a ir 1 1.. C: D.V.ent t adeletionofaobse.9,se. a.B; YIotheCode,
.... .'., C: M.D ..Vid. ahddeletion of~as, 9 h 'B,'sr jVI,.fteC od, "
.D' ,.E,tta,. C.. d.e,

-,.Tuesday;'Mar.' V9,' .
S.'" ,1935 !I .
:Academic'Postume .Indus-,
r. 5-. "" '
1" .. -
Fur IMa'bufacturisigk In-
*d idstr.y',,440-B, .;Fu
Mblulactut-ng c.Trade,.
S60-B-22-H A(.upple-
S'mBntaslto-Retail Trade).
i- n= ,1^' i -; "n ,,r t In ; '.
Preformed .S.astlc Prod-,
. dcts' Industry4'S59-16 .
.9 )'"

0 Roong end Sheet Ietal
Contraotiog Industry,
'.244-H-20 (Division .'of
Construction Industiy).
'IThe Oxaeetlene Indus-
try,'1 .6-27,.' ,, ,
,, v.' "" '': 'i
-; 4 ; '.. +

.. -,. ,*< !.;:*
;. ,p -.?',. .. +', ;
.Room'i 4067, 'Dep't meAt
-of Commerce' Buildfbg
SWadbingtod,' D. ''
M'-D: Vincent. .:,
Auditorium, Depart-ment
;of Commer;ceBuildIng,
r 'W'shington;,' D. Q., 10
,a.'n.;.Prenrui Coqney.

Robm 4327, Department
ot Commerce Building,
Was'hitgtdn, 'D: C.,
Beverly Ober., ', '.
, ,.,. .,J .. .
"' 9" 9" .'t '

'Booim 614, .AThlees' uld-.
SIng, Waip.gtbn, D.'D ;
IRa L..Wales ':, "
RooI' 4057,'- Corhere
d B ling, Washington,;
D C. O.vidE, Roberts,
Jr I

, tWddiesaay,,Mar. 20. 1
'+, .= :'1 si . , -,7
',Bank and i'Security'Vault Room9' 3074, Department
'* Manufacturing Indus- or.Oommerce Building,
try,'411-8. '.' Washington, D. .,
try, "' Beve;ly rKing, .
. .1 , __id ,
'IoommercialVehlcle Body Falri Room, '.WilLard
..ndustry, 46-C0. iHotel, Washlngton, D.
' 1- **t"'. 4 6 C .O ., l o0 a m .
, Fudry Equipment In- Rdoi, 639, 'Investment
dustyr, 264-12. Building, Washington,
"': D.iC., Neal W. Foster.

, ' ,, 9, i ,
,9. ',, ,, ,. .
9 9. ..' 9. .

Thursday, Mar. 21,'
,. 1935
'Crushed Stone, Sand and
Gravel, and Slag Indu.s-
; tries, 4. : '

Monday, Apr. 8, 1935
Men's Clothing Industry,
,I-t0-K- .'

Wood Floor Contracting
Industry, 244-K-'.
I 9 !
-*' *

Auditorium, Department
of Commerce Building,
Washington, D. C., 10
a. m., Barry S. 'Berry

Small Ballroom, RalelR06
Hotel, Washington, D.
C., 10 a. m. M. 'D.
603 M'ilam'Bnalldng,
Houston, Tex., 10 a. m.;
J.': R'. Howell Jr, acting
esecut tve assistant State
NRA compliace office.

9 :4 9 1' '. .. .' I* '

dpoSnlty to Be heard on apUplcation of the Code Auth.
&t'rtumination of exemption conferred'In 'par. II1 of Admli
,ie'OrderNo. X-36, dated Mlay 0, 1934. -. ...;
Hearing on amendments to'paut into 'effect'' tecommendatio
'th special commission appointed pmiftarl t o art. I,,'10,
tbe Code. certald:amendments proposed by the.National
dustrlhlRedovery Admitistration and certain amendments the'.Codi Authority and the recommendations Iy
Code' Authbrity that the'order staying ser.r'(1 ofr art. Vm
.C o d e b e 't e r m l n a t e d .' . . .- .. . .,, -
Oppoirtunity to bi heard'on application submitted by the Ci'
..jAuthority for'approyal of its budget and basis or contribution
." thpe'driod-fromE,Ja. I to Dec. 31,,1936. .
* Tli total amount of the"budget Is $14,25;. BMis of contri6t
Is:One perqen.t (1%) of'net dollar .spiles Of each member'p1.
Industry, payable'quarterly and 'based oh sales ior the pre4
' quarter., '. ..
6Opportunity to'bh'heardon aipplibation of tle CodeAuthll
* for amendments Ioarts. II, Uand IVjof the Code,. "
9" '," "

' bportunhlky to be heard on applation submitted by itb
.tAuthority for an indefinite stay of be provisions' of art.; VI
'ec.-3, of the Code Insofar as they affect sales to.railroads..
,'.. i *''4
- ., 1 .. ." .---- ',-~ .--
* ;
-." f ., ,.-^ ,;. j. ,4 +
Opportunity to be heqrd on ae`pplcaition snhml.tted by theal
Authority for two amendments of the Code which conslsta1b,
creation of a new art. ,XI (open price system), ano the eddlN
Sof a phrase to art; VI dec. 1 i)t organizationn and oonsdhimtl
Code Authority).. .,, ..', "'
'.Hearlngon ppllation submitted by the Code 'Anthority.
''art. I of the'Code.." ,. -:
Opportunity to be heardno ipplicatlohn'submitted by t6l'.t
Authority ford approval of its budget and basis of contribution
.te period IromJan. 1 to June:16, 1935. '
The -total budget i b4,983.96. 'Basis of Contribntion is as foe.
Seo bft 1 percent of all annufli sales (Including repair parts)
Saged for the preceding 5 calendar'7 years, the assessment toilp
'rated-and approved tor 5K caleend, months, or until Is
: 1 9 3 65 . "

Hearing tin Vonnection with amendments to the provisoili ot
'". of the Code (definitoqs), "
.', .. .. '. '.I

Hedrlhg; reconvened hearing, originally e heduled 'for.6
1935,'and'on that date adjourned to be conducted In tbl
ballroom of the Paleigh Hotel, Washlngtqn, D. C., Mw
SApr. 8 Uat 10 a. m., and to continue until completed.
Hearlngtand opportunity-to be heard In connectio11.
application, for approval of a proposed agreement .".s
standards of, hours of lator, rates of pay, and other end.ti.
employmenit u der art. III. sac. 1, of th C64 of the co
indostry'and sec 7 (b) of the National .idostril 11eOT..
affecting members of the wdod floorcontractIng d1.l v ,,f
Industry and certain of their employees In.'the regIon.
County. Teax-. ', "

'9 '9 t. ' .9 ''''I'. '

..I, W .
AIi,. 'Pr.nd-

K' a
K. Sret,,.}
D-' O.? W.1:I.-










u ..try,

,. ', :;., ,9. ,. .. 1
. . .' .


-- , I . .. . TI






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i i i, p" ,1 .... r a




i . I :' "'" ..'s .. :.' _'.-...'".t11 1 I(
gRecommendation It riterpretatibns K Cl
: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ,-- ,_f._ -, :' _. .;:, . .. . . ...." "- Z-, ;:=, ,- .J.IM ... a ....W ..d
4,'" ,'n n' n r ' * '' '" "- "- *'l' 'b ,...' '. .i ...:..'. .",.,""''"%. .
I Ii.d.ugt,'C hstu to I d r "...."-_. ..!.;.j.i-
.,~~el^Qr 6. .. T l 1..-^ -*-Chs^u^
S O n F u rlode ,278-137. Article sections.. .1, 4 ... o. ..24*- wdtizeeti&A m B-ar ;.
- "" .',,',' . 1 .r ,. ,w ... *-. ,...5 a, ", ,- ", ,, ".; 'ep. ",

;'"... D a ,Q\-yrl FACrs14^-The Nattidnal .Code Authority of, practices: of; art~I^ yT 'thd4:a&rdl ^ ;.: <^.4 t ^
U n eje t eoL -* Yrukg dusty has submuittd'facts: to 'thor i 'reg .e oi-.inake-'f4.*atr.$ e.;:. ifk.::a
......., I ... ._- . "...,: : P % .

.- .* .. that the Railway Express. Agency,, Inc; .i.0 e. ect a.l bidd.1or,' c :i dwhdr !fJis.-Ipnce,..%
transports ceti property b vehicles over .. ,th In twet.(OIaa.s af:t, -te'sp.., t...C.,pM. .tl ort'.e.i .- ..-T
:., ". .. :: t, ...- ;..
.. f .' .J. % .... .'-,- r n- f .1 ".

..N Bn ,=ules B "ro.kets Are the pub-icl-y ed roadways, an said ime for eevng o .b-ds, except wh-e.e a "n"tr ; ".effet lv'-"Marab,
Pr p ey I c. l.e, .'d P,:roper .... 6 "-, "."r .a roug ef" 'li"':of h"-.. 'a. ", een "emet-i..''"":. .:. -..,"" :.,.fro..- g
e press '. ,I raaIa' ,biddersIr" a d..- ihd,.asb *" '!-I .sb H..y(C
7:.-- .--' --. . . ,. oT h ae RailwayExpress Agepcy, The s Inc sub-..' wore biddet.o A ". "'...'_!. ..- -.. ..'
:. .- .. .Y ..d QUESTONS: I( creaae h ..q. ."."

;__-._- are' in many. I.stinces fiid by St.te or Fed- l request, for an ekte-sin iof tiinb$:4ans. -be..*.*- ^
B ur,Dlea.I o e~rs Are wltdfci~t s rowtsteWr aty,.vees is-' ',.aysce wbe.".rA fgs levmetls i.:nr.
.. .* .* er ui r egulat.sdrybodies, a nd that', te i. e .im i oren e' to al n o-,h e. bld ittedI-l'.r-.l '1;?,

^ T"i- -,ab. .l. In cdstrial cW i t a .p"oyees w. under labor agreements .aroiedg ' n it .;is :uffSc beni; to' : "e 'u "^'pte u
ons sMarch -4. pfd. meters fe ur aPU-suant to the m Railway Labor. Act. gThe ony. to der. pdds th. sp-.:' '
b dealing trade tha r bD okers.- ad a.uc d Tru ingI.Ooda Autority requests ..has .t -.. an.., tw 2), all bidders ar.. bou..4" bv"e- 1 we... a. ...
. .t..oneers ..ou.dcontihuet.Be nlded. under Pretation . ..whe. o.not the....ailay, r tension *6f .time; ovidead the regeJt.or 1.
.,. .. .4..1:ny I nc. ,Is si.edby t.te.. o bder .an tn np yeo esi :.:: .s.o.V
the fu.eli tad'pe.Tern'itra f :C eiittn',ft th Tud~~it ndi.. is...-(4 .:.Ctd sko.tr2 pdd,s ..'V,X ,.".. aae. w.A.. .;

.ppe"i. 'a. 4 ad r,-- .' ..... .t .' -e' "tr ry tht ..'dofi ,ati t ,t .,-t r.-Th"' e ent ofth t''

..order Including them the Code be re scibed. ,:,
.7oked ,ae nd tha t theyr. be place *t"Bder ..e. ... .-Fart, ,of w er a'', ags r section .10Q wbich relates to the. time wa. m lenanc wo fe .
' .. Basic Code, ti.d, ebr . th af"pA' t QtESflONJ te, c par it which :,cbids. are, to 4be% aw;'rded by the ^ d o-u.2i A-d,,redJemfrgeny -,.

" Ti.nT s is -the f '. case in wbi-r b'rl ths 1 recoil tra.nspoTr tsi property'ngy.."ode ;t'ryvn.reIqueys.tsawarding .aut.otty is to.aip.e 2rWasb'stie4 niajce l *drg,,' h;oiim..4a
*xendaionso a ue ei l~fh udnlalA.asBoard e rs n, .ndw a aw ad 4 ...".' r '.t0 l

^have been dle'tntehy rejected -by it~ nco e tv ;Dt,.thsported. By th. e proers cory is .ta ''sd~wt beeog a7are ,w/o5f-;dn;*.ve.o*-.'- cWSt bcalAoatc d
:Bo' ar ,' und'er .?I -tP-cM .t'by-" $ reovery."hugh express' receipt, with:,spo uododelay. To *provyide- foruexceptional V^pudtbJ.^ gencfch)/.: .Ewo" d .cy- ' a
'p '. .ing and recomrnwed'tat ,the- age.s ... such comp ...q..u.o. ... dted *,c],Vuse.' was inserted. i i ',';, -y" ', :* '-.%loyet ;a : .iI,d. ae pt m
In ist . ning recm. ..m.endtons tha y b he or%...f Far-Compee.t, oafo 1'-.. Tlrhe qudpp clansesre .uirqs a, t ew,; ieo
sor er ube hh frdslg tae (oe' ta~o ~~~e~roe ..,er, upon the un. ..eCparticular Cproe.ject.... .f > ..' I 'ea. .rrie s -s 6.dd.'to... d
.. ,e ,n .Fg re een.t.e. .o.f. frdr5 ... _TAT.O.b ,. -'. par t or'eco ai to ay tw o fsad be er iatterg.:I ,,.-
I ., ."t h th C de ,Th q o eJ, L."'ca s r .. o ari ... ,- .e. .. .M-,-,,,!, V'

.erag house It ur..ed cancellation of.tth .",a eflne ; ntheTucing Coein. issuffici. e ns t t. o pemt' the, of time e oe',..
oa s -en.dment an e inclusion of eur brt ker, brta, pn- o property ana or .ak. thea..a d.Oncete:. .-;lwra i-,N
.. ... .... .. 1I r" % .,4.- .." ... ,, .

under the basicCode,, with terms so far erice n denta 'thereto verpu yusbd has beengr dit--apples'toalld-,-,.eon. tp tu re'.',ao
'psible. i ..entica provisions ,ot *t .. ys: It l., ?.,uledA r respct iv o e e o not e hav .i.-

'^Cde tar their. dealing, trgde. I. -*!1 -that; where/ 4nexpresscmal'tdsbrs cma; ...Afte fur.her.... '.. ".titibr. the '.National iAr.operty .over1 .pbcly.used ' ,b.:. Thepart. a t to a.e, ,
,keLnstrial. huRecove,', -Borg d found ne that the vehicles; and sucb'propetrn isottru ported ba to d n ii, .o e a n.i

.miponsots 'of .athe lur dealing, trade Cfdr" in udpr eits :thrpgh pes.p.t*iiig' press redeipt p -with *i are to' be n ward4^,a d .dods-?e' ' t ea ta
."; man" firms. wPih ac t.'ae o Railway carriage, B cto rnj'u-y I subject td6 c-^ac1m
,,a% ?U6ziee, s.;msny Iof them do.busineass both the Toreu of, Fairn oampd'f aoro;othd'Trc-'ui' hi ysbid, whether9ji --in. 1i-b ,'!Ohi t indua&&r.- IAItbgie OA V
"on; their own account and as brakemBs *The in~g 'Industry';lin suLh.trajispdrtatiqaervid& been:-o^btaind,.'^ -t:Y,K: Kf4 .s4^,i- 4' ^ ^e dusjnakfl
pl1lne ..of.differentiation,. -the' "Bpard found, i \Hoqwever, to- avoid conflict- between, the'.a- 1 :-*.,; -r '-," ^''^ ^ ^''Yt i#'3 npikwibn^ pebd'^0.iol44y
i^&1ayws' difficult and gederbihy impossible of pl~catlon otf~the' *'determinAioa3n. -;* I *', 1 any ,other ;;Federalni''iaw .or~ia-ny iStefte 'law "'-1-. .'*fy .l'.."lA-f Cod*;?9 *^ ^e t'corttais, anda&-lhr
Lacdfcap o h,&/A,krsa. apd nucuuoneers ;.L(articl 'ection 5, ,o're|'T -af M"neCJ6dii au c ung. inuuptry., &(n*~Iaustitkecovhy Act ^robib
thsi e basicC Gode woua Tesult,'tt. the .Ro- Itr I s n ea. ', e-d n ltts'rl.expr 't hnesl *tate that the, pron I '' .......... ..on fe.-d ri -
'of tile n m a of """ ur deal'" lowing caq.... & -a .. :pars sub P .'r ..nd a-e.. n.A I
,.f: .L_ e. .adI.m .t Igato -i-o",te 1.; .ahonal ., cas e Rap!.y.,A e',. I.u e c..';. -':re e ^ct a ^. .. .,nr. : ,le' 1

