The present status of the tobacco industry


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The present status of the tobacco industry
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Garner, W. W ( Wightman Wells )
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture
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XINI hm yn" arr It"O v'Iii t i t ti cIiiny. tl!11 In Wt t tl li t tet k X o t W't
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Pi~.-l 1>1 ~i> "lI () ~ I NI--s'I Iy.

Th c lihlre IllI, l tdacci) as, c~lill I crop begall III Virilli III
162 at*iid '-silmbca s)z11( ) prolit ailIc th l~t f()m1 c()Ips NXvee liel-lected
zilld (11is~c I I- vlilatl~i W)T1 c XXl eqiiid to c(nd l) thle output. The
uliltIX r v prompt IY spre;I(I illt() Mirylandl, ;1111 wh len Kenituckx *XX i
'v I ledl Ild)acc() :1t onice iec.1llie t lhe prlincipail cmlillm~litv III I lia
t err IltolN wXi ieiie it \\-,is cairrie, I into r ne ;sc li(-,e ao I () i -~~ i. ro-
ba-cc( cult ur e X wasez(iriv ilitr't( d Into North C (arolIIIa froim\il iia
dull~ ~ abu 5 i tellll tate II v(ceX -ed a1 -eat lipJet ils from
the' discm-Xelv ()l a lieX prlocess- ()f curing bY ilezi lls of ;1 it iicial livait.
Alilt 1 \)90 tis newX phlase ()f thle inidlist rY becall ()lleca\
Thie NewX IE.1iudildl c()olistIs al,,o eark, bco('all thie clturlie of the
aboiut thle jillile of the ist celil111 vi. At t il timle thle v alue o)f the
tobkicco piomiliced ill that et olfow the ilw iif:Ict ure o)f cigars be~all
to h~e Mdolltd, u I lie Indlli"1- bxlec'mlie( exceedli'dYl prli-ilable.
I liNe Enh inaid t lewiX jif dwtI lew cw-r tvp les wX l extlenlded
into1 Pluil-;Y IXailla and NcwX Y1 wk all1] tielce Inob ('fill() aii \ i-scoi-
-I). Abo~ut. I '-90 thet production o(1 f cigal t co flromii Culball aol
e ( ) I I l.
'I'( inarked('( efflects ()f smil and~ clilniatic cmilihtlllis11 ml Ile chariacter
(d, lic tolI):lcco( produlcedI werc (vadIX recoI1lizedl, andl I ile-' iiiliices"
tw)01cl wth 111K~eli i Il iet llmk (of ;1XXil 1 d illillr
thzlvt bld X it :1mu ilij 1plle t.11 e d)it>le t rs lil
Jitial v ill :I 1lig'lilY "j)wialiiaed Indliir1 y The 11 r ii tobacco p)h(1ce
ill V1*0 in igii a itulkl found zi aro kI IlI the moth ler cmlintrv Eiwnlziild,
wXhile tile XXe.t elil prTh ili1 XXelit it) Ne OX ()1eall-s and thenice int o
VaI.,1ce and ot her Euli'(Te.1_ counics -. The disc()vr ()fX ditlfc-1
tI IX ieXw Ix es -IlchI a1>11 vl '1aid (d niewX ilet ods ()f pr(Ouct i,
zt- wXithi the YcXm m.oX orflie-culreil tobacco) of V irginlia ald tilt- C(ll;1S1~
levrt ( ie5 tosLII;, I t lic ,l IlnleI erit li-" ci t \imedt fm~oe. 1 rll-
dl: il Ids Ionl[ doliiest~ Ic colistlillpi ioll, ar> ciheXilig ,I11iid sillok Ing to(bacco-.
