The Blue Eagle ( August 6, 1934 )


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The Blue Eagle
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United States -- National Recovery Administration
National Recovery Administration ( Washington, D.C )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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ee Y Y1 eXT6 9A Ad )V
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1: I:, I, I;A 1- 1, 0
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V A-L &7,
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.;V] Iti Mt 1.1W, 1 !,YF N

111 111 WV' 11161-Mill-NOI-LU xM M-! r W! I :.I) J-_ Ustj
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IM Frlh W N;M, v ur-, L (I
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Mrf. q! .11 MIMIM", "'ag;W
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M j IMM" Will li i 'I fl !iNlit! M11HIM41- j,",
LOU Ifli M I r l, I t : J!'! -I L A 11
RMS fif ip. N, Ull., 4 71 9
MIM .1 ly ana
t!T(IMUi 1M t Mr"
J1 K i; 1 , RIF- W
III MINIH!t% .1j: !Mmi UIL, in Mflin
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IMP11 511191v" lit" V
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VV I! -, +_ -!k. g
2 al: E e
RAII ;II i I T: r1l Iq
ci I -__ .93 4, r
!Lt 10 Wlliii
7- 1 e 6.ver in to
Ellin 11110i dF]LAill OW,

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visions d PR
kh)o satio:Tlr,
T T, e-sYrbm', l;W
eludM Und r, o Eievu Aveoia,
E em
y', tI1eL
9te-I 'Ln aUUry 4 CLUring tJ1Me,.1PaId: 011t Iia; wag6, d. Sal OKI7 employer exemptbd V
I S"':, lOlldri_,n,.f- May- 15 -not re u rt
i1 ad fN' 0 If
& _12 000 060 ;inoii6" div
6mpo tw .paragtaphSr 2, 3, A,' 5 dZ6' --
ffi sami6 Wa'g( M0,
murder an, -Ak, d6& b dt6 ali fla President's Reemp oymeutAgre en
ot.'approyed su stittitions', for jhe'I'll'1 6q
year. ts th j ]Ae ',
6 1 I ',,r _eof.
meu fspudetpb g,,,, n
rvey o of operatiph under-, ts Co
is dlsclosed M 4 On ply 'w'Ith the rema n gparagrq is." ,,_
Ong to toki A.,
-lean ron Ut%': ,n" employer eXenupt,6& bYL'
c shows aqco cial repo s o e Amt i and fee! iii NO dustri A ganiz-atioll, sa
it 1 4: yearis id U
In, thdA I adus Jastmon jivith: 466 063
FrIiacl*d ;, ''
tl e hljhes po Oii&ii is 'not req ir d withL',
u e to comply y
KNRA'jp& __C
Or or 117,824 more tha n wre, J,.!provisions of, app oved Codes WWcb pregerlib
'62 *ximum tbiirs' of emplci rmeh hoIIii9LL,,,1,
4" 1934 pay'ibhbf ,ib 466 G" I 605j9037oii pereeA
prdsente Liiincrease 0 I n',e were 6d 0 1 Ifi Jlp
,'tliat ofjuj e iO&?, a -_ ns4n. the: inO'ostry during u n o icies,, -, - f , 'r I
ltfiou 17ope afll T )rdy.,23 jl' ., store opera ion, and, rates of 'lpi
rL OUrLlfor Ich rec
the' I h luire g of su!241, pro,
tbver'thw e 6f sa-me,'month last year. Averaie'earninis pe h wage earne 'l P
OnH, Qr w h relat totbe minimum, pril
f'salaried worlkefs,'were W;V centgper hour In 1,une;1934, as against 47.3 c6niiA
se:oif,35 pe mt.." Alth6u the-avei age' purs, Nvorked p e ..we hi lithe emp ver rhay sell ineiiebiiiidjop
aD inCrea' gh e'r'-w ek re 3.6" convenes ugus',A-'8th j& the ,
a lior render'n serv ce;,or
_eencl aver ge o afiilnk per'week f' wage earnets hadfnereaged, to $22.81 1; i i"'t which Call"for" asses
uiidi __ e'Coder, 4,
lt Isasimp e so,
-an the.nts-to th Uir-40, 1,
4111'Jiine 1934; an iucrease.of. 226 per ent. 6vrtfie $18:64'per.week.ave a e in AutlII for Vic p'
41 .1 1 , .1, .t ee, e e.,,, fial its
The lstael Code, was Approved. on Augut, 19, :10M.; but many membersbf. thejndlistiii- A6*
V, I 1 1 1 9 -j i ; ;, ,C 1 C "
q1t approy -voluntarily ut_!IaII:6 eif66t;the p'rop6sied' ii,, employer is 66und ; 'by
Drio r, t I fornin 1--',60neelve z -
'Clu g (but wlthoutl,,
k oik ,16ur 414' r 66& became eff66 v. 'it
not affected"materially, hovVever, untilafter tit fi e w h din
Adj i inikra r limi 0on) i the, abor, Provisions, ana",
maxiffiur p visio s
0 rac exc
tra or s. p ose in the Fair T'hide"P tice.. Pi ovlsious,
the Ad". s; 166 i % "'.
ev ewing fe tothqminim
TO; ose which fela
Cha nige s in knehlian um price.
