The Blue Eagle ( June 25, 1934 )


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The Blue Eagle
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v. : ill. ; 43 cm.
United States -- National Recovery Administration
National Recovery Administration
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Washington, D.C
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June 25, 1934
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1929   ( fast )
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United States -- District of Columbia -- Washington


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Vol. 1, no. 1 (June 11, 1934)-

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University of Florida
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23.,.* Is sued,.W^eekly by^the NationalR ;viyAdminmstration,-Washing ,?. Nm1.
m c LL I -__1.. _* - I- -I... -- t- .) . 1 -
.... ...:.: ,* . ..New C ode G rou p in g . ,. ,,.,. ...*.. .

B ureau* ^''--1 .- Nati^nau-Recoyir^^0!
. ,. A erc .n Ientt6 .tocup-o t a. iw d. ".'S c N ",'m.pp n r .. : *"* T: *:
"-2 '3"-'" .-. ... '.. ., ,. ,:-. ,I

.. .,.. ... ...*.* .., . .... o a..deo.. .. ... ... ..e tho se In e. . ...
d e "aa: ; . .1be.. ... .. ". .. ....... a

inW ges: .and Prices .. testedd a "complete picture of this. : .. .. ,.. ..... .. ... .i..
.^. -- .: - i'i --^ e^S s o n b^' I*Ilitd;WW ^
a.. end.o to t lelT i *obnnd a tponthCne4o a atnl c.......

a tionaldust~lal 'Recovery Boardj' chrt shoin tijet eatlonhsh of econunended as a tair trade 'practice fdr -all tye 1frti ult by a!sefl
I , .. a. .'..,m.

o n. t"I. ..indt r .to e"otb ty e o.": r'outet-,sec
| pa... n.!::ayoa ^ ': ... ..... .e'! -_.... N e**; ... ; %:i!

va1 e:tfn istatisticaLifratio The.t.. "fra
_ i.,.::. ., ...'... ,.- :, { ,. ... .,. . I _" :" " "

. .. .. .. -:.n'ai'. o l.:'n e ."- .hi...dr. a,;d; y Jt h,.d, a
r ., a.,.. o. and.. t,.u. I A,t ... rexf5'e,!.*-a- l .i. .6--9--Z'--i d. .t...s."dy.t..' ". i..e... >I
A: .. e4. .. .." a u': .. ."--t - .: ...,, .=...-,- ......

Septemb r 4, O eI. % E.-n..L.. :... ..!II
ie E, ach ".bureau, will e under the *. ',srn as. .-fl "?b *' t ,, ,. -, .
\n.a mia.nadging ;,dir etor" 'ivh .- .epte m a'M ii *'-." "u na:%nil ., at.e,:I i: r ^,t ..... a.,. *i.e.-,'' y
secretaryry of theoda A thoit.. E ap e t Di io.c .: V. '.. ;, a,s.edb;!% ancial y distress % ed municipall .. 7TMw s.o p.
.,.. I .., ."....:,.. .,.. ......I ..,:""..;.": .'. '-," '.."".".. .. . ". .."'.., ":"..,."...,..."." ""fft'n

.shall .officer directIr, r I. t,':ivI:io. '.-r 'B' owler.rofess:.,of.ecqom c.-g .... .

tlal mem eIrs ofthe. Code Authoi Octoer -,ornpiIArtis Di s-on. 0' u : %ton, ero essor. scrtry flm o q,;.orth'iv ter
ipwerd tlisect boks and^, rer PC^ ,"M .1VBO^S. 'Danieloo eldj, eieoutie SOiReaih'rd^j^r
^A$jqwre *reports fromr, producers.1*: November Wods Division No ..* actonhas bentaken by tleNatlontlk4 w^h ee tyd. ntlDcebr
tabom comiplalints of violations have '..*/.;, .:*;^ ';;:**:**!-,';?* -.;,' l .*i*?l .,Industrial R~ecovery; Board'; on ^tthaei i&t,&Th15 pending 'te ,resent c'6mmI&W r
f- r'.. G h t," '~ ~ *:a. lsss .fi eat "o : .o ^a ,tnd. v. :. :.:'.i t' .. .' I..... "a ..... c er..... .... .. .. . . .' .....'. .::,:,--1,e.s :... -... ;;., v .

ducets are, required. to:. .t.... ....: .:..s-,,W y -;ireport -h,; co;mmtitteea q. .c.ti. ". '""
.... ." . . .. .. .. :.' : .n.'r d o ..e f s.ite 4 :% : :'" ', :{" i,., ,.;',, ,. .) : :' ,.& ,,:,.' .. .:

L t .o.their resp.netectiveB reaus .. o ete ; .I t ot ou.t.'." t, te effective' .....ny..... ..o.t.... c p"

%i2aa .to furnish, coppes .of sales; por .-i- 11( tP ( ri ^T 2f'l1 [)~a Q' evils,:as exist cannot he fullachevedune "ortle elAnk rf'ygepan^n^ acr..editm .iemoranda :and such.. '"' .. ' ... *the. retail Code"
e .. io h.d. been'-o attempt at'' such co- by an "u or I' A " a"... i" a

ationaio concernhi h prdutln., lg the production ;'Ecria.:hd refl i't~l;tw: od,.roonnt ftdniiipymvliEwaJ ^ -
^ paas such pode Authority; with.-.- *r ^ A T '' W ^ '^'' ^uh.h~9 ^n~oratceIi.e~n?*pr-fer^
,..=.I .'...,. ,.!,:: .-. ...

of:its Presidential member, .maw". r.ia ,..e D etse. 1e.0 2 4 through he ...1.1 ..oo"..'. articl ?' ctlo o '...% ... "'t ...4.'' '$''i .
.... ... .__ __. s w. ..I .:,-' .te f m rzfd .ntns.'p, k e f. .b.. 0
o e.*'.o...o"dI..chnrts .
m-e1**entt t *T- ". n nur ytoa ther. O. ee .. ,.. , A

ktb& SheiteredX 'X,: W ore r k, X Vin 'I. A, '. "...s' 'poer gu a.r
.? - -o ..0 .! e. ..,. : C'.. ode w .Authority f or tb.e. a ies ,.nd- A P P e ls....-.B o.....r '. -d- u:: :., j.' ......... ,':": ". -....- ,. : :

'p e..,bag kdn st ry 2h Lrranged .f .wage restitu,,:.;:- ;:,* ,- l'..; ''- ';.4,.
~'A~Kto peitin ~ ~doiVR 'U 1 .g"Vip'". '"k. : 1:'t.,

.-:. ,". .tria ...iecove y.Board 4g. to. !..'.i t.1.dr. ;,L ..;.', :',..r. ..... ,-.
.. -,, .....:..... . .... .........t"."
.. . . ... .. ... . ... .. .. ... ..... .. .... ......, ..

.BMicea;' the-'appnointment' ofr"Judge a.rptsum te-o-tbetaiO lieeoyery K,: '-. ;.;.** .,: *.i ..?, '. ;..;;;,* :In'it' '-rep94t;Afie" nvilemm^
r~ynn~reofB*Onober M Freank, Admustrbioy~n Xcoveang the eiod" -from Anrwm' 'JadustriaLA-pe&1s Boar ^Uhfi~ rifeltted4 tr~cltot*flsuJ-oBfddomenthf'dlion
..dt;w atn i) -1WSet Mreen --g.oic d ....,, ",.,.4....l . 19;4 ,h e d 6 ti ,!!.i*;*...*.: ... t go w h ,re .:.te :a ;-, t
ti' aSte a tl ineat ..rsdyn.. R 'oe \.... .es i h ee.e-', '..a dCl e-hateSod -ne o .di:r:sry,.Cod-e'nte 'art ,ciea."nd
-.,i&' rTdOco er 2 ,egard a t ory.. a g: in 8 7 es of t .veieho ;.s.'s a ,O '" ..._',-:s.. b, el.:"i.:::.el:s.','. ,I i,. .l.,sI-1' ."-. ..'.. ... .. s..titte t efo..

i.obtw.en podc t ofthe cotad- ae n : : ": '; ow.. ''p "d ,g unapu*sNoted lsh'et,;:n<,tDi I.'arm. .' '" ""p r
. -el,, .n P l n g .. ....

:" ai bur e t e p rWiodc.psiorye a t-. .m:a de andtic ses co NRA'rul"ngs'' ..'.p..'c".". o ......' ...various..o.. ....ctby:'offsetIn th'e,'

Meat'terein.: The comrIittee a report '-hayve been found 'and' effortss a re: bein~g'i made' It exemption 'frdm :the Reisil:'Jrewelry ;Code ]"in any pp'y *pel'iod; ,-;";.;''"I J*^'.
b:#Hiqpbinitted on or, before December' 1; to *arrange, restitution ofi that suit *. ^?: provision: forbiddinbt kdvietisinig -watch :or "No; storesh'-sall! purchase; or:"t'ecei"ve'^
Z~iter~ialBis executive secretary of This industry ?includes.,498 mannfacturers&s clock repairs 'at *a ^unifrm pricee" ': acrept. for cash oc considerations I' r aii & ,ti'B
m tte emplyig 15800 workers A lilig co ision rowters, i pyment.of Indebtedness any cri t]ea
y^ .'^ :*,*: .'. t .' "....,t . .. .. .. , . . .. ; i:, ,. ., I ..........!, ..... de"ig ^ ......... .. -,,,,,

TS'.^-'.,, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ fo .Tt'*"-_ _"' s ^ ^-. dne.the einluAun wage provpiy.'' se siitos of the Th cm ittestscn group"of rne di- 'ond~ii
:sertar. f .he .od t~R-.: :,..5 ,~mitm~fii..t :: : "" :""~Tlneing ndu'fir y Cd e Y and's t hes NR"m me nd~a t i onsis esgnet c,. a rry o ut

"ifltnt' e -n 0t CTeI iit' i "1 n'. 'estabOosh a u-inunm we.klv wange of.$10, ply. only toi tb to;" indicate
... .. .. denie 0th pBtiFowit rohesscrompn n askedom s irit-' ofte is gop whc oudi

SL-L -- ." though the Code requires $. 3 o more.' some.consideratidassinvolved.< in'correcin
:.' .... ,." -. : .... a .- "- : e ,

iS'^vf''- 1* I) T a.T" l T '^ lr^ denylng petitions for exemption from the' nechon .with the .company-store ani.aM
f i re" :.-eo s ":^ -"7 .. I-." O- .r ,'l / -. K ':" ".:.'?'.'. : ".... N et;'i.l M aonum en .tC akenpro.siy r~e:Nat ii~n 1'g .4syste. "/ **.. wer .^*d*.*.;\ : ^!. ;

.,J "".,' 'V IJ'"' ,.. A .minimum .co. bpensat a'. of $10 a week: to These" supplemental" suggestions,,
g .fl

... .- ..... .. .-..s .. i ., .'. ., salesmen :agents, noandfsals repre- the adoption iof re eatons whiich .would
... ....,:..',...' ...
..j, ., .., -= h.... ..,..: ....... ,R.."....

1^ '^ T of T..^ I~oL-Q R A Fip^ DfirP ArrriPed Beuhties-'-Eight of tbe eleven: are located ;(1) :"Insure that' the ^woricei receive'S3
-,..- .. .,. ..... -..^ St.Cloud,' nn., and the others inthe .: reasonable, portiondof M wages n

s,,. aCOru aflOUflL Ofi$164U,630.42Bak LJS. 'C a appeals board found that the practice -:' nu-onp^e4pcolumn!
: :Benefiting 6,81o6. W or ers.'': "'o r throughout th .. id t dui e"" p"""- "; '''" "
S' sion. Thi resultedd in pracces which "
L ...Idut,"iteBordfun.e Wag

.. .. ........e..2-week period ..c b, 27t- November..10, .National Recovery rg.. e... majority of..

Instrajion field offices arranged for payment of $1'64,630.42. rightfully' due The denial of thea following firms' 'applica:. -. / ^. ;,:^..T '.
"workers for back- wages. This was. the largest amount ever portedd tons for exemption was affirmed: Atlas Mar- 'ntj-U, Y^1|pPi~
if gq :-. dR .. r n d a, g'.:s u '. . . .... .. ....;and .., .

,.2-week- period a the seventh co.. .... .. 2.wee pe o in.,. .b.rne C o., ,Je a. Wison .. el ,Mare .. .and u,. .
i sc -reui o. t h a exceeded 0,0 Juno 1 6", 1 4.. b.. Co., MarI...ett., C.....; Central Minnesota '" .A ....'.. _........ '.
such resttution ha be ,00 .0 Since. G-'d '.l ,'-4,'ranite o rks, Wilson, N~~te.y C.d .prIc Neel s Mar-.::mn ~i..t't- g

~feld:oces have. reportced restitutions of $141'63,742.16 to 51,863 workers.' Granite Works, Memorili Art Co., Delano ..tiprell~kCes' "'*
.. .. . .. : "" g' . " -" "" "" i .. L- L.' ";"

Wbat reshoul thev b ferenpai the Coecse.04 TeOi offc re-^ man Monumenal ors; cQary ene The Natonal 'Idustrial Recover~y .Boat4
uitd i d hetravof thee preidets prd the grats amontofPE rsitu Manufacturing Co., Monumental Sales Co.. has announced: approval of miinunmo&;y
thnrAgreentersor h aPproeideCt's don,n 57,4-S89. The $922?07.24 reported re- sod Jones Monumental Works, all'of or near acbedules, with *certain 'exc'eptioA ~t6Cdr'
?kp.1tA't.eyeantay pprec ved as odaes; totd nnder industrial Codes by the. Phila- Sn. L loud. *; ^ ^.^ ^ ..-' ; :: .. and .... 7. L,.?-
g- .. .',joi nt'."I. d b'iai r.-.`4tf-.fibo- c.

:,e eevda ae; deiplsoffi- isthe greatest amount.O I.resi- p -- r int- `toiler gaing .e:"us...I .ee

ldaebuoly those cases in which resti- tution teiported. under Codbs from anyv office, ._--,Q n^n-r p* n '^ ^ ^ ^ M
flarranged by the 54 field offices and the 5,750 workers to which -that sum was '3110 SC)almonprriCe Apprveacedls sfl nb
utration, and do not I.nclude re- distributed was.-.'. .. '- the: largest figure in.. that .--.....0.:s; 'I an .,'S
... ther Oovernment agencies ,or column. ", ''rn.. tp. ", "" m..em.e'...: ". .o. t-he ".'"e i.nns-f
.." I ,<' : . .. '+ ;.. :f..,+ -1 ::f -W : ::' .

:JiaIS:1JLs.L ']"~<~ thoaoandst ~ei n id
. q " ,> 1 '. .. " :. '" .. !l." '' ,'.".'; ,'.'5 " ," " -' .., ." ,jo-

.'i" Authorities Este.imates .of rtit ,'tiiarrangedbyfiel.' d,. .. .

'~Otoer 27- tO Nvmbr1 peid, fie beTfoeJane16 13 ndbyote Thle National Recovery Admlnisttatioli has dustrywh minai ad ate egra
M I V .. ,... ..;. - .t rt.b ; a l.:. -I t .Co d.'- ., '. 1:. .-.: .-,', .. ., .. i t.. -` . .f 1- ,; .:. : . .... .I.' :. .

,Wa paidto511.empl ye e s in.79 Gove rmentaencies'and CodeA approved an orde -tding u .ece-, pl. t or departments as..."a of ir
; M..:', .. .... .%,,..;.' .,.,' \ ;;',.,, .m..... .': .y~o,. < .. -..._. .on11 u- .... .::.",,..- -0,,;M.' .. '6P ,.: .,...,,, -.:.....e,.,...,. mp, .y ., i

I ,.flid yerf ,Presid do's Reem loy me t .",put the ikure ai l~tm ore ta nj $1,00 ,090. Frmeher'3 the, e riod ,fac tur n p o e se t n d o e g a e:t
g o.t.undert..e.print.roll.ers"' ..q.. ,..
... l:; s ri ari "-e B ar ti n "=~ i o fin !t ; -1, I = ,:; & = '" .' :- ., .:.'" .' ". .. . : .-".t.'. ..: ,.: ,;...,...- :.. = ...'' .I. .e Ip
.. . .. .. .,' I. "ll : .- J, ,:L.4. ...... .. ... ....,.-.I..:, ..,..,,. ........... . .'

empoyBeeisi 69 cases under the p'intsaising under th. e Cod stucr. cn y b e tedb. y br:o; fh rd wee, i.nd.yeea $ prte I
o ca s es.undera roved Cod a is act i v, in jtig.e c tra.i;.'nsit, or stocks in buyer wre hof,.on per week, ft ear; $2 pe week sit
di.: .b L a- eia t :' t0 g ,,e 0 iast :<,'A:.:gf.aU.,,:nq ie.' : h" ..o'n .h m.% :::. ...I,-.w ..e Ki. gi.. ........ ---,-:. ..
__'.'. ". ..,, .. t. p e1 1 n lq i
dt-o G i h f" ''.:'1',.:."`- . . Jr .:, ,. .s....neg o :. ,,..: .,the.., et

i Itof.hecoutr. achon of ho eveer nieat.estet eo.w.. c... -of Chinooka.. ..'...Lnio an t ."Paces N::erneLrhal.:..hepai l ,es.s,.thn8

officei:shas ..eported some.cases1i. ti gt- ion Division. e pr e s t- av e u...' ; C .d eS ... .pn..r.. . or 4 c
. ....... I .'"... i .%
.:4 om dui a.LVe rmo re- month, :,...-....l.'df-ou a...sot f.court by;ar- September 12
t SO r. 5,5.wrkrsgany o .. t a ntoan et haustve etortsqtsetlemet8heay0antthe ,thisfd-e"so,," learnaerth l ear i d
;1 e .ted 61. oTbe.Min no n ... Diviion a,,I 'sale' . ......t g and t occupations... ...""
..:"",: ,:" ":"- : ". 4 ; .: I.' -. . : : " .'":.: I -,. : !..S .%.': " : ..: .'" .
,.:,.. ., i . .,.A ..t_.,. . ,. , ,. . . ., .%:..;. ) . : .. ,, .
.... :..' :1 .este -6- .-.d_' lo. e;.. t J ::,-i -, th- :,:. .%e s:o. .. g~ a.,*.o. :: ..t .!t. iiona-..,.ctz r ~: , .
-! -i a.a+diPtho ..'.71..i's f::. iii .--. ;, 1: ':" .. I... ,.....
,,. W -. i ...r._ ,:L:, .., I. I
.. .,' : . ..... ; ., . .i. .,,... _) 1 .1 .'.A ,-4 -- : . .;. ; I ,, ... :._ .,. ... r r ,:: ."; , I 1. : .
".: .L! LS. -.4.r...,!-na ' parra -g tho Bl"ues -agl ,on 'ou ; .e et: l .. e C de I2 : .:: :'. I :,: . ge e e u i el. 'i~ t e .-efj!-_.

i ,the,". .TI, .ta,:!.
:'a . tdi ea e t o 't e h~ -." .o. $ 3 0 42. E ,' ed; 01i willp ul isbes .:: ..' .- 1 i t "d-" '".'" th ~ ~i ke,= os is e' `,9.:. :n -::,l :s d. b e.s s