llil ve bee'll iiiodified to4 a grneatvet ('111' p~erla ps, bX I lese' factors, ImI
Ilee' a pl ll 'elit rcyjlilvlll'llt,- anle illl.X e-tzilished id ll call bie
The' rcliililt Im cl-nii toba~cco) ;11 (, e V(xalcting, dlifferilig
c- ,-A'( I IX zi h I Ii'd br vt fm l1 41v w lier type (of-0 leaif cmiisequieit fli I)[.()-
(of ;I ve Xl it\ c1lew-' e c.11,1iacter Ci ( -1i : ail ftwlgil tI e I\ liz. a e ce to
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I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ t t' crhi 14 4 4 4 41 '14 4 4* 'K 1 \ ~ 4 41 i n LlL!cI '1 -4 c4-4 ill
(i'llit pr1m 444 ()f f : lie O i 1" I 4):n ~ (If' zttll zn ell '4rf14 -I-444414 'I4 4 i4
cI n I4', V,4 0 Z a4 I : I44 44 44 ,414 f-1: I I I 4 I II,( t ,(, I44 I 4 I 1 (IfI I ,
types Mlich, are4 1441w",I 4 m ind h4 416 trade44 l4v, ng4 (41441141 ii
clnr m stc Hd'' X 441 44'44 ml44/ I X 44 sp rifiv ()-n w44-'4'. -i m4 may44 4 lim-4
As ii i :4I I 4 1:1(4. Iran 4:41i \414- 444i \a-alit4i it44 sotil:4 4'" W hi itiv
I"444 (Wirtah X"e4l- I4Ii'l 1- :441 typ t" I 14e"ll, are4 ha'd4 pr"'ul Illar l4:4'cl,
requ14 rellici4' l,1 1144 M AN,44\ Intl. intended1:1 44 X 444 4,1 441'444 14) 144'
(444111) is'4, fa1irIX lv '4' c''..'11t ;Ii\ of I4 it, Al 4 4list- IX -Y is XX %\ 441'.
f~irminfly spak4-ingI.~ 1144'qv an,4 \4 m o 44-144 prn ipal areas 1prm44iring cigo
vdarin 441 ~ im "hill li:444:114 a gnitip of Staiv,, 1r icig plncic l j4. 14'444 44' v
;ill4444 "IF 4: the 4 1444fil ir i awl" ex:4~ ~ 44 444Im ~ types. V ic 4m lii N-ar4 4 44 .14 444
441hacl area44-4 44441ie a444 hir 4-.:4 14m'ak XX dre > 414~in van i4, meXX '1
'Wa14tts l (d )4444:~1 G inie4vu a l l4444. :4444! d144 sl (444444-' Al \(\ York
XX ~ ~ On~d g 41n4 Uln-n ing, and4'- Tiog C()UIjti44444, ('4444441 44>l 44 \'4l ,:-' ,44'4.44 44
O N444 4 p ri b m4 4 4 441* a d i -4 4in n e ci ri i t i n4 4 )~ 4 4 it n I44 '4 n o v l m n c a y cr4 :4n44 a d-4
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&I Tiv mil4iern c444 14':41 iw O44-, an- ('4444 w 411 4'dc14 6a4444i C.4: X41 t444it.
1I41k 1 44444> and l :mli iningmmly(44414-.~444I'4 4~~ 4 if I4\ All 4444 44'-Hilw
I v an, :1~ 44-X ~441 4'4 thn", suh yp 4 p 44 leat' 4 -o..r 4. 4p 414' 1 il,- It) -- the 4
cWi 4 merd 44 ,f444 44441 cii-441 iro4 vn "r41T ItimbT,444j44'4444~ Nw 4444ll\m
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4444i41:44 1.444444 1144'i j4nt- 144 t Inio, 4 14 144444 Kwar W4441: th4>aco jr
li :1444 1 )4 I"Im it41 awl W A:441- l.IW Imith4 all,4' 1441 4 111-14444''
Il'4.4 'X: I lli l4'g1 4~'' 1 44444 444 444in 4144 l' 1 at" 'U 'lil it 14 :1m4444
b"n"I t n m v r e4.W -n(il" rl iliir t

PRESENTF 1T'Ft- M' 'I~ ,i (4) 1 \ I Nli~

(111 Vzil and esteroia huu -le eilIe n odj d,
met n il handilingljo of t his toue front't 101 beginning to
(Ildit- ar essential to mic(tiess-. Thie averag-e yield to tile a-'re ill tile
hmtne-olio-ut\alle v is abiou t 1.0 IIm () unds. hi i IN hod i, M'uan
alal Sunat rail tvlpes are p)lantedl. Ind til latter ieie W ti to p~rotwei
the best wr apper. Thie y i( t to thle avre aeae imt ,0
potund',s for tile suiriiltran anti 700) to 800) pounds forii thle Culbanl.
