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June 25, 1934
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-pt review of such
In the Division of

order referredto in this story see P. 5

ctric Power


.O.e.*.Ao @.,. 1933

, Business Indicators, July 21, 1934
.S. Department of Commerce

r on electric power production
strikingly even keel in 1934 and
average,-almost equal to electric
luction in 1923-25, while industrial
is now about 86 percent of the
1923-25. The change in the rela-
en the volume of electricity pro-
the volume of goods produced is
natter of. changes in the technical
! production and in the standards

alist carries a series of figures
weekly production of electric power
, allowance is made for seasonal
This series shows a slight

electric power, production curve
of doubtful value as indicating
of business activity because it is
so much by changes in the arts
g uses of refrigeratiop.

in such methods would be difficult or impossi- weekly empoyee-nuurs permitted dy the uoae
ble. Second, in discriminating against cer- foX such peak period weeks shall not be ex-
tain elements of distribution in favor of other ceeded; and that time and one half shall be
elements; and undoubtedly, in some cases paid for any hours worked in excess of the
completely eliminating certain distribution maximum daily hours permitted.
factors. And third, in setting up definite ma-
chinery which would strengthen or make pos-
sible, price fixing and resale price main- C ham
tenance. It was felt that the National Re- C h ain Store. "
covery Administration should not counte- A continued gain in chain store sales in
nance anything which would have these June in the, New York Federal Reserve Dis-
effects. trict is reported by the Federal Reserve
T The problem involved in formulatingany Bank of New York. A summary of the
policy permitting any classification of cus- study issued by the bank follows in part:
tomers, without, at the same time, injecting "Total June sales of the reporting chain-
some of the unfavorable features outlined store systems were approximately 9/ percent
above may well be realized. It is not at all higher than a year ago, a somewhat smaller
uncommon for a single distributor to function increase than occurred in the previous
as a wholesaler, retailer, or even as a mail month. Sales of the candy chains again
order store. It is not the purpose of the showed a substantial gain over a year ago,
NRA to disrupt such operations and the diffi- which, after making allowance for one more
culty of classifying such a distributor Is Saturday this year than last, was about the
easily conceived. Further, a distributor may same as last month's increase."
be a retailer for certain products and be a
wholesaler for other products, and the classi-
fication of such a distributor may logically be
contained in two very closely allied indus- Silk''G roup
tries. The perplexities of this problem were A technical advisory committee consisting
fully realized early In the stage of itg consid- of leading technicians inthe silk and rayon
eration, and experts, both favorable and un- Industry has been formed, according to an
favorable, to 'customer classification were announcement made by Peter Van Horn,
called In to the meetings which were held New York, president of the National Federa-
over a period of several days. It was as a tion of Textiles, Inc. The committee will
result of these meetings, that the policy con- meet an Important need for a unit through
tained in, office memorandum no. 267 was which members of the federation can obtain
formulated, dependable and authentic knowledge of the
Industry Informed of Inlets latest scientific developments. In particular
As we analyze the proposed Code provision, it will give formal and official opinions on all
we find that it may be divided somewhat as technical questions other than those that can
(Continued on page 2, column 2) be answered in a testing laboratory.

out rc

Authomry member
staff must be rea
tion will refuse t
diem compensatio
justified by the w(
formation on this
required by NRAk
when paying his a
sured that he is nc

TH Awarde Guilty of Cq

-Cestr ro N R Ae ahan -1~ %7Viltin

Lr Bo Pard to b tn ComplianceDivisionof
Emphasize BetweenComplain Says Most Code

acti n hSedBtenC m ans 40 oSettled ...SatisfactorilybyS
Ho anaDsutes and Local gec

"t'h'.... e threat of itAierican 1ndnsty o 193

olo t andcom/lin with that established the reenl struction contracts. It does not show their Against all of Aricas 21 millionR
oi'ab Relations B r wa anone by..: t e National Recov cia~iflcation into residential, nonresidlential, [ployers, now operating under 506 dtver _
0howeer, tohereports of the W. Dodge otere on Juy ,and of tese almor
ratio.cNiononalpLabore Between Coorksaiand ut4tis Sereerenedes onl tis,1f1colty beentat

of Relations Bord emphaize thedistition C aton will s haWfOr the month of were duplications, reducng the total t
tbewelaorcmpatsInvolvingg Striked oricolutso o.S h i ursDeaten coftrCtsmere 7 pecnwhn3200hsihduto tea actio or

t gp aie o n thiher tan intacthough for hp rlast 5 several thmIts are frequentlyein
inuwage provisions o] ari p se o alleged yei's h~ere d asbya en aon average le o.f 8 against theSame Arm on te e co
ft (a) f th Rand inving acual or threatened strikes percent It sent contracts in June as ACrankt letters constitute 20l er.
?-'iid -compared ith dMayt all complaints received a better which
.......T hationale decle ain nonresidential onsireton t hat "Joimy Reill go t raise 506 divrie
publi woks anotiii s. rfree coes onlmye 63,6 complainsad benrgs

