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U a~

AUG 3 1934 ) D

Issued Weekly by the National

Recovery Administration, Washington ti*S 20,

Relieves Small Busines'

From Paying Multiple..-


NRA Order Stops Cod(

tifl'- flft Resumfe ij u urt u sus UU
"The National Recovery Adiniistra- (Labordlsputes-N.l.R.A. andP.R.A.) One Line From Asses
W4,-'has made -public details of the L i F o As
ent effected, in his conference On age4 will be found the second Retailers Deali
installment of the R&sum4 of Court
! .:iiTuesday with Gov. A. Harry Decisions in cases arising under the
obre of New Jersey, to govern fu- President's Reemployment Agreement -Some Ot
S relations between the National and the N.I.R.A. The first installment
relations between the Naional pruited\in'the Blue Eagle of August
:d the 'New Jersey Industrial Recov- 13, 1934, referred to labor disputes The National Rdcovery 'Administi
,.' Administrations. under N.I.R.A. Each week hereafter
there will be.other excerpts from the relieving wholesalers and, particularly
:- "We welcome", said the Administrator, rdsumd of decisions in both Federal assessments. An Administrative Ord
".the assumption by the State of New Jersey and State courts. A in a p a o ni
complete responsibility with reference to Administrator pu a stop, until an
l-s presentation, approval, administration, collections b Code Athorities govern
.id enforcement of State Codes o fair co- bucollections fromb wholesa thers or retailers governs wh
vo ,Alftofi affecting those local service indus- flbutoofrom wholesalers or retailers whg
:SeB.and trades covered by the Executive e 1 S I a The variety of merchandise handled by the
oears of May 26 and June 28, such as the small local store, or the general store which
..bninog and dyeing, laundry, barber, beauty 4--'__ .-A-- ,. sells "anything the farmer needs"-types
5~ikh0p, And shoe rebuilding industries and
S e.. Suho actin iscnsistent wtSL dI adI which are Important factors in the total retail
.frades,- etc. Such action is consistent with ____ j busiuess-brings their operations under a
-i.Ie policy of the National Recovery Admin- business--brings their operations under a
iutratlo'n In the matter of service industries The National' Recovery Administrator has number of Codes. The local store owner has
Ma tades. announced approval of a schedule of simpll- been harassed by demands to pay assessments
".With reference to other Codes of fair flcation 'and standardization of wood cased to all o these Code Authorities. Department
'competition not affected by the Executive lead pencils, as authorized in a provision of res and wholesaldstributors also are i-
MON of May 26 and June 28, it hap been the Code of fair competition for that In- portntly affected. Under the order issued
..e.d that the provisions of the State Codes dustry. today, they will pay assessments only to the
hbtl: not differ from those Incorporated In The.schedule was prepared by the industry Code Authority for the Cofe governing their
ie corresponding National Codes. All ap- in conjunction with the Bureau of Standards principal line of business, with few exceptions.
e'tflqons received by the State Recovery of the United States Department of Corn- Plan to Make, Order Permanent
minuistration for modifications, Interpreta- merce and was recommended by that depart-
1ij, .or any other form of action or order, meat. While the present order istemporary, the
-,.tate' Codes shall be submitted con- It provides for classifications of pencils, National Recovery Adtministration now is
ljy,.to the National Recovery Admin- makes segulatlons for their manufacture, working, out a plan to make permanent both
.onsideration with reference to fixes standard commercial packing as well its genera] *pfnciple and.its mai. features.'.
1i.dingt.NaHtonl..Cde. .ThB dis as' standards-ofi length 'and" diameter-o."of :pn- .. flie .,perma en.nlan ..willpies.i'dt.ethe.ssame,.
6_1ueh'applications under th6 State i cil of different classes, and otherwise de-, time, for the .adequate support O Code. At-
V will be made consistent .with thindis- C ttetines standard specifications, thoritles governing the distribution of,mer-
Ia .. 'accorded under the. National -OCddes. I '--
It Is understood, however,'that Industries -
imd trades in New Jersey will not Obe pre-f .'
,diad from locorporating provisions in State rm n ra Ad 10 0
C des which give due regard to local condI otton Gn rad A 10
'.Li6ns qnd customs, on subjects whlch.are nott T A d 1
Iveiretl by provisions In Natlon'a Codes. TT
1:.The National Recovery Administrdftlon *ilI glad to receive the suggestions of the 'New W workers; Less Hours: Same W ages
..eraey Recovery AdminlstraTion with 'refers.'
a.ce to any amendments to Nationil Codes.
1;. Provisions Which Affect Prices.i Code Efforts of NRA Overcome Conflicts, Threatened
,. With reference to provisions which affect Between the Cotton Garment and Kindred Industries
prices, it is further understood that Gov-
ernor Moore agrees to eliminate.existing
: inconsistencies in order to facilitate complete Approximately 200,000 workers in the Cotton Garment Industry, employed
cooperationn between the Stald and National in some 4,000 plants in 42 States will have their weekly work hours shortened
> ..eapvery Administrations. In order to as- s, beginning October 1,
r harmony in the future,.any application from 40 to 36 hours, without reductions in weekly wages, beginning October 1,
C.0' price protection additional to that effec- under an Executive Order recently signed by President Roosevelt.
:tlva under the corresponding National Code The President's Order, amending the Cotton Garment Code, will effect not
SWIll be required to be made by the Industry oly an increase of about 11 percent in hourly rates and a rise of about 10 percent
.:lutngthe same to both the National
And Stigte Recovery Administrations. The above May 1 levels in piece rates for cotton garment employees, but will also
State Administration will not rule upon the permit the reemployment of more than 10,000 workers. The direct-cost to the
Sappllcatlon with reference to the State Code consumer of the shorter hours, increased wage rates and reemployment of many
Si tl t e National Recovery Administration thousands of workers, it is estimated, will be less than 2 percent.
baas ruled upon the application with refer-
ncs to the Natiuponal Code. In withe event that At te same time, the President's action sider amendments to the Codes for the dress,
e tothe NatlonaI Code. In the event that At same t im terede t ve men's clothing, and cotton garment indus-
:th LNational Recovery Administration denies provides for a betterntercode compete ie n hi tto e
condition in the apparel and needlework in- tries. In his letter to the President, the Ad-
"tedog..olm. ..- -.... r..w. ith, miniatntnr r nintpdlt nou that the hearing

Deposits on Soft

Drink Containers

.Offltcial approval has been given the Bot-
4 Soft Drink Industry Code authority's
le requiring specific deposits on loan of
Bottle cases, and other soft drink containers.
The rates approved are 50 cents for a 24-
bottle case of bottles of 19-ounce capacity or
Stea; 60 cents for a 12-bottle case of larger
bottles; for bottles delivered loose, 20 cents
4 dozen for 19-ounce bottles or smaller and
48 cents a dozen for larger bottles; and $1.20
a doaen for siphons.
rThe order' was approved August 1S, to be-
Scome effective August 28 unless cause to the
1- o"trary is shown In the interval. Mem-
. bre of the industry are to be allowed a 30-
61 Period In which to obtain deposits on all
'tb, er containers. It Is provided that deposits
mtui be either cash or nn more favor:ille
t'tdiut terms' than permitted for the bottled
I 6 O e, approved June 7 provides that
and reasonable" deposits shall ie re-
j and empowered the Code Aiuthority
i .etn:re jiIst wliat amounts constitute
in.tml.'reasounhile .. deposits.

dustries. since the L'otton uarment -uue wI U
its 14 subdivisional industries is now brought
into line with the other Codes. With few
exceptions ueedle\work and apparel industries
are now on a 35- or 36-hour week.
Action by the President culminates efforts
-by the National Recovery Administration,
not only to raise wages, but to overcome
serious conflicts between the Cotton Garment
Code and the Dress Manufacturing, Men's
Clothing, Undergarment, Coat and Suit and
Blouse, and Skirt Codes. The latter Codes
all had more stringent hour and wage pro-
visions. Also there was an overlapping of
definitions and other conditions leading to
severe competitive situations arising between
allied lines of merchandise manufactured
under the Cotton Garment Code and under
the other Codes.
Cotton garments affected Include men's
work shirts and other work clothing, men's
pajamas, boy's shirts; house dresses, sheep
lined leather garments. oil garments, mald's
uniforms, and collars.
Other Important Amendments
Among other important amendments to the
Code are liberalizing measures in the section
relating to10 learners and handicapped em-
phoyees. The Code also includes standard
price cutting and emergency price fixing
clauses as contained in the so-called NRA
Model Code.
The amended Code is largely the result of
a public hearing on June 18, called to con-

showed no material reemployment by the cot-
ton garment industry. Consequently he said
that to bring about more reemployment and
correct the unfair competition existing be-
cause of the 40-hour work week in the Cotton
Garment Code. and effectuate the purposes of
the act, it is necessary to make a reduction
to 36-hour week apd, at the same time, make
a proportionate increase in the pay of em-
ployees so as to maintain the same weekly
wage rate as is provided in the Code as ap-
proved November 17, 1933."
The amended Code also includes a section
which will tend to speed action upon applica-
tions for exemption, thus affording definite
provision for the relief of small operators.
An Industrial committee, composed of three
members nominated by the Code Authority,
and three nominated by the NRA Labor Ad-
visory Board, all of whom will be appointed
by the Administrator, is established to hear
and determine all cases of complaints under
the Code, subject to the disapproval of the
Administrator. The committee can grant
overtime as required but only if time and a
half Is paid. There is one exception to the
necessity of paying time and a half for over-
time, namely, the committee is permitted to
allow overtime up to 40 hours a week with-
out any overtime pay if undue hardship is
*FOTr Lhe order referred Lo in this story see p. 5
col. I

.5 ..:. .. .. . .', ". ": A -t .
* ; ...i,',". . *.,. i .. ...... _.a a' e :a?':b .. ;"-.:-_. .... .*-^., ,:, *.,.^. s^,= : -m p

ew Jersey and

{RA Cooperate

national Administrator Announces
tte and National Code Authori-
ies Effect Agreement to Govern
Future Relations

.4 No. II

Administrative Orders
In this issue of the Blue Eagle will
be found a four-page supplement of
administrative orders. It has been
found necessary to print a supplement
that these orders be kept up-to-date
and industry be kept correctly in-
formed of the activities Uf the Na-
tional Recovery Administration.

Dneq,*" _.r trehe-^.- ^_ -

.:.. -"..f i
e Authorities Govern"ini

ssing Wholesalers ,ati"
ng Principally in :. .I

their Line ...

ration has taken a further step towa*:,
y, small retailers, from paying multi'
ler issued by the National ORecoF.,
proved formula can be worked out4'0
.ng one line of wholesale or retail disti
o deal principally in some other line2>
chandise sold through stores handl7ng-;4WIH
products as their principal line. .',
It was pointed out that where. a wi
saler or retailer Is also engaged l in-:.
other line. of business, such as maflufac 1
Ing, this order will notr prevent collection
assessment on the other business by th'e'' e
Authority ,for that business. ... h
New Orders Not RetroactOive '"..*Ii
In a very few cases, notably ice and'soi_ l
fuel, the right to collect assesment on a:-'
ondary line of business already has b
granted. The new order, it was announ
will have no retroactive effect on these'l:id
tries, which may continue to collect as'.1
have Id the past. The products underith
Codes are not ordirnarily sold by. gene
wholesalerss and .retailers ... ....,
.T.he .order.. also allows Code. A.'Ath6'
**.i*kbj-ebt{. eovgra4dqip4bBt
,:aIproval -to enter :Into agree&intswlthe
other In setting up plans for collectlngt.a
allocating assessments. 9 ".
The text of the order follows: i:
By virtue of the authority vested 16'..e
as Administrator for Industrial Recovery,,'
hereby order that, pending my further ord..
clarifying the problem of multiple asiesstj
ments in the distributing trades, no .'06r i.
of termination of the exemption under pk'%,
graph III of Administrative Order X-$bL
which is hereafter granted, shall be ..coj0:
strued to: |
"(1) Require any member of, any trade
or Industry to contribute to the expense ; -
administration of any code covering wh6
sale distributing done by such member o6th
than that Code which covers his prlnclpa
line of wholesale distribution providee
however, that nothing herein cOntaided Sbahi t
prevent the termination of the exemption, a
to any business of said member other thai
wholesaling). i
S"(2) Require any member of any trade or
industry to contribute to the expenses '4
administration of any code covering retail
distribution done by such member other.thai
that code which covers his principal line of.
retail distribution (provided, however, thiat]|-4
nothing herein contained shall prevent .thX
termination of the exemption as to any bust -:
ness of said member other than retailing)-' 1i
"Nothing herein shall prevent or lWvall-i
date agreements now In existence or here-k|
after made between one or more Code Anig
authorities. with the approval of the Admlnl:s
tractor, with respect to the collection or all-.
cation of assessments." vn

What the Code Eagle Means':.
From Photo-Engravers Bulletin, August 193
Is there anyone in this industry
willing to come out and publicly an- '
nounce to the world that he is in
favor of child labor sweatshop
wages, and hours of chiseling tactics,
of commercial bribery and fraud, and
of all the unfair activities imaginable?
Certainly not. Anyone taking that
position would find himself imme-
diately ostracized. If then he stands
for the opposite of all these nefarious
practices, why not make that fact
known and you can do it easily aid '-Z
without cost by simply displaying the
Code Blue Eagle. If you have not
already applied for your Eagle, do so
at once, addressing your application
to the Code Authority, and one or
more emblems will be furnished to .-1
you free of charge. Once the majority..
in any industry displays the Blue '
Eagle the balance will gladly do like-
wise, since none can afford to defy '
public opinion.

.. . .. "..'
.. :. o ".." "*; _.,*:'.: i ,i '. =:: . **.ri -'A

(Continued on page 3, column 2)


;eAipAverag Retail Sales Show Ch

oardChnges. Fall Increase D

6. .Olk1 Order -" "
"fDcso o- f ... Merchants, According to National Retail Dry
-Vre~es ,Decisioni of Nk~A. Deputy ...".Groc
mi'istratr an. Exempts Goods Association, Look Forward to Groc
;tAd Finis hingor Ca ..dfExmptsnd
'iAcme Finishing Co. from Steady Increase in Merchandising opeAg
' :.Cirtailment Order A
*'. .:, .Despite the havoc of the drought, mer- Billings, Mont., 33 percent; 'Mankato, Minn.,
Sh.s made effective -the first recom-' chants in the major part of the country are 10 percent; Rochester, Minn., 20 percent; .
0ton of its Industrial Appeals Board viewing prospects'for fall business with esti-, Superior, Wis., 10 percent; Madison,' Wis.,
uIn mates of moderate and in many localities no increase; Duluth, Minn., no increase;
reefosmall business. mates of moderate and in many loca es .Oklahoma City, Okla., 5 percent; Ardmore, .
^rslng an earlier decision by a deputy substantial gains over the fa lpeason last Okla. no increase; Tpek Kans., 15 pet'- he
grig nealerd ceonOlano;Hucingeson,~ pa Kans., 10pr 5u;;Lk
..,trte orh~~hitteAm year, according. tO-a -Poll .of merchants con- .Per-tc
J.teator, the board held, that the Acme a hent; Hutchinon,Sans.,80 percent; Lake America
ducted by the National' Retail Dry'Goods
e I'Go., Pawtucket-, RI.,. Is entitled t Asocation. C Oharle, Lea., ,15 percent; Dallas, Tex., 10 al lthec
eXemption from ;the 25'percent cur-' Gaions i d a '. percent; El Paso, Tex., 2Q.perceot; Tucson, Its "acl
'q -rder under.J ic. the cbttonrtextile cuainst ohar:.Paes ttals irhoughout the, 'Ar., 15 percent; Santan s i Calif., 2per- lish qua
snow operating. .Th exemptio n n: Sept ber, October-and Novem-' .-cent; Berkeley, Calif., 15 percent; Spokane, infornia
now operation. The ption er may be expected to register, an approxi-., Wash.,'25 percent; San Francisco. Calif., un- ifoma
b"e o -three printing machines only; and nate 10 percent. Increase over sales in the certain; New London, Conn.. no increase; a o
la relief, permitting other firms in the simo months of 1933, the association reported Norwich, Conn., 10 percent; Lewiston, Maine, A. & P.
jalied finishing division" of the Industry after the survey among a representative no increase; Poughkeepsie, N.Y., 15 percent; gram to
terate not more than'tliree printing ma- group.of its'5,000 member department and Bethlehem, Pa.. 10 percent; Easton, -Pa., 5 mann, P
qeIn each plant, wi 'be allowed on a"p specialty stores. This estiniate is, however, percent; Scranton, Pa., '10 percent; 'IHdrrib- that a c
pat w~-ill e aoby no means fixsed.-the association pointed burg, Pa., 15 percent; Wikes-Barre,.Pa., 5 imously
tioi, t was announced. out, sitne numerous factors, such' as labor percent; ancaster, Pa., 15 percent: Balti- the stpy
le .xemptlon Is of temporary character, conditions, inflation, and'Government spend- more, Md., 15 percent; Hpgerstown Md., 10 of Agri
ecurreur 25 percent-cuirtailment of the ing, may'tend to' raise or 'lower It Jnu con percent exingto Ky., n o increase;Greens and to
,,,lnder the Cotton. 'Textile C6de' x- The trade body found, nevertheless, accord-' 27 percent; Nashville, Tenn., 20 percent; e
niAuut '25; and ~the board,- with, Ing to Channing E. Sweitzer, managing' dl Macon; Ga., 25 percent; Miami, Fla., 22 per- to the c
4M.ev .ld. cebefore it,"did not undertake rector, that the average merchant, In corn-. cent; Lansing, Mich., 10 percent; Port Huron, support
i -'to the merlts of the case beyond the munitles where average conditions prevail at .Mich., 3, percent; Fort Dodge, Iowa, 10 per- tant mat
'rliod now.temanig.'. .. . the' preentJ Is in an-optimistic mood ind rceit; Mason City,. Iowa, 20 percent; Water- Thet
p'et no to thema g bor th A looks forward to .the success of fall mer-' too, Iowa 10 percent ; Elkhartl Ind. 20 er-
Sapplication to te oar the Acme chandising with a conservative degree of con- cent; Portland, Ind., no increase; Jolier ill. of o
y..laimed a serious ,loss, of business fldence. Certain individual.stores in the sur-,. 5 percent: Chicago, Ill., uncertain; Peoria ingS-or
Sj4:,ult unless It were permitted to con- vey reported ,they exLected sales gatns' as. I1,, 15 percent; Evanston, 5 percenL such in'
..'" operatiopS' under' .the previously high as 33 percent during the 3 months. A". J. T. Martin, president, Meyer's Depart- to her,
-% .. .. ...,. 1. ... e id n A .... ... ...- t
.,exemption. The boardr, min its find-' 'store'in Hutchinson, anss: expects a' 30 per- meat Store, Greensboro NO., says: "All indl- merebar
'545here was a:queisdon as to'whether cent sales gain, one in Macon, Ga., and one cationss point to an increase In'retail business label.'
.chine honra llmitin did not result' in Spokane, Wash.. are planning for' sales this year in September, tober and Novem-' predate
-ZLtte hours limitatoln' did not result ,.,ober ,n...... preeiate
)bffting of business .from small millsi mcreases of .25 .percent,, and similarly a ber over last year. Conservati/ely, I believe sumerD c
gerlants, rather than actually curtail Miam mercant predicted a- 22 percent gain thq increase will be from 15 percent to 20 ^buyin i
gion of the industry as a.whole i.his, business. .;. percent. Ou rural section i' i very much
,.'text of the board' recommendation, Cities urve' better condition than It has been for bum- Tilhe cd
text,. o t h. Ct. .. . th:. y ''. .. :. bher' of years on account of better prices for ciation
nBrioMt"al Appeals .oar'd of the National Among those -commT.filies reported In. the cotton and tobacco, our fundamental crops, Their .Tr
ve in"Ad ministration;"RappeAl of the Acme survey, merchants 'n "te,. following cities and the generally better condition. in the for mdi,
i 'i1g'o. 'n estimated average sales inreases for Septem-. textile Industry as a whole.' -The drought im
Th, .Acme 1".nlshlng 0o.';200 Front Street her, October, and November as follows: will not' affect, business in North Carolina. i
~t, BI., appeals to the Industrial Paducahi.ry., 10 percent; ,Llttle' Rbck, Ark., We have' had plenty of rain and all of our Tte,
hIhshaBoard from the denial by tbie Code 20 percent; Independen6c; Mo.,'n9 Increase; crops are in excellent condition."! ministry
MiIy And deputy administrator of.' an .' in'the. (
eI h 'for, exemption'from the twenty- "'., .' prooder
.%(2.%) percent addltonal ,limitation o '. -, ... : f',' .. E da. Code.oe
S eave machine' hours in the Cotton Tex- Newo' IN<= 'Ix,* ...'rc '. -'t. .''. thA' -'
q for .ex-' Jrsd andN Aditorial- ".1,
... .,L .. L" -".: ... .1' ..... .. I'. , .. . .ah tt t' e
zwre;Mafte tbY1.e.0iear~water Man-,...:, C . ,, ." .. .. .. ''.
.'and 'the lkIght.Co. 'Thise ',r- M aoO rate d "Capital. and business should 'see clearly ticqailt
haS.filed on August 15, 1934, and has '- ,. that confidence is growing more sturdy day Port to
cdnsderbdJ:on'the record of the hearing '. * (Contnued from page I) by day and. that the tender plant of today report o
6. deputy administrator, Coonley, on ..' : ... will soon be a wide-spreading tree."-Brook- 'ago, *a
'i't'4;'19".l and, "with the appravl oft -hte application or does -not act within 80 lyn, N.Y., .Ebgle. ment ad
4'apea.nt, without' further hearings be- days, the State Recovery Administration shall '
0 itb' 'boArd. '. take such action as lt;sees fit In respect to
i.or er of the Administrator of May22, the. State.Code. '' i 'R N ,
aVeltlve to curtailment of operation of .".To eliminate duplication In Code Author- SCHEDULE OF, HEARINGS
.etlve machinery in the Cotton Textile -ity organization 0ity to 75 percent of the limitation con, tereto;'the same group; of industry ,repre-n /
!..!.ln article III of'tlhe Cotton Textile nth e r g rop i. n Str r INDUsTRaroe TADiE PLACE
p(No.1), applles to a period of 12 weeks-sentatives shall be recognized as the State LfaavOTRD
'ring. "Agust 25, 1934. General dxemp- Code Authority. iuner the State Code4 and as' August 20, 1934
"9'fum'the curtailment, applicable to the regional or.local Code'A6thority'for New Hotel () ...........Dew. Comm., And
"r.ting machine-s in each Industry." Jersey under the-'National Code. The pres- Restaurant (i) .............................. Dept. Comm., Anud
".:i':- -- 1."" ent personnel shall be utilized, wherever pos- Rubber Tire Manufacturing'(9)-----------............. Dept. Comm., 20d2-64-....
Bi" ~ *t r a 1 slble. All budget, 'methods of assessment, General Contr. (3) (Area agreement)-..-.... Fed. Bldg. LoulsitUe, Ky
C ntractors a'nd a in contribution, et.,'shell be sub- LneutmImporting(,.....------------- - ----------. WashlngtootHotel...........
Sr a ejersct to approval by the -National Recovery rens CIlotig ---------------- -So, eam Hotel.
.Adminilstration. Where 'industry desires to Washing and Ironing Machinery Manfac- Willard Hotel---------...............
0111have the regions correspond with tulng (2)..
j ...,. S State lines, the National Recovery Adminis- August 21, 1934
E5.''. .... A *ree" tratlon will endeavor to bring about a proper Cirreti, Snuff, chewing, and, Smoking Mayflower Holte...........
ad~as~nentto met tip'admilstra~ve neds mlbacmanufacturing.
Saustment to meet tladmlnlstratve needs m Rubber Tre and Battery (4)-......... Washington Hotel...........
;.' O- that ndut'' August 22,1934
Psr '.i' no ' Painting, Paperhanging, and Decorating (8). Fed. Bldg., Topeka, Kan--
anivison Of' Constructionerers Internaonal Union of AmerIca, nlnd Water Pletrol. Car. Ind. In the East- Mayflower Hotel........
.... Divisio representing employees.' "er.Dv. or U.S.
Ust y Agrees to Collective The agreement covers the area included in
W h ".Em.p l ye e Greater New York City "that portion of August 23,1934
It'rgailning With'Employees Log Island extending from the New York Plumbing Contracting (3)..--------------- Denver, Colob.-........---
.--- . City line to a line running from Wading Retail Ctom Millinery ()- --- Ral H
BV .; -- .River on,-the norlh and soufitherly, and along Ri o n ().....------ Raleigh Hotel...............
'. President on August 4'approved.a col.- Chichestb Avenue'Into CenterMoriches,..ex- Por. streak. Furniture AssamblUng'(2)A.._..' Dept. Comm., 2066 .....
ehve bargaining agreement between mason eluding all that part. of Long Island east of August 24, 1934
tractors and their bricklayer employees, such line."
ter ne rka er e It provides for a rate of pa of 1.51 per ur Manufacturig .......................... Dept. Comm., And ..........
i.tory; under the Y mason contractors' di hour for regular hours, except on three-shift
.'io f thy de mfaon cometitifort, work for which the seconoi and third shifts
ion of the CodeO fair competition r the re paid at the rate 8 rear hours' pay for Manufactured Gas (recessed from 8-0-")... Dept.,Comm., 8309-----
1~dhstruetion!'Industry. .6 actual hours of labor. For overtime, the' nd. Tele. Subdiv. of the Tale. tad. (recessed Dept. Comm, 3309.
019 B~t1ll' ad elley. Subdlv of the Tae. -n.(rc. dDp. om,30 ....
q .n agreement, which was revised after a rate is double that for regular hours. The om8-10-34 ). Com.,
iblk'h6aring last May, Is the first of a only overtime possible to be worked .under fromBs-S di4)i. of the Tle. Ind. (recessed Dept. Comm., 3309-
)leof suchh contracts. to receive the Presi- the agreement Is that' occurring in cases in- Rub. Mfg. (heel and sole div.) (app. for app. Dept. Comm., 2062-04....
o's signature. evolving danger to life or property, and on or gr. customer class; definl.).
.y simIar Tegional agreements, affect- Work that cannot 'be ddne during regular August 27, 1934
a various'trades in' different Is t hours with safety or, without serious incon- e ()(I)Dept. Comm., 202-6.
.n .aiu"tae n.dfeetseetions df .venience to others. Specific conditibnis of Real()1)...........Dp.Cm.2M-6----
-c.ountry, now are Pending before the RS e- in t hes eof< '"iin f Kta(8 -- --:----------m,. 06-^....
A country, now ai'e pend wing before the employment also are defined. o August 29,1934
eryh as rapidly o and wil. be acppr ted The agreement became effective on August Inants' and Children's Wear (1) (ad. from Raleigh Hotel...............
Others area in press ibof forrximntely 13. It terminates February 28, 1935, or 8-15-34). .
to this a pro ed areemeni Sooner' if the mason contractors divisions of Booksellers' Trade (9) (8)------------................... Dept. Comm., 2062-.......
Partieson Builder to ts approved agreement aore: the ConslFuction Code becomes ineffective September 5, 1934
atio n of G r ater be fo re th a t d a te.
York; the Associated Brick Mason Con- be e thadate Piano Manufacturing (I) (adj. from 8-3-84).. Wllard Hotel...............
erat or s o Greite a New York, Inc. ; the In- Data developed at a public hearing on the Cotton OCloth Olove Mannfacturing......... Dept. Comm., 20'2-N-...
agreement Indicated that 'in the region Cotto Cloth love Manufacturing (mi. Dept. Oomm., 2062-64
:vestng and Contracting Builders Assocla- covered there was saaable for. bricklayers, oleceworkrates n.
L.,t6n of Greater New York'" the Metropolitan coered thre ws aalable for.bricklayers,
'.. i lders" Associ tio; .the BuRldin t Con in 1933, only 14 9 percent of the vofume of September 12, 1934
buaetors 'Employers Assoclation, IncB ; and the work done In 1929. It also was shown that Rubber Manufacturing tree. frobn 8-22-34).. Dept. Comm., 062-64....
rac Torsdes E employers Assoiation, c a~nd thebricklayers in the region worked only from _________ ___________.._
"n sldlg .Trades Employers Association of 2.7 to 3.1 hours per week during 1936. D*vis-on-of-the-Coi
' Island, representing .employers; and the -to$)AplatnfoTemainofEmpon.D ivsnofI
i Br-e'a~ers' *-,ions Nos. 1, 9, 21, 80, 34 37 |----i ( OModification Proposal. (2) Amendments. (3)DiisionoftheCol
.i jclayts Uion.Ns,1,5) 1,80,pp7,icainfrTriaino xm n( Dvso !
:w. 4. of G.reter New'York and Long Island, *or the order referred to in this story see p. 2A Trade. (5 ivs son of the Retail 'rmde. (0) Diseuors o Books for Instl
t.members Of the Bricklayers, Masons and -ol. 2Supplemant Fabricated Metal Products Manufacturing and Metal Finishing and Mh
-hlnary and Allied Products Industry.
S..'. i' o
,., ars *' n,1;. .. .. .' -

am Stores Join

rive for Label

"" i
ery Trade Association.Co- .'
ates With Department of'':
riculture for Informative
Labels on Cans and "
Packages '

Food and Grocery Chain Stores of
a, a tr-de association of practically. ,.7
country's food store chains, has offered .
tive support" in the drive to estab-.:-
ality standards and grades and more
tire labels for canned foods. This '
follows' closely that taken by the
organization a few days ago. A tele-
the Administrator from F. H. Mass- '
president "of the organization, reports'
committee of his association ha" uqan-
agreed to "urge the adoption of.,
idards established by the Departmentk,
culture on all their canned goods"'.:
" adopt Informative wording on all
goods labels clarifying the contents.
consumer It pledges "wholehearted
and active assistance in this Impor--
elegram announces the appointment .,
umittee to recommend proper word-
labels which will give the consumer
formation as will be of practical value.'
and will assure the quality of the :
idise being in accordance with the''
The wire states that "we flly ap- ;
the desirability of having the con- '
properly informed as to what' she is .
in '.a hidden package."'
haias whkch are members of the asso-
have, more than 23,000 .retail stores.
'ivate brands of canned foods account i
e than 15 percent of the total padk, it'.
ated. ,
association's action is regarded by ad-.-
Ction leaders as an important victory
campaign for grades, standards,'andj
labeling provisions in the CGanning',
The drive opened when, President i
It1 -Ixn-. appqvJing, the 'Cod4-slipgl..Aed
industryy, should' investigate the$p'e-c''
ry of such standards provisions and re-f
the administration. The preliminary
f the industry, submitted some weeks
s termed Inadequate" by Govern-
visers appointed to study the subject.

AUG. 20-SEPT. 12
_ *. _AO_______ to

Lamer -........



Foster .......-- .

McClaren Rt4bber Co., Char-
lotte, N.C.
Repre. Groups in Kentucky 0
and Indiana.
Linen Association Trade.
Lee, McClain & Scalsd'Co.,
Inc, Shelbyville, Ky.
Code Authority.

Code Authority.

Repre. Groups InL Shawnee
County, Kans.
Code Committee. '

Repre., Groups of
Counties in Colo.
National Association
tomf Milliners.
Code Authority.

Berry ............
Doherty........ Rere. Groups of Certain
Counties ln Nebraska and
Iowa and Vicinity. .
Peebles.......... Manufactured Oas Industry
Peebles--------....... U.S. Ind. Tele. Assn.
Peebles.-_...... 21 Compan4es.
Bransome-'.-.. Divisional Code Authority. .?

Carr............. Code Authority.

Edwards-........ Code Authority.
Carr..- .......

Hooke......... Code Authority.
Edwards........ Nine Companies. 1
Edwards........ Code Authority.