111dner leaf niiav~ I (4mnsiel us, a lotwer grat le of mx apper, andi the
iii yrfect leaves froin wr a per-pr it I in g types are larugelyv used- ft t
b inuder' ptI rpises. iihe req in (11lltS fo b linder are less exatt i1g,
esp~ecially vs rega rd s ('ithiianif I' wr a pper, an lthtle leaf is generally
h eav ier thI an the ie mrppel' grade. Wiscondsinl is uts uall v classed as a
htinder -ptodlucing State, fim t li trasoni that a large potrtiotn of tile
ottput is e'specia lly adlap1 t w ftoue as b dit er. T1i e Yijeld to tile acre
i this State averages 1,200 to 1 ,:10) poundlts.
A fewx ears ago it "vas found in G adsdlen C'ountyv, Flo)ritla, that,
Cubanl aInt Suniatran seedi NN-hen grown Illiter all art ificial Shade of
cotar'se cleesp ('loth or wtitolem slats x velded a nili higher percentage
tid wrapper' Wea than when grown fl i)v tIlieto rd i ]ar viethittill tile tple1
fieldl The market price for this produhlct wxar'ranited tile intensive
muethodls required in its product ion, andl~ tileiltutIteetpe xti
extreme rap)idity in this iint v andi in Wen~t ir ('Nunty, Georgia, tint il
te annual out tput r~eade se veral m11illion1 po unds. Fo t le p)ast 'ea r
oi r t io, hotwever,. t herev I mas I eeti. a I i in rketi d eclinue ii i market prices, a n1(1
as a result thle a (reage hias been iii -t dlecramet
For a, t imie I lie prices WNWaiit iy thle growxers lOft :C gy)(d iuri'gn
oif pri't! u f at p~reselt thle mlarkel picea' is litt le, if atix h above tile
'o".4 (tf p~roduclt tin. Thie axtr'lgt yield to tile acre has biteen about,
lmmemt''( is ui1o t eingr grow undI iiter art ificial sliatle tt hi illitted
eten ttt i(tt Qnned io-' thle (Aiii ty~ pe giving; the iem st sat isfact orY
result s
Th'leortically, eac dhilant 4f the cigar typ prdue w~'thltt- xrap~per,
liiider, andt filler, the best Mtwer ati middle leaves -tcrving for wxrapperI
indilter and th le r'emindiiier, es"pecially the hetaxvy upper leaves,
heino, usedt as fiit'l. The(j piul'ime nuirv'iient for fIdler tobat'c, iitiw-
Pvtx is flaxor ati aronna, anti here the (ahaui (UIsually calledt I Ihavahlh)
i- thle sI audtart otf' -xc'ellt't', Thie imt' Mihei'pr'otlmtilg sods' genem'
allgv a' hIminhict tmo hetavt x forn ll-mt a, \\ rapper orI iitler Ihug a
gl11xtr'e~n-eofte,,Itlrgae nn bane.Tehl
(dteW rpi,; ,m iW G ,M slain n e ok

lxii l~'l'x

Fi xxile tc'l 1, ilt 1 111 tIor a i I,,, iH t'-1 t' '" l l lIt I l tI II It n it
W rt "r lq r mol :ih i it'my Q .4 Ile- niti l t ll aret' f ill tI I n t
I larl y' tv hw&' mi txx adaom I"t tillvvni l ra t Ix ll iI ltuI ~l t! I/ t y (t I n r i
mopper tilth I, oil. I II ii it In itk m Il "d I mIi 'ii li t' in t thr -l F."
