Self-loading auto truck devices


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Self-loading auto truck devices
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Small sawmill improvement
Practical pointers to field agencies
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Telford, C. J
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"Contributed by C J. Telford, ... June 1945."--P.3.

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.431- ('o-, inr equipment)* U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRILULTLIRL


:-:'. T ... : ":, ,c S

Self-loading truck device, are powered by installing, a power
tvT::e-off on the true]:, and are often built locally. One provides for
cros-hauling logs of standard lengths and is used with a e.i
tr,-iler (fit;. l) or a truck. Another employs ai"Toom t. ljad bolts
*.., tie cut.; crosswise of the bed of a truck, or siall lo' lt'r-..-th-
wise (fi.!. 2).

Cross-haul Lom d' : ,'.ic d i ......

The cross-haul loading device is -ade by mounting t.:., rear
axl3 of a passenr er-carj acro-" the truck frv... back of the cab as
hout', in fv, ro 1, A. "*.-C! brake mechanism of the wheel of t:e oe-
vice, on the driver's side of the cab, is operr.tcd by a lurcr a.
A dr" m b with a cir-:icity of 60 feet of 3/A3-inch pref=-:rd cable
(d.'-:, core diameter 4 inches, drum length 8 inches, and dru!:.,- n.'
diaiaeter 10 inches) is fastened to the orposito end of thc, roar
q-"- a"Ixlc. -':io cable extends back- from tho druin over two shea'7r c. .

:he: driven sprocket iy fixed to the stvib of the drive shaft
of t.e 1,a0 c..ojr-car roar axle by cutting th. shaft to 3/4-inch
diae-ioter an:d -roviding a 1/8-inch kojhva. ThC driven ,.prockcot has
31 teeth, A roller chain of 1-inch pitch connects- to the drive
rockLot a K,.own in fi.,v.rL 1, 3. T'e drive sprocket in cast stcel,
ha e ix tooth, and is fastcnod by ka 1/-inch key to the *ower talc-
off drive sa..aft c, cut to 3/4-inch diameter. _:_. -- -
po rt the shaft c, a-d a cresa. racc d. mut be a 1 -L-,-
one baring. In fi--urr 1. iu tUh na:n dri x t,1-1..'.
the ,i:c'< i-iousing of th. truck.

-o op rate, the driver throws the -ovor 0kc-of04A 1'
1an f a lever in the cab. The cable in pull off the spool as
t.h loader takes tho hoc!k end over thon middle by .k of the trailer
ov r 1h(, l.. anc back under it, >nd fix(- ., .-l tf..3.),..:Of tihorid
frac. -"is ^.'ives a sinrho-lino cross haul, hor- c'.' -
takeon in :,.;,ti'. the truck so that the middle bunk of tlic trailer
is acut cpro-ito the ceuter of grovity- of the 1:,-. h driver
t'; out of Lhc cab ;and 1- ,li c th:; bralke, tS itop in- t. h
br"..L > .. :cl, *.r. roeuO t-., drum roviv-r ."nd the loe roll; up the

^, .":;"<-C4-1-

t Malnlaned at Madison, \Visconmn in cooperation with the UInIverity of Wicorjin
*Se oudline in Small Sawmill Improvemnent Wnrkid.g Plan, March 1930. Ior explanation of In6d,%ng ..vtem proposed

Boom-type Loading Device
2oom-type equipment id widely used in the Lake States in
loading and unoading 100-inch bolts, tie cuts, and. smaller logs.
The boom my bc either fixed or swinging.

Fixed Boom

The less ex-ensive installations have a power take-off and
dri'm mecihanism and have a wood frame and boom. The wood is of a
high density species, such as oak, ash, or elm.

Figure 2 shows a fixed-boom loading device installed on a
truck but does not show the power take-off mechanism which is
similar to ,hat shown in figure 1. In figure 2, two 4-inch by
5-inch uprights a extend 10 feet above the truck frame immediately
behind the cab. A 4-inch by 6-inch cross member b is fixed between
the upright, approximately 6 feet 8 inches above the frame. A 4-
inch by 4-inch boom c, long enough to extend approximately half the
truck bed length, is clevis-clamped to the midpoint of the cross
member b.. The union of the cross member and uprights is reinforced
wit'i angle iron. The basesr of the uprights are clamped to the top
of the truck : frame aind likewise are reinforced b:r nnglc iron and by
a 2-inch by 4-inch brace d, one end being fastened about 2 feet
abovo the base of the upright and the other fastened to the truck
frame about 2 feet behind the uprights. Three-fourths-inch cable 0
bracing e is placed as follows: from the outer end of the boom,
back to each upright at the juncture of the cross member, from each
end of the croos member diagonally to the bottom of the opposite
unright, and from the outer end of the boom over the top of each
upright, over the cab and hood to the car frame under the radiator.
2he rowor cable f is threaded through sheaves at the base and end
of the boom.

Swin;-:in- Boom

In this installation, the boom ma:- pivot from the boom frame
at one definite point, usually half across thc truck (details not
s'-..w, or may pivot from any of severall points across, the truck
(fig. 3) permitting botL a greater reach laterally and a mIore posij-
tivo pull when the boom is in a lateral position. This arrangement
pc rmits easy swinging of the load to or away from the truck.

