The Blue Eagle


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The Blue Eagle
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United States -- National Recovery Administration
National Recovery Administration ( Washington, D.C )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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Imotant Inf ormation Concerning Notices. of Hearings and' TlD LC D EUYyoo~~sp

Opportunity to 'be. Heard_ _ _
Herigsaerofntw types (1.) Oral bearings, OPRTUIY TO BE HEJARD (in Writing)
deintd" ern 1on calendar; a~nd (2) op-. Facts, criticisms, objections, or suggestiOns9 con- MnaJn 8
0otnyt be heard "by the filing of written Corining ithe subject matter of such notices must 13-Cofltd
saeetof factlbiefs, orcritilcisms dealing be submitted onl or before the final date specified ElcralCnatigI-BldgTaesouilH rng nd po
b c t o 9fpug~ oein the notice,, addressed to the proper Deputy Ad- EercaCntaig n BudngTas onc1,H rng nd pprtunity to be heard on picao
miplnistrator or other official indicated. Such comn- duty t--26-A HlOlhm iy eti roisfor approval of a proposed agreement bihn
of 'hey n lcge~ mnlc The ubjet mtterof tesenoties i abre- 2) amse 0f correspondent and group 'represented; struction Industry). State NRA compliance of employment under art. III, sec. 1, of the Code for the otr,
vltdI h ceuepubihdblw com in 3 at upportin crtcsms, objections, or director, 427 Commerce tion industry, and see. 7 (b) of the National Industril
:LbUee:11calcp o n notice A. sugesios mayX beg crita Exchange Building, Act,, affecting members of this division and cert,
om he Nt~neI1~coer' Ad 115 a- The subject matter referred to In either type ,Oklahoma City, Okla, ealo yees in the region of Oklahoma Couinty S am
esn them ohe Natona 39-2ve. AWashlns, AYhoit foSmumn opr fa t at of ihe ,L,,
Ing,! Fa, ie n~l tntc ervsd~ ayra~l~1 e- rrm~ Equipment Indus- Rtoom 339, Investm~ent Opportunity to be heard on application submitted bytC
-NGS c sms, and other' ceonsiderations as are' properly D). C., Neal W. Foster. providing that the Code, 'at any time, may be amendd ', p
mi:tfieawrte rqet wih hlng>'op Deputy CaedrIs chrnologicl ih lhbtcal that the Code and anly amendments thereof shallremabi n't
Adiitato it> leas 4urb hPore tedt rrneeb thed -or indu thfr eacphayetc. urntia cino h nutr prvlo h
Se frte h east wh24 lor~eqre mut dtate: aJaumn't" ~aa' o ec y ni ne 16, 1935; aend that from time to ime suppimLr
th h ri~'hc e~s~inl t~ed lditydProvisions to the Code will be submitted for approval..
i()Nm fn detry and date of hearing; NOTE:Al Slice all notices must bleIn the printer's a e e t Osoulyt ehado phainebiltd i
(2 ae fperons wishing to testify and grous hads by Wednesa evng next preceding the Itpro i 'rn Boi'11 nsi
t )deflnite alternative prndosal or publication of Th BuEagle, the calendar~ Delow Industry, 490-8. Building,, Weld M. Authority for approval of its budget and basis of contribtinfr'
spcfc ojec onts, ithout aruet .Haigs does not shownotices posted on the Official1 Bulle- Stevens. the period from~ Jan. I to Dec. 31, 1935.
mied',c to fact1ual, presentation. Written tin Board atar that date, nor does thsa calendar Ttlugti 990'Bsso sesett hc~ln
bresContainin arguments, as well as fact Mayv showy other heaurings for the, sane dates which may be fied hav app~earedI in prior Issues of this publication. business, is as follows: It is estimated that'330,000 boxes o ~~
eahcontaining approximately 68 pounds of dates we ro,,sse
and/or packed by the members of the industry in 1934. 0
PLCEAN DPUYbasis of the number of boxes used in 1934, a ses~
ADEMINESA TORPU ~uss a b~ox is to be levied. Members who, during 1934,'PIod ,,
O~than 200 boxes of dates are exempted from paigayassmn
to the Codej Authority.
W dnedaJan.'23, R.~etail Jewelry Trade 13200' Street NW., A. S. Opportunity to be heard on the budgets and bases o otia
142-49. Donaldson. 'tion for the following Code 'Authorities:'

1-tposeyand Drapery Room~ 2064, Commerc N~otice of hearing on amendment' to tbe application submitted
TxieIdsr,1-6 Bul' 1a iA byteL0.C (hese & Co., Moss Rtose Manufacturing Co.ani
urs ,. C (ollin & Alkman Corp. of Now York City, for amendment b. D~i
to see. 4, art. III, of the"Code. T lhe application slk thatm P
se4,at11,wihreads, "No loom shall be opeae /Budget mo eb P-
KYr more than 2shifts of 40 hours each per week", be so e
deleted from ilhe Code. 'They now akfor a stay of the''""" pyr
prvonso this sectionl insta of dltion, for period of 120 101'ce
clnys,~ ~ prvddta o'emb'erof'the idustry shall operate
pr tifor taher spdore than 2 shiftis of 40 hours each perBatmrMd..17.0
wekecp o h pcfic'purpose of fulfilling bons fide orders. Baltioe,'Is 620.----------- 1500
Buffalo, N. Y'------------ 350.00
Thrsay Jn.24 anton, Ohio ------------- 232.0
1935Chicago, II ------------- 1,22.0LO
e, l i~6, 00'"f t Cincinnati,Ohio ----------- 100.00
ad fltIdsrRo 407Compmerc Opotny to'be hear on application submitted by the Code Denver, Colo ---------- -----I..0
Bulig .D i- Atoiyfr exteion of its budget and basis of contribution ~ uuh ein194
"rt. for the period ending Dec. 31, 1934. The National. Recovery Evansville, Ind ------------ 105, 00
-'.1Boardhas appoved such extension by' order No. 5-20, ona ro, 'A, Flint, Michs 100.00
rate' basis, suchu approvyal being effective ssof Jan. 1, 1935, unless KassCtM ---------- 30.0
good cause tothe conrr i hwnwti 15days from thedate .00 KnaC~y~
of th ordr. Kng and Ktsap Counties, Wash'-- 27500LO
qf the------- ------------ 150.100.0
441rs aufactrn In- Roo 4067, Copmmerce Opport uit to beh bad on application submitted bythe Code 'L Iong Beach, Calif ------------- 100.00
taty 5A.Biling, M. D. 'Vir- .Auth'ority for a temporary' approval of its bdget~ and basis of .&)Agls ClL.~----4300
conributin for thieeiod from Jan. 1, toJuno30, 1935. Tom- Lo AnMiami, ali ----------- 1008.o 0V
prryt apsroal haen' 'made by order 64-44, to extend on a Milwaukee, 'Wis ----------- 300.00)
pr ae bssfoJa.I to Fph. 15, 1935, inclusive, unless good. Ne HaeCn----------- 100-0
cuetthc.anI rIssonwti15daysa from the date of the New Orleans, La ----------- 150.00
order onw onumt~db h York, N.Y ----------- 6,250.00.
-34 -t. W,, .Dxn, oeAtoiyfraedett rIIo theCoewhc Okl~ahoma City, Okla -------- 120.00
ut nuste, St9 i ubryoaettet r.I'fh'oeb~ ''' Ompaha, Council luffs, hjr__ 150.00
Wsigon, D.0. aticle relates tothe wooden pail anid.tub subdivision aaminis- 1.4h0ailhiP ke~0
trtv gny h rpsdaedetwould change the ~ Pittsburgh, Pa ------------- 8000
tbeeetdb mjrty voteof he member ofte industry, 'Providenco, Rt I -------------- 125.(00
oc~hperson to hve one vot 'in person, by'letter-or by proxy. Rad~ing,p Pa '100.00----------
.M slothn Inusty Room01 Comec Opportunity to be heard on spplication Submitted by the Code 1'S.o~4fo ~ '00.100
Bulig .D. Vi- Auhrt or tension of' its budget and basis of contribution '/Salt Lake City, 'Utah (State of'Utah)' '300.00 15
cet o xesso diitrn h Code. An a orer N. 150 Scranton, Pa ------------- 125.001.0
193, ules god cause toth contrary is shown wihi Wel County
e~d'teoflSoarpa and Glyerne Mianu- Room 4057 Commerce Opportunity to bae heard on application submitted yh
fa9ct'' iuuring Indunstry, 83-47. Building, Ovid E, ob- Authority for approval of its budget ad basis of contribtn fr
_~~~~~~rs saia~t.~~ the period from Dec. 21, 1934, to Dec. 30, 1930.
,( .k tng ipn, adArSln olyPaaHtl rn n conneasion wth th applinbelcatio aet pursuantto Total budget is $0000.) Basis of assessment is Yos of I il-e.
J nuty 24P oon N apel. Sae of Masius, New apsie nd rmot, and Watch Case Manufactur- Rtoom 406, 1518 Kl Street Opportunity to be heard on applieaisumte
Ing Idastr, 17819. N ., W.L. Seurz 'Authority for amendments to the. Code, as follows. Aed.
LL tutolnustr) amto rm" fth rvsoso h Code'is necessary to '' li3~ L orde asJly2,94 a spr oving the Cde E ecutive No. A k follows: "'six specific qnality'marks as follows:", and subtut,
ordr o~'2~ ppoy~g<'he'Coe.<'~xec te Ode No therefor the following: "Specific quality marks authorizedintp
60Bprovides ilteali that persons (includingnatural persons, follow S is snsections of this paragraph:" Amend art
parnerships, associations, or corporations) who havelnotin person ecwm() subsec. (1) by deleting the last sentence eadnnB
oby representatives p artcpted lin establishing or consenting to follows: "IIInioocse may the word 'platinum' be abbreciabi
a<' Co~ Cde, wh r ietaffected< hereby, who claim that appli- 4 and substitte therefor the follow]Ing: "Nothing in iis u
caion o ocae Couiupatrtic'ular instance are unjust to thm, and tion, however, shall be deemed to prohibit the manofac~aea
who aply for axemptioun to,or exempion from or modificatilon 7"sae of any platinum watch case manufactured and sapdi
ofthe Guo within lldays after the effective date ofthe Code, shall cota'i ihhl'sgvrl~teqa~y'
b~gy a<' oruniy~ a eaingidi dterinaio f~e num watch cases in any Stae6 of the Union or the isues rasd prortincrring any liability to enforcement of the K lumbia, provided, that inall bther respects the stamping o rf
Code. ~Ing of such cases is in full conformity with the provisions o h
,Me'CltigIdsrSalBlroWladHaig oamndmento art. V11of the<'Code, rlating to the Code."~~
10te,,M D in emloyment olfpersons under 18 years of age. Thgern s Woolens and Trimmpings Sun Parlor, Washington. Hearing on application submitted by' the Code ,Authoniyfr
VincntWasingon, origially acheduled fr edesdasy, Jan. 9, but was postpone. Distributing Trade, <201 Hotel, lb a. in., Frank abmendmient to the Code by deleting sees. 2ande6of art. V foh
DC.N-261-51. H. Crotikard. ''supplementary Code.
Moio PctreIdutr, akRon'RleghHte, eain n medmntsttig minimum boloth costs and'maxi-
n .,Wasigtn mm hours ofemploymnt ofmotion pcture machine operators Tuesday', Jan. 29, 19~35
D. C Win P.Farn- ingreter ew ork, N. Y'. This hearing'was originally ached-
woth mefor Friday, Jan. 11, 195, but was postponed to IFriday, Jan. Clommercial R1elief Print-' Room 4^64 Comhmercei Opportunsity to hea heard 18 and ainpostponed tJan. 25. ing'Industry, 287-426- Buildig. 7 tioh'al Code A'uthority, division A&-1 under the Code frtt
Plubig onratin I- alnCoplyaz HoeHaigi connection wth appllicationsnmadeapursuant to Execu- 4Z. 'g raphic arts industries, for approval of its budget and aisO
"dutr, 24 -68K- Bstn, Mas. 10 a. mn. five Order No. 6205-13by members. located 'within the State of 7 assessmentn, and for~ approval of the budgets and bases ofass-
Massachuisetts, and issues raised thereby, and, to dten tent of its several zone code administrative agencies and rgoo
whether any say or exemption from any of the provisions of'the ''K'Code administrative agencies, for the period fromC Oc.1,1A
Cdisncsaytefetuatethe purposes of the act as provided to Sept. 30, 1935.
in th xecutive Order of May 15, 1984, 'approving the Code.~ Total budget for the National Code Authority'is $208,00. s
eldngntralprso~nPaterships, associations, or corpora- FIFTH AND EIGHTH ZO)NE: Total 'budget for the Ff~ n,
tiorts)who hav otin person or by reprentiv participated .Eighsth Zone Coda Administrative Agency whose jarsi~ol
iesalsigorcontng to a Code, 'who are directly affected. covers the States 'of Alabamna,'Arkansas, Florida, Georia, KL"
thereby, who claim tat aplicisoof the Code in plarticular 'lu. tcky,' Louisiana, Mississi)ppi South Carolina, and en 'L
iintnearujstotem, and who apply for an exemption to, is $12,240. 'Basis of assessments is $3 for each $1,000 of annul ai
orxeptonfrmormdifiations of, the Code within 10 das~ '' babmlal pay rol.'
atrteefciedtofthe Codeshall be<'given an opportunity fora heain and deterination of the issues raised'prior to in- uldiction cver te city adcounty of Mobile, Ala.,$38
urig amny ability to enforcement of the Code. W asis of aSssessmenit is $57 for ach $1,000 of annual ech
Eet~iI~oM~uI~duty CadnlRo, Wila wiaing on the representati've'character of the dvisional Code '" pay<'roll.
T DvsosN.8 ,Pri oePtsug, Athority within division NTo. 9 of the industry, which embraces ;Total budget for the regional Code admninistrative agency, W jurisdiction coy.ers the State of ,Arkansas, is $4260. BaiofO,
sessment is '$23'forach$1,000 of annual mecbmca pa
ub ~ ~~~~~~~~ uatrgl Ro '57,Cmece Opportunit to be heard on application. of the divisional codle IDog Food Industry, 450- Pan American Rtoom, Hearing on 'definitions and4 standards of identity andbril
'uty 55.Bulig .H.Lon. members of the heel and sole diviYsion, for a. stay from the provl- 512 A. M4ayflower Hotel, 10 vauan a~~grqfeet ocne o od
slons'ofch. VI, art. III-A, secs. 4 and 6, of the Code. Soc. relates a. n., Weld M.t Stevens. for their enforcement, submitted by the Codeuthorith
to hepulihig nMngof a schedul'eof price and terms of ''cordance with the provision fsc ,at .
sa.~ Se.5 relates to usnder'prce selling of standard products. '' the Code.~c1'rt I n
Drapery and Upholstery Room 3022, Commerce Opportuinity to be heard on application submitted by b61
Saltirday Jan.26,195 Trmmiing Inidustry, 212- Building, A. 'Henry. Authority for supplementary approval of its budget and m
19. Thurston. assessment for the period from Jan. 1, to Dfec. 31,13C o'
InvstnIet Bnkrs, oor321, DenrikoBuild- Opotnt obe heard o~n order with reference to an app11- ."budget adhbasis of contribution were previously approe y
OporuntroAdministrative Order No. 212-11 dated June 71, 1934,frtl
1413.K J. Ammerman, cation of the investment bankers Code Committee for permission'prldbv'ttd Thtoa ou fthbdg
ashingio, D. C. to expand'a portion of the surplus funde onbhand Dec. 31, 1034. voulapred as60.Bsiofcnibtn
SidyJa.27, 1935 1 percent of' gross sales for 1933. Thea Code was reaeib
A dinistrative Order No. 212-13, dated July 17 934 byIel'
~Db~ In 'oom 14 5 Oporun jeIng sulsec. (c), sec. 2 of art. IV. Such amondmrent'at IIe
tr ~ ~ ~ ~ tree6 NW. a Pa ity to ha hard Con St%,pll.,tfor submpin drby the Code Authority to determine, and obtain equitalchtr
D. C., Jaorgd i Pan povsinftrn Co., SelnI.,frgmponrmth/ by all members of the industry, and such amendi ofth
D.'~ ordhDHil /prvison 01th Coe.' necessitates the Code A'uthority submitting its Ite e i
Mondre Jxinan.--- A8 193 1 end its pro posed basis of assessment, for supplter r
FireExtngushig Ap Rom 374,Commerce Oppostunty to be heard on' application'submittedby0
p ~b Rom omnarI ob bar~n p lcalonsu~tlttd y he od' lance Manufacturing Bulding, Beverly S.~Authority 'for approval of its budget and basis of'cotrbto l
Dal Nwpae Pbis-Ror 45 CmereOpotuiy tbehadoappiaonsbtedythCde utr,0-1Kng the period from Jan. 1, 1935, to end including Dec.',
In uies 8-& ulig .Wlh Authority for approval of it udget and basis of contribution for be oa ugtI 1,0.'Bssp seseti 4o
the periodtfroms Jan. 1 to June 15, 1935. sales of Code products 'by each) member as shown %,ldg
/ 'Total budget is $80,000. The revenue necessary to meet the amount couints. Assessments are payable monthly based'd ia'fL',
of the budget is to be obtained from the surplus resulting from second psrecedinga month. The Code Authority was 91ti8
assessnments'levied under the prior budget approved on June7, termination of the exemption conferred in par. IIll( dl
193.5, for the period from May 12toDec. 31, 193. No assessment ''trative Order X-~36, on Oct. 1, 1934, accpdisl,"l
'A will 'be made under ihe buge for the period Jan. 1 to June 15, '''the Industry are liable to assessment whether or not terPlc
ltoo<'48, 18 ptee Opor niy t behear ontheen eneal Cntrctos I- ''>pal liae of business Is in some other industry.
Zaa ii Wr a n Ro 408;,' 1618laon K1938.potuiytob eado application siubniitted'by thus 'u- GnrlCnrcosI-Milea Building, Hous-: Hearing on application submitted by certain, grou
fatali ndsty(DI- N .,0 .ikao plemeutary. Code Authority for'approvel of its budget and basis dutry (Division of Con- ton, Tax., 10 a. lin., "roal of a proposed agreement establishing standarelf 0M4
vi odn ann-ate of contnitlon for the perodfrom Mvay 27,.1984, to.June 16, 1035. structlonL Industry). Erniest L. Wlti, exean- labor, 'rates oif pay, and otherconditonsa of employmet n l
gaWAt Ttl -'1ti 1383rai fasesetI s olw:Ics iOpsaantSae x 11 e.1o heCd o h cntuto n