Bransome....... M. A. Ferst, Ltd., Atlanta,
Ga. -
nstruction Industry. (I) Application for Exemp-
he Flshery Industry. (7) Division of ImpontiAl
tutional Library Purposes. (10t Supplemental tW
Wtal Coating Industi'y. (11) Subdivision of MaJ

of cus-

toieges Offer Depression and Recovery Values Alori

> NRA Courses In Power and Light Industries I1l.tQlfT, Dr;

Students Show Unusual
-. '.-Interest in Investigating
President's Recovery
? Program

.:A cognition by many of the Nation's in-
;f.g.iflona of higher learning of the interest
-'t ielr .stndent bodies are displaying in the
'.. PieIdent's recovery program, including NRA,
,'jlsho*an by the tendency df colleges and. nni-
:tfildes. to install courses on NRA, Code ad-
.'W'%iatson, and other parts of the recovery
-'ojjkramin their regular curricula this fall.
..5ome graduate schools and institute groups
' devoting 'their 'major attention to NRA
s tbmp simer.
.-' ," larger enrollment in economics and socl-
'dlogy courses than at any time'in historM is
b' B.d recorded by many colleges rind univer-
0.1 Bf;: according to word reaching the Office
,. r;.iducstionu,.of the Interior Department.
.,'While fll. details of .the number of. college
courses on 'NRA are lacking, a typical ex-
"4sinple is a'class on industrial organization to
F-be: offered at 'the University of California,
. dleltig with NRA. Another is a course in
.ie Business Administration School of Bar-
nard College on the conduct of business under
.tKh.' A"-phase of a public administration
.e-rse at Prdjnceton will deal at length with
', NRA, Executive Ordezs, and Codes.
"; 'During this summer the School of Public
fairair' at American University, in Wash-
ig'ton, devoted part of its session to a study
'ofltNBA. Western Reserve University, in
Q 0liveland, -conducted a course on current
problems in labor and industry. Columbia
' University Summer School held sessions on
'! ".fEconomlo of the Recovery .Program."
he' University qf the South, at Sewanee,
,Tena'., In a 2 wdeks "round table", is de-
'voting some of Its work to. a discussion on
' Nfi .-. ,
..-'.Graduate students at Columbia University
'i.Teachers College are studying the educa-'
.tiehal'possIbllitles of, local NRA organlza-
':.ens' using the Mount Vernon, N.Y., NRA or-
..gsalzatlou as an example.

,Ausiness Success

3t Cooperation
!f? *:*,'..-.' 1

.Association Declare Unfair
Competition Eliminated
by Code
S"The modern Diogenes still has to find the
I, dan afraid of honest competition ", states
- 'the National Electrical MAanufncrurers Asso-
S.elation in an editorial in its current bulletin
A.-' Notes and Data." '
Referring to the Code for its Industry the
Editorial begins, "after one year of Code op-
. eratlon, Notes and Data goes on record with
This statement: When operation under this
C: de Is thoroughly understood by all mem-
F. her. of the Industry, compliance will be vol-
" untary, universal, and complete."
Detailing the course of the application of
Sthe Code for that industry it continues, lack
',"Of knowledge and misunderstanding or mis-
: repreentation of meaning, regarding both the
S8Oa behind and the details of the Code opera-
. tlon, have been responsible for practically all
i: Instances which have comprised noncom-
:"pnlaee or violation."
The editorial continues, "another basis for
thq statement is that more and more busi-
n ess men are coming to the realization that
Stir. best opportunity to withstand compe-
..,,titOn and to remain in business and make
W,.oney lies in mutual cooperation to curb
Unfair trade practices."
"I.' In its approved basao Code this
i. nustry has obtained a start on what it
Should have had for years. A year of Code
operation hasiproved the practicability of the
S...Iea o(Uindustry selfgovernment."

.Trade Complaints
SThe National Recovery Administration ap-
.Proved during the past week., plans of or-
""'lUaiatlon and procedure for the handling of
trdae practice complaints In the following
*Amereican Petroleum Equipment Industry
..and Trade; Special Tool, Die and Machine
.baob Industry; Malleable Iron Industry;
Rsat. manufacturing Industry; Spray Paint-
tfl Fi lntshing and Equipment Manufacturing
I.dsry; Beanty and Barber Shop Mechan-
it "EqUiPrnlpit- Manufncturing Industry;
l'.suiM Industry: Industrial Supplies and
Machinery Distributors' Trade: Commnercial
, ttl.onery and Office Outfitrinz Trade: Com-
...ej'" Relief Printinlg Division of the
'philc Arts Indusitry. znne< 1-15: Brnk
F.-zdi Commercial Stationers Divisin of the
m! Arts Industry; Daily Newspaper
i..hslng- Business; Insulation Board In-
,WIty. -.. ..*



S 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934
Chart prepared, exclduslvely for thA Blue Eagle by the Statistlcal Section of the DivsIoln of
Research and Planning of NRA. '

The chart on the power and light industry'
shows the results of power and light opera-
tio4i for -the month of June in' each year
since 1929. The -tOtal number of kilowatt-
hourslgenerated, the number of wage earners,
and the total amount of pay rolls in power
and light and" water plants are all shown as
proportions of the same items in June 1929,
While the items are not entirely comparable.
because the employment and pay-roll Indexes
include water as 'well as power and light
plants, they have' been used beckune power.
and light.statistics are not segregated. Wa-
ter works are probably of relatively minor
importance. -
'Electric p6wer production in June"reached
its low in 1932. 'The recovery from June
1932 to June .1934 has been 14 percent. The
output in June 1934 was 4 percent below
that of June 1929. The total decline' of
power production from June 1929 to June
1932 was 16 percent. Power production .Is,
however, not a satisfactory measure either
of the extent of depression or of the extent
of recovery because of the upward trend of
the series growing -outi ottahe widening use
of electric power tn ,refrigeration and indus-
trial elecfriflcation.
As indicated above, the employment ind
pay-roll figures include not only the electrical
industry but that of water plants. It will
be noted that the number employed and pay
rolls in these industries reached their low not
in 1932 but'in June 1933, a year later than
the low of electrical power production. The
number employed in these industries has
shown small recovery since 1933, only 8 pec-
cent. This is partly due to the fact that,

notwithstanding the. up trend in power pro-.
duction, there has been pven before the de-
pression a down trend In the' number of per-
sons required to' prodice a given electrical
output. Or, in other Avd'rds, there hab been
a.. very large increase in'the output per man'.,
This trend was in 'prdbdsi. before the depres-
sion and has eviden.. :continued during the
depression. .' '
The pay-roll fluctuatipns during the depres-
.slon in the electricowei. Light, and water
industries has been .bi lar to that in other
Industries. The 'percentage decline in pay
rolls from 1929 to 1933iwas greater than that
in employment .on 'account of the decline In
wage rates. Likewise'the percentage increase
in the pay rolls of, June 1934, as compared
with those of June 1933, was greater than
the percentage' increase-in employment be-
cause of the increase in wage rates in 1934
as compared with 1933i.
The production iidexs f- based on the total
output of.kilowatt-hoburs by central stations,
'street railways,' manufacturing plants, etc.,
And lncludes\prodwution from fuel and water
powerN. ,ThisWind0,.,of .bwae*.production ,cor.-
responds with the indexes of. generl'Indus-
trial 'and manufacturing production, previ-
ously shown, in that June 1934 is close to
the.June 1931 level. Furthermore. June 1984
,showed an incre'ase:of 14 percent over June
1932' and fell only '4 percent below June
1929. While the power output is rather close
to.that of 1929. the continued increase in
output per person has tended to create a lag
in the recovery'both in number employed and
pay rolls if those:items are compared with
1929. I

Highway Work Governed

Sby Code, Says Court

U.S. Circuit' Judge Samuel H. Sibley Renders

Sweeping Decision, in Case Involving. Post

Roads and Arteries of Interstate Commerce

One of the most significant decisions yet rendered in' a' case involving an
NRA Code is that of United States Circuit Judge Samuel H. Sibley,.in Atlanta,
Ga., August 18, when he continued in effect a temporary injunction restraining
Whitley Construction Co. from violating the maximum hours and minimum
wage provisions of the Construction In'lustrv Code. The original temporary
injunction had been issued 10 days before by Pederal District Judge Bascom S.
Deaver. NRA's Litigation Division collaborated with the United States district
attorney in presentation of the case. ,
In his decision from the bench, Judge improvement of the old roads so as to make
Sibley, overruling an objection that the them more effective for all %purposes that
State Eighway Department had acted to they serve. Now. the United States helped
except the Whitley company from the Code pay for the initial stages of. that develop-
provisions, held that construction work on ment- The particular contract that is here
highways which had become post roads and involved is for some finishing stages on it, a
arteries of interstate commerce was gov- separate contract but yet a part of that
erned by the Code. original plan, dand these very contracts con-
"The result of that" declared Judge tain references, both in thle proposal and the
Sibley. "is that this Code applies to Mr. contracts, to the aid of the I'nited States
Whitley and to all other contractors o i nd to the United States legislation on the
roads of this character, even though the subject, and the bond gpoes so far as to recite
particular contract that they made is one in that the United States coul( sue. in its own
which the State furnishes all the money." behalf, as well as the State of Georgia, for
the use of the United States, concerning this
Decision of Judge Sibley work. It all goes to show that the work
It is a case" said the court. "of con- we are d'ealine with iA a work in which both
tractors who execute work on public roads, the United States and the State are co-
which are public roads of the State. and also operating and have an interest. It is public
rost raids of the United States and also work an.] public work both to the State and
arteries of interstate traffic. I do not re- to the United States. Now. the Code under-
gard these as new roads. They have long takes to regulate this work by prescribing
been both public roads and, under the evi- maximum hours of labor and minimum rates
dence. there was a joint agreement between of pay. The Code has nothing in it beyond
the Srtate and the United States, to im- the act in that idea. The President, in put-
prove and develop. perhaps some relocation ting those provisions in the Code. has done
was involved, but in the big idea it was the exactly what the act contemplated, because

Mahogany Association Protept,
Salesmen Selling Furniture Withi
Statement That Prides, '''
Are Set by Code :

"This bulletin Is prompted by..;
recent experiences we have had In:ma"
small purchases of office firnltire.' h
equipment, stationery7'and supplies, In lcC
section with our move from Chicagod;A
Washington, said L. S. Beale, of the Mobd
any Assoiation." ii certain instances w.v<
have found that prices here In Washilgtoa
are somewhat higher than we paid for simllari
articles in Chicago, and when we Qd '
mented on this facd, we were ivwarlaIly'l#
vised that their Code made neewaCT'-Q
Washington.. prices. Moreover, .n,*"'-i
cases this. statement.was made In a.i R'
which Implied that *ere 'It not torw th-d:.
these stores' wodld be overjoyed .b,' ifg
lowef prices., I I''
Prices Asked 'Not Code Prices >4tll
"We',bhave reason to suspect, thdt'.:d.-
regulations 'have. nothing whatever to1"i
with the prices quoted us. however,..'
Wisdom 6f miakfug such 'expla atiors:m, _
be questioned, 'even though they may' co!&
tain some truth, 'because It is alm6ost- c
taln that the stores are glad to ask Oi
prices; and. grateful for the ,'support ._t_-
vided by their Codes. If there isn't sufi|
client' courage to justify the prices na1Th P
by the quality of lthe products, offered.,g
the 'service rendered, then, at e least
effort should be'w made to avoid buildln$'i|
unfounded and unfair antagonism. to,..
'RA program. y p :i- f"
"Taking our expetrence as typicl #j
I inevitable that consumers develop '.a1'fi
opinion bf both"the purposes and the eff
of the 11A po6Licy. It is tiqudlly lievitA4
that such a 'alse opinion on the part.offt
public should Impress Itself bon 'the .':O`
sumearners Advisory Board. The result, theI
faore, of' this thoughtless talk 'by emplqyd
is simply ta create' opposition, to pro'rai-,
which 'their oi*n employers quite "liks
favor: We,'urge 'you to make a poihiti 6
seeing to" It that your sales repreaentatlv0l
reflect your attitude In their contact 'iTWl
your'custqierk'.' '- 4.
.. : ': .. ,.' ." .. ...... ....
*' R- ',. N Judged :on If Me it-'Z
"Are your products and services wit
Code prices? If you think not, your sale'e
men will likely reflect your attitude by usi,
the Code as the sole Justification' for.teili
price asked. Nobody needs an excuse ."
being unwilling to sell below cost. Sales.g4
men should endeavor to convince' prospeqta
that the vale of the products and services*
offered Jdstifies the price, asked, and ani4
mention of -a Code in connqecrlon within
quoted price implies that the value is :not
there, thus invitinpg unjust criticism, o.f.'!
Code as unduly burdensome to the -public$!.'
S"In the last analysis, the National &,
cover Act must be judged on its muefltk(
This is as It should be., It would be untori
innate, however, if opinions as to its me'i -V
should be based, even slightly, on the talS.
of salesmen too lazy to do anything bVt&W
follow the line of least resistance." "'^-'"

"Job Lot" Cand.i
An order outlining conditions to .governt&;
sales of "distressed candy" under .1thd
Wholesale Confectioner's Code, was anS.i
nounced. '-4
The order approves the Code Authority' 5
recommendation that members of the ;M.;"!
dustry be prohibited from selling "distretsed-
candy" or "job lots" unless "(1) the word:.
'job lot' are stamped legibly on each box dp"i
'carton sold as such; and (2), that each in-'
voice covering the sale of such merchandise';:j
shaLl have a notice thereon that the same l'
sold as a 'job lot '." ;

in that section about the Code, I believe It01
section 5, there' are very numerous reft1:`
ences to those maximum hours of labor
minimum rates of pay and contemplated tp.!
be put in the Code and be enforced, aid
there is no question of Code going beyond,.'
the facts. The case .must be viewed as',
though Congress had passed this Code wiot l.
reference to work of the class with iwhic '
we are dealing, and the constitutional ques-.,'
lion is. could Congress regulate the hour.i
of labor and the rulates of pay on work 0,'.1
which it had an interest as a post road or a4
an artery of interstate commerce. ** *
"I do not feel that I am in position to..
say that clearly this act as an emergency, ,-
measure, and for the brief period of time,.';-
and for the broad purpose it professes is be-i'
yond the power of Congress, and 1 am going:;'.
to refuse to overturn the construction CodCs'
as applied to these post roads, and the agree1 .
inent made to improve and better them aso..
appears in thts case. The result of that (a.
that this Code applies, to Mr. 'WVhtlley an
to all other contractors on roads of this.
character, even though the particular co:-:
tract thai they made is one In which the%:
State furnishes all the money." .


J LAttOt.lly A
__, ; -*


: : *: *: ,~

1^ 1.:- '..... ~o

...erred to In box on page 1, column 2)

Whis is the second installment of
-decisions and applies particularly
.labor disputes under the President's
ployment Agreement.
LLR.A. Cases continued from Blue Realis iue,
i" August 13, 1934 J
H Sup. Ct., Dutcheas Co., N.Y., Oct. 12,
1933.. (Witchief, J.).
I :fX Plaintiff manufacturing company Is
B .. entitled to a temporary injunction
:'- .restraining officers of a labor union
From picketing the company's fac-
5'". tory for Tfhe purpose of persuading
*:, its employees to. Join the union and
,. from .displaying signs stating Prdsi-
Sdent Roosevelt had conferred the
S right of unionization and the com-
pany was fighting the President and
Sthe N.R.A. In tie absence of a de-
iS termination by the N.R.A. Itself
'1 that the company had violated the
: Code or the act, the union could not
i juqtify the use of such signs on the
g round that the company had com-
*'; mitted such an offense. The. New
York rule that an employer may
h'..'rhire and discharge men for any rea-
son, and that by proper persuasion
1 + :':be may induce employees to resign
a :from thelr unions, using lawful
I. 'means for that purpose and not
'threats, false statements, violence,
or Intimidation, has not been
*-;' : changed by the N.I.R.A. .
: '* Errs. and Appls., No. 7, May 4,
"," .1934. (Heher, J.)
"C ..The N.I.R.A. does not outlaw strikes
S and peaceful picketing by employees
in a' plant subject to a Code on the
," theory that. the act has given the
employees a'remedy In the form of
S collective bargaining. The right to
E organize and bargain collectively
1: connotes the right to strike. A con-
,. struction of the Recovery Act that
would deny to the employees the
e-.,,;. privilege of striking, to- enforce
'is. what they egnceive to be a just de-
aij;:!': mand for a wage increase,. would
:%' '' emasculate the clause onfifering' the
n?' ,irv,!ht*'to organize and.,B'ftgain col-
11" ilbdtlvely. 'And. collective bargaining
4%,.' : inot bargaining at all unless it is
-i;': voluntary onrboth sides.
[r. .:The Recovery Act does not preclude
:%.'. the selection of nonemployees as
VV*:.r representatives. To otherwise con-
;.. strue the act would "outlaw" the
American Federation of Labor union
r. "'arid prevent Individual unions from
;i/:.. affiliating with a body organized to
:.;^ pro. :,. prothet common aims and pur-
., poses.' A congressional purpose to
.-' effect this radical departure from a
: firmly bestablIshed policy will not be
The Injunction against the strike
S Issued by the lower .court cannot
':. be sustained on the ground that it
:, was Incumbent upon the employees
to resort to Impartial arbitrators
such as are provided under N.R.A.
': The Code does.not make the submis-
S.' ion to arbitration a condition prece-
: dent to the right to strike.
7.::,. The Injunction should be modified
to permit peaceful picketing. Pick-
'0" eting is lawful if it does not have
".. an immediate tendency to intlmida-
tion or an immediate tendency to
l^;" obstruct free passage such as the
ri,. streets afford. (See I-A-2 for de-
,. ciston in lower court.)
ts!;- STEEL CO., D.C. D. Del, Eq. No.
!i. o 1060, May 29, 1934. (Nields, J.)
H :.The United States,: suing, a steel
B .:.:: company under Section 3 (c) of the
N.I.R.A. for an Injunction which
.. would restrain the company from
; Interfering with the rights of its
':. employees, under Section 7 (a1 of
"' the Recovery Act and the provisions
'.." of the Steel Code corresponding
:' theretd, to join or organize labor
S orgnnizatlonsof their own choosing,
to bargain collectively, and to be
free from Interference of the com-
pany in the designation of such rep-
,. resentatives, Is not entitled to a
:: preliminary 'injunction following a
* hearing on the bill, answer, affi-
davits, and exhibits.
S The suit rows out of a "labor dis-
pute" within the meaning of the
f:" Norris Act, which provides that a
Federal court shall not have Juris-
S" diction to Issue an injunction in such
S a case "except after hearing the
: testimony of witnesses In open
:; court", where there is an oppor-
tunity for cross-examination. The
act is applicable to a suit wherein
S the United States is the complnain-
':.I ant..
A preliminary Injunction is denied
::.:, for the additional reason that the
...... pleadings and affidavits disclose

- Trend of General

Newspaper Advertising

52 Cities, January 1928 to Date

I' *.,., *.D.. *UTW mm..-,i ..*-1 mmcm *.*ffm
-*Bil.. ** *m*u" mc,*i.1 B' U..111 Em. nil Emfl ,IE mfl' i


7t !I



JuLY ,

1928 1929 1930 21931 192 1933 1934
18,MOO21 24.730.885 23,5,515514 8,970,323 16,840,677 14,197,164 13,976,!5
23.462509 2B.414.55 8 26,148,20 2J3,592,107 20,142,224 15,187,931 16.744,1
27,310,138 31.337257 31 098.977 28.033,761 21,719,978 13 868882 19,383 ,9
26,616,501 28,796,563 29 182:3,I2 24213,90S 18,725,388 15,289,000 20:182.
26.859.'' I 32.392.954 31,476.034 26,017,406 19,059,049 16,133,080 21,797.1
24,110.677 29:897,358 27.147,977 24,73S,798 18,428,215 16,447,609 |9.531,
20,074:311 i 22 73:43 21.448,044 !9:865.156 13,655,057 14,272,035 15:279:.2
19,928 8aq 21,818,068 17,879,403 /8,061351 13 034,094 15i,197 538
23:113:080 29,238,300 25418:1i9 18,686,160 15,666,206 16,33.6,998
30,350,:22 37,463,803 29,548:388 23,676,205 |,890,714 20,070,694
29.252:159 32.237,744 24,606,790 21,979,443 6,822,806 18,769,156
20.110,037 19,803.193 14,881,038 13,985,240 8,907,644 12,274,633
289,778,642 '338,874,538 303,051,436 261,817,055 201,830,052 188,044.72r


FACTS.-Article III, section 3, paragraph
(b) provides: "The maximum hours fixed In
-section 1 hereof shall not apply for six (6)
weeks in any twenty-six (26) weeks period
S during which overtime shall not exceed eight
(S8 hours in any one week. In any such case
S at least one and one-half (1'%) times the reg-
ular rate shall be paid to each employee for
time worked In excess of eight (8) hours in
any twenty-four (24) hour period or in excess
of forty (40) hours In any seven (7) day
period." During this 6 weeks period em-
ployees may work 48 hours per week.
employees during the 6 weeks' overtime pe-'
riod for the S hours which are permitted over
the maximum of 40 hours, or is it permissible
for an employer to work his employees for
n the 48-hour period without any payment of
RULING.-It is hereby ruled that em-
ployees must be paid at least one and one-half
times the regular rate for hours worked in
excess of 40 hours per week, or 8-hours per,
,59 day.


This chart used by courtesy of Media Records, Inc.

that the plaintiff's contentions In
fact and In law are seriously dis-
puted. A preliminary Injunction
should not be awarded on ex part
affidavits except in a clear case.
L. LOCAL ET AL., Cir. Ct., Mil-
waukee, Wis., 'May 1934. (Gehrz,
A motion for a temporary injunc-
tion pendente lite to restrain em-
ployees fronm, picketing complain-
ant's lunchrooms was denied, the
evidence showing that the picketing
was carried on peacefully and with
no disturbance among or abuse of
customers. -The picketing resulted
from a conflict between labor unions
and from the low wages paid by
complainant. Complainant had sur-
rendered his Blue Eagle and was
doing a strictly intrastate business.
(No -opinion written.)1
Ct., Los Angeles, Calif., May 18,
1934. (Anderson,'J.)
A labor union and its officers-will
not be restrained from illegal pick-
eting where it is not shown that the
acts complained of were done under
the orders of the officers. Although
certain Illegal acts were committed
by members of,'the union, the evi-
dence showed that they were done
against the orders of the union offi-
cers. (No written opinion.) -

CO., Wis Sup. Ct., No. 105, June
26, 1934. (Nelson, J.)
A Wisconsin employer which denies
to its employees the right to self-
organize, to bargain collectively,
and to select their own representa-
tires for such purpose may be en-
joined from so doing by a State
court on the ground that the em-
ployer is violating the State Labor
S Code. Injunctive relief may be ob-
tained by a labor unl6n for the bene-
fits of its members without super-
imposing the National Industrial
Recovery Act upon the State Code.
It was alleged in the instant case
that the employer had violated both'
the State Labor Code nnd the Presi-
dent's Reemployment Agreement.
The lower court held that the com-
plaint stated a cause of action on
the Reemployment Agreement but
not on the State Code. The labor
Code cannot be given such limited
The decision of the lower court, al-
though based on the Federal Recov-.
ery Act, is sustained on appeal on
the ground that the findings sus-
tained by the evidence warranted
the issuance'of the injunction under
the State Labor Code. It Is, there-
fore, unnecessary to decidrle whether
the State court had Jurisdiction of
a cause of action based on the Re-
covery Act under Section 3 (c) giv-
ing the Federal courts jurisdiction.
The employer's contention that the
Federal courts have exclusive juris-
diction would seem, in the present
vtite of the law, to be sound.
DRESSING CO., 168 Atl. 862
(N.J.), Nov. 14, 1933. (Bigelow,
When the union of defendant's em-
ployees called a strike, defendant

threatened to hire only members of
a rival union. The strikers sought
an injunction preventing the de-
fendant, a P.R.A. signer, from forc-
ing them to join the rival union be-
fore being reemployed. The court
held that a State court has juris-
diction over P.R.A. suits; that the
P.R.A. is a valid contract; that em-
ployees may sue for a breach there-
of; and that the defendant's action
constituted a violation of Its agree-
ment with the President.
ET AL., N.Y., Sup. Ct., Nov. 18,
1933. (Smith, J.)

In a suit by a manufacturer to re-
strain a union from unlawful pick-
eting, intimidation, and assault
upon its employees, defendant's alle-
gation that the manufacturer had
signed the President's Reemploy-
].ment Agreement while fraudulently
representing he intended' to com-
ply therewith and had violated the
agreement with respect to wages,
hours, and collective bargaining is
not -a good defense. Such alleged
fraud of the manufacturer is not
Available to the union as a defense
"whatever rights such fraud * *
might give to the Government."
-The alleged constitutional rights of
the employees are not available as
a defense since it was not alleged
that any of the employees were
members of the defendant union.
PANT, Sup. Ct., New York Co.,
Dec. 11 1933. (Callahan, J.)
Under a State statute, an injunc-
tion by employees to restrain an em-
ployer from violating the collective
bargaining provisions of the P.R.A.
and the N.I.R.A. will be denied If
it is not shown that the remedies at
law have been exhausted, or if sufi-
cienti coercion is not shown. Even
where legal remedies have been ex-
hausted, Federal agencies have de-
nied similar applications for relief
In the past, and the purpose of the
State statutes Is to secure coopera-
tion with the Federal Government.
v. REED BROS., Cir. Ct., Milwau-
kee Co., Wis., Dec. 20, 1933.
(Aaron, J.)
The defendant company, a P.R.A.
signer, discharged twelve of Its em-
ployees for joining plaintiff union
and threatened to treat others like-
wise. In overruling a demurrer to
a petition filed by the union, the
court held an unincorporated union
can successfully sue to enforce the'
labor, provisions of the P.R,A. even
though not a party thereto, as Sec-
tion 7 (a) of the N.I.R.A. creates a
right, and for every right there is
a remedy. Exclusive Jurisdiction
under the N.I.R.A. was said not to
be vested In the Federal courts.

Note.-In the issue of the Blue Eagle1
of August 27 there will be published a
third installment of court decisions under
the headings of "Hours and Wages"
and "Control of Production"


"It's up to the builders to read the indus-
Strial lesson of the automotive and similar
great industries and bring the home within
reach of the average pocketbook."-AAlbany,
N.Y., KnIckerbocker Press.

Knitted Outerwear
FACTS.-An employee is working in a mill
on a piece-rate basis; the employee's earnings
for 1 week was $16 for 40 hours' work; th q
next week the employee actually earns only
$12 for .40 hours' work.
QUESTION.-Is the employer entitled to
average the employee's earnings over a period
of 2 weeks in determining whether or not the
employee is receiving the minimum wage as
specified by the Code, or, in other words, Is
the employer entitled to take $2 of the first
week's earnings and add to the second week's
earnings to bring the wages paid up to the
minimum of $14- per week.
INTERPRETATION.-It is ruled that
each week's earnings of an employee shall be
considered independently and without refer-,
ence to any other week's earnings, and that
If an employee fails to produce enough work
In any one week which, when figured on a
. piecework basis, does not produce earnings
equal to or greater than the minimum wages
specified in the Code, the difference between
the wages actually earned and the minimum
wages must be paid by the employer to" the
Cleaning and Dyeing
FACTS.-The National Association of Cur-
tain Cleaners submitted a proposed Code on
August 24, 1933. Under the public hearing
or April-25, '1934, thb C6ae'Autlfthrity T6r-'i -
Cleaning and Dyeing Trade proposed amend--
ments attempting to Include curtain cleaning'.
and rug cleaning definitely under the Clean-
ing and Dyeing Code. The deputy requested
additional information which has not been
received to date.
Because of the processes used in the clean-
aIng of curtains and rugs, the two sections re-
ferred to In the two above-mentioned Codes
appear to place such processes under the pro-
visions of these two Codes.
An interpretation is necessary In order to
establish the designation of the cleaning of
curtains arind rugs under either the Executive
Order of May 26 or that of June 28.
QUESTION.-Is the cleaning of curtains
and rugs by the processes defined in the Code
of Fair Competition for the Laundry Trade
subject to the provisions of such Code, and
Is the cleaning of curtains and rugs by the
processes defined in the Code of Fair Corn-
petition for the Cleaning and Dyeing Trade
subject to the provisions of said Code?
INTERPRETATION.-The cleaning of
curtains and rugs by the processes defined In'
the Code of Fair Competition for the Laundry
Trade, approved February 16, 1934, is sub-
ject to the provisions of said Code.
The cleaning of curtains and rugs by the
processes defined in the Code of Fair Comn-.
petition for the Gleaning and Dyeing Trade,
approved November 8, 1933, is subject to .the
provisions of said Code.
Silk Textile
FACTS.-It appears that In the Silk Tex-
tile Industry the duties of loom fixers are
ordinarily confined to the attention of those
looms to which the fixers are assigned. They .
ordinarily work In the weave room and not
In the machine shop. Repair shop crews, on
the contrary, ordinarily work in a separate':
repair department, usually called the me-
chanical department. Their duties are gen-.!
eral and their activities cover the entire
plant. They act wherever repairs are necps-;-
sary. The duties of the loom fixers ordi-
narily only include such minor adjustments
as tying in the warp and getting the looms'%:
ready for the weavers. If a major mrechan- 'i
teal adjustment Is necessary the loom fixer
ordinarily removes the parts from the loom .
and carries them to the repair shop where
the repair work is done by a machinist w'bo'
is a member of the repair shop crew.
QUESTION.-Are loom fixers productive:
employees who cannot be worked more than .
40 hours a week or are they members of re-
pair shop crews who can work 40f honur a
week. with a tolerance of 10 percent except :
in cases of emergencies? If they are the i
latter, overtime of over 40 hours must be .3
paid at lvimo nnd ono-third.
INTERPRETATION.-It Is ruled that
loom fixers are productive employees and .:
cannot be worked in excess of 40 hours a.;


Machinery and Allied

pTh:~; *~.


jgt^ . '. *


g sst 20, 1934


.. .. (Continued from page 6--First Section)


(,. ~ ORDER
:i"mfrtg forms for registration of members of
ale trade, and of vehicles operated, gross whre-
.a ase space and other Information required,
qi.'lj gaon of the agency with which such reg-
'jrattion and information sbail be filed and in-
":. sructlons, rules, and regulations.
1. E WHUIAS, the Code of Fair Competition for
S".t' HousehoId Goods Storage and Moving Trade,
'Artclei T Section 7, entitled "Registration", Sub-
Ign (a), provides as follows:
'" Registration. (a) Every member of, tAe
4%jde-sball within thirty (30) days after the
edective date of this Code, or within ten (10)
I is'after becoming a member of the Trade, and
ideallyy thereafter, register his name, the num-
.st as type of vehicles operated, and gross wsre-
abmuespace, together with such other Inforihation
t.sule form under such rules and regulations, and
hwith such agency as may be prescribed by the Code
fltority with the approval of the Administrator,
r'M.bmy be required by him", and,
.WBEBRAB, satisfactory evidence has been sub-
ted to ms that the annexed forms to be used
i ;lich registration and for the Information 're-
W.. the designation of the Temporary Code
uittority as the agency with which such, reglstra-
in' an mlinormation shall be filed and. thein-
etione, rules and regulations governing such
ji/tters are ressonablbJe and necessary to effectuate
itla prqvlions of the Act and the registration pro-
.Midi.e(sof said Cbde;
1NOW, TNTHEREFORE, I Hugh S. Johnson, Ad-
mC lnistirator for Industrial Recovery, pursuant to
Ii anthorty vested In me by Executive Orders
'tlhe President, and by the Code of Fair Corn-
'tnltider for the Household Goods Storage and iMov-
Phg Trade, approved 'April 19, 1934, and otherwise,
boed hereby approve tl) the annexed forms to be
ad for regisration of members of the Trade, and
t.vshlele operated, gross warehouse space and
ifrtieothrer information required by said Code
Sthe Code Authority, (2) the designation of the
oraty Code Authority as' the agency. with
tid ,the required registration and Tiformnatlon
e0d,.. and,.,(3), the ,annexed itnstructions,
,ad regulations, governing sueh registration,
r uion and filing.
A administrator for Industrial Recovery.
roy-aptal recommended:
-, Acting Divitsion Administt'ator.