If tie cuts or logs are hai led, a crotch line-end hook com-
binatt.ion is uso;(.; for bundles of bolts, the single cable and hook
prevail. To opcr'te, the ownerr tnkc-off mechanism is engaged and
tho power take-off gear box lever shifted from neutral to low, with
the truck spotted conveniently for lor'dir.p or unloading. For material

R8 99-24 -

to Ic l o.ed cr-sm':ise of the 'ruck' rd, t'he t'ruc is '";2 ] plicc
p1r"1Lel to he bolts; 7 or -ryr r'vorial, t...' e-.f t
truc: Led i3 n'tolroel to .he lr,-s. The 'a.'le i; luIled. of .; ".'irccr.
'* th ,-;round -nan. In po--l'..; p nlpood, abc,-t oc -f-urth ccrJ' to :,.
nln. i; liel' ':- a >ie le \/rap. Wit: t c o -" "' e'
ar l w a e uts or ;. ., n.. h]e 3 tor'.

c-.>1G tr eoLcvate t>he lo, or 0'.l t I i t swIf:' c.-r t-r
tr'..'1. I o r laed. o the ore nb]. -he lotd ho ..' ho l:o a
,'c'onrt1 mar; .0 i 8s p0,';*it o o n tr 'ck.

C "nt''' tr' b
C Ju Y .* i'* -''
T."i 1 9o a.
*jr..' 4

- *-',eciaL ac "o'..'le".,- .,':'t i.,; ,' :r, :. ." 'ixo:i, , ". "grect
servicee for t'- ,- ,,'(ior ** t:o "jxe boo 'n s';.w.. C '> ',t i.;. c '.
io'!Ce i' L',;.< er Cot-oralion., LP,, Porte. I',.., for ",nt' !l o:"-
t',-?** o,:er cronr :.-huxl le:vicn.

e-MAI/N ,7 [I5HA-T Of TRUCfK

p Y

*/ /

___ -- / 7 4~


I-- __


Fi ,ure 1 .--Cr oss-ha ul loading device mounted on truck frame.

Z M b3?61 F

\ ~



d !_


b 4"
c 4"
d 2"
eF A

.. s" lpR 6H Ifi .
,SY 6* Ck.OSS Af. f Af,6
6'y 64 "~J `1I 0[
By 4" i"O i}
CA 0 t b k G
PR/Ff OR k m[)P p pow/ f

Fi urie 2.--A, Flxf-d->oi loj djinm ioxvice- niwint on trui' fr I fitk--ofl, and s[ ri; ko < ot

Z o3L'6 P F

- rtr~~


: l~


L.::.." FR FIP'l7T 3

a lie rod 3/-A inch by 7-1/2 feeU welded to the top of boom d and
pipe b.
b 3-1/2-inch standard Tpipe extending 1 foot above cross fitting.
c Chhin. LU-bolt connection limits arc of tave of boo.
d Doom, 3-1/2-inch standard pipe 8 feet long.
e 3/8-inch preformed cable for hoist.
f Iron bar 1/2 inch by 4 inches by 3 feet 3 inches welded to up-
right:, i-i and plates g-L. Top of bar is 4 inches below top
of upright. Seven holes are drilled as showm for sheave hook.
3/8-inch metal plate welded to upright i and to top member n.
h Chain, limits arc of travel of boom.
i Derrick frime upright made of 3-1/2-inch standard oipe in two
sections to allow demounting. Top of true- frame to top of
ferrule j is 6 feet. Top of ferrule j. to top of upright is 2
feet. Total height must not exceed state highway regulations.
Ferrule made of 4-inch standard pipe 1 foot long, welded to upooer
end of lower section of upright. (The top of j cannot exceed
tie height of the garage door where the truck is housed.)
k 3/8-inch plate welded to frame upright and bolted to truck frame
with three 3/4-inch bolts.
1 J-bolt supportt of housing in front of gear-shift box. The support
is bolted to an angle-iron strap attached to the cross member
of the truck frame.
m ear-,hift 1ox.
n Steel plate 1/2 inch by 6 inches byr 2 feet 10 inches woldod to
plate- g_ and to cros: braces, n that the auglc between the u:p-
riht. i-i and pT)lato n in, approximately 100'. &ine holes are
s-oacod at approximately 4-inch intcrvalh, drilled to take. the
1-1/4-inch stem zz.
o Steel late 1/2 inch by 2 inches welded to n and to L to rein-
force n and provide additional bearing for zz.
_ Iron br.,ce. 1/2 inch by 1-3/4 inches welded to uprights.
q 3ak. cable, 3/16 inch preformed, extending from brake l]ver
through sheave attached to truck frame, tnence over havee near
top of derrick frame with the freo e.d extending as required to
bu wiX1tini roach of loader.
r Idler roll for hoist cablo.
S- 2-inch bo 2-inch angle-iron sunports for power take-off equip-
t ILetJ-l pT)late sup-oortin rear-axle housing.
u- 3/--irc U-bolt sunportin1 rear-axlhI housing.
v Hubs and brake eqi5 r)mnt of rear axle.
w Luver arv. for brake operation.
x Drum for hoist cable. Corc 5 inche- in diameter by 6 inchoe3 long.
v -- Cr&cc sfor 4-1 nchl pipo.
z v1 l.d ,d to c r o t
-7 SCel :,tLm 1-1/4 inches in diameter p;,;.ring through nd weldoe to
z 'r.' welded to th. top of fhec cross :, so a- to center d at
j' t "onglez to t 1h lon axis of d.


I "-

a~ ~
I Io


-- .. .-Z

b ii.
n 1?,. -

^ Li

-. a -

:7 ~3i~72~

3 -- I s of' swi I 1t, t nr -boofl I oad i [Ip dfev i ce III olItI I I t rti f A. X ,
I f vat i oI;U, toC e olevat ion wi Iii cat) rom'vrl; 1), .oo t i< d i
f ai ti I Irurnm *ti i ;)nwriut tI ) truck 'ri in o ; F ,* 'or, I I v I ow
-r rF rI .r ax Io awl11 druim; I, s ido v *'w of' I flo d<>t a l J s I f' i 'ri I


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