Emp oy d creatini the,, Board, its inem, W,
For 'example A: riidle Included thin
decide to Fissilre- the
er g Rite 1933 as th last plie-Code mQn6l' the following.table of comparison's ganizatibn meeting d said Executivie Order' Is exempted from the
beli-thA, i1tfiand., une'1934 shows 't'lie-beneffts which accrued t6.lab6r Underthis' Code: little. fellow whether, he' appears.,ifidivid-' followifig provisfdhs'of the Code of Falr Oom-_
iqally or as a minority-group a. full- oppor- petitign of, the,1,4etail Trlade;-Artlel V
ge for June 1034 as compare artJI artIcle'.TTA1,, article X
3'une 19M 7une 1934 q
-,'06mplett, elluiinati'on of aff formality _Ok" _,", 2V dule A, eetfons.,2, 3,,o (2),(f)-,I
an d b isb ainderofth
employees- Yon jUat w -ah kequires su iqi s of W, -He- ndby the rem
''661ni4int .. laph L ofthaTresl&,nt's
W.:nurnbsr of 146 4m,".6 rner6ase-11T,820; or'?A.9 iiii e Ille(implo-1,
writing the 4ragE,
LL.,sh ing,:,that'... en -,,Aiide0j 7
------ -761 0, Incrcam ha d- 6fiable. mer greem -tAln 'of the ap ov
AverR96 hours por weelL ---- --------- k 7 6.z D.mxea&e3.b,6r8.E complainant s ma e_,,eve y
aarninks per hour_:_'__ --cents-- 53. 0 60. or Increuse 16A or SLO percent.:. 1:: ; me t'of children, 14,
effort to'obtain,'sE ftsfactjpn thrqpgh,:roptine,,_' to J2, r ta fU 61
IV and 15 Years: 6 : agf-, s ubjec t
oux 3 Worked ------- 67, 6M, 359 70,774,145 Increase 23'pexceInI,. -------------
--rhers (ou iftons ;t6 hours i'_All emplc 4
ployees. receiving, hourly, NR channels. )ye s who employ
Or piecework rates): tpon: that simple. basis Ahe. Board. exPlects such ghildre iiiustl6mply wIth th axiiii
of we'got earoers ------ -------- 30k 329 415,547 Increase, lioM; or 36.1 percent., vote; 4ts prfuelpftV atteutiox to';XQM6. liours of.employment prescrIbed for su&
woogE 9__ L $24 1$10,6M, 314 to de I bildren.
............ : : 30 4 plaint 'hich already%
bq urs per week, ------------- 441,054 *ati, a '.w
35.7 Docresse 3.7, or 9.4 Percent.
------------ ih -f- that- the
63.9 lncr, ato, 16 6 or 3.5 1 percent. C d Att6ntlow is called to' 6 act
uanaings.per hour ---- -- -- cpnts-- 47:3 divisi6n' r -deputy a-dinirii-tra org or4- 0 e
------ $18.64 $22.91 22.3,por at. Authori of the Oirdei as 6xXessed:1#ere
earnIngs pet week__ _-__, TA 1 fie li'andlo.and Purpose, ein by'
rs worked- ---------- --- 51,645,321 63, W9, 289 lucre_%sp "13.1 p tie ve been ui db 't6 I I -
3 been 'piamnea to ex the President, Is to, rel eve'sniall bustness -" 2
Its.entire -program hai
te towni from lftc obligo-2
-noted 394,943 employees, as g0iist dividends oL ell 17irls'68 "' small
*es of reports of the industry a i peditj the' recommen which It Will
-the -Administration.' disclosed, among $9,6W,000 to their 514,244 stockholders. tions which ',might ImpoBe "bxceptlonftl, hard-
make. to tlid Adminis ship 'and 6at he aW such 'ente
features, that: Prices of products representing 75 -per ent t
1, is Airisdiciion prices .' to conforin to
tj In th of the industry's output recently declined as :FeW CoM 1qin In the fullest
r 9,' e 6: montbs Ibd between dch sible with the reqiiirements wW
cember 1933, sin ialer units In Much as $5 per ton. Billets, to cite an bx- Out of the., dozens. of. compla nts wl would beobligatory on I thejjjL,
=d De ample, were recently redu ef by $2 pef to
11 n, :.have been.routed to -MO W ftd since ltsereat
ustTi, A,,i -f, -a.- ,4-i

M "A t4ti s't

all Towns,'- r Fre
M e e
S6 n: covery,
a'r ssion.,,
From Codes
a 0
P (Continued from page 1)
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in: Retail. T rade
industries included, within such designation.
hs-the deputy adzufnistrato o ant to Execu-
xfty T _'Y It should be noted that,. pursu
ND TF N (V, To. 6723, dated May 26, 1934, an
tive Order 1\
t'%of tliov iry, q1ises'. jo" be'dWflieted:,and Administrative Orders Nos
,"one which 9 -is scheduled' for hearing:at DEPARTMENT STORE SALES 07EDERAL RESF.RVF BOARD) supplementary
X-37 (May 28, 1934), X-50 (June 13, 1934),
eeting f6';J "complaint by An Eldro, IM,
F LABO'R STXTISTICS) and X-51 (June 2S, 1934), all
AtT, sfnnp: 'Drodixeir who With I s ,'veral ie
the following Codes:
Blinflarl all ", .ope;Aforsi has as- PAYROLLS IWREtAIL TRADE C.SuREAu OF LABOR
b Y' 9 . I Motor Vehicle Storage and Parking
L-d the, minimum wage,,qpro*Wons of the
"Graivel, a d Otushed SioneLdustry, 100 Trade.
gd Be n dig tinction Is.,madb between-
u no Barber Shop.Trade.
Bowling and Billiard Operating Trade'.
operkted and machine-operated .- pits. Dyeing Trade.
q,,Bcard iI1 d cket of the othbx:cases'n6w !Cleaning and
O'Adored approprIgth.for its con4ideration &_,Z: Laundry Trade.
Shoe Rebuilding Trade.
$i beanuounc6d'in' wfew, days.
Hotel Industry.
StdtemWt of qirman-
except provisions governing hild labor, max-
'6 0"
eauwbue,,. a stiti entr.6 t Ch' in
y he maul imum. hours o 'work and mini um. rates of.
ed the: Boardjw conce .fiou bi,,ftsi -func- -tions.
pay and the mandatory provisions of see
'66 follows: 7 (a) gud -10(b) ave been suspended."