.. -.. ".- V .. ...,
'a.. :a ;a' : ".a,.."..'. n 5 w. !."a:. .a. tA'. g ,i o .under th row eaia. pC d 6 inento .ig et& s -ede ". comp ;.-
'. '. .a.'. ',. .. :- I'd ..... i'' 1- I,,- :..C .: '.Tb 'low~ : ..'. a v.: been"%,: ../ f: ... ..w, Pa. ,, .h d 0 le. o .e en p or .: t a .t p r'o e'; l e.... ,' ...11-P. :. :' .1
.. ..., q f. p o ,e m r .... q! .ge1. ."..' ...I' .:......:.;- I from ae :mn itnu -36t e ..p o iin .t .. i:e m i~ e :'e o d:~ u : f I
,.., r :. , .. . s i . A' ...d: $.. .. , :,.. .. ...- . 1:... ,: . .1 I .V- :n
!'t.." ". .1"' (' _' ifr at-;-'. ?,. .- A,; h own n u ty.C d ,n,..the te...N .Pjh .mendaqtyon,jgnei. : 4"'t.;--L.earry ..i 'ou ..
<:"~. ,, , ".. -";.".,.,r ." : 1 -' -
:,-':.. 4 ," .. .. ,'- .... _ .Elvenfirm appale fromKn NRA u1ng. so eo the 'il Lieh;.ng j.eist:-in""t .
l-l l U 'ed.sttstc.EPi~d!-.-;."- "... ", :"
i }L;:".~ ~ ~ ". " ," { "L:' '..., e tlMou ei oiep'vso reurn s tm:.' .. """"
-:tI- -wlnlv ...u .oo.:ooo:o,. oe.j.,o: ., e, .1 ..... . k.!;:... ....
.. W . ( -.; .s u g g e s i o n s ,..,. ef
:-' (1t qd-4 mWtdt."1 "UA r ~' cll` "' --"'.. , 1A Lv je.-n W, ,9 A ,, M P;-n 9_. -,-1,- -%MsntaV. -...'-Eih f h lvi r'1 cated (V_.,,_.[.s .etl vtteX @ r k't r ev
.. :.::.I.o. I e: .1 o t . ,. . : ." .4 ...i o n .e p y d. ;"._.' ,...," :!'
...f:em ploying? p, ..-tm e,....e.. ....1.. .: . . ." .
.:" ,!. . ....... A .".
B enefI.; n _:A.,:I 8:"1;4. W orke s ,,,-roughon ... -he. V.nd' Isfr .`."n. Ah lpe-.: ... -",. '.'. ..v.,"
-.41PIF 9 s.,.1 I. ; '.th1e industrYAf .",th. BoId f und." .'. .!:
,.The-deui -'eo, t followihg firms'A-a.ler" 'I.
Gra te W or.,..mri Ar .C. Deano. l :. . ..
0es rpreent he dffeence be- .nesta ofi..hashanded'tbe Ieaest-um- rante-Wrks.Impre"Mmora"'. )i`. "11-_..,
st r d u d r in u t i t C de y t e hia t..,l u ' ,'. ?"p:: ',' . .... .. ..". re.. .oe .ea;e sa : j "_
'i~ e... aoii J lly r 'c iveIa w a es dl phi '.ofeii i s". z'the. greatest am ou,,o .re t "Y M ." "' ..Z :1. 4 6 1. o n nd4 : _a__r ; ,'5-11'.
%..&': i .,.. .1 .,,, . . : : .. . .." "d "" Ar. i
iia.- ,nI a. tge "'4 fildhofficesrad the 5,750 worker toAWh~d ,-at'16m-as-'C aIn, ii, M ,at"oo...
.... Approred. "tid".es-;s
!'I G.u--, Iara,...a
... . ..: .: .., .. K L I I . ...: . .. 1 % : .:p t 1. ,'ii ... ..'
e~ fi lls D1 -'-' --'..D ; ,i i,6 i J~ i -R -. .'f ~. :.. ix tg 1,+ G E h l 1 ,M.`6 1 ii ; `
I. : ,..e.,.. ._. ..4.. "i f . "
ac 6h 'b0ourneau.wil age 'ncdes.r t e o'lumn.7111 I
i~thoriti..''gedy:fied-,.... ....:..,. ,. he. rI n 'il ~ eh nd 1r
1,". e.Peiets R e -om n u hef r tm r hn$,0,0 Fom be". h. Ir d.1g ""+. ... ...
dircto "; ti I-e' r -nt rol-:-..ers ilforftisaife tss%1hsueln .: ," :i Y.ii .i
d"$155 T6.77 o 6,30 workes all vailabe daatheefre'itap -s ha ofth ;';, ['ii ..,. ..1'e.r.':.I ..
. ": .... wee seo d..e r;$ 0.e: e
...... ... I p u iqpohly i: ;.:p r w e,.. fi- th .fea ; $ .2 er we OM e si
.4t.a es uder ppo vedees. age--ies acivein ajs~ ~ aeeompla-i-ts tra I. 1r to ksi bye ip
.-ot-ces has r ffiepotd sm ae ~ iainD vso er,!sentati .. Ve:-, dur Ingo.. o teCo:,bi.i r- ... .. . t "-,.
t.. ,... ... .... .X ,V u t
n poyr, u tePhldep ia ig to m Le thi Cnn $60 4,000, T i lsia~mpish I- __ou ds tht.-- e .OY~ij .roa e~b-' of 'ea.q : f h nni u fr h .-eff
-w lt I h. .- E O P U e.' 1 1.!'e..e r s a ll .b e p a l s, t a:I a 'th e
'" .. iW IA69 i '' J ..; ..! R-
,55 ores. M ny of he p tin a d x autveefo's t etlm nt hav ..R d h .n ..... 1-' .... . .. .. y": I M
1..ny rou e.eaesin olin te-rei..---L-,I-..-'..;- o e the ases .ad been mad -for monhs be- r st, ie.. -n u 'I
t' b 'irepoted 61. T1e Min-'" ion-ivision. '.sales."A" .. ..". "-,: -.. nd tacn oeu a in ..k .. .Y"
on. .... ., .., ;.T ::,.q',.N .. Q _. ... I I n .,; .
i + ' .....::. I . .. -. ' . . ':
.u 13,".7::,.......'g-. ...' p iO-. ~. . o : ... ... ..... .. ...r.;:',.,:g:...,.,: ,..: ,, a t, .;: .:..
M pn it: "" ". ..'.B ..... . +e .', -..,O,.,-.:'- -........U.-. .. .."t... ..
6;.er .'t ln p t i..,. :" .. : -- -- 6J o~ 'v " " 1 : "-'v .. . ... : " "., S" ,", ... :",.". .: . +:..-,,, +:.i: ,i:.. ?: .:'... :t ::4
.....'.: 2' ," :' .i... ". ?" i '.. "I ... :`1" ..:i.< : %.." :11 1' [ .. ... '." ,,' " 1, ... .N:
1: -.. .. , :; '.,1 '<;,. I. - 1:." " i" ". .. ". :." "

: tT14 E HAR '

^gtant' Information Concewning Notice of Hearings and
Opport unity to be Heard
aeheard of tpes (1) ore hearings s OPPORTUNITY TO BE HEARD' (In wling):
pe : 1). l harng. .nwr llng)

afe'd''heari1g "<.-q;'lcalendar; and (.2) op- '.. Facts crft.cisms, olijectlonc, or suggestions con-
i to'be beard by. he iling ofwritten cerningthe,.sdbject mkttei of such notices must
of fat, briefs, 'mor criticinsg dealing bte submitted on or before, the- final date specfled
tUe.sjbidict.matterYsu :ch notice In. the'notice, addressed to the proper Deputy Ad-
je't' iiate of the 0nots abbne nlhstraeor.'or.-other official; i indicated .. such a'cpm-
iAjihe ihedip e pub lbM beliow 'Ab innnlcatio6na.. MUst statei: (1),'Nanme\oft Industry;
olacoyo a dly btcemahel' nateof correslondent";and grdu p'. represented;
, oW1. facts sportngcriticms, objections. or
a nThe'subjectMatter referred to. In either type
i Jiio ,D .w.'" ;

of. notice.may be revised ir n .sny reason by gar-
IAtI GS (ral) Thos w to be hbad mane particular on the Ias f such facts crit-
Aleia1written requestt with 'the'proper Deputy clams, and'other'cohElderatlons'as are properly'
.]Iat-q24 bour before the date before (thitAdInlnIstrator.
.te g,.wch .,reqeinnt sate: '. Calendar .chronologlcal. .withalabetical
'Namehof'lindst:y..:.`andi'date bf, h'eariig; arrangemept byjtral e .or indf aty for each day.
ineofs oXperaonsw,' 'to lt ind 'group .' iNOTE iStne all notices must be' in the prnlStprs
n1d (m3)a2defl4e fuahternalfca p.l .or hands b '.Wednesdray evening r hel.precedipg the
d;,3 ', '< ",i pr" ,a'o i -

lc bjct w "rg ....n'nt leainnoT ther Blue Eagledthecalendar, below
'nndto'faetualnotaVonotices postdo the 'Ohiia ue
..acWitten itn.fBoard'aftr that date, nor does.this calendar
.containing arganent'ilie a'act yt :'hbw other: hirigs.. the.same.dates which. may
.," i ..711
'a Ii, :...Z,'. 'aPr.otlsiut li.pi
SKC7"i ~9i -tI p.

jN; RT oi-t TA ID

i ,; .' .i f. :" -*i .;: I +1 ."*, ,", .: +.' ..T J .- . . * :. . ; +* .c' '
rPAJI4ANOD 'PuTY' j.'. P aor ,s m" Aco
nmi aB^TOte PnoPosED ACTIO

!, "" ,,iI', ,' *-, : .. ,,
50 n 9day, No I. 14, ..i.. .." .. , ,
1931, [,
':, :',: ,. *, ; *. *'.I. .i .:. ieanidT TorodI o'm"Mi teeuhOpprtntiit e heard: on ppicatipa submitted by COode
ter, d lM 2 9 A ,o ; "0 1mi .. a~l
indutrieo, J9-200-A. Stret,' Wi ... ..Authbrty for revisions and corrections of prices ard rules and
A;', ." C "' "., :..i.&x ;k '. ,2;. regulation, s fori'the.-application thereof, published In Lumber
: .... .' .. ... *- ; ".... . '.* o eAnthorty,Balbtin;. vol. Il.:No. 20, :
ur d M N o l S ; '. ,, '." *:" "' *' ^ ; +:."* ". : ">; ; "* ,' "* /" ' . i*
'V m *-. *:.**.; i. i-; ,: .*:. *< ".', *.';,-." ". .,-;. ".,;'r. -: ,, ,''* ;
,:/ ? . ' : ; ,"* ** * '# *; * .;; '- ., '. "" '.*
9iry:-2051-B RoobY j *lj O erce\ e Hearing on appl'catlod submitted by'Code'AuhorIlty for amend-'
.i *: ,, *.'.. i ofOoa '. ", -.",. S.'* .. . .. . -. . ..
1sietlHBose.and- onspj 16189K'Strdet lOpportuniy to il biard on:appllcatiq: submitted by supple7
L Msnuracturig NW if) Fe; y i.s e 'm.,nlar.:oe 'Autbo'y ,for amendflplTof the suppiemenlary
'UtUetI" r y9 4 'O I w .. ,' ' ' ",. ."C' :o d e "
int g Dvi Auditorium umeI, e 'Heling'on 'ap'plcaion ubed.bythe' Qode'AAutioritied for
B.iGUd Granite. Bulding0. m0 a i termination of .eiemp'tlqd conferred by. AdmintratiUve' Order.
C"-atonO Robert.Ni. mpbe -ioases allmembos notwIthstandLng their principal llne of
b'i/ lUu.l islod: E a. uiinnewess iS iome ether industry..: '-.'J"" V.." l ."
r e .'. . : ".. ... M arble

,nand' La.b.hing 0 .. ,- .
a c r ln g f l ".iv s l '*. ' . ..q'

? On,, 'w ...a d.* '" .'* Vi''1 :I l, 'l '.,
4i t~iI..:,j? '-':! ,.. ', : "r i : -';", %.+ ,.

8f C n at ing... L .-I. .. ... ," ".". .i
n'r(DIVyfflonqof I N. '' -
[i~~~~~~ots, ~~~ ~ B:dn .M --, i a l' i~ c t; .' ', .'":". "" ** i. ,, .. . ,'. ,:. i. ..- *, . "" ..
uontnd:s10 yj, V ."1N.. ... : .,
Lba' r di .3 0 :'b'd; ;" . ., .\..rre e t ". : N W.. N 't a .n
3a .T ade, 34 3.., .. ." '.'-,f 1" ... ,!^ "' "*;.. : ;-.^ ' :^ ^ *,. : .. .. *..... : .*

-RoJP.peand Strandi 'Jlnom blg, 15I5,&Strpet''.be heard .onapaplication submitted by the sonp-
iu&ctnringldsry.N'tfPelrf apiementy Cbe 4tfthonty. tor at.endmqnF;6.n(. lthe updpl jen1A-n
[( 9MW(ndlh"4~ -31 tite'W' ,K.r '; ; titarc.Vofle'i' q. im 79
ij '> ', .'' i '': i'." '. ., I". ,.' .

iC sng I ndpa' 0' ',,s r' v 4.. .
I, ,'.i0 -. "
an. ,, .-,
',., .- ,:e...,.a.d .: .. ...

L,'. ( u i L ff. ,.;" ...".."'' ,. Ooa .',? ,,"..=, '.'v L,,' -" .. . ... ,' .

.'.. ...- .....F:
r'-J~siethangjig' i~t4. B.-uilding,' San.

UlillOniIa fLnT?;;-l) , '!i
T, --ion .1:,lf'ir -:

vy,Nov. &9;. oisM ..:,

.. .. .. .. '.x.'i:.;t 's: .Ii
I .'. ';I: ''. D-
4+:.-j... ,' "n" .0:


fiend T, er, rod-'.. R m70f.2
^ io .zl lutrei 9-00. .'. S el/ A*

-:i. .,;ve
S '^ ' '". *.''." .'i" ~ "A^ *.,^ -
H i B i& i "'. 1 '* .' 1;,: '. .r o r1" L'f !'-**, "-i
ay; Woy.20,!1934 .9.

dURustiy 42 Ro 1Invate'
'i. "" uidios.- ..l "1
E~ 114Wjpe Iludhstry, 1 41-' Rpbm itt; 2na'4igfl
M 72-A,.;,. >- **." !*- ia.otelIao a/ihi';A.
C4A ,erclal Relef Prinng Tiu rc

... .. '

',..ber. Impor. i ng, 0`01' -"

'...., f.. .3.i;1 .
ndpe. tl"gni' u. ly ^il*Tdne-B."*!
7" l.h", /...
./" ,:.....

: : ', ,tu to .,nu ,,yj '2.4 .': Stfe N ;f* p-

g + ,. ... .. . .'. ; .. ..D o '
'. 1' d ,n.e, '_ ..'. : *.

." "-t' +" ;.: '...

o 38, P p r 'h"-n . .r "a. i
s D o t dustr . b d. l
(D so of,: th o' s n.," I.:, "':, "

3 eet, Proet,.

.... ;'W'W ':,JZ;a'

Hearlngpand 'opibrtt -lty .to be 'liard "op appllcation of''-rtain

V : L .... .-- . r,, >. , .: -^, ., :
i:: ,*" '.'" ,,! d. .. i-, "" ..;, "''.M ; ", "

pPor..dltyto be' heard on applUcaltion,'shbmiltted' by the tern
ora'ar"yb itive.,committee of tflei proesslng.gand wholaling dl-,
rislon lathe northwep f.d Alsk .Are. 'orth, for approval of.the
upgge.t and basis of contrbutioi of this division of the'fshery1 -,
lustry 'for the period from Aug' 31'1934, to NV. 30,193 .' .
Wis'area comprleshtb.Terintory'of AlaIaand thie States dof bon-i
ana .daho. Wyoming and. ashtngton, except the doWnstresa
ight bank orcsao.muoh of the .uClmba'Elve. as'formsith bound- '
ry between .he.rStte'ofWashingtjc'snd 'theState of Oregonm
'e'budgetprovfdes for an estimated t..peiditure of i1,991.03 for the .
peiodoan&:.dok toward' the precede expense int he'
ium.otl .4.7.7and toward lbate qucdaton of Code'administration

!, 'TIk
t*,' -

'. 1 9. 1u In U W v t9i. i i, JUi UL f LU .UUn o. !- ;,;. ,. .. I -.* u L
O.pportunltto,be. heardkon application disubmitted by Code Aus On
..thority for revision 0f prices published In Lumbar Codie Autb6hority
Buletin;,vol. I..N o. 34. ",' '' .' ". .: '. '.. -
aOpportunilt Jheard on application submitted by Codd'Alu-. Frid
'thority for'amabdment 'To the rules tor the protection of customers
"bf.this Industry.'.:' Ar'
t ..*,; ;.*. .,:.....? . .I.-. ..., :" k ,* ,','" < "; *... : : ; ,! B

Opportunity to be heard ona-.pplioationsubmitted byiCodd n. '
'Ithuorityfor amendment oLart. V ,'secs.'12'and 13 of.the Code. '
i :' ':, '" ' '. i ,,, ,**..... : .. , ." ..' ,-' ,.' ,.. ubt
.Halng'on.'apptlication! submitted ibyj Code Authority Wor.amend-
: .ment'VII of the Codes : _
.: .': '. ". '1 *. -** ** '*i '* ' -.. ". ,, ,P l u
.Opportunityto be heard on -application sbmitted by tie Na- 'Islu
.. tinal ode Authrity [(or approval.oftlts budget andibasis of as-. .'eti
sessment,,and for approtal'.of thebudgeta'and basis ofassessment
., or its several zone.0o4e ldminIstrative agepeles eand regional lo4e. .
.administrative agencies, for the period from Oct ia,' 1934, to Sept I
,,:' 1, ]935..''' IT' .: *. "" ... ..
,Thtal budget for. Iiational Otis Authbrit9 Is'320850'B is'ofs
l oib i .* ., a, ,0 ,.1B asis lo;
'sessqe'ntis'W for each $;1 0'.o6f ahsl pay p roll .. atu
SEVENTH ZONI:" Total budgietpripdosed for Se'vdnth Zone.odae 0obi
SAdminlstrative' Agendy, whose JUrlisdlotion covers the States of' ingl
Indiana; Ohio, West Virglnia, lower peninsula of Michigan, Penn- 34,
sylvania as far east as the 79th meridian, and Lawrence, Boyd,
Pike, and Martin Counties of Kentucky, is $6,620. Basis of assess-
..ment is q0 cents for each $1,000 of annual mechanical pay roll.
Total-budgets.-roposed for' regional Code administrative agency,
Whose Jurisdiction covers the.counties. of Kalamazob, Allegan, and '
V: S.'.uren'n the State of Michigan, is $2,277. Basis of assessment
.s.$234:40 for each ,;000 qL annual meohanlpal payroll .,
FOUO TEEN'TH ZONE: ,Ttal budget proposed 'for FIurteenth
'.Zone ode.AdmilAstratlve geboy, whose Jurisdiction covers the
s tates of Washington,. Oregon, Idpho, Montana, 'and Alaska, Is
,.'$620 Basisof assessientIs 33 for each $1,000 of annualmeohani-
.oal-pai :1ll. 'Ood'E' '" "d ". ."... ri a n
..Total 'btdgt.j'pr6pbsd 'for regional ',odl' administrative agency
Whose liurlddltiod covepsthe mettopolitan area of Portlatid, Oseg.,
,.I'11410'.: Basis.or assessment is sforea $ ,0h of annual-me.
6:L.Wbncal' pay,roll..
IFTEENTHcZON: yrTotal bqdiget proposed for FfUteenth Zone
:Codes Administrative-.Agency,.'.-whose Jurisdloton.: hovers the
S. states .of',Clifornla,,.Wevada, and. Axizona, is, $1086B00 'Basis of
Sasses ament Is $3fo. each 5$1,000 of apnual.ibichahlcai .pay roll.
jT.oLql.,budget .proposed, tor regional 0odd admlnisoiratlve ageqoy,
w ..,.wosejuiisdtionocoversthe'counties of San Joaqiln'and Calaveras'
".in the State of California, ls$588,'i' Bals'of as assinnt is 52 for
..each i,000.of annual mechanlcalpay roll. .
Hearing .on proposed s.aapplenai-. code' submitted by the
. .Rubber Trad'eAssoolatihf'of New Yor; wich claims te repre-
. sent!95 percent of the rubber trade as defined ln.the proposed code.
Hearlpg ind opportunity to beiheal on application .of certain
. groups for approval of a-propoaed *agreeinentlstajblmshlng stand- '
: ards:of bhoq ot labor, rates of pay and .6ther'londflis of employ-i
... ment, under art '.I seo.I ofp.e'OCde for the;bonstruotia"'Indus-'
*try andseeo.7(b).ofthei atioal1duetrialRebovery.A'dt;0aatung
m% rnemb4ers of.the division an doeataln. of their -employeaes'in the.
...ego.of.the entire' Stie of Rhoda IslaUd. -i
V 9"." . ,

"J'9' .. ,- ..