sy an st hatter........anontrac i Jun however, o ght the vol- se siilar grievance. In adt i lmos, h
ten su oa pints c bards e ed vtoldo ofth 'nine ol cosetra conctractw 5 percent gtion ofen provs that the oelain

hihrd lor b tha in May, although seafonsly te l s ip nfod t fionetheocomplantly ein
.voltono sciob (~ba)fthei Ba rd anit d ".involingt ual a re ntreuired y trikeA percenin eso entaoal contract in on oe as toak codtervsons. ro 20 ece
~ O 00 a ad, lthugh s, u bordsundr cdesforthehcompag racs e chthvrshow aay dacde pecemant s ft ec3,1e1-mayter a cun te

topao sddubl ed rng te'flrtw weeks of"J i. It ge t Actuai V Ioators
an th cae of ..lter bReli 4.t e n t Cogl aalso be note r th oht tha 5- We mhese deducion Oa i roery .
' Or e Issued tod a c board heeofr ... ..ho riz d t o ..... gaio ...o... .. .. .t .en poe s thau t ns he cpr i

o intsle I- a uuent ute Or thou h construction in the United Stats t
out' at filialt Jurisdictionmay 66 of Jn wi1h934, cretn Natioalo stilon 40 pn of the aeaeo r the mno loati ones t inia em aainsnt b e to
'thebetih Labor Relatioo B d ca d o. I ons Board no s n A o s houl b a M o a ll consstrution.eron- formedas shoo- oode prvsit.Fro -to'8 boards nd er .. the Adminit rator ., year 1923a2t,, cos e ier actaa volatOrs In per engage ter os,
t"h. nae order dby boa ds indfo outr boards the in 198t. Ann fact, the .ota v thtuat less than c t peeat CIhall wm
a Order .. .. ... . .. s ... ..firs half.. of .. 1 P a 96prcn can 'employers 'had been oud guilt .. ,:eefbato el t ao l .. ,...
IRebfr dac t'Olabor diaptg ua u d Publ hicgherithan that in the same periodic 1933. iolalons oto Jaly<1.
Sa heard no yetablished Reslu i tevewed by 44of t tthation Le Fe Ata Vil p
as ~ Relatns i the ~er provided . ... ame e. ..... ....w These alsores b Doee 'from the s,
a ise uch a er to Texil I- and the s cutive Order No. o cont a c onwere i6n percent Sabove those in deousoons o are poelyislo Bdard oreutv thee Biu inu 67. of',n 29 194 cratn th Naioa staisic iniae onl one of ns such b .. ... b, 'ds...e.. a .special 1933 nonr csidentia, o percent h gh en
rd blL jas tir'dd te Lbordsr oerwis Barected by thePresiden u c os .... .. uered, al had received properattentn
o iwa rs ua to e h t 25,er rcet h..... ds io onnsis1e y h
by aid Pubdlice ARelsutin 4' pending vioWatohnton or State rmsoi
Ordr ode 1" 4 directors' I613esfthe normalq hea olv"

you.to1 Case h mans at ey time f nhe se-a .arg .
Qvning allge ofe fire Chafifto of 1034 was 96 percentLWil e periaben I nds guityr f! e
'Itd stryt tdy At'ad Ord e 'hereafter authorized 1)da Wt abr
viio, of higher codes tht is sinhien shat onlyo an 'very

I isw aed not oe ohreg et. : pt may be reviewed of thaeora o-eoraathighly paid umber ofcaSes ever reach JWlh
Relations te r ithemanner i ths He shelpino tomesehistode others b t orily ansted
Ssuchbords'ma'nogin gs sope. ialState and.lO thc0 complex age ainies en
tol te at eAW. hfeideb a "atpen M'd.' st:be nsf .... '< the 5pubkc pri or trotr uio for instance,

tbdo ac i o oferwis all t of ctoePrsident, of dof I 83 recrei ed oer te Ntian-an
Reain Boaon but alet th'xcfeOdrat, 22 'ucn he~ r.~e pca Cipositiane oucl, an aere of,937
,,issued~~~~~~eea inntra Pusac boeek:b iliundred~ls acig-frun tohes thdatort cnere
i, 0t'6r c oli felt 29 194 byt bei Publickt4 andluio 44."~fd pending 4in Wshintonor enn~Stat omla
dm 1Dte 1atr h e NR wil not coneac unqalieedtor s onieployes mno rta bclo"
bohmng'et epn Un~t~d clm~~~ by thtreeln and* subsistence;de fore intace msn't rotatioe. Of therer olrgeprcnt-
the4i m y con aynu e hanle gh ne vso h nisr adtn c r- Tebdeitsso hIgigt rvl hi oe