R T. asji, Is',-';Feasible the 40-
Insofar 3.'Typ4es of Business to Which the Exemp-
:will deal primarilk. With i4d6idual tion Does.Not A'ply.
iind'ivul'hear only cases Wbcre.#,.peti-. p
as Diploy6rs engaged in retail trades in :;i
_,hable, efforts to pu rs-ae his ilghtp', wIlich, operations. extend over a relatively'
R11 11__ -20.
Wide area and include, & number of com.
existing established
J,-$ m ,- es wi th In -of the:9
ak, for example, the Code Atithorlt munities are not, within the teriPs
'order and are not exemptedfrom, an
division, of the, Na _y of the
tion (1:
e IniltratJ6n having Jurisdlctjon., Codes covering-.,such trades.. At tbig time
JUNE, JUNE9 under the following ap
ar Jt employers. operating,
he Board could iiot,,,=d:, 19930. 1931 .1932 1933 1984 proved Codes are, not exempted under 'the
A6prive 'y petitf6ikk th. B1.6 ERgle'by -the. Statistical Section of the -'
J!i epareo. Exclusiv
terested party, of any concut d
Invision of. Research an anulng. Builders' Supplies Trade.
'dependent rights- which. he may i :Z
retijil sh6W9 iJie r d Ice Industry.
6gults mbnt,', and. pay roll's during epressiqn an
con r orielgewh6re, bttltl:'MAY_1 4Ttoa tri d
Motor Velilele''Retailink Trade.:
lioped though t I he revlew I ajid 9 recom- of T-etail operati6ii 46 .,fhe *3nonffi -of.4mhe'z recovery., During -the poe riod from Jime 1IR29
tions.oX gnlnd6pendent andimpartial In."each year since 19M9 I Dollar. sales'. v'o'l- to, June .-1933 Aollar sales vollime'-dedlined (including gasoline&
e6rre sunid erstandings andinequIr. u 9 meo. of'dep st ores fit d 9.6 percent. for ,departnient. stores and 21A stations).
artffient Retail Farm'F uipment Trade.
6 hl a e l9 and'render unne-cessary. in (varlety) 'stores' thd number' of.' employed, perednt'9 for five "d-ten (variety) stores, as q
1, 9 _. .. : I red to a Retail Lumber, LumberTroddets Bulldm'
ll,. tradep,,, an -,the tQ comph 10.1 percent A in., em-
Instah recourse to'cother goverin- ; ta d i ' W E;Ain6 .9
ing l ateria so and ial-
i6lig, Ing, flu,- retail Ar ade's are, ployme M Building pec
ntal-agehe es.._ Pay ilj. ted nt and a..38.6 percent decline ift pay 9 ties Industry:-.
a o um '9 or 9 as -in
not-,9 f t' f percentage of theq,' :Fepective Items; rolls. j Thus the dollar volume per employee,
'! THIRD. The 1 99 '. 1 .
,general repetition of, ArguinlZaits respec J :1Q29-),'!It is beli& 6d :on good evidence decreased materially 'and pay bee tail.Rubber Tire-and Battery Trade.
g9, unet Retail Solid. Fuel-.Trade."
of Codes or CQO,06 ikohs 9*hi6;' that I total retail.'Wes' de,41in6d much lhore ,a, greater pe rcefittige; of salesi. although no
1 ix ibeen. discussed'in public'he-ar- du"rinj and:; increased much exac6-stafbineni e made, since, as'pre: er 'Not Ex mpted 1 .
g-s but Its jurisdicti on, rmit t to piogo Iiri k ecay& y thdii did depair ougly, indicated,: t : ales f1i Oth EmNovees.
li oaff upon appeal evidence r6sp 9 tie an d-fiveLMidAeu (, .a-r'iety) st6f.e sales so that adequately represent total retail sale Other employers -not at this time ex-
aloper tboii in practice of ari l4r t sdbn d e3bf undertlib order include (but ithout
an accura e picture of rebes. One re''a'sohfor the more rapid eclin empted
nol to ecoinmend %Itg em' Jul ill retail those operating un 9 de 9 r,:
de 'jprovislon a txades is nc; given by the aft es.,,,". oug jhAji employment results fi&m. the limitation)
-dWe,, chan I ges in such provlsiobs d t pay' I
e a a4,; fact that total pay roll's -depend upon total' 4cade c.06'stume Ihdus try-
OURTH.-Hearings before the Boa rd, eni 9 ployment wag., 9. gross marghis. which in tii n de efid upon mi
Advertising,'Display., Industry and Trade;
e ill, be opentorthe
Boardlfs records,, w nt b, oW e. decreas,
while hy 'dollar volume 'itli'dollar volhin
p retail 'tradesmen at lower istug' Distributing Trade.,
blio,4qbJect tothe same'limitations: which :07! A in,411:e.' Adv A
rolls were 3S.6 i oWer than. ipg, e forced, to
,,fespeo tihg the proceedlugs'and records 9 1929.-. Part-time wo nd- the9,Aecline- in total -pay., r cur their losses: Banks. 9 9
0 ,,mqst courts of law; the Board remii wagqxate 4, during )r "'Sion': caused the .9 t6: a minimum. Builesque Theatrical Industry.
6',rlght in: its. :cUscretiou upon the request, ',,.mon rapid decrolaf p, Y'r6lls-thlaii in voluine in retaif Cau*as Gqod. -industry And Trade.