MlS 4NOVEMI" .R1,4-T


Tuesday, NOv. 20,
Refrigerating Mbleoahinery
Industry (Divislon of
machinery and allied
products Industry), 347-

Wednesday, Nov. 21,
Commercial Relief "Print-
ing Industry, 287-343.

Commercial Relief Print-
I ng, Industry,'287-339.

;, , , '

Llquaeed Gas Indjzstry,

..Lumber and Timber prod-'
utez Industries, 9-203.
.etai 'Lumber,. -Lumber'
Products,; Building Ma-'
SterlO;ls,: and 'Building
Specialties.' Trade, 33-35.
; e m Lhmber, -Lumber
S, Products, 'Bldng 'Ma-
. trialsls. and Building
-Specialties Trade, 33-25.
BiUt Fabric Manufactring
industryry 230-B.. ,
"{ ; *\. ?, .* :, ,,; ,. -')-,

.'TheBibiber Manuactuir-
,Ing.Ihd-gtry, 207-M-,'
jWholesale MillineryTrade,
;,.201.Brl3. -y'";,:'
.' *' It ,, i '.

SThuiidayoi. 32,1i;934
Chl We-,a'and 'Porcelain
.:.M nucturirtgInudutryi'
120 -25 1
Funitdre; ManfacatiDng'
. dustry,,46'-29.." ,a

ITndustrly,. 13-14.i, -
...r.* ,.,* : : ,. , ,*' .:
:..Out'doot; .AdvartLtlisg'.
' .Trade, 34-10;- -
h. : *. <: .'....' '.' :.:.**

"P a tnt I n g,'Paperhanging,
Sand'Decorating Industry
S244 .B-33. '(Division oc
'.construction Industry')

Retail -Lumber Lumber
Products, Building Ma-
terials, and. Building
pe.lalties TrEde, 33-35.

ieaC llJ e u nIulellali
ite Industryj-449-g-,-

day, Nov. 23,1934'
Valve Industgr, 376-.
7 A . -.. ,_

bar and;Timber Prd4-.
. Industries, *-206.

bming CotractingIn-
stry, 244,-13, ( Dvi-'"
L of constructIon -in-.
tr .

rday; Nov.21;, i934
nrcll Rblief 'Prtnt
Inud.stry 287'-340.344,
346, 347, 348, 350.



Auditorium, Commerce
Building, 10 a. Im.
Beverly King


Room 4084, Commerce
Bualdidg. M.D.

,. '

Room 4064, Commerce
Building. M. D.

*12o D Street NWw.
YrailikA. Hecbt.
Room 201, 907 Sixteenth
Street:.NW. .-'A.' C.
D ixon .. .
.1320 G' Street NW.
1razk A..'Hechlj.

1320 .0 Street NW.
SFrank A. Heht. :
'9 9 ,
Room' 2iL Commerco
*Building. 10 a m,
I D. C. Edcars'...i'

Rooi 2Q. .C commercee
Building"" ,
1320 G. Street. !.NW
.rank H. Orockard.1
I.' . .

F'', F. ,'' ,'..""
9 .9 -. I .' "
!. .'; \'' ". '9 %" ', '

'-'I. ",. o. *'.,.*.*""

Room 327 Commerce'
:' Building.!"Beverly'
' Ober.
Room 40Z,.151'KStreetw
2 'NW..' 57: L2 Ohiete.'

RSm26treet'NW, Gr;
S -DeFreest Larner. i" .

Labor Temple, Austin,
T 1x.a 0a n. Enes
Li uttE Sxeutive
Assistant, Sca eJRA
Compliance Director,
.IM "a

*Mtam Building
Re.Huston, Texn..'
1320U h0 tree ' w.
Robert:L. Houston."

Room 3323, :Co mmercea. :
Building. AW.'.- .
Taa'. sen. ',.

",Room 2062,' Commerce'
S.Building, 10a. m.

ioomaOl9 Biteenth
SBtret' .A. 0.
.Dixo n" : '*'*
Pubio Ljbrary,.'.0a4.
Ind., 10'a., m. Fred
Hoke,' State NRA
(jompbanp' Director,
al 31 otrPeunsyl-
vania Street, Indian-
apolis, Ind.

.1 '*' ** 'D ; ,
Room' 404, Commeroe
nlldin'gs M. DI


PsOPoszn ACTON '
______________.___." "'-..'

Hearing on a request submitted by the 0ele i
industrI through its agency for'administaring.
promoting the provisions of the Code, 'thli oaf
Manufacturers' Association, 185 East,'orty-fui
York City, tor a stay of the aplication of the sbnS
for the refrigerating machinery Industry, as to aenl
electru'ical manufacturing Industry, and sport i
statement that the said association has noqisr:
paled in the establishment of the supplesenialCo
application In its present form will be'unjust.o. lm
elaL'trical manufacturing industry. '. .:
~ ,..- ....,%
*'. ., ** ..,^*'1

Opportunity to beo heard on amendment iohsbl 't
annual rate of assessment to be paid by membirsot
located within the Eleventh Zone Code Adminsig
*hose jurisdiction covers the States of'lUnnsbtas
South Dakota, and Dougl County, WlA, and 'il
Code administrative agency, whose jurisdctio len
\ Minneapolis, county of Hann pin, and including allIf
.of'the'Mlinneapolls-St. Paul metropolltanrdlstoi6]
'the east n of.Anoka and Bennepin Conties:!Th.di
inenttd be paid regional Code adminlstrion expen
changed'ifrom $7 for each $1.000 of annual meolanoic
$12 for each $1,000 annual mechanical pay roll i--
total annual rate of assessment to be paid by ma
try located within this region for all.Coe admntti
would be changed from $15. for each'$J,000-pf'al
pay roll to 520 for each $1,000 of nualmecaia '
Opportunity to be heard on applctiopnbtub tl
tional Code Authority for approval of Its udget nd b
meat, and for approval of the budgets a 9d.9esi ..a
Several zone atodead nittve' Oagencies__ ..ds
., administrative agencies, lor. the peod from OctIj
30, 1936.- -. ,... .'. ,. ,...
Total budget proposed for National Code A.kthorit
Bais of assessment is $3 for each $1,000 otannaa'iu
;roll., '.
.THIRTEENTH ZONE: Total budget p!opsed:'fori
S.,Zonei Code AdministratiLve Agency, whose iudsdilo
metropolitan area of the city and count'of. Denva
'$8, 600. Basis of asessment is $16 for each $).000o'f an
caipay roll. .' '-.' ,. '-..Q,'
Opportunity to be heard on application'snbmIt'.'
gency. National Commitiee .for suspension oa'the;ai0
ferried in par. Ill of Administrative Order'X-3.U.",i
SOpportirmnity to be heard onapplicationn submlteib
Authority for revisions, and. corrections of'.price.
SLumberCode Authority Bulletin, vol....0'o7;,.'.
Opportunity to be heard ot-applicatlon for the approi
.o computing 'dosts for Division -No. 80, comprising Ii
LOis and St. touis County, Mo. : .
. OpporItunityi tobe heard on application orapprt..
applicaJtion icr .1p31.
.computing cosc ,for Division No. 3d, comprlimglbe1'
Lours'ad St. Lbois County, Mo.
:Heirlngi on application submitted by Code Aithority':
F of its'budget and basis of colntribuntion
/ 1934,ld IJan.31,19305 ." .y
Total budget is $13,500. Basis of sserasment is'one,-k
cent of net dollar sales payable on .or before lhe it
'month on net dollar sales of preceding month.Z..! ';:
.Hearing' o appcatibn submitted by CodeBAutherliy
-'. ent ol Code. ; -.. .
Opportunity to beheard' on application nsubmittLdj.'
Ssional Code Authority for aplprovyal of ite'bugetand b
tribution fbr the period from Oct. 17, 1934, to Apr.',11!
Total budget, is $13,5W0. Basis of rasesment Is 2;We:
of.the dollar sles 'vqlunm done by each member or,the
May 1,. 1933, to Apr.'30, 1934. Inr no event, however
member of the trade pay a sum less sWan $12:0 s;
assessment-for.this 6-m6nth' period" .. .:" ..':

Opportunity to be heard on'applicatlon subinJtted by'
. thority'for:amendment of Code. : -.'
-Opportunity. to'e be ard on application submited
S'Authority 'for.-terination of eemplOin conferred' io
S'Administrative Order X-36-. '. 9t..,,
Opportunity'.to bieheard on application sdbmited
. Authority for terminationn of exemption conlerrid .jil
Administration Order No.-X-S,. '" .. )-
,Oppoortunity to be; heard on applUcation' submttea&br
visionalal Code Anthod'ty' for approval of Its
Contribution for the period from Mar. 6, 1934, to'.Miw
' "Toral .budget is $2,768.29. Basis of.'sassinant is bi
one percent'of the dollar volume of sales of the calendar
Hearing and opportunity to'be .heard on applieatin
tal groups' for approval of a 'proposed agreementt es
standards' of hours of'labor, rates .of'pay, and other cotV
.employment udder art. I, seac. 1, of the Code for t coi
-industry,; and sec. .7 (6) of National' Industrial oRi,
.affecting'members of the division and certain bf their i
S In the region of Travis County, Tex. ." '
Opportunity to be heard o application for the Eplirov
Areas and basis of computing costs for.DivislAn No,'11;
No: 11-A, '-B, 11-C l-D,'and.11-E. :
Opportunity to be heard on application' subml'tued:.
A authority Jor amendment of the Codp. ''

'Hearing oan application'submitted by COdds Ati
meant of Code, to define the term "air talve ic
: the' manufacturing and/or distributing .as m
.' their own' trade nameof air and vacuumnvalv&
'radiators and pipe lines and auxiliary equipm
Opportunity to be heard on application si
Authority for revisions and' corrections of p
regulations for the application thereof, publish

tthoritv fori

U A UUjILY ly uutJoj, vuJ. lLL,| uo. '.... '.
'Hearing and opportunity to be heard on applicatlbd
Groups for approval of proposed agreementestabl shis
. of ours of labor; rates of pay, and other conditions of dl
Sunder art. III, sec. 1, bithe Code, and sea. 7 () ofi thi
S..IndusLlal Recovery Act affeting members of this Ins
Certain of their employees in'the region of CalusMbt, Hol
SCenter, Winfield, andtEagle Creek townships.Qf Ltk
anril "1 nfPorter Coiunty. Ind. ,.' '.

. .I ,..:. i
--- .- .. : :. : -- -- ;, .. *;.' ; ;,"
'Opportunity toibe heard on application sibmittedi'117ts
tional Code Authority for approvea of is bdget.antid.h
asemsessment, and for approval of the budgets and basis. '
ment ol its several zone Code administrative agenci6saio;dl
Code administrative agencies'for'the period fron O'L,],I
S&pc. 30, 1036. .'..**i
Totl budget proposed for National Code Authority siW,
Basis of assessment is $3 for eaoh $1,000 of annual me.bail
roll. ,' .: ,
'THIRD ZONE: Total budget proposed for Third ZooOR
minlisLraUtive Agency, whose Jurisdiction covers the BStal.s
Jersey and Pennsylvania'as far west as the 79th nmeridlatij
Basis of assament is 60 cents for each 1iL,00 of aniu' ei:.
payroll. P
Total budget proposed for regional Code admnisttifl'
Whose jurisdiction covers the counties of Merer, .Mi
Monm'otth, 'and. Ocean In the State of New 3e6rsey,:,i
Basis'of assessment is $6 for each $1,000 of annual 'm..i..i
Scroll ' .
:FIFTH AND EIGHTH ZONE: Total budget Preopcse
and Eighth Zone Code Administrative Agmny, PldhSj,
'tion covers the States of Alabama, Arkanssib, 'prlddu'
Kentuoky, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Cerolin, 5-fli
see,ats $12,216. Basis of assessment is $3 1or each$ I0.i,
mechanical pay roll. .'i
Total budget proposed Jor regional .Code admiddarYP 5
whose Jurisdiction covers the city of Memphis and Selbltu
STenn., is $4,440. Basis of assessment is B31 Ifor .SJ
meabchanical payroll. T ..-... '.
Total budget proposed for regional Code dmil t--Wi
'whose Jurisdiction covers the cities of hrevepori..
and Cedar Grove, La., is ,O4. B:so.asseof....oemi,..

ott LouCnryris If Basis 0o as
orf ual mehan y roll.


i .

" I








m 11

"a ld-


tHE?.D- UL;.. O F:-. ".i. ,V :'. ;' '-:'^ .... ,

". ------------ --- --- _'' ''I' "." : : .'

i.TO B 7 0 yo TRADE
fgaturda..Novw 84,

-ria ~ Relief prin t-
;Ali dfS 287-869; 861 -

-'-- '
4.i -,

i". I .

5t-';' I '

Lfnnst 308-38.
pmoaring- and whole-
i .divLsn 'in the
1 ,Mlddie Atlantic

4 d
me i.uar1 n 10214.

,sf'' ^-', *' : i

.4."-... ....

ft,'Dragline, and
ikca,Indnsrtry, 102-14.
inj:ay, oT;a6 'a "

ai: Re-e, Punt-
girldiistry, .287-349.
1,833,863, 254, 3150, 358,
l;!U0, 262,2363,364; 365.

, *. :', ..
-...+,hding .*:1t. .

'l- J ,t' *. *o
]S '< f' .. -" '
c?'-.!'<, -v .. *.' '
/. "'. . '

. ;

' K"".4 '-


*'.,i- . ,
' ** *)31 s 's i 3o *' s

.' . .


Room 4064, Commexce
. Building.. M.I D..
We .s .h ..

".* .
. i


,- ..*

Room'nt1119, Invetment
Building. 15.5.Hol-
,ing.ead .

't i

Room 4527, Oommerce
SBuilding. J H.-,Len-
Room 539, Invetment
SBufldQin., leal'W.
-Foster. : .

i ," ,\ "' *'

Room, 4064, Conmderce
B'u l Idn g, 'MiD.
Walsh... ; ..

r; *,
*. i :*

., ? '. ..

. .-

r. ..
" .'L

> .
, .

N '

'ito, -


'44 1
1-- "
I --

'.4'. -
- 'F'






*Opportulnity to be hi ar ..4on appicbatIon; '''of the-'Natl onal" Cide
-Authotty-for approvalofItsbudget and,.ls.of assessment, iand".
for approval 'qf te budgets' and basis o aasessment of it several
zone -ode administrtive 6gibes'and'rgional .'ode o dmbistra-
live agencies for the period from 9ot 1,' 1934.t Spl.,30,-1935. :
'Total budget proposed for Naoa' Cqde-'Autbdnty -is-p208,6i0.'
SBasis of assessment is $3 foreao ,$1000 of annualmechanlcal payroll.'
-FrsT'n. ZONE:'. Total, budget,.proposed for Frsh Zone Code Ad'-"
.jnlisfratiVefAgencyj whose jdrisdcti covrthe States f Maine, -.
N N e'tampshire,,,Vemont, Massehuserttsf1. '0od Island, ard,
Conne ut,'1s. 7,555. Basis of sses it is -9F0' cents for .each
.1000of annual mechanlfcalh4aitroll.
', .$l,000 of ann a, nlc a lca ,aly',rol]. *,' '..,',*', ** ",c '* ... ,. .
STbtal'budget'pf posed,'for.- regional Coqd administratve-agency.
whose juisichtion covers'the metropolitLn'area of,'Worcester,as
.'defned in' the,UniLed Stales,1930 Census, 11 of Worcester County ,
'-outside of the metropolltamnra'ea; township of Orangei Franklin'I
County;'towsh'ps'of HopldntO ,iMarlboroukh \Hudson,'Stow,
-Shlrley,:Pepperell;.Townsend, andAAshby in.1lddlesx Couanty'
in 'the-State of: Mssacli ustts,' lIs'3,620. ,Bais of' asessmentis
"$14.10 for iaci1 000 of annual mechanical .ay.roll. :
'FIFTH AND, EIHTH ZONE Total bWdget pirposed .for Fifth,
and Eighlth Zone Code'Administrative.Agency, whok jurlsdicton
-coyers tie States of Alabama, Arkansas, FloAda, Georgia Ken-
,tuoky,%oultsana; Mississippi, South arolina, and Tenesslee-
Is $L,240. .'Basis ofqssesme1t .$3 sr Iac0h $4i0Q9',1oannueime.
chanicalpay roll, ..' ". i '" '
'Total budget fpr regional Code administrative agency, wose Juris
diction covers the counties. .of AbbevlUe,' Anderson, Cheroee,
Chester, -Greenville; Creenwppd, Lancaster, ."Lpurens; oone,
Piokens, Spartanbutrg, Union,'and york In South 'Garona, Is
,' $260. Bals of assessment it $5 r each $1,000 of annual mechanical
patsy] roll.',,. ". r'"' ".., 1 '.. "" ', '"* :
Toa-bdget proposed fo regional.-Code administrative aenoy,
whoseAJurisdction covers the oubntiet of Duval Nassau, laker,
Union, .Colunbia, Hamilton; Suwtvaee, and Lafayeite, in .the
S4te ofFlrida; is $3292 Basis of asessment Is $80 foreach ..$1,000
of annual mechanical pay roll. : ". '
Total budgft-.proposed for regional .Code administrative, agency,,
,whoge Jurtsdlcton obvers the Fourth Georgla'Dist'rict comprising'
Sthe counties of Plke, Lamar, Monroe, Jasper, Putnam, Baldwin,,
Jones, Upson, Crawford,. Peach, Bibb, Twifs., Wilkinson, Lau-
rena, B ecJkley, Houston, Pulaski, Treutlen, Montgomery, Whe-il
er, Telfair,. Jeff Davts, Dodge, Crisp, Ben Hill, Irwin,. Coffee,
SToombs,Doolyiland Wilcox,. $08.. Basis of assessment Is $19-20
for each $1,000of aoulai mechanical pay 'roll. -. !.,.,
NINTH ZONE: Total'budget propliosed. foi Ninth Zone Code.Ad-,
inlnistrative Agency, whose jurisdiction covers the States of.Iowa;
SIllinois, exclusive of the city of Chicago and Cook County; Mis-'
souri,' and'.Wyandtte County, eans., is $3,670.' "lasis of assess-
ment is $1 for each. $1000 of annual mechanical pay. roUll. .:.
Total budget proposed for regional Code administrative agency,
whose Jurisdiction covera'the counties of Platte; Clay; Ray, Car-
,roll, OChariton, Randolph, Howar, Saline, Dafayette,e' Jsckson,
Cass, Jolnso, Pettis, Cooper, Morteau, Morgan BAenton, 'Heny,
SBata, St. Olair,, Camdett, and Miler; and Wyantotte'in the StAte,
of -Kansas, p $12,980. Basis of. assessment ia $12, for each $1,000'.
of annual mechanical pay-roll; .
Total budget proposed for regional' Code administrative agency,
whose jurisdiction covers the enlarged St. Louis district, including,
the eastern section of Missouri east pf and. Including the following
S.counties: Scott, Kox, 'Shbelby,'Mohroe, Audiralin, Boone, Marleh,
Pulaski, Texas, and Howell, and-the southern portion of Illinois, .
south ol-and Jinoluding the .following counties: ,Calhoun, rene,
Macoupin, Montgomery, Fayette, Efflngeham, oCumberland, and
Clark, and 'the St. Louis metropolitan area, Is $28,118., Basis cf
asseasmentis,$12 for each $1,000 of annuali'meoobanical payroll.
Total budget proposed for regional Code adminlstraulve a agency,
whose jurisdiction covers the 58 northern counties of Bllnoieand
the 4 eastern counties of/lowa, with the esxceptioo of Cook County.
I], Is $13,1908.' Basis of assessment Is$13 foreach $1,000 o0 mechan-
Ical pay roil. l
ELEVENTH ZONE: Total budget proposed for Eleventh Zone
Code Administratlve'Agency, wbose Jurisdictlon covers [he States
of Minnesota, North ann South Dakota, and Doulias County.
Wis., is $11,233. Basis of assessment is $5 for each $1,000 of annual
mechanical pay roll '
Total budget (or regLoal Code'addmInJstratlev agency, whose Juris:
diotlon'covers the city of St Paul and all that portion of thet'Minne-
apolis-Sft. .I'almietropollaii district lying.east of the westbound
any of RamsOy County, and that portion coming within that area
which lies lii akota Oounlty, which includes the city, of South
St. Paul Mnn., Is $' 400 Basis aof assessment Is $12 for each
$1, 000 of annual mechanical pay rol .
TWELFTH ZONE; Total budget proposed for the Twelfth Zone
Code Administrative Agency, whose Jurisdctioton covers the
iSraues of Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Kansas with the exeutlon (fI
SW andotte Courity. is s10,880. Basis of assessment is $, for each
$1,000 of annual mechan ica pay rol
'intel budget proposed for regional Code administrative agency,