iuaa the various y h0 o owny shwiprob- sfor those co s which n
ottftaiutna alme wn lbgone on eahe actiond for settlement, in no cases have
co e o g m tace in thos aeAt fare, plus a aybe nr ts who have been proceeded 'agaf
theo pe soned o te omittree '...t. sne e )reon ta ness expbortenses no case 'to e e federal 'ourts, 'criminallhy or' inilly 1
augge4ted omsh re urgd.I ...t. o thera (ng or nf sud ro as c ... stn t $15, Is lwed. Subsistence wil us y be nection g th athe wages,hoursmase e
whct hHl op i include cei izades tat6rsand, hore, between m8 rad. $10State "f' eesad c$p imin agea ee pract roviuo g

esss ty acon wichthey ay tke tiv to ....4 Each in5 estry member Is heldJuln a ally
ela1bed abr. Quite natuallyo I 'Isu to obe su ed responsible'frshit tshareb of'dhisCsdeexfpense.
atoornie iie c atay ssifleation sdes not ECn- What his share amounts to in dollars taod' '-e Natio
Ic s sification i ng w i ts -ill b....e.... ... deixppe nes ullyss teng ,e ia l n- Co manc e studied byn NRA ase toh Snef
r., !knt exep thosen voutrl regi y inusr,~ an which' cl fcutio e i s, Ca sujc to --tiaios speia inutra adjustmen nstdwredvie I th c
6d this mehoe in 'dsaprva of the'diitrtrpnwek uded foh r-auted-b

agncisg -m t i g is s e. eqiablewhescmared wt tsther ter oie proved o r ve aios
nab o ov pd the order ont outne lieges of (irfetn ivus e m f his tk'a nf cons coere by the ardr Cod fo
a cobidei'tion th 14~w thesed ntii m plorats' iu nderetadicu o
1 yb reer~do bipatsa cmte that "lmk nfts h go ecod bphfte suggested cbd dTferelne an musse er' foringnce.
tnludi t r eprentaties o i 'bhm aemehn.. 'mayinnothe ideu er cusptomn r suc ar- aThea ud e. Austsessmehos goin basedronel, their toer s.'eepeetd'a oea
:and ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ rcr ofbobusinessy done. andlAssessmentsn corepre-y'imonte aand theerwhyde isdoinginto anthrees scwillprob

nlpcom ittee i an auest et trad te ori l ing e sry, of ah' nd vdal sent a, proportionate shae of the 'expneh. oe 'for the vaeyin g,"dr ch fg,nd co
ille ad a ion ws o gh ty epec 'toe t e This is true Whether fuds 'are' collected section; one for theopta instrument
zte a ight' of the cmmi ttees otla etscateons e. I nt e nOted 'tat tis to h o aved he t dfor 'he p emed aiid
par. basiuerl defe i dral tc r elmlinate rr y o o, ze' .
ar text tof the eAdministrat ive Oprderl the pani~rnt of thi csie fcat os ofaicustoe $1ropis tloaed s itene wil usaall bete a n secialty setio the inds hustryacin.'

elsn6wfOcatln p ou' fb iut w seldom xceuddae frac- Generally spekig, the standards ropo
'bi ng uide tcte. A order 'that there be Cio d ofe 1 'erent of i s ters. If'te eo er ; aorid et rentionbarg e ece
or CO'nnlhint .ad Dispute no ilsceriminaton, this art ofrthe provison bugee expense .%,, of .....n ste. ng th Code 'er ..f. the s type, re thesrra 'dheC
is divrded by'ethe total number Of ethaployees to. .. price ls, and restrict th m.nefac
&dupf te tauthrit veteaitteef rd uior natrces,' 'diso'sunt e di re spniln- is hr fhs oeepne

"fiflo fensubject to he Code "the pera canta 'ora in the matter'of trade-i allowane.
t e tonal Thdp-it8ariseove Ati tinall patiulard frce or thl e vaios weather oclarflly asessed on tha bassr Scintific pparatu

rps. he th f in reg o f the tra.e. n' o e thatno fo w- assessed on the dollar volume bf business
pote ia resultinistrative Order toen .isibti o 'may be' elimine u e r iot exceed a minimumwe t tTs earnings .. d
elimination of v e o ier hi s Improvso las stipulated that noeer s ofyee uust 'n is ae care er c b a C f

"h otharesthat 'ao anune-hescomder arti ulssitl tbe found ever, ththe Fro m code
provisons ibe poinwte ofthe inatr h 'ofnect anseps ve rqlire d the bea rodu cin- eety rpsdb h oeAtoiy

try, due tsali the'W ce, m y noht be on der cutomer classifica o be a n these caes bears approximately o -e p -
dle O y r e ompliane division', equesd- mti, bnd about prilefav oate "iith same relation to the entire budget as it does re oeni rings
ator~for npprO'~'al~D'ember'for the hn- rsetohinopettrs win h pq to~ thens tegeeaernofIdstis

thatrffectwillbe oidered ati a 'ision t enthe e t o i t noe that ot of i arch MemberssAssesadd o f t o itm SO
1 e. ...a Code iftdorltsa'es'iartsbuseness
reacdnth l e piicula fs, : l Custome-s ... C rtn .. ..t ale f ads. he i n ;The w thr d works divtstoeof the Am uid
Invoved n pargrpf ispait particularly- 'efine to elimina te d po n.on t' shart e early bstaeds ian th ecateo of Elerc Inctr.ino

