The Blue Eagle ( 1934- )


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The Blue Eagle
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United States -- National Recovery Administration
National Recovery Administration ( Washington, D.C )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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'1.. . -y .. .. I . . ..... !...;"' I .!V. .%, : f,. `-- J
.. : :.. 24-' .r .... '.. .. ..i .; ... :. .. ... . ...., .. ...4 -i;:N, .,Ill .,M . , '-: :1 ...
S2.fsudW elbytbe National Recoveiy.AIaimnstratzo; $ as~higton,:..f:..i 0::, ",'" No.ezb. "
I . . I. y: aI.A
: : f '. "" , ", :,. ..." -. - ::, .K- -, :' ,f IV .,-.o; /
. ,. I ",." k (*l',- Il -! 1','k -...- .. .. ,;,- C.r.1". .
T erm s fdto roo' di"i"" a : ,,4y,' ''.....-,-
r'II"?,, ,e.'" N "i . .. O,.;difi s ."t. ..,5"" i, |-.""v,, .. ,,7 4f. ..: ..{., ',_..
,,V it-'. ' ' ;".- I. ', ' ,, . .. .....,4. . . .

... mo: ive ". Woo:de Reduces NR R ie om:,tano. .
t' I. ,.,. .,....i, a' -J ,..--. -.....
j,.T :, ...C. ,* : ." . a A t irma "of the N ati .l 'I AIU 1 L'. t-i., "L. ; .. .j'
"':;e-. : ." "., .%' ecoy.erya 'dmanistrd %n, declared that 't ;, t '.;::' "' "" I' ,
I T.a de'.declared that1..t... ,A. .' .. . *".I.-'".' 4:..;
6.mT.erms Approved- For.'..oo Cod ha kept dow:the.ost.' *.Fd "ahzedoEp l ,
S" ..........." ..,."I of living and' epressedi hope tatCon- '" o. ....
/ '5 '~~~.. i- ": 'J .' lit '; " .,.?""'' ' = i " o.. .:.
qi~l s le r~-d .bY : .' -.'. ' ' '", .... t .

a 1e TadbyR ' as wil preSve te b *,. of Code., 'mpla 1 fflaDisi^.
, ; _. .. *, I d e c l a r e d h a v e b ee n b e n e fi c i a l a li k e t o Eu. d . s't a,,h ervs- f'ih 4 5 "' ., f .%- '
credit terms, business and to the public. ... ."" '. .
..p e r m itte d e m a o n al E-ven a c a su a l s'r"ey o f th e n e w .s .-'
i-enpproved by the National Congress", aid Mr. Janssen, "would *' *A ro .
"af -,T ij irs ", "t ', ; :. ,"."J,|,-i
` - .t '.- . . .... . .. .. " .Js' . a % i I., : .' . . '. '. :, .. , I. ,i, ..".;.: T' .: . :, . : , :J a -- . , .. . .

p: """ l'" .a.,'a"di"."p, :-ie- ;:-; p l.f;a3 sh e ndlc........ .. .. s ......... ..7...., k... ...... .a
I mu: o credit t e, which '. o'ort the trade Co0'd e'.1 ', : .: i .. ... ..., ,-",i 1 -
tve't N, Yei ,b r 26, iS ;I.?f.:lo w.:' ". ,", ; f ft loda. ._nd1.' ''i'
",/%.p r od [ f.,rL -h~ ;.r 0 I; : ".. .,....

zs.iediacount .,hall, be allowed *-t.r.'.. :.t ' drawing to aic' oseo ",ihecoii ntinuedn n l ,"".:, -' : ...,' *!.A -.'" .' -,." i. "e,:... ". ,i.. (. r .. .I
,r.!d J, 0 . . *. ...: .. ...: %t. . .*. i... -
lt l.t.ffiolth' or. meroha'.. dle pmr-:.:: ., stakes thait' co.Uld; jav. .beenr ,', ., ,
difring the'.Jrevlous. month. (.Tedth'. vealed by.actual practice have arisen ''. '**:-f 9 0$ ,r t.: '.. i,
'l?-customeirs.who hMve:i not' ,bald- : ;:'to-plague adm inistra ts of'Codes;. Yet:.' ' "' ,:::/' -' ' '(' i' % ::., ":"" :.. .....
deaa dua items, chains, ear he at' . .. ,. 'han" .
lfr.eze .. d.'such additional Itenis as ".", a': re ae Pract.ce e.a. ;. :nd T. ii: aI"-oal.d n,)ser,,on '"compAanemade. .a.oei.,a""si

strft agncy a apoefo t -,'iiti Foodc^ ^S Coetee.mfltono counsel has bena~ssindt tdC^eA~-aiit f~iee~oc
'' 'asmuch articles shallbe' tion,. .. a-,lowerin.g-to.;t"h e.i''consume ", r. '; ,L,. ';o. ^'

red asbeing hiled h am ofs at e -close1 df :-n p"he .general average oV'f ll stood prod" : These stepswere planned so 'that normdl" t ^iant'i taus en'ot t04 a
fireperodl. Example ^Antifr-eeze molid 1Wt ut..:Tbe Nation's food 'bill 'today'r ;, Code '*ad inletrab~ton could 'bei augnmendadl by,* .o~cAh iwjh' ';se^4gionJ5. 91t;fleld.vcS|
aib1JanLs u ary: ". '5 pur ia ./', xdpst 'a"re oper" ,tingThI who Jretr'o""""I 'I f A 44dinardr'4
|t ,'Cl6. em. b e-., 2 % .. ;tL ieprure e ., uc',C ..",' r-, .l.. ..... : .';' "" "'" ...... ....'Of.. ..... .... ;';"". ",'

W'6fic. o.'d basimuzitlu xial4 -:.>- ,' "it was'the pafl of pollildic wladoni. Sol Rom^K~eublagt hamjreen aBp~pntd~ torcemexw' rt.4<2trt' 11r
iiA edpaytment or t ie-b-sim sale e a t n, election' ..Direc..o,'6...'a"Ad.ii tii anl .. a., ,.,: ...., .
d'l not belless,.than one-fourth t ,ructive ?attitude.rtowad thies- ew.. k,,orcemn.t.,..l"o.i.. .e a v o;,' ...hic..- lE ae....C
."-.': : -fr feqioi efdtr~alnb ,]l.adaeorin&j.' ttMfpl S~hVh .Iiad
'" "' "- ""..".. ...7..."I ."I %. .. ': '- :" .' ' " .. ; ':- '4 ".' ? ? : . .. .. .' ment ashill e i6d 'ove.or. a ."."tra des C o. od 'Ood es,tfrom many rai l t- h-asI:b-nA. ,'g e. W...tr0:yu. "K'*.

i or lthan;12 m onths .fo m .date of 3able sources indicate th at obusine s c' C I -tbr igb f of "ie conrl. ,l e;,j.u
'I .l .. hopeful .ttdeio .: .l that.thenew Congie ss...h pet e-, i v ob"o ewl hav ponibtci
,.- .: "d 'r a. l. I -1 t a''

There shell be a "ogal ca-r .oing "charge serve .the beatiea elements ofitb trade- division o and, In cooperation ^with'theoSaen eW aii
it ."o-adGalaner on financing .: .t Cod ...d rste, -r' e .ro'n.l.andV te '.c:of"... -"."d..%, ;Ist"...n,' ."' .'.,',,'.
i~tt~hlsle ai, Uw mbr o ''~ ''min'i "pt'al'ac t "'fth9 Itg 'L'oficS v141be, eoh.tAued .F'bd C he'xi t'e ,,;

l ch rg;alowerrate o nte ..... o.,.i si. dl ual g..a'ome "k' -n.. 0 .bl, o :;
'"/. "'... . se .tefi we."

-f-rd tal -- than ;the legal- rate'" ]. j0 -.!;" .,e.. :fril^r ^I l
shaigt' l le. e a lowe. do. :.' .e. 1 7e1 s'a!e. .esr also o 'coorr ."t`n'edwth^t'A!Cd, II
;',. .. .. :- C t, Ah.1,n tiAo h tn':ui..d v A.. o .... . thq ... ....9 le a. :,.,,

[ySi Iaerof the o t: a ,e'.1 . 't. ..'"-h. '-.l..-:'.ne.'.hlLS. ,r -. v - . .
iy 1 A n'.;potou of jie' pease t ". 1 n-i- r. o 't.. *a-i. e':',at I: .... l-Im'. ,.agegncfieso e4 gpmia e 'd.-,,'hfor' t 1a

tbhl nhio .:','r .""rbl .trs:an hos'. In utilA p aS;'ot-e ;m -'nelanots M s adte hlni'eiW toiyo h
diie-paymantTi~wc br 'timA-btd alspt' nh 'mi~~n''v-;i \T'1 '"C-rd I' 'twin:ed'vbitla tonA' -1ut~ i,
~i~ors -.

'he t :aac ""- ,. ,'So]O'loenbr..I oiii.e

h ri ma '.np. fo i' d .e...V '. m, .' *.E '- """ ,. 'D, w
.'d raint er.'h f a hoe:'... on"t.... els oa ."'.fie lfr h to i t o xl M 4' .o c

fl'baie.i' r'w c h t .- ' '" S--bruc t hne Te.tailtdMi.walsb2te *'d;" bf Co,-a 'vl.-"'4amea. eor...d"' "" bt.. .:;.,.,...ll .: 's:. .'*e*>'yas.'.g po*''e h w... ko'2 4 '" bs
-4 .. "' ..p ^

* "tim. e ntpa en d,oarhcl t r oad a sept ,"toa. la dIndtr iOal .dveer'.oro .*meny 'o ,,i':, ..b.e .,,, ':'.,. .-.. be.. r, e.'. b] ,it, tie':,q0
f lu 2 ?,,- .. . '. t b u t e o o d C o d e fh a-s k e p-d-ow n: t he- -- F l "- ,' c o m p""l a i nts: h i c k t he4 'a- l 2- c'Lif ,,.' .
efeth .m ajn 2 monthis~fo ,de .1 due i~ to Cbe '. c os ret deter i ateo twicf igt,.I u~ de, n .~ "* -.__:. 't LYg.. -Ug^ ,,T"e;deeeiial.z.aonan.;.coneaeracob
" ''T'J''Ruling dtI lon, .he" ,aciva rmeuonsal':n,,- .i

A.icilu, par ,- ht. ., t .tt e ,is.g`s.. a " ... .. .... .-' N.AlE l.-. l E le z.i t r Ultfr M
In ..Je s lne8S. .Se. rh' e n t Bor ha. 1 : ".' "h Jaioa t hhl t oe ",a .'" ill e

LgatA oer theLJJcAAdi3 taoedh wa NI I{ ordirdnio n g, t elsemptot as1,h a rue thtwoslrs Ior ^dsrbtos*1 inqriiredatc ondtl tlbnt m Inth~yeir areami
',fl.. farnr o :' sth ve.the 'lestto 'eslle d iOfu Ls etr,' C deor f Co -.ora owrth othol enly 10 ' regoti
I flvnng on"' f ei .e-* c- o n d, .e pr sset :stle o ip, -. ... .: "...... % I l .t ,m ;'.,.-li .. .coa ": .: U O uiec.: L"r..'. .Nh. .n a ta lq pa"nca'
P.. -Laney s. t
0 0 1, .'. ",.. ..,.. .. j .. . 1 v ', ,: : . ; : . ^ v .* .

-d: orb the impve. w m io e rlnlAthn .sf e 1 .. Iappea had -. made by h C n l.b .s.bri w 0.:bemaeto ge a l C i ine s'tasI.

'lietwp d rin eptembsere2.7 To ceta T sexti6' tiitufose n 'beratilfon s om 49 co t t te. ro cts udin g J atr ialsiod.buldi' *mora ffecthverly&ve' toJ'." copeI,*thc
inb-dunled .ntio 2al spo toeris ng .-tues le. resecing alla provisioost oThe hcorn oigadsigeabso ro'- rg 5n Inctor dotitne to,;gciing D on1 ogl^5'a'~sie
revdr ,etr ..nd licrk gadn ad Codenrad s enleem ption po 'dac s gls isulaon ae l ad u 64. thny atell s ea Sta, -nd rgion a2'offc a
KeRV 1. &lgumt adverts ing''.fuel.', r ade 'ss te, Rumerg e sl ing A pliss oS cala ,iofCerta. i i' f: d'`-wlIh-nam ..thnung .a conds'
"8i'erceat duringg theI h ,' reional ".e..of fuel. toi ml oe.. a- i d C s' "' i -", e'..op"" o t he. saeo.b oe cd...
.,.er ,. 6 pe, en, aton, l t b at from thes- 'fqr.... me. t to, .. cvjhon ; to. N v
co......ica.. 3,.,.e.a.k.....e..p.on .t t."cc... ..n is.rie.....

,,.ontyi, ,. tb,..reim i d e to ti ut.e. t th Odds fodd and r..n.o Cr la lu b ts tIerrs, .I""itory"" """

1mg18 perceti ~ l 'l - une an _Tblda aeil;ad^^uIdn^noate 'eearOus ^
.faetorm p r of i re fl..cin o. f hdetber i naionw i T s. de, c.. , r trai z to n landfo1 IEr!, :
nt" y bu n Th ... I d 'ecla b the Cestbli se f n E s whie. ..r.d ,.o' tm .b i.. l

improVedy S ry 'Se- a''re. 2's The Natonal "ndur eo"vI"eir Borda, foead. oae onal Com ncD t
r ~ably i 'g reater than In' 193, wihenan "ta t h oto exiernlsdpri.n ner udr ,h od frthewoldli ngordi- djl er o.c.t _m c 0entf ceqn,:

a'loor Adispyercment.wy opr ic .tCttn exilus "g .. . .u tin trd e 'lales s et.a toth mini t w cia 'l te w a
," ,, . . . . . :/ .."',."...",'....'.....; -.. ,::.;..,::.;...,:.:.;..~t

;i1cemt hPpent t drAin g Setem e 9Harowyd-, in 1 th prac" t rice of sBoarn fuel to waeir i e t e i egl
st.: rblR.. m+ ,; ela,': .rce.:. ;..::.e;....f

ranteY tes director. -grea ter in ow emplo- ees a ro e s ubjec to.he r..on ...nmark-up and'' tra depatc poiin sCpdc u r r ef mn.i *'r'r e.frcme"
;. .. "I.. -. .. "',: .. i l ,,. C:v e

iStha Pec wt h slim rm e mont pofo1933 of the Retal Sid F uel industry 'Cod e 'o A o f the Co de 'for the.etail mb..belum be r " ,roen ationgnal Cd" e adm.l a t.... .... ...'
t or .te e er e r pn te., e i t -. .. th , the pr.o ducts, b; u Ingr matoeria ls, a nd bu ilding n*afurthern Ip h ef .o ,

tBeesf 193 level reida ndworl vo. l- shouldnot biahrtratie oNvme d the geea xmto pcaltices trade when theycmalldcomposition,. paney organCopizat-lropA CMcpisauTlght
.. . " ",... . m . .-.. '1.. .. ...

iSitVatr n lSsoal broadatad- Code, nor any ~r genra exempation inThep s hin les, uaiong oDimateribiut jd buing TrdeCre- onteq specnial a slt nt'gedrs icr
'"asp"'ciated '-o same e anois i- t he n ., !-psil.e, emrg. mons u" ymateriats n lae tha n ca .imad u ota.p e wid ,.

1 m~o?44&g475 Tn W>he rearNo e d 'Thce~ ordor-.nys sgfech xetions1nni ff)j of i tng on htdalr ucaig.h -pdie of ^l bafco*!mp ac~o dliji
j~ ncpa ianefrth e Yr rtceV wihse ai aaximsm'weeksr' mteributrs spellfeing the e proudt"-ln e fo frssha -Thise"vr appCnmet ha'e 'd'%een ''% ae;3
.-.e oMao adI192n asssmn t r s r D r C e in'
... . .. .. .I . . ,,, .l. ...

.ye ,s s o. derte r-t. .il u': er;:"! pr oducts, .the assist s.tiatt aa jote ng'xns

A .;.. wa rd.'A f' trad. b-thmer 'ad: buii dg no cdlti "e s ''General.C nadi ior ti, tico e
.0ve D irectoror thP jacket -le, !`e VIIIat-of 'theu CoduA,' thtte jy-'ate.-.uUnder arti I ,;. 1"o.,-s"ra.bon4.1 b.p0..-o .c:amfixt

-'ott .-,. 4nste- prceur. s n "enfr c
*"',.h mark.- u" a.nd ri t' e- pro :'sions "'"" """--'" M M.. '"h'will manta n ihise s ts}'

)dr Adi aory "liard^ ^^^ ] or^S ae ]ii'nme The Co s nedes tenddc -tot ovrlaps on thi ean heuad'of cydnth~ Lomtigan a(!ivlP;.ln a dn~
u .ap ep "D.roAf. meo r The .. Nationals. l.d..r. '"."e'vryoar Th ruling was issu to t,.: th-'P', e mt.t e lea c.i I n .chth.p6, .."
am e uu s. rectd r D a yersi n sc ','. h oa J anuary 1 o."'tw of '.ion '. -a.c.u..el ...., .-F--. .
)r Gus. a 'Pek vd. rm t t3 hour p roi sions o f uier l ndtrade Codet, o.- t i L e raqu1ree eth t re- Tld Nation v-ery.. ..B... .
" ' e rce! m nt u i n g .th ed b d ,, -. m o n t %h, e io n a l -. ...'` a ... ..O "". ,i '. !,R .U .l g Wp. e. S . ,...t l]... e1.0-1 hRO M. ,g r .. ] [. i isel. P .M. ,e
. f r ~ h ei a l s f S e1 t o # m p o y ~ e el ~ d d .. .. ... . M.. .- '.. . ..I W .. L 14 9 . : ... . `

atobactiy o3m5 aerent, nt to permit+'^ an additional, lS hou rs ek.l Ly n1-tim;..I......4N .'.fr-1..oei.F .. m.- t
-_ -26 ,4", . h I !.Mq f' .. t :, ...j ., a c D ir ecto1, a .. e.. a,1V
a .. 0. D.pdegree s ,.a 'd6oal bro ads i ; s tay ,.' is ive ,t iii be1,, i 1 ado th a".. ... ..sol...d" . ,.. plusthe co.. of ,pe n ou f e cq e lqob dust vo.,i:
g;8.1 p rce t '. -.`,, ,,,,W b .~ ,, o ., ,i J , I r%. ;.. - q.. -arload.-"t? .R. rr to. ,... ;.. t" ,,"', -..: ;Y.,.,

Coumbortyohbe ei a; adpplitei s ly and aleration The Woeai or Distributing Trade" Coe" Co. dead inistrati on d
I b e wi t te. de binds,- tskle pac I doe nothave a miiu mark- np. p ro, i on agee to" serve on ., a.4 .,.n.- 'a.". as
litetofsCornell In 1932.heaprepare d a Them org cyde arstay tIons- ee anli d 4'd)o f It was foupd that dealersr..a.s,. .g.'. th d.rtoth e a-. tl' .lln.c.a

1*mnn..i.. paoiefina nc e s fr the .,New or artce I. whic. se b...asic.. ...,fuf week a. mi" Teate oflzdsrials pc~di th e rln fomez fio~rms Theavse appon tme nts hll.. al, e b eeni ~
st n oerenc le of Mayors, a ond In13wad ada llow, hor ,,ekyoetm uig udrili hlsln rCd pe noreet, Cd rvos't
te ee h sa ofteGNe sp ei ried pa te0.iods..'di` 'rbu r n .rv.- 4e -d" 'a': : -'"i !
II[ r ne" j , ' . ; "- I !. ,, - ", -g, . v ; f. . '

w-,th Deatme nth of Si a w elfar The o requ ire ms t eadtin under 'i-h' R til ......ssi.tL.Coa.Au.hies n '-adj'-.'.;"_g m
.... ..... Labor.' e came t the hours weeklyo vert ie be p d at bs a- Lum ber. Code .rthe r h-n nouneJ ,di ay d ertan d o m ore... enV'tIo andi"-
b U L U u p r e t w s e p r e c ,. ,: ,' -... ,. X , . . ., : .I . -.W.... .: .. . % ; . :

Bot a rd In Jun 1933.. *,^ and lis oeth ird othen reguila rte.Coe 'ov ertimngae In any. is. t uintede toadplace blot groupst on a ,mn eqa .woprdinteip11Icomplan~es~ agefe ..nwl 'a cn
;. -- .'o--f staff there f -lar yn tepor someteime.ndgayislimitedto2-hours. ue to ooer ,... c"e" move-. to achieve.Code.comp.- ,.n.c...
wa r er ..', prog am or nere. .a.
,..Y ,, ...I5 rL n.g"e..." ,.. ..... .i .