-(o-er' 'Bs~rdafReoundy, -Inotrgl oundg .the t ,bren man of..tlean ..suce proert i sn otlica'lefr"heifol "'N a' '- l' 'e i-
-,rada. Codeontie.hNationalecoer Admn- -, 1. -a n e areia ment' pu i theTrum;g ,C e FACTS-i o. .gpearlnt to ':.ntain m Ci gOR .La' ,
;..tra on.. Th l,. a.i" si.tuahn was found -c 'i In,. ppllcab' wh, w ,obut only insofar ,?;r s att, te ec. hnLif 'rrbe ...f ..i";, "'at .r
,'eon i conseqelentia d- .iany -comblio ue wssh the 'provisions of.a State gbd an ei bo tq i.t 4ebd wormettin ttS a oo....ds,,,.....
n ot" 0 involved" ', ed eral;l.w.-6r-the forder/,decision,"lor..porcelain.. .n.. .c'-. 0..-'nubr"ave:"..on
-, ,0--, I.I,.'.. ...+%..-:L .....,

..In .vtew aof these fln dngs;te Boardsruled ng of any. State. or Federal regu .,lator.y.b.dy teiprt e .drti ..e ; se on.. ,. i g ,
.that 4 te sponsor of the protested, ,o", amend'1 ould (,i: t oau.s o*-!preoIs'.co....;Vto:vie a -. b m t o .,eio '!,, ."O ;:I
meat.. are te ruly representative of. thei entire o .. 'such equ remotno ouadite oia id 'r .l.ekin'..ode d whic.h r"ends. as.f. i-ec y
d: .stry ,,that the, ord. er appr v.g the.amen 2" The oatorap r"" .'sons r. the rou"cng Th i mateof-bor n"w"',,.",". n".fe',b gBs e ah.' ;'k'. .-':'.'..

p'ieni"issuppoirted -y evidence. rn-the t record 'Code are inapplicable to the extent that'1-. -sch nearer or" otherwise" refunds, :comnusslons- he it w hbotfrtbLet .ma ^ .b ed
^ ^ *^ oa~loP~er.2*^93,. ,"^ nnd usryS-ee1Ofin-etf-'rn .\Apra of ^P
a -l -- ,-e . . .. .. "- . . : . . .-'' i ," 1 f ,' .- .. ...; , :- a s t -l l .H

.~poigi r qdeep~so d litg. texpRasLrcepiwyLbr-At ..someraifwa~y aramend t~qb~ fit of nid:,an ey Bhiienovw &Bordi~bted-,F-tb. rlgh-a to- in:1 -- -t-7

Wbe n, te ipfudeaing t rae de wt g dw-.-n s ..en ,e t ..u .W. t r ic .h p..a-.a..ero c f ea
~~,prlove p I l y'excludd ro ersad euctioeIh A 4 I.~ y-. dnykn1 np kee L'" ot .xen !e:"o I, Auth'ppori v!ij ~itt r tV Yhejb~4
.. ad 11.o i atb a ? e~ e y i~ : ,In- Ire enfic:h l u k g, bas 'e:..- t o. I "A mS ,"ar e ach10 60 ..;t' %,

I C e m ahC. ,de-or ta t them as penin g...o, ',h .. is r *:nd sr r Idesut -o iL .iIdi" u rhs-er ... o n, i kt..e ds.nd. co, al. 4 .w.h -i .bd%..a. .":-.'.- .
-. . .. .. .. ,or l. w ,t h

o f l D .:amo rdee ordAe'iw,
'-rn, i'de t in oad ed:tn to approxlk.,ae.y'". ibr-. r"my" '....'-.or a .'t ri t y. Lo "i.aftn u ,r t.h ae

era Thbe-apo li theio n forn thle .CBatoar d 11g of .y tteo eai'it f- .. tae'- qu estedb 'a,,", i'Xse-thMn 1-1n, n i n
..fItht .be t wa.ns1, l.t*er rejec ted a mdnd --ie 4tWou ld era)'t*.b.ei, r so InA t.".'rtZ metod 0lj ,b .e l xn@ : s- 6. _'6t:.

.ed t. q' nL orn ture..dit..e 2,"1th93 ,ra-n .. wJ e 't '.al relt, i 'N...ep.. ia e%.e... .. i:-. ..V1.. T,,_
"Ubent .ato thfr~fd ahrpsngtrad~.ei'.:e.nt Crd... s'.Wp Ind us.trt-te eI&n o ffi rLcint'. 'Fii.e- Adn.-, ni.frathl on easa ,.rouoao~ s fo''LUS C ~ i1 v
.. ,

m'tre'l if.luu stry '. vi"fl "" "'...over .i.g e "ret eb..... ........s.i t- "e afotei 'e ied.T.J....
oid. and i-ven.o reaprfntatlo n On- 'ilt4s :Labor.eAct .''.,en-"rs tntedithatctheirtobhe exte Tceheftl. ,' USL rv-.d
,t 'tved ,btic !br o kers mersde tinc dIhel fard-.. In ae '. i.iser s.r'. he e clau sek "th;m&ot e"o!

[..di is tra ti e rbor-y,-rq uests.'eta b "N'ai. d8h-2 tsNhe.ational n' .v,.1al'

i -Id (e Orderr appraying the bddedme.tL:,, 90 '
eidI inalfth itn.. dinthegseythngat d the.unc dn .andp-' -S c ie'w -of e re..i C d w would e.w...ot._da .if tepap,,

t ,o,1-.e' t.: s'n.e.-..1..busn..s.-th ulist:, ronal u ei i ta Code fort 1 of AteC o.tbadep er' y. te s e 'that t y ar dir e a t . . corn. ...nit.'i n u tr ,e th. ... n - i l o dtty t ...-..- ,

i..etVion th n ta r 'deh oi..e nd. th.'e fapirneSntt..ha .- fined' a usu nc.'Id e;--.,. QU elSTuia -. ludes artic.le "V!els.:1iof io a tine" ftl rt n
An p poe al f e o the. isr o oers wa s tafo by ered i"'ivigf, .- .": ,u,. -.hy.s i-in ieIVr in l
re or of the amnd et-r truly rep a g e .i e.-T anfactreand sale ofn ?() od '. ,o.. :-opeton o 3 .h, A.. iro
, ot ener a...prde... -'I.t of. e ..o;.o6 fumir' .-e O ert.t.. ..rni tere ...: lensk re sc Ste; ....t i ,. he l e a e W .A, ;o
p. uk.0:,- -,*:1.

tertai btkr to "';*: th Industria A pel try artie sube 'of the bavsic odel suppee tl' plac of sma'le ,oplaio thc~ i^.a '\-total rh1 ', 'Egui emiye 'arFoyce~
I' r .r. C d f r i o e furntue divisi o nc.e fr iture .. , .ste ofl 1 o .t. pV..,. ."... g, b.ahlC. 4,- mu elpa.t..m...I
;a~;.om, ,70 eme :f he-4u-d'.l~ ,,.i ;' r -. .stook ." 1NE P ErT9 hepalln fi.- Th"e' .od prp'ie.a

'AT S-pade adthate tII spctonsors of the fu themobr otf.d~ f ir. aubsettt e for Intoh e t bu es. artule Yior,Thand Io 2detso)g ,or lectsoaW.nerf- 1 ;ioyeek -' miiu;of .4^ceiiolpes h'6d i-a
de., ingtad e Coe, not rp n t urst .fr qtime ., :ana. j g supi.dder..,petr s a .. p-hi l) n. r h preceding l,) .of.c..ottf'a 't ..%tP
to'kra gepp b us,, iness N o xobjetion 0'.ha ero QUES"iON.E-Is the manufactrelafld;2nle iiapfactibl'-gdysidytdo not poh44 e'',Codq- Y.,ii..-. .,d.a.d.,, ".

in u fil dtotheterms o f th efun'dealng of se du t., whethersc products ofrthe snis givi ng' of- 50, dc.anas VIemploymentn, mui4 div fe inust, .tlE
TA .9~ .' . . .. ".................. .. .... ..

~t~rade C od esas- th .olyaite raet ise was theg .:,.",.". try whic ire. _. i'9 stock ___ itm or prdpt ,-3-'.';:ob$J- cordnain Icoeftta-th:dirWihil
.!,> ^ -. e scribe. ". -, ,|

rni^u6^ Dro Fl' Industry I' 2'.^ S';^ ^
nn, A scu ofg themfu r a to e I groupt o. offerd.'f t general u se mwbich spec ials"" *: I i *ZS lS t ime:,f. tdfloPt. .B
t e e . . ..A....tat.1;i*1 ...-. 1' .. F ,.J . ,..

i.,''' .t' i ..: --on're ra-er. atuhasen ore 4a chtua suig N o 2 0 a, o rt l o tei n...2 .-an ,h de emed co I "d
-r'et wory the impiyheel suppemenaleC de dehe- '..''r '. .. ,- ,tpsY pb igaYn ctioii.ii... ig or .1oring.
in seo '1 g6 QUESTION i-tu r altte t Ce of Cod hn ;be ;clu-ed.e ter ova."o d ,sc.n.- .. e .al legedIn.,s'ehc :is .tnre b ep.0 `n ledl'nthe]J'.L
...... .'4- ... ..i- "- n ":' "-"fair co'tto -2ndus 'rio States'districtcourttof f'ewh atktAhieilpt"
suevso I s e. ply ty n -a t e busie f n r ta T i t Includes al.a .sah d p'.oe,. sY; ., puo, 19 adoor -endn.tere nteniti

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fpacitieo s o "' contaied n scini 4 o'USIN-Hwsalaerieb4on sol eIclde.Tetr m jb adI cn- mibin raio1roacdsing lectrial..

.lirtcle ..C mea te suy. peoin a.lsson .i plant pute under... arii section ., 2 .(s),when trac.pritin Inlue all .... s. .. op.,yod s h ty sorpo t.. ,-, . .., tion pictur ,. or thr enei
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Code o fab r comgfii- etltion for t'el .1 a up . ...UX .. j" e I &i` i i,
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,: '..;.: ,: :.% ." % .. '.;... ... I g I i .A U .t ad ~ t q :-.,: .a ,v :'&'; d. bo.e : ox bth. e" ,!," .li q,-.. --:' "', q k ..... j a i.'. E .. ,
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-tted@u__ rwe """" t..Cd.'' Interpretations Fur Industry
S.nw rK.k Cause Sta~y:. Hearing Agend -.! 1
dmewor Clau 'Chinaware and Porcelain Men's Clothing Industry Hearing
.ueftr tO-ntlAY 15 i No 15-43 NRA has announced a list of matters to'.. i
I N' 1' n''a-ecey or " Merchant and Custom Tailor-: be considered at the public hearing to be hei
Naon Indtrial Recovery Board No12-31. Article II section 1, subec- March 19, 1935, in the Commerce -Buildl"n.'lay 15, 1935, the previous .No. tn(.26 Artidl ,eio1 s (a). yjnd sr Auditorium, Washington, D. C., on the ...'
I -April 1, 1935,, of the Knitted, Outer-. ti (). IVsection g Industry manufacturing industry and the retail eule,
Inndct ry C6de prohibition of homework FACTS.-A ruling has been requested by No. 494-8 tom fur manufacturing trade. .,A,.
'd knitting.. the Code Authority for -the chinaware and FACTS.-Applicant company advertises First on the 'list is the report of the specaflI
al authorization of the stay was con- porcelain manufacturing industry on the ap. itself n its letterhead as makers of "custom fur commission and amendments to the Flr.
'it'w.a 'administrative ordpr whichset plication of Code rcidvisions for watchmen tailored suits, overcoats, and uniforms." Its M anufacturing Code to makes effective a ts
homeworkk commission to report on, or in plants ntot in operation. manufacturing establishrhent.,is located .in certain defined areas, the exemption of res ..
BrA.pril 1 on the moat practical method' The Sebring Pottery Co. owns.'2 factories, Colfmnbus, Ohio; it has branchI outlet stores rain employers from such, wage rates, ad
naorcing the homework provisions of the 1 located, in Alliance, Ohio, and the other in various cities, where orders and measure- a emo o a e te, i
"located, the.creation of a neutral committee to det .r-
i"nThis reporting period now Is. ex-'. located, in Sebring, Ohio. It .is claimed by ments are taken. The products are not ,sold mine appLications for overtime.
,.x. ... to other merchants but are. sold direct to Amgroupaonsfomen mene
".to-Ma; 15.. the Sebring Pottery Co: that both plants are A group of amendments proposed by NRA.R
.extensio n was ordered', following rep- idle and. have been idle for approximately company has about 100 factory employees also'iifll be ddnsidered.' ..
-.ations that it was necessary to give the 2 'years or more.' Two watchmen are em- and produces 'about 500 suits per week It' Thesecallfbitionr othe afollowing:verte '"i
.!t% rk commilslon .uff-cient time. to make played in each plant fr .the "purposes of in- is pow operating on a 35-hour schedule, pay- 2.' Division, by industry members of a
l'h'deb,. surfacece: These watchmen -are employed ing" a minimum' wage of 40 cents an hour, work equai among all workers in their r
suraflc Thesework equsily 'among all workers in their
i.^.'.'.:. '.-. ~ eighty-four (84) hours per week at twenty with a mninium of 80 cents an hour to spective crafts. -
E*:.. (20) cents'per hour.: - Journeymen. T .Auhrt 3. Designation of "working time" as all']
t r r, tlnn It further develops that theLimoges China TheCode-Aut ortime spent at the place of deployment or
erpretInduatry has filed atcomplaintiagainstonppls- the "
CItC- lu lS Co., 6f Sebring, Ohio (controlled by Mr. anthecobrse of employment from the time the
Sebring, the.'onfS er of the two plants bn qus cant company for. noncompliance with the employee reports for duty,.or subject to call,:'i
SSebring, theoner of the two plants in ques- Men's Clothing Code on the grounds that the until the time of final release from duty, e I-.
t ton Cloth Glove /r Mfg. tion, but.claimed to be an entirely, separate company Is a clothing manufacturer,. that Me cept for meal times All such time to be."
Rttn .corporation), has been short oY warehouse .methods Of cutting and sewing in this estab-sated at the full normal rate
IK"ndulsryv *, space and arranged with the Sebring Pottery llshment are Identical with those' of other 4: Prohibition of."outside contracting" a-
a qantty f oreor:essobrohtebertanidenthoMn'sClohintCdetha dontramemgbe4
N. sry .. Co. to store In their factory at Sebring, Ohio, talor-to-the-trade establishments falling un- a jnct to the industry. '
der the Men's Clothing Code, that blck"pat-n o e t
... No. 187-24 a quantity of more or less obsolete merchan- terns are used, 6n4 that suits are cut accord 5. Prohibition 'of more than one-membe
_.S -A manufacturer has been re- dise, being.broken stocks of dinner services g to charts of direction. of' ,firm actually performing work in the-1
:bya buyer to bill merchandise to-him which, they desired to close out. It was i ppcant company contends that Its ope production of fur garments' that is c Si
et"- (f) r.... ,se h'.tha' the. 'cleaned, washed, and packed in the Sebring tons !all under the Code T'for the merchant tomarily. performed by the various craftsmen .,
.rerclposan'edprice.The" ..plant by Limoges China and custom tailoring industry and not under m the ,ndu~stry. '
...a ,ottryro seusupic.Te'ompoes tpe'sClotin e T d A 6. Clarification of article VII, section 8,
'r.- uests that be be permitted, when Co.employees. . ... te Men's.Cot g Code. The Code Author-t'.wich proibt te purchase, ]e, or ex
Ate .ustn ost o this ware has been sold and Ity of the'mrchant and custom taioringIn- which prohibits thepurchase, se, or ex
& :the'.invoice,'-to'deduet the added fve" .. y of the'meriant and custom taUosng in- f a
h"'(w, w"hx.*o W'ol meait net r&eipts shipped, .and the balance Is expected to'be dustry, however, has rejected the company's' change.of articles manufactured anderothr,
) .k4 t, voceto dfortthmade'hiv.-Codes which require NRA labels unlessan.
eualzethe pfubLhedorlces. .. ispose'd'l. of before the end of. December. oIt appilctiod f me mbership .. labels have been attached. The amndnienti
dvi stin inaondaecn 'eouire' claed that the Sebring Pottery Co. 'did QUSTION.-Under what Code or Codes would make this provision'include.procesing
.... on :'."" c.. not caY on. my part of this work or trans- -s ould this c[n operate? or dealing in nonlabelled articles'and sabt-:
P- of, a, fuay-descriptive price stand .' ". ". .. .. RULING.- WHEEEBa custom tailor un- tutes for the word !'label'! the words'!';aa
Article. V'!II action :but merely granted the Limoges a
g lly set .up selling term.s. c der the-deflnition of the merchant and custom NRA insignia, label, registry number, staap
r roolaitO permlssloni l0rus-toa porlonbona't0
fn2, prohibits the exension-to certat ,n Ch..a Co. permission t use a portion f its tauloring':industry is ainterided to be one who seai, or impression." In addition, It would
ghaseroi of services, or:.pileges'i not ex- :warehoue-' and- packing department space manufactures men's outer garments to indi- extend its provisions to prohibit employment
,.d,'to all'!pdrchaset s oltthe same thlss and fa..i.ties.. i. vidual order on his own premises With simple of dressers or dyers who- do not podsess re-'.
"dt:li ke terms hd' condlti0s. ' ,' ,QESTION;-1.. Are .the watchmen at machinery; and quired NRA insignia. :
mPtESTION.-rs It peiiblt. in vIdr.'o, the':iaple piant of th'e Sebring Pottery Co. at 'WH.E s. the evidence submitted indicates 7. Deletion of'sectionS 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,.19,i
;es sections, for a.manifaitxarer to biUl his Aliance,- Ohio, subject' to the ,povisions of that .anufacturing methods' are used by this and 20 of article VIII, which .set conditibns.i
|!5tahdlse-at flv e ent's ) er aofeac company not contemplated under the Mer- governing terms of sale, credit, discount, tdn -
ne:t than .his filed prices,. ith the under- ,t. in- e ,^ elal. anufacturng Custom Tailoring .Code; nd signment, and return of merchandise, .
g.iiig that', the.purcfisetrttheb. time' of, In C..od? '. ' ,. .WBanm-s the investigations made on this Since .the fur.t ommisslon xepbrt called, ton
Aw6-h --d hmn a.te SbrigOhi, S, nt .fu , rpt.,l -,f
I S ,ntitd eduet this additl6nl five.cents ,.Arethne Watchmen at the SebrigOo,ura case -would indicate that the subject com- treatment of' the entire fuir manufacturLn ..
rom thl ivoie? ". plan ,of te ring ,.P ttery ;Co.,. where pany Is a tallor to the trade'as contemplated industry as a unit, inclusion of both',.the- fr.:

b a fti ious allo ce d Manuf.act'ring Industry Code? ... Men's Clothing Industry Code is that a tailor consideration include determinationn a to,
hespite time would allow credit terms .'
6na4'ryto the provisions In the Code dealng INTERPJRETATION.-Artlcle II, section to the trade manufactures' clothing te indi- whether the members of the fur tnanufadtur '.
R,'trms. '.. =. (a), of.thdChinaware.._ and Porcelain kianu-. vidual measurement on a volume basis; using lag industry and the retail custom fur t ah i c us ;
"' -" . ..'d- ; Ifacturig dostry Code defines 'ichinaware c .production machinery, and receives orders factoring trade, which has a Code a upple
:. '": and- porcelain: manufacturing industry..' as diredtly from the consumer ofr from retail mental to the retail Code, stall remain twaG
I ctrrxjai f T Industry sead herein th mean the manufacture of all shops," while a ready-to-wear manufacturer e "aCodes; and determination as to. wbetherlA
S^'.,- ". ..- -'....,' .&". .-' 'glazed vitreous, vitrified, semi-' ..maes clothing i standard sizes and sels to .Jheffibers of the retailcustom fur mandfae-' "
u o. ,3 ... .. -vitreous, *orsemlvitrifeL china,' tableware, retail ready-to-wear establishment: turing- trade shall -be placed under the retail
F Abits letg.-II'prrj,) 'ft'thelian p oed's 'kitchenwse dinnerware, .and kindred lines, Now,-,-TgEaFboRZ, it ia ruled, that this com-' trade' Code with or without' separate hou:
tprpivl es-taT1'-0 and after the effec- e' Rfptssanitay, including. alidprocesses:-for ,panyAfor.- Its manufgcturing:..actitites pro^p.. .:and wage provsions. .' --'
tedate the'nmlnmuntwagethat shall be ,ad the-prodannn.. ,ot.'suchxcommodities for'gen--. ,erjyl.als.-aunder the. Code forothe men's clot]h- Amendments proposed by the fur manufr.l
I' empblo'yer t6 any employee engaged in'. eral .commercial]resale; eartheriware,,stone- 'iig. industryj. Its outlet stores, however, turning industry Code Authority also are.j
Bi ocesaingof the'ploducts otthe electric' wae.; or . la power. pots,' ..however, 'being 'properly fall under .the Retail Trade Code. noticed for hearing. They include a proposed,
anuacturing. industry and in" labor opera- herefby specifically excluded.. '. ' d ."'to, amend article .V, section 1, to prohibit the't
,on rdiretiy incident thereto shtlI be 40 cents:- Article II, section (c), defines "'employee' Soan Gln y cerineI 'Manu-n employment 'of persons under 18 'years olWS'
hourd *unless the 'rate per' hour for .the' as cseO. herein 'includes .any'person engaged .. ..... .v... dat hazardous occupations or operations. Thet:
l' :e lass of labor was on Jply 15, 1929, leas in any.phase. of the inddustry;'in asy capacity tacturin" Industrc' Code Authority also has recommended term..pM
cents in which case 'the rate per.'hour receiving compensation for his services, irre- ."... 'cs c .i nation of the order staying ,the Code prodvl
shall'be':nbt less thn'Ahe ate per hour spectiveof -the 'method of payment of such No. 83-42. Article II, section At(3). sion that "no member- of. the industry Sha]l
d on July15 1f929, but in no event shall the" compensati6n;". '. ..F'ACTS--For some ears we have eo,- give any reward or pay any commission tdS,
t er hour be 'less 'than 32 centa 'e Firstly inasmuch as no 'manufacture of unloved truck divers and their helsier undrI resident buyers foe placing any orders to bs'..
'*"*'i*.."" ..- "--. .'-' .. 1"- products of: the industry or- processes inci-' a contract with ,our local Chauffeurs' Udio'^ executed by the' seller." ;
,.- ;. ,a".. a-. .ar dental ,thereto.ise. parried on in the Sebring eo teesn'7c8'cts' which are- entered into. eah Consideration will be given to the questions
-I'I':,(b) ofh' the leettrcal Manufacturing P'ottery" o.Cs plant at Alliance, Ohiou It Is e'r, bind us .to fixed hour-and-wage provi- 'of wether the stay of application of the-
itstry Code for'.an employer to pay a day ruled- that the watchmen -in the Alliance, sions. C-uh' latest contract whicb is really Code classified'minimum rates granted to cerd
vbkrate of-less 'tan 40 cents.per hour (ex- Ohio, plant are.not subject to the provisions an 'ees ionF of 'our previous 'contract, and tain industry members shall be terminated..I
lile .oft.the.July 1929 provision) 'for some ,or the Chlnaware and Porcelain Manufactur- '. i s was entered into after the Soap and The final subject noticed for the hearingii
i6uA=of the work week, and pay over the' 40" ing Industry Code. ' Glycerine Code became effective, permits u Is determination of whether the Code AUn-
'ents..err hour earned as a 'pieceworker, for Secondly,j inasmuch as bthe plant of the to worIr such employees 48 hours a week. thority is truly representative of the indus-'
other.part of the.Work'wek? '' Sebring Pottery Co. ; at Sebrng, Ohio, is be- We area 't required, by the agreement to try and-in other respects complies with the7
;1TINTERPRETATION.LLf NOW,, therefore, ;t L' uhWsed for the storage, cleani.f, washing, limit the hours to' an average of44 par 'woee provisions of the act. Such a .hearing i.
a hereby determined that where an employee pa'cklgand, shipment, of certain .more or Ina 6'inonth period as provided in the Soap authorized .in article VI, section 3, of" tb0
... part- Hu.y' work ajd artpiece, ]essothbsolete mnerchandise, tiL 1 ruled that and GlycerineC de.c CodeC. 'w .'
"'s e k-in p lt or wk .and part. lece- .. .......yricul'-. a -. oess. anydorAt y augetringne Code. .ow -an ... .,rv=hon

-o.. t"-em a terg the wge6 tio"le pliant at. 'ebritg, 'Ohio, I s benmratg used^ ii .U T I oN.
red'th f tor holsiwor ednanhrly basis pr'cessesfor':the production' of the industry's L U N--Are we prohibitednby' th'/b-po b_. .cdmercial resale, Soap-"and Gleriae Code from working our proves Operatiorn
.... .wa:ges earnedd for hours .worked on a: which processes a~re inctdeht'ai to thbe manu- chauffeurs' regularly 48 hours .per week, as ,Ap for"1"..
e-rage-that... .hall." be b""ald' -

or.tb. '' facute..of'products of the industry, oande provIdedbythegreeentithteironn PDr ass .
o. ' '' the e e w n 'i e p t ohot brinn the averae d,'own to444
,a,. ,-n,....F qu"r zieglft.,y"TIn-'d1cs any phase 'of 'athe industry are"siubjectto the hours.aper: week over a 6-month period? inT hr y nclue I
W ,Inerrous.Qu. t1y. Jn 7usry provisIons of' the Cbinaware and Porcelain INTERPRETATION. Yes. The provd- Y .: ;'.',.
i io. u 165-29 Manufacturing Industry Code. The watch- sona of the Soap and Glycerine Code must' The Nattonal. Industrial Reovery Boi r t.
-IS t.' ," men in ths plant employed, no matter by be compiled with, notwithstanding such con- has anpprovedeplans aond fors, of op-eratiori
QUESTION.-In order fto comply with the whom, are protecting the merchandise which tracts, to be used'bv meinbers of the dress man..
Mposions'of para'graph- o.), of section 3, Is Is being stored, cleaned, washed, packed, and .....fctu.ringhid's'..y i nkee uch -eod.n
bece:Sbary ftor a ember of the industry to shipped in this plant as well as protecting Fabricated Metal Products as may be requs ed by the Code Authorityhie'
%fce. as.a separate 'item the cost' of chemi- the property as a whole and are consequently. by A e b'i
talyse- andor physical test specified ruled tbe engaged In a phase of the.indue- M manufacturing and M etal The plans and forms were submitted
e .'purchaser? try and-as such, are subject to the provisions t h Code Authoritys which explained the t
gN I RPRETATION.-he Paragrapht (o) of of the.Cblnaware and Porcelain Manufactur- Finishing and etal Coating although th ore amendment undt which ep i tl
[ikid 3b'o t l essmahnwte 6t e pmolducastnsd- ing ndustry Code.

lta u pplement sto the Code coatings d- ing Industry Code. st empowered to promulgate them does not re
of t .leomdrendt 'y novde the non- i industry quire actual approval by NRA, it was deemed
leS r-ahounryn at y r .ovdesob th Ist o'- tM tor Vehicle rea1n No'84-94 advisable that such formal approval be S.j!
o-pfar tradee practice to absorb, the cost o. / ovotor R Uetaili n go .-cured so as to give unquestionable authority
Ieal.analyses and/or physical tests spei- FACTS.-It appears from the applicant's in the prosecution of any compance purchases. .This does Pot require a trade O statement and catalogue submitted, that it which migrht'arise in connection Elth their
0er of the lifdtstry to invoice thesqirtems No. 4b-h52 manufactures a special type of window hard- us.o wn t a F ll t of
ga t'etely' so long as the amount that is d- ware made of metal. These facts are verified -___________ :
hailed! therefore, which may not be' less than QUESTION.-What are the population by the Code Authority for the Code of faIr j i o t
'eWtual cosr, is Included in the cost of the limits permitting the hiring of "one washer competition for the fabricated metal prod- Canned Salmn on Industry'e
merchandise, althoughh a member of the in- or greaser or porter or helper or aged or ucts manufacturing and metal finishing and G Exemption
S y may, if he. so desires, 'invoice said physically handicapped worker" at less than metal coating industry.' The products which ranted r xemption,
ms' separately. -This interpretation shall $13 per week as provided in. article III, title the applicant now fabricates are not classified The National Industrial Recovery BoartXI
fetrrpply to the development of new uses B, section 4, of the above-mentioned Code? specifically in any other Code. on F february 27 announced approvals oft
nd/o ew processes insofar as the cost of INTERPBETATION.-Al of section 4 of RULING.-It is ruled that the applicant exemption of members of the canned-aalg'i.0"
delopment or the excess cast of molds over artle IIi, title B, having to do with the is within the definition, of the industry of the industry in Alaska from all provisions of t
ah reproductioi n its concerned. This inter- less than $13 minimum weekly wage applies Code of fair competition for the fabricated Can Manufacturers' Code, provided they code
S 'on s'all not ..affct th'e provisions of to ill towns or cities Irrespective of popula- metal products manufacturing and metal fin- ply' 'with provisions of the Canned Sal5d'O
r agra'ph (q) ofthis section 3. tlon or trading area. c fishing and metal coating industry. Code in all operations. .
"g indstry 'pp In -- ve s'.O er tio ..
:v. ..w.....h .--I. -
::,kd ..t - .. re~b r nietlt temau povokb h geri ihteruin
:a," ,",., ,b. f" ....thein ust.y. :,'Pl.. fo r .D rss. :;,''
"" :' .".'. ;: : ":", ." 'wi".h.ou-t'brigi.n" ".""e ,"v" .:on "t", 44
;,.'::.:. ,., '' t :.. ; ., ", n ., w ork ..g i" :.. "p...n, .I."i ......',-ver :" .m:,.:, p er.i.d"
I 4 " " ,' : : 'P 3 : .; . .: .=: .. .. . , .. : .e, ,,c t .",t o t' .h e : ,,ho u'r: .i, ',i .. : ,' : ." . .

.. .......~ ~~~ I "% : ) i- ..'.