*.:. ORDER NO. 399-7
I WEREAS the Code of Fair Competition for
': ouBeold Goods, Storage and Moving Trade,
V.MIce VI, Section 7 provides as follows:
S'#Registraton (a) Every member of the Trade
A"ua w within thIrty (80) days after the effective
..ate oft this COde. or within ten (10) days nfter
81.-.;tteilg t member of the Trade, and annually
.1 terafter, register his name, the njita r and type
:"Qf vehicles operated, and the grpss warehouse
VAce, together with such other i formuntlon In
?iueb form under such rules and regulntlnus, and
e;i uch agency as may be prescribed by the Code
eorlty with the approval of the Administrator,
9' ''may be requested by him.
1'4 Each member of the Trade, on complying
'Wt ; the provisions of paragraph (a) hereof, hall
En isd an annual registration certillcate and
4AT ltion insignia Indicating such registration.
al t of re gistering vehicles and furnoshlang
A't a tfor the same shall be assessed against the
V. t registered.
() ter forty-five (451 days after the effective
d of this Code, it shall be a violation of this
oilfor any member of the Trade to operate any
V 1ie or warehouse without such registration in-
St prominently displayed at all times upon the
IL Ae of th vehicle and In the office of the
M ObUs, And,
WH9iIAS, said Code, Article VII Section 1
lides in., part as follows:
A: ; pen Prices.-Eneh member of the Trade
we iwth the appropriate Adminlstrativre
D*ar S in each area in which he solicits business
Sforty-.five (45) days after the effective date
If Ls Code a complete schedule of his Indi-
d 'via erms, rates, tariffs, prices, discounts, dock
I'c an al'other conditionss relating to
teS for, services. In the Trade. Each suheb In-
Uabi'tschedule hall be posted in a conspicuous
* ln Neach office of such member of the Trado
.:A shall be available al the agency designated
A. tsCode Authority otappropriante Administra-
Soa0rd for the perusal of all persons inter-
"'HIlERAS the Administrator, by his order
-dAted Janme 2l 1934 stayed the said time re-
". let. *,which he ordered should be computed
t 'a 1934, Instead of from the effective
t dode; 'and,
it ,satisfactory, evidence submitted to
din e"ator shows that It has not been
fI9 0or members of the Trade to comply with
't 1sitorne or the Code as above cited within
..iAct of the limitations provided In sold Code
0lid order for the registratlon of the Trade
r the vehicles operated by them. and the
A plac used by them, nor for procuring
JDoling registration insignia, nor for filing
si 1 S1aid schedules ;
ie is'iflEFORE, I, Hugh S. Johnson. Ad-
'ttitr for industrial Recovery. pursuant to
e a vsed in me by Executive Orders of
"t,sl and by the Code of Fair Competi-
jfare A Household Goods, Storage and Moving
dndotherwise do hereby order that the
Sa f Sa>d tUme limitations, and provisions
SCAWtey Ste hereby stayed; and It is hereby
errOL d that members of the Trade sev-
h s.ia they are hereby, granted additional
U .Inm j hereby extended until Auaust 8,
WAAr-ItO comply with the thirty (80) day
+,,: I + ,I "...
t '":.".

requirements -of said Code provisions and until
August 15, 1934, In which to comply. with the
forty.five i45) day requirements of said Code
SAdministrotor for Industrial Recovery.
Approval recommended:
Division Administrator.
Washington, D.C.
Aug. 1, 1984.

ORDE 43-22
Declaration of an emergency within the competi-
tive area consisting of the parishes of Orleans,
Jefferson and Saint Bernard, Louisiana, and es-
tablishment of minimum prits, etc.
WHEREAS Article X1i of the Code of Fair
Competition' for the lce Industry as amended prO.
vldee In hart as follows:
," I1 Wen the Administrator, upon the recom-
mendation of the Code Authority or any other In.
terested party, shall find that an emergency exists
within any competitive area and that the cause
thereof is that the prices, at which natural or
artificial ice Is being sold therein, have been re-
duced through destructive price cuttihg, due to.
excessive over-production, increased supply, or for
any other reason, to such extent as to render in-
effective the.labor or other provisions of this. Code
or seriously endanger the maintenance thereof, the
Administrator may In such emergency exercise the
following temporary and restricted remedial meas-
ures ;
"He may establishl a schedule of minimum prices
for natural and artificial Ice, based upon the low-
eat reasonable cost of a representative operation
located within such competitive area as may be
selected by the' Code Authority or as shall other-
wise be determined by the Administrator to be a
representative operation, and direct that for t def-
inith period of time and within the competitive
area defined and designated by him, no member of
the Ice Industry shall sell or offer to sell any Ice
in or. Into such area, at a price or prlcei lower
than established by. such schedule.
"8."The'orfgihal' order or orders o&inhe Admin-
Istrator, making effective the Intent'of thls Article,
shall include the date upon which such order or
orders shall become 'effective, 'and shall designate
a date by which a schedule of prices shall be filed
and posted with the appropriate Committee of
Arbitration and Appeal and with the Code! Author-
ity, by each member of the Industry selling Ice in
or Into 'the affected competitive area, and there-
after, for such period of time as may be ordered
by the Administrator, no member of the Industry
shall sell or offer to sell Ice In or Into such com-
petitive area at a price or prices lower than those
prescribed by. the Administrator for such areas,
without first obtaining is approvaL"
WHEREAS, pursuant to my Order of May 11,
1984, tAdministrative Order No. 43-6) a public
hearing was held on May 21, 1934, In the city of
New Orleans, Louisiana, for the purpose of deter-
mining a schedule of minimum prices for the sale
of Ice In or Into the competitive areas selected and
determined. In accordance with said Order as con-
slating of the parishes of Orleans, Jefferson and
Saint Bernard, Louisiana,..
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Hugh S. Johnson, Ad-
ministrator for Industrial Recovery, pursuant to
authority vested in me by Article XII of said Code
Nf Fair Competition for the Ice Industry as
amended and by Executive Orders of the President
and otherwise, do hereby declare that an emer-
gency exists within the competitive area consisting
of the parishes of Orleans, Jefferson and Saint Ber-
nard, Louslana, and that the cause thereof is that
the prices at which artificial Ice has been sold
therein have been reduced through destructive price
cutting due to excessive. overproduction, Incrfased
supply, and other reasons to such an extent as to
render Ineffective the labor and other provisions of
the said Code and to endanger seriously Its mainte-
nance in said area, and
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that on and after
ten'days from the date of this Order and continue
SIng for a period of nioaety days, no member of the
Industry shall directly or Indirectly sell or offer
to sell or otherwise dispose of ice In or Into said
competitive area at a price lower than the applisca-
ble price set forth In the schedule.of minimum
prices attached to this Order and made a part
hereof, and
IT, IS FURTHER ORDERED that each member
of the Industry directly or Indirectly selling or
offering to 4ell or otherwise disposing of Ice in or
Into said competitive area shall within ten days
from the date of this order, file and post with the
Loulsiapa Committee of Arbitration and Appeal
and with the Code Authority a schedule of prices
at which he proposes to sell such Ice, which
schedule of prices shall be not lower than tbose
prescribed by this Order; subject, however, to such
revision and/or cancellation thereof as during the
period of this Order I. by my further orders, may
direct, and
Coxe, 1418 New Orleans Bank Building, New
Orleans, Louisiana, is hereby designated as my
special agent as provided In Article XII, section 5
of the Code of Fair Competition for the Ice In-
dustry as amended on April 24. 1934, to make such
Inspections, conduct such Investigations, demand
or receive such reports and file such complaints as
the Division Administrator for this Code may re-
quire and as may be necessary to secure compliance
with this Order, and
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the special
agent above mentioned shall cause to he made an
investigation of cost data in all Ice plants In New
'Orleans. Louisiana, and thst said- special agent
shall within sixty days after the approval of this
Order report on said Investigation to the Division
of Research and Planning, and that within thirty



- A*


days after receipt of such. report, said Division of extent, but only to the extent necessary to sellUot
Research and Planning shall submit Its analysis offer to sell to the following contractors,' to-wit
and figures to the Admninstrator. (1) Woods Bros. Con- (8) Wickham Pipe;I
SHUGH S. JOHNSON, struction Co., Bridge CoQ
Administrator for Induatriol Recovery. Lincoln, Neb. Council Bluffs
Approval recommended: (2) Masaman C o n Ia.
O o. L. BEaRa, straction Co., (9) Condon CunningZ
DLi'ion Administrator. 737 New York ham- Cole Co
Washington. D.C., Life Bldg RKan- 219 Grain Excl
ass.8'~s_ __ City 'Mo. .. BiJ4 Cn qh
August 8, 1934. 8 sas. 'Ctt Na.... Bldg., `
8 anosa a- .lti Neb.
er. ff..k fRA
Bridge Co, 21o (10) .. ~d
R490-8 (4) Meorger Co0n:- a(11) Lt. iukl
ODDER struetion Co., (1)C
Pine Bluff, CiAk Jy IWa.iS
CODE OF FAIR COMPETITION FOR THE (5) A. W. Farisy,i (12) Morrlson'-Ola0s1e
I Armour Bldg., M-'ain t-,lra
Termination of EiemptHonu.,Granted in Admln latra- W. Kansas City, sa, CiyMo,.
Live Order X-36. Mo. (13) Bllhorn, Bowetja
(6) C. W. Hunter Co Peters, 'I's8A
WHEREAS an application has been made by the 177 S. Front Railway ExsltM
Code Authority of the Imported Date Packing In- S t., Memphis, Bldg., St. Loet
,dustry for termination of the exemption conferred Tenn. Mo'. 11 :,"
In Parsgraph IlI of Administrative Order X-36, (7) Addison Miller, (14) Rosa Construpctt
dated May 20, 1934. and unc.. St. Paul, Co.,,KansasCity
WEEREAS, an opportunlt, to be beard hbs been Minn. Mo.
duly afforded to all Interested parties, and the As- . o r r \
sistant Deputy Administrator has reported, and-It for.the fqllowng respective projects, to-wit
appears to dy satisfaction that rerminatloo-of said (1) Charleston-Dallas (8) Narrows-Cou ona
exemption is merited 'and wfll tend to effectuate Oik Mills, Bend' "
the policies of Title I of the Nntional Industrial Providence- Sandy Council- n0 m' ,
Recovery, Act; Hook Bends W'i
NOW. THEREFORE, pursuant to authority Marion Pe ru'- Son on0
vested In me, it Is hereby ordered that any exemp- Chamols MeGlrks Brownvllle.'.- R
tion conferred by Paragraph IJ of Adminl-Traslve Reach Whit 'Clo:ul
Order X-36 dated'May 26, 1934, upon any member New HaventReach Tar k lo -W 6
of this InduKtry be and It Is herey termnluatcd. Bon'Homme Bend Creek Bends"'
Asn U. Rr.wr, Lower Pellca (4) Springhoaee Bed
Di'tsion Admniastratur. Bend riboneyfend...'
Order recommended :' misr rChesley I s l a n d- PomeroylBan,-
BE. W. BouROESS, Pultight: Burr. Oak-A% a
Asastat ejrty 'deipstrtbr Establishment Is.- Zoots
July 1at,94 "ratr -land 5 Tobacco-Rock l
Do-Tooth-Brook TGlasgow Bend
-' Dog Tooth-Brooks 7Rule 'Bend ** w8
Point ul Cree' .I~bel
R isn Hgek Yate.
LAD HAN AG (2) Audgusta Bend (8) Fl oyd Da-.col
LADIES HANDBAG Weldon S Xrlngs Bendsa
Reach (9) Florence-The Nat
ORDER Camden -Baltimore rows '
Bends (10) Bocheport Pl6W
Wvr boyea .''
CODE OF FAIR COMPETITION FOR THE Waverly-Malta o1) y B0a-ei '
La E Randolph -Jackson (12) Bendsli 'Grove-t
', 8B2-15 Bends. ,' ..'Genvleve a
'...N..' ,. ,t' ernon-"" (1-8) Dal]a8-B46rr;O0
Ternhuation of ExempLion Granted in Admlnis.'- Charleston BeAd s.,'
tratilve Order No. X-S6. Brownvllle-Lang- (14) Nebraska:BDent
don Bnton' Bep)
WHrEREAS,' an pplucationithas been made by dn0.'ono Bn
RBAS,.an appllc has bees made by mattress lumber at the prices tlerefor sbpecfieda
the Code Authorrity 6f the Ladles Handbag In- contracts entered Into prior to Novemberl.r 198
dustry for termination of the exemption conferred between any of the aforesaid' contractors: andthi
in Paragraph III bf Administrative' Order No, United States Government, but in nolevant at:ei
X-36. dated May 26, 1934; and than five dollars ($5.00) per thousand feet baby
WHEREAS, an ,ppoi9tuni4 to haeheard has been the aforesaid minimum prices which conistitutp11(
WHEREAS, an opportunity to t e s eared has bee reasonable cost of such lumber, determined.'a
duly, afforded Ito all Interested parties, and the established by the Administrator pursuant to:tl
Assistant Deputy Administrdtor has reported, and provisions of Article IX of said Code. I
It appears to my satisfaction that termination of These exemptions shall be applicable only"
said exemption is merited and will tend to. effectu- written contracts made within sixty (60)'. di"
ate the policies of Title I of the National In, from the date hereof, for the sale of mattress hi
trial Reovery Act;her which is required for the performance of.-&
dustrlal Recovery Act ; government river improvement work contracts here
NOW, THEIREFORE,. pursuant to authority fnabove referred to, and shall be subject to '.
vested in'i me, It is hereby ,ordered that any ex- further order. ..WM,:
emptlon conferre9 by Paragraph III 'of Adminis- BAnTOA W. M.RIt, .':
trative Order No. X-36, dated May 26, 1934, upon Division AdminatfdtOr
any member of this Industry be and it is hereby Approval recommended,:
terminated. W s Wicftant Deput- at.
WILLIAM P. FLaswoaTrT, Assist nt Deputy Admdnistrtto
Acting Division Administraotor. A. C. D Aion,
Deputyy Adminstarator.r.."'
Order recommended: July tDeut 2dn i3t.

Assistant Deputy Admanislra
July 7, 1934.


Granting Extension of Exemption G
ministrative Order Number 9-18,
25Lth, 1934.
WHEREAS, on the 25th day of
limited exemptions from compliance
prices established pursuant to !he
Article IX of said Code were grant
istrative Order Number 9-18, to pers
the Jurisdiction of the Appalachian
Hardwood Subdivision, the Southern
the Western Pine Division and their
Logging and Lumber Division of the
Timber Products Industries, to the ,!x
in said Administrative Order Number
exemptions terminate on the 25th
1934. and
WHEREAS, an application has ueen
Code Authority, acting on behalf of
said Divisions and Subdivisions, for
of said exemption untIl the 25th day
1934, and'
WHEREAS, the Assistant Deputy
hW reported and It appears to mny sat
such extension of said exemption Is
will tend to effectuate the policy of
National Industrial Recovery Act;
NOW. THEREFORE, pursuant
vested In me It Is hereby ordered th
the conditions set forth in Adninis
Number 9-18, persons subject to th
of the Appalachian and Southern H
division, the Southern Pine Division.
Pine Division and the West Coast
Lumber Division of the Lumber and
ucts industries be and hereby are e.
compliance with the nhinimum prices
tute the reasonable costs of lumber
products, determined and established
the provisions of Article IX of MId

tor. 90
ABER' Stay 5of those provisions of Schedule A, DIlvlsloni
o. 38, Pole and Piling Division, applicable'&t.i
the selection of the Administrative Agency:'.:6(
Order 0 the Cypress Subdivision. I
Whereas, on the 11th day of June, I approved?
'an amendment to the Code of Fair CompetItion ftor
V FOR THE the Lumber and Timber Products Industries, ei
PRODUCTS tabUshing a Pole and Piling Division; and "
PRODUCTS Whereas, said amendment piovldes in part thataf-
within twenty (20) days after the effective date
thereof the Administrative Agency of the Cypres.s:
ranted In Ad- Division of said Industries shall conduct h il nlec--
Dnak-d April tion In said Cypress Subdivision of the Pole and'
Piling Division for the .purpose of electing -thev1
Administrative Agency of iald Sutibdivisiont, and'-:i
April, 1934, Whereas, the A genc of the Cypress Dlvlsl"n iO.
with minimum the Lumber and Timber Products Industries pr-
suant to the aforesaid provisions did send d:et'
provisions of notice of the time and place of such anu electdn
ed by Admnlu-. to every ascertainable member of said Cypress Mob .'f
one subject to division of the Pole and Piling Divislon and dild
and Southern cause to be published paid advertisements nolUlMt'.
Pine Division, all Interested parties of such election; and .
e West Coast Whereas, no person subject to the JurlUitoin Of 'f
Lmer had the said Cypress Subdivision of the Pole and Xi.P,
e Lumber ad Ing Division appeared at said election und no A :.4"
tent set forth ministrative Agency of said Subdivision wiak'
r -19, which elected; and
day of July, Whereas, application has beei duly made b t-he6.
Code Authority for the Lumber and Timber Prdql-'
Smade byh the ucts Industries, acting on behalf of the membersfi
d by t ofe the Pole and Piling Divisilon of said IndustrieON
f members of and on behalf of the Administrative Agpncy of the'.:
an extension Cypress Division for a stay of the provisions of;
of September, Schedule A, Division #38, of the Cop of .Faifr.
Competition for the Lumber and Timber 'rodicta'-
Administrator Industries to the extent that such provisions et
forth the manner In which the A1dmilnistrative
tisfnaction that Agency of the Cypress Subdivision of said Pole and
merited and Pilng Division shall be elected; and .
Tlle.l of the Whereas, it appears to my satisfaction that tw'""e
stay hereinafter granted is necessary and will tendtl,
to authority to effecruate the policies of Title I of the Natlonal3i.
bnt subject to Industrial Recovery Act. *
trative Order NOW, THEREFORE, pursuant td the authority';
vested In me, it is hereby ordered that the oefta-,-
e Jurisdiction tion of said provisions of said Code be and" iji
ardwood Sub- hereby Is stayed as to all parties subjet thereto ,
the Western subject to the condition that the AdministratIlv.e
Logging and, Agency of the Cypress Division of aild Industrti..s
Timnlir Prod. appoint a committee consisting of at least three. '
(3) persons subject to the Jurisdiction of sp1d.
xempted from Cypress Subdivision of the Pole and Piling Dvi-.
which consti- sion of said Code until such time as five or more'.'
r and timber persons subject to the Jurisdiction of said Snbalvi-
I pursuant to sion petition said committee to conduct an elec-
Code to the (Comttnned on page 2A-Supplement) .':
"; ':,

'-5,' - .-..,.:\&'A. .'m&aaAsiAtse~%t. ~AJ3AAs..

TE t

aof the members of the Administrative Agency .
"aid Subdivision, and. pursuant to -uenn an elic-
n'conducted by said committee, an Ailihilstra-
isAgency for the Cypress Subdivision of the
I' and Piling DIvision of said Cude is dnly
"atedIn accordanee with the aforesaid trovtiions.
..: Adminfristrator for Industrial laecavery.
iprov recommended :
*rj;:i.ATON W. MoasHAY,
-1:i '", Dhvsioti Administrator.
iasilngton, D.C.
S^ag. 1,. 1984.
".. Order No. 9-68
"'ting Application of Pgtterson-MclnnIls Lumber
company of Gulf Hammock, Fldrida, for a Mlnl-
'jut P-ice Differentlal of Pour Dollars per
bE'taand Feet on a Limited Amount of Oak
ioorlhg Stock. k .
WEHREAS on July 16, 1934, the Administrator
d.,'Industrial Recovery approved certain reason-
e costs oof Items and classifications of Lumber
lTimber Products, and
1'CEREAS, the Order approving said reasonable
ots,6f Items and classitications of Lumber and
Mber 'Products granted Autbority tn the Dliviion
tilnlAtrator "To grant such exceptions and ex-
I ons as e/are necessary to meet special, accl-
.aklgor extraordinary circumstances peculiar to
ited group 'of operations ", and
EHEREAS. an'applicatlon has been made by the
.ve .nsmed-applicant for a total minimum price
st'oeUlsl of four dollars i$4.00) per thousand
d6n certain Items of oak flooring designated in
adWle "A" atlacbed hereto.; and
XWEREAS the Code Authority for the Lumber
od.Timber Products Industries has recommended
l.tsaid application be granted and the Deputy
imihistrator has reported and It appears to my
eiafictilon that the exemption herelinafter granted
necessary and will tend to effectuate the policies
tTitle1 of the National Industrial Recovery Act;
NO.W, THEREFORE, pursuant to authority
"t9d itn me It Is hereby ordered that the above
ined applicant be and hereby Is granted a total
Iailmum 'differential of four dollars 1$4.00) per
fitosand feet on those Items of oak flooring Indl-
'tead. In Schedule "A", attached hereto.
':I'" :" (Signed) BAsTON W. MURAsY,
N42.=, ':' Divulsion Adiniatrator.
imption recommended
4" (Signed) A. C. DiosN,
-: .'Deputy Administlaior.
Algusit, 134. 9

if":y';.. 847-15
L n" Application or:the Basic Code Authority
a.t.t'3uveov Indslist'ry'-tor'. a' Temporary Ex-
Jptidf'-.of' the entire Indusitry fiaom certain
32 ;ovIBlons of Article VI, Paragraph (g) as
,A ended May 18, 1934,
aWEiRAS, an npplicatlon has been mnde by the
iti',Code Authority of the Macbhinc-ryv and Allied
& .od Iandustry on behalf of the entire IndLiustry
,a-'.Biporary' exemption from certain provisions
C.Arcie VI, Paragraph (gi as amended, of the
9g'.of'air Competition for that Industry; and
--WHERERAS, the Deputy AdmInalstratr liea re-
'ihd, and It appears to my satisfaction, the
exemption hereinafter granted is necessary aLud..will effectuaje the policies of Title I of the
[itional Industrial Recovery Act:
"NOW THEREFORE. pursuant to authority.
ested .in me, It Is hereby ordered that each Sub-
taslon subject to the above-mentioied Code be
and each Is hereby exempted, for a period nuot
xkceedlng thirty (30) days from the provisions of '
tile VI. Paragraph ig%.- as amruded. of the
Qzove-mentioned Code, Insofar as that paragraph
arulrea the holding of Subdivision meetiPtlngs for
ea adoption of procedural rules nnd the (lnetion
BPermanent Code Authorities within uue hundred
.n'd twenty (1201 days after the effective date oC
''PROVIbED HOWEVER, that each Subdivision,
which hnas not already done so, shall hold a duly
4led Subdivision meeting In accordance wlth the
rabbve-mentioned patnginpi, prior to the expiraltlon
j thirty (80) days after the date of this Order.
~' .;1 "- BARTON W MUbRAY,
-S'. -oDivisional Administrator.
rder recommended:
":-.'.. Acting Deputy Administrator.
iashlngton, D.C.,
al~if Is. i9F.


ORDER NO. 132-7
.4'.;' ORDER NO. 132-13
i. Whereas I did, by my Order No. 132-7, dated
1.Apli., 25. 1934, approve for the Malleabfe Iron
.ndqstry (a) a Cost Accounrting System.b ib a
1..ehedule of Pair and Resa,,nable Costs of Pro-
ttductloU In the Industry for the various types of
M-aI.lleable iron castings produced and (c) a Pro-
:ic'dure for making such system effective, for a
trial .period of ninety O1901 days from said date,
after which said trial period the said Syste-m,
0.*;Nchedule, and Procedure should continue In full
i2forbe and effect subject, however, to my further
A),order, and
t'F..Wh.ereas said ninety (90) day period terminates
::'on' 'July 24. 1,34. and I have determined this the
Itrlal period should be extended for a further
ajpertod of ninety (90t days to permit additional
r. tUbdy of the operation of said' System, Schedule
.-a.:nd Proceduie.
"" NOW TIIEREFORE, pursuant to the authority
ested In me by Article V ..f said Code and by
': Executive Orders of the President and otherwise
.t. It Is hereby ordered that the trial period providers
f tor In my sald' Order No. 132-7 approving said
...Coat Accounting System -ald Schedule of Fnir
:.and Reasnahble Costs. and said Procedure for mnk-
i-4 tug said Schedule effective, be and Is hereby ex-
o..':.tended for a further period of ninety 190) days
' .from this date.
> > H'I GB 8. JOHNSON.
AdoA tftratfor 1ir Induatlial Recovery.
.:k Approval rerommrnrtled:
* BaaTON W. MuRaat,
F Div4ior, Afdmssstrtor.
-. -a.

(Agreement No. 1)
An application having been duly made, pur-
suant to and In full compliance with the provi-
sions of Title I of the National Industrial Re-
covery Act, approved June 16, 1933, and the Code
of Fair Competition for the Construction Industry,
approi-el Jaiuar.v 31, 1934-I, for my ipprovul uf an
agreement between certain employers who are
members of the Mason Contractors Division of
said Code and certain employees in the locality
of New York City. and part of Long Island, as
defined In said Agreement. and beatings haviuLng
been held thereon. and the Adminislrator having
rendered his report containing an analysis of said
Agreement, together with his recommendations
and findings with respect thereto, and the Ad-
ministrator barvlng found that said Agreement com-
plies in all respect with the pertinent provisions
ot Title I of said Act and of said Code.
NOW THEREFORE, I, Franklin D. Roosevelt,
President ot the United States, pursuant to the
authority vested In me by Title I of the National
Industrial Recovery Act, approved June 16, 1933,
pursuant to said Code of Fair Competition for the
Construction Industry, and otherwise, do hereby
adopt and approve the report, recommendations,
and findings of the Administrator and do hereby
order that the said Agreement Is hereby approved.
Approval recommended :
Administrator for Ifdu-itriol Recovery.
The White House,
August 4, 193j.
*For further information relating to this order see a
story p. 2, col. li-FList Section.

OpeiatLons or Occupations Deemed Hazardous or
Detrimental to the Health of Persons under
Eighteen Years of Age.
The Code Authority for the Metal Hat Die and
Wood Hat Block ludustry, In accordance with Sec-
tion 1 of Article V of the Code of Fair Competi-
tion for the Metal Hat Die and Wood Hat Block
Industry, has submitted to the Administrator, a
list of occupations deemed hazardous in nature or
detrimental to the health of persous under eigh-
teen 18) years of age In this Industry, within the
meaning of Section 1 of Article V, which are ps
follows :
I. Occupations Involving 'General Hazards.
1. All work In the foundry proper.
2. All cleaning or grinding operations In foun-
i 3. All tworlk in foundries which involves the
handling of metallica lend.
Explanation : Practically all work in the foundry
proper involves either exposure to the. hazards of
melted metal and, In non-ferrous.foundries, to lead
or zinc and Involves a silicosis hazards.
4. In the cutting or welding of metals by gas
or electricity. -
5. In or in connection with hot galvanizing or
tinning processes.
6. Firing of steam or water boilers (except boil-
ers of not more than 15 Ibs. pressure used solely
for heating purposes.)
7. As drivers or 'assistants tb drivers of motor
vehicles or as helpers or delivery boys on motor
S. In or assisting. in the operatlop of gas, oil,
or steam engines or other piimrne movers.
9. In the care, custody, operation or repair of
elevators, cranes or derricks, or other hoisting ap-
paratus, except In -the operation of (.1 dumb.
waiters as defined by the American Standards As.
socilation, or of (21 elevators equipped only for
automatic operation.
I t. Occupations Involving Specific "Mechanical
Ha2ards-Machine work, FProhibltions to apply
to operating, assisting in operating or taking ma-
terial from 'the following machines).
10. Gi ininlng, abrasive, polishing, or buffing
wheels: provided, that apprentices operating under
conditions of bon a fide apprenticeship may grind
their own iools.
11, Metal-cutting machines having a guillotine
12. Machinery used In the cblid rolling of heavy
metal stock.
13. Metal plate bending machines handling ma-
terial f more than 0.2145 Inch in thickness
14. Power-driven metal planing machines.
15. Circular saws used in the cutting of metals.
16. Boring mills and boring operations per-
formed on other machined.
IT. Power shears of all kinds.
18. Punch presses or stamping machines if the
clearance between the ram and the die or ;the
stripper exceeds one-fourth inch.
19 All occupatinns In connection with power-
driven woodworking machinery.
Exception : Employment on any of the above-
named machines may be permitted in the case of
miners between 16 and 18 years of age under
conditions of bona fide apprenticeship.
20 In oiling, cleaning or wiping machlntery in
21 In applying belts to a pulley In motion or
assisting therein.
Apprentices shall be defined as those who are
regularly Indentured under contract to .-the Indus-
try. for a sufficient period of time to be system-
atically advanced through the various operations,
shops. departments. etc. of a Trade. Occupation
or Ilndustrv, and who receive educational training
In an organized educational institution during a
portion of their working time."
Pursuant to Section 1 of Article V, I hereby
approve 'he recommendation of the Cody Au-
thority that work performed In the operations
listed above Is hazardnui In nature and is detri-
mental to health within the manning of Section 1
of Article V. This Order shall become effective
fifteen tiil dayq after the date hbprpnf, unless
Erior to that dtase eood cause ro the contrary shall
ave been shown to me and I have, by my further
order, otherwise determined.
Division Administrator.
Approval rrcnmmended :
A. C Dtxn,,
Deputul Administrator.
August. I, 198i

O E 46-23
WHERgAS. Article IV, ITtle B, Section 1. up
to and including sub-paragraph (z), of the Code of


FalIr Competition for the Motor Vehicle Retailing
Trade, provides, in part:
"(1) No dealer shall sell a new car at retail to
a consumer for less thban factory list prices, plus
an amount equal to-
(a) Equipment at listed prices.
(hib) All taxes paid by dealer applicable to the
motor vehicle sold.
(c) Average cost of transportation from factory
of said dealer or shipments received by said
dealer during a t0-day period as shown by sworn
statement of said dealer.
(d) Dealer's actual cost o' handling including
such items as (wi unloading. x) assembling, ty
conditioning tor delivery, and (") interest actually
paid by said dealer, but not to exceed 90 days on
cost of-transportationti."
WHEREAS, Justice requires that appropriate re-
lief be granted from the said provisions of the
said Code;
NOW THEREFORE, I, Charles E. Adams, Di-
vision Administrator pursuant to authority vested
In me. do hereby order that the said provisions of
said Article, Tltial and Secriop. In respect to sales
made to all Goveenmental Agencies, including the
United, States, or any department or agency
thereof, the District of Columbia, States, Munic-
ipaLities,.and,.or any political subdivision thereof,
be, and they are hereby stayed, subject to my
further orders.
Division Administrator.
Approval recommended:
Deputy Administrotor.
July 81, 198s.

Approving the choice of the Impartial Chairman
of the Piece Rates Commission
WHEREAS, Section 5 of Article IV of the ap-
proved Code of Fair Competition for the Needle-
work Industry in Puerto Rico provides, in part,
as follows :
"There shall be established immediately upon
the adoption of this Code a piece rates commis-
sion, which commission is to consist of one mem-
ber appointed by the Code Authority, one labor
member uppoiouted by the Administrator, and toe
two members shahl then choose an Impartial
AND WHEREAS, the Executive Order of Ap-
proval of said Code provides, in part, as follows:
"* the choice of the impartial chair-
man of the Piece Rates Commission shall be subject
to the approval of the Administrator *
AND WHEREAS, toe Deputy Administrator ad-
vises that the Industry member duly appointed by
the Code Authoity and tbelanor member duly
appolnteo by tue Adminlstraiuir have agreed on the
choice of Judge Pablo Berga. of. San Juan as the
Impartial chairman.
AND WHEREAS, the Deputy Administrator'rec-
ommends the approval of the selection of Judge
Pablo Berga,
NOW THEREFORE, pursuant to the authority
vested In me It is hereby ordered that the choice,
of Judge Pablo Bergs as impartial chairman of
the piece rates commission be and it is hereby
Admtnisitaiator for Industrial Recovery.
Approval recommended :
Acting Dtb'ision Administrator. '
Washington, p.C.,
August 7, 1934.

In order to effect a' practical, workable solution
of the problem of determining what wage is due
upon piUdLI.'.s of the iuduatty returned uiter tihe
effective date of this Code. July 19, 1934, to mem-'
bers of the Industry by employees working at home.
which products. might have been completed before
July 19, 19.4, and having received advice from
spokesmen representative of the industry and of
the employees that the Order hereinafter made
meets tieir approval, and in nrder to effectuate
the purposes of Title I of the National Industrial
Recovery Act.
Pursuant to authority vested In me by Executive
Orders of the President of the United States, in-
cludita-Executive Order No. 6541-A, dated Decem-
ber 30, 1033, and Executive Oider No. 6590-A,
dape ri eliriary 8, 1034. I n. w OIwIiER .
That Section 3 of Article IV of the Code of Fair
Competition for the Needlework Industry in Puerto
Rico he and rne same is hereby stayed through
the Fifteenth dny of August, 1034, as to-nil work
delivered to bomeworkers before July 19. 1934, if
sild nook is returned to the member of the Indus-
try on or before August 15. 1034.
Administrator for Industrial Recovery.
Approval recommended :
Acting Division Administrator.
Washington. D.C.,
August 10, 19834.

No. 165-9
Termination of Exemption Granted In Admiuistra-
tive Order X-36.
WHEREAS, an applilration has been made by the
Code Authority of the Nun-Ferrous Founiiry Indus-
try for termination of the ex-inprioin coorerltl in
I'aia.rph bIII of Administrative Oider S-.t6, dated
May 26. 19:14 : and
WIIEREAS. an opportunity to t,e he-aid was dluly
afford. d to all Interested parties. nn1 rht A-a'sist-
ant Deputy Adminitrator has reportd, and il ap-
pears to my sati-,faction that terminmlioin of .aild
exemption Is mrited and will rnd to cff'ettiiate
the policies of Title I of the National Industiial
Recovery Act :
NOW THEREFORE, pursuant to authority
vested in me. It is I ereby ordered that nny ex-
emption conferrred by Parnaraph III if .\dmliiltra-
tive Order X-36, dated May 26, 1034, upon any

\DMigj .'. :,ig.^., ;.. ..... I N I ... S T:RA T ...