whose IurnisdliclOn covers the city of Linain. 'Nebr., is' fl,80
Basis orassessmeot Is $8 ror each $1,0000ofaelti mechanical Payroll
Total budget proposed for regional C.qe administrative agency.
whose'IJnrisdlotion covers the ciry of Omaha,Nesbr., met dpolltarn
are is $7,190., Basis of assessment is $L8 for eac $1,0 of annual
mechanical pay roll.
Total budget proposed for regional Code administrative, agency
whose Jurisdiction covers those engaged in commercial relief pri t.
lg in the city of Topeka, Shawnee County, Hans., is $10,880
Basis-of .assessment is $3 for each $1,000 of annual mechanical'
pay roll. _
FIFTEENTH ZONE: 'Fotal budget proposed for the Fifteenth
Zone Code Administrative Agency, whose jurisdiction covers the
States of Califorula, Nevada, and Aritona, is $.10,00. Basis or
-assessement is $a for each $1,000 of annual mechanica pay roll.
total budget proposed for the regional Code administrative aec.
,*~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~cl 0 u -o: ;-r __.. =of Arizufona is $3 535 Jllgrs n
' whoSe lurisedlelon covers the Sa of A i B .. "
assesment is $19 for each $1,000 Of annual mechanicalpay roll.
Total budget proposed for the regional Code administrative 8113n30.
whoke .lt on covers the county of Fresco, Calf., Is f 2,00.
Basis ofsasessment is $21 for each $1,000 of annual mechanical pay
roU. ; i

4, tr q *, .'u ; : v a 's.L :.."'

INDUSTRYo Ta, '1 O AD..z rr.,
I ... -.... "... "1


-" '
' ' "aO'rosED AC iO '

Total bridgt proposed. -for regional Code administrative agency,
whose Jurisdiotton covers tbeolcy ofWlchla,:Kns:, Is $3,963. Basis
of assesmelt is $18 for each $1,000M of annual mimeohanlcal payl.i
Total'ibudget.proposed, for raional Code administrative agcy
*whoa jurIsdotlon covers Oklahoma' City, Okla.. is 8$,700. Basis
oia ssNment'a s foir eachl,oO0 of mechanical pay roll. '
Total'j eciropoed -for regional. -Codgadmtinistrative agency,
hose Jurirsdiction covers the oiy of Tulsa; Oka., Is $,230.:Basis
of assessirnnf.Is $38 for each $1,000 of annual mgchenied pay roll.
or$3__ 1! 3S"(lo slw t amlual meohanl al peyrU
Total 'budet l'oposed for regional Code dniinistratlve agency,
who i Jri.sdlction covers the oity of Salina, Kans., Is 1$300. Basis
of.asses.ment is $10"for each $1,000 of annual meohani cl pay roll
Oporuntit4t.1bheard on application of the National-Qode
Anthb6rlty for apptoal of Its-budget and basis of assessment, ad
fr tprieaSproval of tile budgets and basisof assessment of Itsilsiveral
mon'C.oda administrative gencJies and regional Code administrative
agenclea for the period'.from Oct. 1, 1924, to'Sept. 30, 1088, :
TotaJ blidget .for National. Code. Authority is $S208,50, Basis of
a smnt s?$3 for each $1,000 of annual mechanical pay roll..
FIEaT. ZON: Total budget .proposed for First Zone OodeAdmIn'
istrahvhAgenoy. whose jurisdiction covers the Stais ot Maine.
New Hampshlre Vermiont-, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and
Connecticut,. is $7,65. Basis of assessment Is 90 cents for eadob
$1,000 of annual nmeholianical Day roll.. .
Total budget proposed- for regional Code administratIve agency,.
whose jurisdiotiou covers the State of Rhode Island, all territory
In the Statp of Mssachusetts Included In the Providence metro-
politan district by the united States 1030 Cqnsus, also all of Bristol
County south of the metropolitan Beoston boundary Rochoster
MattapolsieLt.&Marlo, and Waiebam'in Plymouth county, and
Sall.of BagKnstabl', Dutes.endNanticket1Coontfes is $8300., !Basis
:of. asses.ent Is;7 'for ,Eaqh'$i1,000.of annual'mech.nicar pay r11 .',
ONdiment to A t renlslnltrat ie"Ore'fl 'No.2873 24dtted.,Octl.'i8,
'1034, by'.oh.ngii the annual, rate.of assedsmeits for.the leventh,
Zone oDode,Administ'rive Agei ; Whoelu'isdtctlon cobersdi I
'States. :of Mindesota-.: NorWi and .oionli.flakbta .and'tBronglas',
." O.C nty, .is. and fortheregioial zone Codeatinilnlstrativeagiency,,
whose'jaristdiCtion covers tocilty f DuluLh,:Minn..-- .: .
Opportunity to be-beard n'appllcaciuat lheshbitted by'the 'm-
.porary' eaecuutive ommirte -of the btd'maring did'wholesalig,
.division of-this industry, in the,South iddlo -Atlanticarea. for
.approval otis budieet and basis of assessment for. thb period 'fom'.
Snuly{28, ll3 b to Deo.31, 1934.;, a perd ro.'
The bpdget-pr'o vides for an estlmited' eirpediture o'$4,868.62 ftor
said-priod, and looks toward the'llquidptiLon of Code administra-
tton epensa sin [he.amount 61 $3,670, fgr oaid period, and the.liqu-i
SdaMhdn of expense, Incurred in furthering the prepardhtion, adoption
and aibptova, of the Oodefor the fishery lrdustry, In the sum of
* $'l,29l6,.B' ,,'. .. ,,'- . .* I.- ."J ,*
Opportunity e h r on application 'submitted by,. Oodor
Atithorit 'for affndmnc'to'the Code'. .." ...' .. '
,. / : p s .
Oppoftuntiy to be.hoard on application submitted by' Code
A. Authority for approval of its budget an4:basis ofassessment for
Sth pdriodfromJoJulyl,',1934 to Do.'31, 1'934. ;
:Tcotal budget, .Is $18,998.0., Basis'of assessment i.$160.per $',00 or, sales.-for theylTara633.

Soap, anad. Glycerine'Mfg. In-,

dustry--Article :11I,' Section

1, o: 83-3+' and. Package

Medicine 'Industry '- Arti-

cle II,'Sectiori No.430-9
FACTS.-Applcant Is engaged in the mana-
facture of "0 * Soap ",.'which'' it repre-
'sents os being a toilet soap having emollient
prlopertles which are medicinal.
QUESTION.-Is the manufacture of such
soap governed by the,Code of fair competi-
tion for the soap and glycerine manufacturing
Industry or by the Code of -fair competition
for the package medicine Industry. -
INTEIPRETATION.. Tlie manufacture
of such soap is. Included within the defini-
tion of the Industry governed by the Code
of fair competition for the soap and glycerine
rManufacturing industry.? It Is not included
within the definition of the Industry governed
by the Code of fair competition for the pack-
oge medicine Industry. '

n'i> -: a'O" '. ., "' ? 't e< a." ', ." ,t.
,'* . I' ; .* i" :"I ,'. ,. ,. .. '", .i
i', "" ,. !l i : : "1 ,, ^ ,'. : i .. ,, '?,
'* "^.v 1., -. .'. *" .'.: ,. ;..!,- ?! ;. .., ..'.. -eT- i'\
I .., '. , 4Oppor~lnttto bie healrd'0d it.5t Bf~occnpat~ian deemed Vo
J [".'I. li" atnro c.d etrimsat aa -oite +ealtbh.opf'peoDS mder'l&i:
.- -. F'
l a e :.. ,' : i '., i* P .ssg ,bm r . .. F;.

,-tlive Oider Xrp; i.

(i. -hr'yo .mefaa-
p:,t.". I t 7, oiasfeht

' AuthorHtyfor' rev
0 .Authurity tvBnlttii

:' ..; ,< !" i


Monday, Nov. 26,
1934-Contd. :
Dowel Pin Manufact.ilng
Industry, 440r. 11"',". ;:
Ligbt'. Sewing In austry.
Except Oaimeits. ,(Cov.
Served carpet padding dii-
elon) 22"-9.-.
Linseed Oi ManufacturIng
SIndpstry.' (-laxseed'
,CrushIng Indnustry)
:"A. A. A13-aLPi1-4. -,
S.Lumber andTimber Prod
no, u Industry, 9-214,:2l6;.
S 218, 21,29, 221. ., :"
:Maqhlne Wasite Mancfao-
-Inring Industry, 149-14.' .
- .
i .i~ 'I.. i ,

Metallic 'Wall Structure'
SIndustry, 84-A-7. .

i .', " ,, 1 .:i 1 *!:". l n

..;, . <*: 1* *: o.; ,;

C ystir Shell Cruishers In-'
:,.diistry; 45 '- ," *',
Textile Proceqlng' Indu&-

'.Tuieadayj] Njv. 27, 1934
%, 13 279-.C', ** **<{

'Penll Laboratory Inus
Story, 217 ; 1. :

*i , .. ? ']* *

';Manufacturing ang Met-,
Sall .1inshing' ad"'.tal'
S.doatingr4Indst y, -8.70.
luring subdivisiod.).
,*8-W70 ;(Fireplacei unih
gings iranufacturing sub--

^Inveetxpedt- -Bankers;' ibr;'-
--Machinery 'and' Allled-
*)&echanlcabpdsle, 'Remoy,
0 '"7 Q

'. n..g ind:.try.. SS ...
Radio L'rsraorml"itng and
r."Public AddressAfppi-a,'.
-s',.. ds..,ad:''C:ommerdial"
*Raio Receiver Industry,;
-:1308-21;,s4-L !i(Subdivi'l
; *sloaofeleou'lcal manufac-1
*..turinglindustry;). ;'**'g
SWednesday, Nov.',
.'i ,': *".r .:' .' :;.''

Commercial Relief! Print-
*Ing .IndustrY, 287-8685
';' 1" -8. ;

Motor Vehiscle Ralling
Trade, 46-44.&

1 .9 .S3I 'd 9 '. 'IT '-

Rdooi 4084, Apomoerde huardi n apbce~ons'uhmjotfed by
..Buiding. D... ..onal.Code.Authoritydforapprovala-1iibdUet.and.ha
SWalsh itrlbuionand'for'the'appr, .of."the budgetsrandba'ir
Somt.Of Its.severalmaone U alnlstrahveagenciesand
-C ode adklnisatrative-agencies for theperiod from ct1
Sen 30,'1935 ,. .,, ,
",', ,,r e -Tota bpdget for National C6de. Authority Is'2088,60.-
assessment is $3 for each $1,000 ot annual mnechanlcal pay
";.... FIFTH .',EIO:TH Z.ONE 4 Ttal: budget p-opoe-
,Fifth.L n'EigbhthZdneCdeA'dmflmstratve gencywV
diction-coVerq the States'6CAlabaina,;ArkniiassPlorida
*entucky,'Ltblhlana, It .Pri;I South Caroltna.'and 1
.. is. l,24.. 'Basis of asse ent: is $3 foreah$lQ00
'" ee 1'' '.ec $1ha 0al jOay roll.'" .
i Total budget piopsed for zoe Code dmliistrative agel
S, jurisdlcton'.cover tBe:;evbnth,dIstrit'of Georgia, comp
: 'counties of Clinoh, atilnson, Ware, Bacon,,Appling,'.
. i Cardler' Emanuel, Buloch' Efflngham,.Bryan, LiberI
Wayne, '1%l~ntosh, Glynn,.baniden, Charlton, Brantl3
...Chatham; .and'Bvans, Is $1,63b. 'Basis of assessment s
each $i,000 otaninual mechanical pay roll. -',
N, NTJH ZONE:'Total lu'dget proposed for the'NintlWZ
'AddnlninErative Agency,,whose jurisdiction covers the
6.- lse, fllinois, exclusive of the city of Chicago and Cook
S Missouri and.WyahdoteOunty,Kas.,is $3,670. Basis
mentjis Si for each $1,0.0 of annual mechanical pay roll.
Total budget for reional zone Code admirilstratife ageno
Jurisdiction covers Cedar Davis' Dea Moinhs, Henry',Iop
son, Johnson,'Keobc hIn. Louisa. Mahaska, Powest
** .. BuieD, Wapal.o, and Washington'Counties In the StAtaco
S1 :,800.'.Basip of assessment Is $120 odr each $1,000 gf a.
S chanical pay rol .
Room 4321, Commere Opportunity ta be heard on application submitted by i
BuIlding. J. O. Rob- ority for amendme to thapart ottheCbdeAuthori
:erts. and "bass of assessment that consists-of Ie budgets and
assessment of the qitate advjsory'committee-obf.Kansas a
y' lvania.' : 1 . . ...' ,

": ..
'. '/' .1;'

Cap and:. Cloth- Hat Indus .
'. :' '.'.. .# I*. o- l :1: ;'

FACTS.-Artile IV, section'5, of 't1et;.
of fair competition for-the cap and- 'cloth1 i
industry provides, part, as.foilows '"
"The number of apprentices engaged b.
any one employer shall at no time exceed tei
percent '(10%) of the total,'number of0m
ployees engaged in the-manufacturing opera'
tons In the employ of such employer. -Th4i
Code Authority, subject to the approval .o
the Administrator, may limit the total njA&
ber of apprentices engaged by any oned'em
ployer in any one (1) yeai." ;.
QUESTION.-May an employer enmplojhu
less than ten (10) employees be~penttei
to employ one (1) apprentice? ., .
INTERPRETATIO.-Any member d .-ti
industry employing less than ten (I0 M4i
ployees in Its manufacturing operations, iia'I.
employ. one (1) apprentice, 'provlded' ti
Code Authority, subject to the' approtal-b
the National Industrial Recovery Bodrcl
' deems the employment of one app-etit'.
necessary. ,



' '.. I . *+ '.". ".
- I ll 1 : m

.907 Sixteentb'h Btree't
; NW A.,O.Dixon.%,
,o' ,,.. 209, .Commerce,
-Bullding.: D.-D, Vin-
let'. ,.,.!, .'_'"' .:.:.

Root 1f jnyutnient5
,. Buiflng. ... W,
- Dunntling ....
-' ". ". ':'.'";' ";4
'Boom 201;'908 Sixteenth
Stret,'NW -A.' 0.
SD .'. i
1320 G'. Street "-iNW,'
lPraek.H. Crdclkrd;, ,

Rbom 811,1618 K Street
,NW. H Ferrls'

smpnlei-j.0s '.cents .per,'pfrt;.pbable "m6ho]
)et.dellvered *thA'pricediing' moth.' Alhim"
inmatfon of ekemptlon"onferred in" prI. :I[ i
rder'X'-36.. -. ".,;*" ":*. ,- ,' '
inity to be' heardoo .applicitionJ of Code;.
1l of is budget and 'esis of assSsmeait..fc
in. 15 10M4, tnolrnn 1A 1QtK ".



,,,.-, 1 .. ..4.. .1.,p,.d i.o a. J to ep 3, 134, a iate rmt ssfe
..... '"'"'" -"l'" '7 e 'et~ r-l lu
Isuob' i'>bz a h c d t nei cie2 trat lacceptedi
;i '.*', ""' 0;: 1:, 0Pnhe'ri lU,'ytlfl Is Bn- iic ofs~ll;OOO De~tdtpovfdw
.**:.'*i.: ..*" +.,1. *.*, :., t*'. l. ,'rar ib ; 'n t rt rl riatio. (i'eii ptioii o 'nterf ii i o*b r.
',g"'- t .... .." t t Lbnelnl;' d i. -,.
Bt CHut b% a rate of
.. lIndiA g dur, total
:"a,.: /: "; 8 Hoi- .Ioty rBm an iha 'iro liis ofth..d tl'.g.t
: Jn he a "" ""' "" .'.olabor. ---; 'P j*.'. *|'fl l**' .i h, .W**;.*;**' ,LP ** .."
.*. ". ; .. :-1 .. :i. sng'iobhfi' ideis rsj. 'a .m bxte 'preceding .f.ui
,. .,. ,n. A , ,d d. e o .'." i n ] **' t41 **** *; -* .."-00 'per* it n'th ,'w ow cte
,:. 'ess. .mentsahsll, noVc e ,--r1ths;p-er- ent.-' A],
"- r'-t~rj a ni h lf-exe in 'conferred in Par
m:ilniStff~!cdf1 4..
.'Room:t 12 M', n t0"e p OarPionuntypth o bhard afo l 4'At!in suhbitted .bB o
S*nildotn;'.g R l .. ;,oflab-i- a etsbt'o r 9 of the code laln ti

*.* lf sb d. .; ,7. '. .* *,;30,l1935 .-; : '.'.".tal ba g ta r O '~'..... l f" "," ... ....
B-oon i 1811iCo'.ommerce .Heerihg' aoi'a recom enatjye.dub a fl tlhe0C o u
Bundl lg,.10. ; m.. .' .,- :o' ;elngdwth .merge t ingaoy6o 'nho .dy i m branch of st
., .:". '" processing ".'Industr e re sisng f 3m .te pl l o fspo
".' "* "'' j ," "'i f ". .."t .'.d "2"Et .,i ,",-.., p. e ; 'o fp n

..Hotel: ,. -'and e of oa n.trl uo or.. 'e. 6. 0 A." owTen.. 22. .. P;4,!
.:. .: -. -"" :' 30, 1935 Total h. q eti 'hassessm,0-. -.a o e ninit' 1
"9 *1518,s"tt.roostitdht.ehet o d.udeto olae d, rothud
lowsht W e tbOllecwd~difrnm we
.' ,"' .o'. ,i -f the 6o dustrytful h t wr o'i o ri'of'nlqmssment:. Firs; aeft
....*~ ..l igai;' .ii .' 1 oricg sin the baslsof$ 8 min te filing orf ad rtkt

'*A '.1.; ;.-* .. list;.. add $2~~ntbia 111'th.Bbodf,- o~~ 9 cenltc 8 y^ l
.;.^''"',,;,"* list' a .in".. i eth 'fllg of revised p-ice liar; seopdd i
Room ":, ,:18 .' Toce than5 assessmentsbefi knade dunthe u
.:Rooqm if. 61SS'KStreet 9ppartitnity to iae heOad 'oni proposed appendix. tdL'
'.:NW s.FenesWhie. '' Code,.fFefr Corim t otion'isubmntteld J the' oldaib'tl
",uf cruig D ubdIvision ., onihilg't repreit S 'rcen
~ ~ v ~ber gtbnhibbrs i the~ obdnss p'ed 95 oircent by vp1
the autidis.. lsn of thelIndustry: ,.,.y.
-.,:,N. i r d .si rum s ,.-%.I
pp..rt,.nI!,to ,,,.heafd' o, .proos appendix.,'ih j

,*R~oom 031 Cgi8, er.c- 'Opportunity" to ibe'heardp 1 applicatrln submitted te y
HY .;]rFer~sva ." et .:,..ode,,gf.Fa" hmClinited tan' bmit yjthe."Wopl~ed'

Bu ,lding.t t Am- -'Authoityl r es endmneot'o bd I'

looru 8, WilglArdin, I.;Hearing fou'arpIcaendloCpb Po Authlority or Camdhd6
o'oel, a 1 ma '' C'..ode,.. ...,.
Boom' il28,,;Willrd SHotel, 10'a m; ;' .. ('anical ficale. IRembong Assoolatiob, rep-ead
u .fr W.r ,,,:." percent ofb 'te .i.n :...l. ';..,... :......:su i d b
*N.. 'oHa-, Hearln'.on proposedd uppi.m' ntal'd'. .
itel,'0a.m.' .'.," .; '.tionalo ctridcal ManuflctreriAssoclI ,o alarming to8, 'pe
*/oo';' ,"* 8,..2ipl 'er b c ront of theinduiistrdeflned fByt. proposed Cqde; .
,* [otel,1 *^ ;^'n. '."., -' .^ '::*.i*. ,* **" '. '..*.. oelat.^ ''e i., *:tn ,r pr
.!-- .: er n ft ". b > '.
Btmi~rJ j ".W.i~. He, ~ni .,npm zpl~mn fl, odi:( q
i:J :30s;-n". ..". ]monl.'lb~ilcl 0..nfcue$' "ol~n,3fli or
,'"k., ',, ..+ , p,+ ....! h: + e: : ,. o~..... -.;je.