U5~~~~~~~~ ~PLC ANDrA~ DEPUTY 1UZPsrs~ oros

Tesday, Jan. 29, 'TusaJan. 31,
1935-Contd. 95Cnd
Sho and Leath~er Finish, Rtoom D, Washington Heoaing on -appication submitted by. the Coda Authority for Oil Buirner Industr, 255 Rom 07, Comc Oppotuit to behado~nplctosumtebyted'-i
Polsh an Cmet otl,10 ai.,Ovid E.aendme~nt to the Cdby amedn r. VI, ec 2,suse. E ulig eel Atortio prvlo t uge n ai fcnrbto
HauatrngIds obte, Jr. ~rltngto datings. CoK*ing Wsington, orthpero frmDo.1, 13 oJn 613
tr,18-31 .D.CeT tlbugtts$,42. ai r. ass e eto4 'rdcs fii
Wolesale PaitVarnish, 1320 G Street NW. Frank Opruiytbe heardonpcto indumtry as, deiebtheCdeeahfrcn
Laqer, Alled an H. Crckard. CoeAtoiyfrapoa fIsbudget adbsis of cqontribu- n
Kndred Products, tion for thle period from Aug., 1934, to Jneo 16, 1035. olrbre nt.b ecn fa esett
Trade, 201-R-7. ~~Totl budgtIs$20,689. BasisQ oassmmntis a olw:aantmnfcuead5 ecn gis elro u

Class 'Wholesale bales As~o~ sess- Picture Mouldng an Ptio Rom, Carlton Hern nraossbitdbtli iutyw opj h n;
mnent Picture Frame Industry, Hotel, 10a C. cesd eiiue w8oaiudI r. V u.;aefte oe,

fr000 the0,0......, efeciv d3.t4 of thide Coe tbp"unwaehr
toUde $50------------------------------- 1$8.00D.
$2 ,00t Qvr $ 50, 000 ---- - - - - - -- 16.60 o c