SB.:=,.. .j ,:. .:,''... MINISTRATI

4 '- '-'
ai~jd*hA4~~~L *... ;4flm$>e~5: yzI&".', -~ ;.~ -


member of this industry be and Ir Is hereby termi- .
ntoad provided. however., that termluatuion of uch. :i
exemption be limited to thoae members of indias-..
try whose foundiles produce non-fe.-o's castlngs.
as now or hereafter may be defined In tihe Code ot f
Fair Competition for the Non-Ferrouiis Foundry In-"
dustry, whether processed or not, f-ir asale nas cust- :
ings; and, provided further, that this termination.
of exemption shall not apply to thuse members of'
Industry whose foundries produce pro.esed non .
ferrous castings all of which castings are bold as
pats or products covered by the deduilouns o '.'
other Codes of Fair Competition which have been .:
or may be approved. -
BARTON W. M AdBmit t
Division Administrator. "S,

Order recommended:
Deptiy Admrnistrator.
July S7, 1934.


No. 260-7 and 84-40A..
Granting Application of the Charles F. Blele and
Sons Company of New York City. New York, for :
an Exemption from the Provisions of Article,,
Ill, IV nnd V.
WHEREAS, an application has been made by
the above named applicant for exemption from
the provisions of Articles Ill IV and V of the
Code of Fair Competition for the Ornamental .
Moulding, Carving and Turning Industry; and 'I
WHEREAS. an opportunity to be heard has been
duly afforded to all interested parties, and the
Assistant Deputy Adminlstrato, has reported and":
it appears to my satisfaction that the exemption..
hereinafter granted is necessary and will tend to A
effectuate the policies of Title I of the National
Industrial Recovery Act: ,.
NOW THEREFORE, pursuant to authority
vested in mqe, it Is hereby ordered that the above ,
named applicant be and it hereby is exempted.-
from said provisions of said Code, subject to the
condition that as to all employees engaged in
operatilns subject to the Code of Fair Competl-
tion for the Ornamental Moulding, Carving and
Turning Industry, saidrl applicant shall corpplyv in
' all respects with the labor provisions of the Code
of Fair Competition for the Fabricated Metal,'
Products Manufncturine and Metal Finishing and
Metal Coating Industry.
This Order shall take effect fifteen (15) days
from the dnte hereof, unless cood cause to the con-
rrary Is shown to the Administrator before that
time and the Administrator Issues a subsequent
order to that effect
Division Administrator.
Order recommended :
-AssLstant Deputy Administrator.
Audust 1, 198!. J

Extension of Stay of Provisions of Article VIII,
pending hearing.
WHEREAS, applications have been made by.-
many members of the trade for a stay of operation
of the provisions of Article VIII of the Code of
Fair Competition for the Optical Retail Trade;,
WHEREAS, srid Code ihas been opened for Modi-
flcation as to Article VIII, and a public bearing.
has- been scheduled on thi 17th day of \u ust,
1934. for the purpose of determining whether Arti-
cle VIII of sad Code should be modified, and to.
determine the issues raised by the members of the '
trade who have filed their application for stay of'
the provisions of Article VII I of said Code; and
WHEREAS, Justice requires that ail memberB
of the'trade should be treated alike and that Itr
appears to my satisfaction that the extension of
the.stay hereinitfter granted is necessary and will
tend to effectuate the policies of Title I of the:
National Industrial Reotery Act :
NOW, THEREFORE, pursuant to authority
vested In me. it is hereby ordered that the stay
of the opeintion of said provisions of said Code;
be and It is hereby extended to all members of
the trade pending my further order.
Administrator for Industrial Recovery. 7
Order recommended :
Gro. L. Beast,
Divitsion Admfnistrator.
Washington, D.C.,
August 8, 1983.

An application having been duly made pursuant
to and in full compliance with the provisions of
Title I of the National Industrial Recovery Act,'
approved June 16, 19.33. for approval of amend-
ments to a Code of Fair Competition for the Oxy-
Acetylene Industry, and hearings having been dull
held thereon and opportunity to object having
been given and the annexed report on oaid amend-.
ments containing findings with respect theretO
having been made and directed to the Preulsident;:
NOW THEREFORE on behalf of the President
of the Unitaled States. I, Hugh S. Johnson, Admirn-
Istrator for Industrial Recovery, pursuant to at'-
thority vested In me by Executive Orders of the
PreMldent, including Executive Order No. 854.3-A,.
dated Dlecember 30 1933., and otherwise, do hereby
Incorporate by reference, said annexed report and
do find that said amendments and the Coile as coil-
stitted after being amended comply In alnil respect-
with the pertinent provisions and will promote the
policy and purposes of said Title of said Act andl
do hereby order that said amendments be and.
they are hereby approved, and that the previous
approval of said Cod Is hr-rebv modifeil to include
an aplroval of said Code in its entirety a1
amended, provided that said amendments and thi
Order shall become effective on the fifth day aftei
the date hereof
Admainistrator for Industrial Recoverr.
Approval, recommtiended:
Division Administraltor,.
Washington, D.C.,
July 26, 1934.




: ORDER NO. 71-29
SAn spplicastion having been duly made pursuant
SSection 4 of A i tidcle XXII of the Code of Fair
Ctompetltion for the Paint. Varnish and Lacquer
Mtniufacturing Industry by the Paint Industry Re-
eery Board for approval of the attached sched-
n.leof processing costLs. packaging costs and han-
ling and processing losses and the Deputy Admln-
itrator having rendered the annexed report on
aid schedules containing findings with resnect
theretO including a recommendation for the modl-
jeitloo of the Items classed os Enamels and
safnnel DUdercoatings and contained in Class 4,
Schedule A and set forth in Schedule B whereby
gild Items are to be reduced by 25%; and due
notice having been given to all interested parties
S aln opportlnitY to he' heard:
IW-OW THEREFORE. on behalf of the Presldent
t the United States. I, Hugh S. Johnson, Admin-
Satrator for Industrial Recovery pursuant to au-
ierlty vested In me by Executive Orders of the
pIldeat. Including Executive Order No. 6543-A,
died December 30. 1933. and otherwise, do hereby
corner that said schedules with the Items classed
as Enamels and Enamel Undercoatings, and con-
talsied In Class 4 of Schedule A and seq forth In
Bitedule B thereof reduced by 25E% be and they
he hereby approved to become effective on July
S1984. an to continue In effect for a period
fity days thereafter unless at any time, good
i''sae shall have been shown to me by any in-
created party or parties and/or sufficient data
Smay be obtained by me as shall warrant. In my
s'Pinloon after due notice, the revocation, modifl-
,'atno and/or amendment of aid schedules or
gusy part thereof and I hgve so ordered.
Administrator ]or Industrial Recovery.
f'tApproval recommended :
,": G6o. L. BEany.
,. Dirlisun Administrator.
'Washington, D.C,
J:' ; ;. 2 u, 1934
'-:. ---.----


i'', 239-9 (Amend. No. 1)

",An application having been duly made pursuant
'temad In full compliance with the provisions of
.Titllf 0f'.the National Industrial, Recovery. Act.
'"tppoved June .16. 1933. for approval of an amend-
ieptf to a Code of Fair Cqompetitlon for the Porce-
..ilia Brenkfnrst Furniture Assembling Industry, and
Sn.otice of opportunity to file objections thereto bav-
*.'Alljt been Issued, and the annexed report on said
amendment, containing findings with respect
thereto, having been made and directed to the
"" NOW, THEREFORE, on behalf of the President
of the United States. I. Hugh S Johnson. Ad-
Sminlstrator for Industriln Recovery, pursuant to
a uthqrirv vested In me by Executive Orders of
:"the Tresident. Incliiding Executive Order No.
0843-A, dated December 30, 1033, nd oLtherwl'e;
:'do hereby Incorporate by reference said annexed
S'report and do find that said amendment and the
( Cde as constituted after belqg amended comply
Io alil respects with the pertinent provisions and
will promote the policy and purposes of said Title
Sof sfld Act. and do hereby order that said amend-
m. ent be and It Is hereby approved, and that the
Previous approval of solid Code Is hereby modified
Sto Iseltde an approval of said Code In Its entirety
As amended.
Administrator for Industrial Recovery.
-Approval recommended :
S.. Division Administrator
Washlngton. D.C.,
July17 ,194.

Approval of Cost Accounting System.
V Aln0 nllcatlon having been duly made, pur-
ESat to and In full compliance with the provl-
Jilts of Article VII. Section 1, of the Code of
air Competition for the Punch Board Manifac-
t*i cIndustry, for the approval of a Cosl Account-
Ys.tem.. and finding upon all the facts that
lit Coat Accounting System as attached hereto
aheUld be approved:
NOW, Tel"REFORE, 1, Hugh S. Johnson, Ad-
mliniatritor for Industrial Recovery.' pursuant to
Ikthorlty vested in me by Executive Orders of the
sf ident Inclnding Executive Order No. 6549-A,
:d.ted t)cemher 30. 1933. and otherwise, and by
I Code, DO HEREBY ORDER that sold Cost
ctUanting System be and It is hereby approved.
re mendedAdministrator.
A .PPronii recommended:
Oo. L. BE..r,
'..' Diision Administrator.
l7t. "s a3 n,,


Approval of application of Ida R. Grelilnar. owner
Of a small dress shop In San Francisco. Call-
fornia. for exemption from the provisions of
Article V. Section 4(d).

E.&A sppltcatlonl having been ditly made by Ida
Orehinar, owner of a small dress shop In San
._ o Calilfornal. for esemption from t. pro-
."Zlons fArile eemto
vaeIf Articlo V, Section 4 (d) of the Code of
: o meSetition for the Retall TradeP, and rhe
ty.''S' Amdnlstrator having recommended, and It

appearing that Justice requires, that said applica-
tion be granted to the extent hereinafter stated:
NOW, THEREFORE, pursuant to authority
vested In me by the Administrator for Industrial
Recovery, and otherwise, It Is hereby ordered that
the said application be and It Is hereby granted to
the following extent: That petitioner may work
both of her employees on a weekly hour basis of
Bfty-twn and one halft (52%) hours, provided said
employees do not work more than ten (10) hours
on any one day, and not to exceed six (6) days to
any one week. The employees' salaries shall be in-
creased In proportion to the requested four and one-
halt (1%) hour per week Increase.
Division Administrator.
Deputy Administrator,
Retail Distributing Trades Section.
Approval recommended:
RALPH E BisrotL,
Assistant Deputy Administrator,
Retail Dtastributing Trades Section.
July 12, 1944.

Denial of application of Freese Rohde Company,
Sioux Fails, South Dakota, for exemption from
the provisions of Article V, of the Code of Fair
Competition for the Retail Trade.
An application having been duly made by the
Freese Rohde Cormpany, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
for an exemption from the provisions of Article V
of the Code of Fair Competition for ,tle Retail
Trade, approved by the President on October 21,
1933. and the Deputy Administrator having re-
commended that It appearing that Justice requires
that said application he denied:
NOW THEREFORE, pursuant to authority
vested In me by orders of the Administrator for
Industrial Recovery and otherwise, it is hereby
ordered that the said application for exemption be
and it is hereby denied.
Division Adminislrator.
Deputy Adnmnistrotor,
Retail Trades Seotion.
Denial recommended:
Assistunt Deputy Administrator.
July 238, 1I.

Approval of application of' Mr S N. B. Greene,
Quincy, Illinois for exemption from the provi-
sions o? Article V, Section 5 and Article VI.
An applicaton hbnvin been duly made by Mrs.
N. B. Greene of Quincy,' lllinols'for exemption from
the provisions of Article V, Section 5, and Article
VI of the Code of Fair Competition for the Retail
Trade, and the Deputy Administrator having re-
commended that It appearing that Justice requires
that said application he granted to the extent
hereinafter stated:
NOW THEREFORE, pursuant to authority
vested in ,me by the Administrator for Industrial
Recovery, and otherwise, It Is hereby ordered that
the said application for exemption be and It Is
hereby granted to the following extent provided
that the employee be paid for overtime work at an
hourly rate equal to the hourly rote being paid
,him at the present time, and provided further that
this exemption shall terminate within 00 days of
the effective date and that the petitioner shall
thereafter comply in full with all the provisions
of the. Retail Cde.
Ditieon Administrator.
By HAnvY C. CAns,
Deputy Administrator.
Approval recommended :
Assistant Deputy Administrator,
Retail Trades Section.
July L3, l.i8.

Approval of application of Lachman Brothers, San
b ranclsco, California. for exemption from the
provisions of Article VI, Section 6
An application having been duly made by Lach-
man Brothers, San Francisco, Caltiforula, fu oi an
exemption from the provisions of A:'(i'!' VI. Sec-
tion 6 of the Code of Fair Competltlun (or the
Retail Trade, and the Deputy Administrator huav-
Ing recommended, and It appearing that justice
requires that sold application be granted to the
extent hereinafter stated:
NOW THEREFORE, pursuant to authority
rested in me by Ihe Administrator for Industrial
Recoreiy, and otherwise, It Is hereby ordlcred that
said application for exemption be, and it is beieby
granted to the extent that said exemption shall be
restricted to executive employees receiving $3i.00oo
per week or more, and provided further that the
reduction shall not be in excess of 15%, aud in no
cause will the salary of any employee be reduced
below $35.00 per week.RO T
Dsin'sion Adminwtrator.
Approval recommended :
Deputy Administrator,
Retail Distributing Trades Section.
July 5, 194J.

Granting application for a Stay of the Provisions
of Article V, Sections 4(d) and 6'.
WHEREAS. an application has been made by
the National Retail Code Authority. Inc. for a
stay of the operation at' the provisions of Article
V. Sections 4idi and 6 of the Code of Fair Com-
petition for the Retail Trade; and
WHEREAS. the Deputy Administrator has re-
port-ed. and It appears ro my sarisnctlton that the
stoy h-relnafter granted is neceesnry and will tend
to effectuate the policies of Title I of the National
Indusoatrial Rrcnvery Act ;
NOW. THEREFORE, pursuant to authority
ve-sred In me. it Is hereby ordered that the said
application be nod It Is hereby granted to the
foluwing extent: All retailers governed by the
Corde of Fair Competition for the Rettll Trade are
herebly permitted, for the purpose of taking invcn-
tory only, to work such employees as are Pspecalily
skJllpd, sny number of hours or anv days In the
week or weeks selected as peak.perlod-weeks, under
said Article V. Section -4idi without regard to the
conqerutive hour proilslons of Article V. Section
6. provided, however, thnt the maximum weekly em-
ploVee hours permlrted for such perak.period-wpeka
shall not he exceeded; and that time and one-halt
shall be paid for any hours worked in excess of

the maximum daily hours permitted In such peak
periods. The active period of this exemption
shall terminate August 31. 1934.
Administrator for Industrial Recovtery.
Approval recommended:
Ditision Adminijirator, Di1siaon Pour.
July 27, 1934.

Denial of application of Blumenthal's 5 & 10 Cent
Store, Savannah, Georgia for exemption from
the provisions of Article VI, Section 1.
An appltcation having been duly .made by Blu-
monhaI s 5 & 10 Cent Store, Savannah, Georgia,
for an exemption from the provisions of Article
VI, Section 1 of the Code of Fair Competition for
the Retail Trade, namely to reduce wages below
the minimum of said Article VI. Section 1, and the
Deputy Administrator having recommended, and
It appearing that Justice requires, that said applU-
cation be denied ;
NOW THEREBFORE, pursuant to authority
vested In me by the Administrator for Industrial
Recovery, and otherwise. It Is hereby ordered that
the said application for exemption be and It is
hereby denied.
Division Administrator.
Deputy Administrator.
Denial recommended:
Assistant Deputy Administrator.
Washington, D.C.,
August 6,1934:

Denial of application'of the Lamaon Brothers Com-
pany of Toledo, Ohio for exemption from the
provisions of Article VI. Section 2 of the Code
o. Fair Competition for the Retail Trade, for
the purpose of permitting an apprentice em-
ployee to work .without pay.
An application having been doly made by the
said applIchunt company for an exemption from the
provisions of Article VI Section 2 of the said code
for thise purpose of employing an apprentice as de-
fined in said code, without pay. for an unlimited
period, the employee belng willing to accept such
employment as an'apprentlce without pay. and the
Deputy Administrator having made his recommen-
dations thereon and it appearing that Justice re-
quires that said application be denied;
NOW. THEREIORi. pursuant to authority
vested in me by orders of the Administrator for
Industrial Recovery and otherwise; it Is hereby
ordered that the said application for exemption be
and It Is hereby denied.
Division Administrator...
Deputy Admin4istrator,
Retail Distributing 7Tradea Sectiop.
Denial recommended :
Assistant Deputy Administrator,
Retail Distributing Trades Bectifn.
August 7, 1".

Reaffirming and Approving Administrative Order
No. 33-17.
Whereas, on the 27th day of June, 1934, 1 ap-
proved an Order fixing modal costs of selling and
delivering retail lnmbet, lumber products, build-
ing materials and building spivclalhis. and
Whereas, said Ordor provides In part as follows:
"This Order supersedes my prior Order in the
above entitled matter dated April 5th, 1034. This
Order shall become effective nU ithe 27bth day of
June. 1934, provided that, In order that considera-
tion may be given to the objections thereto, If
any, of Interested parts, this Order m.ay be
stayed or modlded by me If good cause therefor Is
shown to me within fifteen 15) dlays after the
date hereof. After the expiratolun of such period
this Order shall remain effective unless I, by my
further Order, have otherwise delrtuarncd.'
Whereas, pursuant to said provision it bhas been
shown to me that paragraph (1i of said Order,
which defines Divisions numbered 17-A, 17-B,
Central nndJ Sonuthern New York In Division num-
b.r 17-A. indicated by the letter idi. and theba
Northern Counties of New York In Division number
17-C, indicated by the letter (el, as Ifollows :
17-A-Mass., Conn., (except Falrf-Ild' County
Conn.) RI.. Central and Southern, N.Y., (d) and
Wai rn. McKean, Potter Cuyahoga and Bradford
Counties in State of Pa.
17-B-Southeastern N.Y. (Westcbester Nas-
sau. Suffolk and Putnam Counties, N.Y.) and
Fairfield County. Conn."
17-C-Northern Counties 1n N.Y., (e) Maine,
N. H and Vetmont."
should have defined said Divisions and areas as
17-A-Massachusetts. Connecticut (except Fair-
field Counry. Conn.), Rhode Islnnd, Central and
Southern New York (di and Warren, MlrKran,
Potter. Tioga Rnd Bradford Counties In the State
of Pennsylvania "
]7-B--Westchester. Nassau and Suffnolk Conun-
ties In the State of New York. and Fairfield County,
"(d)-DIv. No. 17-A-All counties In the State
of New York not Included In Divisions numbered
16 17-B and 17-C."
'(el)-DIv. No. 17-C-Includes the following
counties In the State of New York: Jefferson.
Lrwis. St Lawrence, Franklin, Clinton and all of
Eseex County .except Sbchroon and Minerva town-
Whereas., it appears to me that there has been
afforded to all Interested parties a full opportunity
to be heard thereon, and
Whereas. haring fully considered all of the
aspects of said Order In thb p light of the evidence
presented pursuant to the above quoted proviaRtons
thpreof. and nthberwie, It appears to me after fuch
consider lien, that Justice requires thit the moril-
Coietlons herein effi,-cted be made, .oand that Raid
Order as so modified should in all respects be

affirmed, and as so modified will tend to effeeta.
the policies of Title I of the National lndust
Recovery Act, M:
NOW, THEREFORE, pursuant to authorit. it.j
served to tbe In said AdmIlnIstratihe Order".
33-17, and otherwise vested tn me underi.;
Title of said Act. by Execatire Orders oa':..
President and otherwise, It Is hereby ordered'%l
said Administrative Order No. 33-17, fixing .me
costs of selling and delivering retail lumber...
her product, building materials and building '
cisiles., be'and It hereby Is modified by str2111
therefrom the descriptions of Divisions 17-Ai.P.
Central and Southern New York in ivisionja'
her 17-4, Indicated bh the letter (d), al
Northern Counties of New York In Divsisnlg l
her 17-C, Indicated by the letter (e) and' a
tuting therefore the following:"
17-A-Massachusetts, Connecticut (eei'P4
Fairfield County, Conn.t, Rhode Island, Centa
and Southern New York (dl and Warren, MKea n.
Potter, Tioga and Bradford Counties in the Sta
Sof Pennasylvania." ''
17-B-Westchester, Nassau, and Suffolk Cpun'
ties inl the State of New York, and Fairtield C61i6T3
Conn ." ".'
"'Id)-DIv. No. 17-A-All counties in the (tt
of New York not Included In Divisions Numbetj
16 17-B and 17-C." i
(el-Div. No. 17-C-'Includes the fol6
counties In the State of New York: Jo "
Lewis, St. Lawrence, Franklin, Clinton and5.B
Essrx County except Schroon and Mlnervat
ships." .'.f
and as so modified be and hereby is approved4
affirmed, such modiflcationWto be effectilvel:ij
distely. .
I hereby direct the Research and Plannin:
vision of the National Recovery AdmlnlttratTol
make such Inyetigation and study of the.-.f
and percentages approved by me in qsld OrdOli;
may be necessary to determine whether the opea'
(ion of said Order Is effectuating the purpose
the National Industrial Recovery Act, and toi
recommendations to me concerning such fti url
moditlcations In the figures and percentagesf BoQ.g
proved by me as such investigation and fact':
lug may Indicate to be necessary. N s
Administrator for Industrial ReOtvsrf,
Approval recommended : '"
S Division Adminiestrator. ''
Aug. S, 19 .4. ...


WHEREAS. Section 5, Article VII, of the Co
of FTair Competition for the Road Machinery M'.h
ufacturing Industry as approved by the Presfded.
on October 31, 1933,s provides that: -. .,
No second-hand or old equipment shall": .
taken in trade as part payment for new equipmt
at an allowance in excess of its then resale valiu,
and the Coordinating Agency, subject to thCt.
Wproval of 'the Admihistraoy, shall estalilb-W-'.
.time to time rules and regulations' definln9 ga:1
resale values." : .,
WHEREAS on ADriM 11, 1984, an order. pI
suani to Section 5 Article VII, of said Cpde'-"w
granted by the Administrator, and'
WHEREAS, the Code Authority .of the aforesag
Industry feels thatr'the time granted In said oi.t
has not been sufficient, *and additional time,'
sixty (60) days Is necessary to fullflU the reql
ments of original oder, and '..'
WHERRA.S, at a meeting In Its offices at:l
North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois on :3"
24. 1984, the Coordinating Agency of the 'Ro l!
Machinery Manufacturing Industry, pursuant '(,
said Section 5. Article VTI, of said Ceode, hbavl
voted as evidenced by a copy of the minute-OVA
said telephonic meeting to request a sixty (60) ,.
temporary approval of the following
"As required by Section 5. Article VTfI,
Code of Pair Competition for the Road Machine)
Manufacturing Industry, the Coordinating A;gen '
of the Industry hereby establishes the foIlbWJx
rule and regulation defining the 'then resale valmi
of second-hand or old equipment (defined as.;ag
second-hand or used product of the Indusm
which may be offered In trade as part payment-,,
new prime products of the Industry. ':.'
Section "1. The then resale value' shall ,
construed to mean the value to a member of.tA
Industry of such second-band or old equlpmefi
when offered. for trade-in by the then owner'M
such 'resale value' shall be determined In:
cordance with Section 2 hereof.. .
S ection 2. The maximum resale value'.'""'
such second-hand or old equipment shall be dat
putled on the basis of the length of time that 1Iaj
elapsed between the date on which such seconWi
hand or old equipment came Into the possession *w
the original purchaser and the date oq which snell
second-bhand or old equipment is offers for tradOt
In by the then owner and such resalee valo#Ij
shall not be more than the following percentage.
of the price originally paid by the original 'Ul,
chaser of such equipment: "'
1st 6 months or part thereof......-- 7'.. i
Qver 6 to and Including,12 months ,.0, a
Over 12 to and Including 18 months 4'..,
Over 18 to and Including 24 months 80S
Over 24 to and including SO months 20 iH
Over 30 to and including 86 months 10
Over 36 to and including 42 months F.,
Over 42 months.........--------- ---.. 29
"Section 3. The foregoing determines max it f
allowance, but 'does not Justify allowance ofmol
than the actual resale value of the article traded,
In, as defined In Section 1 hereof, as of the tin&'
and place of trade. '
"Section'4. Each member of the Indun atry ehl
as a basis of his allowance, suhmtt a copy of thiF:
rule asd regulation with quotation to purchaen.)
If purchaser Ie offering second-band or old equlp-.'
ment In trade as part payment for new eqnlpment;.:
and only when the purchaser submlts authena"
Information (regarding original purchase price of
such old equipment and date of original pnrchas)"
with the order, shall the member of the Indttry,
recelvine such order compute the resale value
the basis provided herein for allowance part'
payment ou the new equipment."
WHEREAS, a report of bgs findings having.
been submitted' to me by the Deputy Administra-'
tor and It having been shown that the regulatlol.!
Is well designed to prmote the policies mnd prp::;i
poses of the National Industrial Recovery Act* ..i'
NOW. THEREFORE. I. Hugh 8. Johnson, Ad';
minlstrator for Industrial Recovery, pursuant to:.
the authority vested In me by virtue of the O 'a::i
of Pair Compelltion for the Rad Machinery Majh
ufacturing Industry. and otherwise, do hereby ap-
prove the aforesaid reaulatinn as hereinabove sot
forth, for a period of sIxty (60) days, effective as,
ot July 27. 1934: provided however, that during
the said sixty 1601 day period and prior to the eW
(Continued on page 4A, column I)
t ., -::0

........................ .. . .:....... ...A .... . .... "-'s" "'".. .' .

'iN Sd.'


REAS-.'th Deputiy"' Adml
ind itteppeara ' aati
n.. hereinafter. granted .i
A'd"to 'aifecttate the pOlic
lanal Industrial Recovery_
"' THEREFORB$ .pursua
an me, It Is hereby, or.ere
ippUicahts be and they 'her
Id'provisions 6f qaid Co
rmplyees :known as appi
e, seetwood, Incorporated,
I de,:rIbed in the petl-on

F eetwood, Incor-
vislons of Article
ode of Fair Corn-
.g--Trade; .nd
inistiator has re-
sfactlon, that the
s'. necessary and-
lea of Title I of
nt to 'authority
d'that the above
reb.-are exempted
de to..the extent
irentices of 'the
, performing the
n be paid in the

' (Continued'from pages 3A)
0o2' thereof, the Coordinqting Agency of the
f,. Fair Competition for the Road Machinery
ti0fcturing Industry shalr submit to me sched-
.'1gowin rates o f depreciation for different
Slues which are products.of the Industry, to-
t.'"With' competent evidence is to-the reason-
neds'"thereof, and u6th 'other Iaformation as
c5 requIre. ,This order shall become, effective
.july 27, 1934. h
V';' ....- -HUGH k. JOHNSON,,
6,.'*.:; Administrator for Industrial.Recovery.
dval'recommended: .. i
Division Administrator. . *
t ,k.i 1

s '" J ,i... .. ,-* '
'. o. 1.4-f . .
"oval of thelapplication oQf..the 'General Tire &
tbber Company, of Akron, Ohio,. for temporary
emption from the provisions of. Article IV-A,
,tion 1 . .
'spilcation having beeb duly made by the
RAM tre and- Rubbh Coinpany, of Akrod, Ohio,'
teaporary exemption from.'Article .IV-A, Sec-
., of the Code ofP Fair -Competltion for the
et1'i Tire Manufacturing- Induktry,; and-the
i..'' having recomifended, 'and' 'it' appearing'-
Jttictlee requires,' thatai said application be
te to the'extent heteinqftq stated -,
W, TfEREFDRE, pUJsnt, to" authority
if'.A:nme, Itl Is hereby adidOd that' the said
datlon for temporary yf'."'gfuated. This -temporl.ry exemption shall
goeld.r a period' ofinot moate' tdn thirty (30).
,.frotm'the date hereof andhsball permit, not,
a.tliln:'four hundred'.(400) empIloyees in the
buildingand tire' curing- departments .of the
Icint's. factor, to'. 'be'. employed, forty-eight
Hours per week, but 'not'more'than eight (8)
.'per .day;, without, the payment, of time and
liifd overtime for allihqtirs' worked-;n exces .
ltty-six (36) hours per'wek; provided, how-
ttbat 'In I..ll-. other. respectse 'the. 'sal section
6&eCode"shAll Iremaiin.'full fore and.effeqt.
OVMIDED, FURTHER,'. that :tb i temporaryny
ptiabo may bh canceled 'at/any time for ade-
r cause Shown therefore. .
.:-", '; 'C EB.'AoAMS,
S .' Division Adlniatlsrator.
dyal lecommePded : ': '.
a, D:, BEsA soUt, .. ":' . I .
,; Deputy Administraor '
0D'Bt, 19St. ' ' ,

S* '* ,* ,* :' 1 *.,"' ..' 372-8
,' ,ORIDER ,, 7..

counting System, and foding upon all the facts
That said Standard. Costr Acounting 'Sysim as1at,
tached, hereto should -be approved; :; '"
'NOW, THEREFORE, I, Hugh S. Johnson, Ad-
minlastrator for Industrial Recovery, pursuant to
Authority vested in me by Executive Orders of the
President,. including Executive Order No. 6543-A,
Stated December 30, 1938, and otherwise, and by
said Code, DO HEREBY ORDER-ethat said Stand-
ard Cost Accounting System be and It is hereby
approved for a'period of six months from the date
of this Order; provided however, that scraps' and
discounts shall be deducted, from the materials cost,
thereby computing this cost on a net basis; and
provided, further that taxes and insurance shall'
be limited to property taxes and property Insur-
ance only .
Administrator for Industrial 'Recovery.
Approval recommended:
Gno. L. Buary,
Division Administrator.
August 9, 198. .


Granting AppIlication of hartman-Leddon Co., Inc.,
6003 Girard Ave.; Philadelphia, Pa., for an ex-
emption from Code.
WHEREAS, an applicaUtlbn has been made by
tbho above named applicant for an exemption from
the provisions of the Code of Fair Competition for
the Soap and Glycerine Manufacturing Industry;
and '
WHEREAS, the Deputy Administrator has re-
ported and It appears to my satisfaction 'that the
exemption hereinto granted Is necessary and will
effectuate the policies of Title I of the National
Industrial Recovpry Act ..
NOW, THEREFORE, pursuant to authority
vested In me, It is hereby ordered that 'the above
Named appllcqnt be and It is hereby exempted
from the provisions of said Code: prpvidc-d Ibat
this exemption shall be subject to reconsideration
upon any) material change In the volume of appli-
cant's soap manufacturing business; provided
further that on the first day of each month appli-
cant shall report to the Administrator the quantity
of soap produced by applicant in the preceding
month; provided further than In the production
of soap applicant shall observe the provisions of
Articles II and III of the Code of Pair Competi-
tion for the Chemical Manufacturing Industry;
provided further that this exemption shall pot be'
construed to exempt applicant from any provisions
relating to fair trade practices and cost account-
ing which may hereafter be approved fo the Soap
and Glycerine Manufacturing Industry.
Division Administrator.
Order recommended:
Deputy Administrator.
Washington, D.C.,
August 6, 19S4.

235-11 (Amend. No. 2)
An application having been duly made pursuant
to and In full compliance with the provisions of
Title I of the National Industrial Recovery Act,
approved June 16, 1933, for approval of an amend-


Approval of quality standards applying to plated
flatrware and hotel flatware.
WHEREAS, the Code of Fair Competition for
thai Silverware Manufacturing Industry provides
In Article VII Section 4, as follows:
"The Code Authority shall, within sixty (60)
days after the effective date of this Code, estab-
lish a series of quality standards to mark the
various grades and qualities bf the products of
the industry, which when approved by the Ad-
ministrator, may be used by all members of the
WHEREASp Article VIII, Sectl6n 5, of the said
Code provides in'part as follows :
"No member of the Industry shall *
simulate the quality markings as. established by
the Code Authority and approved by the Admin-
istrator, on goods Inferior In quality to the stand-
ard established, for the marks so simulated."
anai C'. -.
W'HEREAS, -quality standards applying to
plated flatware and hotel flatware have been sub-
mitted in full accordance with said Code for my
NOW, THEREFORE I Hugh S. Johnson, Ad-
ministrator for Industrial Recovery, pursuant to
the authority vested In me by Executive Orders
of the President, and by said Code of Fair Comper
tition and. otherwise, do hereby find that said
quality standards for plated flatware and hotel
atwaire are effectively designed to carry out the
provisions of 'said Article VII, Section 4, of the
said Code, and the same are hereby approved.
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that within thirty
(30) days from the date of this Order, the'Code
Authority shall circularile all known members of
the Industry, and within'.sixty (60i days shall
cause to be published in at least two trade JQur-
nals a notice -of the standards so approved and.
shall request in such notice' and circulars that
all manufacturers, 'dealers, and retailers give full'
publicity to the standards In order that the ulti-.
mate consumer may become familiar with the
connotation of the various grade markings.
Administrator for -Industrial Recovery.
Approval recommenibded :'
G O. L. B aar, '
Division Administrator. '
,Washington. D.C.,
August 7, 19 ....