* ,' r ,':':+'+
:...:A '

1 ..'* -
.' '.. .' i .. i* "" :'"
:. . .. .-* '. . .. "':, ..^ ^ ^ ^ t ^ "i.1,

rRcOImnerded for"
sy~ ', "iC~l. 'r 1. d
R detail Trade
1"-::' i (Continued from page 1)

(2)- Limit the pay''period. to 1 week, and
W1: il t pay hold'backs to a maximum
!.'-:.:p 1 o week; :..''r
(.3)' ".'Prohibit any employer of labor from
Si4: requiring an :employee to- trade at
..the company store;" and
!.()'."Prohibit the payment of wages due
i. In any form 'other than lawful
': money or, par checks."
tiTiits report the. conmmitteestates that the
e.ent."article IX, section 4,., of. .the retail
Aoie, is well. as an identical provision in
der ..Codes,'.:" recognizes' the interest of the
ndelenldent mnierchant. "' 'and thkt, outside
'a' group of merbchnts in Birmingham,
a the committee "'fiud little evidence
ian'.. organized or a widespread protest"
tgplnst its provasibns. '.' :
IYkewiae the committee: found ."-but few
aA5e'of -direct and indirect pressure being
orted on the employees to trade'at' tile
Company store which stores "sell goods
Si"d render services equal in quality com-
pared to those offered by.. the independent
stores '"
'However, the committee, reported that
g food prices in the company.:store are on
gba average from 2.1 percent td 10.4 percent
iwher than similar .prices .In neighboring in-
l.'endent. stores; 'and 'tat "the "practice
6. dscqounting scrip for-.,sh. by merchants
lad other members t'* community is
despirend." The rate of such discount, was
[ported -to iary from. 10 to 30 percent.
detailed Inquiries in Ten Eastern States
,Incbndueting .its .field investigation, 'the.
g'Dnmttee reported,.'detailed, inquiries were
ide'-into the" conditions.- which prevail in
r -'? eastern States' in which company
i`eO are most' numerous and the use% of
Pi as a. form of:'wage' payment most'corn-.
ao'.,"An individuall questionnaire and com-
nformation on policies.and prices were
1D1ed for: 150 commissaries and 100
1eigbofring ihdependent',.stores. An addi-
iih! '35 commissaries were..selected'at ran-
nit!.o verify the representative 'character
those from which .oti detkildd data were
pmiled;. subequenfly, commissary, and in-
endent-store.'m"nnagers; labor leaders, and
alahorers.themsel' es..were interviewed in
Uommunties. visited by the investigators.
be. question as to..the effect of the use
.credit .ipdun ,the'.freedom ..of labor was
"i. special consideration" in its study,
-lcommittee.reported.-"'Some cases of com-
,1ipon 'or. intimidation were fouhd, "but
s-"were'. exceptional:", .' However, the: re-
ot 'states: '"The necessities 6o jn 'imnpover-
'.ied :or improvident' employee may". be as
lecEive as coercion would 'be' in causing him
, company store,' where "lonie.
l .can secure an 'advance' against his pay."
F '..some. instances,'.the' committee .found;,i
,ommissarvy manager: explained "that. "-a
Qmber of 'laborers .were :in, perpetual debt
Ollthe commissary; "ah 'inl one'.Sotuth Caro-
na platin- "it was claimed .by the laborers.
at tChere were three'workers who had not
ceived .any cash mithe-last 15 .years.' An-
.rcase was. encountered .in. West Virg"iia,.
.ere the .company. had:'not even none
Trough the. formalities of having, a cash
P:y: day in :the&'last 2 years." -
JDeflnite Employe RespansibflityI-
.The assumphon. of :a. 'paternalistic' re-'
jonsibility. carries 'with it,-.however, certain
iplicalonis, among whibchb.In the Judgment
thisi, committee, is a responsibilityy to see
ia-:.the employee who confides.-in this re- i
vnsibility. receives%-tred tment at least equal '
wbat he would receive from those pro- t
sing no. such restraining relationship ....
The-e is room also for question as to the 'I
cidal desirability of extending di paternal-
tic relationship beyond, the minimums un-
opldable in the situation: The system of P
edit .tends toward a .minute supervision
en'. the economic'.affairs'-of the employee. d
e' employee 'who surrenders the manage-
int'of -his affairs to the employer is denied t
Sthat'extent responsibility which educates
'."'in self-reliance and economic, compe-

Appencld. to the report are' 18, tables of'
u ttiaei data 'deall'ngwith reta il prices '
*fo'ds'ii company and ifdependent'stores g
atious localities and classifications of
activities and locations of reporting b
-res, '
*-....*... --* -- -I


Pg industry No. 249-8 i
aJUESTION.--"Are' commission salesmenu a
*t14 tag industry classed as employees and p section 2. of' article IV of the Code a
'fs'-.competlbion. for. the'tag industry ?" s
NTERPRETATION.-Commission.. sales- P
'-t-, :-the tag Industry, other than those 7
nmjssion salesmen 'who have a contract t
:&t a member. of the Industry so worded as i
ciistitute commission, salesmen independ-
[,.-.dntiactors, are 'classed as employees. .a
.wulch .as such commission salesmen are tI
Specifically exempt from the provisions of ti
CIQn', 2 of article IV of the Codc 'of fair d
.wetitlon for 'the, tag industry,' they are q
iject to such provisions.'' s

w ^., A tn..t:.:. .: : .: .. .: . M. odif c t on... s... r... h -,
A* m e m en ts a nid M odifications r0str ct
__. .Plannincran dA.

The National Industrial Recovery Board,
during the past weel approved amendments
and modifications to Codes of fair competi-
tion as follows:
Artificial.-Flower' and Feather Industry.-
Amendment approved October 31, 1934, add-
ing a. new section I9 to article VI requiring
'NPIA labels on 0 ll invoices and copies thereof
covering products subject to provisions of
this Code. The Code Authority shall, sub-
ject to the approval by the National Indus-
trial Recovery Board, establish rules and
regulations for the issuance of labels.' Mem-
bers of the Industry may use such labels .only
if anud so long as they comply with the Code.
Members may affix such labels on packages,
containers, boxes, or individual units.' The
amendment Is effective 10 days ftom the
.date of. approval.
Dress'A.Manufaoturing Industry. Amend-
ment approved October 31, 1934, adding sec-
tion ,3i to, article V1 permitting the Dress
Code. Authorit-. and, any local Industrial ad-
justment agency or any Sectional or Divi-
sional Code Authority created under the
Code to incorporate upon approval by the
National Industrial Recovery Board of its
proposed certificate of incorporation and by-
laws. The amendment "also adds'a new sec-
tidon 17 to article IX as follows: "No mem-
ber of the'industry shall give, permit, to be
given, or offer to' give to any employee or
agent of .the Code'.Authority, anything of
.value for the .purpose of Influencding or re-
Warding the action of such employee or
Earthenware Manufacturing Industry. -
Amendment approved October 31, 1934, sub-
stituting a new section 2, Article II, defining
the three main classes of the industry's prod-.
ucts stoneware, earthenware, and clay
flower pots. Earthenware Includes art por-
'tery and kitchen crockery. Each
class and subclass is specifically defined.
i Pu Wholesalffing and Distributting Trade.-
Amendment approved October 27, 1934, ub-
stituting'a new section. 1,'article VII, as fol-
lows: "The maxinium terms for sole of fur
garments are as follows: Eight percent. (8%),.
ten' (10).-days, e. o. min.; six percent (6%),
ten (10). days, e.; sixty (60) days extra,
or'net thereafter. ,.Shipments after, the tWen-
ty-ninth" (29th) day' of any month may be
dated' as. of the first day....6f the following
"Gray 'iron Foundry .Industry.-A-Xmendment
approved November :.1, 1'934, to incorporate
price-filing bd.: destti-ctive, pried-cutting pro-
'visitofis. If75 Iercent of the members and
of the,,tonnage of members ,of .any group
desires; each member of 'the group'.must' file
aill prices and terms ad ,conditions of sale
with a confidential and disinterested agency -
of the Code: Authority. !'Such terms are to
become effdcldive immediately 'upon receipt.
The hget-.Ais required .to distribute such lists
and revisionss,. together with the "effective
time thereof, to all members of .the group'
and to all' of their customers who have ap-
plied therefore. .aid have offered to defray
ithe cost actually incurred by the-Code Au-
thority. ,No higher price tmay be filed within
18 hours of any revision.' New sections 2
and 3. are added to article VI forbidding
willfully destructive price cutting, permitting
the Code Authority to request the National
Industrial Recovery Board to declare a state
)f emergency and authorizing the-National
Industrial Recovery Boa'd, if it finds an
emergency actually exists,, to determine mini-
num prices below which no products mhy be
sold' during the emergency.
Marble Quarrying and Finishing Indus-
ry.-Amendmxent approved October 29. 1934,
adding a new subsection 6A to article V
establishing a regional committee for the
netrdpolitan district of the city of New York.
The regional committee is to consist of 5
persons, consisting of the Code Authority
member elected by the members of the in-
lustry within the district in accordance with
article V, section 1 (b), and 4 other members
o,Be elected to represent the Marble Indus-
ry. of Employers' Association of New York
mand vicinity and those of the Industry who
ire not members of that association. The
amendment permits thel regional .committee .
o ieur reasonable, obligations necessary to
support the administration 'of the Code and
o submit an itemized budget and equitable
basis of assessment upon members of the
industry to the National Industrial Recovery
Board for approval.
Metallic Wall Structure Industry.-Amend-
aent approved October 30, 1934, substituting
National Metallic Wall Structure Associa-
ion or its #uccessors" for "National Steel
Partitlon Association in section 7 of article
I. A new article III adopts the wage, hour,
nd labor provisions of the Fabricated Metal
'rodocts Manufacturing and Metal Finishing
.nd Metal Coating Industry Code. A new
ectlon 1 of article IV provides that the sup-
plementary Code Authority Is to consist.of'
members, 5 to be elected by members of
he association and 2 by nonmembers. A
dew article IV. section 4, Is substituted.
limiting the liability of the Code Authority.
Article IV, section 5, subsection (d', is
mended to permit the operation of Impar-
ial and confidential quantity bureaus." Ar-
icle IV, subsection. (e), of section 5 Is
elected. A' new subsection (el is added re-
uiring employers tb make reasonable provi-
ions. for the safety and health of their eram-

,< '. .. .

'. y "f t : : . .' .: ,,.. e^ ^ "'. ,:: : ". * i: .* : ^ '. '

ployees. A uew subsection (f) of section 5
article IV, is auded permitting the Code
Authority to incur reasonable obligations
necessary, to support the administration o
the Code and to submit an itemized budge
and equitable basis of assessment upon mem
bers of the industry to the National Indus
trial Recovery Board for approval. A new
section (h) of article IV, section 5, author
izes the Code Authority to obtain required
information from members of the industry
and requires members of the industry to fur
rnish to the administration such. information
a s may be deemed necessary. A new section
6 is added to article IV, permitting members
of the industry to enter into a liquidated
damages agreement. The present section
is to become section 7. To subsection (d)
section 3, of article V, is added a prohibition
of lump-sum price quotations. Article V, sec-
tlon 5, provides for listing in detail the neec
essary temporary additions to the filed price
lists.. Section 11 of article amended, tc
obviate prev.njtIng guarantees of workman-
ship'or materilil. Section 12, article '"V, is
amended to permit the Code Authority tc
regulate samples. The amendments are ef-
fective 10 days from the date of approval
unless good cause to the contrary is shown.
Mop Stick Ihdustry.-Amendment approved
October 26, 1934, permits the Code Authority
to incur reasbuabre obligations necessary to
support the administration of the Code and
to,'submit an itemized, budget and equitable
basip of assessment upon members of the
industry to the National Industrial Recovery
Board for approval. The amendment Is ef-
fective "10 days from the date of approval
unless good cause to the contrary is shown.
Amendment approved October 30, ,1934, de-
fines the term "employer"; clarifies and
amplifies the provisions relating to the post-
ing of labor provisions; requires the em-
ployer to provide for the safety and health
of employees; further defines the powers and
duties of the Code Authority; clarifies and
simplifies the provision relative to defama-
tion of competitors. Forbids willfully de-
structive price cutting, permits the Code Au-
fliority to request the National" Industrial
Recovery Board to declare a state of emer-
gency and authorizes the National Industrial
Recoveily Board, if it finds an emergency
actually exists, to determine minimum prices
below which no products may be soldduring
the emergency. The order approving the
amendment stays the waiting period between
the'-filing of price rlits and the effective date
thereof Pnd provides that the price lists be
filed with a confidential nnd disinterested
agency of the Code Authority. The amend-
ment is effective 15..days from the date of
aon 6vaJ .unless. gnoodc'ause to the contrary
is. shown. '
i: ." ,.
l'Jrotechnic .AManufdcturing' industry. -
Ahmendment'approved October 29, 1934, per-
nits'the Code Authority tq incur reasonable
obligations necessary to support the adminis-
tration of the Code and? to submit nn item-
ized budget and equitable basis of assessment
upon members of the industry to the National
Industrial Recovery Board for -apbroval.
The amendment is effective 10 days from the
date of approval unless good cause to the
contrary is shown.
Salt Producing lIndustry.-Amendm'ent ap-
proved October 26,. 1934, adds paragraphs
(g)i and (hI) to article V permitting the Code
Authority to Incorporate on approval of its
proposed certificate of incorporation and by-
laws by the National Industrial Recovery
Shoe Last and Shoe Form Industries.-
Amendment approved October 26, 1934, per-
mits the Code Authority to incur reasonable
obligations necessary to support the adminais-
tration of the Code and to sutlmit an item-
ized budget and equitable basis of assessment
upon members of the industry to the Na-
tional Industrial Recovery Board for ap-
proval. This amendment is effective 10 days
from the date of approval unless good cause
to the contrary Is shown.
Wire Rope and Strand Manufaoturing In-
dustry.-Amencdment approved October 31,'
1934,,permits the Code Authority t6 incur
reasonable obligations necessary to support.
the administration of the Code'and to sub-
mit an itemized budget and equitable, basis
of assessment upon members of Ith industry
to the National Industrial Recovery Board
for approval. This amendment was ap-
proved to become effective 15 days from the
date of approval unless good cause to the
contrary is shown.
Wood Plug Industry.-Amendment ap-
prpved October 20.. 1934, permits the Code
Authority to Incur reasonable obligations
necessary to support the administration of
the Code and 'to submit an itemized budget
and equitable basis of assessment upon mem-
bers of the industry to the National Indus-
trial Recovery Board for approval. The
amendment is effective teh (10) days from
the date of approval unless good cause to the
contrary is shown.
Wool Teslile' Industry.-Arendment ap-
proved October 27, 1934, amends article XIII,
section 2, to read as follows: "Granting
(excepting in connection with Government
contracts) options or reservations or guaran-
teeing prices against either advances or' de-
clines." The amendment Is effective 15 days
from the date of approval unless good cause
to the contrary is shown.