,an -n .ro 2-'ent, %tr- ..
R"tih e ..ame .month _Roa 1933k. in ~hrlCd adminl
t. in. ul yIah o e;o ,V e:',i .b s lbd d m nsrtd.; lt 'a.T Ii,':ode 'r.- :f:he Co e.'for ta e retail u b Umbe : L1 -a0,..t--).-.- W
.work'reveues wre1 1Tperent.o' theRetai Soli Fue
sp. ig hs oeain, nd"t tte.' ocushf ngxarls ad..buI.lding,,fl' _-"....a ... Irte- oeo"cm ~:" jefl
kal ..by33.'t1e'-2et,. r tegio d,na l n twor f "ou-' d no th be e gy ahtedky, .the enrl xe pioCoedatess trade when theyse-.. ; fomposition]- phnnce" ,'d .J1 ',. .."ognzai& ... .. A e nh
P.'r eadteof-irh'asnnd locn q ;: r ovesen' respefctingal, b pot V is~iond s o. E ha '-Et rofing and .shingles4, astsrof nd. rectr'..'the, ..
.1dd:e,-nor- any.'%g:neral!..,exe ,m.tion n a .a .e -s inges, I.s lrlf. ,m tras''a d''i H.ig .p one.. .s el l.'"..IN II- .t' 'en'er1, .,-
Lt.,Vadspro t~lim atly, tb sn .eAs ,htthe r espec pting oss : .e'e. ere .c min .um .maeil nlestancr oaft-lots. ". .I d Ni. n~ t ub .,.6f" p'M
} oeatcs ? : ases11. o.cnrih on hefra se. t. ribu "tors- s lling tes rodb t s~i n ess.' aI ;,t >ob A, .ie.. a .Iiz .A ..
'.z .. v.. -... 8 .. .. ". -"" . vl`% ,'a' .-. ". ". *. v !ii,.- !n t..'" " '- .
."..e..W %W .;.r,A.eR.5pmmk
:".%~~i ." 'sesm nt o otributlons msy- ,proper. carload lots.If`o.""'thrprvsln .0Q ..t"...1t b. 'a"n I n. ,v ,
,.,." ": ?" ..... 1 'I .y'*r e and authoriIed."... ..' -odefoterti l ~r;.!-'c]mlipbr rdifts, ."te..a tti '.ft ) ".... e,,a- OenLs
rsa c k er- - s l 0d""-tte ad" 'ic.. Wi.. f ..'R',. ... ..
", -'. .e et.... V
":.~. ..' ", V-S0r ''y v u"aaMoe i e.. .. u.l VIIad.1th.rd"tc~ii. ientis.' ~roin.. -' r 'e~g'rOlr';O. '1"', gvll: &. f , .....l }':41i
... ., .... ....o -y.o.rd ha an .... t-.s,.o hese ,h l.s..ers n"."0is ibf to ... 4."h .. d re n',..i,. .. b e.lar
.4V b "hl t a d o :n -' -' .I-1 1 k .e -, ., J
:x c tv irect, ord. Dr. M e ss c a a p o e ty ..unt iei a u r d rt wo .! on.. ... .a r cu s l ;.".:... --."'q..
L1J.oa-dtobeom ssistn to pri t an addi tletionalt8 h'ousrs wetklyd.over2'' ..''.'6~ ~ei:.a-t pdi b-rdiiii~atime. Tie' ".,;a.:.: .,'.4, i,
ffl rjf t.p'1 &iy e gof Ap'r, on..e ploymenI for sille pckrsan ateatou.hnd-i 'tal ries"Ilue peifed :im,,'mrk .as"ree e.f .[.' I ~a
.ass o n-"ace..wath the eooic;sh`l de,. '-1h'ndsjdos ot.aveanini um'a-u.. prov'sion.. 'gedt,.reo e.'af'a.
... -. .. ,j" :.. .~
mncia fna~e orte ewYrk atileV wic etbai m. mm eks aera. -ciid n g rl n from firms 60" These ,ap o It ents h fe..'been
.ot ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ t t'.esa""saf thew secfedpn'.e'os cud ude rsell rnetri ai"'olders,.ule-thi Rg tnl,... spt 30e aptore .s-in-.: 9d L--, .z
. ce e o e o di e .e.....d.
.r ofu. staff 'lthe re ezor somet l. 1d ay i'W s -imiThed Ntlo b 2 h ours.' footi"ng.. ..'r".. .". -... '-, .",. r. 'pt~ne. % .. ...-... ...
I -. ; I!. .. ii. : "... : .. . .=
'. !.,' -. .( ." : I . i . ",'. . t' '. ." ..'r .. ,, ( ,
A r p d :. X i , . : f 'e X ui a h : f '- ' j r ', l,: . .5 ."'," 9 ... ;, ..,'., .A o. .!
e m u. '..,".". '.": : C : ' 4,' [ ,,- ,: '
11) i'-, , .- -. ., _. f. .,.,.. .. ... i..-t.....--s*....,/ "?,. ,. ..I ,gdg a :""" ". .A.. .' "

"..ings.are of two types: (1) Oral bearings.
.gnated hearing" on 'calendar: and (2) op-
tuiity .to be' heard "'by the filing of written
iteentes of fact, briefs, or criticisms dealing
t..the subject matter of such notice.
(lie subject matter .of these notices Is abbre-
t I'n:. the. ach.eddile, published. below. A comn-.
,e' oflcial'copy of any'noatice-'may be obtained
request from the National Recovery Admlnlstra-
nj2. Rqom 3316. Department of Commerce Build-
;tabW.hiigton. D. C. '., ,
rHARIINGS (oral) :' Thosewlshing to-behseard
ist file a wirten request, with the proper Deputy
Iminlstrator at least 24 hours before the date
t.focr, the. hearing, .which request must state:
), Name o( industry. 'and 'date of bearing.;
).:names of. persons wish Ing to testify and groups .
wesezited; '(3) definite alternativeve proposal or
iclic -objectldtn' without e:siuent. Hearings
W:aconflned 'to, factual presentation. Written
efa. contanlng well as act 'may
tiled '

I- uu- fr Oa T, aD ,

Wednesday, Nov. 21,
.. 1934
rd Ring and Ringer
manufacturing Lndustry,

o bhink Manblaotnr-
Ingh Industry, 84-F-7.
Growing Industry, 3S-F.
.1 *

P'-'ce a. n Dtp-rr

1a51 r Street NW.
':H. Ferris ;White. ,
I. .- .. ; .. *,. . *
ISIS K Street NW.
H. Ferris.Wlhte.. -
Ro 1851, Comminerce
Bfldlant. A . Henry.

OPPOR'UNjTY TO'BE HEARD (in writing):
Facts, criticisms, objections. *or suggestions con-
cerning the subject matter -of such' notices must'
be submitted on or before the final date specified
In'the notice, addressed to the proper Deputy Ad-
ministrator or. other official Indicated. Such com-
munications must state:. (1) Name of Industry:
(23' name 'of correspondent and group represented ;
'(3) facts supporting" criticisms, objections, or
suggestions. I .
The subject matter referred 'to In either type
of notice may be revised In any reasonably ger-
mane'-particular on; the! basis of such facts. crit-
Cisme, and other considerations as are properly
before the Administrator.
Calendar is chronological, with alphabetical
arrangement by trade or Industry for each day..
.NOTE. Since all notices must be In the printer's
hands, by. Wednesday evening next preceding the
publlcatlon'of The Blue Eagle. the calendar below
(oe" not show notices posted on te Official Bulle-
tin Board after that date, nor does this calendar
show other hearings for the same dates which may
have .appeared n16 prior -Ismsues of. tils publication.


'Opportunity to be heard on application submitted by the
.. Snpplementary Code Authority for _mendmant of the Supple-
mentary Code, relating to a budget and basis ofassessment to cove]
expense of administering the Qode.
Opportunity to be'heard on application submitted by Supple.
:.mantary Code Authority for amendment of art. IV of tha Sup-
..plementary Code. '
..Hering on application of the Pennsylvania Silk Co., Inc., Dalmatia,
PaS., for exemption from'the provisions of sec. f, subsec. 3, pars. C
and Tof the Code. Insofar as they refer to'minimum wages.

[fayNow. 23, 1934 ,- . ..
" lhdstry, 141-14- Auditolmon I5thfloor H"arI'on overlappingotfl defnitLions o the two Codes.
IDted Outerwear of .Port of New York
"W 164-176-E.. Authority Building, '
t. . .Bleeiljeth Street', and :
S ,. ghth Avenue, New ____
,......' York Olty, 10 a. M.. .
D .. M:.D. Vincent ________________________

,i ,,No6. 24,1934, ..
king Industry.27-28. Room 3204, Commerce Opportunity tohbe heard on application submitted by the Code
* .. Building. O0.P.Olark. Authority .for exempttoa'of such members of the industry as own
.. and operate motor vehicles from the provisions of arts. VI and V-I
'". ,' ... '.' and sea' of ait. TX of the Code, If and when they receive compen-
'' ." *' r at, .. ".. *' ." ssaton (fin. the form of relief) from the Federal .Emergency Relief
.... Adminlstratloo 'or trom State of other public emergency relief
V"''"" '. "* ." ;j, ..gencj far leasing-to, and. personally operating such vehicles for,
S I ,i_ __ .. "said AdminIstraiton or any such agency.,'.Nov. 26, 1934

~brsalve.Graul Industry,

=4a and Excelsiori
WK 6Td s Industry, 14821

B oiber and Tim~besr Prod-'
.I .'.dustes, .. 0.

L her and in mber Prod-
.. Industries, 92-T00.
\Zumher And Timber Prod-.I

E1esday,,Nov. 27, 1934
ebdJieManufaoeurlng 'In-
"idstry abd the Beeswax'
l.'lacbers and Refinrs
Ildpstry2 302-61
nmerlal Reliref Print-
'I'ndustry, 287 376, 370,

48 "

Eutlery, Manic'ure InIple-
me t.; :and P a ad

ZARiperheugerb Toni Mlan-
ufeaoturtog and Assem-..
kIng, Industr, 8443-9.- '
per and Pu]lp 7ndusrry
ugpb;-< Pup-n
n.r. 'd:. .D i 1 D-32 .
I '" .....

tall jewelry T Qe, 142-.
,".',... "
!: :'.. ^ '/ :'

intletT, Manlcure "Tiple-

nltaiy and Wainterproos and
Speihatigers Tool Man-
tfao'uring and Aasem-,

ing Industry, 84-2-9. '
[apr. and Pulp Industry
[Stdphate '.Pulp and
3.B,.ad" Division), 120-32.

'* . .'

ftnJewelry Trado, .142--
htary and Waterproof'
.D"e.o_ -ties .Msaulactur .
.Ingtdinstry, 342-14. "
a-aED" .Iron,. Nonferrous."

IW.ednesday, Nov. 28,
",_ 1934
ioommerdal Relief Print-
Industry, 287-3,
1 It 1' '

Room 4327, Commerce
Building. Bevprly
Ober. .., '
.907 Sixteenth St. NW.'
A. C..Dixbh. -

-i %

Room201, 907 Pixteenrh
Street NW'' A. 0
Northb-. Private Dining
Room, Carltoo Hotel,'
10a~m. -A..O.Dixon.

Room -3044, Commerce
Building. Earie W.
Room 4064, Commerce
SBuilding. M. D.
Walsh: a *.
i . .' -

...,'^ ,/ '; '. .'.,.."
",: ;" '* - ".. ,
* ... .,- '.:,.,...: '-,
..*.. .;.'. ,. ^ *,.*-

.1518 K Street NW.. H:
.. Ferrs.White -.

Room 209, National Sav-
Ing_ and Trn3t'Bud-
tiog.-Trancl C-.Low-
t h r o p .. .. ..\
. *!'. i"- -. ,

:i';:i., :

20 -G3 Street: NW.
carry y C. Oats,." .
Room 4209, 0Commerce
.ullding, M.-D. yin.
1320 ,.0 Street 'NW.
.1Fra k orkard.
.- .-..-' I
S, .:.^ /

Room 4064, Oommaroe
-.BuildIng. hi?. D'
- -Walsh. "


Opportunity to be heard on application submitted by the Code
'Authority for.approval'of listof occupations from which minors
under 18 years'of age-should be excluded, as provided in art. V,
"seo..l'ofthe Oode. .
'Opportunity to be heard on application of the Code, Authority for
1" amendfmnr of the standards for and classifications of the Indus-
"try's products by deflning tbhe'tern' "nsed material" as paper that
Seas been In diroulalt Ibn prior to begin converted Into paper excelsior.
S' Paper, known tothe waste-paper industry as folded, sorted, and
baled news shall be classed asused 'material. Any other grade of
paper acm'dlated at random fro4qi-shptals, apartment houses,
'private residences, diyartmnbt stores, or public and office building,
shall be sterilized before being manufactured Into paper excelsior
.,and be:classedi as used material."
!Opportunity to be heard on "pplication submitted by Code Au-
SthorltY,.for:irvlsion ofprlces published In Lumber Code Authority
.Bulletn, volhII, No.-6, and v.ol.:, N S. 31.. .
Hearing on application for the .dclraUdon br an emergency In the
rosin barrel industry an'd. for ;he determination and establishment
of reasoable costs.' ., :. '.

OpportunIty to be heard application submitted by.tha Code
!'*Authority for amendments lto at. VI and art. XV. of the Code..

'Opotunityto be heard onpplcatio n submitted by the Nationa
Ctdo Andthority fqr approvalof Its budget and basis of contribu-
ton, andv tor approvalof 4he budgets and bases of contribution for
its sever zdn code n trative agencies and regional code
admlnhtrattveagehces, for thibe.period from Oct 1, 198, to Nov.
30,1935. ..
.Total budget .for 'National Code Authority is $208,60. Basis of
asesment Is $3 for each $1,000 of annual mechanical pay roll.
FOURTH'ZON,E: Total budget proposed for Fobrth Zone Code
Administrative Agency whose Jurisdiotion covers the District of
Colunmbia, Maryland, Delaware, .Virginia, and North Carolina, is
..,2.60...Baslsbr dssessment Is 66% cents for each $1,000 of annual
mechanicat pay roll. I
TENTH ZONE: Total budget .proposed for Tenth Zone Code
Administrative Agency, whose jurisdiction covers the entire Stale
ofTees,is $7,470. 'Basts of assessment is'$5 for each $1,000 of annual
mechanical pay roll. ." .. 1 ,
FOURTEENTH ZONE:.Total.budet proposed for Fourteenth
Zone Code Administrative Agenoy, whose Jurisdiction covers the
States of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, apd Alaska, is
$6,620, Basis of assessment Is $3 for each $1,000 ol annual mechan-
ical pay roll. '
FIFTEENTH ZONE: Total 'budget proposed for Fifteenth- Zone
SCode Adinlnistrative Agency, whose jurisdiction covers the States
of Callornila,.Nevada, 'and'Arizona, is 10,500. Basis of assessment
Is $6 for each S1,000 of mechanical pay roll.
Opportunity to be heard on application submitted bythesupple-
mentary Oode Authority for amendment of art. IV.of the supple-
mentary Code, .

Opportunity to beard' on. appUcation submitted by the Execti-
tlBve;Authority for 1he Sulphate diVp and Board Division, for ap-
provarof its budget-and basis of'assssament'for the period from
11934, ""t:
X0Mar. l, 1934, toFeb. 28,1935. -
".Total budget is $16,000. Basis of assessment shall be at the rate of
$ 0.025 per ton of board shipped. Invoices Issued monthly taped on
tonnage shipped during previous month Rate determined on
anticipated annual shipments of 640,000 tons divided Into budget
*f 5G16,000.
Opportunity to be heard on application for approval of the budgets
of thelocal retail Jewelry Code Authorities for the year 1934.
Opportunity to be heard on application submitted by the Code
I Authority for amendment to art. VI, ase, 8 (a) of the Code.
Opportunity'to be heard on application submitted by the Code
Authority for the wool.stock trade for approval of Its budget and
basisof contribution for, the period from July 1, 1934, to June 30,
S1935. '.Payments shall be made on the basis of H4o of I per-
.'cent ofthe gross volume of business for the calendar year preceding
the date of assessment, with a maximum assessment of $750 and a
minimum assessment of S10.

.Opportunity to be heard on applcationsubml~ted by the National'
' ode Anthorityfor approval ofits budget and basis of assessment,
and for approval of the budgets and bases of assessment of Its sev-
eral zone.Code administrative agencies and regional Code adminis-
.trative agencies, for the period from Oce. 1,1934, to Sept 30, 1935
Total budget for National Code Authority is$208,650. Basis ofassess-
inentIs $3 for each $1,000 of-annual mechanical pay roll.
FI TH AND fIGH'TH ZONE: Total budget proposed for the
Fifth and Eighth Zone Code Administrative Agency, whose luis-
. diction covers the States of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia,
' entucky', Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennesspe,
, pis $12,248. Basis of assessment Is $6 for each $1,000'of mechanical
& yroli.-
811TH ZONE: Total budget proposed for the Sixth Zone Code
Administrative Agency, whose jurisdiction covers the State of
Wisconsin.exnlusive of Douglas County) and Upper Peninsula of
Michigan, Is $3932. Basis of assessment is $2.40 tor each $1,000 of
annual mechaucal pay roll.





____________________________________________________________________________________ I.

Wednesday, Nov. 28,
Commercial Relief Print-
ing Industry 287-379,
374, 378, 380, 382, 383.

Fabricated Metal Products
Manufacturing and Met-
al Finishing and Mecel
Coating Industry, 84-74.
Gray Iron Foundry Indus-
try, 277-29-"

.Knitted Outerwear TIndus-.
try, 164-27.

Lmmberandi Timber Prod,
ucts Industries, 9-226..
Slate Industry, 218-4-..-.

: ll

Rayon and Silt Dyeing and
, Printing Industry, 172-
263-B. '
Trade Typesetting Indus-
try, 287-38L.

SFriday, NovT. 80, 1934
Fresh Water Pearl Button
Manufacturing Industry,
310-11,3 ', .

Industrial Sunpplies and
Machinery Distributors
Trade, 61-11.I

Locomotive Appliances
(Subdivision of Machin-
ery and Allied Produots
Industry) 347-L-7
Lumber and TImnber Prod-
ucts Industries, 9-225.
Lumber and Timber Prod-
ucte Industries, 9-2835,
2306,237 238.
Pasted Shoe Stock Indus-
try, 413-6.
Tanning Extract Indus-
try, 374.

Terrazzo and Mosaio Con-
traeting Industry (Divi-
sion of Construction In-
dustry), 244-0-4.

Monday, Dec. 3, 1934
Copper, Brass, Bronze, and
Related Alloys Trade,
201-W-3. (Division of
the Wholesaling or Dis-
trlbuting Trade.)
Can Labeling and Can
Casing Mblacbinery. In-
dustry and Trade, 72-A-9.
(Division of Packaging
Machinery Industry and
Floor and Wall Clay Tile
Manufacturing Industry,

Electrical Contracting In-
dustry (Division of Con-
struction Industry), 244-
Machine Tool and Forging
Machinery Industry,

Room 4064, Commerce
Building. M. D.


Room 0, 1518 K Street
NW. H. Ferris White.

Room 4040, Commerce
Building.. W. W.

Rom 4211,.

Dean G..

Room 201, 907 Sixteenth
Street N'W. A. 0.
Room 3319, Commerce
Building. 'W. A.

Room D, Washington
Hotel, 10' a. m., A.
Henry Thurston.
Room. 4064, Oommercelo
BuIlding. Payson
Irwin ..