Woolens and Trimmings Sun Parlor, Washington Hearing on applcation suibmitted biy S. Stein & Co., 28 East Jan.______2__,___1934.____
Distrbuting Trade 201,- Hfotel, Washington, D. Twenty-sixth Street, Borough of Manhattan, New Yorko City,
21 T-1. (Divisin o C., 10 a. in., Frank H. for~ exemption from the provisions of art. IV, sec. 1, pars. (b), (e) fda, e.1,134
theWholesaling or Dis- Crockard > and (d) of the Code. Ths paarphs relate to the dating of, I,
tbuting Trade). orders, Open Steel Flooring (Grat- Roomn 411; 1618 K Street. Opportunity to be heard: on applicatio sumte yteC
ing) Mnnufacturitig in- NW Washington, D. supplemnentary Code Authority for approval of isbde n "
Weneday, Jan. 30, dustry, 84-01-9. C., R.i. Nikiason' basis ofcontribultion for tb period from July 21 1934 oJn1
9)apr an-posey R om 32, C m ec Opportunity to-eear ona plicatin submtted by the C od exess ae 205frgnrlepess ai f01t
Trmmngl eLsy Building A. Her Authorit fo pprovalof Itsbudget and basis of contributor s1 f ecn o h e ale ft ebr ft l uty
2220. Th~urston. for the period from San. 1. to M r. 31, 1935, inclusive.foth fis10m lh f1941 !
Total bdge i$,000. Basi of contribution is Yo of 1 perent of1 Danig aehnig-'ukn oeOlhm ern n potnt ob er napininqbit_
19gosslsi dollr oprodluots as defined~ In rt. II sec. 1, an eortn I ndus. City Oka. Frn0u- tdb eti rusfrapoa fapooe ge te
ofteCd.Assessmenhts shallbe payable in advance. try 244B-51, 68 (D i. tanvtt R o- ihn tnad fhor f]br aso py n te ol-
-oCoe.(Second pol- Building, Washligton, relating to employment provisions of Codes. In~Bar Ddisry). conr-wo i usyade.7(bfteNtoalIdisrll
Piyhearing). D,. 0. Rcvar Act afectn mebr nofbis' iiin u o f
Fabricated Metal Prodl- 1518 K Street NW., Wash. Opportunity to b~e heard'on application submitted by the Red hi mlyefntergonollaon iyadvdl
'3(euaouin ad intnI) ~ .Feri roso.,fcut~ Bluffton, Ind., for exemption from the aoJ .
t anufaturing and Whte H.pFri rovsis oanfati n~t
Mea'Coating Indus- an~d Decortn Inds loPs fis ul- tdb eti rusfrapoa fapooe gemn ltb
Fla MaufaturnInus- Room 3016 Commerce Opportupnity to6 be heard4 oi application subimtted by the Code visio f otruto ]IaedeCrwlSae tosfmpyenudrat.1,sc.,ofheoefrtecn-
try 259--20. Building, Burton E~. Authority for amendment to art. VIII of the Code. The aipnd- Industry). N Acmlace diree- stacinndsrnde.7 tofheN inlIdurilR-
Oppenhecim. ment would permit a liquidated damages agreeingnt,. tor covary At, afecing mebrso this siiaaderuo hi
Hrwood Distillation Ila- Room 4057, Commerce Opportunity to he heard on application submitted bythe Code epoesi h eino oig9on 0 n iiiy
dtry, 110-16. Building g, Ovid E. Authority for amendment to the Code by handing art. X, sec.TgIdsty 4-1-- om9 Naioa Sv Opportunit tobehard on applicationsbitdyth
Robertsi Jr. 8 (b). Teroposed amendment would delete the words "Jan- 0nsadTutDii oeAtoiyfraedett r.Ise ,o h oe:
ImpotingTrad, 1 nary 31" and insert in ien h. ereof the words"'June 15."
Washitngton, D,., C., by adnia pthaio submitin detne byit~ theseto c~i
4-A Doadsn Authority for approvalf its budge ndbasis, of contribution _______ aplicablejto ouid s'alesmen.
for the period from Dec. 3, 1934,,to June' 15,' 1935.A
Total. budget is $352.Basis f contrbtion iss foZlowsEach
member shall he assessed a fxed amount for eacht member of his StraFb ,13
personnel, including employers, princils, partners, officers, of Panit aehnig om 332 Comec Heaig and opporut y obI er napfto fcra:h.
cporationsand empoyees (includn outsliesalesmenwhether and secrtn nu- Bidig _a rr. '
The asesent for the first 0 months of the admiitratiofte viio ofCntuto ne r.II e.1 fteCd o h osrcinIdsr
Code shall be $3 for each~ member of the personnel nuty.adse b) fteNtoa nutia edeyAt ifcii
,.iud Fuel Appiance Room 2062-M4, Commec Hearinlg a application submitted, by the Code Authoit for meul~) nise. (o) thSdvso npftln fterepoe.i h
Mufcuingndustry, Buildn,1 a. mn., Bev- amendment to rule L of art~. V, relating to sterns o ae n orgo fNo jKn. n iiiy
following: "or to daeo invitedon ated Ites."- IWX8- BidnWahntnbPttohi auatuesAscito f h ntd tl,3
JYrin evices Indus- Franklin Room, Ambas- Herngo application sumite by teCd uhrt o edM liigt ersn 5preto h nuty o nls I
tr,59-H D. drHoe,10 a. Im., amene. unde toe thei Codefrgoeyiamcu nutis n
R .I. Nilasn, Acting.Stvn.nb Cenp
ffaeAuiiay machiii- Room 4040, omeeOpdpsttobe heard,. on application submitted ay Ctdb heCod 'goeryanfacturig idsrspcfalyplial boihe
_'eyIdustry, 242-13. Building, W. W. Rose. Authority fo~r amendment, to art. Vse3,othCodreaing
to a budget to~ cover Code administration expses. application for approval of its>.bud at nd bai of contribution Pyrotecni upuatr om45, omre0tplctinsbitdb h
for the period from Feb. 9,1934, to W. 8, 1935inlusiv.. Msm 1 h
the volume of the year 1934, estimated at $79~0000.
FitnPaperhaenging, CiCnilom, Rc-Hearinlg adopportuity tobO heron appliction submitted in Tihisty 148-12. BidnOi .Rb r.VI fteC& eiitn iudtddmgsareet.
ty.24B-48 >(Division eric L. Roberts,, State ing hours of labor, rates of pay, and other conditosfemlyD.0
ofConstruction 1Indus- NRAcompliantce diree- mont under atIl,sec. 1, of the Code for the cosrcinIds
try) tor. ry, and see.? 7(bof the Ntionial Industrial Recovery Act, affect-
igmembers of this division and certain of their amployees in
th~e region of Rockford, II., anidvicinity.Bulc

Grusi Artas Indusries Room 4325, Commerce Opportunity~t btoadp>&~lc sbl 1 o be hgern aplcto 0umte b hN
ar7ts,9 Buildingon DasiC.on approve Grahi Arts budgettin Committee oor intrbnfo fi re pioiao
Thurday Jan. 2:1 toD1935133 ohdae~nple
Total ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ dfniin ofd1gtI8,102.Bsso ts1ecnsprPwe the Grammi cet Code oara cl~obnstu to y cud a
'iuiosCa nu-Room 3325, Commerce Opounity fl, be hear on alo submitted y the owa Antorl for intinoeraton, art e prvsinfadoe
try, 24--91t. Y Building, N. W. R~ob- Souhernsvj ivsional Code Authority Nvs o 2 f dipvon1, or r plcal hrt.ltt-eaapitn peain r
-arts, Wshington, D. C. budgvale f it bdtn basis of dotluto ort tribtod~n forthe 26,, o 1934,
from Sept. 2,1935Decus31,> 3 both ts inclusie. graphic, processes.93
Ttoal budet i $4,1025 Recovery esmnt191 Acens erPanedPffIthery Ro CodeCmmrc shallit t b har oeapinaio effecty heCoe
won on the prois tion h or Ofthe Codv.ianti .Do. 1tf3r thc full1612
tht h portd mon h aede. a~ oio Pcur IdsIy maBuilgWahitn, ~Autit fo a ? nmstitn art Vy wedding Auhcto k)
mTillsou ColIdsrRo 22,Cmec'Oprn to on tarduon pplicthen submi933ted as nayita the Iwofacrtanomlelte efrof aps rovscton in0ie

applBidij .Rb-sbicationa subited Authet Eaten subdiisionfrapal oAf~ it emun f 1l96.. eseodp
-~~ ~rs ahntn .C bhurgey ofd diviso ont friaupiona fo tebuet andm Sist of, co-1934,un t~t. ttsx te~ o
torSet. 13,)nluieo for the hote period fro tane 1a Tueday Fec. 5, 1935'(rmnhy 'aotofthbu "e
thbais thec troratermonto or epended. of the basi law-;- 63FoeWsigo, D. pah appf isovsdbde o h eio rmJn oDc3,
Total budgetifsai p~,0tebais $2,50 tBasi to sessem ent C,1 .i. i P 194 t Tobt al division is$2597.7.-As, n pliatorsb
mil er ton o th poduct fo th yea 13 an as hsondntrs
Stereo Room 064, Cin ero Oppotunitytoi~eieard o applcatiox submitedabytheoNah. iuto, PdebhyntngeRoone20,thorityO forHearpprndvoplrtf titsobudgeto eforcat he
~aslugtonD prontiution fogre he erilal tteSaemieiopco' 'd from Jan.1 1oee to~34 Dembe. 'try 2443B, To2, bu-get iss. 10a.m60,375.01.,ofhes-. cn
dfascs for chontributne durig th bedo May23fo to Junpoe NRcoilaedre-1bn id~radsc 5 fteNtoa nutiln
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~Febde 194,Snesc oiews~sudpir'otentcn ftetr ccis miemberso tis ditsio, and cerstar of hich
of atr assessment a ndm toe for the yCe (93.Amendmn lovesn the preion fom Ianwc n~. 1Kn 1,1,an s n h
~N,apptosumite 24194 It Eapearnsudivisibla odpent~t Au-~ ln, aernliChneroCoinrc'arint opport1, nity13. he eart on aepcaiodro
atfurthe oppriisth~dcenn the Nataproalnalts budget an andi of ron~ntl- Jn 17dt~~m torng Dea. group for 5 apoa d s a n tphe agmounnt ofs18a407is .
dribaisn fof cothepriton heo givn 3ebrs1, tryr monthly4.- aAa, 0a n, tnad fhor (~~rae pyad te odt
Tot~alismunjet o tebermntio ( esi ofn rebioalCoad a~deJ~ en ,mou nt th bde equally etwe, thlCoe frodrs he c d is-
itali ec budge sa,40,dh bass osmnt o oece ettributios byiso meofr oftheSaa RAmlanc industryade.()o tn athe25 exibditorsia in f

per onothper motlyhmn ploustiof. thento thenduaustry.~e6
Eetoyingi and Stereo- Room 4064, Commerce Opportunity to be heard on application submitted by the Cede Paena Contrarsin-, Room -204-, Post -Office H4earing and opportuity to be heard on application o a-
,tyigIdustry, 179-21. Bnildlng,M. D. Walsh,' AinaCoeAthor ity fo r approval of the budge t and basis of tiuin uty24Ai 8Q Building, Wichita, taindgroups for approval of a propose agreement establihn-
Washington, D. C. otito for 'theperiod from Jan Ito Dec. 31, 34, orth ea b'oes ty 24i4isBo 52f Constrc Kans,, 10 a. in., J. E. Stan ads of hours of labor, rates of pay, and other conditiosof
adisr tive anpruy hoe erdconcersnall psc ofCo-dogIdutr) Wrenni, acting State employment, tinder art. III, sac. 1, of the Cede for the costrc
ndcu es of atrlin drnfrg the seroudhatrn corne 2tof Jnew6 NRA compliance direc- tobn industry, and'sec. 7 (b) of the National Industrial Reovr
York. State aundotheasrlye rior Islaen ocn a tlet toir. Act, affecting members of this division ad certain lbtei m
mpsanto asestaenmetfh Co de.;Ne (aorken 10~~- os ~inte egon of Sdwc ony as
gfrter Newporknd th e foardlow ring tite Nestionalebugt an Deoatn Inu-AuioumBrin-tgopsfrarvlofarpseareetetbihn,
and a si-ts fco tribtio Orangivntmme rs tryan> 24ndB all 68-P4.d ha,Al.10a i., sndrsobasofaorteofpyadohrcniinsf
istrtNew agreny- l budf t agn, basesslof cotribut io aymebrafSaen,'mpine to nutradse b)o ainlInutilRcvr
Eae, Hnusony wiine Srsto Modfs egionl outh Humn-dietrAcaftngmbrsothsivinad ranoftern-
to bDet,9 is $ 0,424' Basis of assessment I slv of tai hre
aermonth reestdishetplsYof1erntf the Nationa Code'day Fetbr.t is,193per
cetpranmo ~ nulmechanical pay roll pe saliheto'h er the34 ca
,~ n tro om46 Commerce Opportunity to be heard on application submitted by the Code GnrlCnrcosI-Ro 0-,Ps-fieHaigadopruiyt ehado plcto fcr
tpnInustry, 179-22. Building, lM. D. Walsh, Authority for approval of the budget and basis of contribution Auty 4--76-4 Bideis ihiga Speialt roups tr
-. Washington, D. C.,, for the period from Jn. 1 to Dec. 31, 1934, for the regional'Code (Dvso ofCntu- K s.10ai.,.E. tndrsfhusoflb ,rteo iin f
aneciusttiv aglieyawh fo ersothn coers threr cit Nof R opinedrc nidsradse.7()o h ainlIdsra eoey
CokSat n sourrhedinerl toLngIslnd then notherpnt to.At fecigmmesofti iiio n eti.o hi
Totale bdet i 46. ai of Wetpron.sesYorktate-aclbusie ofh-
nam utreqested byste Nratnal okadan allLonIslarcnt; a ~te wodnsikad~b'ysalrsd
ofte echanialprol fo rn thpro Ot o 0 Wa934, FCS-rll
withxaHmasimumUnassesSmert ,of $150 pex, ono yetaih- CoeoHarcmeiinfrim de~lil n sae~frte-ups-fa lt
totn, paabl eero.'I195 > teadet- I-TsI'eh