.a ^ .-:^%! :t.:' ,.. ; ^ ..'.~sS . ";~ f." ': *. r *"

Plannin--- ant Al.,ua
l ment Boarii

t Applications to Work.
S- More than 40 Houd
S Since May 14 the constructiofonI
" bipartisan Planning and .Adjustnt
charged uider the Code with. furt,
' ployer-ewployee interests, has. coalr
" applications from industry nienseb
1 employees more than-40 but nor nfil,
a 48 hours per week. Of this:number.j
S been granted, 16 denied, and 3.recei
action of the board. .
S Under provisions of the Codes 'W:
Sconditions article, an employee may^.
S hours in any 1 week if on projects fo
points so remote and inaccesslble.t-.t
or floating plants are necessary .forii
S ing or boarding of a 'majority-:df th
Employed; when 'working time-oin'- suciit
- 'projects has been lost .because. of'.ic
Sweater or unavoidable delays in anyj
0 time lost may be made up
S4 weeks; if on projects in localities,
a sufficient amount of qualifle laIbo'r
Available in the immediate vicinity.
S work. .i.'c iy
Cases which the board has .consid&
0 as follows: '.
S A. C. Erber, Inc., Indianapolis, -'hi.!
e cation for exemption from minuim
Sand maximum-hour 'provlsion"sl'fi&
girl. Request denied-May 14. '"'4
Ellis E. Snodgrass, Lewiston, M"ii
plication for permission to kwori:,
cialty men 48 hours a week ouniue,0'"
for the construction of a bridgesn
York River at York Village; 3ai
quest denied May 26 because theWEm
Union stated that qualified me.n.were
able in the locality. .
Warrack Construction Co, Juneau !J
'Application to .work employee S. We
per week on the construction ot.'pi'
home it Sitka, Alaska, becausedof i
ness of the job, unavailability of.l6i
the necessity for ..cbmpletion. befo,
winter months. Few rooms:.are a
for the men, so of necessity man-y'oI
must be housed by. the contractors
mission to work employees uot.-md
48 hours per week was granted 'on.-.
Cornell-Young Co., Macon, .Ga..!p
to work employees 48 hours
highway construction kiown asSta1
Project .409-A, C, D, and F, betnve
and Eatonton, Ga. Contract withtliAi
Highway Board cals. fpr, a. jj11rp-j
with a single application of -bit
materials, and'specificatlions wi'nbAt
bituminous material to be applied!':hi
November 1..and March 1 whic.ia
states completion by' Novemiber 1'!'.E
S reemployment office furnished iifori
that they were unable to provide ..q
labor for a second shift: Applia tid
granted June 13. ....
John Riess, New Orleans, La. A pbli
to work employees 48 hours per:,iy
a piling and, bulkhead constructioni;
at Bayou Vermillion, Intra Qoastal-'
near Intra Coastal City,'La; This.'
located 23 miles below the town .og:
ville, La., and is accessible only'b'
Therefore, the men must be hoisei
boarded in camp. Application. gi
June 28. ..
Haley, Chisholm & Morris, Inc., Chrl
ville, Va. Application to work emp
48 hours a week on -constrction':
branch railroad in Buchanan County
for the N. & W, Railway Co. and'the
'Harman Coal Corporation. Wor.k'.
cated in an inaccessible part of'tue.
tains approximately 100 miles-from',
field, W. Va., the nearest -. city,
employees must be housed in'eamn'
plication was granted on May 31 .asI
ing to skilled employees only. '.
H. J. Deutschbein Co., New York ]
Application to work skilled emple.
hours per week oi construction of eJ
electric station on the Penobscot--'Rt
miles from Millinocket, Maine,.:fi
Great Northern Paper Co. Distri,
of'the National' Reemployment Servri
tifled that qualified labor was not.fa
locally. Because of the remote ;:oi
of the job, employees must be houn
camp. tApplication was granted' li
J. T. McDowell, Denver, Colo. ApPlP
to work employees 10 hours per, ayf
days on pouring of concrete .for'-Pe
storage plant at Trident, Mont..bie
thbe remote location and already o7
housing facilities mnade' It im011l)
add additional employees for a shiA
nod. Permission granted .May.24.ti'
employees not to exceed 48 honors perI
The Federal Land Bank of Saint'P,.1
Paul, Minn. Application requested..
ation of 40-hour provision for.ts
maintenance crews employed in rei.,
on farms. Application was de'ed.
27 because the Board Is not em Pop-
grant blanket' exemptions. 4rq,'
George C. Clark, Portland, Oreg..; A
tion requested relaxation of 406Ohou.fl
ston for painting Crews traveling in
sections of the Northwest. 'ReQ.eqlm
June 25- because Board cannot ..
plications for blanket exempdIontl t!



ert Rubber Co.,: VaiiSen Products Co.;, Wolfe 6rde 19, &anting-exemption tbBuftrd'!
Offit 1 11 & Lang, Inc,, all of New York City,; and PerAn;'Aiie, df,.Basic, Mtm from the
,a ;.Orde'rs of'NRA'Rela'filn &
torge Frost CO.', Boston, Mass.,,A J. D *IB'ion;, of 6rticle. i.u: s6ctiOn' ,' of, the c6d,
hue 'Corporatiou'i New 'York Cit' and -all, provided that watchmen in the. emplo y of th
pr it
to, Particufar' Code's`' others similarly-'situated,,frbm the ovisidnR corporation shall, not be. perm. to''!
,,,l T * nd (J) of'art cle'IX'. of. the 'ift exces s: o f: 66 h6uisJn'anY- ee or:
."H&BIU6 Eagle prints in'eabh i Code,. fr a period not to d 60 days1rom'. .'excess of 6,days In,' any I., ee. 14
SSUe summaries 'of -,administrative
the date of. this 6rder, is 6ctober -23, Oraer 2 appro n e dme
0, 9 .:
iht6rpretati n
or, ers, ons, appointments', and_,bylaws approved' by, the 193,4.
t e
x`;,N'a'tibiial Industrial Recovery 'Board. take e ect- 0 da s fro
or r Ociobei 81, 31
f thi der_
:01ficia -order's are of ',two types, final and pr6vis' J eSTRYI
i-',,provIS10 -which Obiectiohs'i b ffl d' is indicated I nal, the, time within io na Where an order NO.,. 118 Order, 140i denying applicatio of FA'BRIC'ATED'! ;ETAL P R 0 DU Q
may e e Borma d, Coat Co. .,Inc.,. Johns- M.NUFACTURINW: AND MErt
Y., for f -m the -prinl-
town, N. exemltion ro ,,-JSHING 'AND AIETAtTOATING1NO.
protest against pi.ovisionif o d s o 84 11 a
er should be a4dressed to Nati6nal, sions of article IV, section C, of the o e TRY' Code'N Ordr.67, 9 pp
Recovery Administration, Wahin gton, D. C., attenilon Deputy Admin-' Order. 143, denying applicatlon Of % Harry 'cati6n of Heller Brothers, Newarjil'
: I ' i 66iii. th labor I"
r. Codecon66rned and Fuchs, Inc.j for 'exemption from the'provi- for e;emp on. e provisions',o.
such protests should -be received before s of article III, section A, of The Co&.' e' Code
al date indicated. -7 Order:68, denyingapplication ofAlke
(For Code.. appmals, amendments interpretations, budgets an d Ma6ine & Stamping Co., Cle'velabnd, i
b- laws, No. 1: Order 95, derrying application of H. C.
enlentg,,' -Code Authority members, and trade; coi4.plaints and. for exemption from the labor pr6visionSA"P',
I q. 'Tones,,.Co.,.ConshohockeD,.Pa., for. exemption --the Code. ......
6inmittees see elsewhere.)
fiom th-e
provisio"'6f a4lcle'III of &!Code
'gr ioia,.o n appiicaj-
Ord6r'96 anting: T- INDUSTRY to
Ionai trAi'd d R I' f F -ran gugla-pp n on o
PrO'vi encei, or, et No 89,- OMeil t*
emp ion,.. rom.., rurnb'u*11 t,, I nu P
t" f the prov siong of se T eftric Ma fddtu-ing Co.,
FRTISING DISTRIBUTING TRADE, CANI)Y MANUFACTURING INDUS- of, 6e Code, to' th 6exiten't 'necessary o pe'rm-it ville troin the, wa e ''
n. 207: ication TRY,'_ our I )rovisIbiis'6nlvof article V upo' ','c
.,Ordei 5, denying app Code No' 4'63': Orde' -ftA, I denying,, ap- this company, Aurbig cc, peri6e[ of..12:vvekslor
Litman, lu e-xemp-. plication of the Puritan to 'e 'Ch
of Du th, Minn., for I C such lesserlp.eriod. as it, may be subject i tion that with reseiA those of.its opef
'fro provision of article III, -sec-', Cincinnati, Ohio" for exO -r
in e p mption from the C d to'.operate a.,inaximijinof 12 lboins ops,
0 o e, ti now sU)Noef tQ-wage "andlibur piqvi,
.,piovisions.of article IN' of- the Code. threeshift f.40hoirslea&e.we6k' the::: sions: a'Arfiqe T of theCode, appli ant slia
rder.18, denying application'of the.Elmer production of WhOtian blind laddei tape. u,,y compyj:,ith thei'proiislons ok artil'
RTI'FICIAL: FLOWER AND'FEATHER. Cahdy, Cc_ New, Orleans,. La. for exempt' n "E' ffe iv6 f r is October 24,, 19 And,: ir bf,Ifi C04, for the I
INDUSTRY,, Code No., 29: Order 15, ereating from the pKovisions of article IV 9f the Code. and anY amellli S
6ecial cbminisslOh to study le6iiditions DENTAL LABORATORY' INDt.STRY, thereto.:--
wa'the industry ifth respect to hours NIN ..; I., h.
CAN G,_INDUSTkY ,Code No 41 ` k -de a,
6: Code 217. Order 1,9 denying applicatibn'. of 01 r 15 a 0 in to,.a e
lvag6s: of, ein Order 25, grantin application. of ne
ployees. Commission con- 9 the Tulloch Defital.'Ltib r I ' B rbf' the 'Code ereb
three members, who are: Miss Clapp, Inc., 1328 University, Avenue, Roehes- from: t s' '% din tfiereto, sla l` e
toh,'Mass.,for e_eihptioh he provl6i6ns_ amen ents
je'u'r 'Jishmin, to represent the employees ter N: Y., for exemption from the.PrOvisiOlas prohibiting the opening of dental laborator'ies :'z[&i14eb'ru4T 3p-
itliislindustry, appointed by the Labor Ad- articli,, III,,section I' C ": -, %. /,
provid6dthis exomp iA the Bokoh, ax6A on: Satm ays piisspaptir
tion shaft -in no case be consiftred, a:. 13r6c' t FEED MANUFACTURING INDUSTR,
bry,Boand; Mr. August Bentkamp. to rep- e-,.,, suan o article','111- -'section
t flic .employers of this industry, ap- dent and that :Similar cases arising in the 'Code. -'66cie No' -16 order-5, til-"6
1-th6, future shall recelveconsideraU6 thi
ill e'T by. the Code Authority; :and, i n on, -e cleDying'applicati6n of Harold 0 -'emption con erre -in paragra 1 0
merits of each 'individual E merick,' T'oleddz-'01iii -f
lipemberis to, be an impartial;chairmap case. The, ord( o, rom. the -provisions. iiistrtUiye ddf X36, so th' j all
sh. r 5, e", fequir I e co but e". 0 or-
I I td lij 'des that tri
-the two abovenamed mempers. further t)rovi no emp oyee will work: prohibiting ihe opening bfdental-labbratories 11 1 -0 r
f moie thaii'9 fio"u'rs per day.nbr more-than in oledo'ama -on Saturdays- share ofCo iniki e-`
36 hours w pur: twi hs auding,, their' r 1p, bts'la
SPHALTAND MASTIC: TILE INDUS- a eek. Oider dated' October 2Q, i-iant:%toiirticlb;,11.1-tion .7 of the
P_ No. 150.: Order 2 e'rminating-- 1934. us r
agraph of A& o - 1,
Tption conferred',in par n 26,, denying application, of Canners, Order, 21 denying app catibn Of 'r FLEXIBLE. METAL H SE AND
sti-adv,OrderX-36. Lea ue alf 'of, hiugton, D.,.C.,, C T UR 1 N G I N T R
g f alif9rhia on b6p, .six Cali- Mon ubri,.Was fr6ni the provi- 4NG MAZiUl ':D U S
f I I I t b 'z
ornia ennne-r-preservers and caimier4resh sions. prohibiting. the o tal 'Ia CodeNo
A88EiBED WATCH IN-D.USTRY, Code fruit preserverq for exemption fro in th I e pro- oratories inAhe', Washington area (in Satur- ment to ar I pplemontary C
-Oroet'2; &antingapplication foi a visions of the Code fox-.the.prese rvei mara- days- passed. pusuant, to:- artiele III section
-,'to.:Rroyi(e-th,t:each:.iiembbr of the this
the provisions! of article VIII,-.,section schino cherry; and: glace, ftuit.industry. 7: (a) pf:,the Code_ h th his p
I I 1 1, -oportiOtiate sb
from October shaIl::.eohtrib.u i are 4'
,d),'for a lieriod.of 60 days li tion of theM6unt t "I
Order 27 denying app, ca .the main enance of-the.supplementary C
of article, Pleaspnt, F66d'. P?6duets Co.; Inc. Mount- DIE CASTING --MANU ACTURINd'IN- din
,,19Mprovided the provisions t nt. will' bee6,
A s6edons 2 (a), (7).),. and 7a, for exorobti Or DUSTRY, cod-e"'N'o 323-' 6r A;'-t6rini Authority.. This :amen e me
"of s(!hedule Pleasant,. Iov ba from the Ia6 Of, effecti-Oe -. 15 days: fi-oin the date of tlic orde`t,
of the f th i;- CA ti, r .of
Sur;lewentary Code for the provisions o e Cann 9: o e nating exemp, 9p: g nted in paragraph In' October; k; 1034,.
1 le J` are observed. Adnaiaisftative', Order, X46 so 'thaf.membdn
-CLOTH INDUSTRY,, 'will; bt ' pay their.pr6 t, LA
D -'DISTRIBUTING :Code 1`o. 457'-- Orde''r'16 gran ca on,
TIIL'ETIC G:OO S-- ilng appff $haTe of Code- admihistr ti not-. Code No. 4.36:, Order 14 rv6kim, Adinfi)f
N"' 4364 dated Ai ig-ust 0, 1)
,OE"C6de. No. 201k: Order 8, extending of 8.1 &'D, Cap Co., Hackensack N, J- oi: withstanding ltlieil I t
tr 1-
provisiorisbN ome an of e exepaVtion .-Xr-6m. the dii. dministmtiveth 'inus"'y I 'O 6 No. 436P'
'a period. of 60, days, from a e IV, $ otheFi d isi
daed'Jul: 2; 'i034
r,,whick is.Octbber 91_1084, the ex ira- section 2, of the d616, provided no emp o zdbsigii
bl9c, g, RIM- of 6e, T ir7 Manbfacturiib- Co(1161,
date of sections 6'and 11 of article IV of this company engaged'iii cutting, J kin DRAPERY, AND UPHOLSTERY T empoyary
01 SulVeinenfaiy gode .9 shall:be 9, MING INDUSTRYC6de Nb..212'. der 17, Afith6rlt
or lining makiii p d less than at Or 'Williftin Greenfield of Leo Cr6
the rate of cents, per hour.', ext6ndirig.Co#ia.-,fo'.3.,,m(intiis fromOetober
fEKIN4 INDUSTRY,. Code, No.445: Or- date of order'is.October 26, 1034 26,,1934, to:January 26, 1935, provided: tfia;Ca York Cify,`afid "It' E' Albrecht,. Siith'aud
9 applications of Henry S. Order` 16, 'modifying, ..Order- Zo. 47 il coordinating mmittee;. to consist of 4'mem- Minn6sota,tiets St. Paul;-Aflhia
enyin -
93-115 'Thames, Street; granting application, of Wateifbroof Novelf bes, 2 to, be selected by ihe Code ALuth rity'
upblstery rimimmg in- FACTU4ING
ing Bak6ries Inc 821 Bergon Street Co. and 16 others for exemption from; the 'for the drapery and FURNITURE:,MANU
,Brookiynl N. .;'irbanks Baking Co., provisions of article IV, section 9 of the do46 dustry ;and -2 by the'.Code for the -DUSTRY, Code.iio. i45:, Order 28,' grahtih
bxemp ion to members of the furni ure ma-du-
;-473 Columbus Avenue,; Cushman's Sons, to include the following persons:. Jlarry narrow fabrics- industry, shall be immefdiat6lY: t t
ugan -Gluckin,-- Inc., Hackensack, N. J.; Newark established. This coordinating committee 'fa tuing industry who 6iployhand w6&
e,,1860 13roadwa7, New York City;.D
roth6rs of New Jersey, Inc,, 170; Abington Felt Hat Co., Newark, N.,J.; and 1.Abrfinas" shall report to the Deputy Administrator on -,'Of PAir seats bud %aeks made' of cane, rat-taii
Ulu -its f and' hnd/or othermateriAls; who 'compen sate SUc_,j
Cap Works"Jersey City, N. or bcf6r6 December 15,1931; finding
Newark, N. J.;. Claude Gassert, 7
t, empioYees on a- piecework basis; from,
6lel sburg Bakery, Fredericksburg, Pa., shall -make recommenda ions as' to the eon-
CHEWING_.-GUM MANUFACTURING. of the'_ Drapery, ard'.U sions of., art cles 111. and IV..
anscom rotbers, Inc., 9 North Fifty- golidadon,, Indus pholstery provi
INDUSTRY, dode No. M: Order 4, den de and the, Narro
Kond Street, 'Philadelphia, Pa., for exemp-. YIng Trimming, try Co GALVANIZED WARE -MANUFACTVR-1,.
flon from th application of the Glenn. Confections Inc., Fabrics Industry Code. ING INDUSTRY, CO; de No' S4 A 1: 'Ordev`,
e %provisions of article IV, seftion e pro-'
'Ot, ofthe Code. Buffalo, N. Y., for exemption from th t f'th oper6fion- d' h
visions of'articie -111 and 'Code. DRY GOODS COTTON, BATTING N_ granting s ay o e t e'11ro'
:visions, of that. part lof'4rticle V rule'i 6
-MRBER-' DUSTRY, Code No. 40.4: Order 6, t6 ffiat
SHOP.TRADE, Code No. 398: 1 1:111 f
'der CIGAR MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY, Ing exemption granted--111 paragraph III of, the supplementAky- Code, : or a period
-6, denying applicationof 11. Kaitlen, Code. No. 467: Order 25, approving, peak pe- Adminisirative Order X-436, so that members months from date of Order, to' the e'te
shingtoh- D 'C., fDr exemption from the riod hours a s provided, in article III, section.-:, will b6 required, to pay. their proportionat allowing terms of payment' with r I esp I ec fo
rovisibng. of ""ticle IV, section 1 (a) and e
1, paragraph (g) of, the- Code, provided that s'hare.,Of Codd-administratiou expense, not- domesti6 sales notIm.ore.fayorable than 21
cle HL'section 1, of the Code.
any manufacturer wishing to take advantage: withstanding their principal -husiness is in Cent cash discount farlAyffient on or before
of the.peak periods shall.file asworn stilte- some other industry. th""
,,BOTTLED SOFT DRINK INDUSTRY, of suitable the 10th day: of the month succeeding...,, E*.
inent that there isL a. shortage date of the invoicd,,,-columonly. known ih,'t
Ode No. 459:. Order 17, denying application
P labor in his cominuntiy and the productive EARTHENWARE. MANUFACTURING trade. as, iO days, E. 0. M.", 160 days (irou
ixitz AlinePal and Soda Water Cb.,' INDUSTRY, Code N6..322: Order 20, grant- date of invoice) inet and with respect t6
Covington, KY., for exemption from 'facilities ar6 not available for the employ,
th, I ment- of additional eniplyees with the' Code 'ing application of Gladding McBean & .Co poft sales, not:mbre favorable than
dellbBlt -rules and regulations as approved Lincoln Ca o- cash discount for payment. on or b or
Authority.' 1U., for dxeinj)tIL from the% pr ef e. the"-,
V.0i*sLia'at to article VII,'section 5 (b), of the visions`f article III,.s'ection 1, and article IV,. 10th."day tifter. of docume tu S. -co
CLEANING AND DYEING TRADE section I., of the, Code. (Houra monly 1, u hi' the trade as 10 dfly,9-
?4, denying application visions.) R. 0. D.'!, 90 :days: (from
,Qdet'18, approval of regulations governing Code No. 101: Order If I date of in
net. Order is dated October 31, 1934.
or delivery of goods on consign- of H., E. Bradshaw, manager of Bohnef6ld oice
Cleaners, 314 South Cincinnati Street, Tulsa,
Okia., for exemption from the provisions 0 T
BRO 84 D: Order. 5, ferminatinz cX(T11ptiOn granted MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY')
OM MANUFACTURINC INDUS- article'III, section I (d), of the Code. Code'N6-.','J-
Code ;No j 465: , Order. 6, approving of Adiiiiiiistrative 0 der::' 94: Order. .-O, terminatink: exemption 4coi;-,
MOOdment-of section 11 (d) .,of article Vi C, kOA AND CHOCOLATE MANUFAC- X-36 so that members will be required to ferred p
the Code TURING INDUSTRY, Code No.464: Order contribute their, proportionate share of Code 'Order X-36, so that, all members sba b
Paul F. Beich. adiiiinistration., expense, notwithstanding their
9, denying application of the quired tocontribute their 'propo rtionai s ar
LK DRINKING'STRAW, WRAPPED Co., Bloomington, III.,for exemption from the principal business is in some other industry. of! Code administration expense noiwithstahd-"!
IRP ticle IV, section 1, of the Code. ing their principal business Is
A, ndustry.
244: Order 39, granting application of the 46: Order 14, teriaination exemption granted GRAPHIC ARTS. INDUSTRIES Codie
i,, exemption granted in paragraph h III of Administrative Order 287: Order 327, teminating exelptioh. of
Code Authority for exemption from that part in paragrap
ativd Order X-36. V ,
of the provisions of section 10, article VII, X-36, so that members will be'tequired to Black, Starr &'Frost-Gorhani Inc., New York
LESQUE, INDUS. chapter 1, '. of the Code, which requires the contribute their proportionate share of Code City, from the pi.orisions of article 11 1 'Fec-
,TRy, ard or reject all administration expense -notwithstanding heir tion 23-B, subsecd6n '(b), paragraph 1,.
348: Order 10, denying ap- awarding autb
P CILIon of kin bids within certain specified periods, in con- principal business is in some Other indu0try. of the Code.
Amusement Co", Detroit, ion with projects of the Procurement Di-I Order 328, granting applica
O-visions of nect tion of Wos
eh-,, fonie.,Ption from the pr 1sury Department. T'his EXCELSIOR AND EXCELSIOR PROD- Union College, Le Mars, Iowa, i6r'exem
seetions 1, 2, 6, and 7, of the vision, of the Tre
order allows the Procurenent DiV1SiOD of the UCTS INDUSTRY,,Code No. 146: Order 18, from the provisions of the Code..,.,.
within which gnlTlting stay of the provisions of'the grade Ord07 329 A, granting app ca o of,-,
Treasury' Department 35 days st:indards and classifications of' industry Houghton College, Houghton N fo'ex--,
A SARDINE PROCESSING to award or reject bids; and shall not become
ays from the ipuoducts, applicable ko used material, which emption from t1le Provislonsof 'e"
-1 Xr- Ono", 7 -_ Ofeonf-ivp fnr a Deriod of 10 d, -, -- 11 -_1 1-11 I~ th e