0 ianyp t n on proper .,e c dm g 4 e June 19334ag 9.3 pereent f or cial ar or 11' -in recov- trade 'sin 'Cojhmdr reeder 'and Hat66iy, T&
Pse sho lie interest or fo_ 'the e; ti S 933, the iu7 departnient. stores. and 9.1, percent for fivi 'dustry.
itImatg,, protection of busl ness secrets from I ge ratelwqso pay rolls a 7t 'Variety) storbs This increase. in.. p
to ud Construction ITidustry. and, odeg% su
tlfbrs or other-' ju 8t cA a to 04ducit idiy ii,.6inploymbut,- the menfal' therOto. ,
Be increase more iaL s W, g I than.,the increage in employ-
a're: not Increases bet-w 9# 9 hd June- Ik4 m -!r6lis reta iL traide. -The jn-_ Nev sfiaP4,:P B b_ Ihes
bl I c.' or
bei g,- respecti S. r f doxes'iare based oh.,phgpges in. sales volume
ill.. - L .. 9. 11 - -pental 'Laboiatory.oi-I t y
'and 12.7' per 0 melit. D The f a t 'that on,, the
yping and Stereotyping Industry,
ed ---- -- eril udustry.
pe cas approy
7. mat ej S,
hu- ,' h'd t of p a n;- 'a out ,-5 percenfl raAe.
;e wemprodu iigat ihe, g+6atesf-r' E loyment' and toLql... hi
ely ate above June 1 u plies.and.Mae ner Dis-,'
Erii havc ever,' known', 'there wer e over 15 pay rolls in reta II tra however, ar e still Trade'
s, coun ry-, who e re below June 1931, 1 1u strial.. Safety Equipment IndustryJ
Muk- b6low a minimum. le el ofh6 1 and: ;n aud.Trade.'
Gazett About the uiolv iem The chaft, also interesting- story 1herefore, understate, the, degree 'of s leg
-aharlestan!; TY.Vd. recovery.
sales, employ- Invest ent : Bank'
Le I9 -ate Full Length -Dramatic ahd. .:
Indictments have been presented against Music rical Industry.
01 six defenders in Alabama, Minnesota, Illi- I4quefled. Gas Industry"
z a. Ive-
erav u 0qj ''nols, California, a d' low Th
n e e invo Merchandise Warehousing, Trade.
violations of Code provisions covering ma
Motion Picture' Industry.
chine-hour limitations, Ours, used Mutual Savings Banks.
rl. lo a ions car allowance under the Motor .Vehic e
ei ions,,.BrIb in T nty-f our States fo. Vi
al Act': Outdoor Advertising Trade.,
Retailing, Code, and selling under filed prices.
Packaging Machinery Industr and,.
I'd, Piracy'- h' Informatio en filed against six ';
Rariging Frorii;,W res-t6-Styh OfflyT ree,:- ns have be
defenders in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Trade.'
becisions, n avorable to NRA, 'gia, and North Carolina. These GfC6nses Printing'Equipment Industry..
'involve Code provisions covering salesbelow. Radio Broadcastin' Industry.
cost,:wages, hours, and rainimum. prices. Ready Mixed Concrete, Indiistry,
bc -haye-been upheld byedecisi s of Federal c, C nt Of Three permanent ihjunctions,'for Code Associa'-'
9 1 9 A. 9. 11, 9 A Savings; Building and Loan
emes WMc:h'S'0' tfirha'*e'co'm!'e'. tions.
qp:,9r,,adjudication. surved ln L AH6 by violations have been entered alid. these are I I
he, NRA Litig atiop 1) ivis ion;, t oday. lists'30. cases -which eral.j UD'ic D in the States- of Temaessee,, New. York, and Shipbuilding and Ship,'Repairing lpdu s9
thr in C U es hav Arkansas and involve violations of the Bitu-
Y _e6,o. which were a verse to the NRA.'V addie- Ong -C 9 ml Code,, Motor Vehicle Retailing try.
he b 6 te inin Stock Exchange Firms.
flob" t n adj s d favorably to the NRA, Trade,. patent design, infringement Of the
Transit Industry.
iiwithout.'Tds'o 0 66 rt' actl6h and.filture compliance -has been assured in Silk Textile Code. Trucking. Industry.
everal.',c sub' There have been injunctions and restrain
PIS osting, of stantial. bonds. 'Wool'Trade.
Ing orders issued, by the court s in 12 cases
'Tlie, ee: a e de s ons we e in -A thorities, -to restrain the enforcement of in the States. of Nebraska, Louisiana, New Wreckin and Salvaging
ks broug I t by others aka mst the NRA; the wages and hours provisions of. codes,. and York, and Minnesota. The Code violations the Order.':'
-in all thr aiPpeals' ave een; en. Also ,of:. Wage. 'differentials, to enjoin the involved were. selling below cost, selling 4.'Establishments inclitacd. Within
(Iv'ers& decision', n roindered, in enfor'cement ofhomework. provisions, apolto under filed prices, and selling under MiDi- Only employers operating three or less_
6HAiistiti s e
1X,_;_-.,amd In f omiiei. reciawfication, 6f, the plaintiffs both -servic a town- of
mum e pri ces. establishments each of which is In
ly'one eat;ei-Wou,'by 'the WRA."has an ', eqn1ty-10tArijunctions-haye been
s'to wages, aud trhae IiZs. ktth&g w r'e Iess.thA 2,500 population, are exempted frow.
appeal been:taken. made in some of the actions upon the im- A
e- re 06 cases now p mding in Fed- ixed Code structure., The relief sought in filed In IS cases, in Missouri, Florida, Geor- the above-mehtioned provisions., b 9 6 1 W .
Th re a'' pa gia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, For the purpose of determining, how,
couAs or before the Federal Trade r S
many of them was against the United States Michigan, New. Tork, California, Wisconsin, many establishments employer operates,
ommi4si6n involvin'g. 4',tNRA codes. More Attorney to prevent, him from enforcing the Arkansas, and Colorado. These involve vio- only establishmbnts in trades and, industrieg
200 other cases have,6een 'docketed in crim, al and equity provisions of the act. latlons of, the'minimuin service prices, ma- to which the or. er appliesshall be taken intc
the Lltl ation ,DlvW6n an :4 are, being' pre- "In two cases injunctions. -have ;been en- chine-hour limitations, gelling -under filed con gideration.