,,toyigand Stereo- Room 4004, Commerce Opportunity to be heard on application submitted by the Coescilyndtrpove: empna
tyigIdustry, 179-24. Building, M4. D. Walsh, Authority for approval of the budget and basis of contribution igseily nutya~ue een sd-fysatr ujc h o
Washington, D. 0. ,for the period from JN. 1 to Dec. 110394, for the regional Code Adetsn peiatIndutesdtrill n~
administrative agency, whose jusrisdcton covers the Newy on-fne to men eFniaii o itce ffy
lhcoand ttes ascusistning frteSate influainte noten Hamp-
Total budget is$66666. Basis of assessment, exclusive ofa ut vriigieit~~c prtolak h mnfcueo l tr
amtrequested by the National Code Authority, rtis Idus~try isT.Atee1,Scin()o h ode tc n uhfysatrI einA
ldpetof the ana mechanical pay roll for the peSial Oct. or inivdul orv 30, 134,d for theiuto pups ofindetiing.acluodp
with ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~wt a wirenu stapsmee woif $150 Per totooayetbih od ffi optto orteavriig adm
eantNv,13, payable Feb. 1, 1935 ther~ln>
end ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~e Han tm- YokAtoiyBidCridron'Nvlydnfctrr soito fraed sApiat inutr poides swtea by blid ts ubecttIN I toe ofnufatr ofsc 7
ng, 1om 06m, CmmeD. Opp-rnity to t I er proasend arpit.ion (denboi)fthe Coda fly .it awttr wubjee toaphe Cod of-i fa'r toin-
Inusry M8 cent.a of th bu'o an bas, of conthtaverisbution~y
A 7 A' )~_ A t o i v f r a- ~ i r 1 z r q u ,] h r i i


buiess based on number~ of fenegas Im- District Code Agency, Jacksonville, Fla.)- vision No. 36).-Bde,$,0,~
,,oO., Thi isth forthof srie'oflists potedandorpurchased in 193at rate of Budget, $700, for Juily 1, 1934,~ to Decemiber ary 26, 1934, to February 28,, 1935; se,
ofCoe udet aprvd urng194. 21 ents pe' enega.. 31, 1934; assessment, two~-fifteenths of I per- 'ment, 6 cents per ton, based on an sbad,
'An. a he I I wllappar n te anury MPRING~ TR~ADE.-Budget, $3,50 cent per annum of gross scale value of prod- collectible tonnage of 1933 retail al,
o j~Q9~, oJue1I5, 1935; assess- utcts sold by each establishment, payable 150,000 tons, the first assessment of3cot
30 sse o te lueEne for.ul 30 1934,r tof u n monthly, calculated upon the annual gross per ton to be ma~de upon approval of ude
ment $1 er mmberof prsonel. t, sale alueof products sold during fiscal year subsequent assessments to be, madeafe(6
INSLATION COTATR.Bd 193 tober 15, but Lot to exceed totalassaet
1 --"FISIBIERY~ INUTY TmoayE-assmn,1preto oa muto l PHOTO-ENGRAVING INDUSTRY (Sv f6 cnsper ton.
ie o ceii ve Committee o enth Ditrc ofd AdiitaivBgny ETAIL SOLID FUEL INDUSTR
4~-~~$2.year 1934; assessment, seven-tenths of 1 per- ary 26, 1934, ?to February 28, 195 iss.T
6 s; cent per annum of gross scale value of prod- int, a.n initial assessment of 1 center n,)
%,,er'01 193; asesmet um f mneyeq a 500 for Ju e,13to~ eun 16 135 upon sold by eacha establishment, calculated based on 1933, retail sales to be madeUo
-,anua als f rduts pybl i eul onhl usnes sold, payable as fpollw: 50 percent payable ,cents per to~n to b maeon current
,i m o t h l y i n s a l l m n t s o n f r s t d a y o f e c h A D D E M A U F A C U R I G I N U S O ct o b e r 2 5 1 9 3 4 ; 2 5 p e rc e n t du e N o e m b e r t o t a l a s s e s s mn e n t s n t t e x c e e d a t o a c l -
commencing'with~~ ~ ~ ~ fis a fmnhTY-uge,$330 o ebr18, 935, 1934; 25 percent due December, 15, 1934. lection of $24,620 during the entire bug
.,flowNg aproa ofT budet S93 to Noeme e8, 191 aseset PHOTO-ENGRAVIN4G INDSTRBY period-.
seven-tenth of 1prn of~ gros sale to be (Eighth District Code Admninstrative ~ROAD MACHINERY~ MANUFACTE
8600billd :mnthl, aed pevio man Agency, Cleveland, 01p).-Budget, $10,900, ING INDUSTjRY.-Budet, $20,009or0
tive16bo~payrol in xces of$2,5 LEAHER LOT ANDLACQERE for calendar Year~ 19341 assessent atwo- tober 31, 1933, to Decemhber 31, 1934; ses
une E R W~HDE ER ifnths of I percent per annum of the gross meat, two9 tenths of 1I percent ofr'voleo
FABRICS, WINDOP HD CLOTH AND scale value of products sold by each estab- gross sales for 1933.
of th indusry'\haing less than. ROLLER AND BOOK CLOTH AND IM libeat, payable 75 percent Novembe1, SNLIEBCK-ug
scl~pay rolfrsi eatebssEGNATED FABRICS INDUSTRY (Can 194 and 25 percent, December 1, 1934, cal,- t,~-LM $1,860, -BreY
ssessmet shal be on~ifth f I pecent Jly 16,1934, to March 31,195;asssnn
O~~~ ~ ~~~~~ cents~~~'W~~g~ cl al~o per .,000 for standardize bric
doesi sae vlm.qee arics Inustry).-Budget, $11,- products sold. (8-x4"x3%-), ilnvoiced at 50 cnsp
FEILEMTA HOSE AND TU- 718.75, for May 14, 1934, to December31, PHT-NRAIGIDUSTRY 1,0G0 for 8"x8-xlO" ize b ock iv
Sep11eah e s "'nth Distict Code Administrative Agency, o brick invoiced other than sadr'
,,-)cde1$,50, forJun 4 1934,O to Sptp1sej- )epre r the (T e. Foo
t,~~~~~ae bearb to thn ~e toa saleseporte R Indianapolis,, Ind.).-Budgt $6,419, fr Cal- ~z~as~,ns~e~nd n~
ud rte~o on ut~a edar, year 1934; as5sssent, seven-tenths of tha~ thclntardn rcepr1
a~~~ ~r~xa 0 9~percent,,per annum of the gross scale 'value to plant selling pricp per 1I,000) for sc tn-
'~~~o LN~TAD C k~E Aproducts, paabl,~ 50 ,percent October 20, ard size bick. Tor blockohrt'
F DCUPNLNR, NDLAENLATERCLT AND[ACUERED 1,934, 25 ,percent November 20, 1,934, and 25 8-x8"x16" assessment to be mnadleii 6-
R1,UATRNG- t,; FABICS,' WIDW-SAE LT 9ecnt Decmber~ '20, 1934,, calculated~ uponportion that unit plant selling prince e
9,25 fr ay:1 134 t Otoere E1 1934 RNOLEI (WindO CLOH AN te anlgrss scale v~alue of prodIucts soldl. block~ bears to unit plant selling prc
jie ae.dnmnh.precding datel P~tso HOTO-ENGRAVING IN~DUSTRlIY (Fif- 8'-x8"xl6" size.- Assessmentsbei
i'o pymnt pyicr t b mdemothy. fo-uyl 193 to Deeme 31 94 s teeth District Code Agency, St. Lounis, 6,193.
FOUDRYSUPLY.-,-Bdgt, 12000 sssmnt fiten undredths of ecn o)-ug $6,350,. for 'calendar year SET U~P PAPER BOX AUAT
iZavns pybe o NIn1934; assessment, seven-teniths of~ 1 ecn N.Bde,$4,6,for. cale a y~
.,'assessment, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ FO noABLEhnoe-afof1p avne per annum of gross scale value of products 1934; assessment, based on~ 1933cl~a
cen o -crrnt als hicsallbereorte~d 'I TRCK AN OTBEEoldIby eac~h establi-,ntayal gbmonthly, 'year gros-sales: Natonal Cd uhrt,
payable ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I~~Bp~ evti 30cas o uy3 0,t ue1,13;of products, sold during fiscal year 193 ttes, on#-fpr~th o1 etZoe1,
FRESHOYTE IDUTR (xeutveasessmet one-half ofl teento aslest, PH ONGRVN (Eighteent Dis-~ Coo Contf1. one-third of1pret
''mite).-ut $K 023 o A~pril paal otlbsdo ae o h e-tc CdeAgnc, or Secattle, WashL.. Zone 2Metolia Ne.YokP9~othr"
,.Buge, ,004 34'~ to, *' I I New Jersey, on1e-fourth of percen;Zn'
',,enh fI e~ice f otl nnal, sae fo IH EIGIDUTYbXEThr31, 1934; as' essmnt 1 prcn per an- Phlalsdelhia Pa., W iigon, DeL, reto
th pecdig usnes ea, ayblineulGRET (CoverdCapt Padn Di n. um of gross, scal au oroucts sold by di Camd~en, N. J., onetenth o ,uet
m ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ap onhyi~tlmuso is a fec each< esabihmn, paabl ofthy cl-ad Zoe2,Suthern Californiia, w-tid
vison,-udgt,$15 fo Fbur2,late uonanua gros scalevalue of o 1pret
atprvd. f~ude' drigfica eari 1933.\ SLAT INDUSTRY-Budgt $12,40fr
-' TRD.Bugt $46,B PHTORAHI AND PHT FIN F ebruary 1, 193,t aur 1 95

h ~s.~~~ers engaged in sale of industry, products slvania: agnd ayad ein $,3.0
'4934 -, asessmcn fiu-tentm dof of I recent of 1933Isale volume. Members SOFT IBRMAUCTIN
enee no-idustry sic uy1, 193 as-~ 14$ ,Y.-713rdget $0000, fo M4ay1,9'
U percent to $1 p~er month; o poutsrom sesedupon total, volume f salesfr yea to Api 0 95 asssm