Thete wtho the oew A t rti e -budgetdandei bas fortcontribution whih in.. ..g hore customersa..uan er b
Comslaints roh iously pted ut fo asizable dnstry m b ier .e do m a esedhte history ofptheaeo the otA b e d
anl commitee If desired, or, If suI e i ........ ao te Code, m es whe p w, aof' d e 4ain of 8
oe rb ipallinef busess is in the' ustry+ or mJade c I orbar Potr te b
bucdgn e c eni o o ght nir o dei membedof the industry in the case Of s.tae am tpereoitokhodeh.. rn
;ele . : of the' clsscain pi6 rd r by the C d Au- t later th indu stry. whl mus .hv pustft he'na6lmottohs~hdedJse.0
Labor oept-n d f te o o ,sc n ao .c f i ei ermson from fthe Adinistration 's.pgi of 9 p t over the l

fectids uniform pricthe discounts, if, In hisidudgbetne tota an' atoempbetter Unless 'such permission Is gantedmeimbetrs manufactusaid
iny virtu f the ta..itywi e fn meets the cnditio -of 'ring practices to try w he prcit i e l thies nea s .. .ter a c.
'uf~ groups....of 'r nted 'fade 'o "'in part of the "lrovIlOn 0 als 'glves tO a under anthrCoethy.a.otb requied no onlyfro an improvemet st'if
iebgle the ,ight to place to pay assessment to any but the Cod Au c o bI thev
undertheNationa stri ................i he toyy under which that praeassline f als, of reconnection of thousands of homes
Ie pres ofbe the ont r t c e t a tre I r thato dt k t I a s t have been closed, as well asf bgene
Fit m nsive and is tisepoviion, a i stpen f o caes in ri epl account The de Authority must proved lin conditions."
hesrscbt e "t date an aindiViuall who shall be respn-
'is u dt 'o a n lass ortod^ o esi na yble for 'the handling d aunte in for basis
Ifha Inutyde tosal e~'blh~sbditiuin be~a z '-n fds st. ane msbt subit prodic re-u cntAruon =noudge Ieera
So lnde resec Co m e lb cm elude u, of "Witona'rs,,tb r sn- for audit by a cmpetent outside agency, ot her hashad'opportunityto
,i Stner c nu partcu esr ht Eivey do lalr the vidual 'u ess man "opinion, shares
It'hol ab pointedp reache In thie conecton h
fiets ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ha in improd. clasiitonofsc'ultyme paysi thes a ns bheaprs appr~n oi~a c 'thter r-srou betoS4

so ae rq et to: submit totesaco stnt heek a public might b g uS lllfv a p c w
me' pptov la or ute h to hir ometi in u way "r n ration to the entire b' it ch iNR o es
Admnitrtie rdr oe ~otstenthndf anayze teacher paricla budget andk basisio for are found.



20 20

ruling accordingly, however, the applicant
ruling from the division administrator on
wing question :
ION.-Does rule 4 of division VI of Sup-
ry Code No. 1 give the Code Authority
,r to issue the following regulation:
restrictions shall be placed on advertising
member of this branch of the industry
mainly advertises such member's own
ertising of any member of this branch
industry may carry collective mention of
s' names (three or more) and location, but
ertislng shall not carry customers' brand
mark names.
ertising of any member of this branch of
try shall mention only firm or corporate
tPRETATION.-It is ruled that the Code
y has power to issue the above ruling.'


ents of mining and industrial elec-
omotlves, based on data reported to
reau of the Census by 10 manufac-
comprising practically the entire in-
totaled 70 valued at $344,870 in the
ended June 30, against 39 valued at
in the preceding quarter and 26
at $81,315 in the second quarter of

ash Machines
ing machine shipments for June were
est for that month in the Industry's
acording to the American Washing
Manufacturers Association. Ship-
or June 1934 were 94,890 as compared
8 in June i933.
shipments brought the total for the
If year's operations, to the largest
for any similar period ever reported.
Ats totaled 679,624 as compared to
for the corresponding period last

tort Weights
ommodity division of the NRA has
forces with the Bureau of Weights
asures of the city of Philadelphia in
e against short weight

49.3 I

During the recovery, movement bets
June 1932.and June 1934, total manufac
ing production increased 44.1 percent.
this increase, durable goods accounted
30.8 parts and nondurable goods for
parts. Stated otherwise, productionofe
abld goods increased 117.5 percent wibi
NOTE .-"Durable" includes iro:
cement, polished plate glass, automobi
"Nondurable" includes textiles, le
ufactures not in the "durable" group.