Opportunity to he heard on application .ubmJrltd by'tli
Code Authority for approval of its budget and basis'aof
and for approval of the budgets and. bases of",
several zone Code administrative agencies and F1
adminlstrave agencies, for the period fom" ot.'l.plgj
30, 1935. '
Total budget proposed for the National Code Authoritl's
Basis of assessment is $3 for each $1,000 of annual i
roll. Z' T .b te S.
SIXTH ZONE: Total budget proposed for the.Si
Administrative Agency, whose jurisdiotlon covers tie .
Wisconsin, with the exception of Donglas County, antu't
peninsula of Michigan, is $3,932. BasIs ot .
eaah $1,000 of annual mechanical pay roll. ,
Total budget proposed for regional -Oode adiininlstaai4 '
whose Jurisdiction bovers the counties of Door, BrownOn'g
Calumet, Winnebago, Green Lake, Marqnuatte, iMi,
Sheboygan, and Kewaunee and parts of Oconto, Fo.nddW
Marinette In the State of Wisconsin., and Meoomlu'
Mlch.,Js $418. Basis of assessment is S tfors each $1,ooa
mechanical pay roll. A
SEVENTH ZONE: Total budget proposed for the Sevia
Code Administrative Agency, whose jurisdlctlon ov.r'ti
of Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia Iowa Peninsula 'of'MI
Pennsylvania as far east as the 79th meridian, and Twreem
Pike, and Martin Counties of Kentucky, Is $6,620. Bais
meant Is 60 cents for each $1,000 of annual mechan a yL
NINTH ZONE: Total budget proposed for the NIt Zo
Administrative Agency, whose'jurisdiction covers Iows".
exclusive of the city of Chicago and Cook County; 'islo
and Wyandotte County, Kans., Is $3,670. Basis of asea
SI for each $1,000 of annual mechanical pay roll. *'"
ELEVENTH ZONE: Total budget proposed )for' t'e".
Zone Code Administrativj Agency, wlose.nridctir
States of Minnesota, North and South Dadkota,:acd"'
County, Wis. is $L1,233. Basis of ssessment'l 5 or
of annual mechanical pay roll. :
Total budget proposed for the regional Code adminltati
whose jurisdiction covers Sioux Fals, :Dak., I 2.
assessment is $11 for each $1,000 of mechanical pay.roll..'
FOURTEENTH ZONE: Total budget proposed fyra'th'
teentb Zone Code Administrative Agency, whoses.jse
covers the States of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Moaani
the Territory of Alabka, is $5,520. Basis of assWme tlis
$1,000 of annual mechanical pay roll. %.:...
Total budget proposed for the regional Code admlnisuativs.ra
whose Jurisdiction covers the bounds of Snohemllh-co
Wash., is $204. Basis of asseiment Is $10 fo i acb $l,ot,
mechanical pay roll. .';
Total budget proposed for the rgonal' ode-admnisfstruv
;whose juin dictjoun-hovers the Slate oI-Monalda Iiilg
6 ofeassessment Is 527 for each $,000'ofanhniftm p
Opportunity to be heard on application submitted byAb
Safety Tread Association, claiming to represent 95 percantl,
subdivision of this Industry, for approval of appedix tthr l
establishing additional trade practice provisions for thi e';
safety tread subdivision. '
Opportunity to be seard on application sulbmitted by l'lb
Authority for approval 'of its budget and basis of celntrhl,
the period from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 1935. ." r..
Total budget is $t28,120. -Assessment will be on the basis t
I pecnt of the sales for 1933---that is, $2 per year. perll
s.5ales, or 0 cents a quarter per $1,000 of sales' Any-mem
was not in business during 1933 will be assessed on otwieU
6 months' sales for IM34 at the rate of Mo of 1 percent pIK
Assessments to be made quarterly in advance.. 7..'%
Opportunity to he heard on application of Code Anthlct'f
proval of its budget and basis of assessment for thiM pil
Oct. 1, 1934, to June 1, 1935. i...
Total budget Is S137,047.23. Basis of assessment Is as fellows:;
to be sold at the following rates- 40 cents per 1,000 for garnint
at prices not exceeding $3 per dozen; $1.02 per 1,000'tI.iz
sold ar prices not.-exceeoding $9 perdozen; $2.23 per.'lQ0ti
Seats sold at prices not exceeding $27 per dozen; $5.0.
Sfor garments sold at prices not exceeding $6.75 eacliW
1.,000 for garments sold -at prices In xes of. .7. eaoh.
'ahassment of 1.5 percent on nonlabelod i lc'..itlfi
Opportunity to be heard on application- submittedby ti
Authority for revision of prices published In umber
Authority Bulletin, vol. n, No. 14. .
Opportunity to be heard on application of the Code Antlithm
termination of exemption granted in par. (a) of Admils2
Order X-4, so that prices for sales to other numbers of'i
and distributors'may no'longer be quoted to governi-ntah
unleasubah prices are published as being applcable to six"'1
mental agencies. .
Hearing on application submitted by the Code. Anti t
amendment, of art. IM, sees. I and 4, and art. IV.,'sq.'.3
Opportunity to be heard on application -by the Natl0"j
Authority for'the trade typedietting industry division f.i
the Code for the graphic arts industries, for approval ofthelit
for the regional Code administrative agency whose'!irisi
Covers the Milwaukee metropolitan district. in the S.ts
cousin, and the basis of assessment,'for the period rom A
to Mar. 31, 1935. "''.
Total budget is $933. Basis of assessment, exclusive' af a
requested by National Code Authority for this indst;ilsIl
year for each $1,000 of annual mechanical pay rollftor:1...lbe
year 1933. wiLha minimum of$ 'eAr inonth' ..

I --'--T r. . .

Room 4209, Commerce'
BuIlding.- M. D.
Vincent. .

1320 0 street NW.
Robert L. Houston.

Room 4038, Commerce W.W.
Room 201, 907 Sixteenth
Street NW. A. .
Room 201, 907 Sixteenth
Street NW. A. 0.
Room 4039, Commerce
Building. Harry S.
Room 4311, Commerce.
Building. Ovid E.
Roberts, Jr.

Room 710, Albee Build-
nlug. Robert N.

win ne suon percentage as wil produce te amount i mnic,.
$7,500. . -
Opportunity to be heard on application of Code Anothc
approval of Its budget and basis of assessment for the p edi
Dea. 8, 1934, to Dec. 7, 1935. Total budget is 051,000K,
assessment is o of 1 percent of the sales of the memfluff
trade who may be expected to contribute. .':
Opportunity to be heard on application submitted byil
Authority for amendment of art. VI of the Oode. a(Ul
practices sections.) :.
Opportunity to be heard on applicaion of the Code A
for approval of a correction of the budget for the stained
subdivision of the industries. .
Opportunity to be heard on applications, submitted
Code Authority for revision of prices published in LiS0
Authority Bulletins, vol. II, Ns. 332,33,42, and 43. -'.' .
Opportunity to be heard on application submitted byTi
Authority for amendment to the Code, relating tobtudglta
of assssmantto cover cost of administering the Code.... ;
Opportunity to be heard on application submitted byt,
Authority for approval of Its budget and basis of a"ssIM
period from Apr. 9, 1934, to June 3 19. 9'5 .
Total budget Is $6,950. Basis of aesSsment.shalbseaW*.a
ounds of equivalent 28 percent tannin content eaita.t..
by the members during the budgetary period, payt b
not later than the 20th of the month following tVe3 teoft-
ter, provided there shall be a minimum assesament'.
member of $5 per period. "
Opportunity to be heard on application submitted~bhI
sional Code Authority for approval of Its budget and .a '9.
meant for the period from Oct. 1, 1954, to otme IS1, O ,l
budget is $19,950. Proposed basis of assessment Is
contracts, orders, sales of labor, or materials by0eu.i.
the industry where snh sales or contracts a .S 59- :

1320 0 Street 'NW. Opportunityto be heard on application sub
Frank H. Crockard. Code Authort y far approval ofcredit terms t
by the members of the trade.

Room 537, Investment
Building. Neal W.

Room 4327, Commerce
Building. Beverly

Room 615, Albee Build-
Ing. Robert N.
Room 4023, Commerce
Building. Dexter A.

. .. 4. ..
"" "" I '. .. ,

Opportunity to be heard on applcatlos
Authority for approval of its budget and
period from June 9, 1934, o June 8, 193
Basis of eas ment is 14 of I petoent of

Opportunity to be heard on application submitS
Authority for approval of Its budget and basis. ofl
the period from Oct. 1, 1934, to June 16, 1935....'l
$25,730. Basis ofr assessment shall be oan dollar vq,
gross sales at the rate of "o of 1 percent.
Opportunity to be heard on application of tae
Authority for amendment to the bas of contribatis
of the division for expenses of adminIsterIng ie
administrative committees. I ',
Opportunity to be heard on application of Code An
proval of a uniform cost accounting formula. .,.


.... ..

rw^ uut Vr/'i UCFDJit. flfiXYIliNj^
it Information Concerniirg NotiJces of Hearings' and

Opportunity Heard

i i . ----------- r- I


' I ....







W' .A..,A C A N D .. .. ... .*;" 9 .. "... .'., ." *.`.: ....*.. .*' '' ** .*..*.'& ,'-." *-:``' :.-**:
EOF HE~AflIhN f -- sJt"NZ~

tohe4- n lad 'h "Price Terms" I. forGCov'ildt't
J- -. ..* ...* .. '. ';', "* .-' * '

Rm "erInahao fiG Iron .Frde-q
d eri y 1934, to Jane 16,1936. TotalbudgetIS $ 0. .. .. .. a.n'facturn .idtry be- appro bee
aW of lb ear Bcj95? o^14: rove!,sflt iudget andThe,'National Industrial Recovery Board -Baoo'alnlndhdryal been a.O61|
orteya 13,:. . i.. . c i~ Y 3

a d S 13M0 Street NW. Opportunity to he heard-on a pplcation submitted by the Code has announced approval of ap amendment to,- The approval::ordarM; effectuv'e 'Nove"ot
Robert L. ra a o assessment for te he oe of fa competitIon f the. gray 9. .....It instructs th I.A sea rc .and. j
p ~dodromDo. 10, 1934, to Tan. 5 1935. Total budget Is633 9O 7..5. Iron.,foundryaeinrn ldJisupy haode' be n ap l.
Soessment Is of' percent ofhe tota volume o o Iron found dusty, approved February -10,. ,ug. Di.soa .A' ..uho.ty '
Aj7_h_"_t_ a v st_ t h a nui iIpe r m o n th. C d e fs tuic o ny d o f t beh6 'a l a e.f f c s. '
Sta i except that there hall be a minimum assessment of not more 1934 .operate In a st gbllthhirates eews'a
han p nnb :_etdm ent incorporates in, the Code ."t -rt w .....-O.te.t'
1934 p . ard clauses -suggested by :the NRA w with this Coderdviio '. '"
4TcAde, 381- Room 128, Willard Ho- Hearing on. application submitted hy the Code Authority o respect to the filing wtth a. cqnfldential: and "...,The Code -Authori., shall: establie/
.... : .. .tel,' 1 0Am. a0p. A. amendmentof sec. 4, art.,If, and sec. 13, art. Vio, cithe Code, also disinterested agent of the Oode.'Authority'of .the approval of'the '"Ailnistratlon mini mm
enryBrikey. se- "ar.' ......... Identified. bst of .prices, discounts,,rebates,, pieework rated' or the' industry'sba
ititeor" In- *R oom 218. Delaware Hnearin and opportunity 'to e heard on appilcaton of cer- ." p.or . -.
-fl.. (Dl- .'Trust J.Bilding, Wll- tain groups for approval of a proposed agreement establlshing ,and other terms and conditions of sale known :wages wil"begequitglly adjusted'fo. alkip
.o.4tiln In- mlngton, Del 10 standards of hours of labor rates of ay and other conditions of as "price' terms" ductive labor "'. ,
..". .m es ar- empyentaund.erart. eioo n tedCode.forthe cnstrcton Authorionsgenbythe-a ndnt 'Some member- pof the industry haveo '
Oompliance Director. affeotingmembera or te divisionand centalno therhemployeesin trs uch filings when75 percent o the ton- paying higher ratand somehave'bee
thr.Bicly ear.ono Wlni8o, el ndsralrecovery idontifor d lits enof 75prf erdicontsof;thebaton ;paying hrigherate&-,and some hidave ee
d'-'T.a,; ," ..te~reio.ol.llmi~tom.Del. "dlv nags" of members of anyv agency or territorial "ing lower, rates ta thoaod in, the (lod
&. 7, Third Floor, Assembly, Hearing end opportunity 'to e heard on application of...
IlM o Roout, Fulton Bulnd-, certain groups for approval of a proposed agreement establishing a .. o othe e an CT.
o Industry.) g, Pittburgh, Pa., standards of hours of labor, rates of pay and other condi- otde, tu Od to promote Uinfair competition andato indlte
,,a. m. Wilson V H oe s employment under art.1U, sec. I of l;t s.e.' ortheGodenftrthe.coo- In i s further stipulated that whenever any a necessity .for uniformity- which the (-
Ra. e ectitarte As-.Iarustryon n seIndustry, e andnl 113U eel Rcoer-A7, orsuh)fligsi;terhe5 eNationalet industrialrrat 1 d om Re-beii
i.t ... lian. taerco y A ce ff-cingme mbrso d'. s... .n c o m ember, of the group hasfiled a ,revon of :Authonty.schdule ntende to a
ompliance Director, employ .es In the igo included Incertan ctin cou nties of Pennsyl- prce term s.. 'Sc th', embaer..tseha n t:;flle..a ..pllshl e:'. ,i;t,.--sA" : -..:.; ...-
Thi"" ,.. orpae -' vanla, Ohio, ad West Virginia. '. higher d rice -withinm .48'bouIrs, The related'" ..h:, 'iTherate.schedule. Iiatim-f, i i : : low a
i -. i' standard.,'dluses dealing fith the subject of a' ....''.-'.dagem' :te.s" .. '
y e.',-.19 price terms" are Included in the amend-' ,,;' ...'. .. . : .e..: .wL .. n. L
Ei..aProo- North Private Dining Hearing o a proposed basic Code of fair competition submitled by ment. unainm:.e t n .f. .v dcebi
dry, 9- Rom, .Carton Hotel, .the NaInlsotybeanOiMa.7botesAssociation, to. A fUrther. amenent incorporates i. the C -anton flanel uitrteaitte
-i 10a L' H. Kie rer. entfecen .h Isr Code the. NRA.e standard' clauses regarding. f....nge.r. back, knit ,wriso.' tt y"
"^^ 'willfully 'destructive 'price. cutting, which' is Canton flannel 'nove, elate pattern, .three- fe
dc r anhmethodgi.hig" ger baks iknit .wrist. stle___-__f._ M._;g..
^.,^.~~~~Te. How ^ ^ ^ ^"^ -.a 'ae
".caedatoh'eraniarlgoneddiot,.-mensi gan,,'.at .W
i.. T *= -** 4 -* < ^ c tion and is forbidden." '. .' ... ',- ..,w'ist, style-..1! -' -'.'?.? ..... 4-_:_'.._* '.{'' l
A r;tb1 L, a... Din '.l The emergency' conditions aTnder' whchppoa..edRtohaiani iCoel oofatnguncdt tb
,te stated minimum price fo a specified product. "te .at. )stl
-fn e. bo ilj .. ... -- ... .. .__- '`
.nndofanner gr t'io stwo thumb, forhette1..:.
f:,. .- or period may be permitted are set .ingerakiws stybe 1 1
IT In I u 1'U .orhn e amendment, Suh ergcy Cantonernhy: o..fannel. glove, clete-pattern, e'.
-ion theis amor ndment.- qUI~fngrheck,gauntle t style i
eTucking Industry i Pretzel Industry No. 503-6 conditions require'.that' an Investigaiol 6 to.a" fennel awothbs e i
r 2n 'Scoditions be *me 'ode Authority raeino.flo.redhmi and plm w-l-t-,
? 0.NO. 278.105 FACT&-A question has arisen concerning through an impartial agency, and the promul- sewed on'outsidp, bailtlwrist atyleL__-_?.- '.
S rsire bs-, the O employees of the National Biscuit Co., nation of a stated minimum prce Is subject ..Canton flannel mftt-two thumb, welt sam
ZZiee LAdlerdisg hired subs9e3,ad St. Joseph, Mo., .as to a V~iolation' of. the pi~o- to the approval of the National Industrial ei~nod pa~tebristhumbJ~ with.... double '
tbweekeningsJune17,1938,and ons of article IV, section 10, of the Pretzel Reoery,. Bor. .. .. :. '" a knit w i stl..i
He a effective date of this Code at Code by te Id scon '' 0 t Rec"ere Board.. glove. n, twofenger
ir Wieek. On the effective. date On October 1,- 1938. the President's Re- me sey glove, dan p t e, .thite -fnger' hck
.e uc y is,"-reduced to'h$25 et-oanntAgremetientint4eOf'.-Tfinger n S kniotwrit style. ------------'- si--'p..l '-"1
'.-1 q' driver is employed after the .Leteorripaurslr-ct ep ttb, w e per ri ult hr ,
S of this Code at $.and is week with an increase of,.12 percent in .. el ini m r tept u s
.sp'exces of the maimum bours., the hourly wage rates. -t'il oQfl,:hSpptlICl Leatheknt leather.-.'
In.November 1933 the employees formed a' .ti knito wrst style. glove.-____,
.:.o oen in ue17.1M ,,nd :i.. "'-

g^ cn s ^ n ^ ^^ speet^ '"Code Exempt on- ^'' " --- ..
iwe&aternthis' employeeonth is Increased ions oand in June y1934 they pr0esentedlr aa B....Ex pin" L.eather.s phm,.eps,;untlot patterns with .leather ,"
contract to the company and were recognized. 'Leather palm,' ""gnnt'" i'pttern, without.:

.i.NS..-_Casem u 1oWat is the '"- A wage scale-was adopted by 'the company Idividual truck drlver-ownere.whdoreceive 'leather tps knit wrist styleglov__.
-dithrwpaek gOnutthe eferfec.t.veo dalte
LT~odese"yglove elate.patte
Mfi'{his emhploye.i du d to$2 kniletherist s; gty e sylexlv-' .. -------------

I.'Whav in sthe nopr granting. an hourly increase -in wages of 10 relief .compenshaon 'for. trucking :services Leather palHm gruncutpatterp without'
tiis:Cod e e drn e'"Leather-palm guclthpartprwith lea
percent. ye d g *P 1" 1- T e effect ofl tbe two increases was from the ,Fe teder l . e gen~cy..Re~l e nis ", a ^e ,ut t ,H f~ h-i,-athe .
'k r I __ n R -, A

l the em-ovee's normal wa'e ~to bring about n increase Lu hourly wages tration or,, bther public.agencies have. been knit wrist style glove -'":
Working hor br'ufo 0.o4 pr T"C------

.'J t empo on r3 percent up to the effective .date of exempted from the registration.and rat and. L er pa.m, cut. pattern .with leather
,! at f h s o e tw2. a g e ekof ithvn increae'of.-.1 *Enpeerepalm A d
d is .'-,ip0,:gaun .ltstyle. M

sedo h .computing overtime or- shall "rs -u de' "'"-ps,-clunt~e te__'--".:.-_:-,
e'eoceofpthpedt, orthe n the Code. . .' tariff filing . ovis.ns- .-o t.he. truc-.g. Code: tiP.:s "s ".t.. yle
t forIthe crease Tme Coe 1 fsir ra competition, was signed ; ndaer. an order:.annourpeed today .sbyte. t -... -, 3.
vit ec. wges due -the em- -. Augus 93. Under the wo g-horpr- Natlon Admltstrateon. :... .. p.. .. ..: .. ..:
.dtrti.epoe noadin Junder134they kiesn'h pro-" -e.E

epTATsidONS-CAe t" The driv ^e 'visions of the Codthehe hours were reduced The rder ..becomes. effective, November, 24'.,.. |lnt f-rpal,. -= -1 '
0ra ^,-hd,'a-uving been efi4olod-...em D.40. per week. : At the. same time unlmssegod.t iaue to.lo contrary' is'ohown.'e yes-wee"by.ocl.ri., .ce).ug.o.oo, b111 .-w (.o.esluoojtsL~llUbiePS
^. ^ % ?' '% .. waeemployees.-awere d by the. local.n, office) .'. Suggesaotrs;.or6bjectoid may .be., su'mtte at.he. .. tp. :.' 'style Y a-
.VenSnCgaJune 1.Wat ati th e '.ad-diranting. andHtional. 'percent increasee i-nor. ief lati'tb9awf"vNfor.-.her--2193'. -":" """. L e -p' -... gu q ; '." ""-".
iqtatdhivers ..were be.urin'g tpaid '" "......percent.nhourl wags r e to e-a w" aetti AUthorilb' "d a" :ing :""
lt ...t t .e.a...snon_. -ourly ages.. 'This resulted- in a,-'total in-. A.membei- apply. fo.reie.i.p.ou l e GaidvbeanCaof Ir-inhdueV,
- ,.. ... l e ad l ,crea se o, f 36.- pecn n horl wa es re d^-to file ,wlthi,.is State Oode Autho ixt, .. ... ..-l^ U .dp ~ ..i..nQU ... ... . . .... ....
..durg.- the, operation' of te 'eae head office of the National Biscuit Co a "registration releagreeient. ceitifylng: : : :.. 1 ..'.
e-$28.92.per a 48-hour.week.' N Yor City wrt manager at St. T.hat hes"an app,' can-.fornor is 'recelv-' ,;' .' ..-,.,,^' ,.O.-.l. ...... I
EwAII wages of this employee should :..,. t
i'[-coptigder... T'e --he Joseph, To., refusing to allow- this ing relle.femployment; (2). that heis unable : .FACTS,-Tbe.Code -iutority ofttie.Csn
'l-nt. ri credi o r e_ crease: The ; employees feel that they are to pay. the necessary assessment' required by' Manufacturing. Industry lss desirous'oi
o.-- -n. '. .e.eirateand'.Lea orWinheune

.... "co.ovtime' waest d th. efntitlAed to this last increase and that to -the trucking Code;and (,3) that.he ls driving moving certain antblglty"-existi4'"f'i"
.'.61!histboe wages due Co... ...,. ."P^s ....4u