prInilZII'!w w y Iml ly no! in iik nw k O
litl d'ivcr'ii cati'x' pro\ ni \ Vii ilt' i jt q l nf ("I' t 1 i 1'" (11he 11" 01 iillo t'
bP'l'. mvt' xxi t oi w"Itt l I h,' \' tilliiil~in HO a, th b 'tIolin i H myx'-li'
i tll a xxlpo l ar t t till 11111 II "' ll l ilt l T hit ett t t ild ti
lt'h c t II iI ll ttt now t ltit' in ltheI 154tr t i c 1t' rmnyo N on m w i t lII 111
HtHI I lmi l-'"t. i t xt'~ 'lIit l tI.x ~ l I i ilI ''t it iII'x i
Iit'). \\eir il l ib a mit'.la a im d ~ r o~,aK a
hlrIw"" int x m 'xi Axdlh i ch rrvrm ,; n h
OnlIAHN. tIIl The l 0 1- lm it y O N q ir I'it' l- fvmitt i'lm i' l-C -4 th It
A 1vort Kei rk an G o adijIt I i t~i t ,' I mn xiie i II 111 tIi l
,ri ll r \ i h t e P tli w t e lo lIx e t a ililn l4' w h


Th~le Ina ge area eibria ced i in nrth-cen tral Kven tu iv an .1I ~tr I'fj
WTeillorx l vordlerinig o)it tlie Oh)io River ini Ohiot all(] Inditianai I o'-etlhei
with at sinlil are lIi th 1le soulthlwest ern part of West Virginia produceitis
the( bul1k of Bu rley tobl acco UiSed largely fo r rnianufact uring but also
for expjort. It has thius far reavited its 1 dghest ci inurtal develop-
nu-nit inIilinited areas in Kentuck v andt Soutlheru Ohio. The soil is
or liiest (n e (wigin and1( verY feril e. These fine Ibluvgrw,s- si ls are
inuchti Iinre available for general faiinig than those of) whiuch the(
lienv hlln, yo r rown A.,j~)~ wol eexetd heaeao
Y ield o f t ol ic w ( thle acre oil thI ese soil., is co insid eral 'v Wi ve that
oni landts pindinglu tiak export tol)acew) Little or no artificial heat
is useNi ini cuing thlis typie.
In thle setion ( f Kent ick *v and Tennessee laying betweenl Ihe western
ex po rt andth I 1111 vi lre districts at" iin a fewx (wlluties of Viriia
inlinieilel 'v north of tile fire-cured bll, types tif dark nialnuacthingt
leaf, cured without ii the use of fies are ext ensindy prod ucet I. n
thii iiortiei, porl on of the Kentuick 'v area, kii~wn ais the (Gren River
dlist rict, Ile conditions governing t ie( produictioni of t his tobacco are
(le 'siia to those in the dark export section. lTe souithen
potion, kno' wn as the i'' lj vr C uin] rland d istrict gro ws princIip~ally
tive sowindled one-stickver" variety v. TIe I e i in this district is
S0(I-int ll less t han that, of th ( Greeni River district. The' Vir-giutia
anw' l~Imlwts the so-called sn-cured tobacco iniuch prized For thei
iiaatl are of cliemxiig ping, lbtnnaise of its Hiue Wlxon. Then aver-age
Yiteld is 7W)1 to 9M loturlids to t' ncrt.