61, omm~erencin Jl1, a9 fec ebe r h ann~ ualet budgt- eual to te< roth
GRAPape Cb~ totS INUTR (Cmer 5 etspr othtt2 enspo onh
establishment dr in Amouni t of twenths of I h member hpet pud of indutrssal
cl elef ri tin I du try ; ll or Aprl n a lef o .0 p rnt or. p r et ere nt ofasuch tota a e s vou e eeofers try pr d cs d r o icl y a next bi p r

d, es n ulrtsPr$100 o 2,-frA gs 1 94 tol Ju e 34, expri n e > hal pay an se~sment b s d th b ~u t stablished be'o t e tt]
e~h nial ayro Paabe ioithy ssssen tf eihet hs of 1 spden n d al uonthe o al le s o~ lum e s'f Por i s iEE1lJ iSTNDUS'1iRYL
_i0 u' nT m Zoe1 ugt$260 s saes of every me be e, yhe diiso -efec year dighuig whh te wne eac tal en3-98 ~ 0,.~o 1 3~
Minapls 2 ,Zoe e1 EachcWn membmer of inusr shall payh mnlu ;sse 4i~>.$5 'i
L; aNW esDmbRE Ml3.N Mobile-ad6t $Afr pil1,ii.,ains 0eduieo
AIL ede k TE.BaReg$2ion,194ltoDe.mbr 1,19geta; $1,t085- nd rsascnteiness- als r n
c 4> sements e rjc o l coptii e tentsuh tofa s $30.' NashvilleE Nen. Zone 5t and, S.- whic M Aount to $1,00 ormore
$5,150o; ans PebUBIN 1, TRCTR DIVIION to~isa yearmei next prcein Cod aAuthority&I~e
ad ,Bdg -smn 934, Peerovidencet hs~ptQefo o ~pzto urn m th ud~h~ ~er
IL g., one (Rgoal. dola sages e43u f
,',A~~~~~~~~sessment,~~~~~REZE $7 ihod aZn R-BOKIDNTY-ugt 1,0" o RCIN.BDUSt, $1,332,13, Jun 4, bearstoy toal net e of0rb
dgei~ ~~~~~~~~~TI $374sesen,.1, ue1,13,t a 1 /5; forsmet Augus4,t 2un, 935;to p~aryessment ia i, on typocs siiar ~orr if of
( ; Zne15(Rginl)- eren o ntmothy als, s essed nd fort of r ern t of grs ales lle d mbtdsls naufr1pro~
B, d.t $140 aseseot $18 a ttle,' pay a monthlye onI basis. o98 sae fai theisty eng the- 12s m~t moing enesDeeme on, 19r3ce
4'e Os aymn to tead owther n ie ssment of $5. $8,60 fo August 1,DE~ E94 toA Jl31,10
Pon 14 Bdgt CO2, aseset Cdn moth suc p ~ ~ assessmenyis~ainelf aie. ~ i t, $1,3) per tojily steel jits ntid

assessme-eIti T2 ILNR N DESTIMN'T RADE.-Budget, $,750,for Arl1,mnaisR943 exlsv'o cesolf
GRAPHIC ~~ ARS(rd Tpstting inetBAI ANDe for IE-Bdgt $20300 mea4,to Dem be 19 assebsent, tw 'ado 00bceir aeiasivie
duti-7uagt $2,60 ao epi a, ai34 fo e aena yearT' b1asesettre-tnh of I percent ofp 79-ye ver t annyd ponZt 00----
,tMac.1 13; ssseb $0 e year out odIperAentiof,2Bs de4fle aby oe.UNIT, beTE AN/O VENTnaILf ATE0 01 o10000...,-
f, toi s)-u~p,$,~ fr~ihia rs Rale POW E PUF .ursdg etc $6n835d, .a 1fo01r4 6Q~4..
;J~~ orec $1,000ie~ of anulm-hncl payprcn 'ebr fUSCA MEehlb yearIS M9~ equal- tI h MANUFACTURING.-Bue,$125,f
i,_-roll; Payable ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o mothy TURoNG.Budget $480 fo 'Jauar 16,~pod Ferentg t1934$,00 s Deceter 31,ota934;oss- Ma9, 193 to Decmbe 00093;asc3
'p nt~mb~l 1~ 934, ~d .0 perent ear, at oate-fofrt of Aeperce of r et o 690~r
al PHI ARTSct sTrade Typsetigern perc3tag torj Deasbe 31,a e ->1934; seset h fo'und sal b15 aisedby n Mean
'dustry, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ > Reinl i-ugt.$1,4,frArlehtp o-unedsofIpercet o 1Y nett ales forbudetNpeiod o pr r'ata aessessent hso eahmme
0_134 MacO1, 135 ases~e $1 sales. PRETZE INUTY-ugt $7,500,~ yeartry Bu gr,$03~ hils o rodutsafg
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Per-~hl yalue forp ucts $1vc00 fanulmcaia PAEDITBUNGRfof eugros 7 ann3a, tol Feru'ar 27 1935;.Bdet$750~,(o,
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eitabIahment payableo Anonthly Calif. ofad eachs qud. $1.45 perod bemployeg wit ceIf 1000,00hnoatof
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Codg Authrit 10mrs 1935.e frm ah-po n of aril II,
LUMBE AN TIBR PRODUCTS, 6,~r 7,-and, 9,g~ of th Code.
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Authrit bultn volume~ IIk~Cm No 42,- ain an;rdl, eto ,o h
e ioal f n thenktim e wihi which, Y obet omae file is idctd reltos foro the pplpt hro.
dis~ pipai No. 312 O de 21e,~io grnig 'ee pto I 'Cthe ub4 .,(
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stained shingledn stile only. ,~ Thef~ad~ herrctd frod the prvsin cf e11 eto
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for, a pppiisoio oft 60dan rC~r1 in11 hr f~ahine nd tedaes e
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Code, toc. 5629ar etd so Roadd Ci ci nai Brot ers Neire n ,L .; F lin n n d sh d l f ic w r s-'-

(b factur th product of r the in us r f r s ~ N O de 69,~ denying die nsyl n ft h exemp-c N. of: h a t o d M r e o Ha t o d W P T I D S R

~~4CTURIN1~~~rde 7NUTY gratin exemption toe an arCreownib 1.0o n

DSRY, Code No a~i7,:.l Oreto 13 denin No. 2-8A rdaed 4u23 1 934.~ 0x~'~t Rimee' toMark 1~ ~~et d ee
apctode the Moller Moor Moaro -Co. Hagers-tle y ~~ca1 n~ a
ALwn MdOCK for SR1 exemp 3 p g fa~e ~ ~ 21 tion ~from eh prvsosIDSRCoeNrors.n., e efrMs a
ere 13, dpprovin theiato ougf and Falcon of: 6l~ (di(), the dat Ofltis orde unNi suDh t e,
uf tilIII relteise ulng tohuso h C de. io Packingll be. Plasntdle for a pWene and,
Aanufatorin of. thi Cdictry, Illo, ftoe thea~ regla rat opeate inntn exes of eod apf' li ts,9
BO 4LE SapOFTn theN bu D USY pr1b'ps ovrtimens o antcle ,h stin~ 1, ofl he pueFo atI.,Poie : R. e. be no inor tha '38 0 orornt
triuti~i or~theN~wEnganddivsio Wokedb te4 eg1ar mp~y~e. te trtatb gnd o iebter Goves,

UCT 1934,RY tApi Coden No. 1493: Order (. 2 ub, a eMply as c. Conn, aff .te Y suh TONER
oifr to o the vs oo rtws is na temntVIhIeplncnerd npr~ eepio r dtm seed onChoher de No. 3 65 Order 19, grantig tepoivi~
Authorityb) of th is indutry foth aprvin Cofe Admitrtiv rder an 0 eirhoryrtsfr l o okd in ii pEIM onD LOW-RICE JEW risons o 1 article
-re*0 denon aplcaonff ntrbuto thert prop rioat sro f theary .hi1 be potdi1 oscosp~~a oprtd
LD- &TR G D09 cAoFA expenie ofU ATUIG adminiterin tsiiei ood secwith-3 agrp (n),~l ofeh
CasyGreeilds Co e mto No.m 4o9: 1tad5n their prncpa grinen ofmtin suppemetar CodeT :~~p for th ice
antngexepton o h or Ic M- i grnoe tnerd indsry casfati ons~ of the, and hast f. Winship.&D 2o, ours1ce gdy l aI
ery Crpo~alon, orkPa., ront he pr- slafl aply oly tothos who manuf4~ti~ deeedahaaroys11 pooi Tune 1,8 '1935.dustoiarystay4r abLPi k1
andLSQU T E RICA ofthNDe.S th products of the industry fofaeasru~ o age provisions of -:atile pro_ section em
PRESE AR IDUTR, an i vlum sffcint o usifyth e- PFA 4pli'~esdto. an paisbectd tmereos cptn
55 OdrNo.rntn 39eOdee0,grntn eemton to the pes o oyetle.MNE T6 in~ rane fq Totl th urnihn of a~stig f
of~~~~~~UTY Codcl IIIv setin 1,2iad9nfte Gnt Mpfculg-C. Mcn afo .I_ 1
C o f aril grp paarph(b)o h ID S R, oe o. Th7 e order 31,vides tmea d oneth irdx~f~cui~alo~o that reua r4ei ad Cnrs.
Odte eteynt tat no emplnoye sHay 11atn the exmpio cofrraicpr- ih n emploee' fo alg hous, wr4kpet4d- ierail ees
Ppidu eogD.Rneoeaigtepid a aeo less than 32ce5 perts hour graph III s of A4iitaie0re 6 peo week -.X~ DU T h~ e ol W skilled ~ ~ fCd OI BRNR IDSY ,oeN.
Burbn 10, terminati ng telesta ofttatif memer oteidsr ae eqrd Oerplye5, affcted bye thi orris. budgt PIPOre P14 'E te man exmptio a
e-Tynes Manfacturing C., Binning- tocnrbt thiseeimprotion ae sare 0 pn ai o opeito 0trePro fo UT YC o!o 11 7
Z eeintio from the mrvinsom wag rvi-;Ii lineed 40in January 1,c 19ncr4, f JCryt1, :Con p ragrat AIfinistv ore' o
5 n toeoter mnts, rovi there e is OO t~~APPR T S4U li o the em.-f~ii I{o eI1
secion NE SAE PandSHN no.o othe assesmen except~s that thoghe-rm~UIG inaVti o de Ns~ortep. X76: so~ June t all mebr ilerqie
NES, od N. 88 O~e 1, op- bae. mader aais dte anuatrer whos 19der 24,r granarn of~~ote uoa ~ ARP
CAD use FCURN ofsupusfndDUSoero- prinipa Dieo uiesi ntudrti a ecnd er.c C1'o, DBecember, 194.o 216 contribute te~i pr int
TR e o dminister the Cdeigap- forIN theE Bode ID R Y thEN' roisOns IN ofai l 'Detion, Cof' .orre4ep e ofamnitrngteCoeD
od~Cd Janar 1935. Thee 15rnw ,BRDN, rvnDg IE t h onpy et~ i Code of- reqiretadin to eirntri cipa 4ii fblie ,4
6~hoit bonribtio appove budget and therbuio Code inifa an. soms pO~l re oe Indtr. h i s exmto:
CtisovredP. eepinfrmtepo the period from March 12194 to JunI*M CH RY e 30 Wa m ieced pan of Klire app & araisjuly to thossus sar ~ e x e o mnf
Cod 1 93.Ti rrpoies tht 1.32: Odr9ap ov glitfocu ton Vntheeprvisionso? a oictlng oV'f> a e-o Cod om aufiint th'elr yth xpn~z,
Code ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ IDUTY Cohr hl nticrepnss dee aa d to. erson under 1, yas Studebaer,. truckweuike, Wi fro-ln ofbsnesheI ~~ i
g: thder m6 otonnuar 1935 Inf e xcdt rvn upetroes ofhoit ag- pBrtvons fiepm a ndcl aII 10-eotosea) bo th PA CAEt MEDIINEIND STRb C

-of.~~~~~~'4 Ad iitrtv Ore N .33-5styn
etadbss fcnrbuinfrth" eid Cde4oteexetta4i a4elmr4o 30:Odr11 prvngls O 0 lu
eertain~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ pr v s o s o h i~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ 14 93 Th;roiiosoft eCoeafete n ie ih eNaina nd s, ralR coey m nalt te helh f pesn
by Ad insraiv rd r o 3 3-5 r se- F NE AL S RV CE IN U TR o e oad fr m hed te o hi od rJa uay eas of a e