Boots and Shoes
FACTS.-A member of the'boot and shoe manu-
facturing industry with a plat in Philadelphia
has been requiring his employees to work in so-
called "s PIt shifts." 'Due toireuarityof"the
supply of work in various departmet, even, though
the employee Is hired py resmbyfradyo
enf o.,u l fra a.o
week, there is frequently only about an hour or
two actual work for an employee at any one me.
When he has finished the work assigned him he is
"laid off" for an hour or two and then required to
report for duty again at a stated time. In this
particular planet the employee is virtually hired and
aid off fiye or six times a day. The, State Com-
pllance Director of Philadelphia assumes that split
shifts are not permitted under the code or by
Administration policy, and procured an agreement
from this member of the industry topy back
wages for waiting time between these shi to the
extent of $10,000.
QUESTION.-Is this not a violation of the letter
and spirit of the NIRA and the. hour and wage
provisions of the Boot and Shoe Manufacturing
Industry Code?
INTERPRETA ION.-Yes. Employees should
be paid for all time they are on duty and subject
to call. Under the provisions of the Boot and
Shoe Manufacturing Code employees may normally
be employed a maximum of 40 hours per week.
If employees are subject to call and thereby on
duty during the hours per day which they are
allowed to work (not to exceed 40 per week in
normal times), they must be paid the minimum
wage for all such time. If because of mismanage-
ment or otherwise the production of various divi-
sions of his plant is not so regulated as to provide
an even flow of work for all employees resulting in
work being available only at irregular hours during
the day, employers cannot use such conditions as
an excuse for refusing to pay their employees for
the full time they are on duty and subject to call,
irrespective of the fact that employees may not be
engaged in productive labor for the full 40 hours
per week. They must be paid for all time devoted
to the interests of their employers, even though a
part of this time may be spent in idleness while
awaiting a supply of additional work.


Administrator Sj
At Chicago

The National Recovery Administrator will
be Chicago's honor gue Augus 2, for "NRA
Day" at theCentury of Progress Exposition;
and at 8: 30 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time)
will address a nation-wide radio audience co
over a hook-up of the National Broadcasting po
The speech-will be delivered at the Lagoon p
Theater on the :Exposition grounds. Follow- Pt

tor for li:
Both Chic
preparing t
big events
Horner pro
of Progress
Nation to '

o and the State of Illinois are
nake "NRA Day" one of the
f the Exposition. Governor
wing NRA Day at the Century
ked all citizens throughout the
in in this day of enthusiastic

Illinois Pay Gains
For the fifth consecutive month, industry
In Illinois showed gains both in employment
and pay rolls during June, the State depart-
ment of labor reported today.
During that period, the report said, em-
ployment increased over May by 0.4 percent
while pay rolls gained 0.7 percent. The in-
creases were based on returns made by 4,251
manufacturing and nonmanufacturing estab-
lishments in the State.

1t ad res Co er r Board'- h rdum cy a comm ittee s o n a

ct tiv .... r vn to.... t f......n Cdeu aC osdrd~~cinn a

l t Adv eadi dvrs sers torthe t .7 irma.euat al n 1611:1
tese tre oas-. Be. eegandeingadnd Austmnt fdeo
k2 t oA Rem pe y nra
lb ovei ieu l IvtigWonftei~at on pte Wong-

end lt Fom td ds ning I~ad re- sor.. . s [; e
r n d l a, creprouation of hes ,a~to e nd ........ ye ti i pr S t
NR onsumthe rsoudvionr oard- Stte' nds r l1rdfethCcto nstruchion industry .. an-.... i
Canmin e publiy on thee o Rf nlg an,'h "Adjustment
"d tbecionm t a committee m Thepsonferencw ggeUIeby
st ormulation f nar ss, tte eas e e en i A hieh at eed

ali sand a An re mlaios sub- g begin a trhp cotuer Nort CaolnouhCao
NR advser New Jerse Seo pro-mf B ~ ~ robeee
eonte t e dm in igeiY ~ S~ pmsratoro oo Julyoiz 13nc iee t little orga loria n Alabam~i a ho as

inatusoiinreas t ..e Iaecstuy, tn firsthandeos.W teahe wage po
t approprto iaan e nord laying to Inst' Thros gh Pe
ad d b t n Thee of Govury e et e CaIni erug a, to te C
Ib the treev pbesl Repr ent en fro Se ar aeo ys wto oerue ense os
aasfollows pcoaitl dv r tt the emerge nyoaneroth erk an t e o fernStets

d niStrat r s. Durin Mandrd genra contrctoy aosudr otheanrso';sp~os~n
The t of theaise rhe sert tonim theg Yo cust in me Sor nt s e r

atio .folow : 'SaeGvr
uAJieasint 'be of the Buredsinaig nad- plying Natyonralue eter yl A n isratMor andu G ov. 228 His y UnfNe etde th min uc'ageof4 entsI per