El'en(inig frith1le ltxver' edige or the' dark tobacco belt of Virginia
into niorthl-ii andI easternl Nort aidoina tilid e'aste'rn South ( 'arohina
is a large' lctritol-y produlcinig thlit so called yvehav tobacco. MATich is
civd'i (vnIhvlIY milli art ificial !"Not introduced into the curing barn
thr-ough' a1 s stem or flue;. wais p~rotl is pizedt ('t'clly fOr
Inn 111ihit uing lpulpl ts, 10"otgli comsitrabile (luanlt i is are also
ex\ptiteul TO~ Owe-in,' toiliacco iidusti- rx has played a con,icn~t'1uls
part ill tlt(, tle Ilinvidt of a largc porntioni of the' Iiedint se'ctioni it
NotIli Ca'Irolina~ and soutl-1 V'i irinia. It is niotemuirth v t ha t in this
-,etioni, litmxxspklit 4f as the "old heill''ofthebrigli tilit ii-idustr ,
the Iiicst tj1nalify of lINaf is ptti ucedt on light, s-oils [lot wxell adapt ed
to g(vulvral farmiing. H ere again, liunvxeven, as iiIn te (se ofl 11arle
toacco, theii'anid exim'isii 4 the intlustrx into v'aste'iin North andi
R)thtl ( 'olin, (oInM1rping the so called nemw bellt,' has hirouglit
alm tn a gri I ial itiavering or Inin'ts alni I le ax rage, pIn I Ifi o thlet
[ill ISI

skill ini' gj m jmlnwn the 1, I 'I ilat l 4 thel gn u 'rli, ,'1- it i' n11111 I h.,
espiaIllly ill444 1So 1111th 1 Cni-ttl i t il v rz Yiel 1114 a14'44 l mo11 111 jmolloi-
Ia 4'111,4" fact14441 I1 i .twn pro4li ti ci init p1114'gv ki4414,'o no ".
It has hve 1 m4init" 144111'4 Ilia! the11 t l idwi indw1''4 1111"ix Ilin 4 4411
qua11itie's whic 11 a11 atI1 o it 14" 4'm1'1ki sl14w'ihi 1)IMP"St"4'. V114V4 \ Ah14"
tq ws ar ("dy'i11 44in will In'i lg'e'l b444'i \1h4 ll14i'1 narrow '4i 'it i For11 c-' 1114
he1 i'. 111 XXX114 lin-cun Ity'X m'Iich 4 mo i bel nwi vl ad 14'1'1'\ to I& 1II 1101"p1l1
oft is (114lltA \\hill' th e clc \' ll e In 6x w r 11t1Ia-
,rinis1 a4y givA14''4 xitrie 114 j44411 1f i44aiv w t ImX~ n11 i~ i
14oc litY ill border 1 4) provex4 surict4'"'I'l IIn istilII"' a-1 "4114 14 l illL- 111 144141' III,,
trad 1 01 'xx s 41 i )MI Me its 11i4 tilt4' 11, ntaj-wo \1 "fI (i", W k I, lik \~ I 11
all1 1114'p llta l d114'4X'i lllni v fo 1114 tie \44 ar \wI ho4 '''4rii4 1 'Iminc
14f it'\ 4411I loca lv. (hi I w whO W A w1'41144 114 &\'11111 'y 444144'' w
Or1 the44x AItrv n n in yilQ adIm d 'Ii uoIn c Iilr
1114414 441 hor. 4t111'1114 I 41 41141 X I ~ 111 14I1 j' '
.knot4('4, 141 her important fa t-" it)4 I111 441 (Jnu I i 1 1 1 -l 4'd and iclla i4
the4 fact Illii 411 ni nnhi4i. 414' w4 4144 d 11 nit 1 c 14441111 In" 14 4 ip 'o nii
41tv notm ial \144n1,imu1 4 an Ii hit il n4'x 4 1 wrtnone ii oir 4Ii1 4 I


iu*\\ vaiibties- 4i1 new\ nie llds of pnioliit o hiave iiitroi~hicedl new or
iiiml"i 4 types of hlaf bringing fancy prices in the market tile rapid
increa'e inl their prloduictionl has forcedI these prices (twi to a poiint
apa chii UIIing12 te gilieral level Itior wher similar tylmes.