.*aaint eit repudiate it will be in violation of the Code his own truck .and is receiving relief compen- mId d from Sthe off the rd s a
a.: .Q ____ In .that their weekly wages are reduced. .-' -. satina 'for the lease" of -not more than one lists shall. contalhi:.e, nimbero codt
' I QESTION.-Is it In violation of the pro- vehicle. . . and net welgb 'h packages the conceit
e'.T Industryi visions of article IV, section 10, of the Code The agreement beingbonly a temporary.: In- of which a e sold o:.the consumer!.by stin
No. 278-106 of fair competition for the pretzel industry strumient,' members' will 'be subject to all and shasl'inlue' all discouts, allowane
0etN.O. for the National Biscuit Ce. to refuse to allow Code prolsibni -and 'be'iequired 'the terms, and conditions of:sale; which Bhali1B
's!t aPPearing that uncertainty has this last 10 percent increase In, hourly wages Code fee whenevern .trucklng. operations for unIform for all buyers .of thee same"alr
'cllcerning the correct interpretation the result of which, is to reduce weekly- other than relef, agencies are resumed., under like terms and conditions in the Baai
IsVscing B, subsect ion6, the fo- wii ea Members signing 'such agreements alsb are marketing area ",. in article VII, section"4
luepon has b wen rput: INTERPRETATION. The reduction in exempted' from the ptovsion requiring that *pto theCode of fair competition for. the cazndj
ON.- wht manner may the weeklywages provided for under the f freight blls, shippg oders bilsofladng, manufcturg industry. ..."
'fOmloyees whose hours have been set forth above Is not a violation of artidle etcq bd issued within" 48 hours,after begin- ,QUESTION.-M ore specifically'..tlhe"'C'
bsa tatted?' 'IVnesec 0o fetinhe dofarl cames ning.shsipment and tlht'a mdmorandunnr re-a Authoea ty wishesotC CT'ow iS the words ao
iRPRstATONd? he-eanigso seton for the prtzel Industry ir om ceipt' must accompany .sil for-hire shipments. 'quoted 'would incilide 'the, following:.:
#01 : ATOS--Ihe o eration' sof thoeo hepezl uuty

.s..whosormal lti wkl .- Teexemption granted has thae support of (1) Should the use of premiums 'be Ad
orl the' officef week' e1 Federal and' State relief agencies' officials as eluded in filed or revised 'price lists as ."te
SYduced shll be adu Wire aRope and Strand Mfg. t.ority; .. 2) Is the, givingaa l o o premiums" to an Q4t -.1i7 -r buyer when sudh premiums are not'offerd
redation" in the full-time weekly Industry No to "all buyers -o-f the sai-e', l'si" der'
Stoshan mpl rcen o hrs e FACTS.-The Code Authority for the Sup- T e r et i terms and conditi ons in 'the same market
by~~res. less 'tanimprcnLoyees f areae to ara los onifsh aov-enioe art.0

lainum reduction in earnings plnentary Code of fair competition for the IVareaa vioIon of the aboe-menoned
Sexceed25.-ercentadtte wire rope and strand manufacturing dusty '. "cle VII, section 17- ..
14P4Y. only when hours have been cites a case where a distributor sells from a n INTERPRETATION.-(1.) :The use ofpre
perCut or more. 'consigned stock of a manufacturer of this in- Macaroni Indoustry mlums is a term and condition of sale as e
tedhois have been. reduced by more dustry and requests a ruling in answer to the forth In the Code, and the use thereof shal
a hoptaSbhave been. reduoecobnt.ore

ipercet, but by less than 50 percent, following question: No. 234-20 .be filed pursuant .to article VII, section.-, 0a61
Iare to be reduced not more than in QUESTION.-Do the provisions of the the Code of fair 'competition for the cand
i f-'flve-seventh of 1 percent for Supplementary Code of fair competition for FACTS.-Article ViI, b ectIon 6 (ya ), of the mIanufacturing Industry. ,
tot redntionn hours In excess the wire rope and strand manufacturing in- Code of fair competition for the macaroni- (2) The use of premiums shall be unldt
e" p '" .n u y dustry apply to a distributor who sells indus- dustry provides thata member of the in forall buyers .of .the same class..und.-i
278. 1 ,ih marl
itry products wa ih have been congned to duatry must fil e a fete-.list'.with the Code .terms nd 'onditi6ns 1 n the-same mk!
Itea Spplyt Industryh- thim by the manufacturer thereof? Authority within ten (10.) .days after .the" areA pursuant ftofone (1.) ablov'e.. .,el
,,,,uppY9013In usty drecINTERPRETATION.-- No:agnc remain pexsrovidedbewe nO effective date of the Code; and that any re- '.. ',..".,,..:.'..!
lig gat e nre l o nhip eistoedutweeythe vised list must be filed to becormed effective" r o' "-tio s-
manufacturer and the consignee. .'in not less than five (5) days-from the date r tail ng 1raM1denti.Id1
ci-..rtlcle VIII, section 3, provides:. of filing, exclusive of Sundais, holidays,' an4 .oN ,i.06.i l. f '..
.tllA* shall he rio More favorable the date of filing. The waiting period .of fiv ,' 'No..,36.1.
Efiown: A erhnds salbe The Trucking Induistry (5) days was stayed in the order of approval, FAI..-R. 20 of articl V '"III
wit'faetory or-f.Al mransehlo, b. sales establish- h Te stay ,provided for in Administrative FAT--ue2.. ,til V.-o
fekiht 'allowed.'" e No. 278-109 Order No. 234-5 dealing with the macaroni Code of fair coml pettion. for the retail j.
S eNWhaispthIeN pro n. e-r-u ci industry was for a, study of the open price met Industry provides:.
STO.d wiathmanfreig yhtell wed heklo-ningesanovd tends slifor undrtil l acts feigpubl ,.shed moving ths pit.gato he dtb f echtrnscton

'i bhve""uprovision?h e e FACt S.-It appearing tha 4t an employee provisions. This study has beeu completed Rule'20. Fomof Oorstrat.--A c 6
^ aboe prvisin? ^~e ~t a ^np0^ p^ ^ ^^ ^.shal l .bear accurate and complete : titnM
I'irATION. Merchandise shall works as a station agent or a few hours in and Office Memorand thaum No. n228 hi as to the details of each transactiondsaj
Iokb.-;actory with freight allowed theomorning thd een as a solicitor unti late pubnlse orngNhi p ag s.
te' sball be sold f. o. b. sales u the afternoon, wh~en he returns and takes Office Memorandum No. 228, paragraph 3, )g .the terms.ofusale 'andb"methdd- oti'
Wtwt freih alowe,< chae oftesaton unti te la tuc has section 1. exhibit A, does not provide for a met, and they shalprbvide tlat .reaSo
r.-the frkendingh aJuoed, 193, of ahe s n N Trucking. Code A-a aeointerest and carrying charges will'obe ads
teM ales establishment" refers to departed, and that 6 hoMrs of his time each waiting period. . .nr a fdt er threst.
i..Stoeks or wholesale sales estab- day is devoted to each Job. QUESTIONr.-sIn view of the fact that th e to. unpad, baloans after 'thir .r.(30),.
l .ated or controlled by members nroSTN th e date osen which tthe c6atrmact .
''" .The term "sales, establish- ,UeT DoeSoffairompe exception of article waiting period 'COde there- fromltoe d. te owhih 5.s
suds "Fprsetiomnufapplyinotndstr fore silent as to when a price ist becomeslfc r aV i u o p te i n pod sSi fe
,te-erto cstoes estbtlish-u w7 apytoti e ffct-e ^when s p-rice lit0onidre a QI/STION.-- Meahing d "'f 1
;' ... ployee? !.
aIlSo lowe d ousmeas ealow- IN iteRReT eisor eeshould having been filed and effective? INTERPRETATION.--The o.rd.
-eht allowed" means allow- INTERPRETATIOc nufheatuerpofyhsla INTER PRETATION.n The price r st If taUis" shat.e, understiod..tofean s:.
.tat lowest rate for the weight be considered as a station manager who Is I I T ie ls is t sa huneto to hea
otrthbe individual shipment from not continuously employed as s ch and hence considered as fied immediately upon Is re- lue without limitaonthe rignstn ted
Warehouse, or sales establishment to falls within the provisions of article e se- ceipt th e Code Athorty, and Is effective thedquality,in the construcohetion o a. mnbmen
-t I established place of business., tion A, subsection 7. a ..Cint m pe.. i t. ..he .con t. u .cti...'on f.. m.o:.,t ...
.... ,. *: a *a .e ,ber .: of ,.id- .f '. ,... a b e o the sam 'ca s under..,
du~tr appl to distibutr whoBe.,y .n'ia..fle apr.,with-the ode.
try produc s.whichb v, bee,...k:,..,tous.. t r, ". ." o is ,, :?-6:-,.a .:.a'rk
.. ..ority,.i,, ...en..10.).days 'ft,. th"'ay k,. ,an :t ' e 1". ov . -'' ''
9&-1 dirct genc" in.ot ess hanfive.5) ays'fro thdat',"iail:,..*," I e11'.:, .111 .:
manufacturer"ind t e 0 111 e. -: .'.. ".". .; "...:?.. .": !", 'and r
"/ '." ..:" ,.L ,,4.: "' ..... .:,...,.,. ...,, ... .- o.f, filing,. e-xc'' of Sun. ::: '.'. ,, 'e, h.o'lld ..

1 -".' .. ., " .. "1 " ?
t&Tibm* rRic onsftftdtiinf TIndust'ry1 Platningi 'C od 6 Aitv

Rddutins, and Adjustment Board for MiiinA
7... .. '. --T.,

;2r." * "* ,' , ,__ "" ,j i 'j ....
Approves Average P~rice De- pH"i" l
,eas^e: o $2 -.' ... ... Feet A p p location s to W o rk E m plo yees M o re T h afi 40 H o u rs _t
... .. f#i":' ', 'Snce. MayF" 14 the .onstructqn' Ii.dustry's that offdc'al permission to pay higher wages An amended Code for .,the
& Sudotberor:..f Liti'nrer.Cfor bil~arUsan1 Plkmnnlng and Adjustment, Board, was n'ot necessarY, but suggested that this try, increasing minimum "wa~ges
M. i A. . .'i ,n"
dCmatter e handed through ,an area agree- mutely 6 iiercent and redu
f,^.ak ing *oX:.nd CrateS' charged unloe, the ode With bartering er- ' maximum work Week from. 37% to;
S. .._ ployer-emplo:ee interests has considered 46 meat. has been approved by the NatonaliA
I 1 :!.,f- ." "applications froni industry members to work Peter J. Knickenberi, Buffalo,: N. Y. Appl- hsecovery Board. It become N effeel
e i: ageirenma ctidnld of..dt i per thousand employees more than 40 but not in excess of nation to work employees 48 hours per ,veiber 19. .-:. .
ihe"ry lcti -de,.ye'ih e-ed-price of soprh- .48 hour- per week Of tis number 22 have week on, the construction of a road on The industry's original Code wa.
Igry wcit lundber s'hed' principeflly for b grntd P. denied a e Grand Island, N. Y..,and a concrete cause- December 15, 1933. The'&nied
'a ,.wireg)eunh l .bc:es,: ae d egg, froive been. granted,h 16 deuoa d, a .d 3 .received way over the Niagara, River from Grand the result of rienp e.r.withetw
niletab" cdratesz i'W Befet approved con- action of the boards * .. Island to Buckchorn Island.. Transporta- and of studies and public hearintaB'g
AYi.jdis .ow.'effective, the National . Under .provisions oit'tbe Code's working- tion to the island Is expensive, dangerous, by th special millinery hoard create
covery ,Adminstration announced. This conditions aricle, an employed may' work 48 and at times the" island is. inaccesslblb, serve the operation of the laborp'n
yd ustme arnHimr-e,.-.,

g ".'is aubject to cancellationn or..modi- hours in, any 1 week i on'projects'Jocated at For this reason employees will be hosed .the amended Code provides the I
tiqp git g.ood0 ase l^, Novem- points so remote' and inaccessible that camps and. boarded' in camp. Application, was areas:
sop.her' : t.a".. y c* 1hdn. Isx. i sb.,is 'a "or'floating plah'ts are necessary for the hous- .. granted. July 23. At. New York. and. the territory
.`athR ti' ,- 'fo

ofthselumr.: ,a'd' '.her' ,.rouct'..lbl;-Ji6 ng. or-bloarding of a .,maor1..ty. I e la.o Clarke & Q"are, Savannah, Ca. Ap'lica- 7-mile radius of Columbus Cl3
pprr si ^ ^ -idust'^s; SS ^.' ^ . ....

op"-.toers l.oted u.ndeor' ;employed" ,hen' ng t on suh remotee e h Mo.t T 4 wask 'enploye es 48 .hou per seek feuding Connecticut andNew et

e'm.'. nl ,""" "': r e ....... ... ..... ... ' "" .. .... "' :" 'lc~r .- A W
1sc aid hebls*lc. sa n emergent c"- Moects .has, bee. lost. becausee Of. in Jetiaeat, ''th he t ofnil itrigtibn of Ra"yulldnig ler es B Illinois, Pennsye tnn Co for'
,~eblifed .in".t:ie',id~it\1'S9,tr i:so Jul'y '.16, vienther or unavoidable delays in any 1 week, -,6 ..fiaiibs.'i'rom 'Sav'nnnsl".Ca., on 'ran old New Jerseyr '. ." '.
I tme ns ma bemae u Inth folowng rice plantation. This job is situated 10 C. St. Louis, and.'Stat ,;6t Wiarpa
4~t his stilfdinision the' .tduLvered. minim ump 4. weeks, if'on projects, in localities where miles IroW the nearest tallroad, 'and Skilled Oh..o.
iste. asge'nin fdciie'in t ualfed abor Is not labor is .not available, necessaitating these The remainder of. oninmIw
duc pust hea ye r ternge'fc o r v de-' a tis hab e be int I- e d ate vii ity o t bdod ing of employees, in 'cam p. Applies-
PoA.^ hnd rates the'-:' ,'*qd. maximu work.mtte' ^S k fo 71t"

pe'gyetoi dusto'er wia i thy'1 of 1 'e ow ntru t tin' s ranted Aug-st mo e Tht folaowid g, classified 'ennmoe tln
zppiaonionstomers .w Ther- i..c b. .Bu ffalo,: N Y _h Wage scales are provided for:the dgr
$ eunhdiv"efa 'spro 'u c t 'u ber' .mo.. l. Theapplication t wi rch were either s l p m indo 'isin to w o ,-- c o ulot for R ee. r$ B1d 8a, aysBo .a
strips aed .olutberfia; ers fwoo e co to s n g..* V at the time ofthe Boards i fneguration utual 'Savni h.asanks of r taes ee onperator "0g "-".t,'';"
.. Lis 'lassed 'een. rhicdknesses,. The odr' hayeYbeen, received by it .since is tb I "utt-ers........... "-D b"
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eLI s ensed basicc prices' 'per- housand'";' truck-crane operators' 48: 1ours ,per week.' mut.utal 'savings .banks in 18 Sts.tes has, been.', time ,,s permitted during 6 wee. s'm
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".=,v...7"-,7:7'"7: ?;".":." ".';v;,...,.'.- St' Loui's gamenark'l located apdproiximatell} J H- i r Bo _gi fns 'Stamford Oweo n ,si "I.r s .ia no beab in la to .
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ae'e .. :-." WalliongfoWdi n. '' ", ' b o 'Employment has increased to mo
64. f *T e B l^ v a a a s i fl^ ^^ Po*t so re o e a d D ela w re. B D .e Ap pliand F ti on e; 30a00 0jn e t e o g n l O -e w s

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Frilc: ,ena'nd Bend,'' ;' ', ; ditim., afd ,the effetnts of Yr n aepressioh`a,
'ltoiJv at .o-m a mlerkiuaofIt'i i sed-tn 'A'ugo'at-B. ppw k Appli- ,Maine rR E Goodwin "AuguSsta ci' A O- 00In 1930 to' 27.000-in"'
pratel^ l% b init ''r'-tt e. e*. gS .pft.v .ai^~i.g by7thbt 1the ,* hS dtoa n S~tride Bidde" Ninety-five percent, of the indusi
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1 3f Kentucky astr of *cs e o l..didiot .ustify -dthe p omisvsicn. ake.- The Bon .ivehlc Andover H.G. Taylor. Worcester, rule i,. of the l Code of fair coipeti
-4- Add ato t flti 'O"b 1Iiii" 6,1; Scot &. i %Bres New 'Orleans, L a 'An .taoWlgttemo."e, Gardner, ".,,,". Hastings, the i'itreous. 'enameled ware mian'fi
bb t io 'vt!onh ichrk employ ee 48hou er Week6d--. Sp, ig. eld. and A Bond, North Adams, industry is quoted' :"';

d"1ne',Sbu -tao"ia i sonM thedninoft fundafton.pliles' for the NewHampshire-Harry i Bickfrd, '6 member of the industry shall
iftone^ 5rAddt$a14 tQ r 1a .'-re .Southhrn atural.-GDas.Corporatin on ., a Mancyhdster;-. K Woodwonth Concord offer to sell" directly by a.y.m.ean:
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r "$sed ofbKansas e .cet "gA 'plicab:o denied- Ju" "" 9 because me-. worth, Soa dtsworths W. H. Colbath, 'Baerlin; by provisions of this article V, at.,a
s~ans, I Minsta, erata{Iw^yVsc^ chanics, art '-atailable .in several1 neat-by H. H. JtRichardsoo, Littletna ; -Arthur W; Dja at dincounta or oa 'otijer conditions.
and t ,'ht 'pa rte oif.Mibig? west an e: '.n t o' oU 'p e moor, Laconia'; Oryille ,' Cain, Keene; &ind more 'favorable -than those provided
,.t.e :.ig.'.'. . Carbll'.' .Johso, Newport. own current ne price lists or .price

lqnombosed of1 Pennsylvania5 Nw York; IRhode *.'tldiitQ' .work' employees 48!S hours pei weeit. .rw -Jersey .-II. '. Tyieia,.r on; Q ES1'ION.-Do the retricljtisni 5
;"Dnd,"tew Jerser '-Deluvi;rye. 'nd all' States L*ib connecti'un with eradiag wpork foi a a log- Howard' Bidduiph,, Newa'rk ; ": J. Meystm-e, i te .s air .b'0 of atc Yr.^"
C and nith of these~r ^,,w-.* ": -ging compaa3y. Application -denied ,on July Holiaken: A.' F. Randolph, Plininfeld ; W.V e Cde ofsl fai-aro rp etiUB.fl'4or "
nA 7.Ad ..o... .. b nU pr ce ..4 because the State director of the United ler .. loo leld. . e" ." ......- '
posed o df thatdpoion f ':llinois that. States oo omplompentu Service ce i .e t. hat '- York.P I. Men zies Neir York t" -'eousee ame le' ware ma-"t r. iWe
~ie r e o f~ I n i t a n d h t p a v i l r l e o f q ediO t rydt j cp o r d r a n ys a lt e s t h e r t h a nst o s

ortion o Ohioh' enplby'es: wer,' a b. if 'redc G:-D.nWhedona, Rochester; Myron S. Short, wholesale distributng trade? 8'
ftdi.ncl-dedi ,.one 2a'and .. .',st.' .._'". .oul-s 'per week. ... ... .. Bultalo; 'Carles'F. Turton, Rochester; Bar- INTERPRET-,ATION .-Thea sthph
n "8 d "t:o'r o^b ic 'Co i The (rrayelers.: ]nsu.'nO e' ''to., ..artfordi old Stoae, Syracuso e George ;, .'. Hs. Ha e,' n f 'art ile I 'ir ue 'As ofmthed Cde. dfnt
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"-5 '1.pcatio n"s '"l ,Highway, asd e'ul o. ,a' o t e, aue NR.. ok Rober mL Hogeein g t e
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:a. $ered .fom- the th. i rd to the ,- seco. nd..' o a d .o ai'. .mee' a l yen. Jh ' s *B roo.-ni. b di es o f'he.eo p faiy ir tomet brhu re.
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^tfl'rnd '-I .,Tafre to The eighth* to "w Is wee al ntractn for'som .mn Firban s Pn ennsyvanaE LB.ALloyd, Philad-elphi* rid es:f "Th t a" 'idsty as asea..
w .l6-t! inith 'n;. mens th e manufacture fo ob slee ofi
oiO z6nes' 1' ba*A i h- la or*desdr o prvee livinaccs omf modatdIon F-ed e.bser on stown;. oistr Myr on P hort, ae d c In e dro t r macines 'adre
~c~t e9ds -14 F-per thou~ atul fre ight fi toe wtot ta s otto aiiis Phldlhi; Atu oe, Pla e- tera nefor, p ri ariylt, ho e u e"'