"' .'* ., 32B--7

WHEReAS. the Code of Fair Competition, for'
the Trucking Industry as approved by the Presi-
dent, became effective February 25, 1934: and
WHEREAS, Article III, Section A-3 of said'
Code provides that State Code Authorities for the
Trucking Industry shall be elected within sixty
(60j days after the effective date of this Code; and
ERIEAS., by various AdminIstrative Orders,
the Inst of which was dated June 18, 1934, the time
within which State Code Authorities should be
elected was extended to July 28, 1934 ; and
.. WHEREAS, due to certain conditions within the
State of' California, It appears necessary to further
extend the time for the election of the permanent
Code Authorlty for sald State until '-August 28,
NOW, THEREFORE, I Hugh S. Johnson, by
virtue of the authority delegated to me by Execu-
tive Orders of the President, and otherwise, do
hereby order that thbp time for the election of the
Permanent State of C6de Authority for the State
of California be extended to August 28, 1934.
Administrator for Industrial Recovery.
Approved by:
Acting Division Administrator.
July 17, 19384.
Extending Time for Election of State Code Au-
thority in the State of New Hamphlre.
WHEREAS, the Code of Fair Competition for
the Trucking Industry, as approved by the Presi-
dent became effective February 25. 1934 ; and
WHEREAS. Article Ill, Section A-3 of said
Code. provides that State Code Authorities for the
Trucking Industry shall be elected within sixty
(601 days after the effective date of this Code;
an'd i
WHEREAS, by various Administrative Orders
the last of which was dated June 1i, 1934. the
time within which State Code Authorities should
be elected was extended to July 28. 1934 ; and
WHEREAS, due to certain conditions within the
State of New Hampshire, It appears necessary to
further extend the time for the election of the

minimumilmm wage of 'six dollars per week
!8'5%-' hour-week for the:'firqt -four weeks of-
os-meci. ''
'tB) .Aminimum wage of nine dollars per week
85af b hour week, fqr the fifth and sixth
.of employmentn.
.p )iA minimum wage of. twelve dollars per
..0 oit a 85% hout-week, for the seventh and
ht,,wiekg of employment.' -. '
.A=) mlnimim ni* e of fourteen, dollars and
oiots per"wdek fi' a 85% hour week, or
".tl. per bour for' their tite employed, there-
t.|t "!t 9, ting Division Administrator.
E .: recommended:. '
GQObesT. Ross; .
g ':'oi i s- g '" D u"'A "tra M .'"
:.' 93;4. . t ,t
t 6,


',, : ' R D E R .
T Ml ...,,'-" .= . . ..

-1, REAS, A Cost Accounting System having
been submitted for my approval by the Code Au-
.h.lity for the Silverware Manufacruring Indus-
in accordance with Article VIII, Section 1, of
"t. Code of Pair Competition for the. Silverware
inafa.cturlng Industry, approved' on December
STHERFORE, I. Hugh S. Johnson, Ad-
'19totnr for Industrial Recovery do find that
d. Cost Accbunting System ts effectively designed
'ckrry out the terms of said Article VIIl. See-
o, .1, add pursuant to the authority vested in me
"the Executive Order issued by the President on
oly 1'5, 1933, and by said Code of 'Fair Competi-
on and otherwise, I hereby approve the 'sald
ist Accounting System for the Silverware Manu-
.ctnring Industry- on condition that the first
paragraph of Section 1, Article 1 shall be
'Ea11 dede to read as follows: "For the purposes
4*0.,the administration of this Code, "-the computa-
toof coast of a typical product of the industry
g WIl Include the,cost of current market value of
direct material consumed in Its 'fabicatjon. which.
ever Is tower, direct labor chargeable at current
a- rates of the individual manufacturer to that prod-
.,, uct5 and its proper proportion of normal manufac-
t."turing, selling, and administrative' expenses, and
/other charges, allobatled directly to the product or
'Lproduct'ion centers or departments when pos-
I..ble or otherwise distributed over certain prod-
S 'nets oa an equitable basis after eliminating that
1i% portion of expenses applcable to excess faciJUtia.,'
.n Aammstralor for Industrial Recovery.
Approval recommended 3.
Urn.. L. uassy,
s"'."" Division Administrator.
', Washlngton. D.C.,
August 7, 193.

1 '" ,','.
'i '*. .. . ...*
l si.'.,, .:l. ". ,. :.,, L ,


V 8. aGrVpNMUIT riiUniIN OFFIc 1I"4

ment to a Code of Fair Competition for the Tex-
tile Processing Industry, and an opportunity to
file obJections thereon having been given and the
annexed report on said amendment, containing
findings with respect thereto, having been made
and djrecfed to the President :
NOW THEREFORE. on behalf of the President
of the United States, I, Hugh S. Jnhnson, Admin-
istrator for Industrial Recovery, pursuant -to an-
thoritv vested In me by Executive Orders of the
President, Including Executive Order 6543-A,_
dated December 30; 193a. and otherwise, do hereby
Incorporate by reference, said annexed report and
.do fBnd that said amendment and tbe Code as con-
stituted after being amended comply In all re-
spects with the pertinent provisions and will pro-
mote the policy and purposes of said Title of said
Act, and do hereby order that said amendment be
and It Is hereby approved, and that the previous
approval of said Code is hereby modified to In-
clude an approval of said Code In Its entirety as
amended, such approval and such amendment to
take effect 10 days from the dale hereof, unless
good cause to the contrary is shown to the Admin-
istrator before that time and the Administrator
Issues a subsequent order to that effect.
SAdministrator for Industrial Recovery.
Approval recommended :
Division Administrator.
Washington. D.C.,
July 2, 1984.

* $S--13
Denying Application of the Appleton Toy and
Furulture Company, Appleton. Wisconsin, for an
Exemption from the Provisions of Article VIII,
SeCtion 3.
WHEREAS, an appflcatlpn has been made by
the above named' applicant for ah exemption from
the provisions of Articli VIII, Section 8, of the
Code of Fir 'Cofmpetitlon for the Toy and Play-
things Industry; and "
WHEIREAS, tbe Advisory Boards have been con-
sulted and the Deputy Administrator has reported,
and it appears to my satisfaction that the exemp-
tion applied for is not necessary and would not
tend to effectuate the policies of Title I of the
National Industrial Recovery Act;
NOW THEREFORE, pursuant to authority
'vested In. me, it Is hereby ordered that the said
application 'f6r an exemption be and it is hereby
denied. ,
GBo. L. BmenX, .
'Division Administrator.
Order recommended: : -
E. W. DAHatBR,.'
Deputy Administrator.
* July 18, 1934.

Denying Application of Ralph A. Freundlich, Inc.,
of Clinton, Massachusetts for Exemption from
the Provisions of Article IV, Section 1 aund Sec-
S- "tion .1 (a). . .. .i .,o'" - ,
WAEREAS. an application has been made by
the above-named applicant for an exemption from
the 'provisions of Article, IV. Section 1 and Section
1 (a), of the Code of Fair Competition for the
Toy and Playthings Industry: and
WHEREAS. an opportunity to be heard has been,
afforded to the above applicant and the Deputy Ad-
minIstrator has reported, and It appears to my sat-
isfaction that the exemption -applied for is not
necessary and would not tend to effectuate the
policies of Title I of the National Industrial Re-
covery Act:
SNOW, THEREFORE, pursuant to authority
vested in me Jt is hereby ordered that the said
application for an exemption be and It is hereby
Goo. L. Bsara,
Division Adnministrator.
Order-recommended: :
Deputy Administrator.
July 1s, 134. -


permanent Code Authority for said State until
August 3, 1934 ,
NOW, THEREFORE, I Hugh S. Johnson, by
virtue of the. authority delegated to me by Ex-
ecutive Orders of the President, and otherwise
do hereby order that the/time for the election bf
the permanent State Code Authority for the State
of New Hampshire be extended to August 8, 1984.
Administrator for Industrial Recovery.
Approval recommended :
Acting Division Administrator.
Acting Ebecutive Asasistant.
July 27, 1904.

51-8 (Amend. No. 2)'
An application having been duly made pursuant
to and in full compliance with the provisions of
Title I of the National Industrial Recovery Act,
approved June 16 1933 for approval of Amend:
meats to the Code of Fair Competition for the
Umbrella Manufacturing Industry, and hearings
having been duly held thereon and the annexed
report on said Amendments, containing findings
wth respect thereto, having been made and
directed to the President':
NOW, THEREFORE, on behalf of the President '
of the United States, I, Hugh S. Johnson, Admin- '
istrator for Indutrial Recovery, pursuant to au-
thority vested In me by Executive Orders of the' '
President, Including Ejecutive Order No. 6543-A,
dated December 30, 1933, and otherwise, do hereby
Incorporate, by reference, said annexed report and'
do find that said Amendments'and the Code as.'
constituted after being amended comply In all
respects with the pertinent provisions and will :
promote the policy and purpose of said Title of
said Act, and do hereby order that said Amend.
mentsa be and they are heroby approved, and that
the previous approval of said Code Js hereby modi-
fled to Include an approval of said Code In Its' -
entirety as amended. 'i
It is further ordered that wherever In said Code--:
or Amendments to said Code the words Planning
and Fair Practice Agency" are used. the words '
Code Atthority shall be substituted therefore.
Administrator for Industrial Recovery.
Approval recommended:
Division Administrator. .
Washington, D.C,
July 1.7, 1984.' ,:

WHEREAS, Atcle.yVIII, ..Sectioa 4 of the Cgde
of'F-ir'Comnpetltioh for the WatdhlC7Ciiae Manu-
facturing Industry provides:
." It is hereby specifically provided that watch
cases completely manufactured prior to the effec-
tive date of this Code shall be exempt from the '
provisions of this Article,, provided that each
member of the Industry shall within thirty days
after said effective date, certify under oath to
the Code Authority, the number, type markings,
quality, and aerial numbers, If any, of such com-
pleted watch cases as he has-in finished stock on
hat date, and that sales of all such watch cases
shall be reported monthly to the Code Authority
by the manufacturer, in detail, as to the date of
sale name of purchaser, number, type, markings
quality, and serial number if any; and provided
further that unless stamped in compliance with'
the provisions of this Article, regardless of the .'
date df Its manufacture, no watch case shall be .'
sold, or offered for sale, after July 1, 1934, or ',
such reasonable extension beyond said date as may
be granted by the Administrator upon application'
therefore" and :
WHEREAS, the Code Authority has requested an '
extension of time'beyond July 1, 934, in which
Watch Cases, not stamped in accordance with the ."
provisions of the Code, may be sold or offered for
sale; and .
'WHEREAS, satisfactory evidence has been sub-'
milted to me that the requested extension is.
reasonable and will tend to effectuate the policies I
of Title I of the National Industrial Recovery
Act :
SNOW, THEREFORE, I Hugh S. Johnson, Ad-
mnllstrator for Industrial Recovery, pursuant to
authority vested In me, do hereby order that the
time for the disposal of Watch Cases not marked
In accordance with the provisions of the Code I
of Fair Competirion for the Watch Case Manu-
facturing Industry, be, and the same hereby Is,.
extended to December 31, 1934; provided, how- :i
ever that all Watch Cases remaining In'the pos- ,
session of an: manufacturer after that date shall
be marked in full conformity with the said pro- '
visions. '
Approval recommended:
Gao. L. BanEaY,,
Division Administrator.
July 31. 19h.

No. LP 17-4
GOranting Application of George Q. Moon & Co.,
Inc. made to the Wheat Flour Milling Code Au-
thority, and referred to the National Recovery"'
Administration, for an exemption from the pro-t..
visions of Article III, Section 4.
WHEREAS, an" application has been made b..'
the above-namedP2appicant for an exemption from.
the provisions of Article Ill, Section 4, of the'.
Code of Fair Competition for the Wheat Floar'
Milling Industry;, and
WHEREAS, the Deputy Administratot has re-,
ported, and It appears to my satisfaction, that the
exemption hereinafter granted Is necessary anR].
-will tend to effectuate the policies of Title I of".
the National Industrial Recovery Act; '
NOW. THEREFORE pursuant to authoritY.
vested In me, it Is .hereby ordered that the above-'
named applicant be and It hereby is exempted from
said provisions of said Code, to the extent that
Stwo firemen may be used as watchmen over week-,
ends, providing they do not work more than-
fifty-six (56) hours per week, and providing they:
receive not less than the regular rate of pay per.
hour that they have been receiving as firemen.
A.BMiN W. RrLsY,
Division Administrator.
Order recommended:
Deputy Administrator,
July P6, 1984.

Approval of Standard Cost Accounting System.
An applUcal tion having been duly made, pursuant'
to and in full compliance with the provisions 'of
Article VII,. Section 1. of the Code of Fair Com-
petition for, the Smoking Pipe Manufacturing In-
diusatrvy fort the anprnof. ofP a RSandlardC s'nat A c-





S The Blue Eagle prints in each i
pretations, appointments, and by
trator. Texts of amendments, app
available upon request through ti

division. Whenever necessary to
L it will be found in another secti
S a (*), designating page and column

*.*,. 401-6
.:... ORDER
" ..f1ll, sECTION 1
Appllcatlon 'having been duly made by the
i aited Verde Extension Mining Company of Gil-
more and Clemenceau, Arizona, for an Exemption
inA the .Provisions of Article Ill, Section 1, of
VT.i Code of Fair Competition for the Copper In-
.. deitry. and the Deputy Administrator having rec-
mmSended, and It appearing that justice requires
tat said, application be granted to the extent
srelinafter stated,
INOW THEREFORE, I, C. E. Adams, Division
AdmlilSatrator pursuant to authority vested In
by the Adminiustrator for Industrial Recovery
[.%d otherwise, do hereb
.. ORDER, that the sal Application for Exemption
: hereinabove set forth be and the same is hereby
r anted to theextent that all mining and other six
t,ds employees be allowed to work not more than
o*rtT-eflgil (48) hours per week, and all smelter
and mill employees engaged In continuous opera-
s tte be allowed to work not more than fifty-stx
-'(i8) bours per week when the plants are In
operation ;
I Provided, that this Exemption shall terminate
at the expiration of nine (9) months from the
histe of tils Order; and
Provided further, that the present staff now
'.employed on the operations affected by this Order continued durlne the period herein covered in
go far as it is practicable. ADMS,
;:." C. EI. ADAMS,,
Division Adminlistrator.
.:'Approval recommended:
W. A. JAN88BN,
Deputy Admintstrator.
*'Washington, D.C.,
4...,V l l 134.

:',No. 7-8
'":<. ORDER
Sitenslon of Order No.'.7-6 dated May 25, 1034,
".irantihg exemption to A. Srfeiu und Company,
'.,,New York, I.-B. Klelnert Rubber Compauy, New
-i"York, Van Sen Products Company, New York,
W",.olfe and Lang, Inc., New York, George Frost
'*,-..Company, Boston, Massachusetts, A.. Ionahine
'UCorporatlon, New York and all others similarly
i' atuated from the provisions of Sectuions (i) and
.. :(JI of Article IX of the Code.
."'.'WHEREAS. an order was signed May 25, 1934,
M hitting exemption to A. Stein and Cuinmpuy, New
N.e'York I. B Klelnert Rubber Company, New York,
Sn'Ben Products, New York, Wolfe and Lang, Inc.,
s. ew .York, George Frost Compauy Boston. Alas-
S" Ahusetit, A. J. Donohue Corporation. New York,
and all others similarly situated, from the pro-
VIslons of Sections (i) and (j) of Article IX of the
Coose of Fair Competition for the Corset nnd Bras-
mlrar Industry for a period not to exceed bixty (00)
day.from the date of said Order; and
.WHEREAS, the Deputy Administrator having
S-Maommended and It appearing necessary that said
S.'Otder ol May 25. 1934. be extended ;
NOW THEREFORE, pursuant to authority
vested fa me. It Is hereby ordered that said Order
No, 7-a, dated May 25, 1934, be and the some Is
hereby extended to be in full force and effect until
..October 22 1934 unless the Administratur directs
Setherwise by further order.
'."DiviDsion Administrator.
f.'. Acling Divimion A.dmlnistrutor.
.Order recommended:
"N. "Da 0. EDWARDS,
D .' deputy Administrator.
.W e8, 1934.

F.'iknovin, Amendment to Code of Fair
.Comnipetiton for the Cotton Garment
aIn us ry.
Hearings having been duly held In full compll-
Is with the provisions of Title I of the National
dsrilal Recovery Act, approved June 16. 1933
election with amendments of the Code of
it ampetltion for the Cotton Garment nlodus-
tys the Administrator having rendered his re-
I ereon together with his recommendations
'to lalIT with respect thereto, and It appear-
st the said amendments will promoIte the
eI and purposes of Title I of the National In-
trial Recovery Act :
THEREFORE, I Frankluin D. Roosevelt,
u of the United States, pursuant to the
Sanity vested In me by Title I of thieI National
ilal Recovery Act, npprored June 16, 1913,
ate Code of Fair Competition for the Cotton
ont Industry, and oierwlse. do adopt and
rev thle report. recommendations. and findlogs
t'e A Amoilstretor and do hereby order that the
ameainments he and they are hereby approved
that Imy Previous order of approval of said
I hereby modified to Include no approval r.f
d Cdine I Its entirety as amended, such ap-
eval to take effect fourteen (14) days from the
clt hreot unless good cause to the contrary Is
w to the Administrator prior to that time and
isue a subsequent order to that effect.
l recommended :
Admint]grtof o'r 1otduetrioj Recovery.
'w. E, ,.


issue administrative orders, inter-
4'laws approved by the Adminis-
roved and summarized, herein, are
ie NRA printing and publications
Give full explanation of an order,
ion of the Blue Eagle marked by

Article II Is hereby amended to delete therefromin
the second paragraph of Section A, which begins
with the words "The Products" and ends with
the words In this Code."
Article III Is hereby amended by deleting there-
from Sections A, B and D, by substituting therefore
the following Section A and by redesignating See-
StlonaC and E as Sections B and C respectively.
"(a) On' and afterr October 1, 1934, no manu-
facturing employee shall be permitted to work In
excess of thirty-six (36j hours tn any one week
nor In excess of eight (8) hours In any one day,
except as. herein otherwise provided. The Indus-
trial Committee, to the extent provided in Article
XV hereof, may make such determinations 6f ap-
plications for exceptions and/or exemptions from
the provisions of this Section as it may deem
proper and necessary, subject to the disapproval,
of' the Administrator as provided therein. No
non-manufacturing employee shall be permitted to
work in excess of forty (40j hours in any one
week." -

Article IV Is hereby amended by deleting there-
from Section D, by redesignating Sections E, 0, H,
I, J, K, L, and M as Sections D. F. G, I, J, K, and
.L respectively; and by redesignating Section F
as Section E and amending Sections A, B, C, and
E as follows:
"(ai On and after October 1, 1934, except as
hereinafter provided, no employee shall be paid at.
less than the rate of Twelve Dollars ($12.00) per
thirty-six (381 hour week in the. Southern area,
nor at less than the rate of Thirteen Dollars
($13.00) per thirty-six (36) hour week in the
Nor then area.
Week workers and/or time workers receiving
above the minimum wagg prior to this amendment
shall be paid atunot less than.thq samd wage per
thirty-six (36) hour week that thhy were paid per
forty (40) hour week. Piece rates shall be in-
creased by not less than 10% over and above the
piece rates prevailing as of May 1. 1934, but in no
event shall piece worker' receive less than the
minimum weekly wage herein -provided." I
"(bi On afl after October 1, 1934, in the Sheep-
Lined and Leather Garment Industry, no manu-
facturing employee shall be paid at less than the
rate of Fourteen Dollars ($14 00) -per week. No
operator shall be paid at less than the rate of 45
per hour: and no short knife cutter shall be paid
at less than the rate of 76t per hour. Manufac-
luring employees shall receive not less for thirty-
six (36) hours than they received for faorty (401
hours. Piece rates increased by not less
their 10% over and above the piece rates prevail-
ing May 1, 1934-"
"(c) The number of learners employed at any
time In the Cotton Garment Industry or in a
manufacturer's plant or factory shall not exceed
ten (10%) percent of the total number of mpnu-
facturing employees In said plant. A learner shall
be classified as a person who has worked In this
industry for a period of not more than twelve t12)
weeks in whatsoever capacity. Learners shall be
paid not less than the following:
First four weeks----- 60% of the minimum wage
Second four weeks-- 66i % of the minimum wage
-Third four weeks--- 80% of the minimum wage."
"(() A person whose earning capacity Is limited
because of age, physical or mental handicap, or
other Infirmity, may be employed on 'light work
at a wage below the minimum established by this
Code, If the employer obtains from the State Au-
thority, designated by the United States Depart-
ment of Labor, a certificate authorizing his em-
ployment at such wages and for such hours as
shall be stated In the certificate. Such authority
shall be guided by the instructions of the United
States Department of Labor In issuing certificates
to such persons. Each employer shall file monthly
with the Code Authority a list of all such persons
employed tv him. showing the wates prild to and
the maximum hours of work for such employee'
Article XI is hereby amended'to Include Section
D which shall read as follows:
"(d) The Standards of Fair Competition for the
Industry with reference to pricing practices are
declared to he as follows:"
1. tol Wilfully destructive price cutting Is an
unfair method of competition and Is forbidden.
Any member of the Industry or of any other in-
dustry or the customers of either may at any time
complain to the Code Authority that any quoted
price constitutes unfair competition as destructive
price cutting, imperiling small enterprise or tend-
lg toward monopoly or the Impairment of code
wages and working conditions.
The Code Authority shall within five (5) days
afford an opportunity to the member quoting the
price to answer such complaint and shall within
fourteen (141 days make a ruling or adjustment
thereon. If such ruling 1. not concurred In by
either party to the complainlnt, all parers s all be
referred to the Research and Plannin .Dlvlision of
NRA which shall render a report and recommen-
dation thereon to the Administrator.
Ibl When no declared emergency exfists as to
anT given product, there Is to be no fix-edi minimum
baIls for prices. it iq Intended that eIsotlli est esti-
mating methods should be u'ed ndo that conlderas.
lion should be given to costs In the determination
of prlclng policies
(ci When an emergency exists as to any given
product, sale below the stated minimum price of
such product, in violation of Section 2 hereof Is
2. Emergency Provisions:
ja) If the Administrator. after Investigation,
shall at any time find both .1) that soan emergency
has arisen within the Industry adversely affecting

small enterprises or wages or labor conditions, or
tending toward monopoly pr other acute conditions
which tend to defeat the purposes of the Act' and
(2) that the determination of a stated minimum
price for a specified product within the Industry
for a limited period ts necessary to mitigate the
conditions constituting such emergency and to
effectuate the purposes of the Act, the Code Au-
thority may cause an impartial agency to investi-
gate costs and to recommend to the Administrator
a determination of a stated minimum price of the
product affected by the emergency and thereupon
the Administrator may proceed to determine such
stated minimum price.
(b) When the Administrator shall have deter-
mined such stated minimum price for a specifiled
product for a stated period, which price shall be
reasonably calculated to mitigate the' conditions
of such emergency and to effectuate the purposes
of the National Industrial Recovery Act, he shall
publish such price. Therefore, during such stated
period, no member of the Industry shall sell such
specified products at a net realized price below
said stated minimum price and any such sale shall
be deemed destructive price cutting. From time
to time, the Code Authority may recommend re-
view or reconsideration or the Administrator may
cause any determination hereunder to be reviewed
or reconsidered and appropriate action taken."
8. Cost Findlngs:
The Code Authority shall cause to be formu-
lated methods of cost finding and-accounting capa-
ble of use by all members of the Industry, and
shall submit such methods -to the Administrator
for review. If approved by the Administrator, full
Information concerning such met hods shall be
made available to all members of the Industry.
Thereafter, each member of the Industry shall uni
lize such methods to. the extent found prac-
ticable. Nothing herein contained shall be con-
strued to permit the Code Authority, any agent
thereof, or any member of the Industry to suggest
unlform additions percentages of differentials or
other uniform Items of cost which are designed to
bring about arbitrary uniformity of costs or
Article XV shall be amended as follows:
The section presently known -as Section B shall
be known as Section C and a new section shall be
inserted in said Article to be known as Section B
as follows:
"i) A committee is hereby established to be
known as the Industrial Committee.'to be ap-
pointed by the Administrator on the domination
of the following:
Three. members by the Code Authority to repre-
sent the Industry and three members by the Labor
Advisory Board of which one shall be without
Union affiliation. The six so selected shall select
a Chairman to be approved by the Administrator.
The powers and duties of this committee shall be
as follows: %
All applications for exceptions and/or exemp-
tions from any of the provisions of this Code shall
be considered by the Committee hereby established
and the Committee shall make such determinations
as It may deem proper and necessary after due
1. The Industrial Committee shall forward to
the Administrator any oand all of Its determina-
tions, and Its reasons therefore, within twenty-four
(24) hours of the time of such determinations,
which shall become effective five (5) days after
the date of receipt thereof by the Administrator,
unless prior thereto disapproved by the Adminli-
.trator, subject however, to the further order 'of
the Administrator. All decisions of the Industrial
Committee shall be posted at the office of the Cot-
Ston Garment Code. Authority at a place regularly
designated for such purpose, together with a notice
that all parties objectint thereto may file their
pbjecrions with the Administrator.
2. The industrial Committee In making deter-
minatlons on any of the labor provisions of this
Code shall be bound by the fqllowIng:
(a) Any overtime period granted to any member
of the Industry shall be upon the condition that
time and one-half shail. be paid to anhy employee
who works in excess of the maximum hours per-
mitted herein pursuant to the determination of the
Industrial Committee In cases of undue hardship
created by virtue of this provision, the Committee
may up to forty 140) hours per week grant this
exception at the regular hourly rate.
3. The Industrial Committee shall make deter-
minatlons promptly upon receipt of exemptions
and/or exceptions and shall within twenty-four
(241 hours after decision report its findings to the
members of the Industry making such applica-

*For further information relating to this order see
story p. 1, col. 2

No. 118-101
Granting application of Steiner Liberly Corpora-
tion, Baltimore. Maryland, for an exemutlon
from the provisions of Articles Ill and V of the
Code of Fair Competition for the COtton Gar-
ment Industry.
WHEREAS. an application has been made by the
above named applicant for an exmpilon from the
provisions of Article Ill nod Article V for the
Code o( Fair Competition for the Cotton Garmeut
uInduntrv: and
WHEREAS. fthe Deputy Adminli'rntor has re-
ported nud It appears to my sistl.nt'i.)> that the
exemption errln,,f''t'r granted is iiWs -s.-irv audl will
terdl to eITffectate tin policies of Title I of the
National Industrial Recovery Act:
NOW. THEREFORE, pursuant to authority
vested in me, It is hereby ordered, that the above
named applicant be and It hereby is exempted from
said provisions of said code to the extent that it be
alWowed to work four hours overtime during the
weeks endluc July 28. 1934. August 4. 1(134. and
August 11, 1034. the overtime to be worked on the
Saturdays of those weeks for the purpose of mak-
ing sal-smen's samples. All overtime is to be at
the rate of time and one-half. Provided further
that this order may be revoked by me a! any time
upon proper cause shown by objections to be filed
with me within ten (10) days from the date
Acting Ditrvton Adminisd:rator.
Approval recommended:
Deputy Administrator.
July 27, 1984.
Granling anplic-itlon of Frank Luftig & Son. New
York. N.Y for an exemption from the pro-
visions of Articles III and V of the Code of Fair
Competition for the Cotton Garment Industry,
WHEREAS, an application has been made by
the abnve named apnlijcan' for no psemptlon from
the provisions of Arti'le III and Article V for the
Code of Fair Competition for the Cotton Garment
Ind,,strv : and
WHEREAS, the Deputy Administrator has re-
ported and It appears to my satisfaction that the

exemption hereinafter granted Is necessary,
will tend to effectuate the policies of TItl".23h
the National Industrial Recovery Act: .
NOW, THEREFORE pursuant to another
vested In me, it is hereby ordered that the aB
named applicant be and it hereby is exeml
from said provisions of said Code to the a
that It be allowed to work eight (8) hoursir.-B
time weekly from August. let to August 24,' 19
on stitching and finishing operations in ordei
complete government contracts. All overtime
to be at the rate of time and one-half. Prv,l
further that this Order may be revoked by'm
any time upon proper cause shown by objecU
to he filed with me within ten (10) days fromtl:
date hereof..
Acting Division Admlistrator
Approval recommended: '=
DOat 0. EDwAnDs,
Deputy Administrator. '
August 96n1 9 4..

No. 118-X-'
Granting the application of the Washingtbon.
ufacruring Company of Nashville, Tena:,-r.
exemption for its plant at Milan, Tea411
the provisions of article IV, sectionC. .'.
WHEREAS, an application has ben .m.d.
the abovee named applicant for an exemptorl'(l
the provisions of Article IV, Section C, of thej.
of Fair Competition for the Cotton'. Garment
dustry and :
WHEREAS, the Deputy Administrator hasiL.
ported, and it appears to my satisfaction, that tbi
exemption bereinafter granted Is necessary
will tend to effectuate the policies of Title -]
the National Industrial Recovery Act: ..'.
NOW THEREFORE, pursuant to authdb
vested in me, It is hereby ordered that the "m
named applicant be and it hereby is eirempt
from the provisions of said Code to the e0 '
..that it be permitted to employ in Its plat,.!
Milan Tennessee, forty per cent (40%)Fo1l4
majutacturing employees as learners for a pe
-of Ilx (6) weeks from the dare hereof and twt
per cent (20%) -for the subsequent six (6),:we
provided that. said learners shall receive -not.j'
Sthan the.minim.urn wage as provided Int Sebtito_
, of Article IV of said Code, and provided f6ttif
that no employee having Worked six (6) weeki.
the Industry, 'either previous to this .ExemptiOn
under it, can be classified as a learner. ".
Acting Division AdmintfstrattsX
Order recommended: .'T
DEAN G. 'EDWAnDS, "' 4.
eput y Administrator.. ,.Sf
Augu.s. .

,' ORDER ';
NO. 118-o10S3 :i ',.7
Grafting appliLaetion of the Oberman Co0il6am
Springfield, Missouri, for an exemption from :.'
provisions of Article III Section A, and Att..
.. of .the. Code. .-( lr,..CpmeUtlon.ot,
Cotton Garmient 'Induusty. '. .
WHOREAS, ,an application has been mad'7l
the above named appleant for'an exemption. ..
the provisions of Article Ill,. Section' A, and&:
tidle V of the Code of Fair Competition fortlj:l]
Cotton Garment-Industry; and ,k "
WHEREAS, the Deputy: Administrator h41.;1
ported and It appears to my satisfaction that ft
exemption hereinafter granted' Is necessary a5
will tend to effectuate the policies of TillesI.:
the Natiounal Industrial' Recovery Act; ''t
NOW, THEREFORE, pursuant -to autho4i
vested In me, It is hereby ordered, that the lA
named applicant be. and It hereby is'exempt
from said provisions. 6f said Code'.to the-e-tfleb
that it be allowed to work fifty (50) band stitehi'
eight (8; hours overtime on Saturday August,1r
1934, provilaed.that all overtinle Is to be at' .-
rate of. time and gne-half. 'Proyided further .
this Order may he revoked by me at any tiqe..ip.
proper cause shown by objections to be flle&d'Wfi
me within -ten (10) days from the date 'hereo:0..
Acting Division Adnsltrate'r$.
Approval recommended: "'
Deputy Addminisroator. '."
August 8, 1.984.

No, 118-1i
Granting application of H. W. Carter & 8dn"
Lebanon, N.H., for an exemption from the i
visions of Article III and Article V of the C IsM
of Fair Competition for the Cotton Gannei
Industry .
WHEREAS, an application has been made.,'-
the abshove nnmed applicant for an exemption frot'
the provisions of Article III and Article V ofiteh
Code of Fair Competition'for the Cotton 0armetO.
Industry: and ..
WHEREAS, the Deputy Administrator hasg-i
ported and it appears to my satlsfactlon that-thei
exemption hereinafter granted is necessary and
tend to effectuate tje policies of Title I of.t1*
National Industrial Recovery Act: ,
NOW, THEREFORE pursuant to aintho
vested In me, It is hereby ordered that theials
named applicant be and It hereby Isa exemitD
from said provisions of said Code to The ten
that It be allowed to operate their presila i. "
apartment eight (8) hours overtime weekly:'i
three (3) weeks from the date hereof, provide
the pressers are paid at the rate of time and nO5
half for all overtime. Prqvided further that thbl
Order may be revoked by me. at any time upa'
proper cause shown hy objections to be filed witi
me within ten (10) dsoo from thel date hereof.1ial
Acting Division 'Administratr for4,.4.
Approval recommended: : .
Deputy Administrator. .
August 6, 1934.