Since Ow lierjuirenumelts us to soil andi cliniatic colithis and inet Ii-
ods 4f cidltlre anid llaindlig are veQ, exacting iii the prod(uction)1 of tile
Iinc1(t grad es (if Oafk yven rrodct ion is na st frequent ini thle nle hnn
al Mw' gi-ades. Byfrh g-reat st p)rofits5 are rea-lized: fKim tile
rancYv grades of thle vatouns typ~es. Nevertheless, the absolute qiain-
t hiiv df thle iest grim les reqjuired by thei trade are inuoh less thtan
tiiso 4' the iied ini gr~ades so that iuder some circumtistances even
th1 ese m ay bring rela t-kely low prices.
The a\-crage ainiual promA lut o n of the various types of toblacco ini
tilie Ill itel st ates ini round figures is shown in thle fiolio-w mg t able:
Ty~pe of Wiq wo. PIllids,
.. . . . ......'~ 160, 000, (000
I a ke o A n' Jih i ve 4. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2 10i, M 00 0
Mary land am!d eawIrnl Wolii expAr (air (wred .... 2, OM), NO
I Uark wiiiinbiu1 inning tai iu d it .. ..-- ---- 5 000, (0)
irley .. . . . .. . . . .. . . . 0,000), 000
ight Due (wow"L ..................... 200, 00,000(l
('rique . .............. .. . . . . . . 0 ,M
S47. 200,0M)
1w reliat ive (uantities tf thle several types, as well ais the total
aitoliit piroducedl, -\ try considerably fronn year to year, defending
ci cll onl thle cl4aracter ofi te growing season and ln prevailing inar-
ket prices fool frtlie preced ig croips. Oni thle other hand, market) prices
()f coua rse st rongly infI lenced by1 the av-ailable a Iid also 1) *v the
v isiw e sup dy. rho ouit it is thus autinatically regulated to a
Wy re ext eit byv the market deinuind Is, rising prices leading to increasedl
Im olictsm, aliii vice vers. rhle import ant point, t,(, be oblservedl in
th68 cemnwci n is t hat the areas w hich are at present p)roduicing the
x a ri ius typjes of toblacmo are ca pal de of enoriiioiisl '\ increasing t heir
output if ntiarket deinat"s should w arrant such increase. Within the
(eNCept ionl )f \i\limiitedh areas producing- cigar -wrapper leaf under
iiitewi-\ e systeis the soils iii the toinicco di-stricls ame us a ride,
adiapltedt to the growing of other import ant crops, and onix a com-
parahveiy sniall porthit of the available acreage is used for the (-oil-
ilt' (4 t-)haccii. It is true, however, that nwt all of this available
w 'c.g ~ill pirodtuce tilie fllmer grades of leaf'.
Tob~acco is a hiumur rat her thlan a noiessit v. so, that Ow liWielanml,
(e'.TeCiallY ini thle rase of flie higher pricedl goods, is \-vry\ seilsit i\ C to
-relerzil fillanicial andi trade coiillititinis- periol(s of general business
depre. -"-il imii a riab 1)1 result ing in a marked decrease in the quanitityv
41 id sc o o su n d

"l lt 1'4 411". 144v s n i.t i~t t144 i w)4 xI",I diwx' m en "r4 III,44T4
Alwih-W wwc) 14ulu- q4 1141 lliw4 H- I i f A ,1 h11 i na if '4'' I si d whFi i4i I1Ilis
miop int' n In i iw ird or n timl-, Fii 4'I that I 1 Ii dc l r-1 is
linIA& ud th "A nw iF h il ,N I" Ini4 11 6, thnni lI I114 verv MI 114
41m a-- ini rF 41 x\ Fo qv JF41 imf; a' lln I I F1 10 1 F bidt S M4 Inj" 111
(AIII11 A IH~ ,1' IMI .il FPrk -' hIM I hx AIi\ "11d IWO,'' 1b"i 4 i-11c.
c i I The l 'Ic4l4an 1441111 4" 144 In. I \\''i I, "1.4\ (111 i- pa I "4 illa .