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may.r. be .inluded'i ,. h4"d,, ied on A nst on27' Aeicd.e 'arma ority of- W Cter.r. "Tetr
Gener ,AVlCointactors nre Fadirbanksatnd deuce:peL.tArnold, W ons oE t;Bnea f o he "-' en i
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'rti er' o." -'.. .rse r wea k C..Adamsh Brette, eboroh;Lse.HJ.B.l dwin ,RUD h e

lo o stry N0 .es67'-.37 &"ause of the short working season. Appli- land; .. '0. Cooady, Northoesdd; and 'M. o tteapleiscan member oof
Ode~s" ": cas sea.'^
4 ~ 1E T1 2 ~ A ro uc o a en h s c ti n ls a ke t at pr vi io b m de G a dne ; e ni g o n t ihin achfin ermanufac turi ng ndi
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sc.edl.e.he e c e e"ff Alask the 'ned fBis e.r e Porm tland': F. V'. SWinkerls, arenpimar if h u, sppi '
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J TERRETA TI of YMibbga'wesw1rdy, nd ean dW.ot ,brVanpLoneoBeelits. tionfortesa industry '-' s I
fe' naln; ..n.T ~ .d,.'m ~:eg .h, ..G m gna~na tneIdd Yor1'. om lo.27 tha Pe ennyvna -S B.Loy t -ep ia ids "'lq hetyi e percent, y su.
i~aen [ "; ..."; .. ..' ,, ; n rde t p ovi e ivng cComdt'o F' e& ~ d -d re s Jo nt own; LBrou tis equBign t e an t e an fac tur e for d so
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o.".t .JI.:, indstr tZ 'ed tit o Alsa 8 Vrn'-'-Drummond, Burlington.rd!tB.
l'!; i st o s MI .'. -,'."." -, ,; -''-'. .1 .," or. Ite- -per iwhenek and 1 tori e a e dm ,Bateoo .B lwn u. Q E T O .-D h bv c
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i . ;.:I E i E ? I N Y'I r l n s c .p o u e e e e a 6?..... g .. t e c e 8 h ur e w e 6day pe 'Min neapuke, V. W lt a l,' Mpwi uk ee; o r v s ~ s o b .C d off
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". '. C 'I. pe fee'.,a .-
,,. 'east ?A. Jon.s,.-.Amesbury
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o p.. A n d . . .' . . . .R .. '8 i -. .
: q a n d , ' ; " i ' t J l I .9 e p" e I .l: .i; ':Ch s e
.,.. ..: ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ T un 'rL; "1 '' ar e~ R a d lp ; F .9 .: ?." 4 .. . .. ., z, '.
p..".- a.L:!;7 ; ; : ,::.'.. X: "'...t-,.)A.r sfl: tb. .. '... .." a1 ke' -' 'FAC" Tb". i3
iH-r er. l .,','i A.,Mot',; ,in',"":.-" ,.:"'i':'.,": .."1.:".,- -lift"' : 'i..' :"" ,' r": i '" " "
7 l',' e. i ony q;' i o v ..G.T y r W e it ; rul-e. -, A./',, ",. of" .th.e' C ode., -o.f., fai:'r:: .:. .,-.; 'o.mte..", 't:i.,. t.: :, '
b fS b L & ,B e e o r e u," -. L.'. .' -A p co-,. ,. F. : -,.,, S ,!.-W h .... `O ',. a dn.. .'.. . -..... " .....e .,.-i ... . .., '.n a '. l:. w a:-".,a", Z

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.g ..,. _, ._ , .. . .., ~' k "" -
S .. Order 146, grantIng application of H.. ..-.Order, 57, granting,- aplication of Mac
ni n &'Co., River Falls,'Wis., for .exemption'from -Lovejqy Manufacturing' ,Oo:, `ii.- 17011
~>Ofca'O~rdeys of NRA noiotaeo o,, ,
ffiLladl1 Orders 01 N VA- relating the provisions o article V1 sectlbi. A, to .the Thirteenth Street,, fChago, ll,, fqr eeiqj
-, t o -"" '"""; '" 'C de 'i ; .S extent that. It.Is permitted to. operate one tlon from the wage ani houra .provisios]
I ..' P..t',PTarticular' ,Cod'es :., ,.:.' pressing maceluop on anextia shift utll[.De-. .o(.rticles I: and lof the Code. '.:V.'
..... . .* .,... ',. .. .. .. ceamber 1, 1984, not to exceed 40 hours-,per ,L .
:Bflue.., Eagle prints in each issue"fsua reE'o Nf administrative eeIPWOOD BLO
sunideasie* administrative .eek. provided, ,n.oyed.
issueployed. 'I-,INDU.STAY, CpdetiNo.o '86 .OrQder 16alt
S interpretations appointments, d 'bylaws approved byj the" 'o .ier.147, granting..applicato Rof D.a &'H. t eign ,gr
1,.u.,. .. .... ...... .... .... ... ,drd& .t-X 6'-oti
alIndustrial' Recovery Board...' .' ', ... .. .'o* :Uniform Co., New York City,: for 'exemltibfor' ( Admliisradve.,,Order. .X-S6,;.so th2at'.
i orders are of two types, final and povisiona Whre an rom the provisions of artleld III; section. .'A, mqbera be ireqgulred to eontrbute,
ficnal orders'timeof t.w h objqctions .naylb.';jrled indicated r of the Code, to the extent:,that. it lperl-' pr'oportidnate sha'e '('kthe.Costs Of-',a'xh
within which obj n -1 "ay ,be-1 filed is' indicated 3 .opi the- Code 'thstIni n ei
.w the. -. iL..- w .m in... ........,.. ...mitted to employ two doable',.needle.opiert. .islg. thest nt .
i",, ," ..... .' .. .: ,, .-., a., itors S homrs.overtime weekly, for a period ipal .life f busines.i in "some btbr.
'iprobtests against provisional orderss bhibuld be a4dressed to National of 2 weeks,, .pr6vrded Such overtine is paid '.*d try. -
meyi Adminiustration, 'Was"ington D: G.,0 attention, Deputy Admit- *for 'at the rate of one ind 6n-hata' ies e">".. .."" ....o o Xe "' 'e. .EXCELSIOIR ASiT[ EXCELSIOR' P.1O1
Sttfor Code concerned; and'such protests should., bd.. received before normal r1 gat.o- ng. . "' UCTS INDUSTRY, Code No. 146. Ordr&4
.-ndiate."Oder..18' . U rIDSTY o e o.16.Od
l ,date indicated. ''n application, o : o .& T terminating eempbn9 copferred "
,:.. ... ". . ".'," ,. Shirt Co., Bridgeport,' Cou., for exemption graph Il of Adrmipistrative Orderln X-,j
t;Cbde approvals, amendments, interpretations, 'budgets and from: the provisions of article'II,' section A, that almembers shall be required t6
that all,' embesaal,1be ui a t. .o
jsmnenits, bylaws, Code -Authority memberss, ad Lrade. complaints and of the Code, to the extent that it is permitted lrtbute. their. proportionate share of ti, b
i fwcihu teest .see elsewhere.) b .e....,* : :.- ,,.:' : -:' ,, ... ,* .:,:...,. ..eto..worq sIeiy.epst.. t chU e of ad inj$tfriii fg 'the Code, owlotwithstan i
. "ho ar.en anrfuretpimmers;[ an paperarodino thalr. :pgnc,,, ipsl: ,"1.." f.,- b ..sii'. ..i l..5

SE GRAIN INDUSTRY, Code CHINAWARE AND PORCELAIN "AN 'p d suc ptim itthe ."' ode N
." ' I : .... .., .. ,.. ) .:o-f.,. t I,2 we k r m es, the :. 3e: orT 'at]L .'. rdte --(rdi ,-. ,. ',',b-dxt .,'.",.,.,', `:j...,.'='
e:,, N o,. .126, .. .. ., .g ... .... .:7p
4.Oirderi .9, approving .liUst of occpacr. ... :n o fccupa. UACTRING INUSTRYCodN.fonanOdoera tiestenrui re fOee.te taio tetA
deeined hazardous in nature and detril- Order 19, approving. applic-ation of Homer Orde' r s1 -,'"d.a.ted Noveomber 5,194., .l .oeof t :he ..emporry executivecommt-
......h....lwthn thne meaning o.. tse'- Laughlin a for O rde, .-150 grant, g n pplcntion ..of cl of the'.-Preparig .9ana.i.'
t'thearclth within the meaning of see- Chon a~ ewsaU, tW, f Garment Manufacturing',Co0.,. ineapois, *in the *South Middle-KAtlantic .area;;it"lE
.-.f'article V of thd Coge. Order .to eruiptions from the provislions fa-il'I, Ma otxmpinfh~bPrvsoso einber 81l ft
9fective .20 days after' signing No -sectony 1e(a-),- tothe extent nthat'tmay-i- article IIIe section A; of the Code, 'to the a- petition for s9a4du dIeNson os ear1'fr11
play; ,. . . .. -in'no o.odeco 7.i'.te r ,said.di es s earolor se arqr. ia
r,~6 134i .~ poy lme~ In Is decrating department, not tent that it is permitted to npmp'1y -grne cutter SOrde 6giantlft,"* xteaisin fth et
in,1 in excess bf 64,hours per week Without the 6pote
:TRANSPORT INDUSTRY; Code:No. payment. fo time ratesfor a Perio .' n w s .ro thf'.r,ad, cluo. .ofte.the.erge
"" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ayph Ofrva"L e- .^. ovgr.zae.'-, fo ,ees ro rleuae'4 neorer sltcute' rfne krep'Ortand ,,xeutvnoes omdi
rder-7 AA, approving'.list of Occupa-p to exceed 120 days from the' datb o this e I from the dt at ofthe "ter., 'ad cu tteI- "tbe .reparln gd.. f..ollesa ig' .SD
$iardoibs in nature and dangerous to order .povide'd ,it shall hire an' available o ne-ha times thmeo at te ratre, of.onepay na ie. northern S, i'o.,the'..Sout' h
it-em. ployees 18 years f age or.under.. liners .to .the :extent of the capacty od itsli .... = .. ra e of p y... a....,.e to... camber.. 3... 113.4, his, a!....,
t.o e.e 1 s d fag dideo the extentqferb rffu-. the ubcapacit of its Order' '151," granting application of the fai.r,, competition, for. said .diisio., is ei
NEEDLEWORK INDUSTRY, Code pla'nt wantrlhe y ede the numberd Wacihusett -hirt .Co, Leommnste-, Mass.,. for: approved."; ,1, ", '"" :"o':"..- : .-" ':'i '
NEEDLEWORK INDUSTR'ICde hours. worlied per Week duing ~k'-this p'eriojd.% o.,f prve.
5 .';0rder' 12, terminating', exemption Order isdated October 95 193 exempjtion rom the provisiods of artiqle-1 ,.. ". '"-' '-.'" ." '
....., '. .... ... ..b.... .... ... o" "on" .. .. ... R HI ff -ND S S`Z'
Sof.'Admnstratvp section A and articles V-- ection. A, of.'the -. 'GHP ART NUSTRE, i
redby paragraph 111 -T''. Order" 20, approving apphicat'on' be Code toRthEZ Eae hh is perm d 6 28: g Order-283 Bng- a '
B.6 so that 'members shallbe r Sebing O e Ptter Co Sebring, Ohio, .for. rde, te m eeat o *ered t chinery an dwokei ts.e. .. n..ploee 2E-. '.
So,.. contrb te. to Code-adtin stratoi nr-pion froi the provisions' ofarticle .II, praors o 'e oetiAine klya,foratiperiod- et6o .-, 6 GRAY IRON.'. ..J. .e' :.-o-IDY iDTSI
n,.ovithsta'ndithe'"irio ortile. Iisal i- section' 1, t.t-ubsectet ,'A) tthe. ex'te o't t hat iours.o periodtole e fev ao o ..s`fW.-Cd o ,,2 Oe2, e.-. ppl. hpa...
I'tisomle other industry, except those. kiln flr men be pera-mittedo fi-rk onotnmore "r 16,1a94 peroidd. et.ate'mpoes o fo, :bea iof h Baldwin.' "iLoc6Mdr ve' .e Wq.ka,a4.
i .l.'ume of. art-n'eedlework bu Pp si :r -,, ,' ;, %,, er 16,"1934,. Idriovidb],'jtbat employiees:'salf i o-...ue.giaw,,.l.Cotv' .0Wqk
T..n ,o lume h of. aree dlew m ,sbeles' is," tha...... ahoui,, per week..'provided theyre- be pald at the raei4,eof oi.e and one-haif:tie ;delbhia Pa. .a.d.Js, "mli, r 1217
.,F0 percent of their gross vol e i rcebe aitn lea t ,ime. d-d'd onethird for all t' enrml' rate of pay fbr a, ll. such t.. 'e. .co mpaies, for exeniOi on fom'the ro-.' O
esibut..niot'in excess of $2(i,000 Date t...h.e...-=,_ 6 therart fpyfr a sc e ~ e= ..P -.P.Olg
'abut te.-ot'i. i ecs o $2,0 Date houns. worked over. the ,maxImum hours ..set C" .OfE .S D : "Ao article .l .sectde 6 6o b s-,i.'o;()i di9iap f

'el','lcovemi erg w ithi .' .' ', o '.' .I " xes o ...ho r 'pe.- ,'; .. ., ,. -.: ." N SL ., ,. .., Cod.e. .. ,o: 109,: :., ,,ifor .h u ,ar me~i6 .;l>8 ta .!..
il" c Ne hai 1,1 ,' ,. foithin theo .. .. ..." CodeU R.. T .... COI .U.yi .CE CNEAM ...Coie.-' ,:r ,a of.,, .""..a"-ali
"I0's .AND 'LOOSE LEAF T-a O rider. ".. approving appIaton.of the ptFREEZER.'INDUSTRY', .Code No '418n Ordet -28,>: denying iN.i4i peationg'tib
),r.1 joRi0USE INDUSTRY' Code. Seebring Pottery Od Co .15String, Ohio,"for ex,. Order 6, .terminating,.exemp tion "conferredin chierye a dsahied p'grodct ,induat.ry azie f
9. ;".Order. 7, granting stair of rhe 'emptionfrrom t.he provi.on.'of. artile III .Piragraph.IIofAdminjstrative Orde. X-36. ; subdivivi. s.ansd'. .a-nhitd$M
noiof ."thd provislonk ofa ll s 7 esn! article section 1 rthe'etent tha it may employ T-. n-.steria'4o'. D appie' iyon tO a those w ho "' emptidn .oomh, 'the. proy lsionskf; o caice'
qf.ode oursia da 4ed temoberstofthenri u, a er for noct'onte mandfactui the poroducts of the industry for sex r tion subsecio I"n (1)..odf iTheo.de0.
wish to avf' l them atselves 'of' dthan2 hu-si r .wek..rovided ;n. Ken-. 'ea as'such, RTIrL ";.-.-..' cROOD 'A GeR,.r,Od"
s aIefll -notice of inteniion With the a drtcks he paid .tt .least :.time and one-thirdu .. -... .... ,,icl ,. s o (, ,. .. :r_ a':::dAt '..o' ', r,': t'-
.t. .h. .. D. .,E, .. .GoR. A,. F .RI ..: '. .o .."^"" " .,
Itbi.y'' r&fre such a iou&c .is filed .his ',regulaw.-.wage..rate. for atll hours .worked .'.,CRUSH.ED .:STONE,...SAND, GRAWEgL,:. TRADE,: C ode :No...,82..' Qr]er39,. 'apprt ~
escoming within thCoe No.bi2i2ns of- Yin ecess of 40 : hourser. r,week 'o AND SL; AG: INDUSTRIES, Code Noh .109'. unifor ahouralgreemet% P rrtali,
eripd' section shall be' permitted, to ". "hi. -er ., de. 4P, denyineg application of the Belmont ..ret fpd. andgrce tlishmet
ia..inofr a inexces of he maxi mum CIGAR' CONTAINER tINDSTY Cobde r rap Rock Co, Saunto Va 'for exem ptin porIde; fixes the unoifrdrm operating .ioS
er pida ing ap pcation. 'rder15trminatingo 'xenpti fro v v section 4! retail C-food. kn *'dil6des yt 'dsfaudbllsbxi't
flb~. t o exided a natlihum '&f conferred')Il paragitaph. I1I f.Adtninistrative.. I"),0 of'die Cde in the city limits- (4lotland,- Oreg '*
".at aIn alrid' r in Order thatIalI :em ro w ill.hbe r Ordei 49 denyi Sicaton of Rail & .obr. per.week, .bJe to certa
a .m .,.lany 1,.day, ap~d all ours m t,. ... p. : .W .. :. ..-re- . .... ... .. ...

.or~e~empti n fro the rovis ons of *R oiu Ciga Co,, B v thei r.e I-p rp o m t he .,6'- Or der 7,T ran ti ng~a t a C o'f j a r s h. ,A r:e fope rat o fex- ~ x m ~ n s i ^ ? d W ^ ie i
'f:8 hours in any 1 'day' or'40 hours .' quired to contribute, their.prqpotonateRu- er Transport Co, arrisonArk4 for tinns .enumerated in the order.,
t*11eek saUl b, ofmensated C or. dt *:share, fov'Code adricenistiaton expense, not empon from the p ro proviionsI of .ati le1 i ment shall rema .fin ull ore.,ad

011i-'ve.;Hk l Sugarl-b Co rp orat ion for. ex mpdo per ffiod 50 fecetl o f te rolersei. seo .1 n..eC d .I E I D S R *Co e o 4 -O d r4
f'- thme oan n o e- o e ba ic wthstandg in there principal .line of business seption 1, and article IV, section 1 (') o f the pforet Layetifg rom.'.ldate .of .the, oder, ,whI i
-.ho'p oindedfr i ff tive oui Novem a-, is in'ie otheC i industry. c ode ".i o- e -.e' -s i
teat i' .44.
l i G, Order '50, deyin g application of Southern 'GUMMED '.LABEL- A. EMBOSS
.. I GA-R IMANUFA URING IND .US LimbSr& Stobne.Co., Carthage"Mofo., fer S `L DUSTRY,, Code No2'4':O
[.L.G INDUSTRY, Code No. 282: O- 'Coe NoN467: Order. ,, approving tigon fronthe provisions f article III se gatig app.iaton ofKe`nsoLb'r .
mden ing application dm th e Code hbt higher n ereeptage of-l in pagwo keIs fo'r o i'the, a s ,'hat .. tion 1 andar.tti cleoiiazon 'i (abd)ft
ithority for tbe'resteurant;industry Federal ,'Cigar Co., Red 'Liont Pat than pro- Code.,tI., "Ir lai ai frexn. eipt ioo e','rm jIh'
hiilon from the prov is of the vod. t ed f T sae tion a c e oVf ofthe Order 51,denying aUpplR ction of T i, n t'o'ar-oticl-R I se c', I .i2. (21: 1'o' 'irnnT IT'C.rCo. -. Donipheanr Mfo.a lnfor, xemptn o 3. grni n t e p tion of '.pe
Iro... tsdatr. tiOrder 27,e granting appiucato6indry fo, e for' W a h prov ns of article oI. eti c aot
,-.fioU the provisions of"article .ction-oerr ed .to 'wqrk .not more..thi 60..,s o
1 .SUGAR 'INDUSTRY, Code No of 1 day. (Nov '12,.'934) of the provisions 1 (3), of the Code.inayroe tt al t
Oder 9, granting app icat ion of the of articles I section 4; of .. the n wCode. ..., ... .. Coe. ^.^. .._ s .t i. e .........,,

Ce ". 3 S hl 1 e b r h l . ... .- nin. i 'n r rn li' 'P -,nin ~ n o~ir Krv/ m a ". m eieso 1ou s an yrei'ii-lay.n.L -S
igar 'Corporation, Colorado Springs, Ord6r 29,.grhnting exemptionsa to the 'Vat lOG FOOD -INDUSTRY, 'Code No. 450.: inexcess of 40 h-ours during 'an+. ddy':p,,,
fo'r .eueption fo h f'oaEasllfromromheOidroofithe e"aild tr i h &'ta dwofitime dand ohe-thir
ragrephi 3 f provisions of 'Rim Cigar Co, Evnnsl Id'from the.;7Orde 'granting.a' .tay of the operatioan'*f '.Thi-..exemption is.tunited toapto.'
barIIpl 3, of. the' ,",-" .Code. .": .. .,Th"e n]teel io n ad ltmted I[o" a Aperio a O`
.g 5I n paagap 3 o the Code. 'The provisions of article IV, sec-tiou "9, Of the 'the,piovisioaa 'of' aiticle HI, .section 1, of m onths from'th daite of this"'order, -W
.Isl to i .3 of :Code. This exemption, shall' in no event ex- thae.Code; f q a period 'of.90, days .after 'the" NonAei 3.,9984 .'
Z] is-extended to the.two California 'end .beyond .January.,', 1935. 'During the as contained inartele VII,. .. , '.
opf.the..l0oh, Sugar Corporation for exemption period 50 percent"'of' the rollers section o,"6f the Code. ICE INDUSTRY,.'OodeNo. 43: Ordeir"A.
!.ibeydnd the operating seas6"n of135 engaged in the manufoctu re of 5.ent cigars Order" 8 granting a' stay of the operation 'rarin 'hplieation of Milan Ice &"Fi24
.I provided for in the. Code of labor may he classified as slow workers, and piece. 'of. the provisions ofC'article .VII.. sectidn 1, C.0;,- ln ,Tnn tib eaaeits;,Icepr du -ib 6`,
ins.All.other proviions of the Code -rat',s now.' in.-effect .sbhll be' paid to such of the.Code,.for d period of 90'days after the. "tion diaphity from 15-to 30 tons peidat, .
qr provisons for this industry shall; slow workers, L 'e., .5 per 1,0,00 for rollers,.. expi-ration date'"is contained in article VII, "'to 'replace .-its 1,000 toA ice storage w tff'i
N. full force and effect. Order. Is $2.50 per 1.000 'for blind hu-hers,. anid 90 section 1, of the 'Code. m Iodern storage of'2,000-ton capacci.o, cp
,9Vember 3, 1934. cents per. 1,000 for machine hiiuchers.'..- i , .djtiou that the present obsolete' wareboni
.-DOWEL. PI MANUPACTURING IN- be retired from,'-use as'-an 'ice'torag&.-,.,'
'CHEDS.-H E L L A C MANUTFAC- COMMERCIAL VEHICLE 'BODY IN- DUSTRY, Code: No. '440:' Order'.7, tei-minat- Order 49, denying application of the"C:'
,INDUSTRY, Code\%No.. 403.: Order DUSTRY, Code No. 486: Order,8, t6rminat, ing exemption conferred 'i-:pa'd'agraph I U. Ice Corporation of 'New.York it,.'
.ving aftplication of the Code Autljor- ing exemption conferred In paragraph III no of Administrative Order X4-6, sa that mem- exemption from ,'the.'.provhions 'of Adn
plan to have the National Recovery Adminlstrative Order. X-36, so that all aiem- bers are' required to contribute their 'pro- trative Order 43-34. .-
istration hbadle all labor complaints hers shall- be requited to contribute their Iro-' portl)nate share of administt'ntioh ex-pense "r 4,
,!frbm the violation 6f the Code. portionate'share for Code administration ex- notwithstanding their principal line of bull- LAUNDRY TRADE, Code No. 291: Orde,
~Dl R S' SUPPLIES TRADE, Code pense notwithstanding their principal line of" ness is in some other industry, excepting 39, granting applIcation of -Vandergrift
UPPLESTRA ,Code business' is in some other industry. This members doing a gross industry business of Laundry Co., Inc.. 165 Washington ,Aveniue%
,,,suspending for a pe;'iod of termination shall aiiply only to those whq les- than $100 for. the'"nionth,' or a monthly. Vandergrtft, Pa.,.for -exemption from the pap?
d',pn-date 'of this order exemption. 'manufacture the products of the industry. for, average .of,- less than"$ 'the!- period,' visions of article IV,- section,.2;.(a, oft
sale as'such. ... '' which .is used as' the ss of.amsess0nt. "'. Code.. e.bem ec
idiaf nf -0 so that Ainoinctid rd'a.;b w-,efeciv
'de~-os hall' members shall . fl,.Aor '-in nrnvine ito.occb sse.Nr~iu'hr.2'93. ifif'and' fhaii nni