eehsEi cs; W.s B. Woods cabor ml uon eon-'
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Dru Aminitr atin sugsn are saub-, cor pre ciate fN oe n thosidl eni ent oes oueatv w i Nead s e e y uade r stion sta one f 'this wagleroiin u of the Code
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approved_____ fo oeadrcm edtos A term f the at sl ma ke nu thepstintal Recovery sugetimifno isne tura in the a- crpaseo: ,3 mlyesoe il 5
astothe___________fo the efreeto ofN A tw ds ew J sy Inu ril ztion of e se eer d umat on doe the t 'shn 1933.
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plytt n eoeylgsainadNew Jer'sey Industrial Recovery Administra- wihIa oa drsigt 3ohrGv
igan ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ tin haveaurn beent reprtdf~engIna atm t io hs om taes warich inv thise tate w ~a epeek ..2,7 654 556
Other Thpamnt ofLabor, andedsry Th Inusr onsis
7,64~ r 5.5pecen 'geaeacha aI t uaF RE u drt n eah o the Coe antciper trachs. Ing mentan undhere estan cn s. of 91.3 fimoea t
N8. 9~4, 'fr te~eplatsor 0.7per. Cdeistormdate te tothe r heir Jre-. cerseyn through af r t~ha'u J~ne1933. OpeJune memer forn the decion of cei- 'ecver N A dmianistation rec lov reqest- *nlctsdera
deeoe among ote hnsthtol .

.6 pag e J.i LcUJ

the Administrator:
ministrative Officer.

[on relating to this order see

July 18, 1984.



150-15 (Amend. No. 1)
lication having been duly 'made pursuant
full compliance with the provisions of
f the National Indus trialRecovery Act,
June 16, 1933 for approval of a modifica-
Code of Fair Competition for the Asphalt
tic Tile Industry, an opportunity to be
tVing been duly afforded all irerested
nad the annexed report on said mmdfica-
tamning findings with respect thereto,
en made and directed to the President:
THEREFORE, on behalf of the President
ited States, I, Hugh S. Johnson, Adminis-
Industrial Recovery, ursuant to author-
d in me by Executive Orders of the
, including Executive Order No. 6543-A,
member 30 1933, and otherwise; do hereby
te, by reference said annexed report and
that -said modifcation and the Code as
'd after being modified comply in all
with the pertinent provisions and will'
the policy and purposes of said Title of
and do hereby order that said modiflea-
nd it is hereby approved and that the
approval of said Code is hereby modified
e an approval of said Code in Its entirety
Administrator for Industrial Recovery.
Division Administrator.
on, D.C.,

Application of Penzel Mueller and Coi-
Long Island City, NYew York, for an
rion from the Provisions of Article III.
MAS, an application has been made by
ve-named applicant, through the Code
for an exemption from the provisions of
1, of the Code of Fair Competition for
Instrument Manufacturing Industry; and

afford consideration of the objections of any
interested parties; and
WHEREAS, in the Order approved June 21,
1934, said stay of Article VIII, Rule 19, was
extended to July 115, 1934, to afford an opportunity
to consider the objections of any interested parties;
WHEREAS, after due notice a Public Haring
was held on July 10, 1934, to afford an opportunity
for the presentation of objections to said Article
VIII Rule 19;
N6W THEREFORE, on behalf of the President
of the united States I, Hugh S. Johnson, pursuant
to authority vested in me by Executive Order
No. 6543-A, dated December 30, 1933, and other-
wise, do hereby stay the provisions of Article VIII,
Rule 19, of the Code of Fair Competition for the
Candy Manufacturing Industry, to July 30, 1934,
in order to permit parties affected by said Article
VIII, Rule 19, to dispose of stocks now on hand
and on the date herein specified, the provisions of
said Article VIII, Rule 19, shall become effective
unless I shall by my further Order otherwise
determine or extend such stay.
Administrator ,for Inftstrial Recovery.
Approval recommended:
Division AdnMstrator.
Washington, D.C.,
July 2, 198.

'5-15 (Amend. No. 2)
An application having been duly made pursuant
to and in ful compliance with theprovisions of
Title I of the National Industrial Recovery Act,
approved June 16, 1933, for approval of a modi-
fication to the Code of Fair Competition for the
Canning and Packing Machinery and Equipment
Industry, and notice of opportunity to file objec-
tions having been given and the annexed report
on said modification, containing findings with re.