S Official Orders
. B to Partic
". HE Blue Eagle prints in eac
;-.Jorders, interpretations, appoii
i':National Industrial Recovery Board
>:,. Official orders are of two types,
:'is provisional, the time within whii
'.below. .
'b: All protests against provisional
'Recovery Administration, Washing
..strator for Code .concerned;, and s
','.final date. indicated.
: (For Code approvals, amend
assessments, bylaws, Code Authorit
Voter committees, see elsewhere.)-
'.. '"I-
der 12, approving amendment to article VI
d. the Code to become elective In 20 days
i-er Is dated February 19, 1935.
ALLOYS INDUSTRY, Code No. 515: Or-
eir 10, denying to Tennessee -Products Corpo
Itton, Nashville, Tenn., exemption from. pro-
ions of article IV,, section 1, of the Code
Wider 10, granting a further extension to
k'ttial period for the Code of fair compel-
ni -for a period of 45 days beginning Febu-
g` 21, 1935.
]6b" No. 105: Order 44, granting exemption
!,the Auto Engine Works, St. Paul, Minn.
1ii the provisions' of article III, section 1
:the Code to the extent that it- may employ
i to exceed 6 Imenert not in excess of a total,
-.40 hours each in excess of '.the' weekly
axnmum of 48 hours as provided, and ap
licant may exclude -any hours so worked
ea computing the yearly maximum hournn
itsald employees; provided that this ex
option shall be in effect as long as each
ach employee shall be working- solely on
he- completion, test, and inspectiqp of' five
6000-horsepower Packard aircraft engines
sig converted for marine use for the Unitec
ates Navy under the terms ofContraict-No
a,146, Schedule No. 1,761; provided each
th employee shall be compensated at- no
W'-than twice his regular rate of phy for
,.time tn excess of 10 hours in any 1 day
i 48 hours in any 1 week,and for'all time
lrked on Sunday and/or other legal boll
16.;' provided that the rates of pay qnd
'ies paid for time Worked under this ez
tion shall be reported promptly to th
niinistration; provided a copy of. this ex
rgion is 'posted in-a conspicuous place in
iEappliceant's plant. :
tder 45; granting to Behdix Products Cor
o,.tion South Bend, Ind., exemption froil
cjxe III, section 1,. of the Code to the ex
it 73 men may work not in excess of th
ta" hours per week requested, to wit: 1
Ptbinotlve brake draftsmen, 14 hours pe
iek; 18 automotive carbureter draftsmeb
li. ours each per week; 5 airplane whee
id. brake draftsmen, 5 hours each per week
Vacuum brake draftsmen, 10 hours each
week; 35 sales samples and tool machine
!s10 hours each per week; provided tha
Illekmployees under the 2,184-hour-provisio
If tcle III of said Code shall be paid a
...'rate of not less than 1%' times the regu
lr'fate of pay for such employees for th
&s-between 40 an 48, 'icpelusive, and a
l.hrate of not less than twice the regular
Pe:of pay for such employees for the hour
bwaeen 48 and 54, inclusive, provided fur
A'that the period for which this exemption
ittifled and approved is that interval 6ora
rfig on October 8 and terminating a
dn6lght November 18, 1934.
MAKING INDUfSTRY, Code No. 445: Or
6r.;a5, denying to the Iowa Bakery, Sion
tlr Iowa, exemption from the provision
%article VII, section 12 (d) (with excel
S"as to one sales outlet located at 121
Pfrth Street), 'of .the Code.
rer 44, denying to Braunig & Sofis 'Bak
j.p3i", St. Paul, Minn., exemption from th
arsobns of article IV, section 1, subsectio
)'bf the Code. -
rer.8, denying to Orgen Barber ho% 4C
aWi Street, Houston, Tex., exemption'frou
'trovisions of article IV, section 1 (a.)
'be Code.
RING INDUSTRY, Code No. 286: Order
rantidlng exemption from articles III an
:to '.-John Oster Manufacturing Co. an
oer Manufacturing Co., Racine, Wis.
?G INDUSTRY, Code No. 334: Orda
B Approving list' of hazardous occupation
minors inder 18 years of age.
I NING INDUSTRY, Code No. .44(
r47, granting termination of exemptic
red in- paragraph III of Adminlstra
.rier X-36.

+'" "" ': ".i ;'. :

- .-. .-
S. ing.the period from December 20,':1984, up proving .ftemporaryi'$.executive. cmmlte
S A 4' to and including December 28, 1934,. provided budget afst basis of ..ontribution in then 1
of NRA Relating ^ such overtime, is paid for at the rate of. one.' rata sum of $30.0,per-.month tO Aipril 1,
C 'and a'half times the normal rate of,pay,'a'ad .or the. effective date. ofitheproposed 'a
ular jdes provided further that a copy of the..ordir 'be mentary .Code.&:-. ... :,,: ".' .
posted in applicant'i plant. -. INDUSTRY, Code 805 0
ch issue summaries of administrative CR U S H E D STO NE, S A'N DAND approving. pdr ry xe O
itments, and bylaws approved by the GRAVEL,AND SLAG INDUSTRIES, Code.-."tee Badget.'and'Basis oifContributlonfor
I No. o109: Order 80-244-53A, extending.,'e a Great likes .Prodhctin"DivISIon'.: :*'
period of 90 asys exemption granted ih.Ad-'. eOd s-Y. Prodflnctl'ou 4Dr j, do ---
]final and provisional. Where a~n order ... S ra e ~ t *...... ... -...
final and provisional. Where EIn otder .nimfstrative Order 109-52 to all contractor-' from thr'der= ithIe Q, ; 2 r In,,
ch objections may be. filed is indicated producers producing sand,, gravel,, -.and/or om t..he tei. n ontra..te rd
'st .... ,. ..., .. X-78. provided .the order.-be hOt,eonstrue
stone- for publ ic highway construction'pur- deprlye any pierson oent e'p,.ri. h S,,,
orders should be addressed to National poses for use of projects where such tontrac-. .cips-iline ydfpers n.u nor "iie; t to
oedr should be addresed to National .d.'n 'of tSSk".
tor-producers have bona fide construction Wholesale .Foodd"."d Grober:y .Trad-;of
contracts in their'own names,- and where the exempDion conferr:ed under OrdersX-36.
uch protests sB'ould be received before - production of sand, gravel, ind/or stone by X-78.- '-..
the contraictor-producersis from lands either, .. -": I'.t
owined'-in tee simple or controlled"by' license'. FISHING TACtKLE INDUSTRY, Cod"e'
iments, interpretations, bfidgets and with rights of "profit a prendre", easement, 13: Order- 35, granfling exemption to'6..
ty members, aid trade .complaints and or. by. a bona' fide publicized lease with rights Bronson Reel. Co., Bronson .M-lci .fot-
..-.' ', -. - of "profits\a prendre ", by the Federal "Oov- period of 10 days from February.1, 198 .
'.* .'", "" . ernment, a State governmentU, ora. political- from.- the m ,xmum hour provisions o f.,,
,,-- - -, subdivision thereof. .'-Code."- Z . .. ...,.
Ordei -109-84,- correction of Order 109-65, ", FLAT GLASS':AUA T Ri N ".
Order 46; approving amendment to article which granted certain exemptions from the F T MANUACTURIG IN
ITV of the Code subject to toe condition that Code to the St. Joseph Lead Co.: 250'Park- DUSTRY, Cod '541: Ord.qr 2, term tinmi'
the provisions of section 9'of article V re- Aven6e, .New" Yok City. the. stay of provisions .of Article III, seee
quiring authorization iin writing by em- Order.109-85, denying exemption from .the 2 (d), ad eroding that uch investigation
ployees for deductions from wages shall not provisions of article IV, section 1, to Jacob-' shill be made as may be-required tq enaBlei
be applicable to -the deductions for .per- F., Masmer, R. F. D. No. 5, York,-Pa.. the 'Nationl Industrial RecoveryBo"T
"--- determine:wbht, if any,.' classification of em i
quisites :which may be authorized by the DRESS MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY, ployeds should be subjected In the futu
.deputy administrator for Hawaii; as provided Code No. 64: Order 54,. granting exemption a stayof t)ihe-:said provisions of article i
In. the'amaendment, amendment becomes effec- -for a period of 90 days from article IV.; sec- section 2 '(d) of the Code. ..
tive on March 17, 1935. - tion 6, to -the Ely & Walkgr Dry- Goods Co:, A U S Y .'
-"CHINA' CLAY PRODUCIN( INDUS- St. Loulis, Mo., to the extent that may. permit FRESH OYSTER, INDUSTY, Code Na
-TRY,. Cde No. 520: Ordr 5 limitin-iotices the applicant 'to manufacture into staple '308A: Order, 13, amending Adminlstrasv
f. o d o .tuffb5beh0: ardtotheamendmente shirtmaker's'dresses certain 'stocks of pastel Order. No. .308A-10A, dated October 17,.:1934
asfopportunfty-tbhbe Code autothtofe amendment, rayon now on hand, prdvided that said approving'the Executive Committee. Budget
a ps ytheode Authorityof Article dresses be' sold to house-dress departments- and Basis .of .Contribution for the Peri
S IV,.secti 4,of the Code. -- only In recognized department stores which from April 1; 1934, to March 31, 1935. ,.
CHINAWARE AND PORCELAIN MAN:.- have house-dress departments 'aid' -on the -FULLER'S HEART PRODUCING "AN
SUFACTURING INDUSTRY, Code No. 126: further condition' that'the applicaat paythe. MARKETING INDUSTRY, Code No '. .56
S.Order 37, .granting emergency exemption following crafts themlnimnum ;piece rates as Odr.10 arovlng budget and basis of n
from article III, seetion'l1 (a), for a period follows: Operators, $6.37 per dozen; pressers,., tri. tprd Mah 30 1934 .
of 10 days from February 14, 1935, to the 70 cents per dozen; ,flnishers, 85 cents per ie b,1. *period Mar 30, 1934 1'...
extent that casters, slip-house ,employees, dozen. The 'order providess. that employees. e 16 1- '" .:.
S mould-makers' employees on oval dish and in these crafts shall be paid' not less..'than FUNERAL SUPPLY INDUSTRY, CoddI
Baker machines, pointers on electric printing the rates set forth in 'artIcle IV, section 7, .No.. 90"i Orderi 17TX, granting to Gallon Metal
machines, plain-print transferrers, and liners of the Code for the dress manufacturing in- lic Vault Co.; G Qilln, Ohio, exemption frm.
Smay be employed not 'in excess of 54 hours dustry. The exemption applies only to the .-the provision of section 2 of article Ii for.ta
per iveek and 9,hours per day witout-pay- St-erllng'faotory of the applicant, addscopy period of 10 days beginning February 7, 935B&
pe1 ek1d9,hfr prdy wtotp of'the order must be posted,in a conspicuous "" "
ment of overtime ratfs, provided'-that each te cFUNRAL. SUPPLY'INDUSTRY, od
member reports fully to .Code Authority bn place in' tbe appglcant's plant. F
e o.90:Orer2, ppovlof"tedelega~id;ii
all such instances end further provided that Order 55, granting exemptidn- for.peri No. 90: Order 20o approval of the
| each member shall hire any available. corn- February 12 to June 1,-o, rom article Iv, f 4uthori.ty from ithe Code Authority to a
d petent workers before any extra time is section 1, of the Code .to Lombardy "Frdcks, Executive .Committee. -- ',
worked. The order is subject to cancellation Inc., 1359 Broadway, New York, N. Y., to the FUR DRESSING AND FUR DYEING%
h on 24 hours' notice. extent, that the applicant ,may pay certain .-INIUSTRY, Code No. 161: Order 32, graht-'4
ht ur notemployees engaged in. the process, of: cutting Ing ant emergency stay of the provtsion.- ,f0
r CIGARETTE,,SNUFF, CHEWING, AND". less than' the. minimum wage .rsfe set forth article Il, section -,6,' for SaturdayDece.
y SMOKING TOBACCO INDUSTRY,. Code inthe 'Code,'proilded Said employees are-not bee 22, 1934,'. to Saturday, December 29, 1984
e No. 549: Order 3,.- approving Code of -fair paid less than $35 a week, and provided fur- permitting said industry members "to 'wrke:
- competition for this industry. other that any cutters employed by .the appli- these 2 days In lieu of Monday, Deeembe- a .
dc-ant not specifically exempted herein:-Shall 1Mc1934
1 CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY TieCn dtl ? 1 1^ 1934, and Monday, Decem~ber 31, 94 *'.
.CONSTRUCTION IND'STRY-(Tile Con be paid the minimum wage, scale of $45 per M D
a tracing Division), Code No. 244E: Order week as provided in the Code; A copy.df the" FURNITURE MANUFACTURING II]
.. A-l, approving agreement between employer order is to be posted in a conspicuous, place DUSTRY, Code No. 145: Order 46, conflr;i.
Members of the. tile contracting division of in tfie applicant's plant. '- "'. ing and extending" telegraphic, order of..Jan.W,
Sthe construction Industry and tile layer, ary 31, 193 granting exemption to theA.:
helper, and .apprentiCe employees in the re- E LE CTR11 PLATING ::AND MET-AL. ary 31, 1936, granting exempto6ton rotheo Abi
Shelter, and apprntie employees in the re- POLISHING AND META-L FINISHING bott Co:.inAn'trim, N. H., fromthe provlions:o
giol included .in Philadelphia,. Delaware, INDUSTRY, Order 84T1-18,: ipp'rovizg .budg- of article IV,- secton 3, and extending sil
SMontgomery, Chester,- and part ,of Bucks et and basis of contributon-forthe perod exemption 'to May 1, 1935, piovlded' .tbe-1
SCounties, in the State f Pennsylvania, and et and bss of contbutnor the pe hourly w age rates,' shall not be reduced. elo bw i
e Camden, Gloudester, and part ,of Burlington of September 5, 1934, to June 16,1935. those which were being paid.on approval .fn w
SCounties, in the: State of New Jersey.. ELECTROTYPING AND STEREOTYP- the Code. -
TURING INDSTRY (Division of he Fab- approvingbqdget and basis of cont-bdtilon FURNITURE MANUFACTURTING .I ;.
ricated Metal Products Manufacturing and for the New York district for The period from I DUSTRY, Code No. 145: ,Order 48,gran
January 1 to December 31, 1934. termination of exemption conferred Ihna
11 Metal Finishing nd Metal Coating Indus- Jangraph III of Administrative Order -,
S try), Code Not 84.: 'Order A6, approving ap- ELECTRIC 'STORAGE AND'WET PRI- dated May 26, 1934, insofar as such eem
ntf pendix establishing jrade practices for the MARY BATTERY INDUSTRY,. Code No. tlon applies to obligations to contribue.
n cosmetic container industry. 40: Order 21, approving the continuation of the expenses of administering U the CodeKIl-.C
t COTTONthe Code Authority basis of contribution from fair cdmpetitioh for said industry. "
COTTONGARMENT"IkqDUSTRY, Code JanuaryJl to.-'une 15, 1935.
e No. 118: Order. 247, granting'exemption to GARTER, SUSPENDER, AND BEL'd
Sthe -Security Sportswear'Co., Chicggo. Ill., ELEVATOR MANUFACTURING. ('Dlij- MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY, Cbde MBE;
-r from the provisions. of article Ill, section A, sion of the Construction Industry), Code No. 94: Order. 25, extending: budget approved bh
rs of the Code to the extent that-It is ermItted 244: Order 16, denying application for a stay Order No. 94-21, dated4October 31, 1934,ou M
r:. to work its employees four (4) hours'over- of the 'provisions of Administrative.' Order pro rata basis up to and including FebrUasfl
n. time weekly for 'a period not to exceed 4 X-4 insofar as they apply to the elevator 28, 1935. . :
weeks from December 14, 1934, provided that manufacturing industry. 'I
t all time in excess'of'36 hours shall be paid FABRICATED METAL PRODUCTS GARTER; SUSiPENDER, AND B -
for at the rate of time and a half the normal MANUFACTURING AND METAL FIN- MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY, Code
rate. ISHING AND METAL COATING INDUS- 94 Oder 28, approving overtime purs
r- ~~to the provisions of firticice' 11, section 5, o--,
Order 24,9 granting exemption to Frank TRY, Code No. 84: Order 113, grauting'ex- v art s tn !,of'
x Luftig & Son, New York, N. Y., from the emption to the Red Cross Manufacturing Co., the Cde of fair competition to the extent
s provisions of article III, section A, of the Bluffton, lId., from the wage' and hour pro- that 6 additional ofuis per week in any I
P- Code to the extent that'it is permitted to visions of the Code, Provided applicant ill weeks prior to Junb 11, 1935, provided hi
7 work its employees 4 hours overtime weekly operate its plant under the wage and- hour .not less than 1 times the usual wage
for a period of 30 days. from December, 14, provision's of the farm equipment Industry be paid for such, overtime and provided tha
- .1934, provided such overtime is paid for at and 'provided further that the applicant a copy .of tle-order be posted in a cousplod'.-
ie one and a half times the normal rate- of pay, notify the Code Authority of any material- ous place in the plants of allin members of the '
)n -and' provided a copy' of said order Is posted change in the output of products subject to. industry. -..
'in the plant of the applicant'., the fabricated metals manufacturing, metal GRAY IRON FOUNDRY INDUSTRY,I"
Order 249, granting exception to Sports- finishing, and metal coating Industry. Code No. 277-: Order 37;, denying exemption:
9 -wear of Hollywood,' Inc.,-Los Angeles, Calif., Order 115, confirming telegraphic orders from the provisions of article IV, aectlon o ::
'- from the provisions of article III, section A, dated January 14 and January 22, 1935, to the Queen City Foundry and Machine Coj';
Sand article V, setion A,.6f, the Code to the granting exemption to the Brewer Titchener 391 Norfolk Avenue, Buffalo, N.Y. T .'
extent that it is permitted to operate its ma- Corporation, Cortland, N. Y., from the pro- .
tchinery four (4) hqurs overtime weekly and visions of article III of the Code insofar as HOSIERY INDUSTRY, Code No. 0B,>".
work the employees thereof eight (8) hours 260 skilled employees are concerned, exemp- Order 20, granting exemption to the Wash-
overtime weekly"for a period of 30 days from tion to expire February 1, 1935. ington Hosiery Mills, Nashville, Tenn., from. ;,:!
5- .A ^ y^ a ^ j S ^".tion to expire February 11935. '1.'ice^To i
er 0 of -the diik
er- i D~ember 17, 1934-; provided all such over- the provisions of article IV, section 6, o i'i
dr time work Is paid forat one and a half FISHERY INDUSTRY, Code No. 30: Code to the extent that it is permitted., to:s
3d times the nork mal rate of py, and provided Order 61, approving temporary- executive operate two shifts of 10 hours each per day 'i1
d timeshat a copy of said order is posted in a con- committee budget and basis of contribution during the first 5 days of the week and an-.
thntspicuous plce in h plant, of the applicant for the budgetary period April. 1 (as to-Code additional 4 hours Saturday in the Top and.4
C Order 250, granting exemption to the Sher- assessments) and June 20, 1934 (as to ex- Ribbing Departments only, for a period of,15:i:5
SeOrder 250, grancturing, Orange, N. J., from the penditures), to January 31, 1935, in both 'days beginning January 30, 1935. Time and,
Smaprovisions of arturcle Ing, section A, and arti- instances, and from month to month, there- one-half the. regular hourly rates shall.'bq*
l provi section A, of article Code to the extent after pending the effective date oA the pro- paid for time worked in excess of 8 hqurs<
:cl e V, section A, of the to wok its employees in posed supplementary Code of fair compett- per day fpr 40 hours per week. A copy of:
8: that It is permitted to workthe order Is t. be posted in the company's '
n" "its pressing department sIx (6) hours over- tion. -
in- t i me weekly and operate its pressing m- Order 60, amending Administrative-.Order plant. -. :
chinery two (2) hours overtime weekly dur- No: 308-33, dated October 17, 1934, and al (Conttoued on pae 6, cumn ":-
..y .w i r l. . '.:
; '-- - -; -.- .'-. ..:. .'..../