(otnefrom page 5) RIVER~ AND HARBOR IMPROVEMENT nlot less than a minimum wage equal to the tary of the Code Authority, a report, to e
-Aheorde pro ide tht hi eeption INDUSTRY, Code No. 434: Order 15, grant- minimum wage provided in the Codle for: held in confidence by the secretary, on s&
be o tisin Ig emptixo to 0. Walker Hodges Dredg- the perfume, cosmetics, and other toilet form as the Code Authority approves, report.
4usty. hosepricipl lie o buines is lng Co., Inc., KNew B3ern, N. C., from the pro- preparations industry, and, that the, mai- Ing the net ,sales of soap, soap prout;.
11taninusty overd by som ote ap- viins of ,'article III, section 1, of the Code, mum hours for such employees shall be not and/or glycerine for the preceding calna,',
roe oe of fai competition and-whose to the extent that it is permitted to work its more than the maximum hours~ provided in year; net sales of cleansers made with sap
onofbusns inpwer puff doe ot 'employees 48 hlours> per week on its contract the perfume, cosmetics, and other toilet prep- and, insoluble minerals as, essential ingrd.
xcee $50 pe moth.with, the United States Government, for' arations industry. The order also' provides ents ,for the preceding calendar year; wheter
URdredging in the lMeherrix Rliver~ between the that once each year, at such time as the Code such sales amounted to' more or less than10
-villages of Winton and Muirfreesboro, N. C., Authority for this industry~ shall ~fix, Solon percent of th~e total sales 'of all prodt_
'IDSTY Code No. 8M:Orer 9, provided that. this exemption 'shl~l terminate P~almer shall submit 'to 'the executive secre- and,/or services ,sold by it during such cln
.tinhaig emption cofre in pa upon the completion of this contract and that 'tary of the Code Authority,, a report, to be dar year;~ and'the total number of emple,,
II fAdminitrative Order X--36 so all other' provisions of, the Code shll be held in :confidence, on such form as the Code engaged by~ it in a' typical week during sch
al ember wi be required to, con- comiplied wih 'The' order'also states that it Authority shall approve, stating (a) net' calendar year in the manufacture of
,tiibae tei propoont sa of th~e ex- shall not sbipersede any provisions of, the sales of soap, sqap products and/or glycerine and/or' glycerine and/or such cleansers
theCo~ t~th',contra~ct and' that a 'copy be'posted ina place' for' the~ preceding' calendar 'year; '(b) net 'Order 44, granting exemption to the Wrih.
'-sanirlthirprincpl line of buines is readiyaccessible to all employees affected sales of cleansers made with soapl, and in- Laboratories, Inc., Chicago, Ill., fromtl.
,J sm ete indutry. ~'thereby. ,'' soluble minerals' as essential ingredients for> provisions of articles Ill and IV, of the'Cd
~. pxo ~pple~n ~ RUBBER dANUFACTUING INDUS- 'the preceding Calendar year'; (e) 'whkir o.cniinta t mlye f
~u~g an si ofconri u4~1TRX 'Cd~ No.158:Q~'er ~ gsuchg sales amounted to ,more or less than: 'this order shall be governed by the hoursan
ped of Jul 15, 1934, to Ju emptiont h 'ogast Rub~ber Co., Atana '10 percent of the, total sales 'of all products wage provisions of the Code for tbe perfumen.
93ND. Ga., from te provisions ,ebcapter I article' and/or service sold by him during such, cal- cosmetic, and other toilet, prep~arationsin
,,,,1,PUMP~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ MNFCUIGIDSRVBsection 1, of the Code, for 'a 1ri of endar year, and (d): the 'total~ number of' fustry. T~he order~ also contains ~theSa&
'ole.o. 57QrderI 1, denying application 90' days from the date of this order, to the employees engaged :in a typical week 'during regulations as set forth in above order 5
lfWlo-Snyde Manufactuing~ Corpora- extent that: it is allowed a differential of such calendar' 'year, ,in the manufacture, of relating to the posting of the order inacn
.ItI ulPitsbrg, Pa., for exempo from the 5 cents, per hour below~ the minimum wage soap and/or glycerine and/or such cleansers. "spicuous place, and the filing of a reportwih.
roviion ofarticles VI and XII of the rates set forth' therein, except 'as same ap- The order also requires that a 'copy thereof .the 'executive~ secretary of the Code Atoiy
'C. de. l~esto' apprentices. The order further pro- be posted in a place ,accessible 'to all :em- STON~E. SETTING CONTRACTORS' D-
R TUAT-INDUSRY, Coe No. viies 'that a copy be,,posted in'a place readily ployees affected thereby. , '"VISION OF THE CONSTRUCTIONIN.
12 "Ordr 9, deny 'appiatio of te accessble to all' employes affected thereby. SOAP: AND GLYCERINE 'MANUFAC-_ 'DUSTRY, CJode 'No. :244-T: Order approvn
Refctrie, nc. Rchete, N 0 Or is dated' January '5, 1935. TURING IN~DUSTRY,\ Code No. 83: Order chapter XXI of the Code for the construcin
0Al exmto rmtepoiin dfatces SAMPLE CARD'INDUSTRY, Code No. 45, granting~ exemption 'to" Pinaud, Incorpo- 'industry, as applicable Ito this division.
',V'a301: Order~ 11 approving Code Authority' rated, per~fumers, 220 E~as~t Twenty-first Street, SULPHO?{AWED OIL MANTJFACTU-1I
_''Or--r101 liite ovrtie t bugetand -asis of~ contribution for the New York City, f f h oerom 'the provisions of \ar- ING INDUSTRY, Code" No. 469: Orde6,
',,,6d~batt Boters I~ghcao, JL t te ex- period fro March 5, 1934, to March 4, 195 tidles. III an~d IV, of the Code, on conditions, terminating the exemption conferred in pr
ent' ~~ ~ ~ ~ 4PRAU tht hyDUSTrmtedtRwrktei, that its employees engaged ifi the manufac- agraph III of Administrative Order X-36, o
CIETI oPARTU 11.Idr~ N DUn aSTYo ture of soap and~/or glycerine and/or cleas- that all members will be, required to cn
under~~~ ~ ~ ths ofvsin of secl ,CdeN.14 rdr1,ga tin 2 styo era made, with soap and insoluble minerals tribute "their propori~esaeo t
t~bt.1'94'rvdth e oma m beximumc as essential ingredients, shall be paid not penses of administering the Code. Thistr
o'oralUXIUof th Cde "for a peiod~ of 90 days from less than a minimum wage equal to the mini- mination shall not, apply tso any eme
employee salnot beetne the dae heref, 'this order to take efec 15 mum wage provided in the Code for the per- whose net sales in tile calendar yearI of
tllaur &al e'ai fr tno lssthnonae fauro e1 1~ eef 1935.s atd fum~e, cosmetics, and other toilet preparations products covered by 'the Code, is less ha
adn-hr ies te normal-rae for alindustry; that the maximum hours for such $5,000, and 'which net sales are less tha
,,ous wrkd n any1 wekinexcs ofth OA ND'LYCERINE MANUFAC- employees shall not be more than the mai- percent of such mnembey's total net sales.i
nrma maximum hurs; qhat his TUIN _IND USRY, Code No. 833: Order muim hours provided in'the Code for the the same year of all his products ado
ro hl ot beconistrue as afetn 36, grntng exemption toSolon Palmer, perfume, cosniet~es, and other toilet' prepara-" services.
eoe a op o hs concern wh r perumr, New York City, frm the provi- tosindustry' and that a copy of this order SMOKING PIPE~ INDUSTRY, Cdode O
or usry;tha a opyof hisordr cndiionthat Nas employee engaged in the plyee affcte thaceby Thcse oe als e
oe inaconsicuou plc aiyac auatr o sop and/or glycerine and/or quires that once eac year, the time to be 'Coit, ta Brpia Plie COf, rInc, ewYo
cleanted made wthsoap andinsoluble mlin- fixed by the Code Authority, Pinaud, Incor- ty~1, f of the oison f aril IV, ec
Cu;ad 4httis lmtdoetime alow era as essential nredients shalle pad porated, shall submit to the executive secre- m thp'vidtatalaprnce
6'an C shll nt be onstued o as o vilatebe paid at n~ot' less than 80 percent f te-.
ateeVsetonT 1,wihsae htn. minium wage rate as prvided i rt
'empoyeeshal bepermtte to ork oreIV, section 1(b of the Copde, -and that h
6 ays n ay I eek.Re-reats Co ton Garm nt C de utho ity apprentice period 'for each 4such appret4
ore 02 eyigapicto o h Coiuedfom page shall not exceed 6 weeks. The orderas
for I empi~n~fron te poviionsof rtilesprovides that this compny shall notds
'4 charge any of 'its present empli~oyees n
,V ad,,II f te-Cde.Wyr~mA i apear tothe National In- T0 hat said Code Authority submit to replace them with apprentices or form era-
REAI RBBR IR AN BAT_~ outa Recovery Bard tbat the carrying, NRA forthwithh an itemized budget of its prentices for the purpoe of reducing ls
"de ynapliatin f he . wors ir efecuae thepolicy of title Iof the National for the perid beinnDcme 1,5, 193,4, shall be Cons~picuo~usly posted inthe an,
oIn.AtatGfor emtfrm IdustriHalRe~over Act; ltt atort and enin June 15, 1935; iner asis requred ~for the pstingoft6
th povsinsofarice.VA scton1,an "o, TiHERPXFORE puruan toatoit ()Tat beginning not later thian Feb labor provisions of the Code.
-cle'V~ ~ ~ ~ Ascin n fteCd. -ested ini ne said title of' said act by muary 15, 1935, the fair trade practice pro- SNAP FASTENER MANUJFACURIN
Exective orders ofthe Pesident, ncluding vsosof said Code bea administered directly INDUSTRY, Code No. 847-P: Order, tr
R ILTOACCO.TAE Code No Eecutive rder o. 859, th~eCodeof fair by said Codle Auithority, and that sald.Code minating exemption conferred in par.II
46:Ore20 etendin Amnis&tra"tiv Or andtiinfohcto garment industry, Auithority employ to assist in such adminis- of Administrative Order X-36; a~sessmens
N.464d all anne t thrtoyn 28,rwse 1t3. Nainandustr~ial' Board tration only such agencies and trade associa- will only be levied against those whosl"