'" :'" Y IM .I. ... " ..
1 '1
. (Continued fro'm pe emption conferred' by paratspb 1 of Ad OIL BURNER4 INDUSTRY, Code No 25 products in their natural stat'

..azJ.odfenrota foundry ,indlustry.,. mnistrflrv .Ordee X-36, s0 that members Order 10, approving amendment of Adunis- produced and/ar raised by tie.
te.claq sifor action bt2take'er 9ect 15 days from,4shail be required to contribute their propor- trative Order No. 25-6 to the extent, of con- E
:ider.Octoer,23,.1934...tionat'e shre of Code administration expense. tinning the stay therein ordered, insofar as RETAIL JEWEL'UY RADr,$,
4 ,er,.24. denying 'apiationl .of tbhe A. B.' -". the provisions'of article V are concerned for 142: Order 84, denying apuc
rM6 ., f -r I ,Ojn a. Y .+ ,,, Fagin, 4_11 City. Bank BuLlditf ".i
.ar",,Ca.,,Ltd., for .its.$ant at.Yorlk, pa.,: LUMBER. .AND TIMBER"PRODUCTS a period of 30 days from the date of this Ohio, for exemnptiol from.thi!'.1a
r pptn from au,proyisions'ot'the'Code. INDUSTRIES,.:Code.No.,9: Order 145, deny- order. The stay as to the provisions of arti- articje'VIU, section.1 (a), ot.t.:
''''A 9''' ing. apptlpatlon of-the Malta Manqfacturing cia VI 'of the Code is terminated as of the
RANDBAQERXME mANUFAn'TU`R-Co.,.,Malta, Ohio, for partial exemption from date of this oyder. Order'is dated October 26,' RETAIL MONUMENT.N j:ii
.JflDUSTRY7, Cl6de:No. 84 S.1:' Ckder.8, theprovlsions of article, IX, section (a).4;6 r. 'jr
g exemption conferred in para-. t oe." e i ()"1T "' No. r 366 O er fl y
*1 efAdmsti Order 'Np: X-.6 O"der.l.4U, granting application of the T. J.
o..ha ..membe il be'.tie6Orderedtoos. 1 Mo vs Tie'o., S, ,,ngf hid, Mo,'for exemption OPEN PAPE DRiNKING CLUP AND ternitoey, from the pro.vislons'dof..j
6h "'member sbsh1l'be',r'e~dred'-to.con-. ETAINER rule'22, insofar a
th i ro ro.a sha.e.f .. . ad *from the reason pblo-costsaestablished It Ad- ROUND NESTING PAPER CON Tr f it effect solitid nrproperloiuate snare'of Cpde ad-- ni.. ... ,
-* 'tr a t l n e r" e n" n.. w -- h p t "d ~in g t l m imi n i s t r a t i v e O r d e r N o 9 4 6 f o r o a k 'fl o o r in g IN D U S T R Y ; C o d e 'N o 3 7 0 : O r d e r 1 0 t e r m i t h e s a l e o f t o m b s a n d b u 'i l .va
s ra5sons, I e se meotenr itn i bt ,only, to th' extent necessary to sell or eatingg exemption conferred' in paragraph III shall beeom; effective, immedlsj:i.s
S .soeor offer to seol e o otherisi dispose of a stock 'of Administrative Order X--36, so that, me em modification or cancelation. withliin
1if CAIND'A HOIS"I. ,,ANOFACTUiR ...of apprdsima'tely 00,000 feet 'of f' by 2%J bers shall b6 r~equ'ired to contribute their pro- dite of the order, if cause can be lhA
INDUSTRY,.CdeN o. 84 B:..nrder. Inches'clear, plain'.'w te 'oak. flooring,s-ub- 'portionate shape for Obde 'administration ax7 for by any interested par.y
e"nt xem tio on" re ""nstandardpain,aqu ality by reason of w orm dam7 p a se. T his term nation does not", p ly to O october 27; 1934. 'r' e, ]
. .. . .e.em p t iuon 't b y r r e d j n p'a n r a .p n e pi t riat i o n .. . . 4 1
m& th e eof dm p s rt ivo n o r dr N a ." X g e 'dIrs a i d d s c o l o r a t i o ap f lo w a g e ,. a t n o t a n y m e m b e r o f th l e 'ih d u ht r y w h o s e n e t sa l e s RA Ed
)h I -f."Adminiastr tdv O-rder o- --6 ..' -, .. . .
4tlia~.. members...shall..ber... stan.$5 er1;000ifeeo1d"66id meisute. in. the, colendla] year.,of:ba93 $25of
l Pnettler.proporftongte 'hOr it 1d9'ad;' tab~srnhg--tdvisiO14 nd': o-* j'y hbcd_'estg 2,00'ad gatn xm tiontGthe"J.,
io'n pe-e~ied i ft~it tndhi'g die' .rec olri-in e th' easonable costs set forth i which' are less than 10 percent of seno mer- ,Springfield, Mo.,' irom.the prot.lii
business is in some atherindusrx.' exhibit No. 1'entitld "'Lumber Code Author-- bdr's total' net sales in the same year of all section 3 (a), proided' the We
,V ...2, .. ,, '[ty Bulletin, volume U, No. 3 ", of Adminis- his products. of the employees who ha'b
4k"'HANDKERCHIEF INDUSTRY, 'ode Nd. 'trtlive. 'Order No. 9-46. Effective date of on account0o.atis exemptn d
%3'.9id-r. 12, approviig- amendments' to :the :':order is October 25,' 1984, .: OPTICAL RETAIL TRADE, Code No.,454:onpre ngaccountPof, thisC basiexeptll n
il and ordering the. reation of a special .'Ordey .494,'granting .limited exemption to Order 6, denying application of various rnis .hourly rate for 'part tinieem'los
94solp .to.,,be .6.compo.ed of3 meinbers,.1 members of the Industry .who'produce souh-., for relief from the provisions of the Code I computed 'on a.ibasis of ddtless, ta4
n;e.' the Labor Advisory Bdard, 1,. edr.pibe glazedd iblain rail ,Windows, sodth9ru mum prescribed f6r'nrdup B p
bdi~kion hdmlilstratdr of the Txttle. p ie glazed cbK.rail: v,'i'iddows,.. southern .iIPE 'TOOL MANUFACTURING' N Ordere234, den.yn'grapplicatidh qf""
sio1hf, hn q 1-hy th .Code ARuthoritt. ;Tii'd ne .,doori:a.vd'blue'.stalned, sbuthernpine 'DU $TRY, Code No.'84 A 1:,Order 2, 'den y- 'ja sAy,' ankakee, ill., for .xnp t
2- eioh shall' ;be !requ%-ed' to investite; n .wn idis in the foIo0'i g tdrritory:"'Vriglnid, idg:'applicatiou of'the..TpIddo gipe Threading, the provisions of'articleV.I, sectiono
iai i'oin-;of"., ha'nsdk'erchiefs 'and sial 'North C4oralina,' South Carolfna,. Georgia, Mabhne 'C, Toledo, Ohio, for exemption order denying apps
u, i:t.a'.report. of, their. : flqding ithuii' 40 Idride, -iAlabama, "'MJhis'sipipl;: !Tennessee., from the provisions 'pf article'.ViI!,, rule 5 Cobah,'0rd leveland,,.'oiida for ee j
f dt.ftsod P report % ZI~uianik ArkanmELs, and"tbat 'portion of the 'df terCode.i,-. ..r.%f
0i a e dfthls'otd4.` :Pbnd g. .orion .. ..ethe~provis ioni of artfle le 's;~
aon. islndoan' r 0uta~e;K of-.Texsti-4nd oklabdiia: wbldh.-is east B
wn ap pr.oval ofC;f i l
i tm ay.i6f ma ke, tho prbviaous's. 'Id. o in. tsa 6 ci a l Misso rl, Kan- 'PORCELAIN EN AME ING"WANUFAC Order 36 granting exempboao
,Qn' i"4:may"=&make,.",tho. ibrbvlslios:"d. z u nZie .o t o i mo ~ n . ia lh'col . ..
,,'c:tit ,(4. of A rticle 'V of theCode` as ias & Texas "R l."road 'betw enthe'ioieintS of T.TURIN G 'INDUSTRY,' Code 'No. 84 M': ncal High Schools o. the ci
.. -'--o od'- -'s....d-" "bet*d er 14, tei-minating exemption conferred ,.Nebr. ,from the pro. v p .isi oat,
dal, shl'lbe staed'.nsofar ;s these pro-0- .Virg, k hrh le,"-; Rpustou, "l'd .'
d ! h an d "se n a n d h a n d " .a v ee to n .T e a to t e G u lf 'o 1 M ex ic o ..- L. ". .. .. .. . . . " -- "pa r ag ra p h 1 1. ..o f ,'Ad m in istra tiv e.Ord e ra d
-ment in the borne T... --'order,--dt:". e' 'Order"'19 'grantin.gapnllcatio'i"'ot,'Wdlter X-36, so' that members shal lbe required to 'Order. 237, granting exemipdon+
r1 193.4,' "' ""'." ". .-'si n .Libon N "f 'r .' a limited e o otributeatheiri proport senate share' for Code .oKresge Co Store, 849 SOuth Soe.
e''. m io af-to mn the r ea s na'b l "c ost 'd" ish ed "adm inistration ",expense.' Assessfehts will. Syraeus N Y 'from the pr ovisfo nse
IATM.ANI FACTURIIG INDUSTRI', by Adiraistrative. Order No.,9-46,o0 the ax- 'ty be levibd, against. tiose who s61ll their! 'V. section 3, (a), ..prohdepd thwig.
d.N 259 d.. .O 1- .aprqvg.amend "tent h .o + sell-or offertd'9 6l'6f othdr- products in the form 'in wblch.ney are de employees arepai on -the prevdf_.
9 a t nt o p ro v i d e m a n d a-too r y a s s es s m e n t o f w i d i s p o s e b f a p nr o x m q t el y 1 Te t' i be d i n t e s u p p l e xi i e n t a k y C o d e an d n o t .b a i s p ri o r t o th e g r a n t i n g q f t h is b
..Cod.admin strati x. '- r e o r w i' ". a amet- those who use' their products in th er .O rder 2 8 granting exem pito C,
. 1e dnn lstaton.ex es.,. .,. I. th id o .u ., dge, log r ln hilts pmbe i.n .. .. .. .. .. . -
ti ,"' be. subs' snda rd .In gpallty by areas on of'worm own .o eratio ns" o r. fori ,the m a in dfac ur e of,,, house-M k rW nis C ao, Colum bu 'o h:io
INDSTY'iI, 'N&_43'. 'Oder J'44; 'dmageat nt more thn $4 per '1,00 nf=t'SOmeo .b ,,Prddbcts not 6atered by Code de- ,emptionu from the 'pr'r 1sIous t',.at
c bf?,tode aoe.Co:;P"e16o#10e-,`6t'abllshedtea'nab9cost-forn-n'filon , secton 5, to the-extent,.tbatithe
....g appcato of. e raig eep o'" 'ot'e"..a.ehd...' t .."nab cost for ". .. ." . t. to"reduce the salary'of one'ehp.ra
n..,,opermissn osta 'damge. ,.pne Iumer 'a, like .grde 'PLASTIC..PROD1UCTS".. .pl.ye6 frbm'.$27.50to $20
25.R Compreso-..'3h .f.b. 'the' yrd 'f Walter Jessn -a-n.T., PREFORMED
ic,'essaite{' ,u n g.!fa jc'gcpa cI, t bNr,. ,hi .,. ....... INDUSTRY, Code No. 359:' Order 7, approv- .' . 'L ,
eday ". ,amendment t.o IRulees for protection of ROAD' .gACHINTERY- MAF"TIFA
.,-. .. .,> .; ;.re. ...-.,l,, .- i -z".r.t -.eysi'.iis;' d cor.-'dsto"ers Effectivee date of amendment, to ING IINDUSTRY,-,Code: Nb. 681 Or'd
6"4 4tAii.' applcatlo'n of'thed Gra' esereatlns'theasonable costs 'setr.fot 6.n ..'2O "days fromda"teo"'this*order, Qctober"terminating'exemption c r
~%I )ream.(o.&,Oma.a+ N. hr. t,, move ......t...o..32.. . xt.,d.. . n., e bode. Author .29,1984..- . .. graph. I .of Adhiniistrative OrdWe
8 .ca.lefreefigjank frdm Qaha'and. hityh..'Buletin,.'to)i7I,:hjq '34-"'of Admi-'' that- members'shall b.-re ''ired" -c;
-m(dit it $in, Norfolk.,.,Nebr. '':....ratiye. O~~er .' .-"Effective date., of '. PRET2EL..INDUSTRY, Code:, No 503:- thdr prorinat shae oCde
0..., .. oder;'October. 1984 .. .. der5,.termibatibon of exemption conferrediiV tfatin n.o'ri_ st.ndiirlln '
oddu-No. 4Xt Ordek,46,.' brder'1 o c iaragraph. IlR of Administrative Order cipal business---b'in so.. d%6'Il"
cai Humbqoal" rei r so .that.' members ''required': to i ', ..'pF
.ucauo ..qr, n~~_:W th":]reaqponab]e cbs "dt '.p t"iJ:, .. hl
ieEld"dalorage,. ib.C te :to Cqde. RUBBERMANUFACI
uwbo1 't,;-:V... lb 'A.NO.
*As~tS'iiiblt'3Pnx-'~''p thotltyB Cefin vol 6 11'1 o8 o d amnitainexes ny ebrwhoste "TRY, Colde' No.\-66e'rdr nl&di
er 4 a i 'om . .. in ifit r n't+ y
Md'~7'gi'iffing" a'ppialonay.'uimn'tst eorerN.9 rder ' :principAl bile f'bl'psiness ls'ui some otler'in-'..,.,pbc-ufl"of the'M blgo'Garmdntf'b
'~ 'ifllhdtTe o r,'ihlao 1o, "e fetie 0idy'fdidt fo d rdutry anivt~ho4,dhauaI~d6Uir olme saies eng,11,foeeptdfrmh"
tonsal. c ,fltat -''A &!'.< . *' 1fHi[N'iIRY PJ IODPDUCTS'-, pay..any assessmentt. .Any' member so ax-'.< ,L "', "
,IER "M C(W .."..U~$"'E, 70.e:" ITSI'Ryi 'Code 'No %7: _8-!Ordler)26 a x-", empted~f~ro0 p'lt i~lg any. ~aspeshzient 'shall be ,A SAFET R zO.-AN SAFETY
7v455:: oRdr'4Oek,,1 npo4 1.,fr d i.ande.s' ,-.mpt-ing the .electric,, overhead crahe" suflivi ". required to submit such ii.fornition' tha.tthe 'BT.ADE MANUTFACdTURINGf- ITNTH
,p,:-& d n "Drot :t,, from 't~he'provl-.- slof.,rqm. the,.,provislonsof- artwi~e ':V pare- C .ode.Authority. may detqrmine such miemiber :. Code No. 489:' Order 8. grntn st....
fl"be,.opu,ezi:a.#o.lRed 'theicorporatidn's, ".'up~ .,(g,)*d.s.amended, of 'he, Co'de; for" a. .is properly classifle4d.a' hi his annual-dolla -rov'sionv 'of. artileI, sec"~tilin.
.~iip pti .nnfcuc'rd"s~ o Dro'o~xbdp.0dy ftr October ." !ome s., ,..'' O'de" for a, pe ?.dof60dyfrr
'cih' coe"ibaf l b'e+iub.... t tO "'" -" ,. td prd- "2I,1Q3,'fi "Iso0a a~s paragraphh .(g) ,reqeires'. ''PBIC ,SATN INUSR Cid q 81,81 l9S4 . r 'i r
fthet theholdia tha,:', 4' Order dg t e A 'N W
3. '.on ..t'. PN d RP., I

"dat"e"..... 'ade is' Ocoe' 29 :;' o' a. eaer'oe mrt~iTi'10 .. forfro th provisions ofTE MAU.C'T '
$IG'g.'PADE, Xibde t.No.',487:'' da'ys kfter'th9 effectiv-e date'n 'a .o exapiibVonf'o the oe Y,~soso rtce, ~ Cc.. No.^ 842 Ore RIB, 'tr,
6~ lreiiying %'-,.'appid -ion -'o"f .% 'i :'va o"' ,.i9 Coe.:' .I ', .. '" exemption conferred in pa agrap hI]
,.,venigfg "l'n& '.106,.... .. !-Wall .tree,. ,3*YOrNAISE' INd]UST IAY;(' Code YNo. 'PYRTEHNC. ANFATUIN mninstrative '+.Order X--36, so .tat:..
F ,, aoor e x e p ip n 'fro m t e pro 4 9 "-' r da 5 g t t t" .. t c b t he i.
arm e, t.- l .. . ... .$2., .00... . sha k e re 'not to onirbuu thei

,,ohs .,of irct .,Vsbt o'n, 2A,of tie' Code.'' At).an~ti: 'Saies (orptorti~oui, '.Rochester,,N. Y., deNt4iOdr9 trl onate shareo f Code adminitreti
a"'''andl~rnclsH. egget'&C.,fudso Bier4 -nttn.g~exeitption onferred in paragraph II']
UAAN C.meENersof AdministrativeOrder1-36 so thatm p
oderd Whbersshal be required tocntrb te their presZOm LA NDuSATr Y
..=,Ode.N6,.3.S:.O~ .4-gr.ant- I'Je*' 'York.. City, .and'.)allet.s lnc., Tacoma,'. m.:s eo r...~s ... :,"
4 ,a aoaof S Feer. Son New .WaT s .,"r6m 'the prdvlst ous .6 article .IX', c- t shforO d minlt at q 'BSDOE, AND LEATHER FINISH
N% --for.exemptio'n from' the p rotsions ." lions'4 and '2 ofthie" node,, provided' this earx .e, 4'esec m ......H. .N. ANDCEMENT' anUF y
rt.ileILsec'tion 1-of',:tlie'bode':to.the enption.shafl .the odd sizepd co -. R' LWAY, ..A ,'., CAR AND LC.t. ISaNDUSTRY,'ld C No. 'MA
' m,.wrki7 '.~il2-ae!:, apr ns.oc t, ehd die.o.,.'fthe ".o'ef-fective. AI.:As op ,i BR "rCR N LC- .IsNDUT of;ade o.1. IVOrdetinr!