.-,,,-,paredfi by6a
t divWon In eollabo- ter6ol against NRA officials and theo-U.S. prices, underselling trade.area prices,,faihire
with the-Departweilt d Justice. Attorney, and iii these cases, appeals are'now to file price lists, and violation of the selling 5. General.
action;, in 24- St tej ovisions of the Plumbing nixtures Code.
pending In the Circuit Court of Appeals. pr The NRA State Directors will coinp e -4:.
In one case a temporary. restraining order In addition there are 13 cases pending in
Illegal actions have be eu- brought In Fed- list of the localities within their States ill
was,, Issued against 3 defendants but dis- the Federal Trade Commission covering v10- which employers engaged in the local retail,
m ssal wfm secured against 27 other defend-
c6 As in 24" Stdtei and the.Distriet-.of I lations in Connecticut, Wisconkn, Rhode trade. or local. service trade are exempte&
i1a for 6de, *.161atjon6 ran from 6
ants, including the Washington authorities;, Island, Alabama, and the District of C61um-
,paymeik of wajei-, b6ldw.. pre= mM*-%1- (,I '_ t] from the 'provisions of PR and of ap.,
I I 9 n one case wl e he Government was bia., The cases involve price filing, used-ear
ratesto styb p9hacy. ;, 9 .9 1.
"Suoicessful in obtakfilhg a dismissal of the allowance under the Motor Vehicle' 111 talling (Continued on page 8, column 1)
The te Kt o the. repOrt prepared by the9 action, an appeal has been taken by, the
1 Lltfgatloh Dlvlsl 19919 1 : 1 19, Code, certificates I of public convenience and
on follows plaintiffs T.,
91, 1984 necessity under the lee, and' selling gainst Government officials or Code Author-
-Twenty-seven cases in Ther' n below cost. a _9. and 9 13 of such cases hate been decided
*hlch NRA"officials and U.S. District. Af _,!,,are..11 I actions still pe ding

A& 7

of Business. by Deparmnf o mre

,,,Sustntil ais inboth Wh1olesale and Retail 2EmplyetDtn 13 r eeldb h rlmnrP

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0 R D I, k ~~An application having been duly made pursuant An publication havn gendl aeu at
ORDR$ CODE OVl FAIR COMPETITIONf FOR THE to and in full compliance with the provisions of to and In folfcmline
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ORDE~th Presdent incldin 'Exeef-.v en~'~nn 'Nlditieo
July V, 1934 RVSI ari do find ~ thatT saide moiiato said ene A m N tq 'R L 643A, te
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Julyar'o R4, 193a de sad ntcAdd
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July, 111.- .1.-E~ctv Thrmn Chilseth Hamilton 'R.~ H. L.D .SinyF Ros Ararstato'.1e
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to ~th provisions of th i B eectlo Imp nduCoe. had "'nin d.-
eInig -whch wl report, t o he y Amn s hi cpoe employery oegon emp0oyees wihi Clmets Canner Vail adiigrto Ia,>r t e
-ta Kas. stay or exemption, Sfro thenio Trexs.;n ofeur thi secg Adatel'o as
John- T .W Maie B row NeW9(r8f, Te.;, A. Huylrs, IC NUTY-a S. lebg A I

Catin f 8 oup-oa we~ -Coe, snupon thei ,ai ofD such hern ando for IdnsoneNa A ok oresr ork, oTRY
-~l~ ji 27h,. 194- Code -uthority the Lurpos ofhnto elmntono-o o di- B- ~e
ratiass ~ etoA- tiv. faiite anClevell>'rjutdcio an Deaue Ws
-maufctre s ..ll ..o .rce a th rvsin fths a b.d or> ibis afmprova of York durin i.L Peclieh'.Wih6
o~~ti~oh.with ntc Dte at tiCoea esalb>frha re c. hl~; hard Conbg Ne Haen Coonn ctthn diisrtr
orfh u~pseof vain bi I isfuthr rvi d ha i Lthl erpe DovidS o aie, Ch o al. CyusJ
u'rsceuat- sete to6 th to an h'saldtrieMUsel t. oiM. a df

J,111 i
,u S b
,,, 77', 6
-1E A I 1. 1 - i i : .. ,
TP, B L I t: I I I L'
TRW- 17M

fisiare;-V ree lhdustry'EAger t

Continue from page 2) Com ly Wit h
Auguil 6,'1934
o ved Code% by this order.. To the extent Re:tall golld Fuel (8)-- Mayflower Hotel- --- ----- Ellis ------------- Cot. Tex. Instl.', Inc., N.Y. 0.
77,717 ------------ Insti, of Water Sup. Util., C o d es
which it Is practiciLble, mapp wilt be pre- Water Supply-----., ----------- Mayflower Hotel. -------- I ---- Peebles -- ---- Inc,
r d Indicating sl6lch localities. Wholesale Food and Grbc i) ------------ Washington Hotel - ----- Riley- Nat'l tood and Gro
Dist. Code Authority.
oubtful cases and ill inquiries with re- Retail Food and ------ Washington Hotel- ---------- Riley ------- Nat'l Food ando Grocery' NRA C 'm liance 1)
'to the. order should'be addressed to the Dist. Code Anth rity. 0 p ivision
local.'state Compliance Dliector. R --------- Dept. Comm., 2062-64 ------- Ammerman-- Code Authority.,
Iron Ore Mining - ----- ----- ------- Willard Hotel- -------------- Janssen ---------- Code Committee. Reports M majority Violations-
Ordhaarll he population of St. town will
,'bo 'def;erminedb'y the Federal census for 1930.. August 7, 19U Due to Emplo'yers'.
on'to an, NVA State Director,
ow d proof satisfactory to him Fur Dealint Dept. Comm., 2062-64--.- Berry ------------ Code Authority Board. understandings of Thei I.