." "' , "... "" " " ' ' . . .
:-'? ".' (Colndnuedjromaime5) Order 41, granting exemption during the PHARMACEUTICAL AND BIOLOGI- SCRAP IRON, NONFERROUS SCf
>I-E IpNDUSTRY Code No 43- Ordei 72, period from 'January 15 up to and including CAL INDUSTIY; Code' Nq: 529.: Order 6, METALS, AND WASTE MATERIMl
h aippTldaDfi^n of Pddlera Ice o o.,]ri. June 16$ J935,.from the provisions of article approving Code Authorit" Budget and BQsis TRADE, Code No. 330: Order 36, granl
'o'em- .to thef Midwest Steel CorporationnCbamd
9v O'rneans A a for permission to Increase IV, section :3,.of the Code to members of the of Contribution for' the periodfrom Novem- to ,he. Midwest Steel Corporation, Cb.4,
1'I...e.manufacturin plant from 40 to 90 industry located In the markets of Atlanta, 'ber.7, 1934,, tO June 16,'1995, subject'to cer- ton, W. Va., exemption -from the prov4|k
me xanufacturing plant' from 40 ,t!. V4 .. . ...
,Hh dencty n' apliato o 4-;; Birmingham, Ala.; Buffalo, N. Y.; Des fain conditions. .. of article III,,tectiod 1,'of the Code .61j
"rde r" a o M MU les Io"va; Detroit Mich'.; Los Angeles,, et I A FA"'UR" G extent that shear operators.and their hel
411 ........ --; d" .........atio o al f-- "" m .- PIPE NIPPLE NIAWUFACTURING -IN-. iyb emte o wr o oe,
.!., ... H 1'@n- ~ni iinf r I~~.'otad, Oreg.; Ricb mond, Va.,Salt
er,-Me:ropoIU, U, for 'permission- to er't ,afe. Fortland Oreg.; ichrmond, Va; alt' DUSTRY, Code No. 131-:'O'rder 18approv-4 h. our i any 1weeork ovlthou avera.f
operii atea 25 ton ine pinf.n ' Lake. City,. OU;ita; Ing a oa4 list bi. In an, 1 -week o rdthout avorutnf
rCE INDUTRY. Codd'No,43 Order Seattle, Wash. ; Sioux.CIt.j, Iowa; St. Joseph, ng a list of bzardous oecupationf efrom thehoursdown to the Code maximno
IND STR ,:"oi'" i .'M .;,Da43,.: .;rndDerer,74lo; ad hlch minors .Under, 18.yea-rs'of age, shall. ho:hursgerdown. t poviethe od mat no ttmg of, Dalas Teo;ndDer.olo. .... an .e.e.
ting permlsi to..George ... Wise, .a .ulff Co. Oklahoma ity, Okla., 'to be excluded. e construedek, pras permit nothing yi
gqjgpemsintothe gatz-Wulff C.ko.I I sal
-npyPleetmn u.rto g e l and'5pera-a the btent that 35 percent of the total num- ., PRECIOUS .JEWELRY PRODUC[NG' employee to work more, than 6 days"in..'
o P-o,9 t...._ N.S Cn *. n Wof;.mploytees i .each craft enumerated INDUSTRY, Code No.-130 rdeir 20, 'griant- 7-dayperiod and that time and one-half)
Irkged i ^ti .,^-. ion r> m article IV, section 3, in. the employ of ing an, extension of a stay,of subsection (a), ; paid for at time worked in excess oft8
S.UIPRTIN-G TRADE COdde .No. 487: Or- members of the industry located n the afore- section 1, schedule A, for period of 60.days-' oursr. t hay 1 week and 8 hours in
0;S itermin'atgig exemption granted to the said. markets and in the employ of aforesaid from January .14 1935 ... ' a-and that ethe, applicant employ a-'ld
r ,rTrade&Association of-New. York, .Inc., company, miay ,be paid at less than tbhemini- muml*o6 3 new minplolees and give O
YorkN, ,on. behalf of Importers of i muni raies of p.hy set forth inarticle IV, 'sec- PRESERVE, MARASCHINO CHERRY, adequate training so as to enable them4-
AND G A E F U TI D ST Y ,eN .-osil s e p r i'
de/bber,- from :pro visions of.the Code of-" tidd 3;'46f the Code, but in" no case at .less AND GLACE FRUIT INDUSTRY, Code No. qualfy as soon as possible as expe-Jef
i'o.'mpetitioa for the Importing-Trade. than'the'e inimumi rates of pay of said sec- 40:' Order,14, approving standard s for. spfet eploye6s and that copie 6f this oropr
.-.:.. .- ... .. . . ~ ~ ~.1 .an. -h a t . . ,., a ..t o .o th s r0
,TbUTSTRIAL .SAFETY.' EQUIPMENT top,9.I(Q,,,l'f applicable,' ,.n htic lc ,} 14; "sec -f.nq..-eaetth.. ; :' ,, *,...;. *, .;'. ",..;.osted ini'acordance .witlih 'established re
STRAL:-,SFjTY' QUPMNoT15 6n )',prov~deda es -tnan _ea ",0s
UIRSY-'AND TRADE; Code No.'. '5: i ,Q6), .prov"id.d.p les. than b. percent. of .. PRINTING EQUIPMENT, INDUSTRY "lationsfoi posting Code, porbvisfons .
I-i":'17,-appr'onng- amendment'. to .tie. Code the total number.of employees In aeh of the AND TRADE, CqdeNo,2e7N' Orde-. ,20 a-' u rer 37, denying to P. H, Graham &.Sc
f&...rcom.petiarile VII,,ec-tion '"()',,, .aforesaid. members ,of the induefry shall be, proving extension, of budget *ad' permission- C.,,bRoxbury, Mass., exemption from the:pi
BM ,Coede ,.p.d. a! t'. t. not less than the applicable rates of to expehd surplus funds on hafn from Febru ylsiobs of article IV, sectlons land 3;.of.;
ayfor pach such craft-as se forth in sai. ary17 to Apr 167, 1935 ", Code. .1 ' "-..
NFANTSI.AND,._I.IDREN S W AR rticle'll', section .
V STR.Y,' code Iio. 873'..Order 24~ er_ '.. .. .R6N A D "' '". .. ''S d 'D R T E" "
N..T : ..... .'oe 873.p-'e.od' 24o e4 d' Order 43, deny!ingapplica lon to the Verno R'AYON AND : SILK, ,DYE'ENG. AND ..ECONDARY STE E L PRO DU CT
gpr ant oer..peroi of 45daysrat'Coi, Mount Vernon, N.. forexemption PRINTING INpUSTRY, .Code No. 1172: WAREHOUSING .TRADE, 'Code No.'-41
.pia'htt m-,t. ao e In Ore froa.e t1e provisionss of article IV sections. Order .18' extrndzing budgett approved by Order'7 approving the Code Authority Bidj
a.tanrad 5o Order No.. 172-8, 'dated eptember. 26;'"1934, ,'.and' Basis of Contribution for the period,
i da Ae g.st21-, 1934-. .. -..- .--- ;..- .,, on a prq rata -basis until 'Ap ll, .11935 '.'.. July 23, 1934, to Noember 1 1935, sbje
.arder' ,;25-",granting exemption to 'KXaydbee. MOTOR '-V.EHICLE LAIlNTENANCE ... ,. certain conditions. -3 'It
sL. Atgeles,; Calff;,y.from ..the.' poiI-. TRADE', Code No.. 543 :' Order 3, granting to. R.ETAURXNT INDUSTRI, 'Cde No, .. .. .. '. .
H o 'artaidl II"6of the: Codeo to the extent teniprary National Code Authority extension '. 282: Or'er 112, denying-to Suttners': RBst-,.. SET .':UP PAPER BOX MANUFACT.
-At: is.::gr rated.ermisslop to'.work'one (.1) of t im'e 'for. an additional 60 days to hold- rant,, Buffplo, N. 'I exemption ..ioi the pro- INC. INDUSTRY, Code. No. 167: Order!
.sr;8;ger.'oU'rs-overtie weekly from Janu- electidns'as.'proviaed by -rticle VI, sections4 vsions pf article V, section '2, andoarticle VI, grantng to Central aper. Box Co., Lancast
;,. up35 t' o an:.-including'February and '5, 'of tbe' Code. section 1 ;fa.), of the Code- .' '','.,, ,; exemptidn from the.provisions of ar'i
;,!pa,.g,tife ad one-half for such ' Order 14, denying to. Frank's.. Restaurant,; X section 1 (d), of the Code, for. a per
time pro de d a opy, ot' the ;oraet is"' .T V C E A I RADE, B.uffbL.o^'....,... bx.emptibois 'from' tlid pro .. w bgi g e ua 19 1935 '.
ej ;1, ^ '^ ^ -^ *qj e^ .^' pa S 1 ^ opk 1eginnng Februar 19136...
,,.te,, in,,cuou .p e .In t.eapoie'.Cb 6N N "o. r46'.O uer 62, granting to-Packard 'slons of articles V and"VII"' '""..." SH
"e Mi '.i A..o spicuouis.* lae in't& e appil-"--I,""I
aplant ",. .. :, P: ,, ,' ....Mtor'O Car Co.,'-Brodklyn, N:''Y. t exemption ... GRO" ERY ',: E, SHIPBUILDU NG ANDe SHIP REPrIA
"o.'the.provrsions'of article' III, title RETAIL FODAN INDUSTRY
....TM .dNT.BAKERS, Code.-,"No. 141: Asection' 2 of the Co0de. Code .-'No,12. Od 66;' 'b.nying application -' granting stay of. the mainAurn hours.i
a'er 1.8, approningn" a"indment-bof "amend,'., td:' ,. f 3 '' 'd uiiGa., i o of-t
| erfd'.2 of.Codefof farcipetition MOTOR _VEHICLE\STORAGE .AND. for exemption fromprovisions ofaticle.v tain6din pa r 3, paragrapas (a) an) in),
Ulr'M86, :approvinD.g.permision 'toDUthe ino PARKING TRADE, Code 'No. 14i : Order-26, sections 2 3 and 4 sof th. Code' tr the extent that will permit emergency 'wb
ers. odo~cbghiftteOon vessqel wh'qp-'thberei''a danger or .)mneii.a
19etment:l.aT kersr Code- ',comid -4 r e m ytttee to' exp"Fend denying application.,6f Young. Bell's Garage. .._ *;' ', n se ' '

0,. ,..0 ...of 6 '-t-,tl ,i '. ..... ... ..-, ... ...A..,. .E...T.... ,A.. .E... . . 14o... r o, . c r y e s o n pr r t h:fe h e.
.'ottioi'.(of te u cplod(.f.theefls:onx'and De T'Pecos, :Tex, for exemption friom, the provi- ETAiL MEAT TRADE, ode No 540' lo o the safety of ,thet Osel. tq life, or to:..r
4-r"3, u93on cert'i nIeb sy sions 'of articles, I and'.yI of the oode Qrder9,,9 denying.'to Fred..Bamngartner & s erty, pio*whenr a delaypwould .work an und
- .." ... ..... '.. .d ..n ..,a' ps n'os of Ge" .eva N a pfton, from. the ad a dhip. -

;h'qIH. Sr e WI, nG th tNDTJhsuc mlye q i 'tT ... .... ..rn a z P -nr "* ..uo lro, ..Ioa o xmh 'o : -
.... S.," ... .b R' . b .p s d c n p c o s p e e.n.t e a .. ,. .. . ...
.b. 'Y EXCEPT nATO.N -MALLEABLE AND STEEL prooisoP so.fOTrtcl tio1 se'o 6 -1 PE .h Aof theR
&1IMn. .ehu .fS-e f:oL. Cd'Nj,- O e4,en CSiG O oeNo12Odetl 2 Co IV- NDSTY Cde'N 444':' Order 8, app"t
g &ngteures of ofu ti.members t.. e *granting National Malleable & Ueel N Cast-O' r e. 'a' INDU Y CodeBNo4orb
i1.t m.eefi om ,eb o CeveTandO eepin, from .-RETAIL SOLID FUEL INDUSTRY,, Code in methods 6f .ck finding and accon
935'IN. 2 ,MarcE4195 the provisions: "or-artinclewIII, sections2 10, "l.d No.3 2:0Order.203A,'approving lowest rea- -Such. approval tobe in effect 20 davo fros'tV

diUSiRiid'exempdon 8".odthe Bla VeneerC'- provided.ithat anll ous, worked inpexcess of with artic'e.. X,.o : ction of the Code, "'-;.,." and a subsequent order be Sribetlo Tnse'bra"
ltheTr'oyVt.f teomthe provisionsofartcle 4o bouen per week shall be paid at the. rate of "eRE I 'n inLDivFUEo INoUST-' :f' dod. Auo ro 11 the d' a o .. .
(Mo-h oe h xmtof time ande; on6e -half thei eua at-enliesof ay soTA16L" sSfO ID uf IIJSI4'1'is-t,'Fbuay';193.