YW.M'.dto contribute their proportionate
ft,.Code administration expense, not-
ing. their principal line of' business.
sme other industry. This exemption
P:4apply to those business enterprises
i. the sale of builders' supplies
xl-ncipal line of business at any given
cmes.under the jurisdiction of the
fD rthe, retail trade. Order is dated

.? Order 9, approving stay of the op-
i01f the provisions of article V'I, sec-
i."ubseFtilon (1). of the Code to and
big Jauary 15, 1935.
91ode:No. 81-C: Order 7, terminating
hon'.-.conferred in paragraph III of Ad-
.tfive Order X-36 so that all members
.erequlred' to contribute their propor-
isbare :for Code administration ex-
.BqtWithstanding their principal line
'iess 1s in some other industry.
a''< "
4'' ..;

244: Order 41, denying application of the
Chamberlain Metal Weather Strip Co., Bos-
ton. Mass.. for exemption from the hour pro-
visions of article III, sectiou 2 B, of the
No. 118: Order 144, granting application of
Clark Co., Milwaukee, Wis., for exemption
from the provisions of article III, section A,
of the Code, to the extent that it is per-
mitted to operate its plant S hours overtime
weekly, until November 30, 1934. provided
such overtime is paid for at the rate of one
and one-half times the normal rate of pay. '
Order 145. granting application of the Day.
ton Dress Co., Dayton, Ohio, for exemption
from the provisions of article V. section A,
of the Code, to the extent that it be per-
mitted to operate its button and buttonhole
machines an extra shift until November 30,
1934, provided additional operators are em-

deemed hazardous in' nature or detrimental
to the health' of persons under 18 yedr. of
age, within the meaning-of- sectioh..-1,' article
V, of the Code. . "
TRY, Code' No. 506: Order 2, granting a'p-
plication of 'the Chicago Sign Sales Corpora-
tion for exemption from the provisions of
article III, secti6In 1, of the. Code, to the
extent fhat it Ispermitted to operateits plant
Sfor 55 hours per -week' until' November 24,
1934, provided all work performed in excess
of 8 hours per day and 40 hours, per..week
shall be compensated at the rate of one and
pne-half times the normal. wage' rkte_;
DUSTRY, Code No. 4: Order 56, granting
application of Clements Manufacturing Co.,
6650 South Narragansett Avenue, Chicago,
Ill., .for exemption from the'wage and boars
provisions only ,'of artitele s Il and IV, of the

. ~ ~ ~ *.. S . ..- .' : i ': '

jabueu,-, '' ,i vU3Fi,:. V&1,, n tSUU, .re .U .
In effect 90'days. '. . 'i
INDUSTRIES, Co We No. 9: Order 199, est'i-
Ushing revisions" and corrections in th$i
reasonable costs"'set forth in exhibit No. 18i
entitled '* Lumbet Code A-uthority Bdllet-..
volume I1, No. .20" of Administrative Ord -
9-46o: Order becomeuh effective 15 days aftke -i
date of signing, .October'30, 1934. .'
Order 201, granting application, of" te
Fresno Planing Mill, Freino,. Calif., for0e.x
'emption from the pir.6visions'.of, article Vi
section (b), of the Code, ofily to the-extent
necessary to permit 20 employeest to w.IA
not more than 44 houri In any .,7-.ayjlpet, !
fbr a perid 'of 2'wdeks, provided.. such.':!
plobyees are'pafl not: less thanoniie.,6s on64
half times their normnl. rate of. pay. fo'. iA
hours worked in excess of 40 hourss 'iLn'i
' 1 week or In excess of 8 hours In aniy Id
Order 202, establishing, revisions an'di'd
reetions In the reasonable' costs set forth
(C 'ti n,"*'rdo pa"G
ton o.e"a I) '-.. 3
,. .. . ;. ".: It

t&/q .

fr&AI c. 'Z,; ~-~- ~'. :;g-. ~.. ZW.. ~ a




.. 'r q

. I


........ ......."/O R DERS! W Confif
..t . ... . ,
.... .'. :'2 ". Vi '
01X....E 1.~

,.:=.: . /

12.1 ,(Continued front page 5)
!Nn, - . .
Ibitt No. 45, entitled '.' Lumbaer,, Oode Au.
flty. Bulletin, volume-.I, No. 47" ot.Ad-'
ltratite Order No:a9-4"-6.
r.e 204, .granting- applicationn of the
iey-Westbrook Co.,-Charlestown, Masa,
'erelnplon -from'.ibe reasonable 'costa
bi.bed .by.Ad:nhisiative Order No. 9-4.
tlrAih' lumber, -butV'only 'to the extent
kry to sell or 6offi:to sell or otherwise
seof. approximately 18,359 feet of 5/4
I' L0 feet of 8/4 Ao"1itrc substandard
aflty by.ressqn""ofsin,'"bowing, cup-
snd twisting, at Rloti'less ihan $40;per
;I for the 5/'4 birch .and'at .iot less. than
b:O 1,000o for the. 8/4 :birch, f. o. b. the
&o',COharles Holyoke, Olbarlestdwn, Mass.
er,205,estJalshing'r.rvlslbns and cor-
I .'-n the. rdasonkble .,Tcosts and rules.
t.ulktihns for tiheg)Mptlcation thereof
!drtdI in Lrumber. CodetAuthorlt Bullettin,"
m'..II, No..'4 a....,
jder 208; 'establishing revisions and cor-
.ons.'in thp reasonable; costs set forth in
iber Code Authority Bulletin, volume LU,
3 .i : 1. - .

RETAIL TRADE, Code No. 60: Order 239,
denying application, of I.vingston Brothers,
Seattle, Wash., ..for exemption, from the pro-
visions of article V, section 1, of the Code.
TURING INDUSTRY, Code No. 321: Order
13, terminating ex&ption conferred in
paragraph III of Administrative Order X-36',
so 'that all members are required to con-
tribute their proportionate share of the costs
of 'administering'the Code notwithstanding
their principal line of business is in some
other industry. .
TRY, Code No. 156: Order 42, denying ap-
plication of M. Rudolph & Co., De Kalb, IlL,
for exemption from the provisions of chapter
X, article Il--A, section 1, of the Code.
Order 45, denying application of Crown
Products: Co., 'Omaha, .Nebr.,. for exemption
frbni the 'pi-dvisions of chapter I, article V-A,
section 1, and article V-B, section 1, of' the
Order 46, denying application of American
Raincoat Go., Baltimore, Md., for exemption
from the provisions of chapter X, article

cm, 36.O., ,.. 1. .-
"29 ,>s r s eor. TIn-A, section 1, of the Code.
irder '209, establishing revisions a4D cor, Order 47, denying. application of Jenkins
aj'bns in the reasopable.costs set. forth in Brothers; Bridgeport, Conn., 'for exemption
unber -Code Authority Bulletin, volume f 11, rom the provisions of chapter VII," article
.szd. ', : V-A,'secti6ns 3 and 5, of.the Code.
Order ,210, 'establishlng revisions '.and CO- Order 48, granting application 'for stay of
"tions: in the reasonable-costs set forth in the provisions of chapter VII, article V-A,
mber.. Code Authority Bulletin, volume' II, sections 3 and 5, of thh Code, for a period of
N>e'22.: e, bih;.i v c 60 days from the date of the order, during
,Ded. 211, establishing' revisions and cor- which period a public hearing will be held
lfiQns in the reagonablb- costs set forth, in to give the members of the subdivision an '
miber. Code 'Authority Bulletin, volume II,. opportunity-to present facts. Order ih dated
47. '-" -. .'. Novem ber 7, 1934. .
.rder 2j12, estblishing. revisions and cor- M
bi6n's. in the reasonable cbsts set forth in -RUBBER TIRE MANUFACTURING IN-
inber Code Authority Bulletin, volume 1I,, DUSTRY, Code No. 174,: Order 15, denying
;?27-A.. ,. .... .- *.: .. application .of McClaren Rubber Co., Char-
.der.213, 'establlsing'retisionq and cor- lotte, .N 'C., for exemption from the provi-
iiops in' the reasonable .costs set forth' in Blons of article IV-B, section 1, of the Code.'
eri,.code.Authority. B etin volume I, SECONDARY ALUMINUM INDUSTRY,
l'. .Bt, .,.MI-DU..R',.
-1 Co ode. 'No.- 268: Order 8, terminating exemlp-
)rder 218, establishing, revisions and cor- i onconferred in. paragraph IIl of Admin-
-tii'C in thereasonable tostsset forth1, in istrative Order X-36,: so. that all members.
ier ..Code Authority Bulletinvlme are required to,contribute their proportion-
Ns-' ate6 share of the costs of administering the
rrdr 222, establishing revisidns':ad cor- Code, notwithstanding their principal line of
t.lpns in 'the reasonable costs set forth in; business is in some other industry
lmbbr'Code Authority Bulletin, 'volume II ,
"" -... ". .,. ; .' '.. ...: 432 ::.Order, 5, .Terminating exemption :,con-
.AIMNE 'AUXILIARY ",MACHINERY' ferred In paragraph III of Administraive
PUSRY, Iode, No. 242' Order' 11, ter- .Order' -X-36, so that: allmembers are. re-
Atti., 'exemption, conferred 'by paragraph.- quired to contribute their proportionate share
e'Admtisfri'.Orel Othat: bf-,the costs-of administering: the Code. This
tlibsb'soll be'requird' "6 contribute their termination applies only to'those who mana-
'_rii.rtionasi share 6Nthie costs 'of .admin-. facture products of the ,industry for sale. as
4 g.ithe"'.ode.hotwithhtandi ig theprin- such. ,." :'. "
... r'.. . . other ...
P. e', st "'sp:b
'inly" of business-is"in 'some ,-.- in
'..":,owev t terminateb *sha lap'-. SILK TEXTILE,,INDUSTRY, Code..No.
to those who'. ma'nufacire the prod- 48: Order 19, granting .exemption b to' the
6o the .industry for 6ale as- suh.."" ' upiter. 'Text;Rle, Corporation, Waterv ilet,
.':":": :" "~ ' ^:' -' N..'"Y.,; from ..the provisiopxs .of article .III,
EC.HANT AND. CUSTOM TAILOR- section, or the -Code, that two
&iI.NDUSTRY, Code :'o;.' 494..: Oder 6, dressing frame may .be operated' three shifts
ing exemption to J.'Mi' :Ste'& Co., 623 of 40 hours each per ..week untl.. February 28,
( Street NW., Washiniton, D. '0;, 193.;. 1fruclet-114,,sections ,1..
2 v..oaf."ieCode, it'he.xtnt'tihat he' may '-SOAP AND GLYCERINE MANUFAC-
[loy hls workers 48 hours'for each of the TURING INDUSTRY,' Code No. 83: .Order
f-eks subsequent -to th6'date of this order, 85, denying application fI;. Rokeach & Sons,
yided..time and one-ha.f-is paid. for .all Inc., 240 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.; for
ty o.ver 40 hours.perwe` .' Date.of order exemption from sal'the ':'rovisions of the
November 2, 1984. ...-'#'. Code. .. .
:.,, ..'-".. ..... :-" "' Order.86, granting application of th W. D.
ElBDIU ,AIND. LOW-.cIED .EW- C4arpenter 'Co., Inc., manufacturing' chemists,
bY MANU.F.ACTURING.-; .INDUSTRY, Syracuse, N. Y., for exemption from the pro
l ;.N .o; 175'::Order 15,- approving list of vslons of 'articles III and IV, of the Code,
upations.-dedmed hazardous in nature or' provided its'employees engaged in the manu-
hirtul'.o the health: of employees under facture of soap, shall be paid not. less than
.ears. of age. '. -.'.. / a minimum wage equal to the minimum wage
der'19, graTihng exemption from- the'- provided in the Code for the insecticide' and
[ s.. 0article IU,'sectiou 8, of the'- Code, s' ectant "manufacturing industry, and
he"''61owing concerns, Cohn" &'Rosn" .that the Maximum hours for such employees
geiCo., Ostby & Barton Co, Clover. Bead shall more than the naximum hours
[ovelty Oo., Armbrust Chain C06., Hedison. provided Jn theCode for the insecticide and
Ilry Co T. & B. Jewelry .Oo,, a f distnfectant manufacturing industry. The
devicee,.. R. IJ:.; ..Evas Case Co., North order also requires this company to report to
oeb o;'.Mass ; &. L.Trol Co., Fl]kwik the Code Authority, on the rst day of each
SBUr. Brothers: Co.,.,.Atleboro, MasB,; month, the'quabtity of soap produced in the
lyvliUe Stock., :Co., Wbhi g'&,Dava G." Preceding month. '
nvrile, Mss,::"'and M.aeA a sKer, Or4.. -er 7,' granting eemption to the En-
;' mass. '-..' '.. ... taBprife Ol '.o., Inc,. 164 Chafiler Street,
"... : '" Buffalo, N. ., from the provisions of articles
0OTOR 'VEHICLE' RETAILING III and I'y, of the Code. The order contains
ADE, Code No. 46:.Order 42, granting the same provisions as those specified In
option to the Birdsboro Motor Co., Birds- order 0, quoted above.
oi' Pa., from the provisions of article IV, STANDARD STEEL BARREL AND
iiB, section 1, of the Code, insQfar ass DRUM MAN PACTURNG INDUSTRY,
"'Pertain to I model 410 tudor motor DU A Fcu~N NUTY
e, serial No. 18104M961; model 40t Code No. 84 Z: Order 7, terminating exemp-
('nt, r ehircle, serialNo. 1 m8- od3171; and tin conferred in paragraph III of article
', standard coupe, ', serial .No. 18-865478 x36 so that all members shall be required
-rder provides that these motor vehicles' to contribute their proportionate share of
If not be sold for less than the price the costs of administering the Code.
l"in the order, and, that they shall be
L' ol in the State of Pennsylvanla. STEEL JOIST INDUSTRY, Code No. 495:
Order 7, approving plan of handling all labor

'i,-33: Order 37, granting extension of ap-
j.Yval of minimum accounting requirements
to0'March 1,1935. .
-A ;;< ... ..* *
o.e. .No. 280: Order 95,. approving lowest
reasonable costs for. each kind, grade, size,
and blend of solid fuel and each classification
#.f'.customers within the St. Louis, Mo., trade
tres... '
'"i'.: : ..'

complaints arising' from, violations of the
INDUSTRY, Code No. 84 Y: Order 7, ter-
minating exemption conferred in paragraph
III of Administrative Order X-36, so that all
members shall be required to contribute their
proportionate .share of the costs of adminis-
taring the Code.
DUSTRY, Code No. 123: Order 13, denying
application of Alfred J. Eno, Exeter, N. H.,


for exemption from the provisions of al
IV, section (a), of the Code.
Order 14, denying application of the
tacky brick and tile manufacturers of
State of Kentucky, for exemption from
provisions of article IV, section 2 (a), ol
Order 15, denying application of Robi
Brick Co., Dover, PeL, for.exemption 1
the provisions of article IV, section (a]
the Code.
Order 17, denying application of Levi
Buck & Co., Weems, Va., for exemption I
the provisions of article IV, section a
of the Oode..
Code No. 350: Order 9, denying applies
.of the Seaboard Operating Co., Baltin
Md., for exemption from the provision:
artije IV, section 1, of the Code.
No. 439: Order 9, approving amendment
paragraph (b) of Administrative 0
439-5, the Code Authority bu
and basis of contribution for the period I
June 4, 1934, to June 4, 1935.
Order 17, terminating exemption confe
in' paragraph III of Administrative 0
X-36, so that all members shall be requ
to contribute their proportionate sharE
the costs of administering the Cody riotm
standing their principal line of business
in some other industry. However, memr
of the industry shall.individually continue
be exempted from 'paying an assessment
2,500 spindles inserting twist but shall
longer be exempted from paying their
portionate share of the costs of adminih
ing' the Code at a rate based upon spin
inserting 'twist over and above the 2
spindles exempted for each of said mem
of the industry.
Order 50, granting exemption ;o the Si
Transit Co., Sioux .Falls, S. Dak., from
provisions of articles III and IV, of the C
in respect to employees coming within (
sifications'" B" and "D" of said art
for a period of 3 months from the dat<
the order, and thereafter until further o0
by the National Industrial Recovery BoF
provided, however, its employees shall no
permitted to- exceed the maximum world
hours set forth in, the application for
emption and also.. that the. wage ..r
specified 'in the application shall not be
'creased. The order also provides that
Sioux'T;insit Co. shall file monthly :st
mefts' with- the Code Authority, showing
earnings and operating expenses:.- Orde&
dated November- 3, 1934.,
Order.51, ,granting eiemptidn to I6nl
Bus, Ihe., Yonkers, N. I., from certain,-
'visions of article III of the Code, to the
tent that it.-may employ 1 mechanic
prentice not more than. 53. hours in' any'w
at not less- than ,$25.per week, 7 drivers e
for not more than 60 hours in any weel
not less:than 1$30 per week, 2 drivers e
fog' not-more than 42% hours in any, w
at not less than $30 per week, and 3 drii
ach not more than 60 hours in any weet
not less than $33 per week each. The or
also provides that the Yonkers Bus, I
must file a statement of Its revenue and oi
ating expenses with the Code Authority
the 10th day of each month.
-Order 52, granting exemption to the Bic
ford 4c Saco Railroad Co., Biddeford, M1
from certain provisions of articles IlU
IV of the Code.
Order 120, granting exemption to H. G. B
nett, Barre, Vt., plursuant to the provisi
.of article V, section A, subsection 5, of
Code. order becomes effective 15 days aJ
issued. Order is' dated October 30, 1934.
Order 125, granting exemption of human
propelled vehicles from the provisions of'a
cle VI, sections 1, 2, 3, and 4, of the Cc
Order become effective 20 days after issm
Order is dated November 5, 1934.
INDUSTRY, Code No. 402: Order'17, de
Ing application of La Femme Undergarm
Co., Inc., 88 East Thirtieth Street, New Y,
City, for exemption from the provisions
article III, of the Code.
Order 18, granting application of Loe 3
Lingerie, 180 South Tenth Street, Minne
oils, Minp., for exemption from the pr(
sons of article IV, section 1V of the Code,
to and including'February 1, 1935.
Order 19, extending time of the Fact Ft
ing Commission within which it shall m,
its study and report, to December 1, 1934.
18, approving list' of occupations deen
hazardous to employees under 18 years
TRY, Code No. 227: Order 12, approving I
of occupations deemed hazardous to e
ployees under 18 years of age.
No. 481.: Order 3, extending time witl
which the Code Authority shall make repo
and -furnish information as required In s
tlons 1, 6, and 9 of article V of. the Code
150 days after the effective date of the Co,