So -tlS.'.
N o. 4-1".
Granting Extension of Exemption Granted In Ad
minlastrative Order Number 4-12, dated May 29
WHEREAS. on the 29th day of May 19834. '
limited exemption from compliance with Artice.
(Continued on page 6, column 1)
Z :. a

_* . __ -------------------- ----------------------t i

'dl" / .. ',.."
...:(Conti.nded.fio.pteIt '=- FRESH OYSTER (A DIVISION naoal Commission may report withits ecom- eanl
e;aph ".o f he ;'C ode of 'aie ippetitio( td on lfrom ,uly 1, 1 934, to. Septem ber 1, an
kran ,A.i of.'.ii watr sT Y lrTt~f~~ 1934 ;agnd '
aerieai p UIt .rN Da hearing that said Special Commission, in. Ap
atiXilal e SEupply'Comn OF- THEFISHERYIINDUSTRY) tro
on;.Tb IC_ to the-ext~ent; ofpermit- A addition to the'pdwers and duties specifically con- deo
in D C ,.t tR.e0n1of e mlt 808 A -. fearedd upon It by said Section 7 of A article IV and COM
Ip o .engaged eroesf of ORDE by' the other provisions of said Code of Fair Corm-
Ab r loe ratlo Mann ufarec u efag Industry, ORDE Re
o Piperatlonsdrectly ndet thereto, SUPPE MENTARY CODE OF FAIR'COM- petition may also be conveniently vested with the KO
0hjfpi-V per week,'foto a periodIO OP$O R powgr and duty of Investigating the labor coodl- trl
Sfrom) the :date hreof, .tmi ETITION OR THI 'FRESI OSTER tlon1 In the related industry engaged In the manu- wl
A60ttrt'r0)ye fand tandale theUSRr(eDaSfNW'E IH- fc:enddtnfinesv o stgalgteabrcn- tr
ha soatteplied, and ,;. h .f' INDUSTRY (A Dn'ISION OF THE FISH-- facture of fur articles on a custom basis and in tion
A, l h beeoh made ERy INDUSTRY) the repairing and remodeling of fur articles dir- tr
e.jd.flatiodai lecttfdal Supply C omna rectly to the consumer' sio
#on:son; DC., for an' extension ,of asaidx- Granting apuplicatiod for extension of tima within NOW. THEREFORIb, pursuant to authority be
io h n jafti Janary, .1,19355 and which to comply with the provisions of article vested' In Executive Orders of the President, -
EAR, the Deput Admini t' tor has re-" YII, title C, section 1., paragraph (d). and by the Code of Pair Competition for Lthe Fur ml
e r'nd"t alppgaars sa.tisfaction. -that WHEREAS, an .application has been made by Manufacturin ,Industry, 1 Edgh B'vJohnson, Ad- the
enslon of iaaid'exemiptlonis' necessary and 'the Executive'Commlttee o4. the Fresh,Oyster In- 'milastrator .r Industrial .Recov'ery, do hereby of-
bHijt6 eitectuate 'te pplicrYof Ttle'. I of the' dastry for an extensionn of time within, which to appont. 'as. members .f said Special Commission fin
oag.ndustrial Recotefyi Act ,. .. .'. comply with tthe oprovislons bf Article VI Title the follo- i-ng persons: a
THflBREFO ".-',uruwpn.t.o authority, C, Section 1, paragraph (d) bf the Supplemdntary Dr. Paul Abel on, Chairman. pa
m 'me;-dtls .hereby ordered'.tbat- subJect'.tQ" Code of FailCompetitIon for the WTesh Oyster In-- Dr. I L., Frain. Co
b st'olf .' 'et. lt.,...4dmlnl ttOe .'O^ rde' d ustr .(a lvB loun.,of the Fishery, Industry) ; 'and Dr. Willard, Atkins. of
t si t o t'l' Wo EREAS' Tuhe 'En utbve Committee othe a ed the .manufacture of fur articles on a atdo
L", ....1'" .,theONatioOal tpdustrOal Recovery Act0 1 -O "RDE] that said Seclal Commilssioh gihall, in ul

B Sj...: u ... ......e3O;. O B 'e NOW, '3'HERBFORe, pursanet to .othorit.y poo to the Admii'trator with Its recommendo- ai
e .,k .T l' ... te. p ,,,itt,.e ,. : vested n me It Iduts. hereyi ornered that .the suom, lonsbn or before September 1 1934. ($
'011.'e'a'd./I'';'-"roceasl t '," d. ply wi 6ho lde'rovisronr of the Code owithind thees *it"the, p'Is ow at i'oerduy nes'adig no,

L "" ck ' h' I .- ,- "- "* f e'sta d t e n d" d',t fa rt hny ter p er ro [or. Iuof in vet ig a tno
o ..oti. ..' on'.directly .nd:dent' thereto ,not I te dtr a the Deputy Adminisruator the lad conditions In t4e related Industry en- t
01 of tort (401 houra'pir Week-foc'rhe period concurs In such' finAing by report in writing to me. gaged in the manufacture of fur articles on a atI

".'"iy 2 4, 'to and' including. 4.fcembera'n14 I an t appears to my satisfaction thaember thex, 1934, with. coppr.oval, reconmme rem: ,, 'r., tpl
'e n's modified, a nd/or extended, or ,,6tim.. 'r h .' bevew of rm eis'ing ages aned iors and estab- ,a Wo LIf a lARNBW.OR n. me
orde i a;, ':, .. " leewshing tominmeffectuategte policiayments, on a. time .Ibas f f ir ctung rvlton Atme nsurator. I d.
e or nu4 eno'- . .1, ,. i, ..RecoveryAct; Ing that "d c ,
P,'B1ARToN .W"'bSZ a 'L0a vusra e~vJ 'ORDEthat gaI41pen aComirmisalop shall to-

,- ,' Ji, .. ,d m : ,T N' as'o" ONtobe FORM, 15 pu 134 and. the oxecutieori'. t to the Adm7trator with s recommends- '. foiI
.. ..',., ,4.:. ..n ...,r.vested.'.in e,.ItIS.hereby1ordered that-thesto orhefute September 1, 1934.

W i r im'ursi of',Ia r rate.ttee shall reportpaanthe results o there. cotu d?: heprovisid of this Order may e', , ntedor r
..:""Dn -ii A "i.'a"rar *.- Admonistratof en t ployment p rovided or I, 934. . Article V I
TileC, Bcio '' argap' d"ofteuvIo'kedast any tithe bereaft~er. Ei

'.ehtmuryCope. .y.C-Com.petition for th esh' .. A'' ,U SE JOHNSON. th
Of *4-4 -Oyster Ihdustry ,itmtmstraloh of. the'srnl 'arery.t ord fsr-I s t^rTsial Recovery. colt

try) ApprovAppal. commended i;
e:deptheo "tview of eislng, , .ag'a and oe o s and estab9- W.LT, AM P. P SWORTH 'o. me
tclMamifactdrl.7i.hd(stry;.; ..,,.. -w payme. ni g 'n v pye o tCO Es s ,FActi Cg Division Ai FOR TH Co
as "Obter, 1h 1i 3 04 'hnd. the E executive, .'. g&, 7, T IR,'SUSPAI. NDER, .AND L for
'o- -te mitte' shall report' the e Alts of the t u the' MN ACTR INDUSTRY .'.e
6""tylm FOR

%_. S u ^o .,._ '' TV,= ...... .. Exteosion, ol tb rty (30) day provision of Para b1e
aL'-''0'.... Administratr. ' le D 'tan th.C,' .' graph 8 of Reglations Pe'tang to authorzao. (
A gelnlfsnoroqIndustrialR'etr'a'.t3
6,~t" 'P~- ~ recovery A T U PE D R- N

1.a o, .A c .ti ..of .AB .tvo o .. A. o1 f.vferot eAiGoa ommended:UJ T AN FACTURINeG.'d lt am
f. Its nta .aatte eea MIcAsNuWgn raArt .W .,L WRILAY-' .

.A fi ^^ ,, ., ,*. ... . ,* -- , . .' : ,, Mns zfa et r n I d st y by t e ^de A thr^y t
omm-d'I1'of ana th..appeaoiun.fAti lueie ''D. Ai-,r .
.... ". ',... d a i
,odne'ot~ie .oapetiteo 5fo :ne,' ,4ugu-,I'936i .. & . 'Ieu

Iciaifatnfr .,' dtr. ,' ... OD OF AIR OMPETITION. FOR ofsaid Ondustryas approvedby AdTITION FOR THE Co
Ppad ....... ee.l .. GARTER','-SUSPENDER,'AND BFLT
l8ove-Cbfmpan? foj t lat- O tB SSNG.'ND 'nrn INUPACTURUQ ". *nY res

r ,H,%'.' Zo';.'-; '' e "ti..:h t ,ee FUR DRE SSING AND UR DEING IN- Oer No. 1 dated JlY 12, 934 n
tPoab]S qfA'io l abdlof .. ,tenaloo thl11 '(30) day provision of P~aja

oT FCal; .purlyao ; ;beh -er- DUSTR4. i WHE 8 of Regulations per etainingutoauthobe- o
Copipetition for a theBe, l au D'YEINGodrlan to

timn byin tn.dusrv,.andmtbleDatpt faord.lastrat . .tanl to uthorzaton of members of tnhe Brter, an
ig'. .recwiendad o .I I ,ftT, up o'.of d Inu sere charged Sspendericeand RDlM MannfanfctnrlacIg Industrybyheod .by

.BBw pypu..ttb.pnopcexem~]ni~loarom tne wage.. for the. Dog'amd L~oog Haired Fur Dyers' Divl-. ;.the Code Autborlty for'*said Industry to use uie
e"' .tat. aId, n .ll ca ioaj3:be. p.apted'to'the',, use-,and/or. reproduce fhe special NRA designation"'- e

SCod ..'0air Compettn torelecricaL C ' 'A' OF.. i "O r PETITIONh. T o a mlnisatriva a rdp r Nn 4EIo- ad duct ativo o
oW THEBFOE Ipuruan' 'o ~autdri ~. FURII DRESSING AND ]FUR DYIEING ILN-e Order No. 94-12, dated 'J'bi 32, 1934. .. .'i
Wd1'mbthi & Admaliti'ato for!. P' Jtta. DUSTRY" '..-I'WHEREAS. Paragraph'.- of Regu.iatAons par-.-orc(
v.. i~h i aQ, e d~i ll' training to authorixatitoo of members of theGoarler, und
a ndc t bnerwise. ltr.Is be :and etit lsh etiatby uWHIRensio ASf'the scdle of mini mum ser ervic e charges Sosp er- and elt Manufact-r'"g Industry." b-o'ev
'4jtapleatt'naebr J'exemgtlobia from' 'tile 'wae.'- for tha.D~og'And Long Haired Fur DyerV.Dlvl-. the Code Authority lot said i industry to use ules
pro ..Adoinistra.. y of e a and' -,sin,"'"'' t ed e r
q1 At;tr,.be.and' V'it -I Is,"hereby 'WHERWIAS, Ithe schedule' of Jnijt1jim.service 'Junleby 1,194;prvdmes that:v Ode.. N-.9 .i. dIt'.d.
onPonpIrla -'011weveil`,'-tb&( .with :re- ca' '-trthe.D di-and g Haired FurixD e uly12,93-'prvids tat
lb oltiohf I pwey"e',,ta(nwiwth ,re- charges,3..orte .Dpg and.Long Haired F.r Dyers'. ....Every. prodtffct df the' Industry sold thlrfl.'(80'1 .
0 ose billl a edtIons now' bdbject: to Division "of the Fur, Dressing and Fur Dyeing I4; days after approalJof these rules and.reguatin an
.anad.,lou jor-l la.ofArtle'III. and. dustrY waa established by me by 'Administrative" shall' bear the special NRA 'deslnaton of he'in" of
W.tad h'qda.'for .the'Blectrlcal "anhfac- Order No, If-183,.,da,ted ay 21, 1934, made pur-. df shry whict shal hbe reroduAedupno thp -rof duct or
.a.utry nosuc.aplicanD(.:shba,.ftllircomDIY suant to' 'Article' VIII, Section !9. of the Code'of .''itself orhupn the.'wrapping,'. sticke, pr
tit -'7 o 6, ..r . ... .f ,'I tself, or upon the, wrappin .g, banux ad alkr
tide.1 of.s thei.Code o ,rfXiXComnibetit on Fair Competition fr .said Industry, and .- .. camtains or pacikae thereof In suc 'a er t. 'rs
a iee. :. h qtarusnud.trY," '' WHERBAS; such approval "was .SubJect' to' my said designation shall remain:ldentifled;,w3h'L.acrh' [te
.. '" ,."'%.' ; .... ,, ;. ,, .power ,to. mnodf y or canel te, same at.apiy. mo,. indivdua lartlc -at the point of fnal' sale to ,t.he, off
i :.3*.7 V.."' Z' o,"M Di. l,:...';WA, '" a.'" ,..". : !" t '. -, '. 'customer"'and.' Na
". ,w.,fiW_,itr#o; Du. ;:, WHERE'A.. ap leatlob for the sspension .of WHERSAS, certain members of 'the Industry
o d'1.- '',- ', ; i"( .... ~.,~' said scheduae..has:" een ruade!to m.e-h :the Code" no'w have on' hqnd accumulated. finished' merchant.
EGQ w "t~rim:'.;*.*':,- .u.. '-'."'.,' .', Authoty Board of the Fur Dressing apd Fr Dye- dis which must b 'repened ..afd labeled to comn-
Dl' 4.' ibtr to'o .>ia.. .. ,-' i.n s1 ry ''' '. ' .. 1 Ply with. tbhe. hirty (0) dhy -provision 'of said' Ap
D UPPA.It;.,i. .:.r ,'jp.' 1.' A '1 .v ERilAS, It is.apparenlt' that. the i nitlmhu.. Pragraph .8, and they could not delay.tile..pur- '
*** ^"- 1 ': It" ...... '" '. ';. '~ service celarges.w, b tle Dou and Lou" Haired For chase of printed matter for carrens* monthly re-'..
.' '.- .. .'". D t years' Divisio', of ,the 'ur Dressing-kand. FIr' quirements beyond.luiy '1', 134 ; and t
,. ", '" .,"'.,' ,, *'.. Dyeing Indur-y'i.r. unenforcdabl and JusUce .', 'i WHEREAS 'fo, tie reasons herein stated'; it
"IA BI ETA'tif OD '1 ".e'e, .-n ", .... "" ".', '.,appears 'to mr'salsfnat4ond.tbar the thirty (30)
"BLt..~..'*.'.,.OW. -T''. % IOHEREFORIE pursuant to the' provision da riod of said Par#zgiapb' 8 should be extended. =
$TS'# .Ijt"AbtuFT Ac'?,. P'iSR.NT.:^.G .of said ,Codfe dud Order Ne: 161-43, of May 21;" .to1e'ectuate the purnoe- of the Act ,
,'.1- ,M NUPIA-1. 1?-'t1 N13J% 134., and. pursuant to the authority vested'fn?;e 1 OW, 'rHERB OE.i'. Hugh S. Johnson, Ad-
Kr "i,'' $.' t'I. "'TV .'Irby'C f" the Executive^ Orders of ,Suiy 15,, 1933, and InbIlsirat6r f6r 'Industrial Recovery; pursuant to',
-.HL' .*VWlJE'.-L",. W'.lNCJL..I.JN C Decembcer.3, 301933. ad otherwise, I hereby order authority vested In 'me by Executive Orders and
;~.'_ _:._' '-.\._' ".'--,_S :"'.T,'v.. 'tChat the sal~d.shedule,of,f minimum service charges '. otherwise; do heteby. order that the thirty (30).
,...P M .A .,,. .,.,aIndT'N ." ,r the, DO. and Lbng.Haired 'Fur Dyers' Division day pei-d of sad Parag"ph R8 o said, egula-
LBt11N,.,i'1 il.L. C9,T". .N, l' ., be and herebyls suspended from the dte.., hereof lions be' and It Is beielgiy -extended to Octobpr 1,
B /,' ,-'' 1 ,., ,' 1 84,--9-..11,..6 u 'nril u such' time'"as said Dog and Long Haired' Fur .1934-:; '
",.. ORDER ', Dyers' Dlviqlon, ,through the Code Authority Board -. 'RQVIDED, 'HOWEVER thar this orer .may
'm.;, ;'-."1 '." -' ., ;" i '"o ., '. the Fur'.DrehasinL, and Fur Dyeing dddustry, o.rba'modlfled'.or' evoked at any time by my ub- 'ceI
S ODE QJ['AIR tn O;OMPN'ITIQ F'OR TH.' shall. make .representdtions to the' Administrator, sequent2 order. .* e
"'nMO 'iin'pAl- 'PROD.... 'M based upon facts, concerning thejlowest reasonable ' ' HUGI S JOHNSON fat
T. DMETA _D MA......, 111 -. coats .o performing said service in the Indpstry '* Adminfatra(orfor Industriol Recovery. Pc
wIfU- O A "ND MrETAL W nIWAISHIING. and ai new achedaue ld,approved by me, in accotd- ApptovaI recommended""' ,1 '(
-", ,lt' 'o.TING',NIuSrt.Rr .-. ,, ance with the provisiotis of the Code. WtLLIAMK P. Fa8WORaTEra Pr
..'.,- ." ". '-' '. '. HUGH S. JOHNSON Acting 'Division' A flnttratO Sh,
ii-'.'Apglicatlon of tl i,.eyatqne itel.& Admaistrator 'for Industrial Reoovery.- ..Washington, D.C., -Lion '
tmpant,' PpoI, I1ola. for. exemption, Ap rov rco-enqd "' '" ", tr.. '
m Ph'v st'na of Article 1 1 the' Code of'. GO,.L ne ar,.. --. 7 .,, Be.
SPt e .,'ths"a 'Fabricated-Metal Prdd- D ..o 4d ttrPI. ,R .( .w
LtSS cti rngIu ir' --J Metal Finishing- po :' C i dmnis trat or" "' AT' i
0, ain ynutv''" "A ebntn '. (, P- r ~' ,. try:
)atp.eavon h. ng bemn'dul made 'hb the '. ,' ''ORDER tKil
o.teal & 'WreCompany, Peoria Illinois,, "' ,' w
.ex ti.from'the iege mid' ho'br IroIC- D'FUR MAFNUFAr-TTT 'I n CODE 'OP FAIR' COMPETITION FQR THEintur
0i.tlie Cde df..;Wlr'-Com-, F UR MA T.UR INGZGRAPHI NO.A T NUSA. man
ttib' fi- te Fahnicated'kletal Prodnata 'Manlul ''GRPI AT NDSRES, ail
n.ig tu.Gitetal 1Finishing a nd yetal Coating,1.6.
"try; 'and the. 'Deputy Adminlstratbr having' ORDER ORDER NO. 287--3A me
ledd,' nd .It-appeartng 'that'" Justice 're-' CODE 'OF FAIR COMPETITIONl FOR THE ORDER NO. 294-MA a .
tn.sai applchaon ,begrantedto. theex- FUR MANUFACTURING INDiSTRY .. pper there I In
.er~fft .. It appearing that there Is a conflict between.the iur'
i lelulate4Rs 'pbdrS:ant'..t- authoritytv Appointing 8pacial 'Commission as provided in sec- provisions of the, Code of' Pair Competition for In
'iewiARBI2l- ~rsbsntv. .t1o'anthocl teGme ae.adEbse etIdsr
imei iy the Ahmlnlstrator' duLn t[o0 7 of article IV, and otherwise, of said the Gummed Label. and Embossed Seal Industry t
aind oYthtieAlt is.'"herela ib6n "eddihat i Code ":of' .Fair Competition, and vesting., Said and the Code.of Fair' Competition for the Graphic ly
'Sdi J' rcf. 'CommlsSlo Vitli .certain additional. powers and' Arts andustrie, and It further appearnEg that. the O
i fi 'tdi-t"" th- ,rly'tewage; -duties. '- .' ,"" ." ; .. I fE*/ era endy: .Lat. Corporation of 14'1ast 25th tn
peton' n 'f'A e"I'ica f-the'Cepod-" A Code of Fair Competition for the Fur Manu- Street, New York. Nw York. now operating under
fFa Compettion for the Fabricated Metal Prod- the A Code of Fair Competition for the Gummed
"c up.Mannfacturing and Metal Finishing and Metal facturing Industry having been beretofcre ap- Label and Embossed Seal Industry Is subject to
atn Industry and It is hereby granted, upon proved on May 19. 1934, and It being provided in the Code of ir ibo petition for the Graphis sc Arts
dtli, however, that with respect to those of Sectlon 7 of Article IV of said Code, In part, as Industries., and Irnvompetigation aior ng.he Grfntphelyc Arts A
t npelos now subject to said "code for the follows: tabi hed that thinverRetigaton aingy Label Corporationntely es-
I :.Metal. 'Products. .Manufacturing .and S "* .* the. Administrator shall appoint a tiabshed tnt the inter-Ready Lbhe] Corporation
M-et it-lehli' and' Matta] Coating Industry, such Special Commission which shall undertake a study.. Iaegaged .In printing, ats defined, by the Code of"
diact shill filly complyy with Article IV of the and Ipvestigation of the various markets and andir t aompearingtlon for In the G raphic Arts indJustices,
oe- of Fair' Competition for the Iron and Steel areas of the IndustrX and shall, if necessary, con-. and t appearing b effectuate be n the policnteres of lustite I
lt tri ...d any amendinments to such Article; duct bearings in such various markets and areas 'of the 'Nationsl't Industrial Recovery Act I
i&nsds ftir & prodded that such applicant shall for the purpose of determining the extent to which NOW THEREFOREiI 1. Geore Bucklet c
e.k s piltTry. 'netting on a cost figured the provisions of this Article, and, in .particular, o W T'HEREand I. George Buceley Dlvl- cat
th- a lahor rat's less than forty. (40) cents per the extent to which the differentials herein estab- suant to ad authority veorge Berry, Dvus by the Adi alpu- IStng
.'.which ,ls 'the milml ni rate udder the Code blished, tend to promote conditions of fair compe- truant to authorialecoty vested In us by thew Admisdo'.- inLg
'..' Competltibofoti' tli"'abricsted Metal Prod'- tittion betwqen the various' markets and areas of 'hereby designate thermal RecoverReady Label Corpora- duo In
's Manufacturing 'nd. Metal Finishinr-aod Metal the Industry. Said Special Commission on the ro^n as a member, of the Graphic Arts Industries, Grai
nkting'Industry; vrbvltdd. however', thft, nntwith- basis of such study, and Investigation shall have subject to the provisions of the Codei of Fair We
1Sndinpg such exemption from the wage and hour power to recommend to the 'Adminlstrator' any metit fr the Gdues
vOl'fons therefore, the Code of Fair Competition modlficad6n of the provisions of this Article CpelnThis Order Is revocablby the Graphi'Adminidustratores. ,at
r'the Fabricated Metal Products Manufacturing which It may deem necessary to promote con4i- anytbis Order bl by tb Administrator at
ta-Metal Finishing and Metal Coating Industry' tdrins of fair competition, including recbmmenda- ay time. n ,
al coatrol',the handling of all labor ions fortbh modification of the deinitions of the oQ BUCK I]
ittistis pesrtaining to: and labor complaints and respective areas, recommendations for the creation Di'l-on ,'ll.
or disputes arising in connection with the opera. 'of new areas, and recommendations for a modifi- Oxoaco BiRa, n
tOns of the a pplicant Dow subject to the Code of cation, change, Increase or decrease of the differ- Division II1
ir 'Competition for% the Fabricsated Metal Prod- entials between the respectiveareas Said Special July 16, .19 ."4
'Jts.S Manufacturing and Metal Finishing and Metal Commission shall report to the AdminisLr'tor with the
'Coating Industry., ,its tecommendatlons. as hereinabove set forth on ORDER tio
, .'." C. E. ADAMs, or before uly 1, 1934, and.any and all of such of
'Difon Admintrllpr, 'Div. 1. recommendations upon apprval of. the Adminis- CODE OF FAIR COMPETITION FOR THE
tratot" shall become effective as part of this Code. GRAPHIC ARTS INDUSTRIES u
"'"* .nB3aRToN W. MUSr ,' Said Special Commission 04l1i also have such GRAPHIC ARTS INDUSTRILal
; .DiV14401o1 Administrator, Div. S. Lb
Div.skon Admiiawmmered.*. other and further duties and be rested with such
recommended.: other and further powers as the Administrator ORDER NO. 287-72 Inc
R" W Su no,, may from time to time delegate to it. and any Approval of a pt-ice doterinuaton schedule sub- COIl
D Dut Admaia(taItor. DaI,. 1, such further recommendations upon the anp rovaln pmited by the Hank d e termination schedule sub- Con
*.A P. ARlSeM WRITE, "' ' of the Administrator, shall also become effective National b e Bank aPdduct Commercial SCtoners
""- Ac p DePuiy ,dmiH~tratorDol fti oe. n ""m fetv National Product Group. Clc
ActinM rc 3 asIpart of this Code."' And era
I: D Al.1iui'u d ministrative Order No. 43"6-3,.dated July 3 The National Graphic Arts Coordinating Corn- GOnr
1934, having extended the date on which said mirtee, having submitted to me for approval, on InD
:;.'..'.'" % .. ,

l .. '..... '

half of the Administratrive.Agency for the I
d Commercial Stationers Ntional Produ(tb.
oup, and in accordance with subdivision (c) ob0'
ipendix No. E-2 of bthe Graphic Arts Code, a price,
termination schedule, to be used, with certainI
editions, by all eatablishments producing theai
oduct or products with which said Natioqal.,
oduct Group is identified, and by all persons dis-e
butting such product or*products In competition'
th the producers thereof: and, upon considera-,
on of a memorandum from the Deputy Adminls--''
ator, dated August 2, 1934, approved by the DiM_- ',
on Administrator, recommending that approval,
granted: '""
NOW, THEREFORE. f, Hugh S. Johnson, Ad-.'".;
niJstrator for Industrial Recovery, pursuant fo...
e authority vested in me by said subdivision (c),'.i
Appendix No. E-2, of said Code, and otherwise'
ding that the proposed price determination ,
hedule, as annexed hereto and hereby made'a,24
rt heneof. conforms to the requirements of saldV
de and will promote the policies and purposes",l
Title I'of the National Industrial Recovery Act,..-
Dhereby approve said price determination schedb4.,
e,'wlth the following conditions: .
1. On arnd after the effective date of this Ordi ;-*
'".establishment shall sell, or offer to sell any.-
iduct listed in said price determination schedule,
a price lower than ten '(10) percent below th1e.'
Ice fr such product contained therein fproviddl j
it. this prohibition shall be subject to the followed. '
g exceptions: n o a l".i
(a) Such prohibition shall not apply to any In'
vidual order exceeding. Five Hundred Dollat"V'
500)'In amount, nbr to say combined or contradftJ'
der exceeding t'ive Thousand Dollars-" (5;000)}
amount per year.. -
(0) An establishment which uses a method of
)t finding prescribed by the National' Code Au':i
irity In, accordance 'with the prdvislons of Sec-'"'
n 26 of the Graphic Arts Code, or if souc,
ithod has not' been prescribed, an adequate ,coi',t
ding system, and can thereby determine Its costa'
* such products as lower, by more than ten (10)'
r cent than those listed. In said price determtna--'
on schedule, may sell such products at', not lIess mi
fa the cost so determined ; provided tbdt, the Na- 'i
nal Code Authority may disapprove the cost flndyi
g system of such establishment upon proper In;.i
tigatlon and finding that such system is in-,
equate, and provided further, that the decision of ,1
i National Code Authority shall be subject to the '1
view of the National Graphic Arth Coordinating'.
mmlttee and the'Administrator. "i
(a) An estdblislment may. In defense of its bust-
is, meet a bona'fide competitive bid of 'anpther'"l
ablishmenr, and the fasts of a hid so made shall
Immediately reported to the National Code Au,'.i%
orlty and the Administrative Agency of the Bank.-,
Id Commercial Stationers National Product'Group..':'
2. This Order shaU take effect ten (10) days'.
im the date hereof unless good .cause to he' a
itrary Is shown to the Administrator before that.
ie and the Administrator Issues a. subsequent'
ler to that effect. This Order shall be of effect-"
tl.departmedtal economic hourly cost rates and -i
iductlon standards and cost determination sched-.n
aes have been declared as provided In Article IIT,:
tlon 26(b) of the Graphic Arts Code, but In no
cut for longer than ninety (90 ) ays from the.
active date hereof.' .3
3.' All rights, powers and duties delegated terein,;'
Id the exercise .thereof; are subject to. the right i
{he' Admjnistrator to review, modify or ..disap-
ove the same. ,1
4. The Administrator may. at any time modify or'.
'oke this Order or; Impose any further condlUonp1
rein as he maf'dm"nb'lbdasary 'ot' Uerlrahlb.Ito'"
ect the 'policies' and purposes of Title I of the0-,
donal Industrial Recovery Act. '
", .. UGH S. JOHNSON, ,
Administrator for nduetrial Recovery.:
proval recomipnended '
G'Ooaom buck Y, i .:
DIvIsfon severk .'{
August 4, 1934. '.
(Continued on page IA, column I-Supplement)".

Code Authority By-

laws Approved "'

Infants' and Chlldren's Wear Industry. (with ex-:.
ptions) ; Trade Mounting and FInishing Indos-.
SI with exceptions) ; Reclaimed Rubber Manu-:'
cturlng Industry (with exceptions); Buff and.:
fishing Wheel Industry; Steel Wool Industry.'
ith'excepdonsl ; Machine Knife and Allied Steel
oducts Manufacturing Industry; Roofing and.
eet Metal Contracting Division of the Construc.,
on Industry; Marine Auxiliary Machinery Indus:'
,; Railway Brass Car and Locomotive Journal.,
arings and Castings; Manufacturing Industry.
ith exceptions) ; Retail Farm Equipment Indus'"
-y with exceptional ; Railway Car Appliances In-.
istry (with exceptions) ; Glass Container Indao-
*; Shoe Machinery industry with exceptions) ;;',
In, Cooler and Dryer Manufacturing- Industry"
ith exceptions) ; Diamond Core Drill Manufac-,
ring Industnv (with excentions) : Beater. Jordaan
d Allied Elquipment Manufacturing Industr..
ith exceptions) :. Beverage Dispensing Eauip-
nt Industry (with exceptions) ; Metallic Wall'i
ructure Industry (with exceptions) ; Wrench;
.nufacturing Industry ; Wood Turning and Shop-
a Industries (with exceptions) ; Commercial Fix-,
re Industry (with exceptions) ; Metal Etching
lustry (with exceptions) : Liquefied Gas Indus-i
y (with' exceptions) ; 'Specialty Accounting Sup-
y Manufacturing Industry (with exceptions)
ItUntIng, Braiding and Wire Covering Machine,
lustry (with exceptions). '

approvall of Code Authorityk
Budgets'and Bases of
Contribution '
Grain Exchanges; Reinforcing Materials Fabri-.
tIng Industry:; Textile Proceeslng Industry;
ay Manufacturing Industry: Open Paper Drink-g
g Cup and Round Nesting Paper Food Contaluean
iustry; Macaroni Industvy ; Men's Neckwear Il'-
itry; Book Manufacturing Division of tht
rphic Arts Indudtries; Infants' and Children'iE
'ear industry; Saddlery Manufacturing Industry&J

Plans Approved to Handle "
STrade Complaints
The National Recovery Administration, durlmI
e past week, approved plans for the organliS-
n .of agencies and procedure for the hoandlli.5
trade prtactices complaints arising within til:
lowing Industries:
ndustrlali Furnace Manufacturing Indusn7try;
bel Manufacturing Division of the Graphic Art1
dustry:; Bituminous Coal Industry-Eastern suN
isalon of division I; Radio Wholesaling Trade0,.
ppr and Brass Mill Products Industry:
SLeaer Working Machine Industry: Cap AM'
sure Industry; Office Equipment Manufactt....
a Industry : Music Printers Division of t A
iphic Arts Industries; Umbrella Maenufacturial

. .