r ,r, W f" i "t d'd a e f t h' c au"s e '"
.. in Co ".oedeN .20 Oard.r o;d.roi fyn forut ;SLA... .. _,-ST ode N o4.2: O
f~r~4no oI.ThaIM~re..e-PdODCreTm eS halh ad'ttert ftietertaeae O l'oreCint,'.Isx h.crdt bn ont racrto.therm ndsle 'prad

ioy4 toe work' nortmorethet- '4r.' ue inany raegulr rate of paiy .vroiedera..tels an waesp 'extn tlii'ton extra servicee'haae o.domesti' ,,. Such rules to be efetNve', on the. Mo
ST IS:oei .90rod be,94`ginqt of wihaitg to 'j s etro dQ,,fatefter

eay pe riosf beer paQfnoartmed.nwtorkeddudellee.r sales.'..2. cen. -pe. to'. add ow k es ea srvales- d'a ted their. approval. bye the Nationd
.eb :au o. 12 3e 5 n throughh the' Code A.t. 6 rity a nd provided 15.ce.s perr ",o '\ \ . a, .. ,. l'nd strip alr ne povery Boasd.e The orderai
storer" n ta ec s ep e' f rhei rthata copyr of this exemption -'ete Oder 213, .de ig.pplscatin. d te Tel dated 1February 8 1 1935 -
t rd'oy'd;onsjr of se",r 'tiyid'nhof r. .. p E fRo L"ER IoN. aFiclEL.b' eTioN .6 KING PIPE .MANFATURI.
'ofe adhoneCalfdheirNDUSTRYratOd

otio, (,b, ;''--fkeCoe h e,, e'x"e-mpse ber egae l eting an emeO_ cy- a Code NI). 2S.: = .rd ,r= .....A;` .. o.' iMO ING .PPE,.! ANU ACT RI

B i t b*48*d ~ l ,ae-o ..y oral.ous. P 'e*excess of 40. hours i any 1week. ^NEEDLEWORK INDUSTRY 11: PUERTO O*.Oder 211; i les b s d an Bai, CodtN.25:ior 26,aip
t-'-aWbo;-te det~t ness,6toreaobea~sfr'vscgIoet rAsV!'or'be t nh Bdet'n BssofCnriuin'o'

ran'.xces ay RICO -Code No1474:, Order t .15,o approving deterinotio"ad'fr'- r.. ." ^ '... period rom May 1,'193., to April 302, 19
It:MACHINE SCREW MAN.UFACTURING T lece'lepork. e-rates fo r needlework operations, 'aed .t'n 14uivisioneNo 21', b ' 'ed d ct to the provision' that d'ember. .afl
ID'q TRY, Co dNo. 84oWr.Oder'9 appe-ro'- .5H.iienanulfctureof and processing, ofe- cl .-" Order 20A canceling lowest ressonbei,," *^'' who haven eade woo'.ntTribuions:t ot
i N'-n tnesupplementay Code..'of-. ".re'.''ea..Puerto Ricoc o st .. o determination n sere in D i onpN .wo t f u the date o.t,"i
gcoen thooedthattheprovisions NEYthe trkd area S or: go, the'purpcoe Of b defraying eU61S
f arl- V, section Ub insofar as they pie-" AND TAD Code No 2 .Order 93 ,rant dere.25, cntceling.lo treasonable cost .m an properlycurres
-4sr .wii *period between the '[ing; 'exe m tion tqh t'Pare Mot hO'W ork deteridnatodsIn Divh' Nh othealeqestto r approval.bof .the Code andadu

|~ijprpvi th Code" Atorit (far'. sch'pageincy Riv~arsude Cali fromdte, prdvisidrlsnot sxee''rt-,Wllgo rd are tthis orde re~ends Jg in^ apuoedt' Avbude,' pehicaod, shall.;;
rAO I *T'o N'o p eep dtacredited with1 De a"mol2lont' of artle ;

I9 artdd,. rescnthdiig 'idterpretatoeffe f haclfthe V imes the regular rate pfor all hours i d amr.tlvKe N' seotlont1 (R) othe.od.r provided that,
div "dat' "' ... 'lss 's'rgi~ fld d .~arh8 1935 ,, Feray1 1935' u,.[eato orv darted d' in y' ass . f suh.on ,
nle,'X po c dted J, 10 1934 WOrkeb oaery.40 hours per week and 8'per apprenticees be pd at not less than 80
and/....t" rM'ev"sdd "pri' "itO 'O' revse.tems nsfara suc prvsin apl t "1'sk.e Rn]eUlpBERCl~u~. JWNUATfJRIpUNG 'INrDUS wthehi'or

^ ^ T -, i n fl lr ": --A h ,,I n W '' ,p =i .d- l y ,..a nd .a t l e a s t tw .ic e th e r e g u la r ra te .f o r f r o m t he d -te o -f *h o';a-m^v -f . . '' e n t:" o 0 m in im u m .r a t e 'w a g e a n d th a t
di"' "il^;'T?^ hoayed, pendn os s eg lr's 7 n9351 .Im.eetin.g.n' ein.. rge cy..N.1" 6 g",ppantice.. peMiod forI each' such app en.
-.. .. ..... ayopalie pad. If th-e emergency work s ., . sha.,otexceed 6 wee A ants s
eN 15: .Order 44an'p granting a extn- omleted rio to the above ertiod this ei'U- O'he Ia6, dea.yingt oithe Cumberland e io..iT Ce.225: Order 276.M.P,, g yrsl

S f0^ o a y os|ub~sectionf. Co), section 1 of ,emntlon,'automati'callv terminates on the date *coat Co.,JelUco, Tenn.;.e.xemptip from tn~e-. nml, np B d replnac t-hem ... i .. ^ ^ ('
'MAuFC T .r. GdaysT.from January 14 said ewmkoyies completed and provided em- provm the o visions o ,f artcle IIer,,. serti.c,,s, ..g t' Wilini &rhe Cr., f 230"i
S, tloameht is ated to e capable of pee tof the aC t cp wt h .
..M :Li,.SAE)IY..TRE Cd N orminhgo tre' operations specifed, and that _.Order 19, adeyhingoto e ..deo .'thre. C odtis onem tall be, posted of a cpispleh
,idUR-2rG 2, NDUSTRY.escdindivisioh t fyFatib-o' a ralfteI Ctwages paid shall b, repfr.ed at the'. faiwner 'o.m Bucyr";tin ,.p;.etematon trtm plaice n 'e a( o dcaent's proidt t"
.riclted Metal Produts 1 Manufaetul n~19 and end of erch w eek to the Natione drIndustrial the provisions oeprw article VI, sectione15, oant ', l s t 'fO
$... C. de,No.. 84,,AOrd.. canc,,lng

.Metal .F-shing, and Metal Coating Indus- Recovery Board through the Code Authorit r the Code f. h .... .n .y e e.,'. SOFT-he rIBER MANUF1.ACTURINt.
E.R,.ods No.UA84: Order MA C AT, approving Ap- DSaT, tdhat a copy of this exemption be posted 7, 1r93. An

odpendox e rtabli.dhrig. trade pnacLice provision-s '.e- the applicant's plant together wth the Order 66,dying.totheCub ad hazardous ofcfanytionf tneuiter
r, 'meta aety Tr e M nh turig 1 r" Wrb-islos of the Code i ." .... : ,-. _. .- t:,.-r u er1 yerso i
,4f.d0dioen of.the.I.6nd0 s..'s ,.J u.. -d P.AKAGING.MACHINERY INDUSTRY o pluios un o cbafld erJanSartil 15 ,' tln 1 n 'peSTR.UCTURAL CemAY PRODUCTSh f

LINERYINDUSRY, de No'51: .AND2TRADE, .Code No. 72: Order 24, ar funds received from sessments made put-'; DUSTRY, C0ode 123.:' Order 19o denying
"' -. ` ,i... .. l- f;th e er i itb l . .. . t , i .

,de3. 38, granting'. e'emptio to.D. Wa; orydvting .various amendments to thcbe Code. isuan1to approved budge for the period from Pteet, Plyouth, N. 0., exemption

.ersteln.& Co., Baltimore, Md. fromMtI.e pro-',. oet 'spee' and.... t..t May 25, 1934, tod g tahuare .25,"1935. y.o .o Tr. oTth visionshof article Io of the Code..p.i
r .WthR InG of artiD i U TVY. seion u 'd i obectiasWonl tu' raid l-Jall 'rebded t'h. utr'th, A U, .. osp, ;. e xr *d pc 'th i "' -l
w~;4icped eta Proue~s Mnufcturn'vand sicdOfe, achiweekromthe, Natiionl Idusoatrialteprvson efaril Iseto'1,f

Me' toa tFe'-tent .and itab.. D Coean s ^ DECORATING DthISION, Code No t '244B- RUBBER TIRE MANUFACTURING I''- .D .UTreXTILE MACHINERY MANUFpl

pnploy threetapprentgce operator dprnoivtiei A: Order. .3, approvlnt agreement between t DUSTRYA Code 'No. 1,4:0 orderr 20, denying O .r.TURING INDUSTRY, Code Nog 35; e
eI.uwactugo'bprrp[bnisto-,of the Code" for. oesemMn.p iiderton 7, apoving' permiontodexpeiids.r

riig season, 1935, but in'nd event beyond employer membersA of the,RdYslOn and their.' to Durkee-Atnood JaCo.,. inneapolis, M'hn., 12a approving Itemized BudUget and zrS
une 16; 1935 provided applicant sll corn- Paiter employees in the regionof th'e city of exemption frovi the provIsions of apteiole IVo Basis of ContributiouW for. the option *,
e,: .Me. .. 19935,

jd.o Pw[. aAoEH-loision1Ns 'AN Maycl 25,e 19, ofe ar 25, 193 N5vember 1, 1933, to October 31, p so fac3fd. "

4.'eUI/on 5, of'th Code, and. provided that a .PAPER AND PULP INDUSTRY, Code RUBBER MANUFA 6RING N Order 2, approving list of ha ard S
r'opy of9 this ordbr'is posted in a conspicuous No. 120:(Order 48;, denying application' of TRY. Code No. '-156'" ocupations from which minors nnder 'r1
Wig.,a. O daer. ,. approving' age of 18 years shal be excluded. '.
lae In sid picant's plant. Crewman Paper Co., Green Bay, Wis., for ex- standard specifications andinspection rules "
Order 40, aprprovlng the' pln. of organiza-' from. articles IV and V of the Code. in accordance with proiisioas of article IV-A THE 'C'OTTON. GARMENT INDUSTRI
."tloaintso Commtede onitf ine Natof mEC NSEINT"Rabor Cotdn section 7, Chapter II, of.the Code. ', '"AND THE DRESS' MANUFACTURI
complaintss Comttee .consisting of mer- PECAN SHELLING INDUS Code INDUSTRY, Code No. 118: Order 273,
'.hers and alternates appointed .by the Code No. 528: Order 4, denying to Mound City SAFETY RAZOR AND'SAFETY RAZOR Iarl commission to consider
' Authority, and authorizing the said commit- Shelled Nut Co., St. Louis, Mo., exemption BLADE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY, mpa ~tilecommendationso on coerta app
See to proceed with the adjustment of labor from the provisions of article III, section 1, Code No. 489:Order 1, granting to 'Crescnt fr emotion from rovtions of
: .'complaints arising 'nder the. Code pursuant, and article IV section, of thle Code. Manufacturing rCo., Fred-dnt, Ohdo, exemption rs Mnfaturin ode and inclso
th 'pproved plande of Ar'orgaizaltion.and ro- Oder dening th'od3, aof Cl ode. Co.,. F emd nt, Ohoneemtion 'CoDress5Manufacturi vng e,.Codecandgou4

: 9 the approved plan of rganztio and pro- Order 3W, k.denying to Wyneewood Pecan Co., from the provisions of article. VIII, Section 'nrp thnfre Cotton Garment'Ciode. -
cedure The order i dated February. 12, Wynne Wood, Okla, exemption from the pro- 10 (a) and (b), of-the Code, for a period not'. .:
I935 i .. visions of articles III, IV, and V of tbe-Code. to exceed 20 days from the. date of the order. onflnued on paae column. 1) ...',
*LO th o i .- Febr:-

2'.'' 22

'. /*." '. .'' i'. -,^
- * .-.. ".* ', ** *. *** : i.'. )
' 2. ..'. ,. ,:% -1.F,'
,: "'.'" ,.. ...- .'.' '-.1." .. .,..,,.. ,: ,. : '.... ',


kD'NS6AI' ORDERS-4jorifihut"'
...: 1 ,-..-, .. .- .... .. ,.: E -' . " "' ":.I ; ". .4*.,,. -.'..'.: . ". .-'.: ." *. .. ." '..,"'"'.

!IHE FE!)MAUFCTRI.NG1 N- I Cod*o488 Qde'figrnin^reutinf:n. (hfr ds,29 it vne ^e'iirn. .^~.11flI
STR ode.No. LP1O: Order 11, grant- the bas..-,'of .contribution fo.r.flivision No.6, ork.City, -mp.r..e pro io of..1.. A. :. ........

antg' exemption from the provisions of article Cltrof'4ew 'Soalk, Ietail Lumber and Byild-- article IlI, \ sbcbon 4; 'of the Oode from .:^**i...'*''** *^ ^^ 'i S
iBJ, section 1 (.b), to-'faldls & Bunter. ClIi- *,lg. Materials Coudd Authority,'Inc., fromiifive- Februariy18.-to arid including Ma~Sy ~ s 1**: 1935'^ e ^
"go;'111, a the efent that, ita s"all .be. a- tenths of percentt t "dthr"e-tenths of 1 per- ,'poneertam candlLons S et
lj~fred an additional period of &. weeks during cent .of; gibss vaidme of 'sales of mjerahandise vENT'SiAN. BLINDm' IN UTn rYT'n Code -'**-***^ i^I'y;iy^
&S&cb employees may be permitted to 'work under tBfio. ursdittion of this Code, for the Na'29:rder8,approvng? list otazrdu -l^^ t^^
Bit in excess of. 48 hours. in, any 1 wteeIk,' *Peniod *fro'm-.Ocfober' 18, 1933,io September ".cc'p^idns ileemed detimetal to prso Pe l' l.(2
|(>vided that all hours worked ilk excel's. of' 30 1984, ras approved by AdAm~lsranive '. ne, y^Se~arofae 'p 'nt" lto.p~ N.^*^.t.M 14
'. .n any 1 week sba' hescaipp aed.tte Ordqr No. 33-3. -. 'VT E U EA AR t e met.O%

'THE AT MANUFAOT INDUS- October 9 !, g ..n 8 .9 ..s.. ._'o..h
'" " .. .. : ';,"; t. '". "... ., ;

2, 7.' i ."THE ROBSANQ XLLIE PRODUCTS. eCdesofaa. s o s w '
(.. ..efo ag S . " " U ", ,,. .' F' .
ki: "- D ,. ^ :' ...UJI IN SPE IAI-IES RADE rde 1 rn in ht .. ..Cb.g '..o.,I'