---------------------- ---- ...- .j,

Code Authority1
Slaws Approve
the 1 .,
r the OChinaware and Porcelain Mantfa..
dustry. .-
nson Commercial Stationery and, Ofice0qn
from Trade.-A division of the Wholei.
of distributing trade. i~
Electrical Wholesale Trade.-A diviW
n T. the wholesaling or distributing trkaiBq
from exceptions). .- .. a:
.(2), Graphic Arts Industrles.-Music PrtfJ
vision (with exceptions). .. .!
Leather Cloth and Lacquered rabrc.1.
'BY, dow Shade Cloth and Boller ,a
Ition Cloth and Impregnated Fabricsin:at
aore, MMllinery Industry. '. I..
a of Oyster Shell Crushers Iidustry.i u'4
tonss. -.*
Retail SoUld Fuel Industry;-Dib6nal
Code Authority No. 32, St. Louis,:Moe
t to conditions). '"'
rder Retail Solid Fuel Industry.-Diviion .
dget Authority No. 3, Albany, N. ,Y' (-w ( l
rom editions .. .. :..
Retail Solid Fuel Industry.-Divi0ioua
54: Authority No. 30, Milwaukee,. .Wia
fre conditions). "
rder Scrap Iron and Steel Trade.-A"&virna
tired the scrap iron, nonferrous scrapl.--
a of, and waste materials trade. P-n.;i
rith- Wet Mop Manufacturing Industry y 2
Sis Wholesale Wallpaper Trade.-A dlvti
hers the wholesaling or .distributing .tradd'
eto ------,-..
Trade Practice ':''i

Sdlesplaints, Plans Appro
,b,0oo The National Industrial Recovey.B
approved, during the past week,- plan",f
organization of agencies and procedi.e
28: the handling of trade-practice cdni-
ioux arising within the following industrIHj-
the Baking Industry: *
ode, Broom Manufacturing Industry. i"
*las- Fan and Blower Industry.; .
i:le, Hand Bag Frame Manufacturing inA
e of
order Investment Bankers. '
ird; Lace Manufacturing Industry. 1
t be Light Sewing Industry Except .ar
ring (Comfortable Division). ;
ex- Porcelain Enameling Mainufactu'riI
rates try. .ctu ,
de- Preformed Plastic Products Indusiy.,
the Railway Brass Car' and Locoinobii[..l
ate- .Bearings and Castings MUansctari,
Sits dustry. .. -" ,-;
P. is Ready-Made Furniture-SApCo~ei's,:M
.. touring Industiy. ,:."i : '-
kea-. Ready-Mixed Concrete Industry:.:.-"'4
pro- Retail Solid Fuel Industry (Divisi6nal
ap- Authority No. 6, Phlladelph)ii
,eek Scrap Iron, Nonferrous Scrtkp.tM,
ach Waste -Masterials Trade (Wool StoE.
k at and Cotton Rag Trade), .
achi Secondary Aluminum Industry."""
'eek Steel Joist Industry. :',
rers Toy and Playthings Industry.
at Vitrified Cay Sewer Pipe Mand
order Industry. I
nc., Washing and Ironing Machine .ai1"n
per- ing Industry. "
on Waste Paper Trade. -,
Wholesale Wall Paper Trade. '
ide- Wiping Cloth Industry. ?
ine, Wool Felt Manufacturing Industry.:
mand Wrecking and Salvage Industry. "',tr

I Interpretatii
the *1
^ ar .. '".:."';I'
Laundry and Dry Cleaw
rJ Machinery Manufactiitw
d Industry No. 34211
FACTS.-Article XI of the God'd l
Er competition for the laundry and drk'.4L.
ny- machinery manufacturing industry.WB4
y-n in part, "No employer shall selldVAl
ork indirectly by 'any means whbitiofe
I o product of the industry at a price li
at discounts greater or on more
ee terms of payment, than those Krow
Lee current price lists and discount 'sh8 "
rp- with the supervisory agency." Appllic
- prices on all of the machines 6f.tli
S which It manufactured on the basiSAy
In- price and with a 25 percent dldslii
ike such list price. The supervisory'ai
tends .that his possible range WiiQ10
of 25 percent is a violation of artidi
tC- the Code of fair competition for'
der and dry cleaning machinery ma.
ned industry.m.,,
of QUESTION.-Does article XI of ,
of the fair competition for the lan'
dry cleaning machinery manufaq
jS- dustry prohibit a member of theis
list from filing discount sheets pro,
am- maximum discounts? o t 'eCd:
RULING.-Article XI of the.C. .,
competition for the laundry and. dry
>de machinery manufacturing industry7V
iln prohibit a member of the Ind1lt'rl
rts discount sheets which provide for.
ec- discounts, providing the member,.Osai
to at a discount greater than those-,
ide. such sheets. .".

.'....*:...- ... ..::.:;rcdf % M:,.:

d"F. :'Y f.,
Authority Members Approv ed A ...'ddf .atio
.' * * .'. : : ^ ''; a * '- ^ . ."^ :..^ "..** -" .*" J .i '

"6fIal Industrial Recovery Board G H. Nlekamp, St. Louis, Mo.; E. T. Sat- The National Industrial Recovery.-'Board 'of assessment upon member of e InA
.dring the past week, the foUllow- chelU, Allentown, Pa.; and F. G. Stewart& during the past week, approved amendments to the National Industrial Recovery Boai
id appointments of Code An- Washington, ..D. 0. "(National Standard and modificationsto Codei oftfair competl- for approval. : .
baers: Parts Association).-O. M. Ahderson, Bay tion as follows: ": . C"ostruction Isdustrt.-Amndment"'i
S "GRAIN INDUSTRY.e er-W. T. City, Mic; . Anderson. Chicago, Ill.; Autonmobile Manufaturing' Industry.- proved November6,194, subst ntes
p worcester, Mass.; F. L. DegeLer H.Pheip Washington, D. .; Amendment.approved November 2, 1934,' by last paragraph In ;article. .I, section 5,t'i.
.Veblpla, Pa. ; W, MacGregor- Nlag- llot'.. M lnneapolL,: Minn.'; and. H. N. Nigg, I mnmet.pproe ~ebr2 94'b atprgah.n rl.II eto ,
de P.; W. A.t Haregoria g o t eiot Min o, n a H g President Roosevelt, extends the Code until mnttIng reimbursemeent to members oa..g 5n
r:lN.; W., A. Hary, Bsdell, etotoc. (National Auitomotive Parts' February 1, 1935, or thsearllest date prior tional and regional boards for. their e
..Parker, Niagara Fals,'N; .',; OR iHOLESALING "Baldwin, iOtlumbus,' t A d i
a P"arker, Nar t Fag sN %i1 Ai at i siBon of B d in o us thereto on which thb President ,shall by proc-, p'grted aoeb oId 9ibre aSmVi m 6,a
lr; Westfield, Mass.; and Ohio; W. Bptoe r Indianapolis, Imd; and launiatlon or the Congresstshall by joint reso- takhr.w.-tstuary.--rmendment a proveIo
G Grafton, Mass. W..W..Martin,; Pittsburgh, Pa. (Automotive lotion declare that the emergency recognized v e&, 93,jim tsa
C 'Engini Rhbuidders Association). D. H. by. section 1 of the Naona Industrial Re to Icrporat mts.the0e.Aut'
i.. "INDUSTRY.a-Fred W. a'Cohen, bdman, Baltimore, Md.; 3. L. dann, eo orht end. Nai ol Bd M e et ct intti;
r tay, to represent members of the oChicago, aIlL; nd r. 'M. on, Heckman,. .'l a. Act has to stub-tte
mmesof-the A-meric" tAlloys. aaIls,, And tvijtZf
irjrpet members meia Als .ap s J. B itaminou'. C4oal .-Ie tr.-A--enfgdmeut .(da "dtg-in "Jteof ass:--eesse t .o.
j2ssCiatODS .. _- NEW ENGLAND PREPARING ANDt approved November 55, .9, subsituirg a" M .u ina gs. Mta NainaIg."
MW OS INDUSTRY (Subcode As- WHOLESALING OR WHOLESALING IN- new section 3 of artlcle;Vfl, providing a sta- Metal Costing Jsduhrv).-Andment %
'-aleiabers for the Magnesia Divi- DUSTRY (a division of the Fishery Ird'. tistical bureau under the Code Authority to pro*-d November 1,,193 4, p ernitk thetCo
HofNew York, N. 1'; 4J. P. try).-Alfred Henry, F. MeG. Bhndy, Joe oect of orders, ctr invoice, Atho to in : reasonable obigi
Fey.Forge, Pa.; and G. F; Stone, Lamere, Patrick J. O'Hara, Fred Grant, John credlt memoranda1 and any other required necessary to supiort, the admiistratloniu
-member of the. tode Author- Nagle, David F. Choate, B. C. Collins, and information. the"Code and to.submit an. itemized-budgj
j;-resnt the magnesia division, Francis J. O'Hara, Jr., as-the executive com, Bleached Shellao Manufacturing Indtu- and-equitable basis-f asef nent upon. mxri
' rberabba olcnnati, Ohio. mittee in the States of Massachusetts,.-Rhode try.-Amendment approved Novemb.z 5, bexS of .the industry.,to the National,.In49
SQUE THEATRICAL INDUS- Island, and Connecticut. 8; 4i p, 1, er e tp the'. Oodei Aithdity to, incur trial .Recvery Boarddtfor app-rovaL .';.A
Aoiass Krouse, New York Clity, as OIL BURNER iNDUSTRY.-Are. -,ly. reasonablee 'obligations ecessary to support H rdwood' Distillation I du#ry.--Aiil
-. to serve durpg. the..G.-Whip leSpringfleld, M as.;- id A 6W .the am istration0ftCod d. sub met ro November 2, 19 nse1
~~4'eumnhzdv5, :Whlzed plee nd 'equitable ais ne'iartcle to become atceXetbili
eNational Industrial Recovery. Buckley, Povid-nebR"I. e mit an itemized.budgan abl basis ,rtice a o r x':establS
IFre mce,.. ... ..... .. .... .. .td a-or'nt ezi.
Latter, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; and Ray S.' ans.ed'pren the'pr
i *abed a' De r renumber the p sent e
snwss FURNITURE, STORAGE Porter, Minneapolis; Minn.. Area III, A .,'ane. Dv (Georgia Sa A-ea) t.eo J."pre "t(
WMENS AND FILIN G SUPPLY IN- Flelschmani, Baltmore,. Md.; and M. M.- Op-.Garnett,,Dnver. (Georgia-Sate Aia).--- me;:atce"eX;'...
NZ AN FILIN SUPPLnYO i N ',r."penhelmer, Baltimo re,Md. Area'IV Nelson Harry L. Spring, Atlants; J Pck...Taylor, ,P q ..Origi 2s .stry.M-'Amendment. .j.
. B san O t- Haywa, San ." and Augusta; Charlese Pyr A tlanta; Guy w. proyed"Novembex'.-5, 1984,. adds to aTddl
S .er.sisve safeindustry. A. Micha6l 'P6rtl'a', Ore. g' nMa a'cturer Rutland, Decatur;D. 'L Shnnon,. Atlanta' .. riles gdveruing minimum. terms of-"sn
RCOAIL AND PACKAGE FUEL representative atae, L J Donovan. New and L. .C. Bittick, FPorsyth. p(Mississipp meat requiri.g'payment to-,be in. notli
MBRTOS'TRIADE.--Joseph A. Mil- York, N. Y ... .ovan, ew .State Area); MIi-. bUt cash, or interest-bearig paper, except
,tTo N. Y.; Morris Seller, Newark., ng- iror~r_ Tr son :sgee, JacksonP; n i, P;I ls, Jackson;. current market,;.!alue; and prohibltingl
.ihpf 0. Berger, Chicago .-11.; 'Wi-.OIL FIELD ?UMING ENGINE IN:.. andW. E est .H eh. st. (Mo-tan nann.cahpaymnts directly or.indire
...MCarthy, Somerv.ll.e, Mas.' M DUSTRY.--C. Paul. Clark, lean, N. Y.; State Area).-Carl, H.SSbhr Great Falls; or guarantelng..ny loans to the .purcha
M. I&^ ^^^ ills'^ o.a a^?s5ng-.1 a toteprb
Soe. Haio asset o Ewil .Opferkuck, nSpringfld, Ohio; .Arthur Wiam ENA B utte; .H.')ingern Havre; .E. qu...M," fef uWingd
",:" r lifford, Si.,,,_,as City,'; Mo.; -IL .,. He~n; ugo :-A0nson, 'Cut, BV& Eamer .,Frantk,'. -. ". t- --" R.
ph, FenhBlaM1Phi5.M- Pnabrted Met
alN:Y.; and.Joseph Fenn, Baltdmoe,' P... Fe Pe... 'la":osJ..nkn, Hbg b e ..uo robC Bnk; ..m..' ry-( . :o3t4e Fot rae ..
:o David J. FitzGerald, OAlba nN. -, Chicago,'rIll.;e. 1-1.H ilemanOllCity, Pt; a Butte: and' .-J. Heaio w Billings. .(N- .duct,. M.i. act. i ag and MCe ti
-YG;-- l of.... the ....w dstfila J" .J MacKinney,- Butler, P;. and T. F. Hud- brasha State' Area).--Charles E." .Hall. _.,g....u. Cod hlgt-=-_.__ J) .-Ame
" I.G:::We ns. blnje,. to,'uu A- M t ... e nqij hio. i. a'-:. .-Ki -M ... .. .. -w- - g n ,:a P t r t a '~ ~ ; : m '
'eA A ho. ., Wahi ntn, D C., rep- Wa ,er ., v hi ao. .. -- O",maha., 'Re B.. r rt er ; llger; .i, B.o- r e --Noie-i be. a1934, a nustli-
tivejq of members .of the. trade who .OPTIg CAL RETnAIL TRADEt.- Walter A. gurd, olmana, Wlad H. Si.ivan-. Lne,- a-new. defln.Btona hA.n- du.rye theelnd't
fi m mibers of the National As ciation Blo d.. ew AYortk,.N.y Yn a r 'F. weher, A ew MeState Area).A nk h products, ane ofm em.s of, the indstry....
i pig nd Package Fuel.DistributoMrs, Phllaelpla, Pa.; Fred '. Perry, Bmedoston, eflberger, J.-A bquerque ,..Pen. 'Gis, Alba-ru ,raO Nortjr Pus SMucra
fti.a period not to exceed 30 days. Mass.' WIlliam 0. Wendt,.Philadelphia, Pa.; querque;,"Charles..Hill .as .Cruces,; Jim Was i "MdtAZj.LS.f.:'X# --Amen' Nmet*.7
GARMENT,= T~aT~ v" Thomas M&Burnie. Brooklyn,.N.Y.; Wdlter Walker, Hobbs;,, M..B...Bbnet'..Raton,; andU ''.henS;' 1934, add tie newihe
Nf-,ARuE. . .:Brown, New Bedford, Mass.; E EPine,' Chl- D. P.:RgrR eE ..(-'h r lma i^r ^ ~ .,ied.; I ;'
epts Nashvi e, 'Tenn., t represent I H. Nr.d. Pand, MinneS Rlg 'S '' Ptj .onst d to article VI litingthei' lab 6 i
cago, nL; A. H.Nordland, minneapols, State. Area).-R.. dd
At .naN Work Shit M ucturers As Minn.; John F. Hill, Neiv York, N. Y. ;,John Barnwell, Burlington; r. L..Wilkinson, har- th od. Authdr tand t inheC
.l.: F. Hughes, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Joseph Haines, lotte; and-W.-C; .Honeycut-t, Black Mountsain.,' or lt toancorporte "an incrasin -

^ _ .,___ G. W Eeisr, Sn Fracisco Galf,;,B W; .nariflton '^enesswttaterea) . mm .ers of he *iduttre to.the..Nad
TY WNELVAO INDUS-RY-Ega A Pmt he Niladeph PG.~ S. Al Haustetter, New Yr OioStale Arpa- S ogers, Cleve- bowe and.edttis ofewcthve Co dSys Auth-EI4
ijoaon. Cove, Avery, Ohio; t. -F, B N. Y..; Char, lesWaun, Milwaukee, Wis.; aand lan. .. .'L or, uOrwel D. J.. 'mHugh, edCationg inyl-the exeasution; of Coatde itl
." Gallon, Ohio; W. W. CuNnings, Waiter F. Wienecke, Chicago, Ill. The fol- .. tgCni n-ati; Frea d B. Culre, Toledo;. eam 'on *,s i s'In t ex e u Nation f C al idust.
u:. Ohio; B.G. Cran, Tiffin, Ohio; lowing named persons are to be members of Ward,X Colu mbup; and H. C. 'Rodger,Akron.' nreSomm .nd to Mte Nus f Indt
:N. Kirby, Columbous, Oho; H .the Code AuT ority in accordanceith A- (reon State Area).-eA.r'C. Plircem, Mid-. pbovey obr any' mesu .res ._.ed',-.
.e,.Kingston, Ohio; andO. S. Latchaw, minilstrative Order, No. 454-3, dated. Etobe-' .ford; 'John ..C owton.Portlahnd; 'Arthur o L o e.* '',. .3
a' ;Oho, to represent the Ohio State 15, 1934: W. H Kindy, St. Paul, M ; '. e, Portla ;: :David Wilson, Portland; ,e a out' Induutry.'
Authority. A. Stapsy, Pittsburgh, Pa.; S. H.DeRby, Piti7- PROe. van Hor, PoranA; a N h A.dmeuent approved November 6, 194;:,1-p
Re" GO and e e burgh. Pa. and Cecil D -Kau.mann; Wash- CristFansen, Astori so Carolin. ils the od Autrty to .Incu' rasoa
TRT a ODSADE.-r 0 M. E .b B .B HE..stiel, -i. Sta Ar a).-GeorgeoW, Weather% olua m obligations necessary to support the adnli

^WertInto P. CLT MAUFC RIG INU, -.O&'ads.;t6 an Wllam temng J.,Waput S S y Tu
0P .A.ND TRADE. AID H.S sterly, .nG,. .. ..._ M ... ... . ,". I ,W;. ..b . i ,---,'-S.:. Fr&- traton ofthbe.o andtobian it
o i0t, represent ionassociatibn CU *V er, S;0N. Y DE.-. H -. G; UP HLS Ym 'a. rthbetdeqie 'and toDEbAIa i eent .
... .O AD.. .. ,...... E bow.j.Sumntor, and George.A . hna 0No .tb ..e .. bsi o.. . .
OTrdbe FrancisoN Calif. W rtB;te. W. cr AE.-H te..member the industryr to thp N
JSTY-Bz__ --. ........l ee- j.. GrossNewr. WN.. a .San D M Charleston". Y : (Tennessee.: State.Area)w Yok N. *Y.. bers 6f the*I
;IL.OPE MACHINERY MADUIPAC- Robblns, Chicago, Ill.; K. H. Fulton, Albany, Otis Vincent, Nashville .; ohn B. Dupes, ..Indpstrlal R every .Boar d f or 'a ppr v
0tt' INDUSTRY.-dLtgar A. miets, N Y.; G. S StanCo n rroviaence, 'B. 1.b; H e. S, Nle WYhm S, South -Pit- .phe amendment is effect ve 15.days om11o i
.ik, Y.; Edgar F. Vierengel, Brook- Crawford, Mobile, Ala.; A. Ddon, Alanc ,. burg; and W. Luke Memphis... (Wap ig oi" dateo approve unless goo -case .
;. and P. W. Chapman, Norwich, Ohio; J. A. Zimmer,' e Cleveland, Ohio.; Frank State Area)'-Clare' Cater Spkane; contrary'I h t. ". H' "
......'. WorcserH. Birch, New York, N. Y.; and R.Q. Max- LIod X. Coder, Seattle; Firank' d Fairchild, .. So. Mp'anda olyc rl e M anyfa rng'
ISTEVE SAFE INDUSTRY.- well, Trenton, N.J. Yakinai-';and Arthur Nelson; Grotto. :(Wis- tr.7--Pactflc coast section: AmendmentCal
:.obx, Buffalo, N. Y.; Harry Lynn.. PHOTOGRAP HIC MANUFACTURINQ p cousin State Area)s--Henry.Schloemer, West pryed. Noember.. "', 1.934 adds Is chle
I,x:0ho; William F. Forepaungh, New INDUSTRY--G. A. Cramer, St Louis: M.; Br d'C. J. Williamis, Milwaukee;.T. .LLees, establishing an open-price association fo ..c
'W 1; E. A. Keeling, Jamestown, N. L. Dudley Field, Rochester,.N. I.; H. Sussx. and Harvey: 1..Tidniaish,.Mwankee. t potas .aps. d t
d"-A.J. Reoos, Canton, Ohio. Gates, New Ybrk, N. Y.; T. J. Hargrave, : TUBULA, SPLIT, AND OUTSIDE Btnwtiral t Clal Products d1usatry.
O)D.ANDGROCERY DISTRIBUTORS Rochester, N. Y.'; J. H. McNabb, Chicago- PRONGP. RIVET-,. MANUFACTURINU 'Amendment approved Nofember_5,..1934I
10VATN'D GROCERY DISTRIBUTOdRSnn mat tb Code Authority to -incur reesonafibi
DE"(Van Wert and Mercer Counties, II.; G. E. Mosher, Rochester, N.. Y.; a INDUSTR..-F. .Milford.Conn.m'the.
A'trade rea).--Arthhr C. Frericks, Karl B. B. Snowden, Binghamton, N. Y. 3. A. Morria6ey, Clcero,"Ilz':"-W ani P" Bar- obligations -necessary to supportthe adni
:P D. Akom, and E. C. Hunpbheys, all PULP AND" PAPER MILL WIRE tel, Waltham, Mass.;.',, Boston,; nation of the Code. and to submit an Itde
InWet CLOTH MANUFACTURING INDUS- Mass.; and William.FlAmng J. kWrindanu, lzel bodgetand equitable basis of assessm.e