--------- Crockard-------, Code Authority.
fr Wholesale ry Goods (4) ------------ Raleigh HoteL.
-a different population
at a town hi om
in the.;, Federal' census, the NRA Obligations U fider Coder,'.
r. may. Augusta; 19M
determine whether the
ppulation gr ter or less tha
vm Eta a ea n n 2 Carbon Paper and Inked
Carbo, Piper ar id Inked Ribbon---- -7, Washington H Tulle
Ribbon Assn Ample evid6nce that American iudtlStrj'l ,
har ofthe: Administrative Order is, as not only willing, but anxious, to comPly,-yvit1l.
How's August 9, 1934 its Codes is found in: reports ofNRA. s,()OM-..
pliance Division.
E CRJMLNG RIPLUS Aiqif Rf9#V"T10NS Undergarment and Negligee Willard Hotel. -------------- Edwards-------- Code Authority.
LENENTIWG,: ExEcUTIVE..' ORDER The latest of these reports shows that-&.4te
G iaTt& RELATING TO THE APF LICA- NI A directorsi, w1thout, reference to Vasli-
HE PRES"3ENTIS REE31- August 10, 1934 ington,, were able durin 0 weekii,
rXOYXENT iGREE".NT AND CODES1101F 7- D pt. Comm., 3309 - ----- Peebles- ------- Mid. Gas Indus. Assn.
OYIEUEs ]IN TOWNS OF %LESS THAN Marini actuied Gsa (ree6ase&. from Do period,. ended quly, 21, to adJust a total
0<)MPIETITILON T q ()URTAIN Elit- Ind. Tele. Subdi of the Tele. In (re- opt. Comm., &309----- --- Peebles----- U S. Ind. Tele. Assn. 990 complaints alleging violations of Code'
cess, d from 7-27-34). minimum waie 0,r'MaXimmn hour provigioitiil ,"Ii'
: l;n6o'-roPuLAwxoN- Bell 6ys. Subdiv. of the Tele. InU(recessed Dept. Comm., 3M --------- Peebles ---------- 21 Companies. most, of these cases, the alleged violq. ,e
from 7-2"7,34).
the authority Vcated; in. me b Wrecking and Salvage (i) Ca ltou Hotel --------------- ]Berry---- -- Code Authority. tions were found to.,be merely
of i Agri. Inseo and FuDgL-L --------- Sboreharn Hotel ------------ Battley------ Code Authority. raisunderkandings. of their obligation
y iti.el. the -full owl rig, rules ana regu a- pipe I ozgari W --- -- ------ ------- Willard HoteL--- Hooke -- ----- Code Authority. odus S llhder ','
w= 'T deem. ne essary to carry, "out the .7 C, ; and the result of, conferences and ex. A
end ot:00 Ord jilanatlohs.was that restitution of a total of
72wds'niade o e .0 employeell l:
F M-TI o l4' August 13,1934 $10iJ 3 t som 4,30
The phras "ix eiali hroughout.th6 country.
trade 'or io al service Tile Contracting (a) (ai6a, agree.) WaShington Hotel-----'--- Dolf6it Rem. Grog, in Philadel
1' trades, 'or industries" k6,' such recent roport of the Complian el ,,,
order shall Include -Wholesale Confectioners (5),(8) ------ - --- Mayflower Hotel Moise ----- Coda Authority. Di si6ii disclosed that,. sham tbe first NRA
ii (1).:The trades -and IndriStriest gov- came. ff ctive in July 1933'until. July
erned by the following .'Codes, of Code be
Fair'. Competition August It, 1934 1 last,.' When more tban''500 ere In
Ba ng Industry (injb&r. as operation, 'less than 63,200 -complaints of,
the sale of bakers' oroducts Motion Picture Laboratory (2) (5) --------- Raleigh Hotel ------ ------- Farnsworth ----- Motion Picture Labr. Assn. vf6latf6ns\Aa:d been filed kgainst the nearly
at reWlAs: covered there- -)A
of Amer., Inc. 3,000,000 employers of more than 24,000, W'
Fd ben*azs'Manufactuing (2)---:.--- Carlton'Hotel- ----- -'Dahlberg---- Code Autbori y. Industrial, workers in the United
.. Moto Vehicle Storage and,. tates;
-Ilarking Trad e; Duplication ed for nearly, one half of
--Food, and, Grocery s account
S,1934 tbe,63,200; and Investigations disclosed,,that
1 -rade
Retail leweU from 20'to 30 percent of all of the complaiat9T,'-
it I f In an -Hotel --------------- Edwards ----- Coils Authority.
Lail lkobacco'Tr d, f is and Children (1) (adl. from Raleigh
R01 recelve4 were eitb&.the work of cranks
'Retail Trade (IniclIddin Re &-6-34)
de and Book--, Taxicab (adj, fro In' 8-9-34)--- ------------ DqPti Comm, Xud--,---- Hughes-- ----- Choups and Subdiv. pf the or were uhf '
tall, Dru Tra Ld
in Under NRA regulations, co plaints of-
Electri6al Contracting (3) --------------- Reese tsb violation rr
Barber Shop Trade. I I I I I : I veltHotel,'Pit, urg Doherty --- Rguen Groups in Certain s. of, the wage and h provist
Pa. . 1 7 0 ties in Pa. I
Boly"R' and Lillilard Operat-, 'Willard I10teI-w-----: ------ COwli.139--- Ark- Met. Tr..As n. of Little of the Codes may not be, adj ed b S t ' Von',. (9-- 't
dc Rock, Ark., basis other 't res tuti U
Meaning and Dy6ing.,Tr directors, on, any,
TaTindry Trade. r f the. full a-Thount of back
t by the, employee
Au 16
cal. otate Bro4erage Trade. wages -due flic. aftected employees. Thecur-,
Shoe Rebuilders' Trade. Tern lanta, rent e
-H Lei Industry. Rubber Manufacturing (6);.-' De t. Co 2062-M- Br4usoms ------- Holfast Rubber Go., At: report of'th Compliance, Division shows,
01 p Ga. adjustiu
Restaurant InduatiY" nts, of uch% complaintsin the Varions'
Bldg., Detroit, Doherty --------- R Groups in Detroit and
7(2) The following trades a6Td 1ndus- Electrical Contracting (3),,6' Fed. .O. 0. States With the, number of employees: 1 ',
0 .11; tries not yet codifled:. Virdnity.