-rader No. 259-17 Lp1'oved November. 1g20,r INDUSTRY-o.Cde No i. 2 i'iokde n 24, rant for "ndales madeto foegn-c6nI and 'ctao.y h
.. .e o. ..b o ,- &'un e ,.Ch '.:o -tri .Cde .h t ,.n r m 'lv F br a y.8 .a d ti M .,* I: .' ';A

'934, to the extent that members of hle.dn- .'tn'.td Bph eens&'Blthmgardt ?ae t Newt of or territories of'ntheUn-i ted ':"Swh 8'6ho'o tu o' r a'erm-ltke-671h
bestry. manufacturing harvest ho8 ts shall odu ent oUos olm f e of Undee .-'or t.'le ,*' r,'n^t^:f
.1ibte, to ete s dds o Authou..ority one t'epe o O 3, 9. .. .. g'...I .-'. .. _1.a .r t e.te.e di obth s oe',
...r hats mq.u- sn t..b ,qrk f-ve cutters, .- ours o ertime WASHING AND IRONNG Mth'ardNo 'o any4eks ,ud.Sonrsp.e

^frtured by them foirthe period conimenCing. .wee'kly.for'a'p4Woadof-1TO aays arom J'anuatv- MANLWA(JTURI$G INDUSTRY Cd&N. a'3ee inaiy' 8 we^ they mayeiectdp
february 19, 1934, and'terrmlnatiig Feb~uflrl' 1- 'a1Q85,;prqvidedi-time aM Cmebait the nor 9:. Op~ 24, appoiin ^LK^ .bN Uge'asli bsi', 'ofoe^ *awek'.a nygth abov' perio wihout.Pay'shl4f<
? 13,providqed that the .total 'Rmdunt,:;to4 '.inai"9Age lace is paid ior allTsuch overtie .Sartrbfto f-r the3 erio 'f^^0am o'-'ertune rW.ato7*.pes, o,*wthot paymeo'
''a.nua .t.l... i ,", '1.;Z

Se contributed shalY-4n',no'event be'Iess thajin.. and pravd~d' thht'W CPYof hi border'. tco Jdie io, 198&r 'h,; peio "'.2' -Y' ar* *. ovrt' ra 7 hs tern'-;na'on. :f,a peak' ^' ^ ^
kh suc mem "ber would have 6 .contIihbutd .po -ted "r .. ,u'ou, lace in .. ... .a "i E "" ...L .ILLNG ID S-TR was ina".i"t"'....a.em, -
Sine the basis of computation wits with' Te1 pla:. ,*"""' e ic . EA P MLLIG/INDUSTRY..*w a de orrhpiew a ci %
jiect to shipments duringg such pdrlod,.'apd.i,,,, *'"'' i",, .'?.... .' Code.N.t..pl7:.Order,'22,;grantiapg .t .G,*e-..on Zf'te:-krcabL. andC z...oi
I.P t nX eadof rtJm AaI J." - a l3 rl ~l l 6: t '." .., -;. i

j)avided further, that such cbntribu"tlo' iare. 'T R ,n "^j "MEAL^ DISTRIBU I town. rglir, George.twi,. Oliio'e,eipp.-'. code, and''h', recommen'datlons oa,
fbe due and: payable monthly, upon the -bsis, T A D- ,E,, Np.*'.O Odro approvingi.g : 'tibn of..iivb '..m loyes" ,he "r.provisions ; ,special."Code.AU'liorlty-commintee.b-onslstliti ,
.f harvest hats msnufactured during te'pree, a.*'-men ent i.:sup'plemeata-r. 'oie.o-e", o fair. 'a.article f ll, ' 3"-'.-2 F '. It':h .::' of;at -eqeual p6 mbe;-'of epresentativesof.d 4
&idng month arid also from all Jiarvest-hats t 'co ( pe[tiot ; .K..' ,,-r ', ' .. ':' "" ; .WHOJ4ESA'UlNG. .. OR 'DISTRIBUTING dustry... and. la.bp.r ,2M:'fembpri,: 'that commlt'M
. ,- ., .., ... . .. .. .. . .. . .. . , . : .. . . . .;. ...: ,. ...

2a'aniuactured'from February 19, 1934, rip,l:'I'." THE 'TR.UCM ('INDUSTT Y-Y, Cod'q No' TRADE,'Caoda'$o.'201 :O'.rden 3 4;'iniying.'t6. tee. were ,.Lous JoBaundep, 'cbalrman'ofi:thbee
jid: including. the date of... this order; ad. 2'278. Order-156'J .approving Code, Authority. P..-I: Burk,'& Co. 911; WestB~okdcwy Xouis.- .Nqw.Yorpck. Joint Board of.;the Amalgamibt 6
ftther providede' that the.maqufacturer b't',./.'budget' cove.ring.' expenses' 'to ."Pebr,ua/ry "l0,' .v.le, 'ky;,' e.xedipti'on i'tomhth' provislons'.of. ,' "IaltIng ',,Wo kergi.of, Am 'eica,; 'and '.A154 %
hrvest bats wilt nbt be .req'nired to6 aff I9o 5:,'isedi ,., .(' ',,.* article 'II, .'section'.l. (subsectini -,1 -I Bril~ant,...att'rney::'and.;organizer to'.dne-
...', ,ourneme ,T.j.ors, Union- 'of.Ameriea,..

Sttntial :evide.Ne of Loncomplirncer ..The gr ntr-ow mri, 49:State:.Str etaterson, d JLE INDUESTRY, .Code No 4S44' Order 6 P aidSat' S. BtedTle
id yt'"jia~~lnl Oh ,"i' ep... ntt,',.eibpriof.-
,de dted Feb a .12, 98..5 . .i.d.. jO ....t.maapprovl o e
exTHE RNITTED U noTERWEoaR aNd S ioninsry ... . menal' theheal persoofudr ..S icl .':.. 1". ., -..- .;-:
WitRY, Code N.. 64 rder .ew37 n DU RYt od 4 ., .. .a..' ... "'.ya... ..... "yg
N... r r~gA^q e- fo taormeprslioUe omber.fa e.ton'tad'. crelOe S .OEe. .. .INDUST tY no. B-3f.0.order 4 .. _a.. 1" A..
ihawork :evitsence^ o & 8.ho usompl e .; 'h C""e'l '"- .' r. .es. a. .. o '.o t e i .;. ,.,wh t b tW pp oved'," :'O

~is ndTurdas vr''ieeiwaldd^ A$SAENT I MATERILS *CON6 9s' ':. Te olo4n'blas er sp
111h sanme'Wekaob Cpd, rhiter-o.,,'aEIDdi gt ,.e.dieafa.or.xe p4..trqnrdr',."ob AND TUBE IE n US ,oq-deaiAuth"-ority .... -. '-

'der oftis, d ote brderybe ,..pos ....,,.'t a ",I '". 'tP "..ik t'era diag ,onp,'oReYCodeUNp"'" 0 Or.. le, 15 p g eo,...-0 e, a o g,-;- atbpldlng.and .B:oas, eut .eu ig Indu tryU
6y oIII'f to this oere"postedit, -n be.t-h.e n araguap. .." n,. of; AdmInistrative r" ,.mission,,ta, ex.peaqth.snrplus. '.nsuond u hand(.S'u .. .thAtlantl..D.'l.) ...,' , .

order r 38' approving: the 'appintmt''of' o.'eX- ad,.ay 6. 194 *4 Febiary 1,,., 1..9.85.' u ld, Fuel. A ,.n.,acr'ng Ind:.
,danmb ad of the. Home dwofrk Coininssl.'d u.FnaprDngTaRnend'ment p sctou ..S... BELT, .. NDUSTR... ode. Na. tr (wit, e ,.on -),' h ...

'tie Hand Knitted' Divislan of :the- ..t 'S .''. a^rtIcle Viof ijie Cod j'IjoMEN .5* Marble COrden "$ of the, Consini oA'f
.,iterwear Industry., W fiam radeiicFe 15 apprin d ofrio Ind ry.'; >e .. "'1" /
.(i),~ rersetn ~the Code,.'t~of 'the. 4x>y ', Jfbi~~ d~,).IN'aSTtY~es a D''i y "'ng.ethso.q .t en i'chto' Nvemlt '.Refra.torle,"Th.awsty D *'~h
., "'t". ...'.'

ysa nd rep r sdeseeterg R pivl .ion i dHesed on of the Fihery Industry, Eastern Se'' e" .. .,. '". O1'' ' ". '' ;..q... .. ib G "v...... M1...... .. '"
;br s~is" m pl .e. o~iy...:,bb~s ofi i ,--.. ........ 1 .
e. S Uam.y 'N 2" ,-, .. ode! Auhorit.--; ,, .I.0 .--- ---y 'A~

i P,'o 'mbthe' National e'Recotivey ,Ad. eion), qade No.80Sf F order 6, 6 pati Ng 'W O Tlapproving iAND 'SHAPINGTN:.'r '. Woa.les i anu ..otat -',.e In .
rat's~~ ~ ~ plnt ... .....I". "".:z

cf1Hdtiatlon; Mis4 Rose Schlneider man prep-' ~budget s'9d tissis g contributionn beginning" gJiv5fl^ Code No' *388: Order 2 'dny Tate (Is "'"ll~t1' 'abl '*','
rde 3.fing the Labor rAdvisory Board of d-e April 111934, and- endi"g.June 15 "935 for ebi-'a' ,.'.:" "r"e.' Ma.. -. ," ,". ".:" i u *c '** n '* :
tonal Recovery Administrat and H r e fishery -land trout frm.I ng industries ad .' ""g to C, Grieen, ane e,e p- "r wt 'e -' .-L" .' N ..
exesHr Lhowe, representing the'Cod Author fleyying an additional, assessment 'unde ,the.. .ti.from..the.. ..r.l ........
Kt3"tor'the Itnitted iOoterwearo Industry t .o..nupplemenetarty Code, .for the trodef.'. .. ,,WOODEN -INSU,, LA, t a i1-, A ". ., le Cod A itid-lr, tie st
tl-te wthe commission, Wilam H,.- 'Di,- ind'0- industryry .baed.pon "o oetheul e .s.ofDite.:ca", BRAC ET,.0AQ..UF.ACTURI N.," '. .

'airia is appaoiteid chairman'. The/ordpr. is,;eudar '7ear exdnd lnDecember 81, 193k .- :'~' ,V TRY,' Cpde;N6O3288. Order .12,. tifapproving"... -*ReCnO-;f~fped 'I
ed February .12, 193 iM RELLA INDUSTRy' aCddern 'e -be ,..dge '.ad ba ..s., o ',. ..... ,.... . ....- .. ;.
tf' e re e~ d :h e i i i n m [ e e . 9. 1. :. '. . ... .. ....--I .. 11 ...1 I .1 1. , y.. 1.'. '.Ii .I?. r ,u , ", ,m ,.,$ ,"f- .... ..
in lannig,;.o' I is'whe 'oek Na inIscnietmOr dop"b.3-4 .e. I- ;er,1.8y- braof' a ,! N%-,'-

..Ooerdb.39 'gran -Oreremption. io.the,.Lapi OroQgler .,. aenywg ,Poa Katz &Co;,,al. -. May21, 194 toMa2 135.. .'. ... .. Code 'r .;' o
..a;,a ^-' ,a',..: a-.- ... ...,:.-.,^, ,-a.. ...W OD TUINI G.A D HAP .N ..;N-i. .;W.holesale .:.onm nta f abl, ,:R n i
str, a-11 becip~~~dn t ib n d 'N,, 1;. '" .. ." . .- :... .... ap a`nou c4je; ant surm4 ur

.p-rtswer VaIufactOUring Co f Clerl I, ex pti s from'!prvsion '':' nized: AnfI a w r n 9 o .i . wa
o.r, e .o .. Code. f n -. -1 pf bc s,e ton.1-, 'M ,an.W ,.:X...T..3i,0i'. 9.:Cdt 'I *P i .

.aas amepded Stelfeiber ^4 1934, and1 ^eCA11 IJNPERGA~iMENt' l'ANEI "*'NEGLIGEE ;0 QOMa~dlapn Avenue,.New lork City, exemp- ~." and 2-*Paperhaziaers'i t*"T4Ql', Miiiatacutuniai
aops (e) .anddfl.. of the e'ode "'to .the estsot!,.t' INDUSTyRY, 'Cri &So: 408 Of;rder;33, deny-' tion tram 1th provisions^ f*t.*.cIeVo*te "and"'Aiembibflg Indusatly. : *^",:, .-'^' f
Ebat o~ periodd' on. A weeks' beglinnlng 4an-u-,..,. Y Wcs'tew.UnderWe~r Ca Joi flnneapabs;"'*oe far, a.e peod, of "0dy rni.eray Rallw'ay'aft G a pjild lance 'industry. -" '. : "w~
.28, s19d5, uO and Including'I Febiniw ; Et ,exemptaa fri m theeuprovso ..of.t.... R i .1... 'an. '.-,.. u, ".'.iN

, empiodee rf said, company ;ny-, be1p' t, '*Code 'N.o' 'U' ." W WOOL6 TEXTILE. INDUySTRY, CodeN 'Rubberi Danafactujing:Iqdus ( R- I e
gutt&d to work '.hour p.per eday.i adudrit-n- ," supleOrder 39 d en "i: toM C Scbrank Ca, 3 Order '4-4",- granting'-. Broad Br- ok c .6 ,' F".'td ear.UDivisio i): ,," :I
.1 8.. h urs, abnd 4. hours.. an 5.turdsy;. pronBd.. rdet. -A-, A -, .eyng, fr ..,- p, f, '. clqs *, d, ,, Brofo ,i ,d- eo, Ero. 'a,, .,a P.t.'. ,,
e ta' the total' urs perweek bll nt 'd2 N m ti the provi%8 O ersl6apos.igof " '-n s ad -

ticeed 49 bous and proved 9 that atle8 --. pH'OiSTER u.tANi pn A'rt RYe TER thef e Ite't. 'looms artlebleV gof .the: Cr.od~-e to __. ft*, .> N Y''
6a 'sand' 'one-half is, paid for. T aloavertime -TILsEn 1 In ''UT X L'o^e.3 5-0re.l," ..". -. fabrics r .- ." fo._' -.. .. ..' -':I-eC j'lotar. i.'.

ffork'in 'excess of 8bour's per day. or 40 bhours QITY oeN.'2 Orderln^ ^ 15,,m'l bea aoautate onor.atirsle ut oaalhdusten', *I t, T~ 31Q ^
pdr week, and that a_.. copy at "this order Ia r antingor'A; lin. '&N"All.n nk'C 'Cor portion matpbe 'oprated f 90or 'o auo f ro .toe ': .a t'. 'lr.'l, iifo .o h r*'s.' I 'u*: .."rt.f..aLt
poste'd~in applicant's plant.'. .. -0 Maio Avne NevYat 'Cty exe^~ o ^inp bar wee fo't, a* peidb 0dy*fojer r '^< .':^^
?1THE MEN'S MCLOTUING INDUSTRY, l- n % ofi the.'Code;tor'perld fro:k Febriuary purPose offilln actual'orders fa fabrics Snap ''
I, .co, 91i934 o a tar '.'9 5,inki (perou, from lbMay 21 1934 to May ilr.1935 ., .,ft edW ,.. I',' .M.