W441rilw inx Ili pr' II i t I 14' cinw"'j 111%1 A l Il- a \ ii1 f"' I M A-4'' 11 11
.I4'1iIlich h44114l v1. I"1'CI 11 (11ji44 lll[W pq 1 cif 11 1' 44 lype i nt)\\lll
airikF4I ~i pr i tin 1 6 lpoi nviiI' priti'.lt"Ac i i if & 441wivi. a 1 it44 .iS ile
;i 1 Icadv F i ncrease, andF114I' 41 o14I4ll4 1 e 4i4114 ri re 1114'a14 e4d .'
4441 1441l 4, llhacco have 1 ii declined1441 4 It i \\iti l [Ix 4111141 1 41\
1M1411 x I w r ~ l',14 l preferring over that1 414.41x' IV in," I and n44
a 4 1 4 lln 11, ( j l, 11 441lel Pcil' tici (.r"' V11 Ile" hl j I adi1 "A 41 1 iI,
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l'~ NI IFt5OF TOB)iACC(O iI>.

mor tICIhani met'ting prest'~l demandits. b)' t hese' reason. cls auiit in
dual!~ be tiwed inl umiPlert a king t le ('lilt UI9 f toac on)((' l a manii er-
(Wa Inisi in~ li(w tenIliior..
Fronif tile foregoing coniisideraitioins regard~inlg the develop pment anrd
SIhe nia tural di visionf of tilie tobi acco) iflduv-t v it o types, act' oiihigi to
te ic (onditionls under wh mcll these aie prIoducedl and the uses to -,viticih
they a re put and. the relation of supply to dhemnlin each case, the
f(ovxing general conclusions inaiV le dIrawn:
There areC a number)CI of dlistincet tyie-s of tobacco pr'oduc(ed,eaho
whichl is adapted to ci(ert aini (efilite trade reqjuiIrelents.
These tifferenices in, typie are the result of thle variations lit soil and
climatic conditions under which tile tobacco is grown and,.to a lesser
degree, of different methiods of pr'oductioni.
'rie recognized tobacco-growxing dist ricts thus produce types of
leaf known by t le trade toi possess diefiniite quialities which adapjt
t hein to definite piurposes.
p~resenit trade req unirmients as rega rds ty pe differences are b ased
largely on tile (elta'act er of tile tobaccos prod utedi byVsect lons in xv\hlich.
t obacco culture has h tng been avn import ant indlust ry andi, therefowe,
have become firmlyx established.
The merits of a prod uct from a it(,\\ locality or a new va riet v must
beC demioiistm'ted lbef oe it w ill 1)e accepted by the trade. andf ulis
1SliCi a pro'duct is p)rmqactclv identical vxithI. all est a blsht tq~, w it h
reference to t ia h st an( rolnd it w ill genieraHy l ii to secureI n'c' gidititin.
NIm iove I, t los sections inl w lli t ob~acco) t ti vt is a Ircad firm Ii ly
established art, capiale of greatly increasing their present tIint [t of
the various types if market dlemuands shoIl i a ranlt such inc lease,
hence exteqvioin to n)iew t err'it orY simlt li not urndetr p)re'sent condt it io ns
be unduly stimulated.
There IS a P ermianenlt dIemnd for morte or less defiinite qt iicts
df cert a in Nvel I-recognize I t yps" of 1i t lmcct but anY Con sid Ierablie
i I crea Seiiu outpu a1 atiMVV this &ieqnandt reduces [prices to) a JtI" it N\ hetre
thle crop) becomes unpl~rofitlet.
I n tie ft'w instances ini -vicih a It(,\ \ va iet v as I hie *Xh l e' Burle' v, or
llue-curt't I t0lat'ct, 1185s temlp orarin- cmumlliandetdt f'ancy 1,it's, t le
ImA~' conqunitrble woit h thu v for ti her simiular lye. i hv(s i i mt:tI of
Ite shadc grivn i cigar itdolo, Aultl for a tillit vr \vlt I wP table
inl Floiin andt W~orgOa, pres('cit price's al'slich i s toi leave li t' e oriHo
pro iit to ihe grower.
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