3471-2 (Amend. No. 1)
)Rn DEi


Industry, and the aunexco report on sad amen
ment, containing findings with respect there
having been made and directed to the President:
NOW, THEREFORE, on behalf of the Presider
of the United States, I, Hugh S. Johnson, Adminti
trator for Industrial Recovery, pursuant to authe
ity vested in me by Executive Orders of the Pres
dent, including Executive 'Order 6543-A, date
December 30, 1933, and otherwise, do hereby incc
porate by reference said annexed report and A
find that the said amendment and the Supplement
Code as constituted after being amended comply 1
all respects with the pertinent provisionsand wi
promote the policy and purposes of said Title,
said Act, and do hereby order that said amen
ment be and it is hereby approved, and that ti
previous approval of said Supplemental Code
hereby modified to include an approval of sat
Supplemental Code in its entirety as amended
such approval and such amendment to take effe.
fifteen (15) days from the date hereof, unless go
cause to the contrary is shown to the Administre
tor before that time and the Administrator issue
a subsequent order to that effect.
Adminiertor for Intatrial Recovery.
Approval recommended:
Division Administrator.
Washington, D.C.,
July 18, 1984.

further nienr
ry p. 1 col. 1


No. 363-15
0 RD E-R
Approving Rules and Regulations governing the
y Tie use of labelsby theMen's Neckware Code
shall Authority and the Application and Certificate
and of Compliance Forms for Manufacturers and
oordi- Contrators.
Agen- A Code of Fair Competition for the Men's
a Neckware Industry having been heretofore ap-
proved by me on March 24, 1934, and it being
4 rovidedn Section I, second paragraph, of Article
f Fir XIof said Code as amended on June 13, 1934, that
,idnMtt g ml.,.fl.A,.Anthit.1...4.. ..h4,,.4to.the an,,nr 1 n*o

Men's Neckware In-
my approval, Rules
he Use of Labels in
and the Application
e Forms for Manu-
opies of which.are
tion that said Rules
ms conform with the
n, and l l tend to

6543-A, dated December 30, 1933, and oth(
do hereby incorporate, by reference, said ai
report and do find that said modification an
Code as constituted after being modified c
in all respects with the pertinent provisioi
will promote the policy and purposes of sai
of said Act, and do hereby order that said.:
cation be and it is here approved, and th
previous approval of saidCoe erey m
to include an approval of said Code in its eni
as modified.
Adminstrator tor IdustrMal Reco
Approval recommended:
C. E. ADAMs,
Division Administrator,
Washington, D.,
July 14, 1 .9,4.


Approved Code No. 474-Amendment

g Section 2
petition for



-16 (Amend. No. 4)

Adiminstrator for Incfustksi
Approval recommended :
Acting Division& Administrator.
Washington, D.C.,
JUly 20, 1984.


July 18, 1984.


3 (Amend. No. 1)


An apr
to and in
Tltle I-o

take efctn(10) days from the
unless good cause to the contrary is
Administrator before that time and the
to issues a subsequent Order to that
Administrator for Industrial
Approval recommended :
Division Administrator.
Washington, D.C.,
July P0, 1984'.

to the"
tuthor 4G-19 (Amend. No. 2)
43--A, ORDER
te the An application having been duly made pursuant
t, and to and in full compliance with the provisions of
d it is Title I of the National Industrial Recovery Act,
)proval approved June 16, 1933, for approval of a modifl-
ide an cation to the Code of Fair Competition for the
ended. Motor Vehiele Retailing Trade, and due considera-
tion having been given thereon and the annexed
,,, report on said modification, containing findings
with respect thereto, having been made and di-
rected to the President:
NOW, THIEREFORE, on behalf of the President
of the United States, I, Hugh S. Johnson, Ad-
ministrator for Industrial Recovery pursuant to
authority vested in me by Executive Order No.

DIi'$son Admitiafrator.
Washingon, D.C.,
July 2 0, 1934,

Approval of application of L. S. Ayr
pany, Indianapolis, Indiana, for exe
the provisions of Article V, Section
ing permission to work their employ
hours, July 2, 1934, for the purpc
semi-annual inventory.
An application having been duly
L. S. Ayres and Company, Indlanapo
for an exemption from the provision
V, Section 4 (d) of the Code of Fair
for the Retail Trade and the Deputy A4
having recommended and it appearing
requires that said application be gra
extent hereinafter stated :
vested in me by orders of the Admi
Industrial Recovery, and otherwise.

n duly made pursuant

An applicatlo
to and in full
Title I of the
approved June

d. AN. 1)


athority' has duly-made recommefda-
enuds and faulty"merchandise be
it number assigned to each member
y;"and -
said ,recommendations ,were duly
solution of the Code Authority at a
tay 18, 1934. The'resolution reads
that the Code Authority for the
Waterproofing Specialties Manufac-
y recommend to the Administrator
he following condition covering the
s and faulty or defective merchan-

I Resolved, that the Secretary of the
rity Is hereby authorized to issue such
to 'eachmember of the Industry to be
Roses of identification of merchandise
s ; and
AS, the Deputy ,Administrator having
ed and it appearing necessary t mark
ets of said Industry' to assist in the
t of said Code:
HEIREFOIZE, I, Hugh S. Johnson, pur-
authority vested 'in ime by Executive
o otherwise, do hereby order that said
ationsofthe Code Authorityfor the
d Industry be and. are herby approved
nt that the Secretary 'of the Code Au-
hereby' authorized to issue a number to
er of'theIndustry tobe used for mark-
onds. and faulty rmercbandise of such
the' Industry; and
ther ordered'thatbeach member of the
ark such'productwith such number,,as
elgued to him by the Secretary of the
d Cede Authority.
der shall become effective fourteen (14)
the date hereof unless objections, are
good o ause'to the ,contrary tis shown
Administratorfor Industrlal Recovery.