... I 1 1 A' Advertls Washington Hotel Farnsworth-- Amer. Assn.' of Advertising -ambunts of restitutionmaile,
Cori fectioners! Storek., lhgAgency--- volved i and the
i-:i.s le of Milk at Retail. Agencies. 'as follows.
auty Parlors; an 7-7
U'h other.;tndes andlndust le's
3- 1 may, frqrn,, tilm e to' 11- 11- I -1 7 :, ; Am,,
94t Optical Rq-4aiP.(1'compIai It 6 for, Mayflower He Dahlberg- Num- beiof
4 *C lit
T bw5)1 Fm-r
Sha -W4.-4A, C 1 so,
q ,ctin; R I h7, a Pobbi 7 in
W11 q up I Cases 'ploy
7 -1 -.7
dom futtty. 1, L I'- , I -
idefiri -untricorporat,
2)-Ah7 ',We ed
(If, aL Fwell'-defified
ftl or borated coininufflty
JF Alabama
'Ithin 'It -, eonflue l RIX La er
Dept- OrmnL.An&, I..
atod --------- t; aM.- ccdjrdunltj,.T] 41:16 De -COX Mah. ------ --- -----------
1Wbber pIi&MaIiuIaCtU 'D ep I O'bilim., 2"W-O- MoQlare UbberC64A0bsr-' ;;-ChV"0fhia"11'-1
of, less tijan, 2;600j,2uliattoil,1 84hil 1 85 4 1 2, l
be,""In the 7 miliemillat-el fflide.
a lareer city:Af' C olorado L
9Xea ptembei
are 13
ofametiopolltari digirlpt Con 13 ecti( uL--. JI--'-
flpes Piano MifirIfacturil Dolaware---
of aey C ty, as such znetr4oll- 7: 4, 'HoteLL ------- Hooke - ----- Code Authority,
..tur 'db3tr ctq are establlsMd, -V
I Georg [0 4R, $1
tbe Federal census In thepubll-. (1) modificationProinm .11'(2T, dmnints ft Division --------- - ----------- 3 3 VLr c(
catio, entitled Metropolitan of tbs Constructlon Industry. (4) Divisioli.of the Wholei 'L' -2, 115 79 2,
n Baling and Dist Ito Ing Tra a. (6) 06de-Authorlty udget and Basis of Contribution. (6) Application for Exemption.
gtricte, Bureau of r u Isi.n. of Mic III diana ---------------- I ---------- '2T 90 1 07LOV
ter,, C,, 1930- or (7) proposed S.bdi, h 'eiy and Allied Products. (8) Application for To natio of Exemption. . 1 '407. 11"
Vashin ., ---c --- ---- '16 19
(2) Th-eT.,,boIr 'on cYties or, towns Kansm "l, I I I
wth population ofi over z -- -- ------------------- 7 UA, 96
--------------------- 4 4 101.0'
(V Em loyers in the',trades 9 5W.,
eiTged 'eclu- Approv otltxr are assembled and tied, a. stock-roo I m' Maina-L --&---.- --- ---
atove stated, 'who tire er ce als -of Code Auth
4 ,elvely. In local trade or.- 6 in t6wria. pr ------------------- 19 368 6, 437.75
d,, are hicloded 111thIn thA OceSs and not a fabricating proeVs. 31UR,
as above defluL Massachusetts, -- ----------- 23 119 2,
order. miployers, operattn% under rnhnu- 13u'd'gets, aild' Bases of QUESTION' Shall routing of work from- Michigan~ ------------- 35 36 7U
facturIn codes or under w, olesale Codes Mississippi - -------------------- 2 11 lp
t f. 7. the Cutting room to tho various 9ho after
are no cludedwithim the orde andAre Contribution ps Minnesota ---- ------------------- 85
rom such Codeg. 7 parts are as embled and tied, be. considered Mi 146 ,&Evff
'"t'exempted f ssourL --------- -------- -17 45 9 7%0, 8?
an operation which is not ------------ 4 10 145.4
W"ApgLICA.TION13 FOR R-ELiEF',, AND., IN- Mason, Contractors Division of'the Construction facturing pr part of the manu- -Nebraska-.--' ----------- 30 7
A, .-I' ? I I ------------------ 72 1,372 00
Industiy; MaxkIng Devices Industry; Gas Cock ocess?
