General recommendations regarding methods for wood waste utilization


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General recommendations regarding methods for wood waste utilization
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Forest Products Laboratory (U.S.)
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory ( Madison, Wis )
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,CT ol 1972
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(a) ..atr' .'. i.;i_ .-3 aS-.^l__ Ire 0 "r .. -.
mills for -h.e' -; ; l. ne o .: -o -: J
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sawmills and s-metimes in the form of chips cut to their require- ==
:rents. M

(b) Pulpwood, fuelwood, posts, stakes, mine props recovered --o
ifr)n logging waste are salable in many areas. W
(c) Green sawdust and coarser waste occurring at plants having
steam boiler installations often find most profitable utilization "
as fuel.
(d) Green hardwood sarIdust for sale to packing plants for
smoking meat is advantageous in some localities.

(e) Green softwood sawdust and pole material are used in some
ore smelting plants as a mix or flux.

(f) Sawdust,, and chipped wood are receiving increased
attention when properly handled as a soil conditioning or mulching
material. As stable bedding and absorbent of liquid manure for
s'&:'_eqient soil ir-.xrovemen;t some of this material has lcng been used
advantageously. Extension of this idea to recover and produce
fertilizing matter frur. outdoor cattle feeding lens is taking place in
some instances. Also, con.pcsting waste wood onaterial with nitrogen
additive, bacterial inoculation, and sewage effluent is being done in
certain instances.

(g) Dry sawdust often finds fairly ready sale for a variety of
si.ecialty uses, in addition to wood flour and briquettes mentioned
u-rler "Conversion," including fur and metal cleaning, sweeping
co.-:.i-unds, pFcking, and stuffing and the like.

(h) Sale of dry sawdust and shavings through established dealers
in metropolitan centers is often adwvrtageous.

(i) Solid waste, such as slabs, edgings, and factory cuttings,
is often recovered most advantageously for sawed products, such as
dimension cuttings, handle or turning squares, short lumber, container
stock, and the like.

(j) Solid wood waste, especially of hardwood cordwiod, can often
be converted to charcoal advantageously, especially for domestic uses
for barbecue and picnic purposes.

More detailed discussion of the above measures and allied subjects is
contained in other Forest Products Laboratory reports.

Hept. No. 1666