of said Code, Is hereby amended to include an
approval of said Code In its entirety as amended,
such approval and such amendment to take effect
ten (10) days from the date hereof, unless good
cause to the contrary is shown to me before that
time and I issue a subsequent order to that effect.
Administrator for 14ustial Rcovery.
Approval recommended:
Division Adtinistratorf.
Washington, D.C.,
July 18, 1934.


Granting Application of 3.,Milhoning, Inc., Chicago,
Illinois, for an Exemption from the Provisions of
Article III, Section 1.
WHEREAS, an application has been ,made by the
qabove-named applicant for, an xemption from jthe
provisions of Article III, Section 1 of the Code of
Fair Competition for the Watch case Manufacturing
.Industry; and
,WHEREAS, the Deputy Administrator has re-
ponted, and It appears to my satisfaction that the
exemption hereinafter granted is necessary and will
tend to effectuate the policies iof,Title I of the
National Industrial Recovery Act ;
NOW, TEREFORE, plursuant to authority
vested In me, It Is hereby ordered that the above-
named applicant be and it hereby is exempted*'from
-saidprovIsions of said Code prohibiting the employ-
ment of workers in excess of forty hours In any
one week or eight hours in any "twenty-four hour
period ; provided, that an aggregate of ninety-six
hours per year in excess of the maximum shall
"not be exceeded, and that time and one-third,sball
be paid for &II hoursaper week overforty.
GEo. L. BzERY,
Dtsifion Administrator.
Order recommended:
Deputy, A4saltrO
July 18, 1934.

Leaf Spring Manufacturing Prod-
uct Gr o p of the Automatic Parts
,and 'Equipment Manufacturing
Approved July,18, 1934.-Effeetive July
28, 1934.
Adopts the wage, h our, apd labor provisiqs of
the basic Code and establishes supplementary
CodeAutbority and fair trade practicee provisions
.peculiar. tothe industry.

Athletic Goods Distributing Trade.
Approved July 17, 1934.-Effective .July
27, 1934.
A Division of the Wholesaling or Distributing
Trade adopts the wage, hour, and labor provisions
of the basic Code. 'Establishes fair tradewactice
provisions designed to correct the custom of stimu-
lating trade by gifts and the awarding of trophies.
It i further provided that baseballs, golf balls,
footballs, and basket balls must carry name or
'other mark of ldentificstion and that "'no member
of the trade siall advertise in school publications,
score boards, season schedules, and other. mediums
of similar character except such mediums as bold
a second-class mall permit orhave the approval of
the divisional Code Authority, subject to appeal
to the Administrator. The divisional Code Author-
ity, shall consist of 7 members. 5 of whom, shall
be members of the National Sportipg Gopds Dis-
tributors Association and 2 who are not members
of the association. A provision of the Code relat-
ingto the stamping of certain products as
,Offial or "'American Leaglue "', or "National
Leage" or "Official League was approved for
a perjod'of 90 days only, subject to further order
at that timeas a result of a study to be made by
Xhe standardization commi ttee. The provision de-
claring that sales shall not be made to' Federal,
State, county, or -municlpal authorities, at lower
prices than those quoted on the products to
schools and colleges, was stayed, pending further
order by the Administrator.

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Sprocket Chta
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Approved July


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.Ainer. Assn. of Water Well
Code Authority.
Dairy Equip. and Sup. Dist.

Lumber Code Authority.
Nat'l. Assn. of Used Mach.

Unit Air Condl. Mfrs. Assn.
Code Authority.
Groups and Subd. of the
Asmn. of Mfrs. of Upward-
Actine Doors.'

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Publishers Protective Associa

Feel Placing Business Under (

Benefits Individual Membei

From "Dardanella ", 2 million copi
which were sold, to "The Old Suir
Wheel ", and The Last Roundup", r
hits of which only 600,000 copies each
sold, is the modern history of the music
lishing business as outlined at a recent
ing on a proposed code of fair compel
for the industry.
*So eager is the industry for a code

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el-------Dflworth --_.----Code Authority-Elec. Mfg.
ol-_----------Pickard.---------.Code Authority.
........--_-CampbelL Cork Insul. Contr. Nat.
-Hooke.....- Code Authority.
,1320G St-- Coonley-......- Kanter Silk Throwing Co.,
Port Allegany, Pa.
2062-..... Edwards --------.Code Authority.
-Battley....... Code Authority.
tl.....-. Edwards----

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Water Sup. Util.

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