Nevada -------------- I -------------- "o 0 011
Industry;' Gear VanufacturIng Industry;. Retail INTERPRETATION Routing of work New:Hampshiro---- ------ ----- 72 72
Jocil. cdlmpetitlve conditl6na In Solld:Fuel Indovtry; Cerficat Gan Contracting Dlyi- 967.48
Altlcuigr trgd[e ,or, tn1dustry Are such that:.j1U- sion of the Construction Industry ; Buff and Fol- from cutting room to the various-ShOpS, after New.Torsey--- -------------- 1 1 NAG,
New Miudco ---------- ----------- 1 1 j.78
yore LWhoL would ordinarily be I j[117eWhePI.I11dUstry; Cooking, and Heating- Ap-
ncludod witWn parts are assembled and tied, is a nonmalall- Now York ---- -------------------- 44 178 2, 2=67. N
exemptIon's f Lid Executive Order a1*iit.'In ri, acturing Industry; Textile, Print facturing occupation.,
Ile, B AlbaAy- ----------- -- 5 10 nq 4
ir ll competition with employers, ii"l ng ludustry; Luggage and Fancy
t, and 'cont zous I 4 Buffalo --- -ii ---- --------- 23 ISO 8, 901 99L
jtbaL, 44me locaIlty not So exempted, becauge of Leather Goods Induqtry; Washing and Ironing North, Carol ----- ---------- L 19. 145 5, W 37,
'ff, '4h6va' definition of Immediate trade area chine Manufacturing Industry Construction Master Cuiters.
I tI f rellef- may:i be made to the Xodo, I U11 g Trade; Alectrical Con- North Dakota-L- ----- -- LL 4 12 1, GM61. 49t,
on or aclilnery Distributin 3,9111.85'
particular trade or industry tractIng Division, of the Construction Iricalstry; FACTS. Ohio ---------------- -A ---------- 86 125
t for the -The c*tlng, of master patterns Oklahoma 10 29 6M W,
wIth the 'approval of the Admlol4rfi- 'Furnirurd and Floor Wax aild P91ish Manufac- is generally done before, the manufacturing Oregon ---- -------------- - ----- 5 40 1, 5MS2.34
an opinion covering icific case. turi
',tender tbe"spL Industrv; Food Dish Sind Pulp and. Paper season. bQgins by'a Special gr6u 'of workers Pennsylvania:
theia'Ig no approved 'Coae'or Code kuthorlty Pl.,V Iridust y;. painting, Paperhanging, and Philadelphia~ ---------- 84 946 14, ouma 463
huehL' industry or trade, an int6rprJatioil of Decorating Division of the Corthtruction Industry. and precedes the actual manufacturing proc' Pittsbtirgb ----------------------- 62 667 12,'2KO '
may be IssnedNby NRA In Washing- ess because the work is done before the cloth Rhode Island--, 6 8 SM 8
iioob- r6commeddation'of the N TtAjJ3 Late Dlrec- South, a 63
oub ul cases d all.Inquirles with respect is cut.: South Dakota- 2 9 163. 8
U.Sbould, address to.JN64ocal S Late Interpretatioll QUE$TION-Shall Workera engaged in Tennessee--- --- --------------- 10 18 W. 7
C6 etb -the cutti-ii f aster Patterns be Texas:
(Continued from page 4) g considered
Houston-- -- -------------- 40 61 2,417.47
O wql noninanufa4lur g-emplo'yeeg?. Da --------------------- 26 06 2,613,5 8
-in any one INTERPRETATION.--7-A' worker. who I' U -------
a tah-- 2 4 lb & 718
--employed in 't V rmgnt --------------------- f-- 0 0
he, cuttluV of'Inaster I Patterns, ei
itz. Hinployers engaged in one or moretypes of Cutters if such work is done in a department wholly Virginia-' ----: -- ------------- ----- 29 40 1, 8N.^A
Washington ----------------------- 15 287 17,81t, V,
business, the trades or Indus- &V,
tiles enumerfLted Aove, and one or more FACTS.-The Men's Clothing Code pro- ufacturing West Virginia -------------------- 8 8 181.K
tiOns, is classified a nonmanufactu ring em- Wisconsln -- ------------------- 7 11 aji4,67
dIffererit businesses do not fall our, Wyoming -----------
types of business not so covered'and vides that a cutter shall receive $1 an h ployee, A person who cuts a paperpattetn District oi dolumbla -------------- 8 14 IN 42
Into well deflned or readily segregable de- while the minimum for other in anufactu ring from a block pattern is a cutter within the
ted trader the n a nuinber
,partments shall be 0 p employees is 40 cents an hour. I TOTAL, ALL OFFICE9- 4,800 106, VU N,
Provisions of Such only if their 'arose as to whether
order of actories thequestion definition.
principal business (defined as, more than
50 percent of their gross sales) As Cov- 9- worker who, cuts a piece of! lining from Sponging'and Shrinking
e ed by tbe trades of. Industries %so enum- the bolt is A cutter. It is recognized that-a
r worker who cuts a piece of lining from the FACTS-In certain Clothing factories the it s e.
e. eroployer's bustripss falls Intotwo
or more well defined or deadly segregable bolt but does not use a pattern as a guide is sponking and shrinkIng of 'the cloth is done
7-1- departments only those, departments not a. skilled cutter, for, whom the $1 mint- in a sepaxate department wholly distinct ;
bose principal btraffiess (as above de-
mum was set. If, howev6r, he usei a pat-, from' the -manufacturing department S n F ra
fthed), IR covered by the trades or indus- of the in a n ciso
1zles enumerated above shall be exempted tern, skill is req jfod'jii Cutting the lining. clothing establishment; in other establish-
'under tbe provisions of such order. QUESTION-F[ 'y,, ^-,lioiuld the Work of a ments the manufacturer receives the cloth
qs, A phase of the broad movement to furthet
IDWloyers erigaged In a busine cuts -piece of lining from the already sponged and 4hrunk. Technically it and strengtb.ea industrial self-governmCn
which Js exempted under, such order, person who
s hall not be liable to, any Code Authority bolt be defined fdtj pprpose of determining might be regarded that the sponging and with due respect to the rights of the ela,
for, nagessniruts- based upoa the-part of whether he Is entitI&I to the minimum rate shrinking of the Cloth is not part of the
his business So exempted, I ------- PlOye l cMproyft and the'consumer, NRA1