Glgde'NO. .15: Orda r 58, gre ntin. e eLmptl ". :.' 4toand incl i'ti d l aMy':lK,' g3 j3' for automobile uhl. .... .'y '. ." .- Fae stene+C"r.andacr L Uw rin"g.
":t ' ,'' ' '' : . . ..' r' .,- .. . '. , .,' :" "',"' '."."."," ','' : "'" ";" 6 "..-ei.t "3 : .A'. t.f,1.o

,the Josebh & Feiss Ca;, QlevetandOnto. .Oh -THOLSRTEn'AND DRAPERYO' TEXS O -rder. 1344 gSran to D bridge Wor-ted. r 'r i1 ,*'l s i'a `
nfmoth .pro vislonsof o article IV -tf the Code L I .o.NDUSTRY 'ode N' 125 O'rder 17 i" '' 3':, 'Oxdr i'gen-rag ,,, to. n 'tbe ,, Cu tler ich Uey;i, '''**,*i-'^ ||
tcQ the, extent* that'fIt be granted -permrssoagqntrg t th S^ ^ ShetnL^on4(fdney Tusione $ article IV up~p 'certafa. .condatians, Nn..* ; 4^pJ:-1I,- *,';:
"E ' " ^ B' '-5 "' . .. .. .. :'. .^ r .,.' ... <. l " "' ,:* ' "I ., : . .*, ".. ^ " ,-" "=. *S-"^ -" ; ', '
!..w.r, as tietde sewingopeib'Mrs, not4 ma re m~e., ... l&C U D GA Mc) ,'1 PND,arkIE ,_. M~~ n Avenue, New WRENCH.M.NU1ACTI4eIN. tINDU F.And.. -MPa elane 1s1', .. ectloii () 9c_. the ,
i (e .anrspr'da. O r 6 dea ,apo. t1 ee f- o k' City e tofrom the'- :sid .n5 o Ti, Codte N. S i0 s O h .r g t stay e mf .th "." .r,:.
l'perod.ri o df 2'. we eks' freom mJnag 1 sectin after' Coda re F e br'-s o td p roviio of sh rm, s etn 6 ( b w a' 'nap ste re ba ,ldu tr ..Ind t "B Codm
. nd 2 nc, 19 ..,,5 Fera ryd ncutu .,Fe., ,...,any.,I8etoaponduucndr n mlay' 18o 935uonso th.,' 2 .93(,) and ...2 ...and lu ,.'n such" bra to'- .:a pro dal~es a..ety Yo ~l ance~ nuty. ."-

15 otee- company, may. **..E3, '.'.-e'
a and' one-half. i idur fo.r .*a1' such ov rm h? tt' ,n ustry d y to' r o 'rd 47. nt: B o .' ot-lOE "iB sdO "YV ;i', ^ ',; !
..i.d.r' ro..9"afu r other' -. tI D S TRte a .y of ., cet ,ai onii -n .weid o,gi.trf e. ,T idiretp.l,:I. ' r me an w,, .: .t
.picnuts, pleant. -308 n Or de' .4t.a ,.pro -...irid i, C e t e.t fIgrom. berals .fr 'd, ad e mpsontreloc he. d i d,, eaboefapctu r i

~i'ter 59, rminCiode'of fai cmpetiton granted T fteidsrya'R nina and ea*"s tamp " on ayohr dvc u ise, county ofol otheek. r o oodlalona o f ae d ith-af"
'Adinisrtv Ord'00N01 .S.* 'fri t ate" r'rsrto ubr liiitijofiailabeli /r .o metond fesrentfro'hs rvdedince'fe l hist awn curen ..f/~s
4?, tM'.Nthe of rtil InDoufst er Code Nto th .iih net pDrec ts, orpri'e-- Ylistsi s.o e. uen rot slca'of art e .:U ite .ld'd ,t '. ,i n.' "- I .,'.
ser. y .an tig Leo n b oha u Clopy thin o.t od, Ltder ., t ''. "to M d n. e ; 'i a pe f 90 r 'i y rm ebr, f' t ,'". '._ e a,',' ., 'io".:
o app B6aantisnpgnt... "."iua '; .' & ". on te., i nseign .a nt ',19 &to.pnrdjenlud ng g amp ,,s'eal, *or ohe.. y^ ...*- 'eewa. .y...,.,, Nha t c .k.....

*~~~ne th abov provisio membkrS A'b,""o a w""aoat
ise'. B gros.,'Incti Fao -iut eriderg 'c -I. 'lo-te t' "tU. M n c rn nd t "barng fi" with"'. f co pe8. ,' o : '. V) tho pce lit
' c .... ..' ... ... '&' Bu fc i ae e n d....Sornnpmnbe.l 'sFuer' ..',, whic t, h..... de laatne s mn u i ade61m' 2 r

R'pHEy MD WErTiFng AheI pr se s HE 93,LLa-. se' o ) ed as folos .~ '462 i, '''"''TA IO .'W eee a.' eis cetOOf^neJAO,-rt I ., -. .:.
d Nitry), ode No '3081;' O rde r 3;gantiogdgeep io e Code ut oritydto assign to members o e i" s pand/or' Insi i ,Impression o oTfPne9t he'O.s above f acts. 4e A.
.. .. . .. g 7 . , . ... .. . .. .. . ,. ... ,. ,.. ,. '._. .,,. .

itpeentwit J osdel ers fC a cmett dves a td o f th"S e in dury e g an N rr cIns, g and s ea- stamp, sealA gr anyn o'. ''other de vice used c .te .. fr 'C tomeo r wt'/ .. . ac'e... ,
tHE MpILEro Y orthepIN TRYd Code,-, Na 'h The der Dreasin C efa ircme- n "iDe Cod. Du e l to tse p h ysicm ab lo ..."n a. .TReo.'drasNto. wingsc monte'. h ae..t. w,.A '
1 Order 21,1 grantdingt er'atds-Tero su & ut'hr the Code Au,,thorityr' to aska n to idsalbe r aegaed a. s u s rye n.ous t :' "2 I 'th '" an 'wnterio'td th 'v il'. .qi",n
... . h t h .,ok. P d ,r gr tm,jo- o thd16e -, ,;bs, ... t .. ,no .93 ,r.2 i ". ., i,bu"" .j %""'". .. . :,E' ._. .I ." "....L ..

o Me ed Masaanad", Knowlton .. m me s of, the i dv utr-'.d-, oan N RA nsi --na ". lt't,' "p'e.son. sta "..P eali d s .andA'ha''alee wayII wh ato ar h 'r

of Wes b tur p toMa ss., for a exempe tio. e' un'er.te 'reist y nmbe wanted oreqirs'o de e bde .cons'rue o a ]abel su"srgean istry at: "po s~ibl eai sis un,,'1 i"V' t.."pr"'
liro ml t in8 of e a ti c .l ,seci onr'skeIn d .esed,. dy. or ohri p c s taigr.. a,' lab ele 'texr.''c ts t.'gme-.n"c sme ueaf r noed.',
cthibueCo de afar n pweriod from Japuarv 15, to, o bs t pedse tioh',of : nmeC or. No mem-' '.QStIe o No.-" Does!th. e u,,s..etof the d r'eds dlc o"''' .': ".,
' 30 md, 1935.' ,'l~o, 'ryt'- ber _1of the iqcdustr In t dying .di3'-suon .Is 'NRA.label'. i,.:nd section'S of ch a srticle 't of (a), ,,st h5'4 ,urnth cup'-f;,, ,,iorne's" chedhJ, .
korer 44, gra-nting to Rl edefr..] HatU C o, o.'er mi.ed to 'dy skin not' g s h odeof fairv ,met fr th f ..o te () M l ,'.. -".h chc and

jil an N. .. exeriip.... froni,,^ A. .certain, r tm ecepdtsions: drese '. foreigi. indust. y,. include 1"1., or ,'gtr thety o iiiaiaddlse it on'b open eanscountl
Vihot of article iU'V L sectio 5, o'tq :Code 'tr'ies. "'"' ' suh irtawe whr the reisr (" ) What',; speci,. tep most4 he- take^ r
srlay J uS p thd pingae season,1935, p~u.os toe 8),lar-,ea dsas.foll s IN ,,...E.PET.eer r o .th Code'..

r rentic milliners. .. q,. casi 'se. or'ecag any: artcl m ,an c t p' sea, or" any" other.'" deic is use in.. the meovs ng e art el for' Ato a crcepor,,l~
OPTLU L.L ICALJ. REAI TRADE, Code" 'ured une sn tirCd of la' copt tion lie "o .a label .., the us f th term "lbe' discount che a fter. expiatio of the d.s-
'6u suet d be is of ou tionefoem ro t h lblue ss uc.i~ e has' been a Includ t e u e d n s
l wfrom June 18. a 1934, to June16. t9d5. such articl." :...." numbers,", a. /..r Is ignia"on stamp.and he mut "'rie the same effors to -
Weet o hp et, du....... p~ro. ,, d,.. ' O...-N ... Fu7Ma uf ctu ln [, dus ry.'.22. ,. -,Gp tL ibn 2,d" t ..17, e,, Code -- ;'Aut- o". t. Irl.,...'hs1 .-A
.. . .. _,,. o ,, o.= , ,. ..,^ ,. ..- .'..-..--- wi b 0.e4 r,OTcioba-n.t-'. iid e,, fte4- T 1orms 2..p '

DUTHE REA (a 'LUMBER,.'of LUMB'e R In- ACTS'etion. Dabove qu oed. 'attention j seal,'or erdevice1- used, a, r ,ub ategfor l sa discount..a..sQhSTI wo'. uid'o b t iolle airoto
.,v~~~~;u -," -, I ,..r '...t t w.6 ,- .", .. I. -...-
..p~lmetar Cde~f atreo'ett'o dted o tE idusry an R mtgnal andl~e'-of air. stramp.r sa., ray ~ e.dvc s c~e hc~rm ~ utomer- w-6-i' t ..a.15

ODUCT- BUILDING. 'MA ERAL, cae toIthrefac.hatio wer eas the. w '.,''... ..oa b.eL i'odntr-bdsrn,dd e9$ r at o4 ',f
- L' lk `0 I I I'- .k, a- 'I
:..n..a. ,,Lei rlnh ... :.a...o" __from" all__ 'F r D-h3eOod D e t th' phsicl n ture o Bra s insit "owngm.t? :'. : ,.".-."-

'I.' g."' M' .. .. ..'''"j. .-. ...
bp -ii bud~thoriz'es heOode :u ,:y-to assign to " ,. ,g .'"2Ao fthe )swe o-a v .qe o ..
tthr Orovdd 'i4hganh gtoPa." ius ofac e.& epep .to.t eru .. ..'r re-sin ste.sealhor oter """
-,,~~~~~~~~~~ --: ''t -.. ..- I j,,-t n R s~namga,,m P.,. .ys hasno eea, .wgdlze ref.i, re li-t '
o. e fed a, ant berd W. o t on' & -' 1 3. a dVa ,,-.'. .. -" ''' u.of-aF'abe'instead o nt. .. . "."11':-.',-. ...
'- . ..I 11 I =..., a d eqI res. de,)- .e, used %. 4 e .1 f . s o s b l l s m h a f r cr n -p
...s or west up on,. ,.-.,....e.e.,uou o .. .. y ..... = ... . h a abel'. .;' "
-0o' -due. povsi ns ot ricleI, e~n ..sis ,esdd~~,o ter.nd'sh ariemSd., w .. ION' .. .. D e h '~ f .ti o. .. t-r _i?;u'? me: .un ,
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t Trends in the Furniture Manufacturing Industd
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10 -' ,-- -- -' ,. .-., \ VA- ,_ ,--/ ,Z "c0 0 { -_--___.

..__ >.._ ___ __/ e ..__o.

. '. INDEX OF PAYROLLS /\ / ... ..',

%d .

"U1 . "

.:, -; ~ --~,,,---,----. ; :" T--| .
Lw .: j. I -I I" :_ _".._"_
: "i NET NEW ORDERS, NUMBER OF DAYS ... .. -.- 40
__ i- .30
i, A hi ,-". .20.


,do A- A, 4U 10
_AL 8

,0 INDEX OF WHOLESALE PRICES 6__!\ ,.U \_i ,.,
-:-'"i--"--i--.---;# m \i j rr.- I


'V, ... I t -t. .

: d 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935
u B of Labor StatIstics-!mployment pay-roll indexes, NRA adjustment to 1933 Census total, and average weekly wage; average hours, and average hour]
4,' wage from 1932-to date; price index. National Industrial Conference Board-Average hours and average hourly wage through 1931, the latter multiplied by 0.850. Sel(
and Seidman shipments and net new orders, latter derived by NRA from new orders and canceled orders. Chart prepared exclusively for the Blue Eagle by tl
Research and' Planning Division, NRA.
w 'In furniture' manufacturing recession began as early as 1927 or 1928 and The second section of the chart shows how furniture laborers as a group
...ontinued into 1933. 'During 1934 such recovery as generally took place was have fared recently. .. Comparing' the 1929 averages with those for the yea
njoyed'in a very limited degree by the industry. Employment, prices, and ending in June 1933 we find the number of workers reduced by one-half tl,
iitneasures of pbysicil production demonstrate this experience. The greater .man-hours of labor used by the industry down more than this amount, an(
'art of the praucts of the furniture industry is made under the Furniture pay rolls off still more. Withla recovery, pay rolls have shown, the best gau
plani" acfurio g Code' Most of the remainder, approximately 15 Bcnof though in 1934 they remained as much as 60 percent below- their 1929 average
1 7 al" cbek-zidr te Bsinss urntur, Sorapercip ent, ndNin et new orders and shipments for the Grand Rapids furniture distrii
At. total;ome der are indicated in the third section of the chart. The decline in these has ex
S..upply, the Public Seating Manufacturing, and the Metal Hospital Bed 'tended into 1934, when net new orders and shipments were scarcely one-thin
!!; ,"tede into 1,934,h whenPla nnetDnew oorders

I" Manufacturing Codes. Living room, bedroom, .and dining room furniture- their 1929 averages. Some favorable tendency may be seen in the slowini
i.;aeoade under the Furnite "ure Manufacturing Code-constitute two-thirds f total down of the rate of decline in the last 2 years. What seems to be-the develop
-wholesale value. Metal as distinguished from wood furniture is of minor ment, lately, of a more definite lag of shipments behind net new orders ma;J
Sup auportance, about one-eighth being made from metal. imply that manufacturers as a group have attempted to delay making a 6
S How the individual worker who held his job had to adjust himself to furniture until after-orders are received.
,.'depression conditions can be seen in the uppermost section of the chart. The The Bureau of Labor Stastics Index of wholesale prices shown in th
number of house worked per week declined in the earlier part'of the period chart is a composite of several kinds of furniture. This index, after droppi
with which we are dealing to a yearly average figure of approximately 35. to three-quarters its 1929 average in the spring f 1933 hassince retracer
e substantialhange from this has ocrred during the last 2 years. Hourly about one-third of itsdecline. Taking four different furniture group? I
W~~oeaevau.Mtlas itnused orod{rn so iseor ppearsthatbely, oo m fumredfnitue lag o e.sthepm onsbeidet new rerss ms,

mges fell until the summerof 1933, and thereafter following the initial rise p tht furniture a s su ve tre r ecessions, and dining ro0
in 1933, further gains have brought the hourly wage up to 45 cents, which is lafurniturel the leaste.ev e
; only, a little below the 1929 average. Weeklyrm aces, the product of hours Afteru r o r 7 lear astc .e ft e pri s so i
workd pr wek ad th horlyrate wee ~aesAfte 6 r -years f adjustment the furniture industry has so far fomi.
orke per week and the hourly rate, were nearly halved in the 3 years fol- itself not yet in a position to benefit by returning prosphrity. The industii
I.g fel beoil the sme1 oe 'vergon weekly wage was about $15, still awaits improved consumer demand both in refurnishing existing livii
iificantlybelow the pred ssion level, quarters and in equipping newly constructed housing facilities. '";

. .'., :. .: -." n.: ^




.I, ... .

4i'.:.D .

2":.;^ "

,'' "'

*";i.i,.' -

; /l:J

i;* ..

V ."

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*-r ".L


... -. '.. .: ,. . .. -v .:.
`l .- i.s .. r-.e s`.i ``L.' -..- .; p : ; :..-'.: "i ...... ::.." ,'. ,* ...-,"" ""..... :' ,.-*.";:.^ d .; ..,.':,=,.'V ..,""' :,..":',...^ .., .:.... ... ';.. : .':. .: '' ,, . . .. y.....'. ,.. ,.,.&. k'.