Mmes Ape App0 .oed. A endments and Modifiiatio
Sode Aut r Code-pro~vals '" ..
em esAppro e .o... o .c, ati n oh.

mb r roved Upward-A,4cting Door Industry. m uib ei --m
SAdm trto drig the past week, n r r al recovery d may equitably assess each member
A ministrhe following selections tanda appointments kp ftApprved, 0, 4.u t 11, 984Eeetive Au during the past .week approved amendments the industry in order to defray thes-i
LatheflowingYseectosber apinmns: .m. ansmdiic2ioso odeLo9fir4
au iPy ANCE MANUFACTURING Establishes a 36-hour maximum work week of not d odf tions to Code of mpe-- penses. ,?.
e au PItaAhorityNmembRer.:NG morathan 5 days with certain exceptions when tion as follows:. Sa yMal factrinn Induatry.-&mmend
lbviion of Machinery and Allied Products In- permnilon to work factory employees 48 hours per # NottinghOam Lace uCurtae Induustry.-.Modi- approved August 7, 1984 enables th
eKasperFairmontMinn.;B.o week for 12 weeks in each calendar year Is given, fcation approved August 7, 1934, provides A e
26";klamzoo, ichr; C. f. Wilson, Oh1-povided one and one-half times the normal rate ,
Tl E MANUFACTUIG INDUS- paid for all hours in excess of 8',hours in, a a a new artifcle, artice XUI, shall be tions as are necessary to support the 9adin
1 Su lonE of Machinery and Allied rod- amy or3 hours if n any 7-dayperiod.amin added to the Code, making the payment of Istration of the. ode and to mainptain"
ofMistry)-a ern d. Allen, Nw ork, mum rate of 40 hour Is established for the expenses of Code administration mnna- standards of fair .ompet..on establish
ltsmC 0ck lnNewYf.pkat employees and clerical land bifice workers......- hsCdeIaso'a beitin esAid
fle C. Dcerman ew York, N.Y.; Allreelve hot less a$15e oy upon a members ofthe industry i os- this Code .talso enables' thr Code.
:UIB Houston, Philadelphia P. i n-u.thoxltY shall consist of'five persons;three to be ordnce with the rules and regulations of ity to submit: an ltm ,ed. budget 'n"Z
e I d MAlliedNPtoduqtsRB. d reresentative of andelected hbr fi .s i the. Ihe Administrator. equItaLb1l.S upn which the funds"
Mfinr, a Counnty. ay ; A. S. Henry,. and assembling division of the indus- New8p6per Printing Press I. ountyP,.-Mod- sary to upportauh .budet shall b
M.tuarS t ssewood, P hia-: d -T Wk are members% of: the a;sssoioation ; one- M n n.- o- t t u e sI
SDaily, Pittsbnrgh.P P l s&t!ua.t representative of! the 'nonmembprs- of the nficaton approved August 10, 1931, addsa new tribdted by members of the Industry.
jbCKKT CHAIN MANUFACTURING (Sub ; and one'. representative of firms In the section section 7 to article wich .ro- contributonsare made i tr
KWp of Machinerya s dAllied-Prbducts Indus- distributing and erection dvislo. Open price lists hibis n em player to demote any a endment.ade
1 c.W Spaldinig. Indlanapo~lWInd.,; Brinton rl eg t-a m ly rt s m rn m u n ie d e t : : .':
llakee, Wldin.; JervisB.. Wenb, Detroit, cae.tng pro defolarel t be an'w air traully de trctieie. employee for making a complaint, or giving Open Paper Drining Cup a"nA o I
SOMlakeWi.JevsB.. Webb, Detroit, editin is declar-edIi be an iunfalr trade practice.. mkn
B. Heller, Columbus, Ohio; I R. Faun- ProvapotIs given lto mend the 'bylaws in elation evidence with-rTdspect to an alleged 'Violation ig Paper Food Container Industry .-'
S Charles ILL MA.FCT iN ittance to membershl. of the Code. ,Inu article VIII, section!2, after ..cation:approved Angust.9, 1934,'enabe!
Sof Machinery and Allied Products In- an the words- provided, however, that where. Cocde Authrity to submit a..budget and
uD.. Longyear, Mlnneapolis, iMnn.; Pulp and Paper M'achinery Sub- any member of the industry desires to sell" basis of assessment upon alli;members ef l
martin Chicago' I W J iteell' San division of 'the MAlachinery and A l- delete the words "any presses, units, or'fold- Industry to defray the expenses 'of admil
Ts, Ca; B Mot, niPa ngton W s liedProducts Industry. -ers, new or used, already on hand, below tering ,Ote Code :brovisiLuns and gives i'
tAULIc MACHINERY (abdvsion of Ma- nu ry.cost" and substitute in lieu thereof, "bhow' power to institute Jegal proceedings, 1.11
and Alled Products Industry)-E. C. Approved August l 1984.-Effeetive Au- cost machinery of dropped design or any ary, for, the.cdllection of certain asses
,hbers Pt:.; 5e. MnColey, utj s tlf.984. d'bsicCA' P dresses, unlts,,or folders,..newo..: r',use, which ,. h YMealpa.,AL,ubr., ,,or-ftibdJ'
Ao, Pa.W..arman,.Eddstone, Pa.; Adopts o t 'b sic ai the en t ordprovi ono eo re thei.heu.L coi. io.,. ; :,.
r Foeb an. ewaee, Wis.'; N.a Pickering ndtdng. the bourt ,and. wge clauses which .-p'ro- leted f6 2Ye and ears te Cnod ,.- s'"' coi-t ?o...i': MedmA 9R.AW ut".-t
plleated W.L- erm, -yearsn, .or more.Aed
Inn ; herooklyn, N.Y.; vide, for a 40-hoir aximnum' work week witbrcer- ee Pro ss td i .e
A. McMlln Mount P ilea, Ohio.. -" lTain, exception& oand a nlntmum. hourly'rade of.40" 'aw and Steel Prod.oufA:ahu a|r. i. the'ahinebf W e

3FBjkCicEaToIll?(0 c ACNERY' re. ,*.. "", IiNI"C aw~->t* ra.\i tain.Tenwscin MroiSde or~?C ithe- the coeapttiorrof article V e se hall (ont
ING ASubdivis Non of and Allied nts incities over 500- hPopliatlion: 38 cents Iii duic .-j odification approvedl "Augus .10, flh'.1t emi.we'' tll
deu dii itctsandtre.s r ardaledP cities ranging from 16000 to 50,000 ulation; P19 desig ned to.corebt the inadeqnhte price-" foflowsiig i
tardryisl B. enedictWayeedro, P eoabe Pf.; and 36 centi in towns of less than 10, 0 eopul- ISea-t
iNorria Bened rHt, Wsynesboro, Pa. LouJ:s ,tion.e The'minimam rate in'the'South is 31.ents. filing provisions as contained in article VI,. 't 'Thiisu avjngbel-
UJ, Ta.Lyle, Newark NJ. FWe Roessin, The Code Authority is-Iu-.consist of five person SectionsA, 2, ahnd 3.of the Code f by substut. for persant Coe ithoratd

h' Pai W (S. hpej *oik,~ ^ Pa.;?*'h Ent n- -cmeio foreenthev ofusr thte rInerenre. AdInsgatr theb t*h'o itn'.
r, Pa.: W. S hlpey York, Pa.; Eu repesenateofthend, g' terefor -provisions as determined a`nd Inriisiods of,'the Code df fair co

?hrau ee,^" .W-n ,' .^lm w ^ 0 to ,.ifn prc -utn.*, .: eo, ~dddaa p^io -e
AukRe APPL ANAncES INDUSTRY.- Te Elecrial t wholesale Traprwe de.n ',A set forth b& the ,atlonal Recqvery Adminilas-' the hacfiinery nd. Aied .Product'lid'
SJenks Chicago Il vice W. .Sbarpe. l traction. Tbe new stations provide fOr the l the Code"'Adtoti so1 d r elected' shallb n
ALK. AkRD ICE CREAM CAN MANUAC "T diwzvision of the-wholesfl/it gor -d- Itng of'open price 6lt, methods of cost find- ,the firs etret Clld Athorit fo6
INDUSTRY.-John B. Breen, Detroit,, -Mich.; L_ tig and: accounting capable of 'use by. all subdlvisloq, f'.this electio'n.n:mpWitEi
r.Daistl. Chicago, Ill.; R H t ri m ckl 'u aed tributin' t ade.") .JL "" "
Vaki 111. Cicag I;. H. te, 'o.e-I memebes of the' -industry t be fornalulted,- tpprivalcd t alniatrr. t,.
NG KDIE MANUFACTURING INDUS- pu'rv -ld Autulst131934-. effective An-.A y theCode AuthbrityPaov d tandapde of'fifr! 'lion d ioes:hot niet h:ty vap

see-Beverly, as. Pae arles J.i Meswamker, sta.. W'" 2k 194 * {,.-i, l9tnscI* '* *lthe mvlc' raobLeQolgtosncs diitaln -yL-~ .oead ]a
--ohn 3 .Adams, Worcester, Mass.; Wilson th lab proi os "2 C o Auh' " aor dt oefaire o desotr t the. p i
prvsosa -h competition for-.the Industry wi]th ,rprence Adminji3strAtor, then the' provlslons`.'
1i.rtreverly, NMass., Chares. R bessmer,. :t "Adoapts t ao o fhso the basic Codi-- to cat' and price ..cutting. : b i. elow.,el rw dl' iw ti'f 1
, ko. 4h e ou;s maximum work *eek and minimum wages. ea .% T ..1,
ACI.! o "fl" .4e uthot
IN CREW NUT MANUFACTURIXNG V ranging. from $13 to.$1tfi per wbek-de pePdnguon Peanut -Butter neatrt.--.-Ameienr a '-ofthe firrt permanent
'USTRY.-I. L. oennngs -Cleveland Ohio; ppulso tin-o-and contains rules' trde pra ti ceto Apred Augins 8,' 1984,' provi des for the" elections' tO th e flrt blIa prbe.lalnsL
8 BLyon. Torrngn,.; Conn! D.0. ycCuiiya M meeto the trde sy's particular. pr oblemes After the ,,methodaof atm Ijf.; speMent C' 'elcto' of"w

an .Hfte, Bo n,, a a -- a tb s L.".-..... ... ; IJ ,. ./... .].~m ,,~ t I. t.t 1 r etlhod 'nU t .-, i .- . .* '.B .^ *,: ". -i.. -?' ,;*'*,iij
t..Choster NY. C H. Palmer, Cleveland, befectivd ate of the Code, 'a .o remembers ofthetradofs lemenfi'.CodefolectiodoM
'i'. -hite, Water lle Con :' "winl hnot,'be bound' by;Ithe Cod o the industrIalo ptheedustry .to sqppbrt the' C1d6 Authority nentoCode t aithqflty shiall,-ap ii',
o-0. lNR.' D MA1Iwi, Ne URiING. C NDn S suppiqas. aid distribu ng'. trade. n'e-ird fsterng the provlslons-6t te Cod.: Buffing" o. olht Cl m pot t a n.
",EoekrdI.; A. B. Peck, Providence, R.I.; '' ev i'- a .'. o ena and oang L8pe' Mowerk'nd watchmen Mod icationoaprved 1Aug haj
b.Plumb'Now York, N.Y,.; P. Sweeney,'New Wholesale Coppe.. -J5rass, Brb e, totring l astru.--Aendment'-pprov.d A4t' " te .Code" Authority t o ltu
TEEL PACKAGE MANUFACTURId aNDUS- .' lzd Related AluoAsy. ',Triade. : 'gust 8, 19.34, provides. tat the 'C.pdd Authdr-. a(b'le pAblitnD,0t.e-es1t tosipt...-.
EL-Chare NFAPesCkeI Jr G Mlwa ukee_'s.; .. wo (. .. ..ty maoy mIe. ur reasonable' obligation neces- .adm.inIstration .te Code.
-Bell WPh adelphlat a -W S. Grant, Warre'n, viSn' of, th "e wAolatling. or st. ry to odmlnimster.wae provltans.of. the Gode standard Of. 'ar 'oimpettln"an,.,
R LNDAR D e'TIE BAwReing, 7AND. H .:"pdu'i-eti t.-ng "--; o '--O ""ne mof' eachine and.. an o.nme_' to% duefray inpprov6d._ A Agst ,'99,eL.,
NUATURING INDUSTRY-HE.D hm ppoeaubu s.-metleA-\". DThm-' ppo'04-fetvAi-ebr, hall ,_ e'e,..c ;ted..4by--'- nmajIorlty,. .., ".n, i ""P. /'ln"i,
opl.I h peeW eln .. ; t-. "9 1, 4 """ '.t t : .9yyote eadm iaves Orter1e sry vitilln the Codetr- ...r .. r 7rfit -' ,
NftDARD ST~qEL BARREL A4DDRUflI'-, l""-fi Pnn

O TRBING INDURINGRY. D MAnATbompNQ Id Au *f-' e*r *' **%krsarpt r v^ K ^ i^ .obgtln. ,r ecsay:l poa
liles, Ohio0 C. H..Draper ,tflAveand. Ohio".vte*mmer2f' ,e-.ota 'withsin'the 3feetrole D '.. ...- .1',4 ..
.. a e ao C .. .. .-po ndtan Dt p poptriot of eery-New- qrk adecsdmiistraton aprovfe y.ofust. *],.p.o4tc1
-...Turner Newark, NJ. ;... I. ScYhuppener,. mk.n. f mb e .iurs; 'hy a majority vote odf the-members oY the industry u th adde,.' ud l fait ', n ad" .; to -,
Uig, W.. : obert am p ho, Bayonne. N.X' sp a m Tnmum" waejit. Aaez Gweek, with -40 in the Pacific coaat area.:The .event members. .'l r id'.,rt,,' tea
RADY ADE PiURNITUGr' SLIP COVERS Ce ts!, pr our for arn tie, reres. ProvAles sshot]be elected by majority avbte 'of the ..ix mem, obegatioSl .spor ..
UFACTURINGINNDUSTRY.--A. Fle ser Bo- oa Code Authori cSmpose of five embers, "bers of the Code Authdrity bu shall. ot e' a ain Il6tAton#&t C0dne' and .i maizta.lnl
Maoss'. viee ,-ouis uoldenheim em-r hmsel rpeetm m er"o te he """' " .."
S -threeof whom'- shelf"represent inbdi.of-the-bar of eitherthe association or located In either of.. a'rds of Ia mpa ddn,'p 8. b
ItR N XTINGUISINNG APPLIANCE 1MANU1- trpde who dre 'members .of Athe pasociation and -'-the above specified tege u 'of f trade .r,.. ab,.. e, ch'kn
TURING INDUSTRY.-E. ED. O'Neill]. Elmira, two o represent members of the'trade not-mem- practlce.- eculiar- to the Industry ,are '*estabbed- v 'qitbde an i .e ultabwc ee .ds
.:' W. Blc ckelt, Boston, 'Mass.;, 0.. -F. hers .of the- associtionn'.h Rules of fair trade plaae- .-- the IBnduli orudez,' *aa4tod :
e. BPezIudtalo N.Y.; Rt. C. Iddings, Dayton, tie,.to meet the Lndustry's particular problems are ,.Pr tze.u 0,', t a ,,.... V' "..r, o .
m M-Rates, Boston,,.M ass ,... n.... 'established.;,', .. ',. .- -r ,F ,,, .
R "FIRE APPARATUS MANUFACTUR.-0. 'i d4 .,ui i, .'Lff- eee A ia re, ne8;- --p_
rINDUTR '.--r. B. Rnse,- 'New Ylrk; N. ; Ls,7 r D so- ; wr .,". ', ..ve8'A' sh .o, :
0o: C. B.nt-Fo Cincinnati o;. '' .-. f e stbllshes maximum work week of 40 hours ots r a.g As .

Vltephns Blflo -ND NTY. H.B Srf nhss Ko- vle :sennru; t .onrC. orelngtr V: .wt ceti 2Yp1954. ,' Skle 4 me hours an orlt. n& the Gisf-~f tf fll6od, ActWion.a>lf
sp o.roaC o tit Ind d ' "'" Gbet, B e .J.. wth 48 hours permitted during peak seasons notp Awer to clec assessment Subm.i.
I.llsn O o C B o, nc in i, 'h;k. to exceed 10 weeks- In any one year.- Emergency t' violation of'thb Code, for .'erb lsla ..,
CCRIC STORAGE) ANP '-WRT #IM1t ppiroovsIit. Axigout '11I, 1934.-Elffeotive Au-f'"repair or maintenance workers shall be-.uald ttime Voaono.b oe ~Jeq.
IrIRY INDUST RY-B. 9. .MIaft Ke sny '-fa211l984l.. t
C 0. Wmni Iiwue i. b p. M.wr A TRY INDUSTRY 94, ,p ,alnd due-third for overtime. Hours- or truckfall, to payu. assessment whe te'n
tap. HlI. A. I 'acLean, N1eora Plls, N.Y.; Adopts tli wdig, hbour,-.ant .abor povi aons-of. _drivers a.-limited 8 pe eekand watchmen 'ndbasls otoptrlbutop of a, Coeu
-B.lRan...r of Pilmoe dep hi a the'bade ac codp and estbllslbe Rg'Code ,.uthorty' of 6. .uDelivery saesq i n are edmpteda from the.d ,
I., ....a.........iladelpia. alpr..... pp c eer.may frorm the..ohas beei adpproveb the, Adm, n.1istpir
Wl. 8 EWMANUAc-rU RING INDOSTRY.'- seven. members, two -of whom shall be "nonpro- hoium boar provions If aid a. salary of s22 .B .. a ,r .t.d M-.r.
q.'Keames, Detroit, Mlch.; W.PE .. ducrh "and' member. of the assocdationand two per wdektMinimum wages ates eet at 4. cents .. Pce g .aMI* aj.....
Cn : A. ionesTowanda. N.. .Y.:. .Hill,. DWat.- .. producers" and members of 'the National Asso- -houar f "ma"nhlne operatorsand. oveen.meon; 2 3, :mendmenet.approved. 'August 9, .,
-leland LOb o oL m P 'T 7, elation of Marble Producers and o the ssocitio u. ents per hour fr all- ot oher male whcl thes ,s and the Cod :eaAut t -
SO an Oh i H.n'r ". .Penfleld n T, Chicago, -" '-" ..... ', .s .cnb t per hour: or 'female':. orkers.,osfll te "Ity to e ionc ... ch rea. nH
....... -, workers are to receiveai'minimum. ofer s,-- ler.. ob d is' a a .. ..neceaary' too
UeTRY.-Wll etoit ch.'C. G rpr, week depend logupon populati Tie order-ap- admiihlsjra|io-.of'the Codeiand''
r Keoka, lows: '- A.Rinke-"Buyrus N.Y, J Simnou Chcago, Pl '"proing. the Co e carried the provis that' t thte- tst na&uiUs6f fqir comItfiff6n 'etab,
. A. Weer, Keokuk S. Stewart, CRUSED SON SAND AND GRAVEL, AND port.,on the operationand eSect ot the 3 ents e."
i TII P. F Tit'haner Binghamton N.Y. SLAG INpUSTRIES.-Frank Gautler; .Los Angeles ,and 30 cents minimum wage provisions shall be I artic It'a te .ew .e.budseB
iR'EA, MAC-TINERY SUBDIVISION OF T El CaliL, vice Ford J. Twaits. .ade to the Administrator within 60 days q u ": olt basnidst, n whelicited fu nedUs,
,dINRtRY AND ALLIED pRODUTS,, iNDU- 1 MSHOWER DOOR MANUFACTURING INDUS- ...'" "r .. fl Ch equitable' basis Cpen which the' puad b
-.A, E. Hall, Milwaukee. W'f.: .I Wihsll- rRY.--G. l Ketcham, Jr., Brooklyn, N.Y.' Albert' Miar arturnng and Wholesalea Sur aryo td 'stdlprt''such budget, shalt h
'Ohcage- I11 A. C. Barbeau, Silver Creek1 arley, 'Woodhaven. N.Y., J. Baker.Newari N.J . a .J sm .trbe ,;.t",tbes ,member'o g"",e eitdmo- .
Li ~.Marsh. Milwaukee. Wis.; H. hi.Sears, i'F ehaPiadelphia,' Pta 0Q .'A: Iis, - '' -' Such coitlbutlons a)re f6,4i

Ue^ ^ fr.Lhma.n, PhilI ladl, gT1.I??S^r 1
ICY Pa- S. Stog nnabs"M n' -higo Il ... = "r". .',,uch- cok nilntons .are, madb.'m nao
P ApP.u.Strong. Minneapbiisp 'M; 1 -n Chicgo IIlloved-August madeaeetve. 'o o
ison \L.'veotbKans.I, A'LE QUARRYING A.NDMFINISHING IN- .ro t O 'this ameidnent. Ao ..r
BRA SS CAR AND LOCOMOTIVE DUSTRY.-R. J. George St. Louis, Mo.; A. -H. gust. 20 1934. ''. "r 'o -, .,'
B IC.STiNG N H arter, Baltiore; Md.: -Alexander. Harris, Establishes a maximum work week 'of 49 hours Upho. Tt ,

NALH0,-R^sn &' ^^*la! "^^ '- f h kmDs "u^f^ wga~~'m t5TIG 161ANU 'Il"Arur OP'neg -^ eeand. A 0
TURING 'INDUS'TRY.-.ITKCroftChicagoKnoxville, Tenn.: H. C. Moore, Proctor, Vt:; G. with -certain- exteptilnn.. Skilled mechanics and';a 6ctur -d ,I, -Mod ifalo n ox.a".p.
'J.:t lrau-h. St. Louis. Mo,, C. W' Beugger, Gilbert. Brown Newark, N.J.;.Guldo J. Musto, San artisans are llmltqd to 40 hours per week but In "August 4 "-1934 r0ovides for h's an a14
Zs. M' i1.Cind,- FrcioCal,.JohnStacey MuelerCincnati cases whereno ddtionl lab I lable ie

r^e ^ ~ iS - no- a-iioa l"eaureo ise avllbl .^!^nK t hey `of h. bude t! ndiiiuiablnDass
B..eniFaminCr h Ka ann nesnCn-Sci'nOhio. 'cy 'elr C will be-permtted to work 44.hours per week r- o. ougtn--utb g a f.a.e,

w^SSl I.N" blcagt~t OU1. M* ulu~fh~t^srtrandrs Ill i~ by' intb6(all'A3tho orotfduthve leakctMey~n
To IM ROCK' DU TRY.-J. F Lowden DENTA L LABORATORY I-NDUSTRY-(Spb- ided they- are. paid one and on-haf times thet
iFlaon W. Palmer Oal L.B. Code Authority Region.6j.-3. A. Byrne, Louis- .hourl. rate for' the addirtona' .hdures worked. Such asessinent to cover the er*ieis
d,'Villalnn. Fie.: Alexander 'Arest. 'Joek- viUle, Ky. : Otis C. Adams, Dayton, bino; C. W. Surgical appliance fitters may also work more than Code ad i, istration. ,
la.; mmet Cleay, Newberry, F.; Wst, Indianapolis, Ind. George Fox, Battle Creek, 4b hours per week provided time end one-half Is. t,, .
tMon, Tampa. Fla. Mich.: Paul StouLh. Cleveland, Ohio. pald for overtime. n the event of emergenoes, .n 'TDOtr i.f alsoadeg Iduthrv.-Modifcat.
ILIINt LOORIN CONTRACTN D VI- PRIVATE HIOME STUDY SCHOOL INDUS- dueto epidemics' or catastrophes in -which the approved August '8, 1984,' providept additi
bi. o THE CONSTRUCTION IN DUSTRY TRY.-E. Mcold, Chli ogo, ll.- H, Weeks, pubCe healt is menauced the hourly provisions may .n.rttle I of section 9, which. defines 8.
freearw ,Se Prnocisco. Calif..; Philip S. Scranton Pa.:" E. K Pollard, Washlgton, D.C. e t porarily suspended. The Code. provides on87" o, wh
i, e York. N.Y.; reedWFulton, J Almars Minneapolis, Minn.; W. G. Smith. Chi- cents for males aound 82% cents for females. tem"di er vof the i ondstr," wl M

'*Mr,-New York. N.*." IreAlter,'NewlYor, AUATRN NUTYC -.iro Van miu ae.f31 et e orI sab opeeO.weetemrhn~eh
,DC.;.C L. re'me, Cleveland, Ohio; s'ago, IlI.: J. G. Chepllne. Chicago,.IU.; ..E. .-.ofty, seet611, wf
12.1n, D.. .Hme CleelandOho;ar Smith, Washington.- D.C.; Charles Michei, C agProc~essed, or Refined Fish Oil [l: efne "ibertbetof the.,'vislon; --
,oow. o Phldtpi, P. o a e oorarOyedeflneso me 8..
-.n melnC: G oifth, 'Fort Wort. Tax., an i IlL, represent service schools, d C. S. Ln 12e which defins "secoade" and C S1:ja'
r'C RochtFot0 tester NMY to tellresent nonservice schools. uty
'--k Wortdgh.Ir Miwak e.ia, ~~WE& AUATRN NUTY- asrtion-18, which deffInes 'tBeI llnprc"
a s William P. Jefery, New York, N.Y.: AIfred Approved August S -EffectIve A- In article III three new section are

Walbridge-. Jnrer Milwaukee Wis. Boc Vn- N.Y.; Alfltrtu ebet eredJ g-ur- soth 20,l be193t4.ata 7 ensprdrngtepoes fmnfcurn u~
MfVr,,AMRE 'MANUFACTURING INDUS- Eir6hler. New York, N Y *Horace Armstrong. Cbl- g'ust 20, 1934.
-.May Providene, R.l. G. Cl. ceLun, 'o The Code establnihes what are described as or- Frs, regarding the liability of members it
Bfleld Mas oyas, OnceidaRN.Y.;0 C MACHINE SCREW MANUFACTURING INDUS- .mal" work periods as follows: jChauffleurs and the CodeAuthority;. second,- prpvldingrt
Ins B.Noses, OneTda, N-Y. ; C.HR. TRI.-R. A. Gunn, Detroit, .MIch.; W. HE. Hl1, J'delveryinen, 48 hours per week;.watchmen,. 56 ceitainf..rthegpow0es sndu"ia. .
ina1r.,Mariden. Coon.: .1. B. Rice, New York, 630 ud
incltdr Weeks. Taontone, M osph Watrbul'y, Conn.; A. B. Peck, Providence. R.; boors a week; qlerical'.sand office employees, 0o' O.-Ant t; and, third, 'whic i.pW
beainL, Brook .TuntnY W As. K oi s epw- .eA. Thatcher,,ChIeago, Ill.; E. M. Whiting, hours weekmandShPoursada ayn al therem,- do d- t,.-mnt s dJa ya
ort, nBasooyu. .Y. ; W A. KinmeN, hi;w- Chicago, Ill ployees,- 36 hours a week and 8ioeirs a day. Pro- for the tsb.iahieat of vrous,
nr'T-, Wai.nor.H. Moginn.; Blt'morD. yMd.on; ROBE.AND ALLIED PRODUCTS.-INDUSTRY.- visions are made for overtime compensation of one the industry gud setA, ip. th' 4ac
.o'- Attleboro r.Mass. Bearr MtSil. S L. Hoffman. Max Mebachen.. and one-third the regular rate in limited instances 'whereby' the divisions mvnaybake reo -
ROB;NPATYiRN MAN;FACTURII4G INDUS- CHEMICAL ENGINEERINQ.EQUIPMENT IN- wnoere extra work is necessary. ecept for office -
' W- Conaway, New York, -Y ,arryJ. DUSTRY.-Danlel U.Morris.oadministration meam- workers receiving $. 5 or meore'per week. Clerical, d-'t.onis tthes o..A... orit- and th'mq,
argonBostonoway;,Ne.r ..Linz, rryJ.her, to serve during the pleasure ot the Adminis- accounting,.and office employees' shall be paid a of voting:on' these recommepdatiois -s,'-'
SBoston. M oss- ;, A. M. Lix, "CincinnatI, tralo minimum of $16 per week and watchmen are to divisions. An "ny rt~cle, artiel',VIX,''
n A.',Sanborn Boston, Mass,; John F. CASTER AND FLOOR TRUCK MANUFACTUR- receive not less than $18 per week. .A minimum ae by -hx4t ,^ 7 ,^o'ek.strttil.-'d
, tton MIossT HAT' ING INDUSTRY.-Daniel L. Morris, administra- wage of' 45 cents per hour Is 'established for all a h p e t g-
g AND 'LtH B ew YoINDUSTRY.- (rerna lion member, to serve during the pleasure of the employees. The Coda- open-price pro- productive jnachinerv; -that any divisio0Iwot4
)"-?Irving Th.LewisLeww]York. N .Y.:Berur Advision, and -provides fbr certain COntracts contain-tmnlend to'
atri,:okers, N"Y'. ,Murray H. Bader, New Ad~ministr-Mor. Iga'urat. ,intprc'dcins la 0the industry~may,retim end itshe" Codle E.
Ir 'YonkHersN.:M y e N ALUMINUM INDUSTRY.-Stuart F. Heinrttz, g a guaranty against price decline I thoityA -plan for restricting o I
em'ifn Bichbhinder, NewYork, N.Y. admlulsrration member, to serve during the pleas-- provides for the eatshlishment of gradesand tpr.
MooreStLousoMo,:Sture,,f the AMmoitrlor'. standards., the installation of productive machine
at i Ill'hym-1clonedRabnshkbl. St. Louis, ELECTRIC HOIST AND MONORAIL MAN U- eqnipmentu and dlso th~t the Code AntTiarl,
OARD INDUSTRY --Arthur .FACTURING fNDUSTRY.-A. A..-Alnaworth, ad- Refrigerated Warehousing Industry. slhal saubmit, such a plan to the 'Adminisat
N rk N DY SRYviceur minlstratlon member. to serae during the pleasure
D Iew York N.Y. vise F J. Kelle of th Admintrnfrr Approved August 8, 193-4-Effec7tve An- tor. A new article,;artcle fil- which pt'
AND PlITTINIOS .VIDUSTRY.--E. H. WATER SOPTENER AND FILTER IN`DUS- Want 20. 19.34. 'rideo certain tra de-Ipraqticee'rules for th6.4 !
f velmaid, 'n30, vice Russell Grinnell and TRY--E. G. Vail, administration member; to serve Establishes the basic work week of 48 hours, and dusty is also added td'the Cod."
r,New York, N.Y., vice Alfred d. uointheplasaure of the Administrator. not more then 9 hours per day' nor 6 days a dr I th Cd e
ANDPOLISHINGCOMPOSITIO METAL HAT DIE AND WOOD FAT BLOCK week. Employees engaged In emergency work for L4QJU ewig Industry Escape Ganaen~er-
CnO NG COMPOSITION IN- fNDUSTRY.-G. Clinton Fogwell. administration the protection of life or property shall be exempt Modification approved August 8 1984 the
PUPliNn D Cannon.,-Chicago. ale.' member, to serve during the pleasure of the from the maximum hours provided-in this Articla, amendment defines "dropped lhes" "are Be-:
I U']DSR.-.,.Vlnie dlltso.provided that time and one-third the normal rate
KY:A .fea.NwYrk .I;-Amnsrtr. -huso h a s chandisle where the color aasortmeat z IoS-
-T.y. A. L. Siegal. New Y'ork. N. Y.,.UNIT HEATER ANTD/OR UNIT VENTILATOR Is paid Jn all boars In excess of the inaximum. A ,".-N
"-Ladltt; Newark, NIT.:; I Alter, New York, MANUFACTURINO INDUSTRY--C. Theron Van minimum wage .of 37% cents per hour is esaeb- complete or. where the mPrchandise aII
L itma, B'rookly n. Yq..; A. A. Slade, Dusen. adminatration member, to serve during the listed In all northern cities having a population of proved unsalable; and "seconds" .1?
N.Y.-L. :1ANSEMNTATRNG pleasure of the Administrator. more thon 15.000: and 30 cents per-hour In towns
311L 1tRCHNDISE MANUFACTURING FAN AND BLOWER INDUSTRY.-C. Theron of less than 15000 population E oe wished products which have been damS
b .- --.H. Knhrmeyer, Chlcs'go. Ii, v-ice Van Dusen. administration member, to sa.e dur- South- shell be paid not less than 7 n the
L9MI1C.IJAN, ins the pleasure of the Administrator'. hour. Offie and clerical employees shall receive and quilting products. Including'-mlsprint"A.
iil 'uEuNr MANUFACTURING IN- CUTITING) DIE MANUFACTURING -INDUS- $15 p er week. A Cede Authority consiating of five It .alaO prohibits the 'ante of such groduafr
nlus Tutur.Cleveland. Ohio; P. A. TRY -William Henry Smith, administration main- members is provided for and the Administrator, at
e] a'd,"Ohi6. G. Frantxz Cieveland, bar, to serve during the pleasure of the Adminis- his discretion. may apo 'tit three additional main- except daring the.- months of JianqsrY anAY
O hioe, Nor'th C2anton, "Ohio; Fred trtr hers to represent the Government. August. '- ,"
i"n,- - ;

- / .; -,

/, /:

. A-t.:^,^ .

1, ,,,, I .
- ,0
111,Ii_IFll 51"R 1, ...
Ir-i ,
1111* "tq ,
, _V
MWt ,, -
,M ,,, , I ,
1_ I 1 , , rl, "I", I ,
11 '- W 4 , -' I''
", , : 1 Z
-,, 7l I
I '- `,v -`- "",?',,,,' ,,,- 71
4 ,
_` ,,,,
,_ I L ,,,, _'1771 ,!, "',
1 11 1 I',-
... .-I. --- J -
,--: ,-1,,_,, 11,t, I I .1._ .- ..- :- ._ _.._:.:, .:.. __- 111 ':1
'j- 11 I ,- ,., .. 1, I. _.. I ",_
.. 1 _1-j I 1 1 i ._ ::.: 1 '' 1 11 I 1 1 .
.1 - -- . , 1. I I .: _ '.. I I 1 -1 _A'11_
..... -, "', .- I ..
._ I , .
.-- 11 - ..- I
I- 11 .. I~ .. : I I 1.1 ., .:f
,Ie--_ -,- ... v I I . `
,,,I i
11",-, RA, : nd: B o ss-essmen .