to~~~ ~ aid does hereby order as follows. dnldn aur 2,13. adons as may thereafter be expressly nip- their products in the form in "which te r
oidr~ixs he ass orthecopuatonof 1 Tha the indviduals removed from~ proved by the 'National Indutr&ial Riecovery defined in the supplementary Code andno
1L.,be inium rics a whch igaetts my' embrship on said cotton. garment Code Board, pursuant to existing NRA orders and against" those who use their products intei
besl.Authority by said Administrative Order No. $regulations; own operations or for the manufacueo
REALTRADE, CodleNo. 6: Order '315',1their9respanctiheymareerp on sad Co (f) That sid Code Authority sumit to some other,,products not covered by the sp
dntgapicaioni to R. Salinas &~ Brther, thi'rset b~mes~~ np~NRAsuchi information with respect to any plementary Code definitionis.
, _. eo, Te- or exemption from the pr- 12 cin eeofr r eeftrtkn yi a OL RDE NUTRCdeN..
--vso fatc VI etin1(), of theThatW. E. Stephenus, E. M. Joblin, anid ato ee~fr ~1eefe~uae y'ta 2JLBRD IDSR,"Cd
LH. Jones, menmbers or alternate membr the National Industrial 'Recovery Board may 431: Order 10, approving Code Authoritybug
of sid odeAutoriyw6 prevented from time to time request, in order that sai et an'd basis of contribution for the prM
-Orde 16,m denying dpplihatro of dutie as- Bord may, if it deems advisable, exercise from Auguist 9, 1934, to February 9, 1935,
mecat suf Poutu Okla. reaori efxte omplct the power vested in it by article, IX, saecion TOOL AND IMPLEMENT 'MANUFC
tinfo te poiin of arile VLLcton itrt neesrl rsn out of their L, of said Code; 4TUING INDUSTRY, Code No. 84-G:Ore
I of he Code directconnection with certain parties plain- ,"(g) That said Code Authority submit to 13, terminating exemption conferred inpa-,
*'r-ngrp 317, oenin Adinsnrtierdr
o'. pe d h oml Pa e Co. P ttbu gh Pa. o tifft o the legal proceeding against said Code NRA forthwith complete details ~ce ~ o t n e~anof~,aso h o en t inf rte h n ln flb rco mcelaints ta t a llII o Adm m nis trw i e rereX-6t o .
se Aou 1,of th Code men, now~ pending 'in the Suprenie Court of by the labor complaints committee o~f said tribute their proportionate share ofte e
te District of~ Columibia, be, and they are Code Authority, and make such changes, if penises of administering the Code, nith
Ordr 38, raningexeptin t S.A- erby, removed from membership on said any, therein as the National Industrial Re- standing their 'principal line of business si
prviios fabric ,setin fth Cde ode Auth~ority. '"covery Board may deem necessary to make some other industry.
y~t te~etet tatit s ermttd t eten "3;That Buron E. Oppenheima and BR. B.~ the some conform -to NRA policy. TOY AND PLAYTHING INDUSFt
-,"Ahe ~ ~ luch hour ofMs -a:Elrfo I R cor be, and they are hereby, appointed This order shall become effective Immedi- Code N~o. 86: "Order 26, granting exempt~;
hou t I ou ad' mnues, until such members of said Code Authority to represent ately and shall 'remain in effect "until the to the South Bend Toy Manufacturi'o,
'timas h phscal disbilties' complained the National 'Industrial ,Recovyery Board. further order of the National Industrial Re- South Bend, Ind., and the ,Ralsam.Prn ct'
4~ 7 j, "4: That ,Administrative Orders No. B1- cvr oard." 'Co., Chicago, Ill., from the pyovIsions ofa'
Ored1,gatn xmton to Rad's 179 and118-170A, ,dated' December 6, 1934, ____________dle III, section 1, of the (jode, on condit~
Deatau'StrRaig P_,fo h badte'rehrbrvkedadalfu that the employees, affected by this xil
et 1'poiinofatceVscin1,o th~e tin es,a b dutevested and safin Cod tion shall not be permitted to work in xe.,1
':t ;xten'tha it is pemte toA wok1wn uhrt nersi oebadte arev Em lym n earning, o60 hours per week during 'the exepin
do rmer andil 1 show-card write 1'6 hiereb~y, :revested said Code 'Authority as period, and shall receive not less tha n.
cop A nou ce one-third times the'regular rateofpy
husin excess of their~ weekly work hours, presently constituted. Scop and alAhurnouncesdoShor
.Teodr provides tat either/of these em- 5. That paragraphs numbered 1 and 4 of for 40l ours pierxcess Tfh r ex d
ploee shllbe permitted to work in excess 'this order shall be subject to the following" Boardusprwek hi xmtintr
'o 0hurs per week, nr more than 10 conditins: by Boar inates o~n December 24, 1934.
I' day, and al or excess ~(a) That successors to the persons re- (Continue from page 1) Ore 2,cofmigtlgahc
eur in ~ anyhu~sT dated December'12, 1934, granting exempto
of4 or e eksalbe ,paid for on a ,moved 'from mnembership on said Code Au- '___
tieadoneO'third bais. This" exemption thority in paragraph niumbered 2 of, this or- T1*Wa hudb oet ettepo- Mc. zo h rvsoso atc
saltriaeoDeebr22, 1934. der be' nominated pursuant to article IX, setin Wha andul 5, ofet et h.p ihfo the o eion ondarile TT"
Ordr 30, rattiu: eemption to Von section 'B, qf said Code, and submitted to the lem of- scin n 5 ftl oe o to tt
& Atoine, of Chicago, Ill., from National I[ndustrial Recovery Board~ for .Ovrapndeitosthe employees affected by ~iis oxe to
e 5,of he apro~a 'i a. Ovelaipn Cdefinitiogs? shall not be permitted to work in ex
:oltthexetthat tey are permitted "(b C That said Code Aut'ority take Im- o Competing 'industri-es? 54 hours per 'week during theHO
!,t xedteunrestricted horIeeuie mdaeato tocoplt thesgregationperand on- hal tiectevenoar ran
~~~2{o4 ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 4 eo effecetivet, 'ton "opet'e's tin are wage and hour provi- perid ndhall rieteegunot rnat ofha
rational, ro llt o4exctiv pro oall its property, Interests, and affairs from,, sions as measures for elininaiitng uni- for all hours in excess of 40) hourspe
t e ~ ~ shall hot be edued 'the; property, 'interests, and affairs ,of th~e fi optto'io husprd.Ti xmto
vide tht te person eptin Iternational Association of shl ot be aplcabl to executives" other facturers, as directed in arakraph 2 of Ad- (4) In the discretion of the chairman In nates on D~ecember 22 11934.
thanas one i ardol I section 5 .(a), 'iilistrative 'Orders No. 118-179, 'an~d report~ charge of the hearing, persons who have not TRUCKING INDUSTRY, Code No.7,1

TeNational Industrial Recovery Board John M~ohlenpah, treasurer; to sere forI ThNainlndsrlReoryBrotrsadrdcuesrede.
Iprved, duing the past week, the follow- year. duigteps ekapoe mnmnscgydaigI uilleall taea
ijselections and appointmnts of Code RETAILg trasprtaio charges Cod 4A4 iri
P.Atority memer. of Henryetta, Okla.).-E7 G. Ezell, repre Beut an BabrEupetadSp aiumcei em r rsrbd
BOOK PUBLISHING INDUSTRY (Medi- )9ting furntur ea iling, wa sletd as ple rd ADt~o ft
,c~ ad llid oo Pulihig iv1ision)- chairman; .H ison, repreetn sheeWoeaig r ueo nigi'i eurd
ifrce C. White, Ells Wy. Bacon, and W. D. retailng;, an H.E hipps, represeting DitiuigTae.Aedetapoe
-tson, all of Philadelpial, Pa.; N. MyTers, clothing retailing. L. E.Picus representing Januar 9, 1936, reuae tem of sali
New York, N. Y.; and Robert S. Gill1, Balti- shoe retailing, resigned rear tomxmmdsons4rdiod-iit h oe uhrt oicr s
trzire d. RETAIL TR~ADE (Local Cod1e Authority lin tcsoes rnprainobiain eesr ospot a
CANNED SALMWON IDUSTRY.-Sami- of New Haven,. Coun.)- .M ulrS. ledingtrelcmrhadsbinr- taoOft
L.Bxna sanII tion miemb~er, to as mebr the~d) 9oe and to 0um m-
.vel L. Bares, as admnistra paied, an~d down pyent on Intaln !zdbge
aduing the pleasure of the National mentipi upon memer o te idutr t
inutiall Recovery Board. of Sioux Falls, S. Da..T. W tan iuiosCa nuty-mnmn ainlIdsra eoeyBa
C~HIINA CLAY PROD~UCING INDUS- chairman, and S. P. Mc.enn, seacaretary-o n approve.

CMcGrath, C. H. Chamion, and R. H.' RETA4IL TRADE (Local Code Authiorit conetracts, whee for immepdiate orftr0
Eges, all, of New York~, N. Y. and W. W. of L~os Angeles,_Cali..-epartment an~d delver- at a price belo th fai makt Aedetapoe aur ,13 dsr
igan, Metuxchen, N~. J.; to represented dry goods, Willi A. Holt president; cloth- shingce atiso ofh th Code-d i r~~P~
Cna Clay Producers Association. Charles Ing, Ralph H. Hiuesinan, vice president; sta- Clay Draiiz Til Mauatrn Inutry.-0 t e
jt odd, Carlile Pa., to represent~ n(onmIen tionery, William F. Johnston,~ treasurer~; Am~endment approved Januafr 5, 195'pr- Pitr9 olin6n it~eFaeIn
,Aesof the associaton Robert J. Bauer, secretary; clothing, Harry mits the Code Authori~ty to incur reasoniable dutry.-Aenment proved Decebr1
coy ANUFACTUIRING INDUS- Greenberg; department, James A.34 Lamire tha flur-ut mnfefi
'TRY.-Dwight Armstrong, chairman, L~an- niture, oger Goda and A~. J. Wod har- orlaln ee~ar ospo~ h disried th n th provisos mth
1) D Coburn, Fairhaven, as;L .M-vrey .C se n W. H. Ay; mail iztra budget anaqialbai fmss-rlsad euatosgvrigte

hsn, Chicago, Ill RobeEd~ and allie Prouct outnn uq t
~LCRCADNENSIGN IN~DUS- sheH V. Wetherby .E GosaPalpoa
ELTI ANDora ANEaON ea~dt A. Josberg and OcrE. Gallenikamp; Amnmn ppovd Deebr6 01po1
tiking, all(of~ New York, N. Y.; G. K. Corn- e eo Thmfld-e1ietfp c t o
sok eattle Wah.; W. E. Joost, Oaklan~ 1934 or unti theirs sucessor ae elected dustry-A5,exenitsals arote Janua 9,eoyesmantnac o time 6recrs
Cai.; George La~ckner, Cincinnati, Ohio~ fori~ th maneac7-.h oeAthrt._
~s ennbacerNewrk~ ~j 3'H 1.. RETrAIL TRADE (Local Code Authort coating, and llquors fo any caritble for a' c~,feQ~
Trbar Lia,~ Ohio~; A. P. Trucksess, 1Pjhla- of Fresno, Calif.).-Ciothing, S. B. Good- relief purposes, or in the sales of suc prod to incr esntbl ebiain neesr d.