n t y 1 e ehMTIVE JOURNAL' BERINGS AND eating exemption- conferred in-parer'
a oertos hursovrlmeerwe k odat.ue .of the Pdebats'uc0toc I lcae'b ATNSMNFCU3I( NU,'' of dm.initative .oidof6days1-3850 t

@ajrao rSof 4. Satu~lnur~vrm]pr:@etrda~ys, b'ginnfh .'jatua-'"r dt.fore. suchlf rhttie Cd,,~'e~tcunder contract and wrhaewfich hadb' CSNGTRY. 'ba A o. 233: OrdGr", g ID ,'a- '. hers.Am sh rt~sall be requiredD~ ~ toX-contribtsoth',
'4Otber.13; 134,' and ,providebbthat..time ',not heen'de liveredy'..rbia ..e.. io shallex,, ., C, ......:Order"~ Co Crajnti er prprioae shr"fCoea
'o .alnhaf" the normal ewai'rate is'.qInd %or pire Marh190r"mf311930 "'m fro te pvsi of articler11 expensenotwihstandingtheirope
'sc, er:inIe or ,4.".. ' ..'" ta.1',; of the. d This order permis nness is 'some other indust -.
.0 '" 'ermannt'Code.'Au-horit,"wMn 20parCodePrt' abigo, LI' AUFCUING17:
6 '..'No.-.'48 MAYONNA th' ecISE IDUSTe'Y Code,"' s0t

N'n .E.t.n OUTEkW ,wAR ':, INDUSTRY;',' M49i&O C ae.' ,, ,, o No." '* the' csrnpsi. tp work'up toeS8 hours per week -'IQ Rf--I.... .. TRADE,'.
No nr'16t '" Ordr 25 *jaiiing..4pp~icatibn 840-,"Order '..' _'grantin,_g" e_ ion ao'the 'from"'dpte of this bder"'.October 29,' Ma93e :ShOE denyI ing pTition of
.s"Qkiio L.xIItoi, An,.New until'anuary '1, 1935' provided that tOrd-etid
gdkA4 Ca; lf. fo' ,spetion. f.' 'T o. .o 2 f.... .he Cod Efetv d ... "&2..ouse1.. ,' k R.. em A in .
ah'eO artien'tII traitt is ai(0)':6w ld Cddop~ra exemption isOtob-eu" 10, 1934: end ma for a oe.4 hour. article' IV, "section' 2, of' the oade'.,i
+h ken htI Is .allowed. to operat 'pro of, 14 # day tomsfiete cneoMpany to REFR'IGERATING MACHINERY' IN-:."
ginOcober 12, 193, tip to anda- icluding use up the present supply of 8-ounce con- DTR, Coe o PCALYODES N A
..einr 1934,3anadditamnalshft'rofd 35 .taihers,.,., ..t.r. nating xempton conferred, in paragraph 1./ SHOP INDuSTRY, Code. No: I2.
u.e Inlots win ing ,e~p~rtiiien.'h, prx"d"d. N'i. "' .' af 'Aministrative Order S-SO,. so that mem-. .i A, granting exeinptio to ste. Pit
,e eeaotlng norpth ohdr shNft. O:TOr FiRE .AP U m A '. heRTs shalbe requ'Ied to contribute their r allbngneer etg or nts, PittsburghiPa,
ec v a 'open t.n, far ;.F.A CTURIN ,G ,INDUSTti Y .TCode N o. 1:8': t r f r oder t, r i. of I. s . 1
s.."work,.equal .to and not le~s than the- Order 16, temintg mp'drdIn.expentse.. .'_.... ... .Coder,'fotionate shpi o r Coder oi thle perode, of tim neces.
nation xeceieeenr 40 haurs work p araftraph II of Adujhdistr eti v St r Oes 46 e. ''f' dm. complete. T.'O krCider' KM. 11915tW
R .. . .....6 6.r7A t--,,6,.-r, "N .rk.. ,' h rsshalpelet-s i oe T R. :O rer I ndustry. f5 -

4.Mtlb~'ees~dbing'.sbbs~taily the'paine,' that members, sbal be'.'t1eqUIt.,d to cm, 'REINFORCING M I L. F R r 10, prodd 'hat times the
n1d-' zoE:L g.o h,..'Si0 le. &.-gb.C. ,rae +4- N 0.' . .... .O6.6. ... A ERI L F B I- p e t fo...

epI 4. hour .tribute thel proportloat shar'to Code ad- CC dNo 7rdsEl pad fr al 'tn
.' .4,."ND"'MN'MNFAr

A.:,tee b.fin'tiio.g :depWartment' Orde-"Is ministratio .'diCnse ... "... : 17, ATeI tNG exempTion Codfero in'" par- 'rexessof8hou ped for day tore 48 .
io':" graph A rI of Administratie OXder s-3, so w ,
d; of"-SitaDiy' 'eg"i+ "- ......-"fore".sc ih une cot q ad '-hcbha T Y be+' 03'Ode `j "- ee hal e'eqied tod""rW

U NDRY. TRDE .AN.D: ,CLEAN.I.NQ BEDSPRIADjS," 'AND NOVELTY P.R- ",their prportionte, sha.ered tot Codeadntirspbers op rt indtr' situated inee td.i
'DtD+YEI,. folz .(ApnbbiNo : 'Oxrdsr. "LOWS .INDTS.TRY, Qode No. 79 ""Order "1,' Aeswarets,w:.ll. be leid' areabfrom th' e p nduatoT's ofatedairtlcl
A~enyin~gr.aP-pllca'i o'f the'-Frt 'Worth granting exemption to the 'Barcal], 'Manufac only' agint thosessieinbs ,whdsil thei 'tieda a ofro the Crodesforn' ofa pritl'l,
to a e'try o rth Tam-tr'-g poduc the fey. a e fri co 1,94, a
-bnzromtiJ~e .prttv._let 'or artlcled "I,+sqe. g- fartlclea." ll,,y, andi V, provdi'ed it complies finedu in the Coeran no 'agins 'who .Drdz 31,oe 193, pov3de tha all aetine ua.
6n2,1'eb,.exense, o.titstaundr thei p t,
In ...'"'"'e. ..v ,P fneinn frmthe 'Code sn '9 f rde 11 n

j2'.)..:d.rtfelaundy.tradeiwth.'-s the labor 'rrov lons of', C e use'their pr d i oth wnst o rtionse 'w o e v n of tl ode shall b serv
'i-pm ..a'tl., sec.tion'2, ron'2,,fthe' .the: be-dding' industry 4se'td tt."pnrt1of iofts.of the.anuauer ofhsom otherprtods.tssfeF1.e
io' t th~e cteanin .audi dyeing trade.. bp tslness which woud tl ordinarily t ie covered uct no t co ee d byuacu e C ode d oefi iton.'' STEEL JO S IN US R C..:"
CrLO-.. flv ,tVL ,.cQ; 'l I".. rby" rels 'I1I,'.IV, and .V. df this' Code andduc o "or re yCd e o. 'Ordr. STErminaTin I.NDUpTRYn eaodfi
'o, I,,WIN to that. It. shall not'" emloyv ap- T' A L Pn'0 D. A ND GRO'CERY pragraph I8, of Admpstraon onre
__ B.OK'CLUTU'HANTD ].pr" o'eatBes u aspovded natil V Ths-ec tlo~n.2, TRADE... C oqe No. 182:"'Order'37, granting so that members shall be tr.qi eJa
EGNAT.rID.'.- Oerronen%.-.... ,5 Deembr 29, they may aPply 'to primary producers -of ministration' expense,% not-wlthtna
...1- ol .'.. 416: Order .. , r-a..g: : ,- QVu products of agriculture selling' at retail such principal business is In someother
r "i 'I , -
1,I, 1 '1 i1 ', 't Iti me and
er n... fr--'e, J ,eple":" soc tlb
161,. d -A l e!. I. .. ,... ., a "ot r, 4 ou s-p&AI. t t,& e fb . oi ;'r.'.'
e A. l. i . ." '. . , ,. ', e t t a t i l o ~ d t o e a e peri d of4. d a. ..' . .f b' .T-V. ., , ., .. "t ':./C .'

ars .,n.Its;fnis i.g....rae t-,p.... ..nain.,ept .n c nf rre -i paagaph .i -S OP NDS.R,.....No,.....
I .. 1. 1....6 A,. granting. ,e,."x"e+,-mp.t.lon ... .:"',''":..,". .+:,. ., ,'"." ., .', to, .. .. .,, .,, ""Piq: ." ,

ST,... :u ;'--- .
x'.." i'" o f r e n p a a p I( o "' . ; ^ *, "- .'."-,. "" ." ', ;'" ,J ' ., * i.l '*: -.;..- .: . .. ,, -. ." : ,

~j~tatie.Order X-36, so. that memberss '.The National 'Industrial Recovery,/Bbard Cleveland.' Pmslaua...I.. Lloyd;1t /D1idiits 'i n ^ B~r
g4.equired to corntrlibute their propor- approved,- during 'tbei past wee1k, the follow- *Philadelphia; Fred Krebs, Johnstown;).onls, 9 **^ ;*,t. ^. -' S**-'*1y- ^ |
0.14re bftecsso amnseig "s ectnsan~d.appolm~tments of Code *Ai- Iii ].Peqtiignot,'P^iUAdeiphts, Anthur Wi-Jones.vr $ffb^e' Natlonal^ndstls Reovr
the cost o'adm nister big'elections P la ; a ". oi; a:'..I" I ed, . di g .'e p' ".-, ." .

.n of exe pti n shall .thoI.rity .e.bers . . ,,: .

4it'o employers doing ai gross industry ASIMA:LL GLUJEJ.NDJSTRY .(Bone Glue t.- $.9 Gulhrie*, Plctshin~gli and., ArtbuTrfr : t prbi^d
.-1:ud atlesstban '$O UCTSing th .Dii 1on') A:. Robbi '.Chicago; .I .J. .'W es' ."" O... ts. '.",. Ihod. .'..)ai ':...-`,.t:, ,

.hFr; m nthly average; '$S the Phlp New* York, N. .";1-an. -:rLa.4' oviene,; : E.A
'l. to p tIor. -o .n. .. t. O .... .( e . o. .i .. ,.ny n, ,, ..;:...wnL,-..*;: 4 ih ,tt-. ..... .. .. Indus ,,

the .s.of e me Aam C.mmig s. G. ..otand -N I( Pro e ..;.S. -: i'.lk e "xi T V.-;B,,,T, ap dsf., ..- ..
., .i;- oe..:o.. 18:.rer..,trmn t;.. ,.O .1. .., :I} ... ..t-y , Ae'm .e r s :r o w e :ic e
. ode flo.i th.e roo Ian .ur. t... . .. k... port, . -d ..-..' ''. 's-ha .,m; .. .', :.remda O c ons B eH BR .Cit'
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rlamiye strLeLutA P R-ooDrt S m em br H.;:t S.Th e. a.tu aIcn p- P Iladpiioe 'af'i H . le a;c.(:. Cite -ornseya l7'and ..,,i' $ ".x } .r... ...p
N 13:Oret'12 irrlna .-- -0 Ii'Ardneh irsenlnto..'p( alifprn4 'W'""i-47Cvtv .jA.e--,
jajcth isvufa4Co red.- a fld&.5fY't r'oe.''6pK JNN :Dvso f .ATB. LM Wahintm be' .'rr.oneatle. Co... .itre.nd ,TrnVne .huty~
..-' u "reb., "". 1.. ..
., ohnst.% '' -,-'., -.C ..'.,
that f .e....or,. the o strc rih'rd rAgSBeSTecouS.. 1n~D..' oUStR .- : C. Dof bdge'.-., R..e i, ob i ln,' Sc . F.. 'eV.ce:- Concrete..l.i r.j t .4 1. ...
y .pershlinta pp agtr pt hy...hsessm t Amber, P r.;.. F.. Judd, Br'dgeot.. Co' ; .l e .a;J menI"

-'...he, basis. 'ada A. B"..B Ke pel, East. Brady, Pa., as 'mem- Harry She~tn, te (M neot a'a : n a l .. .Ro l i ",.t'.."
ite to ,ers ,4oi g Mas FA .u bera ofTN athe Slub-Code IN Adu thority.lB e 'e Wi.., T F. W llaced,. M-inne.apo xt l6is;1O

'HONATED OIL F R- BLACKBOARD ANDBLACKBOARDC W Mlwaukee) and -' -i. Van Po: fe Pin6 .']tng Industry
o f F& Cdi 't. ''L *- *, J.l 6 e. e l *D,' ,, *, 1 , ,,' : .
^DoSTRY '. .Code 'No 4 69 : O rder 48 E R A E..tMANUFA TURING NDUY".,- ,nBeo it.( g6;-f". .. .t' r ...

..g.miiu- wagh e schedule fpr .ao^o -as, laboer ,'re.rintinativ,. Oto. "serv e Glueil .th 9o cktm6et,.:R..B.:,K^Iureny -o rdo,. pswu skfa **g BIbd
% .ar l -=' r.. .o-t 'a"p-ut rpy;:;., of,' Cie sie -A lae' uamional GodustrialPda t. 'Ma'so.. 'rcost ofee;' .'h .At hr .. -Wosriep ..,e ...v. ....

'Sal nt pply,+.. to tpouc, ap Ren~acesu'~i" ahd?, 'r,. .:'. -.'tru:nl ;" Wit*mt- ," *- ; I- P*- ",1 --- 'D. *J(V ferm .n 6-E"'S -X S;-ha .Georl gte.: "eri; b;:">'' "^dol" " ,) ":* ^'
6`di the o .p.o e.mbr of ,nse rt oEMICAL EG .... E .....S H-

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.;t1onUL&.the W --A' .61 -4VWOWW'4--::

i. a el- .- ,Y;Jo'S dk d IN 'on" NeI ; l i..; .1:A. .s,_gdpla" P 'n ..i. ..b j..t I.A i
r o s . : . ..o ..o ,5 .. . .p, 11i Ca. '-VI IO d 'f. "L*J. .a . .rd . ...6
'P.'..,. . . ..1 .i . .F 'prge . ..- .b ,. h ..-Prr.. .. ..c.e.T er w.
IIkrLEP RINT ROLLER ... EN RA- dA.BUR ,SQ E Kem e, aTst.IBrady -ja.,pa s tere tari" Subel-,n d~OelHu, P,M, B,, '; :!.i \ na .ryle 't~,.+Ol. 't, '"5 '
...ST CoDeSTRYo. ng r 28 I r s- T l, aY...P c y. ..G.?i .... i .S 'oi ,'e C g.. .. ..... .. ... --v em" w ddbS

enyIn g .aiplum-ageo~o .Sceulers fpBa-u s laborl 'N-ep,;;M;ntat.ivye-, 't rooskie urng. ,the.) Baltiore kfdA TGafrie-Crn, BoBfoSn '- .-"I A H~ ^
ffispqrtdtion~~asp Co. Rtdc., Grrmingha$ Alaton Matrbals. Grad Franc-. aedgd -mdloistj-Ie'i 4Pbot Utisoi'& ^ .f-^ ^ ^^ t^
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MIj 51, 'D.M-J 5` 'D IV J :5 5 D
63b7, 1933 1935
Ch-art: r red ExcAugively orthe Blue Eagle -by: the Research and PlannihA DiviMon
Bot current, situationl=d the broad.trend of 'the POTtlahd reflected. in man'llours. September production of finished-po
ceme -in u ry qan-,be conveniently analyzed: by emeans. of;the land c
ement was considerably greater: than.,a year ago.,
11dexes o -in c I-oortio' of the char ee, ves ep ing st of fillished
Onr ri, aq, D t. Th Two' 6ur 'r resent' ocks- portland,
&tbeTd& ihdex69;7AT-6 expressed in terms oftheir r6spedi and stocks of 611ilker, respoctivel at.ffie end of th
r -,AiAshe IP-0
il _1929 but th is shown in ac ual mimbe s.: shO m4n7hour, series t wn, in tb6. lower: p rtion of the cha _t. Stocks of
''he pT-q, uc on-,, series i represents the..: entire output of finished' .'Production index,: represent -the qualaa Y'-O
an c men- e as'compiled by the i-iroau cem lit that has -already been ground. Therefore, from'
t -in thO; Unit d Rt
.... tioliship between the hanges- in finished -stocks and- the product""O
T T c 1. Q
T lines e.-employment ana ay 611 indexes are the Bureau.
f finished'cement one can-infer the behavior. of shipment9j
Labo, i: Statist' s: exes which have'' been ad t N
ic ind jus e (by RA
finished& cemeiAt. Stocks of clinker indicate the quagtity, of, a, 86
"the., 3 tot4h:ecen7,1 el6ased bv the Bu f the Census, e Consid .'e're I "
9 3- Y: l finished', product on' hand at: the"mills and-should'b
iT I e ies' y mu ip, ymg
mahm-hourset 'w.asder'lveid b It' I total e mp oyme t
ill. eph unction th'finished stocks in any eval-tation: th t
ours" 'worked perweek the latter: 'eries
tile, average- h e elug- uat n were th
madQ of the total! inventory.: sit io -Clinker tocks
'S. s ti OfAhe chart.
pef. ec. ion: lowestin 1934 for, any September shown on the' chart.
oyment-,m:: cem
Ahe Ilan in,Septemb
Flmpl pot ent 'industry er k weie Irger than in S P
toe owev,.er r er. except-'J,
's, any, eptemb
-perceh -o e aver 'hil,
"W epay r6lls,,
'3 f -iage, or 1929 d'1'931.
'T -h
owevdr ImAWIt e:,,
*c M s 9 -elo p
6ofth6` 6ilcin-`dev pmdnts in'the, OT-titoad
sh6wing for, any September since 1931. The tendency for pay ind'stry is the- modification of the wide seasonal swings in c
Tr than.em loyment since the Ml
'611s'to recover more jrapidl sto
cks during 1933 and 1934. This change may introduce, ane q
,6f,1983 --is;ezplailied bythe I act that, since then' a -weekly ment 'of stability in th e t V
average cement market, buti mayr,
,,-,w.age$ h0e: had a' TISIlIg trend in spite 'of the 'Smaller- average tend to, acc6ntuate the- se al swings hz.'. emp oI yment and:ljb'
ly r:! `f hour's"WoTked'.: Average h uijy -7,a&s, showli, in the greater extent, in Inan-hours.
,,upper see ion, of the,:chart are considerably higher'. than An late Th In pen4s upon-the activityof
929.;, oa uildilg too bo
stries. 1 928
consumi g Md In the, year I T &b
-6ve ved with production, -.but
Man'hours, h m6 araltel, ave -third of the cemen -consumed, and stuctural' concrete-J-66.
1%.'eet''Iess tble,t an thejnidek of em' loyment bee' 8e:ffi 'broad
au e about one-foukth. SlDc'O.road'building and buil ing, construction,
I I I d __
Tro d ar e arly "4
n f h rs',-Oer -.v,6ek has been dow''l:w- d.sihe-
-9 ..averagj::ouF,__ accounted formore than gne-half of the cement :colasumed,;'PT.OM
11 ult,6fe,:,&rts t' ',5ha ork
'932 as.::a res 0 re i-n+kn