,*" I, 4,-,!,, , - -,,,,, I'' ..,.,, f A -t s 1:9 3 4
,(, .e ge -a ases -

"" L l I .1 t i& : .. I I : ',
', I I ,"
I" 1 ,! - ,1 yi- _., .- .... !., ..... . I t I I I 1
-- I I ,
l-, 11 '' -1 I I- . I I. 1. ,
I ,
_ :i.,
_,,_ i : 11,- -111 I I'',
I 'illl I 11 .. : , , : K1. .., ilitticitt of Approvqd Code, Authority Budgets to Date) I I , I I I I % ,
1,__ I ", ", ' .11 ` , : ., I (C '. I .11 I I I / .
I ,e! I. I I - ii' I I ,
I 1, I -, '... I I "I .%. I I I I I _. I I ,,
' I I I ;g '' ., I . I 1, I., ., . I I I . : I .1 I I 11 I ,
, ,- 1 :. ; I I I . I I I I I I I -1
J,-,--: ,__ I 1, ,'DATE '11 1, 1, I I .1 1. I . ..:;, . ___ I I I I I I DATE I I I . I . I
mfa, -_
,"Ik hliiltnyl ;1 M 1. ,;,
,,'11 1 1 1 7, 1, I -7 :% . I . I PROVED I I ,,
V, ,, , , I- R O VE D _.- ...: . , , . 1; 0 I I I I 1 ,,,
,,,,,, T , , ,., .:,, ,... . 1. I ., I I I 1 I ,_
_. I I I I .1
-- _ p 1, I I , I I -, a : . I I I .. I I I I I -,
11 ,
.1 ,,, -t#,,, I ,,,
' tL #, - _', A It, ':$1Qi'5j7.'96 Ore4enth of I percent of net sides of calendar year 1933. Industrial fa nacernanufactitring- Aug. is $1,800.00 6 cents per $100 of-1933 sales. 1. ,
rilc01rliikler", __ At",14: ". .. IS,400.00 Each, memberof Industry, ass" d semiannually on basis of infants'andrchildren's wear ------ Aug. 6 250,000.00 One-fourth of I percent of sales volume..
I I I -_
r, t4,1_,,, -,,, _ I -: I ; one and, one-half cents for each sprinkler head sold or In-, lWaild water carrier trade In Aug. I I 29,120.00 One and one-half cents per ton of 2,?Ao pounds for toxiaw l
,,, ,, .1 Istalled-cluxing calendar year IM I I ., .1 carried.
:-L :;:. .. , I easte n division of United 1. I 7fL
; i58,441.00 -is New York 1 I I I I I ,
kSkA1,,- 'dtherri,,ftub- - "' : 23 $!005.per ton on all production during period Jao. 1, 1934, to. States operating v C,.,
,j( I'.: !, I I I I Cartal System.
n1No,4Z,6f4yjR1on 1,1.. -I' Dec. 31,1934. 1 1 1 , . _. -
": b'lhclu8trY_'- -_'_:" : .,Aug , :, ,' `19 891.01 Every member of the I I ndustry sh all pay as his proportionate I I I I L 11 ,,, _
6 noulation b6ard___ July 16, 80,880.,66 -Faur-tentlis of I percent of grow sale& :k, , 11
I - ,",", r 1, , '. I L, ,; -
part of the total annually required sam, a surn of money. equal Investment bankers- May 24 137,997.W 12 classes based on numbdr. of employee% $Zye&rjyndnhnuj6','
t;"' I r j', L L : ` : 1; ,.' .,'- L' . ."
', , %, I I tramn about 50 cents per employee.
, I .' I to one- tenth of 0 .- :.:
r, ' " L I I $cent of his total annual sales. said pay- Lace manufacturing_ ,'-- June 21 1 ''
: : m is to be d In nuid monthly installments. -to
"I -, One-fourth of I percent of net salcs payable quarterly. _` ,`4
I . 1' ,,, ,,, , , I ; 14,860. 00!

'. r % I July it". I - 111"85kilo ' ,Ioi'..'.',.Mi'.imuiiLassesm ent $10.; Ladies' handbag ------------------ July 16 -133,540 00 ,Ove-thlrd of-I percent of dollar sales4olurne. ., ,,,-
ftdA4 _L ----- _, S2.50, : endar year 19M
, it -fourth of I percent of net sales ',,
t of gross sales quarterly, Agured on Laundry and dry cleaning nin- July 16 22,50 00 One
pollshing'wheelltrid&- Ifity- 24, :. ' '4,500. 00 Th- Wntht; of I p1arcen for cal .,
-', I * ,,, q I , 1, ,,',,.-j. .'"': .1 ..-.. I, I preceding quarter. I- I I ( 1-1 .. - .. cbinery manufacturing. ''I I I / L, , I I - 11 I I I k '4
,'and, po, ,bing, compiW jul 1, 41500.00; ;Thrve-tenths of I'perpent of -red on, LIV'e poultry ofirietropolitan area. July'80 88,997.85 2 cents per.,100 lb- of sales on commission mere brol ,-
,: y, 27 ', I gross sales quarterly'.1liz in and about New York'City.
", I , -,, k I I I I ete., except pigeon and guinea fowl, 2 Cents ozen li
I '" '' ""'' LL - -: v I 4 ..
I lfw Cle- -, , , ,,. P- ding quarter. - I I I ". 11, I I I : I I I , L,
tra ____ JAni. 2X __ _' _' --9, i5iK 60, Five, tenths of 1 percent of total sales of pr6ce ding qrlar ter. I '! I .1 I .1 I 4 cents per 100 lb. on' wholesale -and rretwagil usm ::
ifi7packing = 7f I member -is assessed a minimum oi $1 Pei week. "I "I ....q1`1
In June 7-- ,- 4 mills per, 41hir of 1932;net sales., :11 ` I I I e I I -
,cry I I.. 7 .i .k_ ., ''. ;- 1. I I I : I I .Luggage and fancy eather goods-'- July 14 -faurt)h of I percent ofsals voloureofft .
rdi -C I , 1 ", . 1, I ;. Y, __ , , I 1 70,8M 00 One sew d. ., I I.
00 , ------- --- .'.. I . 114acEiroul-1- i .. Aug. 6 72,640 Old` Five cents per barrel ofserricillim, far year. .'_'
I June1l, 74,A.' o0 nt, of gross sales of preted'14.iiiQ
1, ,,, 1, L Orfia-lutif'of I Peres y : out 68 pounds of = C'ke
-,-,,X wned-by eazli'anember oWpro Marking deW -------- Jul 21 : '.,, : 10,000 00 Three cen Lq Per. box of, ab pakedgWr,,r-
,----I 7 I ". .. ,. It.- i ., I : I I I .. .;i ,_ -- 110. 00, Nuffib6r card setting litachineso yen!._ _ _ ------ ins or floor= ,.
1. ,., i.,ta b is of. $in per, rriachin I .. I I I I promssed during the year:' 11, :.;i "
11 , -f $250 Mason contractom C__'_ July IS 11id, 000 60 No as&cssmen ts, on -contracts less than, $1W in value; all coii ',
Imcon top, -- 1-1 T 00, ',TI# fourths,6f,1Percenjt, on amountofeach con 0 1. .. I .
', , .' I'; I .1 ..... - I -,', -_', .1 ..; I I tmetsmore than $100 but notmore than $500 shall be assessea '
-I I t witli '. : 1% ., 1 ': '' $1,000,L
'L'!,r r ; , ,_ J 0W. 0:.; coffee roastd`;'from'$iQ4bi r;a' Numb**, bags green . . '%, ., ,.,-. -, : I I ,;, .::, $1 each; contracts for more than $ZOO but Is& than
_ ." 0 000 : I I 'M ; ,, _. 11
T, r ;. 1. ': : I I -, - I I shall be assessed 2 each, Hit con trac t9 of $1,000 or more shall "
, I~.. -1 animal roast under'2,5 thoge'over, ,01101 .
1, r, -, .. 11.1 . 00 bags to $7,50 for I 1. I I be rrsacssed aLrate of $2.50 per $1,000 or fraction themof, *(.,,,
I I I -, I .. I %, I bags (general avcruge-three-fourth per 132 pouadbag).
,, 1 I % I I
I ` June 28 06.00 Ove-half of total current grcssyard or plant sales of Industry I I I I cnntruct valuec
creterymorriry ", _"___- I 86, I I Medium- and low-priced je 1 go, 000. OD Manufacturers, from $10 to $256 Per year, depending on nmrlv"
L I 17 .. e , ,. ,; I products for calendar year 1934 payable on quarterly basis. I p 0
tructin. iri.sLL _ I _. J416 26 1 : .290,3N. 00 j trac r n ng f manufacturing. I I otopluyees. Wholesalers, from $20 to$250peryeai. depend,,
____ I ,L (o $tl W depending on value of con ts u ni rom,
,'r ". I., I . ". $2 r 0 1, I I Ing on number of employees. I I - "
I ojoctsto over $5,000, 000 projects.
I ';,! ;:, trib . 68,200.00 ths, Per 11 , iit' dollar volume of salesfor year Men',",, ' L I . on .0 neckwear- -------- Aug. 9 169,980.00 Labels are to be sold to members of Industry on basis of the
tructlonu* ntry die .. i, r - to LSLI '
-1 91 I I . I ,ce 11 I .11 I I , 1. I I value of merchandise.sold according to following sched ale, . -',
'_ ; ,4." 1. 1933. I "I" I I I I 11 I ..
ftfl 0. '' L' jj f 33 .; I I I I I I ri
Laji4i '- 44 976.00, From one-fiftbdn'th of I t to one-fifth efj percent 0 19 1. I I I 11 .. 11 I I I I cost to NI.
11 ; :, I I ., I : I
j ; r
I :., ".. :, . t j nts ,made Iii, installments ofoncv, : 1 1 I lesaleSellinkPri perzdozen ofjndatry -
ufaetitrfnF.L""_ , .. I I '. I I no at eA, payme I .1 ce
ng aud Iiestiiig"sppl , W t I : . I I I Ali wo."oup to $1.25-- - ------------------ % cent peir d `'
I , I 11 I 1 7_, I ., ;' I 1. I : , I I I 'FX I
I I ., : In , _. ,
,,T,, ,-, 11.; I ,,,, ` fteeri th of I peraht cat ", :-, k ?_' I ; oze
11 I" I:juii ,, : idd;, 5 -' 11 % I I I 1 $1.26 to $2.25 -------- ----- -------------- A cent Per d ,
N7 j,rublipblugbtis-,., '. e'. 8" ;15 annual plus P per I.,000 cinulation maximunt .000 - I I : I I I I I I ----------- 2coritsper ozert',
", ?_ i -, r, I i I I I ". '; '. .. I I I I i $2.26 to $4.50-- ----
11 ,L , I ,. :, _: : : ,q ,. : I I .. ----- I ---- 1, .;- .". " I 1, I I , , I dozen
0-- ------------- -- Scents per doLen,,,
1P an tlupjrolstery mmk4 .i Ti Iiii i wp-tenths of I percent ofsalesTolume. 11 I. . I .: I 1. ., ; ,' . . ": I .1 "I I 1. $4.n to ss.0 -
irl 400.'66,: T' .. kug. 11 800.00' I .A I -
., .1 .. io I I I :, I : '. $8.01 to $12.OO__-__'z__, "__ ---- --------- _ 5 cents per dozen 1,
i f6r0ng_-_____"- 1, That Is. S,'rnonthl assessrheirts to 6. levied to EPP Y. 1. .. J i I I
;, il I I I 1 $32.01 and higher
-'T1 11 ; .1, Monihs,'Juroe, July, and Au"st," 1934, eacli asses3rilent to - - __- _ ------ --- ------ Scents per dozen',V
; .. 1, I I -: ,. 'of Aug. 13 1 118,065. go' It
,4 -;,-,, 77- , . ..1 -7 7 , I . " $24 annuallyfor each member of the trade plus-$12 for each
I , A I ,., . ", -6presenting three
,' ',,,, ., - -tenths of I PeKcerlt )errandlseware ousIng__
', fl, _; .. ., .. I .. ., ..,;b6 for unamount r ".
t4_, 1, -,.1, I .- 1. -- I , '. I ,', vo time of esch member company. I I L _. devoted toconductof, ,
, , 11 ,,v ,.- ." I Volume oo': which each I I : I t ..., 10,000 &quare feet or a fraction thereof, I I
,,. 4%, ,,*[,, ,, , , -, I I "'. " 'filorif[dy levy igniade 1H to be calculated on dollar4olurn of : % :, I I I I _. ,. ,merc I M."untim,
11 .4 ,,, ., 'I. ' _j. e I I ha dipe warebouaing business, subjeci 'to
L' ,,I .,_,, 11 I
,,,-., -Any
,,,,k ; ',s, j r emerchandising w
?- ; 1, ... -, I I riunual, fee or,j% ro
,1t,;'kK,,Ir_ -dN , - ,_*',' )'! business by mch'inember cornpauy during, the secofid pre,: I I I n arch.usurnalL .
-, ': 1 . - ... I.,
I''' : .. .. I" n" 11 I I as m lit APPH , I '
, " ""! I 'Metal lath ruanufscturjng_
'ff -r ...., ;, ; .,;, ceding month prior to month to which e m .,,) ____ Aug. 131, . .243 000. 00 One percent of each member's net f.o.b. stripping pioint dbllar
I I ; .1 value of domestic saleA for calendar. year 1933 (cxcludlrqi
411 7i il dnl;,Ll __ 1:: 'July IS ,,',d5ii 6X 00 I-percen t in productive labor pay roll'.' 'tabiisbmen1i. : "' '- ' I I I I : - ."..".. Far
--f L ; ,_ `000"W, 'K nilidulyin base sales 6 other'industrv ine bets signing code). -,,..,,
.:,Juiie 26, charge iWr month far each e. ,- : I ear
(W ypIii0si&j9streotYpfq_11_ 0 .. ,- I., I I I :, .
P - I , 1K, .... I ,. .. .
1. I ,. r I 'i ': I _MetaItreittIng_-_'. ,
_Lf I '. "it, o'ne-fourth. 6oy7ioll,6)la,ii-'ai3n'WLnechaAca Pay" I., July 16 : 4, 960. 00 Qne-t ird of I percent ofsales previous f1sral y ,,4
' .. .1 1, ,,, :
_, L L , m'.. I I '. I ,.; . , 10,600.00 $12 to$ j 6 p-e r year depending upon population of city.,, 11,,
'y'', 11 , I I- .1.. . I ": .. r, roll .- I I .1 , 1; .. I Motion bictdM_ ____ ------ Apr. 13 1 I
-, 1 ,. , .. - I %- I ,.
_' "58 443A2, :bri6 hfti olj pNcerit ofgmss sales bille'd. ; "' , k' .: ,'! -, I ,,,o . ------------ Ap -dollar sales formontbs f Mail* 1,
S ": '. Na f b I 1, ,9ne-fifth of I percent on net
4o`riiiLufactarrjn ------ L_ ju'! "7 vv a. r csi._____. . I 9, o0o.w I I I I .,
.,,_, A ; '. , "; - . ,. I I : "
1 7lay. .4
I-a&41* 19,: ') 460'000 00. 'Fifty.oarits'per employee', bassil'upan iVej*g6,uu1ub;oi, em .- _' I April, and .! ,
_____ I , .1 11 .
-- -4 , I I 1. .
'V piroilucts fr6 I ,. ctrpand: Aug. .06, -One-balfofl percent ofnet sales. Z,.
,l ,,_ ., . ployees V Jan.J to June 30, 1934. I -1 Op"eri paper drlnkini 2, , 4' i26 I , I I .1
., , , I ,_ 1. I I :,
_." ,_ .1 1. . ' 11 - 'round, nesting paper food con-' . I 11 I , . 1. ,: I I
-Tto --, ,", , , ,; ip '130,04L65 L mr ended'June d',l
, _ I frgrrvonem I , 1_ I I I., _' :. LL
___ (for ,Bafed on ton! age of fiscal y4 ,. 9&1'
, ----7 - . ", 1; od ftoin ;_ half cent to 4 cents per ton depekili. of pro4p%,.and% talnei, ` 1 I ' ..", _- I I~ -- 11 1, I I I .,
J'_ , .jjj,i g., ,i0d I i"", 7_
, ':"- I L ,pg on type , -
,- ,,, L, L g ' k" I :Z" I 1. I I m6thoifdjrditilbut I I 'Oxyacie0lne-LL-'-'--"-'-"---- A. eacV..'
-.; rl", '!, ,'N6v.l,'193, _4.iininiaru i6ntributions U14,15' "i, 2 0. , _!, I I I I 8 8T; No. One-thirteenth of I.pereent.of dollar volume sales
'1, -,' ,'; L 01 I I _: i- e i- z Z". I : :; , I . memberofIndustry for year 1933, Payable ]in totalorq ter
;' ` I ', ,": ' : i ., ',L . -,' -' '. ". , , I ,
t' 5 - L to;Julie 30, peryear.' ', -_ "., 1. ".
1- 7 '' ' .. I I .i ,-... _ , . _, ,, . . t, . :. I I . .:
F, ,_At;",.,) ,; ,!% , 1. le, `;-W ,1 and I - , ,14, ,;, ., '. --, , I I I : I I In advance as the member may elect. Minimum a
e.;, . I .,. i4:f, .il., ', ,,- _. I I I i.- 11 I. 1 I', I I 1.
I_ 11 .. I ,.. . _ t" -_ ". ; I I I I -1 11 1. 'I,
'r',,, I "- ,-, 1 .-, 1- : I . '. ,' "', I :
.1. : .,. I '. -, '' ,; ii x 9 9 aj, 7 fo r ,,, . o I I , '. o. , I . I for period shall be $10. 1 I I I
1, , ,,, I .11 I .,).,. 7.1. _ ,,,,,' .' ' I ......... .- .
,, ,,, ,, '.. . : ,L., ... fiscal 1. '' . '1 1. 1-1 I . Pw _1;'___'___' ,,1850.00 One mill per dollar. of 1933. gross sales. . ,
,.. .. June 7 >.
,.. : -, ". n"ging in ffier
year % , ,., 11 L.:,.. , ,, 8 ; ,
,_- 't 1" ,,, 1. I I I Z.:. I I ". ". - . -Jr ,,
L ; I I ;. : begi rin rig I 'I; - ,. 11 , ,Paintinv; pa -bangm4:.'aud July 16 630,000.OQ, Qua half of I percent of annual
,,,11, , ,_,, i -:! I I . ( ,,, , ,,, ., .". -i I ,, business.: -, ";
I, I- I :. I ,.I., I 1 at '' I I I I ',
, ,, ', 1, I _ ., -, , ' I j . I I decora tink .( 1, ' : : I ": 1. ,,,
t I . I ', . ..:1 (it 1; 11.1. 11
?,;p m-.,', ,, %` I :, ; _e; .. jitly1plus :. .. ,. I ,; ( L, . i , I J I I i ' .
I I .. ., ,, 4," ": 1. I , - I Precious JeweliYpro le ng ---- fine 29: 132,'006.60 'From T5XO to $100 g on cald al of, concem ,,,
6 % "I ,. I ,;,, ' --. . ,,, I j per year dependjn r, I I 1, '
,,;? ,, , % di ,, t I
, - q -j,- `,, , 4 ,, EM ad . , ' ,, : : . I," :, PrintinK lukmViufac or tg ----- 1 uly . 27
-, 'I ,, I -0 xi, ., ..., ., 1% I .. '.. C. ix I ,, 65 too 00 Two-tenths.of 1,percent. I I I I ''L . . .
'j __ ,4 5 , . I ,:;! , ;
L_ -,',,, ,, , , . ., I , I 1, .
,,, ? ,, 'L ,
,. , .. I ", I ld lll I 1 11 I I I ,
, ","_, .,' 4 1 j , . I .1 1. '.. , : '
, I I __, 11 A u g. ,. I I ... 11
,,% L' A -1 I al-asseis '. '.. :: ?. ,. 'Priate home st'bdy.schooI__ , ", !5,600,60 Chss and Sales; -.:.,,,,. urent no ex-, , I .1.1,11 .11 I ,I, I . ::"-,, ..i I I I '' ., ____ I . I I I I I 1pues Per iar`
"I L , I .' I., A .1 :. _. I .., 1 ,, ':
, ', 1. 1 I I -, -, ,,, -, : ceeding the ' ' `, .. : ,, .. 1. I"! . I .. . .. 1, ..''.
, "7., ,_ ,.- 1. I I., I .. m \ _- el (a) Up to $25,000 __-'-- -- -1 ---- I -------- -------------- $25.00 ,,
"t ,_ '''L L, ,' _-. ,, : '.6 '. : ::.,.,
_,', 1. i, ., I "; :" '1_ I ,,, ' I 1--. '' -",, - S 1,00 to --- 50.00 "
_,_, ''. I ,;:ilt -_ 7 I (b) 2, 1 $50 000 ___,___._, --------------------
L '- 4 , '' _: s u In 0 f ,i .',', 1. A I I 1.1 ;,'' : I : I I I I
11 ,,-,- j I _ I F,- ". ..
I .. j : .; .1 , I - : I 1 I I :, I . , .1 ,,, ,, I , I '-' , (r) $50,001 to $5,1000 L__ -- -_ ----- --- ---- '___L ---- 75.00 ] I
I . ;, I .. -
'L I J ,- _ ,,. I I I . q ..,p -y . , '', ;.,. .
,,`, .., ,, ,,' $,30,00O f ,r I 11 I .(d ,
.1. . I.. I , I I 11 , ,
, ,,X,"4v,i, ,., M I I I I $75,001 to 400,000 -- ----- 1_
1, ".. I I- I , I I I ) 100 00
.. ,.. ., 11. 1, I I ''. .1. -,! ., Q, .. .. ,
J, ,7-" 4,- .. , I ,, I I 1, ,., -1 "'. any , x ., '. .. 1, 1, . 1; 1, f 1 .1. I I 1. . ., ----------- - ---- I 11 I
?_"",,,_ . , ,.e :Z ,_ , ;_ i", ""! I.. .1 : ;, .. I ... 1 '.. o- . 1. I -- 11 1 Fb in! assesiment of $50.60 will be made on each '
tiomrL zona ,: ,:, I 1 .: 1. . ,. 1 "" .., ,, .-
1, 1, ,,, '', 1 1. i r ., L I ,j, % I ' I '' ,,: , it . . ;: ereafter i , I
i ., 6 1 ', I .. "I
,,'V ,,t,, I'll, , j ", I I -11 .. ; I I ..., - ,., $50,000 of sales or fraction thereof. I ,
I" 11 , thit: I I I ,.
q, ,w ork ,. I . I I -, : 332
",-' t I .1 r !. ., 1. ,. ,ac ting (Div of'. An 9. 10 1, Izitxo I One percent of gro,
', L , I :. : numbing couir -billed during the 12 months onde,`
k ,, I . 1. -t ,might ,, 66 .'. ? I _. 99 sales
'. . " ... . I ' ,. ,;' "' Dec. Ill 1933, with a minimum assessment of $5.
I I I I I. .' .. . I
11 I 0 '` -it n d e ,r I 1. I '. L, 1, I 1, I :. , c6instruction) .- 1, -'- 11
, I L L ,'' ... 1. 'R, ,' I 1xily;, F N , I' %:, 11, ., ', ,,.' 1, '. , : ,. ; 11 10
_11 , I I , I ,- I : L, 1, 1 . ., ., 11 9- ', : ,' 23,000.00 ne and one-half cent per cubic yard monthly, based on '
";,_ '),._'.. ., -, ) I ". ,..', __ I : . blidy-ondmed c;nc.r6te ---- -1 ---- ,.- I I I
.. ': t k .. , .. I 1 .1 I . _1 '. ,. .., I 1, I % I ",, ... '' ,r rnonthly avei-age 4fl933roducti6n. ( L
I 11 "' 11 -,; Y %n I` i . 1, ;. -
'w r ,, , .,, , , I .. . : I ;1 1, , , . :
i, @ d' por 'Jul' 16' 26,LHO.'00 0 (""'T, It` f "it I ; Ro6infomingrnateiLE11A.fAbciinj rAug. !, $3 per fl;O00 of invoiice value. I 1 I I 11 I
JjV 1) p I jan I pa yt I ne-hal of.1 pereent of mooloi-hivoi.6 i4iupnta'o eac , 61,709.68 -tenth of I percent of,1933 sides 1 I .:-.111
,-9- , I v ,, K11 , "I L -'ruemb ., 1, :'-Retail farm cquipffibrit tiade_'___'_ July to .60'i 000. 00' One
, .t'- ----.- -, " ' ,.,.,. . 1 I 1; j , , '- I ..
,,, -, ,-i 4 1 AL15, . I.: .. Retail Jc"-Iy, traee___ L ----- Jan, I 6 5j.Q& 00 $1 per umplyee for National- Code -Authority Plus additional 1
In 11 ,,,', 46,o4- -Oht,'ifftlekrf'l"p"e'it4i'i'dil,olf dofbr vo unte o ,salesi: , ,., .,. , I . - I I I
------------ L --- -1 I ., , , .1 1. I utharity, but not to exceed tuW of,
,; ., ,,i,.; .; _r.n,__-.,, 1. , I I : q .. I I ; -, ", ,. ,' '. amount for IvcalCode A 1 I'll
I A ,I ,Ij _. ,. j -, ,- , , I ,.1. , I I I..,
1, ',L),- .: q per employ I : -:;
fur, yqlng----- 6f ; P V 1.
L ,_", il,155-0,0 ''One-quarWr'o6]iia:Mlfoflp'e'rm'kit..vI I'
'Auk. I One. 11,
, in Relall turn her--" _.____1 ---- ------- Feb. 28 - '-' I I ,
% ,, 1. eceiita total...les. .
I Li,l '" "" , ,k o I o 1. I- -half of I per .
`, ",, ,, 'i'-;:L' I ' I 1, 'Re -11 ------ ".____67 :$I on first $1,000, or'"i r tion thereof and $0.75 on eachaddfl, `
_. I business I .1 I , I : I ta! ,',, 11 matter Aug. 24iii()O. PO "' '8,720-60 f I I I
69AjaIx""ind pji'hsh 6- IVI.- ne- ifth of I lir& ofsales., -. 7 _tra I I I !,- ,,, . tional portion thereof. I I I I
'1 .. I 1 .
liriqapparatus- --- 11.- .,, , I -tenths of I percent of 1933'sabcs collectible semiannually lid fuel----'----'-------- Judy 20 157, One-fourth cent jar ton of 1933 retail sales. ,' I

*0 fi :;fd-dollar voliune, ,ubber tird an d '
,_, , 1 '. I `_-'. _,'.aridthe same percent of 1931 sales for members w1u did no so
i*P 'T,_ , . ", il .. .. I ,. I I ,i
'' I 11, I I , I I 1, t Retail solid. fael_,__' July , 24 $0.02 per ton b d' 1933 sal I I
in 86200 .00. Xwo ':'
.1.. I ,-.0, ,.- have sales In industry during 123, paya ,. . ------------- ,2a3,100;06 tou '
lk r : I I .. .. , ble quturly., $0.(A per ton toaslee'iov'et d on losth. day of month, based on _":LL
.Retaif solid fueL (Div.'11I)_-____ 'July '24 ":LL
L ___-________ ,.,,' : 2 _` ; 4 R01OO I Forty-six one hundredths of I pierce I it of repoked- sales fro I ru.. ,_!i- I I ', 97, SM. 00 I _,:
I _, ,z,- 1:1 11. I ,. ,,, ; I I , ; : 1 1. ''I
,,, I..- 11, 1.1- ,
'I Z L ) .: . 11 I I ,; 11age of previous month. I .
, I : ,,_ ', ,.:- I I Jrru to Noverober 1933, ;, 7 'I Retail food and- rvderytrade ---- July 25 :' '645,884. 00, $I. for cacti employee. I I . I I ",
il I 4u]K-21 I -,,; ,:,9; 000. 00 saie fQ_ 11 I I I I I ,..
I I urjng,___.L --- Oiqe-tl C tiethof I percent';festli6t.d. r'.1934. I R,66iltmde-------',-.'-,----.-l., s per. retail worker.' I I
`io' -, 7`-"7 'June 24 ,2r'750'kO-0O1 Onc-'tenth of I pernrorvafui).'Of'.construbtioii projects --- July 16 125
i, r, ,--_,Z ------ -- `11,; I ex- Rubb_ I . y, 12 ,. 8765 .',00
P, ijT .. ,.. I'll, -14%'. er manufacturing ', I ,' Jul 1 051-'oo '$2510CPr -1000 labels to be attached to, garrmints'numufactured '
1, ,, I i .: J' I reading $2,000 in value, ,- '., . 1. I __- _2 I b divitry,-, ,, ", I 1 I -
I I I I ., I I I I I I I.,
, ., , I's".61 .. I I -- ,
, 6 I ( , ;'. t, .-.:ept that .'. ,
.r, I I q. 00 $1
17 0 iniiihnum base charge er each establishme % ,!,
_ _____ I 'turhig_':____ I '14 04-66
-,Vl 1, I Sa I manuftic I July -28 T= twenti4ths of I percent of sales., I I I
... !, ,,< jj 1,, 4 I 'I ,r '. 1: f! V '%' one-manestablishments/whosej M t eofti slniissrbr-: I.
, - 06 11ii 11 8,L napkin and cjeansfg__ ,A'pr," 11 ",1: .1 T6nnagai volume preceding year -(no breakdown
1 ,`, ,,,, I .,__-____`_',____- _' . I I I )., -,;;;
"I" I I 11 -: t 1'. ,,,' 1 j, calendaryear 1933 did not exceed riorc fir n SLHOshall be, 11, ". 1, 1. I 1. .1 '. _, ,. I I
,41 "'T , (. 1-1 ., a I ,;, I .:, , .. -,-
,:, .';, .,:: ,, 1 ' S ,t .. ,.". .1 ."
I" 1".. .1 !. -- , , I I
,, , '. , subject to.assesament of!5 for the period covered, and $5;25 1 appWataL. I L__ :!Aug. '15 ', 7 j Optkal seetion, one-'fifth of I percent ofsales. ,
. .
- '. ,, 1.1 -',''_ i P-er.' employee for each employee in , ----
11 A A an establishment -in'
i; , ,, it, ,.. '. I I ire ecflon, one
- .. .... I I . I I I Laborator furniii -balf6fl Percent orsalea., I ,'
,, !; , ".., '. '.. , ,"', ., "Cem of two'empl6yes (including propri6ior, partners. -/' -11 I I I ": "I '. I I., , c -'
", ,: ... tion, one-fifth of I percentofsales. "'
I ', ,_, I -,, ,,.' .. 1 - ,; 1, .. .., 1, , , I I "I v . ,. I.. - 11 .1 .: 11 I I Laboratory suppliers se
,- ,", I , . ., , inamgers, and everyone else regularly averaging Pay, .t, 2 ., I 1-1 1. I i,
", I !;, , t, ,,, , ,: 11 ''I I I I -Steam and fluid spciulty section, onemfourth of 1 percent
1r ,,' , ., , , '! v. , I I I .-
I I ,, ho ors or morepor week., Wher6 establishments publkh.i '' , ', ,-, 1, I I I I I 1 I I ..
, ,' ', . I , 4 "" , I I sales ..
, I .. 1.1? ,,_ F' ,' C', daily newspaper" the maximum assemmentOls fioCtoexeed . I I I _', ... ." ,, ,;_ , ., Bi ... eying dra ing, casters, see on, one-twelfth of,.1 per ce 6C
1, , I 'i . I I 11 I ft , ti t
, ,,,, -., i 1 I ", , , . ... i nivalentio-a $15 basu I ., I : I I - I .1 -
` 4 .. tw s- I I ,-.1". . I ..
11 ,- ",,:, ,-',: I .. ... .. I ,!- ,:. P 11, -, ,charge lforl eac.4 int % I I _ sales. I ::1
t' 4 ,- -, :- 1, ., j I ; I I. I ,. 11 I .
4 ', I ,, r K I 11 ...... ._ '. I I acli;.I;060 ClIrculdtionlyr m4& fraction .. ,, .1 . I - I ,. 11 -
L I ;, y ;- ereof. ,-:,, "ll,"."'I", , I 1. ; Clinical thermometer,6ection, one-half of loercentofsales.- r-
, , , ,, ,, ,, , J ,- .. I ,' ?!,,., 1. .- ., I ,,:: , I ; I I ,,,
'. .:. I .i I I ': % I I 1, -
I ,, j, . ,,. 1 .. , 1 1 I ,
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