14pha, Pa. ; R. R. Wiley, Buffalo, N. Y.. mani, president; hardware, B. L. Lord, vice lict to ayFdrlSteomuipl up otthadisato fte'Cd -d:
CS.Willey, Detroi~t, k~Dvnot ov.urer; merchants' association, J. Allen, see- aducationa istitutons, fo h rc con- bsso sesetuo ebr f
rotary; department A. Kamp;' furniture, trol provisions th Codr.
(k~OLIR~ PU~MANIJACI'IRI~G W. W. Williamsw; electric, H. H. Courtwright; 78Mafc
.:NUSTR.-'L. 0. Car.lson, Brie, Pa.; S. H. DesMnfcuigIdsr.Aed or o prvl
dofCnsooce, ~.;w~.~variety, R. B. Masters; mal order, B. T. mont approvedl Januar~y 4, 1935, lit teA-
Wan u~;S oe pI~lMarker; music, C. I. Cook~; she, E. Shouse liability of the Code Authority mmbr adpiaI I
Was. C. C. ,Oberly; Fort Wayne, Inmd.; R. pro.f.Mttnhl it ~nyRsn vides additional, time forshipmnso
~ ~s,' obm a. dL .berg'; stationery, C. H. Staples; pa~lnt, glass, cerni chnesibhedniom con
Laaet,~etc., A. B. Chas; isceasneous, Frank A-tie 2dasfrom the dat ofapoauls ie ~ h ieo prvl
ORTING LfytRADE Ind. o~a 'nu-Homuan; all to sere fra term of 1 yer. good ca use t o tcnrar is shown.
tral Relations Committee).-Walter- M. ofETAIL 'TRADE (L~ocal Code Authority FueaSrvc nsty-mdetap SltPocigIuty.A nme '
CoBrooklyn, N. Y., as labor member, Pitovton JanuarWyU9, 1935, pnrohibits- a 9'r4i
main; James Mf. Evansvc bimn atr f.sltpouig nuty r"id
Willia H. Knox, New YorkN ., as trade re," uerlmecanichrsevce poucr emlye nd"eml
<'ebar; and Dr. Willard E. Atkins, New S. Barriltt, treasurer; and Charlotte L. Means and prvie amnumwg tfor ems,
Yrk, N. Y., as chairman, to hold office for ~secretary; all to serve for astern o I ear. ployeas whether'hey be eploye on a fl- Sta Hein Eqpmt nuty
6 oths, from January 7,1935. RE1ALT~P IclCd uhr time, part-time, or per-cs basis. The -ii Amendmont approe Deembe ,13,r,'
G!,MT FL EGHDR- of Rome, Ga.)-Henderson L Lanham, vice mum wgo provided is $1 per wekfra4-mt h od uhrt oicrrs
:,TIC AND MUISIC'AL THEATRICAL B. F. Yarbrough, as secretary. ~ hou weak, or 40centpe oryhnm- blginsecsayo'uprtha
INDUSRY ThodoreMitchll, Nw Yor, SCHOL SUPLIESAND QIPM~ENT ployed on ,an hourly baiecept lafl ~rtio 'f the Cd n osbi
UST~~t'-Theodore-E E.hll Newb Jr.,~ SCHOOL, SUass.; embalmers and thoso conucting fuerals, id~u~ n'
N.,Y. as labor representative, to serve dur zReEdB Buge Band equJr.e BbasMiss
In h pleasure< of the National Industrial L. J. Hollister, Atlanta, Ga.; J. C. Sindelar t
Rovery Board., Chicago,fIL; Carl J.aa, a PERFORTN MANUFACTURING IN J. F. Wolfej Sa~n Antonio, Tex.; C. J Carl- $15 ad$10. rvl
STY~Fe itrr iy .~ son, 'Denver, Colo.; F. V Hutchinson, Pot Fu DaigTde-mn etapoe Stl TublradFrbwBte
3UTR.-F Kiter Woreaft, . land, Oreg.; H. T. Brooks, Sanp Frpiclsc oLb lt
ide re~~ignec~ Calif.; Barl Kiger, Indianapolis, Ind.; Win. o ow~)~i~t
UMAOCUIL NUTy- Schmiederer, St 'Louis, Mo.; HE. jL. U~nder- tent o at lat6 ecn osssi eln rmteCd rvsosadpris-t
LU.M'ilwvard, Buffalo, N. Y., as sixth mem- kofler, Philladelphia, Pa. ; J. W. McOliton, i ab
of rabbi superni. Th agendayd acurt excuiv Code~a Chca Auhrt tllo dnu Wesnal C.a,,,,
PRTLAND CEMENT INDUSTRY- Skaggs, Kansas City', Mo. icls tead.Thue
GE.Warren, Osborn, O~hio; F. M~. Coogan, SHOVE~L, DRAGLINX, AND CRANE selling or buying mnethod or~ credit termsi budget ad eutbl basisoasemntIi,
er i Eato, a; E. P. Lucas, Seattle, 'Wash.; IND'USTRY.-Harbert Mertz, Chicago, Ill, prohibited, as is deceptive ma rking. Various upon mmer of teiduistry ote a
S.F eylan, N~ew York, N. Y.; L. -T. Sun~- as a noninstitute member of the Code itaInuralRcvyBodfr
drad, Kansas City, Mo.; S. W. Storey, Authority. ____________________r
Chcgo, Il; and G. H. Reiter, Chicago, Ill., SMOKING PIPE MANUFAUR~ING o
ascairman. INDUXSTRY.-Tom Bateman as chiran pCol Br'~'~cigerIdsr.Aedeta-
ETI JWLY RDE(oalR-vice Ray A. Stevens, resigned. Autorit to ilncur' raonabeolgtn
tal ode Authority for Quincy' nl11.).-Henrt NSTAINED~ AND LEADED GLASS IN -1esar Aospotteamiitaino'
0.Basse, chairman; Clarence Jacobs, sece- DSR.HnyHn>Pts'rh''a w r yt u h d
t-teasurer, Waiter H1. Sturhan, Sr., Wer- adUSFR.-Heppigr Hut. Lis uro., ePa.;lw ,A po e the Code and to submit a tmzdbde. ,
nrVon Burg, L. B. Hokamp, Ken Hull,7 and sent the Opgr Staineds Glass A atio df r Cement~' Industry. Iand eqitabile basis of asesme'nt pnmm7
Thma Lenane. c;adToa ave',NwYrN Dental G~oods and Equipment Indusitry and tral Recovebry to f
REAL TRADE (Local Retail Code An- toa aeprndToasaciato embeors,. Y., rade (with exception. or approval, and a ro
tority of Painesville, Ohio).-J. B. Heinz, TAG INUTL-.M Anderson, Chi Floor Machinery Industry awt xcpin). ity Te oder o~fpproa stay
chaiman; Park Lutz, vice chairman; Mrs. NU'i4E Gasoline Pum~p Manfatur i nduty rvsos fteorgnlCdqhc
Manfatoin Ill.; G.' Ar-iso~ Waln New ook, N .
Eelyn Eighnmy, secretary; and Mrs. Evelyn cao HI.0 .WfiNe oI, .Yioist Builidrs.-Subdivisio xi 6 Machiney inconsistent wth the amndnots.
tue', reaure; al o srvefora trm H, S. Dennison, Framingham, Mass.; W. C
year. Bailey, Jr., 'Philadelphia, Pa.; C. H. Pad- anYlidPupt dsr' ecp
ETAL FODAN] GRCEY TAD' more, West .Chester, Pa; B. J.' McKay, New tAn) ~'~ mnendmeint aprod{ Decme or 393 ro,
CEALOD Aort fRORY e D Yodan ork, N. Y.; A. G. Shenilan, Chicago, Il; Khi, Cooler and Dryer Maufcurn Inus Tides alterae o ebr fte'oe
(Local Cdistriuthorit ofos Ageleso and F. Wriglitsman, LaFayette, Inid.; and J. R. try.-Sbdivision~ of Machinery anid Alied no era 0m eafth
ongd Disrutrs Calf) -Lp Angle and LaVigne, Waterbury, Conn.; ats members of Products Industi7 withh exceptions).
Orne W.ounatn, Max Brown, Iru the executive committee- Prison ERquipment Manufacturing Idustr Used Tetl MachnradAcesis,
ar, andJ Halrry Ma ronB. 1e. TRANSPAENT M~ATE~RIALS CON- (with exceptions).
ETI EER RD LclR- VERTERS INDUSTRY.-W. D. Sweeny, Public Seating, Industry (with. exceptions). December 1 94,priste0oeAto-
REAIL CEWER AThRity (oa Cano- Cleveland,, Ohio; C. B. Perry, New )York, Retail Trade.-P ortland, Oreg., ity to incur rasonal bliain eesr
tail W P.wlr Soe uorty. as eetiesCretary. N. Y.; Gordon H. Frienld, Philadelphia, Pa.; Retail Trade.--Sheboygan, WVis. to support the adm" istxtion~ ofteCd
A. A. Heller, New York, N. Y.; Bert Martin, Sheet Metal Distributng Trade-A division and to subi an itemized budge n qi
REAIL JEWELRY TRADE (Local Re- Ch~icago, Ill; G. W. Traver, Chicago, Ill.; of the Wholesaling or Distributing Trade. table basis of asessment upon memeso
.;.alJewelry' Code Authority of Metropolitan Eugene Caton, Kansas City, Mo.; Roy B. Sprocket Chain Industry (with conditions). the industry to thie Nationial Indsra
Angeles, Calif.)'.-A.' N. Siavick, chair- Hanson, Milwaukee, Wis.; N. J. Strauss, Stained and Leaded Glass Industry (with Recovery' Board for approval..
.% a;Durward Howes, vice chairman; George New York, N. Y.; and B. L. Brooks, St. Louisi cniin) ac ls f c1~ rn
C.Brock, treasurer; Robert J. Bauer, secre- Mo. Executive Authority, Transparent Bag Wholesale Hardwvare Trade.-A division tar; larence L. Runyan, C. L. Tilley, A. L. and Envelope (plain and processed) Dlvi- th Jasln~o itiuig rd. Aedenuniqrs
,akell, J. Herbert Hall, G. Frank David- sion.-O. B. Perry,. chairman, Now York, the shiean rDsr~uig~rd. etamping of certain high qult ac
SoJohn J. Nooyen, 0., G. Tullis, A. L. N. Y.; G~. H. Friend, Philadelphia, Pa.; W. ID. cases in7 conformance with vaiusSte
Brown, and Arthur H. Dlbbenl to serve for Sweeny, Cleveland, Ohio; Win. Gainsberg, starmping laws. The amendment be~come f
ELtrm of 1 year, or until their successors New York, N. Y.; A. A. Heller, New 'York, T a otv 0dy rmtod~ fa
,.r lected or appointed. N. Y.; and J. P. Duffy, New York, N. Y. T a e Practice, Corn- fcie2 asfo h aeo pr
RETAIL TRADE (Local Retail Code Au- Executive Authority, Transparent Sheet and Ap ro -b go -at to th,~ntr
Roll (processed) Division-B. W. Mart1in, pilaints I A po e ha.F., iigI-uty-A
*.1hrty of Evansville, Ind.).-Arnold Bimen- ChcgD;0W rvr hcgIl;Pans ena 7.,u ~ ~ ri
1drvice William Schear, as chairman; and CiaoIl.G.WTrvChcgl.;ment approved ,Decembter 7, 134, povdsa,
Wilam Schear, vice Arnold Eimendorf, as R. B. Hanson, Milwaukee, Wis.; Eugene The National Industrial Recovery Boar~d special wage class for watchmn an r -'Y
urr.CrlLnesti scees isefCaton, Kansas City, Mo.; and A. Hlave- approved, during the past week, plans for scribes minimum wage rate of $18 e,,
secretary. meyer, Holyoke, Mass. Executive Authoriy the organization of agencies and procedure week 'for 'them.
RETAI TRAE (Lcal etai Cod Au-Cellulose Ribbon (plain and processed) Di-fothhadigftre-acceomlns
TAI TAD (ocl etilCoe u-vision.-N. J. Strauss, New York, N. ,Y.; foWhoadigo rdepatc, opans men' Bielt' Inus.-Ameniei p-
thrty of Hammond, Ind.).-J. D. Dennis, AH.ChNw or,.Y;MOiSit arising within the following industries: prvdDcme ,S4prisie
caran; T. J. Bensema, vice chairman; New York, N. Y.; Frank Gerstein, Brooklyn, Coffee Industry. Authority to incuir reasonable obiain
Rlid. F. Fox, treasurer; and Lina Linder, N. Y.; E. Hyman, Revere, Mass.; and B. N. Crushed Stone, Sand and Gravel, and Slag nqiayt's~-
eetary; to serve for 1. year from Novem- Scully, Chicago, Ill. Executive Authority, Industries, 2Regon,4.' h di
b21, 1984, or until their successors are Trannspet Hnspold Rolls (piain and' -;1 File e nctring Indbs.qrv the Clode an~d to sumitn itemizedbge



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