I'eaot` CLO~r -'DN TRUC MANUFGUIG INDUS-TRY ..., Dakota ",KS ^ ^ e'Y--ri- "upon members 0ftte industryto~theNati
[NERAL SERVICE INDUSTRY.-J. D. TRY.-G. M. Peterson, Springfield, Mass.; `,'-Wi.'imn members ofthe industry tothe Nationj

rB Yr ^ M tt ra.Pu ea~^K~d- SS hed-^ b Industrial 'Recovery oard' tor'approval,4;^
;Ci0ilnnati, Ohio, as administration- Paul O'Neaill, Port Chester, N. Y.; H. '. UPHOLSTERY AND-, DECORATIVE Industriali'ecovery Board for t apprtvaL.r

'D-TO 'OR INUTR" town; Rusl 0nOsox mmie fi" e ok N --E -Goi menmn oa~ppr~oved- Ocrtobr2,--934ndn*s
er, 't serve during the pleasure of the Specht, Belleville, N. J.;; Guy A. Disbro, FABRICS TRADE.--H..B.' Lehman, New approved'Nolember:6, 1934 permits theedoc
Sal Induitrlal Recovery Board. Cleveland, Ohio J;ohn D. Watson,. Appleton, York N'. .Y.; vice F.. It Jndton't whose termo n eonale .o l
LS POWERED INDUSTRIAL TRUCK Wis.; Edward Docherty, Holyoke, Mass.; and has expired. M u Autg h oerity to suppor te a inae r oatio:
UFACTURING SUBDIVISION OF R.K.. McCluskey, New Haven, ConSn..UHSTE N T H aneces oary. n to support e administration
BMNERY AND ALLIED PRODUCTS RADIO WHOLESALING TRADE.-Ben- TILE INDUSTRY.-P. D:.TorbaPaER, te and equitable basubmit.assenssient upon me e
NSTRY.-oEzra W. Clark, Battle Creek, jamin GrosaNew York, N. I.; David M. Tril- York, N. Y;aClLfton; C o T N wor,N'. a; d ersf the the Natidnal :o imd

ISRY.EzrapftnDsrc Fe~r)- S .Mnig ht ie Corleyn New York N.Y.;ne hers At .- thmed iugend eustrybtlte Naidals ofIn'd
I' 3. Kline, Chicago, ILL; D. 4. Ross, ling, Philadelphia, Pa.; Francis U. Stern, B. Strauss,' p hllasdelpla, .Pa.; aYd Johannes trial Recovery Board for. approval.
k Harbor, BEch.; Leter Sears,. Hartford, Conn.;.Harold Wrape, St. Louis, Meyer, -New York, N. Y., elected Y replace wieltle Pjodesivgnd4tlwtry..-Amendit i
ad,, Ohio; and R. C. Howell, Cleve- Mo.; James E. AitkJen, Toledo, Ohio; H., G. four resigned members. approved October 31, 1934 adds section 14.
'hi0... Eratrom, Chicago, Ill.; A. C. Marquardt, Bos-
tn A. Meyer, Los Angeles, Calif.; WATER SOFTENER AND FILTER IN articlee I definidk the term "12 monthsJ'!;V
WHEEL INDUSTRY.--W. ton,-Mass.;A1.MeeLsAglsCai.Nw maa rodof52 eksbih
its'e slaon, Worcester, Mass.; F. J. Ltwrence Lucker, Minneapolis, Minn.; H. B. DUSTRY.-W. Spencer RobertsonI New mean a period of' 52 weeks beginnng.,t
gara Falls,- N. Y.; J. I. Baker, Davis, Chicago, Ill.; Maurice Despres, New York, N. Y.; P. N. Eagel, Chicago,Ill.; W.pM. first Monday of February of any year, .a
4Od$hio; L. L. Byars, Tiffin, Ohio; York, N. Y.; T. A. O'Loughlin, New York, Gross,' East Cbcago; Ind.; emper Slidell, Wnends subsection (e), section I, articld...

POA L Byers, AN I SO Sufr henx lfWltn ep,_H itiuor fLde and 0. .Jhnsonn Rok-to adequisreateon of the industrd to su-keiQ
anno, Jr., Philadelphia, Pa.; Geo. N. Y.0 C. B. Mason, Chicago, ill.; D. H. Madison,' Wis.; u and 0.. W. Johnson, Rock- o require members of the industry to'ka
P, ringfield, Mass.; and F. R. O'Brien, New York, N. Y.'; and P. J. Brown, ford, Ill. accuratee and omplete record At and rto 'f
ia,),ytfn, Ohio. Bridgeport Conn. WHOLESALE AUTOMOTIVE TRADE.- t nish Informationnd tothe Code Authoritydai
TiAL ALCOHOL INDUSTRY.- ^SHOVEL, DRAGLINE, AND CRANE Automotive Electric 'Assoclation-E. S. to the National ndustria Rcovery Boa
!:.Du'nning,i New York, N. '., vice INDUSTRY.--T. M. Deal, Cedar Rapids, Cowsie, Kansas City, Mo.;:W. N. Potter, 'De- l ndergarnst and Negligee fnf4trflp
"rhnm, resigned. Iowa, vice Alexander C. Brown; resigned. trolt,- hich:; and'C. t.Stevens,. Mfinneapolls, Amendment a e.Novembe 7, 1934,s
TRIAL OIL BURNING EQI .SP- STEEL PLATE FABRICATING INDUS- _Mii. ."umts the.Code Ahithoh tyto'incur' ressona4
INDUSTRY.-E. P. Bailey, Phils- TRY.-J. H. Brillbart, Fort Worth, Tex., and WHOLESALE FRESH FRUIT AND obligatiois.nesA'y to support'the"a't
'T. Garden, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; William S. Wheeler, New Castle, Pa. VEGETABLE DISTRIBUTIVE -INDUS- stationn of the o6Co;'nd to submit anhfi*i
T .od, New York, N. Y. ; D.N. TRUCKING INDUSTRY (South ;akota TRY.-L. J. Keacb, Indianapolis, Ind.; s.Q. sized budget and .'WitJlI'b5ass of ae
SYork, N. Y.; and K. L. Martin, State Area).-Peul Bellamy, Rapid City; Cook, Boston, Mass.; H. A. Babe, New York, upon members of thbndustry tovthe Natioi
ork,"N. Y..' Em~lIDobash, SiotuxFails; F.J. Marx, Water- N. 1.; N. S. Crutchfleld, PittsburgbC, Pa.; Industrial tecoerel, sBoard' forapprovaL
lBOARD INDUSTRY. town; Russell Johnson, Sloux. Falls' 3, WC. .R. Godding, Chicago, Ill.; Carl I. Ding- Wholesaling'. oT '"Distribuztng Trade?':i
i Son, Et W l Tdons, Winner; and W. J. Flaming, fielder, New York, N. Y.;. E. J. Grovler, Amendment approv0 eAdOctoberA26,1934'
Floyd, Walpole, Mass., to Timmon WinHutchindon, Kans.;, Barney Hertzman, Seat- stitutes a new sectlin:4, 'article-VI,..wifi
TyINDUSTRY (Vermont State tie, Wash.; C. T..More, St. Louis, Mo.-; 'Hugh permits.the Code '4tbolttot ineur.-re"S
'OUTERWEAR INDUSTRY TRUCKINGIF. Smith, Jr., Nashville, Tenn.; Frank H. able obligations ,el. essary.,to suPPortta'
]arke).--H.R. Lhowe, New York, ,Area).-C. D. Stephenson, Bellows Falls; Simpson, Flora,' Ill.; and :C. C. Winkler, administration'oftbe,,CodeOand .to. sumitli".'
piteltan District of New York),- S. B. Manning, White.River Junction; L" M. Vincennes,: Ind. I itemized budget and 6quitable bssas of.ais
0l n . ( e E g a d a d W .Ho a d rtlb r ; u .H h r W HOLESALE MILLINE RY TRADE.=- meni upon members of the indust17:t~.'..A
"'L. I., N. Y., and. Ben Fried- Rugg, Bellows Falls; hi. B. Emerson, Bane; W
Sherman Schultz, Cleveland, Ohio; Leigb S. National Industrial Recovery Boa 'p fb..
,"Yok R t~md provel. This amdendmenti Is eff eci e .11.5'
..,. ~~ ~ ~ ~ USR Di(rA).laPubabma.HleBotoStsa;te ah phlde-from the date 'of approval un3688 good;.'
.ass.. (Pennsylvania District).- TRUCKING INDUSTRYF.H(AlabamaState Pennin San Francisco, Calif.a; William p
P r, Philadelphia Pa. (Cleve- Area).-H. L. Malone, Decatur;Thomas F.HaleyostoMss.;MaxKa d the dateSofapprovalu gooY
i6tneir,.dlh3 phla, Pa. ; Sol Greenberg, "New Yo'k, ..N.. '7; "to the contrary Is sh o~wn. .. .- ,
-doph J. Farber, Cleveland, Reed, Montgomery; George C. Harris, Bir- Ben Touster, New York, N. Y.; Sam Neger, Wholeale Monumental Granite i..
District).-John J. Pboe- mingbam; and S. J. Drummond, Ensley. New York, N. Y.; C. Arthur 'Kitching, At- try.-Amendment approved. October.27 ,.'9.
I. as.. Poandic Crag. Phoenix;Maton 0. Sners,.Phoen'A ]ants, Ga.; and Carl E. Kemp?, New York. permits the. Code Authority to incur 'reai
AWE' N.Y., to represent the' Associted Wholesale able obligations necessary'to support 1
.F. Adama, Portland, Oreg. Phoenix; Milton G. Sanders, Phoenix; A.aL.
Creamer,DNew york,AN.Y.; Williams, Phoenix; and Louis U. n Shade, Distributors of Ladles and Chlldrent Hats, atitemized budgetandfequ t blh de"andt6submisof a
E DM1IQ., Cl eveland, Ohio; and S..M. Phoenix. (Colorado State Area).-J. FI nc..
9i~ o,..II1. (Motor and Equipment Rowan, Denver; Marion F. Jones, Longinont; WHOLESALE COAL I U U ST RY.-' ment upon members of' theeIndustry to0.i
eSt,.s'Aasociation).--S. B. Dean, St` Harry C. Clark, Denver; W. B. Alien. Den- George hi. Kearns, Cincinnati, Clito, vice. National -industrial Recovery Boered...
i.' T."Glasgow; Charlotte, N. C.; ver; W. FE. Cox, Colorado Springs;, and V.G0. H. B. Wright, resigned. .'. approval. .". :..



."'sa :, :x.!s ,sa ss .:r "i ,:'. -,. :.'.. : :. .,r........,. ..-.. ". "... :.- .^ -, ."...- ,
,'.Pg: '..: :..':t -; '.- '.,*'., ;., *" .'* -( )*" .* .--- :,' : -. .*"". ,f
inticen ntl"{ss.\4.r. cn u .. n

recent Trends in. (
,l In.1'.' I* ***
1 .: *." .' .,.. '" .. *i:^ ..-'... '+ .i ;*. '. .'. "
,. ': *. .;' : : |; ;^ ,;'. :, ,: ; ... '~ * :

..., .' 4 r : " ,z = . : ', . ., . .. i ,

/'^ I,/ w i --^ *. ^'* ; ****_
., ., ***'-*.'-I,..':.:*,.,",.J:, ------- ;,**- :.."., --"
.......L&4'' .. 2
....^ :: ..:...? -;* -'.:. /;:.. H A. .' .. ,** .. *. :., * : "*.. ..
:-%/'** .' : .; ^ ;,. : (% ': i ] :"'*f.: : .' *"' *" -., ..; ,...'''* '- .* *
.K' .V .n- .,..,* * .'C lr.: ? * " ': .. .", ::'

* t
1 1

,:,,.- ,_ .'* ', .../ ..,..," :**:,, .: .^'- .*' ^ **
'.,M ..1 **^*., !, ;;,, **... ***^
0 w C .a r; .. ... -. *i-
1 0. , L .1 -I ." '





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''.1 '~'''


4*.. *. ' :*

siq~p-.;,r I. ArruI

D,'.l rA -.LA n i -."*.. -

andy .Manufacturing .s
San dy M anufacturi. di...

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I. .~.1.

S" '0 ""0:.. .. .' '


ii -

r .i-, I ?', O 1 5<". .:* <'y ;'Lrof D^ ,] .



.. ^


___________1I ] -- .. '^ 5'12

i ''TN E


I S'TU- '

.'2 .,',LL'' .I' '. ... I .=- .' .i .,

- :,#-t ,, .1 \

/ .. ; . .. **
.. ', "" ".i* *: 7 ; '.
j-r ~~~~. !' *: ^,'
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.'.~ ;* '!" :* ,,." ,",; .. '"* .--- ';t .-- --

its-.c -; t^ ,*l l.:..'.:;.:.. ^ /..-, i, ...... ..r,
-f,-.,,f fe t !,,-, ; ..,. '-,,, *S, 5 .: ;;^ *
.. .,I ,.. -.,, . ,,
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I. j. "" "'F .' t :,';...' ; ',.J ; ,* '. ,t. l


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^ ti:#2ij^*irI*-^ND.E)( OF PYRLL

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a 7 :'- ..1.. : ^;.. !D f
*^ ~ tH:. - f:.'. "IN DEX OFt? G^BY;

k1. .I.:t;i.;..j..2'' .SIi:J:.~.~Fl;2. A .' I j.$t:-y :1
':~- L.a-H.

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________ 1' 4' u r.- >4.. 'II I' '~ I 4
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- '*w*~ 2; ~.v.; 1~o< .j.. <9]

Ii. ~ .A ;-:A. 1I1141 ~ I I 'o~4t' ~ r

I ~

.............1..31..... 193.19.34
L IJ;'^ ^,: \ y^ *'*,' "Q ^ "' "' :*; *^*I ^ I* "** '* ", |' ^ '19 -- **' IQ"^ ""*^
," i .. ": '- . .*l - .,:* . t: -.. .. 'i L ,' ,- '.; ; IV 3 - ..'. ,.*S7 .r '. .

2-r", ::';, '' '"," '" tChart, Prepared ExclusiVely for. the Blue Eagle bythe Research .nd Planning Division ,' '
dt$ends6inhe candy maniufadituring industry:'are' shown in the above '&6out 27 percent' below" September 1929.' .'Inerms of .pur-chasing poww.e.
f'.abr,:ast e.availabble dta.permi. . I' ever, total pa' rolls are only' about 8 percent below September 1929.'.5-
-." --*' :" ; ',;..:: r.. rr'. ,.. '*.,;' ,;'-" ** *.... *" ; *. '."= .. ; '. . . ., . .' . ".* "; "- . '*',** -= ". '*;;:;""i
tooapie b.' t `orrgehours d.earn gs of r ven by te The series on, candy: sales'showin the center'section o te
Breauioia i 'bor.S' Stistm se the. upper section of the chart.' The' compiled-from figures given ly the' .B iireau of Foreign and Domes
a ta or .n...... .. ..OM
ne ur.worked perweekand average hourly wages are avail- merce repr&eriting about'80 percent of the. total candy sales bynianufi
e:o ft m, y9t.: W..o~~y age- rac&&the'Jr.low point
ai dTn1ii :A.taera h 'ges reacd thi lo pi These saleswpre reported in terms of. dollar -volunie, and it may-seO
.At~j~r Sic lt l9Wg sg ous rdctg a aldy. dopjed i eonsieaiipir( itederimn R i]
'a:ly':193!hhavp,'beend Ing-a-b`;,to -,,ti high, dint_ f or. *' since wholesale -Aelling prices.0ifcandy havp declined only slightly the
.'. .:. . ._ i : {?', : '.. .... .. : -. -,1. ... ... .. ... .
,. Atyi.t"'. o t :.'; j-- e u---. ,,--, ctin". d cady/.dropped. eonsideratcly."drg.'-ithe depression .
w ,perLu o'. pr snown
.:o..e. wr:weekhav 6 benn drifting dowtirard, although.they seem to have asiniation of the dnderlying condition-in 'th1 industrial show-
.'leveled off during the past 6 months, and in August were. very slightly above was not quite the case. About 50 percent of the. candy produced(1%s'
l:eow..pointi,.Noyem~b.e 1933. '"
.... .. . .ovemb.r 1933. -goods" and "count goods", both of which"sdl relatively .fixedaj
ygraige '.:. ,'.-' .w ,y.':.. g ". erre'marka ogeduin rices 'on. such ite m anu" turers4.Dcr6E"
Ave gerweely wages were remarkably/stable in the 4 or 5 years preced- price. Instead of reducing P h ac
t'he.. ow"decm" b" in' late'1930. At the end of this decline in sales,unit of weight of the product. 'As.a result the index 'of "cand
aroh l933,wee ..ri ages'aTeraged' ab^ot $12.per'week. From this low point, during the past 3 or 4 years gives no indication of the physical .vO
ky ages inetased-'most, of' the increase occurring' between Jily a'd '' production.' It is certain, however, that in"'terms bf physical untsi,:;c9'
ipte ber- 1933-14' 'what- has. since turned. 'out to, be a ..rather stable .level ,. index, of candy.:sles-would compare more favorably with earlier yeai 7
dound.d'$1.,-Wh's','aproximately.19ercent belw,1929 levels and should be ,theindex shownon the chart.' ,, '.
rastedith the ,greater than%'20 percent decline in the cost of living. c o t Be o L .i h p s.
......." .... ..... :".-:-". ... . .... '" ':" '' .1." ." A composite of the Bureau of Lab6r Statistis' wholesale pric.:;oR0^
'Septembe2riemplzbymnt'this:'year, although about 16 ,percent below. Sep-' 'cocoa, d gluose-the three most 'important t matenals used W
embr 1.A29', 'was the'.!gr'eatt mnt.ianv. Sepember since "1930. '"Durihg 'the past ,. .. ... .... ..."," "- .. ..
~tbmer1b9 wa ih'e~e~ i ~nyS~~ebe snc "9~ .,'uig'taps manu facthiring-'is shown at the bto of the 'chart Vs an index 0fitb84
r'o .employment: seems to dhave'been fiuctuating.easonally around. a maufac.turing-is shwn at the bttom of the.chart s an inde
ev.elabout 20 percent below 929 or at about the 1931 leel. 'his'is approi of raw rhate'ials. This ,series serves to indicate in a rough way 6
1.abut 0trcntel 929 or at about the 1931 level. Thiis sapp~roxi-A.. ...
latelyly 10 percent abovq the 193. level,.although total ma&7hours were slightly ment .that might be made in- the index of sales in order to have. itv
belo.w. the 193 level.. The increase in ,,the level of employmnet was tb a;'arge thd physical volume of production. It gives no indications of .eft
in4 t a re-sult of the, 'decline, in 'average hours: Worked.
tent a result of the decline n average hour worked. .. margins since the changing weights of" bar and count goods mEake
'i;, 'Total pay roIs. in.'September 'of this year were' at the highest point since tically deternne corresponding prices for physical. Ii-
, October 1931 and less tha two points below September 1931, aJthough still finished product :.' ..

.. ... .. ,, .

N'. W. A 3 ,t.
::, : *' ** ' . ., '. ,,,,, *. ., .J ^ M
yil! '.V r ".;'...' ..I .. .. ".* '.;1.. : .. .:' i. '. * . .. .. ,. ..' U 5 GOtBNIltBT PRtflTINlt OFFICg, fH H 4'S 3*.i s B

IN V, ,t. ..... ... .. -,, *; .. .. . .,

)~: *' !'. u~ ~'i Ei2 2.' ... >4 I N .': 1 r. ~ ur ~ ~ ~ 113E....ri I EE'

..*ipxy~c;. ~ .4LL. *
_________ I __
_____ L'V''"~ .h~~"11~ t ____________________________

il'; **;


' ,*1< ^;:":V'r:*

, '; "?' i"


..... .,


MAO. --.I

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, I IT '..,

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". *;. '. ,
<::.* '*.-;*.

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" I- . .. '-.. .... I . ; - , *. A I * .




I . i .. ? m

m . .. ... i i "

a 1.I""






m,; ., . 1 m i . .. . i: m .. m. 4 m ,[l .- .. I .i 1 .

.. . "%Z- a


E I = B ; =, i . .. l


I -- -, .-

i -' I I' - 1 21A ; . .1 i . I i ... 7; i

. . . i i I .


Z 4 V qa

.:, ,7 1 I=.11 ".' :I -' ., m -- 4 I m ,,. [i = m -- __,_~ -- _ 4 IF -

; H.bF iB ... . I

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. .r .. ". m ".11 m = I I

., ., .1